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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, April 14, 1818
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Further (xtrmcU from LomIoo paper to the fint of March, waited at tbit office by Ah Ton Hazard from Llrerpool. LOSDON, Feb. 18. Wi hva received tblt morning American ca - r. in the 19th tilt, from which we extract the following message ol' the present to both boufei of congress, a poo laying belbre them the docu - tad relative, to the occupation of Amelia l.laiul. Thate doeanunU coniilt of letter ' hat passed betweea geoeral Aury ami the officer - nmmnilinr the American XDdition. They are not very important, but there are parte of the president' message, wmcn eviueniiy pou to the more than probable occupation of the Florida. If Spain cannot prerent uiai conu - guou Iterritory from becoming injurioua. to America, then America will fel it her duty to take possesion of it. That i the real purport of the message. , , , The marriage of the prince Elizabeth and the prince of Heie Hombourg it expected to : take place in Eatter week. Pssengr from the Cape of Good Hope, who ' left 8t. Helena not more than evn or eight weeks ago, it ate that Buonaparte wa reporud at that period to be extremely ill. We have receired pari papers to the 14th. ' We itopped the pre on Saturday to announce j M attempt that had been made on the Duke of Wellington'! life in Parii. These papers repeat the information, and alio itate that a guard of ' Fen d'armes had been itationed at the door of h'u grace i noioi. iuo Hjuuvrtug . uW Uu own correspondent in that city, will, however, be found to communicate a more complete detail of this dark transaction. - ' PARIS, Feb. 13 .Is there will be many reports conceruin; the shot fired at the Duke of Wellington last Toeiday night, I will give you the following brief account, on the accuracy ol wnicn you may re' ly. On Tuesday, the Duke gave a grand din ner to all the French cabinet, foreign ambassa - dors and minister now in Paris. As soon as the cloth wa drawn, the duke stood up and propo d the health of " the king," which all the com pany elraok standing. After they bad departed which they generally do directly after coffee, the duke went out In bis carriage, ana as ne was re turning at one o'clock on Tuesday sight, or ti peak more correctly, Wednesday morning, some person, wno nau oeen eviuemiy waning ior lis return, stood within a lew yards of the entrance ate, udtuler the carriage had pawed him, tp . take a sweep into the gate, he fired a pistol, the ball from which happily missed his grace ; it went over the carriage, and struck the opposite wall. If the footman bad bad the presence o mind to give an immediate alarm, the unJc butler and one of the grooms of his grace could have caught the miscreant, as he passed them tv in a great hurry, going towards the Kue as f auxbourg St. Uonore." PARIS, Feb. 12. 1STOTHZS iCCOC.1T. ' On the night of the 10th inst. as his Grace the Duke of Wellington was returning from the Italian Opera, in Paris, attended by In A id - tie Camp, and a Spanish Officer of high rank, who has long been the companion of our illustrious countryman, and has attended him through all - his campaifrns. the crod wwas so great, that the projrres of hi Grace's rarriaife was for some time impeded. During this period a vil lain was observed pressing forward towaids the spot where the Duke's carriage was situs led Fortunately, however, for that tune, Im intention was frustrated, by the activi ty of his Lordship's coachman, who whip. ped up his horses, and drove rapidly in the m reel ion of the Place Vendome. It appears. notwithstanding, that the assaaiin reached the Kue St. Uonore, before the carriage of his crossed, on the way to the Chamns Klvsee. fired at the Duke so sure was his aim, and so deliberate the act, that nothing could have preserved me i,ie ol our great Hero, had the window ot the carriage been down, which was the case but niontmii before j the hand rrfuu t .tm - de - Camp being still on the holder ner rasing n. wnen a rifle ball struck the strong plate glass and shuttered it to pieces. Tlie Duke immediately, with the greatest coolness directed (he coachman should be or. dered to stop, tint Grace alighted, and ,,cr. ceivinga figure glidingromid thecorner ofthc Kue fit. Ilomirc, with an intention, as it wouul appear, of neaping towards the Rarricre de Elysce, hi Grace promptly advanced upon him. The villian instant. started, flung the rifle f oni hi hand, and with the rapidity ol lightning darted towards the Tlmilleric, b the gardens of whom, and over the Point Neuf, he is supposed to have ma I e h'u escape JIU grace liieo, wi h that collected firmness for which he is so remarkable, directed a few gendarmerie, who, alarmed by the report, ol tho rifle, had assembled on the sjwt, to go in pursuit of him, and retimed to his carnage as if nothing had taken place. Ilia grace is even reported to have been facetious on the circumstance of there being no glass to preserve them from a drizzling rain that was then falling, and which occa - ionrd its being at first drawn up. A considerable sensation arose next morning in consequence. The Parisians were to be seen mustering in strange and grotesque groups at tho various Gaffe's, and report the most extravagant were in circulation. The next morning, his grace was visited by every person of distinction in Paris, and the king ftud royal family have manilested the strongest ferinir - on the octasion " Every exertion is making to discover the retreat of the assassiu, and none are permitted to leave fans after sun - set, nor before nim - nin;. oral any time, without undergoing a strict examination by the police, whe are stationed at the several barriers for that purnose." The police, it is said, have already obtained important information. A foreign officer is mentioned, againit whom there are violent upicion i but it will be proper to wait for something more certain on this suliiect. All the copies of the third number of the Sentinrlledcl Konneur, which was on sale fur a few days, have been seized. This political ptmplilet is written by M Jomlin de la Sulla, the cousin of General llertrand, who is at St. Helena. The Duke of Wellington is described in it as an insolent pro - consul, ami the most marked endeavours are made to direct againit him the contempt and hatred of the rench nation. 