The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 17, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1818
Page 4
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IN CHANCERY MCBX.AT UU.UMAHWM B0CSE. From (be first of, May next, tbe home krHwabytheriaiBeof the "Mansion House of Murray tiin, snowi wrre ana an pan muesirom the city i Ixmmled on U llariam Road. The boose m convenient and roomy, arid would ao - - f wet for gerrtleasen' tusaeoer residence, a hosrding tcheol or public UiMt There are a - bowt 4 ten of ground belonging to the premises, divided into a Harden, orchard and 1 1 wo. - . There it also oa tin premises a (labia and coach - bome, cut - hooset, Sc. ar.d a weH of food ' water. The building ie handsomely situated, coaimandinr abeanlirol prospect and convenient to lite purjlsc road. An indinuioas g aracner . would be more than able to pay the reate rron the fruit and vegetariir wniru nc coaia raise. The property will he rented very reasonable to a rood tenant, for lurnierparucaiars, rauaue o the premise, or at no. 7 Maiden - lane. - aplSenrftf t O,L WlHJi.. HIST reraised. litX'IU first oeslity Coney I Wool, for sale is lots to sail (urcbasets, at s very reduced price. ' i 1 ALSO, ' ; ' ' 1000 Germo Hare skins 1000 Smyrna do . do . iMF ina. t - nu.i mam , ' 3000 Red Fox tkios, Mosk Rat, Racoon, . 4uf safe 07 ' ttw. thi'vmiih an 10 eodtw ' ' ' 190 Waler - ttrert. "WEDiCaL SCIENCE LOTTERY No. , 11 K M Cm ei it sion.oou 60,000 20,000 60,000 10,000 10,000 6,000 2,000 1,000 100 30 lU.OiJU 5,000 4,000 45,l. 6,200 160,800 , S 464 frizes ( U,JOO JJiaOBJS ' 10.000 Tickets ' at $ia each, 400,000 Ieat Oiaa two blanks to pnte. . "Will draw fire bandied number each day nn - til Cora pie ted. . . Tart of lb above prises to be rlelermined as follows. - '. , The first drawn number from the first to the .fifteenth day inclusive shall be entitled to SI, 000 s earn. ' 11m first drawn three thousand blanks to be en titled to f30nch. dj. 'taa nitiT psawBr vvmbkii on the JCth day $4,000 inn iy ItlfJi day 19ih day SOUt day ;2M day , Jfld day tM day ' t4th doy tS4hdy . 1,000 1.00" 0.t0() 1,000 . 1,000 1,000 . 2,000 100,000 The drawinc to commence on 0t first I'uet daywiAutriM neil - Tickets for sale by Uie Tannaijers until the 8th April. All the tickets , MmrtHiio - in their bauds will be sold at auction, . according to law, al the I'oioa Hotel, in the city of .ew - Vork, on the 27Ui April next, at ten Dxlock ifl the forenoon. , . 84M!,. L. MITCHIIX, g 3AA(' DK.ViMS'FON, i " , MOSS KKNT I, . ' JKREMIAH JOHNSON JOJfN MLAN, )? shlOeodlm .rli.LU u ritAhtu'o wiimaie MJ and retail copper, powter, tin, and sheet .iroo kitchen familure WARE - HOUSE, No. 38 rnaaden - iaoe, New - York: where may be bad Plain and planuiihod block tin coflee pots Do.' do. bijjeus and filterera - . Do. I ml Co tree urns ' Do. do. newest pattern dish covers . Do. do. , cneese plates nnd toHsten ...uo. ao, ! saace and slew p.nis Do. do. tea and chocolate pots; with every other article in the copper, pewter, blork - tui, and sbtet iron line, as manufactured and told, oo the most reaaonable Uruu, at their factory, no. 71 rulton - itreet, between Fiiemcn's - hall and Gold - street. N. B. Wholosale orders executed in the best manner, and at the lowest prices. 1 ap8 Stnw'iw OCT U08VKUI.ii I.EMOIMK (.succMwrt to and recommended bv William hi. Ilenrv Has nil) transact vendue and commission buimeis, Petersburic. (Virginia. They occAsionnlly make advances upon consignments committed to (heir charge. Reference in New - York to Meivt. CanipbcllAi Laurence, and Wm. and Saml. Cmig. roh30eod6w A very profitable FA KM. of 1 10 acret. two tlirrdt under cultivation, the residue woodland, situate en the tea shore, n quarter of a mile below Uie nartowt, on the tMaten Hand tide and n short ride from the itram boat ferry landing. it give a very eiienitveview oi the Day and environ n( New - York, within the Narrow, and of 8adr Hook and the ocean For pnwpect is equalled by none. The title it unquettionnble. Two thirds of the pnrthae money m.iy remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the prrmiiH.s, or to W. A. 8EEI.Y, 113 Green wicli - ttrcel. TO LET, a convenici t new X story home, adjoining llie above, withagnrden nnd about an acre of land. For tcrmt apply at above. atih 3 endtf 7Vntportalim I Pilttburfh, Ihmigk the Hate nf Aew - larir. THE ubseribcr, who litt been engaged fir several year in iorwarding merchandize to different part of the United States, fitters hi ervicet to the merchants and trader of the western states and territories, at agent to transport nronertv of every deerinlian from the ciiy of New York to Pittsburgh, in thesUeof Pennsylvania Uoodt shipped at New. York, onboard "tx wistsrn imsof alnopt for Albany, can De delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in at hort a time, a by any other rouic yet uiscoveren i ine price or trantporta - tiou for the whole distance never exceeding lix dollars per cwt Proper care hat been taken to select gentlemen ot respectability as agents on the several routes cnmmunicstinir with ihe Allegany river ; and where extraordinary exertions re required, a confidential person Uioroughly acquainted with the country, will accompany the goods. All communication, on thi. subject, post paid, will receive the earlieat attention of the subscriber, who for approved tecum; w,U give a credit of six monUu on a large proporton of the account. . ' . CHARLES SMYTH. 