The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 18, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1818
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1 : NUMBKK 49 H SATURPAV, APRIL 10, 1818. " NO. 42 PINE - STREET.1 ",' TflOV COFFEE, fce. - 400 bM. Virgiu 45 hbde! prime old aad new Richmond To 1 bacro, . , f 19 do Petersburg do - ., , bales Upland Cotton ' J5 it. nd to hf. ts. Rice 150 bags St; Doaiiiigoand 64 do green Havana Cutfee 5 ton Lignutuvita: Fort Clariit and Madeira Wine, to, hhds Borii led Port Wine, ia cmm of . dozen each 4t A Jood vessel bounl to Oporto may tv y.hava oul 1UW iniKncni"ni JBpTyTo It. GH.LESPJE, mhtH - 113 Front - street. . jjvjj HARIllVARK. OPi.fS Tons English iron, assorted, in Hat JeJl. and square bars, a part of which is entitled toelcneature. inn mnnd iron, assorted, fretn 1 - 2 to IW wi. - - - w 1 1 - 2 inch im ! CwxW flit iron, from I to 5 indies 60 do do square, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 3 mcbei 50 do each flat and square Russia iron SO do couulry iron assorted - 20 do ploo,rh share moulds t0 do nxletree and crowbar nioulils 10 do horse - thoe moulds J0 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 10 to 3 - 8 nxli 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted 10 do sheet and boi'.cr plate iron 60 do English and American Hoeps 10 do EugUsh ( 10 blistered Heel Swedes steel Crawley do German do shear and cast steel Bristol and Nova Scotia eriuU stones 10 do 10 do 5 do 5 do 50 do assorted 600 anchors, a sorted, from 60 to 20001b. 1 do about 90001bs. GO rolls sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 6 lb per foot 100 casks spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inches 300 do cut nails, frnni2d to 20d 60 do wrought nails, assorted '20 da slate and horse, nails 10 tons iron pots and bake pins, as'd from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled rb debenture. 5 tons Englis.'i spelter 1 30 do American hollow ware, consisting of Fots, keliles, hake p un, Skillet,' spiders, tea kettles. Andirons, Aic. 10 casks trace, ox and boat chains Anvil, vires, and beak irons Force, sledge and hand hammers Mill, cross ( ut and pit saws Cart. Wntcgou and Chair Boxes W indow Glass of different sizes Shovels. Spades, Hoes, &c. Together with a general assortment of Hardware und Cutlery, for sale on returnable terms, by AUKEL ft DUNsCOMB, No. 363 Water st. corner of James - slip, mh 13 1m IRISH LINENS, 5 - 4 bHLrJTI.NUS, LONG 1 LAWNS, &c. 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens 7 - fl hall bleached ditto 7 - B Lawns, 7 - 8 Dowlas 7 - 8 Linen, in half' pieces 5 - 4 shillings ; 3 - 4 Diaper 7 - 8 Grey Lawns; 3 - 4 Crown Linen, Received per laif st arrivals, and are offered for sale on reasoncble terms, by 3HOMAS SUFFERN, ap 13 Iw No. 6 Depeyster - stiret. JAMAICA RUM. S6 puncheons high proof Jamaica Rum, landing from brig Woodman, at pier Np. 10, for sale by - TUCKER ILIl RiEr, ap 15 29 South - street. f ULSk, Oil.,, c lJU Qr. casus colmraar wiue 130 qr cauks and 200 hulf do dry Malaga do 6 do and 14 half do sweet .Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles each 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhds English gla ware, consisting ol wiues and tumblers assorted f 100 boxes anchovies and 60 do olives 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 cases felt hau, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italian rags, 500 marble mortars 23 cases marble slabs, veined aud statuary, assorted sizes 5 boxes Naples shaving soap I do wttch glasses 3 cases manna in flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of Baflas, palkah and callipatty eostah Chadpore, chomocollyjohrttiua, luckipore and soogapore Saunalis, jullapore and mow Check", white, red aud blue gillahs Madras pattrra do Sootee aud froctsny romals, for sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, and A BUM. OGDEN, mrh 8 Va;hington - t. H OLLAND DUCK, ft rsak? by ClUS. I.. OGDEN, and A Bit. OGDEN, ap S Washington - street. BOLTING CLO 1 11 - .. iresh supply is just received, of the most approved quality and all the different numbers of 6 - 4 and 6 - 4 cloths, which' will be disposrd of as low as any of equal quality are soid in this city. 1 be subscriber will warrant their answering the purpose for which he recommends them, bt - ing ile'.ermin d to sell none hut the best kind. . ROBERT BOWSE, ap 13 DOtfcCJtn 250 Fearl st." C.v.vmv one kltkJY'.H GOODS. PHI I. CROOK K rtTERS, 150 Broadway, have f - .rsle, 3 cases 5 4. 8 4 and 9 - 4 Nankin rmpc shawls S da Nankin rrars, black and au'd colors 1 do figured do ; 1 do Cone an do 2 di rhew chins 1 do 7 - 4 Mack sillt thawh 1 do stout ponders, suitable for tailors do col'd silk shawls, I do blkcntnblcts . 