The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 15, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1818
Page 3
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L k Lunch VESSEL, of about 250 tow burthen. Apply to TROKL8, DAVIDSOS & Co, pl5lw 100 Froot - itrcct K ;..i received, of tht moat approved quality - ni 'I'liMii lui nc - n h" aad all the different nnmben of 6 - 4 aud 6 - 4 dolht, which will be disposed of as low as any oi riual duality are sold in this city. The tubtcriber will warrant their answering the DUirose lor wmcn do recommenusmeiu, ue - in uetermineu 10 c" uuu m ROBERT BOVVNE, ,olS D6tC2m S56 Peari - st. IOTA TOES 200 bushels English Foxite JT potatoes, raised by the subscriber, wen known to be superior to any produced in this nontrr (or the table. Persons wanting will please apply to Robert H. 10WHB, 77 Soutn - ttreet.. HUGH HARTSHORNE, ap!33t Rahway, (New - Jersey.) JAMAICA RUM k COFFEE. Qf Puncheons fine high proof aod good fla Ol) vored Jamaica Rum A miiii iirime ?reen coflee N landinv from Briti'h briar Woodman. Rob - son, master, from Jamaica, at pier no. 10, and for sale by . PATRICK, AYMAR k CO. ap 15 H ' No. 30 South - street. QfcJ CANTON SILKS. C7M Packages, containing Crapes, black, white and colored CraDe shawls embroidered Sincbews, black, changeable, green and blue Sarsenetts, green anil A barred Hand hi, black 4 - 4 fringed and twilled Sewing silk, colored aud black Poncees. lor hatter's use Levantines, colored satins, kc. kc landing and for sale by CA MBRELENG & rE ARSON, ap!5 67 .South - it. 350 FILBERTS. Bars landing and lor sale by CAMBRELENG 4: PEARSON, 67 Pouth - ?t. ap 15 400 MALAGA WINE, &c. Quarter casks sweet Malaga wine ISO boxes Muscatel raisins, and 19 ceroous almonds, now landing at Dover - street wharf, from srhooner Dash, for sale by STEVENS k MACTIER, ap 15 7t 157 Sonth - st. L. k C. SUV DAM OFFER for sale the following goods, which have hem received by the latest arrivals, 6 cases steam ami power loom cotton shirtings 5 do cambric muslins, part undressed 1 do super furniture and bailout dimities 3 do counterpanes, part very large aud fine 3 boxes 5 4 lush sheeting' 1 do 3 - 4 iiird eye diapers 2 do 7 - 8 Mack linens 1 bale linen bed tick Also, opened for piece T.d retail sales, an assortment of the above articles. ALSO, Irish linens, lawns, th!e diapers Dimutk clot In and napkins Fiae tauihiH diiuitie. Elegant 5 - 4 rui t muslins Large Marseille quilts Crib and cadle ditto and counterpanes Large merino and nankin crept shawls, of various colors Men's and women's tilk and cotton hosiery Canton an J real Nankin crapes (of il yards.) With a general assortment nf goods, on the most favorahle terms, at No. 61 Maiden - lane, ap 15 41 BROADCLOTH - KERSK Y MERES. 4 balf isortrd Broadcloths 1 do do Kerseymeres, for sale lour by J. M'CR.CKAN, ap 13 3t 8? I - a Pe.irl mret. illCHMOAD FLOUR. 26 1 nblt. tuerfi.i. 11 landing irom schooner sea Linn, lor sale at jug r roni - street, or ap15 TttOKES, DAVIDSON tc CO. riROWN STOUT, c 50 Hibbert's J beat Brown stout, 7 Uoz. eacli 5 do. do Pale Ale, do Landing from ship trio, from London, for sale ny. ap 15 1). BKTIIUVE CO. lLUUR Hi TOBACCO Landing froiu tUirt. Jl - iea - Lion. iic. from Riitiuond Sift barrels superfine flour, country brand 37 do fine do 21 hhds prime old Tobacco 10 do. new 4i whole, and 80 halt' ktgt first quiili'y sweet scented Tobacco, B ban'ls tome its. lorsaie iy D1VIE BET HUN F. il CO. ap 15 92 Coffee II ue - lip. CASH GROCERY STOKE, 288 liroadxeem, comrrof kted ttrtr.t. fllilE tubscriber offers for tale n geupral as - JL tortmcnt ot first rata UKUCt - KlbS; a - mongtt which are, Teas of first quality Loaf, lump, Havana white and brown sugars Java and W. I. coffee : chocolate Old cogniac brandy, (warranted pur as im ported) Holland gin; Jamaica spirits Old lrith w hi - key Wines of the various kinds iweet oil in bettiet aud tot Use London brown stout ; mustard Spermaceti and tallow caudles Martinique and other cordial?, Szc. Which will be deposed of at a moderate ad' vance, by ai1S 8t JAMES P. ANDOE. AViAICA SL'UAII it RUM. IO hhriv Sn J gai and 6 puncheont Rum, received per brig Woodman, from Port Maria, Jamaica landing uiii uj pier no. iv cat! mver, lor tale by READE ic DE PF.Y9TEK, ap 15 1w 31 Old - lip. OElVfcd. A constant supply of t V? fine and common Hair nnd Wire $ extra fine. beivet. lor tale by ap 15 CEBRA CUMING, 76 Pearl - street. VV ROUGHT tc CUT NAILS, assorted si - set, (or tale by CEBRA CUMING. PJ5 76 Pearl ttrett. SI PEKFINE BOLTING CLOTHS. A general attortmcnt of Holland, warranted, Bolting Clulht, of the firtt quality, at uncommonly low prices, by JNO. M CRACKA.V, apl5 3t 82 1 2 TearUtreet. IAsHIONABLE BUTTONS 2 caset lath - 1 iooable plain buttons, for sale low, hy JNO. M'CRAtJKAN, JPjJjH. 