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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 16, 1818
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'" vtitt i.nHin from the .brif Wood A nu. at Dier Ho. 1U last suser, "" 89 Soulh - treet. TfgY? f RANSLAllOfl OU HE BIBLE. DEDICATBll as r To Hi Royal HignneM the Prince Regent. A.S tbe 1st of March, 1818, wa published I I I n - Ann. in ouartO. once on demy. 16a mal 24 Pf f " translation of " '"HE HOLY BIBLE : Comprising the Old and New Testaments. BT JOH IEU1HT. ..ih,rni" Tims. Histnrvuf all Relieioos. benecessarv to inform the public, that u ,,...Utinn haa hero made from the original Hebrew sioca Use 12Whyear of Christ la the fourth centure Jerome made hii Latin vernoo from this Greek translation ; from which came the Latin Vulgate, and from tU Latin Valgati II ha Rurnnran Irnnilaliona hnve been mad thereby perpetuating all the error of the flri fntnilatora. To this translation will be added various note ; in which the translator, who ha for upwards of twenty years devoUd hi time to urn won, pieages niraseu o using mi oi.i".. - j from the original for any variation he hat made fmn f Ka I translation. The following reference are made to some of onr rant learned writer.. who were decidedly of ihl traaiktion of the scriptures wa absolutely neceswry : not only on account of the treat improvement i our lanjiuage. Din oe cause the translators have erred respecting thing moat ewential , . Werea version of the Bible eiecotcd in manner suitable to the magnitude of theutiderta kinr. anch a measure would have a direct tea dtney to estahlieb toe faith of thousand." Bp. Jl ewromo. ad accurate irsiisia.iuu, imoh.u and supported by tarred criticises, would quatb and lileuce moit of the oLiectwns of pert and profaae caviller" Bachrif' Sat. Clou. Frtf. 1731. Nothing wcold more effectually conduce to this end, than exhibiting the Holy Scrip ture themselves in a more advantageous ano iuit lieht. by an accurate revival ol our vulvar trantlation Dr. LtnethU Fuilaiion b. rmon Durham, 1758. 41 Tlw Vert ion now in use in many places doe not exhibit the seme of the text, add mistakes it 0l'iu.' hi an innnne n"ra bcr of instance." DurtWt Crit on Job, 1772. 41 Whoevereiamine our Vtrsio.1 in present use, will find that it i ambiguous and incorrect, even in matter of the highest importance." Frofes - tor Vjmondt' Obsrrtotiont on .lit expediency of renstng As present Vtmon, 1789. c Gnat wi - provementi ought no - .v be m.idr, became the He brew aalUreck Language, have petn mucn cu Uvaied and tar better uwlerstood, (inn 1600." A'ennieiif'i Lemarkl. ILe. 1 " It ha miitiiktn the true udn of ihu Hehrcw in nut a few plate. Do we not know the a.traD tnge commonly ti'.keri bv the eneuiiea f Here latioa. of triuioptiir.i in obiecUon olnusibly rai led asaioit the Divine Word, upon tlie hativof an ucjoui.d text or wrn; traiiilntioo ?'' Bla tuv'i trdtm. Due. to Jeremiah. 1709. Thi wurlt will probably be coicpritcd iu ten pari. OMC rW fKLECTED FAIBAOES, Shewing ihe coat riui httweun the old aud new Trantlation. OLl TRANSLATION. S KioK, v. 18. In thi thin:; the Lord pardon thy (errant, that when my nia.iter comeiii into the houe of Rimmoo to wonhip there, and he leanetii or my hand, aud I bow myielf in the houe of Rimmoo, tlie Lord pardon thy tervant in mi ming. Aon iii 6. ehullctil be in tlie city, and the ijom nam not done it : haiah ix. 3. Thou halt multiolied the nation and not increated the joy : they j y before tot e accorjiLg to the joy in narrett, aua a men re - joke when they divide the poil. I'rnr. xii. 4. 'J he Lord hath made all thine for himielf, yea even the wicked for the day of evil. I Sam. ivi. S3. And it came to pat when the oil ipiritfiom God wacuponSaol. f taiah vi. 10. Make the heart of thi people fat, and make their ear heavy, and hut their ey ; leat they aee with their eyes and hear with tbair ear, and aaderataud with their heart, and voovert, and be sealed. Gen. iii. 82. And tlie Lord God laid. Behold, ramaa n oecume a one of ua, to know good and evil : and now, leit he put form tin hand, and take aio of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever. Gen. vi. 4. There were giant in the earth in inofe oay. lb. ver. 6 And it repented the Lord thnt he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at mi bean, lb. ver. 14. Maketheeanarkof Gtpherwood roomi (halt thou make in the ark, and halt pitch it within and without with pitch. Cb. axivii. 