The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 14, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1818
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sV E NEW - YOMK EVE NUMHKSi 1910 TUESDAV, APKIL I I, 1818. NO . I'INK - STRKKT. TO NING POST. FOR SALE, rl SJ - l The last tailing 'mp "5Atiir..i, jusc ..n - '.ua.l IV. m Antwerp, burthen 265 gai .. - i i :' ....I will carry about 0i)0 Obi'. 4 years 11M. VOU - 'f ,,v y copier fat - ied and coppered, to deep ballast mark, - he We" found every respect, auJ has nearly a whole new mit of tails. Liu at merno. 9, cat aide Ceenties slip. DAVID G.C1LLIES, - h3t 10t 70 l.roe.Ulrett. rTfbVH, COFFEE, c. .00 Ui'. Virgiii - X1 ia Flour . 45 hheis prime old and new Hithmond I o 10 dj Petersburg do 21 bales Upland Cotton :li la. and - ) hi", ts. like 150 bag Sit. Domingo and 64 do green Havana Coffee t a tout Ligiiumvila; . Port Claret and Madeira Wine, iu hhd. ami quarter casks Rorii red Fort YViue, iu case of 3 dozen !aCh FREIGHT FOR OPORTO. . A good vessel bound to Oporto may VZA - havc about 1000 bushel" eroro em freisht. 1 1 1. Krti)t - trt - l. . I. MS, STr.EL, ASlt UAttulYAIxE. i f""v Ton English iron, aborted, io flat 5 tj J auJ square - bars, a part of which is eini - eU to debenture. s 100 too round ii'ou, as3o.U.'J, frcra 1 - 2 to 1 I t inch ' 100 do Swede' flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches 50 do do wpiarc, aborted, from 1 - 2 to 3 inches ,0 dj each flat aud square Russia iroa 50 do country iron 'usrui ted 0 da plouli sliarc moulds 10 do axlelrteand crowbar mould II) do horse - shoe diouIJj SO do brazier's rods, aisorted, from 3 - 1G to 3 8 iadi JO da spiko and nail rods, assorted 10 do .beet and toiler plate iron 60 do Euglidi .oid American Ilo.tpi Vj'do Ki - g!istL)blislertdlrtT 10 do Swedes steel 10 do 'Ciawlcy do ." do German dot 5 do alien h;al cast steel 20 do Bristol aud Nova Sculia grin, stones asoi'tod 600 authors, a stirled, from 00 to SOCOlts. ' 1 do about t)o0dlb... 60 Mil sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 0 lh per font IO) casks spikes, ass'd. trim 4 to 9 incite 200 io i ut nails, from 21 to 20d 50 do wrought nails assorted 20 (I ) sla'e and horse nidi 10 ton iron pot and b.iUe pane, ass'd from 1 to 10 u, en'iili d to dobtuturc. 5 tons Lng:is!i spelter 20 do An. i mi hollow ware, coiisisli.'.g lil" Pots, ket'lcs, bake pan, Skn'ets, spiders, ten kettle, Amorous, t;. 10 i asks tr u e, oxnnd eliaius Anvil, viiti, ami beak iron Fuijje, alede aud Hand Uuiumers Mill, (Toss . ut and pit nan's Carl, VVnson and (.'ban H xct li.ii.m (l tti ot ililiVrent size hlmvclr, SpmlcJ, Hue, lie. Togeiher" with a - mral assottinent of Hardware and Cutlery, fur le on reainnnhle trui, by AKKkl, Af UUX.COirti, No. JC3 Water st. corner ot Janie - lip. wh i3 I is tO(j'K.tlmidrotl lou Unit quality NovaAco - 1 tia l'l:itcr Ibnalo iu lob to uit putthas - eo Apply to WALTER N'KXiOX, 174 Front - ft. cona.r of tlurln - or to JOH.V BYF.Kh, for.t of Harn o.i - t. mhl7 N.. 'h Kiver. Q i'. l)u.Vii.NGUC(.r Fr.t. - loti..x',i jra. - O at li;8 Front - itieet n,h .70 TKOKi: - , 13A lOSON ii CO. CitATSKIXS 8510 Madr.n Goat Skin. I iauJi: from ship France Henrietta, for ale by GOOI'ilL'K V CO. , Q 44 Snulli - itrett. l I OLA - jSK. - . 1'he c",iign ul tl Ki t' hMa XV 1 ria, from Havana, comr ting ol 250 lil.d and IJ tierce pew cr. - p Mnia - x:, now on Ihe wharf, pier No. 7 North River, and for sale by G. G Aiii. IIOWUM), np 6 "7 Wnsliinslun - ftreet. . UG fi. l"i hhds New Orleans Sui;ar, 3 landiu this day aL.Tiuo - strcct wharf, from brig Hope, forwde ly G RlSVVOli S 4 COATF.i', or Kll'LEY, CENT Lit 4 CO. an 7 Cti pnuih - st. OI KAW CAKFII.NG. - 15iollaiiout UOtl kJ yard Ci.d.l Mraw CrpeiinK, very hami tcnie pattern, lai from hvig Keiiben (i tli a. tnrale by GKIiWOLP A: CIMTKS, ap 7 Gil toulh - street. D UCK. tc SKAL ski Na. 1UO bolls Rustia Ouck. ov.0 teal Skin. iKmlinK and for aalr tv osiitms, ap 7 , 211 Svuth - itrct. BOMTO.M klWft 10 I itucheoua landing am tor iale by ap 7 CAMBRELENG &c l'EARSON. NKW - OlU.KAN.i SUGAR, CO I T()., &c. T.IVIF.A' Ji'WoLF, jr. 57 Front - cticet, has tr lor sue, landui Ircm fhip Evergreen 105 iilwU New - 'Vlcans sujjar 41) baUs do cotton, prime quality. Al.tOOJt IUXIK Clean St. P,'Uiaburgli lu mp, iu lot to suit purchasers 400 qr. task Oranjc works' gun powJer 120 boxci toll 100 boKrs of German rteel ) entitled to draw - 10 case tumbler ) back One caw at raw fX Cash advai.tcd on good :onsined for dc. ' upril 1 40 ACYrHKH. Dozen Scythes, Waters' stump, for sale by JAMEb U'lVOl.r. Jr. 50 57 Front - slrct. mrh TKi 7A7. - , Ol A, .!';, it. A - J Qr. casks colmrnar wine 130 qr c - k I 2(t hall do dry Malaga do a ilo K:id 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, i i bottles each 40 bales luliaa wriliug paper, Foolscap and 50 do print in; do letter M hhdi Enj;li?h glassware, cousUtin; of wiucs and aborted . 