The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 1, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1937
Page 14
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.FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 1 · 1937 HOG AND CATTLE PRICES ADVANCE STEERS STRONG JO 25 CENTS UP Swine as MucH as 10 Cents Higher With Top Up to $10.30. G H I C A G O , VP) -- Livestock prices in the hog and cattle departments advanced Monday but in the sHeep sheds values were lower. The price movement in most cases reflected supply conditions although there was some stiffening of. wholesale meat values. Livestock coming into the yards IHW reflect comparatively high E rices b£ feed. Quaity recently had een plainer. Monday's run of steers was the plainest of the season. ' This ' tended to increase the value 'of best finished beeves because of the comparative scarcity, and as a result the few good to prime steers with weight available sold on a strong to 25 cents higher market, top rising a dime to a new peak of'$14;75, highest since January, 1936, and with that exception, highest in almost two years. For the .bulk o£ the ;cattle crop, however, prices were practically unchanged: although some sales showed slight advances. Very little in the run sold!: above .$12. ·. Traders called the hog market fully steady, with a few choice swine tending upward as much as 10 'cents. Top rose a dime to $10.30. ; · . · ! . Fat lambs were very slow and in the absence of many early sales traders said indications were that prices were mostly 25 cent's lower, or-around $10.75 down. Wholesale beef carcass values showed no change, the range holding at 10 to 19 cents a pound, but pork loins were unchanged to %c higher, .the range being 16 to 20c . Local Livestock MASON Cm'-- For Monday i .' . HOGS Hoes steady. ·.; Good light lights ... 140-150 . S 7.30- 7.60 Good light lights 150-160 S 1.80- 8.10 Good lights 160-170 S 8.40-B.TM Good liEhts 170-180 S 8.35- 9.23 Good , light .butchers 180-200 S 0.25- 9.65 GOOD" light butchers 200-220 S 9.45- 9.75 Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 S 9.45- 9.75 Good me. wt. butch. 250-270 S 0.45- 0.75 Good me.' Wt. butch. 270-230 S 9.45- 9.75 Good heavy butters 200-325 5 9.35- 9.65 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.25- 9.55 Good heavy butchers 350-400 ·$ 9.10- 9.40 Good Hacking sows '. 27S-350 S 9.00-9.30 Good-heavy, sows ... 350-425 S 8.80- S.10 Good biB heavy sows 435-500 S 8.60- 9.00 Good big heavy sows 500-550 ' S .8.40- 8.70 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market lor good and choice hogs. The. ditferbnco in price Is lor short and long haul hogs.) ::'.; fr . : .':7 1 . : ' ' CATTLE-,-. · .'. ',' ' ' - · ' , Choice tO'prlriiD steers ~.,...' S10.00 r ll-50 Good lo choice: steers 1.... S 8.00-10.00 Fair to cocid steers ·-·- .. S .00-- 8.00 Low srade . steers .....'..... S 4.00- 6.00 ChoIce-to-prlmVyearlings'.. S 9.00-10.00' Good to choice yearlings .... S-t.OO- 9.00 Fair to good ycarllnns .... 5 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair yearlings .. S 4.00- 5.00 Good to choice hellers . s 7.00--9.00 Fair to good heifers .... S 5.00- 7.00 Common to "fair heifers .... S 3.50- 5.00 chotce'to prime cowa s-5.OD-tj.00 Good to choice cows S 4.50- 5.00 Fair to good cows S 3.30- 4.2j Fair to good cutters S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters .... S 3.00- 3.50 Fair to good tanners .: -S 2.73-.3.00 Common to fair canners .... S 2.50- 2.7s Good to cliotce bulls S 4.50- 5.aO tight bulls ...· S 4.00 Calves cd. to choice ISO-ISO S 6.50- 7.50 Calves, mod. to Btl. .130-190 S 4.00- 6.50 Calves. Infer, to Bd. 130-190 S 4.00 d'wn LAMBS iambi, Bd. to choice 70-30 S 8.25- 0.50 Lambs, med. to good 70-90 S 7,25- 8.25 Lambs, fr. to medium 70-30 S 4.25- 7.25 Lambs, common s 4.25-d'wn Yearlings, gd. to ch. 70-30 S 5.00- 6.00 Yearlings, medium to good S 4.00- 5.00 Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls S 2.00- 2.50 --Native ewes, good to choice S 2.0D-4.00 Culls, ewes ;.. S 1.00- 1.50 Bucii .-........; ... s i.oo-2.00 Wethers, 2 year olds,.' S 5.00-6.00 Wethers, old $3.00-5.00 Buck' Iambs SI lows. : _ · No dock on lambe. Quotations subject to market fluctuations*. ' 1 -CHICAGO-LIVESTOCK - . - ( M o n d a y Market) CHICAGO, ~'(,Fi--\irs. department ol agriculture--: ;', i. ' ·: . : ' ' .' HOGS'18,000: Including 6,000 direct; market generally fully, steady with Friday's! average; few choice hogs strong to 10c higher: lop SI0.30; bulk good and i choice 180 to 320 Ibs. S10.101ii10,25; comparable .140 to. 170 Ibs. S9.fi5Sjl°-15; most sows ; $9.25r5fl.60;-best'lightweights up to 52.85.. f '-" ~. -' : . ' . · - . . : · CATTLE 12,000:. calves: 1,500;-good 10 prime steers xvith weight-strong to 2oc higher; good to near choice kinds up most; common and medium grades steady to strong; all interests · competing lor medlumu-oiBht and weighty steers, also for toppy yearlings and light · steers; general killing Quality plainest of season: loj 314,75 a neiv high; few loads 314.50 and 514.60: very little here of value to sell above $12 especially In yearling contingent; she stock firm, fairly active; bulls and vealers steady; .most heifers SO dawn-with kinds selling at $7 down in broad :dcmand; weighty sausage bulls up to 56.50; vealers $9SJlO: mostly $9.50. SHEEP 16,000, including'1.000 direct; fat lambs slow; Indications 25c or more lower,- or around 510.75 down, with few early