The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 31, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, December 31, 1913
Page 3
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WE ARE OFFERING:-- 980 Children's cord and felt Hats 49 cents $2 98 and $3.50 beavers and plush $1.49 $1,50 and $1.98 felts and velours 98 cents Si $4 oo and $5.00 Patterns and exclusive shapes $1.98 Skipper and Ten Companions of Lost El Dorado Were Cast Upon Barren Uland. Norfolk Island, Australia, Dec. 31.-Eleven modern Ko'uinson Crusoes were landed here b the British steamer Knight of the Garter, after an enforced residence of six months on. Easter Island, a Chilean possession, practically uninhabited, tiOOO miles out in the vastness ot the Pacific oee; n. The eleven men formed the crew of the schooner El Dorado, of San Francisco, which lei't the Columbia river on April 1, bound lor Antoi'agabta, Guile, and \vab abandoned on June 13, alter her riggings had been torn to shreds by the wind and her sides Liat- tered in by the waves of a tempest which broke loose along the early hours of the morning of the 13th. How the little crew, all in one boat, managed to ride the fury of the storm that increased in \ iolence throughout the day is a wonder to the skipper, Captain Benton. "We just stuck to our oars," he said, "and put our trust in God. All tbrougli the night v. e lay to, expecting every moment to be carried under, when along morning time the tempest began to subside, and right to port, about eleven miles away, the otulines of an island loomed up in patches through the L.-... t. Most of the men were dead tired, holding on to their oars all night, but I cheered theni along, and v,-e ma.le straight for land, reaching a small Inlet in about five hours. "We started in to explore our surroundings. Yes, sir; it sounds mighty like Robinon Crusoe, but that's just what we were up against. Well, to ; make a long story short, we dug what tools we had out of the boat, built some sort of a log cabin, and for the next few days lived on the little we had put in the boat before leaving the El Dorado and from what fruits and herbs we could pick about us. "Aftpr we'd, been on The island for a month or so, tlie ship's cook came in one afternoon with a story about seeing a littio village a few miles to the north of r.s. At this all the men looked kind o' scared, instead of the other way rouirl. Vou see, we thought they might be cannibals. "One ia';niiag we drew lots to Bee who'd go with me. It fell to three of the sailors, so leaving the two mates, the ship' 4 ? cook and four seamen behind, we set out, after provisioning the boat with fruit and other things that we'd been able to raise. "The natives had said something about Papeete, one of the Society Islands, where we'd find white folks. It took us c tartly twenty-eight days before we readied the island. That was on*" Nov. o, and as the natives had said we found immediate relief. "Here, alter a week or so, the Knight o! tiin ("Jarter took us on board. I told thf r-Ui riper about my companions on ICaster Island, and we went back and pn'lteJ them up. "Yes, sir: they were mighty glad when we hove in sight on a real steamer. They'd already given us up for lost. In lact, after all I've gone through I'm not qi-ite settled in mind whether I'm really alive myself." The rcv.c'ierl men have not as yet made any plans, bpt it is expected that they will return to San Francisco on the first available vessel. Faint* as Wilbur Lawaon Take* Vacant Seat at Table. Gumoro, Bel., Dec. JJ. -- Separated from his family for more than fifteen years and supposed to be dead, Wilbur l r awson arrived Vre Iroin Mexico Just ij» time to walk, into the old homestead and take his place ut the dinner table. His mother 'Vuitod. from the shock of his sulen appearance. After arriving at the house he ^ _ peered into the lighted room and saw as. K h c iis,is,tcr vm- m u ctmhms