10iO bones anchovies and 50 ilorlivc 1 bnx Fienrh kid cloves 1 do o. - ti ii h leathers, very rich I do enravim; 9 Oies kit hat", 1 do c hip do 0 hilc Ituli - iu ra, 500 marble mcrfars 23 ca - es marble slabs, veined aud statuary, a - ATtrd size 5 Uxer Nupirs shavify soap 1 do watch g'.usM in? 4,t Dianua 10 1'akrs 100 t Calcutta foods, cousi - tii.g of jj'fta", pulkali and rallipatty cossahs hsu; rre, i !)n:nocoily,johaijua, luckiporc aod viojpote '" - 'S j'lUaporc and mow X' - t white, red and blue giUaltf UJrr'teru do utit ul IroctsoT rentals, Cr sale by CHS."L. OGOKV, aud At - ilM. tltiDE.N, NWliintDu - st. apOSfrJ DRY GOODS. ITANCY plate Cali - P cot I Maraeillei (Quilting, royal ribbs White andpriuted sateens Cot tun brown hollanda Siwansdown, tuilanetta, silk stripes Cotton and woiated ho siery Irish linen & sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine und superfine ca - siiueres Yorkshire fine and superfine cloths London do d Su rline ludies clnth Boiubazelts ratinett Impel ud cords, vigo - uia cassiiuerc Stock inetts, plain aud ribb'd Flannels, baizes Ferrett, worsted bindings SuperliuK calicoes and chiiilzea 4 4, y - U, 6 4 cambric muslin Cambric jaconets I' lain tainoor'U x served muli f lain ' and taaubor'd book musiins 3 - 4, 4 4 ami o 4 cam bric giuliuiua Clai It and coi'd cambric Velvet and cords, beaver glove Fancy cravats, twilled aud plain Madras hdkfa, pin Hair cord cambiica, cotton balls White i col'd thread silk, kid, and cotton clovei :ilu bote, tiJk lloren - Shirt buttons, cotton tine Ri.tcU bouihazeens lace Paris netts and souffle Klon - nt.: silk, ribbons, gunze liiack and white Uiulle lace leno nawle, Estopil - las Se.wing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Tablu cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 i; i: - 4 Diapers Furnituie Diiuitie Fancy l.eito, & Cjrured Muslins galloons Floiences, plain and ti - guied Virginia satins, plaid lu.tiings Krir - 'd blacU silk hkf elvtl Imidiuga, tapes, bobbin Furuituie calicoes, aud chititzta 4 - 4, 0 H, G - 4, 7 - 4 and ti 4 printed cambric shawl 7 4 4 U - 4 imitation do. ti 4 cassimere do. Uand.iiiiio, Ion, ri: und sisttrsoy hdkis. 1'ocket lidkls. t.l.ile and printed Hair cord and cambric dimitie Jeans, cotton caseimcre Striped Florentines Claclt J. iMadapollum and steam Cambric Trimmings, i - r loinicfs inii Ui - r Ginghauis Koniall ildkts. nllc Check Ginhauis U i: 3 col'd Camhric ftUtlllclltS Oii t:ioths ll.uwii Linens Meiiuo MiawU Cottoj bitr J.iiin ! U - U col'd strip'd jaco - nelts loom iliirliugs I uiifaiiiis. ic. fee. Received by the late ai rivals for sale by HAGGERTY AUsTEN, mhSldicCin 167 I'earl - strei t. htft JA'zUli.iXCt:, &.C. ' 'Tr'Tho UMON INSURANCE COMPANY, incoriioratod by the l.esisluture of the. Mule uf Aiw fork, with a rliartur ol iluratiou, for malUnj LIFE INSURANCES and gnuitin A.NNUI'IILb, will commence busmew on the first day of JiJ.ty uc.'it, at no. 5G Wail - street. 1 he moii! prominent objects emliruccu by this company, (tllhoau tluy are prepared to enter 0:1 laviirilile tcriiu into all contracts 111 any chape (oiiiiec!rl with the views of their iustitu tion,) are at follows : J 0 lite Ltitnrtug cluss uf the, community, lo .Of - chunk, iu L'ltrks in public un4 firu ale njfiat, Iu Ctr"iti, la I'ruftMon in Loltrgts, In .Uilitaru men, and all others o - ss?td of fixed income, which will terminate with their own lives, they otltr a secure means of providing for their fami lies, oy setting apart a small iortioii ol their au - unul savin ' to fiat iiunose. t o cauiiututs, they olfer the safe investment and certain improvement of their surplus income to the benefit of their descendants. I o mairifd men, thev oli'cr a provisiou to their widuics, by an appropriation to that purpose uf sm.dl annual sums, during the continuance of the marriage, und on the fame priuciple Uiry oiler to tho usi$ntei iJ bankrupt tilalti, ami tho pur - r iiM"rs - ol pioperty, subject to the right ol ifower, a moda of coiii.iiiliiu tbatclaiui, by i;iiiigaii rqmvaleul lor llic turttuuer ol me rijjhu i ib wile. I'o parents, they present a mode of endowm ttuir iiilaut children, auordiiig to them, if they reach a certain age, a much larger sum compared with the original premium, than can be acquired by any mode of accumulation at interest . I o unWe persons, who may have no heirs, they offer the means of greatly iurrea?iiir their annual income through tho purchase of life an nuities. I'o yovng people, of active cmplovmrut, whoic exertions aud earnings must dimmish with their increa - in; years, thny offer a support for the de cline ol lile, by pavnirnt of comparatively small amount, their sca;oiiofuidustry shall con tinue. The Company lias provided Table calcu lated upon (mo principles from the most corrert data, which at the samo time combine the safety of the olfice, uud the interest of the customer Ol the results ol thfe I ables some spccimrns are subjoined, from winch the adv antages to the ho!Jfsol Contrac ts with Iheni may be estimated. A liraltr.l prrwn, of the ac ol twenty - seven years, by an annual payment l lvo 97 - 100 dollars during his iife, may secure lo his Lcirs the sum of Out iluiuind hvilars, or a larger amount bv a uroiiorlinuatc