The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 14, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1818
Page 4
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IN CHANCERY: '". ' . ... jtuie of A'ew - Yokk, u. ' 1 pursuance of eo order of tuu . holiuurable f mBUB III UJQ f vB n III nc IVIU ' ' fttpu lie auction, at Hunt's Hotel, Id the tillage '" r.f Newburth.t n U,e sixteenth day ofApiil next, - l twelve o'clock At noon, under the duection ol .Ahewbtcribet: Ail thai certain trac t or laud lit - - bale, lying and being at Little Britain, iii tl.e town of New - Windsor, couoty of Orange, aud - ttateol'.New - Ycirk, and u bounded at lollowt on the east by U.e land ol the nun of John Wel ling, doceated, on the not In by the Inodt (r no - hprt K. Burnet, ou the west b the land! of gen eral Jaiu.t Clinton, and n the loulli by the lands l' the heirs ol" Samuel J . L. Norton, deceat - - td, containing three hundred and ten ac ret 01 land, be llie t - me nire or lets, with the here - - xlitameoti find appurfwiaivcei toti.etanie be long - . icR or in any wiae itpperUining. Dated February 17, : THOMAS BOLTON, ) feb'ili lawlAptdtt Master in hancery. ' i'o tin: honorable tin Jf ge and tistatit jutiret ol urn court ol common plc:" iu od ior U.e coun tyolOiange : Thene'i'ion"' J"'m L"'11" ofthetownof Go - shtn.iull.e comity nf Orange retpeclfully thewett - - THAT your petitioner i seised inTee tnnpk - , a truant in common, togeiber with thete - verai paniiiierem mii;. .ir.w. ... - undivided forly eighth parts, the whole into forty eight equal puiU to he divided, of ina:idtoall - thut certain lot, trass, piece or purcel ol laud, situate, lying and being in tl.e villige of New - buuh, iu the said county of Ornnge ; bounded on the north by tho itretl called the eight rod - An tlid Aatl Kw Hi liiti!Bnii river, mi 111 iouth by lands formerly belongisg to Hiraiu Weller and George Monell, and ou thiwesthy 'lands formerly belonging to 'I liomai Golden; containing, bi n lupposert, two arret oi'lnnd. And yournetPionor further sliewelh. Hint John Rutheifurd, of the ttite of New - Jersey, it also seized a aforesaid, ol lour olhtrequal undivided forty riil.lli naita of the inuie. That Jiitmnah llohiirtMi, at present, at your petitioner uniformed and believe - , a resident in that nart of the kingdom of Great Britain called England, ii ui.o teii - d as aforesaid, of four other equal uniliviucu i.ifiy rising purraoi uic ..iuc. That John bleten, of the ilate of New - Jersey, ii also seized at aforesaid, of two other equal undivided fort i iifhtli narli of the lame. That Robert L. hivingrton, ol (he county of Joluiuma, in this stale, ami iviargnret, hu wile, iu the right r the said Margaret, are also sf.ized asnlr - aiil, of oae other equal undivided forty eitith p;irt thereof. Aud that Kiiard P. I.ivii. Von, of the said county tit Columbia, mid Klinbeth, his wife, in ' the riril of the said Kluab - tli, are also seised as afonsaid, of one other e - iual undivided lorty ti"h1h part li.dreof. And that Cornelin ii c(on, of the citv of Sfi - w Vcrk, Peter Van Urush Liviugs'.nn, at patent, & your litii nerin inforiuedand l)tliee, a rcii'luil in t"me pari of tin - kindoni oft. real U. it;iin. and I'cter Kane, oflhestutei l'.Nw - ii'r - K'y, hy virtui! of an act of (he legisl.i'ure of the st.ite, kosiingin ttini, ai tru'ties, (he estate f fiter Van tiruzlt Livinjrttn. diceasud, are alio diirtJ us n'uiei iiil. ol four other eiual undivided IVirlveitfhth Harts thereof. And Ali'i tnrier Ko!tink rf the city of Jeir - l(o, It, f ram us Ms wile, in the rulil ol the said frames, are ado si iltd hi afiresaid, nf the reuiaimiie tnxufy lour equal undivided forty eililh purtt thereof. And yoiii' I'ctiiioner fiiftlicr aliewetli, that lie is JcMroui to have rarution made of all and bitijfulur the said above described premie, amo'itj tiie iaid several owners or proprietors of the f ami - , to their several and respective rights of, in and to the tarne. Wherefore your petitioner piays that ihe said premise! laay he divided hiujo tl.e said several owners or proprii turn, acronlmg to their said several and respective rights, by toiniuiioii.r' to be appointed y this lnvmrablc cour, in pur - lunni'C ol tliodincli'iiTl tie ait, entitled ' An act for tho partition of Ln Is "And yuur - ti - tinner, aijduly bound, shall evrr pra', Kv. - JOHN I'ltrt. iu ii tiHii(niMi 1SUU HlaitU)Wi Jiii wi.e, KiUrd I'. I.iving - ton and KlizaDrlh l.isr.iir.C'onielM J.ivinfton, IV - ter Van Buigb I.iwr'?ton, I'tler Kane, Aluander Holiertson n.l r limits ins. wife. . it - vnl he pie.iikd to take notice (hat a Feti tiii .'I 'which tiie pr. - i eding is a copy, will he pre - scnltd Ij Ihe hi.nt.rahle the Judges ail Atiisiunt Justices of the Court of Common le.n, in and foT Iherr.uiify ol Orange, on the last Monday ol May liCXt, li In - held at tl.e court houre in Co - then, ia .u. d for the said county of Orange, at Un o'dof k in the forenoon of that day, or as toon then aiii - r m rounsel cm be l.iranl, and an application will thereupon tie mailj lor tl.e'. - ine'at of l OiiiiiiUsiotf rs to unke I'aititi in of tl.e I'ri tnist I n ith the ppiiLrtenaru'et in the said I'eti - tiou ni'. - n'i ncd and described, ntcoidiiig to tl.e prayer ol the iui.i V, lili - n, and the directions ol an ac( of the l.ei luturi; of the dtale of New - Vork, entitled ' un act for the