3. Mow Itrael loved Joseph more than all hi children, became be wa tlie un of mi out age : ana a maae nim a coat oi many colour. Jer. iv. 10. Then (aid I. Ah Lord God, id re ly thon hast creatly deceived tbi people, and Jr.riM&iem, (hall have peace ; where - u the (word reacheth uoto the oul. Ch. ix. 7. O Lord, thou halt deceived me, and I wa deceived : thou art (tnnger than t, aodDdit previild. NEW TRANSLATION. In tbi tiling will Jehovah pardon thy (errant? When my lord came to the noute of Rimmon to wonhip there, then he leaned on my band, and I myielf worshipped in the houae of Rimmon : iocs I myelf worshipped in the houte of Kim - moo, win enovan, l pray Uiee, pardon tfly Mr vnt in thi thine i Shall evil be in the city, and Jehovah bathnot requited it? Tboa bait multiplied the nation, bait tbou not lncreaedtbe joy? tbeyjoy before thee according to the joy in ham it, and a men rejoice whea they divide the ipail. Jehovah h ith ordained all to aaiwer him ; thui no me wicaed ror in day of wickedne. Now it wa, whea the tpirit of God wa upon au I. 1 he heart of thi people waa made cron, alo hu ear heavy, and hi eye were turned atide ; leit be ihnuldtee with hi eye, and hear withbi ears, or ni nean mould understand, and return, and be healed. Thai Jehovah God (aid, Behold the man wa like one of m; with knowledge of good and evil; ii u9 win pq lonn i.u nana, ana take abo of the tree of life ; than be (hall eat, and live forever. The apoatate were on tlie earth in tbow'day. let Jehovah wa tatiihed that he ha made man on the earth ; though he idolized himell at ma heart. Make for thee an aik of the wood of Gopher; I'uuuniii wiqu anni maae in tne ak : there inoe Niait expiate, within and without, by atone mnt. ' . - . . Now lirael preferred Joseph, before any of bi us luraHjccenoronncelderMiip alter turn and he made for him a vetture of (application. Then I laid. Ah ! 1wH Jh.h ffrnlw t 4aa. elation thon bait detoiated thh people, even to leruialem. for taying, Peace (hall be among you: me (word reacbetb totbe aool. inouhait penuaded roe, O Jehovah : thai I u penuaded tboa bu ttrengthened ase, aad MtprevailedT ... jjic alien. . I SUBSCRIBER'S NAMES. - H. R. I. lbe Prioc Regent, 6 copies toe Queen gj Rcyd Hi - hne the Dike of York. Hu Royal Hlcttaeia Um Ihika of Kent. Hi Royal Hihoeii the Duke of Cumberland. noyai nibaeM the Uuke of Siimcx. Hu Royal Hirhoew the Dake of Caanbritlte. er R. Highnew the Prince AagnsU Sophia Royal HiRhnenUi Priacea EliaabeOi. Royal Hiehnea the Princxt Mary, "er Royal Highnem the Prince Sophia, nu Royal Highnen the luke of Glonceiter. ad "Bmro' Liit of Nobility, Gentry, SiiK19 B - WA1T" 805 9 pro,we Si kt - ucmi qaarin. wnicD in ioiidn n p be nrioted in Roatnn. on mnn i To oa - sub'cribexs, the A . ImnLM kM U" permitted to dedicate Qn, "" the Prince; Keseat. and a the ohiritvsk?0' nemerosj Kt of I thera tLtl Bn,.'T v T toe sobaetibers, I . It h i4nKs m.t ak. - a. . - s s' n""J aaa E.Mr . 1 , cecTiTsor. '""ciework. miiK.ta I 01 to rt OLLANO GleaifieuUpitrortbeOid - X a. ("P, loraaie oy ap 18 LE ROT, BATARD b CO. GtTLKVlAM'y SHAVING CASES. ' OCT" A tupenor anort' meo! of gentlemen' 8ha ring case, dreuing boxes, portable detki, travelling pouches with Ink stand ; i note work Boxes, morocco, mahogany, atin wood and malina leather, work boxe, ja - paued drmitnx cae,oic. for ale wboleiule and retail, by . SMITH DAVIKS, No. 151 Broadway. AIM. a general anortment of Perfumery and fancy article ( (having soap and liquid t tooth iwwder. patle aad lotion t milk of roe t lip - alve t cold cream I antique oil ; violet (having pewder ; pomatum ; plum and (tented hair lewder ; almond paste and powder; pearl powder and roue ; raxors, raior strap and paste s tor - toiie hetl, horn and ivory comb ; needle ; durable ink ; aalt of lemon ; tooth, cloth, shaving, nail and hair brushes ; almond, violet, olive, fes samine, palm, vernacular and other soap ( fruit knive? ; pen aud ocket knives : icitior ; noff - boxes ; hair pin ; and many other articles, too oumerou to mentioa. P. S. Great allowance to wholesale dealer. ep 16 f ILKORD and OWEGO ROAD LOTTE - IVI RY, authorised by the state of N. York and .Vetv - Jersey, will commence drawing tlie 5th ol May, 1818. SCHEME. 1 prize of 70,000 DOLLARS 1 35,000 DOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS t 5,000 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 500 DOLLARS 140 100 DOLLARS 3300 30 DOLLARS Only 10,000 ticket ; all to bu drawn in 20 days ; not x niaui. to a prize. STATIONARY PRIZES. First drawn No. 1st day, will be entitled to 45,000 do Sd do 500 do 3d do 1000 do 4th do o0 do 5th do 5000 do 6th do 500 do 7th do 100J0 do 8th do 500 oo Oth do 1000 do 10th do 500 do 11th do 35000 do 12th do 500 do i:h do 1000 do ' 14th do 600 do 15th do 700ii do Itith do 50u do 17th do 1000 do 18ili do 6(N) do 191b do 10 - 30 do 20th do 500 Present price of ticket and share : Whole ticket $32 1 Quarter $8 Halve 16 EighUi 4 But will advance before l!ie day of drawing, FOR SSLK AT. Unparalleled Lucky Lottery Offices, No. 133 Ifnadwav. Acw - rorlt ; sso. X poiiui inird street. PliiladtMiia : No 151 Market - street, Baltimore. Wi.ere the tol'owiog maguiScent prises, and the lament ever drawo in America have been sold iu the snort space oi 3 years No. 33J, $1 00,000 No. 14279. 