premium. A Ihiiband, aged thirty, whose wife's Hge is twenty - five, may, by the annual pavnicul ol 7Vo JO 1 00 llullarr, while both live, secure to his widow the rum of 1 n lluiia. - ed Dollar; which the company will exchange lor au equivalent annuity, if required. At the ai;e of fifty an annuity lor the remainder of the lile may ie bought for about tcnand a quarter urnr's pttrchaac, or at the rale of mnt und 3 - 4 per rent ou the sum inverted. father may, ly the payment of one hundred dollart at the bii th of a child, secure to that chil l, when it shall rcai h the age ot twenty - one years, Die turn of iu hundred und furty - unt dollar. From the age of twrnty - onf, an aunual payment of Helen IU - 100 'Dalian till the age of y'if:, will - voire to ihe party an annuity of 0;ir Hundred Dullart lor the residus of his or btr life. If a person liolding a Polity of l ife Insurance for any period beyond one year should leel desi - itius to relinquish it, the company will be ready at all times to treat for a re - purchas. An adequate portion if the Capital of this Company is set apart by charier, and maybe mcreastd, if occasion riquire, tor the puifi se oj i.ije in r"" 1 surance and .Innutlies, and fcur'd y.itateiriihih lltctlaleef .tir - ioik. of r.'it calar of at lea - t fif'u per cent above the amount loaned. I The Capital thus sit apait and sicured, litlur with tnt accumulation if premium, can lie nuiue liubit for no other loves vf the Institution than those ui ising fromilt Life: Puliries and annuities, j thus ajl'01 ding to the Customer tlu most substantial i runy. Written applications for insurance and annuities, stati.ig the uame, age and place of birth and rr - sidrwe of the party will be rtceiieJand aiiswirs jivcu preparatory to opening policies on the day nbove uamrd. b AMU EL A L IV RENTE, Prciidcut. JAMES RENWICK, Actuary, up 11 DKClin LANDSCAPE U FLOICEK P A IS TIM. U" .. WALL, pupil .f thect - l - bratid C" - J. Miller, of Duliiiit, Teacher of L .nd - .ea and Flower Pointing, Drawing from Natuie, Characteristic, Folijge, &c. For teems, apply at No. 44 Nassau - street; whtre speci mens of his works may heseeu. W. ti WALL bopVs, fromhi..s.yle ol patnt - lliriiiufj ,.1 iii - r'tVmeYit ; cntrn - nrwl a llicl Slle'tiliim 10 the dti'ie - s e - l Lis prole waore of these Ivours ' DEER SK1N5, 4c 20 bales sheared Deer Skins 6 bales Deer skins, iu the hair 39 Bear skins 17 Otter do 100 Beaver Fur, just received per brig Orleans from New - Orleans, f.r sale nt !;7 C'.ffre lloufe - siip, by LAIDLAW, GIRAULl'i CO - It 'ho hare in itorc, 33 hhds. very prime Kentucky Tobacco 30 bag green fct. Douiiugo coffee 5 bales boui hazel 1 case French cambrics 1 bale black cloth 1 case French boot lops tip 10 101 INDIA I'OINT GIN. A CONSTANT supply of the above article lor sale by BARBARIN, STANTON & CO. ap 10 Iw 17 Fultou - slip. 0E1.ECT HOARDING SCHOOL. '1M1ERE are at present live vacancies in the Revd. WILLI 4 M I'O W ELL'S School, in Pliilipsburgh, Yonkrrs, West - Chester County. His system of education is such us to enable him to qualify young geulltiueu for Colli ge or the Counting House within a reasonable time. His school is select, the numbi r of Pupils limited, and the treatment of the most liberal kind. The following brunches of useful aud polite li teral ur ure lauglii, viz : Greek, History, uatin, French, English Grammar, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. Geography, Malhi inatici, &c. It l" luesuiued (hat f - vv Institutions ol the kind can olli rgreati - i udvantasi s. whether thev regard instruction in gtneral literature, in muinl and rjligiou priui ipirs, or iu correct ami gentli man ly ileporliiienl. I lie rar - on.i; 111 wlncli Hie Pupils are accoiumodated, is cominmlious, retired and pleasantly situated. Its distance Iroiu New York is about seventeen miles ; lo which U.eihh alwajs a ilircct and esy rommuuicn - liu.i. particulars application may tic macif to Uisi.i p liubart T. S. ('larkson, Esq. C M'Eveis, Esq. Wn. U'lynnl, jim. Esq. A. Schernicri.orn, Esq. I)2int.v - Vil, College C. D i :old. n, Esq. T. A. Luuntt,'Ejq, ant) BOARD At LODGING IN THE COUNTRY SI.Ul.i. gentiemaa wants eithtr I or a . rooms in a small private lamily, situate'.' or more miles iroiu tin - city. lie wuiilil take Ins meals separate or willi the family, as may be in .st hgrciuhie, and give a liberal it numeration lora pleasant situation ; u moderate distance ol wlucii will be no object Apply by note for B.B. lell at the ulace of tne Eveuinsj Post, ap lOtitJ ' GREAT I llAAt'E FOR HEADERS 'lHE subscriber having di - terruiued to give up 1 tin - leluiljiig liooii - te.lii'g Kusiness 011 Hie lii sl of May, oilers lor sale, at reduced prices, his stook ot Books and Slaliooaiy on hand. This slock comprises a very valuatile assort merit ol standaid woiksiu most brain hes of science and lileraluic, amongst vv tit h are, Bibles, Testaments, 1'raytr Book, Pralmt uud llyunis, in very eh gant binilmg ; alo, a lew copies of Scott's Family Bibie, iu hoardSHiid bindintr : aud is wor thy t tie at trillion of dealers or consiunlr. Also, an elegant assoilmcnt of Stationary, sucii r pa per, quills, waters, wax, seals, sand boxes and lolders. A ureat variety ol iwu and por k. - l knive s, pocket books ami wallets, port fulim, 1 ulers. lead pencils, crayons, bruthei. Reeve' and other colour, iu every variety ol form, drawing paper, ink stands, visilinir and ulher curds. In.lia ink, do. lubber, portable desks, sbtel neus, slides, Gunter's sc.ucs, wallieiualical instru ments, pocknt ledger ami metaoraudum books, blaiik. account books, Kc. kc. JOHN L. TIFFANY, 114 Rioadvtay, opjnjsite City Hotel, ap 2IS:c iawJw fir.VTKKL IIOAHOIAG. 