1818. ' K - Vork,2d Feoruarj., Reference to Messrs Sattcrlees & Co and Messrs. I. Hjer.and 11. Rankin, New - York, febr Saw NOTICE. A LL person indebUd to Uu estntenT Rni. XX Hubbard, esquire, hu thtrilTor the city and county of New - York, at ther.ff, are re - qooted to moke payment to Jamee L. BU, esqnire, present sherilTof the city and conntv of Ktw - York. on or befote the first day of May next - or alter that period the bills remaining unpaid will be pu in roit. CATHERINE HUBBARD, Feb 11 SBtlMay . Adaiinitlralrix. .1 ' 'of 1 of J Of ; , i. t of1" 45 - ' of - ' r ' hi Of 5,360, ' of b or of as not to ft l , HATS. . T Obi AH WILS03 ff forms his friends anJ the rublic, that be bat rtairo it hat warehoase to 160 Broadway, betweon Maideo lane and Liberty - street, for tba ketter aecommodstion of m retaa cusiom - crs;' where be bat const iuilly an hand, an extensive eopply, from his eaaonfactory, of' BeaTer llals, cnprir ever fashKM aud de - striptioo of color, qnality, and variety of pat. Urn US woramanfnij' - ,. to tbis or any otbsr market. lis keeps on band (which be receives regularly, ooce a week, Irom bit factory) a constant supply of ine first qeality of CenlUmen's American Bearer Hats, man, iaetored aader his own inspection, of durable and escelleot materials, fmiihed in the neatest and asost fasbioiiable style. J. W. alto bai fat sale at his warehouse, a large and regularly replen'uhed assortment of gentlemen's fashionable London Beaver Hats, selected with rreat care, as to workmanship and quality. LikewUe. American rosnufacttired batu, of eve ry description aud kind, suitable to this or anv other market. ' mrh 30 Sawtf MlHH HAY'd ioarding bchool fur yooug ladies, New - Brunswiik, New - Jersey, will rs - opeoed, after the spring vacation, on Monday the 4lb of May, when there will be va cancies for several young ladies. Music, Drawing ana Dancing ly "braved instructors. an 8 2w3w OUlUKti'i lON. on, fcOUK tiTOMACil. 18 acknowlt - dged by medical writers to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all timet very diffn alt of core. This is sufficiently illustrated ia the disappointment of those who anfor - tunntrry suffer snlr it, as tliey, for the most part. hnd that after bovine tried nsanv thines to little M purpose, tliey are at last obliged to ate (lor perhaps U remaimier of life) such articles at can at best bat palliate (he disane. Under such circumstances, any medicine capaoie oi removing the complaint, matt surely he an article highly deservinjr the attention of all th e who are afflicted with it nrh a combination is to be met with in DR. MEAU'H AMTi - DYeEl' - TIC or STOMACH i'lLLS tlie succets ol which has never yet been equalled, for the cure dyspepsia ia its most complicated form, suet. ions of appetite, naotea, lie an ourn, natuien - cy. knawiog pain in the stomach, pain in the side, ereat costivenesl, pak - nets io the counte nance, langnor, lowneit of spirits, pain in the head, virtigo or giddiness, ana disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pillt in theabove disease, according to the directions, will never be disap pointed, at Uiey have never been ooce known to fail io producing a radical and permanent cure. The use of a single box will convince the most onbelieving of their efficacy. Ther will most eflectuaJly remove all sournost of the stomach, merely by neutralixing the acid, hut by cor recting mat roortxa state oi tneiccretions winch sives rise to it. and at the same time will restore the debilitated organs of dielion, that tone sod vigour which is absolutely necettnry to the well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. For sale by No. I UK Greenwich - street. Where mar be bad, wholesale and retail, a Irtrge and general assortment of genuine Drugs aud Medicines : Surgeons Instruments; A pot he ary's CUss - Ware ; English and American Ta lent MedicittPi. Alco, Dyer's nnd r'ulli - r't mti - clot, Medicine Chettt, &c. On libcrnl terms. nib 25 Sin N. SMITH DAVIE 8. Wholesale and retail ('hymical Ptri'uuicr, No. I'll BnOADWAT, BEGS loave to inform hit irieudt and c it f (omen, that be ha on hand nn etemive nsiort - mcnt oi periurnery end fancy ariiclet, vii : tha - ving soap ami liquid ; washing soap in cakes and hnllt ; antique oil ; coid cream ; clnrcoul and iliymical dcnlifrir. s rou'n and penll powder; plain and tcenled hair powder almond powder and paste milk uf rotet ; hard and toft poina - lum l loom, cioin, simvins, nair, nun ano ronni brushes, of tuerior quality ; razors; arissort ; nn and pocket knivet i ttiavmg ami dres. sing cases ,pocket books and many other articles, too numerous to mention, for tale