Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 13, 1934 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1934
Page 11
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AffUL MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ELEVEN CITY BRIEFS · Mrs, Kudolph Bey and son Paul, 309 North Federal avenue, motored to Champaign, 111., Friday to visit .Mrs. Bey's brother. They expect to return to Mason City Monday. Mrs. Martha Adeliule Holton, reader of the Christian Science church of Minneapolis, visited in Mason City Friday, FOR SPRING FIRES KY. NUT STOKER NUT $7.00 $6.50 THIS IS THE BEST GRADE PRODUCED IN WEST KV. Consolidated Coal Co. PHONE 1176 A meeting of Ford dealers and salesmen was held at the Hotel Hanford Thursday and Friday. The sessions lasted throughout the entire day and were conducted by Manager MacPherson of the Des Moines territory. Between 80 and 100 salesmen attended the meetings and represented a territory of 14 surrounding counties. Genevieve Sniitli, secretary In County Agent Marion E. Olson's office, returned to work Friday after a two day absence due to illness. Composer Cadman's Mother Dies at 82 SAN DIEGO, Cal.. April 13. (IP)-Mrs. Caroline Cadman, 82, mother of Charles Wakeficld Cadman, nationally known composer, died at her home here yesterday following a long illness. Her son now is on a concert tour in the middlewest. A daughter, Mrs. Mabel Casgino. Los Angeles, also survives. PURITY BAKERY Saturday Specials IRISH BREAD, large loaf lOc CARAWAY RYE BREAD lOc BUTTER ROLLS, dozen 20c COFFEE CAKE, each IQc COOKIES, all kinds, 3 dozen 25c PURITY BAKERY 216 S. Federal Ave, Phone 86 NEED OF UNIONS POINTED OUT AT LABOR ASSEMBLY Local Organization Goes on Record for Ousting E, H. Mulock. The need of organizing In local unions affiliated -with the American Federation of Labor or In federal labor or local trade unions directly affiliated with the federation in order to press their claims in the codes established by authority of N1RA was pointed out at a meeting of the Mason City Trades and Labor assembly on Thursday night in a general discussion of organization of the unorganized workers of Mason Citj-. "I have had many employers say to me." said C. W. Hickox, presi- · dent of the assembly, "of course the I employers have a right to organ- i ize; no one denies that right. But i this is only a half-truth. Conceding ' the right of organization and in the same breath saying- to the worker that if you exercise this right you thereby forfeit your job is not recognizing the light in the premises. And no one who is acquainted with industry as it exists today questions the fact that employers, large and small, have to all intents and purposes, denied the right of organization to employes by making the job of the employe or employes the price of exercising that right." Urges Protection. To protect themselves from this wholesale violation of the labor section of N1RA, workers should enroll in bona fide labor unions, according to Mr. Hickox. "If the unorganized workers ex- List to This Tale of a Modern Casey Jones ROCKWELL, April 13.--If you must have a title for this little tale, let it be, "The Last Flight of a Modern Casey Jones." It has to do with John Cahill, Cerro Gordo county Legion commander, and it's related by one of his neighbors who insists that "what Casey Jones was to the railroad, John might have been to aviatio7i." Perhaps it would be just as well to let this neighbor go on with the story, in his own words: "Speeding out to the airport, John climbed from the comparative safety of his Pontiac sedan into the sturdy little cockpit of his combination French-German flight plane (purchased secondhand by a group of local aviation enthusiasts). "The plane is wheeled on to the runway, the mechanic grasps the propeller. Pilot Cahill yells 'contact,' a pause, suspense, the motor coughs, it catches, it roars and the plane charges down the field to warm up. Down the field, up the field and across the field. Seconds pass into minutes, minutes into nours and finally the great ship is PACKING HOUSE MARKETS ER MEATS LOWEK PI Specials for Saturday, Mon 122 South Federal Phone 101 BETTER MEATS LOWEK PRICES {LARD, 100% pure 7'/ z c Ib. { Slice BACON, Ib. pkg. 7c Tender Boston CENTER CUTS Round ^MC Sirloin *^ Steaks lb - i Choice Tender Corn Fed Beef ROASTS IQclb. |Slice HAMTeach 10c| SPARE RIBS iSglb. 