11 RAN KLIN IIOUVE.This new, spacious J r,u,"'id lliii(inir. situated in lroJ - way, the great and Lslnonabie nli eet divming' the centre of the city, at the corner of Dey si. will be opened by the subscribe on tlic 1st ot M. next, for the reception ot Hoarders. It is filled, and will be furnished in a man - 1 ncr not surpassed, for convenience and ele aiice. by aiiv private dwelling in the city. It occupies the most eligible situation, being central, m view ot tin - l'arkand City - Hall 1 tbe upper apartments overlooking' the whole town, commanilinir a view of the adjacent country for a circumference oi 50 miles, including the Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbour ; and it is believed that 110 House in tliecotintiy ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or situation ; and no expt nse having been spared by the owner to make it complete for tbe purpose, in every respect, it will oiler to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleas.m' and retired a - partments. The choicest of Wine and Liquors Will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to make the entertainment pleasant, rare and excellent. This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Ilourdiitg MRS. HENDERSON. feb4 D&Ctf EOH HALE, A farm in the village of West BlonmuVId, in I' - sseX county, state of New - Jersey, within Ki miles 01 Die city of New - York, containing about lluity acres 01 land, about six at ieiol which is woodland, of a yoiing and liirii'ty growth, anil welt timbered ; the icsidue consists ol good meadow, with young orchard, in a prolitable bcanng condition, 1mm whichcideroi Hie first quality can be made, the fruit being O' a choice collection. There is 011 the premises a new Iranic modern built house, of the best materials and well finished, two stories high, 4t It et in length and 32 n et in depth, containing five large room with fireplace iu each, beside a kitchen and apai tmetits 111 the garn t. Also, agurtkn, an exce!k - ut barn, cow bouse, iic. The above described property will lie soul belo.v its value, the subscriber being desirous of settling with hi laiully in Soine one: of thewestern states. 'I'he siluationol it is very healthy and di siiahl", being 011 (he turnpike road, which will sl.oitly be in contiuuatinnol the great Western Turupiae leading If cut the city oi Jersey to Lake Erie, and is a good stand either fi r a store or tavern. The surioundihg country is delightful, audi exceeded by none in point of pMsfiect. ms it command a full view of the city of New - York, bays, rivers and Hie Atlantic Oceau. Therr is a variety of fruit in the season 141 lli.u f.'iuaioii , eeilti idic iirtcr mini.;; ftreuiu ol" water run coiitiuo'is to tbe vill.iee. wliercm aie erected large cotton and woolen lactones in lull operation. The whole or a pail of (he land will he sold widi the hoce, as may suit the pureliaer, and loiiitary bounty lauds will be taken in pull payment For terms, applv to Jo.iah IlcdJen, Esq. in the city of New - Yoi - k, or to the tub. - cTibcr on thn prenii'e;, who will give an indiaputahle title, ap 10 2w EPIIRAIM P. STILES. j - Vrr UllfliUUJlAGls. Two offices in Law Building No. 3. to tie rtuted. Apply outhe pi clones, lo JAMEo A. HAMILTON, Etq or al No. ill Broadway. fcb2'.ltl' VALLA ISLE LOTS (WJtKOA l)WA'. fiTJL Two Lots lyiu between Houston aud 'XT B.'eecker street, upon tbe westerly side ot bioadway, being each tliirty three l - e - t in front ' y two hundred leel deep, run'or; through to I Mercer - stieet. There it a small i cneii.ent with la wooden slabl" in tLe rear ul the l.ol. - , v. - bi" 1 j are rente d lor tlie ensuing year. The hide is - - PW ,'3 'i'rTo ' - - " - , , - . jde moue, bc reqmred , IH" T1.Y PLA TE i: CUHKS. Boies tin urate. 