The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 16, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1818
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,QN CHANCERY, O r M c" "vof Chancery, beld for the tte of Ne it, ai iue s - nanceuor lweinng i. UH atlmcityof Albany, oa the twenty u.inJ oiy ol Mrfb in lb year ol our Lord itinuuiid eisht hundred and eirhlcen. Frttent The Hon. James Kent, Esquire, Chan 5 484 rriret 10,5:16 Blaokl ccuor. fcr. Rensselaer Schuyler, btrplicn Vn V, ' i - - . I. K;i;nrk,..k puic f'm. I eer ecd Catherine lui wile, John Church, - jvuooipn ivuner bdu Zjiucaucui ui wuci ' Kkbnrd Church, an inttml by U,e laid Phi ItfOiarchhU Mat fnend, Elizabeth Hans iilii, Alexander Hamilton Morton, PUii - Schuyler Morton, Cornelia L. Morton, V 1 Regina Mary Morton, infant by the aaid : Philip Jeremiah Schuyler their nest friend i aid I athariue Van KeotstluerMalconse. - John R. Bleerker.Elixabetb Brincker Mr, MorrU 6. Vilkr, and Mana hit wift . s Charles E. Ditdk - y and Itlnudina hit wife Marihn Brad - tree, Samuel Braoairoet, Thomas Morris. Thomas Biddle, John Wharton and William Hat and Cartxtioe i i van neosir cvnj - . . ..j - rVH& cornr - tak'sota abo named having Bteo ' X their bill in the above meotionH can tor the nartitto of the followuig parrel of land, that it o ay wtrallelograns we coui lies oi dYsnd Herkimer, ia this ntm mtrnt Safltefl OQ Hie cv.uu u"j .. - ' rr 1764. toVotepli WorreU and otherr, common IrcaUedCoahy'i Manor, lying along and upon , ie aoatb bnandaryofthe raid patent i itt base, bdncSS chain aod 60 link mora or lets la ' breadth, and the whole extent of tha i tooth . line or boundary of the taid Vtei, I. e. 483 chain jnore or lew ia length, ud Fbilip rkhtivler, one ofuwcomplainanti. having tuade an affidavit an - ' nrxed to the laid hill of the truth of the allegation "thurein contained reipecting tlie unknown ow - nm of the laid parallelogram. It it theregnon. on notion of Mr. J. V. Henry, of counsel for the eoniplainant'a orderJ that all partiet interwted Id tb tiiid paralklogram f land appear and an - , hill filed ia the aborr caata, bf the eltreath day ol Jnly neat, to tb cad that in eate of dafaolt, the cempUmant't bill ' ' nar be decreed to be taken pro conletto ajfninrt ail men anKOOwn paniei " anwrhytbe taid day. And let acojyofthit ' order h pobliihed for three caleiMar monthi, . - - - - - laaiuiwimiwr nrin. ODCe Bl IBBtl IB Trj w - ti. ii - ." - ,".r - - , ted intbe city of Aew - York and in toe city of Alb - ij. Acory. MOS3KEiVrfRf6iiter nhSO 1aw3a . O HCK il hereby jprea 10 tne diotkiio o Vi tt of the Beneca Turnpike Road Gompa - y, that their annual aoer linn will he lioldeo for .the election of Director, oa Uie flnt Monday in . May next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the home of Motet Bnt&, in the rillnRe or L uca, i tba County ' ' rah 30 1aw4w ' - MSAf HIM. HAtlo BOPtK. TO LRT, ll tint of Mar neif. the boute b hr the name of the " Mnotion tloue of Murray Hilt," about thrive and an half mih - tlrom tliecitys bounded on tli HarlKaa Road. The honie u conreoimt and roomy, and would an - twer for n genllnuaii' tumtut r rrtidrnce, a botrdinif tcbool or public hoiM. There are a hoot 4 ncret of Rrouml belonging to the premhea, ilitidwl intoa tardea, orchard and hwn. There itabo on tlie prriniwt a liable nnd roarh home. out - houe, ic. and a we'l of good water. The building it handiomely tituated, coaiaandins a beautiful firoToct and convenient to the public road. . An iwluitriout gardener would he mora than able to pay th rrnt from the fruiti and vecetahlet whii:hliu could raiie. The nropertr will be rented very rravwable to a good tenant. For further nartir uhri, enquire on the premtte. or at no. 7 mmaen - inoe. apHeodti CitV vUUL.. I UST received, 1 fOirth firnt finality Crnry I Wool, for r.i!e in loti to luit purcnaaeri, ai a eery reduced price. ALSO, ' 1000 Orman Hare aMna 100ft Silivrn do SOO hi. Canndi Benvrr 3000 Red Fos tkini. Mu.k Rat, Racnnn, Lc Jbrwloby WM.PII.WOKTIL. p10eod2w, y . 1QH Water itrect. AioiAl. aCltiNCh lAi'l tk.H W j. 1 prize of 1 of I of t of t of C of 45 of .5 of 5,330 of $100,000 tu,viu 20,(100 10,000 5,000 2,000 1,000 100 30 1C.0IK) Tickets '. at $2i cacb, do. tea and coffee urns do. newest pattern duh covert da. cheese plalas and toartert do. ' suuca aod stsav nans do. tea and chocolate nots 100,000 50,000 St,lrl)0 10,000 5,000 4,000 45,000 6,900 160,800 400,000 L st than two blanks to a prise. Will draw five hundred numberi each day on til romoletcd. Part of the above prises to be determined at follows. The first drawn number from tlie first to the fifXrenth day inclusive shall be entitled to $1,000 each. The first drawa three thousand blankt to be rn titled to $30 each. THR FIRST DHAWR RVMBR Olt THE ICth day 17th day lOlh day lOih day 20th diy 21st daj 2it d.TV SJd day 24th day tbth slay S - A000 1,000 . 1,000 1,000 50.000 1,000 . 1,000 1,(X . 