wholcnule and retail. np 0 HUATO,'S ITCH UINTMKNT. THE long and aucceitliil use of this ointment it a sufficient recomnicndiition. a it has oven round to be a pleasant, tale and certain re medy for that disagreeable disease in all itt ita 5ca. It it for tale in the city or New - York, by , A. ft W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. T. Clark, No. Hi Maiden - Lane ; H. H. Hchiefitlin It Co. No. 193 Pearl ttreet Law - rente ii Keese, No. 195 IVarl - ttreet Hall lc Bowne, 146 Pearl (trect ; R. & L. Murray, 313 reari - ttreet : j. m. uradnurtt, 314 rean - ttrcet ; John Penford, No. 4 I'letcher - strect ; Duryee ti oo, in retri - street j John kj. Morrison, lull Greenwich - street ; John P. Fither, 106 Broad wnv t WnlterU seaman, cornet of Iharoher - it. and Broadway, nnd also InCbaUiam - ttreet ; and in abort it may he procured atrnottof the Drug stores in tin city Alto in Philadelphia, of h. Witherell k Sons t George Hnriell , North it Ro sera, and almost ad the druggists ia tlie principal towns in ine uaiieu niniet. MKEWI8R. WIIEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS rosy be had at the above placet. jan226m BOARD WANTKD. - Rjr a lady in a private family, she will furi isli her bed room complete. None need apply, but persons of the tint respectabihiy. Liiquire at 15 Mur - rav - slreet. ap 10 'IMIEvaiativa in Mrs. SHKUDKN'S Board 1 ing Cchool, at Newark, N.J. will termi nate on the last of April, aad Uieeseniiet of the tchool will be returned on the first of Mav next. There are now a lew vacancies and thine parents or gunrdiani who may have it iu contemplation to place their daughters or wards under tier charge are requested to make earlv application. I.i this school are taught the English and French languages, (and Intia, if required) writing and nmnniein', gcograpny alio usironoiay, plain ami fancy needle - work, inuir, d.iiicinr, tic. The ylrm by winch Mrs. hhedihn leaches the t roi'ch language is quile new in this country, and o.eriit notice, as it tacihtntL - in a surprising de gree ine acquirement oi the accent. Terms may ne ntceriiuurii ny npinraiion io Mrs. Mltll - DEN, Newark, (N. J.) Her references are, James Stou - hton, Etq. New - York; Itevd. L. F Bayard and Col. Jaaiei Heddtn, Newark. iip?gt PKObPEui'im for rrBLisnme bt tuascRirTio - v A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ' I MIK publicAlion ol this Map hm been under X taken with the imprrision. that it will ex liinil inioruiation, highly interesting at thit event lul crisis, and th; - vnluable .Man which the au thor has procured, duripi;lu several tonrs through Mexico, in the years IBIS, 1007, 1812, 1813, 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce him to beltive that the Map, with even all itt imperfections, will be mach the most perfect which hat appeared be - lorc ne puuuc. This Map will contain the latest, and best in formation from the discoveries and posiessiom of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigator and representing the clsiiot of (heir respective governments on the Northwestern coast of America. Tlie Map will include that portion of North America, which lies between the luthmut ol Da - rien, and fhe4oth dsree of North Latitude, and irom the Mississippi River vrestwardly to the snniir vjcean. In tire the Man will be about six bv five feet, and will he projected oa a scale of 40 miles to "it: men, w oe deUvered to the subscriber at flf - icen ainiarsi acn. Natches, March 7, 1!5I8. ap7tAul Q WR DOLLARS REWARD. - ! T . 0u Saturday afiernooa, from No. a.. er - sireet, mto Front - street and was af - r "'."'e Battery, water d - r pup !.?MM.I) ..of I,v,.r r.n " i h bind !; while ... ,J w UK , na , lealf,r C0jM wi(l .h r,.,R asiencn to it. Whw, - ., .ill ZVT T !i0 - 177 Walce - wreat or li rroal - st. shall receive the aboie reward and - a a uu,, vi iuv vwucr. Qp w COLCA1C1AN 1'ICTUan CALLtRT, ISA raLToar - arnCKf. (Ross's Beildtngs, near Oroadway.) To C'ooitteert and amateur of the Kino Arts, and to Uie enlightened public of New - York. - THE proprietor of an extensive collection of picture, the work of the most eminent painters, having just arrived Irons Europe, where ne bas purcbattd thein frotn the cabinets ot Rome, Naples, Florence. lVris, Amsterdam and London, at a verv considerable exrjence, propo se to exhibit them to the ladies and gentlemen of thitcitr and itt vicinity. The exhibition will berin on Thurtdav. 