7'/ 2 c| '·'-CHOICE YOUNG "VEAL"" ROASTS-STEAK 6c8c IQclb. TENDER, LEAN PORK STEAKS 1 |Young Beef LIVER .:.10c \ WEINIES 5S£ M ....Ib. 10 Best Smoked CHOICE YOUNG TENDER HAMS I ««-"»·« Shoulder Roasts Vi or Whole {LUNCH MEAT, lb. 10c| °TM h ^ v TM* | tew « 3c DON'T LET COMMON CONSTIPATION DULL THE IOY OF LIVING Kellogg's ALL-BRAN Relief Brings about to take off. She darts away but can she make it, she is heavily laden with one pilot and two gal- Jons of gasoline. The pilot is working frantically. She seems to rise, she does rise, she is in the air and another memorial flight is on the way. "But! Something seems wrong. The plane hovers in a graceful Annette Kellerman and dives to earth. It strikes and suddenly becomes a monster of iron and fabric, reeling, writhing, twisting--the crash, and from amid the wreckage emerges, unharmed, the genial Pilot Cahill. "But wait--another act in this drama of human events. The spectators crowd on to the field and to the front charges a very determined lady. Speaking in a loud clear voice she said: "'If you must ride, take these, our roller skates, or my bicycle. But fly no more!'" "And Pilot Cahill. realizing this great sacrifice, slowly pulls himself into the position of the Noble Gaul and replies: " 'Your wish Is my command, Casey will fly no more." " Bethlehem Lutherans to Stage Dedication The Bethlehem Lutheran congregation will hold the dedication of the newly completed church basement Sunday. Three services will be held. In the two morning services the Rev. W. J. Schulze, chairman of the General Mission Board, Hutchinson, Minn., will preach. In the evening service the Kev. John Constipation takes the sunshine out of your days. It may bring headaches, loss of appetite and energy, sleeplessness, sallow skins, pimples. Fortunately, you can avoid this condition by eating a delicious cereal. Laboratory tests show that Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides two things needed to help overcome common constipation: "bulk" and vitamin E. ALL-BRAN is also a rich source of blood-building iron. The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN is much like that of leafy vegetables.. "Within the body, it forms a soft mass. Gently, it clears out the intestinal wastes. How much better than dosing yourself with patent medicines. Two tablespoonfuls of ALL-BRAK daily are usually sufficient. "With each meal in chronic cases. If seriously ill, see your doctor--ALL- BRAN is not a "cure-all." Get the red-and-green package at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. pect to be protected under the recovery law and under the codes in the rights that have been granted to them by the law and the codes," he said, "it is necessary for them to have some method of seeing to it that in cases of violation of the law or of the codes they could not expect any results from acting as individuals against employers who are compactly organized in trade associations and function not as individual employers but as organizations. "The only effective method for the workers to follow is for them to become members of unions affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and present their demands through their organization." The assembly passed a resolution opposed to aliens receiving relief from the county and will make an effort through the proper authorities to have them deported from the community. "Employers of cheap labor," said William Chamberlin of the truck drivers' union, "are directly responsible for these aliens, who are mostly Mexicans, being county charges, and should be the ones to defray the expense of deportation." Criticism was also directed at E H. Mulock, state emergency relief director, and the assembly passed a resolution to bring pressure through the state federation to have Mr. Mulock removed from the position he holds. He Saved $600. A bit of levity came up in the meeting when mill workers' delegates reported their failure to procure a wage increase for member. 1 ; of their organization. It %vas reported that the employer used as an argument against the increase that a certain married man made 51,100 last year and saved $600 oi it. The mill workers' spokesman jocularly remarked that his organization would gladly pay a reward for the identity of that individual. The assembly officially confirmed the appointment of Mr. Hickox and Glenn W. Woodward as labor representatives on the emergency relief wage scale committee and grievance committee, respectively. Restaurant workers reported the installment of union house cards at the High Life pool hall and Rakow cafe on North Federal avenue. HAMBURGER and SAUSAGE 5 LARD 1OO% PURE.. MEAT STEW Meaty . LIVER SAUSAGE Home Made . . . . 