The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 17, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1818
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BROADCLOTHS & KERSEYMERES. - 4 aborted Broadcloth. ap 17 3t 8 - 2 1 - 2 Pearl - si reet ' rilTME O K KEN COr r EE. - 140 bags prime r - rwa Coffee, just received, and for sale by j. reru G. G. & S. IIOWLAND, ap 17 "7 W'nshingtor - strrtt. UMAC 200 bogs fiesh Mala: Sumac, just iioporled, tad for tale iu parcelt to uit pur - cha"by G.G.&S VlOWLAND, w 17 77 WV.hington - ttrcet. "TaDRAS UOKFS Ceases 7adras hdkft. IV I bantsoroe patterns, and euf illed to dcben lure, i - "t 'ec'd, and for 'a,, h V ,d 17 U BETH UNESCO. T - vtAHBUIlA'a dala.x.s, tor weignina. Jj assorted, from 300 to2000 lb for s. - de at 16 Fenrl - street. by a!7 CEBRAfc CUMING, rjllEFlELD and bill VIlNGIIAM GOODS 5 C caski neatly assorted table knive and 1 do do do small rullcry Iforks 4 do do do tabic knives & forks, with lma.1 cutlery 1 do di do savs 1 do do do files 1 do do do ed,;e 1 do do Britannia Tea Poti - A few cak candle ttirkt . butt hinges, wood screw, commode knobs, and 1 caie button!. For sale very low by J.NO M'CRACKAN, Bp73t 8 1 - 2 Pearl - street. 1,EATI1ER. "1U3T received per Erin, from London, and ,1 for tale io Iota to iuit purchasers, it few ca - ki containing Blue, green and red Skivers Bark Skivers Red Knan l and Prime Blue Morocco JOS. 8. HARRISON & CO. .n17 Iw 67 Pine street. WHITE LEAH, NICARAGUA WOOD c. a 'EN torn w hite Lead ground in oil, iu kegs, o! U2.56and28ibi. 8 torn dry white Lead 20 do Nicaragua Wood 40 r.ak Pari m bite S3 boxes Tin Plates II) tons Lignurnvifao SO lioses London Mustard 28 kezs do do. For tale bv TUCKER. A: LAUIUES, n 17 29 South - street. SUM AC - 200 bags fash Mnhig.i Sumac, iuU in:rxwtfd aud for tale io parcels lo auit purchasers, hy G. G. fa S. HOWLAND, . n. 17 77 Wnh'ngt'in - trtwt. ,,I LEGHORN MAI'S. iV lRS. KIN M EtC No. 150 William street bat this day i:pnrd a ase ofelegnn Lrehorn Hats, No. 36 to 56 And offrrs them for tain on the mot reavM.tifcle leimt. ap 17 3' A YOUNG Lad ft mi the country, aged 14 year, of steady habits and rood calculator, wiahe a situation in a dry good store. Apply at 86 South - st. . tip 17 AslTUATb N m a counting - house, broker's, lottery - nltice or auction store, is wanted bv a middle - aged married gentleman, who in wll calculated to give satisfaction in any of tlio above - lines writing a good hand, being a good ac countant, and poeesing the French, German, and Italian language). Tho best reference aud recommendations can be given. Q73 A line addressed to F. S. and left at this office will be promptly attended to. ap 17 6t " if - H TO LET, The dwelling part of the house No. 96 IiToiidway. It is at. elegant, airy houe, tiell calculated for a ooarntiij; house or pura'Mnioi. If. . App!v at th store in frrmt. ap 1? 3t sfVJL e'OJi A'.s Lit . - f" eichnnee fir property in t Iris city a neat country HOUSE in the vicinity of Eliz - nbe'litown. (S J ) beautifully situated on the Post rood, at present in the occupation w Uoc'or U'ar,t. It contains tignt rooms, with a pi - Mi in front and rar, a; od kitchen, vmh - htoe, milk - room and reller; there is uho j cosrh hius, stahlo forhvohortes and othfrenn - vrairn tw 'lufiiitu,, tin m .io,i iri,ii, ainui an acre of Innd bdd out in ab .ndinnit rMi'ii :ind orchard, which afl'jrd a variety rf choict fruit, aiparnsjut, A'c. and a well of ncelieut wa'er, with a good pump. Term will be made liberal. Apply to ' JACKSON & WOOLLEY, apl7 7 i Wall - 'liert., a vrry vaiuanir rnn.n, near ciiah' a 1 . . . L 1 n betlitown, in New - Ji rsey, containiup 109 acres, with every improvement necessarj jfor a firm. Will be sold very reasonable, and' the terms made accommodating, or will be ex handed for porprty in New - York. Possessioa may be had at any time J. H. LAWRENCE, ap 17 3tswlm No. 55 Pirvetreet TO Lt.T, A part of the store. No. 81 Pine - street. Apply on the premises. ap!7 CROSS - STREET NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons interested, that the coiouiissioiK - rs of estimate and atsessmvat appointed by the s unit me court of jadicature f the state of New - York, to per - form certain duties relative t,i tie enlarging and improving Cmss - street, in t!ie Mil. ward of tl city oi Now - York, hare completed Uirir estimate and asieitment, aiwcM of the lost and danni;e sustakicd over and above the benefit and advantage received by the owners of the lands and premises requiad for said improvement, as also of the benefit and advantages received by the owners and parties interested ol and in certain