The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 14, 1931 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1931
Page 17
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-* ijr^.'i- ] w'4r"--v^'^,/- ,., 'H v ; - . , - . --s Av, gCH , ' i v MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ' - ' IJVESTOCK PRICES CLOSE WEEK HIGHER MARCH 1 14 S '" ' 1931 f r- £* ,_ i SWINE MARKET LEADS ADVANCE :j Heavy Steers and Lambs oi ] Plain c Grade Are Only ] ' ·'"' ,-Weak Spot*. I CHICAGO, ~*Iarch 14. CSV-Live- stock prices ..closed this week with values markedly higher in almost every division of,the trade. Heavy steers and plain grade lambs were th« only groups, to show any actual weakness. The outstanding advance 1 of the week was in the hog market where th'e average'cost rose nearly 65 cents and top prices closed St cents above last,week-end in light and medium weight b'utchers.-Heavy weights failed ,to sh'ow quite so much gain, but finished at a 4E cent higher range. The storm cul down supplies in-the first part o) the week and broadened demand lor dressed pork, so that lotas advanced sensationally to ?3 to ?4 higher prices. Closing trade for the week was fully steady ^with Friday's average but there were too^few'on sale to attract many buyers. Lights sold a1 ?8.40 early and 270-lb. butchers brot $7.55. Packers took 7,500 of the run of 9,000 on direct billing. Mixed loads of yearling steers and heifers _and vealers proved to be the most suqqessfiii of all cattle in scoring advances for the week and each of these classes was quoted ?1 higher on the closing trading this week than last. All light steers and yearling steers showed a gam of 25c to 50c for the week, as heavy and medium weight kinds outnumbered any other sort. Average cost of steers, ranged from S7.50-to $9.75. Cutter cows and all bulls sold 25o higher and feeding cattle picked up 25c to 40c on the strength of a limited supply. Lambs cams within lOc of the season's peak in selling at 59.50 this week and altho they were not able to hold that level all week, they closed steady to 25c higher than last week-end, in the face of receipts that were 15,000 head heavier at Chicago' Shippers saved the market by taking nearly 42,000 head for the week against 30,900 a week ago. Dressed lamb was the fchief factor in maintaining present price levels and good demand for the meat at once boosted live lamb prices. Local Hogs MASON CITT, March. 14--Best sorted hghta, 180 to 230 Ibs., $7.30; best medium weight butchers, 240 W 260 Ibs., $7.00; nest heavy butcb.- ers, 270-xto^300'Ibs., 56.70; best prime heavy ..butchers, 310 to 350 Ibs.-, ?50, best'packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs, $5.80; best heavy sows, 860 to 400 Ibs, ?5 60. »7 M @ 7.75 on belter 160-230 16. weights asking mostly X J7Q7 50 on better 230 250 Ib, avenges; mostly $7.75 on figs and light light:, average coat Friday »7 29, weight 239 HEEI;^ 800; compared'week ago: Slaughter lambs strong to loe higher, (at ewes steady; bulk -M lambs "at close »8(§8,6(; top ?8,60;. throwouU »8@7: fat ewes salable S3©4.75; bulk feeders and, shearing lambs for week *6 60® 8 25 OMAHA LIVESTOCK. OMAHA. March. H. Cffl--U. E. department of agriculture^-,. HOGS 8,000; 190 direct: uneven; opening steady to 30c higher to shippers; closing dull, 10 20c lower to packers, top J7.85 OD sorted-200 Jb lights; 170 250 IDS *7 50® 775, 250-280 Ib. butchers »7.25@7.50; 2SO- 320 Ibs J7.!0®725; packing sowa mostly »R.«ffiB50, average Friday ?7 42, welgbt 274. i ' CATTLE h 300; calves SO; compared to weelc ago: JFed steers and yearlings uneven, better grades weak to 25c lower, low* er grades 25c nlgher; some medium to good light kinds up more, she stock 25-50C high* er, bulls 25e higher, vealers fl 50 higher, stoctoers and Bleeders 23-50c Usher; bulks for, week .' J Fed- steers· 'and '· yearlings $7.25 d.25;'~£everal'-llght steers 'and yearlings $9.35 @980, weighty steers 19 85@10 35. choice ~i 351 IDS., $10 50; choice lots up to *7 10; better grades 13 25@4. medium hulls «{j 4.25;,.riractlcal; top · vealers '$9:.-few to independent* $ 50; good to choice heavy calvis $8®7.50: BtocRer and feeder steers $6.75@8; yearlings up-to $9, !SHEEP 50; -compared with:a week, ago Wooled lambs 25 50o higher, sheep strong to 25o higher;, feeders- steady; .closing hulhs follow: Fed vfobledJlambs J8.35@8.75; closing top ts 85; fed clipped lambs S7.SO 775; good, and choice ewes »425@*85, feeding and shearing;lambs S7.50SS; mixed fat and feeding · lamba.' up to, $8.2r ,, "KANSAS ,cmr IOVESTOCK. KANSAS ! CITT, March 14. UB--U. S. department bj; agriculture-HOGS 700; 70 direct, mo Uy steady with Friday;' top J7.85 : ori;i8Q-220 Ibs.: desirable 1TO-210 1 'ibs...f7.85@7.85;- few 250-280. .Ibs. $7.5007.65; odd picking.'sows *e.60@6,85. OATH-E - 800; · calves -200; f or ·- the '.week: Fed steers steady to; 25c lower ;· full decline or. the better grades; spots, off 50c-on strong weights, light yearlings and most grades of ehe stock strong to mostly 25c higher, bulls steady, vealers and slaughter calves In meagre supply 50c to moetly f i higher, stackers and - feeders steady to - 23o higher; advance on light weight stocKera; week's tops choice 1,127 ib steers ?10 35, heavy steers $10.10; mixed yearlings 58.75; stacker and steer calves $9 SHEEP 000, for the week: Slaughter lambs 25@50c higher; sheep strong; top fed lamb to shippers 58 65, to packers $8 60 most fed lots averaging down from 85 Ib $8 25@8 50, choice shorn lambs S8; a few ewes 54 75; others 54®4 60; feeding lamb mostly "?8.75®7;' to'p $7.45; shearing Jamba unward to 57.76. liVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, March 14 C/F)--Unofficial «s Umated receipts for Monday Hog , 50 000.. catUe, -13,000; sheep,' 18.000; hogs 'for all next week,- 140,000: Representative Sales CHICAGO, March 14 ales, as selected by the U. S. department I agriculture -- BOGS. Heavy-- · 283 7.45 Lights-3 " 2 8 5 7.50 42 193 0 272 7 55 74 167 Mediums -- ^ 4 228 8 10 12 214 8 20 8.40 8 40 Hog Markets CHICAGO '1IVESTOCK * CHICAGO, March 14 up---United States department:, of 'agriculture^-ix-CATTLE=200: .compared week ago: Strictly good and choice, weighty i fed steers lost 'early advance:and. closed .weak'to. 25c lower: lower grades wltti weight steady to 25c higher; all grades lights steers, and yearlings 250500 higher; mostly 50c up on lower 'grades, .instances more ; mixed, and ' helf«i yearlings unevenly'.75cfi)?l:00' higher; butche belters and fat cows sharing advance, cut fers ruling about 25e higher; bulls 25c up and vealers $1 00 higher: extreme top weighty ateers and long yearlings $1125, but few weighty steen sold above $10.50; steers pre dominated; hulk .running to medium, weigh and weighty offerings; cult ot general stee and yearling runs sold at $7500975, Ugh belters topped at SB 23 and little mixed yearlings at $10.00; /feedera scarce, 25©50c -np: SHEEP: 9,000;, for week'175 doubles from leedlng stations, .28,700 direct; tb'day'a market nominal, compared week ago- Fat lamba .and yearling^: steady to 25c-higher;"* advance on better grades; fat. ewea unchanged; feed- ins' Iambs'-weak': to ; unevenly:, lower; 'choice lambs'sold lit $9,50 within 10 cents of'the Mason's peak early' this week:: closing bulk Good; and ehotee' wooled :Iambs - scaling' 96 Ibs. .down-$8.75® 9.00; few $9.15; heavier .weights $8.8008.65; medium fleshed Hgh and medium weight lambs 57.75® 8.25; .na . Uve bucks' $7.5008.00;' thrbwouts 16.00® 7.25; fat- ewes!: $4.00.0 4:75 ;·, week's bull clipped ;Iambs $T.BO@8:50:- best $8.65; few feeding and shearing lambs $7.50(98.00. HOIS 9,000; Including -7,500 direct; abou xteady on a few.-good-;to : choice loads of fered; top $8.40 paid -for 160-200:Ibs.; 270 ?,°?. Jl1 *' £7.4507.65; compared week ago light weights 005285C higher; heavies 35®50t VP:shippers toop- BOO;: estimated holdovers J-,-000;Alight;lights 'eood'and choice 140-16 Ibs. $8.25®8.4p:- light weights 160-200 Ibs *8.25@8.40: medium weight* 200-250 Ibs *J-'@8.«; heavy .---weights 250-350 Ibs *J-W®T.80; packing-sows medium and goot 275-500 Ibs, .$8.2508:76; pigs -good choice 100-130 Ibs. $7.7508.25 , ' - : - , WHEAT PRICES AT NEW LOW MARKS Drop Results From Liberal Wheat Selling and Corn i Purchasing. ( CHICAGO, March. l£ UP)--New low price records for^the " season came about In wheat late today as a result of liberal sized selling of wheat against purchases of corn Crop and weather reports were bearish as to wheat and North American export business was again rather slow. A new increase of the United States wheat visible 'supply on Monday appeared probable. Wheat closed Irregular, %c lower to W @ Me advance, corn 44c off to 9ic up, oats unchanged to yc down, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 7e. CHICAGO CASH GRALN. CHICAGO; March' 14. W-^WSeat--No. 1 red 79c, Ho 2 red 79*,c; No 1 hard 79ViO Com---No 3 mixed 59 Vi® He, No 5 mixed BTc; No. 1 yellow (old/ 61?4c, No. 2 jellow 62c. No 1 yellow (old) 03c, No 1 yellow 591i®6lc; -No.'^.yellow 68V @6914c: No: 5 yellow 5Tc; No. 3 white 61c; sample 'grade 57c.' v Oils--No 2 white .Timothy seed-$8.55(8)8.75. .Clover.seed J12@19.50. IJird S9; ribs'$ll.EO; bellies 511.50. MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, March 14 -Barley 30c Oats 22c SheUed corn, No 4 42e Ear corn -. 39c GrainFutures SATUBDA1' GRAIN ~CIX»SE. CHICAGO. March 14. UP)-^Clostog COKN-- Afar, - -old. new. .. May old. new... July WHEAT-Mar. old.... new... May old. .. ew... July Sept. . .... OATS^Mar. old. . May old. .. new,. July . Sept RYE-Jar. old, ... May old.... new... July High .6t« ,62 .03% .7814 .83 .63 « .63 VI .29% .32H .32'tt .32 U .40 H low .em .61% · .63% .64% .66 .7814 .81% .82T4 .62% .29% .32 32% .39% .40 Market ' By TICKER .62 .63 5^ .65 .79% .79 « -81U .82% .62 »i .62% .29% .32 .32!! .3211 .3254 .37 .39% .40 H. Mar May . ... July BELLIES-May . . July .. 9.02 .. 