fuc- that the fair.ily was just ready to ait down to A late supper. He noticed one chair and plate where no one was sitting, and v t i L h u u t a word opened the, door and took the vacant place. I His mother immediately recognized | him and almost fainted from joy, while the rest of the family swarmed around him with shouts of joy and hand- \ shakes. j I.awson loft home when a lad and after roaming all around t h i j country ' Y in 30 U. finally found his way to Mexico, where: he became identified with some silver j mines. It was during the present out-, break in Mexico that he decided to return fo liis home. loi y at U i M g h a i i i t u i i . a In .ivy r life , , China: C.'ntH-'.e ^Kvernment trvups re^ j S p u r t i n g . Tile \voi Id's, tvaini c l i a i i ! [ t i o u - b l u p won oy M v . u r K e 1*. M r l . o i i g f i l i n of ! the l-'iuted Statt-to. u no ilrl o.-iied the I K n g l i x l i oh.imp on. Cttai lcs I- Diion. at j W i m b l e d o n ! B a l k a n U : i r : ({..lUan pi-ace conference met at I J a M i a r p s i Storm A \ M i i i l M » r t n c-ii:«ed a lo^s or $1 UCO.Ow) In W i i s l i i n u t o n . l C ' Fno The F U i i M , v n i . I .if u n r i g 1'iar.t at H'tn^oi, 1'.i. u u i n t d . loss u p u a i d Of Sl.OGOUxU. I ft Airship Tti*a««r: Zeppalln airship L, No. 1 wrecked by a hurrican* ov*r th» Xorth *«a; IS 3rowne^l. Political: The senate paM*4 th« Und«r» Wood-Simmons tariff bUI. 47-37. Fire: Frames destroyed IW cottage*. S hotels and a church at Saltatoury nested, Mass.; low 1200.000. I* Memorial: Monument commemoratlnK Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's naval victory over the British ttoet Sept. 10, 1813. unveiled on Put-In-Bay island, j Lake Erie. I Obituary: William 3. Oaynor. mayor ot New York, died on board the Baltic at . sea; aged 6i j Personal: Harry 1C Tbaw deported from | Canada across the Vermont border near Norton Mills. It. Corn-fin lion: 47th annual encampment ' of the Grfuid Army of tne Republic ' open?il at Chattanooga. Tenn. ' U. Pers.on.-iI: Sons of Veterans In session at Ciuttanooga. Tenn , elected John K j Sautter of Pittsburgh commander In j chief. Political: Court of Impeachment to try Governor William Sulzer organized at Albany Ik Personal: Washington Gardner of Albion. Mich., elected commander in chief of the G A K at Chattanooga. t CbUunry: Dr. ·p«cimll*t In ··rthquakt: Shock* in P»r»i wr« eltir of Ab«nc»y. klHlkf M* p»naa%,. t S. Politic*!: Ludwl« UL took UM «MB M klu« of Bavkrt*. - ,' ·portloc: Y»U defeated Unfm M «···» ball. 17 to 9, at New Ua«Mk Omn- ttouth won over PiinnaylvkRki «t loot- tall, 34 to n. at Philadelphia. Hwvant beat Princeton in the anoual tootbUI game. 1 to 0. at Princeton. fc Storm: Fierce blizzard ivept the taint- Alt weat and lake recion; r*«Mto wrecked and property destroyed: ov«r St» live* loat; aoow a Inctaa deep in Cleveland. 10. Convention: American Federmtlo* ft Labor met at Seattle, Wash. Matlonal Association of Good Roada met tm Mb Louis. U. Mexico: The premier of Great Britain announced that his government would uphold the Mexican policy of the United States. Convention: Daughters of the Confederacy met at New Or'^aas. 13. Political: Chinese ;jnrllament suspend* ed. Railroad Accident: 12 killed and over 100 injured in a wreck on the Central ot Georgia railroad near Eufala, Ala. 20. Contention: Congiesa to test the mcr- ucoi s ia i-amvuu ucwi ».«»·.»··· Its of the d i v i n i n g rod fur discovering I*. Financial^ Troubles^ II. B ; Ho»ln«_* " SIX SIEGEL CONCERNS IN RECEIVERS' HANDS Friendly Action Taken in New York and Boston. m R E M E M B E R -- D u r i n g the week of the sale no hat in THE HUB will cost you more than $1.98. We Give "S. H." Green Trading Stamps The Hub Onteeilinj Store "THE LADIES' SHOP" 10 Carlisle Street. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. ::c^"33CK*::*:*:5:^ y:-c*:x::Koc*:*^^^^ ^*iTMY-"V*7^V"Tt 1 ;3^^V^ Lee's Glass Blowers | and Vauderville Show I New i'ork, Dec. 31.