1 do 4 - 4 hdki's. with tiorderi t do ri h ri'd lustrings nml sntins J do figur'd IcT.intims, I do green do 1 do colored nd black d - i 1 do double Flnnnre, I di chenille cord t do fringed satin ribbons 1 do taffety do j 1 d phin black do I do eleej't garniture do 5 - 1 i J do linfnramhric and cambric hdkfl J do kid cloves IjIo beaver do , I do bct black Italiancrupe JU.aut lu. e and edpngs, With a . n. . . . . . r i T i ap 13 lw irui BEAVfcU HAT6. I WHS lOP.Il n inst rrceived nnd is now "Pniiig a lar - e Ksstirtmcnt of London and lI'Vin Bt8Ter Castor, Koram, and Chd - a" of which he is now offering lor H r . whcleanJc and retail Hat, No. n - iiuie. ap n im 3 F' I.NDI. - I IOI.N V Gl. i.:. . 1" oJU of excellent noalitr. lanJii v ' Stevens' wharf, Irom on board sloop VnrT,an.lfcrnleby an i . A UB A STANTON k. CO. - IPili 17 Fulton slip. SCV.TRtE3do..ior.,hT ... JAMES D'VVCLF, Jur.r, ' i7 r rent street. - MUSKETS. FOWLING. PIECES, tic. rOUR - TIIOUAAND MUfcKETS. and two A boxes fowling pieces, entiUtd to deben lure. 4 boxes well assorted glassware 3 ceroons Uotant Indigo, and A few pieces superfine Cloth, for sale hy ' J. C. ZIMMERMAN, apTlra 12 Wasnington - street. Jf Bales prime upland cot Lou, in store, for ap 10 R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT fc CO. .OtiK Hundred loos lirst quality Nova xo - Jl - tia Planter lor sale in lots to suit purchas ers Apply to WALTER NEXEON, 174 Front - st. comer of Burling - slip, or to JOHN UVEK3, foot of Harrison - it, mch 17 North River. rStCEK fcKl.NS, ic. - iu tx.les sbcurod Deer XJ ekins 6 bales Deer skins, in the hair 39 Bearskins 17 Otter do 100 Beaver Fur, jutt received per brig Orleans, Irom riew - Urlesns, lor sale at K7 Cutlre House' lip, by LAIDLAW, GIRAULTiCO - II ho hare in More, 33 hhds. very prime Kentucky Tobacco 30 bags green St. Domingo coffee 5 bales Bnmhazets' 1 cas French enmbrics 1 bale black cloth 1 case French boot tops ap 10 lOt DRY GOODS. FANCY plate Calicoes Stir rime calicoes mid chintzes 4 4, 9 - 8. 6 4 cambric muslins Cnmhricjacnntts Plain tuinbor'd k sewed mulls Plain and tambui'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and col'.l cambrics Velvet nod cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain Madrass hdkfs, pins Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White I col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton gloves Silk hose, silk tkreu - tinrs Black homhazeens Florence sill:, ribbons, ' sall'fns Marseilles (Quillings, royal nons White and printed sat cens Cotton brown holtnnds Swansdown. toilmietts, . silU strips Cotton and wuisted bo sicrv Irish linens tV sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine nnd superbiie ens siox.res Yorkshire Arte and so perfine cloths - London do do Stix rlinu ladies cloths Boiohazetts, ratioetts Imperial cords, vigO' nia'cassimeres Storktnetts, plain and rinn'u Flannels, haizet Ferretts, worsted bind ines Shirt buttons, cotton lace Far is netts ai.d scrQe eauze Black and white thulle Florences, plain nod figured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings lace Leno snawls, Estopil - las ' Sewing silk, assorted odors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 & 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, t ligured Muslins Cambric Trimmings, it Flounces rVermrker Ginghams R' mall Hdkts. Siik Check Ginchanis Fring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chintzes 4 - 4, 9 8. 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and it 4 printed cambric shawls - - 7 4 & ft - 4 imitation do. 8 4 caMiintrn , . do. B.inilaniui, lontec and sistcrsov liilkts. rocket hdkts. white 2 fc .1 col'd CambriyJ aud printed gurmcnis Oil Cloths Brown Liucns Merino SImwI Coltotl I'Mltlanttnea 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco nctts Hair cord nod cambric dimities Jeans, cotton castimeie lilUlk J.I .Mad.ipollum and steam loom shirtings India muslins, ic &c Keceived by the Inte arrivals and for sale by IIAI.iUt.Ull AUJIL.i, mhC4d.tr2m 107 Pearl - street. 80CTHKn.IV niSTRICT 0 KW - TORK, S E it remembered. That on the second day I I of April, in the forty second jearol' the Inde pendence of the United States ol America, William Jt hnson. of the said district, hath deposited in thi ouVe the title of book, Ihe right whereot be rLaiins as author, in the words and figures fol lowing, to wit : " Reports of cacs adjudged in tbe court of Chancery of New - York : by William Johnson, tJounsellornt Law, vol. II ; containing lne cases Irom January, 1816, to September, (817, inclu sive." ' n conformity to the act of the corcrrss of the United Stales, entitled An act ft the encouragement ol learning, by s curing the copies ol map, charts nnd Hooks, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times theiein mentioned s" andalsotoan act, entitled, " An act, supplementary to ao act, entitled, an