partition of I audi." UaleJ January 1 J, Kill). JOIIXDUilR. Al. i.indcr Dm r. altornev for netitiouer. Fell Ii lawtiiu.Vlav IN CIIA.NCKRy STATK or AKW - YORK, US. IS pursuance of a decretal order of this honor i J hietourl, tx'ar;n date the sixtcenlli day cf u. toer inn, win tie tuin at ptiiiiic auction, at tne Tontin; Co:ic llnnu, iu 11k - city of New - York, undrrthe direction of Ihcsul x iiber, nsone oftne M.ttters of this court, on U'tdntitlati the sccrnth day cf Jiiiiii iry next, at twelve o'clock, at noon, all l!'al ciitain let, tr u t or parcel of land, situa ted in the county ol Delaware, in Ihe state ot N'ew - Yorii, aud in Evans' l'ati nt, and known t) great lot thirty f uir, and bout.drd as lullou s beginning at a st.ike and heap il sioni s near a lieeth tree, marked No :J4 aud .17 ; la - in II, e i.ottbf.n! Corner of lot (tarty seven ; tlu - nce i.lon Ihe north bound thereof tulli eighty nine (bgreet, wtt one hundred and twenty tilit chains iiiid ninety six links In a in ech tree uiai ked No. J i and 34 ; buiug th southeast corner l lut (No 33,1 iiuiu - ber tiiirty Ihioc ; thence along tne east bounds thereof, north three degree, t art eighty one chains and twenty links to a beech irue marked No. 31 and 34 ; thence ulon the south bounds oi lot (No. 31) nuinlier thirty one, north eighty nine degrees, east the distance ol one hundred and I ur chains, tu a stake uud heap - jf M nn ; tlii - nic outh thirty Cvei h.ui.s und twenty four links to a beech tree marltrd No. 6 ; thence north eighty nine degrees, east twenty chains to the west bound of lot thirty five ; tin in e aloii the same south forty four chain end ninety six linln to U.e place of beginnii.if ; containing nine buudied and forty nine acres and three fourths ol an acre of land, with Ihe appurtenant et. And also, all that certain other lot, tract, or parcel of laud, situa ted in the county of Delaware, in the slate ol N'tw York, in Kvar.s' Patent, and known by great lot thirty seven, and is bounded at follows : lleginnins at 4 hemlock tree marked No. 37 and 40, being the northeast corner of lot No. (40) number forty ; thtnet atotm the north bounds thereof, south, eighty nine degree", west one hundred aud thirtj - lour chaius and ten links to a beech sapling nnrked No. 'M ti 37 ; thence north three ne - gic, eaftievnitvcightcbaiiittoa Beech tret with stnmt round it ; II.. n c on the toutb bound el lot thirty four north i - ul.ty nioe decrees, eal one .undrrdan.1 thirty dninsto a Birth tree jriarked t b.rty seven ,! tt.irty - i ipUt ; thmce on Iht wr.t l.cunds o. lot th,rty - e.'i t,oU.h seventv - eiuht th uut to the i - l.vce of beg nning. contnii in - one thousand and twei,ty - :or acres and ne m;tr7u,,,'e3i,i,urttn - - iv o , .. fMt:s A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 law Skill Ma.i - r in I - I..... . ' (O - I he sale of the above proi erty it iH.vt,'. ned to it'ieei - l,te. - tn!, di of Fe'.ruarv next at the u.i miu ,n,i - . waieu Jan. 7, IVlH JAMES A. HAMILTON, .loi'J' 0f ;ab"ve Pro"rrJ l - otra iied to the IS'b day ol May next, at the tame hour and piacc. v Laica rei). 1H, 1H1U. , u , . , James a. Hamilton, Vh 13 l .wMt M aster in Chancery. HOLLAND DUCK, i. r ..l' l,v CH S. L. OGDEN, and ABfl. tKJDKN, - Wasliinstonttreet. ' - ' . CONEY WOOL. JUST, received, litXtlbt lir.t qualify Corey Wool, tor tale ia lo(t to tu purcliaten, at Terr rtdjctd price. ' r ALSO, - 1000 Certnan Hare ikint 1000 Smyrna do 'do 300 Un. Canadi Beaver for sale hy W.M. I ll. W OKI II, , eol2w W Wat. - r street. LjO ..rlKLU & rllAchlt'S and retail topper, powter, tin, and shccl - iioii kitchen furniture W AKrllUUK, No. 3o Maiden - raiie, New - Yoik: where may beh;ul I'laiu and l'lanDithcd blo k tin colli o poti Do. do. bijrLCtis and filleiers Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. do. tea and colic urns do. newest doll rover do. cheese plates and toasters do. sauce aud stew pans do. tea aud chocolate pots ; with every other article iu the cooper, pewter, block - tin, and ihccl - iron hue, as nianulaiturcd ai d sou, ou the uio.t reasonable terms, at liieir factory, uo. 7 1 r'ulton - ttreel, between t'iieoieii's - liail and Uuld - ttreet. N. B. Wholesale orders cxreuted in the best manner, and at the lowed pricu. apB 3taw2w MLD1CAL eClt.VCK l.iJ IKllV No. b. o c ji j: m k. 1 prize of iloO.U'O 1 oi" 50,000 1 of ao.L'Oi) t of 10.0110 1 of 5,000 t of SJ.1'00 45 of 1,000 "S2 of l'0 5,30 of 'JO $100,000 UlMIW "O.bOO 10,0lii 5,0(.U 4,000 4,000 5 464 Prizes 0,,M lilankt IG.OOO Tickett at $ 2i each, 400,000 Lett than two blanks to a prizo. W ill draw five hundred numbers eaib day un til coiiuilcted. I'art of the above prizes to be delcrmiucd as follows. I'he first drawn numbers from thefirt to the fifteenth day inilinive shall be ei'lilltd lol.ObO each. The first drawn three thousand blanks to been - ti'ledtoJOeach. TIIK HHSr DRAWN DUMBER OB Til E I6tli day ITlli day llllh day I'Jili day ViKh d.y ii.OOO I, ( hill . 1,00(1 1,00b 0,l00 I.1HKJ . I.IMtO 1,00, . 2,000 K'O.bOt. i 1st day 2M day 2M day ilth day J.itli day I he drawing to commerce on tlin first Tut s day iu Auuut next. Tickets lor sale by tl.e managers until U.e llith ipnl. All the ticketv iiiiing in tli.;tr ImikN will be Sold at auction, accordiiii: to law, at the I'nion Hotel, iu ihe city of New - York, on the ".tu April next, alien o'clock iii the fore no., n !AML. L. MITCIiILL, vS Ur.N.Md TON, f e. MOSS KENT 5 JKItKMIAII JOHNSON V JOHN M'LEAN, )? tuh 19 end I m ()tr DOS WELL ii I.EMOINi: (uice..l,rs 10 and recooituciiiis - i by imniu tv Henry Max all) ir u.siut vrndu. - and lOijiuits.ou business, retersbinx, (VHsil.ia. tigVuieiil't bamiftctf to 'their t - hHrjro". 