--Six enterprises controlled *y the Siesel Stores Corporation in this city and in Boston v/ere placed in the hands ol receivers iu irienuJy proceedings instituted in the federal courts. The concerns did an annual gross business estimated at $40,000,000, but they found themselves hard pressed by curtailment of banking credit. The companies for which receivers v%-pre named are: The Fourteenth Street Store, New York; the Simpson- Crawford company, New York, a department store; the Henry Siegel company, a department store in Boston: Henr Siegel Co., bankers, New York; Henry Siegel Co. wholesal- rs, Xew York; the Merchants' Express company, New York. The banking business was concluft- d in connection with the Fourteenth Street Stcre, in New York, hut the amount of deposits or the number of depositors was not made known. Counsel pnnounced that Henry Sieg-el and Frank E. Vogel, principal owners of the concerns involved, had pledged $3,500,000 in stock in the Siegel Stores Corporation toward the depositors' protection. The bank will proceed to liquidation. Eqorts will be made to reorganise the chain of stores as soon as possible. Z-.Tesnwhile the business will he c o n t a c t e d by the receivers. Tha petitioning corporation declares thp Simpson-Crawford , company owes, it $n.-),ooO: the Fourteenth Street Storp o'.vcp it $030,000, and the Henry Sio?el company, $00,000. No further staeraent of assets or liabilities ot any of the concerns is a\ail- atile. EX-QUEEN OF SWEDEN DEAD Late King Oscar's Widow Wa» Invalid For 25 Years. Stockholm, Sweden, Dec. 31.--The Dowager Queen Sophia of Sweden died here after a very brief ilness. She was seventy-seven years old and the widow of King Oscar II., who died on Dec. 8, 1S07. Before her marriage to the late king the dowager queen was Princess Sophia ot Nassau. She was the mother ot the present king, Gustaf V. * "The Queen mother's heaHTrTrad been failing for the past quarter of a century, and during that time she took little part on state functions. She was a warm supporter and advocate of the Salvation Army and its methods. It is rumored that she leaves a large fortune, which will go to her younger son, Prince Oscar, who renounced his rigths to the throne to marry Miss Munk, a royal maid of honor. The cmeen mother heartily approved of the match. SAYS SHE'S_GR_ANT'S BRIDE East Waterford, Pa., Girl Declares Wsrrior's Grandson Married Her. HarriMmrg, Pa., Dec. 31.--The Star- InOependent, ot this city, prints an interview with Lillian F. Pannebaker, of East Waterford, .Tuniata county, in which she says that she was married in Jersey City, N. J., on July 22 by Rev. A. E. Caudus to Chapman Grant, grandson o f President 1'. S. Grant. She says that her husband is a lieutenant in the United States army, having boon commissioned on Oct. 15. and is now at Fort Clark, Tex., where she expects to join him. Miss Pannebaker is the daughter of W. A. Pannebaker, who was owner ot a foundry and machine works at East Wat°rford, and H\es with her mother. The younr woman is a nurse and has served in that capacity in several hospitals. She refuses, to tell where she met Grant or why the alleged marriage is kept secret. Will exhibit in Thomas Brothers Hall, Bigler- for one week commencing J A N U A R Y 5,1914. Kvery night for the full week Vive Acts of Vaud- erville. Glasb Blowing featuring the LEE children Gertrude and John, in the lates and most up-to-date Songs and Dances. Doors open at 7:30 AM.ISSION to all 10 centt For the big. double show, Saturday night the Admirsion will be 15 cent*. Patients Escape From Asylum. Pottsville, Pa., Dec. 31. -- Because screens have not been put on all the win*flows of the new $600,000 insane asjlum at Sehuylkill Haven, three patients have escaped by jumping out. Two of these were captured, but the third, John Selinski, was not heard of until Tuesday, when it was learned that ho took a train to New York and from thsre for a board an ocean liner bound for his native land. Cup Defender "Defiance.'' Path, Me., Dec. 31.