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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, April 15, 1818
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. CONGRESS. - - BOUSE Or REPRESENTATIVES. Wednesday, April 8. " Mr. TaJlixdge mbmitUd th following reso - lulioa: .. Resolved, ThaJ. Om secretary of the Bar; '. camse t be laid before this boose. a report of tb state ssad cooditiotsof the navy pension fund, the soarceefrota whence it iriiw iU amounts, and , the umr fa which it i collected specifying the mm received yearly from each stale, Ireoj and after the 20tk of Jooe, 1812 and, alto, all Um mformatioo fa bit possession, beneficial to tb - sad food t and, ia particalar, that n Mat ine - hum received from tba district court of each ttato, the particular cases from which they e - " rise, and the Uto of tha returns made from each . court trie same of ma persons, u any, tn uw ' mult in U pertarmance of their duties in regard to tha said fund, or to making legal reium w - oft and any proceedings had inereoo w nw" parformaoca,andtha naturaaod time of tucb ,.. proceedings. , ; Mr. Tallmadge nid, fa offering thai reeolutjoo to tha cooeratidn of tha bouse, it wa a duty for bim to state, that tba present law requir. toasecwtaryortheiiary to report 7 - this bouse U state the oavyowsioo fund. ' This e bean done so far a a report staling we amount of tha fund, and tha manner of iU to - rartmeot in ftock, and tha same of tha pension - . an, which wasgiviog litUa or no information. . VI r. T. aid ha had this session made an ineffectual endeavor to obtain a peniion for tha widow ' 'and infant child of capt. Lawrence. Ha could aot, bee as of tha state of tha navy fund 1 he bad Marched into that fund ; ha wae happy to my tba clerk, lir. uomans,; nau given mm every aid. The ttata of bis health had prevent ad bim from completing tha search, and comma icatins to this house tne result at an earlier I day. He was now compelled to say the fund wa in a bad situation, anu 11 appeared 10 o mosi shamefully neglected, if not abused. Mr. T. said the fund arose principally from the one half - part of prize cause; that the money from prises came into the several district courts ; that tn otneers 01 tne courts nau iepi uia cap - tor quiet by psying over to them their ooe - half ; uMe to remove an evil, because it was of long While the charitable fund belonging to the navy ,tanjin5( w, might plod on forever without im - peniioner had, a appeared by the absence of provement, and the ignorance of antiquity would all AVAiin(a. han a fund not Dflid over, if not u. - .. - 1 - iai.:i.. .i 1 - r f t l. , I w IUI ! iliiuiijr. v 1 II list, iiievt; quaodered, and he feared frequent frauds bad adjurations are so evident and sensible to the been practised. asuiformed,attbeimnall,I,,rr:lli ,,hr,, i. .inonl.r k - i dm tfli, that the clerks of the district courts of the oioereni siaies oau .ejiw turns, as reauired by law. They bad paid over money in some instance, ai i if to quiet public nquiry. Tha to remedy these defalcations, a law was passed in April. 1I0. requiring returns f fmm tha rlcrlci. and makinc it tha dutv of thel.1.1.. . . . . 7 . .7 t : . ' ,. . judge to do what thw wan before bound to - : to attend to the conduct of clerks eppointed 1 by tbrnvelves and the law also enjoined thedis - wciaiiornias MjmsK... o. ..... . . - a 1 r .la c the clerks to make returns and payment. Mr. T. said be was informed there had not been a ' single return, in conformity to the law, and bnl very few of the court" had made any payment. . The book of the navy department,in this respect, were all in disorder and confusion, and gave mr oo latiifac tory information of the state of the pensioii fund - and must always be and continue m t iat situation, until proper return, and ac cocats were enforced. Mr. T. then went into an .,amu,a ,oo M several c,,es wnere mere ap - M ired rool reason to believe there had been I . I. r...l.. U t I s . .U. I ' ' " 7 " - """g ca.e mentioned the Susannah was one - .ta; - peared this t was a rize to the Constitution ; that the ca.' bad received, in 1815, about 30,000 a jllars for their one hair; that no inlor Batioo was given to the navy fund of the prize ana atter a loug time ine ciortc oi tne navy iuu heard of the prise, and claimed the proceed., and auer various delays ho bad obtained abnu tt.CiOQ dollars. 1 ha balance was detained un dt - r the name of a neutral claim thus, ( a P iy " W'J ,r rUMm their attention to this subject. If the judges of the court, ho appoint Ihrlr clerks had been mattmtive to tha performance of their duties, they required the attentiou of thU house ; if tht diitrirt attornie bad been inattentive to ihoe defaults, and bad not prosecuted as requited by ' law, they required the closure of the executive ; if the Comojiniooers of the peniioo fund had been inattentive, and hail allowed lliij iund tc be the subject of atme, kn.l the hooks to stand . .... I i. . r...:.. f... .1. . . r I ,u ', v, ..roper abuse, with a view to their correction, then most certainly they were in fault. Mr. T. sniil the evil certainly required a remedy; there was wring somewhere: the recordi of the navy fund Confirmed the disitisf:ictua I nr. I he