9.22 0.00 9.15 9.00 8.02 9.17 11.3S - 11.50 8. rta ·· · ";," SIOUX cnrS--IJVESTOCK. . '.SIOUX CITY "March 11. partmeiit ot agriculture-CATTLE 300;/ calves 100; fed yearling fully 25c higher; matured steers steady- fa «h« stock largely 25c up; yearling heifers sflow further gain; stackers and feeders scarce, 'strong, to 25c 'higher; 'choice heav bullocks $10.25; yearlings $9.50; bulk J7.S X8.75; choice light heifers $9; majorlt *eef cows $4.2505.60; choice 590 b. stock *ra-:$3.60; good .strong weight stock calves HOGS'6,000; 125 Wiled thru; fairly actl to, snippers for 180-210 ; lb. butchers, full steady v.1th Friday's best prices; most 180 190 Ibs, $7.BO©7.75; top $7.75; 180-210 Ibs *7.50Sl7.6i: other, weights . slow; . packers bidding unevenly 10-25C lower than Friday 1 avenge or $7.15 to $7.50, lor 220-270 Ibs 2SO-300 Its. $0.9007.25; packing sows steady, largely :$8.25@8.50, few mnoot lights $6.60. ...SHEEP 500; today's trade steady; od Jott trucked In wooled lambs'$8.60; for th vtfk: Fat Umbs 25-lOc higher; aged shee ·trong to 25c higher; feeding Iambs littl changed; week's bulk fed woo'.ed lambs ··relghtji |Sgi8.85;.;)a(e quotable top S.S5 77-96 Ib. fed clipped Iambs $7.25@8; good to choice fat ewes J404.85; good feedin lunbs around $7.50. By THE ASSOCIATED EBESS ^ Hos prices at lowa."markets*Saturda CKDAB BAPIDS--Prime hogs: Mediums . '(87.20; heavies $«.80@7, lights lackers $5 80@6 15 DES MOINBS--2,300; '5oC higher; "prime lights $8900740, prime mediums $675® 7.30;' prime heavies $8.45(87.15;':good packers $5.50®K25. OWUMWA--Unchanged; 120rl50 Ibs. »5 30; 150 170 Ibs $6 90; 170-220 Ib $7 26, 220-280 Ibs. $7.05; 2tfO-300_lbs. $6.75; 300350 Ibs. IB 45, over 350 Ibs $6 15, good packers $5.80; fair packera $4.80. WATERLOO--Prime x nogs, 180-220 Ibs. 5095®7.25; 220 25O Ibs $6850715, 250 300 Ibs $6 1506 75, 300 350 Ibs. $6 25-1P 655; good packers $5750610 COMBINED HOG KECEIPTS. DES MOINES, .March- 14. UPI--^U. 8. department obagriculture-- -, Combined'hog receipts at 23 concentraUpn yards 'and 7 packing'.plants, located In interior Iowa 'and' southern Minnesota for the 24 Jiour period 10 a. m. today .were 15,100 compared'with 14,200 a week ago. ·Mostly steady to lOc higher, 10-lSc higher c'flpots; buyers aggressive for numbers but selling · interests asking strong - prices anil markellnB rather Hgnt; bulk 170-230 Ib S7.2007J55;- few' to. S7.65 and above; 210300 Ib. welehts moatly; $3.8507.25. . . Quotations : for -good and- choice:' Light lights 140-180 Iba. $6.8007.50; light weights 160-180 Ibs. S7.1B4P7.60; 180-200 Ibs. $7.206(1 7.65; medium weights .200-220 Ibs. $7.200 7.85; 220-250 IbsT S707.60; heavy weights 250-280 Ibs. S«.75@7.35: heavy wtlgbto 250 280 Ibst $6.75®7.35'; 280-350.. Ibs. $6.50© ' Good packing sows. 275-350 Ibs. S5.85Q 1 6.30; 350-125 Ibs. $5.65©6; 425-550 Ib3 56.50@5.85. ' . i . - . - r ' · HOO FtJTUBES 1 CHICAOO. MarcU 14. UP!--Hog futures March medium bogs sold at $7.75; medium to arrive Monday sold at $8.00; blddlnj 58.25 for .lights and $7.00 for heavies t arrive Monday. - - . , . . : · Offered. IJGHTS-- ' " . . : · ' Aprll May ...i...........-, Sept. -'..............8.25 MEDIUMS-May ........8.60 . sept. .;........... · HEAVIES-- ' Sept. .............. (flrsthalf) at^i_ o.oo (lasthalf) GRAIN OP-EN CHICAGO, Mareh, 14. Clbise All f n - a l l it TrYaa «:, desultory aHalr. with the- tIcKer':.k.ape' at a'standsUll many limes Pridaj. Public particIpaUon was at a mlnl- mum but the professional' element : .waa active from the atari. While.the se.llnff-mncle quite ah /-impression in; Isolated . Issues,- the . main body of stocks, gava way: grudgingly .and In tie main moved about In listless fashion. The large \ number o f ; dividend. ; reductions .and omlif-j So as and unfavorable earnings statements - coming slo; Heht .have provided the chief-basis for. the'selling ..on'the part of tbe professional' element/* altho the outstanding feature. has been the relatively small amount at.' liquidation * uncovered. PIVOTAL ISSUES r aCCORHED/ SUPPORT .. Wiille 'the ·, pivotal.; Issues .wcre ; .-accbrdfti good aupport, as has been witnessed tight along, certain Issues vvere under pressure. In the' case of Bastman : KodaK aiid Amer- icaiT and " Foreign 1 r ; Power : the Bell Ing was credited A ta an Important operator 'Who waj successful on the short .side several months ago-in Simmons, Fox'^Fllm.and Montgomery Ward. ' A l l i e d Chemical · met ^rtth further- fielling credited to Interests abroad where ^a large part of the stock is held. Texas corporation; sold at a inow low: ; ln . response. 1 to the'annual statement showing'$1.33 a-share earned for: last [.year. International Telephone and: Telegraph moved -about in erratic fash- Ion...Strong at the : sta^t on the declaration Qf the^'tegular"'dividend ·and earhlnga" showIng: the 52. rate covered by a slight margin last year,; the stock 'sold off sharply only to-.miy-ln the late trading. SEE UTTLE^HOFE FOR 'SUSTAINED ADVANCE On r the ''other; hand -..- even i: the" bulls feel that .tliere Is little"' chance tor sustained advance until the first quarter earnings statements are out of the way and they freely admit'··that -they Will, not make' very pleasant reading. _The significance of the first quarter results, however,"-may 'be mini' mixed'by the:'fact'that ; hardly 'any. one expects them to ,be other .than disappointing Ifc.seema to he a question : of when the market again · will,attempt' to discount the Improvement in huslnfess, -which,' almoat* L . every one believes is bound'to come. In-the mean- limb the market will probably be an Irregular, affair. Bullish factors like cheap money arid' thoroly. liquidated epeculatlve accounts of course ,T111 require some time before they m«Uce themselves felt. TRADE IN CHICAGO ' STORES IMPROVING . T Trade In. the-big stores of Chicago la Improving, as,'low" prices: induce consumers "to anticipate future requirements for merchandise, -accord Ing Ho the Bradstreet company's '.weekly.; review, " Issued Friday. The jIncreased steel-mill operation, good ylqg of dry goods and · merchandise from wholesalers, and unit sales by retailer?; featured the week's trading, the review pointed out. Tho vfecfc was marked by a large .number of Interior -buyers visiting ..