--"Defiance" la the name selected for the yacht to be built here as a possible defender of the American cup next snrnmor by a syndicate of New YorU, Philadelphia ur,i! 'loston yac-ht«men. Binns Wins $12,500 Suit. A l b a n , X. Y., Dec. ;il. -- "JarU" (Jinn-, the \\ireless operator hero of tl.o steamer Republic disaster in lOoii, will receive $12,500 because a moving picture concern exploited a fake portrait ot him. The court of appeals upheld tho judgment for that amount obtained against the Vitagraph company. GENERAL MARKETS PI ULADEI-UHIA--FLOUR steady; whiter clear, $3.75@4; city mills, fancy, $4.90^)5.10. RYE FLOUR per barrel. firm, at $3.50@3.60 VYHKAT steady; No. 2 red, new, 93 CORN* steady; No. 2 yellow, 75® . OATS quief; No. 2 white, 4Gc., lower grades, 44c. POTATOES steady, at 70@85c. per bushel. POULTRY: Live steady; hens. 15@ 17c.; old roosters, \2@l?,K.; turkeys, . Dressed firm: rholce fowls. old roosters, I3c.; turkeys, 24 . RUTTEU firm; fancy creamery, 40c. EGOS steady: seleoted, 43@45c.; aearby, 41c.; western, 41c. Live Stock Prices. CTIICAPrO-HOOS strons: AUGUST. J Pcdestrlanism Kdvvard Pasoi We*- j ton. the pwlt\stnan, i i i i i v c i l at Milv.-au- j keo. ending his w a l k ot 1.6ij imU-s Horn i .Neu Vork c i t y , w h e n c e he started | J u n e 2 I Mining Accident: 19 miners Killed in a colliery accident at Tower C i t . I'.u 4. War Game: War gam* t K t u n - n b a t t l e ships, 'oipedo boats and Mibm-jr In. 3 of ' the noi th A t l a n t i c llei-t and lnu-» at tho eu^tcrn end of Long 1-iaiu! mund opened w i t h A d m n a l C h a r l t t . J Budgrr in command of the enemy ( n a \ ) a:id Gen T. 11- Barry her.d of the delend- ing army i Obituary: George Hitchcock, noted American painter, on ihe I n l a n d ot Mar Ken. , Holland, aged ca | Personal: Resignation of H. L. Wlison. ambassador to Mexico, accepted bj the president. 5. Sporting: Peter Volo made a new- world's trotting record for 2-year-olds at Kalamazoo. going the Brut nu!e in 2:00. Fire: Blue Mountain House, a f a m o u s hotel In the Blue Ridge at Pen -Mar. Pa., destroyed by tire; loss* about £U'J,- '· COO. i S. World Tour: J II. Menrs arrived In i New York city, ending an a r o u n d the | world trip in 33 days, a hours. 35 rain- j utes and 4,A seconds, a record Obituary: Robert C. Ogden. philan'.hro- i pist, at Ketinebunkpoi t. Me.; aged 77 i Convention. Intei national congress ot j medicine opened In London ' 1. Explosion: Benzine explosion in th Union Petroleum works, Phiiade'phta, , caused a loss of $SOO 000. j Aviation Accident: Capt. S. F Cody. British-Americaji aeronaut, Uilleit al Aldershot, England, by ihe f a l l of » war aeroplane, which he piloted for , the government. , 8. War Game: In the army and navy , war game In Long Island sound tno enemy (navy) was victorious, forcing · a passage at 3 forts defended by tirniy \ forces. i 10. Political: New alien land law. antl- ; Japanese, went Into effect in C a l i f o i n i a i Balkan War: Peace treaty between Bui- i garia against Greece, Servia and Ruu- ' mania was signed at Bukharest: ' 1L Obituary: Gen Edward F. Jones, civil ! war veteran, hero of the trarch through , Baltimore April 19. 1SG1. and not d In ' politics and commerce, at Binghamton. ] -\" Y ; aged S3 13. Obituary: August Bebel, German so- clalist leader, at Zurich; aged 73 ! Personal. Governor V \ i l l i a m Sul?.er ot New Vork impeached by the assembly j 14. Obituary: Rear Admiral Silas C.iscy, ! U. S N., ri'tired. veteran of the. civil n-ar. at Warm Springs, Va.; ased Ti 17. Personal: Harry K. Thaw, R l a y t r or Stanford White, escaped f i o m the state , a s j l u m Cor insane criminals at Mat- ] te.'iwnn, N. Y. j Shipwreck: 40 lives lost nt the wreck ol the State of California In G mbier oo.y. oft" Alaska. I 15. Personal: S3d