2,000 100,1100 The drawinz to commence on the first Tucs da in Aucust next. Ticket for tale by tlie m.ioager nlil the ICth April. All the tickets rmainin in their hands will lie tt.ld at auction, according to law, at the union Ho:tI, in the cur of Mew - York, en lb 27tb April next, at ten o'clock, in Iho forenoon. SAMLm L. MlTCfTILL, 2 IAAC DENNI3TON, MOSj - KKNT - j: JKKEVKtt JOnNSOXl 2 JOHN M'LEIV, )? lOllOendlin 1 t , BLOOMFIF.LD4& AaLKH wholosal and retail coppar, Steffi, aoJ sheet - irwkitctfuroUure WAKV 0US1, No. 38 aiaiueo - iaoe.ew - Y It t we may be bad Fbio and plannvshid blorfc; t,n coflee poU Do. Do. Do Do. Do. other article in tha copper, pwt.r, block tin, and sneet - rroo line, as maoufaclured mnl sold, on inr rrasonaoia terait, at their fariory, no 71 Foltm - street, between Fiiemao's - haa UK Vjoiu - nrsei. n. u. .Wholesale orders c ecu ted in the bat maaoar, aou at lha lowest prtca. ap8 3limiT , C3 - B03VELL4t i.EvlOI E (.trr"s to aod rrcooiinpnded by William & He,ir Has all) 'raasact vendue and commijaion business. 'P''f oimailted to their charge. Reference j TT." u, isn. uumpbell : Laarence, and W m. aod Sanjl. Cnu, - aakMeodSw FOR &.1LE. a' a - ..wai.i.i. nRM. of llOacret, 4t n fsil invmiwi. ""T . . t6 tlirdt under caltiation, the reiioae wwr land, ntuiUoath tea abore, a cwarter below the aarrowt, oa the Stjtej .Mm a thort rid from tteani boat J"1 - !t give a Try xtentit w Hh bay "! Vifonaof New - York, witbin the Sandy Hook and tire oceanFor pwptrt " Wed by none. ,Tha ''"''Jr,; Two tldrdt'of the purchate moner tecarrd pon the land. Applj to A. V. T). roun - Ui"rarM3 Creenwicb - itreet. TO LET, a eoorenwn.t new t itory houi. adjoining the abore, with a garde, and aboat an acre of land, for termi apply at above. . , f aah 3 eodtf ' ' . : PIANO FORTES. ' RMEETZ, 10 Maiden - lane, haa juat reed nr akin Washiirt0H from London, an uam - tment of oUno fortea, from the manufac tory ofAttor i among' which are very el e pant eab'inet nianot. with harp pedal, of auperior workmankhip, well wortliy the attention of thoie who wib to tunnly Uiemnelve witu a good jfiftrument. Alito fur le, niano - fortef, of Tompkinton't and Broadwood'a make London, and Etrard'a Paris, together with harps, and an assortment of the newett miitic. mh 13 dlwteotlJw HA'J'8 - J OS! A II WILSOV inform hit friemli and the public, that ho hat removed bw, bat warehoure to 160 Hrostdway, between Maiden lane and Libarty - ttrect, for lh better accommodbtuii of bn retud cuttom - ertt whera b hat constantly on hand, an ex ten - lira eapply, from hii manufactory, of Ladic' Bearer Ilati, comnruinj every latnion ana ae - criptioa of color, quality, and variety of pattern the workoiamhip excellent, and adapted to thia or any other market. JJ Keept on nana ( which bereceivet rerolariv, once a week, Irom hii factory) a conrtant ftipply of the flrt quality of Gcotlrmen'r American Barcr Hals, manufactured under hit own inspection, of durable and excellent materials, CnUhed in the neatest and molt fashionable ttyle. J. W. auo hat lor tale at bit warehouse, a large and regularly rtplenithcd aMortm'nt of grntle - men1 fashioaalila London Beaver flats, teler - ted with great care, as to workmanship and quality. Likewise, American manufactured hats, of eve ry description and kind, suitable to thit or any other market. mch 30 2awtf Transportation t fittitntrn, Ihraugn A Hate of ftevt'Yark. TIIF, subscriber, who list been ciipagcd f r several veart in forwaixlin merchandize to different carts of the United State, ofleri bis aervicet to the merchants and trauer or the western states and territories, as a pent to tranunnrt nronortv of everv decrintion fnim the ci y of New - York to Pittsuuigh, in thektaieof Pennsylvania. lioous atiippea ai oew - ion:, onboard "tub wkstkrn tis"of sloops fur Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in at thort a time, as by any other mute yet discovered i the price of transporta tion tor the whole distance never exceeding six dollar per cwt Proper care has been taken to select gentlemen or respectability as agenda on the aevcral routes communicating with the Alrcg'anT river i and where extraordinary rx ertiona are required, a confidential person thoroughly actpiaintcd with the country, will eeompaiiy inc gonus. n ii communicuimns on thia hiibicct. post paid, w ill receive the earliest attention ot the tuuscrioer, wnotor unproved security will give a credit of six months on a large proportion or we account. w . mi van r a t - ii Albany, state of New - Yovk, 2d February, 1818. , - Reference to Messrs Stteileefc Co. and Xlessra. I. Hyer, and II. Rankin, New - York. Ich 7 2aw .NOIICK. ALL pert oni indebted to the itat of Ruggler Uuhhard, esnuirr, lata iherirTof the city and county of New - York, ( sheriff, are requested to make payment to James L. Bell, wiuire, present iherirTof the city and county ot New - York, on or before the first day of May next oraftrr Oiatperiod the bill remaining un paid wul be ptit in suit. . m n W WOWVMSn n liATtlLKlJL HUUIiAKU, Feb 1 1 SawtlMay '; Adiulnistratrix. MISS HAY'S Boarding School for young