·wholesaler.' estab Ilshmcnts, and sales and shipments met expectations, the review stated, altho prices and. profits were less satisfactory than a year. ago. { LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LETTER CORN-Mar. old ... new. May old... new. . July . Sept. "7HEAT-- ,r. old. .., new.,. iy bid. .. new.. ept. ATS-- r.-'-old,.. new. iy old . new.. uly . . ept. i - - j : ' , " SOUTH ST. FADT, I.IVZSTOOK. SOUTH ST. PATJI/, March' 14. up\--U. S department of agriculture^ CATTXJE 150; compared with week ago Matured steers about steady; yearlings, cut ten, bulli and feeders and slackers 25c Uglier; fat she stuck unevenly 2.1.50C above last week's low time; vealers 50c 'to spots 91- hlfher; week'a P.rfce top heavy steers fS.2i; yearlings and medium weights $8.75. bulk all short feds- tt.SO©8.25; beef cows ·t close f4.zssta.60; choice $^.75 and bet. ter; butcher heirers $5.25@6.50; yearlings to M; cutlers largely *3@3-7S; tails $3.75® 4; flMhy feeders to $7.50: stackers most tS.2S@».SO; calve* 50; vealers ftff?«.f0: on food trades; choice kinds J8S8: throw- cuts- $4.50. HOGS BOO; not enough done to establish **»!« for cuotalloiu; general talking w«ak to kw«r on all classes; shipping demand snodenU; sellers generally asking mostly with Friday's avenge, or largely Bid 8.2 8.5 8.7 MISCELLANEOUS POTATO MAKKET CHICAGO, March 14. uw--United States department of'agriculture-- Potatoes ; 92,- on track 232, total U. shipments 842: firm on J Wisconsin, steady o other stock; trading slow;, sacked per cwt Wisconsin round whites $1.35@1.BO, mostl $1.40@1.50; Minnesota/round white $1.201 1,30; Idaho russets No. 1, $1.40@1.60, mos Iy 51.50S1.55; No. 2, «1.25®1.30. inNNEAPOI.IS IXOUB. M1NNEAPOIJS, March 14. till--Flour- Unchanged to 5c lower; in carload lots family patents quoted at 55.1U05.15 bbl. In 93 Ib. cotton sacks. Shipments 35 421; bran S16.50@17.50; standard middling $18@17. HAY MAKKET. CHICAGO, March 14. LIT--Hay 13 cars unchanged. TOLEDO SEEDS - TOI^IDO, March 14; im--Clover seed cas October $13.25; December $13.50. 1TEW YOBK SUGAR. NEW YOBK, March 14. un--Raw suga unchanged at 3.Z5c. Raw futures closed unchanged to 1 point higher. Refined un changed at 4.40C. ' . It seenjs the latest tiling in bio graphy is to assemble the opposi tiou's speeches in '60 and '64, anc call them a new estimate of Lincoln. --Detroit News. Wall street reports that the pubic is getting in the market again t's close to the season when the saps begin to rise.--Virginian-Pilot, Mar. May. old. .. new old... new: 'uly ... Septl LARD-Mar. May ..... July Close' Yr. Ago. .. .77% .81% .81% . 1-0254 "·i.oeH 1.04.W . 1.06 W .41H .415, .. -62?i .. .66 . 0:95 . .10.07 · ..10.30 ..12.20 ..12.50 Yes'd'y. .61% .63% .65 .60S .661i .79% .83 .63 «, .63 14 .30 .32 .32*6 .32 'i .32 « .40% ·405t .41V. 8:82 8.85 9.10 11.35 11.47 Open Today. .81U .03% .64% .66% .79 «. .82% .63V4 .63% .29% .32 .32» .32% .32% .37 .40% .40% .41% 9.00 9.0D 9A5 OHAIN tETTEB. CHICA-QO, March 14.-'WHEAT--Pressure on the new crop deliveries and selling of wheat against puN chases o£ corn, broke September to a new low for the season and July- within' 'one cent of tho low. Longs ·, sold rather freely on the ..way down-, while best support, come from resting orders : and from holders of dally and weekly bids Tbe selling, aside from .the spreading, was due largely, to a weak turn at Winnipeg, ;to continued favorable,, crop- 'advices. : and' a', rather sharp drop at.Buenos. Aires.'The' decline. In prices r here wasi 'Dpt.,large,;~tne aiBposltlbn still prevailing not to become too bearish in the deferred deliveries owing to their discounted position 'We expect Monday's' statistics to he bearish and look for irrqgularit In prices. 4 CORN^-Cora ' showed practically -no change. SpreaQIng^operations, :betw«n^wheat and corn tended to restrict the decline In corn. The .bulk ot this spreading was attributed to local professionals.' Bookings to arrive were 23,000. Shipping sales only 12,000, 'the demand being more f or : Oata, : ,of which "171.000-bushels were taken. Statistics and the action of wheat are likely to be the chief influences Monday. Liverpool due %c lower. 1 STOCK -M1TTRB Attempts' at -pressing prli:es'. made little headway. The resistance sho'vn · by the leaders encouraged . the "cdnstrucnlpnlsls .and' resulted-In. a very good rally ]ef6rc the close. Moat shares -closed- at -- ord'^ear : their best levels of the day. : Radio-was a feature In the final dealings, :when It scored, an advance of 2%, one house': alone taking 25,000 shares. Much of tbe strength'In the list was credited to short covering by. traders desiring to'- even, up over : the week-end.' The demand in the loan .crowd' after the close for stocks was -large. nONHS--Bonds; did very little. There was a hardening In prices of some oC the'con- vertibles. Warner Bros. Bold up to S9%-; High ?rade Issues were steady. Forelgns were dull but steady, with'.a little better tirlces-for the Perus. United " States governments were steady. ' . . BEAR COVERING JACKS UP PRICES Profit Taking After 4 Day Stock Decline Causes 1 to 3 Gain. NEW YORK, March 14. US')-Bears took the moderate profits afforded by a four day downward drift of prices in today's session of the stock market and their repurchases jacked up the list one "to three points. Speculators for the rise again put forward some of their favorites in the utility division, and gave Radio" Cprp.