act foi Ihe encouragement of learning, bv securing Ihe copies of map, charts and books, to the authors and proprietors of sut h copies, during uio limes therein mentioned, nxd extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and tihmg hittoncul andotlier prints JAMES DILL. Clerk oflhc southern district of New - York. np 1:1 4w . Hit i.1 I.I:. A FIRST rate fast trotting Horse, and a fash' ionabl.' Gil', but little used. Also, a l'urlit neat one home waggon. Ap ply to THOMAS II. THOMAS, ap Id 10 iiiiam - Mreci. lth I Kt.L HO. - illDl.tU. rpVO gentlemen mar be accouimoilated with and a ):eiitleiiinn and his wife, from the firtt ol .Ylar. run ArrnrtimAHnfrrl wilh a Inrere. nlen - sent room and board, by applying at No. 49 Dey street. an 15 IwJ Tilt: siHT Uf Af.M.M.V,, PW. GALL AUDET, 49 Fulton - street, has . inpre..s, THE ART OK SWIMMING A series of practical instruct ions, on an original and progressive plan, by which the art of swimming may be readily attained, with every rd - vantage of wer in the water. ' Accompanied ith twelve coppcr - uate i?ravu,S' onipri - ing twentv - six appropriate ft;ur, correctly xhibitiiig and eluciJating the action apJ atU - tudr, in every branch of that invaluable art - " The exercise of swimming is one of the oiost healthy and agreeable in the worlJ." Franklin. C v J. Frot. nnnv years teacher of the art at Nottingham, Ergbiid. To which r aMed, Dr. Franklin's treat isr, also, some aneruoics r - - spectin; swimming. Copy - riht secureJ. p It lw 'I 'HE vacation m Airs. SitEUI'EN'b board ingchool, atNtwnrk, N. J. will termt - aate on the bit of Anril. and theesen i'et ol the srhool will be resumed on the first cf May next. There are now a lew vacancies and those parents or puarJians who may have it in contemplation to place tneir uaugiirers or warm w" charge are reque sted to make early applirnri'ii. In Ihi school am taught the Fglih and French language, (and latin, if required) anting riihiMlip. nnirrant.T im lulfoiionv. DlsUS nnd fancy needie - work, mu'ir, dancing, tw. The system by which Mrs. frhedden learlies the French language is quite new in this country, and merits notice, as it facilitates in a surprising dc grce Ihe acquirement of the arcent. fenrts "nay he reralned by ipi'lirafino to Mrs; SlILD - DEN, 'ewark, fN. J.) Her references are, James Stouehton, NrwY'pfki Revtl. L. P. Uavard and Col. James Heddeti, Newark. sTp'Svft - VSAFXTIDA. - 3cfery superior As - safaHMla, lirirg and so - le hy p 7 JOSEPH OSIIORN, 2U South - st. PHILLIPS' ASTRONOMY. , EIGHT familiar lectures on Astroaoay, in tended as an introduction to the bciincc, lor the list: of young persons with plates tind diegrams. by William Phillips, author of Outlines of Mineralogy and Geoloiry, ic. for sale at Ne, 3 Wall - st. by C. WILEY K CO. Hp 9 BOARDING. A FEW gentlemen can be accommodated with Board, in a private family, in a pleas, ant part of tlic city ol Jersey. Enquire at this ollx:e art II 1m I ' " WANTED, in a wholesale dry good store, at clerk, a nerson aha wnlsi a rani hand, nnd is perfectly qualified to take charge of a set of books keot hv ilnubU - nlro I llr. addressed to D. k H. at this office, with referen ces oi cnara tcr and capahdity, will meet wi'h loimruiaiR aiieuiion. ap o lw - ' I 'HE owner of the Fremh Boarding Douse, A No, 66 Courtland - street, having concluded to decline on the 25(h of this month, off. rs U r sale on accoiumodating terms, the household furniture of his establishment, which he will dispose ol, either in wliole or in part. For further information, inquire as ahoie. npHSwt TO LEI', The new brick Store no. 62 Stone - st. Apply to Feb 14 T. & J. SWORD3. t un .:. RliThi' two - story brick front House and Lot No. 33 Cherry - street For term?, iiv. apply at 7fl Pearl street. mar 3 From the first of Mav next, a three story brickhoiiKC in Greet wicli - street, between Liberty and t oiirtlandt streets. Inquire at 137 Greenwich - all eet. mil 8 tf Iff lOLhT, HW From the first of May next, the House No 152 Green - street, near Broadway. Enquire at (lie printers. ap 8 3w JO LLT, From the first of May next, a front count ing room ou the second floor, togi thcr with the upper loits. Enquire No. 1G7 I'ea.l street. To LK'I , At a low rent, a three story brick dwelling in Norfolk - st. Enquire of ED : N. COX, mh 26 g6 Wall - stieet. tilth PHuOy H'lMHK. To let and possession first of May next. the lour story fireproof store, No. 34 South - st. between Coenties and Old slips. Enquire of the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 45 C'bamlier - strctt. Ith tl S. I) UK.slu. toti SALE, ... .. . i jj j iu siury iiouae siiuuici in reari - sirett, Kiooklvn. t'osseMon may be had on the first of May next. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, on the premises. mh US tt JAMES GILU jo i.t;j A countins house on the lower floor. No. til euuth st A laree new fire proof store in Governeurs - laoe, next door to Water - stieet. Apply to TUCKER Ic I.AUMEd, mh It 29 Smth stre't. Those two fire proof dwelling Houses, and 76 Molt street, about ten minute walk from the Coffee House. They will be put in complete repair, ana well calculated for gen teel families. Apply at No. 137 Water - street. mh 1 1 Ii tiOliiC. .JiU&i, HUJUrlt, V . ut J.muuui.'M JKSH to lkt Si" si The siibsi - rilier will let or lease, for b tr.ii nfvpara. hi - tifius at Grefnwich. Ilisnlea - santly situated on tlic hanks ofthe HimI.mii, am! calculated to accouuudal - ' a Inru' Oitnilv For lerms, apply to D1VIE BETHUNE, Janjt) vaii - sireei. kjTiTIl A small farm, situated in one of the cen tre i ountits ol tins Mate. This larm lie on the banks of a lake, nnd wiibin a mile of a nourishing and beautiful village On it are a good fsirii. house, barn, tic alto a large and well built dwel' lini house, entirely new.' The situation of the d veiling house for beauty of prospect, Ac. is sur passed ny lew II ai y oilier scues lor duhimhh in the interior ol Ihe state. Thn owner intending removing to Ne.w - Vork, will sell this prepert) for less than cost, upon a long credit on good security, or will exchange it for lands, goods, Aic. r or lurllier parur mars, e.iquire oi , II. D. N II. SfclHiVVlUK, r.sqrs. Law Buildings, Nassau - street, New - Yotk. ap 15 Pirn t tl lLOUil." 00 bbls. of Howard street tUiti - 1? more siiDerfiiie Flour, and a few hbls. ot Rye Flour, for sale by GEO. M. WILSON, ap II' 3 tvairr - sueei. aEi.ECT BOARDING i. HOOi.. T'HERK are at present five vacant le in tlie Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in Philipshurh, Yonkers, West - Chester County. His system of rriucition is such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen lor College or the Counting lfuu within a reasonable time. I li school is se.N't, the nuinl r of Fupils limited, and the treatment of the most liberal kind. The following branches of ustlul and polite li terature are taught, viz Greek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. Latin, French, F.iglili Grammar, l.iojjrnpliy, Mathematics, ire. It i presumed that few Institutions of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether they regard instrucli - tii in general literature, in moral und r.Migious principles, or in correct and genth manly deportment. The Parsonage in which Ihe Pupils are accommodated, is commodious, retired nnd pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ; to which there h always a direct and communira - lioo. For further particulars application may be made to Hisnrp liohart T. S. Ciarkson, Esq. C M'Evers Esq. Wm. bayard, jua. Esq. A. Sehermerliorn, Esq. l.VC5m.3s Dr. W ilson, Columbia College C. D ;olden,F.q. T. A. Emmet, Esq. ap 16 GENTLEMAN'S SHAVING CASES. A sueriorasti - mi m of centlemen's Shaving rases, dressing box es. portable :'esks, tra - v. Ding p - 'iM lies with Inkstands ; ladies work boxes, morocco, mvhogany, satin wood nnd malina leather, work hoxet, ja paned dressing cases, kc. lor sale wholesale and retail, by N .SMITH DAVIES. . No. 151 Broadway. Also, a general asorfmcni of Perriimery and fain y articles shnvin; soap and liquid I tooth M.l..v ,t nf4 Inlinn 1 milk ol roses : lio - alve : cold cream : antique oil ; violet shaving powder ; pomaiusn ; piain biki nnncn nan i - - j . .in.n.i mil nniriSer : nearl powder sod 'muge ; razors, rar straps and paste ; tor toise spell, norn 'snn ivory mmns , ikiw i.i. ...I. . . - .Ha ,r kmnn looth. cloth, shaving. and'hair brushes ; almond, violet, olive, r samine, paim, vernacular nu uuirr , knives ; pen and pocket knives : scissors: snntT - hoxes ; li!ir pin: ami maoy other articles, too aumeroes to mention .... p. ft. Great allowance to wholesale dealers. p 16 Orf I : TLY tLATb. ii CORK'S, id JL Boxes tin plate, 13 X , 1875 proce velvet buttle corks, 1t quality . 84 reams sugar - loaf paper. For sale by Rogers ,vt post, ' P : 51 S"outh - sl. O JOi.K J I HI.UU.VLVUIMLt, The hr - use and grounds belonging to the esute ef Jeha haw, situated on theekiith ave - sue. On ihe premises are an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice bouse, wilh every thing else requisite tor such an establishment. II is piesumediuny other description is unnecrssv r),"lit!iore Sir lined to rent will view thepiKe. Also, the large fiie proof store in the rear of houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street ; tvbere there is for sale some old Madera W ine, by the Demijohn. For further particulars, apply to ANN M. SHAW, J" 9 ' II IVarl - street. (OH H.iLK OH'JOLK.1Stt Lot. in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards : mxnv ol which an oa regulated and peved streets. - - No money will . be required under tea years, if