bids 'around $10.50: fat she'cp and shearing, lambs steady;-,best, ewes early £6.25; others -$5Q6; shearing lambs up to $10.10. · - SOUTH' ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Monday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (,TI--U. S. department of agriculture-- - . CATTLE 3,200; slaughter steers opening steady: to .strong; eood grain /eds fa.ZSft 10.25; medium weights down to $7.25: she stock mostly steady; most slaughter heifers 56518; best held above $8.75; medium and good cows $5.50335.25 mostly: plain kinds down to $4.75; low cutlers $3.5004.50; bulls steady; plain and medium grades $505.75; stockers and feeders steady; good to choice feeder steers - held around S7iB; calves 2,500; barely steady; good $7.50Q8; choice mostly; $8.50: few $9. flOGS 4.500; slow, mostly steady: good and choice 220 to 310 Ibs. $9.75«!9.80; ton SUM; 160 to 200 Ibs. $0.60a9.75: 140 to 150 Ibs. S8.85S0.25; 12 Oto 140 Ibs. $H.)0 S.SS: bulk good sows $3.00; average cost Saturrday $9.60; weight IBS'Ibs. SHEEP 3,500; no early sales slaughter lambs; undertone lower: indications about ; steady on other classes; good to choice Jambs at last week's close $10.25 S10.35; Saturday's bulk $10.50. . sioux crry LIVESTOCK. ! (Monslar Market) SIOUX CITY, m--V. S. deportment of agriculture-CATTLE 4.000; calves 300: beef steers and yearlings slow; early sales steady to weak: many, bids I0-15e lower; fat she slock little changed; 5lockers and feeders scarce, strong: fat choice 1.090 Ib. fed yearlings $12.75: scattered sales long vearllnpx and m e d i u m weight bccve^ 510.509 11.35; liberal quota short feds $7.25 BUSINESS ACTIVITY INDICATORS ESTIMATED NORMAL- 100 SOURCE- con a BRIDSTRCET. IK. INDEX 140 BUSINESS ACTIVITV (COMPOSITE 1930 1931 1933 1934 I93S 1936 1937 TENDENCIES IN STOCKS MIXED Several Steel, Rail, Rubber and Oil Issues Bought in Light Trading. NEW YORK, (,1)--Mixed tendencies prevailed in Monday's lock market. Several steel, rail, rubber, oil, merchandising and specialty issues vere in moderate demand. Losers vere plentiful near the final hour. A jump in steel mill operations o the highest level since 1929 elped to prop the list but did not nspire exceptional buoyancy. Vading came almost to a stand- till around noon when the sup- ·eme court convened. Decisions handed down seemingly' had little effect on the market. Dealings were pathetic most ol he time. Transfers were around ,800,000 shares. Hog Markets .MIDWEST HOGS HOE prices at midwest markets Monday: WATERLOO--Hogs unchanged. C ED AK · R AFIDS--Hogs unchanged. SlfDWESl HOGS Hog prices at midwest hogs for Saturday: AUSTIN--Hoga sieady. Good to choice 480-200 Ibs. ?9.40*J9.70; 200-200 Ibi. 59.55 g8.B5i 230-325 Ibs. 59.4580.?=; 325-350 Ibs. S9.35Ci9.65; packing sows, good, 275550 lbS..$.8$(S9.45. orTUMWA--Hogs steady to 5c higher; 140 to 150 Ibs. S8.03ft8.35; 1GO to 170 Ibs. S8.55S8.85; 170 to 180'Ibs. 59.1539.45; 180 to 200 Ibs. S3.35a9.6J: 200 to 290 Ibs. S9.55SI9.85; 290 to 325 Ibs. 59.45tf9.73; IH5 to 350 Ibs. 53.35fl9.63; 350 to 400 Ibs. S9.25 IB9.55; packers 275 to 350 Ibs. S9.10S9.40; 350 to -425 Ibs. S9Q9.30; 425 to 550 Ibs. SB.85r'9.15. AUSTIN--Hoes 5e lower; good to choice 180 to 200 Ibs. $9.35C9.E5; 200 to 290.Ibs. Jfg.50159.30; 2SO to 325 Ibs. 59.40® S.70.--323 to 330 Ibs. W.30e8.00r packing sows good 275 to 530 Ibs. S8.BOe9,40. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DBS MOINES, (l?i--U. S. department of agriculture-- / Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 48 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Monday were 39,100 compared with 25,400 a week ago and 25,200 a year ago. Prices mostly steady with Saturday; spots occasionally 5c higher and 5c lower: loading indicated slow. Quotations follow: Light lishts 140 lo 1GO Ibs. good and choice ST.85^8.85; light weights 1EO to 180 Ibs. SB.75S3.55; 1BO to 200 Ibs. $9.35^9.90; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. S9.65'10,05: 220 lo 250 Ibs. S9.6oS10.05; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.6j$jl0.03; 280 to 350 Ibs. S9,50^F005- packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good SD.loffi 9.S5; 350 to 425 Ibs. S9.05fflS.35: 425 to 550 Ibs. 58.90S-9.20. · S0.25: lew good. heUcrs ' S3.50GS; most beet cows $4.75«J6.25; 'tew'- around $7; cutter grades 53.25SP4.23: small lots choice stpckcrs up to 58.50; common, and medium $526.25; current, stocker and feed cattle -quotations: Sleers 550 to 600 Ibs. Eood and choice S6.50iji8.50; common and medium S4.S09'5,30: 800 to 1,050 Ibs. good and choice 5G.50Ti8.75; common and medium $4.75®6.50; heifers Rood and choice 5i).2jSje.75; common .and medium S4@ 5.25; cows good 53.75JJ4.25; common and medium 53.25^3.75; calves (stccrsl good and choice $6.50S'8.50; medium 55CI650 HOGS 3,500; scattered early sales to shippers and traders, barely steady with Fc r n ? y V Cnar ,? \? P " S °' 75; Bood an * eh 0 '" 190 to 2jO Ib. .biilchcrs S9.DO«i 5.75; packers wanting 59.65 down; odd lots ICO [o 190 Ib. lighls ?9iff 9.60; slaughter pigs S0.25 £8,50; feeders 58.23 down: sows mostly 5D.-'o; few J9.35; stags 58.5069.25. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. CuMndar M a r k e t ) « ,,; s TM; Indudinjr ].60n du . cct . steady to lOc higher; top 59.00; ISO to 350 Ibs. f9.75ift9.80: .160 to I BO Ibs 59 250965140 to 160 Ibs. $a.SOfi 9.40; 120 to 'l35 Ib 5; SJ-75ffi8.7.5; scwj SD.25ft9.35. CATTLE 8.000; calves 600; sleers 58 50 ®I3 a n d , slightly more: heifers S7ISB.50; cows SB®7; cutlers S3.25ff5.75; vcalcr top 58. lower: sheep steady;: lambs SlOQin 50* bulk held $10.50 and above. w»»"TM. LIVESTOCK roitECAST ''ft--Official cftim.lled ic- IS.W; ;hecp' l S ay: Ca '" C "· 000i hoss ReoresentaHve Sales _ ,. (.Holiday Market) CHICAGO, "Wj--U. S. department ol agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. ILighls-- 10. I H ] 33 154 10.15147 171 Ifl.ZOlQR Igfl I0.20J79 190 I Light Lights-- I0.20|28 147 10.25 £8 ' - 158 JO.SO 10,30] ' ' CATTLE. I Heifers-- 14.90J15 . 1075 Heavy-62 325 52 311) at ssci 43 270 Mediums-72 230 83 225 77 210 88 205 Steers-- 9.40 1232 1410 1412 1175 1390 1613 1212 IHJ 1320 14.75 22 14.GO 2S 14.25 17 13.75J16 1.1.25 20 .12.25] Cows 11.25J3 10.00|4 16 IS 14 728 SI2 788 BOS n34 1192 1210 1170 1010 920 10.00 3.00 8.25 7.75 7.25 - 7.50 fi.SO H.75 5.00 4.25 Colorado Lambs-- [Tea Weslcrns 216 99 10.P5I4.TO nn 10.S5 22 ' "! ' JO.fta|2IO no 10 75 960 91 10.731227 97 HUM «" W in.70l2.1H 70 10.50 050 - .02 lO.GSIEwes-- HO 121 B.40 . 1 " 1 3 2 f i . f , 121 11R fi.nO 111 . 107 5.50 Miscellaneous CIIIC'AGO POTATOES. (.Monday Market) CHICAGO, (ffj--U. S. department of agrlcullure-- Potatoes 142; on track 230: 'total U. S. shipments Saturday 837; Sunday 35; old stock weak, supplies moderate, demand slow; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Bur- ·5??!?» V; S- N0i '· W'2SW3.5I; mostly $3.25 «3.43; If. s. No. 2, S2.CS; Montana Russet Burtianks U. s. No. 1, J3.35; Colorado Bed McCJures U. S. No. 1, ?3g3.22'A; Hussct Burbanks partly graded 52.95: Wisconsin Bound Whites U. S. No. 1, L 52.32H- fair quality ?2.23; 17. s. commercial J2.I5; Minnesota Cobblers partly graded 52.15: Bliss Triumphs partly graded S2.15; new Ktoclc about s t M d y , supplies liberal, demand slower; tract pales carlofs, bushel crates Florida Bllsj Triumph! U. S. Ka 1. S2.03!f2.12',i. mostly around S7.10; U. S. No. 2 few sales S1.05 a cralc; less t h a n carlo!* Florida bushel crates Bliss Tri| timphs U. S. No. 1, I2.10ig2.l5 .1 cralc WHEAT RETAINS MOST OF GAINS Cora and Other Grains Up Fractions to Cent or More at Close. CHICAGO, (If)--Reaching a maximum advance of 1% cents, wheat Monday held most ot the gain. Reduction of 1,519,000 bushels in the United States wheat visible* supply was a late stimulating factor. Purchases ol Canadian wheat Monday for export totaled 300,000 bushels. ' At the close wheat was Vs to above Saturday's finish, May $1.32% to S1.327 B , July $1.14% to $1.14%, corn '/s to 1% up, May 51.07',!; to $1.07%, July $1.02%, oats Vs to ft advanced, and provisions Varying from 5 cenlsdecline to 5 cents gain. CHICAGO CASH GKA1N. (Momlay Market) CHICAGO, (in-- Cash wheat: No. 2 dark hard $l.SS?i; No. 1 hard Sl.Wi; Ho. 3 hard S1.37V», i Corn: No. 4 mixed SlMfilMW, No. 4 yellow $1.03',i1i-l.liy 2 : No. 5 yellow Sl.OG'.iSCl.Olli: No, 3 white SI. 14: No. 4 white ;UI«n.l3; No. 5 white Sl.oafe OB'.a: sample Rradc 9Gcti$1.04 1 /u. Oats: No. 1 white Sic; No. 2 white 50c; No. 4 while 4Q'/«c. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow §1.56. Barley Iced 73©B7c nominal; malting nominal. Timothy, seed. SB@6.23; new. .$5.75t£G \vt- ' : ."r '.'". '' ': '- - y" ' ' "·' " Clover seed S28E35 CAV|. ' Tjird tierces SI2.47: loose $11.87: bellies SIB. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Monday No. 3 yellow shelled corn..'. .$1.04 No. 4 yellow shelled corn ..'.$1.02 Ear corn .· : -95c White oats, No. 3 43Ac Barley 60-90c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.40 MONDAY CHAIN CI.OSK. CHICAGO, WHEAT-- High Low May I.33V* 1.311. July 1.15 l.l.T.i Sept 1.1211 1.Illi CORN-May new .... l.OJHV I.(l7'.'a May , old 1.05 1.0-P,! July now .... l,02 s /4 1.02Si July old Sept 96»i ,93=i OATS-May 47!i ,4G»I, July ......... ,42'i .42'b Sept. .4Q=i .39i SOYBEANS-May July l.stli 1.51 HYE-Max' I.17'1 1.05*; July 99', .98'i, Sept. .90'B 89 s i BARLEY-May LAUD-Mar. .........12.152 12.iiO May 12.9,% 12.77 July 13.15 13.02 Scpl 13.35 13.25 BELLIES-May July 1.05' 1.S4 1-51 ii .3J'.: .82 12. nn i2.ra 13.0S 13.27 lfi.35 16.60 , MINNEAPOLIS GltAIN. (Monday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. 6P--Wheat 5(1 ears- Tic lower lo Hie higher: No. 1 heavy dark- northern en Ihs. $I.41Ti®:.5BT»; No 1 dark northern 53 Ibs. SMfi^iS/l.^n- SB ibs. SI.45-iffil.S6Tl; faney No. 1 hard Sfonlana H per cent protein Sl^lvifi! 1.13?.; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No 1 hard Montana winter ' SI.34fitr :.3r.7i ; hard amber durum No. 1, 51.lsai.C4; No 1 red durum $1.32^1:1.3.-]. Corn: No. 3 yellow fl.17iRl.I9; Ic hlehOats: No. 3 white WAGnc. KANSAS CITY' GRAIX. ,,.,,- nianiltr Slarltet) ,-\ £ AS CITY - (.'PI--Wlicat US c.irs: iV?,* hi ,!I hl:r: Nt - = d ""-k hard Jl.S.t^s? 1.34'.-,: No. 3. 41.ai1M.3m: No . 2 h;lrt | «M.3B',i; No. 3 nomlnallv S1.31W1 35 Corn 42 cars: lc hi«hnr to 2c lower, s ,. wll ' T " ! nonr ll"llly 51.21 CU.13V,: No. .t! £"'· , 2 mlx 'i nommillv Sl.'iott'fi iSo'i No. .1 nominally Sl.iniA«1.2n!',. w o s cnrs; ""changed lr 'lc lifohei no 1 rninany ll ;o,i? ir ?2c. al ' y S l l i S H : : N °' OMAITA r.rtAIN-. «,... (Sfoin'ny Market) OMAHA. 