'KiUVrvat in vew - i ork lo .i ssrt. Campi'tll & l. am tin e, and Win. aod gnml.. Craig ml'' odb'w . " ' H)li ..y.r., itfjs A very profitable KA UM, .of 1 10 acres,, the residue wood bind, filuult i n the sea shore, a quatb - r of a inilc bi lcw tint narrow, on the Stab u bland jde and a short ride Irani the steam boat ferry landing. It gives a very exlensive view ol the bay and en - vironsot New - York, within the Nairows, and ol Study Ilouk nnd the ocean Eor uroftuct r e - Ualleil by none. The title is iiinjui tliouahU - i wo iinnis ol tiie piirehuse uion - jy in.iv r m.'.iii eeured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the premie (r to W. A. SEKLY, Ml Ureinwii !i - treel. TO LET, a coiivenint new s! story houi adjoining ihe above, with a garden and about an acre of land. Eor terms apply as above. ill 3 r - odtf I'l.WO KtllMKS. MRETZ. 10 Maidfit - ljiH - , baa just ree'd per khip Washi.igton, from Unulmi, an R assortment of piano - fin tes, from the inaimf..c - lory of Astir ; nmniijj wbicli are very elegant cabinet pianos, with harp pedals, of Mtperioi workmanship, well worthy the attention ol those wbii wish to supply thenuclvei with a good instrument. A Un for sale, pianu - foi'le - s, of Tompkinson's and Binadwood's make lyiiuli.n, and Evrard'n Hiris, together with harps, and an aWirUnent of the ne - vve,t miisic. mh S dlw&eiHUw tOK SAi.E. HE time nf a smart Klack (Jill, that can do ull kinds of li( lie woik ai d rooken .. tuehusii necessar) lor u lami'y, orsuitni.le lor a rutilic house. Mie understands cnoliing of oy lers, healvie - nks, Acc. and would he a valuable vcqniiition to any publi. - I,.,ue , a pri'lerriu e would be (,ivin to any pcis m kirointhe same, that resides in (he country. - Sohi ior n - i Hilar reafou Hiau the w antol a ina'ter. Kor furllirr iiaiticulnrs. inquire at Ihe coiner Broadway and Cr lii. street. Mount Social. N B. She issoid at nwu reciilc - tt. ap!) If NOTICE. MAVOy - ung ladies of re tilab!c connexions, I ni.d.vvell qii dilied to give iiitni( ti - m on Ihe I'iano F.'.rte, in dr.wiug aid p mil inn, cni - t'l - ii l,:. - y, and in making ai tiiii ial flowers, a? well is iu the rliiii. uiary hr iui ln soi education, arc desirous of - ibtainmu a si'uation us assistants in a respectaolt boarding si lux. I, or would accept situations in rrspectaMi; privel, lamilie.. t - igive inMrm turn in the nbote liranches. Eurlher m - lormation may l ooiaincd imm the tubs - rilier, who it of opinion in either ol the above situations would prove a ;i q - ii sition J. BIMNtiEK, ni 10 Ivy p Maid. - n YOUMJ LADIES' ACADEMY. '(JAMAIIA. 1 1.. I riHE Ladies' Ac oleiii), in the villnce of Ja - 1 mail a, after the ll day of May enuing, will be removed to the upHr part of The village, lo the spacious and nminotlious house hel tuii to Maj. M'Niel. This seminary, in which bit the nrnriities ol a polile and well nuiMieil l. iuale edu cation are laiu'ht, by Mrs. BAK. TLETTE .nd her lister Miss BAKNL'M, assisted I y other competent I em ale leaebert, under the care and patronage ol the trustees of Union Hall Acade my. One ol the Hevd. Clergy of the town at - t nds the tch.iol twice iu svery week, to assist the ladies in teaching the more solid uramhes. aim .lie pupil; ure at stall d timet examined by ..... ,,u ilthisoi nxnru ami luinon ai rate, aud l.bri.ts and fru. - uri. at.u - red that the tiicitt attention will be paid to tl For further particu'au, reference may lie made to Doctor D M Hitilwk, Mr. John - wall, A.rMrs. Been and Woodhull, New - Y..ik; or to the llvil Jacob Sjr10.,nmiker, prtsiduit ol the oanl nf truHees. Jamaica. r?: 1"' "cation will expire and tl on the Sjth of May, tlic rs op o 1 IT THE vacation in Mrt. SHEDDEK'S Board ing tcbool, at Newaik. i. J. - will ttuni - ou tl.e luU of A pril, aod II. eiercitct ot tiie school will be rc surged on tl.e lirst of May oest. '1 fide are now a lew vacancies and those parents or guardians who may bate it in contemplation to place ll.eir daul.itit or warns uiiorr un linri!( &re rvuueitcd to make earlf &DlliatKu. In th.s school are taught It e Ki ,liih French Iftr.i.ii. - .Ka. ihiiiI Ltliii. if rfujirHii) v.ntin and arillin - etic geography and attrmciuy, piaiii nmi iiii j ueeu.e - vi oi , iuumi , uauciig, tv... bv wliu h Mrs. rbtdden teacl.ct the Kreiuli lat.guage isquiienew in tl.js country, aud D.erils notice, as it facilitates in a lurprisii) de sree the at quirnnenl of tl.e actenl. Term may le ascertained by ap". iicalion to Mrs. ?IU.1 DEN. Newark. (N. J.l Her relncnctt are, Stoiiehton, Kiq. New York ; Hevd. L. r. Bayard and Col. James llcdcl.n, Newaik. ap7 4wt N. SMITH U A V I t. S. fiyA Wholesale and retail Cbyimcal i'lriutoer, - t No. Ill DHOADWAV, BEGS leave to inform his friends and customers, that be hat on hand an extensive assortment o perfumery and fancy nriicki, yu : shaving soap and liquid ; wasiiing soap in cakes and balls ; antique oil ; cold cream ; charcoal and jluofllri Iflnirp hint li:irl IMlWlbt. J I.JK u . " v . fy - ' . - plum and Denied bair powder; blmt4nl powder and paste ; uiiix ci rotes ; naru