The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 31, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1913
Page 4
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GETTYSBURG, PA. GETTYSBURC^t*^ ,,,,·_..-,-.-.»»-,.,....,,._... . . _ _ _ _ _ ,---mr -- r . - , . -- T J , T -- ^ - ,--|^ }~~\"1^^^~ ~* ' ^ ' J * '"-J f l ' G W. Weaver 1 Son G. Wl Waver fc Son The Leaders. special Psice Concession Between Christmas and New Year. Additional 10 20 Per Ct SPECIAL PRICE CUT O,i Ladies' Coats, Suits, Dresses, Furs Also on all CHILDRENS COATS This ?pf-cia£ additional PRICE CUT is on the low c red pi K es -wLich we have given on much of this stock j ft r the past several weeks i i 20 Per Cent. Price Cut on Christmas Novelties or Fancy Goods. Still a splendid choice of useful fancy articles to in\est. youi Christmas Present money in STOCK CLEAN-UPS OF ODDS AND ENDS AT BARGAIN PRICES Thtse Speciil Price Cut-* are given to enable us to more increase the ? r ^atest sales we hive ever had. CASEY GOT EVEN WITH BULL Ho4-Carrltr ChaMd AereM Exttnalv* FI«M by'Angry Anlifal TakM Mtvcnge en Playful Calf. GOT. aiynn of New York t«lla a atory concerning one Cas«y, a bod-carrier, who during the eummer waa employed at a country place In Westcheiter county. In order to reach'the railway ·tatlon to take the train home It waa necmaary Cor Caaey to cro«a *n «· tensive field. ' One evening there was a bull in this Held, and It gave Casey a terrible chaee He sprinted for about bait a mile and only escaped by a wonderful leap over a 'five-foot fence Next evening, on bis homeward journey. Casey carried a hod with him to nerve a* a weapon should he again encounter the bull This time, bowevei. the bul} was absent. Only a playful', harmless calf was in sight. Approaching it. the vindictive Casey gave it a isbarp blow with his hod, at the same time exclaiming excitedly: "Take that, and tell your father Patrick Casey done it'"--Lippincott's. Handwriting. Mother uaa fair, but she wished to be fairer still Adorned by nature, she sought further beautiflcation. loveliness was her great goal. inMted out to dinner, she stood before the minor and, having made her yellow locks a trifle yellower she proceeded to apply the pencil to her eyebrows. This, it may be remarked, is an age of artificiality, and mother had reached this age. The little daughter stood by and wondered. "Mother, what are you writing on your face for'"--Popular Magazine. WALTERS THEATRE ONE NIGHT ONLY WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1913 MR. PAUL GILMORE, hiattelf, la CAPTAIN ALVAREZ, featuring MISS MABEL SCOTT Prices 50, 75, $1.00 and $1.50. Seats on sale at Peoples' Drug Store.) G. W. WEAVER SON xWt 1C Cost More--Worth Most Waverly" Oils and Gasolines Gasolines--Uluminants--Lubricants--Wax--Specialties Waverly OU Works Co. Pittsburgh Advertising rOR c ALE BY THE PEOPLE'- DRUG STOKE DODGE ZUILL'S "EASY" Vacuum Washer Hand All Steel, and Copper ·E»sc to opperate tass to b»odle Save-, thf sa\es the Women. Circulars free T\ riu. our agent D*nd Knou»t, cr jiowtr Medical Advertising Ayer^s Sarsaparilla Changes tendency toward disease to tendency toward health. No alcohol. Sold for 60 ye-irs Aak Your Doctor. j r A T** Co !,,,.,· I I M«M k - \ «· ' Jl Specials During Show r ~ 40 percent off on ladies' coats and men's flannel shirts. 35 per cent off on men's wool hats, sweaters, caps. Lancaster ginghams 6c, Coffee I5c. per pound. Special prices on horse and bed blankets $2.75. Ladies' and girl's raincoats $1.98. Thomas Brothers On the Spuare, Biglerville. "I suppose your little girl is quite big enough now to lie a good deal of help to her mother." "No; she won't be any help to her mother until she can play a better game of bridge." Our Funny Language. A sleeper la one who Bleeps. A sleeper i» that in which a sleeper sleeps A sleeper is that on which the sleeper runs while the sleeper sleeps. .