The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 16, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1818
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FtOWR, COFFEE, &C - 400 bhl. Tirgirr is Flour . , 46 bhd. prime old and new Richmond 1 o hacco, 13 do Fetenburg do 51 bnlet Upland Cotton 35 u. tod SO hf. (. like 150 bngt St. Domingo and 64 do green Havana Coffee 5 ton Lignnmvitse . I'ort Claret and Madeira Viim, in bhiu. and quarter cak Rorix if d fort Wine, in - catce of 3 doien ro nr? ut rnn nrnnTO. A rravr 1 vtl 1 hfum! to Onorto may Lhave ahout 1000 bushels on freight. :AvihV - 1 Front - street. J7IOA, AThKL, WAi HAHUn.ilit.. Tons EuglisH Iron, nwrteJ, in Hat JdJ) and sqnare bars, a jart of which it i entitled to debenture. 100 ton round iron, assorted, frem 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch . 100 do Swedes' flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches 50 do So square, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 3 iocho 50 do each flat and square Russia iron 50 do country iron rsortd ' 20 do plouh shnr moulds 10 do axletree and crowbar moulds JO do hore - hoe moulds 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 10 to 3 - 8 inch 30 do spike and cad rod snorted 10 do - herd, and boi'rr phte iron tO do 10 do 10 do 10 do 5 do 5 do Engli'h ami American lloep English (L) blistered steel Swedes jteel Crawley do German do thmrnnJctiftsteel Bristol r.ntl Nova Scotia grind stones 20 do 500 anrhot - , a.!trte1, from 50 to 20001hj. 1 do about WOOlbf. TO rolii sheet lea - !, fcs'd 3 to 0 lb per foot 1(H) cnakt spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 indies SO0 ilo tut unili, from 2d to 20d 50 do wrought nails, assorted 'JO d .late and horse nti!s 10 ton iron pots and bake pan, nss d from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture. 5 tons English oeltcr CO do AniL - i i - an li'i!low - w;:re,conii!lii!gof Tots. ki't'Kis. bake - pins, ' ' Skillets, spitlets, tea kettltf. An! irons, tic. 10 casks truce, ox and boat chains Anvil, vires, and hpak irons Korpe, sledge and hand hammers Mill, cron - rut and pit taw Cart, Waggon and ( Boxes Window Glass of drill - rent tze Shovels, Spades, Hoes, ,Vc. . - Together with a gene ral assortment of Hardware andCullery, for sale on rensmablc terms, by aBCKIj & UUNCOMB. . No. 3C3 Water st. corocr of James - slip. mh?3 1m DKtReKUs?, 4c 5W bales sheared Deer 'n 6 bali: Deer skins, in the hair 39 Bearskins 17 Otter do . 100 Beaver Fur, just received V" b"t Orleans ram New - Orleans, for sale at 7 Cottc House - slip, by LAIDLAW, GIRAULT4C0 - , Who hare in Store, 33 hhds. very prium Keatnoky Tobacco ,; . JO tiact sreea St. Uomingg coffee . 5 bales Bomhaieta . I cam French cimbrici 1 bale black cloth I case French boot tops ap 10 IQt ' JLcJv Qr. casks rolmeaar wine 130 qr casks and 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do tweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles each 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhds En;lh glas ware, consisting oi wines and tumblers assorted 100 boxes anchovies and 50 do olives 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich feathers, vary rich 1 do eogravings 0 caet felt hats, t do chip do 40 bales Italian mgs, 500 marble mortars 23 cases marble slabs, veined and statuary, assorted sizes ' 5 boxes Naples shaving oap 1 do watch gla.'ies 3 cases manna in flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of RafL - i putknh and callipattr covahs Chailpore.chomocolly Johanna, luikipore and toog.iporc Pannahs, jultapore ntid mesr Checks, white, red and blue gillahs Madras pattern do bootee and frwtoy romal?, for talc by CHAS. L. OC.DEN, and ABRM.OGUF.N, mch G Was.hincton - t. FANCY plate Calicoes Superfine calicoe t and chintxet 4 - 4, 9 - 8. C 4 cambric muslins . Cambric jaconeti . Plain tanibor'd tc sewed Willi nin and tambor'd 1 book rati il ins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Blsck aad col'd cambrics Velvets and cords, beaver glove fancy cravats, Iwillcd Marseilles Qiiiltings. royal nrins White and priced tat cent Cotton brown ho!!andi Swanvlown, toilnnetts, silk stripes Cotton and wonted bo tierv Trih hnen Jt sheeting! Buttons, hed ticks Fine and superline cas - timerrt Yorkshire fine and tu - Itertine. cloths LondiHi do do ouperfme ladies clollit Bombazrtts, ratincttt Im)eri. - il cord, vigo - r.ia caviinerei Eto kinelts, plain and ribh'd Fiannls, baizes Ferretlt, wonted bind - in; Shirt buttnnt, cotton lare Taris nrtts and souffle gaiire Black and white tbnlli lare Ieno snawls, Eslopil - las Sewing title, atiorted colors L - .ien cambrirs Tahle cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 ii - 4 Diapers Fomiture Dimities F anry I eno, k figured Muslins Ca mbne Trimming, i Flounce 5tern - 1iT Ginghams Romall Udkt. Silk Check Gingham 2 4c 3 col'd Cambric turments Oil Cloths B - nwn Linen Veritio Shawl Cotton hatidannoet 9 - 8 rn!l ttrip'd jaco - re'ts anrt plain ' ' Marlrats hdkft, pins Hair cord camhrics, cotton halls Jl'hitc k col'd tbrels 'it, kid, and cotton jlovei hose,' silk florea - 'inet "Iwk bomhtueen rlwenre ilk, ribben?, sallnont , riMM" - es, plain and C - rnre, "ona ratine, rlaid lstrins 'K'iI hlarknlkhkfs 'Ckt binding!, tapes, W'bhms Fsniilere calicoes, and wintrts H .. 