The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 14, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1818
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American produce dull - coffee 15 a 17 earce, in demand , molasses jS4a PcrhhU.o iw F - irullon . mgar. Muscovado, 6 1 - 4 a 6 1 - 2 ; par - " now do 9 ; cottr.n jjb cts . lime u Below, b. Ig Chatsworth, from Liverpool. THEATRE. On Wednesday Evening, April 15, will be sented Shaksi - eare' Play of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. pre - n,.nnio. Mr. Robertson Antonio, Pritchard fhylotk, H'Uon priin. Mm. Da'ley After which, for (lie 2d time, tin; ballet of LIT T I K RED RI0I3O HOOD, Or, A Visit to My Grandmother. I nliin. Mr. Parker l.iiile lied Ridine Hood Mrs. Parker To which will bedded (for the 3d time in Ann; rica) die new melu drama oi lie FALLS OK CLYDE. Kenrnure. Mr. Pritrhard Knrtuer Enfield. RoherUon Edward Entield, Hilson .... .. - . . r . illcn Eiilicld, . Performance to commence al a quarter past seven o'ciocb. NOTICE I O PILOTS, Aic rrp After tlie 15th April, instant, all vessel eubject to examination by the health officer, will itop at the Quarantine urounu, lor mar. pur nose, according to law. ap 1411 rt - r - MISS SEABLKY having; taken Hi ntlv situated house No. 13 North Moore ireeu loiormt ner irienu mm sue iiitruti it; moving thereon the first of .VI ay next, and on the fourth will be ready to receive young ladies, ei ther as boarders or day scholars. I he varwu branches of useful and ornamental Education, will be taught upon - tier usual terms, which may be known by applying at .vj. so joim - streei. ap 14 IOC NOTICE. frt - A stated meeting of the New - York Man umission Society will be held this evening, at the Society's School ko.un, in William - street, at 7 o'clock. I ZKIEL COWGILL, As - 't. Secr'y. 4th m 14 It ' CONCERT. nf MRS. FREN II, gratelul forthn libe - ral lialronaee she has received frm hr friend - 1 and Ihe public, has again Iho pleure to an - nouncc, that hi r second CON CLR P of voc:d and inslrumtnlal music will take place Till? EVENING, 14th inst. at the City - Hotel, where Will be performed Ihe following pieces : Leader of the orchestra, Mr. Gelil : Piano - forte, Mr. LUenne. I'ABT 1. Overture Paer hong fcweel Passion of Love, Dr. Arne Minuelto - llnvdn Song Roy's wife of AMivallnrh, (Scolch Air) Variations, llule and piano - lorte, by Air. Kin sena ana Mr. r.tticnne Song Fragrant Chuplet, Ciiuarosa. Fiuale Haydn. Past 2. Sinfonm Krommer Song, Love among the roses (by particular dc sire) liishop Concerto Flute b Mr. Taylor Song Robin Adair Irish Air Andante Haydn. Png The d lehrated E ho Song, Bishop t male Krninmer. ftj - Performance to commence precisely at naif past 7 o'clock. I n ftets to dc nail at .vir. ocin'smamen Isne : Mr. Dubois's Muic Store, Broadway Messrs. Goodrich A I'o's Bookstore, Broadway ud at the Bar oi Ihe City Hotel. p 14 It For AMSTKRD.IM, ,The fiue (ft't sailing brig KENTUCKY i BELLE, Deshon, master, will sail on nday next. For passaife only, having excel cut accommodations, apply on boaru at pier po. 6, NortD - Kiver, or to U. U. K S. I1UVV,A 0, p 14 77 Washington - street. li 4 v nr.. t(Ji The fine ropptredhip V1ARIA - THE - fclMRESA, Skiddy, master ; will positirely sail ou Sunday next. 1 or freight ol all bales cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, lower side of the Albany Basin, N. K. or to G. G. & S. HOW LAND, 8p 14 77 Wahington - s. P.iSbAUF fur Lit FRI'dUl, . . rm. air The good ship iikili.ia. 1 , J. vv. al Raker, master, to sail to - morrow can tike two or three imve passengers in the ca bin, if implication be Immediately made to the cjpum on board, at Tier Ao. rJ, & u. or 10 IIUKU fx St.WAl.L, 65 South - street. V A fcr balei Cotton, or other liglit freight, i I be taken in the cabin, if no passengers offer. ' ap 14 For UAFRE. The packet ship RUBICON, Hoi - .dredsre. master, has 2 - 3ds of her cargo Mdy to go on board, and will tail about the 2Jd mint. For freight or passage, apply on Doaru, a! Jones' wharf, or to POTT & M'KINNE, 56 South - st. Who offer for sale, S9 bales prime New - Orleans cotton 8 hhds St. Croix sugar 65 pipes Catalonia wine 120 tons Swedes iron 000 demijohns ap 1 4 " ANOIN'G from on board sloop Nancy, at M - d Crane - wharf, and Fir sale bv GEO. W. TALBOT. 55 P.n - . - treiL 16 p'pea and hhds. of Gin, 01 the C.anston Distillery, the Quality has been mucn approv - .J .L.. I V. .1 .1.. koi:a..A,1 fuoi uy judges, and is cooniiinitiy wv.iv.v. .v. m equal to any made in tins Gouniry. p 14 8 INI). 4 lOlNl'GLV Pipes old and of excelleut quality, landing today at Me v ens' wharf, from on board sloop wy, ana lor sale oy BWRBARIN, STANTON k CO. p 14 lw 17 Fulton slip. LLOURo; TOBACCO. 