anu son. u... turn ; b oth, cloth, shaving, l.uir. nail and c.ui.l - brushes, of superior .ruality; r.izon; tciuoit; ptn and pocket knives ; shaving and dr. s - sing cases ) pocket books and many other articles, too numerous to mention, for sale wholesale aud retail. &P 6 TNDiCjESTION, or SOUK blOMACH, IS acknowledged by iiiedical writers to be a complaint ol ttubborn kind, and at alt tiuu i very ditlii ult on uic. This is serTicieiitly illus (rated iu the disappointment of those who uu.or - (iiuutely snir. riinder ii, as the, for the most part, liod that alter having tried m:n.y things to Jit ti or no purpose, they are at last obliged to use (tor perhaps the remainder of life) luch articles ar cau at bett but palliate the disease. Ur.dertuch cirruinstatices, any medicine capable of remo ving the complaint, mutt surely be an artic.c highly deserving Ihe attention ol all wh - - are uHictcd vein, it ; stub a combination is to he met will, in Dtt. ME AO'S ANH - DY;El' - I IC or STOMACH 1'ILLS tl.e success ol which hasueveryet been equalled, for the curt of dyspepsia in its most complicated form, such at lots cf appetite, nau - ea, heartburn, flatulency, kiiawiiig pain in the stomach, pain in the side - , gieat lostive - ntss, pali.nest iu ihe countenance, languor, lowness of spirits, pain in the bead, virligo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. V. hoivi r n plird thei - e pills in tlieubove disease, according to the dirtctrjiit, will never be disap pointed, at they have never bern once known to mil iu producing n radical and peiuiancnt cure. The use ol a tingle box will convince the most unbelieving of their ilfiiyy. They will most t Oectually remove alltoumeit of the el - uiaeh, not merely by iieutrulnii:g lite acid, but by cor recting that morbid state ol thetecretions whn h j:ivi - s rise to it. ami :it the same time w ill restore to tbedi - hilituttd organs of di. tion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely uetcsiury to the well being of the - ni.iiuul eeocomy. l'ritc one dollar per box. Kor sale by u. .viuui.. - u., uruggD - t, No. lilt! (ireeiiH n l. - dreet. W,ere may be bad, wi.oltsale and retail, a large and general assortment of genuine Drugs mid Medicines : fwgeoi.s Instiuim ills ; Apotde . aij's f il,is Ware ; English and Ameiicnn I'a it - i t .vieiliiuies. Also, H)ei and ruin r's am i les, Medicine Chett", &c. Ou lil crt.1 terms. "im rKOH'ECITh FOR ri BI.ISIll.NG BY SUBSt KIM ION A M Al' CE .MEXICO AND I.OLl - IANA. ' 1 "HE publication ol this Map bat been utidtr - J taken with the impr. stion. that it will ex ui:orination, highly int. resting al ll.isevenl - ul crisis, and the valuable Maps which the au thor ha - , procured, durvt, hissevcral loin through l. slid, ii, tl.e eart lliiJO, kid;, IU1V, ll'.rj, tola, IU10, and 1317. indu e him to belcive tlw.l (be Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most per Ice t which bat appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and best in - of (he AmcTit an.'Spi'ntsh, Kossian,' Brrrisrrtlo l rendi travt tiers and navigators and represen ting the rluimt ol their itKpcctive governments on the N .rthwesttru coast of America. The Map w ill portion of North Annul a, wliu b net between the IMIiinut ol Ua rim, and the llith degree el North Latitude, and irom the Mississippi Kiver westwardly lo the l ai uir ui ran. lb tize the Map will be about six by five - feet, and will be projected on a scale - of 40 miles to 'be iin h, to he delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollars at b. Natebis, March 7, 1R10. ap 7 tAul t on s.a.n, K COLOURED BOY - the time limited by C law - a smart, sober and industrious lad understands all kinds house work, and taking cure ol horses ; also working on a lurm ur in a garden He it nine - tern yean of age nnd rl a hhiiI disposition. Any person that want) a lad (iii;ji ,.iii iodic quaimeaiions, win gel lniorma tiou at .No i j Boweiv, mh SO f ELIJAH WARD. o Hi! I Jjict rs, bulditrs and ttailurt of Iftc Htro lutiunary H ur. 'IMIE OJi.ers and Soldiers ol the .L iy Army, nnd the Ollicert and Sailnrsol the Navy ol the t'nited - States, who terved in the Revolution, cm have the - ii names placed on the 1'eiiMnn list of the l iiile - il - blali s, according to the acini l.inress, - pastil .March 111, l.llil, to pro vide for persons engaged iu the laud un.l Naval sei vice ol Ihe United Slates ctiirmg the llevolu - tiolury War, by np Iving to thr subscriber. JA'.lES BUCKMAs TEK, Mkh31'.'w 111 Nassau street "TO KARMElisi 'HE tuliscriliercan furuith the farmers of al. the adjacent country jvith ground riastcr of I'aris in any quantity, ou the shortenl uolice, iu barnli or other ivuc. JOHN BYERS, Feb 21 tf Foot of llarrion - sl. N. R. 'I 'II E ow ner of tl.e Frem h Boarding House, I Xn fili f!.iiirll..t,rt.klr. .t l.ut - im. - ....Iii.t...! to decline on the ijib iiionth.oll. rs f. rsalt on accommodating t. rno, Ihe hou - i bold fuini tureol his ettablisbiiient, wl.nli he will ilispoie oi, in whole or in part. For furl her information, inquire a above. ap ii 2m f.'