^ a'whirl;in the last few minutes, getting it up 3 points, one of Its widest gains of the year. Trading showed little change from preceding days,--transfers aggregating 1,000,000 .shares. The closing tone was firm. , Slightly Higher. , Several of the principal shares, including U. S. Steel, American Telephone and General Electric, wera only fractionally higher at the close. Gains of 2 or more were shown in such issue's \ as Eastman, Consolidated Gas, Public Service of N. J., Allied Chemical, duPont and Columbian Carbon. Issues rising about 1 point included ·'. such · stocks as General Motors, Nash, Chrysler, United Corp, United Gas Improvement, National Power and Light, Electric Power and Light, Warner Eros, Fox, Loews, American Can; Standard of N. J.i' New York Central, Wqolworth, and Sears Roebuck. ; Drive .on Shorts. The late whirl in Radio Corp. looked like a x drive against shorts. While this corporation's annual report showed almost nothing earned on the common:stock, the fact : that it was able in the last quaiter to wipe' out a deficit after payment of preferred dividends incurred during the first three quarters 'of last year has taken the bear arguments in this stock. ' x Both motor and merchandising issues showed group strength; Chain store sales.' reports for. February have been fairly satisfactory. Money'rates are feel the influence of the release of funds by a government .overdraft next week. x Curb Market .YORK, MarcH 14.! Ur--Covering by llrcd aborts sent the curb market-higher .'n the . week-end/"; sesalon^ today.-. The advance, altho slow r waa Btneral, embracing even the oils ~_ GoldmaivSacha Trading was a. feature ot the .lather sluggish trading, rising more than a .point.Dundee active buying which carried it across 10 "Several a peclaltiesV also did well, out the withdrawal of the shorts In the utilities was not particularly Impressive Power- fltocka were mostly.up fractions at. the close;- an exception- being Bond- and Share., which,; rose a -point, with American and Foreign Power, one Q£ IU Important Interest, on the'big board, _ The new common stock ot General-Baking, which : has. been strong recently, together with Mead. Johnson, Ford ot Canada "A"-and Trana-Lux advanced a point: Trading In roost of the speclaltlea was comparatively light. Vacuum Oil rallied^ 2 and there were. major fractional gains In Humble and Gulf. Cities Service lagged, closing U off. Bond Market May . July ·'.. · · '. ' OJtAHA ORATN OMAHA, March' 14. till--Wheat--Hard No. i, 70!4®71%c;'No. 2, 70c; sample hard 64c; northern spring No; 1, 71c; dunun No. 3, 54c. ' . - . - : - · ' · - . ' ' " ; Corn--White No. : 3, 53c; No. 4. 52%c: yellow No. 3,: 62053?4c; No. I, 50Hc; mixed No. 3, 60®50V4c; No., 4, ,48c. . - · Oats--White No. 3, ,30c; No. 4, 29c. KANSAS CITV GRAIN KANSAS CITr, March 14. OT-I -- Wheat 95 cars; unchanged; No. 2 'dark hard nominally 70jP73c; No: 3,- 69%c; No. 2 hard 70@70'/4c; No. 3 nominally 69«B71%c; No. 2. red 73c; No. 3 nominally. Corn- 29 -cars'; uncnanGd; No. 2 white 57©5Se; No. 3, C4lg55c; No. 2 yellow nominally 57®58c; No. 3, 55Wc; No. 2 mixed nominally S4@55c; No. 3,' 52V6C. Oata 1 car; ucbahged; No. 2 white nominally 33@33Kc; No. 3 nomtaally 32'/4®33c. SHNNEAPOLIS GRAIN MINNEAPOLIS; March 14. (/TV^Wheat 174 cars' compared to 132 a year ago; uu- changed; «asb: No. 1 northern 73%®77'Ac; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent 74%@77%c; No. 1 dark hard Montana V 14^ per cent protein 73 We; to arrive 70it@7H4e: No. i amber durum 70%® 73Hc; No. .2 amber durum 68tt@71Hc; No. 1 red durum 63%c; May 7fl«,c; July 68c; Sept. 61% c. '· Corn-- No. 3 .yellow 53® 56c. i Oals-- No! 3 white 2714 @28c. ' Barley 31052e. · - . - . ' Rye-- No. 1,. 33H®3«%e. ' "· Flax--No. I, 51.51 % @1.57«. PRODUCE MASON CITY, March 14.-Cash Quotations b; B. G. Morse. EGGS Eggs (current receipts) .18c POULTRS Stag's ,;............. Heavy hens, 4% Ibs. Light bens .13c .14c .lie . 9c Old cocks, heavy ........ Ducka ................:.....-. ,12c Geese .:',...".'.....:........... 7c . Merchants Quotations. Eggs, in trade ......:....... .ISc Eggs, · cash ................. .I6c Butter. Plymouth 35c Butter, Clear Lake 32c Butter, State Brand . .