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and r printed cambric - 4 imitation do. S.VMiniere do. "rmn. Inn. .1 , mint white ..BdprintJt lV,ir ,,urmii:i?t co "J htp arr vnl and for sate by !4di"AGGL!;Ty AH3TF.N, , Zn . 137 Pearl - ttrtet, OUR Hundred tons first qnality Nova Sco tia Plaster lor sale iu lots to suit purchas ers Apply to WALTER NEXSONV 174 Froat - st. corntr of Uiu - ling - slip, or to JOHN BYERS, foot f Darrisoo - st. mch 17 North River. Jl'GAK. 1"2 hhds New Orleans bupir, 5 landing this dar at Pinc - strect wharf, from bri Hope, forU by GRISWOLUS & COATES, or RIPLEY, CENTEltACO. ap" . 6HSuth - t., IMiiA I UIM ACONfTANT supply of tU above article for sale bv UAU15.ARIN, STANTON & CO. ap 10 Iw 17 Fnltnn - siip It.XPM .iHt K. t LOWER V.1I.YJ I.U. Ur O. WALL, pupil rf the celebrated G o. Miller, of llnb'iii, Teacherof L - ndcape and Flower I'ainiins, Drawing from iVatnre, Chnracteritic, Foliage, tec. Kc, For terms, apply nt No. 44 Nassau - street; where ipeci - mensof his works may Un tn. W. G. WAIX liopei, from bis rtyle of painting, m'hotl of teaching, nod a Mrif t attention to the duties ofhis profession, to m'rit a contin oiK - K of those favours he bat so amply received. np92w FRANKLIN UtriJSE. This new, spacious and splendid Huilding, situated in Broadway, the frrent and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the comer'of Dey t. will be opened by the vubscribei on the 1st of May next, for the reception of Hoarders. It is fitted, and will be furnished in a manner not surpassed, for convenience and ele gaiice, by any private dwelling in the citv. It occupies the meet eligible situation, being central, in viewoftlit - I'ui k and City - Hall ; the upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view nf the adjacent country for a cirrumferc ce of 50 miles including tin - Hook, the Nan own, and the Harbour j and it is believed that no House in the aniititr) et. cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit - nation ; and no exp nse having been spared by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will olfcr to bdies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleasan' and retired a partments. The choicest of Wine and Liipiors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared.ta maketlie entertainmtnlplea - sant, rare and excellent This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Hoarding AlRc. llKM)ERSON. f h?4 HiC tf vMILAIOiV d lit H UINTMKNT. rHF. long and succeWtll uc of this n - ntment .1 is a stilTiLii - nt recommendation, ns il has 'wn found to be n nlt:aanf, sate and certain re medy for that disngreeable disrase in n'l its tta - ii c. - ...i - . . .t f f vi. ... J. A. A; VT. R. Fost, No. 41 Villi - tn - street; I. A: T - t;iirk, No. H3 Maidtn - Laue ; If. II. denied lin Jt Co. No. 1LD Pearl trwt: Lawrence U K" - e, No. 195 Pearl - street ; IIoll A F.ownp, 140 Ptarl - street ; R. ti L. Murray, 313 Pearl - street : J. M. Bradtinrst. 314 Penrl - rtreet : John Penford, No 4 Fletcher - street ; Duryee ti Poe, in Fcarl - street ; JMin '. Morrison, 188 Greenwirh - ttrn - t ; Jol.n P. Fiilier, 106 Broadway ; Walter! Beainan, corn - t of Cbamher - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street and in short it may he procured at most of the Drat Stores in this city Alto in Philadelphia, of 8. wnnereii k anns ; i.eorxe iianei! .iurth K Ko eers, and almost a - 1 th druggists in the principal towns in the United states. . MKKWtK, W 11 EATON'S J A UN DICE BITTERS ma b had at the above (daces. ian22Cm BOARD WANTED Hy a lady in a private family, she will furnish her bed room complete. None need apply, but persons of thei tir - t respectability. Lnquire at 13 Mur - r,:4 - ti - eet. ap 10 rHE vacation in Mrs. &flKL)l)FVS Board J. ine School, nt Newark. N. J. will termi nate on the last of April, and the exercises of the school will bt resumed on the first of May next. There are now a lew varftncin and those parents or guardians who nay have it in contemplation to place ttietr dauslifert or wards under her charge are requested to make early application, tn this school are tnnght the English and French languages, (and latiis, if required) rritiug and arithmetic, geography and astronomy, plain and fancy needle woik, iauir, dancing, tic. The ytem by wbi. - h - Mrs: tfhedden teaches the Fiencli language it quite new in this country,'ond merits notice, nt it facilitates in a surprising decree the acquirement of the accent. Terms mxv be ascertain! d rtj npjdicatinn tn Mrs. fcllKl - DEN, ewnrk, (N. J.) Her references nre, James stougnton, r.tq. IVew - Tork ; Kevd. L. r, Bayard and Col. Jamct Heddcn, Newark. rj 7 2wJ 1'K.OiSPEoi lia tor rrm.isaiiso bt scbc nirTinif A M AP )K MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. ' 