.illt.K Huuh. JUST received aud fur tale br ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadway, "3d door below Pme - 'trect : Willi in - on'ii Memoirs, 3 vols II vo; Hob Roy, . - con, I Philadelphia edition, with a glossary oi the Scottih woi ds and phni - cs ; A jrtivt v iriety of new and interesting hooks for rhildrrii, t(imn Also, just received by the Marv Eliza, fiom Loudon, aud for tale at above, a valuable assoit - nient n( theological and miscel aneous works, very scarce, t - ngraving and coppcr - i late printing exei uted with neatness and desp ttch. no 8 HUT i)OU..IH!i ItrJt'.IRl). CJTOI.FAtm or ah .lit 1'hiirsilav last, from on board the briir Artthua. Iv intr in this port, three post i.ote - s of one hundred dollars each, on the Hank of the I'niied Slates, the numbers not lecolbcted ; at tiie same time, one superfine French blue cloth coat and pantaloons, the pantaloons worked u itu French cord. Brokers, sailor landlords, and others, ill be roodeinnn;ii to Mop such as may appear suspicious, as the thief may perlups b - Toiind, by the nature of hi. purchases or in wisliiag to diipose of the c.oibs ; should the u liulc or any prl thereof be found, the finder w ill be rewarded by calling on Messrs M:ipes ii Oak - Icv. corner t.f Wall li William - stief Is. 'ap8 lw J.s. .VctJOWAX O ALEXANDRIA FLOUR. VE hundred ri'ilt Alexandria Flour, of excellent quality br sale bv D1VIE BL'TIU'NE & CO. ap6 l'J W elLitrcct. N'lWiBRCH WideABAfrrjAlCBAMAII, STACK" ' TBB1B TIMIi A WFI. LEA V La .ewDurgn every Sunday, Tuesday, and Tl.unday luoruiiix', at il... .il,irU. ruin IhreiUifh Montgomery, BloomingMirgh, iMonticello, ny White Lske, CVhecion, Mount I'lfiasant, Creal Btnd,ClinaiigoI'.iiit,Owtg3, I tide a, aud Genets, ti'Canandaigua. Ketiutlnig leat en s.ansmiaigua ncrj mim - day. Wednefcday and Friday mi.rningt at three ,.1. rl - nl ..erivpit at Newburirb. the tbild dav in time to take the SteanljoaU wbicli arrive in Xew - Y'o;k the followint? mortimp rr - II niau ht rrutrlid that al all Itnul when llie tUtnn tx ai, ulltr Iheir dayt rf na.uirg, Dull tUu Ui.t will a'ler to at lo mrci inern. rl,,. ub.ilff e. ..itf will be nerfoiiied in three days, from the first of Mav, until the first of Xoven.tier mi irom me ri ,jc,hii until tiie flftec - ulh of Deccm - xtr, and frcni Uf PiTi Pin t. ,r M .rrli on il the (irt of.Mav. iii fimr day and from the 1ji!i D. cenibcr, iiii - til the iifucnlh of March the same line will be continued te the city of New - York and run fiom lo Cana - .daigua in four days. trmllinir t'ron i tw - to .to ....... fj - - Caiiandaigua, Niagara or HullUlo, can lea e N V...1 ;n il. eeeni.nrt.teuiii - h.iats. and arriv e hi Caiiandaiirtia iu th te days a ilistancc of three . .... . , a i - : . I hundred n..I. s. I he tine is wen iiiinnueii nitli inioil. new can iat - es i irotul horses, and careful 'ami experienced dnveia Every attention will be paid to render the passage of Ihe li ..veiler sate - , easy aim expeciiuous i anu ii believed that the - accommodations on this line are equal to any line iu the state. rr rAliri from IMevvtiUiKli lo vananuaiiju:. FOCKTEKN DULL.MiS. V. It A I. and. of the same line runs three times - a w eek from Ithaca lo Auburn. Also, a line - runs from Owego Tiojja romt, thence tliroiigh Newtown and Painted 1'ost, to Bath, ac. , BAGGAGE, as usual, at the ml; of tl.e owiurs. David C.odfrey, Btoouunshurgh, E. C. St. Jul.ii, Mount Tle.isant, i L. ii Ii. Maiiiiing,Ci.eudiigo, J. Propric - Luther Gere, Itbica, i tela. Samuel Gieeiiliff, Geneva, I Oliver ('helps, Luliliug, J mh 14 dGcii VALUABLE KEVL La l'A TE Koil sALK, IS TIIK lirv OF SEVV - TOKK. Ij'IVE lots ol ground on the west sideofGreen - 1? wieli - street, between Vestry und Desbros - t..t - streets, io by UO. four do in the tear ol tne above, ironting on tl.e. ea,t side of Washingtou - strcct, iii by III. Kizhtdo in the Clock below , rieiween vv usu - insti.u and West street?. j lu .viouigouicry county. 6000 acret ol Land in Lawrence's purchase, near Last Canada Creek, on tl.e north tide ol the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,162 acres of Land, in the towns cf Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essex Ci unty. , 71'3? acres of Land in the town of Barrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1'JaO acrel ol laud in Casterlaud, Cbass anis Pun base. Iu Saratoga County. S00O acret in Palmer'! purchase. Eiuinire at the office of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar tlrcet. BEV. ROBINSON. mh '7 tf eLLEc'l 1'OARDl vG SCllCIUL Oit YOVNG LADIES. I I RS. BOWEI'.lNCi, now Mrs. Brown, has if I removed her well known Establishment from New - Yoik to EliK tbetli Town, New - Jei icy, not a quuiler ol a uiilcfroiu tl.cpul Uc turn - The situation ul the I.laee notMSSet every advuntage lor a Seminary ; and wll ena ble l,i r to reduce llie price oi uoara mucii low er than cmi be alTordcd in New - Yoik. The branches taughtj are. Orthography, Erglifii Grammar, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, with the ue of maps and globes, Atlro rmuiv. ilivlorv. Blair't Lectures, ComiM.iiticn, ciayoM". Painting In tJiVj'nyisrtrtBrlilWVWfcVi eolours. Plain eewing, netelleworlt on musiia, Kiubtoidery on silk and worsted, Fillegrec. (Juailrdli;, Grotto and Wax - Work, Gilding and Japanning, with a variety of other iaucy works, mh I'l Im J.f. E'6 nt'U Ul. T.yiL.YT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy at oat application, may be uitd with perlcet safety on iufan'.s n week ell, not coutaimng a patiele ol tncrcury,crany dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that offensive soicll which attends the application of other rom edict. The