· 34e Butter, dairy 27c Potatoes ..... .35o. and 40c a pecK CHICAOO POBI.TBV CHICAGO, March 14. UP)--Poultry--^Allve, 3 cars, fl trucks, steady; fowls 21^023'Ac; brpll e rs 1W-2 Ibs. 3«038c; leghorn broilers 30@32c; roosters 15Hc; turkeys 25c; ducks 23c; geese 14c. - · ' . . . . - NEW YORK, March 14. Wj^The bond market resumed Its upward march today and .was more active Uian'usual In, 8, wccK end session. The most. Indicative 'price movements-ap pearcd in Uie.railroad group, which had .receded In the Immediately preceding.sessions after the reduction In the'quarterly dividend bt the Kew York Central from 52 to $1.50 Wednesday. Erie 63 of 1067 recovered, about 2'points on. a few Bales. Southern Railway 4s of 1056, Pennsylvania 'series D 4Hs. r Louis San Francisco 44£a - of · 1978, anc Southern. Pacific first 4s were fractionally higher. ' , Strength was just as apparent among In* dustrlal liens. Goodrich 6V4«, Goodyear 5s International Match s, .Liggett and Myers 8s and Standard OH of New York 4Ws we'e firm' or higher. Declines were distinctly In the minority. Most, stock privilege Issues followed tin stock market .to higher levels. Warner Brothers Pictures 6s made another'new re* cent high at '59% representing a gain 'more'thau 2 points. Foreign obligations were quiet. United States' 'government: loans-were dull. Th. treasury 3%s of 1947 weakened. Utility Is sues were steady. · Kansas Execution Bill Is Vetoed by Governor TOPEKA, Kans., March 14. Gov. Harry H. Woodring vetoed today three bills passed by the legislature providing death in the electric chair as the maximum penalty for first degree murder and robbery with firearms In Kansas. Naval Accord Called "Victory of Sense" ROME, March 14. (m-- A naval agreement which results in a five power treaty is "a victory for no one but a victory of common sense," Foreign Minister Dino Grand! told the chamber of deputies today in an Important speech on foreign affairs. The final proof of courtesy Is to have an ailment just tike the one- the other fellow describes and not tell him. -- San Francisco Chronicle. CHICAGO PRODDCE. CHICAOO, March U. OP)--Butter 10,068: firm: creamery--Extras ..(02,, score) 3io: standards (00 score cat-lots) 30c; extra firsts (00-01 score) 29©29«c: Ilrsts (S8-S9 score) 27-ffzsc; seconds (86-87 score) 2fia 26C. ' . · . --.. . .. · . ' . ·· ' E g g s 28,102; easier; extra firsts .21 lie; fresh graded firsts 10@20Mc; ordinary firsts 18c; storage packed firsts 21%c; storage packed extras 22UC. . OLOSINO BOND NEWlTORK, March H. t^D--U. S. bond; closed: Liberty 3s 101.27. First 4Vls 102.23. Fourth 411s 103.27. ' Treasury 4S 112.9. - . HIDES Quotations Furnlflht-d by Wolf Bros 808 Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hides ...... . .$1.50-$2.K Cured beef hides ...... 4 Green beef hides . .3 STOCK LIST MEW VOHK STCKJKS. NEW. YORK;_Marcn 14. final QuatfttlonB. 8UU. K C t So r Kelvlnstni Tcennecolt Krwge . i Kroger Ugg i My B Loewa Loose- Wile* Lbrillard ' . pse t'Mt tg 35 1, .Ir.Be'd llegheny 1 Ch I Chal tin Can tan Car - Fdy 34% m * For Fow45« m Int "' ,20Vi Loco 27 'A 58 m Had St.San 19y t i Roll" Mill SOU a: Sm - Ref 51 '^ a:Sug' Ref. 53H T * T 19J.4 ^m Tob^'B in -Wat Wks naconda.- Urn of 111 B Mchlfion Bet .uburn aviation Corp O idal! A x ,AV Beth--st Jorden :org Warn iurr-Add -an Dry an Pac 4Z 1 Case 112, lerro- de Pasco 25 13 ?x 28 27 i 32 88 vi 56 S 52 16 H Louis G E A 33 120 70S, 38% 2 190 19 "A 18SVI 12 22 61 20 2S«. 35 ~a Mack Math Alkali McK Rob Men Sea Oil Mid Cont Pet M K T Mo Pac Mont Ward Mo; Wheel Nash Nat'Bis Nat Ch Reg A Nat Dairy. Nat P t L N Y Central N. Y N H t H No "Amer Oliver F Pac G E Packard Para Pub Path* 2 Penlck Ford 43 Penn . 59 39',', 26 V» 13% 17 13 « '20 32 if, 26 ISM 37 80 V. 33 Vj 48T(, 40 FIGHT RESULTS 83 fi ·ITS 53 10 4334 O Wo Gt W ihlc Gt W p£ hryslcr oca Cola lol F . 1 !ol G i E lol .Graph :omi soiv lociwltll So ongoleum onsol- Gas ont Can OQt 'Ins ont Mot orn Prod ' urtlss Wr Irug '· Inc iu Pont astman 1 P Ii ng Pub Her rle sk ox -Film A reeport . Tex en El 4114 24 162 H 24 ,41% isri Mil 105 a 57 48*4 4 82V 47 fl 186 4 56ft 47 « 31 % 32 14 37 S0% 63 44 ·xsy, 32%" Stt 69% J 90U 54 25 Vi ;en. Motors ;en "Pub Ser incite obcl eld Dust cod rich ioodyear Irah. PaJgo^_ iranby it No I Ore elf 21 '·rig Grun ·IB 471, 4V5 20 ?i Hudson :upp 1 Cent cd Ret nt Comb Eng nt Bar it Kick Can T t.T ohnu Many 21 a 56*4 " 35?! 72 Pros t Gam Pub .Berv- N Pullman ^ Badlo 1 R K. O Reading Rem 'Rand Reo ' Rep Stl -Key, Tob^B Roy Dutch Sears R Shell U Slmmona Sinclair Skelly So Pac So-Pr Sug So Ry Stand Brds St G . B st on cai st on N j St-011 N Y Etew Warn Stone Web Stude Tex Corp Tex Gult Sul Union Garb Un Pac Unit Alro TJn CIE Unit Corp Unit G E U S .Ind ,Alc U S Rub U S Smelt U S Steel ·Ut P Lt A Vanadium Warn Plx ;West Air Weal E . Mfg 90 - -TVlHya Ov . 6^ Woolworth 621 WrtEle 79 Yell Tr 13H Young S ft W 2S»4 80 '.1 14 K 8 2 US 49% 27^ 577, 8 19 13 K SV, 100 11 S3 19 H 845J 45*, 46 22 T i 20 te 47'i 23% 301J, 52 V4 65V, .166 34 5W 29V, 3511 68 18Vi 24% .6814 14 34 r. CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGOi March 11. UP)-- ent Pub Ser A.-18% H W U 6s pfd 100 itles Service · '17.