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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, April 17, 1818
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NEW - 1'ORX EVENING pout. FRIDAY, APRIL. 17, j y Yesterday, If eury B'.' Haerman ti arraigned before the court of sessions, on an indictment far an unalt upon Um person of the editor, pith twi intent ttkiU him, to which he pleaded not f uUly, but requested that the trial might be put ' off, became there u tucb aa czciteineiit in the ejotamunUy, at the present time, that be could . not hava a fair trial. He was told by the court that each language wai Improper for that place, and could not be Uiteoed to, and that be must be prepared for hit trial the next morning, or iheWj caate la the tunl way, by affidavit, why tne . aunthooldbe'poitpoiied. n m then. . notion of Mr. Price, acting ae diitrict - attorner, required to rire additional lecorMr in to abide the order of court on which, Mr. Jut - tic Warner, one of the police - officers, whose dot it N to preserve the peace and good order of the city, cried out aloud that he would he nager - - man' security?, which, not beiog objected to, wai accordingly taken. The two house of the legislature of thii state ' hare agreed, by a concurrent resolution, to ad - jottrn en Tuesday next - On Wednesday a motion wai made in the home of feaemUy to rrjact the bill from the se nate incorporating the Franklin Bank in this ci ty, without at all to a committer, which failed by a role of 70 to S3. All the New - York delegation were in the minority, i The dispute between the senate and the house relating to the right to originate money bill, is brought U a close. The house have a - bandened the ground Ihsy had taken, and agreed, . provided the senate concur, to expunge all the proceedings on the subject from their journals. The bill to permit bom - racing in this state, ' ftnderptvper regulations, therebyimproving , taebiofbores,wu rejected in the bouse of assembly last Saturday by a majority of one. The rote stood 8 to 47. USURT LAWS - No. III. In hit third number, Old School advances his reasons in favour of the usury laws. firstly, " They impede the too rapid accumulation of wealth by those who are already rich, and secondly, enable the young trader to pro care a loan at a low a rate as will consist with a reasonable inducement for the large capitalist to lend." We hare separated his reasons, though they were in one sentence, because we would examine separately. In the first place. il it is to be regarded as a maxim of poliry, that obstacles are to be thrown in the way of the great capitalist, the freedom of commerce is entirely taken away. We may as well lire under the commercial regulations of the Grand Beignor, as under inch an arbitrary policy. Wo do not tar that regulations may not be made, to prevent large capitalists monopolising any necessary of life, but we do contend mat it is inconsistent with free dom and the true commercial policy to restrain the mercantile operations of a merchant, because be ii wealthy - Therefore, unless a man is oblired xoloao. his capital instead of employing it in trade, t resting it in slock", the usury laws are insuffi cient to check the " rapid accumulation of wealth." A. to the second reason in the same sentence, it is one of the point, in dispute. We who advocate the repeal of the usury law, as (ertinr that it would lessen the rate of interest. asd consequently if our position be true, the Touog trader would be benefitted hy Die repeal. Id this same pararrah, he ha brought up a fresh reaon. to support that principle we Un proved in our last number, viz : " that the holJ ers of capital are not obliged like the holders of other article, to sell, for being wealthy they can keen their capital out or the market, until they regulate the rate of i derest." 1 hey can, but Will heV do it ? Will they not employ their ca pital on the bet terms, rather than keep it i'Ue and unprofitable r win Borrowers lure money, when they lose by that hiring ! 1 he lendiw and hiring of money will always be made upon terms advantageous to both parties, or at least Upon terms with which they belive it will be pro fitable to comply, and it is idle for government to interfer) and tell individual! what will be for their interest aad what will not. There is no danger that mooied men will keen their wealth unemployed in their vaults, when they can obtain 4 or 5 per cent interest and a sum cient premium to compensate them for the ha ' sard and danger ol losing the principal .xrltnr Will traders rife an exoroitant premium ic loans, unlets titer are en raced in hardous spe culatioos or are in failing circumstances. It is true that hacardous speculations are injurious to society) but usury laws will not prevent them Men can risk a large amount of property in im tirndent inoculations, without borrowing one ceul at an usurious interest. In fact, the great est and most hazardous speculations are made in article of commerce bought upon credit, and unless yea can prevent merchants buying and .ailing upon account, it is weak to talk of preventing imprudent speculation, b ' usury laws. jtfen of no capital generally obtain possession of toirty, not by borrowing money, but oy ouy - ing goods upon credit thercibre usury law will Hot drive sucn men irom