above mediciucs are prepared and told at LEE'S Mediciue Store, No. 46 Maide - n - Lanc, u.d sold by S. CARLE, coruei of Fullou and Water - streets. Druggists and country store - keepers evpf - lied on liberal limn. Jan i'J W li .K'OK..I, .H. ... f y comer ol Fultou street, New - York, having received a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day ii Martin, 07 High llol - Itorn, Londou, cflVrs the tame, in wholesale or retail, for exHrtation, or home consumption, on terms the most liberal and advantageous lo pur chasers. This inestimable composition, with half the u - snal labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal lo the Inghe. - t japan vurni - b ; alio! J - peculiar nourishment to the leather; it will no! soil the finest linen ; is perfectly free from any unplcasint suicll ; uud will rclaiu its virtues in any.cliurate. As au incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it has etooj the UM and commanded Ihe most extensive tale in all ipinrUrs of ihe globe, lor upwards of half a re - u - tury. Feb 16 MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW . FORUEa, No. !I0 Broadway, one door . above Wall - street, respectfully informs bis Ii rends and the public that he continues lo manufacture silver tea aud tabic sells, chuich plate, spoons, foiks, ladles, waiter - , urns, siphon. hh k.iive", tar. &'c. of the latest and mo?t elegant patients, of the not quality ol s ilv. r and supr - liar work:nai.;!iip, at the lowest pric es lor ca?h All orders executed iu a masterly manner, and wanauttd iu all cases al lea - t equal to tt ar te lis of silver manufactured or sold iu this city. In addition to his own mv.iufiirtures. he has on haud an assortment of rica pitted amlioicy hard ware, which h will dispose of very low, con - itin; of candlosticks, cake baAeis, f astorr. iHiltlc cas.or, and tray, pialcd on steel, a very iUiior article ; "cleg - .int pen. pocket and sorlsiunirs knives, wiih a variety of anil les not enunn rated. uich 30 Im PLASTER OF PARIS MA N C FA CTORY, At tie fo .t of llairison - strc - t, North - River. 1 V7HERE ruanuiactiin.d P!ater, for corni - V ? . - and i 'iii.r purpon - s. i.iay be bad, warranted o; the first quality, at mic dollar and twenty Jirr rent v.r batarl. I be mauuiai to. - y is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who hat served a icgsiar apprenticeship to the, uidtpu liU.'i:ti. tub, 1 , JOHN BYERS. ,t lifili l. - fci Jiiut'ilOifl3gnl - :l. - , POST CHAISE. AlOST CHAISE willltaveew - iorK every clay (Suuday exct pted) al ball past ii in lbeiuoriiin'liv wnv eif Newark, only six patieii - ee't udiiiilttd, and arrive i:i I'i.ilatlelpliia tlif same evening. Ea' through, $'! Ihe new Steam Boat Line Experiment, will leave NVw - lork e;ery day (Sunday exieptee) at half vast '.I n't lick, in the etcain Boat Aialau - ta. and arrive at l'hil.tdclilia the next day at 1 o'clock, by the SUam Boat .ETNA ftoui CiisluJ. I - urn dirougli o dollars M cents. Kor Sreats in the above lints, 8 p!y at the Tost ('liaise Stage and Steam Boat Olliee, I Hi Bioad - way, cnionie u.e l - ny liotei. yi - Ail goods and baggage atlhc riiqui! ol the owner. JOHN N. CDMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK K. SONS, P'incelon. STOCKTON M HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. IS. Erpressts unl tu any part if the .itu.ii. apS Tamil uir Lit yrjiri.v vo. - rvs. frvjv J he Chancellor Living - ir, ston will leave New - York : -, Kntniil.iv. ihw i'!:ib out : .r. M. 'Tber uili hp si boat leave New York every Tuesday, 'ihursday and Saturday, at 5 P.M. and Albany ou lume days at 9 A. M. until further notice. mh - ir, TU t. UC J'U o TL.iM UU.i T JJ.YL. jiMJ ihe proprietors, with a lfj. view ol accomuioduting the lfwg.F,viiis public, by extending the line Ajr7&Tjl:r tpfoil. I o Norwich, inteud making the t xerii' with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and tin - , iouic (if fotiiid practicable) will be continued during the season. 'I he line will in fc.tnre he from New Yolk to Norwich, at Ii Hows : 'Ihe - Cciiriccticut, ( apt. Bunker, w i, I leave New - V, ork every .Vimrfny. Wtdntiduy und Friday, at II o'clock, in tin - morning, .or Ne - w - tl iveii. The Fulton, ('apt Law, will l. - ave .Voruirt xA C o'clock in tl.e - morning ol the tame days, touch at .Y'lr - Lomlnu and depart Irom the - uce for jYtw lluttii at li o'clock. 'Ihe boats will meet - al A'tir Uaitn, nnd depart Horn tl.t nee every Mundcll, IVtdnry dayMA t'riduy,ul 7 o'clock in the vening the Connecticut ior JVt w I ork, anil tl.e rulton lor .Ytio - lMnduii and .Voniiri. mhl" S TEA.M BOAT FOR SALE. (Cr For tal , a we II finish - bed Steam Lo at, of small iic, Willi i abiu, und calculated to carry couvi nient - ly uoiii.l tixiy i asseng' is - Hi r bull it of the best timber, and she is copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to be put into a line oi running iinintdiateie. She thaws but tl.iity - two inches ol water, and from the advantageous construction of her maelunery, can be vvorkt d at une ball llie daily expense ol ilenni - bontt in Nie w ill be sold a great bargain, it applied loi shortly. Euqmr.' nt No. 40 W all - street, of mh iOlf ISAAC G. OGDKN ti CO. SY IF T SL ilE ,vi AIL COACHEs, lux run.Aiitii.riiiA, n'.v tO" Leave New York r M3CJr eve y morning (liumlay'sex j.i..ituj Mi .... . ,i... rive in Philadelphia next daw l i