% rr Lakes-Airc 4U rigsby-Grunow 5Jk Insull Ut Inv V 45^ 6=4 11H ·Cell. Switch Ubby. McNeil Majestic H'hold Mid Wast 'UU1 5% N W Bane Quaker Oats Swift Co Swift Jntl Unit Gas : U.S Gypsum ·Utll A: iDd 160 28% 37'» 10 Vi 44 By THE ASSOCIATED FRESS X SAN FRANCISCO^-BatUln« Cozier, W i c h i t a , Kans, stopped Charley Hernandez, San Francisco, (7). v w CEDAR RAPIDS--Biihe Blunke, Moline, IU , defeated Bobby O'Dowd, Cedar Rapids, (8). Hod Held, Waterloo, outpointed Johnny Cole, Cedar Rapids, (4). Al Vance, Sil- «is, H I , ^defeated Wildcat Leepers, Cedar Rapids, (4). Young Desmond, East Moline, defeated Art Taylor, Cedar Rapids, (4). Kid Brown, Rock Island, defeated VInce Wilson, Cedar Rapids, (4). NEW YORK--Tommy Loughran, Philadelphia, outpointed E r n i e Schaaf, Boston, (10). PITTSBURGH---Young, Thomas, Pittsburgh, outpointed , B e n n y Schwartz, Baltimore,- (10). ST, PlLLEASE AFFAIR ECHOES St. Louis Judge Describes Reatal of Posioifice as "Outrageous." ST. LOUIS, March 14. UP)--The St. Paul, Minn , postoffice lease controversy had another echo m tae United States court "of appeals here today in an opinion by Presiding Judge Kimbrough Stone, m whicb he termed the rental of the Commercial Station postoffice at St. Paul "outrageous.", Judge Stone's comment was made in an opinion' upholding the United States district court of St. Paul, which gave the government immediate possession of the postoific" property, pending a decision on « purchase price of $317,562 set by a condemnation commission. The rental of tne Commercial Station postoffice has been the focus of senatorial investigation this winter: The' owners of the building contended the district 'court's, order was without authority in law, that there was no necessity for it and that it .was improvident. WICHITA FIVE TO DEFEND TITLE Kansas City Club Come* Thru for All-Midwestern Final. KANSAS CTTY, March 14. «»-- The aggressive Henry team of Wichita, Kans, will defend Its A. A. "U. basketball title against the Kansas City Athletic club In the all-mi dwestern .finale of the national tournament. : Two California teams, the Los Angeles A. C. and the Young Men's institute of San .Francisco, are matched In the play-off game for third place The Californians' went down to defeat in-the'semifinal last night, L. A. A. C. losing to the champions "by 20 to 33. and Y. M. L bowing before the K. C. A. C. 17 to 23. Track, Field Aces , Meet at "Carnival CHAMPAIGN, HI., March 14. 'UF --Track and field' aces'from virtually every university and college of the central west lined up for another attack on .the record books in' the fourteenth annual University of Illinois relay carnival. Close, spirited competition was" promised.for 11 individual contests, four'.'college 'and four -university relays and the tussle for the all- around championship. Eight out of 11 individual cnainpions of the : I939 carnival were back to defend their titles. SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by tAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Offite in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. .7 NEW YORK STOCKS p-at P Co im Bank Note 7 53 Am. Brake Shoe 35^. Am Car Fdy 34% Am Sura Tob . SVi Am Tob - 11T!4 Ar Co -B (111) Z Assoc Dry Gds 27 aldwln Lo . 2fi Brigga MtK Co 20 Best t Co 41% Burr Add Macb 28,i Buttc Cop Zc 2 Com Credit 22',i l Solvents 19 Vi Coot 'Uotora ' 4 Coat OH Cji Cream of Wht 33^ Ctidaby Packing 47 Ciirtlss W r . p M 6% First Natl Sfrs B2^i PlBk Rubber .. · \ ^1' General Mills 46ft Herabcy Ch Co. 9B Houa Oil; (new) 11V, 68% Indian Ret Inland Steel KelvlnBtor Corp 13 ii Lambert Co S5V. Liquid Carb Cp 5i'4 Mathlescm Alt 20 V t ' McK obb 13 f , Muns-Wear Inc 28 J ,i Nev Can4 Cop 12% N f Air Brake 22 PaUie Exchange ?'i, 9H : Bl 80 ^i Pure OH Co Purity. "Bak Cp Heading -co · Reo Grande OH Reo Motors " - 8 St Joseph Lead 26Vj Bchulte Re stre 7% .ib Calif Edjsoa 52 Standard Brda 19fl Tclauto 'Corp . 21 Tobacco Prod 2*1 U S Real Ira 33 Vanadium ' 68 H Wrlgley Jr Co 70 MEETINGS TO BE HELDINFAYETTE Series of Programs to Be Held for Discussion of Poultry. PAYETTE, March 14. (INS)-How to reduce losses in baby chicks and, as a result reduce the general production coats, is to be the subject of a series of meetings held in Fayette county the coming week under the direction ot the farm bureau and -wila the assistance" Of! W. M. Vernon, of the poultry extension service. Lantern slides will be used by Mr. Vernou to illustrate various chick troubles and how they can best be taken care of. Reducing losses this year is particularly pointed, it Is shown, and-these meetings are designed to. give the type of information that will assist in controlling chick troubles The meetings announced are as follows: Monday afternoon, Conrad Kopp", Harlan township; evening. Banks township JTarm Bureau meeting; Tuesday afternoon,. Joe Stearnel, Westfield township; evening, hiifh school gymnasium at Elgin; Wednesday afternoon, Wil- .IJam Adams, Eden township; evening, Community hall, Hawkeye, Thursday afternoon, E.'A. Ackman, Fairfield township; evening, Center township Farm Bureau meeting Randalia; Friday afternoon, G. E Sauerbry, Jefferson township; evening, Union township Farm Bureau meeting. Des Moines Man Is Sentenced to Five Years for Bigamy DES MOINES, -March 14. UP)-'red W. Kirchner, Jr, pleaded guilty to Digamy and was entenced to five "years m Fort itadison penitentiary, by Judge O; S. Franklin. An indictment against Ctrchner returned yesterday charged that he married Mildred" Kirchner if Valley Junction on Jan.