10 LEAN PORK STEAK lb. 9c BABY BEEF ROAST CHEESE CREAM or BRICK . . 15 PORK ROAST LEAN . HAM Sliced Sugar Cured 20 SMOKED «g «g PICNIC l i e Sugar Cured BACON Sliced Lean . . . CRACKERS--SODA and GRAHAM .. 2 19c NUT Cleanser Large Can . . cans SOAP C , BEN boars WE SELL EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED TWO LOCAL CARS BELIEVED STOLEN Minnesota Car Is Wrecked in Ditch Near Manly; Gun in Car. Two automobiles were reported stolen and one found in and near Mason City Friday. A car owned by R. W. Baumgart- aer, 1118 Fourth street southwest, was reported stolen between 4 and 6 o'clock Thursday afternoon from where it was parked east of the elevator door of the I. O. F. building. The car is a V-8 Ford coach of dark green color striped in white. The license number is 17-6089. There is a dent in the front right fender. A 1929 model Poutiac of dark blue color, licence number 17-7535, owned by Mrs. E. V. Michaelson, IS 1 ," South Federal avenue, was reported stolen from the Jefferson transportation bus station parking grounds. The car way parked there Tuesday but Mrs. Michaelson did not miss it .until Thursday. Three miles north of Manly a 1933 model A Ford coupe was found early i Friday morning. The car was in the ditch and officers stated that a .22 ! rifle, cigars, candy, clothing and ' blankets were'also in the car. The auto carried a Minnesota license number B-432-211. The car was taken to Manly. I Des Moines Refuses to Allow Showing of Nudist Colony Film DES MOINES, April 13. (/Pi- Showing of a motion picture purporting to portray life in a California nudist colony was banned today by city officials. The decision was reached after the officials had viewed a special screening of the film. Opposition to the film also was voiced by members of the clergy, who also viewed the private screening. Similar action was taken at Cedar i Rapids earlier in the week. Attention Please! Due to u typogruplilcal error Murshnmllows were listed as selling 5 LBS. FOR 15c In our ad of Thursday. This should have read: MARSH- * ff c MALLOWS, Ib. 1.9 GLANVILLE BROS. PHONE 831 MORRIS Food Store 221 Sixth St. S. W. VALUE MILK Tall g c cans CORN FLAKES Millers -| -I c large pkg. JLJL RYCO COFFEE Fine Flavor, pound can BUTTER Brookfield, Kenyon's and Corn Country ? ? FLOUR Gilt Edge, $· .59 49 Ib. bag JL USED DOORS WINDOWS and LUMBER FOR SALE We Pay He a Dozen in Trade for EGGS Mason City Fruit Co. PHONE 3?.0 FREE DELIVERY 32 FIRST ST. S. W. (Across From Ihc Old I'oatoffice) Specials for Friday and Saturday POTATOES EARLY OHIO FOR SEED, 100 LBS Kellogg's Whole Wheat Biscuits, 2 pkgs Get Blueprints Free Fantana Soda Crackers, A-f c 2 lb. caddy MM. Oranges, large size, dozen 39- Bananas, 5 Ibs. 25' Apples, 6 Ibs 25' Oranges, nied. size, doz. , and P. G. Soap, 10 bars 25 Camay Soap, 5 bars . and Palmolive 24' Giant Soap Chips Crystal White Grapefruit, each 5c and 7 for 25' FULL LINE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Tittle Bros. Packing Company, Inc. 105 South Federal Ave. Hamburger 3 Baby Beef Roast . 4ic Boiling Beef Lean . . . . ib.3c Beef Chuck Roast . . . ib. 8c Veal Stew Ib. 5c YOUNG TENDER Steaks .. 3 17c Pork Chops End Cuts . . » lb. 9c Spare Ribs Lean-Meaty . . lb. S-k Lamb Stew Ib. Bologna Home Made . . . lb. l§c Steaks Kound and Sirloin Schliepsieck of Hubbard will he the speaker. Special singing' will be given by the senior choir. Persia is called Iran by the inhabitants. Old timers who once thought, dancing wicked now wish the kids at a dance would get out of their parked cars.--Kewanee Star Courier. FIDDLESTICKS, MY DEARI IF YOU'D USE PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR WITH THE "BALANCED- RECIPES PACKED IN EVERY BAG -ALL YOUR B A K I N G W O U L D B E GOOD! JUST TRY IT ONCE! OH, DEAR! I DON'T THINK I'LL EVER BE A GOOD COOK! IBESH xxxx; I went Here's the story. There's even a moral so don't say you weren't warned in advance. Mary--poor darling -- went to market and fell for the seeming economy of "bargain counter" coffee. But she quickly- learned that--even though you buy coffee by the pound--you don't drink it by the pound. You drink it by tlie cup. And true economy is based on how many satisfactory cups you get from the pound. Mary discovered that Hills Bros. Coffee makes a greater number of completely delicious caps per pound because of the greater abundance of strength and flavor. MORAL: For real economy as well as supreme coffee flavor, always ask for Hills Bros. Coffee. Ctf)iiibi ISij Hilli Orel. _^"

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