ladies, Ncw - Hrunswick, New - Jersey, will be re - opened, after the rpring mention, on Monday tha 4lh of May, when there will be vacancies for several young ladies Music, Drawing and Dancing by approved instructors. nn 0 2aw3w tiOAkli k LOU(ilti IN THE COUNTRY SINGLE gentlcroai) wants either 1 or 2 . rooms in a small private Inmily, situate 2 or more miles from the city. lie would take his meals separate or with the family, as may be most aart'Cahle, and give a liberal remuneration for a pleasant situation 1 a moderate distance of whicJi will be no object. Apply by note lor u.o left at the office of the Evening Post, p 10 61 INDIGESTION, or SOUR STOMACH, 18 acknowledged by medical writers to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, and al all times very aitncuit ni rare, nut it tumoeairy illustrated in the disappointment of those who unlur - tonately suffer under it, at they , for the most part, find that after bavins tried raanv tbinet to little or nn purpose, they are at Inst obliged to ue (nir perhuiis tlie remainder of life) such articles as can at best but palliate the disease. Under uch circumstances, any medicine capable of renin' ving me compiami, nmi sareiy ne an anicie highly deserving the attention of all thtse who are timirtril with it im li a combination is to be met with in Dlt. MEAD'S AM1 - D19E1' lIC or STOMACH PILLS the tuccesi ol which has never vet been cuuallcd. for the cure ol dyspepsia in its most complicated form, lutti at ion 01 apneiite, nnoiea, peart nurn, natiuen - rv, knawing pain in the ttnmach, pain in the fdo, great cottivenrsa, pair nest intbe cnnnle - nance. Innruor. kiwness of soirits. pain in the bead, virtijo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. n hoever applies these pillt in the a ho v disease, accordinx to the direcuoot, will otver be disap pointed, as they have never been once known to tail in producing a radical and permanent cure. The nse of a single box will convince the most anbelievins of their errWrv. Tory will roost effectually remove all onrnei of the strmarb, not merely by aenirsiiiirrtne acid, hut by cor recting that morbid ttale ot theiecretiont which civet rise In it, and at the same time will restore let the debilitated organ of digestion, that tone and vir - or which is absolutely necessary to the well being f the animrO economy. Price one dollar per box. For sole hv t , . ,1'lL, - A . jcrn.s t. aivuni?v., I'rujrsisi, . N. ItlflGreenwith - street. Where may be had. wholesale and retail. large and central assortment of genuine Droei anl irienicines I cureopa insirunsenis; npoi'r rars't fjla - Ware : English and American l'a tent.Meilicincs, Also, Dycr't and Fuller't aiti cles. Medicine Chests, tie. 00 lincral term. nui25 2m tTi V. SMITHtDAVIES, Wholetale and re4r.a Chymical Perfumer, NO. 151 WKOADWAT. TJF.G9 leave to inform hit friendi and cestons I . eri.'hnt be bat on hand an eiiervsire assort - menl o' periMnterv acd fancy aHirles. vit : ha' vin toap end honid ; washing soap ia cahe aad balia : antique oil; ctd cream v charcoal and coy uicai oeKiiiru" 1 too; - and pearl powder piam and scented hair yowtter 1 almond powder mi iM - ie 1 roiia 01 rose ; hard and soft pom a iHM . lull. 1 ..I. ! . .r . - ,i - i.,w,ul) anasipj, oair nail and com "' - w suiiennr quality: rsnrs; rnaort Pn aaa pocxel ttniset 1 sharing and dret - inr case : pocket hooks nn.1 Rlfttiar Tithtf H cle - j., too numeron to njcaUon, fo sal wholesale uuniBJs. u s . Lm IXhURAA'CF., &. rrTTb UNlOMNoURANCE COMTAST, Acorporated by the Ltgutoturr tf Ike Slate. of lit itrt, who a charter oi aoiioniou ourauoo, for making LITE INSURANCES and granting ANNUITIES, will ooaamswc butiseaa on the flrstday of fayeast, at net. 6 W all - street. Tlw ator prominent objects embraced by this company, fdtbough they are prepared to enter on favorable term into all contracts u any sbap connected with the newt of tbeir intutu - tioo,) are at follow : ' ' .... . m . T tht l"inng tltui of the roma - tawu, I Alt - ehantct, lu CUrk tnf.ulilu ait jtrttnU office; to Clergymen, Ufrortuontn IMlrgr, to Miiuary . .. .i . - r a I i men, ana an oiaer ihwoku n umu un.oiuE, which will terminate with their own live, they offer a secure means of providing for tbeir families, by setting apart a small portion of their an - anal saviors to that purpose. '' To capitalists, they offer the rale Investment and certain improvement of their surplas in come to the benefit ot their descendants. To marrud nun, they olfsr provision to their trufovr, by an appropriation to that purpose of small annual turns, duruig the continuance of the marriage, and on the tame principle they offer to the assignees of uatunrvpt estates, and the purchasers of property, subject to the right of Hoifer. a mode of extinguishing that claim, by giving an equivalent lor the turrtudcr or the rights ol the re. To parent; they present a mode of endowing their infant children, affording to them, if thty reach a certain age, a much larger sum compar ed with the original