The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 17, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1818
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TH E HE W POST. ' NUMBER 4943 ' ... FRIDAY, APRIL 17t 1818. NO. 12 IMNR - STHFf T FIOWR, COFFEE, fcc 400 bbi. Virgia 'lour . 4j hhii. prime old and new Richmond To . - bacro, 13 do Petersburg do SI bales Uiilarnl Cotton 25 ti. and 20 hf. la. Rice J.jO hagt St. Domingo and 64 do green Havana Colfeo 5 tons Lir'Duuivi!;n Fort Claret and Madeira Wine, in buds. and quarter cask Rorii red Tort Wine, in cotei of 3 doxen each - ' W FREIGHT FOR OrORTO. Jk 'A pood vessel bound to Oporto may jffiaj&havu about 1000 busU I corn un freight Am;iyio ft. GILLfcSFlE, n'lifll 11 Front - street. frtO.V, trttJ AAO kJAHDWAHE. Cb r d" Ton Koslith iron, assorted, in flat tJS aud square bars, a part of which entitled to debenture. 100 toni round iron, assorted, frem 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 iocb 100 do Swedes' flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches 60 do do square, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 3 Kichcs 60 do each flat and square Russia iron 60 do country iron assorted SO do plough share moulds 10 ilo axWree tmd crowbar moulds - Id do hone - shoe moulds SO do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 16 to 3 - 0 inch 30. cU spike and nail rod, assorted" 10 do :ht nod boi'er plate irou 60 do English and American I Ioapt 10 do English (E) blistered steel 10 do Swedes steel 10 do Crawley do 5 do German do 5 (b hcarandctc?t steel 20 do Bristol and Nova Scotia grind stones nortcd COO aueliors, a sorted, from. 50 to 20001b. 1 do about 90001ns. 60 rolls sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 6 tl per foot 100 casks spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inches 200 Do rat nails, from Sd lo 20d 50 do wroughWiails, assorted ' - JO do slate and horse nails 10 tons iron pots and bake pan, ass'd from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture. 5 tons English speller SO doAmeric&c hollow - ware, consisting of Pots, kettles, bake - pan, Skillets, spiders, tea kettles, Andirons, Sc. 10 casks trace, ox and boat chain Anvil, vices, and beak irons Forge, sledgo and band hammers Mill, cross tut nnd pit laws ChM, Waggon and (.hair Boxes Window Glass of different sizes Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Kc. Together with a general assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, for sale on reasonable terms, by A REEL DUNSCOMB, Nrt 3G3 Water St. corner of James - slip. rub 33 1m 1MH LtNKiNS, 0 - 1 SHEETINGS, LONG LAWNS, fee. 4 4 and 7 - 11 Linens 7 - 8 half bluachcd ditto 7 - B Lawns, 7 - 11 Dowlas 7 - 8 Linen, in half pieces 5 - 4 Shirtings ; 3 - 4 Diaper 7 - C Grey Lawns; 3 - 4 Browo Linen, Received per latest arrivals, and are. ottered icr f ate rn reasonable Terms, ny THOMAS St'FFFRN, No. 6 Depeysler - street. ap 13 lw JAMAICA KUM. SO puncheons high proof Jamaica Rum, landing from brig Woodman, at pier No. 10, for tale by TUCKER! LAI RIES, ap 15 39 Snnth - Hreet. I l I 'l - vt fAPe.H, ke. J.sJvjf Qr. cajw colmeaar wine 130 qr casks and 20Ohalf do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boies Florence oil, 12 bottles tilth 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhds English glassware, consisting ol wines and tumblers assorted ' 100 boxes anchovies aud 50 do olivet 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 cases felt bats, 1 do chip do 40 bale Italian rags, 500 marble mortars S3 cases marble slabs, veiued and statuary, assorted sires 5 box rs Naples shaving soap 1 da watch gkuses 3 caes manna in flakes , 100 bales Calcutta goods, camisting of - Baftas, pulkah and rallipatty cowans Chadpore, choruocollyjohanna, luckipore and toogapore Saumbs, jultapore and mow Checks, white, red and bio jplluhs Madras pattern do Pootee and froctsoy romals, for sale by CIIAS. L. OGDF.N, and A CRM. OGDF.N, Bach 6 Washington - st. DRY GOOD5. FANCY plate Calicoes Superfine calicoes and chintset 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 com one muslins Cambric jaconets Plain tamhor'd ic seared mulls Plain and tamborM book muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cam - brie ginghams Black and col'd catn - brks Velvets and cords, beaver pin . . Marwille Quiltings, royal ribhe White and printed sateens . Cotton brown hollands Swansdown, toilanetts, tilk stripet Cotton and woittcd bo siery Irish linens A sheetings Batton, bed ticks Fine and tuperdne cat - timeret Yorkshire fine and sn - lierfine clotbt Iondon do do Superfine ladiet cloths lWy cravats, twillrd and plain Madrass hdkfs, pins Hair cord cumbrict, rotton balls White & col'd threads Sill, I. .J - - , .. Bomi, - .irt1s, ratinelts linierial rmrds, vio - nia rassi meres Sto kioetis, plain and rihb'd Flaonels, ha ires Ferrctts, w orsted bindings Shirt buttons, cotton Inra Kin, awi coiioa itoves ' hose, tilk floren - Unet - ck borobaceeni 'lorencesilk, ribbons ?!loon lortnets, plain and fl - T"d 'irzinia satint