birthday of the E m p e r o r Franz Joseph celebrated t h r o u g h o u t A u s t r i a and Hungary. I 20 Obituary: Emile Olllvier. noted preminr of France under Napoleon 111., at An- I necv. France; aged SO. | Sporting: Dlrectum 1. made a world's pacing record of 2:02*1 at Uoshen, N Y Convention: COth I n t e r n a t i o n a l peace congress opened nt The Hague. i Fire: ?1.."00.000 lo«s by lire in the fartc-ry , district of Jersey City 23 fTluceliancous: Fredprlclc J Se\ bold, j for 40 years an astronomer on Madison ' Square New York, and G. A- K vet- i eran. died In Hoboken. N. J. L u k e Martin, "last of the Crons." died n-ar Sagin.iw, Mich.; aged about 110 .MMrs I 14 Convention: I n t e r n a t i o n a l Esperanto ronsress opened at Berne with 1.100 di-lppates present. j 26 Fire: Railroad shops burned at Te.igue. Ti-x ; loss J.1CO.OOO ' ·27. Fire: $1.000.000 loss by fire In the S m i t h company l u m b e r yards at Hay I'oint, Cal i Mexico: Piev(len_t Wilson delivcn-d a message to congress on the eituation In M-\lco 2S l i c i t W n v e : Record August heat In St. Louis; thermometer 10S In the streets TO. S p o t t i n g : tton the F u t u r i t y :it S u r n t r t g a Springs. N Y Accident: 0 killed by explosion of boilers of s t e a m e r Alice on the Ohio at Coraopolis. Pa. 31. P n n n n i a Canal: The Pacific end of tho opened by explosion of d y n a m i t e , l e t t i n g the w a t e r s of the ocean I n t o the Mlrullorps lock 1 * SEPTEMBER. L. Convention. I n t e r n a t i o n a l trade? tm- ion con^rcts met In Manchester, i:n^l a n d N a t i o n a l C o n s e r v a t i o n cxpo.-l- t l o n opened at K n o x v i l l e . Tonn. i R j i l r o a d Accident- 21 persons K l l l f " ( l and over -10 injured In a collision on the New Vork, New Haven and l i ; n t ford near New Haven. Conn 10 kil.iHl and 30 I n j u r e d In a collision on toe M i d l a n d railroad at Hav\es J u n c t i o n A \ i n t l . n Roland Garros. Fiench avl- ] ator. IU w nci oss tho M e i l t t t - r r a n t * tn ' sen from PL Ruphael Fiance, to Kl- xertn. North Africa, 4»»S milp» in b hours: nvei.igo speed a b o u t ft^ miles t Political: The house of rtpre.seniim !·» pnsbwl a bill g r a n t i n g the n t y or Francisco the use of Hetch-Hetc'iv ba^in. in the tjicrr.i N c v u d n mountains, for w a t e r s u p p l y : vote )S;t in 4.'{ L Fire: Fire dcsirovcrt 30 hlocks In I loi Springs. A r k . , loss tn.000.MiO The village of Rokhoma. Okli\.. burned, loss InOO.OUO China: Chinese govrrnmetit trO»ps c.ip- turpd tho clt;- of N a r i k l i i K . pruc!)c:iilv ending the icbpllion :is:lnsi the repub- llc, I Sporting: Jerome O Trnvprw won tor the 4th time the n a t i o n a l n m i t c u r golf championship. dpfe.T.lns John t: Anderson 5 up and 4 to play, at Ganlon City. N T. burled water, minerals, etc., met at Halle. Germany. Sporting: Francis Oulmet American amateur, won the open Kolf championship of the L'niied States, defeating tlie Hritish golfers Harry Vardon and Edward Kay at Krookline. Muss 22. Sporting: Philadelphia Ainietu-s clinched the Anieric"! league pennant u t Philadelphia. cielVatlns the Oftroit Tigers 4 to 0 and 1 to 0 44- Mexico: Fieilerico Garnboa. minister ol foreign affairs, nominated for president of Mexico S. O b i t u a r y : Patrick Ford, editor of the Irish World, in Brooklyn: aged 7U Panama Canal. W a t e r K-l m l o the G a t u n locks of the I'.'iivimn canal Sporting: Peter Volo made u new mark tor C-year olds, trotting a mile in - OU : 4 nt Co!uinbu» 27. Sporting: New York Giants cinched the National league p e n n a n t . Philadelphia to Coston by 9 to Z 2S. Lynchli g Riot: 10 killed. O) I n j u t e d in a race riot and !\nclitrig at Hairistou 80. F l i u : Lo:-s of tl.OQO O^'O by Hre In Barker Bros.' f u r n i t u r e Los Angeles. Cal. Political: The Underwood t a r i f f bill passed the house of representatives. 