6n-- -MTie-it: Dark hard N'o. 1, M.34'4: No. 2. SI. 3(1^1.33: hard No. 2, . , . Corn: Yellow No. 4. SI. I5« 1.1814: mixed No. 3. $I,iS: No. 4. SI. 17. Oat«: While No. 2. S4c; No. 3, 481 S4c: No. 2 feed 4Be. . MINNEAPOLIS. Ft.OOlt. (Monday Marfcel) MINNEAPOLIS. (s)--v)iur: Carloa. lots a barrel In 93 Ib. cotton sacks: Family patents unchanged, S7.25W7.45. Standard patents 5r- hlnhcr, §7.30ffi7.SO Shipments so.nng. Pure bran S2fl^2950 Standard middlings $31.50032. . rnonrjcE FT/TURKS. CHICAGO. (/Pl--Butter futures closed SlnraRc 'standards. TWarch 3me. Etffl futures: Storage packed firsts March 2Jc: April 3T/,c; refrigerator standards, October 24",c. Potato future*: Irtahn Husjots Marcl No. 1. $3.55; grade A J3.30; April gr A $3.fiO. Stock List NEW YORK, lift-- Slight fluctuationa oo scattered and narrow to give an indication of trend dotted the curb mar- N E W YORK (.Monday Final Al Ch 8= Dye 235 Am Can lOo'a Am Sm i: Ref 95 Am Sugar Rel sO l ,s A T T 1791.1 Am Tob B 9; Am Wat \Vks 25!i Anaconda 63% A T 4: S F 77»1 Auburn Auto 32 Aviation Corp bVi Bait Sc Ohio Mil Barnsdall 3l)la Bcnclix Aviat 27 Beth Stl 04=. Bordcn 2S~» Borg Warner ,77',i Can D G Ale 23^i Canad Pac 16?« Chi N W ?» Chi Gt West r,',. C M St P S: P 2?i C H 1 P 3 Chrysler 124'.~j Col G t El Com 5: Sou Con Edisoil Con Oil Con Can Cont Oil Del Corn Prod 67'i Curliss Wright 71i Deere Si Co 121V* D'rc 4: Co pt 30'A DuPont de N 172';i Sen Elec 61^n Gen Foods 4:i'/4 Gen Mot Wn Glllcltc 1!;'.'» Cood'r T : H 40 Hudson MoL 21T'» Illinois Cent 23V. Int Harvest 104V* Int Nick Can ID^it Int Tel Tel 13}, Johns Manv 135 Kresgc a7 s ,'» n :iVV 60 li 41 STOCKS. Lib O F Gl McK S: Kob Mid Cont Pet Montg Ward Nash Kelv Nat Biscuit Mat Cash R Nat Dairy Pr '± Nat Distill 301. Nat Pow Lt 12 1 /* N Y Central W* Norlhcrn Pac 31 3 ,i Oliver Farm 5G J ,i Packard Mot IHa ·Param Pict Penney Pcnn n R Phillips Pet 2*2 dio Roy Tob B Scars Roeh Shell Union Soc Vacuum Sou Pac..,. Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn IB- 1 ;. Studebaher 18','z Swift Co 2T!a Texas Corp 5l}c Tex Gulf Sul 40i Tlmk Roll .B 72',4 TJn Carbide WT,i Un Pac 133 Unit Air Corp 30!i United Corp G*» Unit Drue 14'A TJ S Ind Alco :!',', U S Rubber 59 U S Steel IM'ii Warner Piet Isli West Un Tel V6 West El M 154=1 Wooiworth nG 3 A Wriglcy Jr 711i 63»4 23','t 32V« 37 "A 93= \ 43Vi 53 ll!i 55',i OS^i 33'.i It'/i 54=. IS'.j 47V« 41,i 12V, BL ^ionaay. Trading was light in most quarters, Atlantic Pacific declined more than a point for one of the outstanding swings, vhile. Aluminum Co. of America moved up about 2. Minor setbacks -were dealt in American Cyanamitl -B," McWilliams Dredging, Vayne Pump, Pan American Airways id St. Regis Paper. International Pctro- ,-Um, Niagara Hudson Power and Amerian Gas Electric made fractional up- Much of. the list was all square \vllh revious closing prices. CHICAGO STOCKS. (Monday Final Quotations) Cities Service 4V'.|Northwest Bane H Kcilmaniv Brc ^OV^^Quaker Oats 120 KaU'Driic 'ISl.lSwift' Co ~-27',4 Kellogg SwUeh 121i|S\vHt Irill i SHVt Llhby McNeil 141ijutility «: Ind Hi Midwest Corp !3tt|Zcnlttl 37 [ .i Natl Leather Hi Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason City OfCice In Baglcy-Bcck BIdg. Telephone No. 7. DOW JONES A V E R A G E S Inds. Rails Utils. Close 187.63 58.21 34.10 Total Sales 1,660.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 17 Marshall Ficl 25W Cord Corp 4% Walgreen Co 47^ NEW YOHK CUHB Am G El 40',i El Bd ii'Sh 24?i Am Cyana B 32 F Mo of Can 27'A Am S Pow Co 2'A F Mo of Eng 7^ Ark N Gas A mi Lockheed 15 Asoc G El A 35i S O Ky Co 19'. Can Ind Alk 7'/» Un Gas Co 13? Etslcr Elec 3?i Uu Li P Co 8} NEW YORK STOCKS Alas Juncau 14^i Houston oil 14* Allegheny 4 3 ,i Hudson Mot 20^_ Allied Strs 20','^ Hupp Molors 2','n Am For P 12 Indust Rayon '"' 'Am C Sug Co a 1H Nash Kclv Co 23'.'4 Am C i: F Co 651-4 Lambert Co 23Vi Am Pow Li I3U Lorlllartl 20V* Am R'g Mills 36'.i Mathie Alk' 33 1 .'* Am n S Co 2G'.o lIcLellan Sirs 10 Aincr Tob Co 95 Minn, Mol 1m l.T Armour 5- Co 13',i M K T B Ar Co pfd nn'.-i Mo Pac 4 i As D Goods 24 Motor Prod 34';* All Rcf 33'.4 No Amcr 29',i Batdwiii Lnco fl!a No Am Avi la', 9 BrigBS MI Co 54','. Oils Steel Co 20V, Bendlx 27 Owen III Gl IGS'/* Budd Mf Co 121* Packard Mot I Bjcrs A M Co 23 Park Ut Cop Caterpillar Tr SB Plymouth 25 'A Cerro de Pas BO!^ Proc fie Gam ( Ches S: Ohio 6G'.-i Pub S o( N J J C G W Pfd 16 1 /* Pullman I CMSP fie P pfd GVj Pure Oil Co 20»i Coca Cola Co 141','* Purity Bakery 23 Com Solvent 1331* R K O u»i Cont Motor 3','* Rcm Rand ; Cr of Wheat 35 3 .* Reo Motors Cudahy Pack 42r* st JOT Lend : Curt-W Co A 21 Simmons Co 52V. Dtst Corp Sea 26i« So Cal Edison ; Douglas Airc C6 Sperry Corp '. Easlman 168 - st G E 1- ,, EIoc Auto IJ 421i Tide W A OH 201", El Pow LI 22 3 .1 U S Ind Alch 331. Erie R R Co leii u S Smelter s F'nc Ti i Ru 39 util P i; LI A 3=i Fost-Whecl 48* Vanadium .12 Frecport Tex 20% Un Gas 4 Im IS £=» , Arn _ Tr "' Warren Bros 9 CHddcn Co 48V* \vcslcni Un TO C o l l D 6 ?'" Ycllow Truck 34 np^i.^.n n-i«_ .t^ Youngs S T £4!; Gt Nor pfd 48 Hides cULlum Furn lifted bj W i l l Hr Inc.. 3UH F i f t h Street Sautbivtst. Korschldas . . . . ....... ..... . · O R E C N BEEP HIDES Up to 25 Ibs. ...... , ................ JO'.«| 25 Ibs. Up ............ . ............. 3 c Bull hides .......................... 6!^c 'Cured hides half cent more a pound (On above prtcos a cent higher io wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) MARKET. BOSTON, (tf)--U, S, department of ag rlcullure-- Trading in spot wools of domestic _ foreign production was quiet Monday Spot wool holders maintained n waiting attitude and in most eases made no cf fort to sell. Nothing has occurred to shake tho het tcr sentiment that was developing lat week. Prices \vcrc Tcpnrtert by cables t^ private concerns to be firm in Australia NEW YOUK SUGAR. NK\V YOrtK, fri--Raw sucar cJmnRorf Monday at 3,-45c for spot. No. Mf»y 2.o9c, 2 to 3 points net lower; Nn 4 1.22c. September I.25c, 2 poinl.i nnl hich «r. Rc/ined unchanged -it 5c lor fin granulated. Curb Market ket Monday. Bond Market NEW YOH1C. Wj--Modest improvement uled the bond market Monday. Limited sains v.