8.'l - 2Pearl - tret. SUGAR and LIME JUICE. U tierces first quality Barhadoes .viusc.ivado S ugar, t puncheout Lime Juice, tust received aod for sale by TUCKER fc LAURIES, P '5 29 South Mreet. I AM AIC A RUM. 26 puncheont high proof - 'auinica num. landing irom b.ic Woodman, io. iu, ior taie Dy . TUCKER Ii LAI RIF.3, IS ?9 Sout':.ttrett. rjL.)VEIt - SEEU.A few tierces and bbls - first quality clover - teed, just received Martha, from Philadelphia for aale n, ' PETER CVFtF. Jun. X - LliJ1 No. 41 South - tt. 0 UVDiOU. Ceroont Danish CoLuit iri'u. lint niu. ;3 tl J. Forsd by JACKSON U WOOI.f.F.Y, P15 75 WaU - tL - TVkTTt, 'iK H - Tcli. y T '. , in ho'es?Je dry good ttore. hand, inj pcrma who writet a goo - l ofM(T7K"rfectly - edified to take charge JvrifTr;,k:Pt brdoul l - entry. letters i'h reterwi ' - - r j xrirl . ' : 9j cm msJUnldcaPHbili' wU1 s'et wlnialeby 1 com pl5 lw : TOtt SALE. iiil A small farm, sitaated io one of thecen tre counties oi wis staie. i ma laria lies on tit banks of a lake, and wilbln a mile of a flourish - inr and beautiful village. On it are a good farm house, bam, kc. also a large and well built dwel - line house, entirely new. 1 be situation of the d veiling boose lor beauty ofprotiiect, 4 c. it surpassed by few if any other scites for building in the interior of the state. The owner intending removing to New - 1 one, win ten mis property for lest than cost, epoo a long credit on good security, or will exchange it for lands, goods, kc. For lurUier particulars, enquire ri R. k H. D. SEDGWICK, Esqrt. Law Buildings, Nassau - street, New York, ap IS Pirn Ctf TO LET, - The dwelling part of the House No. I4K Rroadway. calculated lor a boardine - house and now occupied at tuch. For particulars enquire in the store. ap l 3t OR SALE. Eight lots of ground pleasantly situated on the north tide of Stantnn - itreet, and extending from Essex to Norfolk - streets Alto, four lots adjoining thereto, and fronting ou Essex - street, each lot being 25 feet front ana rear, by 100 feet in depth. These twelve lots may be purchased at a verr moderate price, for cash, and if not dis posed of at prate aale before the 7th day of I May, they will on that day be told at public Auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock, by BLEECKER& B1BBY, with whom a map of the ground is left, for the inspection of those who may be disposed to purchase, ap 15 tmny7 THE ART Of HWIMMl.VU. PW. GALLAUDF.T, 49 Fulton - street, has . in pre, THE ART OF SWIMMING A series of practical instructions, on an original and progressive plan, by which the art of twim - oiini; may be readily attained, with every advantage of power in the water. Accompanied with twelve copper - plate engravings, com pi i - aine twenty - six appropriate figures, correctly exhibiting and elucidating the action and attitude, in every branch of that invaluable art The exercise of swimming is one of the most healthy and agreeable in the world." Franklin. By J. Fiwt, many years teacher of the art at Nottingham, EnglanJ. To which is added, Dr. Franklin's trealwr, also, some anecdotes re specting swimming. Copy - right secured. ap 15 lw BOA HO WAX1EL). QENTLEMAX, with hit wife and child, IX. withes to obtain board for about six weeks, from the 1st May. A houe with hut few boarders would be most agroeable, with one or tw.. rooms, and not more than hah' a mile from the Tontine Coffee House Addnti W. F. O. at this office, stating situation, terms, kc. apisat HOARD it wanted by a young gentleman in a respectable French family. His object i to improve in the idiom of that language. Ad - dres J. H. 116, at this office. ai. 15 ltt BOARD. Severil gentlemen can he accommodated with Board, at No. 30 Vesey it. ap 15 eri!2w GENTEEL BOARDING. 'pWO geutlemen may he accommodated with 1 hoard immediately, on reasonable tonne. and a gentleman and ins wife, from the fir. of May, tan be accommodated with a large, inea sant room and board, by applying at No. 49 Dey street. ap 15 Inl A LAW. Toi - mend the Law relnliteto the Park, BntV ry and Uowling - urttn. fatted Apnl 1J, BE it ordaim d by the Mayor, Aldermen and Con.iuonaVy if the ciiy o New - York, iu Jon, iD ri Council convened. That if anv Dern or prisons thall, a'ter t ning forbid or wnrued poi tn a,! to, by uuv perton thereunto dulv au Ihi rued, walk over, siand or lie upon any part ji me pari or oaiiery wmcn is out or ap prop' - inted for g' .ss or shruhlierv. without ner mii'ion from Hie Mayor of the said city, or in inn Hojeecc, me ncorner fir one oi tne Aliier - mer; ecery such ;.eron thai!, for every offence, icrieu ti ti.i piv the sum ol two Dollars, t - er. 2. nd br it fiitther ordniui d. That i oiiypenon io persons h - .ll pull up, break down, i - iiiiiie upon, "r any ol tht! treet, gra, or thrubi cry. in either f ifie slid pluret, every p. - non so onYiiding, shall tor nny tucli offence, lorfeil and p - v ..e nm of Five Doilart. Sec. 3. And be i ordained, That tl e Keeper or ilm said farK or Battery, it hereby required to tee this iow enforced against person 'itTtudieg 1 1 the prcraisf - s. Bv the Common Council. J. MORTON, Clerk. 