premium, than can be ar quired by any mode of accumulation at intertJt. I s ttngie perioni, who may have no heirs, they offer the meant of greatly increasing their annual income through the purchase of life an nuitiet. . .' i To voting people, of active employment, whose exertions and earnings must dimiuuh with tlieir increaim years, they oner a support lor the df cline of life, by payments of comparatively suial amount, while their reason of ludustry shall con tiiiue. The Company haa provided Tablet calcu lated upon true principle Irom the mo - t rorreu data, winch at the tame tunc combine ti saloty of the otMcc, and the inters I of the customer Of the remits of these Table! tome ttecimiir are ml joined, from which the advauiages to the holders of Contracts with (hem may boestims lcu A htall.y person, ol the hzc ol twenty urn yearr, by an annual payment ot lira 97 IIH.1 dollars during his life, in:.y secure to his h ii thr sumof One tl jndrrd JJnllnrs, or a larger amount by a proiiortmii'itp premium. .1 Husband, :130a limlj, r hose wile's nc twi'iily - livr, i,iy, by the annual paymvut 01 ZW'OoO - iOt linUnrt, nluie Iivp, srruri. to his widow the uin of t rie Uundird Jullnrs, which the company will exilianx lor an njui valent annuity, il rtquiro'l. Wf the age of fiflum anoui'v l'r wipreoium J'." of ihc life may be bonirbt f.n - ' ;ni unri a quarter yen's purrlieitr, i v 3' 1I1. v.i nine end 3 - 4 per tent on the sum pvd.'r I W fiilher a - y, by !r.o parun - m n 1 .it. him - drtd dollars at tlio bii th of.i ciiilil, : urt to In ., child, when it th.all icarh the a, - :' 01 V fi,'j nut yenrj, the tuni of six hwidrtil ana rly out dol lars. from the nr tf turnlif - pne, an ji - mint of Ulinn ITtOO Votfrrs till the ar .,' Fijty, will te - Mire ti.h party an annuity n l - w. Hundred Dollars lurlbc rrtidiic of hi. or hrr Ife. If a person ItMtne a Poliru of Life Inturoucr for any period beyni'tl one year thou'.d lc I den rous to relinquish it, ibu ci.mpany will b rcad at all tunes to treat fur a r viii hase. Anadequattporti'in if the Capital of this Com - pana is set npan by charter, andnlaybe t'lrrcuni ( itension rinuirr. fur the vurvose of Life In - Isuranct and .mnnihrs, mid secured tijion rea 1 r - . . ...1 .1 . . . - r ,. v . 1. . r il. - 1. . . r. Slate icuitm lc swir rj cw - imii. iij lurir "f at Iraki fifty per eetil iHiove llf amount loaned. Jhel apital thus set opart ana seeisr - ei, I - goner Villi Vie. oeenmulalion of pr nuiim, run be mudr liable, for no other losses of the Institution than Ihite arising frotnits Life Policies and annuities. thus affording to the Custom tr th most substaiUnU Sfcuntu. ' Written applications for insurance and annu ities, stating the name, ace and place of birth aud residence of the party will be received auJ answers given preparatory to opening policies on the dny above named. SA.VlUr.l, A. L.A WKKM.fc, lYes.Uont. JAM KS RKN WICK, Actuary, np II )&Clm rO S.1LK, A COLOURED BOY - thc tirae limited ly law a smart, sober and in )iistriu lad - underitandt all kinds house work, and Inning rare of horse! ; also working on a inrm or in it garden He is nineteen years of age and of a nod dispnilmn. Arty person th it mwii.' a I id possestiin; those qualihcntiom, will get informa tion at .. ?j uowery. mhSUtf I.LUAIl WAIll). TO FAKV KllS. A HE subscriber can furolsh the farmers of L the adjacent country wi'h ground Plafter of I ans in any iiiantity, on the shortest notice, ia barrels or otherwise. JOHN BYER3, ' Feb 23 tf Font of Hirriron - t. N. R. 11 E owner ol .ie French boarding llnue. No, 69 Conrtland - street, havinaroM - luiied to decline on the 'ijih o' this u,oiith,olU - r p.r taa on accommodating term, the household fnrni - lurenf his establishment, which henill dispos. ol, either in whole or in part. For further infor oiatinn, inquire as 11 hove. ap B x r - .II.UJHLK UuOkS. ITST received and for sale by ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below I'ine - strect : Wilkinson's Memoirs, 3 vols 0 vo ; Rob Roy, econd Philadelphia edition, with a glossary of lha ncotluh words and phrasct ; A great variety of new and interesting books lor children, 18mas. Alio, lust received by the Mars Eliza, from London, and for sale as above, a valuable assortment ol Iheolocii l and miscellaneous works, ve ry scaice. KiiaTaving and mi'ber - nlate prinllne oxer ufed with neatness auu despilcn. - ap It OAL.KXANIiH.IA HAKK. NE hundred bblt Alexandria Floor, of ex cellent quality lor tale by svivir, rJbiuu.M. k t.o. ap C 92 WaiUtreet. HOLLAND DUCK, fortaleby CHaS. L.OGI)EN,and ap2 A BR. OGDF.N. Washington street. FOR SAI.F rpjJE time of a smart Black Girl, that can X do all kinds of bnae - work and cooking, suthns is necessary fnralamily, orsuitablc hra public houK'. the understands cooking ri oyi trrs, hralsieaks, Aic. and woald be a valuable arqniiin.n to any public boose , a pretrrencc would lie eiven to any pcrsoo keepinstti snne. that resides in the country. Sold lur rioo'her reason than the want ol a master. For further particulars, inquire at tlie corner ol Broadway and Grand itrx t, Alnunt Social. N B. She is sold at her own request. apStf NOTICE. 