lands and premises not required for the said improvement. - - And tint vtethesait) commissioners li.iv: dpositd a true co;y o ucnesiimaie ana asscrruiriK, in clerk's office of the city of Mew - York, for the insnecUon of whomsoever it ma concern And notice is hereby further given, that b r - pt of the said commissioners of estimate and assessment will be presrntnd to uie supreme court of judi' alure of me siaie 01 new lorx. at rt.e City ilnll of the city of New York, on Monday, the fourth day of .on urn, ui im opening 01 ine court on roar day, or as toon therealter as counsel can be heard thereon. Dated tins 17th day f April. IUIO. WILLIAM TORRET, J Commissioners. JUHS L. LAWRENCE. I ip!7 14t . . HEXRY - STREET NO I1CK. NOTICE is lierebygiven to nil persons interested, that the commissioners of estimate and assessment, nppointed by the supreme court vijuuicaiure 01 ire stale 01 ftew York, to per - iui e - enaiu muses relative 10 t lie enlarging, e - "stidtnc: and imnrntin ltnra..rnu.f k. , w.n.n Oiaton and Grand - tlrroti, io the eighth ward of .i.iiy fiiew row, nave completed their es - uaatf and assessment, as well ol the loss and j,e sntiaineaover and above Uie bcnetit and Mvantatje receid by toe owners of the land and premises required for the said improvement, as iw of toe benefit and advantage received by the wners and parties interested of and io certain uqi ana premises not required for the said improvement. And that we, the said commission - r, hsve deposited a tme copy of such estimate M MfeMment in the clerk's ofik s of the city .ew - iork, for the inspection of whomsoever k ., - - i 1 1 tmtit.s . n 1 n 1 ' j lutuici Si" WJ f rr'Prtftbesaid commiitinnertofes - nearul iiiMini..t :n 1 ij ,1.. f.tLt k nonce is nereny lunnergiv - ."tin wjm .wr. iiiicu IW 11 - .. a thereon. Dated ibis 17th Coaamissioeeri ittu 1 - . .of hcature of the state of N. York, of thVr !,rtn da7 f May neit, at the omn COW An iki.1 - 1 . . it, or as inrreniicr n - P 17 14 ",tu,at TLbInri,1.U!Uj,D SALT. bushels ""SWeoarse T.rks Wand.Salt. for sale by P13 '' TUCKER LAURIES, . S9 Bosiib - street. . GRAND ROAD LOTTERY. ' COMMENCES Jrawirr Sth of nest month, and wUI be completed in twenty drawings. , . ; SCHEME. SCHEME. 1 prize i 70,000 DOLLARS ' 1 35.H00 HOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS 2 6.0C0 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 600 DOLLARS 140 ' 100 DOLLARS sain ao DOLLARS Only 10,000 tickets ; all to be drawu in 20 days; Not 2 liUulit lo a prize. STATIONARY PRIZES. First drawn No. 1st day, will be entitled to $5,000 do 2d do 600 do 3d do 1000 do 4th do 500 do 5th do 5000 do 6th do 500 do 7th do 10000 do fllh do 500 do 9:h 1 tlo 1000 do 10th do 5i)0 do 11th do 350OO do 12th ' do 500 do 13th do 1000 do "14th do 500 do 15th do 70000 do 16 th do 500 do l?h do lliOO do 1 lh do 500 do 19th do KNiti do 2Hh do 500 Prewntprice nftickela and shares : Whole tickets $32 1 Quarters 48 Halves IC Eighths 4 But wiil advance before i.V lay of drawing. iOH SALK AT ISG.Broatl - way; Who recently sold the lollou'ing prizes, being more than has been gold by any other ( Sice in this city, in the short period of fix months, vis : No 1541') $ 1 0,000 No. 4,617 1555it 16.112 4461 5701 ;,ooo l,ooo 17,'26. 7,880 7,305 19,062 20. - i6J l.oyo l,ooo 1,000 l,ooo 1,ooo And several of 500, 100, Sic. Sic ap 17 3t Ct PRING GOODS, htudmgirom ship Kanuy, s frnm urceiiock . . 4 - 4 plain, - sewed and tamboured India, mull mucins 4 - 4 rich tamboured India book muslins 4 4 drawing muslins lor dresses 4 - 4 plain fine jaennetts 4 - 4iMa'lrass hdkfj 3 - 4 an J 64 striiied ginghams 3 - 4, 14 and 7 - 4 cotton imitation shawls Super black aud blue Cloth Men and women's cotton Stockinet Linen Threads, assorted, & bluck sewing Silk jlareilirn Quilt , 1:1 - 16 bid 4 - 4 Linen Ded - Tickii g and Dowlas White and hrown imitation Russia Sheeting Ravens Duck ALSO. 100 fiikius pickled rci.tch Herrings, in lots to :nt, iu .Mo. i: !H:t - iHne, hy h Irt lw WM. TODi) CO, v l(H;(iHT CUT NAil., - , aborted si' loi, h.r laic by CLCRA & CUMING, np 15 7ti l ead street. " I'tJF AiERGAS Hi. P. INSURANCE COM PANY OF NKW - YORK," IVCORlOiHTI D hy cn act of Ihe Lejisla - ture ofUus state, villi a camtaj of 00,0 iO. for the purpose of iusurin aainil MARINE rnq 10s and on LIFE or LIVES and to grai.t n .wi 1 ir.3 - - wui open tiie rooi. - i to receive luUcriptions, at their cilice, No. 43 Wall - strict, this day at IV o'clock, ami will continue then ! at ihn r.iuio il ice from 12 until 3 o'clock elauy, uiilil SKi - i in. - , inclu,ve. JOHN f. IUMFORD, President. BENJAMIN O.M1NTURN, AssUtant, 111 u.c ron. Garrit R. Abcel Robert H. Bowne J imes inse Juaie PIii. lo r,tnjniin tlarshall Jacob ker Henry Ei kiorJ Fe - r Jin u,l Suydam Jofhiiii Underbill William Vernon J. G. Pearmu, jr. Rufus Davtuport James B. 