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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 16, 1818
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V 71 V. , From Ik London. Slar, 1 - LINES.. Oa .searing Out th plant called tb " MyasoU . Arveossk arliirgM ," was grown w tb plain of Waterloo, auiar th battle. Thar b flow'r, who op'ninj bloom, ' 8nmi softl v o'er th hero's grav ; ' Whose trembling leaf, and wet parfum, Denote th dwelling of the brave. Ko ora b there, that littl flow'r, Alooe ramkiiM their won to Ull. How oft they bled in battle1 bouri , r How valor fought, and pmdeoce foil ! Sweet child of tpring, thy modest head ' Wu bora to grace ubi happier spot ,. Ad J wilt thou bloom among the dead, ! ( And only my "forgets net. w ; I would not leave thif plain of rest For brighter kb and mUderclimwt ' Here I repoM oa honor's breast, Utunev'd by fear, unttain'd by arime. At midnight oA the orphan eteab . O'er melopoarthemcredteari Aw!wMehbbejfatbrobtrin;fce fl kaw kb parent'. grar m bar. AadAantlearethenero'itomN Or meek the orphan! tender wo r 5o! traujr, I wa born to bloom . Wbera itiwami of wklow'd torrow flow." Guard of the aid - night hoar, farewell ! 8'ull o'er the tlnrab'ring warrior wax i B miue the eacred task to tell The charou that tmile on jbrj'i rare ! ' Farther extract from London paper to the fint of March, received at tbia office by the Tom . .' Haard from Liverpool. A LONDON, Fb. 17. ." We preeeot this day another ntmp from the American president to both bootee of concrete. .' It betrays, ander the tamo plausible coloring at bat on the meeting of the legblativ bodies, the tame ambition and thint for the extension of thr territorie of the United State At artifice, ' however, it g eoerally marked by tome inconai - teucy, the mesng say,"" adverting to what it til, "injuries" atUndiog the proceediniri on Amelia bland, while in Duotenioo of the bide - . pendenta. that " Spain would b retponiible, if St wu not manifest, that, although committed in the latter ktstaac through her territory, the wae '. - nUarty unable to prevent them,' yet in the ve - , ry mme paragraph there to the following pas - ' aagei To a country over which the (Spain) failt to maintain her authority, and which the permit - to be converted to the annoyance of her beigh - ' bors, her joriidiction for the time neceemrily ' ceaiH to exiit The territory of Spain will, ne - vertheleet, be retpected, o far at it may be done consistently with the eNential interest and talc - ty of the United State." How, how can Spaio be said to permit what be b M utterly unable to prevent ?" But more i meant than meet the ear, m thi tpeciou but ' intidioai pea age. Doe not the government of . the United State tract itself into a judge, and almott pam sentence acainet Spain by anticipa tion f But the deep and ambitious design of - toe American government are to be found in lb 'conclusion of the above, extract " the territory of Spain will be retpected, so far at it may be done coaaittenttv with the aeaential interetta and eafety of the United State and who i to Judg and determine the point but the American - coveniment, which it to bejudce and jury on the occasion? Thitie exactly of a piece with ' the doctrine laid down in the opening speech of the president, which import, that when tne wanU of one ttat require tne possessions or an . other, it t lawful to eeiae them. Indeed Ameri ca hat begun to practice thi doctrine in toiling Amelia Island without duo pretensions. LONDON, Feb. 19. Tb Journal of the Low Countries coo tains the fallowing siorular narrative t M Soma day ago a corate in the toburbt of Louvaine, wu teat to fulfil the latt dutie with a tick person. Having dMcharged thtra, be returned to hi own habitation. It was night. In patting near a houie, be perceived a light, and the door open. He entered, and what wa hit surprise, at eeeinx a bloody corpse stretched neat the entrance. He racognjsed it to be the tody of the mmter of the house. A little farther he observed that of hi unfortunate wife, killed in the tame manner. At length ty - the assistance of a light he discovered in the chimney - place leg, which appeared to be in motion by the effect of convulsive movement. It wa the Ctmale servant Mispendod by the neck, in the latt azouie of death. He hattended to cut the cord, and with much difhculty restored her to the use of the senses, tie mterosaUu the girl respecting the circumstances of this horrid deed : ah hesitated for eom time to give any explana ., lion. At last she told the curate, that the prin cipal author of the assassination wu hi own nephtw t the gave such an account of him that the curate could not mttconceive her description, and also described the villains that accompanied him. Furnished with thi IntbrmaUon, the cu ' rat pursued nit way to hi own residence t but resolved to cause his nephew, with the murder art, la be arrested. Before