hoped the hon - e would be willing t j a'.'ftnd t.. the subject, and pat the resolution uow stiumittcd. Tbc resoltitiob was a;rnd to. P ' WEDNE13DAV, AVRlu 15. ' JPanJ; jobbery We have seen a letter from Fittshurg, dated the 7th inst. to a respect able bouse in this city, which states that the " Farmer' and Mechanic's Bank of Pittihtrg,' wa robbed the night preceding of all the mo - Day that was in it supposed the whole amount of Its capital. Mr. Coleman, t regret that yon wa not able to attend - Mr. French's concert last evening. To an over flowing bouse, she gave ns two of our favorite airs, Roy's Wife," and 41 Robin Adair," in v Manner that yoa have never beard excelled. But what shall I ny of " Love among the ro ; es.m tflrst, I supposed that she had m'ueon. ceived the character of the) song, as she sings it lust as slow again a buiclair, and other; t which Means she greatly improves it, and pro - a k r k. K.n .i K i - "r" i but confused miainture. I never beard a song more perfectly executed. To a voice flexible, smooth and commanding, Mr. F. gives the word, sub perfect distinctness, without a forced articulation. Her tones are naturally fine, inde pendent of the graces of which she is profuse, Without overloading tba melody. Tba cresen - does or swells, (and indeed alt her songs ia the Pansoroso style,) are more like the Harmonica thaa any voice 1 ever heard. In the echo song, composed for the celebrated Buck like Mrs. FV) she gave a fine effect, esne - ; I i . L eially in the echo part, which, imteirt f k.;to screen themselves from the weather. I al Mmdli,ui,.h,n... .u. . , . ' j - rciiouea in jsl II JJULSj - 1 - VI - - - luimiung a natural echo. . The effect in this was astcnif hiog ; but xwthine can turoaas tha ms.rl. . huk k.r nA, , . ... , . WWe ",CUted - ,f au.s. OT u.isKIr HUTU mursj .itriiy ner'i arc tore delicate, and quite as hi;1dy finished. Yours, Sc. c. USURY LAWS - So. I. 1 he age m which we live is sua are. of im. provement. Political tmlhs are dailv Jisccver. drbkh augur much meli.ratJ.Tu in the eon . , onuony, stitjecu were I a I - Ia V. iurf tt tboir Marco, and dmood frJos 'king to kin t ttajri crown. It baa vary recently oe pedient to tnltiraU tba miade of the children of the lower dame m tha community, nth - fa a few yean iunday - eebool. va ced, aethoplacee where tba PJx5Zl 7Z JLml edocatioa. ncieatly tboea unfortunato bmngs, who ware d.od tf th. ,t L iH hw their fellow 1 fap - ' - nind. or maborato J.l.?. ware doomod to p like Tantalu. to the mrfi of social enjoyments, exhibiting to thorn around . . r"J"J human soul im - SoTwitb their friKta atoraaUy proaaibed. d Mfuliii i imDroTed beyond iDe expectation of the moit tanguiue lover 01 nuao PVI WMW w r t Mrfectabilitr Tba dumb are made , to (peaa, Uia deaf to bear, and an intercourse tt attabluo - d betwaaa those who are perfect to tneir aentai and thorn who are not. it u unneceiiary u multiply inatancee of the improvement! of mo dern time. 7 bo' sometimes 101 nanu 01 muo - rstinn would raihlv destrov institution which in inlimatelr connected with our happiness, yet surely we cannot condemn a project, became 11 is Huvsotvu in u mgw ubuiij" - coveries and improvements in classical, mechanical, moral and political learning;. Tbe conflicting claims of ancient and modern lime cannot be easily reconcile J. There are in every community many who favour innovation, because they are fon of novelty, and many with whom every abuse will pam current, Because it bears tba stamp of antiquity. The aged love the laws and customs of their vouth. because time has familiarised their minds 1 . . . 1 to tneir use tne young love wnai is new 1 ices use it is generally forced upon them by exist ing circumstance. 1 he laws wmcn were suu - mM - ..a . : . innnrar daws of our fa. ,nen reBdBrj unnecessary, or worse Uleien by a situation of things to which Uiey are inapplicable. There can be no truth paJner than this, that as no innovation should be aki.a.a m,Pi hru it is an innovation, so no abu,e ,j,0uld be tolerated, because it has de - in,ii .... ruihr.. if it vrii nnnanlnn. who app,ari to Mail for himself, should endeavor to enlist the prejudice of the sticklers - ..;, :n h;. r.. k r.n.i:.,. 11... attempl to aboli,h ,he u u an innov(l. (joll for the of nov,lt Rn( by nnkin!. Ule r ,i.. .k.,r..; - r ... r... uoui, Lituuai punisnmenu coaniame insmuiions. WRr ,aJ ntUJ$ , , t ,gme cl to m a crowJ of unlhinUiDK mta who may be opposed nrinrinx. , r ,l :.,.;.... i, Hooks like (hrioking from a manly discussion of w viuivi v wavarv luiiviauuuti it tne question, to (confound usury laws, war atid capital punishment, together. In this, as in all other political questions, it is necessary for nose ad vocat mg the change to prove its benefits ; tut it is no less necessary for those on the other side, when arguments are produced against an aHilae tsa lSanra . sl au - ssaa suaaamanai asikw tt ouU not Wished. ' xh, . . - - cs,. inf.nrU.1 ,n regulate tha hire of money and restrict the pro - fit; which b, Bade 0f ,hat , ; of Tk..c, - .k. .. ,u. :...L ' ' uro utuiT uws are obliged to prove their benefits, because u , mm( not t i. - i.te much in matters of commorce. Oldrchool indeed os - iirl$ "that the law may step in