plaid liMringt ' ."'c'd black silk hkfs elpt hiainss upe bobhios fswiture calicoes, and mnt 1J.6 - 4, 7 - 4 and T rnoted cambric 7 ii 1 Hdr'witationdo. aad Paris netts and tonflle gauze Bluck and white thalle lace Lcno toawlt, Estopil - lat Sewing tilk, aseorted cdurt Linen enmhrirt Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 ti 8 - 4 Dinars Furniture Dimities ' Fancy Leno, L figured Muslins Cambric Trimmings, 4r Flounces Secrsuker Ginzhamt RcmaH Hdkfs. Silk Check Ginghams 2 & 3 col'd Cambric garments Oil Cloths Brown Linefil Merino Shawls Cottoa bandannoes 9 - 8 ctil'd stnp'd jaco - oettt n0 "''V alc arrivals and for sale by JS4ttc!i?AGGERTY AUSTEN, 1C7 FearUtrtet. MUSKETS, FOWLING PIECES, fcc. FOUR - TllOU&AND MUSKETS, aud tvso boies fowling pieces, entitltd to debenture. 4 boxes well asserted glassware 3 cerooos fiotant Indigo, and A few pieces superfine Cloth, for tale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap71m . 72 Waswiagtoa - slreel. D) vr Bales prime upland cotton, b store, ibr sale by aplO R. U C. XV. DAVF.NPORT & CO. T.OUH llundccd tons tint quality Novaeo - JL; tia Plaster Ibr sale m lots lo suit purchaser - Apply to WALTER NEXSON, 174 Front - it. corner of Burling - slip, or to JOHN BYERS, loot of Ilarriw. - sL mch 17 North River. DKKU eKlAc, Lc.tO bales sbca.ed Uevr Skint 6 bali t Deer skins, in tie Lair 3!) Bear skim 17 Otter do 100 Beaver Fur, jurt received per brig Orleans, from New - Oflennt, for sale at B7 Coffee House - sUpiby LAIPLAYV, GlRAULTCO - IV lw hart in More, 33 hhds. verj' prime Kentucky Tobacco 30 bags green St. Domingo coffee 5 hales ilomhazelt 1 rase French, cambrics 1 bale black clolh I case Freni h bn"t lops aplOIOt HKATKt.l. JlOJlHDhSG. FHAMCLIV IIOUK. This new, spacious and splendid Itulhlinp, situated in Broadway, the great and fuhliipnuble street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dev ft. will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of M:y next, t'tr the reception ot Hoarders. It is fitted, and will be fumiftfied in a man ner not kiirpasKcd, fur convenience and ele gance, by any p ivatc dwelling in the city. It occupic the most eligible situation, being cential, inviewotlhc Turk and City - llall ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circumference of 50 miles, including the Hook, the Narrows, an. I the Harbour j and it is believed that no House in the euuntry ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or situation ; and no expense having been spared by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will oiler to ladies and gentlemen, ami families visiting the city, tlicmtfttgenlccl, pleasant and reti.'L.I a - partincnt. The choicest of Wine and Liquors will be t'uniUhtJ, and no will be spared, to make the cntertuiitmenVpluu - sunt, rare and excellent. This establishment is intended exclusively for Onleel Hoarding MUS. HENDEItSON. feb 24 D&C rf j iff: LYnuMACt:, &c. aj - The UNION INSURANCE COMPANY, incorporated by the Lceitlalure of lite ilale of Aeu J'nrfc, with a charter of unlimited duration, for making U1K INSURANCES tuid grantiug ANNUITIES, will commeuce businew ou the firttday of .Vay next, at no. 50 Wail - ftrett. The more prominent objects embraced by this company, (ilthouih the are prepared (o ctter ou favorablo terms into all contracts in ant .r. 1 . I i l. . i t .k .... su.ipv viniiiciLt'u vim uio vibwi ui mcir iminu tion,) r MfulloW'i - - To the laboring clou vf the community, lo Me - ehanics, to Clirkt in public and private tjfica, to UUrgytnt'h to Profnsoriin Colleges, to Military men, and all others possessed of fixed incomes, which will terminate witb their own lives, tbey offer a secure means of providing for their families, by setting apart a small portion of their au - nual savings to that purpose. - To captiatutt, they offer the safe investment and certain improvement of their surplus income to the benefit of their descendants. To married men, they offer a provision to their iridWs. by an appropriation to that purpose of small annual sums, during the continuance of the marriage, and on the same principle they offer to the axttgnceiof bankrupt ettatet, and the pur - chafers of property, subject to the right of iuver, a mode of extinguishing that claim, by giving au equivalent for the surrender of the rights of the wife. To parents, they present a mode ef endowing their infant children, aflordiug to them, if lacy reach a certain age, a much larger sum compared with the original premium, than can be acquired by any mode of accumulation at interest. To tingle persons, who may have no heirs, they offer the means of greatly incrrasing their annual income through tie purchase of life annuities. Toj)OU)i people, of active employment, whose exertions mid earnings mutt diminish with their increasing years, they offer a support Ibr the decline of life, by payments of comparatively small amount, while their season of industry shall continue. The Company has provided Tables calculated upon trac principles from the most correct data, which at the same