270 bbis. super - 4 flue Virginia Flour Whhds prime new Richmond Tobacco S5 kegs manufnrturol do branded (Price) "ttived per schooners Cathsrine, .Vc. and for 7 WALSH K G ALL AUHLrl. pl4 HOLLAND GIN, will lie Undtd this alier - soon, from the ship Heury. east side Old f. (or sale by PU LF. ROY, BAYARD tb CO. TO 'TRUNK MAKERS. 600 handsome I Russia Seal tkins, just received, nnd ' tJ J03. OSBORN, Si4 2H South street JH'SSIA DUCK fc SHEETlXtJS. - lOOpie tz Russia Duck, and Wl do Russia ihee - 5' - for tale by JOS. OSBORN", A!4 S8 S..uth - reet. WI T VI si 1 WINE. iOO bags A. ir 'mtt rumac Vfs.. . sans - eacn 0 galls - each, Colmcnar Wine, 3 i, just received and lor srde by G. G. k S. HOWLAND, J? VV 1 lti(srtnti.t tU C'rlV'V - U ,a tiercrs lulisivuid Cloyer - fceirf t. ...1. u 1 M4 HURD SEW ALL, 6 South - t'eet. TOtlN rnnlmVER HA I S. J oDenirV. T I" received P!0ine i 1 receiveo nna is bow ltrii"..BD lrR assortment of Lond and A dnn' ,rt'i HatV,n 5 Cl,,or Rorams, and Chil a,e t his whnl 1 hirn " ' now on"r'nS ,al ale at hi. L. ! nich he is now oftVring for aidcn - Uni;,lu Md reUilHat Store, No. to 10 , - m iw TIICHMOND TOBACCO, 4c. - 41 hhds. Richmond I ohacco, lit for (lie Iniii landing and lor lale by W. 4 S. CRAIG. 1.1 STORK, 307 bbls. fine and snpe; fine Klour 70 hhds. Richmond Tobacco 2 lioxe 4 - 4 Irish Lima 1 do Lawns np 14 LUNG EES 525 pieces U fine Patna Chintz 200 pieces Lungee Rnmals, just received and lor tale by riunu 4 shWALL, ap 14 65. South - Hrcet. LONDON CLOTHS Thrcecases iih rfinc Cloths, blacks nnd hlu. t, landing from thii: i.iin, icr fine njr u. dl, l ll l, .1 r. .y C.1 . up 14 90 C. 11 slip. I 4 SI ITATIONiu a counting' - house. broker's muery - otiire or auction store, is waotedby a misulle - ag.J married gentleman, who is well calculated tngive satisfaction in any of the above Iiiies - writing a good hand, hems - a pood ac couutr.ut, and po - smg Ihe French, German, and Italian languages. The best references and recommendations can be iven ft - ? A line addressed to F. S. and left at this office will be proinply attended ap 14 3t 1 11 to ap T 1). Y U .Dl) MKHVtiAXi.s. A YOUNG man well experienced in buMnesr, Xm. withe; to engage himself as sale - man to a wholesale Dry Good lloure, or to a res ncc table r tail hnus.', a he has a perfect knowledge of each branch of tint tradp, both from many yean experience in England and in this country The most rcspcctaiiie rrlerriiccs can be given Aii ,'lica'ionibv note addressed to T. H. A. and left at this office, will meet with immediate attention. ap I I 3" TO I.Kt.. A convnient two story h. use, pleasant ly - itiiaieriini narl' s strvet.Urcenwich a lien ruble re dem e fnt a caitmiui or mi rhnnic I iw. f or particulars enauire at No 59 Murray street. an 14 tf GuELN H('LE l'LAN'lS. rOt sal. , Ihe entire stock ol a small and com P p'ete Green House, cunsistine of a vnrietv oi native und exotic Plants, in excellent order. Also, so i,p very fine Lemon, Oriir'e and C'ilron 1 rees, in full hearing; they will be sold together or serrate The house, containing the plants must beta ken down, on account of the ground on which it "lnd In - iiis located mr ether purjioses, and will a,, be ,0J tt barS'" - . Al'.'nf.,,, o., Cprner of Liberty and Nassau - street. 14 3t u i i null uu np .1KKNCII k. GERMAN GOODS. Black m. crapes. No. 36 Sattins for hat liniops, Virginic, silk cords, Fancy ribbons, black lusU - red tuH'etivs Green bordered do. kid Ai i k gloves Mens & women silk hose, black galloons ap de soic, common and superfine Tapes and bobbins, cologn wa er. For sale by DAVID sCIIENK, P 1 1 77 1 - 2 Pine street. s.LekhTf. FOWLING PIKCrS. a.. - FOI R - IHOtj.SAND MU. - KETS, and two boxes fowling pieces, entitled to deben ture. 4 boxes well assorted gla;sware 3 ceroons llolant lndii:o. and A few piec s supcruiK - 1 loth, for sale hy J. zii vikiimav nP"m 7 Washinzton - ilreet. L'mH I LAS, SWEET OIL .c 6 cheiU X. - each '20 21b canisters Gunonwilpr Ti no zujio ao do do J do XU Jib do Imperial do do 3 do i!0 21b do Hvson All of very sunerior oimlitr. Young Hjson Tea of superior quality in 20 Hyson, Hyson Skin and Young Hyson in chests ou nan nesis soucnong I ea 100 baskets flesh Sweet Oil, large bottles 2a b xes French White Wax candles, fine Quality c920.;,.T?.rJiue v,k,iJiNLG'k I sonV" 1? i amen uane. ALSO. 30 superior Double Gloster Cheeses. ap n iw HEMP and YARNS. St. fetersburgh Glean . New Hemp, and Kentucky Yarns, mints to suit purchasers. For sale cn accommodating terms, by TUCKER. 