0 The Printert to the corporation are re - quested to insert the above three times a wetk fir one mentli. np 15eorilm LANulN'G from on board sloop Nancy, at Crane - wharf, and f Tsale by OKU. W. TALBOT, 55 Pinetreet. 16 p;pet and lihdi. of Gin, of the Cranston Distillery, the quality lias been much appror eil of by judges, and is confidently believed t be equal to . ny made in this Country, ap It C.fJVTOA" and ERKJfCH UUUUS. p ilLBROOK ii PETERS, 150 Broadway, nave ior taie, 3 cases 5 - 4 8 4 and 9 - 4 Nankin crape thawU 2 do Nankin crapes, black and att'd colon 1 do figured do ; 1 do Cone an do ? do rhuw chowt 1 do 7 4 black tilk thawli 1 do stout pongees, suitable for tailon 2 do col'd tilk ha wit, I do blkcambleta 1 do 4 - 4 bdkls. with horde rt 2 do rich fig'dluitringt and latins 1 do figur'd levantines, I do green do 1 do colored and black do 1 do double Florence, 1 do chenille cord 2 do fringed latin ribbons 1 do tuffety do ; 1 do plain black do ' 2 do eleg't garniture do 5 - 1 2 1 do linencambric andcam'iric bdkfl 1 do kid gloves, 1 do beaver do 1 d i levaiuine and damask thawli t do bett Mark Italiancrape Decant lace aod edgings, VV iih a general astoi tinant of French and India Goods. ap I J lw UUsSIADUCKfc SHEETINGS. 100 pieces Russia Duck, and bt) do Kutsia she tings lor tale by JOS. OSBORN, ap 14 28 bouth - s reet. i'RE&H faUMAC and WIN'fc. iOO bags freth Malaga fumac 100 caskt. 20 galls - each. Colroenar Wioe, 3 yean old, just received and for tale hy U. Ki. ii 0. tlUY ap 14 47 W - ,ihingion - st. f 1LOV I.H. br.LD. IU tierces feimtylvania Clover - Seed, lor tale hy Hl'RD SEWALL, ap 14 6i gflulh - ttreet. BEAVKR HATS. JOHN FORD has just rtceived and is now opening a large astortmint of London and American Beaveit. Castors. Koramt, and Clul - drtn'i Hats ; all of which he it now offering for sale at hh wholesale and retail Hat Store, No. 17 ap 14 Im CAN ION SILKS. I. Case black tannett, 1st chop 1 do do sincbewt I do 1st chop changeable do 1 do rheck'd taruets, 1 do figured do 2 do damvk crape shawls, 6 - k 7 - 4 3 do colored nankm crapes 1 ' do black do just received and for sale at $6 South - street, by ap 1 1 PETr.R REM5F.N & CO. ASSAI UZTIDA. 3 casetvery tupenor As - afojiid, landinK and ior sale by ap 7 JOSEPH OStfORN, ifa South - it INDKtO. branes bXi;tl lodigo. nf superior quality, entitle 1 to delwntme, ty PETER REV'SEN k CO. S6 swith - stre!. SIEVES iOOdofn extra lire, fine and con. Wire and Hair m. res, aid KiddUa, for CLBRA f.C UJIIijr, 75 PearJ - tret. bT pU to w or o. an ii piy ea I L f ior 1J 8 this tale I 11 slin. X . Ftr AMSTERDAM 1 The fine fast tailing brig KENTUCKY ULLLL, Desnon. master, will tail on r inlay utib I or passage only, having excellent accommodations, apply on board at pier No. 6, North - River, or to G. G. It 8. ROWLAND, ap 14 77 W athington - ttrcct. For UAVRK. tW ThafioecopperedihipMARIA - THE - SiRESA, tkiJdy, rentier will positively aii ihi Sunday next. For freight of 50 balet cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, lower side of tht Albany Basin, N . ft. or to G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, ap 14 77 VVarhiDgtoo - st, P.tSSAUE far Llk KRPOUU wui .!.: nun i , mt f w iUliSBaker, master, to tail to - morrow can titke two or three moie passengers in the ca bin, if application be immediately made to the captain on board, at Pier No. 19. K. R. or to 11UKD & SEW ALL, 65 South - aireet . A few balet Cotton, or other liclit freight, will be taken in the cabin, if no pas sengers oiler. ap 14 tor 11.1 y HE. The packet ship RUBICON, Hol - dredge, master, hat 2 - 3ds of her cargo rtsady to go on board, and will tail about the 23d ustant. r or freight or passage, apply on board. at Jones' wnan, or to POTT & M'KINNE, 56 south - st Who offer for sale, 29 bales prime New - Orleaus cotton 8 hhds St. Croix sugar 65 pipes Catalonia wine 120 tons Swedes iron 2000 demijohns ap 14 ling PANTHER. On Wednesday, 22dinst. will be sold, without reserve, the brig PANTHER, u the arrived from Canton, i'aid brig was built in Meilfoid, in 1815, by the first rate workmen, io. the best manner, and of the best seasoned ma - teiials; is copper fastened, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 28 and 