16th nf April. It will be far superior to any as yet offered in tlie U. States, trie pictures img uiHiooDicoiy originals consul' ing of upwards ol 300 pictures, by lb best mat ten. Admission 50 cent each, or one dollar per month. Hours from 10 in the morula - ; to seven i the eveoine. Catalogues may be bad at the uailery. TO LET. lull - Tbcitore 61 Kultoo - slreet Enquire oo tli premise. ap 4 5w PUOrOsALe, V VEMAMIST OWII TILER. For publishing by tubscriiHion, a splendid edi - uon ui i ne iiitLSRSTivi ur AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE. COPIED from tlie original in the secretary of Stute'i Ortke. with tlie Fuc Simile ol the signature! of all tliote patriotic detrnders ol L.ID - erty who sit ned it, " ut a time that tried men's souls," and mutually pledged to each otbertheir Z.irt, Ibeir Vortuntt, aud Uieirsacied Honor Io support it. It it a (act. which very few are aware of, that there bat never been a correct copy of this important document publislied. Io the original it it neaued ihut : 44 In Cenerat July Al h. 1776. The Unam moui Dttlaraliun o te Thirtten Untied StaUt f y. ,, . . . .1 fl l IJ oi T mertca. nut in ine journan ui in uiu Congress fas well at several other inaccuracies, omissions, sc. rrcm which our printed copies arr taken) the preamble is Ihut printed" A JJtc - laralion of Ihe ievrumtalivti nf tlu Untttd Statu of America in CongraM muembltd" It must beobviniiM to every one, that an au tli en tic copy should be published, at it it an important state paper, from which mere pub lie good hat emanated than any ether ever com poaed by man. The object of the prent pub lication it to present to the American people correct and elegant copy ot that instrument, which secured to their father a deathless name, and to them extend liberty n&hapvinru. It it a, concern unworthy the descendants cf tnose taRCt who declared u mis, and ot those hsbou who achieved our Indtpendaut, to make the chat ter of their freedom t decoration titr the parlour or an ornament for the drawing - room I A such the publisher design it, that every American who duly appreciates the va lue of liberty and mdtptndtnet can point his children to it. and say "there hanrrs the pledge which secured your liberty and rescued you from the jawt of tyranny." 1 he publish er, in order to give it it proper construction ami emphasis, hat been particular to copy eve ry capital at in the original ; observing Uie tame punctuation, and executed the eaiphati - cat words in a great f ariety of ornsmeotal hands, and it not only a correct copy, but an decant specimen of penmanship, and engrav ing designed and executed by the publisher, (a uative American,) in the most beautiful manner after the style of hit Eulogy to the memory of the illustrious Wasiiinoton, and en graved by Peter Maverick, esq. cf New - York, celebrated engraver, (also a native American) in whose hands it has oeen several months , - the whole being truly American, and worthy the patronage of every friend of liberty and the Itifht of Man." The following certificate of the lion. Richard Kusli, at that lime acting; secretary of state, (written by him,) with the seal of the secreta ry of state's office attached to it, will be en graved on the plate in a fac simile of Mr - Kush' hoiul writing, as a testimony of its aulhenti city. Department of State, ) kept. 10, 13ir. The foregoing copy of the Declaration of In dependence h.s been collated with the original instrument and lound correct 1 have mvaelf) examined the signature to each. Those executed by Mr. Tyler, are curiously exact imita - ioiis, to much so, that it would be dithcult, foot impossible, for the closest scnitinv to them, were it not fur the hand of time, from the originals. JtlUHAKU KLSll. J con ni i ion. This gTand national publication it now cn graving on a plate 24 by SO inches, the same izc as the original, and will be reany torue - ivery to subscribers in April next, at hve dol lam per copy, payable on delivery. A few cop let will be printed on parchment at 7, those who prefer them will please to add the word norrAmenl to their names. Cijr 'j HWungfon, t'eb. 12. Subicrintions received by Mr. CRANE at his Looking Glass Store, Broadway where an engraving u to be teen. apU St t OR HA L. t.. A COLOURED BOY the time limited by law a smart, sober and ioduitrioui lad - understands all kinds house - work, and taking rare ofbortti; also working on a farm or in a garden He ii nineteen yenrt of see and of a good disposition. Any eron thnl wants a lad iiotsessing thoe qualification!, will get information tt fio - 25 Bowerv. mh 26 tf ELIJAH WARD. IO FARMERS. FflHE suhscribfrcan furnish the farmer of JL the adjaceot country with ground Plaster of Paris in any quantity, on the shortest notice, ui Darren or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb S3 tf Foot of Harruon - st. N. R. FOR SALE. THE time of a smart Black Gill, Oiat can do all kinds of house - work and cooking, tuch asis necessary for n family, oriuitnbln lora public house. She uiiderttar.ili cooking of oyt Irrs, heattteakt, &c. nnd would be a valuable acquisition to any public house , a preference would be given to any person keeping Uie same, that resides in the country. Sold for another reason than the want of a master. For further particulars, inquire at the corner of Broadway and Grand - street, Mount Social. . ts. bbe istold at her own requtrt. ap9 tf VAI.UABLK BOOKS. JUST received and for tale by ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3J door below Pine - street : Wilkinson' Memoirs, 3 volt 8 vo; Rob Roy, second Philadelphia edition, with a glossary of ine ftcoHtin words and phrases ; A great variety of