- 24, 1931* while he-was still the; legal hus- lahd of Georgia ·Kirchner, Cedar Rapids, as a result-of a. nlarriage ceremony in June, 1930^ Accorduig to the testimony of Mrs. Mildred'KIrchherj the defendant . admitted":he had been married hree times previously. KEW:;TOBK CURB .QCOTATIONS Am .For- P Co 27 Va Fox Theaters A 4^ Am Gas El 78H' Hudson B M S 514 Am Sup Pow ' IT^l Humble Oil 50 Ark Nat Gas A 5% ASBOC 'G £ El A 22 Can Marconi 3% Cons Auto -Mdge ] A Deforest -Radio ' 4% Durant Motor 2% Eliler El Klag Hud 14 il No' Amer 'Avtat S Pcnnroad Corp 7 S O I n d S O Ky United Gas :Un L i'P 'A ' tItll:P t L Vacuum OH 31 »4 52 10 W 55 % El Bd Sh SB'S, Ford Mo of Can' 27^ Ford Mo of Eng 17^, CHICAGO STOCKS Allied Mo Ind 3 at Lakes Alrc 4 "A Aub Auto Co ISSVi Grlgsby-Grunow 5% 22 -- ·- - - Bcndlx Av Cp Borg-Wurn - Cp 23 Butler Bros 6^i Cont Chicago Cp 8H Cord Company 9-Ji ° ' SIINNEAPOtTS STOCK First Bk Sk Cp 22?S NatI Leather 1 Quaker Oats 160 U S Gypsum 44 .Utll Inrt Corp S'.i U S Ra Tels 31-% SPANISH WAR CLAIM FOR $11.96 DENIED BY REPRESENTATIVES GRAIN MARKET CASK SALES Flax 151S to PRODUCE FDXUHES. CHICAGO. Ifarch 14. UP);--Egg futures closed: Storage packed firsts, March 22c; do, April 23c; 'refrigerator standards, Nov. 25Hc. Butter futures: Fresh standards, April 2SVlc; do, June 29cv storage standards, March 2614C.' "., · . KANSAS CITY PRODUCE.. KANSAS CITT, March 14. t/T5--EgRS fi.OS; bens 16@18c; other produce unchanged. · NEW YORK roui/rnv. NEW YORK, March 14. Of--Poultry-Dressed, steady, unchanged. Live firm; chickens by freight 19(921c; by express 21© 30c; broilers freight 32c; express 35@40c: fowls freight 21521c; express 21®26c. NEW VOKK PRODUCE. NEW YORK, March 14. (m-- Eggs J8.544; easier. Mixed colors, regular packed,, closely relectcd heavy 25ff25',4c; extras 2Hic' extra first 23f?23!4c; first 2392314c; first others unchanged. Butter 5,389; steady, steady. Cheese 149,841; Suspended Patrolman at .Cedar Rapids Will Appeal to Commission ] CEDAR RAPIDS, March 14. «P --An appeal to the civil service commission will be made hy Patrolman George Hoke under suspension here for allegedly being intoxicated while on'duty. Hoke refused to resign as. Chief of .Police Benesh requested, announcing he would make an. appeal. Hoke denied he was intoxicated, saying that he had experienced some trouble with- motorists at an intersection and admitted that he might have lost his temper. The marines are to be withdrawn from Nicaragua, General Butler having proved that a marine can furnish us more excitement here than abroad.--San Diego Union. DEAR NOAH =". IF A »DKSK', FJ-V J-ANDED ON A HORSES BACK VJOUUD "THE HoiaS SHOE Fl-V?' MRS -P.M.MABCUM, STAt-BAN THE BRIDE? -r«uTM.i.sMJ! DEAR NOAH-^DOES A i-AMB CHOP STEEL. WOOU FROMA HYDOAUUIC. RAM VMITH A PAPEE. Cl-IP? P.H· FOX, MOINES,' March 14. -UP)-The Iowa house o( representative after almost an hour's debate de clin' pay a claim of $11.96, filed by Adolph Grfeainger of Roseile, N J., for' Spanish American war serv ices. i , The measure received a vote o 61 to 31, less than the necessar, two thirds for approval on claims Grieainger's claim was for 23 days service at 52 cents a day. He serve in 189S at Camp McKiley, De Moinea. - - · 'f The bill was attacked · by Repre sentatives Ed Brown of Polk coun ty and L. N. Foersling of Wood bury. They contended that paymen would set a dangerous precedcn because of the time which elapaec before filing of the claim. 3 rofessor Declares Communism Fails to Respect Personality March: l^-r munism does not give the right respect for'±he. BerspnaliJy,'\assectBiL-- J. P. Ryan, professor of speech, In ] addressing the men of Gnnnell col- ege at the Young Men's Christian association -meeting. "It may elim- nate poverty, but it will also eliminate personality and IndividuRl- sm," he said. Professor Ryan's address^wag in some measure a retaliation against a number of the talks heard here^ this year in which the speakers attacked the present economic system of the United States. He attempted to show the relationship and nonantagoriism of religion and business. Professor. Ryan pointed out that religion is primarily an individual, and hot a social activity. "We cannot see anything, in religion but this individual and': personal .motive," he remarked. "There is nothing · that is not religious." , KIESTEB .WINS KIESTER, Minn., March 14. -Kiester's hoys' basketball ^team do\vned the Woden, Iowa, team, 28 to 16, here last night. · MICHIGAN SWIM TEAS! FAVORED TO WEN ANN ARBOR, Mich., March 14. Iff)--The University of Michigan swimming team is odds on favorite^ to regata the western "conference championship from Northwestern in the Big Ten ineet here. Pa'ced by' a brilliant sophomore; Johnny. Schmieler, the Wolverines qualified' 15 men in prelimmaries last might". Northwestern qualified 7; Minnesota-6; Iowa 4; Illinois 3, and Chicago and ""Purdue one each. "LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for listed or unlisted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange) Investment Department FIKST NATIONAL BANK BloHon City CONSIGNMENT SALE At Mason City Fairgrounds FRIDAY, MARCH 20 Consisting of Livestock and Farm Machinery--or What Have vou --Farmer Friends. This is your sale--what' have you to offer? Leave list at Golden Oak Pool Hall. - LIST MUST BE IN BT TUESDAY, MARCH 16 Ora Bayless SALES MANAGER AND AUCTIONEER *--wor · ^ ^-- ·

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