26 oz. copper, aud ringed and fitted with a large armament in the aiott complete and ample style Said vessel hat delivered in good order near 600 tons of China goods, aud it is presumed sails as fast as any ves sel in the Uuitcd otate. Her length on dcik is 120 feet; breadth, 29 feet 9 indict; 11 feet 9 inches hold, und 5 feat 6 iurhes In tween decks ; aud measures 430 tout. For further particulars, apply to ROPES k WARD, 44 Central - wharf. Cotton, April 5, 1818. ap7 2w 'or VHARI.KSTO f The ship LOItK.NZO, Savag - c, will have immediate dispatch, huvini; the piiiicipul part oi lier cargo engucrcd and going on board tor tieiL'ht of the remainder or passage, having' irood accommodations, applv on hoard, at Govcrneur's wharf, pier no 13, or CLARK, MOORK St CO. np 11 4t 41 South - street. for LIVERPOOL, To Mil poiiiirelg on the V2lh imt.) The fast sailing - brig IIOI'K, Arnold mter; can accommodate several passengers, having handsi.nie accommodations, if application is made immediately, on board at Fine st harf, or to GRIsW'OLDS & COATES, ap 10 68 South atreet. for taie, Vrttirht or Ckurter, The brig HAZARD, Littlefield, master, ISO tons burthen, sinirledeck. and well calculated for cari - yinsr stock or lum ber. For terms, apply on board, at Peck - slip, iq JUStni UMJOHN, ap 7 23 South - street. tor f'reurtil or Charter, The schr PALATINE, Boyenton, will take a Ireight or charter lor an eastern uilic rn port, il application is made immediately to W. - ZLill ii GALLAGHER, ap 3 66 South - street. ir. tor the t.Ayr IADIKS, JrM A good illli' bound to the East In - dies, will take 2500 barrels flour, or tqiial bulk of train, to Madeira or Tene - rilfe, f application it made immediately, at 67 outh - Ktreet, to ap 3 CAMBRELEXG & PEARSON. Alexandria, (Jeorgttuum ic Washington Cilu. The sloop VICTORY, J. Somen, mas' cr, now redy to receive f. - eiirl and willbe dispatched immediately. For which D itage, hpply to the matter on board, east tide r. ck - siip, or to D1VIE BETHUNE it Co. ap 2 . 92 Coffee - house - slip, n. For MOBILE and HLAKELY, 9 The luit sailing regular packet schr, XUaSANDUi:KY. Ca.l. Weeks, 120 ions iiavn.i; considerable (re itiit already ensaired, will meet w ithdeipatch. For the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, ap on ooara wen sine i;ici - tnp, or to PETERS k HER RICK, ap 1 29 Coentiet - tlip PRESS'D HAY. C A bundles, in excellent order, for tale by XCV - BARBARIN, STANTON tc CO. ap 10 lw 17 Fulton - slip CHOi i'ASAi BANDANN AS. - Scases Com pany't choppat and bandannas, iust receiv ana ior taie ny ap 7 PETER REM - EN & CO. " r. liiliOK.Vb liALANCE.lur Af assortment irom to soiuu in. lor tale by CL - DU t L eliuiu. ap 13 76 Pearl - street RE.M1EREU TALLOW a HIDES FF.W thousand pounds New - Yurk Tallow, - and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, lor sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mil II u lllCHMOND TOBACCO, ice 41 hhds XV prim - Richmond Tobacco, fit for the Irish murlset, now landing and lor sale by W. S. CRAIG. lit ITORE, 307 bi ll, fine aod tupertine Flour 70 lihdi. Richmond Tobacco X boxei 4 4 Irish Linen I do Lawnt ap 14 HHMLS and CUNOLLS bia piecct uue raina vninu 200 piecet Lungee Roroals, jutt received and sale ry nuftUuSMVAi,!., ap 14 65 ontl.street ON DON CLOTHS Three casta siipetfe!,e Ciotht, ulatti and tiljei, landir"; Irom trill Lnn, for tale by D. Br. 'I'll UN E a: CO. ap 14 90 C. II. slip. INDI.4 POINT GIN. ripet old aud of excellent quality, land'ng day at Mevens' wharf, Irom ou board sioop Nancy, and for sale by BRBARIN, STANTON k CO. ap 14 lw I Fulton ip. FLOUR AC TOHUXO. 2:0 obU. tuuer - fine Virginia Flour iO hlelt prime new R.cliroon.l Toimcco t5 ke,ji manufactured do branded (Price.) received per schooners Catherine, Kc. and for by WALSH k GALLAGHER, ap 14 1 OLL.AND C - IX will be landed Un aller - anon, frcm the flap Henry, east siJo Old' ior sale by ap 4 LE ROY. BAYARD ICO. 'lO TIU'NK M Kr.R1;. - M0 hand '.me Ruiua eaUkinsju,trwe',"!,'sn'l'(r,ile JOS. O - sbOUN, .pit S8 Eouth rtreet. POT & PEARL ASHE3, - 85 bbli Pearl Ashes, 35 bblt Pot Ashes, for tale by . OSBORN, ap 13 x8 South - street. BRANDY & SPIRITS. 4 pi pet Imitation Biandy, and 6 hhdt. Neutralised Spirit, from molatKi, lor sale hy J AS. D'W OLF, ap 13 - 57 Front - street. IRISH LINENS, 5 - 4 SHEETINGS, LONG LAWNS, He. . 4 - 4 and 7 - U Linens . 