'Ji4 to 103. OCTOBER. L Panama Canal: Water was let into Cuiebra cut. 2. Political: United States senate passed the Cndet wood-Simmons tariff bill, 3u to 17. 4. Political: The Underwood-Simmons tar iff act became law. Panama Canal: Alarming earthquake bulk ot 3(S«Sfi«2iiii!iaf2*«5S^^ Method In Thtlr Living. "Don't you think, dear," begun Comfy, "that pur next door neighbors, the Scrubbs, are putting on a great deal too much htyle, conalderipg the fact tliat thov never know from day sales, $7.8508.05; light, $?.65fi)8- mixed, $7.7S«j)8.10: heavy, $7.70^8.15; rou«;h, $7.708fV.80: pigs, $G.7. r a7.70. CATTI.K stcafly: beeves ~$6.70(iS 9.CO; Texas steers, $0.90^7.90; stocK- rrs and t'eorters, $5@7.4r; cows and heifers, S3.50©3.r,0; calves, $7H)11. SHJfiBP strong; native, $4.75@6.10; yearling?. $5.85@7.10; larobn, natt\e, |f,.75@8.35. to day «her« tb« next meal is coming from?" "WeU," replied Mrs. Comfy, "you see, the more Btyle they put on the more likely they are to he invited out to dinner." shocks in the Panama canal zone C. Storm: Coast storm destroyed 500 houses at Nome, Alaska, loss SI.303.000 China: Provisional President Yuan Shih Kai elected president of the Chinese republic, 7. Sporting: In the open'ng game of tie world's baseball teries Philadelphia A t h l e t i c s (American league) defeated the New York GU-.nts ( N a t i o n a l league) 6 to 4 at N o u Yoi k 8. C o n v e n t i o n : G-vieral convention of the Piotetanl t;r'"""Opol C l i u i c h of Ainer Icn opened In Ne\ \ ork 9. Occ in Li«-nster: Ocean steamer V'ol t u i n o . t l n i r n u m line, f i o m f l n t i e r d p m Hol'and. to New York, burned 1.1 miti- o c p i n . dpaths 121; over iO'i persons rescued bj Ehu3 summoned by nireless 10. China. V u i n Shih Ka! inaugurated first pioMdent of China Mexico- Pi uvisional President Huerta ol Mexico arrested the chamber ol deputies, nnd assumed the powers of d'c- tator. dls.«ol-His congress. U. O b i t u a r y : Stanley Waterloo, journalist. in Chicago, aged 07 Sporting: '1 ne world s baseball series between tho American and N.-itional leagues « o n by Philadelphia Athletics. American league, m New V o r k ; score 3 to 1 (jth game) 12. A e r n n a u t l i »: IS bttlloons. Including the Uncle Sam and the !oodji'ar f i o m the U n i t e d Siates, startncl f i o m Paria In a race t o i ihe C o i d o n Hennett cup; S countries r epreserilc'd O b i t u a r y : T i m o t h y L. * Woodruff, noted R e p u b l i c a n leader, in New Y o r k ; aged 55. 13. C o n t e n t i o n : A m e i l o a n prison congress opene'l ut Inrllan.ipollH 11. F'annn'a C.'iinl: The tirst vessels lifted Into lily Paeilic c n t i a n t ' e ol the ca.nal Aeronn u t u r.. The Atru'rtran h.ilUion (lood yerir l a n d e d a t i i r l d l i n g n i n l i n g l r t n c l w i n n i n g t h e G o r d o n I'.enneu CUD. dis- tanee t i . i x e t f i l f i o m t h e s t a r t i n g point (Paris) in) milPs; t u n e ^1 I m u i s to. M c M i u i i l i i l . . M o n u m e n t to GiMi dock e'e'-l'-d on the b a t t l e g r o u n d -ot hi 1 * d e f e a t In 17Z.5. near U n i o n t o u n. Pa Mexico: Fo 1 ( i :gn envoys In Mevu-o n s k P O t h e i r g o x e i n i n c i i t s to .send u n r s . h l p s to g u a u l ili.j logntionsi Id. Political: Governor W i l l i a m Stilzor con vintptl on .1 ol the articles of impeach meat ag.Unat h i m 17. P o l i t i c a l G o v e i n o r Sulzer removcn from ofl'.ee by the court of Impeach men t. Airship Disaster: A Xeppelin dirigible balloon exploded u hen 3000 feet in the air nt Jolia.nniM.hnl. 1'ius.sia. k i l l i n g _" paK^enge/!. i n c l u d i n g 5 nn mbers of the a r l i n i r n l o commission Personal- Mrs K m r n e l l n p Pankluirst, E n g l i b h m i l i t a n t sun"r"gist. a r r i v e d al New Yoi IS. Aviation: Roland Gatros, French aviator, m.-ide n · i n n s d i p n i g h t of 5:ii miles from Mai.