time combine the safety of the office, and the interrst of Die customer Of the results of thee Tables soma specimens are subjoined, from which the advantages to the holders ol Ccutrncts with them may be estimated. A hmMy person, of the age of twenty - seven years, by an annual payment of 'Jtn 97 - 100 dollars during ln life, may secure to his heirs the sum of One tJiutdred Dollars, or a larger amount by a proortiotiaU: premium. A Hvilmnd, aged thirty, whose wife's age is tweoty.five, may, by the annual avmcQt of 7Vo30 - i00 Dollars, while both live, iVrurs to his widow the sum of Lne Hundred Dollars, which the company will exchange Ibr an equivalent annuity, if required. At the age offijig an annuity lor the remainder of the life may be bought for about, ten and a quarter year's purchase, or at the n,te of nine and 3 - 4 per cent on the sum invested. A father may, by the payment ofene hundred dollars at the birth of a child, secure to that child, when it shall rearh the age of tweaty - ooe years, the sum of six hundred end furty - tne dl - Urs. From tli nee of ircn - one, an annual payment of Kln en IS - 100 Dollars till the ate of F ifly, will secure to ih party an annuity of One Hundred Dollars lor the residue of bis or ber life. if a person holding a Poliry of Lift Innmofee for any period beyond one year thould feel dci rous to if lioqiiish it, the company will be ready at all limes to treat for a re - purrha. An adequate portion of Hit Capital of this Company is set apart by charier, and may be increased, if occasion require, fur the purpose of Life Insurance and Jinmutitt, and secured upon real ft tale ictth in the slate rf Aeir - 1 eric, of the value of at tnJifly per cent above the amount tinned. The t.'taUat tlius srt apart and secured, together iruh the accumulation mf premium, can be made liable for no other lasses of the Institution than tliose arising from its Lift Volitirs and annuities, tlius affording loth Customer the most substantial security. Written applications tor insurance and annuities, staling the name, age and place of birth and residence of the party will be received and answers given preparatory to opening policies on the diy above named. SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President. JAMES REN WICK, Artnary, p 11 D&Clm FOJl SALE. A farm in the village of West EloomGeld, m Lwl county, state of New - Jersey, within 13 miles h the city of New - York, containing about thirty acres olland, about six acres of which is woodland, of a young and thrifty growth, and well timbered ; the residue consists of good meadow, with young orchard, in a profitable bearing conamon, uom wnimcideroi Ibe urst quality can be made, the fruit being of a choice collection. There is on tU premise k new frame modern built house, of the best materials and well finished, two stories high, 4C feet in length and 32 feet in depth, containing five large rooms with fireplaces in each, beside a kitchen and apartment in the garret. Also, a garden, no i xcelieot bars, cow house, he. The above described property will be told below its value, the subscriber bring desirous of settling witli lus lamily ia tome one of the western stales. Th situation of it is very heallby and desirable, beins on the turnnike road. which will shortly be in continuation of the great nesiern i urnpixe leuutng irom me city oi jersey to Lake Erie, and is a good stand titber lor a store or tavern. The surroundinc count rr is delightful, and is exceeded by none in point ef prospect, as it rnmmamts a full view or the city of Now - York, bays, rivert and the Atlnntic Ocean. There it a variety of fruit in the season in fcrtat profusion ; and large never failing streams of waltr run contiguous to the village, wberemi are erected large coltou and woolen lactones in full operation. The whole or a part of the land will he told with tlx - home, at may suit the purchaser, and military bounty lands will be taken in part payment. For terms, apply to Jonah Ileddcn. Esq. in the city of New - York, or to the rubscriber on the peculiar?, who will give an indisputable title ap lJ SJw I rilKAI.M I'. 6 rit.r.S. LA IV UU1LDIAGS. Two offices in Law Buildinzs No. 3, to be rented. Apply on the pr mists, (o JAMES A. li A !i il rUi, r.sii.or at do. 59 liroauway hbiJjiltf tOU H.iLr, OH lO A larut l wn .Inn. I lmi A, fi ttbnul 10 acic of land, betwetn the 6 and 7 mile stonet. Ill , I. El - Dioorniiiguuie jioihi. rr.r particulars enquire of NICKS. DePEYSTER, ap 1 1 lin Near the Premises. TO LET, The handsome 3 story brick house nnd stable No. 310 Broadway. For terms enquire ut A. HUTMJVS Intelligence office, 59 Chamber - stieet. ap 1 1 Sw Million to iu: i.k:i'. ! Situated khmit 1 3.4 milei from the Citv - ... . . i - j HalL on the old pott - road, and adjoining the houses of G. I R. Waite. The house is a neatly finished one, and lit for a small family ; has a Kitchen and cellar, 2 parlors, 3 bed - rooms, and 2 good ceiled garrets. There is a small garden, ami a stable m lor a liorse ami cis. inquire next door to the premiics, or at 54 Maiden - lane. ap 13 PHOSFftVICS OF THE HEMPSTEAD ACADEMY. The ttev. timothy clowii, a. m. Priiicipal. - eooOooe - H A VI, G purchased that large and commodious building in the village of Hempstead, Queen County, lately occupied by Mr. George H'iwel, the subscriber propose to open an Acs - demy therein, on Monday, the 27lh instant, for ooartung young gentlemen ana instructing uiea in any of those branches of tciewe and literature usually comprehended in au academical course. 