1 he author, it is said, will be brought to trial. It is reporU - d here that Lord Kinnaird wrote to Sir George Murray, from llrussels, engaging thi distinguished Officer to urge the Duk - notn expose himself, us strange report were in circulation from this town. The Duke himself was on horseback a part of ve - terday, followed by a single servant as usual. The Duke of Wellington continueiyeMe'nlav to receive the visits of Uie member of the Dii.lo matic Body, nd of Uie most distinguished L;. sons n( Uie capital A piquet .f g - nilarwciu: has been stationed at his Lorl - hii)' hotel n c . .. LONDON, F.b. 17. On Sunday di'patrhes were received al thf Secretary of Stilt's Oifice for the CnlobiallU - pariroeni, iroin ine uuxeol Wel!inr.ton, Kiviiy his own full detailed account of the atUnipt made to assassinate biin. Immediately ft, r tail Bathurst had made hiinM - hacqnainied with Vie contents of the rlian.ti K., .. .. .... i ... , Carlton - Hnse, aod ttnui btf,,re the l'rin. e - i Regent, and remained a considerable tiiiiff with R?yl Hishiws. Soon ;,f'er tne r.lun, ,i l 23 he is of to ih , ut l.ui.ic .cer - mrj o nis cmce, a .lcsM'ngpr"ar. muaceii Mich a mea - Mre, was sent off with dispatches to the Noble Uake at Paris. Tbe indefatictble Abbe de Pradt has publish ed another work on South America and flr.inl. CoamKew Fire This morning, a little after 5 o'clock, the large cotton Mul, e Mr. Thomas Atkiason, at Cotoe - bridge, wHil - dersneld, wsi discovered to be on itt, aod tho every exertion was used to extinguish the a .i k.1. .rit htirnt to the (round. o... - i. iu dreadful Dart of this misforlune is ye i to relate : for in coojequence of the Ore beginuing near inesi.a,... . i.r. .r.iT. , - wa cat off. and up night in the factory, perished in the flame. 1 he hollies of six oftliese sofferers have already been i .iM. hut in so mutilated a state UUK IIVW ..... ...a.., . f . . as to render it impossible for their nearest fr - ends to recognise them, i ne cooiieru.ucu . . .mnnar tlie friends of those chil dren who ere missing, may be epoceived, but cannot adequately be aescnoeo utcu kih ry,feD.M. LIVERPOOL, Feb. 5M t jHtnt Ih brill Air tnlUTt. of St. Johns, K 1'be following narrative ol the lost of the brig avnture. o bt. Jodds. n. u.ana inesunennz riii crew, has been sent to us by rant. Irvine u The briE Adventure was in lat. 'SI, 41, N. and Ion. 63, 30, W. about I P. M. of the 14th Jan. o venet while Ivinz too. by the force of a f remen dious sea, which broke on boaid, and swept eve ry thing and all hands on tlie dec, i ne wen thrr Ian anli being cut awav as soon ai practi cahle, the masts gave way, and the vei I again righted, but full of w.aler. All hands endeavored now to nrolone their lives, for death appeared inevitable, by clinging to the bit, and the stump oi uie loremasi, as oeing uie iiiKurn pan ji vlc brig out or water, the continued nowever, notwithstanding the fury of the sea and wind, which raffed wnn greai violence mi n - in, i u iu eelher : but not until the sixth day could we at' tempt to pass aft to look after something to n!lay uie cravings oi our npfjeiue. r iiiccii uu., uuu we been in this wretched condition, when we were discovered and taken off, almost lii'eless, hv the shin Ann. of New - York. cant. Crocker, by whom we were treated with the tenderness of a father. One man being drowned at 'the time the veisel overset, and two having perished on the wreck, our number was reduced to six sur vivors. The seamen having saved no pnrt of their clothes, are entirely dtstitutr, and without the means of subsistence." JtRW - YOkK EVEXIXQ PUST. TUESDAY, APItIL 14. From the Columbian of ytslcrday afternoon Alden Stiooiier. Ksn. Sir Misrtatements havinr appeared in the New - York Gazette, and Daily Advertiser, of this morning:, concerning the cha lisement I in dieted on Saturday last upon the perse n ol William Coleman, Editor of the Kveniog rott, in consequence of a malicious and obsctnn at tack on me in the columns of that paper, I think proper to say that I met him in open day, face to face, he coming up Slurry - street and lapproacn - ing him in front from Broadway that on coming up to him I accosted him, and then gave him a blow with my clenched hand, and as many stripes with the small end of a common cowhido, as I deemed necessary for his indecent publica tion concerning me. HENRY B. HAGERMAN. Monday morning, 13th April, 1818. The above beine read to Mr. Coleman, he rr - 1 quests the writer to say for him, that he adheres to the statement ol facts which appeared yester day substantially in the Daily Advertiser and more particularly afterwards in the Evening Post That Hagermsn may have been coming down Murray - street whep Mr. Coleman was going up, may, for aught he knows, be truo,( for he did not see where bis assailant came from) ; but if so, it must bare been on the opposite) side of (he way, from whence he must have crossed over after he had passed him, come up behind mill aua 'U. Mm vhirK laid him sense - less i but that he