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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, December 31, 1913
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rHE GETTYSBURG TIMES MEXICAN REBELS Published Daily fixc«»t Sunday Times and New» Publishing Company W 1 .WERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIXLE, President. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. Mailed putside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IF vou r*C«v* THE TIMES by mail you can find the date up to winch you are ·,aid on the pink address label on your paper. The date will be changed with,m t*n day* after your money is received at The Times Office. Entered August*157i9bl7aiTGettysburg, Pa., as second-class matter, under Congress March 3, 1879. BELL PHONE UNITED PHONE . Oflice in Northwest corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Hyiidreds Flaa into Tsxas is Attackdd. "HIS HA^LR HtfVuSLi'^LU C C 9 ADVERTISING SY OENERAU OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO "ant ads One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed -,rst pag* position. Resolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cent ;er word. TO OUB READERS h* G«ttysborg Timet takes absolutely no part in politic*, beins aeutrml OB afl ·iscix matteri. Anything that appears in our general news columns, coccermng e^« or national politic, is furnished us by The American Press Associatiom, a »"r« which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibmoa, or Socialist papers and which is strictly non-partisan. Ota advertisinc columns are ope* to all candidates of all partita. Buy It Because It's a Better Car $550 MODEL T Touring Car f. o. b. Detroit Get particulars from FEOKMAX and FORNEY Gettysburg, Pa. Car in stock at National Garage. I Da=ed by Defeat of Outposts, Mar.y Mutineers Were She: Dead by OK; cers to Maintain Figh'Jnci Front. Fnsidio, Te\-. Df-c. SI. -- right'J'P "letiveen Mexican Feui-rals t n d Const 1 tulionalistb at Ojinaga, Mo., oppobito this place, JJR-S been resumed. TUt; rebels advanced upon the Federal trenches, where the remnant of tluerta'a army in northern Mexico bad '.aUen refuge after a disastrous deieat in the first onset. A desultory lire opened bi- the reb- ·_U indicated that the rebel forces in- :e:;ded to i/ush the fight right into the federal stronghold and make the conflict c'eeUho. The Federals bad retreated to tl!f» innermost trendies, ap parotuly without hope of repulsing the aUa king force. Only a lew shots came from tae hiverta lines in tiie early stages o the lighting. As viewed irom the America!:: side the situation of the Keuerals seemed desi e-rate, as they had no ground tor further retreat. General Ortega, commanding the Constitutionalists, has received orders to execute summarily Gci.erals Sala. zar, OroKCo, Rojas and Alanis, coin- mandiug volunteers. In the darkness many of the terri | fiecl Federals crossed the Kio GranJc: to the American side, but all, except the badly woiinded were force 1 by the ( United States troops to return i n t o j Mexico. ] The final rout was precede;! by a j three-hour battle, begun after dark, in j which the rebels, marching through 1 the uee"p canyons south of Ojiniga, completely wiped out the Federal out posts. The news of the defeat at La Mula Pass and La Mulato, giving the rebels an unobstructed pass to within firing distance of Ojtnaga itself, caused a frenzied retreat among the Federals. Dazed and demoralized by this disheartening encounter, eleven Mexican ' ho remnant of OESPERHE TORASLROADTRIAL OFNEQROSLAYERS Two Indicted For Ghestertown, Murder, SCHMIDT JURY f AILS TO AGREE Said lo Have Stood Ten tc Two For Conviction. SENATOR T. B. CATRON. After Talk With Villa Advocate* Intervention In Mexico. The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg OX; FRIDAY DKCEMT3R 12tli. the Citizens Trutt Company aiail-xl their handsome Christmas Checks amounting ro over $15,000. to the 597 Patrons of their CHRISTMAS SAVING FUND. This vast sum of money was saved during; the year by the people of our town depositing in the Trust Company from one to f i v e cents on each share every Saturday d u r i n g the year. This enterprise of the CITIZENS-TRUST COMPANY has proved so beneficial to al recip- tiens that the scries for 1914 is now open and those ivho deposit their pennies will have the same courteous treatment as the well to do or the rich. We are determined to do our part, to better the condition