he reached home he applied to the mayor, declared to him what he had teen and heard, and requested him to assiit him by every mean which his function would admit of, to succeed la hb ''m. The mayor with much prudence, employed the measures necessary in inch a cat ; and having arranged the plan with the curate, the latter returned home. He there found hi nephew, who ap "peered watching for hi return. I have had a ' painful visit," said be to him, " and I want com refreshment, go down into the cellar, and bring me a bottle ol wine, that we may partake of it." Toe nephew besttaled, and endeavored to per auadebt uncle, that be would do better to go to bed, " WeUtheu, I will goto th cellar my - aelf," raid the curate, " since you fear to put yourself out of the way to do me a service." In effect he rose to execute bis design, when the no - ' phtwMvitbaa oagemem accompanied with ex cuset, told him he was going to do what he de sired. He descended, . but tcarcely had be en tered, when the curat closed the door upon Mm. h nephew thought at first, that it was only a trick, but soon after the mayor arrived wun aa etoert, and the cellar door wa opened. Tbey fouod there the nephew with fifteen brigands, companions of hb crime. They recognised them to be the individuals that the aervant had described. They were disarmed, bound and conducted to the neirhbourinr prbons. COPLNHAGRN, Feb. 3. A bip, insured at Hamburgh, was lately stranded at Kanoe, on the coast of J utland. On dbr har - ias: the cargo, in order to get her afloat, they dicovered that the balee and cask coo - tained uotliiug but - and, s - eoes. aad straw, in. lead ot merchandua. The captain aQ4 crtw were utaaadialely arrested. A mm u th. ..... en, who reside at Aarhut, received mfnrmxtioa of the circumstance, thev absconded. Th. nr. go was iaured for SaOOOrix dollars (tM.OOOt) ffEfF.rORK EVEXIXQ puST. THURSDAY, APRIL 16. Thrrtm Rudd.U Is stated in the National . Intelligencer, of last Tuesday, that Theroa R idd, late Clerk of the District Can - t of the Sc'tnern District of New - York. ho has been reported as a defaulter to a considerable a. due, in .it bud most from the teer which taken tu In hw mark money every down tome be will " als, which ed, will men to men they of im. the the we will not of a and ha to the m, nffrrmr hb immediate indemnity or pay . . hle portion of the amount and to pay the rcmai - dcr by toftataent. - The Pitttborg Bank wnk we mentioned yee - urday ae having been robbed, wae, we leer., 0Vd by mean. of fcUbkeya, and ahautneM WeVeeaya.canb.aeTtained, note of the Bank, taken herefrom. . VatvabU frfTUAif Hunter tailed from Charleston, for Liverpool, on the 6th Inetnnt, 800 bal of tea - bland and 180 bale of p cwtton, mvoiced at 147,900 dollar j the valuable cargo erer shipped from thai port. The British brig EnUrprite,i berpemage Trinidad to Charleston, wa boarded on 17th uR. off the Mono Passage, by tb prira - schooner Brutes, Austin, ux week from Amelia bland, with a 8pnnieb brig in company she had captured the day before, and out of her 45,000 specie dollar, betide a quantity of cocoa, coflee and indigo. The Bra - intended to (end her prixe to the blind of Margerelti. USURY LAWS No. II. hb second number, Oldschoot professes to tb nature of intereet. After a few re upon bb statement of the reasons, why 1 loaned at 7 per cent, b conclud M that rezulatinr the price of loans b not liable to those objectien which lie against fixing the price of other commodity." When a man lay premise and from those premise draw a conclusion, w may fairly suppose, that there is connection between the premise and the conclusion. And if the premise are proved to false, the conclusion is not true. The remark! be examined in order, and it is confidently believed that they will bo found either untrue or inapplicable to the question. Nit first remark that (ha capital to be loaned b in fact the urplut capital ol a country." It might be more proper to say it b the turpi ut capital of individu or rather, it is that part of a man's capital, he can get a greater profit for when loan than wbeo vested in any other way. Men not loan money when business b profitable, merely because they are rich ; unlet they can benefit themselves or oblige a friend. Some indeed will not attend to business but prefer live on the mterest 01 their money But these will net loan their money for 7 pr cent vVhen can obtaio S and 10 per cent in the stocks Therefore hb first remark prove that the rate mterest depend upon the quantity of money market to be loaned, ami also upon the dividend of stock. We perfectly agree with when he observes in hi second remark that honesty of the borrower b not to be calculated in the premium, and w certainly think it most valuable part or his zu number, and expect, that in return for our politeness, fa agree with us when we observe that it b entirely inapplicable to the question, and doe not prove