4: GARTER, ap 8 Iw 69 South - street. XTF.W Ai ELEGANT FRENCH L.MBROi DERY. consisiinc of. Spencers, Pelt tines. Canenu (ouchmrt a la Vieree, Collerette", Garnitures, Bands, Sleeves, Frocks, ., tec. iu t oirf m d, and for tale by VANDERVOOKTAt FLANDIN. Ill Broadway. ALSO. A small case of superior white chip Flats, with hand', at wholesale or retail, ap 10 Iw LANDING Horn on board of the sloop Ntw - York, at ('rune wharf, and for sale hy GEO. VV. TALBOT, 55 Fine - street. 21 bales Horse Hides 9 pipes Gid, from the Cranston Distillery, remarkably fire lluvor. Dealers are requested examine the quality, which will be found equal any mnnuiuciurcu in inistuuniry. ALSO, l STORE. 143 chests Hyson Skin tea, of the Londoii Traders cargo 50 do Sout hern: do Nancy's cargo 10 whole, 15 half and '.'0 or. chetls Bohca tea ol the Trumbull's cargo 211 5 citty boxes Gunpowder 12 5 da dn Imperial, Huntress' cargo 60 boxes old Castile Soaj) 150 do Sweet Oil 2 cases Sistertnyi 2 hales Mirzapnre Carpets 1 case blue, I do company yellow Nankins 5 4 fine Seal skins 70 doz. Nutra skins 20 hhda Copperas ap 7 PRr - S'D HAY. bundles, in excellent order, for sale by 150 BARBARIN, STANTON k CO. 17 Fullon - slip ap 10 Iw 37 FIRdlMA TOBACCO it FLOUR hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do GC bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VA5QUES, MFURON k CLF.EMAX, ret7 tf No. 72 Washmgton - st. CAHFr 7 I.YG. E SF.COR k CO. 180 Broadway, have just received anil are now open ng a large supply of Engrain Carpeting, consisting of tine and superfine of the newest patterns do common, all of which, together with then stock on hand, will be disposed of on the most favorable terms. Southern and other orders, likewise execut ed on the best of terms ap 13 3t fV.V'fO.Y and FRrJ' It (iOOJ)S. JHILBROOK & PETERS, 150 Broadway, have tor tale. 3 cases 5 4, 8 4 and 9 - 4 Nankin crape shawls 2 d Nankin crape, black and ass d colors 1 do figured do ; 1 d j Goucaudo 2 do In w chows 1 do 7 4 black silk shawls 1 do stout pongees, suitable for tailors 2 Hi ml'd i k shawls, I do blkcamulett 1 do 4 - 4 hilkl. with borders 2 do rvh fi'd lustrings and safint I do fienr'd levantirw - s, I do green do 1 do color, d and black do 1 do double Flort nee, I do chenille cord t do fringed satin ribbons 1 d itaffety do; 1 di plain blckdo 2 do eleg't garniture do 5 - 1 2 1 do lim n cambric anil cambric hdkfs 1 do kidtloves, I do beaver do 1 do levaniine and damask shawls t do best black IHIianr rape Elegant lace and edeintrs. Witn a geoerai assort mailt of French and India Tl ICHM I ne in in ed A l ty it to v is the an UootU. , ap ij iw "POT & rEARL ASHF.S, - 85 bblt Tearl I J llA 9I IK1 1 b. 4 pixs liuitation Biandv, and 6 hhils. Neutralised Spirit, 'roiu molasses, lor aie hy l.S. D'WOLF. ap IJ .',7 Front - street. Brie PAXniER On Wednesday, 22dintt. will be sold, witnout rt erve, the bn? PAN I HER, a f ne arrived from Cautop. Aaid brig was built in Medford, in 1815, by the first rate worltmeu, uinst complete and, ample style Saiu vessel has delivered in goml order near COO tons of China good - , and it is presumed sail as fust as any ves !rl in the Uniteu atatrs. Her length on deck I'JOfeet; breadth, 29 feet 9 inches: II feet 9 inches hold, and 5 feet 6 inches between decks ; aud measures 430 Ions. For further particulars. apply to ROPES L WARD, , 44 Central - wharf. 1 Boston, April 5, 181.1. ap7 w iki The ship LOKENZO, Savage. wHl ,. , , . , . . hae imineiliute dppatch. havintr the inn wi .jji 1 ui u. - r caiiro encairea anu eomiri on board. For freitrht of the remainder or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, at Guverncur's wharf, pier no 13, or to CLARK, MOORE 8c GO. np 11 4t 41 Souih - street. For I At kHPOUi., (Toiaii posOtreluon Ihe - 2ih imt.') The fast sailing brig HOPE. Arnold master; can accommodate several passengers, Having nanusnme accommoilations. if applica - :ion is made immediately, on board at I'me - st. wiiart, or to GRISWOLDS & COATES, P 10 68 .South street. For ie, Freight or Lkarter, The brig HAZARD, Link - field, I master, IjUtons burthen, sinirlc deck. aou nciicaiciuaicu lur carry inir stock or Iniii - er. rot - terms, apply on board, at Peck - slip. r 10 JUSLfll OM (l l. ap 7 23 Snuth - Ktrcct. tor F mailt or Lhurltr. ) 'Vac schr Pa LA I INK, Boyeiiton, will take a freight or 1 barter lor an eastern 01 MMHhcru port, it application U made immedi ately lo W.fL - Ml k. GALLAGHER, ap 3 CC Pomh - slreet. i - or the KAST hYiJ h.S, i A good SHIP bound to the East In dies, will take 2500 hatrels Bom - , or 11 equal bulk ot cram, to Madeira n True. die, if application is made immediately, at 67 ouum - sireei, 10 ap 3 CAMBRF.LF.VG !c PEARSON. AUxu.idrm, (eorgrtotrn tii M aslmiton I Cilu 1 The sloop Vlt.TORY, .1. Somers, L. mas' er, now ready to receive fi eiirlit U w ill be dispatched immediately For which passage, apply to the master on hoard, east kic i - iCK - siip, or to DIVIE BETHUN'E & Co. aP 2 