sold, mleiest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and Ihr.e story houses, on which a great part cf Ihe money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK" An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of Inhd, plonsantly situated, with a vVtiarf, storehouse nnd barn. COTTON Hiid WOPLEN MANUFACTORY, Near Ne.w - Haven, with 40 acres of land - , andu never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply at No. Greenwich - street, jnn 13 If: r Ot A.t The property al Brooklyn, belonging lo Int citato ol ( aiy Luulow, deceased, consist ing nl a new three sloiy brick house and iotoi ground, a store noose, lormcriy orcupit tiasn distillery, a sum, I fmuie bmliling nnd lot of ground, and two vacant lots udjoinn g (he nbove premises. I his property is situated within lew rods of the stenm - tinal terry, on the road to I'lerponi's distillery, and extends irom the hill to me river. Also to l t, frcm the first of May next, the i.ou.e lino lands on me lull, in ttie rear oi the a hoc described Uiemises. The bouse is well n d.ipted for ii private lapn'ly or for a public houe. I lie situation, irom its elevated position, com mand a very extensive and beautilul view ol the nly, Ihe East lliver nnd Bay of New - York. 'I he grounds surrounding thn house (about live acres ol land) are in a high state of cultivation. r or terms, apply to CEO. W. MORTON, mh 21 tf No. 69 William st. MOUA I lEKNO.S IllH EL. THE subscriber tft lies this method to in - l"ioj the public that he lias taken for the rnsu - tug season that wi 11 known stand formerly occn - picd by Dydc, aliout five miles from tho C'ity Hall, on the Boston road, rd intends to open it as a public house for the reception of company, on the first of May next, whni irrtlemeii and la - did will be accommodated with every Comfort and c Icgauce to be expected at such a house, on the mot reasonable terms. The best of liquors of every tort will be always kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. . N. B. Wanted a good womau cook, ap 2 tm frSiti. rotieALEOK I U LhAcl. On accommodating terms, a number al water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at brooklyn. i or particulars, en quire of SAMUEL EVANS, ' jan 22 If Brooklyn. JO LkT, The small 3 story brick hnnt Xo. ft" 'eari - tret, suitablrt for a person carry ine on a ra..r ....... k s - . - i, - . Iihl rr.rret and iiiidiliiiig sized storo. t ossessiou giV'ii ittnic lintely. Enquire of DAVID STILL WAGGON, mh 31 tf Stone - street, near flroad - street. JOl.KJ. For one cr more yeurs.'a two story lirii.k front House, No, U Canal street, loureioor Irom Broadway, to the front House is attached one in the rear which serves aa a kid hen to each tory. It will be put in Icnantable repair on the lirst day of. May next, rent reasonabl . Enquire of JOHN R. IIEDLEY, ap 7 ?w 90 Naaii street. jJ!1 J'1' ' f'ir wit or more jieun, uVJul '( be houses - house No. 294 Broadway, two doors above Washington Hall, with a coa h home in the rear if required Also, a hr.e story orick home No. 415, in said street. lsn, a new and genteel two story brick house, comer of Lispenard and Church - streets, the terms moderate. For lurther particulars, apply at 415 Broadway. mh i.i ( ffftr tOR sALk. tiMii .lH KM oi erounn pieasnnny mimeu on Hie north side of Stanton - street, and extending ir m Esex to Norfolk - streets Also, four lots adjoining thereto, and Ironting on Essex - slretl, each lo! being 25 feet front nnd rear, by 1(10 feet in depth. These twelve lots may be piirrhnsed at a very moderate price, for cash, and ii not disposed of at private sate belbre the 7th day of May, they will on thnt day be sold at public Auc tion. at the Tontine Coffee House, at l2o'cl"ck, by BLEECKEIl ft BIBBY, with whom a mnp oi the eround is lei t, for the inspectu n of those who may he disposed to purchase, ap 15 tmay7 rOH SALkOH TO LkT, tl!JI At a low rent, and posession given uime. diateiy, the large and elegant 3 story brick house No. 104 Grecnwich - streel, replete wilh every convenience for a large family, situate in one oi the most healthy and pleasant parts of the city i and bein open lo Washington - street, command" a fine vjew of the Hudson River and Jerey hore. If sold, the terms will be very easy, as most of the money may remain on mortgage for 10 or 12 vears Apply at No. 1J3 or 14 - 4 Pearl - street. ' aplO y.lLUABLE BOOKS. JUST received and for sale by E. VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door bclew Pine - rtreel : Cuvier's theory of the tarth ; Wilkin - tern's Memoirs j Doddridge's works, 5 vols 8vo ; Hunter's Sacred Biography, 6 vols 8vo ; Dele - tanrille's French and English Dictionary, .to whirh is prrfixed a French Grammar. TO LET, the lower part of a genteel xjjhojse in pruce - st. Enquire as above, aj. 16 DR DK