'T'WOyonng Ndin ol restiert th1 connexions, 1 at d well qualified to live irstrw lion on Hi" n : 1 - . ! j - 1 - . I two w irir, in nrwing "iiri piniins;, embroidery, ami in making arlificia: flowers, as well as in the s - leineiitary branches of ed ication, are desirous of obtaining a situational n sitants ire a rerctahle hoarding school, nr wouUI arcpi. situation in respectable private fami:i. to jit! in'trnction in tlie nhove branches. Further ii - brroation saav b ob'aineil I'rntn tlie sal 'iilitr, who it of opinion that their ssrvit r ia "ither 01 the above titaatioos would prove a great ?qui lition. , J. ElMNGKIs aplOlw .... Maiden - Lane." Nkwkoecb and caitavsaicca kaii. - Itce ' tl TBRKB TlafM A WEEK. . vff - - I EAVfcS Ptewbergaeve - 31 Li ry oonday, Tuesday, . iaml itursdajr aaomingt, at three o'clock, mat through Montgomery, Blooniiogburch, Monuceiio, oy tvi.ii I Cosherian. Moant Pleasant. Creat Bend, Chenango Pr int, Owega, Ithica, and Geneva. toCanandaigua. Retu rninir leaves Canand&ietta every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock:, and arrives at pjewnurgn, ineiiuru dav in time to take the Steam - boaU which arrive in New York the following morning. (7 It may bt expected thai at all tm$ when the steam - boats oiler their days tf running, mat mis Imt set alter to as to meet (Atfll. The whole route will be neatomea in tnree days, from the first of May, until the first of November and irom the nm ot rovemner until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in tour days and from the 15th IKcember, un - til the fifteenth ofMareh the tame line will be continued to the city of New - York and run fiom thence to Caourdaigua m tour days. . Passencers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N York in the cveninir steam boats, unu arrive .n Canamlaigua in three day a distance ofthree hundred milre. The line is well fumiiheU with good, new carriages t good horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every atten tion will be paid to render ti.e passage of the traveller sare. easy and expeditious 5 un.i u 1 believed that the accommodations on this line are cniial toanv line in the state. ? FARE from Nev. burgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS N. B. A b anch of the tame line runs three time, a week fiom Ithaca to Auburn. AUo, a line runs from Oweo Tioga I'oiitt. thence throiwh Ntwti.wnand Painted Post, to Ball., in. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the ov iv rs. David Godfrry. Bloommghurgh, K. C. St. J Dim, Mount 1'leasrtnt, j li.&H Manning, Chenango, IPrcprie - Lutlit - r Gere, libit a, 1 tors. piuiiiit I Oreenlin:, urncra, 1 Olive riielp?, Laming, J mh 14 d6m VALUABLE FiTATE FOR SALE, lit THE IITV OT SHV tORK. FIVE lots 01 ground n the wi st side of Green - wirh - streit, between Vetry and IJe - diros - lei strtf is, 25 by GO. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting on thi east snleof Washington - striet, 25 by ftO. i ijjlitdo in the block below, between Waih - iogton and West itrcctr. In Monig'imery County. COCO acret ol Land in Lawrence's purchate, near Kait Canada Creek, on the north tide 01 thr Mohawk. In Franklin County. I j,1C2 ret of Land, iu the towns of Mount Morns und Dayton. In Lsstx County. 7832 acret of Land in the townof Barrymore. In tli - County of Lewis. 1750 arret ol land in Cttrl ;id, Chntsanit I'ur hake. In Saratoga County. ?o'(;0 acres in Palmer' purrliase. KroiKiif; at tl.coilice of the sunscriber, 34 Ce - dur - s.reet. EEV. ilOIJINSON. iiLLLC't BoHDI0 hi.nOvil tOH lOY.Ntr I.AUIF.S. ,J RS. HO WK KING, now .Mrs. Brown, ha .8. leii - oveii Imr ve!l known E'lablishinent fron Ne - York 10 Elizabeth I'otvu, New - Jei sey, i.ot r c;niter of a milelrim ihepnhlic turnpike road. ' 'I he utii.ttiun ol the place possesses every (; - f for a Srnnnaiy ; and vcpl ena ' lc hi - rto rtduie the price ul board much low r '.ban cav ne altordcd in iew - orK. 1 he brni hcs t (iih'hr lire, Orthogrnnhy, English tirnTiii ir. Crmlin, Writmc, Aritluuetic, Geo - rn - .)" . wuh the ue of ma il and clobe, A?tro n - .imv, Hrst'irv, Blair's l.tolures, Cnmpositicn, Music. Fremli, Rotany, ChiUiislry, lirawing in crnyons, Paiuting in oil. on velvet, and in water - colours, Sewing, INrcrilework on muslin, Fmhrpidrry on tilk and worsted, Filleijree, Mjinlrille. Grotto and Wax - Work, Gilding an.! J iranuing, with a variety ol other laocy worki ton ! Ira .1 llwMifJ - 'sew yygwwaa, IlllMli i - xrf - r - ns "inr 1 - Tzgigyfc - - T,r - - r..Jr' - g l.KFS ITCH OJVT.UE' - Y, WARRANTED an infallible remedy atonr application, may be used with perlect saletyon iofanls a week old, net containing a panicle ol mercury. - r any dangerous ingreJicul whatever, and not accompanied with that offen - five smr'.l which attends the application of other remedies. The above medicines are prepared and sold at LEU'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, and sold by S. CARLE, cornel of Fulton and Water - streets. Druggists and country store keepers supplied on liberal termi. Jan 29 : ' 'Ai ii.olv - ., .N.'