1 bat every scholar may be under the constant and immediate suerintendance of the Principal, none will he admitted into this academy at stu dents but those who nre also boarders. A very few students Irom the village, or its immediate vicinity, will hf the only exception to rule. II, however, the number ol Undents should ex ceed the means of accommodation mi the acade my, lioard may be procured in private families iu the li ixbbourliood. Should the imbue patronaare be extended to this institution lulncicntly to warrant the mea sure, additional teachers will be procured. I he year will be divided into two term of tuition. The sunmif r term will commence Iho last Monday in April, and will continue twenty - three weeks, lite winter term will commence the last Monday in October, nnd will likewise continue twenty three vcekt. This arrange ment will leave a vacation ol Hbout three weeks after each term. The price of boardinc, tuition, randies and fuel, both in school ubd i iioius, will be lUOdol - , lars each term. Books, u isbing, mending, nnd any necessary article of rlothiuf. will be furnish ed hy the subscriber at the reduced prices. A cot. mallrass or oca, aucTTeauiug, to be lur - niihrd by each student. n.e patrons oi mis institution may ne assured Hint it system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules ol the academy must be strictly complied with, hy every scholar. try OKMUir.K.&, desirous or acquiring a graiuinatical knowledge of the English lanuae, will be admitted as Hoarders into the Hempstead itcauiuny. i nvaie aparuuenii ana separate in hies will be furnished on the most reasonable terms, and every facility will be eff.irded to a speedy and thorough acquaintance witb the lan guage. ' rnt trie intormation ol strangers it may besta - ted,that Hempstead is a pleasant village and post town, remarkable Tor its healthiness, only twen ty one miles east of the city of New - York that it enjoy t the advnotage of public worship in the f retbyterian, episcopal, and Methodist lorms : anil that a stage runt from the city three timet a week, on one oi me oett roam in America. Parent desirous of phcinar their children at school, or foreigners wishiug to he instructed in the English language, are respectfully requested to visit the subscriber, at (lenipi'ead, where they will receive fuller information respecting the proposed institution. . ll.VIUIrll lL.UVVE.S. Hempstead, April 3, 1818. fry - 1 lie subscriber hereby declare hi un qualified approbation of the establishment proo - ed by me neva. .nr. imwe - convinced as be is of Mr. Clowes' ample qualifications, both of the head ar.d the heart, for superintending such an institution, he does not hesitate to recommeod him to public confidence, and hit academy to pubhr patronage. eblHHArir, Hec tor oi at. ieo. t - narcn, tiempttead. Ilemptead, 3d April, 1818. ftT - 1 he above prospectus meet wilb my heaiiy concurrence. illAKLr.3 vyr.D3ir.u - , Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hempstead. A hag lettered " Hempstead Academy" will be lelt at it. C. Langtloa' Long - Island steaia - Boat Hotel, for communicatioat with any person at tached to the institution. ap7 PtiawCiawtf I'HILLIPs' AsTKONO.viY. EIGHT familiar Lecture on Astronomy, intended as an introduction lo the Science, lor the use of yoeng person with plates and diserarut, by William Phillip, author of Outlines of Mineralogy and Geology, ke. for sale at No. awall - st. by C WiL.e.1 SlU. spy BOARDING. A FEW gentlemen can be accommodated witb Board, in a private lamily, in a pleasant part of Uie city of Jersey. Enquire at this office ap 11 Im lLOUR. 200 bbls.of Howard - street Balti - r more suDeitins Flour, and a few bbl. of Rye Flour, for - le by GEO. M. WILSON, p r uirtigMiiwe TO LET, Tlie dwellinc Dart of the Hoete No. 14ft Broadway, calcelatea lor a Doaroicg - now mm, now occupied at such. For particular enquir ia tb ttorv. P 5 31 271 TIM PLATE ti CORK'S. Coxes tin olate. 