^Therforej while the sleeper Bleeps in the sleeper the sleeper carries the sleeper until the sleeper, which carries^ the sleeper.-^funjp*-the sleeper and wafcfj the B«eier ,in the sleeper b^" striking the sleeperfunder the Bleeper^eo the sleeper, sJi there is no longer 4ny sleep for the sleeper sleeping in the sleeper on the sleeper. Good Remedy for It. Mrs Keepup made it her private and particular business to have whatever her neighbor had, whether it was a question of chickens or diseases, so when Mrs Gotthere complained to her one day of insomnia Mrs. Keepup was ready for her "I have it, too, very badly at times " "What do. you do for it, Mrs Keepup'" "Why, I have never found anything that did trie any real good, except to go to bed and sleep it off." Effective November 16, 1913. fffi WESTERK MARYLAND RAILWAY 8:56 A. M. Daily Except Sunday foi Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersburg, Hancock, Cumberland. Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elkint, W. Va, 12:25 P. M. for Highfield and intermediate stations. 2:55 P. M. for York, Baltimore and Intermediate Points. 5:36 P. M. Daily except Sunday for B. and H. Division Points to Highfield, also Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersburg and Shippensburg. C.13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, and intermediate stations. GETTYSBURG MARKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse corrected daily by Ci Milton Wolf, Jr., Successor to J. Geo. Wolf's Sons Co. Per Bu. New Dry Wheat .88 New Ear Corn 65 Rye 65 Oats . 45 RETAIL PRICES Per 100 Badger Dairy Feed $1 35 Coarse Spring Bran 1.35 Hand Packed Bran 1.40 Com and Oats Chop 1.40 Shoemaker Stock Food 1.55 White Middlings 1.60 Red Middlings 1.50 Timothy Hay 100 Rye Chop 1.70 Baled Straw 65 Plaster ?7.50 per ton Cement i. j $1.40 per bbl. Cotton Seed Meal per'ton $34.09 " " per hundred 1.75 Per bbl Flour $4 80 Western Flour 6.00 Per Bu Wheat $100 Shelled Corn 90 New Ear Corn , .70 New Oats 55 Western Oats 55 FOR SALE Five pure bred S. C. orn s. Will H. T. L a w v e r PUBLIC SALE On TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1914. The Undersigned will sell at public iale at his residence in Mt. Pleasant Township, Adams County, on the road leading from the Baltimore pike to the Bonneauville Road, 3% miles south of Gettysburg, the following personal pioperty. -One pair of black mules coming 4 years old, one a gOv/d leader, 29 head of cattle consisting of 7 milk cows 3 heifers, 3 of them fresh by time of sale and others close spungers, 12 bulls from 1 to 2 years, 8 of them fit for service, Durham and Holstein stock, hard to beat; 4 sows will farrow in February Poland China stock. Also about 50 chickens mostly Leghorns. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock shaip, when terms will be made known by GEORGE JEFFCOAT. G R Thompson, Auctioneer Reuben Schwartz, Clerk. of them fresh by time of sale, 10 For Sale A S i x R o o m j r FRAME HOUSE Lath, Medical Advertising SAGE TEA DANDY TO DARKEN HAIR It's Grandmother's Recipe to Bring Back Color and Lustre to Hair You can turn grrav, faded han beautifully dark and lustious almost over night if you'll get a 50 cent bottle of "Wjeth's Sage and Sulphur Han- Remedy" at any drug store. Millions of bottles of this old, famous Sage Tea Recipe aie sold annually, says a well- known druggist here, because it darkens the hair so naturally and evenly that no one ca«i tell it has been applied. Those whosi hair is 'turning gra, becoming faded, dry, scraggly and thin Deaf, Dumb, and Blind at Wedding. A w edding took place the other day at Sr George's church, Graveaend, England, ^ hen Mr. Herbert Thorndike was married to Misa Stiles Both bride and bridegroom are deaf and dumb, and Canon Gedge, who Is totally blind, performed the ceremony. THE