. .0. ... Il corner of Fullun - ttreet, New - York, having received a large tupplv of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day U Martin, 07 High Hol - bom, London, offen the tame, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or borne consumption, on terms the most liberal and advaotageout to purchasers. Thii inestimable composition, with half the u - sual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to tha highest japan vami - h ; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather; it will not oil the finest linen s i perfectly free from any unpleaant smell; aod will retain its virtue in any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this Mackinc, u has stood the test and commmded the most extensive sale in all quarter of th globe, ibrupwards of half a nn tury. Feb 16 MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE JW. FORCE, No. 00 llrodwiy, one door . above Wall - trcet, repectfullv infenns his friends and the public that he continue to manufacture silver tea and table setts, church plate, pin, toik, ladles, wai'er1, urns, siphon. fih kuive, Aic. Ac of the btett. :ml nio t elegant pniierns of the first quality or silvtr and supe - ri.r workmi'hip, at the lovei prices lor cah. All orders exsruteil in a masterly manner, and warranted in .illcu - es at Irast equal to any ar - ti let of sUver manufactured or told in thit citv. in. addition to his own onmiract ure, he ha on hand n asortmer.tot rich phtod andfancy ha.M ware, which he will IL'to - e of very low, con - siti.ig ci cin !!ci:ic'r, ciKe basket, cajtor, bol'lo castors, anufT. rs and trar plated on steel, a very superior ani:4o; elcraat pea, r05T COACH UNE Toft nilLAULU'lilA BT WAX 0 TOWIES - HOOC , . 4 ,; rorket andspo1 - man'B Iraircs, wdh a variety ofj ar.irierol eiiooieraifxj men 30 lm PLASTER OF PARIS MAM FACTORY, ! At 'tie frfl "f Harrison Mreet, Nortl. - IUvir. ,""HF.'tEipaatjactured PlHster, forcorci - V 4rsMdntU.rparpnHs,ciay l had. war ia. - lc.l of the firt quality, at one dollar and Kcvn - Ij Jirt cents per bush'!. Tlie snauui ii'o - j - 1 condorted by Mr. John Iwker. nl.oli .s served a reg'tlax apjirentKe - soip 10 me mat xn cosinvrs. Vn'itl . ..iJOHN CrERS. ihmstiSS rn fASIKSTGEKB. No copoectioo with the pmt chaise Hoe. . PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO 81 1 IO. REVIVED. - " ' ANEW Line of Post Coocbet with every coo - unrinTnnnnr:u iB nF. DAY. The foot Conch will ttart from the Coach office, old No. 1 CouHrand - treet,N.. York, every rooming, (Sundayt excepted) at half pait fire nVlock. hv wav of Newark. New - Bruniwick, Princeton, Trenton and Bnttoi, tnd arrive at Philadelphia the same afternoon, at 6 o'clock. United States Mail Coacb. with a enard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, - ipl. ft a .' I U .:tl al.rf nn ipnnss. 1 ne v - - ssinti vimi m mi hvhj the coadi office, old No. 1 Court landt - treet. New York, every day at S o'clock, r. li. ann amve at Philadelphia next anornint at 6 o'clock. Only A onsseneers admitted. For seaisinthe abovenamed Linrt, npply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the o!d esta - iished (Viar.h. Pt. - iire and S'.i nm Boat r.Hire. at ti e old o. I (;oiirthiO1tHritt. the lecond office from, New - York ; or to A. T. GOOD RICH &:"CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce rl:ir.lreKf. New - Y'ark. fcrAI! gnodi and bapeace ot the rik of tlie ifWL 1 1 1 i ,xj enva s owner. .u.?r,rn ckt.iv v . N. B Espretses sent to any part of the Con - TrlUMAS viiiiit,L.u. an 13 tOST CHAISE. i I'OSf t iiAict. will leave :ew York em XI n day (Sunday excepted) at half post5 ia the mornine by way of Newark, only six passea - iceri adnuttcd, and nrrive in riiiladi:h.hia the sami! n en inc. Fare throuirh, SH 'I lie l ew Steam Boat Line f xperimeot, will leave New. fork ever v dav f 5iif.i1. 1 v excepted! at hall pat S .'il' - k, in the He am Boat Atulnn - ta. andairive at I'l iladrljiliin (lie next dayat4 o'clock, by the Steam Boat ETNA from Briilol. Fam through 5 Hollars 50 cents. For fc'eati in Hie above linen, apply nt tlie Poft Chaise Stage and btnam lloat uilice, UBiiroad srnv. oDoosite the Citv Hotel. fjtj Allgoodi and baggage at the risque of Uic owner. JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK fi SONS, Princeton STOCKTON Hi HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. 