1 0,000 19506, 10323, 11159, 19545, StXIl, 8610, 9138, 1791, 5781, ap!6 2t 30,000 3o,ooo 35,ooo 25,ooo to, 000 15,ooo 1 0,000 1 0,000 1 0,000 S0517, 15671. XltiO, 5747, 13471, 16943, 40611, 10631, 21474, ln,coo 6,oo 5.09O 6,000 5,000 5,oo 6,000 6,000 ' 6,000 RISE OF TICKETS. MILFORD H. OWEGO hOAD LOTTERY tickets will advance 00 opening the wneeii, wnicn win oe on 1 uesaay lorinicnr, 10m otMay) IOS34: until wmcn day x will pur chase a (ixieentn snare. Whole tickets, $Jt Quarters $8 Halves 16 I Kiehtlis Which may he obtuiiicd at Lottery Office, Au. 54 Maiden - lane. Two dollars may draw 4,379: four dollars may draw 8,750; eight dollars may draw 17,500 sixteen dollars may draw 35,000; Uiirty - twn dollars may draw 70,000 ! sixty four dollars may araw jiito.wu, at w ai 1 r. - a. Where has been sold in former Lotteries the following capital prises, none of which are of less denomination man iu,uuu dolls, vis. 4H'Ji 60,000 4S31 15,000 145H3 38706 65t 17794 13094 16653 41346 17199 n023l 635 2929 13648 7147 28785 . 6216 aiiym 4552 a36 - 284 2083s 40,000 34,000 3o,ooo 3o,ooo . 25,ooo 25,ooo 5,ooo 2o,ooo 2o,ooo 2o,ooo 2o,ooo 2o,noo So, 000 2o,ooo 2o,ooo 2o,ooo 15564 12875 18413 206.5 11115 36J9 3708 2277 7001 25403 3407 459 252J6 30097 3?C8 4713 9780 9I38 15,ooo 12,ooo 1 0,000 lo,oon 1c,ooe 10,000 1 0,000 10,000 lo,ooo lo,ooo lo,ooo 1 0,000 lo,ooo lo,ooo 1 0,000 1 0,000 1 0,000 10,000 1 0,000 2o,ooo J 16174 And a larse proportion of 7000. 6000. 6000. 4000, 3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, and 500 prises of luuuaoiis. eacn. Those marked thus were sold hv G. h R. " an in snares or tirkr.u. np 10 31 UNCURRENT Bank notes received at par at Giicies, 146 Broadway, for MLLvnan sue Owceo Koaa Lomat Ticksts, at S32 eacn. This lottery commences dnwinr on the 5th next month, at which lime the price of tickets wui dc je. iu,uuu tickets oniy. will oe completed m 20 drawings - cam rat rmuss. 1 Prise of 7o,ooo Dollars 1 of 35,000 I ollars 2 of 1 0,000 Dollars 2 of 6,000 Dollars lo of 1.000 Dollars 1st drawn no. 1st day 5000. and every days drawings produces capital - stationary prue and an average of from 8 to 10 capital floatmr prizes. - - Most kinds foreign bank notes will be re ceived as above tor these Talsjable chances. ap 16 4t t , . R. DE ANGEL1S, formerly pracUtioner of m - r meoicineiotnemi itarv tiosoitaisoi trip le, and admitted member of the Medical So ciety of New - York, where he ha resided since tlie year 1798, and hi reputation and turret in practice, is now established in the knowledge of tne rmblic by near 20 rears experience, contin ues to be coasvites! at bis office, So, iii Water - reet. opposite crane at ban. In Kheematic and Venereal cases. Dr. De An - gelis ba been wonderfully occefui ; aod the movt terrible effect of those disorder have fre quently foeeo cured by him ia a short space of. tuna wiinout inconvesKnce 10 ine paurou voiuuruoiM, ulcers in tlie throat and paiaie. atiflnca of the iranf. mini in the hmha. eruDfiou evils, anime from Deflect or improperly treatisg ine most insidious 01 nift indies, nave frit ea s as his mode of treatment in an almost incredi We maeuer. Hi extraordinary sacces is, u giat sneasere ttributahle to hi well kaown Aati - rbeomatic and AaU - SpUilic Syreo. whictt. Ftt lo.vigor, aod health, kPlo Jnt t A PRIVATE IVavfy of the first repectabfli(y, il wish to obtain two or three fenUeaaen permanent boarders. The situation is airy and central, fncesigbt dollar. Every atlcnboo will be need to mako them corn fort able and hap py. There m a handsome front room tarnished A line addressed to L. nicotine in 7 name aud where to be tbond, and at whut hour to be called on, leu at this office, will be attended to. ap16 3f For JiMHTZRD.iM, The Cast sailing brie; BELLE SA VAGE, has Uiree - fourth'i of hr cargo eugHged, and 1 intended to (ail on th 20th mst. I or freight small bulk, or passage, apply to J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap 15 At 7t Washington - street. i The fast sailing brig - TOM HA 3.ZAR1). Holdridce. master, burthen a bout 2400 bbt. Apply on board east side riy - raarxei - aiip, or xo nA 1 an araa t k nnw a M 11 w. (v guuursti .a A freight to Liverpool would be preferred. K TH fiAiltkatr - ksw ap ij For CfiJ RLEMVf, a. C. , The fast sa ling packet schooner L MARIA, Peleg Latham, muter; will sail on the 19th insU For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, west side Fly - market wharf, or to JONES it MEG RATH, ap 15 83 South - street. Ai The sub.tautial good brig THOMAS tinv.j uu, John Hall, muter, bur tlieu uljout 1100 bbls. and 1 in complbte order for sta. Apply to the master, 00 board, at pier no. 1 1, river, or to KEADE & DE rEYSTKR, np 15 1w 31 Old - slip, For AMSTERDAM, MThe fine last sailing brig KENTUCKY bf.i.i - r., uesnon, mailer, win sau ou Krulo, next. For paseo only, having excel - U - ut accomuindHtioos, apply on board at pier o. 6, North - River, or to G. G. H