and give great iiance in som cases" and attempt to prove mat a - iorliou by tha practice of commercial na tioni, from the earliest periods. But custom aid opinions are Dot Infallible proofs, and hev regard the question under discussion, they a e entirely in my favor, the present punuc c , iumn disapproving of the policy of the usury lw, and the custom of merchants being to dis fhe po - itioo of Oldschool, that the law may iuttdtre ui bargains fnr the loan of money leraue ther are commonly made when the em barrassment of oiie of the parties and the power of the other, prevent the exerrise of the cool ealculating" of murcliauts, iseaiilycon lutI. l.e 21 - latiirescauiiot regulate the concerns ol mJivilusiK, and lenn ol all those of oicr hants. At a distance from the scene of action " ' the avenues to knowledge not knewn or easily lha oppctuuiliraof gain slip ty unimprov 1 and the buMnessof iodividuds is always bad Iv done, when it is under the direction ol govern nent. Lven this ti stance, which is produced as jo exception, confutes his piifition, because in piteof the checks w'lich fie u - ury laws iniixwe, when a man is in emban aied circirmtance, tht uiury law do not prevent his putting hiin - ell into the power of the U'urcr, tnm evadm' hoe laws which were made to protect him. Vhi refore this reaoo is not lulFitient to prove his position, the usury laws in practice bein? ilailv evaded. NVa thall hereafter eniWavourto prove the bad eilecl of such checks. MERC I TOR The f dlowing contrivance, answering all the purposes of a l.fe boat, is well worth the attention of nautical men. Front tAe JVoruU; Button, April 9. Gentlemen Having fieqiieutlvobservod tlv many dire misfortunes attend! nt on seamen taking to the boat when their vrssul was foun dering or driven ashore, 1 feel it a I'uty incum - nt on me to communicate throngs you. to that hardy and useful set of men, Uie manner in which every ship's b at may br ni:ule 10 'erve as a life boat. .Should anv person feel inclined tn be at the trouble of mAi'iir this ex. neriment, let him pat three or four cleats on ehch bilge of the boat inside, or make holes through the timbers for the purpose ol're eiv - me lashing i then have two or mere enu.ty ws ter casks ready to put in the Imat ; over these and through the cleats or holes pass the rupe ut the sea now break over ami fill her a 1 common boat with eight men in her, will keep (witu omy two caasi ner gunwale six nr seven ;rh.. .k. ti. w.t rti, int h;. . ,.,. th, lirr .c, .ile M b. hailed out , n.l I should there be a number of men so as to keep her down, enough may get out to let her . . rise, mil, airnTiME tuciiisci. n ivil llltll hands on the gunwal , let the others bail, ta king alternate spells, until she is free. The caks will prevent the boat's vpitthng. acting upwards as a lead keel would do downwards. iS - iould you be compelled tn leave your ship at sea, put in the boat as many ca?s a can couve - oiently be stowed ; let them be scnttled, nil but one or two, and have tight tarpaulin covers ; in ,he' 'ou ,tmn r VV I"?' C" inns era coo? umed. there will be room, shoul 1 the casks b. large enough, fortli weary or sic! . . .1 i r . . . . . ways aeep two or mree casas oi waier id me i i . i...u t .... .... vwsj - s'vea.fci wUlU arsr v eauia nuui vuis aaeswmea oiy stowage of bread. Ac. If 1 fioJ liO necessity I ,t" not lo,t, and the prvparstion of the ho:it isof no injury to her. Hoping the above I may e oi euectuai uuuty to my leiiow crea - tore, whoever misfortune shall compel them i w a.1" - witir larger vetscls, I am. tc. a. C. XV n some lewure moment, I will give you a A - note, stating how a rtuel ,an keep her pomps uiug auu rcneve uie wearied crew. G. C. W At a meeting of the Boatd of Director of the! Mechanics' Bank, held yetei day, Jacob LoriJ lard, Esq. was unanimously elected Pre.idu.t. of .h He rior. of him our the of this them and high ther may boat the did 40 on and do er, we if ns or so b v .:" '..Vi ;; JUda, sWoffclr - r. V tooe, ad the . . wuiaj . , ... Extract cf a lUr from Major naniei "5'' U. B. factor, 10 us " -, McbiX I have particular pleasure in g' ff pies of Utter received by me from William w r..w ,1 ran,nl.nHinr tha Creek regiment Indians, who marched from lure on the Kith itimo, with only eix days provis - , r . Gaines. He arrived there on wa aui "'" ha received six days corn only for bis warrior, and then pushed against the enemy - is highly deserving the character of a war - Hi conuuoi proves mm um - our government and aws t be u the violent enemy of the hostile party, and they must expect to feel tha weight of hi arm if they give battle." He has done what be mentions in hi letters, while on his march from this post to join general Jackson, and it exclusively entitled to all the merit of bis labor and perseverance." Copie of letter from gen. William M'lntoeh, commanding tne creek regiment, to maj. uan - iel Hughes, V. 6. factor at Kort Mitchell. " Uche Old Fields, March t. " Sir I with you would inform our agent and bead men, that tincallell Fort Mitchell, fourth day, at 12 o'clock, 1 have taken three our enemies that were firing on the vessels on river, and one was wounded at the tame place wben firing on the vessels. I