13 X lb7i eroce velvet bottle corks, 1st quality b'l reams sujjar - loaf paper. For sale by Rogers & post, 8P6 5 bouth - at. iiiL.El.1l ULUO.Hl.WihALE, kum I'he house and grounds belonging to the t.tale of John Shaw, situated on the eighth ave nue. On the preuiitet are an excellent double iiouse, sianir, coacn and ice house, with every thing else requisite for s"o h an establishment, fi is presumed any cOier description is unnecessary j as those inclined to rent will view the ulace. Also, the lanze file nroof store iu the rearol houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street ; where there is lor sale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. r or particulars, apply to 11. SilAW, Jan 29 II Peail - stre et. tOH HALE UK TO LEASE, Lots in (be 5. ti. 8. anil 10 Wards: many ol which ate on regulated and paved streets. No money will he requiied under U11 years, if aoid, iiiic'icsi excepted. HOUSES. Several (wo and three story houses, on which a grout panel tne money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent aland lor business, with ten acres of laud, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, stole house unci barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, Aitli 40 acres ol'land, and a never failing strenin, upon w lm h '.'il mills may be erccleii, Willi a suotciency ol water lor each. Apply at fo. 2 Greenwich - street. J an I.! tf VALUABLE PRU11.R. The subsc riber oilers lor tale a valuable farm, 73 miles I10111 New - York, lying 7 mile south of t'oughkeepaie, on the pobt - ioad, within I 4 ol a mile ol Ihe mills 011 the - Jails oi Wappin tier's - Cretk, and in the ut iijiboiliood of scvei.d Uudings Irom which sloops rail weekly. Il con tain 1 10 acres of level, lei tile land, with a young orchard of grafted libit, wood sullicieut foe fuel, and all in good leucc. Tho house contains seve ral l'ccuii, h:is a good barn, and all iu cxcelieut repair, lis situation bein r ou an elevated plain, renders the place uot only healthy, but presents trout the dwelling a delighllul inland prospect. A l. - o, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to the above, and bounded southerly by the falls ol W'Mppiugt r'x - Crctk. Tim land is fertile, in e xcel lei. I fence, aud of ta. - y cultivation. What renders this property valuable, is, that it may be made a place of celebrity. There is already e - rccted 011 the Jails a saw - mill of great cupuuty, a cui ding - out!, which enjoys the custom ol the ucighborhoad, besides seveial other sides lor factories, uuoecupic.l. The uholo force of the creek tail be diverted with 11 little expeui e so as to drive a range of mills on a love I plot of ground iu - t below tho falls, and ae e. - il !e by an ca?y navigation ; vvhi 1 it fae loi ics ol every description, with every of power and transportation can be construe ted. Also, a Hour mill, of the first class. The mill - house is large , with 4 run of IJun - stiuic. - , and calculaied lor C, with new UKo luhery for uiaiiulactuiing wheat, &c. with an elevator lor 1 ai'ing grain from vessels into the upper loft of the mill. Connected with tho mill is a large .'tore house fur storing wheat and Hour Willi tho mill will be sold 53 acre of excellent land, on which is situated fivo dwelling houses, a large barn, hay house, carriage house, corn cribs, hovel:, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated lot 20 bauds. Two of the houses are new and will calculated for gimteel families ; They command a viow uf Uui reveir, wills a beautiful Intervale landscape formed by the mtasidcring of thu crctk immediately in trout. There arc few places which associate so many accommodating qualific a I. oils lor the merchant, inerJiauicor former. Unormid at , - ; - oe - ,u feoCuro Tuesday the '.list April, it will 011 that day be ouVud " tion. For terms, &c. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Heaver - street. Feb 20 ABRAHAM MESIER. EOH A.i EE, The property a I Brooklyn, belonging to the estate ol Caiy Ludlow, deceased, cuisist - iiih of a new three story brick house and lot ol ground, a store house, formerly occupied ni a distillery, small frne huiliiing and lot ol ground, and two vacant lots ndioining the above premises. I Ins property is situated wiuiui a lew rods of the; altam - boat lerry, on the road to Pierpnnt's Distillery, aud extends from the hill to Hie river. Also Vi let, from the first of May next, the house and lands on tbe hi, in Ihe rear of Ibe; u - hove ilesi nlied piemisea. The house; is well a - dapli d lor a private lamily or for a public bouse. The situation, from its ele vated position, commands a very extensive nnd beatitilul view ot the city, the East River unci Bay of New - York. The grounds surrounding the boiiso (about live teres of land) are in a high stale of cultivation. l or terms, apply o GEO. W. MORTON, mheilf No. 59 William s. MOUNT VERNON HOTEL. SI THE subscriber takes this method to iu - f .1 tn the public that he has tskeu for the emu ing season that well known stand formerly me n pied by Dyde, ahout five miles from the City Hall, on the Boston road, ar.d intends to open it :e a public house for tho reception of company, .m the Crst of May next, when eetleoieu aixl la lies Will be accommodated with every comfort rend e Irgance to be expected at such a house, ou the mo. - t reasonable Icroi. 