S. HOW LAND, ap 14 77 Washington - street For HAVRE, The fine coppered thip M ARIA - THE - jAtSU Ki.aA, fckiJJy, matter ; will positively swii on Sunday next. Forfreightof 60 baleicot - too, or pnsae, baviug good accomuioUtiou;, apply ou board, lower side of the Alb.tny Basin, . K. or to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, ap 1 1 77 Wajhingtnu - st rjp. Fvr - RE. v - ii The packet ship RUBICON, Hoi isKiiiidrcJso, master, has 2 - 3ds of her cargo 1 i'u Jv to go .111 board, and will sail about the 23d mutant, ror freight or passage, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE, 66 South - it, Who offer for sale, 29 tale prime New - Orlean cotton II hlids St. Croix mgar 65 pipes Catalonia wine 120 toot Swede iron 2000 demijohn ap 14 ting FARTHER. On Wednesday, 2?l intt. will he sold, without reserve, (lie briff PANTHER, as she arrived from Canton. 5aid brig was built ia MfcdforiL in 1815, by the first rate workmen, iu the best manner, and of the best seasoned ma terial ; is copper fastened, and was coppered 10 Liverpool with 30, 28 and 26 oz. copper, and rigged and fitted with a large armament in the moat complete and ample style Said vessel has delivered in good order near 600 tons of China goods, aod it is presumed rails as fast as any ves - 1 in the United .states. Her lengtn on deck 120 feet; breadth, 29 feet 9 inches; II feet inches bold, and 5 feel 6 inches between deck and meaiure 430 ton. For further particulars, apply to ROPES WARD, 44 Central - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1818. ap7 2w For Llt biFUUL, (To tail potiiitely ou the 1 - Zih init.) The fast sailing briir HOPE, Arnold master; can accommodate several passengers, hsving handsome accommodations, it applies ion is made immediately, on board at Pine - st wnari, or to GRISWOLDS c COATE3, ap 10 68 South streeL For bale. F. etsUI or Charter, The brig HAZARD, Littlefield, master, 150 tons burthen, single deck and well calculated for carry ine stock or litm ber. For terms, apply on board, at Peck - slip, or to JOSEPH UNBURN, ap 7 28 South - street, For Freight or Charter. Theschr PALATINE, Boyeiton, will take freight or charter for an eastern or southern port, if application i made immedi ately to VV.iJL.irl U GALLAGHER, np 3 66 Soith - itreet tor the EAST 1X1 l ES. . V a ,l CHIP KminJ . K 17 ... T iiiidies, will take 2500 bairels flour, or an equal bulk of era in. to Madeira or Tene - rifle, if application is made immediately, at 67 &ouii. - sireei, to ap 3 CAMBRELEXG & PEARSON, For JiUlALEand HLAKElY, The fait sailing regular packet scbr, SANDUbKY. Cant. Weeks. 120 tons, having considerable freight already engaged, will meet with despatch. For the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, ap ply on ooard west side uid - snp, or to (li 1 Si MLKKIUK, ap 1 29 Coenlies - slip, fronted to CHARTER, A staunch VESSEL, of about 250 .tons burthen. Apply to TROKES, DAVIDSON Si Co, ap 15 Iw 106 Freut - streeL PRESS'D HAY. " f( bondlei, in excellent order, for sale by JL ojf BARBARLV. STANTON h CO. ap 10 1 w 1 7 Kulfoo - slip II KOADCLO 1 HS U KEKSb MERES. MJ 4 bales assorted BroadcloOis 1 do do Kerseymeres, for sale low by J. M 'CRACK AN, ap 15 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - slreet 'LIVES. A constant supply of extra hoe, noe ana common H.urnnd Wire bene, lor saie oy CKBKA tc U vn.ti, p la 76 Pearl - street. L. Si C. 8UVDAM "VFFER for sale the following goods, which V nave oeco received oy tre latest arrivals. 6 cases steam and power loom cotton shirtings 5 do cambric niuslu.s, part undressed 1 do super lurnilure and balloon dimities 3 do counterpanes, part very large and fioe 3 boxes 5 - 4 Iriih sheetings 1 do 3 - 4 bird eye diapers 2 do 7 - 8 black linens 1 bale tinea bed ticgi Also, opeoed lor piece and retail sales, an as sortment of the above artidea. Al.i0, Irish hoen, lawns, tabic diapers Damask cloth and oapktns r.eo cam uric dimities Elegant 5 - 4 cravat muslins Lai&e Marseilles o, - iilts Ctstveud uki'e ditto and counterpanes Le merino and nankin ciape iliawls, of ea - rioos colon Meo'i and women's silk aad rottrm hosiery Cant net leal aitio crapes (ofijarUJ.) With a mMl aaaortnent ..f aooda. oo the i eaost favorable terms, at No. CI Maidea - lane j v . in at of A lin at I TftTROUGllT k CUT RAILS, assorted si - V V ms, (or sale b CEBRA ft CUMING, . . V Pearl streeL . ap 15 POTATOES - ) bushels English Foxite potatoes, raited by the subscriber, well known to be utrior to aav produced in this conutry for the table. 