'ui iny Francis Altus Saul Alley Richnrl Hopkins Moits Field Jjmos D'Wolfe, jr. Charles Hall. ap 16 Ct 400 MALAGA WINE, Itc. Qanrtercnsks sweet Malaga wiut 150 boxes Mucatcl iaisiii, and 19 ceroons nloiouils, uow l;ndin? at Doi'tr street wharf, from schooner Dash, for ale by SI LVE.NS ki M AC TIER, ap 13 7t 157 Soufh - st. BOORMAN 4: JOHNSTON, 57 tojth - st. offer for sale 137 hhds. new James' river tobacco 130 do old do do. some of which is viry superior and suitable lor the Iri'h market 1C0O kegi manufactured tobacco, of various brauds and qualities "il boses Spa.iith scgars 144 bbis Richmond superfine flour 150 bundles London hoop L steel 59 do Crawley do,, 40 do cut and shear do 655 qr. casks london tower proof gunpowder, F FF and II F 300 do Butt's cylludcr sporting do. in can - nistcrs 300 do largo gmin do for duck shooting, of very superior itrengtrt and quickness 13 eves English oiu'lcits and bayonets 50 do and casks freh London mustard 15 bbls dry whi'e lead, SO kegs green paint 100 pieces twilled sackiug 3i do wide and uarrow cotton bagging 1.1 do hop baggies:, 3 bales osnahurghs 2 bales west of Ei;Und cloths, blue ti black 3 cases cotton talis 29 bales London seine twine 3 do do cod lines 1 hhd pink root. ap 16 HOLLAN D GIN, on the east pier ol the Old - slip, lor tale by ap 16 LE ROY, BAYARD ft CO. CHINA slLKS. 2 cases double Florences, from French patterns 1 Case col'd Latins, .Nankin Silk, 1st chop, just received, and for sale by HUKD & E'VALI, ap 16 - 65 . - outh - street. DOMESTIC JttOJHEK WARES. THE subscriber keep constantly no hand an extensive assortment of the following goods, vis Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads CrumU bruslies Bellows, fancy and common Do for Elacktmiths Hall and Entry MaU Pails aodTuts Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baking and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe k Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Baliao - ccs, tic. Brooms Duster, or Counter uri'tiict Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common iieaii do do no Cloth do Jo do Weaver do White Wash do J - hoe H Scmblui.g do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools ( 'lamps, 4, 7, 8 row Famitoie Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Li res Sash Cords, Tract KODrS Wrooeht and Cat Nails and Brads Which they win seTI wholesate retail ct B bend terms. . CE8RA CUMING, ap ic 78 Pearl - srnet. tor juaw&uuJiMi HU . f : i I ... i, cf r u f MVAGE, has three - iburlti's of her carro enured, and is intended to tail on tb 20' h int. For irsigbt oi imitil bulk, or panape, apply to ' J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap 15 4t 7i Wailiinirton - ttreet. t'ur talc, frusta or Cftarler, JQLZARI), Uoldiiilge, master, burthen bout 2400 bbls. Apply on board cast side Fly.nturket - klip, or to - . UOGERT & KNEELAND, No. 70 South - street. A freight to Liverpool would be preferred, ap 15 tor uujHA;an:; a. c. The fast sa' - linir packet schoonnr MARIA, Peleir Liiibsm, mastert will suit on the 19th inst. For freight or passage, liuviii excellent accommodations, apply on board, west side Hy - market wharf, or to JONES ic MEtiRATH, ap 15 83 South - street. tor FreiglU ur Charter, The stib - tantWI ood brig THOMAS & EDW.4RD, John Hall, master, bur then about 1 100 bbls. and is in complete order lor sea. Apply to the master, on board, at pier no. 1 1, east river, or to READE k DE PEYSTER, ap 15 lw 31 Old - dip. For JMyiKRJMM, The fine last sailing brig KENTUCKY BELLE, Dcshou, master, will sail on Friday ueat. For passage, ouly, having excellent accommi l.itions, apply ou board at pier No. 6, North - River, or to G. G. & S. HOW LAND, ap 14 77 Washington - street. torllsirUE. flf. TL 1... . L " utmirnv T T 1 SpftJ pncnvi snip nuuio.i) l im - X.VwV.lrf.Hu.n. matter, has 2 - 3ds of her cargo ready to go on hoard, mul will cuii atiotil tno iiJu 'instant. For freight or passage, apply ou bo;ird, at Jones' wharl, or to POTT & M'KINNE, 56 South st. Who o(Ter for f ale, 29 bales prime New - Orleans cotton 0 lihds St. Croix sugar ' 65 pipes Catalonia wine 1?0 tons Swedes iron 2000 demijohns np 14 Ou Wednesday, 2jdimt. will be sold, ithout rcse.rve, the brig PANTHER, as slie arrived from Canton. Aaid brig was built in Mcdford, in 1815, by Ihe first mle workmen, in the best manner, and of the bos) seasoned ma tcrials; is copper fastened, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 