'UK pubiiehtinn of this Map has been mider - 1 taken with the imprcsMmn that it will ex - iniormation, highly iiiterehtisg at this event - nl rriis, ami the valuable Maps which tho author ha procured, durinj his several tonrs tbrou - . - h Mexico, ii: tl.e yenr lt6, 1!;l)7, 1812, UII3, 1815, It! Hi, nnd idl7. inriuiehim to belnive that the Map, uitheven p. II it imperfections will be much tiie most perfect whkh hat apearcd before the puhhe. Thi M.ip will contain the latest and best information Irn.n (he discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and Fien h travel ert and navigator and representing the claimt of their respective government' on 'he Northwc?tem coast of Amei.cs. The. Map will include that portion of Nerth Arm rica, which lies between the lthmut ol l)a - ricn, and the 40th degree el North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the Pacific Oreao. In use tho .Map will be about tix by five feet, and will he prnjet ti - rl on a scale of 40 mile to the inch, to be delivered to the subscriber) at fifteen dollars mch. Na'cl,c, March 7. 18W. np7tn1 . COL.U.MBIA.V riCTUUK HALLERY, 140 rULTO.t - STRKKT, (R"s't Buddings, near Broadway.) To rnniioi'ieurs and amateurs of the Fin! Arts, and to t?i enlightened pibtic of New - York r"HF. pinprbtorot an extensive collection o! L pictures, the work f the mott eminent pointer, havirg pist arrived from Europe, where be hat prrrchased tbem from the THbinett nl Home, Naples, FloreiKw, Paris, Amsterdam and Lcmbm. at a very considerable expnce, piopo - e t exhibit them to the ladies and cenileruen of tl.i. i rv end it vicinity. The exhibition will liegin on Thursday, 16th of April, it will be far superior tojry a yet offered in the U. Stat s, the picture lieing nndoabtedly origirals consi" - ine of upwards ol 2U0 pictures,!) the best matter. Admission 50 rente each, or one dollar per month. Hourtfn m 10 in the momia: tntevea ii the evcaing. Catalogee may be had at the G - llery. 1X l.V.T, The store 61 Fultoo - eveet. Enquire on tlie premise ep 4 5w SfOlllniLUKs ikr;vvAKi. TRAYf D on fcaterday ai'ernocr., f'.tt No. 177 Water street, ino Front - street and was afterwards seen on the B.t'tery, a .atr sjng pno (pnrel) of a liver til'iiri O - e hind leg w'.iie narly t the hip, had on a leather coilar win a larje dog rtne rasierred f.i it. Whoever will r - tarn said slat to Xn. - 177 Water - ttreet or 10 Fr.nt st. ttl receive the above rewsml anl thaukabfthtofiner. . cplJIw F v ' 1 ft' THURSDAV, APRIL 16, 1818. ' : NUMBER 4942 NO. 42 PINK - STHKKT: FOR SALE, K farm in the villaireof West Bloomfield, iu Ltsei county, state of New - Jersey, within I J miletofthe city of New - York, contuiniog about thirty acret of land, about six acres of which it woodland, of a vouns nnd thrift? rrowth, and well timbered ; the re - idue consists of good meadow, witbyoune orrhanl. in a profitable hearuie condition, from which rider oi the first quality Can be maae, ine (run being oi a choice collection v There it on the pre mires a new frame mnqrn built house, of the liest materials and well finish ed, two ttoriet high, 46 feet in length and 32 feet in depth, containing five large room with Cre - plncet in each. bestde a kitchen and apartments in the garret. Also, a rardcti. an excellent hnm, cowhouse, he. The above described property will be told below its valoe, the subscriber being desirous of fettling with bis lamllv in tome one of the western states. - The situation of it is vert healthy and desirable, being on the turnpike road, wliicn win siiortiy bein continuation ol the grem Western Turnpike leading irnm the city nt Jersey to Lake Erie, and it a tood stand l' - r a store r tavern. The surrounding country i delightful, and it exceeded by none in iMiint ol prospect, nt it commands a full view of the city of New - York, ba)t, river and the Atlantic Ocean. There, it a variety of fruit In the season in great profusion ; and large never failing streams of wattr run contiguous to the village, whereon are erected larg - - coltou and woolen Uc - tones in lull operation. The whole or a part of the land will be sold with the house, at may suit the purchaser, and military bounty lands will be taken in part payment. For terms, ai plv to Jonah IIcdJn, Esq. in the c.ty of New - York, or to the Mibtcnber on the premires, who will give an indisputable title. ap 10 2w Ki ll rlAl.V r, aill.rn jWt .W I UUll.UtMiS. tr.sP Twoofiiccin Law Buildmes o 3. 