The imbliek house s are good, and reasonable in their charges. bvrses and coach es are, nut interior to any others now running be tween these two cities. I tie beautilul country, and the exct lleuce ol the roads on tins rout, on - ticcted with Ihe saft ly, comfort, and reasonable expeiicet, are beleived lo be strong inducements to traveller! in givini; this line a necnleu preitr tnce. I bu strictest attention will be ohsetved by the proprietort in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packagst will go at the - risk oi the owner unles insured and receipted far by (lie clt rk of said cilice. Stage fare only 5, witi.aiseneroiis allowance of baggage. Parlies wishing vo travel at their rrmVelHrflitrrr nay pre viou - i io siivriuig. r or seats apply ut io. o Courtlandt - tlreet New ew - Yrork. LYON, SON S, i CO. ap SJ Proprietors. L A'lOSf LlAi.. t e - i - li I I, A D E b f il I A . Twenty - five miles land carriage, via New - Brunswick aud Trenton. In new post coaches i Do. ginnl stages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck pa?si tigcrs 3 .0 Cotmccted bytlio steam boatsOLlVE BllNCH and PHILADELPHIA. rl he sleaui - Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Suti - dav s excepted, from tho uorih side of Ihe Battery, al II o'clock A. M. Passengers will lodge ut Trenton, aud take the steam - boat Philadelphia, so as lo ai - rivti io Philadelphia al 10 o'clock the next morning, iu time lo lake the L'nion Line Balliinoi - e steam - bouts. Tiiis line has acouuccliou with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; at j'so those of tho North River and Sound ; aud their several arrivals are calculated lo cause little, if any de - lay. This is a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, as the paisengcrs will leave New - York alter the baukt open, and arrive iu Philadelphia before tho hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage being much lets than by any other route between the t wo dies. For leatt in the above line apply !o WILLIAM B JAQUE9. At the Union Line Steam Boat Oin. - e, iu Mar - ketfield - ttreet, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich A: Wnshinglon - ttrcets, or to Tho CAPTAIN on boatd. (t All goodt nnd bnjgge at the risk of the owner. ap 4 W 11 EATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. 'IIIE long and succestful use of Ibis ointment 1 ii n sullh nut reconimendation, as it has been found lo be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that disagreeable - disease in all its slaves. It is for tale in Ihe city of New - York, by J. .K W. R. Post, No. 41 Witliaiu - streel; I. : T Clark, No. C5 M.ii.!en - Lai!t , - 11. H. rnieiienn At io. - vo. i jj 1 1 ari - strcel : - leuce A: Kee, No. 19i IVarl - strtct ; Hull A B iwne, I4C Pearl - tlieet ; 11. 4; L. Murray. 313 Pearl street ; J. M. Brarihurst, 314 Pearl - st.. tl ; John Ptnford, No. 4 Fletcher - street ; Dui vie .V Poe, in Pesrl - streel; John C. Moirison, l!;li Gieenwich slrett; Jot.n P. Fisbr, ItiC Broadway : Walter: Seaman, cornel ol CbaiblN - r - tl. and Broadway, and nl - o inCln .liaiu - sln et : ami i.i th'.rl it may he procured almost of U.e Dreg Stores in this cily AIo in i'i;ildelpbia, of S. Withcrcll A - Son ; George Harrell .North ii Ro - UTrt. and almost a - l the drug ia tl.e - paaeipal town! in the United Slates. MKKWI3K, WHEAT0.V3 JAUNDICE EITTEUS m be had at Ihe above places. iar'26in BO VIUl WANTED. By a lily in aprivatc family, she will ittu.Mi her bed riaim complete. None need apply, but persons of tlic tuNt resjii - clauil.ty. Lnqiiirc at 15 Mur ray - stiect. . ap 10 PHILLIPS' ASTRONOMY. lIGH I' familiar Lti lnrtson Astronomy, in - Ila tended st an intr jductL.ti lo the Snme, for the ue of yocng p, - rsoi,5 rritl, pktts nnd di. - sram. by iVillmm Phillips, auihe - r of Outlines f Mineralogy and Geolo. - v, Arc. l - r .i!r al No. 3 Wali - st. by " C. WILCV A: CO. - p9 N Ebgant Cay H JIt.E, cenlle in harness'. - i ann suirior u.idtr tl.e - - eddle, s:x ye, - rs old tins tuuiunr, f,. - tale. Ai.plv at tb - Stable 01 tV AN JONLS, ? 9 61 No. CO - New - strtct. A daunitz Pbhcknom htiw to di,j,Ie tween tilings Uiitdiuat. OCTORlIORNE.forai(r;, oftlie cilv I . .. . r,J .mtunlu r nf l,o r - ..u T. y w repeat tome onservatioas ut - tbe khuu nf Ul' n .,...!. ci rash, iiiditrriminate, and mtlJ Ced use thereof, tat been live or mini. i .;e - .. r tire of i,.ii;i 'T'l - V'.. ur;, anr.ually mercurialized out of it an, anriually mercurialized out 'of eC l. 1 he disease we have in view ow J cue o. j ne oiteuse we have in view nu iT; , tal remits hielly to tl.itsou.ce. "VVhal " tt. - at a joung wan, 0,e boptt of hit coon the darling of bit parents should be tnS.I way ircm all tiie prospeclt and enjoyment, ,V by (be consi. - of one urg - jarjtd m?. ' sn.l by a disease not io iU own nature tlSTTl Willi 11 CIllV 1 - roveS n trnm nl... - w apitJt .,....i......'i - . .....: " "A" - "r ui pron,i . v n uniie nap, ilate Ir ll't tin.,!) now perfectiy Wy and well, 'b&'AP uie.i. HiO'ieiausoi g (racial practice, sis v. . . .. ..VVj .