any thing in mvor or the usury law. if:. ilL4 1 , . : ' - ills uum 1 ciumi m. w wuai ranuiiua wiiusu&ntj car, lie observe "that in price or loan hat the tame tendency to fluctuate, which other article have." The reason hs adduce in favor tbU position b, " that the demand for capital, walla it value, increases with it abundance diminish with it scarcity." And a little after, "any person may observe that a business become brisk loan are easy and yet much sought, and as it become dull they are more difficult but are sought less." la thi particular loans diner rrom other com modltie, by having the increase and demand always increased by the same cause." This, if true, b decisive. But tliii b a mixed proposition, and Oldtchool so confounded troth and falsehood In one sentence, Uiat it will require some investigation separate them. When business b brbk money b wanted bf every merchant, and trade being profitable the rale or interest is high. Credit indeed is good, and consequently, in some measure, supplies the place of capital. But money b wanted at the end of the credit to enable the merchant to make good hb engagements. And almost every per son bring induced, by the great prouts, to con tinue in trade, the call tor money is greater than can be answered, and consequently the rate of interest it r.izh. On the other hand, when buii nestb dull, if lending is not haiardous, the rat of interest is low, in consequence ol tho (mail profit of trad j but if it b hazardous and meat daily stop payment, then the rate of interest i high, because money i much wanted to enable the merchants to make good their engagement auil monied meu will keep their principal lineal ployed rather than hazard the principal io loans to trader in a tottering condition. If tins ttate ment be true, and we can God no objection to it, the price of loan does fluctuate. It bears a di rect ratio to the briskness of business and the hazard of lending, and an inverse ratio to the quantity of money to be leaned. Consequently, whatever causes a greater quantity of money to be brought into the loan market, u we may so express ourselves, will decrease the rate of interest. We shall hereafter consider the effect of usury lawt upon the rat of interest by keeping the loan capital out of market. We have examined these remarks with can - dor.and we draw an entirely different conclusion, believing that regulating the price of loan b liable lo all the objections, which may be urged a - gainst fixing the price of other commodities. In onr next number we shall examine the reasons adJaced in favor of the usury lawt. MERCATOR. Frem tht JV'afisnof Iniftligeneer, April 14. The bill tor the admission of Illinois into the Union, having passed the Home of Representatives by a nearly unanimous vote, and been ordered to a thiid reading in Uie .Senate by a larre majority, it pastaee into a law may be regarded a morally certain. Thus will be added to the Union another State, making the twenty - first in the Confederation. The number of acres of land in the state U estimated at thirty millions, being abjut one fifth larger than the ttate of Ohio it present population at forty tliousand, but increasing with unexam pled rapidity. The unanimity of the vote with which this state is admitted into the association of states, mutt be biirhly acceptable to the people of that territory, and. w should think, cannot fail of producing those reelings or coraiaiuv to ut atster states, wnicili is wcii caicuuieu vo excite. Yesterdar. about t o'clock, the new flag of the United Mate wa hoisted on th flag - staff of the house of representative. 1 hb i th first flag that has been mad sine th passage of th act tor altering the banner ol the nation, it was made id rvew - York. ander the direction m tne gallant cant Rd, lat commander of th pri vateer bsfMral - Armstroog. The stars are TO u nuDDer, and so disposed a to sons on great star ia the centre of a blue field. Th stripes are 13. The law on thb subject, goes into ope nuoa o ne 4 lb aay or July next COJfORtSS. IN SENATE AorillJ. The bill ia addition to tht acts tor enforcing gurwoirsi reiauoos, was read a third time as a - meaded m snoate ; and the amcodotenU wer int to the hoof rwpresentatives for thwr con - curreac utrrwia. TH. L rtl i . . .. . . tntVt firfih Mttkaientof ttt claim Wis.) . .i of ftr read tiooof the agreed table. : me Ihe 7th puU the crtw that the that of who .... rr. 10 the was capi. bers, they crew d was as saxe . - 1 Kit u out rel that tol on made vition. to th. goyenv j B&SSWS cashier, for the greaUr 'fT wa ordereU to be sjrrotMd for third reading. . rkTk.'Ti Amw h hnaea of reuresentanve. an - ik. Mnnia rimnot u form a constitw - said state into the uotoa, waj ia uy. 1. h. Mr. Tail to OOStpOM ..w!! th.rWto the 4th day I IL Maiysien. I n4rZi?y JhTEu.; Yifuaed to portpone Ihe bfll and, betae: amended, the biU was ordered to be a third time. non. Passenger, Mesr. b