20 and 26 pi. copper, and rigged and fitted with a large aimrimeiit in I hi' most complutc and ample style t - aiu vessel has delivered in eood order near COO tons of China ooJ.', and it is prcnmicd snils as fast as any vrs - iel in the United Mates. Her length on deck i 120 feet; breadth, 29 feet 9 indict; 1 1 feet 9 inches hold, wid 5 feet G inches between decks ; rvid measures 4J0 tons. For further pai titulars, apply to KUi'ES X WARD, 41 Central - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1818. ap7 2w For I lytM'UOl., (To sail potOirth) an the IC1 inif.) Tin fist sailimr brig HOPE, Arnoli1 master ; can ucconnnodai e several passengers, having handsome accommodations, if application is made immediately, on board at Pmc - st. wharf, or to GRlaWOLUS & COATE3, ap 10 68 Aoulh street. For tiale. Freight or Charter, The brig 11 VZARD, Littlcfield, mssle. , 150 tons burthen, single deck, ami well calculated fir cam ine stock or lum Lcr. For terms, apply on hoard, at I'eck - alip, or to JOSEPH OKOltX, ap 7 23 South - street. tor f 'rtu;hl or ChurUr, 'I'hcuf hr P ll.A i I V K. Hnvnntnn. will ,V...kc a fi e - erht nr r harler for an castoru 01 uiiiiirri port, it'uiiiilintion is made immedi ately to W.1LM1 : GALLAGHER, up 3 66 South - street. tor the K.iyr l.Vltlt.H, i Vi A go - vl tHIP bound to the East In - Jfjji&di'':, will '.akt 250.) haireU flour, or ait en li I fculK l riaiu, 10 Madeira o - lene - riiFe. if application is i 'ula iinmedi..tely, at 67 S'juUi - sti eet, i.j ,p3 CABR'.LENG S. PEARSON. Fr M V ILL and ULdKElA, The IbAADU' iu enpt. Weeks,. 1 - W h i.s, haviiii; - te' - ili'e irecnt already enua15t.1l. will mel u i'.n despatch. For the lemaudi r cs passage, baling linndt'Mhe nConiDindationi, apply on board misI .i ! 'Id sli.., ',r to i t.ltid: ti tibttim r., ap 1 Hi Cns'litief - lip. li tnted tn t" It. i II ft.U. . . w. , - ..., A rUunch VEsSCl., uf about 250 louiDurui. il. Apply io TROKES, DAVIDSON Si Co, , ap 15 Iw 106 Fiont - jlree. OEIVES. A constant supply uf extra fine, fine and common Hnir nnd Wire heives, lor sale by CtBRA A t UMING, np 1j 76 Pear.treet. L. &. C. SUYDAM "FFER for sale the lollowiug goods, which V have heMi received by the latest arrivals, 6 cases steam and power loom cotton tmrtings 5 do cambric muslins, port undressed 1 do super furniture and balloon dimities 3 do counterpanes, part very large and fine 3 boxes 5 4 Irish sheetings 1 do 3 - 4 bird eye diupert 2 do 7 ti black liiri.s 1 bale linen bed licKt Alto, opened loruiete and refaif sales, an as sortment ot the atiovf articles. ALSO, Irish linens, lawns, table diapers Damask cloths and napkins Fine cambric dimities Elegant 5 - 4 cravat muslins Large Marseilles quilts Crib and cradle ditto and counterpanes Large merino and oankin crape shawls, of various colors Men't and omen's silk and cotton hosiery Ci.nton and real Nankin crapes (ot i2 yards'.) With ceseral assortment of coodi, on Uie most lavorable terms, at No. 61 Maiden - lanc. ap l i 41 CWATO.V .Sll.Ko. psckages, being 3 entire invoices, com I X prising an assortment of Canton crapes Black, plain aud changeable sarsnets - Sewing silks; crape shawls; sine he wt ' Black fringed bdkl't ; florentines Ladies colored and figured shawls receiv ed and for sale on accommodating terms, by BA.Y1UEL WILLIAM?, ap16 3 No. 123 Pearl - trert. 'ME V 131 chest Hyson Skin Tea, of the JL Pacific's cargo, just received and for sale by W. TALBOT, ap 15 55 Pine - sireet, 19 ?. CHOIX HUM k bLOAii. Hhds first quality sugar 72 puncheons Hum Received par brig Thomas k Edward, from 6't. Croix Landing this tby at pier No. 1 1, Esut River, and for sale by p H lw ' 31 Old - slip. OLD COPPER. A QUANTITY landing from the brig Wood - sjtan, at pier No. IC East River, an J for sale by TUCKER fcLAUKIs, J . i. MO Ul. .Im..S ap i """" CASH GROCERY STORE, 288 Bntdicmy, corner lletd - ttrttl. THE subscriber offers for sale a general assortment of first rate GROCERIES 1 a - snoogtt which are, 1 ' - Teas of first quality . Loaf, lump, Havana white and brown sugars Java ana v. 1. coflee ; chocolate . Old cogniac - brandy, (warranted pure . as im ' ported) . Holland gin; Jamaica spirits ,' Old Irish whiskey Wines of the various kinds . iweet oil in bettiss and bottles - London brown stout ; snuslai d SermHceti ami tallow canlles Martinique ajid other cordials, Arc. Which will bo disposed of at a mudemte ad ranee, by apla 8t JMF.3 P. ANDOE. 'I ORAL, tic 15 conuaninjr Coral fragments 2 cases Coral Branches 1 do real Opaque Amber Pieces just re ccived, and for sale by P. It EM. SEN k CO. sp 16 26 South - street. 