'The bet of liquon of every tort will be al ways kept ready. F.ZR. CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook, an 2 1m G J - OR t?ALLJlv, I O Er.ASr., On accominodaiing terms, a number cd wale r and building lots, near aud adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. for particulars, en quire uf SAMUEL EVANS, ian22tf Brooklyn. TO LET. Tne small 3 storv brick house No. iT7 Pt arl - strect, suitable lor n person carrying on a tiade in the house, having a light garret und a middling sizeel store. Possession tiveli iuuiie - diuttly. Enquire of DAVID STILLWAGGON, mh SI tf SttHie - stree - l, near Bro.itl - slro t. Tu Lf.T. i r or one cr neire year, a two story hrn trout House, No, ti Canal street, louruoois iioiu Broadway, to the front House is attached one in the n - ar which serves as a kite hen to. ae I, lory. It w ill be put in ti hiiiitablo repair on the iirsl day ol May next, rent rrn.onhl. Enquire 01 JOHN K. HEDLEY, ap7 2w !l(l Nashii street. . - 1 ''" - iiilSj The stores ai d cellar room ol those liiiee st - irv bouse s No. 10 and 12 Brwaet - .lre!. Alvsagood lioiise ut bif i - nwich, ami one ut Hat Item, with tw and a hall hires .l gr - tunu, uear Mauhattanvillt. Apply t 55 Broadway, orlo CJiA.T. OAM.L., a p 2 1 f 141 Fri t - slr.e l. J5?s To Let for one or more y nrs, Tji2 The 1' li.M.tea - l.ou.e No. .. 4 bidway.two tVa.i,.gl..ii Hall, with a coae h bouse in V - e rear it r, quiie - - Also, a three story oritk hou.e No. 41a. 111 said street. Al's a new and genteel two slorv brick hoiis.5. corner of LisnareJ and Church aire ets, e terms m .d - rate - . For iurl!.?r narticolars, apply - at 41 j Broadway. a2j ti 271 ffloi STORE (:o LET, vin,i! The fire proof store in Gove, neiirs. lane, between Water and Front - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER & LAl RIE.y, nil 31 29 oiilh - street. IO LET, The GLOBE 'TAVERN. No. 143 Wa. ( - street. The situation of this house, and ils accommodations, justly render it auoljecl well worth the at tuition of any person desirous of keeping a lucrative public l,oue. It will be let, Jur - uisl.talor unluruished, und immediate possession given. Ai nlvatNo lit? W - .iU r .tr.i mh 17 if tOll feALK. HKAL fBOPKRTY IN THK. CI T O? NKW - VOHK. A lllilUR HOUSE aud Lot No. II J Bowery S'T ABLE e - r w nil 'he LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and W .., S"1J BOf.II lilt house an.i l o r xn n v..., , ouseand Lot No 39 Vtsey - street. a iiu.u and MOR TOAGE lor 1200 dollar, do and do for 750 do lo und do for J.ili . On valuable property in the citv ol ,e w York The line rest has always heen Duui tuiillv iiahl. - r or particulars inciuii at the - oltice of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dee UHf ,Vo. 27 Wall - street. TO LET OU LEASE. From the 1st May next, 011 reasonable te'iim, a l..rge convenie nt dwelling house, oppo sue l.ove l.anc, near the two mile sloiu , Bowery, at pioent occupieel by Pr le - sor Ailiaiu i well cul. iilatt'il furtwo lamilies, buying tuo kit. bent, with 8 looms, pantiles ami vault, a skittle aud coac h house, u well of good water and two cis terns.' It has a very large garden, well stocked with shrul s unci Irmt trees ; possesion of wlat I can be hail on Ihe 1st April nrxl. Also to rent, a genteel 3 story brie It Iiouse No !!.' Crceiivvie li - irccl, with or mil, out a sluhit in Ihe rear. Apply at No 4!'t Greriiwich - st. or 10 HALsEY U GOS.MAN. mh 21 If 34 Ohl - shp. Ifoyl , "'''EActTTirZihT.kTrrcnr Vnii! To be let, the house and grounds fronliti'j on liieenwich Dane, beh iiging lo Ihe t'stnte 01 the late Aainuul iMilhgan, uiid at present cecu pit il hy oil. 1'av id My. ror partie ular entiuire of JOHN ftl'KEE. luuihe r em r. Ii.ent, foot ol N. Moore - street, cr of J . I', liillic Jj..i.u ol.New - lork. I. b 2Htf vallaiu.e pitoi'Eiav. tAM rortule, the Dover Iron iVI:iuufnrliring t.sial lishminl, in the county ol Monis, ainl slate - ol New - Jersey ; 1 oiisisting 01 n roiling niid slitting Mill, in good repair, which woikt two pall ol'rollt - i ami colitis, sheais, iVc. all at the - tame time ; a valuable forge with (wo liies and one ham. cr in good repair ; a slot h ol'coal and oil on hand, ) oil i it i.t to uiuke filly ton ol' iron ; a gimd saw null ;acul nail laitoiy intend tepuir, sullicieut totmploy thirty mi u, and may he exit - iiiled to employ one hniulre d ii.nre ; a I rati cut - tin,; machine - and a stctl furnace in good repair; conn nieiit to tin: woiks is a stinc and a tiumhi i ol Imiisi s for the act riminodntiiiii ol lamibes, end excellent stabling lor teams that nmy be netes - taiy to keep lor the us of theettabliyhmcnt ; also, orchards, pasture and mchdow lots, iiiina - diate ly the works, with tiinlie r 1uiitl ui any quantity, not xceeeJmg two tbuusanil lite humlied ucres, within three unlet of lain works. I he greut vein ol iron ore, ruuinieiicint; at the noted Piickasuuiiy liiine, runt mine than Z mile tliroiigh this tract, ami three mine uieiiow open, lioin which the lorges are supplied with ore:, and iraif - M liiftw hrt filii - i. - ' SOtliny works to any extent ; the mints urn w iuiui two miles of said works, mid good roads, so thai the 010 can be raised aud de livered at the foru al twouod a hall dollar pi r Ion. Tin; ajjove desc ribed works are situated on Rocuuwav ltiver. about eiuht mile Irom Mor - risfown, twenty Jive mile: Iioiu r.lizahotli I own, initl aboil' Ihe; sitine distune t lioui Aewark. weili KuetU tUI'llleltC "! lea'tl"!! ,"" . t aen piace, in a pieasaui l.eallliy tituaituu. and in a good neighborhood, there being (wo 1'iesbv - ittriiui Chiiiches w ithin tour miles, and a frn nils' mee ting house within two miles ol taid place. 