new and interesting books for children, ICmos. Also, just received by the Mary F.lita, from uonaon, nna ior sine as a Dove, a valuable assort - mcnt of theological and iniscel aaeoui works, ve. ry scarce. Ki,gravinc and copiter - plate printing cieiutcu wiui oeauieis anu aesplcii. ap8 o. A LEX AN OKI A H.HLH. NE hundred bhls Alexandria Flour, of ex cedent quality tor safe by D1VIE BETHUNE U CO. ap 92 Wali - sireet. lAJDlCjitli tt PAlStlXG. l WALL, MipU of Ihe celebrated Geo v Miller, of Ouiilio, I etcher oi Lndscape and Flower Painting, Drawing from Nature, Characteristic, Foliage, Ate. fee For terms. appijai o. " unssaa - tireei ; Where tpeci ixni oi hn works may beaeen. W. G. WALL hope, Irom bis style of painting, method of leaching, and a strict attention to the dutiea of nil profession, lo merit a continuance of those favour be bat toaoiply received. np8wj; t CWC10lrfcAsTABJHCCAIAItrtfi(f TBKS.B TIJtM A wws. IluAVt wewonrgnevc - J ry Sunday, Taetday, V, : S faiTUUl inursaay ikiiu'i three oVrrck, run through Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Monticeiio, oy White Lake, Cosbecton, Mouut Pleataot, Orvai Bend, Chsnangn Point, Owega, luiica, andoe - neva, toCaaandaigaa. Returning leave Canandaigua every Bfon - day, Wednetelay and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrive at newourgii, liiemiru day in lime to take the Steam - boat which arrive in New - York the following moriinj. (E7 may be expected ttiat at all tmn trlien Ihe itrum - boaii alter their day tf running, tltat thit line mil alter to at to r.ieel tftem. The whole route will be perfomed m three days, front the first of Mav, until the first of SovemDer ami irom ine nrsi os nintniutr until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th Ikcemher, until the fifteenth ofMarch the same line will be continued to the city ofNew - York and run from, thence to Cauamlaigua in four days. Passeneert travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three daya a distance ol'three hundred mil. s. The line in well furnished with good, new carriages i good horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render tlie pottage of the traveller Safe, easy and expeditiout ; and it is believed that the accommodation on untune are eejuid to any line in the state. fXT FARE from Newhurgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS X. I). A b'anch of the tame line runs three timet a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line run from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Puimed Post, to Rath, He. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owner. 1 vid Godfrey, Bloominghurgh, E. C. St. John. Mount Pleasant, L. U R. Manning, Chenango, .Propric - Luther Gere, ltbica, j tois. Samuel UreenhlT, Geneva, I Oliver l'hclpi, Lantiug, J mh 14 (ICin VALUAHLE RKni. EsTA'I'E FOR UAIX, IN 1HK HI V OF EW - T0RK. IT'lVEIots ol ground on t;ie west tideofGrcen - J? wicb'ttriet, between Vestry and Detbrot - ies - streel.85bv 80. Four do io the rear of the above, fronting on the east tide or waihineton - itreet, 25 t,y bu. Eight do in the block Delow, between Wash ingtou and Wett - ttreett. In Monte' mery County. COCO acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near r.ait Canada Crceit, on the north tide cl the Mohawk. In Franklin Countv. 1 5, ICS arret of Land, io Uie towns of Mount Morrit and Dayton. In EsmX County. 7UU2 acres of Lund in the town of Darrymore. lu the County cf Lewis. 12..0 acres of land in Caderland, Chattanit Purchase. In Saratoga County. SfiOO ncrf in Pnhntr's iiurrhann. Ennuire at the office of the subscriber, 24 Ce dur etrrtt. BEV. ROBISSO. mh 17 tf stLLCT 1OAUDMO h.:IOOi, FOR YOVNG LADIErf. , R3. BOWERING, now Mrs. Brown, has if J removed her well known Establishment from New - fork lo Elizabeth Town, New - Jersey, not a quarter of a mile from the public turn pike road. 1 he situation of the place possesses every advantage for a Seminary ; and ff ena tile lit - r lo reduce the price ul hoard much low er than can bo afforded in New - Yoik. - The bra na he i taught, are, Orthography, English Grammar, Reading, WritiiiK, Arithmetic, Geo erapliv. with the use of maps and clones. Astro nomy, History, Blair't l.erlures, Coniiiisition, Music, French Botany, Cht miitry, Druwirg in crayons, Painting in oil, on velvet, and in water - colours, flam tsewing, ntedieworic on muslin, Embroidery on tilk and worsted, Fillegree. Quadrille. Grotto and Wax - Work. Gihlinuand Japanning, with a variety ol oiner fancy work. mh 1 Im LLPS ITCH UlATMEJtT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy at one v Y application, may be uted with perfect Gaiety on infants a week old, not containing a particle ol mercury ,rr any daugerout ingredient whatever, and not accompanieJ rsilh tint offensive smell which attends the application of other rcmcdica. The above medicines are prepared and told at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, and told by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - streets. Druggists and country tlore - keepers supplied en liberal termi. Jan 29 WILi.UM hOOKER, No. .'02 Watcr - sl. corner of Fulton - street, New - York, having rerrivrd a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day Martin, 97 High Hoi - born, London, offer th tame, in wholesale or retail, tor exportation, or home consumption, on terms Uie most liberal and advantageout to purchaser. This inestimable composition, with half the tt - tual labor, produce a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varnish : affbrd peculiar nourishment to the leather ; it will not toil the finest linen ; is perfectly free from any unpleasant imcu; ana will retain its virtues in any climate. At an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of ihit blacking, it hat stood tlie tcrt and commanded the most extensive talc in all quarters of Uie globe, for upward of half a cen tury. Feb 1G MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW. FORBES, No. 90 Broadway, one door . above Wall - street, respectfully informs his friends aud the public that h continues to manu facture nlver tta and table telts. church nlate. spoons, forks, ladles waiters, urns, siphons, fish knives, lie. Sic. of the latest and most ehant patterns, of the first quality of silver and sup. risr workmanship, al Ihe lowest prices for rash Ail ordars executed in a masterly manner, and warraoted in all cases at leait equal to any ar - ucies ol silver manufactured or told in this city. In addition to his own manufactures, he has on hand an assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, which be will dUpoe cf very low, consisting cf caudlesticks, cake baekeli, castors, bottle castors, scuffers and trays, plated oo i niisw oni miii I'Xtr1, steel, a very superior article; elegant pen, pocket and sportsman' knivet, with a variety of articles not enumerated. mrh30 1m PLAal tli OK PAHis MAAuFAC I ORY, At the loot of Harrison - street, North - River, i7"HERE manofactured Ploitur, forcorni - v ces and other pu - posrs, may be had, war - ranted of Uie first quality, at one dollar and tutr. - tjire etnttpn buiheL The ma'ufaclory is conducted by Mr. John Tncker, who bas served a regular apprentice - thi p to Uie maion twines. ?l JOHN BYERS. 1 Fat Salt or Let, The loajseaad gTvuadt 04 the tuUcriber at isioomincihiltf. near the a rouesioiT, nuaicu on tl bf.nk.i of IU North River. The House ft modern built, 60 feet front with it .acta pinna and convenient out houses, all recently painted, and in complete ordr. The grounds are highly cultivated, tlie garden extensive and good and Uiere are oo tlie a grtai vaneiy i uuu, fruit nnd forest Ireet, and a pump of cxtelltul water. For term, which will be reasonable, apply to 8. A. LA w muMf., ap I IIS Wl i iiiiiii.. 'JXt I.KT, The House No. 78 Broad - ttrcel, with the oUK.e, store - houft, and stable contiguous, auo apiieilrdmng thereto. Fnr a Inrm nfve. - iri. in lots or parcels, that part of Rose Hill iluale on Ihe and 4rh avenues, on the 33d, 24th, 25th, 6th, 2Tth, SKtb, and S9th sheets, which Kl' - rgi to airs. Aim no aert. t or particular, apply io a. uaJiii.i"i mh 13 If No. 3 Luw Buil ingt. : t LT. il The following Houses, viz: TIm. - house No. 95 Johii - slieet 'flu; hoate No. u7 do 1'he house and (tore Nn. 395 Penrl - street Tlie house and store No. UI Cherry - tireet JAMbS W. MIAW, lVb?l No. 5 Hnwrry. 'IO Le.T. The ttore No. 20 Wall - ttreet. Poise ion may be had immediately Apply at No. 13 ap I ti sf. 'i U L&A UK, fur a term, of vtart, UF..3I The house and lot No. SO Cedar tt reel, containing six tooiut with fire placet, betidet tlie kitchen, pautnet, vaults. 4C ana a wen oi gooo svHter. Fort nle. the uoeitriied term, eleven rears, of the lot o. C'J Murray streei, in ir.e ociupaiion of Wiliiam ratierson, on itaae irom the episco pal Church au fit. Mint. inquire oi J. W. k W. C. MULLIGAN, feh S3 dtf No. 44 Pine - ftiect. Start and Cellar lo Let. "1 fl, - Clnn ...I I ..II. - n HI Pi n. .1 tu .,431. low, H)y outhe preiuisef ap I aw 'I'M I 1 "1' varu liiuv SlgiB A geuteel 2 - itory brick house, with a mu saruen, having a stable in the rear, situat i in the nioit pleasant part of Broadway, about iiO minutes walk from the City - Hall; rent $450 per annum. For particulars, apply 17 Cedar btreet. ap 4 2w tff - . TO I.KT, kunjj From the Itt of May ne, the lower couuting roots of No. 54 South - street. ALSO. The upper counting room, No. 71 Soulh - t Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. icb 13 57 mnt - strect 'OilK owner of the Fremh Boarding Houe. J. No, b6 Courtland - street, having concluded to decline ooth 25tb of this montli,offtrs for ale oo accommodating terms, the household furniture of his oslobliihmeot, which he will dispose ol, either in wlole or ia part. For further information, inquire as above. ' ap8 Swt HOLLAND DUCK, forialehy CIMS. L. tx; DEN, and A BR. OGDEN, p 2 Wa.hinplon - ttreet. HOCTHItRN DISTRICT NICW - iOIUi, 8S. B K it leiM'inbered, Tli&t on Uie second day nf April, in the forty second y ear Af the Inde pendence ol the United States of America, William Jcl.iison, of