-ellles t u I ' H I is Sporting: I ' e i i n s j l v in in university fool ball team d e f i n e d H m w n university in tlie n n n u i i l H M M H - a t I ' l i i ' i n l p l p h l a : ^con 2Ji r n ft M * ^ ^ U a d \ ^ K a v e n s o r o f t o England u u n t n e w o n e n s golf r l m m plorisl-.lp of the United htates at Wll mlugton. I IP! Battle C p ' i l c n a r y Germans celebrated the b u t t l u of Li'|i7lg w h i c h ipsultPd In the d i n i H i r a u H defea,t of Napulcon B o n n p n i t e in ISIH. dedlcatins on th battlclield a m o n u m e n t sxld to be the finest It. Kurupe 18 Kiillroud Accident: Jn a wreck on the Mobile nnd Ohio railroad at Buckatun no. Miss . 16 soldiers of the coast artll l«ry were klllod nnd 100 I n j u r o d Fire: Fire at the r a l l i o u d ti-rmmals, Eas Si. Louis, caused a los« of dl.uOO.^'O Sporting: Pat R y a n made a n e x v u o r l d ' record by throwing a 1^ pound hnmnu* 213 feet fl'4 Inches In New York, dts placing J07 foe-t "^i Inches made b} John Flanagnn, IfllO. 22 M i n i n g Disaster: 203 minors killed b; explosion in the Stag Canyon mines New Mexico. Anniversary: 400th anniversary of th discovery of the Pacific ocean oy Bal boa celebrated at San Francisco, fltorm: i!2 death* ami extensive damnc caused by a storm which »wept tioul- siuna. H Convention: Trtannlal convention or the World's W. C. T. O. met In Brook- t. Sporting: Dartmouth colleKO footbfcl team defented Princeton university, i to 0. at Princeton. Carllsla Indian* ticl with Pennsylvania In football M Philadelphia; score 7 to 7. I4«xlcc: Mexican rebels (Constitutional lets) captured Monterey after a » day* 1 battln. Co.. noted banking house of New Vork. failed with liabilities estimated M bt«* aa $5.000,000; assets 150,000. 16. Mexico: Mexican rebels (ConaUtutton- alists) captured Juarez from th« federals. Sporting: Carlisle Indians defected Dartmouth by 35 to 10 at football In N«W York. Michigan defeated Pwnwrlvn- nia at football. 13 to 0. at Ann Arbor. Mich. Chicago won a 13 to 7 victory over Minneapolis at football In Minneapolis. Tale-Princeton annual football game a tie at New Haven; «cor« a to 3. 18. Mexico: Aldape. Mexican mlntetw ot the interior, resigned. ' 17. Panama Canal: Steam tug Loot**, watt official party on board, passed through the cana.1 from ocean to ocean. IS. Sporting: Harvard won a, 37 to 0 football victory over Brown at Cambridge. Masa. Mexico: Rebels captured Victoria, «··*- ital ol Tamaultpas. Convention: Atlantic De«pcr Wftt«rw»Jn» association opened at Ja^KsonvlUa. FU. National conservation congress met In Washington. !i Sporting: Chicago defeated Wisconsin at Chicago, capturing the confereot* football championship: score tS'tO^'O. Harvard defeated Tale. 15 to 6, at Cambridge. 55. Personal: Jessie Woodrow Wilson. »«C- ond daughter of the president, married to Francis Bowes Sayr» In tb» Whit* House at Washington. Mexico: Mexican rebels defeated th* federals at Tierra Blanca. near Juars«: losses estimated at 1.500 federal* *ad £00 rebels. 56. Aviation: Glenn I* Martin ramde a BMW American record by carrying a p*s*M»- ger to a height of 9.SOO feet at Los Angeles. Cal. Naval: England launched th* *Up«r- Dreadnought Warsplte, greatest battleship In the world. - . 17, Mexico: Rebels captured MazaUaa. oo the west coast. Sporting: Cornell defeated Pennsylvania 8t football, a to 0, In Philadelphia. 28. Financial- New Yo'-lc Real Estate S*-.. cunties company failed with liabilities amountii-.s lu |liJ,OOJ.UOU Sporting: Army defeated Navy ig football earoe In New TM annual score .2 to 9. 