'J'lns staiiil lorcolh cling bur iroii lor the slil - tiriK imil is very communiling, there being nearly one hundred huge? lite tu the county ; most ul tlieiu are on (lie i renins unove Hover, unci the iron, in going torvew - iork mnrket,cun conveniently pass those work. At Ibis mill Irc'inciitly lour Ions ol nar iron have been slit and bunilieel into nail untl spiku rods in a day, and upward uf one huLilied lout ol nails have been inutiu in a year. A lurgei uiiu unt 01 goods may be sold al this place in exchange for bar iron,pn,c unng sup plie s, tic. eve. i tit le are vaiuauiu scuts i.otn a liove hi below on this Irac l,on which more work may be erected. a ieu, That valuable we 11 koowu farm, lying in the township uf Randolph, about (wo mile Iroiu Do vtr, and six miles irom Morrislov.n, and within 01.1: quarter of a mile of tbe Union turnpike road, near 1 leaiant valley, eaiicit tne nunnery r aim, containing ahout liiree"hundred ucres, about one fourth pait ol winch 1 exeelielil Uiesitow, out - lourtb part ploiisdi and pasture land, and the remainder timber. A considerable pail ol (he timber is oi the - euigmal growth, and itsuildble lot sa wilii, the other pail is young tiuiber. Irom nib en (o yeimgrowin. 1 he - re are on said larm upwards 01 six hundred apple - tree", in line order, eight tosixlt e ii ) cars old, Ibe 1 t ol them ol grulied Iruit, and more than hull ) them Harisou Hppn t, so lamous lor cider. 'The meadows are Hal and free Iioiu stone, through which runs two lively stream ul water, unci nearly the whole may be watered. One of these stre am is sultit lent lor a jinst - uull or other woiks ; there mis saw nulls, a gust - mill, a lul - liiitr uuil and oil mill, on tin; same tlieaui. Ou said larm are two valuable; t cites lor waterworks, a convenient cheap place lo erect a thmt dam, untl raise a 1 o,.sitit ralile pond, with twelve 01 lilleeu feel head Below this the water tan be taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on good firm ground, it more than twent y leel fall. 1st (his way the water can he wuikeel twice oyer with the expense of only one dam 'There it on said larm an extensive cider mill with four pi esses uud cisterns, housed and will hooped with iron, sufficient to bold twelve hundred bariels of eider. Connected tu tiie sitter wt rt is the still - house, to conveniently situated thai (l.e whole operation is completed without pumping, 'The aler lor condensing the spirits is supplied from a never lulling spring, within six roils ol the still house, and has sufficient head to 1 1111 into the cisterns. Ibe huildiiigs tou.isi 01 twosmall Iraine dwellings, one good irame nam, 54 li et long by 20 leet w ide, under a art ol which is a good cellar ; there ure uiso hay Louse, cow sheds, .c. AI.RO. Valuable properly at Long ood. i" " - e ,ov"' aJiip ol Jelie r - on. six nine Hum """'t. "," main branch of Roe kawny Rive r, toiiMsl.os 01 a very valuable torse, with two nie. am, ..... ,Ji abundance ol water he whole jritr, n large pond, und a very wain, situation, and lor tmeen years past bus made a. much iron a" an) !. hie. in the county. The ore 1 within lour milts, und a part ol the rotvd (umpiked. I he several traetlt coriiir' ted with tin. tstubh'biiient amount altogether lo about lout l ' uhndr d'uc res, tlu: ijreal - IV part timber, to make a durable tupply l cual n.r ihe lor - 'e. Iiiniii cliately atljoinins lis - lorge it very valuable plow and meadow laud sufticiei.t a. ti.rte luiu.s ol one bundled acres each, with nouses, e.rchsr land barus, neside several g'sud d well. ugs I r list lie that may be employed hi working U' "orgc - property will beso.d at such ptlcct and, credit as w ill in ike it woitby the attention ot any person w: -, to puichaiu. For faithet ialcnuaUdn leiituireof ' jAv. - ou i.'i - r.i, tiiuovcr. ISRAEL CANFIELD, ut Morristown. BLACKWI.LL st M'r ARI. - ..N, t N. York, - tb 21. l.VtCM TO LE'J , ' The new brick Store no. fi Stone - st. Apply lo Feb 14 T. 8c J.SVWiRDg, x. r Oil tA I.I . ! TI... . ........ . ' . - 11 1 i.e: iwe iciry one k Iront Home aud IMt. . 00 1 lurry - street For terms, &c. n ply at Tearl - ttrrrl. ,,,,. 3 ttns - L) LEI, A Tavern and More in r lushine. al ore. si nl oc cupied by .Mr. Win. Miaw. Apply lo mil o 11 I l.ll'.l ( IS 9. Tu LEI, " From the first of May next. three. hlofy brick house iu (.rcct.w ich - strcet, between Liln rty and ( oiirtlaiull slrects. Incjinre at 1J7 tireenw ich - strect. mh 3 tf IO LEI, v rrom f lie lust ol iviav next, tbe flomo No l52Greeu - i(rect, near Broadway. Inquire at Hit priuli'is. up 8 3w j t ur.i, in From the first ol .ay next, a front count - 11. . loom ou tbe second Hour, tt ge (her with thu ntiir lull I.'.... ...... V. l.;s ! .'