1 lie r u ted. Apply on the premises, (n JAMES A. HAMILTON, Ffq.or at No. 59 Bread! y feh2idtf sVik'H A large two ttcrv, Hoine at d about 10 not - of land, hetwi en the 6 ud 7 mile stone. Blniiniingdnio Kuad. For purtieiilnr enquire of MCKS. DrPEYSTEU, ap 11 Im Ni arthr Premises, KST TO LET, 1m3 The handsome 3 storv brick house and stable No. 310 Broadwny. For terms enquiro ut A. HUTSON'S Inltlligence office, 59 Chnmber - slreet. ap II Cw HOL'SE IO UK Lfc'f, Situated about 2 3 - 4 miles Irom the City Hail, on the old iMnl - roud, and adjoining the hou - es of (t. k R. Waite. I he house ia neatly fiiii - hed one, and fit fiTa snmll family; has a kitchen and cellar, 2 jjarlors, 3 bed - rot - mi, fciul 1 ood r eitrcl garrcls. I nere is a mau jiarueii, and a stable lit W a horso :tnd gig. Inquire ocxt door to the pi entires, or at o4 Maidcn - liuie. ap 13 rHOgPKXI I'S OP TBI HEMI'S'IEAI) ACADEMY. The Rev. TiMnTn ci.owas, a. m. Principal. - ouoUuoo - HAVING purchased that large and commodious building in the village of Hemi stead, Queens County,. lately occupied hy Mr George Howel, the subscriber proposes to opn an Aca demy therein, on Mouday, Uie 27th instunt, lor noaraing young remieuien ana lmirutnng mem in My of those branches of scien, e and literu lure usually comprehended in au academical course. That every scbo!rmay ha under the constant nnd immediate tniierinieuuunce ol tlie rnncipal, none will he admi'ted into fhit acadrroy at student but those who are also boarder Avery few students from the village, or itt immediate virinity, will be the only exception to this rule. Il, however, the number ol ttudentt should ex ceed the meant ol uccommodation in ti acade my, board may he procured in private families in" the neighbourhood. Should the. public patronage lie extended to t'.iit institution lufGcitotly to h errant the measure, additional teacher will be procured !'be year will be divided into two terms of tuition. The summer term will commence the Inst Monday in April, and wdl continue twenty, three weeks. Tlie winter term will commence the last Monday in October, and will likeaisp continue twenty three weeks. This arrangement will leave a vacation ol about three weeks after each t rm. The price of hoarding, tuition, candles and fuel, both in school and rooms will be 100 dollar each term. Book, w ishing, mending, and any necessary article of rlotiiituc, will be furnished by tlie subscriber at tlie most reduced priret. A cot, mattratt or bed, and bedding, to be furnished by etch ttudeut. The patrons of thin institution may be aisured that its system of discipline will he mild, yet exact. The rulet of the academy rnuit be strictly compiled wit n, ny every cnoitr. tCT" rtiRMliititKa.desiniu'. of srauirinia grammatical knowledge of the Kuglish language. win ne aniuiuea at ouaruers inio ine xjcmpsieaa Academy. Private apnrtmentt and separate ta hies will be furnished on Uie most reasonable terms, and every facility will be aft - rded tn a secdy aud thorough acquaintance with the language for the information ol strangers it may te staled, that llerupafead i a pleasant illage and post town, remarkable for its healthiness, only twen ty one miles east of the city ol New - Vork ; Hint I enjoys tti advantage ol public worship in the I', Episcopal, and Methodic forms ; and that a stage runs In.iu the city three times a week, on one of the best roads in America. Parent desirtuiof placing their children at rhool. or foreigners wishing to be instructed tn the English language, are respectl'mly request d to visit trie suhsf.rioer. at lltmpstean, writ re they will receive litllerinibrmatirn respecting the proposed institution. TIMOTHY CLOWES. Hempstead, April 3, 1818. 0" The subtc nber hert - ny declare his unqualified approbation of the establishment propo. sed bv the Kevd. Mr. Clowes Convinced as he i of Mr. Clowes' ample qualifications, loth of tne head Hrcl ine neart, lor tiqierintrrding tilt h an institution, he doe not hesitate to recommend him to public confidence, and hi scad, my to public patronage. hETH HA 'IT, Rertiiroi?t. Gen. Church. Heinpitrad. Ilcuipsfead, 3d April, 18l(i. ' (Jy - The aliote prnspcitu meet with my heuiiy coucerrtm e. CHARLES WEB?TLn,, . Pallor of the Tretbyterian Church, lleaislead. A bae lettered " Hemiatead Arademv" will l left at G. C. Laugdon't Long - Maad Steam - Boat Hot - 1, ror communications with any ersoii at tarhed to the iDtliUili Jn. ap 7 PTtawCi'awt' PHILLIPS' A3 1 lu)M) .V. ITIGHT hiiiiliar Lectures on Aslrrnouiy, in. Ej tended at an introduction to th Scitnre, :or the use of young persons with plates anil diagrams, by Willis Phillips, author i f Outline nt iYiirmraiogy ana ueoioT, Mc lor sal' nt ,o 3 Wall - tt. by C. WILEY fi CO. apt AN Eieg.dit Bv HOKSE, aeiiif. - in harness, ;nd ttiiierior tni'ier the "f - di)(e. ix Vesrs old ibis fuiumer, fer tale. Apply at th S'taliie or r - v ju.t - s, . ap9 Ct No. 61 .New - tivet. bOAKDINli. A FEW gentlemen ran be accommodated with Boar - L m private family, in a rteas - ant part of the city of Jersey. Enquire at thit ap II Im f,,l OUR f0 bhls - rf Howard - tieet BUi - r more siip - rline Ficur. and a few bbis. nt Ryt F. . - r. for tie by tliO. ."!. WilO.v, ap N ,,.U - J Waler - sfreL. OH i Tisr plate & corks. d 1 Boxet tin plate. 13 X 1875 froce velvet bottle corks, 1st qnality 84 ream lugar - loaf paper. For tale by Rogers ti post, ap6 .. 