the said dutrirt, hath deposited in this oilke the tille of a book, tlie right whcrtM be i hiinis as author, in the words und figures fol lowing, to wit : " Reports of caret adjudged in the court of Chancery oi ncw - inm : oy wmiiun jounsnn, Counsellor at Law, vol. II ; containing the catet Irom January, 1016, to September, 1817, iuclu - aiu 11 hi conformity to the act of the enngren of the uuited Mates, enuueu. An act mrinecncou raiseniknt ol learning, bv securing th copi niup, chart anil hooks, to Uie authors and pro - prieton of tucb ropiet during the timet therein mentioned :" and also to ao act. entiUed, " An act, supplementary to an act, entitled, an act for the encouragement oi learning, oy securing ine copies of maps, chard am.' hooks, to the authors and proprietors oi sucn copies, ouriug me inner thertin mentioned, and extending the tienefll thereof to the artt of designing, engraving, .nci etching historical andoUier prints." JAMES DILL. Clerk of the southern district of New - York, np 13 4w SUNDAY bCUOtJL ADUKI - SS. TM11S day is publiihed and f ,r tale by T. &: L J. SWORDS, No. 100 Pearl - street, price 31 1 - 4 cents, " The benefit of Sunday Schools considered : in an adlrts deliver - d nttheanm - versa i y meeting ol the Sunday School!, in union with the New - York Proteitant Episcopal Sunday School Soeielv, in St. Paul't Chapel, on Wednesday, tlie 3 1st davnf December. 1817. by John Henry Hohart, D. D. Bishop nf the Pro - tenant tpiscopal Church in the state oi York, and Rector of Trinity Church. To which is annexed the first annual report of the board of mannger ol tlie ew xork rrotestant tpiscopal Sunday society." ap II f - 'Ot SAoH. A FIRST rate fast trotting Horse, and a fashionable Gig, but little used. Also, a light neat one horse waggon. Apply to THO.V1AS H. THOMAS, ap 13 10 William - street TO LET, To a small genteel family, part of the .hiee ttorv Drick boute, io. 343 tireenwich - tt corner of Provost - street, with a separate kitchen and cellar. Enquire on the premise, ap 13 7U LKT, A convenient two story house, pleasant ly situated in Charies - itrett. Greenwich a dcti rable retidence foracartraan ortchanic rent low. t or particular enquire at No 59 Murray ttrcct. ap 14 tf HOARD WAJTIEO. A GENTLEMAN, with his wife and child. CX. wishes to obtain board for about fix weeks, from the 1st May. A house with but few board er! would he most ngreeable, with one or two room, ana nm more than hair a mile from the Tontine Coffee House. Address W. F. O. at this office, ttaUng situation, terms, tic. apl53t GENTEEL HOARDING. TMVO Gentlemen innv be ncrommodnted with X board immediately, on reasonable terms, and a gentleman and bit wife, from the first ol May, can be accommodated with a large, plea - tant room and board, by applying at No. 49 Dey THE ART OP WIMMUfO. PW. GALLAUDET, 49 Fulton - slreet, has . iu press, THE ART OF SWIMMING A series of practical insf rucl ions, on an original ami progressive plan, by which the art of swim mine may be readily attained, with every ad vantage of power in th water. Accompanied with twelve, copper - plate engravings, cooipri - tiog Iwrntv - six appropriate figures, correctly u:u:. - t " - , . - . '.. . raiuuuui ami eiuciuaung uie actioo and am tnde, in evrry branch of that invaluable art - " The exercise of swimming it one of the most healthy and agreeable in Uie world." Frank lin. By J . Frost, many year teacher of tbe art at Nottingham, England. To which it added. Dr. Frauklin't treatise, also, tome anecdotes re specting twimmmg. Copy - right secured, ap 15 Iw " iLKHK tV.ihTKlt. VffANTED, hi a wholesale dry good store, " clerk, a person who writes a good hand, and is perfectly qualified to take charge of a set of books kept by double entry. Letters addressed to D. k B. at this office, with referen ce of character asd capability, will meet with iniuicuiaie aiienuon. ap 15 1 w i A etacanlag pablic kjwit haw u dlstijirBUa. 4 - w.w war uuef, DOCTOR HORSE, fhroi,rv London, 2 MBber of the. Ucultj of aud wrgeiy there, oVei. t v to rtdt soDw ocmtionsT. tlie abuse cf MERCURV i rash, iiHiitrrioiinate, and aaoe fied use tsereof, liasWo prorfV tive of inri,i Jl?2 pHrM' sands are nnnuajly mercurialised ontfeSl ence. The dik - .'je w have in i."?u lal retulu chiefly to thit toorce. What ! snd by a disease not in itt own nature fataL which only prove so from neglect ,r itZ at trealment - " A Oetlemar. !.. iL" PPr Uent) now perfectly bearty and itellftSbS under phyaioant of gcwi j practice,' ,i7 Le,,' and repeatedly alivat,d; when recokiJ, i Dr. II. (by . gootleman'of thi. ci$ fcg ft were cariout, and hit fleih droptiin? (Voni i t 1 bit friendt declared he rould nitMiw?"; t wo months longer. Thousand exiienmwii.n' know with what ease and .rsiety Dr. j Wr J' catct Uie severest case, and confirms' th'SLT? tution. The Doctor's Plan (advertising T.1' cettary lo guard I the : public ngaiost the ThM.", mercury, and other fatal delusions, held fo,ih Perti - m, tberefoie, having coatracSed vale .lirorder, or tutpecting latent poison vT admonithtd