1 CAN 1 ON tlLKS. Case changeable sarsnets, 1st chop do d:tmak ciape shawls, C - 4 & 1 - 4 do Colored uaukiu crapes do black do do do fiat folded figured sarsnets do best Canton black crapes do light colored sewing silks do black do do for sale by rh l Hr.liSttX K CO, ap 16 iG i'outh - strerl. I I'.VT i.'ceivee) lioui boideaux, M iioxes Iruit t in brandy 9 boxes Elis. deGarrus 9 do Eau de Mettemherg 2 do Cologne Water - 3 barrels Cnnthhridcs, Glauber Salt! and Manns, 111 sorts 2 boxes Ked Uurk, pulv'd 1 do Sirop l e - ct rul de Lninoiireaus 4 do W riling Ink, of a very supciior quality, in small iu: - .s 10 do .Medicines, some of which are valuable Elastic liii(bues, 'Tincture and Powder forthe'I'etth, Ac &c. For sale on reusonab'e terms, by PETER LUDLOW, aplBlw 1 H Ptarl street TAIOEs 200 bushels f.iylir - h Koxite potatoes, raifed by the subfcriber, wrl known to be tii 'erinrto any produced in this country for the table. Persons wanting will please apply to ROBERT R. UOWHK. I 1 toll'll - ttlH!t. HUGH HARTSHOrtNE, npl53t Rahway, (New - Jersey.) S UPEKHE HOLTiM; CLO - PHS.Agn - nernl asortirenf of Holbcd, warranted, Bolting Cloths, of the first quality, at uncommonly low prices, hy JNO. M'CRACKAN, apt5 3t 02 1 2 P. nrl - fr. r.t. T lORAfCO. 5 birds. Richmimd tobacco, supeior qualily, f r sale by sp 7 HURI) Si fEWALL. 172 hbila .Vew Orleans ssujTir, s landing tliis d;iy at Pius - street wharf, from bri, Hope, for sale by GRlSWOI,;.S tt COATF.5, or RIPLEY, CENTER A CO. ap 7 6!l South - it. 37 FlUULM.t JVHjILVU 6i F LOU It. hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do G6 bbls fine Qour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUES, MEURON & 0 LEE MAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Walimgton - st. 8 INDLf POINT GIN. Pipes old and of excellent quality, landing this day at .Stevens' wharf, from on board sloop Nancy, and for sale by BWRBARIN, STANTON & CO. ap 14 lw 17 Fulton - slip. CWJVTO.V one FHFJVCH - HUUO.S. J MIL li ROOK 61 PETERS, 150 Uroadway, I have for sale, 3 cacc - 5 - 4. ti 4 nod 9 - 4 Nankin cr.ipo shawls 2 do N'ankin crapr - s, black and ast'd colors 1 do figured do ; 1 doConcando 2 do rhow chows 1 do 7 - 4 black silk than Is 1 do stout pongees, suitable for tailors 2 do col'd silk shawls, I do hlk taiublets 1 do 4 - 4 hr!ki. with bordrrs 2 do ri. h lii'd lustrings and latins 1 do fifjur'd Icvnntines, 1 dogrecudo 1 do colort - d nnd black do 1 do double Florence, 1 do chenille cord 2 do fringed satin ribbons 1 d trifT' ty do ; I do. plain black do 2 do eleg'tgarniliiredo5 - II 1 do linuirambric and cambric hdkfs 1 do kid gloves, 1 do beaver do 1 do levamine and damask shawls 2 do best black Italian crajie Kiel mil !! and edtMntra. W iih a general assoitniatit of French and India liooos. np u iw HEAVER HATS. fOHN FORD has just nceived and is now tJ opi ning a large aisnrtment or L.nnuon ami American Beavers. Castors. Rornint, and Chil drts's Hatt ; all of which he is now offering for sale at hit wh'iletale and retail Hat Store, No 17 .Ylaiden - lane. ap 14 ll IN HEN CM k. GERMAN GOODS. Ulack 17 cranes. No. 36 Ssttins for hat linings, Virglnie, silk cords, Fancy ribbons, Mack buttered tatleties Green bordered do. kid k silk gloves .Vens & women silk hose, black galloons Drap de soie, common and sup e. fine Tapes and bobbins, cologn water. Fors - leby DAVID SCIIENK, sp 1.5 lw 77 1 - 2 Pine - street IA.VIAK.A t - UGAR k RUM. 10 htals. hu J gar and 6 puncheons Rum, received per brig Woodman, irom fori iviana, Jamaica laniung tliii day at pier no. iu r.ast Hiver, tor saie ny READE & DE PEYSTER, sp 15 lw 31 Old slip. JWis - Fori Soriitu Librtxrv. ft7 - Notice is hereby given, that the annual election for twelve trustt es of the New - York So ciety Library, will be held at the lihrary in Nas tau - ttreet. on Tuesday, the SHth instant, from noon till two o'clock P. M. Dated April I3tli, 1818. A. BLEECK.EK, Cecr'y ap 15 eodJw rOARD. Sevenl rentlemen can be accom I J modated with Board, at No. 30 Vetey - st ap 15eod2iv A LAW. To amend the Law relative to the Park, Batte ry and Bowling - Greta. Patted April 13, K1K. E it ordained hy the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the city oi New - York, in Comm Council convened, 'That if any person or nrrtoni shall, alter hoins finbid or warned not to do so. nv any person inereumo ouiv s thorised. walk over, stand or lie upon any part of the park or Battery which is laid out or ap - pmpnalea lorgrast ortnraonery, wiiwwi ii - nassion irom me .nayor oi ine aiu oi;, ur ,u ms ahtencc, the tucoraer cr one oi uie iucr. men ; every tuch person shall, for every offence, iv.rr.i - n.i nw th mm nf Iwa Hollars. iw. Ami iw it further ordained. That i' any person or persons shall pull up, break down, irampie upon, or injure tu.j u, " or shrubbery, in either cf the said places, every person so oUending, shall for any such offence, ..irfeit and pay the sum of Five I ?''"