7 - 8 half bleached ditto 7 - 8 Luwns, 7 - 8 Dowlas 7 - 8 Linen, in half pieces 5 - 4 Shirting! ; 3 - 4 Diaer 7 - 8 Grey Lawnt; 3 - 4 Brown Linen, Received per la'ett arrival!, aod aro offered for tale on reasonable terms, hy THOMAS SUFFERN, ap 13 lw No. 6 Depeytter - street. ( QUENCH & GERMAN GOODS. Black crapes, No. S6 Sattint for hat linings, Virginie, silk cords. Fancy ribbons, black lustered tafl'eliet Green bordered do. kid k tilk gloves Mens & womens silk hose, black galloons Drap de toie, common and tupei hue Tapes and bobbin, cologn water. For tale by DAVID SCHENK, ap 13 lw 77 1 - 2 Pine ttreet. MUSKETS, FOWLING PIECES, Aic. FOUR - THOUSAND MUSKETS, and two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to deben ture. 4 boxet well assorted glasrware 3 reroons llotnnt Indigo, and A few pieces tuperfine Cloth, for sale by J.C.ZIM MERMAN, ap7 Ira 72 Wainingtnii - ttrecC TKW H ELEtiANT FRENCH EMBROI J - D DERY, consiatiiic of. Sneiicerr. Pelerinea. Canetou Mouchoirt a la Vieree. Collrrettes, Garnituret, Bands, Sleeves, Frocks, Kobes, aic. ju?t owned, and lor sale hy VAN DE R V GO RT tt FLANDIN. HI Broadway. ALSO. A imali catrs of superior white chip Fliitu, with bands, at wholesale or retail, ap 10 lw LANDING Irom on board of the sloop New York, at Crane whan, and for tale by GEO. W. TALBO I', 55 Pine - street. 21 balet Hone Hides 9 pipes Giu, from the Cranston Distillery, remarkably hre flavor Dealers are requested to examine thetpjality, which will be found equal loany nianuiuciureu in iniscnumry. ALSO. IM STOKE. 143 chests Hyson Skiu tea, of the London Traders carjo 50 do Soui ho'iir do Nnnry'scnriro 10 whole, 15 half and 211 qr. chests Bohr a tea oi the Trumbull's cargo 28 5 catty boxes Gunpowdcf 12 5 do do l.iiperiai, lluiitrets' cargo 60 boxes old Castile Soap 160 do Sweet Oil 2 cates Sistc rtoyi 2 bales Mirxupore Carpelt 1 case blue, 1 do coiupuuy yellow Nankint 5"4 fine Seal skint 70 dot. Nutra sic ins CO hhds CopMras np 7 CARPt TI.VU. 1 SECOR k CO. 180 Broadway, Tiave just - A received and are now opening a large supply of Engrain Carpeting, consisting of fine and sup ifine of the newest patterns ; do. common, all or which, together with their stock on l.utid, will be disposed of on the most favorable terms. Southern and other orders, likewise execut ed on the best of termt ap 13 3t 37 VIR(,LIA TOH A C'CO k FLOUR hhds old Virginia tobacco 65 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUE6, MEURON k CLEEMAN, Fab 7 tf No. 72 Washington - it. 150 ap 10 SrVEDKS IRON. ' Tons, handsomely assorted, for sale by I K I r.K KK.MSKN Si CO. A fl I UA1 IdN in a counting - houe, broker's, XI lottery - olhce or auction store, it wanted by a miadle - agrd married gentleman, who is woll calculated to give satisfaction in any of the above lines writing a (rood hand, being a rood Ac countant, and pottes'ing the French, Germau, aud Italian languages. 1 be best references aod recommendations can be given. fty - 1 A line addressed to F. S. and left at this office will be promply attended to. ap 14 3t T DRY HOOD MERCHANTS. A YOUNG man well experienced in business, wishes to engage himtolf at salesman to a wholesale Dry Good I Inure, or to a respectable retail house, a he has a perfect knowledge of each branch of that trade, both from many yean experience in England and in this country The most respectable references can be given Applications by note addressed to T. H. A. and left at this office, will meet with immediate atteution. ap 14 3t rrt to let, ai2 A convenient two story bouse, pleasantly kituated inChnrlei street, Greenwich a desirable residence for a cartman or mechanic rent low. For particulars enquire at No 59 Murray - street ap 14 tl GREEN HOUSE PLANTS. L'OR tale, the entire stock of atmall and com - r p'ete Green House, consisting of a variety of native and exotic Plants, in excellent order. Also, some very fine Lemon, Or - inge and Citron Treet, in full bearing ; they wilt be told together or separate. The houte, containing the plants mutt be taken down, on account of the ground on which it ttandt being located for other purposes, and will also be told a bargain. Apply to GRANT THORBURN; Corner of Liberty and Nauau ilrett ap 14 3t BANK NOTES O' F the following Banki discounted on re a ton - tile termt, or received at par for tickets, by HOB hill WAIlK,jun Newhureh, Utica. Ontario, Jefferson, Niagara, Geneva, Plaitshurgh. Catskill, lludon, Middle District, Orange, Auburn, GRAND ROAD LOTTERY Commences drawing the 5th of next month, and will be completed 111 twenty drawings, SCHEME. 