met him face to face, or ac o - tedbim, or that he struck him first with his lenrbed hand, as asserted by I lager man in (he above paragraph, is utterly untrue nis will be proved in open court by posi tive let umoojr as hn undcrstanilsam. wall u. U ho tnoet satisfactory circumstantial evidence. fhat Hagermau should deny the fact. - , cannot surprise any one acipiaiuted with his base and unprincipled conduct. Patriots difealtd Capt. Lid die, of tlie schr. om, who arrived at Baltimore last Sunday, in Jnyl from La Guyra, informs that two days before he tailed, accounts were received of the cfeat of the patriots, about 30 miles beyond the city of Caraccas. The royalists represented it complete rout, staling to have made '500 pri sonars, who were all put to In sword; and ta ken 800 horse., with the principal part of the baggage, and Bolivar's private baggage among the rest. 300 women attached to the patriotic army were found the next moruing in the mono - tains. The particulars had just been published, hut capt. L. could not obtain a copy, nor could learn that any officers of distinction were a - moog tlie prisoners. It was stated that a Ruse de Guere had been effected by Morillo, by aban doning Calabasa, lhat he drew the patriots into ambush between two mountains Morillo had been wounded in one of tho actions preceding thelait. A model of a zinc roof, in the way adirtud in Europe, may be seen at the Coffee House. COMMUNICATION. Mr Fditor, Observing much is lately - aid about corporation affair - , and many unction - asked relative to the cause of an increase of tho i i'.y tnx from 180,00 1 to 200,000 dollars, I am induced, injustice to the corM)ratKu, who have done some good things among their numerous trangresi - ionr, to giva you my explanation of the matter. For ninny years past the city has, by a law of uie state, had tnc advantage ol one third of the auction duties acrruing here; which has been appropriated, as directed by til J. law, to the sup. port of foreign poor, lly a suUeijuent act of the legislature passed about a year since, the corporation have been deprived of this source of in come except the sum of 10,000 dollars per annum ; the residue having been oleil - eil to aid in carrying oil the grand canal. The con'cqnciit e that for the last and the prevent year the film's the corporation will be diminiihed not li:s - than 130,000 dollars Now, sir, it is necessary that this deficiency should be made up in ximr way, or the poor must be turned out to wander about tho streets aod beg their bread 1mm door door. 1 ho mode adopted of incliulin? th?s octicicncy in the general tax apjiears 'oat pie - frralde to any other. I ao informed, Iro.n good tulhority, that for the laM ten months, tho li - bunemcnts for the support of tlie poor in this city have exceeded 100,000 dollars; and yet this item is entirely r.ved over by some of lhoe who a - k what have tho corporation done with the public mourv. I alw ays tllOlllflt Uxr ,1 - nrivin thi. r - lrr nT - :. . i .. . .' - ' uiiiuuj ine auction ::.. i - r - m, ran - f anJ U"'U81 atl Anrl I I1"1' Oie alwolu'e nece - itv nfi - notriving wavs and means for dit - ing JG0 miles of canal wouli ever However the corporation may be tollame in some things, certainly in the pre - cnt instance they should not be censured - they asV for but httlo more than half the amount ln.t h. h; - - depriyed f the auction find aad this mods of i in in supporting the poor h, in my opuuon, much preferable to permitting them lo crawl about the streets, importuning passengers, and asking alma from boas. to,,.. IMPARTIAL. Extract of a letter from Paris, dated Feb. 16. " The French paper have given a pretty mmwmmm arfniiiil nf the late attempt made on the Duke of Wellington' life. A to the dis - covery of it author, that continues involved ui ' . - ..:ii. - .... ,ltj o - tvp research - mysierv. imwiiii"b " . e ,k. - vni'.r it anneaii. however that Ins Grace has been able to some clue for their reearches. which is still acting upvi. and which, for want of sufficient time, has not yet led to any result. The Duke i a.d to have distinctly een the individual who fired upon him. and to observe that he wore mus - tachoc i in consequence of this indication many half pay officers have received orders to quit Paris, and other re put under strict lurrrillanee. It eem that the individual in question win pursued immediately after Ins attempt, though not by the Duke' .eryants, whose first attention as di'ected to his Grace, but some persons'happening to be standing in front of the public house near the hotel. These followed him up to the Kue de la Madeleine, a dark and unfrequented street, and observed him to enter a house, No. 1 1, the doora imme - Thev knocked in vain at these door. Thev state, that the voice of several a - omen and that of one man were distinctly to be heard 'I he house iuell is said to be of ill fame. This information was unfortunately not given to the Duke's family, or to the police, until late in the morning, in consequence of which neglect, when a search was made at the houscin question nothing was to be found - it usual inhabitant had disap - peared. iiVo - ii Iht National Intettigenetr.. Of Amelia - lilandt is impossible for us at ...... iltn fin.l room for all the papers transmit ted by the president to congress, together with his message Ol tne Sjin Ultimo, re - jireuug nui ili.laTjrwi The most interesting and authentic paper is I.. r.,llnwi!tf . which is entirely corroborated in all its parts by the less formal papers which detail the hi - tory of general Mc Gregor's view and proceedings : ......... . Major DanWhead ant captain nenicy iom pi - siilent, dated r ernandii a, flmcna - isiau - i, January 10, 1818. PI