have got in strings, carrying them to Fort Gaines, expect to catch some more before I get there. Nothing mora, but the creeks are very ; it is as much as we can do to travel. I remain your friend, VM. M'INTOSH, General commanding." FORT GAIXES, March 6. " Aiator uaniei Hughes 1 wrote you the ei day and told that I bad taken three prisoners ; I carried them to Fort Gaines to the com manding olficer, and he told me be would have nothing to do with them, and said to me, you deal with them by your own laws. We had prooi mat tney were at the destroying or the below the fork of Flint river, and one of them was wounded at that time ; they were doing mischief to our friends, and I knew what wa hw between us and the Uuited State ; 1 not want them to staud on our land, and I have taken their lives. I have heard where a good many of our enemies are collected, about mile from this place, and I am going to puih there tomorrow a fast as I can, till I can get wnere tney are. I his is all I have to say to you our head men and agent, and whatever I hereafter, I will let you know again. No thing more ; ail my men are healthy. lour li lend, WM. M'INTOSH, Gen. com. Creek Indians. " P. 8. The commanding officer at Kort Gaines had aken the Tame King's son a prison, and gave him up to me : I heard no harm a. gaimt him, and have turned him loose again, and now he has jomed us." March 10. 1818. " My friend I received your letter on tht 9th day of this month ; on the Suuday in the evening there was about 14 of our old enemie? came aud gave themselves up to us, with their women and children ; I sent their women back with some ol our own people to the Ufaula. and have taken two of the men alone; with us as pilots. They told me, that the Red Ground Chier had got a great many of our enemies collected together to fight, aud these two men are piloting us te him. About one hour ufter we took these people, ten more men came into our camp with white flags, and joined ns. I send this to you. I am going to - day, and to - morrow about 9 o'clock the fight will be ended with us ; I conquer the Red Ground Chief, I dont ex pect to meet as many more in number hereafter. you win near ironi me as quick as the lie tit is over with us. Your friend, VVM. M'INTOSH, Gen. com. tba Creek army." " cnausrLLK. March 16. " Sir I have the homr of writing to you again, I promised y ou I would do. I went down the Crtrk Chauliullc the 12th dtiy of March, about ten luilrs above the camp of C'ouchatee Miico, Red Ground Chief, and Uie Creek Swaiup was had we could not pass it for the high waters ; my men hud tub ave their clothes and provisions, and swim butter than one half of the swamp, a .ut six miles wide ; we lunrrlud within about two miles of Ins station, aud the next inorninir we surrounded his place, hut he was gone, aud we rr.uld nit follow him till wn could get snmi provisions we h id leit behind us ; I and Major Hawkins followed hiui and overtook hi parly, and he got awav ftoui us with about 30 men. e h.tte taken sj wen and about lot) women U cliildien (.runners, wiSlinut tht fire of a gun ; and we Killed it n men tnet broav: to try and make their t - va)'. I hae n it lost a man siuce 1 lett roil iTitcliell. He would not have cot awav rout u. 1 1 it he h id some cattle on hand that he I'if d to drive out ot our way : so I sent 100 aien tn trt' - .c him nt.d his cattle ; when they came in ig'.t, t.e ai.d U'tt party beirg well mourned on liorcs, tin y got uw.iv t we 'cot what cattie he Im I withluui. Wp u f y. rv scarce of provtiinns and I have to semi the w mien a. id hildren up in tn ut nation. A ir the men, I am going to lake mt in in uen. jaiasiin. ow there is no dancer in me wen not oi tne iiiatahoochie rivet. thi was all the party that was on this sido we havn to look for our enemy on the east side o' the river now. You will be so good as to inform my nen:i men anu agent ol this. I send to you, my iriena ani orniner. GEN. WM. M'INTOSH, Commanding the Creek ludiaus." Extract of a letter from Fort Havkins. 18A March, 1018. " The Upper Creeks have joined the armr at r on rcoti wan two thousand warriors, all anx Kids to take the field agaiust their turbulent neighbours ; they are under the command of - W - Intosh aud Lovett, two of their most distinguish ed chief,. I'he army will consist of from four to five thousand men, and if the savages can be brousti to action we shall have no mere complaints from mat quarter ol our country." From the Albany Daily Adrtrlitrr, April 14. ti ,.r . . .. . i ne umerence oetween the senate and as. sembly relative to money bills, have not yet been arrangeu. i ne resolutions ol the senate were oo Friilay referred to a (elect committee by the nouse ; aud tne committee yesterday reorted a resolution for the appointment uf a joint informal committee of both houses, to confer upon the - ubject, and endeavour to arrange it. The resolution was agreed to, and committees of both hooes have been appointed. I oree moneu - buti from the senate were ves - teruay passeu oy me nouse. I he bouse of assembly were vesterdav en gaged uioo the bill for the reduction of lawyor's ces, wiu me 0111 tor reuucing the Ices of solicit or in chancery both of which were passed committee of the