7. Expresses ttnl to any part of the Union, ap8 JfOHTH Kl LR sTKXM BOA VS. The Chancellor Living ton will leave New - York on Saturday, the 28th int. iat 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday, at 5 P - M. and Albany on tame dnyi at 0 A. M. until lurther notice. mh 2.j Tti 1. sOUA'll sTK. - iM tiUJtr - LWtX r - - r ine propiit - iort, who V,IT.. l, Hi.1,IUIUIV1inilll public, bvextendinc the line to Norwich, intend makii b lie eHH rinx nl Willi the Fulton, ('npt. Law, and this route (iflbund practicable) will lie continued dunniElhe season. ,'l'bt? line will in future be from New York to Norwich, nt lollowt : The Connecticut, ( npt Bunker, will leave New - sork every Mondetu, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the int riling, ior New - Haven. Tho .Fulton, Capt Law, will leave A'nnrich at 6 o'clock in the morning ol die same days, touch MJVew - London and depart from thence for jVrtr Haven at U o'clock. The boats will meet at Aitr - Marm, and depart from thence every Monday, Wednesday nnd Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening tlie Connecticut lor .Vrw - York, aod the Fulton for Ji'ev - London and JVem - irA. mhl7 b l EAM BOAT FUR SALE. Cyv ICJ" t or aiP, a wen unisn - tytH' I kT Clo.rr. but. nf amnll sir. with 2 cabins, nnd cal .... . . cuiatriiio crry vnnTcuicm - ly aoout ixty passenger Her bull 11 of the best timber, and iho 1 copper bottomed up to the bend, prepared to be put into a line of running immediately. She drawt bat thirty - two inchetof water, and from the advantaieoui construction 01' her machinery, can be worked at one hall thedaily expense ol ttearh - hoaU in general Hie will he told a great bargain, if applied for shortly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of mh 20tf ISAAC G. OGDFN & CO. SWIFT SURE M1L COACHES, for rHii.APBLrnis., - . . - - . . i o ii 1 i : rveiy morning sunu"J e - cepted) at B o'clock, aod nr - trive in rlnladelphia next ay lo dinner. The puhlirk house s are good, and reasonable in their charges. The driver, horses and conr lies are not inferior to any others now running between these rwocitie. The beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads on this rout, connected with the safety, comfort, and reatonable 'Xpencea, are beleived to be ttron inducements .0 traveller in giving thit line a decided prefer ence. t he strictest attention will ne onscrvea by the proprietor! in giving general satislaction. All baesaze and packazt - s will so at the risk of the owner unless insured and receipted for by the clerk of said othce State fare only $5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Conch on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying out day previous to tlartins. . . . a. n . . . i or seats apply ai o. a uounianoi - sireei, New - York. LYON, SO.NS, V!. ap t Proprietors. UMUSf LLS t., let m'mjm i v - r 1. iiilLADLLfHIA. Twentv - five milet hod carriage, v'ra New - Crunswick and Trenton,. ' " In new post coaches "' 5 $5 Do. yiod stages, V 4 50 Do. lorecastle or deck rnssrnier 3 50 Connected by the steam boats OLI V K BRANCH and Fill LA DELPHIA. The tteam - boat Olive Brauth will leave New - York every day, Sun - dart excepted, from tlie north side of the Batte ry, at 11 o'clocic A. M. Passengers wdi lodge at Trenton, ind tike the - steam - boat Philadelphia, to as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to take the Unioo Lino Baltimore iteara - boats. Thii line isi a connection with the best boats on lha Delaware and Che - apcake to Norfolk ; as ata those of the North River aad Sound ; aad their teveral arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. . This is a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, as the passengers will leave New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Philadelphia, be for the hours of biifine.?, without fa - ti;u in travelling or want of sleep, tho land carriage beiug much less than by any other roots betweeu the two cities. For eat in the above line apply to WILLIAM B JAQUES, At the Uninn Line iteam B nt Ofire, in Alar ki:tfie!d treet, north lide of Battery, be: tn t - rn Gicenwich Ac W nfhinc'on - strtets. or to JJ.UNJ.Y UAG6 - - . - p 13 r - .. The CAP TA IN on board. (iy - AH goods end beggagc at the risk of the cwuer. np si SHOO, lorsrl "jy, CEBRA Cvyi l.TG. 8 Pearl - itreet A sUietnliablic kaew how to d 'iDw,iA , fllMia that HlfT.. P. - .. uuicj. DTOaiTORNE,roriB;r, iw ucuiry of rji and turgcry there, de,u it C'ui! ty to repeat tome orae - rV! fiod use thereof, ba bew d '' tive of infinite vS?? and ure annually mercurialized out of 113 ence. 1 he disease we have in 1 x"' tal reiulU .hitDy to thit source. What . that a yoiing man, Oie hope, of hit coontryP the dailmg orioa parents, thould he wUchd way from all the nrramcrt. ..J : "'"V1"?. - bv tlie cHHnf . "r"" ud by a diseiue not in II. own nat feT V which only provet to from neglect or imn'JIS IreatmenL" A genticmaa, (late Dr ifvE1 Uerit) now perfectly hearty and we), P - onderpbytiuant of genei J practice, i and repeatedly tali vat. d ; when recoiJe?' I r ut. n. pj a gm,eman or this city) hi. hZT were carious, and hit Oetb dropping from ti'.I hit fiiendt declared he could not potsiblvam 1 trvo montha longer. Tliootandt experrmeotaJ know with what eate and twety Dr. H eesri. Ciitet the severest case, and conbrm, th'ew?" turton. The Doctor' plan (adverWne 111 ccstxry to guard the public against the arnu. I men iiry, anu oineriaiai aciasions, held