ft If anv additional testimony were neces sary to provo that general Aary had no authori tv to take possession of this iland, it may be found in the documents under which he claims tho right to have acted as he has done. Wt his ureent solicitation we have carefully examined these document - , and from them it is evidmt that he has had uo privilege or power granted to him, even for the establishment at univesion or Matagorda, but lhat which he derived from Don Manuel D. Herrerr. who. it appears, was sent by the Mexican congress as minister to the Uul - tcd States, but proceeded no further than the rty of New - Oi leans. Daring bis stay at that nlace. a correspondence was openeu ociweeu himamlAury, and the plan of an establishment at Galveston airreed nn. They met at that place, and formed a provisional government, of which Aury was made the governor, subject to the confirmation or rejection of the Mexican con - eress. Before anv communication was had with tho said congress, it was dissolved and dispersed by tho Spanish forces ; and Aury, having lost a number of hi vessels on the Mexican coast, and uuable to maintain his portion, either of Galvez - ton or Matagorda, sailed for this place, which he had heard was in possession ol the forces uu - der general M'Grcgor. On his arrival here, M'Grcgor had abanloned the post, which was then held by Hubbard and Irwin, with the rab ble which had been collected from the streets of Charleston, - South - Carolina, and Bavaomd After considerable contention for the supreme power, between Hubbard and this rabble, and Aury aad his black followers, tfce Utter, from tho influence of the monoy brought with them, prevailed, and hoitted tho Mexnan wur These facts. " uo 'ulit, are all known nrro, hut our information is derived from the best authority, the documents in the posses sion ol gen. Aury, we have Uiought it proper, and have therefore taken the liberty to make this communication directly to you. We have the honor to be, with sentiments of tho highest respect, your most obedient servants, J. I). HENLEY, Commanding naval forces off Amelia - Island. JAS. UANKHKAD, Majr 1st battalion artillery, southern di - vi. - ion, com. V. S. troops on Amclia - Ul - and. His excellency James .Vonroe, President of the United States. Among the paprrs extumunicatcd by M. Pa - zos, along wish his remonstrance, to the Executive, the following ditcuincnt is the most proini nent. Translation ofSirGrejor M'Gregor's commission. The deputies of Free America, resident in the United States of the north, to their compatriot, Gregor M'Gregor, general of brigade in the service of the United Provinces of New Urcna da and Venezuela, greeting: Whereas it ii highly important to the interests of the penplo whom we have the honor to represent, that possession should be taken, without loss of time, of Ea - t and West Florida, and the Mcsing of free iaetitntions, and the security of 'heir natural rights, imparted to their inhabitants: In pursnanre to our inttructions, audio conformity to the dnires of our respective governments, wo have roiimis - ioncd brigadier - general Grrgnr M'Gregor, for the purpose nf carrying into execution, either wholly oriu part, nn enterprise so interesting to the glorious cause in which we are engaged. Therefore, taking into consideration your zeal and devotion lo the republic, we request you, in the name of our constituents, to proceed, on your own respemsihilitv, and that of the above - named provim es, to adopt sue h measures as in your juiUment may most effectually tend to pro cure for our brethren of both the, East ami iv est, (he sieeily eiinyment ot tlxwe treat menu to which they are invited by the advan - tage of their geographical situation ; and lor that j purpose we authorize ynti, without denaiiins from the usages and customs ol civilized nations in like rases, and the duo ohsen anre of the laws of the United States, and particularly those re - gulatiii their neutrality with foreign powers, to c:ue vessels lo be armed without the limits f.l" their jurmlicliivi, and provisionally to sranl rank lo naval and military officers, until the government, to be established by the free will of the aid people, can provide in the most si t. hie nioile for the arrangement of their several departments: in the execution of all which, the in - tru. tions delivered to you cf this date will serve as your ;uide. J - igtrd, sealed, an.l delivered, at the city of l'L'1. I , 1 .. . r . ..... niiaueipiua, me ai?i oi iartn, IHI7. LINO UK CLKMF.NTE, Deputy from Vrncznrla. PEDRO OUAL. Deputy from New - Grenada, and as proxy ui i. t. ii.iir, uruiiv irom ieiiro. MARTIN THOMPSON, Deputy from Rio do la Plata. A true copy of tha oiimal in my no - session Philadelphia, 1 jth Janoarr, 1018 8th. LINO i)F. CLEMENT F.. Here we find three deputies from three nrovin - ce, and a proxy for a fourth, constituent, with uie united state an otneer with, in fact, almost imerial powers, if he had been able to carry them into execution. The expedition was therefore, in its origin, as well alio it progress, direct violation of our laws. f The UjyKn State to the reinoRSiraiice ui - - - Tribe occupation of Amelia, and is the last of the seriesi a list ot which we have already givea. TU Setrtlary of Stale to DonrtePoBO'. Washington, 5th March, 1818. SIR Your memorial, addressed to the President of the United States, and the papers accom - ir.. h. have been laid before him . and I am directed to inform you. that bis news of tlie transactions at Amelia ismou, measures which he thought proper to take n resequence of them, have been made tnown to the world by his communication to congress at the commencement oi meir ...., - hv hi - message of the 15lhof