1 Prize nl 7o,ooo Dollan 1 of 3j,ooo I cllurs of 1 0,000 Dollan of 5,ooo Dollan of Lono Dollan t 2 Io 3o llo of 5oo Dollar! of loo Dollan of 3o Doll.m Gioo Only 10.000 Tickets. Present price of l ick. - U and Share Whole Tickett $22 I Qnirleri Halves 16 Eg!itht 4 Sixteenths I wo Dollars. Eut will advance before the day of drawing For tale by Waii. lS8J3roadwry; W ho n rentlv sold the followt .r prixes, being is her u sold bv an - nu n - uk the shost period of sit mooUis, vi : o,ooo I So. 4,647 5I.000 U 000 7,0 Loo" t .. . h,. an. - rmrr. iu tf.iscitr, io No. I 44l 15553 - ,oo 16Ji2 I.000 4404 l.oco 57U1 l." ,J5 1,000 1,000 1,000 19,K l.ouo lijO, kc tc. 17,265. Aod se - eral of 500, ap 13 3t J sj CONCERT ana BALL. HEWITT. letDectfallT acooaintt bit friends and the public that hit Concert will take plare on Thursday next, April 16th, at the City Hotel. Leader of tha orchestra, Mr. Hewitt. PART 1st. Overture Lodoitka Kreutier Song, (No, no, no, through the woods I cannot stray Alist conraa Variations on the piano torta (Hope told a flat term tale) Miss Hewitt, accompanied oa the Bute, by Air - Kmteln. Song, (softly ilp my baby) Miss Hewitt. Favorite Andante (tha tupr'ite) Haydn. Song, (Her smiling eyes) Mr. Keene j composed exDrrsslv tor him by Mr. Moraa. Concerto Clarionet, by Mr. Phi 1 1 pot, from U King's Theatre, Loudon ; hit firtt appearance tiere. fxho Duet Mitt Hewitt and Mr. Keene. Glee, fiVhe re tliall the lover reit) Mitt Hew ill, Mr. Wilton and an amateur. Concerto piano lorte (Cramer) Miu Hewitt. PART 2.1. Grand Double Com erto lor 2 piano fortes Mist Hewitt and Mr. ScJiorer, lately from Euroiie, urti periormance. Sung, (when ttern oppression) Mils Conrad. Hriii(aiian Walls, with variations on the flute Mr. Meline. Song, (The young son of chivalry) - Mn. Meline 1'ot I'ourri, lor a full orchestra, composed by J. Hewitt, in which will be introduced the favo - ri.eair ol Roliin Adair, on the Went bucle. Song, (Young Cupid stole where Flora Mitt Hewitt. Glee, (Here in cool grot) Mis Hewitt, Mesin. Wilson, llolloway, and Amateur. Minuet to l'leyel. Song, (.The cabin boy) Mr. Keene. 1 1 a) do's celebrated farewell ove.ifure, in which the orchestra take their leave ot the audience. Alter whii h will tie a litill. Tickets, 1 dollar each, to bo had at Duboii' music store :Good - lich's book ttore Broadway ; Wilson's and Geib't n.usic ttoret, Maiden - Inne ; 1. Hewitt's Muvicikl II. petitory, 156 1 - 2 William - it. ; and Riley's uiiitic ttore, Chatham ttreet. ap 13 Sl'EAM - bUA I' FIRE HA. ft7" This boat will com w m e running bet ween New York and itewhurgh, on JU I lietni ), im; i - un nprn. Mil - mn Iti.iie Aiw - York every I uesilar, I hurs day and Sulurday, at 9 A. M. and Ncwhurgli on Monday, Wednesday and t ndny, at 0 A. Al ap II Ol.l) .11.1 1) Kl HA H I.Yt. AT AUCTION ILL be sold on Friday the 17lh cunenl, at 12 o'clock, by HONES Si TOWN, ill front of their auction room. 20 pipes, j lilies and 1 qr. cask choice London particular Made - na w ine, Irom 3 to 7 y art om. wan anieu pure us imported, having never bren out of the im porters possession. lA - aicrs ami private niii, - triflnulu will huve un onoorlunitv of annul vim? themselves with penuine, high flavored Made - na wine, fit for uninediute use. an.pici may be seen at the auction loom two days previous to the day of tale. ap 13 HOARDING. A FEW centli inen c an be accommodated Xi. with Board, in a private family, in a pleat ant part of the city of Jersey. Enquire nl this nllh e np II Im ODKRN HKLK.IO.N, on natural punei lor sale at VALENTINE'S, 101 Broadway, price 50 tend. ap II 4IJ SUNDAY SCHOOL ADDRESS. MIIS day it published and for sale by T. k J. SWORDS, No. 100 Pearl - street, price 31 1 - 4 cents," The benefit of Sunday Schools considered : in an address delivered at the anni versary meeting ol the Sunday Schools, in union with the New - York Proteitaul Episcopal Sunday Schoel Society, in St. Paul's Chapel, on Wednesday, the "il tt day of December. 1817, by John Henry llobart, 11. U. Uithop ot me pro test ant Eoisconal Church in the state of New - York, and Rector ol Trinity Church. To which is annexed the tint annum report 01 the board 01 managers of the New York Protestant Episcopal Sunday Society." apll tOUTHEKH DISTRICT Of NKW - f ORfct, St l)E it remembered, That on the second day I f of April, in the lorty second year of the imie - iiendenre of the United Stntet nf America, William Johnson, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title ol a hook, the nsht whereoi he chiiii.s as author, in the words and figures fol lowirnr, to wit : Reports of caes adiudged 111 the court of Chancery ol M - Itrli : by William Joiinson, Counsellor at Law, vol. II ; containing the cases from January, 1616, to September, 1617, inclu sive." In conformity tn the net of the congress of the United Statet. entitled u An act for the encou ragement of learning, hy securing the copiet of inapt, chartiand Looks, Io the anthori and proprietors of such copiea during the times therein mentioned:" and alto to an act, entitled, "An act, lupplemrntury to an net, entitled, an act lor the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and books, to the authors and propnetori ol