ANGELI3, formerly practitioner of Medicine in the military Hospitals of Naples, and admitted a member of the Medical Society cf New - York, where he has resided since iha vear 1793. and his reputation and succe la practice, is now estalilislied in the knowledge of tlic punuc ny near zu years experiem - e, - ues to be consulted at his office. No. 2 - 2 Water ifeet, opposite Crane whaif. In Rheumatic and Venereal cae, Dr. De An geli has been wonderfully creful ; and the aMMl tnrihle effert of Ibnte. diordem have fre quently been cnrerUsy bin, in a sbo - t space of lime wnnout inconvenience to uie piriiu libstrecliom, aker in the Ibroat and, stilfiM - ss of the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions of the skin, together with a numerous tram of evil, arisirtg from neglect or improperly treating of the: most insidious of maladies, Imve eiveh way to his mode of treatment in an almost incredible manner. His extraordinary ssscw i. in a great nieitsure attributable to bis well known Antirheumatic and Anti - Siphslic Syrotn, which, whilst they eradicate every form of di - eaee, res - tore the em iciated pxlient lo yigor, and health, ap 16 la STORE TO LET, The fire proof store in Gorerneurs lane, between Water and Front - street, from isi jtiay next. Apply to TUCKER St LAIBIES. tnh3l 29 Houth - strcct. 1 0 LE t The GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa ter - treet. '1 he tiluatioo of this house, and its as - iorn mount urns, justly render it aa object well worth the attention ol any person desirous of keeping a lucrative public house. It will be let, fur - uiWiedor unfurnished, and un mediate posacnion Appiy am U7 W aler.slrect. mh 17 tf OR SALE, "At rRorraTV in tok i it of wKw - toasr frn A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Mjsi! Bowery STABLE in the rear - together wilh the AT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, ami U6 lett on ene h side. HOUSE nnd LOT No. 37 Vesey - street ; and House and Lot No. 39 V.sey - treet. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollars, do and da for 750 do do and do for 4iO do tm valuable property in the ritv ofNew - YnrU Die interest has always been punctually paid. - - r ui put ii - uinri iniiuiie hi tne oilice ol STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, def 10 tf No. tt Wall - st reel To be kt, the house and grounds frontier ou Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of me laie oumwi niiuigan, ana at present occupied hy Mr. David Ely. . For particulars eunuire of JOHN M'KIT. lumber inerchaut, foot of N. Moore - street. t of . im.ioll, in me uana ui.ew - iori(. I.!h5ttf 7ll 1 "' elS The spacious 4 story fire proof store. at the toot of Liberty strej, lately occupied by Mcsiis. J. Murray Sons. Possession to be given on the first May next Fur terms, apply to MAJUH & GILLEtPir., ap 9 79 (up stairs) Fine - street. JOl.KJ. The house in Hudson - square, lately occupied uyjolin it. Munav. Kl. It is spa cious and elegant, and possessed of every re queue convenience, rossession may be hue! immcuiaieiy. fur terms, apply to MAJOR i: GILLESPIE, 79 (up stairs) Pire - strcet. N. R. The alwve proix rty will be sold to any one desirous to purchase, and the payment made convenient. ai O lH it IWII.UIoUit. 1 i woouicesin Liiiiidings lo. 3, to he unfed. Apply on the premises, to JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at No. 69 Brondwny. leo x jiii i OtiW.r., Olt 'JUl,K - t A rnrce two story. House m d nhnut 6 aciet of land, between Ihe 6 and 7 mile stones. Kloommgnuie leond. l or particular enuiine of NICKS., ap 1 1 lin Nenr the Premise. TO LET, From th) 1st of May next, the lower countins room ol No f4 P.ailli street. 41.(1. IThe upper counting rooni, No. 71 South - it. Apply to JAMES D'YVOLF, Jr. ien i,i oi t roni - nreei - HOUSE ill HE LE'l, filtrated nboat 1 3 - 4 miles from the City Hall, on Ihe old po't - rood, nnd adjoining the houes ol u. c K. w site. lie house is a neat ly finished one, and fit for a small family has a kitchen and cellar, 2 parlor, 3 bod - rooms, and z good r riled garret. I here is a smnll garden, hoj ot iur a heirsa ami Fir. Jo I'.Cv' . Ila",r l .fnif leii - lana. niiTi 'Jiyir to the premises, or at r or bait or lo J et, The house and giouuds ol the sufis Yilx r nt Blor - mingdHle, near the 5 milestone, situated on the hanks ol ire worm riiver. me iiouse is modern built, 5ti feel front with fen in ed pinxziis and convenient oul house, all recently pointed, nnd in complete order. The grounds are highly cultivated, Ihe garden extensive and good and there are on the place a g'cat variety ol shrubs, fruit and forest trees, mid a pump of excellent water. For terns, whn.h will le reasonable, apply to S. A. LA WHENCE, no i im oi rine - .n.i. rtsH TO l.k'T, llJiJ The House No. 78 Broad street, withtbe oilice, tore - house, uod stables contiguous, nnd appcttatlllog llifctero. j yj l.1,1 - 1., For a term of years, in lots or parcels, that part of Rose Hill situate on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, on inez.xi, ziiii,, toiii, iiio, .ou, and 20th streets, which beltngs to Mrs. Ami Ro gers. I or particular, apply t jA.)ir.. - A. UA - riioiiM, mil 13 tf No. 3 Law Builc ing. TO LkT, The follow ing House, vil: The house No. i John - street The hoiis: No. 7 do The house and store No. 395 IVarl - street The house and store No. I ll Cherry - street JAMES W. MIAVV, frb?1 No. 5Howiry. - jmu to Le.j; ilSX The store No. 20 Wall - strict. Posses - W - . .1.. - .1. siou may De nan inimeuiaieij ni'j .m. in. hp I tf JJ?JL JO LkASh, form tmn o' years, C':Ill The house and kd No. 2J Cedar street, ( (Hiiainii.gtix rooms with fire places, besides the kitchen, pantries, vauus. c. ami a wen oi gooa water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven yenrs. nf the lot lo. t;t Miirniy - ttreet, mine occupiiioa of William Patter.m, on lease from the Episco pal Church du 8t. Esprit. Inquire ol J. W. W. V. mULIIUAll, feb25dtf . No. 44 Pine - etreet. ftlore end L'tllnr lo Lrt. I ellar No. 67 Pine stretfl e premises. 1 to t.e( low, apply on the ap 1 aw 'I O LET, very low, A genteel 2 - story brick house, wilh a ,i, ug garden, having a stable in the rear, situated iu the most pleasant rt of Bmadway, about 20 minutes walk from the City - Hall; rent$4 0 per annum. For particulars, apply 17 Cedar - street. p42w Tn TO LkT, IX:f The handsome 3 story brie k house and sUO.e No. 310 Broadway. For lerm enquire ui a. iiu rw'3 Intelligence office, 59 Cbaniber - trect.n apll - w .. 7YJ J.kT. A ronvenieat two story hoie, pleasart - ly silsiaUd in duties - slreel, t.reenwien - a aesi - rahle residence for a cartmnn or mechanic. teut low. For particular etiqmre ae ov jiin - rny - street. P iO EE I , To a small genttel family, part of the ibre storv brick hou, No. 343 Grcenwich - rt. comer of Provost - strret, wilh a seralc kitchen and cellar. Enquire on the premises, ap 13 JO LkT, li'iZ The slore aad celUr mom ol those three story houses No. 10 and It Broad - strett. Also, a good house at Oreeowich, and one at llarliem, with two had a half acrtt of ground, near Maabattativille. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to CHAS. OAKLEY, apttf 141 Frorvt - stte.f. Engineer iH - partmeist, I , " ashington, 8th April, 18 tf. 1 &J Proposals will be received at ihii LV - parlment, until, first August iiexU to furnish br contract From one to six millions of brick ' - From one to two millions of cubic Imtt rJ huil. ding stone r rm ten thousand to City thoasand busbelsof sti re liji.e. . ... - i To b delivered in pond order at Mobile, Lake Ponteliartrain, Kiver Mississippi, and Lake Da. ralaria tlie luue when Ihe first deliei can be made, and the quantity which ran be delivered in each month succeeding the first delivtry, must uc staten wnn tne terms. , . Proposals wilt also be received for from fifty toon hundred carpenters; lor Item one hundred to one hundred and fifty masonti and frun two hundred to three hundred laborers, to p'oeeed to Mobile and Lrnisiant, to construct bu idling! of various descriptioosat the before mentioned pla ces, ii would be preteranie to nave me masons. carieiiter, and laborers furnished and acoB )HD - id hy master workmen. Arrangements wruld he ro.ide to employ the persons engaged to execute the work, Irom July to November, at those positions embraced in the be lore meniionea places, which border upon (he Gull of Mexico r.nggrmenis wouiu not ce maue lor a snoru - c period than eight months, fstisfactory Security would be required tor Ihe laithlul periormaoce of any contract that may be made. The teitns upon which workmanship and labor would he performed, must be stated in Ihe proposal. ' J. s. ewiFT, Brigadier General and Chief Engineer. The printer of the I'orlland Gazette, P. M. j the Centinel oi d Patriot, Bot n ; the Evr nit.g Post and the Columbian, New York the Commonwealth, Pittsburgh, Penn. the Reporter, Lcxirgton, Krn. end the Gazette, New - Or - leans.will please to insert Ihe loiegoinc lor one month nnd forward their accounts lo tlie Engi - neer Department. npl31m Uy ilaa MuAbcilV liavtng taken tlie pleasantly situated b"use No. 13 North Moore - street, inloniis her irieuds that she intends re - movinp thereon the lirst, ami on the fourth will be ready to receive youiiK ladies, either a boarders or dny scholars. The various branrhes of useful and ornamental Education, will be taught upon her esaal terms, which may be known by iplyingat No. 60 Jottn - streel. ' np 14 I0t' fry Copartnership. The subscribers he entered in o (Joparlne sl in m the grocery bti - siuess, imiler the firm of A. ft S. Smith, at N'n ICa Front - street. - . - ' ABRAHAM .MITiV apll lw (STEPHEN SVH'I H. , NtMt lll KIV ER bTEAM BOA I S. ft - For Ihe ncrommodation el the members of Pie Legislature of this state, the Jticaxonu fenm bout will leave ietv York for Albany on Monday morning, 20thinst. st 9 o'clock, dd be in Attendance, ou Ihe ndjourmnent ol the house previously to her enlerikg on tlie regular line. p i - i ... ... BA.SK lENKVv VuhK. 4 (fjr TV Drerident and direr ton aive nnlire. that u dividoud of Icmr uud a hall per cent oi the capital stock pftl.e bank, will he made ou Um 1st day of May next, lor the period o six month, from the 1st Nov. ruber in 17, to Ihe let of fllsy I8IH, payable to the lnrklin!ers at tr. Bank on demand. By order of the board of (irector. p 16tm2 CHAt. WII.KEt, Cashier.' NOilCE. , J3" All persons hxviug any claims against the as - igneeof the late film of Whiting ft Wntsnrj, U.n erthntigf neeounli, are hereby notified that unless such nuims be presents.4 before the l&lli day of May next, the subscriber will comider them ot irttlrd, and will not retain any funds in, his hinds for the purjoie of aieetio? them. P'3w If. V. VVAUNER. NO I ICE. . e...riUv:r. retiiested to send their accounts to the oUkeft iibscriber, No. 5 Nasnu - trret. ..I.. , it. til iiAi niUiVt, , M''1 m Adrnini.iralor. LT 'I wo shares m tn. i.. i ,i. i .i io i n i ' r " Euq'lira ... ..V. I ..i.n - w - v, ny . av snh m :..i... .1. - ....... r sru...,W" crmnec - ii r i nw iiiiisi sit rii in. . - . Businrs, umier tlie firm ol rt. and V. WWVi',10,1 ViOKE, nnd will fr the present do business. No. AO foulh and .129 Peail stteels t and will ronstantly keep .w sale a serai assortment of Cotton atitl Woolen Cards, ol the manufacture of the late New - Yolk Mar.ufnf luru g Ccmpiiiy., Just received, per schr. Sandusky, irom bile, and lor sa'tv . . 13 bales Deer Skins ) 2 sack Hnake Hoot of prime q'nal: Mb - rt. Vl - .( S do uceiwax. ISA ML. WHITTEMORE. p 2 Im TIMO. VV U ITTEMOR E. fj Mm. t. ALLOC having tnktn the house No 21 Broadwuv, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Clover, oilers from the lit of May next. . residence to grntlrmeii ami ladies, ihe pleasantness of the s.ttmtionneeils no comment, mil 24 tf WEiJ KKN CAtVAhi CO.VlPAN t. 0" A dividend of tie and a half percent, on Ihe Capital Htoek ol said Company, will he paid lothe block holder oa the In of April. Apply In Bareid Blerr ker, Esq. Albany, or 220 Wit - Ham - street. My order ol the directors. THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh 10 Im rent SALE. lal A farm in the villnceof West Cloomfleld, in 1 - j.ex county, stnte of New - Jersey, within 13 miles oi Ihe city of New - York, containing about thirty acres ol land, about six acres of whieti is woodland, of a young nd Ihrilty growth, and well timbered ; the residae consists of good meadow, with young orchard, in a profitable rari condition, from wbii hi idcroi U.e first Kualiiy cau lie made, the fruit being oi achoieecolfeclioti. There is on ile pri raises a ww Irame modern built house, ofthe lt mao - rials and we I noisn - - I, two storie. high, 4 (eel in length ami 32 (ret m depth, contximng lite large rooms wilh flr. - . f h ,1()e., kiteliea and ai.artmvnts in the esrret. Al. agirden, ail excellent bam. cow house, Ike. 'J lie above desc n Med property will he sold beloiy its value, the subscriber behijj lesimiis olaetflirg wilh his family insomeona , of ihewK'trrn sisie. Tlie situation ol it ta very healthy and de sirable, being on the turnpike road. whirh will shortly tie in continuation ol trie great tVeatem Turnpike leading from the city ew Jer sey lo Lake Erie, nnd is a food stand either lor .lore nr tavern. 1 be snrrouodihg country is delightful, and is exceeded Hy aosie in point of iirwwi, as it command a full view of the city of New - York, bays, river ami the Atlantic Oeeae. Tl ere is a variety of fruit in the seesett in great profusion; and large aever failing; streams of water run contiguous tn the villsge. wnerenn are erected large cotton ana woolen lactones in lull operation. The whole or a part of the land will be sold with the hooee, as mny rait tbe pure baser, and military bounty lands will be taken ia part psy - aient. For terms, apply tn Josiah IleeUen, Esq. ia the city of New - York, or lo tbe subscriber en the premises, who will grreaa mdiipsst able title. aplO 2w - El II H AIM P. at ILLS. eTO LET, A very convenient house, with about had an acre of ground, about a mile from the city, aojouiiog the boose occupied by Mr. More' wood, betwixt Ureeawica ami ln Broadway road. Apply to JOIi R. MTJRRAT, , wih?"lf HnAxmqurti A , .'i i i, I, V t - l v. ' ?; mi, . :JV i 'ill ! m j 8 'i ; I '; . 1 t I - 7 ' ' ' ' ' b? r' I . : I r i t m i .! v. it; ' si; .i ;. & ; t X MV': '. 1. : Y ! : . 1 1 i . ; : I . r ' . VI,

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