9i!Coflee - hoii - e - slip, FUR LUMJO.s, To sad positively ou the I2lh iust. i.lbo ship MINERVA A.MYTH. capt. Juuim W. filed. For passage only, apply ou wnu i riue - sirrci wnarl, orlo ap 9 ARCH. GRACIE k PONrf. For MO'ILF.and fi LA K FLY , I he fast sailing regular packet schr. SANDUSKY. Cant. Wpeks. PJfl tr,.,. Iiavios cnnsnlerablc (reietit nlrpnris,i I will meet withdtspatch. For the remainder or passage, naviog iiandiome accouimodations, apply on board west tide Hd - tlip, or fo PETERS ii HERRICK, P ' 29 Coenties - tlip. J DNNY BAGS, ap 13 2000, lur sale by. CLBRA & CUMING, 76 Pearl - street. DEARBORN'S BALANCE.Ior assortment from 31X1 iikU'; ' np II 76 f'earl - streel tiF.M'FLHJ TALUjH a. illur.b. 1 FEW thiiuaiid pounds New - York Tallow, L and 2000 Slaughtered finite, lor sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. mh 1 1 tf PROSPECTUS Or Till HEMPSTEAD ACADEMY. The Rev. timothv clowbs, a. m. Principal. - ouoOuop - HAVING purchased that large - nd commodious hiiildiiii; in the villnue. of Hemrslead, Queen County, laltly occupied hy Mr. George low el, the subscriber proposes loopn an Aca - my therein, 011 .Monday, the 27th instaut, Jor itiardiog young gentlemen nnd instructing them any of those branches ol scien. e and litera ture uua:iy comprehended in an academical course. That every tcholarmay be under the constant and immediate (uperintendance of tlie Principal, none will be admitted into this academy as students but those who are alo boarders. A very - few students from the village, or its immediate virinity, uill be tlie only exception to this rule. If. however, the number ol student should ex reed the means of accommodation in the acade my, boaidmay be procured in private families the neighbourhood. Should the public patrrnnge he extended fo this institution tutliciently to warrant Ihe mea sure, additional teachers will lie procured T he year will he divided into two terms of tuition. The summer term will commence the last Monday in April, and will continue twenty three weeks. The winter term will commence the last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. Ibis arrange nient will leave a vacatiou of about three weeks after each term. The price of boarding, tuition, candles and lucl, both in school and rooms, win be iuu dollars each term. Books, washing, mending, and any necessary article of clothing, will he furnish by the subscriber at Ihe most reduced prices. col, mattrats or bed, and bedding, to be lur - nished by each studmt. The patrons of this institution may be assured that its system of discipline will be mild, yet exact. The rules ol the academy must be strictly c.imDlied with, hv every scholar. FOREIGNERS, desirous of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of the English language, will be admitted as boarders info the Hempstead Academy. Private apartment and separate t: ies will he lurnished vn the most reasonable terms, nnd every facility will be afforded to a speedy and thorough acquaintance with the lan guage - For the information of strangers it may hesta ted.that Hempstead is a pleasant tillage and post trwn. remarkable lor itt healthiness, only twen one unlet east of the city ol New - York ; that enjoys the advantage of public worship in the Kreshyterian, Episcopal, and Methodist forms ; and that a stage runt from the city three timet a week, ononeol Ihe bett roadtin America Parents desirous of placing their children at school, or foreigner wishing to be instructed in the English language, are respectfully requested visit the u. t'.ntier. at llempsiean, w lit re they will receive fuller information respecting the propose insiuuiiuo. 1 TIMOTHY CLOWES Hemnstead. April 3. 1818. Thetunscriher liereby declares his un - nualiDd approbation of the establishment propo sed bv the Revd. Mr. Clowe. Convinced as he ol Mr. Clowes ample qualiucatmnt. Im th of head and the heart, for tnerii.tei,a;ng such institution, he docs not li. tituie lo recommend him to public confidence, and his ac tdemy to public patronage. SETH II A RT, Ret tor 01 St. Geo. Church. Hempstead. Hempstead, 3d April, 1 81 8. qt 1 he above prospectus meets with my neai iy concurrence. J CHARLES WEBSTER. v Pastor of the Pretbyterian Church, Herapt'cad A t hag lettered Hempstead Academy" will lie at G. C. Langdon's Long - Maud Steam - Boat tort t Hotel, for com uniraticM with any person attached t - fhe irttt!tuti'i. ap 7 rcasrCXawtf in me best manner, and ol Ihe bcM featcued ma - terials ; is copper fastened, and was coppered in Liverjiool wilh 30, 2t! and 20 nz. copper, and rigged and lilted with a lar?e armamtut in the I I ? on at 6 X Ashes, 53 bbls Pot Ashes, for sale by J. OSBORN, Pl3 V8 South sin et. IRISH LINEN; LAWNS, Kc. 6 - 4 silLL i INGs, LUNG 4 - 4 and 7 - H Linens 7 8 hah' bleached ditto 7 - 8 Lawns, 7 - 8 Dowlas 7 - 8 Lintn, in hall pn - ces 5 - 4 Shirtings ; 3.4 Diaper 7 - 8 Grry Lawns; 3 - 4 Blown Linen. Received per laiest arrivals, nnd are offered lor sale on reasonable Wins, hy THOMAs SUFFER. ap 13 Iw No. C Depeyster - street ?TJKY.KI.' 