1 ersons wanting will please apply to stoiERT St. Sown, 71 South - street HUGH HARTSHORNE, ap 15 3t Railway, (N - aw - Jersey .) SIPERFINE BOLTLXG CLOTHS. Age - neral assortment of Hollanrl, warranted, Bollinr CloUis. of the first uualitv. at uiirnm. mooly low prices, hy Pl5St 82 1 2 Pearl - streel. AMAICA HUM. 26 puncheons high proot Jamaica Rum. I aod ine from brier Woodman. at pier No. 10, for sale hy TUUKfcK I.AIIUES, p 15 29 South - street. MUSKETs:. FOWLING PIECr.o. aic. FOUR - THOUSAND MUSKETS, and two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to deben ture. 4 boxes well anorled glassware 3 ceroous flotnnt Indigo and A few pieces superfine t loth, for sale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap 7 I m 72 W asnington - strn - t. 37 YIRUIMA WDALCO U. FLOUR. hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUE6', NEURON Si CLEEMAN, r et 7 II rvo. 72 wasniugton - st. XT EW iz ELEGANT FRENCH EMBROl J1 DER.Y, consiitine of, Spencers, Pelerines, Csnesou hVlouchoirs a In Vlerye, Collt - rettes, Garuitures, Bnndi, Sleeve, Frock, Robe, etc. just opened, and fbriale by VANDERVOORT& FLAN DIN, HI Broadwav. ALSO. A imali case of niperior white chip r 1 an, wmi DDuas, ai wuoicsaie or retail. ap 10 iw 8 IND! POINT GIN. Fine old and of excellent quality, Undinjr thi day at 6tevens' wharf, from on board sloop Nancy, and lor tRle liy VA KbAlUA, b PAN 1 61 CO. np 14 Iw 17 Fulton slip CAXTOjV and FRrJVVH GOUIJS. piilLimOOK A: PETERS, 150 Broadway, L have for aIc, 3 rates 5 - 4, 8 4 snd 9 - 4 Nankin crniie shawls 2 do Nankin crap. - , hlnck nnd au'd color 1 do figured do ; 1 do Convan do 2 do chow thou 1 do 7 - 4 black lilk shawli 1 do stout pongees, suitable for tailors 2 do col'd silk thAwls, I do blkcaniblet 1 do 4 - 4 hdkK with bnrder 2 do rich ligM lustrings and satin 1 do figur'd levantines, 1 do green do 1 do colored and black do 1 do double Florence, 1 do chenille cord 2 do fringed satin ribbon 1 do tafffty do ; 1 do. plain black do 2 do eleg't garniture do 5 - 1 2 1 do linen cambric and camhiic hdkf 1 do kid glove, 1 do beaver do 1 do levabtine and dnmaik ihawl 2 do best black Italian crape Elegant lace and edging, VVitli a cencral aisortinant of French nnd India Good. ap 13 Iw BEaVER HATS. JOHN FORD has just received and is now opening a large assortment of London and American Beavers. Castors, Rorams, aod Chil dren's Hats ; all of which he is now offering: for sale at hi wholesale aod retail nai store, no, 17 Maiden - lane. ap 14 tm I RlbH LINENS, 5 - 4 SHEETINGS, LONG A LAWflS, tic. 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linen . 7 - tt ball bleached ditto , 7 - 8 Lawrte, "Ml Dowln 7 - 8 Linen, in half pieces 5 - 4 Shirtings ; 3 - 4 Diaper 7 - 8 Grev Lawns: 3 - 4 Brown Linen. Received per laiest arrivals, and are offered for ale 00 reasonable term, by THOMAS SUFFERN, apl31w No. 6 Depeyter - treet, IRENCH & GERMAN crapes. No. S6 GOODi. Black Sattins for hat lining, Virginie, silk cords, Fancy ribbons, black lustered tafieties Green bordered do. kid Si silk gloves Mens fk womens silk hose, black galloons Drap de soie, common snd superfine Tapes and bobbins, cologn water. For sale by DAVID SCI1ENK, sp 13 Iw 77. 1 - 2 Pine - street. I AMAICA SUGAR Ai RUM. 10 hhdi. Su si gar and 6 puncheons Rum, received per brig Woodman, from Port Maria, Jamaica landing I f . , 1 1 f . ty e I tuis day at pier no. iu chi iviver, lor saiv ny READE It DE PEYSTER. ap 15 Iw 31 Old slip. 400 MALAGA WINE, Ire. Quarter casks sweet Malaga wine 150 boxes Muscatel raisins, and 19 ceroons almonds, now landing at Dover street wharf, from schooner Dash, for sale by STEVENS St MACTIER, ap 15 7t - 157 South - it. TOLTINU CLOTHS. A fresh supply 19 lust received, of the most approved quality and all the different numbers of 5 - 4 and 6 cloUis, which will bediiposcd of a low as any of equal quality are sold in this city. The subscriber will warrant their answering Ui purpose for which he recommends them, be. ing determined to sell none but the best kind. ROBERT HOW!K, aplS D6t&C2m 256 Pearl - it. TO LET. The dwelling part of the House No. 148 Broadway, calculated tor ooarninr - nouse ana now occupied as such. For particulars enquire in the store. ap is si art - FOR SALE. kiSlE Ffeht lots of eround pleasantly situated on die north side of Stanton - street, and extending from Essex to Norfolk - streets Also, four loU adjoining thereto, and fronting ou Essex - street, each lot beioE 25 feet front and rear, by 100 feet depth. There twelve lots may be purchased a verr moderate erice. for cash, and if not dis posed of at private sale before the 7th day of May, tbey will on that day besoidatpunnc Auc tion, et the Tontine Cche House, at 13 o'clock, hy BLEECKER& B1BBY, with whom a map tlie around is leit, for the inspection ol tnose bo may tie nispowd to purchase. ap 15 troay TUE ART Oh' StVlMMLYG. 