January last. He . f..n ..nnti.lsritiinn to vour memorial, and other papers nd perceiving nothing " ".' '; exhibiting Uie procceomgs n ."". - '" - ; ent character from that in which he had before a I.. nn rrnann for revoklliS aV of Uie measures which have been taken by ins directions in resct to thai place, ana nu.i.,... that requires any other answer to your represent ation.. i - jsgj553i8. Prom rteAVw - Orfon Gazelle, Marrh 12. The case of the German and Swiss passengers l. - . - ,l nf ihr.e Tiiitr.h vessels now in mis .wet. ha - iritrl the attention of the legislature. It was introJuctd into the senate on Monday i o.i k Me. rtnrlr. in a verv able and pathetic speech, in which he pourtrayed in glowing colors the miseries and sufferings lo wnicn tnose peopie are exposed, and the savage cruelly oi tneir oppressors. The following is a brief sketch of the jentleman's observations : they are necessarily imperfect, as they are given entirely trom memory. ,. Mr. President I rise. sir. under no ordinary iafof feelinirs. to brin? before this honorable senate a subject at ouoe novel and important, a - like distressing to private and to public sensibility. Within a few days, Iherc have arrived within onr port, some hundreds of miserable German and Swias peasants, who, driven from Europe by famine and oilier calamities which afflict that portion of tho globe, have sought our hospitable shores in search of bettter fortunes. Tht y are, at this time, the objects of barter and sale, and after traversing a beisterous and perilous ocean or four thousand miles, have exchanged a stateof villainage at home for servitude in the United States. I speak not of adults, or those who having attained Uie age of majority, may he supposed capable cf disiiosilig of their free dom ; although it may bo well doubled whether even such persons could be held in bondage in this country from an obligation alone, arising tx drbito. Report says lhat many ol these wretched beings perished on the passage, and lhat the survivors of a family in which one or more persons may have died, are held liable to make good the passage money, by an addition to their own term of servitude. If tho ship owner has lost his passage money by death, let it be recollect ed that the wife by this visitation of Providence has lost the comfort and consolation of her husband, the child of its parent, the brother of his sister. In this traffic it is also said that the wife is separated from the husband, the child from the parent, perhaps Trom an aged and helpless mother. But, sir, this is not the darkest side of the picture Orphan children, minors of young and tender age, who, in this and every other chris tian community are made peculiar objects of the protection and benignity of the laws, are with all the usual notorial forms and solemnities consigned lo servitude Merciful God ! ran the liber ties of the citizen of Louisiana be secure when such an outrage upon the rights of human kind is tolerated among? us f W hen a contradiction of our political professions, so practical, so absolute, is permitted to exist under the eye of the legislature, within sight of the hall in which we are now sitting r Is our government in reality a system of mild and rational liberty, or is it a mere igntt fatuut, a . phantom, without consistence, without strength ? I conceive, sir, that it is due to the honor aud justice of this government to institute an inquiry, at least, into the latter part of this subject I mean Uie reported sale of the orphan children. I therefore beg leave to intro duce the following resolution : Resolved, That a committee be appointed nt u - mi sruuie, 10 join sum us may ue appointed on tne part ol the house of representatives, to ascertain whether any, and if anv, what number of orphan children, (being miuort) there are among the German and Swiss redemu - tioners lately arrived in this port, their names and respective ages; whether any have been sold ? Aod i told, to whom, and at what price ' Aod to report as early as postiblo to this legi lature. The resolution was carried with only one dia - tenung voice. . From the Baltimore Patriot, April 11. Capt. J. n. F.lliott. of the U. S. navy, who has been in this city for some weeks, attending as a member ot a court martial, lett it yester - fluy morning, to join the commissioners in resuming the survey of the waters anil harbors ot the Chesapeake bay it gives us great pleasure to hear, that this gallant and meritorious officer has lately been promoted to the rann ot post captain, toil' duct and character like his. cannot pass tinno. tired ; and thus, we trust, a grateful eountry will ever reward her hemic sons. It w ill be recollected that a sword was voted to this gen tlcman by Congress, for his gallantry ,n hoard ing and capturing the Caledonia and Detroit two English vessels of war. This sword has lately been presented to him. and is in all res pects worthy the doners and the receiver. Louisville, (Ohio,) March 25. Horrid and tnmataral Murdrr. Hy an intelli em genurman ot Voodfnrd county we are m - rmci! that Mr. John l illiams of that countv worthy and respectable citizen :ml formanv years a constable, died on Fridav last nf a wound received the day preccediner from his own son Milton Williams t The particulars letailed by our informant are in substance the following. Williams the father had loaned is son a negro mis, to work on his which as near his fathers The son had prohibited the negro from visiting his old Master of nights to see ins wile. The negro disobeyed ibis injunctionThe son attempted to flotr him. when the negro ran off for protection to his Master, who sheltered him fi - om his son's vindicative c melt v. On Thursday last, however, the