. I - - I e - .ui - j..; au. iui 1V4.1 iicct. anVI II 1 At a low tent. l.rJ, a thiee story brick; El quire of Eli : N. COX, 96 Wall - street. dwelling ui Noifolk - bt. mh 26 . ElllE Pli OV aIXjJIE. To let ainl possotsii n first ol Ma hex(. the louritoiy liie piool store, No. 34 South - st. betwe en Coe odes Hnd Old slips. Enquire ol tho subscriber, No. I Muiray,or 45 Chamber - strett. '' '' 'f h. Ii ( II AIO. for pale, r.u, A two story house situated in Pearl. ie! , Brooklyn. Possession 110.V be hud oil the hist of May next. For pat tic ulan, up;ly to the subscriber, on ll.e premises. mh 25 tf JAMES GILL. JO LET, A count nig bouse on the lower floor. No. VW trculh r. et. A Inrte new lire. proof atote in Governeur - lane, next door lo V ate r - street. Ai ply lo TUCKER 4 LAI hlES, mh 1 1 tz!l Hoiilh - strerf. Ti"' Li T, Those two fire prool c.vtilliiu; Houses. Vo. i4 Hlnl (0 iMolt stiscl. itboiil It n.ioiiles walk In m the ( elite litiiisr. 'J hey will l epuc in compicti! rrpmr. anJ well rule uUtcci loreen - te e I lannlit s. Apply ut No. 137 Water slieeL mh II II I O LET, A very c unvenieiil house, with about ban an nrro ol ground, about mile from tho city , adjoining the house occupied by Mr. More - wood, I'ctwul ijioeiiwich nitd tho Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 If H ud - on - squiire. ihtun, Stable, Uariten, ir. at 0 mnu ui, JU l.r.T J! The subscriber will let or lease, tot a term ol years, his house nt (iieeuwie h. ltispleu - sanlly silual.'don tbe bunk of the lludn ii, ami caietuiaie u 10 hccou,UioMiie n large lun.ily. t or terms, npp,y tu DIVIt BLTHUNE, JantJll 92 Wud stiett. tor tulle ur to Let, The house aud grenual ol tbe sufsi riher iiitlu.U.i. - - 1, ; ,7" - - - " - ;..'. - " f, - - ul .ilm'.niitj 011 Ihe hunks ol llic Aoni. iviver. 1 he J louse u modern built, 50 lee t front with tern i d pi. .Has and convenient out houses, ail rctenssj paintetl, and in cnmpie le ordt r. 'J he gruuhes are highly cultivated, Ihe garden extensive knd good - and there are on Hie place a great vurn ly 01 shrubs. nud lore' irw, ' I'omo ol excellent water, for terms, whuh will be r. tix nai.e, . I 1.1 Ut'tl't' apply to up I I m S. A LA WHENCE. 67 Pine - street. Mfi Tti LET, inSl The Ilousr No. 73 Broad sire rl, wilhllm olliec, store - house, and stables contiguous, aud appeitalliil g ti.eieto. 1 1 Lr.fl. - r, For a term of rears, in lots or parcels, (hat part of Rose HilfnlUale on (he 2el, 3d, and 4tlt avenues, on the 23d, 24th, 2olh, 2Ulh, 27lh, 2l.lh, and Sl'J'h slu e - Is, which belcngs to ftlrs. Ann Rogers. ot purticuUr, apply i JArtir.r A. Il.llllll. 1 c - t.s, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Built ingt. . - m s. TU LET. The ollowine Houses, vix: 'I nt home No. 15 John - street ' The house No. ill do The house und store No 3r5 Pearl - street 'i'he house and store No. Ill t berry - si net JAMES W. bllAW, . fth?I No. 5 lii.wtrv. ill Lt T, 'The store No. 20 Wall - street. Po - siuii may be bud iiumtdiately Apply ut No. IU. up 1 ti tfk JO LEASE, for a term of jitars, iTisl 1 he Iiouse and I l No. Ul Cedar street, eonlainiligSIX rooms with lire place, besides the kitchen, puhluts, luUKs. - .c. and a svtii 01 gooci water. For sale - , the unexpiM - d term, inen years, ol (he lot No. ti'J Munay fctieel, 111 (he octupatiou of William Patterson, mi lease from tlie l.piatoT put Church tlu rl. I.sprit. Ineinire 01 J. V. 4 v. .,. (ytui.i.i - JA."s, feh2.ri Hll No. 44, PiiHi - stri'ftt. alpi Store arid Cellar lo Let. Tie Store and ( tllar No. t7 Pine strtcy to low, apply on the premises. ap 1 3w 1 'I'O LET, ytiy low, A eentetl 2 - rtory brie k house, with a mug garden, having a stable iu Ihe rear, situated in the Bio - t pleasant part ol Hnmdway, about 20 minutes walk from (he City - Hall, rent fi - jfl ttnrticulars. apply 17 Cedar - in - , iiuiih . - j ... street. ap 4 2w 7l LET, From Ihe 1st of May ne xt, the lowej . r t G. .. I. r...l counting room 01 - vu oh ' .. AurU, y The uorer cdunting room, No. 71 Snulh - st. Arn'v "; JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. IS f.7 Froittsir - fU TO LET, 'rl... Iiruie in lliitlin.nuarf. latelv oreunifd bv John U Mun ay, Kq. U is 'pa. ..s . - - 1 . J c iotisand tie - rant, and possessed of every re - ,iiile convenience. I'ossessitm nitty be Uayl immetiiaU ly For terttis, apply to ' MAJOR & till.LESPlE, 73 ("p stairs) Pioe - strtet. N. B. The above prop rty will be sold to. anyone desirtms to purchase, and the pay ment made convenient. . an t'utuuhie profierly for title The building und lot Corner of Front and Dovcr - e'.rcctb, late the property of Thomai llrown, deceased, cont - iumg 111 hredth on Frtint strett, - feet, and on Dover - ti ett, 85 feel. From the. improvement of properly in may be considered a most ,tlv.nio'eou sitiuitioii. The teruai wJl uq inil - . fP uhkh.aiiDlv to I ' ,v. IIROWK, . .. 0. 10 Hto"ecHt.t. TO LET, The spaci m 4 story lire prvsf store f.t i A' l.ibertv - str ret, lately ecupie, al ti.e "i by Messrs J Murray sons. rutiun .v. be given on ftcfrvtM ..ext Fe term:. ipply it MAJOR ii CILIJ;.. - - PIK - 79 (up stairs) uie - trf r an V

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