(Miicuim ui Hli c,v) m - wtre carious, uud bit Ueali dropni;; - ,v ' ' ,lOI1m bis fliends declared be r.,..l,l two months longer. Tkousand.eiwrl'?!, n now with what ease and taiety Jjr II,,;' culei tl.e tevertst cases, and coriaioit'the'r,. , lulion. The Doctor's nlan (iu.7 ;.!!. tV" - etstaiy to guard the public againU the mercury, and other fata! delusiout, Li Id fori Pc rsoni. therefore, bavin? w n.. ...... - .j ate disorder, or tusptcting latent poison idu.cnislied not to tamoer v.ith il T. " tiein. or corn eal the duorlwp. IIII ... .. I"htt. ry ; otherthaving tiie remains of an o'd r . or other impuritiei of the blood, at well sj ,1'. cr Luii..uu.ia - vi a uencaie nature, in ,:n . ......... .vu.uc. ,.v.ic.iij, ttuu aa luuj.. lo their conscie - Lce. bv in:.!ii - .:r to Dr. II. at his old and resctLtahL i.. . i:.l. a IV.'.. .. . v. .. . .. . . ui - .laniuciii, no. u - . aiii - sireei, lour nouses e.i of Old - flip, lo obtain Unit prompt extistane.? lone cakulated to ore - vent i... . h - t Did cliim j cur tcnout atlention Remua,u. a vni.ellii ial cure ia no cure at nil ., . , ' . . j. ,. - .''' uajou - mucsiis iadica.iy dune, you will certainly has il.c disorder bleak Out a . - hoi with i,,,i. ... . ligmty, ut seme lulnre period ; perhaps tho, ..u.,oi,..ic .oi iciuruj. kiiu'i you oiien uiett j Hit - itreelt miserable, mutilated beings, witUul eveu a on oinoseoa u.eir later TaU.. :.. 1 l:ecech you. Ur. ir. character Tor skill ard stubborn iiu - ;ri V iu - iug universally known iu this city, t:Jlt ...o i, uiiai.iioee io pai.enis mat ii'.iicEry acdn. cii:ry hitherto unknown, and having conuiitil lu, i if - , i'l f. s .... ra . V..I..B.. I.. ... diPi - Hiiet bl the blood syslcin. Uiey may safely cal - u.e ujosi ucctueci auvuiitagei Uicco - sull'iig Dr. 11. G.eets eradicated io tw cr three weeks. Sit I'l. ti.ra r,..i,m - v. s..,....... ... - " 'vfi.cs tic any Qu,. i er instrument ; and ull dehihtit - j ; likewise all oiu i.icerations, nttuia't at, A plurality of offices are prorided, and so silt. tied that pa'geuts ure - not exposed to each other's observation. Open till half past 9 in the even.'r.r. All persons concerned are iuviteit to be free if i ailing, and tneakiiig with Dr. 11. which it (ret I .if eoul. AnriiiAtrM tlin I ln..r. ..nm.l ar.: 1 .. - ... - - l . v.. vuiiuu, afUJU Uif ixprestion of gratitude for innumerable itconi - nii - iida turns, nud lor Ihe decided preference fit ii Drcsuiue - d with iust cause i loner m'v. - n him K. '..i:..; ,..i.i; ' ' uuiv.iuu i 1 J I 1 1 S V, ... t in iciiert uiiu oe pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Au'27 U jiu.. , it. EVANS' suoori.1 'method ofcuriiisaeer - tain 'Disease, isnowunivcr. lally acknowledged in tliii eny ; ms moue oi ireatuieai is perfectly mild, tale, ti it as - Ft. il .rai "siance lie warranu aeon . l " py .i - "'i win return the pavilta rjxjju'n'Ki not perform agrtcati . i lie siiii lest secrecy alwayt observed. There are nny persont in this city and it! vicinity, laboring uuder various chronic diseased urban cancers, old inveterate ulcers. tcroiuK or kin - re cviU littulns, diseases of the ure - thtsl bladder andkidnies, old coiu plicated cowpUiiiM ul a ce rtaiQ nalur. diiioub ami ouier onttrac mm. . ... .j.cV.II in. iir. wlriill UicT(MiilU(N,rM ral.le, they can certainly be cuted i geacitl)l by applying at l'r. EVANS'S AUdica! Store, No. I a, Teck - slip, having practised ia exteimtl hospital! in ii years, under some of Uil lirst burgeons ana rnyticiant in ttie world, tit I those obstinate diseaset hit constant itvdil . etrk - f. . . I ior .V" ICnr(S. VSTI Z ICf The subicribcr having recently returne! from England with an iuiportnut unprovemeatos mo aniiiciui spring L.t.u, ne takct inn mclooa of informing bis friends and the public, that tO those who aie to unfortunate at to be in wantd a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barilay - street, New - York. - Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. fjO - WHEATON Vk .'IS, Fancy Chair Alanufat V turert. No. 153 Fulton - stree, opposite St. Pauls Ctiurtl oiler for tale, wholesale ami retail, a large and elegant ai - sor'uient of Curld Alaplf, plain paiDted and ornamented in gokl e hrone, bamboo, Plam and Gill Balls, It"' ing, Sew ing, and Convert - tiin Chain. Sofas, Setteti, Lounge - es, Music Stools, Sic. Orders from any part of the continent executed with iieutiitss and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented. mh 9 JfF.1V DrtlCSSI.YG ROOM. FRUA1ENTO, No. I Wall - street.Jstrf - . t.M MO.I I'rnm tlnv h tllp honour 10 1010 Ihe gentl. iuim, that he cuts and dietses Iwirw II.. V.I. .I .lil ml in a srl SO tO JOOpi il Io the phisionouiy.. He hat for tale aquauti - imi:'AUN i ii, ....ahiv. if Uiey do not please on trial, the pnrcliBtert aie at lDe.r' If. r.. ! i.m n.l .... t.mOOt.V - IIC Ut likewi t ; procured avery fine hone, and engage! to restore raiors to every keen edge ana motai .. . . , .... .Ann.nO - . iney not cui lie win receive no icvi , . 11...... ..... ..!..,. in bouarmst a 1. ' u,l. i.i.e.i nimuiiii - - with their patronage, may depend " 1,1 particular aud respccuui aitenuamr. sj i ... .... r ...i i.....;i. i.v the C'' 11. i. Ji'ui.eincii win. uo.,.w - "j - . t. - r will have their razors, Ac. kept exclusively lor ii.eiuieivcs. . .u P. S. A good .journr yman wanied. Apr - ... ahovp. lunoui tun i. - u.r., . . ., rineni .nvlll IDP 1PV. 138 I tHt z.ll.L, - I - ii i. eiae ei..i 1 1.10 oiu.... - . . i I . .. . .0 . m.cntin nl a 1 M . ll - ll - lll.VI, lll',.l UH'auJ, . I exle - nsive a - iil cboic coiieeuoii oi nr - - i . velr, toynjes, birgraptiy, romances, mo . , . , . . .... . 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