13 X H75 grace velvet bottle corks, 1st quality 84 reams sugar - loaf paper. For sale by Rt'OEKS Si FOST, t PA 51 bouth - st. a 'JU Lkf A r H LOOM ISO Li A Lt, Tin house and grounds belonging to the ettalt of John Shaw, situated on theeitbtb avenue. ; On the premises are an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice house, witb every thiugelse requisite for such an establishment, ft is presumed any other description is unnecessary, at those inclined to rent will view the Dlace. Also, the large fireproof store in the rear of none 1 1 anu is feari - street ; where therejs Jor ruitr uuicu.a niaaera nine, ny me uemijuiin. For further particular, apply to , ANN M. SHAW, Jan 29 II Penrl - itreet. rOti SALK OH lULtAbt., LoUin the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards i manv oi which are on regulated and paved streets, No money will be required under tea year, if sold, uiereii excepted. HOUSES. - Several two and tbrie ttory houses, on which a great, pan ni.ine money remain on mortgage, r LANDING AT RED HOOK. Aa excellent stand for basinets, with ten acres oi ianif, pieatauuy situated, witn a whan, store house nnd barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of laud, and a never laiiing stream, upon which au mills may be ciecieu, wiui a suuciency oi wuterioreacn. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich street jhi, I J tf VALUABLE PROfKRTI The subicriberoffers for sale a valuable iariu, 73 miles from New - York, lying 7 mile south If Poughkeepsie, on the post - road, within 1 - 4 of fc mile ol the mills on the falls ol Wappiu ger's - Creck, and in the neighborhood of several landings' irom which sloops sail weekly. It contains 1 10 acres of level, fertile land, with a young orchard or graded fruit, wood rulhcient for low, and all iu good fence. The house contains several room, has a good barn, and all in excellent repair, lb situation br ing on an elevated plain, renders the place not only healthy, but prescntf from the dwelling a delightful inland prospect. Also, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to the above, and bounded southerly by the falls of Wappitiirer'ii - Crtek. Tin - land is fertile, in excellent fence, and of ca?y cullitntion. What render lliispiopcrty valuable, if, lhatit may be made a place of celebrity. There is already i - rYetcd ou the falls a jaw - mill of great capacity, a rarding - iuill, which enjoys the custom of the neighborhood, besides several other tcitcs Ibr factories, uuocriipicd. The whole force of the creek tm be diverted wilb a little ixpcticero a lo drive a range of mills on a lcv l plot of ground ju.t below the falls, ami ncirfMhlp by nu easy navigation: where factories of f very defrriiiliou. with every facility of power and Iraiifuurtatiou can be constructed. Aim, a flour - mill, of the first class. The mill - house is large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated lor G, with iu - w machinery for manufacturing wheut, &'c. with un elevator lor raising grain from vessels Into the upper loft of the mill. Connected with the mill is a large store house for storing wheat and flour.. Witb Uie mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on which i situated five dwelling houses, a lar bam. hay house, carnage house, corn cribs novels, 4c. a cooper's shop calculated for 20 bands. Two of the houses are new and well calculated for genteel families : Thy command a view of the river, with a beautiful intervale landscape formed by the meandering of the creek immediately in Iront. There are few places which associate so many accommodating qualifications for the merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private sale before Tuesday the 21st April, it will on that day be offered at auction. For terms, &c. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Beaver - street. Feb SO ABRAHAM MESIFR. t OH , The property at Brooklyn, belonsine lo tin: estate of Cary Ludlow, deeciifeil, consist - nig of a new three story brick house ami lot of ground, a store houie, formerly occupied at a distillery, a small frame building and lot of ground, and two vacant lots adioimng (he above premises. I his t operly I situated within a few rods of the strnm - boat terry, on the road to Piernont't Distillery, and extend from the hill to the liver. Also lo let, from the first of May next, the houe and lands on tlie hill, in the rear of the a - hove described premise. The house is well a - daplrd for a private family or for a public house. I ne situation, irons it elevated mition, commands a very extensive and beautiful view ol the city, the East River and Bay or New - York. The grounds surrounding the house (about five acres of land) are in a lugh stale of cultivation. For terms, apply to GEO. W. MOHTO.V, mhSltf ' No. 59 William t. MOUNT VERNON HOVEL. riiE subscriber takes this method In in form the public that he has ttken for the ensu ing season that Well known stand formerly occapied by Dyde, about five milen from tlie Cily Hall, on the Boston roan, ar.d intend; to open it as a public house for the ree - j,tioo of company, on the urst of May next, when eetleuien and la. dies will he accommodated with every comfort and elegance to be expected at such a house, on the mon reaMinaMe terms. The bet of liquors of every tort will be al way kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook, an 2 1m r'OH bAL.KtjKTO LfeAsE. On accommodating terms, a number ef water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yaw, ai urookiyn. r or particulars, en - quire ol . - - - - SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. TO Lr.T, The small 3 story brick house No. IT Pearl - street, suitable for a person carrvinK on a trade in the bouse, having a light garret and a middling sixed ttore. rossemon given mime' diately. Enquire of WAVIU 61 IL.L.VV AIjIjUA, mh 31 tf Stone - itreet, near H road street. tor o lkt. ri For one or more yean, a two ttory brie, front House, No. 8 Canal street, four (loots from Broadway, to the front House is attached one in tlie rear which serves as a kitchen to each story. It will be nut in tenantable repair on the first day of May next, rent reasonable. Enquire or JUII. - X II. HLDLM, ap 7 2w 90 Nassau street. JO LLP. The store and cellar room of Oiose three ttorv house No. 10 and 12 Bread - ttreet. Also, a good bouse at Greenwich, and one Hails - ru, with two and a hall acret f ground, near Maahaltanville. Apply at 55 Brondway. Of td tUAS. UAKL.SVI, apttf Hit rom - irei. ft To Let for one or more years, I! i ft TUm InllnwtB hnalM boase No. 294 Broldway, two doors above VVashiagton Hall, witb a coat b house ia the rear if reqeired Alto, a three story brick boase No. 415, ia iaid street. Also, a new aad genieci two viwry om " corner Of Lrfipeoara no nn n nmu, ic terms modrrate. For farther partkalars, apply at 415 Broadway. tnhSS tl STORE TO LET. The fire proof store in Governeurt lane, between Water ami Front - street, from m aity next Apply to , TUCKER ft LAIR1ES. mh 31 29 Soutlmtreet. TO LET, Th GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa tr - iri. The situation of thit house, and its auvmmoaatioos, justly rendtr it an object well worth the attention of any person desirous of keep - nig a lucrative public house. It will be let, furnished or uufuruished, am immediate Mssessiun giveiu Apply at No 137 Water street. mh 17 tf I OK ALi - at raorxKTT is rax cut or kw - ork. i meiCH, ituuat. and Lot No. 11 Bowerv STABLE in er with the LOT, 44 led iront, 42 feet rear, and 5 led on each side. 125 HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - otreet nnd House tvnd Lot No. 39 Vesey - itreet. A BOND and MORTGAGE lor I2O0 dollars. oo and do for 750 do do and do for 460 do On valuable property in the citv of New - Ynrk The interest has always been punctually paid. m ur 1'aiuenmri inuuiic hi iiip oiuce or STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dee 10 tf No. 27 Wall - tret. TO LKT UH Lt.iSr - From the lit May next, on reasonable terms, a large convenient dwelling house, oi. oo lite Love Lane, near Ilia two milestone, Bowery, at present occapied by Professor Ariitiini well calculated tort wo tamiiie, having two kitchens, with 8 rooms, paajrie and vault, a stable aud coach house, a well of rood water and two cis terns. It has a very laree Harden, well stocked with shrubs and Iruit trees possession of which can be had on the 1st April next. Also to rent, a crntcel 3 storv brick bouse No, 492 Greenwich - street, with or without a liable iu the rear. Apply at No 496 Grrenwicb - it or to HALSEY ti GOSMAN, ah2l tf 34 Old - slip. nr.HlDt.L't at GJittAh ICU. To he let, (lie house and eroundt frontine hi Greenwich Lane, beloiiicirur lo (he estate of tii late .ramiiel Milligan, and at present otcu nicd bv Mr. David Ely. For particulars enquire nf JOHN M'KEF, luuiner mercnaiK, loot oi rv. Moore - street. er ol l i - teirsojr - ui the uanic oiAew - Vorst. lebSlllf VjiLLAM.kK PHOPLHIY. For sale, the Dover Iron Manuiaclurinr L - i.ibliiliiiieiit, in the county ol Morris, and stale ol .yew - Jersey j i oiiitiiig ot a rolling and suiting Mill, in good repair, which workt two pair ol p. lien and cutlets, theais, &c. all at the sau.e tune; a valuable forge with two tires and oi.e hamuier in icoud lepair ; a ttut k of eoul and oie n hand, sufficient lo miike Lily torn of irrn t a good saw mill ;acut nnil faetery in g od lepair, uhiciniit to employ Hurt) men, and may he extended lo employ one bundled morel a brad oil - lint uiftchii.eaiid a tteel fuinnce in good repair : coiiveliient l itl.e woiks nta store sid a number of for the aceommodiitioo ol lamiliea, ted xcellcnt ttubliiig lor team that may be nece ary to keen for the ue of the establishment ( hi so, oi tuird", pasture and meadow lots, imme. diately adimnint; the works, with limber land in any quantity, net exceeding two thousand bve hunditd uctes, wiihin three miles of said works. '1 he uieiit vein nf iron ore, cenitncncing at II e iviti l Mickusunuy mine, ru. more than St miles through tins tinct, i..! ti :e mines are now open, 11 om wluch ibeitrpes un" supplied with ore, and more may ceopiiu ii Mie rai. - rd to tuply worat in nnv esu in ; ire rum s iue v .iinn t miles of said worlis, nr lt" id rond. so timt the ore enn be raised aiid delivered at the fcrge al two ana a nauaoiinr per ion. i ne aoove nescrioea won nre sifnr.ted en Kucaaway liner, about eight luii.t from Mot - rislown, twenty live miles Iron tliiabelli Joan, and abou' the sume distance from Newark, with good turnpike ruiuls leading rem said works to each plnce, in a pleasant heullbv situation, and in a good neighborhood, there beinr two 1'reshv - terian Churches wiihin lour miles, nod a