1 W. GALLAUDET,49lu:tnn - lrt,h . inprew, THE ART Or SWIMMING series of practical instruc tions, 00 an ori'innl nnd progre.tre plan, hy wruh the art of iwim minr may be readily attained, with every i.d vantage of power in the wMcr. Accceipanie. witli twelve ropper - plate eagrarings, com pi i, sing srrnty - ix appropriate figure, coTectiy exhlbit'ug nud elucidating the action and alti tude, in tsv - rj branch of that laoluab'.e art To axet - iee of swunnan: is one of the mot haallhy and gr - bble in tne woild rFrnk - . Hy J Fmrt. war year trarv r ol th? art NniPngfnm. Ei Jland. To whi. b added, T. Frar.k'ioN trwalisi , also, some anec. totes re - ,ertin swituming. Copy - fight secored. p li iw i:l.RK wamted. W" ANTED, in a wfc - le - lo dry good store, as c'.jrlc rwrsoo who wniea a gonu haod. and b perfartly qualiiUdto take chaige fasalorbeok krr4 by douoie eoinr. Lan addrewl to D. 1 B. at this of&re, with refers of chrscUr a4 capaUlay, will sneet wiUi ers ro f this pl5 4t wsAasdiateatteatioa. . ap 13 vr T CONCERT ami BAI.f. J . HEWITT, respectfully tu ij .... t his friends and (be piiblic, thit hi Lonctu u.l take place on iiMtrstlay next, April letri, at tr.e uity Hotel. Lead of lb orchestra, Jrlr.UewitL PART 1st. Overtare Lodoiika Kreutser Sor,(No, eo, no, through the woods I cannot stray; miss cooraa Variaiions on the piano forte (Hope told a 8t - teriug talel Miss Hewitt, accompanied oa the flute, by Sir. Kinsela. Soug, (soltly sleep uiy baby) Mi Hewitt. Favorite Andante (toe upnse) Haydu. Song, (Her (niihng rye) - Mr Keene ; composed expressly for him l y Mr. Aloraa. Concerto V .nonet, bv Mr. Pbilipot, from 1 be kind's Theatre, Loudon ; hi first appearance here. Echo Duet Miss Hewitt and Mr. Keene. Glee, ( Where shall the lover rest) Miss Hewitt, olr. W'ilsou and sn amateur. Contt. - to piano forte (Cramer) Mil Hewitt. PARTI. Grand Double Concerto for 2 piano forte Mi Hewitt aod Mr. Schorer, lately from Europe, 6rst pf - rlnrmance. S"iig, (when stern oppression) Mis Conrad. llungariun Walts, with variutica on the flute - Mr Me line. Song. (The young on of rhivalr)) - Mr.Meline. Pot Pourri, lor a lull orcLestra, rompoied hy J. Hewitt, in which will be introduced the favorite air ol U ihin Aduir.on the kent bugle Song, (Youog Cupid (tole where Flora) Miss Hewitt. Glee, (Here in cool grot) Mix Hewitt, Messrs. Wiliou, Holloway, and Amateur, MillUftto Pleyel. Soug, (The cabin boy) Mr. Keene. Ha)dn's celebrated tare well overture, in which the orchestra take their leave ot tlie audience. After which will be a ball. Tickets, 1 dollar eurh, to be had at Dubois' mutic store ; Oood rich's book store Broadway ; W ilson's and O rib's music stores, Maiden - lnoe ; i. Howilt'i Muiiral Repository, 166 1 - 2 Williatn - aL ; and Riley's music store, Chatham street, ap 13 STEAM - BOA I' FIKE FLY. fjy - Tin htiat will commence running lioitveen New otk nnd .Newliureh, ou - j - t iierony. tne inn April. he will ituvcAtw - York every Tuesdsy, Thur - day mid Snturdu). at 9 A. M. nud Newt urph on Monday, Wednetday and Friday, at B A. M. ap 1 1 OLD MAD MB A It'lAK AT AlJCTiOA. WILL be old on Friday the lrih current, nt 12 o'clock, by HONRS & TOWN, In front of their auction room 20 pipe. 3 lilies, and 1 qr. cask choice London particular Made - ria wise, from 5 to 7 years old. wan anted pure as imported, having' never been out of the im - porters posessinn. Dealers and private indi viduals will have an opportunity of supplying themselves with irenuiiie, Inch flavored Made. n wine, fit for immediate use. Samples may be seen at the auction 100m two days previous to the day of sale. ap 13 SUNDAY fcCHOOL ADDRESS. THIS day is published and fur sale by T. Si J. SWORDS, No. I0O IVnrl - street, price l - t l.rilfcr, 4 IIV UVIIIill, WHIIllUJ "Vliw. considered : in au address, delivered nt the anni nt i A . II 11'k. . - knr.l versary meeting of the SurKlny Schools, in union with the New - York t'rott - stnnt Episcopal Sunday School Sotietv. in St. Paul's Chapel, on Wed - neidsy, the Si it day of December, 1 8 1 7, by John Henry Hobart, D. D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Cnurch in the state of New - York, and Rector of Trinity Church. To which i annexed tho first annual report of the hoard of, managers of tlx New York ProUiitant Episcopal buiiday society." , ap U SOOTHKRSJ PISTRICT Ut SIW - IOSS,!!. LIE it remembered, That on the second day LJ of Annl. iu the fortv second y eur of the Imie. nendencc of the United State of America, Wil liam Johnson, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the riant whereol he i bums as author, in the word and Dgurei tol lowing:, to wit : " KeiKirts of cases adjudged in the court of Chancery ofNew - Yarki by William Johnson, Counsellor at Lnvr, voL II containing thei - nses fmm January, IUIO, to September, IUI7, inclu sive." fn conformity to the act of the congrets off lie United state, entitled. An set lor the rnroa rai;emiit of learning, hy securing the copies ol maps, charts and boobs, to the authors and proprietor of inch enpie durlnr the time therein mentioned;" and also to an act, entitled, "An art, supplementary to an act, entitled, au act for the encouragement of leamine, hy securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the auihors and proprietor of uch copies, daring the time therein