-ere turned In by Amer- can and Foreign Power 5s, Anaconda Copper 41is, Baltimore and Ohio 41is, Bethlehem Steel 4V-s, St. Paul Ss. North Vestcrn 4=;s, Hiram Walker 4V«s. Pure 4'As witli warrants, Frisco 41is and Valworlh 4s, Slightly lower were American Tele- hone 3','*s, Illinois Central 4:}4s and Util- ly Power and Light 5s. In the foreign division small uplurns vere scored by 'Argentine 6s, Buenos Aires 41'a-^is. Cuban 5!afi, German Slzs nd Italian 7s, U. S. governments were mixed nnrf quiet. Losses III Treasury 2}as, and the Us of 1954 contrasted with a rise in the Is of. 1355. Produce MASON CITY--For Monday Cash Quotations by U. G. Morse 5ggs, current receipts 16c leavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over . .12c Jnder 5 Ibs. . . . J .:.... Be Stags, 5 Ibs. and over lie Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less. . Mnrchants Quotations 5ggs, in trade 17-lSc* ·Iggs, cash 16-17c r Sutter, Iowa State Brand 40c Butter, Corn Country 33c Butter, Kenyon's 38c Butter, Very Best 4Qc Butter, Brookfield 3lic Potatoes, russets, peck V5c Potatoes, cobblers, peek 52c ·EDITOR'S NOTr3--'These representative Quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO P R O D U C E (Monday Market) CHICAGO. W--Butter 7,535. steady; creamery specials (93 score) W*fo34*.'*c; extras 192] 33»,*c; extra firsts (30131) 33V* ®33'/ 3 c; firsts I88-B9) 31'«g32 3 ,.c; standards 90 centralized carlols) 33 l ,ac. Efigs 14,750, steady: extra firsts local 21 f^c. cars 21 3 ,*c; fresh graded firsts local 2iv*c, cars 21!=c; current receipts 20!ic. Poultry: Live 18 trucks, steady to firm; hens over 5 Ibs. lOc. 5 Ibs. and less 19c: Leghorn hens ISVic; colored springs lOc; Plymouth and White Rock 21c; colored and While Rock broilers 23c; barcbacks IBc; Plymouth Rock 25c; roosters 13c: Leghorn roosters 12c; turkeys: Hens 21c, young toms I9c, old IGc: No. 2 turkeys 15c: ducks 4, Ibs. tip white and colored 20c. small white and colored 17c; gecsc 14c; capons 7 Ibs. up 24c, less than 7 Ibs. 23c. NEW YOKK rrtonucE (Monday Market) NEW YORK. (,1'|--ESBS 14.017. f i r m ; ...ixcd colors, special packs 24ST124V standards 23 3 .4c; firsts 22 3 ,*c: mediums 2l l /-l"ft2I ; i*c: dirties No. 1, 21Vi1i21 3 /*c; average checks 20c: refrigeralor firsts 20'/iji2lc: seconds 18'.bfi20c. Butter 9,008. firmer; .creamery higher than extra 34',$a35!'c;. extra 192 score) 34ig341'4c; firsts (88-ni scores) 32'/»e34c; seconds 184-87 scores) 3014a32c; centralized (90 score) 33',ic. Choesc 133.2D2, quiet: state whole milk flats held fancy 1930, 22«22',4c. Live poultry, by freight, firm: chickens. Rocks 20c. Leghorn I4c. Fowls, colored 22c: Leghorn 18c. Roosters 13c; turkeys IV^-^c; ducks 15c. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By The Associated Press) Bid and asked Monday: Corporate Tr Sh 3.H Corporate Tr Sh A A Mod 3.80 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Scr 2.94 ... Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.80 Dividend Sh 2.08 2.23 Maryland Fund 10.51 11.49 Nationwide Sec 4.87 4.97 Nationwide Sec Vtc 2.27 2.43 Nor Amer Tr Sh 2.90 Nor Amcr Tr Sh 1953 .. 3.7B Quarterly Inc Sh 19.03 20.B5 Selected Am Sh Inc 15.7R 17.24 Super Corp Am Tr A .... 4.42 .. . U S El I. * P A !!..~rf 2(1.00 U S El L Jt P B' 3.11 3.21 U S El L, : P VIC 1.17 1.25 EARLY FARMER AT CRESCO DIES VIcCabe, 94, Survived by 197 Descendants; Was Pioneer lowan. CRESCO -- Terrance McCabe, iged farmer 12 miles northeast of Jresco, died Saturday afternoon at the age of 94H years. He died it the farm home where he and Mrs. McCabe had lived during the entire 71 years of their married life. Mr. McCabe was born Sept. 2, .842, at Woodstock, 111., and lame to Winneshiek county when i. boy. He attended school in the ittle log schoolhouse near his lome in the Coldwater neighborhood. There he met Mary Ryan vho studied with him in the old WcGuffy's reader and learned the 'three R's." Their interests grew nto a life attachment and they vere married Christmas day, 1865. They commenced housekeeping on the 700 acre farm in Bluffton ownship near Plymouth Rock, vhere he broke six yoke of oxen ind raised 15 horses and several lead of cattle. His family also grew in numbers, eight boys and eight girls, 1 of whom are living, besides 80 Irandchildren and 10G g r e a t Irandchildren, a total of 197 de- cendants, who with the aged i'idow survive. Mrs. McCabe will IE 90 on May 18, 1937. Their son, Harry McCabe, and amily live on the old farm where they have been caring for the aged larents during their last declin- ng years. Others of the family ive within a short distance. Serv- ces were held at the Plymouth Rock Catholic church Monday morning with burial in the nearby "jemetery. Lam son Brothers Market Letter MAHKET BEVIEW. CHICAGO--Monday Wheat--There was a firm undertone Monday and although prices did no stage a very sizable advance they een. erally were higher than Saturday. The Winnipeg market was very firm ant gained somewhat on Chicago. The expor business in Canadian wheat was small only about 300,000 bushels being reported The weather in the southwest was gen erally fair and the recently fallen snow has melted over various parts of tha section. Forecast Is for fair in Kansa:. and Nebraska for the next 24 hours. An official report from the Argentine placej the remaining surplus of wheat in tha country at 88,000,000 bushels. Exports to February were given as 3-1,000,000. There was quite a little short covering pres cnt In July wheat Monday because o the prospects for more tlry weather In ill near f u t u r e and while t r a d e 011 the whol was only of ninrterale proportions t h firmness nf the market was a noliceabi feature. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City (Bid and Asked Monday) Cent St El 6 pet pfd (523 par) U Cent St El 1 pet pfd (S23 par) 12 Cont St P L 7 pet pfd 16VJ Jhamptin Ref la 7 pet pEd ,. 100 Ireamcry Package com' 24 Icarst Cons A 2351 3eo A Hormcl A pfd 104 3eo A Hormel com , 22 ntcrstate Power 6 pet pfd .. IB nterstate Power 7 pet pfd . 17 owa Electric Co G i b pet ptd 54 owa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. i55 a El Lt : Pow 6 pet pfd .. 71 a El Lt «.- Pow C'.i pet pfd 12 a El Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 74 a Power Light fi pet pfd 102 a Power Light 7 pet pfd 103 a Public Serv 6 pet pfd . 97 a Public Serv 6',i pet pfd .. 93 a Public Serv 7 pet pfd .. 99 a South Util 6 pet pfd :...,, 75 :a South Ulil GVi pet pfd .... 7G [a South Util 1 pet pfd 82 Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd .. 94 vlinnesota P L- 1 ? pet pfd .. · 93 Northern St Power G pet pfd 86 Northern st Power 7 pet pfd 92 "N W Bell Tel BY, pa ptd . JOS N W St Portland Cem com .. 28 lath Packing com 32 Sioux City G is El 7 pet ptd 101 Jnitcd Lt c Hys G pet pfd .. 85 United Lt Rys R.3G pet pfd 855i United Lt Hys 7 net pfd .. 93 ,Veslern Grocer pfd 9fi Western Grocer com 1G · Called 4-15. 107 23 18 ' 19 56 57 73 74 7G 104 105 93 100 101 77 78 B4 29 34 103 87 87',; 93 100 18 . GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Monday Q u o t a t i o n s ) NEW YORK, Iff)--U. S. bonds closed- Treasury 4'.'is 47-52 11D.IO, Treasury 4s 44-54 114.1(1. Treasury 3=is 43-47 108.31. Treasury 3',is 46-40 N1S. Treasury 3s 51-55 10ET.2-I. Two Fined $25, Costs for Intoxication Here Oscar Swanson, 214',i South Federal avenue, and Jack Johnson, Osage, were fined $25 and costs each by Police Judge Morris Laird on charges of intoxication. Swanson was arrested bv police in the 100 block on South' Federal avenue at 1:30 o'clock Sunday morning and Johnson was arrested in the 100 block on North Federal avenue at the same time. Maurice Nenemakev, 343 Carolina avenue southeast forfeited a $10 bend posted when atrestcd at Sixth street and Carolina avenue southeast at 4:10 o'clock Sunday morning on a charge of reckless driving. C. H. Johnson, Dows, forfeited a $10 bond posted when arrested at First street and North Federal avenue at 4:45 o'clock Sunday morning on a charge of disorderly conduct. UflYTBffT I FORGET CHAPTER 33 RUSSELL didn't say anything more to Janet while they danced but when the dance was over he led her gently out'toward the garden. Then he found a bench and asked her to wait for him. He was gone for only a little while, a little while in which Janet reflected: 1 will not think of Joel. If I do I'll probably find myself crying on Hussell Bede's shoulder. He's that kind of a man. He makes you want to tell him the story of your life. Janet had never met anyone before who affected her that way. It was usually Janet who did the listening. He came back with two plates' loaded with salads and sandwiches which neither of them touched. "Now what is it that I have that disappoints you?" she asked softly. "A husband," he answered at once. "I used to think that men who made a fuss about'their wives going crazy over movie heroes were stupid, but now I know hosv they feel. Only more so." Janet really didn't understand and she said so. "It's plain, isn't it? W h y shouldn't I be jealous? There are thousands upon thousands of women who think they're in love with your husband and would lay down hearts and hands for him and he has to be married to you." Janet laughed. "Mr. Bede, you say the nicest things!" He groaned, "D o n't, Janet. Please don't give me an ingenue's line. One more gurgle and I'll be finished. I expect better things of you." "All right, I'm sorry. But you mustn't expect too much of any nan's wife. I'm doing the best I an pretending that I'm a femme atale." "You'll never have to pretend hat, Janet." He never called her anything else but by her first name, then or later. "You're a langerous woman." She laughed sincerely then. "Yes, you are. You're the wom- n that many men wait for. You're not a predatory female gotten up vith blandishments. You're no inema version, you're the real hing and when a man realizes hat, he fits you into his dreams md that is what makes it fatale." Janet said, "I have a feeling that . oughtn't to sit here and let you ;ay things like that to me but 'm too weak to do anything about LEGAL NOTICE CORPORATION NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby siven that corporation named Crescent Electric Supply Company of Mason City has heen formed under the laws ot Iowa with its principal place of business at Mason City. Iowa. The general nature of the business to he transacted is manufacture nnd eenerally .... wholesaler and distributor in electrical supplies, radios and radio supplies, hardware, drills, medical equipment, toys and such olher articles as may be determined by the Board of Directors; to own, hold, encumber, set! and convey real estate and stocks, bonds fllid securities in this and any oilier corporation; to own. operate and sell letephone lines and cNchangcs, electric lines, power and transmission lines, and to engage in any business incidental to tliat heroin specifically defined. The corporate period commenced Fehruary 15. 