whole. Gen. Root's bill directine an earlier mectine of lha legislature, was yesterday taken op by tne nouse ana pissed the blank bcin; filled with the Jirtt Tueviap tn Janitor." Several un successful attempts xvere made to remove the sesMoo hotn this city. ' IT.e senate hwe passed the bill for the almlish. ment of imprisonment for deb, and sent the same to the house 'or coocu.rrei,ce. Vr. Meigs, from the conmittee to whom was referred the petition of Jacob Hayes, and others, cotislaWes of the ..ity of New - York. for au in - creae of fees io cert .in cases, lrou;ht in a bill granting th prayer of the petition, which bill i - i .... . w i ji. mac nau coaimiueii. From the Albany Argui. AprilU. Singular prtttnatien, - On.Fridsj last, two , I a other a son of Mr. i. Heermaoce, biwi. ari oM, tell intotiie nver, ''"n - '("J hih ai.d muddv, at tba opir end of the Kewa boat wharf. The latter wa tit.siaUd rom the water without much delay t but the former, - al - ihousrh two or three boats put ofl reliei, was aot discovered for some time ; and it was believed ha bad gone to the bolteia, antil the men in one of IheLoats went to take op his hat, whk b was seen floating near tb ferry, when be hold, the boy was found suspended trim i(, Knur k in In inninnt III If slltte. The buoy - ancy of the hat and of the air in its crown, had kept (he body from (inking to tiie bottom. By the luilirlnos ninnnoemeht DUtsued under the dl reclion of lit. Shaw, we are hapjy to aJd, and winch wa persevered in for nearly iwo noun, resux ila tion 01 Uie was nappny tcecieo. From the Boston Gaidle, April 13. Tht Thtalru for the last week, notwith standing the dreariness of the weather, wa handsomely filled every night, and with a much greater number of Indies than we have usually een there, for many yeir part. This circumstance, in a great degree, may be attri buted to the justly acquired celebnt r ot Mr. Hiiiipps, whose taste, as well a skill, in vocal harmony, eem to be appreciated a a jut standard or excellence and elegance, anu to acquire new charms, and a more powertul las cination br everv repetition. This is no ordi nary praise, and while bestowing a merited panegyric on Mr. Philipp, is creditable alike to the taste and judgment of his enraptured auditors. Jrom the National Intelligencer, April 13, The bill " concerning navigation," which passed the senate with but two dissenting voices, has passed the house of representatives with an almost equal onauimitv: sixteen votes only ap. pearing in the negative If the bill receive tne sanction of the president, therefore, of which there is little doubt, it will become a law, and by stronger vote, probably, than any act of a like character has ever received ui congress. This is the most important act, so far, ot the present session ; particularly with reference to the com mertial convention with Great Britain, which expires in the course of next year by its own li mitation. The necessity for the act hns been to aoparent, as to overcome the reluctance to pass it, which, at the last session, caused its postpone. ment ; and the vote it has received may be re garded as a pledge of riid adherence by con. grets to the policy it discloses. CutfO RESS. IN SENATE April 1 1. The senate acted on several bills of a private nr personal nature, and one or two subjects of a general character, a detail of which will be giv. en to morrow. The amendments reported to the neutrality bill were agreed to ; and the biil to authorize an assistant president and assistant cashier for the bank of the United States to sign the notes of the hank, was taken up, anj eccu pied the senate until half past five o'clock, when it adjourned without taking any question oo the bill. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Saturday April 11. Mr. Barbour, of Virginia, from the commit. tee to whom was referred the message of the President of the United States of the 27th nit snd accompanying documents upon the sub' ject of the expense incurred under the 4th 5th, 6th, snd 7th articles of the Treaty of fihent. with instructions to enquire into the nature and causes of said expences and into the principles upon which the said Commis sinners under the 6th and 7th articles of the eaty have proceeded in the execution there. of, made a report, which was read and com. milted to a committee of the whole House. The bill for the relief of Major John Hall and the bill in addition to the act to prohibit the importation of slaves into the U. Mutes were received from the Senate, severally twice read and referred. The engrossed bill for the relief of the ow ners of the ship Ariadne was read the third time, and. atter considerable debate, the ques ion on its passage was decided by yeas and nays in the negative yeas 52 nays 82 and the bill of course rejreted. W.WIiiATlO BIU The house then went into the consideration of the bill from the Senate, " concerning navi. gation, which was yesterday reported to th house by the committee of the w hole, without amendment. Our reporter being obliged to leave th house last evening, before the committee rose, did not learn till this morning, that .Mr. Hoi mes, of Mass. was fallowed bv Mr. sitsbee and by Mr .Clay, both decidedly in favor uf the bill The bill being now put on its passage to third reading .Mr. fit km rose, and spoke more than an hour in its support. 