51 - South - it QTOLKl .i fttUHJMIAbUAi.K, '' The hond and croondi beloneins to the estatv of John Shaw, situated on the eighth avenue. Onlhe premises are an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice bouse, with evtry thing else requisite for such an establishment. It is presumed any other dcscriplion is unnectsia - r), atthoie inclined to rent will view the place. A I so, t lie large Gie proof store in the rear of homes 1 1 and 13 Pearl - itreet ; where there is for sale tome eld Madera Wine, by the Dcmijtlin. r vi iui toer imnicuiari, a'iy 'o Jan 29 11 IVarl - strret. S Lot in the 5. 6, 8. and 10 Ward: mans oi which are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, nlt - rcsi excepted. IIULSr.S. Several two and three story houses, on which t great j - art of tl.e money remain on mortgage. Jj.l.MJl.M' AT KLJJ IlUUr.. An excelkut stand for bixnitss, with ten acre. ol land, pleasantly tituatcd, witli a whan, store louse anil nam. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Hnven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failings! renin, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a surticiemy of water tor eacn. Applv nt No. 2 Greenwich street, jau 13 ti V ALL' Aril. I. PUUi'KKI I. v.nil The mbsciiljcri.ffirs for sale a valuable (arm, 73 miles from Ncw - Yoik, lying 7 milo cut!i of Pouihkeeprie, on the poft - rcid, wilhiti I t i l a mile ol the unlU on the falls of Wappin gerV - Creek, and in the neighborhood of several landings from which rlooiis tail weekly. It con tains 1 10 acres of level, lerlilr land, with a young orchard of grafted fruit, wood sulhcient for fuel, and all in good fence. The house contains Seve rn! rooms has a pood barn, and nil in excellent repair. It til'iftlion being on an elevated plain, renders the place not only healthy, but presents from the dwelling a dclichtlul inland prospect. Also, another lot of 40arrer,nntignoustothr above, and bounded tunthc rly by the falls of WappuigerVLroek. 1 he land it fertile, in excellent fence, and of r.vy cultivation. What rendert this property valuable, is, that it may he made a place of celebrity. There is already r - reeled on the falls a saw - mill of great mj'Rc iiy, a cat ding - mill, which rrjoys. the ctMom r.l the neighborhood, beside other tiitu for fai iorirs, uBorcnpied. 'I he whole for - c. cf the creek can be diverted with a little ex;,euteso a - to drive a range of mills on a level plot of grown! ju - t below Uie lalfe, and rvRhirln b an ea - j uangalion ; wherelrictoricsofevervl.frriptioi!, with every faohly of power and tran - - poitatior - can he constructed. Abo, a flour mill, of the first rinss, The mill hoiie if larsc, witl) 4 run of Burr stoner, and cnlciila'ed lor C, "with new maebmerv l - r niannl'ai.tiirtng wheat, ,Vc. with an levator for rai - ing grain from vesrtlt iulo the upper loft of the pull, t.onnected wth tho mill is n latge tore house for storing wheat and Hour. With tlie mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on which is situated five dwelling hone, a large pnrn, hay nome, carnage nnii - e, torn crib, hovels, i - c, a cooper's shop calculated foi 20 hand. Two of the houss - are pew nnd well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, wi:h a beautiful intervale landscape iirmed by the meandering of the creek in front. There are few places which associate so many accommodating qualifications lor Uie merchant, mechanic or farmer. If not sold at private sale before Tuesday tlir ' i'lsl April, it will on that day bo ollered at a no tion., , For terms &c. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Heaver - itreel. Feb 20 ABRAH AM MESIER. ton oi :, The property nt Brooklyn, belonging fo the estate ol Cary Lndlow, deceased, r, - midst - ii.a ol a new three story bnck house nnd lot of ground, a tlore tiouf , formerly occupied ni a oisimery, a mmt irnnie nmiiiing and mt nt ground, and two vacant lots adjoining the above premises, this r - - p(rty is titiiafed wilhin a few rod of Iho t't :t in - boat lerry, on the road to Pierpont's Distillery, and extends from the hill to the river. Also In let, from the first of May next, the bouse and lands on the bill, in the rear of the a - neve nesrniiea premises. 1 ne bouse is well a - tpicd lor a private family or for a publir house. 1 lie situation, ironi its elevated position, com mand a very extensive and beautiful view ol the city, tlie East River nnd Bay of New - York. lirgrounns aurro'miing tne boose fslKiut live acres of laud) are in a high ttate of cultivation. t or terms, apply to CEO. W. MORTON, mh?1tf No. 5! Willidin tt. aSLA lOU I VEhNi.i. HOI EL. ijiXu I'HE subscriber take this method to in - forui the public that he has taken tor the emu. ing season that well known stand formerly occ. pied by Dyde, about five mile from the Cily Hall, on I he lloslon road, aid intends to open it as a public hou - e for (he reception of company, on the first or Msy next, when gctlemen aud la dies will be accommodated with every comfirt ami elegance to lie exacted i ,ucli a house, on the most rettsnnaiii term?. J he be - t of liquors of every fort will be al way kept ready, EZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook. ' ro - ? Im r.u j O i.r.Asi - uui fVi accommiHlating terms, a number ( iitr and building lots, near and adioinin? the navy - yard, at liiooklyu. I or particulars en quire of EAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. ijjlii The nnll 3 story brick house No. 157 reari - sieci, suitai - le tor a person carrying on a imoe in ine i.uuse, naiinga garrei end iriieiiiiiug siren store, rossessioa given imine - Jibtely. fcoqtnre or IM VIU SI ILLWAUtiO?f, mh 31 tf Slone - steei t, near Broad - street. sC - lT, JLKJ. Iknid For one or more yt - ars. n two ttort bn K inwt House, No, 8 Canal street, fourrjon - irom Broadway, to the front House it attached one in the rear which serve as a kilt hen to each story. It will be put in tenantahte repair on fie first day ol .May next, rent reasonable. Enquire of aOU It, lILULLi, ap 7 ?w 9(1 Massnu street. ?., s0 LkT, - Vtisi The (ton and cellar room of tliose thiee tor houses No. 10 ami 12 Brd - slrert. Alto, a good hiHiw nt Greeiiwkb, and one nl Hnrlfrtu, with two and a hall s.rie of geounii, near Manhaltanville. Applv at 55 Broadway, ortft CllA?. OAKLEY, apttf ' 141 Front - street. To I tt Jr ant or more y art, The IoIJowoir bouiti hfOiis No. 24 h tsrs dnort above asliinsroa iimi, wi h a coat h honse in t be rc ar i f r. quired A !o, a ibre story orn k btr o 415. in said tire. Also. new and geateH lw story firs k boos., corner of LispenaM an - inurcn nree - s " terras m identic. J or furtn - rr pHrStcstUrs, apply tJl5 Broadway. ;a'J ,;.. tthtiif b'lOftE JO LET, T - l. - it r - i i ii v lire uruvr iuiit 111 uuvrmnin - lane, between Water and Front - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TICKER Si LACRIES, mh 31 29 Smith - atrert. Iu l.ti', The GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa - tcr - nreet. .The uluati mof I hit house, and iU accommodatjoos, Justly render it an object well worth th attention nl any person desirous f keeping a lucrative public bouse. It will be let, furnished or unfurnished, and immediate possession 5itto. Appiy at no U7 Water - ttrect. inh 17 tl I - OK SALE. rkal rnor.T is thr uti or rkw - ioiik. A HKILK IK'USE and Lot No. II hmi! Bowerr STAHLK in IK. r.rt .II,. er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and 12.1 feet on each side. HOIISE and LOT No. 57 Vesev - ..tret . - House and lot No. 39 Vesey - strtet. ' A UOMJ and MORTGAGE lor 1200 dollar, do and do for 750 do do and do for 4M) tin On valuable property in the city of New - York. 1 he interest hot alwnyi been punctually paid. r ur uriicu,art iniini ut ine omre oi STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dee 10 tf No. 7 Wall - street lt Lt.T VR J.KjiSt. dim . rrnmine istiviay next, on reasonawe teiuis, a large convenient dwelling house, nnno - site Love Lane, near the two milestone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adiain: will calculated for two families, having two kitchens, with H rooms, pnutnes ami vault, a tfable ami roach house, a well of good water and two cit terns. hat a very large garden, well ttocked wvn snrtirt bpu iron trect ; sssiion ol whirl cun be had on tlie 1st April next. Also to rent, n genteel 3 story brick house No. 49'J Greenwirh - tireet, wi'h or without a liable in the rear. Apply nt No. 490 tir - enwich - it or to 1IALSEY tc GOSMAN, mh tl tf 34 Old - slip. HKtllJt JsCK at ORttsn t,i il n i m in, inennuse nnn gronnnt irontillg on t.reinwich Lane, heh nging to the eitate of the late Samm I MiHignn, and at present occu pied hv air. unvid r.iy. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEE, lumber mi reliant, f'xit ol i. Moore - street, vr ol r. i'KiAt.L,r., in the uaou of Aew - tork. lehClllf f i A L '.1 IS I. F. I'ROl'h U 1 Y. ei. - ul ijii ri'rpau.irie i 'over iron niauuiaciurinz r.ei ibli'litnent, in the county ol Moms, and atnU of , - w - .ltrny consisting of n rolling and slit - tin" Mill, in goon repair, which work two pan o mIis oi.d rutins, shea's, fcr. all at the tanie tui.t - ; a vaiunhle forge with two fues end one hnuiiiier in eootl repair ; a dot k of coal and nie ii lifiid, iuitu ii nl to make liliy ton of iron t a oo'l siiw mill ; at ut nail Inrtuiy in uood repaii, mffit it nt to i o ploy thirty men, and may " extruded to employ one huiiditd more I a brad t Mi - tin inscliiiie and n steel furnace ineooil repair; coiivcnient to tlie works is a store nnd a number ol douses for the act omnindntiiin ot inmilit, nnd excellent (tabling for teams that ftiay be peces sar it Keep lor tne use tn - ineestitniisiiinrnv i ei - to, orrburds, pasture nnd meadow lots, imme - oinieiy enjoining me woras, wun limner lano in Hiiy qunntsty, not exci eding two thousand live bundled acres, within three uiiletol tain works. The great vein of iron ore, commencing htlht noted burkasunny mine, runs name than 2 milt through this tract, nnd three mines arc now open, from which the ioiget are supplied with ore, and morn niay be opened and ore raited to supply worn tn any extent ; the mine are wilhin two miles ol said works, and good roads