friend,' meeting house wiihin tw niilcs ol tmd place. I hi stand lor collecting bar iron foi the (Id ling mill i very commanding, there being nearly ope hundred Ibtgt - riret in the county ; most of them arc on tlie streams above Dover, and the iron, in going to New - York market, ran conveniently past those works. At this mill frequently lour tuns ot bar iron have been (lit and bundled into nail and spike rods in a day. and upwards of oae nunnrea ions oi nans nave been made in a year. A large amount of goods may he told at this place in exchange for bar iron,procuring sup iiies, . vc. i nere are vaiuanie sates both a - lovefc below on this tract, on which more works may be erected. That valuable well known fnrm, lying in the township of Randolph, about two miles from Do ver, and six miles irom Mnrnttown, and within oi quarter of a mileol the Uuioo turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, railed the Distillery Farm, containing about three hundred acres, about one lourth pari ol which is excellent meadow, one fouilh pari plough and pasture land, and Umi re - ninindi r tirnber. A considerable part of the timber is ol the original growth, and is suitable lot sawing, the other pari it thrilty young limber. from fifteen to twenty years growth. 1 here are on said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, in line order, eight to sixteen years old, tl.e most oi them ol gratttd fruit, and more than ball ot Harison appU s, so h mout lor eider. The meadows arc flat and fre Irom stone, through which run two lively streams ol water, and near ly the whole may Le watered. One of these streams it sufficient for a gritt - null or other works ; there re saw mills, a grist - mill, a lul ling null and oil mill, on the same stream. On said laroi are two valuable cite for waterworks, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and raise considerable pond, with twelve or tilteen feet head Below Ibis the water caa be taken into a race, and iu less than twenty chains, on good firm ground, is more than twenty feet fall. In this way tlie water can he worked twice oyer with the expense of only one dam There is on laid farm an extensive cider mill with four presses sqd cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to no,d twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the cider works it the still - bouse, so conveniently situated that the whole operation it completed without pumping, I he water for condensing the spirits is tuppnea iron, a never lauipg tpnng, wnnm sis rods of the ttill bouse, and has sufficient head to ran into Ihe cittern. Th buildings contitt of two small frame dwellings, one good liame barn, 54 leet long by 26 feet wide, under a part ot which it a good cellar ; there are alto hay bouse, cow thedt, fcc. ALSO, Valuable property al Longwood. lo the iowa - thip of JefiVrtoo, six mile Iron Dover, oa It nam branch of Rockaway River, confuting ol a very valuable forge, with two fires and one ham - ater abundance oi water Ihe whole year, a large m.ul m vrrv warm situation, and for btteen year past bas mide At much iron as any two fire ui the county. I he ore is within lour miles, and nart of the road tnroniked. i he several tracts connected with Ibis etltblidinxmt amount alto - ,rthr to about fourteen hundred acre, the great er part timber, to make a durable supply of coal for the fore. Immediately adioininc tlte forre very valuable plow and meadow laial sufficient fe tnree farm oi one hundred acres each, with boeee. orchard aad barm, betide eeveral cood dwelling lor the families that may be employed us wnramx wa. 1 he whole or any part of Una very vaWhui property will be told at tack prices and credit as win mnac h wonm ma attention oi aav nerana wishing to purchase. . For furbUeX inj'ormalioa enquire of JACOB LO?Ft, a( Dover. ISRAL CAN FIELD, at Morristowa. BLACKWF.U, It Ol't ARM, at N. Tork frb W DgCtf ' Engineer IVp. rment, 1 ' Washington, 8lh April, 18 8.i Q7 - Proposals will be received at ibis De - paiiment, uuUI first August next, to furnish by contract From one to til million of brick From one totwo million of cubir fet nf huil. ding stone r rem icn wousanu sonny uousana nasneitoi tt'.ne lime. To he delivered in good order at Mobile, Lake Poatchartraia, River MissitFiripi, and Lake Bar rataria the time wber. the first delivery ri n be made, and the Quantity which can he delivered in each month tucceeding the first delivery, must oe stated vaitn the terms. Proposals will also he received for from fifty loom hundred carpenters lor from one hundred to one hundred and filly mtitonti and frmi. two hundred to three hundred larx.p rt, lo proceed to Mobile aad iV.niriana, lo construct buildings of vanous description at the before mentioned pla ce. It would be rreierable lo have the mnwrni. carpenter, and Itbcrer furnished and acin.ptin - ted by master workmen. Arraugemcnf - weuid he made lot mploy the persons engrtd to execute Ihe work, irom July lo November, at those positions embraced in the beicre mentioned places, which border upon the Gull ol