tuch copiei, during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof tn the arts of designing, engraving, and etc hm z historical and other prints." JAMES DILL, Clerk of the southern district of New - York, ap!3 4w L'Ol I U Ik1, I .UU UL'IU.UII OTRAYED on Saturday afternoon, fr. m No. 177 Water - street, into Front - street and was af terwards seen on the Battery, a water dog pup (spaniel) of a liver colour; (he hind legs white nearly to the hips, had on a leather c ollar w ith a large dog ring fastened tn it. Whoever will return laid slut to No. 177 Water - street or 165 Front - st. shall receive the above reward and thanks of the owner. ap I J lw FOR bALE. L FIRST rate fast trotting Hone, and a fash - k. innable Cig, but little used. Also, a light neat one hone waggon. Ap - ply to THOvlAS H. THOMAS, ap 13 IU William street. COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY, 146 t - CLTOH - ITRKET, (Roti't Buildings, near Broadway.) To coutioiiieun and amaleurt of the Fine Arts, and to the enlightened public of new - V ork. r HE propri. tor of an extensive collection of I pictures, the works nf the most eminent pxinten, having just arrived from Europe, where he hat purchased them from the cabinet! ot Rome, Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and London.nt a very considerable expence, propo ses to exhibit them to the ladies and gentlemen of tint city and us vicinity. I he ex'ntution wn, begin on Thursday, 16th of April. At will be far superior to any at yet offf red in the U. Statet, the pic tures being undoubtedly originals consist ing of upwards ol 200 pictures, by the best mas ten. Admission 50 cents each, or one dollar per month. Hours from 10 in the moroni; to stvea in the evening. Calaloguet may be bad at Uie G.illery. ij ur.t, The store 61 Fulton - street Enquire 01. (lie premitt - s. p4&w" HOUSE TO BE LET, . . ... . a t A miIm I - .i. I Kj. iTitv. sifjil Mtoateaaooui HalL on the old posl - roau, anu jjoui.d - ; u 1,,,., ntn.LR. Wait. J n - nouse is a nei - ly fimshl "ne, aud fitfora irniU family; hat a kitchen and cellar, 2 priors, 3 bed - rocms, and good ceiled garrets. There is X tnuil gar Jen, and a stable nt tor a none ana gtg. mqntre nett door to the premises, or at 54 Maiden - lane. Oap 13 JTlL TO LET, - .L To a small genteel, part of the Jlrce ttor bnci boue, No. 34 ) treei,wich - t, jmer of rrovort - street, with a ejarau kitchen and cellar. Lnonire ou the iceuu;rs. ap 13 1jOUuv. bble f Howard itwl B - tti more siiptlline Hwr, and a few bt . ot Kyr Hoar, for s:e by ulu. m. wiljo, ap iu iw y i;r - ttreti. J.i the tv be PUBLIC SALES BY P. L. MILLS ft CO. Tomorrow, At half past 9 o'cloc k, at their aactioo room. No. tin Pearl - itreet, a general assortment of French and Erglith dry goods, among which are, I case stout black silk doreutine vtstingi 1 2 do merino thaw It and linen cambric : 1 do atiortf d cloths; y do felted eordt, catsimeres, lie. ; I do women - s super cotton nose I do diwitiet; 1 do camhiictdo 1 do hurkalmrk toweling aod damask table linen 1 do linen bed ticks it taaee steam and power loom thictingt 1 do cairhlic muslins, fine and uodrested j 3 cases ditto dark stried ginr;hami, printed calicoes and black cambrict, V do wood stk k fans, 1 bale navy blue saved list cloths, 1 do Calcutta checks, laf - fata and sattin ribbons, oil cloths, black galleont and lerrett fancy muilint, aud a number ol other articles. At IS o'clock. S bald hearth rugi of tl e most elegant patterns, 1 case flue and Urge fringed counterpanes. MA RULE toil liLILUIMl. k - e. Hp H E proprieton of the southern marbln qua - X ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are rrceiviug, at Oio ninj? '$ linage juarole cna l.tme - iara, loet 01 Hcach - slreet. on the Hud ou river, an extensive stock of marble lor buildiug, of the following de scriptions, vit : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces J Facings Columut Watertable Stept Platfcrmt Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. fry A constant supply of the above material may be calculated 01,100 1 ami those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, reu 11 . ."iiine tara. REMOVAL. IT N. SMITH DAVIE8 has removed hit chemical perfume manufactory aud warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of Li lierty - strcet, ou the west lid of Broadway, nub 27 . NO'I ICE. 07 - All enons having de'nnuds against the estate ol Doctor Archibald ltiuce,dere;H , are reUested to send their accounts to the offii e of the lubfcriber, No. 5 Nassau sl eet. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh tl Im Administrator. ly I wo s hates in the New - or Library so ciety, FOR SALI", price lit each. Enquire at no. 124 llrn'ls ar. Dili S3 NOl ICE. ftJT The tubsi rihrii having receivid a gene rai ustignii.tnt 01 all the etlal of John Murray it Sons, lor the benefit of rreditors as expressed in the Assignment, have authorised Peter Ludlow to liquidate (lie ui:iiid fcnunts and to receive pa ment of all debts due to the said firm. or Io (he individual partners who will I tend to I he same oflice, No. Ill lVarl - tti - et. WILLIAM BAYARD, feb24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. NOTICE. fhl" The subscribers hare formed a connec - I11 n lor thu purpose of traniucling ( 'on.i(iision, uoucr the firm nl S. and T. WHI TTE MORE, and will fur the present do business at No. CO South and 1?D l'euil ttreett : and will constantly keep lor tale a general attortmcnt of Cotton and Woolen Cards.of the manufacture of the late New - Yotk Manulai turn g Company. Jutt received, per schr. Sandusky, irom ml bile, and lor sale, M naies uecr saint t ii tackt Suakc Root of prime qual. t do Beeswax. S SAML. WHITTEMORF, np 2 Im TIMO. WUITTEMORE. dJ - Mrs. tiALLOP having taken the lioiiso No. 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oners from the 1st of Manext, a residence to gentlemen anil ladies. The pleasantnestof the eituationnecds no comment. mh !24 tf WEM ERN CANAL COMPANY. ftr A divirlend of five and a half percent on the Capita! Stock of snid Company, willbe paid to the Hoc II hold, rt ou the 1st of April. Anplf to Harent rllctcki r, Ksq. Albany, or 820 VU - ham - street By onlerol'thedireclon. THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer! mh 16 Im tjj" Copartnership . I I.e subscriber! hive entered iwn Copartncial.iii in Ui grocer bu siuesK, under the firm of A t 3. Smith, at No. ICS Front - street. ABRAHAM SMITH, ap 11 lw STEPHEN SMITH. Rtn KAWAY TURNPIKE. 0 Notice is hereby given to the Stock Holders, in the Rockaway Turnpike ci.uiany, that tn election for the choice ol Directors, will be held at Smith Hicki'iTavtrn. Jamaica, on Saturday the Id day ol May, at IS o'clock. By order of the President, aplllw JOHN A. KING, Sec'ry. NO MCE. TP The society r instrui tiog the Deaf and Dumb meet thii afternoon, at the Mayor't office, ' at 4 o'clock. ap 13 JNO. B. SCOTT, Secr'y. Engineer Department, Waihingfon, Uth April, 18'S.f frr - Prooosalt will be receiv d at this IJe - paitment,! until firtt August next, to furnish by contract From one to six millions or brick From one to two millions of cubic feet of buil ding itone From ten thouiand to filly thouiand buiheliof ttone lime. To be delivered in good order at Mobile, Lake Pontchartiaio, River Missinippi. and Lake Bart tana the time when the Aral dtlivtiy can be made, and the quantity which can he delivered in each month succeeding the first delivery, most be stated with the terms. Proposals will also be received for from fifty to one hundred cerpenfen; for Irom one hundred in Mt l.i.ndrv.l and rill v masons: and Irom two hundred to three hundred laboren, to proceed to Mobile and lui - iana, to construct i.uimingi os various description" at Bit belbre mentioind pis - ces. It would be pieierame 1.. . - y - canienters. and lahoren furnithedaml acompan - led by mailer workmen, .'rangemeiitt wouia he made to employ tl rt.jiui ringed to execute the w. rC, irom Ju! to Novnuber, r.t tboso , e n.hra d in tne liefore meotieaed pla - ' ces. win. h border upon tlie Isulf of Mexico f r.cngi ruefits would noi oe inue ior sooner pi rinl than ei:'' months. SntisCactory security would he reouire.l lor the faitlilul periormance of ,, , - , nir 1 that may be node. The terms up on which wnrkmans'.ip ant! labor would be per - fuioied. must b tUted Io the propntats. i. U. BVVII T, Brigtdier Gmra and Chn i D giaeer. The printert of Ibe Portland Gate He, D. M.I Cent.nel ard Patriot, Bolt, n J tlie Eveniog Pott and tne Colnmt tan. New Y rk ; tlieCcm - irionwealtli, Pittsourgh, lira.; the Reporter, Lexington, Kea. ; end the Uaeiu, Iew - Orleans, vill ple'.so to insert the foregoing for one month and f .rward ttieir accoaota to ti n Eogi - er D - i - artment. an 131m NO MCE T O PILO I S. ate. IT Alter the 15th April, iurlan, all yetswls subject to examination by the bealih o&ccr, will ttopatthe QaaranlJM Ground, lor that pur po, accrT bn." to hw ap 14 tt (r - 7 - ISS SEABt'llY hasmg lkn the nle.eiW si'oat'H h - mae . 13 Nf rfh Jloore - bi..nrirt rf meru: aed nrname... X i. :.iin..t hk.b - r t.'n'J Vr7lw'. , ' k - y - ra b arpryiaj, at Ne. 56 Jofta - tUct np It Ut - SCYT,'A'lESDOLWi. ,p7 67 Front stmt ttreet, inlorms lr tnends 'ti iitif - movio? tr - i - .in the Cr. of Mty next, ar t tbe fourth will l - rrndy o rteuve OBi '!ie, - IW at boarJtrt 0 Jy v.he. ft e ranoiit

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