ousidom. ' Trader, who are in faUins? circumstances. .'will sometimes give a higher rate of interest than regular, substantial trader can afford ; but a man can settle hi affair to great adva. tage by a sum of money loaned to him at a critical time, Too often Indeed, men, who borrow money from usurers, become bankrupts, tiut wny is wis Not so much because an exorbitant interest ' demanded, (tho' even that Is occasioned by these laws.) a because the usurer, being averse to . . . - . I . - ! risk bis money in oiner nanus, wunoui rrvum?, and the law avoiding all notes with endorse meats and bonds, demands personal property, Quadruple the amount of the loan, as hi sccuri ty. Thus for the loan of JlOOq, property to the amount of $4000 is taken from the shop of the trader and locked up in tne siore - nouee oi the usurer. His stock being out of hi hands, he is unable to rake money in the ordinary course of business, and the usurer at last calls in his money, and the trader having no evidence, (for these bargains are always secret, so that the usury laws may be evaded) his property is sacrificed at a sale, where the usurer is the only bid - ' der. The trader is ruined, because, while the debt is increasing bis property is diminishing, and every 60 da) s h has to renew the nociatiou with the usurer, so that this debt h not ouly 1000 doe to another, but it if also 14000 with. drawn froea trade. Therefore loans present beiug made under these disadvantages, pay the following premium: Use of the money 6 per cent. Ordinary ruk 1 do . Extraordinary risk 6. for even this is char. ed, the property being pledged not W security of! um loan out u aiader any operation of the asu - rylawa. J4O00 worth of property locked up, say 3 1 - S J)f cent. 14 ia all, tl per cut. Twenty - seven per cent for money loaned can - not be paid, on lees the profit of a business are very great, but the profits are entirely taken a - way, for the goods, from the sal of which the pro - sus are snaae, are in the possession of the usurer, To law makM rovl aU eecurity ha may take, . al sell are and it be peal that a ihm I of of thebra goods art delivered to Lj witness, and toe unJortonaie w'" mon law courts, for he has no "' - " - - - - " .pp.. for rdief ufti. fSTSTSSl to pay the principal and mtsmsi, T? of tycoons... and bide. tt - ruur of bug i .1 - ,,, - nf lb nsorer. lisny l k - ah. nariurv of the sworer, be wh trader are amuu i - , wny r.n. Unt if lh uiurj MtfTSl tb. nallert premium wWa Ue same openn and boldne - with whch T m l r notes for discount. On - .i. - . .:Ju (h.r will be a competition be ,k. moBiad men i they, rather than keep their capital anemployed, wUl loan it at the best m iia user can obtain, aou uis rats tuw t will be diminished in consequence of the in rj tiHii canitaL - There is but one more argument advanced by Old School in favor ot these laws, via i w that they protect the yoang and weak from falling victim to the crafty." Now we would ask at what are. and bow mentally strong must men be when they are no longer to be under the pro tection of these law..' . Why should the strong aad aged be (hackled, that the youug and weak may be protected . Why is the protec'ion partially extended .' Why is it not full aud effectu Why are young men suffered to buy and property ? Why are they suffered to bor. row money in the ruinous manner above described i A full and satisfactory answer may be given, In these words : The biuineu ef individual! it no the proper rubjtet Jut legalHire tart, butihouli be lrl tnlirtly to Ihtir tun tkill nd judgment. When Jaw are.made regulating the rate of Interest, under the pretence mat men incapable to make their own bargains, the legislature interfere in Ue buines of individuals, transgresses the great rule of commercial policy, " that trade doe best when left to itself.1' Men, a hen Creed from the restraints of minority, generally know whether they can afford to hire money at 8 percent, and can commonly toll tha' is better to obtain money at 6 than at 7 pr ct. It cannot be pretended that the rate or interest will unaffected by other circumstance. There fore, it may be fairly concluded, that if the re ot these laws effect any cbaoge in that rale, it will be taken advantage of by young men well as by the old. And from the fact of the daily practice of merchants, we may also conclude, that the usury laws are no protection to wniin ami Ih j. wnl uinit t Vim vj il. vf lh crafty, but rather throw obstacle in the way of enterprising men, who are forbid to judge for themselves in matters, of which they ouly arc qualified tojudge. - In our next we shall urge some objections a - gainst these laws, and conclude. MERCATOR. From the WaihxngUm City Gat tile Ajiril 14. The house ol representatives have hoisted, ac cording to the National lutelligencer, a faltt flag. ho dag or the U. S. is as it war, unld the 4th July next. From the Albany Daily Adiertiier, April 15. Conlttttd FUetion. Ou the 27th of February last, Mr. Frey of the Senate, from the com mittee of elections, to whom wa referred the memorial of Jeduih Prendergast, reported a fullows, to wit : That from a careful inspection of the return vote for Senator., sriven at the late elec - ion in the western district, on file in the of fice of Secretary of State, it appears that there were riven on said election, for Isaac