'l ca'u7,'nv altemoon, from No ... s.i(.f - i, mill , luiii - FiiLri ai.ii n ai - ,.r.i. ... .. ;i. i;. ..... j isninifll of I wr . Mir tl.o h ! I. ... .!.; noarlv to the Ion. hail .in n Ipnthnr rollitr u ill. m lanre dog ring fastened to it. W tmever will re. 'urn said slut to N'o. 177 Water - street or lt)5 front - st. shall receive the above reward ami thanks of the owner. an 13 1 w K l E DOLLARS KEv ARD. ANA WAY on the night of the 12th inU black Woman ; named Sally, ol small statue speaks very moderate naturally slow in her movements, she has a large scr on one ol her arms. She took with her her Child, nl 4 years 01 age, very active, lit - the iMine nt joe, on In breast will be found a Inrue Scar neensioned by a burn. It is supposed she was tnlir'd by a black Man. Whoever will return saiil woman ami child, shall receive the above rewntd nnd oil ne cessary chnrgns. l persons are lorhul liirhour - iiig or trusting them under the penalty of the law. SARAH Mr MILLAN, ep!32l 9ii Broad wey FOH HALF. A FIRST rmc fist trottinp Horse, and a fash ionablo (iig, but little used. Also, a light neat one horse waggon. Ap - plyto IMUilAS II. THOMAS, ap 13 10 N illiam street 70,000 HIGIIFSP PRIZE. FOR SALE AT 14C,BroacIway: VflLFORI) And OWrr.O Tirk'.TU ll I ... l,.nva. I... A. 1 - 1. meni es on (he 5th of next monlh - and Ihe first urawnuiiiii'M r wui tie eniiiieil to mh o dollars OV EGO ROAD LOTTERY. 1 0,01 M I lirkels only SCHEME. $ 10,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 SO of 500 nnd 140 of 100 dolls. Part of the pjizes will he determined ns follows : t irtt looo blanks lo he entitled to 30 dollars each ; first drawn number lt dav 6000 dollars ? 2d, 5oo;3d, loon; 4Hi, 5oo; 5th, 5ooo ; filh, 5oo; 7th, o,ono;8lh, 5oo; Oth, looo : loth. Son: Mill, ; 12th, r.oo ; IJ1I1, looo ; I4th,5oo ; 15lh, ; 16th. 5oo : 17th. looo : lUth. 5oo: 19!h, looo; 20th, 5oo. I ickcts and shares for sale in a variety of num bers. Whole Tickets 32 dollt - IIalres 16 Quar ters 6 - Eighths 4 Sixteenths 2 dollars. For tale in a variety of numbers. orders irom a distance promptly executed, and nil Lottery information eiven eratis. Kvcrv days drawin - t. . - . - iv s - nprrai MoatinK prize There certainly ha not been a renter inducement to adventure in any previous littery for a number of years. Only 10,000 tickets, and many vn. liable prizes, all to be determined within a few weeks. Cash paid lor Medical Science f riZ'. np z BANK MOTES OF Ihe following Batiks discounted on reason - hie terms, or received at par for tickets, hy ROBERT WATfE, jun. jewliurgn, Catskill, Utica, Ontario, Jefferson, Niagara, Geneva, Hudson. Middle District, Orange, Auburn, Plaltsburgli. GRAND ROAD LOTTERY. Commences drawing Ihe 5th of next month, and will be completed in twenty drawing. SCHEME. 1 Prize of 7o,ooo Dollar 1 of 3."i,ooo Dollars 2 of Dollar 2 of 5,ooo Dollar lo of l,ooo Dollar 3o of Son Dollai 14o of loo Dollars 32oo of 3o Dollar Only 10,000 Ticket. Present price of Tickets and Shares Whole Ticket $32 1 Quarter $8 Halves 10 Eighths 4 Sixteenths Two Dollars. But will advance before the day of drawing For tale by 33GfBroadwy. Who recently told the following prizes, being more than hat been old by any other flice in thi city, in the short period of six months, viz : No. .440 $1 0,000 4.647 15558 1C3I2 4464 5701 j,ooo 1,000 17.265. 7,280 7,305 19,062 SO.CCJ 1,000 1.000 1,000 1,000 1 ,000 And several of 500, 100, tc. ke. ap 13 31 POST COACH LINE roR PHILADELPHIA BY WAY Of POWLES - HOOK IMPORTANT TO PASSKKCKRS. No cornet tion with the pot chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO SITION REVIVED. NEW Line of Tost Coache with every con f venience for pnteneert and hnzgaice, on Spring THROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will ttartfroin the Coach of fice, old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every fSuntlavt excepted) at baif past five o'clock, by way of Newaikl New Brunswick, Pnnrrton. Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at I'hiln.lolnhia the same afternoon, at 5 o'clock United state Mail Coach, with a guard, with eVv - ry convenience lor putsangers ano Diiggai;', tprinss. The U. 8. mail coach will start ironi the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - street, r.ew York, etery day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive Philadelphia next morning at6oclock Only passengers admitted. . For seats in ttit ahovenamed Lines, apP'T lo THOS. WHITFIELD, at tlie old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at tlie old No. 1 Courtlandt - sftett, the ond0eo??' Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. ' - R1CII t'CO. N. 124 Broadway, corner ol Ce dar - street. New - York. . . . ... 0A" S7oSrM NSTCO ap 13 2 - T CONCERT and BALL. J. I.IEWITT, respectfully acquaints his friends and Ihe public, that hi Concert will take place n Thursday next, April 16th, at the City Ho - ici. Lauer 01 ine ort ncstra, nt. Hewitt. PART 1st. t)yerture Lodoitka Kreu'irr Sn, (No, no. no. tluoui:li Ihe woods I cannot iru) ) .viiss conrad Variations on tie piano forte (Hope told a flat taring laic) - Miss Hewitt, accompanied on the nuie, ny air. Mnscla. "iig, (enlily sliep my hahy) Mi - t Hewitt. Favorite Anilimle (the npriz:) Hnvdo. ng, (fl r smiling eyes) - Mr K'eene ; compo "u 1 - .011. fiy loriuin ny .ir. nioran. Concert.. flarionet. by Mr. PUillot, from the King's Theatre, London ; his first appearance ncre. Echo Duel Miss Hewilt and Mr. Keijie. Glee, (W here shall ih f,ver rest) Miss Hew ill, Mr. Wilson and an amateur. Concerto piano forte (t raiuHrJMitt Hewitt. ,. PART 2d. (rand Double Concerto lor 2 piano fortes Miss Hewilt and Mr. St hoier, lately from Euroix , firsl H - riormance. S ng, (when Hern oppression) Miss Conrad. Hungarian Wuliz, with varialiout on the flute Mr Meline. S'.iig. (I he young son of chivalry) - Mrs. Meline I ot Pourn, lor a lull orchestra, composed by J. Hewitt, in which will lie introduced the favorite air ol rt .Inn Aduir, on the kent huglo. song. (Young Cupid stole where Flora) Mist Hewilt. Glee, (Here in cool grot) Mii Hewitt, Meitrt. Wilson, llolloway, and Amateur. Minilello Pleyel. Sons. ( The cabin boy) Mr Keene. Ilndn's celebrated ln well overture, in which the orchestra take their leave nl the audience. Alter which will be a bull. Tickets, I dollar eai h, lobe had at Dulim - ' music store Goodrich's bonk store Broadway ; Wilson's Anil Gc ti't niit'if - storns, .Maicli ii - ltine ; J. Hewitt's Musical R. Hisitory, 150 1 - 2 William - sl. ; and ltilej' music store, Chatham street, tip 13 11 Ali I il .i; A r LW cent ll men can he ncroinnmihileil l wiln Board, in a private fumilt. in a pleas ant part of the cily of Ji ray. Enquire nt this "ffics "l " Ini IODLKN RELIGION. 11 imlural prim il pies, lor sal i,t VALENTINE'S, 104 uronuway, (nceoO cents, up 1 1 41 SI EAM - BOA I EIRE FLY. (C3r 'I his hunt will com jgs I mence running I Vn - yr rzyftfr - mj V"ik and .ve - t.!f r" "'f.' "j I ue - day, Ihe I between New ewhurgh, on 14'h Anril l.e tun li .itt Aeiv - Yi'rk evt ri Tuesd iv. Thurs day and Saluiday, nt 0 A. M. and Nnwhurgb on nionnay, tvcuiu.tduy and rriday, ul OA. Al. up I I SUNDAY SCHOOL ADIlRr. - . r,HIS day is published a.ul for sale hy T. J S. SWOIUIS. No IWI Pearl - slreel. mice 31 1 - 4 cent", " The bom lit of Sunday Schools considered : in an nddnss, deliven - d nt Iheuniii - ertary meeting nl Ihe Sunday Schools, in union with Ihe New - York Fro! slant Episcopal Sunday School Society, in St. Paul's Chap. I, en Wednesday, the 3lst day ol December, 18.7, hy John Henry Ilnhnrf, I). D Iti - hop t.f Ihe Protestant Episcopal Church in Ihe st ile of N - York, and Ret Inr of Trinity Church. To which is annexed Ihe first annual report of the hoard nl managers of Ihe New York I'roteitant Episcopal Sunday Society." np II 1 FOR i A I A:, OR JO LKi, A large two story, House ni d nhout 10 ones of land, between Ihe 6 a .il 7 mile stnnet. Bloominiiiluie Road. For imrticulnrs enouiie of NICKS. DePEYSTER. up 11 1m Near the Premises. "1 LET. The handsome 3 story brick house and stable No. 310 Broadu ay. For term enquire at . I.IMlii...a ' ' A. II U I - U t 'O Intelligence office, 59 Chambt lx 1 I "vvMr, A&T KAY, large PAKROl, the VJi plumag a pea green, ihe neck a bright yel low, and under the wings a deep red and purple Whoever rtturnt said rnrrot in ,. t Willinn,. street, will be handsomely rt warded, wmi in any nanus, ty cimiiuu rvr.nw... TO LET.. From 1st May next, (he store No. 5 Wil li.tiii - slreet. with or without apartments, undlhe dweliiag house thereon, together : . . . . . . . or tcpcrale. lor terms apply to CHARLES READE, On the premise. ap 11 Iw HOllsE TO BE LET, Situated about 2 3 4 milet from the City - Hall, 011 the old imst road, and adjoining the house of G. A R. Waile. The house is a neatly finidied one, and lit for a small family ; has a kitchen and cellar, 2 parlor, 3 bed - rooms, ami eood r ailed earrita. There is a small garden, and a stable fit for a horse and gig. Inquire next door to Ihe premises, or at 54 Maiden - lane ap 13 ' ' ' ' IO LET. il.l'p k small genteel lamtly, part of the Uiree - tttbrf Jrick house, No. 34J Greenwich - . iL? . . . - .... - - Llll.... corner 01 rrovosi - sireet, won ymi bi.iu and cejlatv' ' Fuquire on the premises. COttUMBlAN PICTURL tiALLERY, t 116 FCI.TOM STRUCT, Ross's lluihlinsrs. near Broadway.) I'o connoisseurs and amalt ur of the Fine Artt, nnd fo the enlightened punnc or ,w - 1 ora.. rMlE proprittorof an t.xtensive collection o( I pictures, the worm 01 me un. ruuuo.. n,.i,ii..r. hnvu.s! lust arrived from Europe, where he ha purchased them from the cabinet ol Rome. Naolet. Florence. Pant, Amsterdam and I ......ion. h 11 vt - rv considerable exiw - ncc, propo. set to exhibit them to the ladie and eenllemen ,.r ti.;.,.iiv nm in vicinity. The exhibition will begin on Thursday, 16th of April. It will he far interior to any a yet off. red in the U. State. tl, m. - ii.rvi litine undoubtedly original consist ing of upwardt o 200 picture!, by tlie bcl dim - tiT . AHtnission 50 cent each, or one dollar per month. Hour from 10 in the roornin; to even in the evening. Catalogue may be had at the Gallery. The ttore 61 Fulton - itreet. Enquire on the premises. "P aw uirTSMI DISTRICT UP HKW - IORR. I I IE it remeinbend, That ou the econd day I ) of April, in the forty second year of the Inde M.nrtni'e of the United Statet of America, Wil liam Jobnton. of the taid ditlric.f, hath detotited in this office the title of a book, the ntht whereol he claims at author, in the wordt ana nguret 101 - lowinj, to wit " Reports of caes adjudged in the court ol hancery of.New - Y'irk :' by William Johnson, isellorat Lw, yol. II ; containms inr .. - . January, 1816, to September, 1817, inclu - conformily to the ac t of the congress of Ihe .,7m,..,. Entitled." An set forleiicou - ii - us I .tw. II : containms the cases from January, 1816, to September, 1817, inclu live. In a, . J Lit .. .:ti..l map., charts and books, to II ''""' I,r? ".eJoVsofsuth copies during 'J,,,'V nenliooed ;' a - .dl.oto an act, T"1!11!'1' , .J at L tuppleme.'ary to an ncl, enlitl. d. an act lor ate suppmu j - by set unrig tlie the encouraceiuent of l7,'"K ..hor, copies ol mnps " barf and books, to the auihors "dTroprietors ol s h co,, during thetime. lerem mentioned, and the benefit. Hereof to Hie art.of ri. sieiiiiig. ngrayu.g, and Clerk of the toulhern district of New - York, ap 13 4w V A NTs a situate lis a grille - ! lau.liy, a V 1 woman thit wi - lics to take I tic charge ol children ami do the plain sewing Can git! good recoojin' - ndatioo. tor partKalar eouuite at Ihisnfli. r. ap lw 1 1 U A l ION W AN I EU for two ld, one O thirteen the other fifteen veara of age - Enquire, of Samuel loyn. No. 43 CourUanUt, corner of Greenwicu - ttrecC ap 13 St MARBLE FOR BUILDING, tc. rTl H E proprietors of the southern marble qua - X ries, near Kiog's - Bridge, give no tic, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the Amg's - ZJniefee Marble and Lime lard, loot of Beach - street, on the Hudsou river, an extensive Hock of marble lor budding, of the followuie; description, viz : Ashlar Cojiing Foundation Stone Chiuinrt - Piecea Facings Columns WatertaWo Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels Art hei Alo Lime of the lst quality. rCr A ronslant supply of the above materials may beralculaled upon; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagi nienls, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 1 At Ihe Yard. REMOVAL. 07' N. SMITH DA VIES has rrmoved his chemical perfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of Liberty - street, ou the west side of Broadway. men ! NO J ICE. (tJ - All persons having demands against the estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to send their accounts to the office of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau f rest. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh 27 1m Adpiiinslralor. (Ly 'I wo shares 111 the New - York l ibrary society, FOR A LF, price $2j each. Enquire at uo. 124 Broadway. mh 28 NOTICE. . OCT T he tuht. ribert hating received a general Hsiignuinit ol ail the estate of John Murray & Sods lor the In in fit of creditors as etprew. d in the assignment, have authorised Teter Ludlow to liquidute the untettlid aecountt aid to receive pay menl of all debts due to the said firm, or to the individual partners - who will attend to the same at his office, No. Ill Prurl - ttreet. ,L. , WILLIAM BAYARD, ";"4 ( HENRY BARCLAY. iMTICE. fjT The subscrilH - rs have formed n connection for the purpose ol transai tints Coministion Business, u:itit r the firm nl S. and T W HI PTE MORE, nnd will lur the present do business nt No. 60 South and 129 Peail streelt ; and will constantly keep lor sale a geneial assortment of Cotton nnd Woolen Cants, ol the mnniilat lure of Ihe lale New - York Manulactnring Ccmpany. Just