Oorham, K L)um - The senate thea went into the consideration ol mer, and G B Fitk. Haa experienced ex - hmkM. . .n.r which I tremelv ever weather for the last eight daya tv. utiAiinud. I HOUaC UI Ktrftta i 1 1 v r - o. i JIfnndav. jfiiril 13. Mr. H. Neboo, from the judiciary committee, J r e tawhom wa referred the bill from the senate m t iri a a. i supplementary to the act to prohibit (be im porta - N ilave into the United State, reported same with some amendments, which were! to by the house, and the bill laid on the I On motion, the committee of the whole wat discharged from the consideration of the bill sup - 1 discharged from the consideration 01 tne oui tup - for sloop 1 nton, 1 real, IV day trom Havana, - w h;nrton Hotel,) No. 43 Broad - plemeotary to the act regulating the dutie. on with coffee and bide, to the mater. The Tg tturda' CT tog neit, the 18th int imrwirta ami timnlnL and th bill seas oostnooed hriv Pnnrn An - Rnalnn. uilfd aame tkv BVI '. . . ' n lc o. Sloop Triton, Treat, 19 day from Havana, r. . . 0 ' I inaennueiy. 11 PAr.MOIlTH. Ham. March 4. Th Khr. Corracoa - Packet, Armdtz, from r louian coast, eounu 10 Aruoa, uuv uwwu u 1 coast, out 7 days, put into Kingston on the ult. in dbtret. Th arrival of this vessel it ou t of all manner of doubt as to the lot of I brigantine Saxe Coburg, Glabter, two of the havinr arrived in her. 1 ha man. whose - m 1 the Saxe Coburg was taking in cattle on U. s Indian coast in tne beginning 01 January; The ship Woodbine, from Havre, got up yes - on the 9ih she had on board 134 head; that terday ha experienced a continual ucces - between the hour, of 10 tnd 11 h the forenoon ion of M lhe wboIe pMMge, and it very that day, one of the Indian 1 chiefs wat on board, muc, wrecked - Jame. Lee. .eamen. died on got druok, and behaved in so very outrage - . n..nn .n - .u.A " - ""Z'L ir - rrr vwr Tnr conune Dim uii ne uemine sooer, dui, irum quantity he drank, he died shortly after he tent on shore. Hb followers, imagining thr chief' death was caused by ill treatment from u. wtui oa oouru uie tosssi in vast uum - and commenced butchering every soul could lay hand, on ; and out of her whole only the two men who arrived here in the Uurracoa - racket, escaped they having secret themselves effectually until the savage!' rage somewhat abated ; they were taken on shore servants to tne Indians, ana were told to capt. Armutx like beasts. The Indian plundered the Coburg 01 every portable article, ana ai - terwarda tet fire to her. Mr. Jacob Glabter, brother of capt. G. andmr. Webb, a passenger, were among the unfortnnat victims. NORFOLK, April 13. Hiehuay Robbery. W e learn from a gentle man, who, on returning from a ride on the Lam. bert' Point road, on Saturday evening last, ob tained th information from th parties them U . !... .k.... - tl t. VP, ium vu ihm iier.ititu, lUUHl VlWtR mr. and mrs. voung, who resided at reuen town, about 4 miles below thb borough, were re - turning homo in their cart from market, they were stopped by a stouHiegro fellow, who came of the bushes, and presenting a double - bar - 1 pistol, demanded all the portable propertv 1 they had with them. Upon mrs. Younr refusing to deliver a basket containing some fa - ily necessane which she bad purchased lalliiriii ana variaDie. win, crosseu ne souui - town, the ruffian attempted to take It by vio - 1 lence, and while wiib one hand be held the pis - 1 presented to alarm her into compliance, he. I with the other, gave her several severe blow on the arm, with a view to break her bold. Hav - 1 ins wrested tb basket from her, and rifled it of every thing, except a pair of shoes, fired hi pis - I tol, (supposed aa a signal 10 some associates in 1 tor nova scotta, out experiencing anoiner settle bushes,) and retired to lb wood again. I vere crale from N. W. was makins; his best way Mr. and mr. Young are represented to be I very reputable, out poor people, who supply our market with poultry, vegetables and other ne - cestarie t The latter is very severely bruited 1 the arm and hands, in the struggle to rescue her property from th grasp of thi daring robber. HARTFORD, April 14. "We expect at heretofore, to have lo con - l.n.l Bilk alml. rfs.l.nitl .n,l ' "c tiwwu'jf wcci iV tarry UK rryuu - , Ucsn eandtdalu for mtttmb y. We thmlc we possets as correct means or lowing th tate of u'".1, , , , 1 , u,,ni."T wmcn w. iee auuiorizeu 10 say, wax a mmjoruy oj im jrttmtnu tn me rrpwitean iw." mmtan JUertury of April 7. Yesterday the rraemen or this town mad choice of Michael Olcotl and Jonathan W. Ed. wards, Esqn. (both Americans and federalists) 10 represent uiem in uie general assembly 10 May next, by tundsnme majorities. There were about 900 voters present. The federal re - puoucans uiu incir uuiy launiuuy. M 4 R rtl v. n. Latt evaninr. bv the R.v Vnnr t ih house of Mr. Hubert Risk. Tant. William n. " 1 ' ' to Mis. fcleanor Van Dyck, daughterofthe