n that the ore can be railed and delivered at the forge at two nod a half dollar per ton. The above described work are situated on Rocicaway Kiver, about eight mile front Mor - ristown, twenty five miles limn luurabcth J own. onn a Don mt anine Distance irom jvewnrg. win goorl turnpike roads leading from said work lb earn place, in n pleasant nealtny situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being two Preahy - trriun Churches within four miles and a friends' meeting bouse within two mile of laid place. Tin stand fur collecting bur iron lor the slitting mill it very commanding, there being nearly one hundred (rgc nre in I be county I moat til I hem nre on the ( ream above Dover, and the iron, in going tn New - York market, can conveniently pas those work. At ibis mill frequently lour tons ol bar iron hnve been ijit and bundled into nail and ipike rod in a day. aad upward of one hundred tun ot nana nave been made in year. A large amount of good may he told at thi place in exchange for bar iron, procuring aup plies, &c. tic. There are valuable tcite both a hove H below on thi tract,ou which more work may ne erected. ALSO, That valuable wrll known farm, lying in the township of Randolph, ahouttwn mile fiorn Do vcr, mid six miles (torn Morriatown, and within one quarter ol a mileol the Union turnpike road, near i'leaiunl vallty, called the 1 hatillery Farm, containing about three hundred acrea, about one fourth part o whit his excellent meadow, one foil rl h part plough and pasture land, and the remainder timber. A considerable part of the timber la ol the original growth, and. it auitahle Soi sawing, the other part it thrifty young limber, from fiiteen to twenty years growth. .There are on taid farm upwards of six - hundred apple trees in (trie order, eight to sixteen yrariold, the moat oi tbem ol g railed fruit, end more than half m them lariaon applet, so fnmout for cider. The meadows are flat and free from atone, through which runa two lively streams ol water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of these stream is tuffitient for a grist - mill or other work s tliere are aw mills, a gnat - mill, fulling mill and oil mill, on the same ttrenin. On said farm are two vbluahle cite for waterworks, coavenieut cheap place to erect a short dam, and raiaoa consider nble pond, with twelve or fiiteen feet head Below thit tlie water can bt taken into a race, and in lei than twenty chains, on good firm ground, it more than twenty feet full. In thit way tlie water can he worked twice oyer with the ex peine of only one dam. I tier? on sain inrrn nn ciicnfivc ewer nun with four preasct and cistern, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient tn hold twelve hun - dn - rl barrel of cider. Connected tn the cider work i tlie still - house, so conveniently situated that the whole operation i completed without pumping, 'I he water for condensing the spirits is luriilied from a never failing spring, within tix rod of the tliil house, and hat luflkient brad to rim into the cittern. The building rtvwitt of two small frame dwelling, one good frame barn, 54 feet long by 20 h - rt wide, under a part ol which it a good cellar ; there are alao.hsy hoeae, cow efieds etc. ALSO, Vn'iiah'n property at I dogwood, In the township of efierson, six miles irom Dover, on ine mam branch of Rorkawi f River, ron.iiling of a very valuable forge, with no 6re and one hammer s abundance of water the whole jer. a large pond, nnd a very wvm situation, and for fifteen year pus! has uide as - much iron at any two Ore in fii rnuiitv. 1 lie ore la within four miles and a put of ine road lurnuiked. Tlie several tract rxtnertetl with this eiab!ibrufit amonnt kilo - ilr to about fourteeutia'itlred acres tlst great - . r oart timber, to make e durable auiiply ot coal tor tlie forge. ImmediaMy adjoining the forge is verv vnln - itiie plow anq iBeanow latwj (uocieul fo - fnree faruv ol one hundred acre each, with house. tHi - liarl and barns besidtv several good dwelling for thr families that may be employed in working the forge. . The whole or auy pat of (hit) verv vaiunhle property will be sokl Hi such piu e and ciedil wiil in ike it worthy the atlenliou ot any M - roa wil.ins to putcbase. For furllier iuloruiatioa enctiironf ' ' JACOB 1X)?F.Y, afllotfr. : ISRAEL CANKIELD, nt Morriftown. jBLACKWFLL It m's ,KLA, at N. Ycrk. - - leiis4J)XCU : - f. ' ', JO LET. :1 The new brick Store no. C2 S tone - it. Apply to T. (k J. SWORDS. Feb 14 The two - atory brick Irout House and Lot t Cherry - ttreet For terms, kc. at - vly at 7fi f'earr - strtMit mar 3 1 frt's. H t.t.i, kiiill From die Tint of May next. three tory brick house in Greeiiwich - ttreet, between laberty and Courtlandt streets. Inauire t 137 Greenwich - street. mh 8 tf . ' dOLt J, 1 - From the first of May nexL the House 52 Green street, near Broadway. Enoujre at the printers, ap 8 3w JO Lt - 'T, : From the first of May next, front count ing room on the itcond floor, together with the upper loll, tuquire No. 167 Feal ttrett; , K pm m tr ... I is LE'i , At a low rent, a three storv brirk U ellin(5 in JNorfolk - st. , Enquire of ED t N. COX g - 96 YValUtreet. MR. fRuOy dTlRt.. ... To let and possession fint ol M the mur story fireproof store, No. 34 fconth - tt. ueiween vocnue ana Via slips. tUK,utre M the ubscriher, No. 1 Murmj.or 45 Chaniber - stiett. leh 9 tf S. D CRAIG. rOK cALE, A two itory house situated in PearL mreet, Brooklyn. Postesiion may be had oil the first of May next For particular, applv to the subscriber, on Uie premises. mh 25 tf JAMES GILL. 