receiied, per tchr. Sandusky, iroiu Mobile, nnd for sale, 13 billet Dei r Skint ) 22 Kirks Snake Root of prime nual. 2 do Btetwtix, SAME. WHITTEMORF, apSIm TIMO. W HITTEMORF. (I , Mi. GALLOP having taken the house No 21 llroadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oiler fiinn the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. The plcasantiirssof the si tuulion needs no comment. uih 24 tf W E.s I EhN CANAL COMPANY, frt - A dividend ol five nnd half IX r rent, on (lit l npilal Hot It n saitl Company, will he tin id to the S lock hold. - rs on Ihe Dlrif April Apply lo Baient llletu ki r, Esq. Albany, or 220 William - street. By order n Ihe it i ret tors. THOMAS EDDY, Treaturcr. mh 16 Im IL" " The Orphan Arsylum roriety" wrll hold their annual meeling on Wednesday next, at 12 o'clock, at the City Hotel, whrti Ihe report of the last year will he read, and 123 orphans, now under the care of the tocety, presented to their patront. The annual subscrip. lions become due al this time It is hoped subscribers will recoiled the incouveuit uce aud expense of employing a collector, and with tlicir usual promptness, assemble, 011 this ntcniinn Al persAi.s n.i - - LCIIU. Ey order of th board, I. VV. OGDEN, Eec'ry. Should Ihe weather be unfavorable, the meet - lug win ne postucj UMt.l the Urn floe day. ap 1 1 (TV tiiiailnership. 'I he subscribe is have entered into Copartnership in the grocery bu siness, under the linn of A. & S. Smith, al No. 168 Kionl - slrcet. A lilt AH AM SMITH, ap II Iw STEPHEN SMll ll. HOcKAW.frURNPl K E. ft - Notice is hereby uuen to the Slock JIol - deis, in the Bockaway Turnpike company, that an election losthe 1 hoic.f ol Hireclnis, will tie held ut Smith Hicks' Tavern. Jamaica, on Saturday the 2d day of May, at 12 o'clock. By order tif the President, up 1 1 I w JOHN A. KING, Eer.'ry. NOTICE. Xf The society for instructing the Deaf and Dumb meet this afternoon, at tlie Mayor's office, at 4 o'clock. ap 13 JNO.B.FCOTT.Serr'y. American Aradrmy of Ihe Fin Aril. Wf The spring exhibition of this aradrmy will I opened lo the peblicon Monday the I Git of May next. Artists aro requeued to tend whatever articles tney inieiiu 10 tiuir mr rxiiiui - lion, on or before Saturday, 16th May after which noue ran lie received. By order. ALI.XR. ROBERTSON, sev'ry. ap 13 2tdfclawtlGMay Engineer Departmenl, I Wnshington, 8th April, 1818.1 frV rrnoosnl will lie received at thi De partment,! until first August next, to furnish by contract From one to tix million orbrictt From one totwo millions of cubic feet of buil ding ttooe ' ..... From ten thousand to fifty thoutand buintlioi (tore lime. To he delivered in good order at Mobile, Lake Pontchartrain, River Mississippi, and Lake Ba - rataria the time when Ihe first delivery ran be made, and the quautity which cao be delivered in each month succeeding tlie first delivery, mutt be Hated wifh the termt. Propotal will alto he received for from nity to .mh hundred carpr ntert ; for Irom we "unilrea to one hundred and filty o.sson.; and from to hundred to three hundred laborers, o proceed to Mobile and ly.ois.ana, t..lnC various desenptmns at the before mt n iooed plain. It woulJ ! preh rahle to have the mawo. carpenter., and laborers - dand acomp.n - "d by matter workmen. Arrangemenlt would be made lo employ the rsoi.s engaged to M. rute the work, Irom July to November, at thote Mili.M "..bra. .d in II before menlioned pla - 1... .i.:. K iw.rd. r uix.o the Gull of Mexico. Ene igement would not be made for a thorter im noil lhao eight monuit. oautiaciory security Ln..M be reuuired for the faithful performance of any contract that may be made. The term up - L.a..l.iii - ...A l.tiA Ailf4 It ru. - (in Willi 11 WIIIKIUnilsilILl vein i - rv wwwtii - a - furraed, mutt b lUted id the propoftnla. 1 l' . C T - Brigadier General and Chief Engineer. Tf i.rints r ol (he Portland Gaiette. D. M. ; the Centinel end Patriot, Btwtoti t the Frrninj Post and tlie Columbiao, new I ora ; the com monwealth, Pittsburgh, Penn. j the Reporter, Islington, Ken.; and the Gazette, New - Orleans, will p'ease to insert the (oiegoiug for one month and lorwarrj irjcir accounts 10 hk - engineer De artment. ap 13 lui OLD .HADKIBA WtVF. AT AVCTOJf. WILL be old on Friday the 17th cunent, at 12 o'clock, by IIOES k TOWN, in front of their auction room. 20 pipe. 3 hhe. and 1 or. cask choice London particular Mle - ria wine, from 5 to 7 sr. old. wn imported, having never been out of the n - poller? po - lX.lcrs and private individual: Cill have "PF - rt - 'V - Jffi 2 Ihem.elve. with genuine, high ria wme, fit for immediate use Samyle 7f be seS, at the .uctkm room two day. preV - oC to the day of .ale. .

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