late James Van Dyrk, both of this city. DIED, At Charleston, th 3d inst. Dr. Richard Lush - iogton Latham, aged 26 years. At Havana, on the 24th ult the Revd. Dr. Joseph M'Kean, professor of rhetoric in Harvard University. H.'JVfJV POST .V A RISE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Chase, Forbe, St. Croix - Mehtk, Kojeri & Soa Brig Susan, Morrbon Halifax H it Barclay Schr Resolution, Marshall Philadelphia Betsey, Plumer Lubcc Sloop Gold Huntress, M'Laugblin, N. Orleans Juno, Jnpp Provideore Steam - beat Connecticut, Bunker, N Haven AKRlrt.l) THIS tVHKMOO. Sloop Elms - Villc, Lindsay, 3 dav. from Bris tol, It L with rum, lime and molasses, bound to Albany. Brig Mary - Ann, Harris, 2 day. from N Lon don, in ballast, lo I, U ft a Howland. Sloop Native, Ripley, 3 days from Boston. with tea, iron and grirulstone., to Smith and f? , , ., . . , . Signals for Uiree brigs and one schooner, The.h.pAg.wam. I.a. arrived at Boston, m l 17 day. from Calcutta, with piece good.. n lL r - w u V v L?arJ ia co, ship Sterling, Norton, of N York, for Ha van. Left, ship Fair Waeriran, Brown, tor Philadelphia in 14 day t ship Mohawk, for New York, uncertain ; brig Augusta, of Boston, for Havana next day. A schr from a port io Ma. sachuseiu bad just arrived. A ship was to sail for Philadelphia in 10 days. April I. lat 38 19. to 66, spek schr Die Figot, from NYork fori Lisbon. Brig Dover. LsdalL 9 day fra Wilsoinrton. ' N C with flour, cotton, skins, molassis, naval store. Ae. to Bailey lc RotseL G Gibbt, T Phelps, 5. Robtoton it Co. Randolph k Savage, W W Shiriy, Fitch, Gcodwia ft Co. AG Phslps, cannon ii - aii, urooat iioyt SKA B Ar nold and the matter. Paateegwrs, Mrs. 5baaaoo and ton. On Wednesday, lat 37 km 73 (poke ship Aoojpqoam, of ft York, 15 day trom NOr - leans for N York. Qm Monday, tpok brig If, from Haraaa for Brntol R I. I I I i I atng cms Ann, uaroer, ia oayi trom tiara - 1 box recqiiecira. toKaaff - l THEATRE. mcaia. be presenUd before the 15th dayof May next, th...ubacrib.rwUl conrider them al utiitd Md wiU not retain any innot in . t 8cli Brilliant, Bloc, IU oay rrmw nl with flour, tobacco, kc. to Walsh and :.iLfcir. C Dubois. Wilaon It IDOcison, u r ' RMhllne A Co. lieo. IOU1C uoorman m. wwm ton. Dakin & Bootwrieht, Bera k Wood - hull. Tho Shapter, and C Oakley. April 6, 0 mile WUW I vpe sscdkii. pu . the brig Barilla, Morrison, with proviMon., then out 86 day from Trimdad In Cuba, tor then out 86 day PhiliHelnhii. Same ds v. tDokeich Columbia. SSdfc - iSt. DominVo for Philadelphia. 6ch Polly b Sally, Fahxhild. 15 day. from Havana, with molasses ana burst, w rrm ver - Lcn. orur Ann r.iiza, euro ex, lur new iun, toon s uuich uip roijuurc, Amiteraam. waiune;. nam aierunr, ai - len, 40 day from ladii, arnvcu Marco i - . . D.a. wn w ri..ii im riiwi vrmm i Spoke, April 10, ach Nassau, 18 hour tram York for Mobile. On Tuesday, a brig, 40 day from Rochelle,and a ach from Richmond both for N York. 8ch Mary, Seabury, 14 day from George - town, a. u. wiin cotton ana rice, 10 iturriu & ICahoone. and Geo Gibb. , o - - : . ne acn nancy, ror a lorai, was 10 wuw . twm. - m W n Dm warn ftnsa fin art . WtWUW 1 JT'" iv. ",V. m Cafi:. ,ivl. Snoke. Abril 11. m Cailix, just arrived. Spoke, April 11, : 38. long 61, brig Eiiza - Ann, 9 day. from ivana for N York. March 3, on the passage im Porto Rico to Havana, Matanzas bearing ja( 8, 1 Havana from Porto ilco tn Havana. Matanzas bearing y 9 leajnie distant, was boarded by a Pa - nrn.t, ,ri,. nf, ant - ,, ,nti aD0Ut 34 - 1.... j " .1 ... - r .k men. wr lis ijiiiiiutzrezu ui ui wuilcici iiicr wwi - i property t0 the Bmount of about 5000. . .CIWH kj o. t ..k k . n a - .v.vt in full - , "t - from aiort. .Qn joneg , qJj FROM OUR CORRESPOND EXT. Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia, ) Wednesday, April 15. Below, .hips Edward, Harden, from Liver - pool Isabella, Fernandez, from Havana ; brig Elite, Atlibridge, from Amvrna;bng barilla, Morrison, , ora Trinidad in uuba, and sen uo llumbia, Snow, St Domingo. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Patriot Office, ) Baltimore, April 14. t Arrived below, brig Despatch, Gibb, from I St Domingo, 13 day to the Cape. British brig r ame, Wlutney, 15 day. from I Barbadoe. Ship Lmilv, Gardner, in a boisterous passage I of 59 day from London. From the 17th i eb. to the 12th March, the E. experienced moatl tremendous gales from WSW to NW with continued squats of hail, rain and sleet the weather severely cold, in which time blew the mam top .an irom a ciose reel, spin me main stay - sail to piece and injured the other sails very much waa blown on tne coast ot form - gal. Cape Finister bearing E 30 lea from 13 to zytn marcn, we am er more moaeraie, winas ern edge of the Grand Dank in lat 42, at 3, P M. (poke snip Alias, irom n tor oouna u Lisbon, out 16 day, having in a rale a few day before sprung bis rudder, ihdted hi cargo, stove in bis bulwarks