mentioned, and extending tlie ueneui thereof to the arts of desienincenrravinx. and etching historical and other prints." Clerk of the southern district of New - Y ork. ap 13 4w t'OR Sale. A FIRST rate fast trotting Horse, and a fast ionablc Gig, but little used. Also, light neat one horse wsggon. Ap ply to I HO VI A3 II. THOM AS, ap 13 10 William street atrX TO LET. WiH To small genteel family, part of the thrae - slorv brick house. No. 34J lireeowicli - il. corner of JVovos t - street, with a separwle kitchen and cellar. jiquire on toe premise. ap 13 A Sli'UAI'IONiuacouuting - houie, oiokar'i, XX. lottery - olhce or auction store, 1 wauted by a middle - agsd married gentleman, who is well calculated to give interaction in any of th above lines writing a good hand, lieing good accountant, and possessing the French, Cvmar, and Italian lanruares. The best references and recommendations can be riven. fry A lme addressed to F. S. and left at this office will be promply attended to. apI4 3t s T DRY GOOD MERViiAIS. A YOUNG man well experienced in business, IW wishes to engsgs hinuelf as salesman to wholesale Dry Good House, or to respectable retail house, as he ha perfect knowledge of each branch of that trade, both from msny years experience in ruirland and in thi country I be moat respectable references can be given Ap - plications by not addressed to T. II. A. and left at this office, will meet with immediate attention, p 14 3t TV I I L'T triil A convenient two story hoose, pleasant ly situate. I 10 Charles - street, Greenwich a dcsi rable resideiice for cartiono or mechanic rent low. For parucolar euquire at No dv Mnrray - tret. ap 14 tf GKEEN HOUSE PLATS. ?OR. al', tlie entire tock ol aimall and com - r nu - lA Green Houe. consislmr of a variety ol native and esotic Plants, in excellent rder. Also, tome very Doe Lemon, urargc na freer, in lull hearing; iney win ut or eprate. , M . . The house, confairiog tfie plants must tie taken down, on account of tfiegicaiid on which It tanrfi being h 'ed lor oUier rmrposc. win also be sola bsrgsir.. m AJt ,,'J ' , ',unsni inuoui..i, Comer of Lilerty aod Nassau etrtet sp 143t HOARD H AJTl ED. a o I wiui hub wniiiuu, 1 rx. wisiies fo (.ntaiB ooera i - sr aooui six weeis, frees the let May. i hse with bt i fess borird would be wjI fwtee - ible,' with on or 1wo tips, and rw4 on rV than hair a mHi frowt tbe ntioe CouVe Hoes Addnss W. F. O. at rffice, stating litaslion, lernu, tzc apisJt CF.r. EEL bOARDING. ' T 1WO gi uiltTTK - c may be accommedated with . bonrd imnwdiatrlv. on rcisoa ible term. rod a gentleman and his wifer from the Crt of, y, can txccowmoCated with a large, plea - saot nooi ud voire, try ppiytag at ft. 49 Dry street. Xe mpl51w - str will be tr inr d Oo a MARBLE FOR BUlfiX,, kc J ersilaV4lk W S S aV Wk. - f ) wm Hp HE proprietors of the sootberq marble qua uaroie qua Vice, that - Sv. nas, near Kiog'i - Sndge, gr iney nave oa band, and are r. , ai m FmgU liridge Jharblt end i - vmd, Qonf licach - strset, on the II - jsoa river, an cx'.cav i stock of marble tor buiUing, of the following iis - senpuor s, vis t Ashlar Coping , Fcuodation Stone Chimney - lleces. Facing Column " - " WsUrlabl Step PUuonns Sills, Lintel Aiches Alro Lime oftha best quality. o Zy A cons Lint supply of Uie above material may be calculated U(n ; and thote deiiou ef p - tfcbasiug, or luakuig eupij;emenis, will apply to L2RA LUDLOW, Feb 11 AtUteYard. bECO.ND WARD. JIT The Federal KepuMicun Elector of the second ward, are requested to attend niae'ieg at Hodgkinsou' porter house, corner of Nassau snd Fulton - street, on Thursday eveuinr, 16th mutant, at 7 o'clock, to hear the report of the committee of nomination for charter offices for the ensuing election. ap 15 NORTH RIVER &TF.AM BOATS. ffc"r For the accommodation ol the members of the Legislature of thi tnle. the kicbmobd steam - boat will leave Aew - Yoik for Albany on Mondiiy morning. 20th init. ut 9 o'clock, to be in attendance, outiie adjuurnment 01 the house, previously to tier entenugon uie regular line. ap!5 REMOVAL. 07 N. SMITH DAVIE3 has removed his chemical petfuma manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north - of Li - berty - street, on the west tide of Broadway. nun 27 NOTICE. . 