1 he question on ordering the bill to a third rending, was then taken and decided in the th mative YEAS 123 NAYS 16 The vote on the bill concerning navigation was rather unexpectedly taken, and some members, who had closely attended the discus. sion, were out of the House when the yeas and navs were culled. Among these was Mr. Saw. yer, whose vote, we are informed, would have added to the maturity of Yeas J l lie bill being thus ordered to a third read mg, was forthwith read a third time, passed and returned to the senate. Adjourned. Further extracts from London papers to the first of March, received at this orfico by the Tom Hazard from Liverpool. LONDON. Feb. 19. Death of tlie king of Suedcnh a late hour, we received tho following important intelli gence, which was brought by a Hamburgh mail : " Hamburgh, Feb. 14. " The king of Sweden, Charles XIII., is dead. The particulars are not known. The comuiuni - cation with the coasts was suspended. 1 here it still some uncertainty respecting the outrages stated to have been committed on the Kuropean subjects b) Uie Dey of Algiers. The letters iu town this morning. Lorn Gibraltar, are dated the 29th ult : there had been no arrivals irom Algiers. The only place from whence in telligence might have been received was from 1 unis. The Tunisian frigate, Cultifa, Rain Ah, had arrived from Tunis, in 35 days, and 10 from Mahoo : sbe brought no intelligence of anv sveheventv The following is aq extract of a letter : Gibraltar. Jan. S9. There are three Tunisian vessels of war here : they were chased in by the Portuguese, who have three frigate watching their motions. The Americans continue to carry on a great trade to the Mediterranean, notwithstanding the Britiih government have thrown on the intercourse iu britsh vessels from the Eart - lodia possessions, which will be productive of great goad. The American ship Gauges, arrived her from Manilla, in 160 days, and 104 from Batavii, brings 300 tons of sugar, lOO.OOOlbj. Java coffee, 16,00011. indigo, ic." We can state from indubitable authority, that when the last account led St. Heleua. the h - allh of Buonaparte was considered by bis medical attendants to have declined much during preceuing niontAS. 11 is legs were occa - uouaiij sweuea. February il. From the late atrocious attack msda on the Duke of Wellington at Paris, it is said tome of ue ministry are desirous of cendins an interior general to be shot at, whose lost would not be of uiat consequence to the country. Who will be on ' .. - appointed to this eariab!eitoaiioB stems ai jet n rula last a foot - race of ade took place the BartoB - Yoad, between two yoong men of Bury bt. tdmuuds, Darned, tiawe wKKwcoa and William Cobhin - , which was woo by the fcrmer, who completed the distance in four mi nnlM. fifiv.fivf Si Conds. Pigeon Mooting. A second match of pigeon thnotin!? took tdace in Black - rock Bottom, bus. sex. by nearly the same party nouceu oy ur ' U'.. In... lot. fin mere a si ion. ume since, w . the former occasion the slaughter was buf trifling, hut on the letter, it was skilfullv the reverse. The nnoiW of birds which took wing from the trap was eighty - four, of which severny - si were ha??oJ. four were brouzht down by the distant fidd - eb lOters, and four only escaped. Not a bird survived the deadly level of Uie lownug piece of fr. T. Poole ; captain Lane was near - lv as successful I and fatal trophies ta the fealher - .. . . . . . - r . u ed trine marked ,ine Diazing process m su . cased. - i!Ya .Vonsler. Letters irom nnarseiues siaie, that a tea monster, of enormous dimensions, tins been seen on the coast of Calabria. Some . - . . mm 1 1 i - . fibh ermeu Derceivinir a fire in the sea, and thinking it was a coahting vessel which was in need of assistance, approached the monster, whose motion caused a phosporic light, which was what thev had mistaken for fire They soon perceived a thick smoke, heard a hollow bellowing sound, and tne agnation ot uie wa es was such, that the boats were obliged to return nrecinitatelv to shore. According to this ac count the monster raised itself to a prodigous height, and then plunged itself into the Waves, so that, thoffgh the night was very clam, they were covered with. Uie spray. fAKIS, r co. 10. A N'antz paper of the 13th February contains the following paragraph : " At L.a Ssoufnere, in the Isle of St. Lucie, a volcano declared itself, of which the explosion was so violent that almoit all the mountain of St. Philip has been destroyed. The earth has sunk in, and there is formed on the summit of the mountain a basin, in which there arc fish. The place which had opened is again closed, and nothing now remain but the basiu." A Great Offer. During (he winter I have re peatedlv written homo to mv friends to make an oner directiv to Lord uaitmrst, lor my coiittuci - ins to settle the country with British subjects. I now say, that if government will give me the management ol the public land ot Upper Cana da Inr thirty years, I will maintain, during that time, two rfgimeuis lor his m'siesty repair an the forts and for the last twenty yeatsofthe