Mexico rjigitgroirtilt woum not be aid for a shorter period than eight monUit. Satitiactory St. tuty would be reciuired for the (aithlul perHirmanre of any contract that may be made. The trims upon which wnrkmannbip and labor would b performed, must be tt.ted in the proposals. ' J.G I - WIFT; Brigadier General and Chief Engineer, The printers of the Portland Gatette, D. M.j the Centinel ai d Patriot, Boston the Kvening Post and the (Columbian, New York ; the Commonwealth, Pittsburgh, I'enn. the Reporw, Lexington, Ken.; and Hie Gatette, iNew - Or - leans, will please to insert ihe foregoing lor one rnorth and forward their atcouutt tu Ihe Kagi - . in ' ' Tt . e ii. phi. ap131m ' - . M.Atiei.V having taken tlie pleiKuntty situated Ik use No. 13 North Moore - street, iulorms her Iriends that th inleiidi removing thereon the lint olftlay gext, and on the fourth will be ready to receive jcui g Imin , either ot boarderi or day tehelars. The various branches ol uteful and ornamental EducaUan,, will betaiighl uon her usual lerm, which mry be known by applying at No. SO John - street, up 14 lOt 0, t:purtneiliii). 1 be subscribers have. entered into Uopartnrrship m the rrocen' bu - tinesa.tiiider the firm of A. k 8. Smith, at Ko, too riont - aireei. AHHAHAM ?MltH, ; ap 11 lw alKPIIRN SMITH. RO KaWAY 'JUflNllKL. ftr Notire it hereby given to tlx Slot k Hoi - dels, ia Ihe Ro kawafT aropike c nipuitv, that an election for Ihe elicit;! ol Directory ViU be I eld t Smith Hicki's T. vem. Jmali a. on Sat - urdij lire 2d day ol May, at 12 o'clock . By or - , der ui the President, ' rpniw jctiN a. KiMi, Fn'ry to l.KT. The new brick 9tore no. f 2 Rton - st. Apply to. . T. ft J SWORDS. Feb 14 . ton sal:. The two - story brick Iront House anil !xt No. 33 Cherry - street ror teims. fcc. apblv at 76 I tarl street. mar :V JO I t f, - From lie first of May next, a Mine story brick house in Greenwich - street, betwetn. Liberty and Courtlaudt ttreett. lurruire at 137 Liernwich - tUeet. riili 3 tf 'JOt.t.T, From Ihe first of Ma nexL Ihe House No 162 Green - street, near Broadway. Enoiiire. af f Im printer. p 8 3w 5yV! J.KT, thiii From the first of May next, a front rouaU. iiik teem on the second floor, together with the upper lofts.' Enquire No. HJ7 Pcail - ttrett. jan x ll J O LET, At a low rent, a three storv brick dwell wcTlins; in Nprfolk - st. Enquire of El) t N, COX, mh 26 . 96 WalUtreeL, PIHU PHvOP UTOHK. To let and potaeision first of May imxL the lour story nie proof store, No. 34 bouth - st. between Coenties nnd Old tlip. Ijiquir of Ihe subscrilier.No. 1 Muriy,or 45 Chamber - street. feb 9 If 8.IM KAIU, OR bALL, A two ttory bouse situated in Pearl - n eet, Brooklyn. I'osiession may be bad on the first nf May next. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, on the premise, mh 25 tf JAMES CILL. JO i,r.T, A coanting house on Ihe lower loor. No. Vi south street. s A large new fire proof store ia Governeurt - iBiie, next door to Wutrr - ttreeL Ari l lo TUCKER a - LACKIKS, . mh 11 29 - street. rflj, Lr.T, Haul Those two fire proof dwelling Hosjset, Nu. 74 and 76 Molt street, about te mli.ate walk from the Coffee House. Tbey will Uput in complete repair, and well rak ulated for genteel luiiiiliet. Apply at No. 137 Water - street. sahlltf id. TO l.KT. - - - - - , A very convenient house, with about ban un acre ol ground, about a mile from the. city, adjoining ihe bouse occupiid by A'r. Mors, - , wood, betwixt Greenwich and lb Broadway road. Apply to . ' JOHN R. MURRAT, mh 25 If II odaoa - square. house, btubtt, Harden, kt. ui ttmssWi, taSHl The tub:riber0wiuie or lease, for a, teiui of years, hi house al Greenwich, ll i pleasantly situated on tlie hanks of the Hudson, and calculated lo accoiwaodate a large fim.ily . Fog terms, to Dl VIE BETHUNE, Jas?JU 2WailtireeL to i.krp. The house in Hudsoti - equare, lately occupied by John R. Mun ay, Eaq. It ia spa - rkxis and elegant, aad possessed of every re quisite convenience. Possession may be bad mmcdiatciy ror terms, apply to MAJOR fi GILLESPIE, 79 (up stairs) Vine - street. N. B. The above property will be sold to say one desirous to purchase, and the payment made convenient. ap 9 ' Q TO. LET. The spacious 4 story fire proof store. at me foot of Liberty - street, lately occupied oy Messrs. j. Murray ir Sons, row ess ion to be given on th first May next For terms, apply lo M.AJOK GILLESPIE, ap V 79 (up stairs) Fifle - elreet. GONE ASTRAY, a large PARROT, the plumage a pea greea. tlie neck a bright yellow, and uiMter the wings a deep red aod perpte. Whoever returns said Parrot lo No. Wiibaas - . street, will be handsomely rewarded, wilb snaay thanks, ty UlAoXEa KEADE, J TO LET. L. , S Trot 1st May next, tiie (fore No. 5 WU - lii.u. - street, with or wittioot aiiartmealt, andtUe (twefftig bca thersoa, tojMher or seperat For trmii appty o . ejHARLES READSL - - . f a - v a. . Li l - i f f : .: it - 4 I; i ,1 Y'"!i s. . ' I t Wi ..u i i "I' - ;' m I). y l. v J j f ' 4 1 I, ; t I 1 : - . - : - . - i :

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