and his boats, and was obliged to throw some of lin cargo overboard, after the gale, had bore up to Lisbon same day, saw a chain of islands or ice exwndinir east and west, 20 leagues 1 some of the islands very high, weather severely cola 31st lat 41 4, lonjr 59, spoke brii Hesper, from N York for llavre - de - nrace, out 7 days April 10, Cape Henry bearing 8. E. distant 3 leatruet. passed the Uelvidera. bound to L.I vernool. wind N. W.ofT New Point sawa light ci,;n tinnnke m hnv from Castine. . ' . ' 1 W I KoaroiK, April 13. Arrived bnir Recover, 0wen N Vork 6 ,iyj. loaded with flour, bound t0 Liverpool. The Recover ha put in in dis - treis mtihi; eprung a leak forward, when in tUe Guiph Stream, on the second day out. En deavored to get into New - Vork, but owing to head winJ,t WM eompelled to bear away for the nearest port the people being much ex - hausted at the pump, and the vessel being un able to carry sail, as it occasioned the leak to increase rapidly. ACh Pattv ft Hetty. Comb. N. York 4 day On Friday night last, off frnepuxent, fell in w,u, a large ship bound into the Delaware - did not speait her. tir. brig Amphion, Little, Liverpool, N. S. 6 day.. 1 . Ill ..a ur - Dr,5 Aueipni, uiii, uemerara, via nar badoes, 27 day. from the latter. Sch Tell Tale, Churchward, from N. York, 54 hours from dock to dock. Cleared, ach. James .Monroe, Uipkins, New - York i sloop Rambler, Hitchins, York. SAVASSiH, April 6. Arrived, ship Charles, West, 97 days from London, and 54 from Ports mouth. Capt W. reports that the brig Superb, Andrew Harraden, master, from Salem, bound to Barbauoes, wa upset on the I7ih Jan in a gale, in the Gulf stream. The crew deserted her and took to the boat. After remaining in the boat 19 (lays, a great part of which time they were witltout provisions, were fortunately picked up by the British brig Cambrion, from Demerara, and carried to London. The Cap - 1 Uin and all the crew were saved, except one of the seamen, a black man who died on the 16th day after leaving the wreck, ship Hetty, Folsom, Liverpool, 65 days. Ship Oglethorpe, Jayne, Liverpool 60 days. Feb 14, lat 30 30, long 14 20, spoke ship Ganges, of and from N York, bound to Cork one ship in co with her. 2ol, heavy gales and a very heavy sea at 2 P. M. saw a dismasted vessel bearing E. S E called all hand and bore away for her j at 3, she proved to be the I Englbh brig Elixabctl of Maryport, 13 week. from Buenos Ayres, bound to Liverpool i nine d , befil lnst h top - J loWfr mi,tiieidSf slern boat, part of her bulwarks, kc, d ,1ld M . overboard - weather would permit to assut them, but P - eed.Ve wind being f,Sm U,e westward. United States' brig Prometheus, Wm. Bol - I ton Finch, esq. commander, 6 hour from St I .Mary's bar to the bar of Savannah. rOftT OF CHARLESTON. April 7 - Arri ved, ship Diana, Berry, 55 day from Liverpool. Feb. 8th, Kmsale Light, N.E. distance 5 leagues spoke bngCnus, or ew - Iora trom Wiiming too, N. C. boo ad to Liverpool. Same day, cbr VV m. ft Mary, 7 day Irom N York bound to the West - Indies. Ship Morning Star, Bishop, 9 dayt from Havana. H. B.M. armed brig Bearer, Capt Felix, from Nassau, N. P torse bed rff oar bar yesterday! morninc, tor the purp of laadirg Nr. Martin. I Lady and servant, passengrrix TTe Bearer will isameliaiey return to Katsa. There had been two or tore shipwrecks ia tb vicinity of the Bahamas, withta tew dayt or tb time the Bea - I rer kit Nassai oo or ihtm a valuable ship iioss Jamaica, bound to Erope;aaottr, abrif , VmfihipWbi,ta Havre: - "wTa"ba.Hn v......, - - 1 - v. 7b Sir the I at he on his - 1 I rJ Jtwni 17. 1618, tU - r, - r THE FOUNDLING OF THE TOREST. Count do Valmont, , , . J Bertrand, - 37 uja Jobnaon ' . . . . t. M. tiMrm i tri 9 ran tela, in wnicu on. u. p.rW wrill inimdnce a nae ae aeus. wieA di bt addii, (for Ihe U time in Ame rica,) a eowitdvtn two atu, caata, HUSBANDS WIVM. Peregrine Peery, Mr, Joneo Pritchard Robertson Barnes Hihon Grosbon Capt TiekaU, Capt. Wiogham, carner clover, o..u. ri - .t. I1UUII - U w va uh .j. 5arah pMrTi Mrs. Rota, ' ' Barnes Performance to commence at a quarter past seven oVIock. FIRST WARD. tr Th Federal Republican EltWtor of First Ward are requested 10 meev we Room t Mrs. Gaston' boarding house, 7 o'ciocx. k " Ul - a ULI.I1V w i m - a JOHN F. BURGWIN. ba. remoedhi. omce , iram "V'Vmuu Tu.'; offer, for .ale, 400 bbla. of Wilmington Turpentine. p 16 71 HAS K OK AEW - OHK. office , from No. 77, to 73 Soutb - ttreetj wnere HAiSK OFNEW - OHK. rrr - TSu president and directors give notice, that a dividend of four aud a half per cent on the ronital stock of the bank, will be made ou the - r . . . t 1 ........ " . . ... n f I 1818. navab e to the stockholder, at tne liana I demand. By order of the board of director. ap 18 tm tuna, wilm.3, gamier. NOTICE. rry All nerson. having any claimt against the assignee of the late firm of Whiting St Watnon, hands for the purpose of meeting them. ap 10 3w n. w . w a n.ivr, " art hi minal ". lOnAL, He 15 cases containing Coral W fragment 2 cases Coral Branch e 1 do real Opaque Amber Pieces just re ceived, and for .ale by r. uoiifcrt si fju. ap 16 26 Bonth - street CANTON blLKS. X Case changeable sarsoett, 1st chop 2 do damask crap shawls, 6 - 4 k 7 - 4 2 do colored nankin crape 1 do black do do 1 do flat folded figured lartnet 4 do best Canton black crape 1 do light colored tewing silks 1 do black do do for sale by PETLR REMSEN & CO. ap 16 t6 South - street. OOMtS I IC & OTHLK WARfcb. 'THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an a. extensive assortmeni 01 tne loiiowing gooui, vu : Dutch and English Gunny Bag., Popes Head. Crimb Brushe Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Bellow, fancy and Hearth Brushes, fan - common Icy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mat Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do rail and 1 uo Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieve Do Hair do Shoe ft Scrubbing do fool Faint tfrusne ana Whip of every de tcriutioo Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothe. Seine, sewing, wrap ping, oaieiog ano nan 1 wine Fbh Lines Lines Shoe k Sadler. Thread Sash Cordt, Trace Dearborn'. Ballan Rone. cct, &c. Wroucht ana i,ui Nail, and Brads Which tliev will .ell wholetaleor retail oa li beral termt. CEBKA k CUMIiSU, n 1A 76 Pearl - street. (1 EO. W. TALBOT, ha jutt received, for KJI tale at Wo. 55 rioe - treet. 33 pipe! and bhdt. ol Gin, or the Cranitoo Distillery. Thi. i a superior article, and hat been much approved of by all that have examined theiuality, ana it i. con fidently believed to be equal to any made in tun country. ALIO, I!f (TORE. 3250 Spanish Horse Hide 250 chests Hyson Skin, of various cargoes 60 do SouchooK do Nancy' careo 15 whole, 15 half and J - or. cheat Bohea Tea of the Trumbull' cargo 150 boxes Sweet Oil 60 do Castile Soap 2 case Lnngees, 100 p. each 2 bale Miriapore Carpet 554 Fur Seal ilunt 70 do. Neutra (kin. 20 hhdtCopperM ap 16 1 OH UPLAND L'OT1X)jV. I O" Bale Upland Cotton, for sale by ap 16 LE ROY, BAYARD ft - Q. JUST received from Bordeaux, at) boxes fruit tl in brandy 9 boxes thx. de barrut 9 do Eaa de Mettemberg 2 do Coloene Water 3 barrel! Cantharidca, Glauber Salt and Manna, in sorts 2 boxes Red Bark, pulv'd 1 do Siron Pecf ral de Lamoureaux 4 do Writing Ink, of a very superior quality, in tmall jug 10 do Medicintt, tome of which are valuable hlanic bandages, I u for theTeetli. ic. &c Elatic Bandage, Tincture and Powder For sole oa reasonable terms, by FETLR LUDLOW, ap 16 lw 111 Pearl - street. OOORMAN ft JOHNSTON, 57 South - et. JJ offer for sale ' 1J7 hhds. new James river tobacco 130 do old do do. some of which b very superior and suitabl for th Irnh market 1000 keg manufactured tobacco, of various oranus aua qiHuiua 70 boxes Spanish egan 144 bbb Rich mood superfine flour 150 bundles London hoop L steel i . . 59 do Crawley do.. 40 do cast and shear do 655 qr. cask London tower proof gunpowder, F FF and HF 300 do Butt's cylinder sporting do. in can mtter. SOOdohrga grain do for duck Mag, very superior itrength and quickness 13 case English musket aad bayonet 50 do and casks fresh Loudon mustard 15 bbb dry whit lead, 20 kegs greea paint 100 pieces twilled lacking 34 do wide and narrow cotton bagging 13 do hop barging, 3 bale osnabtireht 2 bale wet of England cloths, blue & black 3 case cotton ball 29 bale Loudoo fin twine 3 do do cod line 1 hud pink roet . ap 16 49 S7 CROIX RUM k SUQAR. Hhds first quality sugar 72 puncheons Ram Received per briar Thomas Edward, from St Croix Landing thb day at pi ar No. 1 1, East rUrer, ana tor sale try . . RE ADC ft DE PEYSTER, .w1..m nwnMtia. if hjirtthv nntineu that thi I ' I i of a?ll lw 310M - bp THX MIIRCANTILE INSURANCE COM ' INCORPORATED by an act of the Legitf. tore of thi state, with a capital of CSOO (vm for the purpose pf insuring against MARINE nsques and on LIFE or LIVES and to rran ANNUlTIKS - wiU open the books to rci subscription, at their office, No. 43 Wall - etreet. day at It o'clock, and will continue then! open at the ama place from 13 until 3 o'clock ' daily, until 23d nut, inclusive. JUHN r. "lUiYif UKU, President. BENJAMIN G. MUVTURN, Atsbtaot. siaccToa. Garrit B. Abeel Joshua Underbill William Vernon J. G. Pearson, h - , Rufu Davenport JameeB. Murray FrancbSaltu Saul Alley Richard Hopkia Robert II. Bowne Jama Magee James M'Brid Beajamin Marshall Jacob Barker Henry Ectford Ferdinand Soydam JameD'Woue,jr. mote t iia Charles Hall. Pi5i WHITE LEAD, MCARAGUA WOOD tt7 rxiEN tons white Lead ground in oil, in keeso'r X 112,56and?8lb. 5'0r 8 toot (try white Lead 20 do Nicaragua Wood 40 catk fans white 38 boxes Tin Plate 10 torn Ligoumvitee 30 boxes London Mustard 28 keg do do. For tale by TUCKER - SLAUrW ap 16 29 South - street fflEA. 