not to tamper with their conii lion, or conceal the disonler, till part ry ; others having the remain of u 0d or other luipuntie of the blood, m,ii er complaint, of a delicate nature l l'. ttx.thould remember posterity, and d0 to their coutcienctt, bv making ann'f.. - lo Dr. H. at his old nnd rcnLtZft?1' .lisl.ment, Ko. 64 Wttertreet, foVbseTw i of Old - slip, to obtain Uint prompt astistsnc., Lnvi t"ilriilnf&ri In nnurAr.til.'Ml. - . a . . let me claim your serious attention ReiceiJI! a tupcrficial cure is no cure at all; unlets Uielm lines it radically done, you wili ctrtainry h&vs the disorder break out cgaln with redoubled u,. lignity, at tome fuiur period ; perhant then will he too late for remedy. Don't you often meet is (he ttreett miserable, mutilated beins, wihScal even a bit of now on Uieir face? Take warniii. I beseech j'ou. Dr. H't. character for tkill and stubborn inf. gri!y being univunaliy known in thit city, sinct 1804, guarantee to pafirntt that delicacy and ie ciecy Mthrrto unknown, and having confined hit practice for years past, exclusi vely to Uiectireol diseases of the blood iys?aj. they may safely ctl. rnliUe on the mod deciJea advantatt ia com. lulling Dr. H. " Gleet ei.tdicatcd intw or three Weeks. Strictures removed without bougie or any other u.itrument ; and all deUlitiett likewise all old ulcerations, fixlula't etc. A phiraiity of offices are prorided, and so sits - ated that patient are not eiM)ert toeach other'i observation. Open till half iiait 9 jn ih. evtmi.r All person concerned . invited to he free ia ailing, and ipeakinz with Or. H. ubirl. i. .... ofcoit. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tin cxpressinn of cratitude for innnniprnliU mendatlons, and for t,he decided preference fit it presumed with iutt cause! lone eriven him h . judicious puhlic. . n. a ii icucrt must he pott paid. Dr. Buchanan, Aug 27 1 JftlThEH iUAUHk A OH IMtVit - ill'dl. DR. EVAXS' Kajiirioi ..ine thod ofcuring a certain Disease, it now uuivte ally acknowledged in tbii city ; his mode of trentmeat it perlcctly mild, tare, i Ikmiiuous. aaa nn cnargit reasonable. In every si - tance he warronU a cure, and will return the pay if U doet not perform agreeable to contract. Tliere are many per ion in thi city and itt vi - rinitv. laboring under various chromo diiu. luch as Chnce it, old inveterate nicer, scrofula or kit'g evil, firtula. diseases of th urethra, niaauer anu Kionies, iu compuunta af a certain nature, bilious and other obstne. tions, rheumatism, kc. which thty consiiler inc - , rable, tliey can certainly be cured (in general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Mcdicai Store, No. 9, Peck - tlip, having pmclised in exteJitiv hotpitnlt in Europe 12 years, under some of tb firat Burgeon and rhysiciaiii io the world, bimI made thote obttiuatc diseasct bit constant study for 30 year.. Oct It T7 The ubscriber havinr recently returned from England with an important improvement on the artificial tpriue - LEG. he take this method of informing hit friendt and Uie public, that all those who are to unfortunate a to be In want of a Irg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, tow - York. Jan 32 WM. PURVIS. Oy - WfJEATON k DA VTS, Fancy Chair Manufac titrer. No. 153Flton - streett opposite St. Fault Church oiler for tale, wboteiale trd retail, a lare and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold khronre. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chair. Sofas, Selteei, Loungect, Marie Stoolt, fee. ordert irom any part orthe continent executea with nentnet and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornameoteo. mh 9 JfEW DnESSUtQ ROOM. , AFRUMEAiTO, No. 1 Wall - rtreeLjovi w . turned from Italy, hat Uie honour to inform Uie gentlemen, that he cuti and dresses hairw the latest atyle, and in a maimer o at to aoopt it to Uie phitiognomy. HehaforareaqJu - ty of RAZORS of the first qtality, f''J? not please on trial, the purchatert aie at Jl to return them, ana receive ineraooey. likewise procured a very fint bone, aadrges lo restore raxor to a very keen edge and too"'0 they not cut he win receive no reccmi" - - - Those gentlemen who may pleate to honor hi with their patronage, may cepeou oh ui - particular and retpectful attendance. N. B. Gentlemen who lubscrihe bytheqnar - ter will have their raxor, Ax. kept exclusive! for themselves. I . P. S. A itood lourncvmsn wanted. ApP'7 rah 6 tf as aoove. ' THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 134 Fal - ton - street, near Broadway, coniistiDgoi an extensive and choice collection of history, r velt, voyaarea, biography, rcmancea, novei, tale play s, reviews maaxirp,c - '" Catalogue may le examined at the uorarj, which is open for subscriber, nt oiual. mh4 tt vrw.vnttt ! MINTED AXD PUBLISHED MICHAEL rliTJfflAM CO. No. 42 Piv - TT mat a young man. ine honet uf h toe darlmg of Ium parents jold be Mulcted 1 7 way from ail (he protpectt and eDrovuie,!t. !?i V by Uie cuuMfCiueni! of on lent,

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