Wilson 15009 votes, and fur Jediah Prendergast, 14985 vote i leasing a majority in favor of the said Uaac Wilson of 24 voles. It further appears that on laid election, were also iriven for Jadt - dah I'rendergast, 91 votes, and fur yea. I'ren - dergast, 10 votes. I iiat it likewise appears, to the entme satis faction of jour committee, that 42 vote of the said 91. Riven forjedediuh Prcndenrast, were received by the inspector of laid election, in the town of Parma, in the county of Genesee ; and that the name ot Jeaeduth contained thereon, was to wilten by mistake j and that the laid 4J vote were intended to bj given lor the aid memorialist I'he committee further report, (hat it also ap - aears to them that the (aid memorialist is fie - quently written to anil called Jcdaluih, aud at il is not aliened mat tnt re is nny person ol mat niunc in thu western district, the committee sup pose ii corrcci 1 1 presume, that the other voles riven for Jedidiah l'mndcrast and for Jed 1'reu - derga't wtro likewise intended lor the said me - moriwisi. The couiniitti - r, therefore beg leave to recommend the adoption oflbc follow inz resolutions. Resolved, I hat Isaac Wilson, Esquire, a senator from the western district, is not entitled to a seat in this Senate lor four years. Resolved, rlut Jtdiiih rrcnders;ast, a senator from the western district, is entitled to a seat in Ibis bouse lor four years. . HENRY I FREY, Chairman. I'he shore report and rcfolutiou vere yester day tskcu up in the senate, in committee of the whole, and alter a warm ami animated discussion of several hours, rejected by a small majority. It is therefore decided that lr. Wilon retain hi seat. Messrs. Van Vcchten, Ko and Bates, siwke in favor of the claim of Air. Prendcr;a.t, and Messrs. Skinner, Young and Van Uurcn, contra. This decision we anticipate, will excite const derable surprise, as wa believe it was little ex pected. Mr. I'rcudergast was last year regular ly nominated by the western district convention, as a candidate for the senate for 4 years, in the place ol Mr. Illoom, who - e u rm of service had expired, subsequently to this nomination, Mr. l.ooinis, a senator from the western district, di in this city. His term haj not expired by one rear; and Mr. i ilson was nominated by a ran cus iu (his city, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. L. Mr. I'rendergasl i a decided Chntonian, aud Mr. ilion is consi dered of the Martiing order. From the - Albany Daily Advertiser, April 16. Col WiUetU Claim. It will be recollected that in February last, the committee of claims reported favorably on the memorial of col. Ala rinus Willct, praying a grant of bounty lands for revolutionary services t aud brought in a bill authorizing a grant of land to the said Mariour Willet, and also to Josiah Skiuner, who it seems wa alieuteuunt in the resimentofcol. W. The house of assembly were yesterday occupied nearly the whole day upon this bill, in committee of the whole, Mr. Oakley in the chair. The debate was of considerable interest. Mr. Williams, chairman of the committee of claims. Mr. Ulshoeffcr and Mr. Meigs spoke in favor of the bill, and Mr. Root and Mr. Duer opposed. That part of the bill which relates to col. Willet, wa rejected by a large majority. It Is prop, er here to remark, that from document brought before the bouse subsequently to the report ol the committee, it appears that col. W. hat al ready reertrfd from the Hate a gran of Itvee Vvnuand arm of land. The Ugulatirt dttpuleTho joint committee of the senate and assembly appointed for the purpose of reconciling the dispute relative to the exclusive privilege of the assembly to i - - igiaMe all money bills, yesterday morning reported a resolution to their respective branches, recommending that holb house recede from the ground they bad token, and that all proceeding upon the subject b stricken from the journals. The resolution, also, was not to be entered. This report produced an animated debata ofto ; hour, during which several amendments aud litem t ions were proposed. Mr. Root spoke several times against the report of the committee, anJ in javor ol Ibe exclusive privilege oi the j hooe. Mr. Sargent offered two substitutes and . .s.. . u ... Jlfficuftto unV dVrstand exactly what be wanted. Messrs. Duer.ThrooiS Edwards and Sbarpe spoke in favor of adopting the report, and recediog from .u. n. - .t.r.u hut taken. Mr. Dnerfloal - IUV - VMns u - Iv moved that the consideration of the report oil the committee, logewr r wim um proposed, bo sKstpoDed till live first day of July next. If thi motion prevailed, Mr. Ih said be should then move the consideration of a resolution upon this subject, proposed ty Mr. Williams, of Oneida, on Monday. This motion prevailed altera little opposition, and Mr. D. moved the resolution accordingly; the substance of which was; that, if the honorable the senate concurred, the rotes, proceedings and resolutions of both houses respectively upon the subject in dispute, be expunged from the journals, ami that tins resolution be not entered upon the minutes. This resolution was adopted by a large majority, and concurred in by the senate. Thus the house have literally barked cut, and the controversy is for the present settled ; though it is li:ible to be brought up at any future period, when any ardent toirU - l man