30. Convention: National Woman 8uffr««»" association met In Washington. DECEMBCR. i Political. Pie,5.uieni \''ilson's annosj message to congrvss advocated direct election of president n n d a waiting; poi- Icy In Mexican affatr!' The BarttMtt ministry In France i eaasntd «ft«r a. da- feat by at majority of'2S vofen. : Floods: Rising water* In southern TvoM began a work of destruction whleh caused a loss of over 100 lives SD4 damage amounting to $6.000.000. I. Fire: 28 deaths In tho burning of fh» Arcadia hotel. Boston. Political: The house of reprpyentattrfci passed a bill authorizing 44XUUO volunteers subject to the order of th» preal- . d«nt- -t w*»srt,:'feto^( t Storm: Snow fell In central CulMVM to the depth of *.S Inches, MocMHC railroad trafBc. . -; · l ,:- v _. Shipwreck: Swedish steamer M»lmb«jf- get foundered off Bodo. Norway; '§ lives lost - * Obituary: Lieut. Col. David du D9U+, Galllard, U. S. A., an engineer cin«ll|h. uous on the Cuiebra cut of th« Panama canal. In Baltimore; aged 54. , . ·-, I Panama Canal: Gntun dam eomptetca after six years' labor. i Political: National ttrnasa paMed t|Hl Hatch Hetohy valley bill convwrtln* the domain Into a reservoir. J Obituary: Phoebe W Couzlns. author and lecturer. In St. i.onis; ng«d W. ». 8. Anniversary: Centenary of Hollsiwfs) revolt apalnst Napoleon Bonapart* celebrated by historical pageantry. Sporting: Georges Carp«ntier, Frenen champion bo^er, defeated Bombardier Wells of England In the 1st round In London. t. Mexico: Mexican conjjrass annulled Jn« October elections nnd named Huirlm provisional president pending new el«O- tion In June. 1914. 10. Personal: Nobel p«ae» prize, for 1911 valued at $40,000. awarded to Senator Kllhu Root of New York. Financial: New York, New Haven ana Hartford railroad suspended dividend payment. Mexico: Federal congress authorized loan of $50.000.000 and voted extraordinary powers to Huerta. 4.000 rebels attacked Tampleo. II. .Mexico: Fighting continued at Tampico; foreifrn refugees given protect'on under pruns of United States war«hly»- 12. The "Mr,na Lisa:" Celebrated palntlnjr by Da Vinci, which disappeared from the Paris Louvre In TSTtrTe'portc'd to have been Located In Florence, Italy. Mevlco: Rear vdmlral Fletcher, commanding tho Uii.5»d States naval fone« ·« In Mexican wate/fv. prntt-sted In tn«« name of h u m a n i t y .v»iln«it Ihe k!lliri« of prisoners of war bj :c« u«m«ren.3 fighting at Tampleo , 28. Convention: N a t i o n il poultry Sh. v» met in Washington 28. Convention: N a t i o n a l Phi Delta HI I college I'rntornitv mm In 'Mnfe« 30. Conventions: Ameno.ui . N S M U L I U I I O H H-ir Labor Legislation met In Washington National College Athletic association met In New York. H. Judicial: Commerce court ended by ac-t of congress. Obituary: Henry Manler. ^Vervch chocolate manufacturer, note* for prlvnto explorations In the arctic regions in Paris; aKed GO. t. Obituary: Georro E. Baker, noted trti-g- rnpher In the field und at the Whit* House under Gen. Grant. In Phll^del- I?. Personal: Katherlna Elklns ones trothed to the Puko of ths Abniiii. ti e explorer, married to W. T. JR. Hltt, as. Mexico: Gen. Felix tlaai political rival of Gen. Huerta. given refugs on a United States warship at Vera Crum. NOVEMBER. 1. Sporting: Jornell defeated at foolbtll by Harva. t. S3 to 6, «t Thunderstorms and Lightnirifl. In the Unite 1 States thunderstorms arc four or five times aa fTj»- qucut east of the Rocky mountains M \\vst, omitting from consideratl** parts of Arizona and New Mexico. This is due to the generally mountab ous condition of. the west. Lightnioc is most frequent in Florida and Illinois. «- phla; ag«l «5. Japan: A mob of 15.000 Jnpajics* stormed the offices of the government mlnlsiers a a protest asainst their foreign policy, notably toward China. I I. Convonllon. The A r r n v ond N n v y u n - | Ion. comp«spl of v .-tei m« of :be M ' - x - I \ H i'»' Sn.inlsh A i u t i K J i i « H i * im-t In l ' b i : a l l | . : n a Shorthand Used by Romans. The art of shorthand was practiced from antiquity. It was improved by ths poet Ennlus, by Tyro, Cle«ro'» freeman, and Seneca. The "Air* Scrib- end! Characterise written about 1113, is tb,e eldest system extant. Dr. Tin*- othy Bright's "Characterie, or tlie Alt of Short, Swift and S«cr«t * published in 15SS, Is tb« trtt work on shorthaa4.

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