son went to in Father's in a state of excitement and rao - e. i ... ... : o ucicnnmeu ai an events lo vent his spleen on the negro He accordingly commenced beating him in the presence of bis Father u - hn inter. fereel, protected the negro, and in so doing had a flight scuffle with his son. He afterwards a - ked his son to sit down and talk the subject over coolly In his expostulations he was joined by a Mr. Edwards neither however had any effect He swore to gratify his vengeance on the negro, and commenced another attack - when his Father ordered him peremptorily off me piania'.ion and on Ins st'tick him with a piece of brush he had in Ins hand - On which the son walked of a few steps picked up a stout club and struck bis Father tw ice on the head The old man fell and in less then - mrand twenty hours hedied. He was nearly 60 years of age The son about 30. We understand the wretch has fled from justice. MILLEDGEVILLE, Mar - h 31. I.VBIA5 Massacrk ! Extract of a letter irom Dr. W. B. Ector, nowr on a (our in tlie Alabama territory, to the editor nl tbe RrfWtnr. !. ted Fort Claiborne, March 16 " A most horrid massacre was committed on the federal roart. seventy mile above here, on Fridav night last, the I3th int. I witnessed the scene myself, and hasten to inform yu of the particular. Mr. William Oclv, and three children killed, and two wouadtd; thu Hi Stroud child ' killed by Indians. I encamped all mght withi. two mi'e of the place,, and dressed the wounded myself, I couiidered them all mortal, at least very daneernus. Mr. Ogly wa the only one .hot and .calped ; the other, were n.ank; 7 Two per.on.only, Mrs. Ogly and Mr Stroud, escaped unhurt. Several parties of Indians had been seen in the neighborhood, but were suffered to pass, as they proiened friendship, though offering some peronal insult. Tra - I. have been discovered near the road, firing heard, and Indians occasionally seen. Danger and alarm prevail throughout the rout and frontier or the territory. Governor Bibb is here, and is taking measures to pursue them and iotercf pt any Los - tiles who may be returning from below the Spanish line, and protect the road and inhabitants. Two settlers have lately been killed at the month of Murder Creek, twenty miles above Fort Crawford. Macnack's wife, who has been with the hostiles several years, has lately returned, and says that the Indians do not intend to make a stand against General Jackson, hut will sf parate in parties, lay waste the frontier country, and murder the inhabitants." Distressing Providence ! - On the evening of the zstii tut tne nouse ot cnaaim siouuaru, Esq. in Camden, occupied by Yr. Henry Cong - don was consumed by fire. Mr. nd Mrs. Conpfdon were both absent Mr C. being at his daily labor, and Mrs. C having put her children to bed, two in one apartment and two in another, had gone to sympathize with her afflicted neighbor, whose little daughter lay at tl. e point of death. Between 9 and 10, as Mr. Congdon was returning home, he discov. ereil a lire in the direction ot ins nouse: witn distressing anxiety he hastened to the spot, and found it wrapt in flames. Three of his children w ere in the street, naked and shivering with the cold ; but the fourth, an interesting and only daughter of six years old was not ! Frantic with anguish, ami yearning with paternal feeling, the unhappy father was about to rush into the flames to rescue his child, but was restrained by the by - standeis. Her remains were found among the ruins, nearly burnt to ashes, in the direction of a w'.ndow several feet from the bed, where her ino'.hcr left her asleep. Shortly after, the spectators of this distressing scene were called to witness the expiring agonies of Mr. Stoddard's child. Next day theafflcted parents followed the remains of their dear offspring to the grave, supported by the arm of that Saviour whose name they had professed. From Halifax papers to the 4th inst. forwarded by Mr. Topliff, of Boston, to his correspondent here. HALIFAX, April 2. An address from his majesty's council aod the house of assembly, was presented to his excellency tho lieut. governor on Friday, requesting his excellency to adopt such measures as will prevent foreigners from frecp:ienting the harbors, livers and bay in British North America; and engaging on behalf of the people of this Province, that " they willl use their utmost ende a vours to maintain aud defend the rights of the crown." Schr Spring - Bird, Edwards, 7 days ftom iNew York. Schr Douglass, Thomas, 16 days from New - York. Schr Margaret, M'Donald lCdays from Bal timore. Vixen, Smith, from Bermuda, with the Janu ary mail, in 28 days. fj - Mercator on usury law hall have a place to - morrow. The City Inspector reports the death of 75 persons from the 4th day of April to the 1Kb day rf April, 1818, of the following diseases. Apoplexy 2; Colic 1 ; consumption 14; convulsions 4; dropsy 3; dropsy in the cheats 1 ; dropsy in the head 3 ; drowned 1 ; fever, inler - mittent 1 ; fever, remittent I ; fever, typhus 4 ; cravel I ; herpes 1 ; hives or croup 4 ; inflam mation of the chest 4 ; inflammation of the liver X; intemperance I ; mortification I ; old age 3; palsey i ; peripneiimony if ; pneumonia ly (modes 1 ; spatms i i still horn 6 ; syphilis 1 i tnlies meteu!ene t twinmg i , uii.t r i , wiiooping cougn x. MARRIED, Last evening by the Rev. Mr. Janus Milnor, Oliver Evans, Esq. of Philadelphia, to Miss Hetty Ward, daughter of Eli jah Ward, Esq. of this city. KV'RmXG POST .MA KW'B LIST. CLEARER, Ship Plato, Holmes, Cork and a market Stevens & Mactier Brilliant, Baker, Brig Alfred, Holmes, Betsty, Virgin, Bee, Mix, Liverpool Hurd SI bewail Liverpool John B. Murray U Son Oporto Cambreleng & Pearson Teneriffe B Hide Schr Indian Hunter, Seaman, Thames, Winant, Gen. A. Jackson, Christie, Sloop Caravan, Modflard, Richmond Richmond Savannah Sav brook Patriot, Cro9y, Susan, Noble, Brilliant, Wnterhnuse, Nnntueket Washington N C ayhrook ifiMVKl) Ills tOUF.JYOOS; British brig Blucher, Perkins, 31 day from Demerara. with molasses, to Ward &. Bishop. Lefi brig Hannah, for NYork in 15 days. April 1 Mi, lat 38 40, lorn; 64 SO, spoke ship Lucies, from Liverpool bound to Virginia. bch Traveller, 1 ay lor, 18 davs trom George town, with naval stores, bound to Boston, hav ing put in here for water. Sch. Sea Lyon, Butler, 12 days from Rich mond, with flour and tobacco, lo Bonrman Si Johnston, C U Duflie. Adams k Ulackwell, J. L I'latt, Trnkrs, Davidson Sz Co. and to order. ochr Eliza - Ann, Dunnock, 10 days from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to T Irvin, D Belhune 8c Co M Mnrrall, Wilson Si Thom son, and Walsh Si Gallagher. .Sch Julian, Johnston, 10 days from Phila delphia, with flour and meal, to G A Thayer, and Van Amringe. Hr sch. James, irom Demerara, with coffee. rtim and molasses, to Geo. Lacy and Michael Kearney. Lett, brig Charles, lor N York in 7 davs. Sch Susannah, Caillard, 32 days from Trioi - lad, with sugar, molasses, Sic. bouud to New - Haven. Lat 37, 40, Ion 74. 30. spoke sch Co lumbia, from Philadelphia for Porto Rico. Same day, brig Marv, from do for Bristol, Eng. Sailed in co with British brig Gov. Woodford, for N llaveu. Lett bri Hiram for do in 20 davs. Schr Alexander. Bishop. 9 davs from Curri - uck, with staves, to Baker l Robertson. Sloop Valiant. Pollock. 10 davs from North Carolina, with naval stores to 'Tredwell and Thorne. Sloop Debby, Barlow, 2 days from Newport, with coal, bound to Mhany. Moop Polly A - Itachacl, Gilford, 5 days from Philadelphia, witn flour, to sundries. SU'p Almizn, Westcotl, irom Providence, Rl w ith merchandize to sundries. The ships George Long, for India, and Mincr - va - Smvth lor London, were at aachor iu the bay last evening. BELOW, A brie from St Croix, and a .loop Rover, fram Philadelphia. Signals I" r I ship, 3 trigs and 1 schr IKKIrKIJ VJ) - KVF..YI.G. &hipCoitn risnt.Fash, 12 davs from Savnn nan, wuli cotton nnd lobae - ro, to H. K. Toler, H. ! hmas. .1. B. Dioand. n.lletisfc Laurence, T. rheliis u Co. Le Rov. Ravard k To. K l.l..l ! ' De . root. Stronr i" Roller. Sm.. .1 r..i.i : A. Rankin. Huniuhrevs fc Hull. T 1 r - ons, canihrelenz ai fearson. Ikxmli l ..ii.., '.oi...... I I I Bri;; Spartan, Coffin, put buck 2Uth Feb. having been kuoi kul ihm n h ith loss oftnpmnst, bowsprit, j mul injured the fore - mast. The Sarah, Hopkins, for Boston, uith suit, rrnie ami copper, was totally lost Ijlli Feb. third day out from l.iterpool crew saved The'f. II. was II dnys in clearing the Channel, mid bad heavy westerly wiuds for I he first i'xla vs of her vovnee. Brip Thomas tw Edward, Hall, 2G days from St. Cioi. - , Ka - s Kud, with rum and sugar, to Uraileii Depevsler. Left hiins Aro, Ann, Henrv - Deni. son, Edward, nnd ship Morgiaua, nil of N. Haven; brigs Conda, Gleaner, sind , Williams, all of Miildletown ; , Smith, Wrathrrsfirld ; Jane, Portland ; James Monroe, Baih. Spoke, March ii, lul. 23, 4, Ion. (i7, 50, brig Elizabeth, "lorris, 10 dnvs from Gaudaloope for Boston. April 10, lat. 39, Ion 74, 30, brig Recover, from N. York, hnvinp sprung aleak 2d day out, und intended putting into Norfolk. Brig Harriet, Smith, from New - Orleans, and 19 ' days from the Bnlize, with Sugar, kc. to P. Ha - ,' veiis. Left, the ship Antiisquiim ; brigs White - ' Oiik and Maria Caroline, all for iNew - York. The ship Brllonu, sailed Itoni the Balize on the 17ln of Alurch for Havre. OlVllie Double - headed Shot Kevs, spoke the schr. M Dunuupli, of Philadelphia, from Mobile, out 6 days, with loss of cables and anchors blow ing hard.couiil not learn w here hound. Br. brig Bacchus, lloik'son, from London, fi.l days fi'oin the Downs, with dry goods, kc. to D. - Smith, jr. J. Thomson k Son, D. Haiideii, S. Greenwood, T. ii W. Proctor, G. Aster, J. East - burn, Prince k Co. T - Sheldon, D. Oakley, J. Bowen at Co. J. Piper, J. Scott, D Bethune Co. T. Bowerbank. H. k W. Deloficld, A. S. Norwood J. Si C. Bolton, W Giay, II. kG. Barclay, White, Brothers it Go. and to order. 1'ussenrers, Air. Coated, and 7 in the steerage. . Mr. bri" UoodniHii.ttotison, .4unys irom rort Maria. Jam. with rum. sinrar. rofleeand pimento. to Patrick, Ayinar k Co. E. Ritchie, Tucker k Lauries, P. I. Livingston, G. Curter, Tallman k Torrey,andloorder. Passenjers, Messrs. Moore, Singer, M'Comb.and Buchanan. Spoke nothing. Br. schr. Francis, Scott, 27 day Irom Si. Vin - cents, wilh ruin, sugar and molasses, lo Mills Purdy ii Co. Mnreh 29, lat. 31, C, 'lone;. 29, 30, spoke brig Rising Sun, Low, 5 duys from New - York for Port au Prince Schr. Catherine, Haley, 6 day from Richmond with tobacco and Hour, lo Boorman it Johnston, Wilson k Thomson, T. Irvin, W. k 9. Craig, Bvrnes, Trimble k Co. D. Bethune k Co. Wsdsh it' Gallagher, Vandcrwatcr, Wheeler k Co. B. Chase, Therasson Ac Adams, and others, Ou Thursday, off Chingoteague, spoke schr. Lycur - gus, Nichols. 48 days from the W. Indies, for N. York. Schr. Cynrs, Emery, 4 days from f hiladelphia, withcorn meal, to W.F Van Ainriuge. Schr. Margnrel - Ann, Disossway, 8 days from Norfolk, with flour and tobacco, to sundries. Schr Dash, Griffiths, 4i days from Malaga, with wine, fruit, kc. to Stevens &. Mactier, and G. G. k S. Howland. Left schr. Washington, of Boston, for Palermo, in 3 days. Spoke, March I, I. it. 32, 11, long. 29. schr. Rebecca and Eliza - ' beth, 12 days from Lisbon, for New - London. April 7, ofT the Delaware, spoke and supplied ship Woodbine. Schr. Maria, Latham, 10 davs from Charleston, with rice, iic. to Jones k Megralh, nnd S. Strong ', ml on. rasscueers, Messrs. Davis, Anner, Manuel, Flower, Duncan, Smith, Reynolds, Ross, and Airs. Ann Perry. Moop Hiram, t.vaos, y davs Irom Baltimore, with iron, dry goods iic. lo W. W. ii J. H. Todd, nnd others. 