take it into hi bead to reo - deT himself conspicuous, by involving the two branches of the legislature in an uuimpor.ani anu unnecessary quarrel. From the PhUadtlplua Union, April 16 Swmdlert. A can: of swindlers have infested this city for some time past, and it is believed that they all, except two a ho belong to this place, came from the eastern states. Their prac tice has been to open store iu different parts of lite city, in separate and distinct firms, aud then purchase goods on credit, and refer the credulous creditor to each other for their character, or ebe one firm draws a note and has it endorsed by another ; by Ihce means they were enabled to ret into their possession goods to a coo9KJcra ble amount, and then went to gaol and paid by the insolvent law. A part if not the whole of the gang, have dg.iiu commenced .their plundering system, and have opened a store in t rout - st. LFOIsLATUREOF NEW - YORK. HOUSE OK ASSEMBLY. April 10. Remonstrance of Elisha Sackett and others, against certain petitions heretofore presented, praying the establishment of 'a bank at Bing - hampton KelTtred to the committee already ap pointed on that subject, of which Mr. Oakley is chairman. Mr. Oakley from the committee Sic. brought in a bill entitled" an art regulating the sale ol tobacco read twice and c4nuiitttd. Mr. Edwards, brought in a oill entitled " in act to authorise the mayor, alderman and com munaltyof the city of New - York to take pos - session of certain lands ; read twice and com' mitted. Mr Edwards aln brought in a bill entitled an act rcnuirinp the slier ill to anrxiint agents in the citie ol Mew - iork and Albany read - 9 ri a twice and committed. Saturday, April 11. A bill entitled " an act relative to billiard tables and fur other purpose, j" was received from the lion, the Senate, and referred to Mess:. Van Antwerp, Vedder and Hathaway CONGRESS. SENATE April 14. The senate proceeded to consider the bill from the house of representatives for filtering the time of the next meeting of congress; ami, having so amended it as to fix it fur the third instead of lite Yfirit Monday in November, the bill was ordered to a third reading as amended. Mr.Eitpe presented the memorial of D. Brent and others, clerks employed in the executive office, pray ins the attention of congress to the importance of their duties, and inadequacy of their compensation ; and the memorial was read. The bill to authorize the people of Illinois to form a constitution, fcc. and for the admission thereof into the Union as a state, was read, a third time as amended, passed, and returned to tho house of representatives for concurrence in the amendments. ' The bill supplementary to the act for incor porating (lie subscribers to the bank or the United Slate, (authorizing the appointment of a vice president and deputy cashier, &c.) wa read a third time, aad the question on its passage decided Yeas 1U Nays 15. co the lull was passed, and sent to the house ot representatives for concurrence. t he kill authorizing a subscription to Her bert's and ritkin's statistical works ; the bill couceniitig tonnage and discriminating duties in certain cases (cases of vessels of Holland) were severally considered, and ordered to be engross ed far a third reading. The bill for the relief of John Anderson, which had passed the house of representatives, was takeu up ; and, ou the question of ordering the same to a third reading, it wa rejected. The semte adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRHSENTATIVES. April I I. The speaker laid before the house a letter from Edwin Lewis, soliciting the house to take into their consideration the charges prelerred by Imn nt the last session nainst Harry 1 oul - uiin, a judge of the late tersatory of Mississippi, now a judge of the Alabama, and stating that he is prepared to substantiate the said charges; winch letter was relerrcd to the judiciary com imtlce. Mr. II. Nelson presented a memorial of the clerks employed in the executive offices of the government at IVa'hinrton, praying tor an in croaro of compensation ; which was read and committed ta a committee of the whole house, Mr. II. Nelson, from the judiciary committee. who wei instructed to enquire what fees have hreu charged and received by the district attor ny for the southern district of New - York, in prosecutions brought hy him against retailers of pints lor vending them witlwut license ; and al so what fees have been charged and received by the other officers of tho United Slates, in the said southern district (4 New - York, and who were further instructed to propose and report a bill of fees for fheouVcrs of the United States in the courts of the United States made a report, which was read and ordered to he on the table. Mr. I,own.!e, from the committee of ways and means, reported amendments to bo proposed to the lull supplementary to the several act re lative to direct taxes and internal duties; which were read aad ordered tc lie on the table. The bill for the admission of the territory of Illinois into the union ; and the lull better to en force our neutral obligations, were returned to this house, with sundry amendments to each ; which were relerred to the proper committees, COLLECTION OF THE RF.FEVUE. The house, thro, on motion of Mr. Lowode, took up for consideration the bill supplementary