MONTHLY FASHION BGCX illustrating the celebrated PICTORIAL REVltW rATitKNS will be mailed F R E E for 12 months on request. Simply send us 12 cents to cover postage. If your dress is made from a Pictorial Review Pattern, it looks right, fits rirht, and is right-up-to- the-minute in. S-T-Y-L-E. TO OUR PATRONS We wish to thank you for your much appreciated trade during the year 1913 and the holiday season just closed. We hope you will continue to find what you want at our store, and that we can till your wants in the future as in the past. O. H. LESTZ Cor. Square and Carlisle St. Gettysburg, Pa. BBE®i32KS3® i SJaa!2eSfc^ .THE PLACE FOR.-. X SHELL **. O Y S T E R S By the Peck or 5Oc. and 6Oc. Measure per quart EVAMS* 0 R E S T A U R A N T U N I T E D T E L E P H O N E S 1 B Old Eyes Need Rayo-Light "My eyes aren't what they used to be, but the light of this Rayo Lamp is certainly splendid". The clear, soft light of the Rayo Lamp is grateful alike to old eyes and young. Built solidly of the best tin. Attractive, clean, easy to re- wick. Can be lighted without removing chimney or shade. The best light for the least price. You will want to visit the big B A Z A A R January 10th to 17th To be held by the Arendtsville Band, Refreshments of every kind will be served. Music by visiting bands each night. hot water ooiu* menu"* LocaUd on Itli street, Big- t-rv llo Apply to S. G. B I G H A M , Biglcrville, Pa. R. 1, Orrtanna. ELECTION NOTICE Notice i - hirel\ Riim that in ettiori os si Ten oinylor* of J'.i,;. r»,llf National Bank wi" Ix- held at the hanking house at Blglerville *n T«e«d«y, Jairaarj 13th, 1S14, hrtneon the lionrf of one and two " 'rlo k j n» E. IX HEIGHES, Cashier. SPAPFRflRCHlVE® »-._ Bushman Cleaner Presser have a surprise cause after ore awaiting them, be- or two applications the gray hair vanishes and your locks become luxuriantly dark and beautiful--all dandruff goes, scalp itching and, failing- hair stops. This Is the ajje of youth. Gray-haired, unattractive folks aren't wanted AiyjumLv- so get busy with Wyeth's SagcPaYid Sulptmr to-night and you'll be delighted with your dark, handsome hair and your youthful appearance within a few days. · "' FOR SALE House and store property on Chambersburg street opp osite the Pitzer House For R*nt one house in the row on West Middle street. Possession April i, 1914. J. A. Tawney. Medical Advertising RELIEVES IN FIVE MINUTES Help Comes Quickly When Hyomei Is Used for Catarrh, Bronchitis or Cold in the Head. If j ou suffer from raising of mucous, husky voice, discharge from the nose, droppings in the throat, sniffles, or any other symptoms of catarih, 01 have bronchitis or cold in the head surely use Hyomei. It will banish the disease geims in the nose, throat and lungs and give quick and permanent relief or money refunded by People's Drug Store. The Hyomie treatment gives a tonic healing effect to the air you breathe, destroys the catarrhal germs, stops the poisonous secretions, soothes the irritated mucous membrane and makes a marked improvement in the general health. . The complete outfit, including inhaler and bottle of liquid, costs $1 00; extra bottles of liquid, if later needed, 50 cents. I"" 'I L \ Visit Our Booth , I at the Poultry Show 5 --'·"·------------ I We have a present for you A coupon will be given each caller worth 33 1-3 per cent. the price of any article mentioned below at our store MEN'S BOYS Suits, Overcoats, Cord pants, Ore** »WI0 Man Bloc Flannel thirt*. on Grad. of T will be in Gettysburg next Tuesday at Pen- ro«e Myers' Jewelry Store. W. TI. DTNKLB Pomfert St., Carlisle LADIES' MISSES Coats, Caps, Outing and ' *'i * \ Wool skirts, Sweaters. ' Present the cox*pon at the time of ydur purchase and receive one third reduction on the regular price. G. R KNOUSE Biglerville, Pa. NF\V

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