..., . Sec. 3. Aodbeit furtlr ordained, That the keeper of the said Park or Kaltery, is oeirVd to see this law enforced aguost persons I jffeoding in the premiset. "JWV J.w6ttTW,Cterk. - n . rir. in ihe r or Doratioo are re - m&ted to insert the above three times week ,,. sp la eoaim l t fn 1 vplaxd corroM X OU Dales Uplaiid Cjtton, for tale b LL ROY. HA YARD ti rO. STEAM - BOA T FI RE - FLY ft7 - This boat 'will com mence running bet weea New York and Aewunreh, on 'a Tuesday, the 14th April. She wm itHvuAtw - York every Tuesday, Thurs day and baturday, at DA. M. and Newburen on Aionday, vv cdntsday and t ruisy, i 0 a. ai ap 11 fl K. - . DELUUE. milliner. Irons Paris, No, Ivl.66 Rted street, informs the ladies of New - York and hr customers, that besides her spring hat, dm hits Ju - t retevtd a handsome assortment of Paris shoes, fashionable merino tliawls, Leghorn hats; c hip Oats, flowi rs, Ac. ap 10 1s , PRIVA I E launly oi I is first resiiectability, 1. wish to obtain two or three gentlemen as permaiieiit boarders. I ho sittialiou u airy and centml. Price right dollars. Every attention will lis used to make Uu.m comlorlahle and hap py. 'i'hero is a liaiidcuie Iront room furuubed A line addrused to L. mentioning name and where to be liiuud, and at what h.iur to be, called on, lett at (hit oilier, will be alteudcd to.. ap 16 3t ' ' RUE OF TICKETS. lIILFORDSi OW1GO ROAD LOTTE - i. f. RY tickets si ill advance on rening the wher which will he on I nf sday lortnight, (50j outlay; toji.ii; until wiiun uuy will pur ehaso a sixteenth ttiure. Whole tickets, $Si I Qu .rtert B Halves 16 1 Eoliths . 4 Which niuy be obtmni'd st Lottery Olhce, No. 54 aidin - htne. Two dollars may draw $4,379 ; tour dollirt may draw 8,750; eiht dol,rt may draw 17,500 sixteen dollars may draw .!5,(H)il tlurtv - twi dollars may 1I1 nw 7t),l,tMI ; sixty four dollais may draw $ 105,000, at W A TTE'i. Wiiere has been sold in former Lcttt - rics the folloMiug capital piii.s. uoce of whit hare of lesi denommntion than 1U,0IH) dolls, vis. ' 4liJ'i oo.oon I 4!i:ll 15,000 lijf'.:J 4o,otK l.if.84 15,noo n3l!1itj 34,ooo hU'IOS I' G.I. A 3,ooo , 1114 13 lo,on. 8177H4 3o ooo I n'.'OG ft ia,t l'MU 3o,oon allll5 10,000 lfifiS"! 3o,ooo I '.U'i'J lo,ooo 413 td Vj.iwm) I 37lifl - )7U!) 25,iioo I 4?i7 1 0,000 20231 26,ooo I 7U0I 1o,ckc 635 2o,ooii I - 254i:i 1 0,0011 290 2.yioo I 3107 1r!t48 2o,iuki I 459 lo,eoo 7147 2o,ooo 25tfl lo,tioo 287li5 2o,oo :ttX7 lo,i 00 52 ;6 2o,oc.o amu 10,000 al IOH 20,000 4 1:1 1 0,000 4i2 .2 2o,ooo I OTlM) a:(62ri4 2,r,oo nOI38 lo.r.oo 2Ub;i.' o,ooo J 10174 in,iwio And laree proportion of 701X1, 6000. 500(1, 4000. .KK)0, koOO, 2000, 15(X), and 500 prizes ol lUliU uons. I ai 11. Those marked thus fa) were sold bv G. tt R. Waite in shares of ttrkel. ap 16 :M TTNCL'HHKNT Hank note received at par J at t,Rscns, 146 Uroadway, tor M hu ISSOWIUO I to A II LOTTCHT '1 ICH.KTS, at 32 each. This lottery commences drawing on the 5th next month, at which time the price of tickets will be .,4. - 10,000 tickets only. - Will be compicicu in uurawings. CAM Til. raisR. 1 Prize of 7o,ooo Dnllnrs 1 of 3 I lollart 2 of Dollars . 1 2 of 5,ooo Dollars lo of ' Dollars 1st drawn no. 1st flay $5000, and every days drawings produces capital stationary prize and an average of from 8 to 10 capital lloatirg prizes. Most kinds foreign bank notes will be re ccived as above for these valuable chances, ap 16 4t G EN J I.E VI A.M'SttilA V IN i CASES. f5" A superior assort - mt.nt ot gentlemen's slaving cases, dri'ssing boxes, porlublo desks, travelling p niches with Inkstands ; ladies work box - t, morocco, innlngnny, ntin wood nnd lualinn leather, work botrs, ja. pmied dressing cases, ic. tor tale iv hole tale and retail, by N. SMITH DAVIES, No. 151 Broadway. Also, a general assortment of Perfumery and fancy articles ; shaving soap and liquid ; tooth powder, paste and lotion ; milk of rosei; lip salve : cold t ream s antique nil; violet shaving powd r ; pomatum ; plain and scented hair powder ; almond paste and powder t penrl powder and rouge ; rat'irt, razor slnpt and paste ; tortoise shell, horn and ivory rein lis ; needles ; durable ink ; salts of lemon ; tooth, cloth, shaving, nail and hair brushes ; almond, violet, olive, i' t saniinc, pulni, vernaculnr nnd other inapt ; fruit knives ; h - ii and pocket kruvet : scissors; snuffboxes ; hair pint ; and many other urliclet, too numerous to mention. P. H. Great allowance (o wholesale dealers. ap 16 IR DE A.St.ELIS. formerly iiraeiilion r ot JL Medicine in the military Hospitalsuf Naples, nnd admitted a member of the ieilical Society cf New - York, where he has resided since the year 17911. and his reputation ond success in practice, it now established in the knowledge of the public by uear 20 years experience, contio - uri IO IK .dllUIU'U Ul 1MB 'JU11.C, liv. 4t a.c, - street opposite Crane tvharf. In Rheumatic aud Venereal cases. Dr. De An gelit has bf - ea wonderlully successful ; and the most terrible effects of those disorders have fre quently been cured by lum in a short space of lime without inconvenience to the patient. Obstruction, ulcers in the throat and palate, stiffness of the mints, pains in the limbs, eruptions of the skin, together with a numerous train of evil", anting from neglect or improperly treating of the mo't insidious ol maladies, have Kiven way lo hit mode of treatment in an almost incredible manner. Hit extraordinary success is, to a great measure atlnhutahle to his well known Antirheumatic and Anti - S philic Syrups, which. whilst tbev eradicate every form of disease, ret tore the emaciated patient lo vigor, and health. aplo Ini" SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. rpHERE are at prewnt five vsranciet in the 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in Pbiliptburs,h, Ynnkers, West - Chester Coanty. Hit system of education it inch at n,i,",,e him to oualifv voune erentlemeo lor college nrtheCountinc Houte wlUiin a reajooable time. His school is select the numlier of Ponil' limited, and Uie treatment of the mot kind The tnmthes of eseful and pohte U - teratuec are taught, vis I. reek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. Latin, French. Errlish Grammar, Mathematics, tec. Ueograpny, ii ?. nruumed that few Intti'utiont of the kind nflr rrrnler advanlnres, whether they reeard instruction in reoeral hteratare, ia moral and rflurious principles, or in correct and eenUrraan - deportment The Parsonage in which the Puoilt are accommodated, is commodious, reli red and pleasantly sitaated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen railes ; to which there ii always a direct and assy comntuorca - tion. tor further particuurs application scay e made to Biuron Hobart T. S. Clarkson, F.sq. C M'F.ver. liq. Wis. tayani, jen. Icj. A. Schermerhora, Esq. Dr. VV itsoo, Colombia College D Coiden. F - to. T. A. F.atnet, Esq. as 19 DfcC2m5w as" d I 0 PUBLIC SALES: BY P. L. MILLS k ta ?ff. Monday, ' At 1 - 2 past 9 o'clock, at their auction room, Ui Pearl - sirect, a general assortibeut of fresh imported dry goods. , . ' At 1 1 o'clock, 5 eases superior French pa' per hangings with borders. M - iiiULk tOH tiK.ILtJlJiO, e. TH E proprietors ol the southern marble qui rics, uear King's - Britlge, give uoticc, that they have on, aud ate, at tile Ktnt - llriJt Murhti end I aril, foot of Dcach - slreet, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor budding, of the following de - scnpiuMu, rii ; Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Cbiiriury - l'icct 1 .wrings Columut i Watertabla Stejvs Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime cf the best quality. Tf' A roiutant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasing, or mukuig engagement, wilt apply to , EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 1 1 At Uie Yard. REMOVAL. , - rf" N. SMITH DAVIES has removed bis chemical peifumo manufactory and warehouse from No. i:(6 Broadway, one door north of Li berly - street, on the wctlsida of Broadway. nun 'Zi UKMOVAL. JOHN V. RL RGWIN. has removed hi office , from No. 77, to 73 South - street, v. herd he cirers fur sale, 400 bbls. of Wilmington Turpentine. ap 16 7t NOR i 11 RlVER &TEAM BOA 1 8. fjy - For the accommodation oftlie rucnibert nfuie legislature of this stale, the Hiciimosd .team - boat will leave New - York fur Albany on Monday morning, ilOtb inst. at 9 o'clock, to ba iu attendance, on tile adjournment of the house, previously to tier entencgoo the regular line. ap 15 BANK OF NEW YOlik. fjy TV presichinl aud directors give notice, (list a dividend of four bud a half percent ou lha tlix k of the bank, will b made ou Ihe 1st day ill May next, for the period olnxiWtiis, from the 1:1 Noveiubi r 1817, lo the 1st of May 11)11), payat.le to Ihe stockholders at the Daub on lieniiiinl. By order nf the hoard of dirertori. ap 10 to 2 , CPAS. W I EKE. - , Cashier. . NOTICE. QV - 1 All persons having any claims against the RiMgiicr of the late fit m of Wluting i Watson, iiHn exchange ura.uttli, are hereby notified that unless such claims be presented before the 15th day of Mny next, the idlsi riher will consider them fis Hitld, mid will not retain any fundi iu hit hands tor the purpose of meeting them, up ia 3w H. W. WARNER. TSoficl:. . ft - r - All rerinns havimr dtrnands atninst (he esi.iie or Doctor ArchiSahl truer, dtreused, are requested lo send (heir an omits 1 J the office of the suhaciibcr, No. 5 Nnstau street. ' l JAY MVNKU, Mh 27 1m Administrator. ft - ' 'I wo shares iu the New York Library so ciety, FOR HALE, prico $25 each. Enquire at no. 124 liroadway. 