1937, when the certificate of incorporation was issued by the Secretary of State, and wil continue for twenty years thereafter unless sooner dissolved by n vole of the holders of not less than two-thirds o the capital stock, and it may be renewed according to law. The authorized capital stock Is S50.000.00 of which S10 000.00 was subscribed before the corporation commenced business. The capita stock or any part thereof may be issuec at any time when authorized by the Board of Directors, but shall he fully paid for when Issued, and If paid for In property or any other thing than money it shall be issued only after com pllance with (lie laws of the State o Iowa Tclatlne thereto. It) affairs and business shall be conducted by a Boar of not less than three nor more than five directors who may or may not be stockholders and who shall be elected a n n u a l l y by t h e stockholders at the annual stockholders' meetinH lo he licit (he last Monday In .lime In each year U n t i l olhcrs arc chosen tn ruiccer-d them the following shall constitute the Boar' f Directors, viz: Titus n. Schmld. J. A. Schmid and A. J. Kics. The officers hall consist of a president, a vice presi- lent. a secretary and a treasurer. Until itlicr officers arc elected to succeed hem, the following shall be the officers, to-wit: President, Titus B. Schmid, Vice President, J. A. Schmid, Secretary md Treasurer, A. J. Kies. The corpora- ioti shall have no seal. The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from liability for debts of the corporation. ason City. Iowa. February 23. 1937. CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY OF MASON CITY. '' By--Titus B. Schmid. President. · By--A. J. Kies, Secretary. Rohl. W. Clewell, uqtic, Iowa, Attorney. OrtlGlNAl, NOTICK t h e District Court of Iowa in and for Cerro Gorilo Cnutity, A p r i l Term. IfJUT. K. E. Clans, Lou Uicnn and Alice Graves, Plaintiffs. vs. · : arah Clans. W. F. Ureim. Frank 71. Graves, Laura Ferry. Moulton M. Claus. Dorothy Spiccr, Ensign D, Towne, Lloyd E. Towne. John R. Claus, Jessie E. Claus. Earl P. Claus, Clara Claus, Merrill M. Perry. John L. Splcer, Ruth B. Claus, William N. Claus. Millie Clans, Vivian Herbert Slltton, Charlotte Stilton, John Lawcrence Sutton, VIda Slltton, Ebcy Anncw Sutton, Ramona Sutton. Bessie Nnomi Sullon Clanton, Elmer Clanion. Sheldon Stephen Sulton. Sylvia Sutlon, Stanley Douglas Stilton, Othalia Sutton. Hazel Ruth Sutton Hnwlcy, Tcaney Hawlcy, Wilma Edna Sutton Buckmaster. Joseph Buck master and Farmers Savings Bank of Plymouth. Iowa, Defendants. To each ana nil of the defendants abave named: _ Yon. and each of you arc hereby noti- led that there is now on file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiffs alleging that the fol- owing named, to-wit: John R, Claus, an undivided 1-Blh share E. E. Claus rm undivifierl 1-Bth share Alice Graves an undivided 1-ath share Lou Urenn an undivided 1-Dth share Earl P. Clnus ' an undivided l-8th shitrc Laura Perry an u n d i v i d e d l-24th share Dorothy Spiccr an undivided l-241h share Moullon M. Claus an undivided l-2-«h share Vivian Herbert Slllton an undivided I-(v!th share John Lnwcrcncc Sullon an undivided I-OJIh sh.irc Ebey Apnew Sullon an undivided l-64th share .Bessie Naomi Clanton. an undivided l-G4th share Sheldon Stephcri Sutlon an undivided l-04th share Stanley Douglas Sutton an undivided l-(T4th share Hazel Ruth Hawley an undivided I-fT4lh share \ViIma Edna Buckmaster an undivided l-G4th share Ensign D. Towne an undivided l-24th share Lloya E. Towne an undivided l-12th share arc the owners in fee simple, in tiie proportions as above set out opposite their resoectivc name. 1 :, of the following described cslalc situated in Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, to-wil: The South half of the Snuth hair of the Northwest nilarler (S'.iS'.iNW'i) and the ICnst f i v e (5) acres of th« North half of the Soutli i m i r of thf; Northwest ouarler (N'iSvi.VW'.i) all in Section n i n e (51). Tou'rulilp n l n e l y - s r v e n (97) North lUnsn n i n e t e e n ( 1 9 ) AVeit of the nth r. 51. A l t n Ilic Xorlh half of the Northeast Quarter (N'Ta.VE'.i) of Section nine (91 anrf ihr. .South hair i/ the 5authc*xt q u a r t e r (S'.SSE 1 /,) of Section four (!) all in Township ninety-seven (f)7) North Ranre nineteen ( 1 9 ) West of the .Tin I'. SI. imcl asking that n decree be entered in this cause confirming ownership of sai real estate as aforesaid and that partition thereof be made, or that an order be entered herein ordering nnd directing a sale of said premises and that the pro cceds be divided between the respective owners In proportion to their respective shares or interests after deducting ah struct fees, attorney fees, court fees am other reasonable, proper and just chare es; and that the rlphU of the defcndan Farmers Savings Bank of Plymouth Iowa, be determined and for such othe and further order or orders that ma; be legal, just and equitable. You