to the act to regulate the collection of duties on imports and tonnage. The bill cnutains 27 sections embracing nu merous provisions to ensure the more rigid cellec bon of the duties on import and to prevent frauds and evasions thereof. In going through and considering the various details of (his bill, and discussing motious to amend them, the bouse employed some lime. Messrs. l - owodes, Silt - bee, Mason, of Rhode - Island, Jeremiah Nelson, Wendover, Sampson and ralmer, were the gen tlemen who took part in matunug the bill. The most material amendment proposed, was one ouered by Air. fcibbee, to adj a new section. providing ' that master or other persons having charge oi vessels which may arrive Irom a foreign port, wilhiu any district on their way to another district sl the united Mates, shall not be required to make entry of the vessel, or pay hospital money or tounag duty, in the district where she may tint arrive, nor to proceed from the place at which the vessel may first arrive to any other place within said district, for the purpose ot tasking report." Thi motion was, after some detalr, negatived wiiooai a uiTutoo , ana wai ordered tot' engrossed for i The hiU third reading. . - , - The bill in addition w ine aci m . the subscribers to tba.U. States' bank, was received from the senate, aud read. - tt. iiua than arain resolved itself into a committee, of the wlmle, Mr. Basett in the chair, oa the bill to increase the duuc on iron in bars and bolts, iron in pigs, castings, nads, ..wl alluin. and to disallow the dra wbacx on gun powder v the motiou to strike out the first sec - luin beine utdcr consideration - Mr. Sargent spoke at much length in support of this bill, and of tho expediency of extending additional protection to the manulaclures inier - ...IaI m th Ikill. He was replied to by Mr. Smut), oi a. wuu opposed the bill, and supported bis motion to irike oullhe first sirtion. The motion to itnke out the first sectiou, was negatived t and, 1 he committee havin: cone tnrotien mis um took u tho bill to increase the duties on certain maiiulaciuredarucu s, imoi, paper, arc; nn - ed into the United Slat, and to change the du - tv Irom no ml vulor.'iii In a socciliC one - A motion by Mr. Colston, to strike out the first section, wa lost. borne other amendments were mini a mm the bill, and some proposed that were rejected, which gave rise to mucn uenate. Among the motions which prevailed, was one, by Mr. ritkin, to strike out tne proposed mum Gratinn of the dutv on DRDer. The lulls havinir been reDorwn lo.uie nuurc the amendment made went generally agreed (o without a division. Mr. I .it tli! made an attrmbt to retain tbeclause ror moiiiiying the duty on paper, wnicnianeo, uj a considerable majority. . , , Mr. Butl:r renewed (he motion, which naa heen nrnvinuslv made in commitee of the whole by Mr. Morton, to strike out one dollar, the duty proposed hereafter to be leiied on iron in bars and bolts, manufactured without rolline.' This motion was neiratived hv veas and nays, 62 to 50, Afli - r rpiirtiii? several motions to adiourn, the two bill were finally ordered to be ensrossed far a third renHins?. A ordered to a third reading, the content of these bills vary from Ibe statement nereioiore i - iren of them bv the omission of the proposed duty on paper, and by the addition oi me ioiiow On spike three ccnls per pound ; on anchors 1 rpnls ner oouni : on tui e ass an per ceui. an valorem ! on brown llutsia SlieeilllS, nni excre din? 52 anrhinrs in eitrh niece. 1 dollar 60 cenls per piece; on while do do 2 dollars and 5tl cent lier piece. J lie iwo acis io iue eueti from the 30lhof June next. Mr. T.M. Nelson moved thnt, for (he remain der of the session, the House do uicct at ten in ttead of 1 1 o'clock. Negatived. And the house adiourud at half Pint six o clock. It is not possible to correct every error, res - pectin; the vr,ceelinss of Congress, that we SCC in pillll. I III SOUlU Ol llieui uugiu iu ue arrested ; one of which is, (hat a law has passed for tho admission of Missouri into the Union. A bill for that purpose is before Congress, hut it is supposed will be postponed to the ucxt session : is expected, both Alabama and Missouri will lie authorized to form constitutions of stale Koiernment, and thereupon admitted into the Umou. BOSTON, April 15, Mr. John Peabody, suncrcario of ship Salus, has arrived in town from Tarpaulin Cove, where he left (he balus veitcrday moraine, from lal cuKn, 173 days I'rnm ?and Heads. Jievotutioniru&oldurt. up to yesterday 44a ol the old officers and soldiers nl the Revolution have appeared before Judge Davis, to put in their claims ror the small, though needed and timely bounty of their country. Some of these veteran were more than bu year oi age one we saw was w and one, aged U4, who entered his claim last week, has since departed to obtain a hisher and eternal reward. jf The tchr Rambler, Alexander Pnebie, from Harrimrton. irni wrecked at Lane's Cove. Cilou cester, tith iust crew saved. The fragments of a square rigged vessel came on shore near the same place and Uuiim's ueacn. ' India Pajtert. We were yesterday favored with Calcutta paper, to the 13th December last, bv Vr. Hooper. They repeat the numerous detail of the war event, in the peninsula, wnicii nave recently been published. Seven of the native