'Left Cape May on Saturday, in co. with schr. Martha, sloop Rover, sloop Alalanta, and schr. Elizabeth, all for New York, and about '20 sail bound eastward. On Sunday, at 4 P. M. passed steam boat Sea Horse, off Squam Beacn. Ship Amazon, had ar. at Cnoe May in JO hours from Newport. Moop Science, 1'ratt, 13 days fr. Havana, witn molasses, hides, honev and fruit, toP Harmony. I.elt brie r.liza Ann, Barber, lor r i ork in Z ns. ; schr , Fail - child, do do ; sloop Triton, Treat, dodo. Sloop Sally, Fox, C days from Philadelphia, w ish corn meal. Sloop Atlantic, Woelem, 10 davs from Norfolk, with flour and shingles, to Boorman ii Jolioston FROM OUR CORRESPOND AT. Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia, Monday, April 13. S Arrived, hrie Washington, Coffin, 17 days from New - Orleans. Schr Planter, Patty, 9 days from Pasamaquod - dy. Srbr Fenwick, Daggett, 49 hour from Bo - ton. On Satutday, passed inside the capes, ship Amazon, of and from Newport, at Fourteen Foot Bank; ship Mary Augusta, of and from N York, at the Middle. Spoke brig Fame, of and from Boston. Schr Fair Trader, Osboro, 3 day from New York. Brig Fame, Sawyer, 5 days from Boston. Ship Rosalia, Merry, Canton 125 day. Capt. Merry, infoims, that he had been on the coast 14 days, with many other vessel. Brig Ceres, Quandrille, Belfast 52 days, 38 passengers. Br. brig Bacchus, 57 days from London, and brig Thomas i - Edward, from St. Croix for N. York, were oft' the Capes cf Uie Deleware on Monday, the Gtli inst. The ship Mary Augusti is below, from New York was bound to (Jrcfnock, but having sprung aleak, put into the Delaware.. IROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of tbe Baltimore Telegraph, Sunday, April 12. Arrived, schr Tom Liddle, 23 days from La - suira. Sailed IPth March, (alter a second em - buro of 10 davs) in co with sch Fame, M'Kier - ly of Baltimore, to touch at St. Thomas, if she could fetch it. Left schr Jaquemel Packet, lor N York, in C or 10 days ; schr Greyhound, lor ao iinrrrliir, , tlio rnlv AmprirnnvHirll there. Brig George, Kell - g,28 days from fct. Jagode Cuba: Lett Ihere 15th March, brig Nancy. Picket, for Boston, 10th April ; Samuel, Browning, Bristol, K. I. unc ; Victory, Pray, Prt" mouth, do Domestic, Barnev, for N York, 10 days sch Speedwell. Marbiehead, 17th 5 Brit - tannia. Stanley. Beverly, unc i Olive iirancii, ,,!.. .V.lem. 15th.. Sallr. Winslow. Provi ,: . FJurloriir. Baltimore, ' . - a - . " . J . unc j dnnn Amelia. Manu'nnrt - Itoston. uu britr Franklin. Lane, N York, arrived J - n sch Ghai les K Mallarov. Davis. Norfolk, one ; , r" c. atsrkets uav viu is u, a. 4Ut j - Cheriott, Wilkes '& Co. J. F. White, J k C. Bob i ship Blooming Rose, Trowbs idge, for Gibral - ton, Ely ii Parsons, ,rt PoH ta MKinie. Pa, - u, saiied Uth. April 2, Cape Hatteras, W. !'.?K - hM" - bW If Tucker, Mr, i v yi in learaes. rook e brie Com. Porter. 3 ""6"nciu, mrs. roote, ."Messrs Grandison, Car - 1 sonh. De Grnt. rosier, Ord.M'Io tyre, and 13 in Uie steerage. OnSatnrJ day, off tbe Delaware, spoke a Pilot who inform . ed lhat the ship Mary Augiuta, from New York for Greenock, had put into tho Delaware leaky In lat. 39, long. 75, passed a number of pie eTr vessels fcc. In the Oiling, on Sunday saw about sail of vesseh, most of them square rigged, apparently bound in. ' LlvL 'I" 1J J 1 , 11. AA . ' ""S i - niu, iiumiuipe, ay nay. ii Son, W. '. Mnnks.Fishit Grinnell, Sands, SpoV Is, A.S.Norwood, J. W. Schmidt Lra v.. iu si - ri, i unn ot, ixuscii, y. Led yard JL Co. A. Sufford, R. H. Snger, G. II. Newhoi,, Mout k. I'latt, Henderson i Cairns, Win. Price' T. Searlh, W. Cairns, Welts k Upson, U Coeill' K. Kninry k Co. - II. W. Adcock, T. Fisher, RhTr"h Brooks, A. Thompson, T. Tiilswell, V Iw. lavan ii Co. II. C. Willeit Co. Hicks ii Lord" Lord ii Uhnited, 3. 1.nrkwood, Lambert Krmh' ers, W. C. Holly, I. W. Wricht, E. Canniiur. J H Lawrence &. Co. Aikin, Fisher ti Co. GodYrev 6l Townseud, Hapgerty L Austin, T it fi. De - milt, T. C. Boiler Jr. Siuire ii Sillinian. Aa,.. a Blackwell, F.. T. Marsh, Otis k Swan, S. Hvde W. Gaudy k Co. Dnryve ii Heycr, ami the Capi Passengers, Messrs. 'Ihos. Howard, John Robfni sun, noil John Jackson and l.inulv. Sailed March 4. Ship Mercury, Rae, lor New York, and James Monroe, lor do. sailed 3d. Left ships l.adv f;i i...;.. i.. c... v i - ...i . m . . " Juno, Milu, ft do do; Sally, tor do in 2 davs' Rcliecca Sims, for I'hilad. readv ; I.iv Pa. k.f' . .. . . r. n . fVCI . .Mm, ,, - niij ...... Mvm. , 1'i.iiftiei, ior Boston Ships Tonliiir, mid Venus, sailed from London about 1st March. Ship George, was to sail from do. I'.'llll i ; barque ineicon, lor do. was ready. Ship Packet, for New York, was lo fron. Dublin Dublin about J.'illi. htie Ari - liilei, Bunker. trom New Yoik ubuut - 'Kih Feb.; ship Mount Vernon, nr. about smite lime, leaky; ship Amity from N. York, ar. !;ih Feb. in it days ; ship Kar con, Lewis, Irom Kotton, ar. 1st March, in IB r, Liverpool, with dry Roods, hardware and crates to Bopert It Kneeiand, B. Lord, D. S. Dod." Shipninn it Lord, W. Leslie, G. U'ragg, I ', ham, 3. ii J.Hudson, 3. Brown, j. Edsur.J BatJ; K. Lessen, Willi k White. T. Dio. I u .7 rnuce, nosion ; urn. loner, rosier, do; Cohun - hia, Allen, for New York, in 6 ; A talmitic, do in6 Geo. Gndstlen, iusl nr. from New Orleans Ann' ("rocker, for N. Yoik ; William, for do. iif.iVi.,'

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