1 mh 20 Nti'TlCE. ftfT Tbe tuhtcriberi have formed a connec tion lor the purpose of transacting t'ommit.ion tsutineis, under lite prin cl s. and I . WHin E MoRFH and wit) for the preent do butiness at No. i. 60 South and 129 Pearl - streets j and will constantly keep for tale a general assortment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of the manufacture of the lale New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, per ichr. Sandusky, Irom Mobile, and for sale, ' ... . . - , 13 bnlet Dm r Skint 1 2 22 sacks bnake Root of prime qoal. ' . - X do Beeswax, same, whittemorf:, fV t 1m TIMO. WUIT1 EMORE. i (Xj - Mrs GALLOP having taken the house No. 21 Ilroadway, Powm, U..rim,nrv ofitr. John I. Glover, oilers from the 1st of May next. s resideuco Ui gentlemen and ladies. ' The pleasantness of the situation needs no comment. Uih 2 tf VvEsTERN CANAL COMPANY. . It7 - A dividend of live and a half percent, on Ihe Capital Stm.k of said Cuinpanv, will lie paid to the. tlockholdert on (be 1st ot April. Arplr (o Barent Blcr.ckrr, I'.sq. Albany, or 220 Wii - liam - itreet. By order of the directors. THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh IC 1m NO 1 ICE. . . fXT" The soc iety for instructing the Deaf and Dumb meet thii afternoon, at Ike Mayor's office, at 4 o'clock. ap!3 JNO.B.l - COTT.Secr'y. FORSJH.K. E.Aht lots of eround pleasantly situated on tiie north side ol sliinton - slrrct, am extending irom Essex lo Norfolk - streets Also, four lots udjuiniiig thereto, and frnuting on Etsex - ttrcct, each lot urine 25 feet front and rear, by 100 lett in depth. These twelve lots may be purchased nla very moderate price, for cash, and if not die - posed ol at private sale before the 7th dsy of May, ibey will on Ilia! day be sold at public Auction, at tiie Tontine Ci.ffre House, at It o'clock, hy BLEECKEIlii UiBBY, with whom a snap of (he ground is lett, for the inspetlipB of those who may be dispose d to purchase, up 15 I may 7 ' IXi tUii&sil.LUH IOLF.T, sijj At a low rent, and possession given u mediately, tb large and elegant 3 story brick house No. 10 - 1 Greenwich - street, replete with every convenience for a large family, situate in one of the oust rhealthy and pleasant parts of the city i and peing open to Waibiogton - street, commands fine view of the Hudson River and Jersey shore. If sold, the terms will be very easy, a most of the money may remain no nsortgag for 10 or 11 yeart Apply at No. 133 or 142 Pearl - street. "P 18 VALUABLE BOOKS. JUST received and for sale by E. ALEN - TLNE, 104 Uroadway, 3d door below Pine - street: Cuvier't theory of Ihe earth; Wdkio - sno't Mcmr - rt ; Doddndgs't works, 4 vols 8vo , Hunter's Sacred Biography, 5 velt 8vo j Dale - taaville's French and Engbh Pictionarj, to which U prefised a French Grammar. eTO LET, the lower part of genteel houte in birute - st Enquire ai above, ap It FOR SALE. I. '71 A small farm, situated ia one of the ce n tre count ic - s of this state. This farm lies on tho banks of a lake, and within a Biile of a flourish - ins and beautiful vitlaea. Oa it are a tood farm house, bt,rn, kc. also a large and well bailtdwet; lint bouse, tntire'v new. The situation of the telling I. cute for beauly of proepect Ac. bsar - patted hy few tf any other scites lor Donning in tiie interior of lb slate. 'The owner intending removing to New - York, wUI sell this property for less than cost, npoo a long credit on good security, or will exchange it for lands, goods, kc. of further particulars, enquire or II. D. It rt. SEDGWICK, Esqrs. Lew Haildings, Nassaa - street, New - York. aplSPImCtf BOLTING CLOTH3 A fresh supply rs just received, of the most approve qashty aod all the difTereat umbers of 6 - 4 and 0 - 4 cloths, which will be disposed of a low as any cf equal quality are sold in this city. The subscriber will warrant 'n""?0? the purpose for which he "n?U - H Setermmed U, 'h;o ap 15 tKJ:iC2ai reari - i,

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