Rajahs' Kings had sent Minister to the (iovernor - Gencral, to instruct him to take their countries under British pro, tectum. F.xcepting that the scale is larger in the eastern hemisphere, the war between the native pqwers in India and the liritish authorities, bear a strong resemblance to those which have long existed between the natives of our forest and our government. On the other sideof the uhorigiiids, there are continual rash ness, temerity and their concomitant. On the other side i. as continual an extension of dominion and powe The late d isivollefeat of the Peishwa's army, by only lour baTlalions of the British forces, (one only of which was European,) is decisive evidence of the superior discipline, or something else, ol the latter. We see nothing in the recent events which will interrupt the long established march oi inings. POUOHKF.EPS1E, April 15. Fire - On Wednesday night last, the house, oc cupied by John Bishop, Esq on the Highland Turnpike, a few miles below this village was entirely destroyed by fire. Mr. Bishop was on the eve of departing for tho state of Ohio, ithithcr he had made arrangement to remove, and settle with his family. His furniture was mostly packed up preparatory to the journey, and was all entirely cousumed, as he had barely lime to rescue his wife and children from the house before the flumes bud reached etery part of it. RurraLo, April 7. Melancholy Frtnl. 0:i Saturday morning last, Mr. Jonathan M. Beach, of Cambria, in this county, was found dead before the door of Mr. Uam K bbe, Innkeeper, in tin village. A Coroner', inquest wa immediately held over hi body, who brought in a verdict, that his death was occasioned by jumping out of a window in the third story of Mr. Kibbe house, in a fit of insanity. It ppeared that Mr. Beach had been unwell fir a few days previous, and the day before hewed evident markof'insani - ly and it is supposed that just before day in one of these paroxysms, he raised tip the lower sash and threw himself out of the window which instantly terminated hi life. Mr. Beach wa about 38 year of age, and ha left a wife and family to mourn hi untimely fate. HcsTsviLit, (a. t ) March 17. P6(fc land ae. The talc of the public land on the north aide of the Tennessee river, closed in this place on Saturday last It is not yet ascertained, from actual calculation, a hat U the amount for w hich this ce - tion of country has been sold ; but it is confidently believed that it has exceeded 4,000,000 dollars. There a - ere about 42 townships offered ; and the quantity which would not bring the government price wa very inconsiderable. On the other hand, many, very many, place, have been purchased by the practical farmer, for agricultural purpose, at rate which, although the fact may astonish our Irwniisnenanr bre - tliren, and perhaps .taggxr their credulity, yet afford the most convincing evidence of the uneiamftled prosperity of this important ec tion of the union. From 40 to 70 dollar, per acre were repeatedly paid for choice places, estimated f r tbeir intrinsic worth, calculated only for cultivation, and bought by practical farmer. These facts speak volume on the growing importance of thi part of Alabama territory m art.hcul value ha. been put up - on the land hy the competition of visbnarv ' ....,..4 v - . tsM.tiaeea htva been wr we SET pade 'wiT aV.ew to actual .ettle - Et' - Mort than 11,000.000, the Mm ? . i. - :.,r.tltf realized, by the mem, mu - - f - nc o - overnrvrnt. tor an inconiuer r"," the forest OI Aiauauia. Nsw - Obixam, March 4. n r w. this awful sentence of the .united n Andrew W hitman, who had been convicted before the district court of the state of .hooting at one M'Koy with in tent to commit the crime ot murucr, an o...s.c which is made capital by .taiuie. Wl. - .i.n..n a native OI rilliiu:"Fl,,i where Li. connection, though not weaiuiy, are respectable. From the age of fifteen y ears, till he committed the Crime tor wiucn iieem - mi ' v... - ... i r fered death, his life ha been a series oi perilous adventure, and moving accident by flood and field. ' He served some time in the Ame - um - wlrn.i which iii the veur 1W3 hum - ttio Mediterranean : after receiving hi. discharge, he again betook him lf tn the merchant service, and was impress ed into the Hi itish frigate La Virginie ; being transferred to another vessel, he noon contriv. ed effect his escape to ihe United states, a - hmi i - r IK 1 - 2 he ioined the piratical es tablishment at Harratai ia, and it was under the banners of John Lafittethat he .hot a cut - tciti - Iiousc officer in the execution of his duty. In 1814 he deserted these his worthy associates, and betrayed: Pierre Lafitte to the marshal. About this time he enlisted in the 44 h United State regiment ot infantry, and was in all the battle which took place during the invasion of Louisiana. Since the peace ;uul subsequent reduction of the army hi career has been extremely vicious ; lv associates have commonly been the most abandoned vil - lians who fiv to New - Orleans in order 10 escape the hand of justice at home ; his res;dence lias been in Brothel and Catalan shop. mote sink of iniquity and receptacles ofplund - r, where the exp'erinced malefactors may find patron, and coadjutors and the uninitiated are sure to meet with prompters and instructors. We hone that the example of Whitman will convince the gang of assassins who infest the city of N Orleans, and whose crimes cry aloud to Heaven for punishment, that Justice though slow, is sure, and will at last assuredly overtake them, although they may triumph - in their wickedness and laugh at the idea of detection ; above all, we hope it will convince them that the criminal law of the state are equally just nd terrible in their inflictions, and not a mere cob - web, to be evaded by the ingenious or prostrated by the powerful. Treasury Department, a Washington. Ar - ri! 10. 