07 All persons having demand against the estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to send their account to tlie office of the lulnctiber, No. i Nnnau - street. - , PETER JAY MUNRO. Mh 27 1m Administrator. IV Two shares in the New - York Library society, FOR SALE, price $25 each. Euquire at no. 124 Broadway. mb 20 AO'l ICE. ftj" The subscribers having received a general in. si); niti 1 nt ol all the eitatc of John Murray It fcmi, for the benellt of creditors as expiesea iu the ititigniiient, hnve autlmriscd feter Ludlow to liquidate the unrettled accounts end to receive pnjint i.tol all debts due tu the said firm, or to the individuul partners who will attend to the same at his ollke, No. 1 1 1 Pearl - itieet. - WILLIAM BAYARD, feh24 tf I1ENRY BARCLAY. notk;e. 0r The subtvrihers have fcrmrd connection for the purpose of trnnsactinit Commiisloa Buiincss, uuJtr the firm ol S. and T. WHITTE MORE, nnd will for tl.e prcHnt do buiioessat No. CO South ai d 129 I'eail - streeK and will conituntlv keen for talc a reneral anortment ef Cot tun nud Woolen Cauls, of the manufacture of the title New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, per scbr. Sandusky, from Mobile, nnd lor saie. u nnie lie r cams 1 21 sacks bnake Root of prime qual. - S do Btuwux, BAM L. WH1TTEMORE, p 2 1m TIMO. Will TTKMPRE. rXJ - Mrs. GALLOP having taken the house No. 21 Hroadway, now in the occu.ney of Mr. John I. Glover, ott ers from the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. The pleasantness of tlie situation needs no comment. mh 24 tf . WES PERN CANAL COMPANY. (T A dividend of dve and hulf percent, on the Capital Stock ol said Company, will be paid to the Stockholder on the 1st of April Apply to Barent Blrecker, Esq. Alhtiny, t 220 NVil - liam - itrevt. By order of lbe direclnrs. THOMAS LDDY.. Treasurer. mh 16 1m (Tjr Copartnership. The aubscribers have entered inm C'op;irincniliip in thesrrocen' bu siness, under the firm of A. 1 S Snnlii, at No ICS Front - slrcct. ABRAHAM SMITH, ap 11 Iw elEI'IIEN SMITH. IUJ1.KAW AY Tl'KNPlKE. (tfy Notice is hereby Riven lo the Stock Hot - iicrs, n uiv hhbj 1 urniav w.uiaiij, mui an election for the clmtu ol Direttois, will be I !. . , . t J l. . . . . . T . . ! I. . a. . L . . held ut Smith ILcki'il avern. Jamaica, on Saturday the 2d day of May, at 12 o'clock. By or der of the President, sp it iw jmiiTl A. KirMii, Decry. NOIICU fry The society lor iixtrudinir the Deaf and Dumb meet this afternoon, at the Mayor's cUkc, at 4 o'clock. p!3 JNO.B. SCOTT, Serr'y. Engineer Drphrlmtni, rJfuuii, i pnL 18 a w annexion, um A ft7" Proposals will f received at tl.i De partment, until first Auguit next, to furbish by conliacl From one to ix million ol brick From one tot wo 1111II1 ins of cubic feet of huil - ding done From ten thouend trfiiiy thousand bu - hclsof stone lure. . To be delivered in cnod order at Mobile, Lfike Pontciiartruiu, River Miiiis - ippi. nnd Lake Ba - rstsria the time when Ihr first del ieiy can lie made, and the quantity which can lie delivered in each month succeeding the first delivery, muit be stated with the terms. Pr',p"als will also lie received for fmm fmy tooni hundred carpenten ; for from one hundred to one hundred aud filty mnn ; and from ttvo hundred to three handred labore:, to pr'vi. - c d lo Mobile and L' oifiana, to construct buildings of various ilescrij tionial the hefoie mentioned pla ce. It would l prrieraiue 10 have iik maims, carpenter, and laborers furniilied ami ,u ompsn - led hy master worxmen. Arracgcw:nif w.iu b mad tormnlov tlw nersons t nz H rd t" ee - cute the work, irom July to Norrmho, t i:m ie positions embraced le Uie heiore meniit ru n pla ces, which border upon tbe Gull ot .!ei..o Emtueemeiits would nut be maile for a ahfliter period than eight m - iothi. Sali:t.cory i uniy would le reouired for the fHitliluJ p. Kowam e of any contract that may b mie 'I be leisns upon which wnrl manslnp J"f K"'"d ler' - formed, must be st - t.Mi iu h'1P!,.V1,:,.. Prirsdier Grn"ral and Chirl Ij.'rineer. Tlie prints r of I' Ponl - nd 1 e f'entin. I "d Tal.t ,V . Gnivt'e, D. M.; fhe t entincl "d 1 ant .v ' r' I " r - vc uiea; out and tne t olumman, .n ior; h.ii,mi - minw4l'h, i'lttiW'; ., ; .n. ; mo itepir;er, vtinrtoti. Ken.: n I W ItHX. - tte, iw.Or - i ni. J iii plerM so i tne Hi' - eoiric bi'gi,ir foe one sn inward dcouuis lo the f inn peer i)rpar6ii,H. - tpl31 OXy AiI3S t&ir? having tssxi the plea.uatly sitem.ed nnuae No. 13 .orth Moore - - ret, iniurms Ivr friends that she ielendr re - niosii f ihe - eon ( a - frt oflny oi xt, unci on the fnunh will rm ready to receive yc.isr.e ladies, either a boarder or day set - o'.ars. The vatiou brr.nrhe of useful aod orarmmil'il Edncatiorl, l et, - uelil bonsi ter usual sertis, which may kn ia by lytilyuig at No. 66 Jobn - strett ap 14 KK tfL FOR SALE, , 4 , , rt niivi lAinf uw . - i iikuh. C )un'i - of Uiustsdr. This Irirm be 00 th hu'. 01 a lake, aij rj:bin a m - .ie of a Sourlab - aod tieautiTuI fit. - i? Ou it are aood farm house, barn, fcc.nlfoa inrre and well nuiRdwel leig hoyse, entirety bew. T be situation 01 the eeiliog hnose for b nuty ef prospect, Ac. iur - pesred by fev if sy other srites for baddng ia the interior of tbe. state, l be owner intending resuovirgto New - York, will sell this property for tew Ibse feet, npoa a loog credit oa good fs - cerity, or wiA exchacg it for iaada, goods, tc. For lunr rarticalar, enquire of - w , , H.J),kH, SEDGWICK, Ecn. . L w Luildins Naisaa - sUeet. w - Yotlt. pUPla Ctf

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