131 cheate Hyson Blun Tea. otiiT - .acific'. cargo, just recriveTanl for Mie by G. W. TALBOT al) .5 55 pine4tJL, QUMAC. - SOO bags iresh Malaga Sumac, j - t kJ impoiea ana lor saie in parcel 10 lint per. chasers, by G. G. AS. howland: ap 10 77 Washlngton - ntrett C1HINA blLKS. 2 case, double Florences, from French pattern. 1 cssecol'd Satins, Nankin Silk, 1st. ebon. just received, and for sale by 11 UKU tl 6t' V ALL, ap 16 65 South - street SPRING GOODS, landing from ship Fauy, from Greenock 4 - 4 plain, tewed and tamboured India anil muslin 4 - 4 rich tamboured Iudia book muslin 4 - 4 drawing muslin for dresses 4 - 4 plain fine jaconett 4 - 4 Madras hdkft 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 striped gingham 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 7 - 4 cotton imitation shawls Super black and blue Cloth Men and women's cotton Stockings Linen Threads, assorted, ft black tewing Silt Marseille Quilt 13 - 16 and 4 - 4 Linen Bed - Ticking and Dowlas White and brown imitation Russia Sheeting Raven. Duck ALSO. 100 firkins nick led Scotch Herrion. lo lot. to suit purchasers, at No. 2 Slont - lane, by ap 16 lw WM. VAJtrOX SILKS. 71' package, being 3 entire invoices, corn prising an assortment oi Lantoo crape. Black, plain and cnangeaoie sarsneu Sewing silks; crape shawls j sinchew. Black fringed hdkft ; floreutines Ladies colored and figured thawli rectir - d and for sal on accommodating terms, by SAMUEL WILLIAMS, ap 16 3 No. 183 Pearl - street tS ELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. riHERE are at present five vacancies in tb 1 Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, m Philiptburgh, Yookert, West - Cbetter County. Hittvttemof educatioa usach a to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House within a reasonable tin. His school is select, the number ol rupiet limited, and the treatment of the most liberal kind. The following branch or useiui and pout li terature are taught, vis : Greek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic . Latin, French. English Grammar, lieograpny, Mathematics, &c It it presumed that few Institution of the kind can offer grenter advantage, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral aad r 'ligious principles, or in correct and gentle rosa ry (leporimeni. i ne rarsonoge in wnraui rupilt are accommodated, it commodious, retired and pleasantly situated. It distance from New York is about e ten teen mile ; to which there ii al way a direct and easy commaoica - lion. Forfurlhrr particular application may be made to Bithop Hobart Dr. Wilson, Columbia T. S.CIarksoo, Esq. C M'Evers, Esq. Wm. Bayard, jua. Etq. A. Schermerhoro, Esq 'DftC2a5w College C. D. Coldeo, Esq. T. A. Emmet, Lsq. apis Jf Rd.JDELUGE, milliner, from Pans, No. i 166 Reed street informs the ladies of New - York and her customers, that besides her spring bati, she hat jutt received a handsom assortment of Paris shoes, fashionable merino shawls, Leghorn hats, chip flats, flower, Ac. ap 10 lw Jn FOHSALtOR TO LKT, JiUfl At a low rent' and possession given Ussse - diately, th large and elegant 3 story brick hoot No. 104 Greenwich - street, replete with very convenience for a large family, tituat i oo f th most healthy ami pleasant pari ol u.cnyi and being open to Washington - street, contaaadi a fine view of the Hudson River and Jrtf .bore. If told, the term will b Try y " most of tb money may remain oo mortgage far 10 or 12 year Apply at fto. 133 or i rn - ttreet. F" VALUA BLK BOOKS. UST received and for tale by E. VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door below Pi - Cnrier's theorv of the earn; mutr n' 1moir; Doddridge' work, 5vb8t Hnnter's Sacred Bioeraphy, S vob 8vo I Db tanvUle' French and English ijiroooarj, Willi u is pmiivu w r I rutu v - - , i l - l . l. w iiMnau. TO LK T, the lower part ot I house in Spruce - st. Enquir a. abtv JJtt; "P 8 ' jVrw Books frm Lvnit . a t nniinRrru r lv racnreu, VJ L. I'.: - ll.: r laihle book, iociudinz many new and curious works, wc . - are oflered for sal cheap for cash. The P'"" are respectfully invited to call noj "T them al no. 124 Broalway, corner of nil M.imil th nitv - Hotel. " ' .... NEW WORKS. .. w - RECENTLY published and for .ah by w. GIL LEY, No. 92 Broadway, . i.i.ii.p, rm. !. Cane of Good Hnpe, rrpT .. ,w i ..i (mm tb g" fcY. ! inspection or fsapoteon, price j As Knishtcf St Jolin, a romance bj Maria Porter, 2 vol. l 7. Letter, from the South, 2 vol. 2 50. f Welsh Mooutaineer, a aovtl by the Mber Marnd,2 vols. 2 dollar. Quakers, a tale, 87 1 - 2 cent. .b.j - ,,! Tale of Wonder, of Hamour nd ,''?T origioal and trao.lated, by Anne nd ArabeUi Plumptre, 2 vol. 2 dob - r - wr EK - MemoirtoftheLife or David G - mci by T. Daie, 2 vob. 2 50. w Ba. Character of Sbaktpear'. Play, by W. kRVmn.rk.,olaly. by Joph Forryth. TBteeof tb. UaiUd SUle. 1 - 75. KOO IMV, smw w'j - m.f.jrs'j izisz. Price it Caleb wiiuaaue, "J " ' p 16

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