1818 Notice is hereby given, to the proprietors of the old six ner cent stock, that tne lasi nay unnu on account of the principal and interest of the said slock, will become due on the nrsi ot ucio - ber next, ensuing the date hereof, and that the same will be paid on that day, at the treasury and at the loan offices having such stock standing on their books, to the stockholder or to their t - tornies upon the surrender of the original certificates of the said stock. It is further made known, for the information of the proprietors of said old six per cent, stock, residing in foreign parts, that in order to ooviaie as far as practicable, any .inconvenience which might result, by reason of loss at sea or other wise, it will be advisable to retain correct copies of their certificates, authenticated by a notary public, duly appointed. WM. II. CRAWFORD, Secretary of the Treasury la COM MOV COUNCIL, April 13, 1818. The following persons were appoiuted im - pec tor. of the ensuing state and charter election, for the several wards. First H ard. Jeromus Johnson, Janie W, Lent, Elisha Tibbet. Strums' Ward. Jonathan Thompson, Joseph Riley, Elam Williams. rAird Ifrurf William II. Ireland, Henry M'Farlon, Jackson Haine. . Fourth Ward. Abr'm Bloodgood, John Brown, Joel Post. Fifth H 'ard. Roger Stroog, John Conrcy, Martio S. Wilkins. Sixth Ward. fiat. Alburtis, Richard L, Walker, Win. Coulthard, Seventh Ward. Benjamin Prince, Benjamin A. Akerly, David Brook. Eighth Ward. Samuel M. Thompson, Gil bert Coutant, Edinond Kerhy. . Ninth Ward. William A. Davis, Jacobus Dyckman, James Strieker. 7cni Ward. John Drake, Judah Ham - roond, Cornelius Schylcr. fX7 At a meeting of the Federal Republican electors of the second ward, held at Hodgkin - son's inn, comer of Nassau and Fulton - streets, on Thursday evening the 16th instant, to receive the report or the committee appointed to nominate suitable persons as candidate to be sup ported at the ensuing election for charier officers, Jacob Lorillard, esq. was called to the chair, and F.has II. Ely appointed secretary The committee to whom was assigned the pow er of nomination, reported as lollows : ElUha W. King, for alderman Samuel Stevens, assistant Abraham Valentine, ) Wilham W.Foy, Henry W. Peckwell, collector John C. Gillen, ) . , , i im i constables James u. Rhodes, Rexilved uuanimously, that this meeting concur in the nomination .of the above candidates, and that we will use every honorable exertion to promote their election. Resolved unanimously, that the thanks of this meeting be presented to J. Warren Bracket, Esq. the present alderman, who declines a reno - snination, for the assiduous and faithful discharge of the duties incumbent on him a tbeir representative the past year. Resolved, that the proceedings of this meeting, signed by the chairman and secretary, be published. Jacob Leriilard, chairman. Elias II. Ely, secretary. FIRST WARD. QtJ The Federal Republican Elector, of the First Ward are requested to meet in the Long Itoom at Mrs. Gaston', boarding house, (formerly Washington Hotel,) No. 42 Broad - street, on Saturday evening next, the 18iu inst at 7 o'clock. ap 16 ot THIRD WARD. The Federal Kepuolican elector. o( Ihe third Ward, are requested to meet at Reynold's No. 5 Conrtlandt - street, on Mooday evening next, at hall past seven o'clock, to select a committee of nomination for charter officers for the said ward. an 17 DIKD. 1 jst night, after a very painful illness, of tour months, Isaac Moses, Esq. aged "6 years, one of Uie oldest, and most respectable merchants of tli is city distinguished for piety and uprigl.tness. .yt.y:Na post .marine list. n.Fitrii Schr. South Carolina, Allen, Charleston Fane, Damen, ' ' Botto, Alary ElixabeAh, Eurkett, Annapolis, N ' Brook. L. llovt Sloop Nancy, GramsLy, Plaladelpua i " Grim Justipa, Stevens . NBW Bedford Science, Pratt, Snyhrook ARHlFEIi THIS FORENOON, Schr Constitution, Creightnn, 11 rlavs from Richmond, with r1araod tobacco, to I) Kethune Sc Co, T livine, C DuSoise, C R Duffy, Stewart K Ortley, Boormnn & Johnston, and to rder, Sailed in co. with schr. Dauntless, Traverse, lor ' N York. On Tuesday while lying too to' the southward of Baruegat, saw a brig aud a schr in the offing standing to tlie northward has been off and on there for 5 day: Saw no other vr. sels. s Sloop Only Daughter, Ireland, 4 day from Fgg 11 arbour, with molasses aod flour, to P Cure, fun. cargo of the sloop Delight, from Phil! adelphia. fisliore at Egg llurbour, the sloop his been Kot off. Schr Milo, Farnhom, 14dav from Savannah with rice, cheee, fcc. to T I help and other. ! Past.n:reis, H J Cook, E Ripley, F Tr&ry, W Ross, F Allen, L Crosiuan, T U Ketder. J Brush S Dunham, C StouKhton K Goclett, S Snow Gorman, F Andrews and P Powles. OnTburs - day 12 miles south of Barnegat pasred an Lng. lull brig, which we took (a tie the Packet. BfcLOW. British brig Thonm Na lor, from Liverpool. r reucn ong innun, aim uiick rnoontH. .illiurtl J,AST KFE.VING, Briir Agenora, Martiu, 22days from Harn with inolu'ses. 1o J iiliL'i D'Wolf. Jr. Vum.' ger. fc Curtis, K. Baylies, D. Danglaid, A Lis - seirs, nnd J Rcdulph. Left, brig Marin, 'Payer for Dristol, R I inl) days, and many others not recollected. April 3, off Hatteras, spok. tchr Laura, of NYork from Baltimore, fur Cheilt. ton. Sailed in co. brig George BeckwiUj, Fisher, for Boston ; Resolution, TuJt, of - 8aoo, for do. On Wednesday saw 2 brigs aid scbootj. ers, bound in. y The schooner Margaret, Caswell, Ddaysfroni Charlfjon, with rire, tar, glass, figs and tobacco, to Vnndewatcr, Wheeler and Co. Pott and .M'Kinne, and Cunningham & liny lie Pmsea. grrs, Mrs. Falls nnd G Williams. Cape Hatte - iaieario . o. n,umFiu leagues, sKke vhr ,36 hours from Philadelphia for St. Ja - eo He Cuba blowing heavy, could not learn her name. Saturday morning last, Barntgat hear - ing W. in 20 fatliows water, spoke brig Com. merce, 36 days Irom NOrleans for New - Turk desired to be reported. British schr Olive Urancti, fowler, 10 days from .Annapolis, N S. with fi - h and potatoes to Brooks x lloyt. On Wednesday, off KarargaL aw two brigs. Schr Three Sifters, Hall, 10 days from Snow. hill, with com, staves, shinies, &c. to H I' Ha - vci'. bailed in co. sen I hoin is Jcifrm,o, Gray, for N York. Ou Monday, off Cape May, passed a schr bound to NYork blowing fresh, could not acertain her name. On Wednesday, was lying too to the northward of Capo May, for a - bout 12 hours, during time there were bo vessels in sight. FROM OUR CORRFSrONVENT. Office of the Union, ? Philadelphia, April 16 - noon. 5 Arrived, ship Georire & Albert, Donaldson, 140 dav from Canton, with silks, teas, fcc. Ship Edward Bardon, Ross, 48 days from St Ubes. Brig Barilla, Morrison, 44 days from Trim. dad in Cuba. Left, 4th March, brig Russell. Newton, for Newport, 20th s brig. Oiozimbo, Prize, and Remittance, unc , Alliance. Patton, just arrived from Kennebunk. 19th, Havana m sight, wa. Doaruea oy me uuenos ityrcan sloop of war Independence of the South, lieut. col. Diego Grenaldo, commander, and politely treated. 22d, lat 25, spoae Drig i wo uroui. er., 8 day. from N Orleans for Belfast. 24th, saw a ship on the Little Rahama Bank, a little north of Wood Key, a wrecker alongside same time saw two brig run ashore, two mile from the .hip same day, .aw a brig running for the ahoal made her a.ignal of her dangers, when she wore and hauled off. April 7, oft SincDUXon. spoke sell Sc Lion, of Staten Isl and, bound to N York, requested a supply of water and provision, tier skipper Mid tney were short themselves, although they .ailed, from Norfolk the preceding evening. 9tb, sent on board sell Brilliant, capt Block, of and Richmond, who very kindly supplied the brig with provisions and water. THEATRE. On Iriday evening, .ipnl 17, ibiu, rw or .' prettntei the play of THE FOUNDLING OF THE FOREST. Count de Valmont, Mr. Pritchard Bertram!, , Robertson L'Eclair, . HiUon Eugenia, Mrs. Groshon Kosabelle, Mis Johnson In act2, a rural fete, in which Mr, and Mrs. Parker will introduce a pas de deux. To which uill be added, (for the 1 if tone in Am - . Tica,) a eomedu in Iwo acts, called, HUSBANDS Sl WIVES. Sir Peregrine Peery, Capt Tickall, Capt. Wingham, Farmer Clover, Humphrey Grab, Lady Sarah Peery, Mr, Jones Pritchard Robertson Barnes H ilson Groshoa Mrs Banes Ferforwance to commence at a quarter put seven o'clock. . ftj - THOSE subscriber to " The Orpbsa Asylum Society," who were unable to attend it Annual meeting, are respectfully entreated (o send the amount of their .ubscriptioq, to the secretary at 104 Greenwich - street. Whea tbs friends of the institution recollect the locoevtn - ience of paying 7 1 - 2 per cent for collecting,!' is believed they will comply with thi request, .nm. i 14. nnl ,L V CM.lrv. aid ryvpii mm in trndersherrrate - f . - . . - - v. . Ail ni.lrnnuli.,llrMmpiil. tl hfl friend SHU tlM) public, for the very liberal patronge she has 1 . , j e ' . .u..t .L. nill aire received, ana innirms lurm ui. o - i - - a third and last Concert, on Tuesday the 21st. inst. in the City - Hotel. Particular, will f Dear shortly. ap 17 3t UA CARD. t D U'll II r , C. 1 tnlrr.a knOfr. 10 tlie ladies and gentlemen of New - ow, " consequence of Mrs. French taking h tJ" r....j.., I.;. ... ..K1.V mill hona VtOBf daylhe22d. pn2 r 11 alUVL - ru. r. . - .i rcaT - York bout s. - s - l stum IV I l IV ." - 1 llKlva - ra - , sca f wei.a as. aa wiaumaj uukb w - handsomely accemmodate 3 or 4 passengers Apply on board, at Albany Basin, or to u. u. a a. iwn" - i n 77 vwtfhmfon - . . .. forLliJintrwi - ' - - .. ....... .. cTM V iiOifiiTIE, wiu meci m"T' - . For ireight or passage, apply on board, easi - Uurlmg - riiftoru ap 17 nt PAPER. 5 bale. Writing Paper - fc 100 reams wrapping . T,li 17 76 Pearl - street. ap ' I AR. - S0U bbls Tkt, iorViile by 1 R. U C. W. DAVENPORT kvv. ap 17 . ,.I'UII citdim v.iir.d l.omnSurar.innho. AOUUUl v. wvm. - . - tierces, boxes and barrels. 50 hhds and 20 bbl. molae Ram 100 boxes Soup 60 do candle CO do chocolate c.jJebf ,pl7 : " W WaU - strett. ; . ?!

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