'JO i,t.T. ij A count ins boute on the lower floor. No. Tn south A large new Cre proof ttore is Governeurtf lane, next door to Wt r stieet. Apply to - 1 L'CKLR it LAlhlES, mn 11 29 fvititri - street. tvirji iu l.t i, 4iJ Those two fire proof duelling Nouses No. i4 and tC Molt street, about tea ttitoutrs walk from Die Coffee House. 'J hey will be put in complete repair, and wellrnlrolated lor genteel families. Apply at No. 137 Water tttvel. mh 1 1 tf IO Lfc'i, ttull A rery convenitut bouse, with obont ban an acre of ground, about a mile from the city, adjoining the houie occupied by Mr. More - wood, betwixt Greenwich ami the Broadway road. Apply to t JOHN R. MUF RAT, mh 25 tf iludton - squtre. , nouit, Stabit, Garten, kc. ml Often tr A. V TO J.KT in,i Tlie suWrilier will let or lette. for a tctu. of years b house nt Greenwich, lit pleasantly situated on the bank til the iUriann, Midi nicuia.eci in nccoininucate a large taniily. or erms, "PPljT to D1V1E BETtiUNC, - 1 Jnn3ii (et W I street. or Hoi lit IB ... IS The house nnd ground ol the luburriter nt liloomingdnle, pear Uw 5 mile tiinw. sititaied onlhe banks of the North River. The House I modern htnlt, 50 reel front w ith ttrrnt td pit in nnd ronveidetit ont house, nil recently painted, nnd in complete order. 'I be ground are liicldy cultivated, tbe garden extmaive end good - ant there are on tbe plara a great variety of throbs, ft bit nad forest trees, and e mp ot excellent wafer. For terms which will be rrasnnnbk - , apply to . b. A.LAWREftCE, up t Im , C7 Pine - dreet. e j J.AT, Tbe House No. 78 Broad - street, with Me office, (tnre - bouie, nnd stable contiguous and appertaining thereto. iu ix. Fore term of years in Mi or parcels, that part of Rose Hill siiunte on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues on the 23d, 24th, 551 h. 6fh, 27lb. 28th. end 29lh afreets which belongt to Mrs. Ann Ro gen. For particulsr. apply to . JAMLh A. HAMILTON, toh 13 tf No. 3 Law Built lng.' 71 Tit LET, Mntu The following Houses viz ! 1'lHiliouae No. 95 Joha - aireet Tbe boute No, 97 do I'he house and ttore No 395 Prarl - ttreet The boute and ttore No. 131 Cherry - street I 1 ttl'll Wa., r. ...... v , i - rtAW, . feb21 No. a Bowerr. O 'JU i.t.T, The (tore No. 20 Wall - .freet. Pomm. aion may be had immetliately Apply at No. 18. ap i it " J O Jst.A St., Jura irrm J jtari, mZk Tlie house and MNo. 20 Cedsr - atseef. couiamtng tix room with fire places, beside the; kitchen, pantries, vaults. c. aad a well of good waler. .,: t Foraale, the unexpired term, eleven year, ef the lot No. 69 Murray - street, in the occuoation ol William Patfr.n, on lease from tlie Epiaco - pai vourcnou . - - t. r.spni. inquire oi J. vy, w. JViuL.i.iuAct, feh25dtf No. 44 Plne - ttreef. .Sore and t'er to Lrt. The Bte Hntl Cellar No. 67 Pice it ret t to iet low, pily oa the premise. apl aw TO LEI', very low, A genteel 2 - tory brick boute, witA a snug garden, hariiig a (table in the rear, tituat' d in the most pleasant part of Broadway, aboet 20 minute walk from ibe City - Hall; rent $ 450 per annum. For particulars, apply 17 Cedar, street. ap 4 2w JV Lt T, Vmrm ih tit of Mav next, tbe lower cuuniing room of No 54 Soufh eUeet. . The upper counting room. No 71 UmL - A pply to JAM t.3 O' WOL t, Jr. lers 13 57 Front - stnttt' J O LKl, : Sr - ' The home in Ifudson - squara. lately occupied by John K Murray, Esa. It i tp - ciVmi and elegant, and poseett trf every re - qtiisi'e convenience. foMeananA ltiy be hail immediately For terms apply to MAJOR k CILLESriE, 79 (up auirt) Pioe - sireet. , N. B. The above property will be sold to any one desirous to purchase, and the payment made coneenient. an 9 JO Lh.1. Tlie paeiou 4 ury fire proof store. al tne foot of Liberty - street, lately occupied by Messrs. j. Murray Bona. I'otwession trs be given on tbe Crwt May next. For terms, apply to MAJOR U GIUJPIE, ap 9 7 lipUir) fine - atreet. VJ pitruagea pea greea, the aeck a bright yel low, son under trie wing a Heap red and parpie. W hoever return aid Parrot to Ko. 6 Wilhaa - atreet, will be baadsoisely rewarded, wiia many - . . V f U I B I 1 - U Uk'tllE1 uiaaas oy niwj TO LET, rmm lrf Mav neit. the store No. 5 WU - li.lreet, with or without aparfsaeau, aodtbe Uoum) thrreon, lufjtoSer 07 aeperate. ' K",,""P,'ly 10 : CHARLES READE. r nplflw ' ' On the premises VIH.SXUO. j hhds. Kichmood tobacco. superitsr jtialjty, foraale hy - ' P 7 Hunr fc T.WATT

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