term pay an annual rent to liritain ol a riuudreJ thousand pounds sterling. nurjt.n.1 uuunbAi. Niagara, Feb. 54th, 1818. Ia COMMON COUNCIL,) April 13, 1818. S The following persons were appointed iospec tors of the ensuing state and charter election, for the several wards. Fint tt ard. Jeromus Johnson. James W Lent, Elisha Tibbet . Second Ward. Jonathan Thompson, Joseph Riley, Elam Williams. Third Ward William II. Ireland, Henry MTarlao, Jackson Haines. Fourth Ward. Abr'm Bloodgood, John Brown, Joel Post. Fifth Ward. Roger Strong, John Conrey, Martin S. Wilkins. Sixth Ward. Wm. Alburus, Richard L, Walker, Wm. Couithard, Serenth Ward. Benjamin Prince, Benjamin A. Akerly, David Brooks. Eigldh Ward. Samuel M. Thompson, Gil bert Coutant, Edmond Kerby. Ninth H ard. William A. Davis, Jacobus Dyckman, James Strieker. Tenth Ward. John Drake, Judali Ham mond, Cornelius Schyler. BVENINU POS - l MARINE LiSi CLEARED, Brie Aurilla, Hitch, Mobile Thos. C. Butler, Jun. Schr Rnsr - in - Bloom, Whenton. Savannah Sanford & William, Rliss, Tenerifh Cambreling & Pearson Kennebeck Trader, Carr, Boston Sally, Fox, Newport Hero, Travel. Fredericksburg Sloop Henrietta, Moore, New - Brunswick Agent. Willard, Warren Traveller, Bassett, Westport, Mass. Pilgrim, Cole, Norfolk Alegator, Hart, do Halcyon, Gardner, Nea'port New.York, Brown, Providence Juno, Lamphier, New London .1 RRIFEIJ THIS FORENOOA, Brig Gov. Woodford, Pierce, 31 days from Trinidad, with molassesjto He Forest k Son. Schr Jane, from Stooiogton, with plaster to the master. BELOW, Ship William, Carlton, 9 days from Wiscasset, in ballast, to R Dicky. Brig Brutus, 60 days from Cadiz, put in far provisions. Bntish brig Catharine, 20 Jays from St. Kitts, with rum. sugar, tc. to A S Hallett. A brig, supposed to be the British Packet ; and 3 schrs. .1 KRIVED LAST EVENING, Brig Dolphin, Keen, 24 days from St. Croix, with rum and sugar, to Patrick, Aymar & Co. M Bathurst, T Wood and B. Deforest ft Co. Brig William, Bradley, 8 days from Charles ton, with ashes, beef and pork, to Hotchkiss k Harrison, of N Haven, and the master. Sailed in co. schr Margaret, Caswell, for N York ; aod sloop Lark, Sandford, for N Haven. Parted co. with the Lark on the 8th, off Hatteras. Passengers, messrs. Smith, Coggeshall, Hungerford, Field, lienham and Fourniqoet. Schr Tontine, Rodman, 8 days from Charleston, with molasses and rice, to S Alley, S Dal - gleish Si Co. and others. The T. has six passengers. Spoke, April 1 1, off r gg Harbor, brig favorite, S3 days from Mobile, tor NYork. On Sunday, off Egg Harlwr, schr Honor and .imy, 22 days frum Port au Prince for NYork. Schoouer Dodge Haley, Davis, 14 days from Windsor, with naval stores, to Blount & Jack - son, Waring k Kimberly and Tredwell and I borne. Union Line packet sch Martha, Denison, from Philadelphia, and 2 davs from the Cap s. with tea, silks, glassware, oil, cloverseed, stationary, bricks, tc. to L'Hommedieu & Brown, owners, Hyer ti Rankin, Hum at Sewall. Irving, Smith ic HoMv, S Corp, C Dubois, P Care, Jun. Hv er. dreamer h Co. Collins & Co. 1 I. Tiffany. D Longworth, G Long, Tucker & Msybie, and other. ech Otho, Higgin, 10 days from Boston, with piaster, to a piossou ,jt. Sloop President, Thorn, 4 days from St. An drews, with plaster, to Ward it Bishop. Sloop Rover, Parks, 4 days from Philadelphia, with teas, linseed oil, dry goods, silks, clover - seed, rum, whi'kev, sugar, stati..nrv, Vc. to P Grim, owner, Smith & iNirol, C Dirioi, Day, wowns w r.hsinuru, uavid Mng, baidler, Key &Co. JoteihLee, Geo Carter, Cauibreleng Ai rearson, voiims i o. ana ott.ers. Palladium Ortce, Boston, ) April 13, 1 P.M. S Arrivad, Sicilian brig Oreto, Consiglio, 77 days from Palermo, sailed 5 days after the Only son, ar. at Ball. more. Lett an American brig, unknown. .Spoke nothing. Brig George fieckwith. Fisher. Havana. 16 days. Sailed, March 26. Lvt Friday, - m ueorge', lost overboard Mr. Samuel tluaej, late mate of ship Ecterpriza, of Philadelphia.. ueiismp .vary Aimy, iot t, iork; brig John Smith, of R. Island, ar. 31st from MarisJ. yy have Havana paper to March Slst, not yet amined. The Ret. Mr. Kean died a few before capt. F. sailed. . - . . Brig Wild - Goo - , W. Indies, via Bath. Sloop Osprey, Newcomb, N. York. chr. Andes, from N. Orleans, for Boston. l. arrived at the Vineyard. Uf&ce or the Freeman's Journal, I Philadelphia, April 14. I Arrived, sloop Scourge, DeGroot.3 dsn from New - York. Itelow, ship George and Albert, Donaldson from Canton ; 4 ships. 3 brigs and 5 schr. which came too at high water, about a mil a below New - Castle, this morning, names, ic. unknown. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Norfolk Herald, Friday, April lo. Arrived, schr Betsey, Fitch, 7 days from New London. Sloop Veneha, Hand, 3 days from PLilsoVi. phia. sctir caw ara u. iuugius, uougias, iron Philadelphia. Briar Vireiraa, Blanchard, fmm Alexsutri. for Madeira, having sprung a leak oo the Horn - shoe, has put in here to repair. FROM VUK WKHlLSrojrDENT. City Gazette Office, Charleston, April 6 noon J Arrived, ship Diana, Berry, Liverpool 65 days. Brig Connecticut, Lynch, Rum Key, (Baha ma, iu days. British brig Nancy, Campbell. Falmouth. Ja. 16 day. Sub Sight, fciiva, Havana, r asys. Schr Comet, Anthony, Havana S days. Slooo James, Vincent, &t. Mary's I dav The U. S. brig Prometheus, for Savannah, and (loon .ibertv, for N York, sailed in co. Lett, sloon Gold - Hunter, Bunker, for N York, to sail in i or 3 days. sloop Ann - warta, ureene, navannan 17 hours. The ship Emulous, Chase, for Liverpool, sailed in company, caw two snip on Bundny morn, ine, off Tyhee, apparently bound into Savannah. ii ir i' i : . ij I . . ....I I lie U . 