arc further notified that unless you appear and defend on or hcforc noon of t h e second day of the A p r i l 1D3 term of said Court to be held at th court house in Mason Citv in sal County, commencing on April Slh. 1337 rlcfntilt wilt be entered against you j u d g m e n t rendered therron In accord nnce with the prayer of p l a i n t i f f s pc Illlon. RALPH S. STANBF.RY. Attorney for Plaintiffs, I really enjoy it." He was silent then. He was ninking amazedly that perhaps he seldom heard these things. He lidn't know anything about Joel 'aynter--he might be a right chap --but he knew that a girl like Tanet married to a man like Joel, vould play a secondary part in heir joint lite. The compliments vould be for Joel. "What do you do when you hear hese things?" he · asked after a ong ' moment. "Do''" Janet returned, thought- ully. "Why I don't 'do' anything or the simple reason I've never icard them before. I guess the jnly thing I can do is to change he subject. Have you . . . ? ' ' "Don't ask me if I've read any ;ood books, lady, or I'll take you jack to the wading pool and douse rour pretty head." Janet felt relieved that the con- n-sation was taking a lighter urn. She said: "I was only going to ask you if ·ou had any idea what time the ireworks start? I've a hangover rom my childhood about fire- vorks. I love them! I, oh! and, ah! md wait with bated breath lor he American flag at the end." Russell knew that their brief in- jrvie'w was over. He picked up heft plates and put them on the ray on which he had brought hem. "Come on," he said. "I'll stand in jack of you to catch you when you )end over to see the bursting lombs." . . _Yes, Jane't thought, he is the :ind of a man who would always ie in back of a woman when- :ver she needed him. But Russell wasn't in back oC iei- for long. He was, after all, the ;uest of honor and Caroline dragged him from one group to mother. . ' Away from him, Janet's hough Is returned to Joel and in spite of her enthusiasm about fire- vork?, she did not see the ex- jloding stars and streaks of. bi'il- iant color before her eyes. A miserable, sickening ihirig vas happening to her. Something he had fought to keep out of her/ nind these few weeks since Joel and she had been having separate dates. She was trying to shut out the )iclure born in her imagination. She was seeing Nina Harley arid Joel together.-It was Carol Griest nil over again. What were they jaying? Where were they? At \ 7 ina's house a mile beyond her own where Nina would be saying, 'Come in for a nightcap," or Joel vould suggest stopping for some- hing to eat. It'll go on and on this way, she .bought, and some day I'll find 've either stopped caring or else ''11 blow up and scream arid .here'H be Ititle bits of pieces of me like these fireworks all over the place. She felt a littleu Sorry for herself, thinking -of her sacrifices to jeep her marriage intact on the shifting sand foundation. For the first time in the three rears of her marriage, she wished that Joel were something else other than what he was. She wished that he were a ... an instructor in a boy's school, an engineer on a train, anything but a nan whose associates were beautiful women of standards different from her own. She wished that women had a little more sportsmanship and decency about other women's husbands. Particularly icr own who seemed to be fail- meat for every siren. She thanked her stars, looking up toward them in the peaceful icavens above her, that she trusted Joel, that she had respect for him and faith in his faithfulness. But even as she thought that, she told herself, I don't really know. I don't really know and I can't bear it! She was sitting in a chair on the veranda of (he Maynards' house. It was dark there and she slipped sut quickly and ran across the back lawn toward the playhouse whore she had left her bathing togs. She got her things quickly and went toward the garages to look for her chauffeur. She heard a whistle at her back and turned as Russell Bede came up to her. "I lost you," he said, "but I'm taking you home if you're going." "Yes, I'm going," she said rather breathlessly. "But do you mind if I ask you to let me go alone?" She couldn't have him with her. She had to be alone. Emotions h e r e t o f o re unexperienced had stirred her up, unbalanced her and fatigued her. "Of course I don't mind," he said. "Not if I can see you again. May I come to call on you tomorrow?" "I'd like (o have you," she said and gave him her hand. "At 5," he said and closed tho door of her car for her. Her ihoughis, which had nothing to do with Russell Bede, beat against her temples and her heart pounded so that her head ached with a dull thudding pain when her car swung into the drive o£ her house. There were lights, she noted, in her living room. It must mean that Joel was at home. Relief was painful to her. She had meant to go directly to her room and close the door without looking to see if Joel was in his room. She was so afraid he wouldn't be. "That you, Jan?" Joel called from the living room. She went to the door swiftly, Joel was lying on a lounge in his pajamas and robe. "I couldn't sleep," he said. "I guess I was jealous. I got thinking about that guy chasing you around nil evening. You lay - off those eastern' millionaires, Mrs. Paynlcr." Mrs. Pnynter felt as though the gates of heaven had opened lo her. (To Be Continued)

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