foith frrnns, therefore, bavins; contrary 1 rale disorder, or stispectirg latent roiMtj, admonished not to tamper, with their coortita! uon, or conceal ino uuorccr, IH past reenw ry : others havitic the remains of an or oilier impuritie of tie blood, u wed as no!' er complaints of a delkate nature, in - ilk i ..1.1 . u... . . eiroer to their consciences, by makiwr. armii..,' to Dr. II. at hit oTd and wspfctabt liihment,No.o4 Water - street, fowhow, of 0ld - )ip, to tain that prompt assistance . lone calculated to pieveutdisrloture. And hers lot nif claim your aeriont attention Remerahtr a tiiperfK - .ial cure is no cure at all ; tiniest Oiehj. fines - 1 i.iuituujr iniuc, jub win ceruinly hars Jie disorder break; out again with redoubled in lignity, ot some future period ; prrhan tlna will he too late for remedy. Don't yon often meet is tlie streets miserable, mutilated hcirtt - s. win,,... even a bit of rnvsc 00 their face i Take wamini Dr. ll's. character for skit) and stubborn rity being universally known in this city. smr. uuv,cMaitiurc it, imircnu' umi ueucocy and IS - i reryliitherio unknown, and having confined hit practice formr past, exclusively lothecureol iti'eascs nf tlie blood rystein, rhev mavtrelv..L culatc on the most decided advoctage in co,. SUII IIIR I - 'I . i I. Gleeti eradicated in twe or three weekil Slrictaret rcmoTod withon bougies nr any other instrument l find all debilities: Ii keviia nil old ulceration, fistula's Ki. A plurality ot rimes.! are prnricVd, and so titrated that paiiciits are not en posed tneach other1! observation. Open till half fast a in the eveninj;. All pei sons concerned are invited to be free 11 1 ailing, and sneaking with Dr. H. whir ti is ln of cotL And here the Doctor cannot avoid tlii cxprcnion of gratitude for innumerable recon - mendntiona, and lor the decided preference fit it rrcuiiit - d with just cause) lous eiven him br judicious public. is. is. aii loueri mutt ue pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 lv JVL11HKH VbJiCH t.kY JOH IMtVit - D,lt. EVAN'S' nip.'iB method ofcnrirg a cer. tain Disease, it now unirts. tally acknowledd inthii city ; his mode ortreitmenl it perfectly mild, tare, e rieaiuous. ana 1111 cuargrl reasonable. In every 11 - itance he warrants a car, and will return Uie pay if h does not perform agreiabl to contract. I l.b .lnrl..l . FA r ttlnWA I. I There are many persons in thi city and its vi cinity, laboring under vanom chronic diseases, such at cancers, old inveterate njcers, scrofula nr king evil, fistula, disease of the urethra, bladder ana nuinie, mu wuupuwuea compiainu nf a certain nature, biUout and Other oottrae - riont, riieumaliim, Ac. which Uiey consider incs - rable, lliey cancenrumy vn tureu tin generaii by apply inc at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 0. Peck - slir). havirut practised hi extetisiva hotpitalt in Europe 12 years, under tome of th first Snrgeonr - and rhysiciant in the world, and made those obatinate diseases bit constant study (r,t SO years. Oct It TCp The subscriber having recently retorntd from Ergland with an important improvement on the artificial spring LEG, he take this method of informing bit friends and the public, that all those who ar to unfortunate a te be In wanlot a leg, or arm, they ran be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. jTtnn l URvia. ffr WIIEATON It TS, Fi DA Fancy Chair Manafac turers, No. 133 Fultoo - street, opposite St. Paul unurcn offtr for talc, wholeiaei and retail, a large and elegant ts - tortrcent of Curld Maple, plain painted and Arna abated irrgold hronrp, Baoboo, Plain ami Gilt Balls, Hocking, Sawing, and Conversation Chair. Sofas, Settees, Loungrti, Music Stools, Ifcc Orders rrom any part 0! the continent execnira with neatness and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, pointed and ornamented, n.h 9 ' - JN'KTF DhESSLYG ROOM. J AFRUMENTO, No. I Wall - ttreet.M" . tamefhrom I'aly, has the honour loj"1!? the gentlemen, tliat he cutt and dietsei hairi" the latest lyle, and in mat rear so as to soop it to the phisiognoniT. He has f jr deJX ty of RAZORS of the first quality, .xWt not please on trial, the purchasers aie at nt" to retaraiem, and receive inemoucs - - likewise procured a very fir bone, ortiV,ij to restore rairors lo a vwy keen edge and shoura they not cut be will receive no recomi - r. v Those gentlemen who may please w bonorbim with their patronage, may depend 00 tb nw particular and respectful attendance. k fkniiemen naiuim;riiiv "j - ter will have Uieir rarors, Ac. kept xclave7 for themselves. ' , . . - ni P. S. A gvod jonmryman wameo. ' asahov. - rpilE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, jMFw - I . 1 n.r rtroadway. consisting extensive and choice collection of hitor) - . vels. vovaset. hio - raphy, romancaa, oiss taleVpl.,yN reviews, Pttgannr, e. sjataloeih; irny - - whichioprotorubscri:Ter,aUtual. . Ph4tl . . NEW - YORK: . INO. 41 PlC,STSltT. , .

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