3. Itttf I liiuieuiuB, itiy anmur ou Savannah bar. On Sunday, off North Edisto, passed a brig, standing to the southward. a nrig coming up. BAL'TIMOKK. Anril 13. Arrived, shio Ar - mata, Leeds, SU (fays from Liverpool Brig Ariadne, Copeiand, l iu aays iroro Sam - arang, (Java) Lett there zath ov. snip &o - phia. Felt, of Salem for Europe, in 10 days Spoke going into Samarang, brig Mary, of Salem, from Batavia Dec. 1 1 th, in the streightsof sunda, spoke the ship Kosseau, oi rnuam ipma, (late Thompson) thirty days from Batanafor Amsterdam. March 15, lat 19, N. Ion 55 60. W. ship Elizabeth, Beasoo, 13 days from Canton for riostop. Brig Cliatsworth, Carnes, 68 days from Liver - rvol. On coioine out of North Channel, took a gale of wind aheai, which lasted for 25 days and forced her to lay too zu aays, ion ner lorryaru mid two men overboard, took a southern passage about the latitude of Lisbon. Schr Dispatch Packet, Morris, 11 days from Salem. Brig Milo, Merrill, 17 days from Portland. Schr Leonidas, Turner, 8 days from N York, passed in the hny a British brig from Barbadoes, and Z other brigs bound up. SAVANNAH. April 3. Arrived, ship Vulcan. Reed, Liverpool. 61 days. The V. reports having experienced very boisterous weather The V7 . after a few days out, spoke ship Actress, from Dublin, bound to New - Vrk. Brig Amelia, Mott, N York, 6 day. Brig Speedy - Peace, Fosdick.N York, (Mays. On the 29'h ult. in 17 fathoms aater, Hattera hearing NNE. saw the wreck of a vessel right a - hcad. At 9 A. M. found the wreck, which proved to be the schr Essex of New York, which wm written on her stern. The Essex bad a cargo of salt and some other trifling articles. Both mast were gone close to the deck and no person oa hoard. She appeared to lie perfectly tight no log book or any other paper could be found, to tell where she was from or where bound. Took from the wreck a foresail and some rigging which was found on deca, ana len ner. . THEATRE. On Wednesday Evening, April 15, will be pre - sentea fnaxspeare's riayoi THE MERCHANT OF VENICE.' Bassanio, Mr. Robertson ' Antonio, Pritcbard Shytock, Hilson Portia, Mrs. uariey After which. Tor the Zd time, the ballet or 'LITTLsT RFD RIBIIfO B00D, Or, A Visit to My Grandmother. Lubin, Mr. Parker Little Red Riding Hood Mrs. Parker l o which win be added nor ine au time in America) the new melo drama of the FALLS OF CLYDE. Kenmure, Mr. Pritchard farmer Enfield, Robertson Edward Enfield, Hilson Ellen Enfield, Mr. Barnes Performance to commence at a quarter past seen o'clock. SECOND WARD, rrp The Federal Republican Electors of the second ward, are requested to attend a meeting at Ilodgkinsou's porterhouse, corner of Nassau and Fulton - street, on Thursday evening, loin instant, at 7 o'clock, to hear the report of the committee of nomination for charter offices for the ensuing election. ap 15 OFFICERS. rvAr - The officers of thei infantrv and artillery are requested to atterd an adjourned meeting at Harmony Hall, this evening, at 1 - 2 past seven o'clock, on the subject relative to taking np commissions. AN OFFICER. ap!5 1t jVeic - 1 ri Society Library. Crr - Nntira i, herehv s - iven. that th SJinDSl election for twelve trustees of the New - York Society Library, will be held at the library in Nas sau - street, on Tuesday, uie om insuni, noon till two o'clock P. M. Dated April 13th, 1818. A. BLEECKEK, eecry. ap 15eod2w ' NORTH RIVER STEAM BOATS. Vt - For the accommodation of the member of Uie Legislature of this state, the ntcHMoao steam - boat will leave New - York for Albany pa Monday rooming, 20th inst at 9 o'clock, w " in attendance, on the adjournment of the house, previously to her entering on the regular na ap 15 For AMSTERDAM, The fast sailing brig BELLE SA - vir.r ha. thr.tnurth'i of her cargo ,:"T . n .k. onih inst. engaged, anu is inteoueu io smi on Eor ireight ot small bulk, or passage, apply w J. C. ZIMMERMAN, an 15 4t 72 Washi.igton - sire For Cole, Freight or Ch - vttr, J4i The fast sailing brig TOM HA" g;lV7..Rn. Holdridge, master, burthen - bi,ut 2400 bbls. Apply on board easi lly - inarket - slip. or to BOGERT tt KNEELAND, No. 70 South - street A freight to Liverpool would be preferred, ap 15 - For CHARLESTON, S.C. vi The fast saling picket schoone' jSliiMAlUA, Peleg Lathsm, master; wiu Sail"tn the 19th inst. For frciS lit or P - 8 having excellent accommodations, apply u board, west side Fly - market wharf, or to JUNES k, MEGRATH, ap i$ 83 South.trcct fir Freight or ( harier, The substaLtiul good brig 'I llOM A3 ... rnu 4un inhn Hall, niastrr, rur - ssot t" :. V . i. nrdet Uien about I1UU dch - anu v - for s.a. Apply to the master, oa board, at rer no. 1 1, cart river, or to . wstf.R. 3t Old - llip. ap 15 lw

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