of the rising generation of our community and ask ail good citizens to help us. HARRY L SNYDER, Treasurer. their army crouched in the trenches, of Ojinaga, uncertain whether they should put up a resistance agaitist another attack or scatter in disorder. In the village were all that remained ot" tbe northern division of .Huerta's army. About them on the hills v,as the advance guard of General Or leva's rebel army, and s/till further bac-k were more rebels. After Monday night's rout, when many terrified soldiers crossed to the American side or were shot dead for mutiny at their officers' feet, on tbe Mexican side, the Federals apparently were in no position to maintain A fighting front. Tpon the abilitj of the generals to rally their solrtiors will depend whether the Iluerta army is to keep or lose its last remainiuc; toot- hold in the northern part oi Mexico. Meanwhile the United States troops on the American siilp of the river were scouting the border for any Pe'i crals who mis;ht have crosso-1 in the night and to check any goneal rush zeros-d the ri\ or, as rcetnpd imminent, v. !.on. durins the panic in f'e garrison «il O.inapa, about "0i Federals, curry i\S 1' guns, jumnod into the rivor to -GPk satrty en the American side. Of IHs number at least KM) were driv- rn hack before they got out of the .vatc-r. Our- h u n d r e d Federal soldiers wore tonnd on tho Amerii an side si\ miles l o w n the ri\cr. Thpy still hail their , ' i m « . Major McNamce immedi.xtPlj iisarmod thorn, marched them to Pro sldio and forced them bark to the M e t U a n side. Tho h a d i y wouudcd rrrc tho om-h allow c'd to remain on the Amen · an side ami those were cared lor by !'r. Uurns-idc, of tbe U n i U c i States ui my. The number killed on both side! wa*- smyll, but m a n y w e r e reported w o u n d e d . New Yorl:, Dec. 31.--The jury which tried Hans SciiinicU for the murder oi Anna AumuUer has failed to agree. After the jury had deliberated foi thirty-two hours and forty-four min utes and had failed to unite in a con elusion, Judge Foster decided that il was hopeless. He discharged the jury and remanded Schmidt back to the Tombs. Schmidt maintained the same atti tude he has displayed all through the trial and through the exciting tao ments, when time after time the jur\ filed into the box, there was suspense born of an expected verJict, only tc be dispelled by the words of, the tore man: "We still fail to agree." The discredited priest sat straigh 1 in his chair, his narrow shoulders garbed in a scrasgly fur-lined over coat, and with his long hair and un kempt beard touseled about his head He turned neither to right nor leit. his eyes remained on Judge Foster %Vben the jury had been . dischargee' Schmidt followed his attendant froir the room, walking quickly and lightly No emotion was discernible on hi= thin face. It is understood that ten of the jury 3«sn "wanted to convict, and that two William A. McAuliffe and John Gri "Mch, 'doubted Schmidt's sanity aucl v/anted to acquit him on the ground a' insanity. KILLED IN AUTO ACCIDENT Man Crushed to Death a«H Two Injured When Motor Overturns. Wilmington, Del., Dec. 31--United States Senator WHlard Saulsburi probably saved the lives of a womar wnd child, although the husband was killed in an auto accident at Farn hurst, a few milrs from this city. The dead man is Thomas G. Tom key, of Mi'lrtletosvn. The seriously in jurefl p ersons as a result of the turn ins t.irtle of t h p auto in which the} were riding aro Mrs. Tomkoy ant .-James Walker, a boy. All three were from Micldletown. Tbe machine- speeding at a bic;l rate when it t ' i r n w d turtle a short rtis- lance Irom tho Fanihurst hospital Senator Sau'-.buiy in his high powerec rar wituo^pod t l i o accident and drove (he car at a l . i K h rate of speed to the ··tatc insane ho;.ital at Faruhurst am "iHi'T-ioned a ph\si-iau. Ail investigation showed that Tom l.oy was d°a-i ;nl that the other tw octnpaTit wero seriously injured. Sen ator Saulsbury took Mrs Tom key t the hospital. Sho was not told ot tin death of her The Walker boj v. as also removed to a hospital. ·JOKE"' START_S_RUN OfJ BANK Motice Said Ir.otitut'.on Would "Close Doorc 1 ' on Jan. 1. U i d s o u a - , I ' a , Ht-c "1--"The Hifl^e \-ay N a t i o n a l b a n k will close its doors- en Ja.'i 1." This r o i u f , poil.'d, if i- . s:ud, by p. p i 3 ( t i a l in 1 er, s t ; i i t c l a r r n on t n c bank v . h i i l i i n n - e l '.'.'· ol more t l i a n ° i t i , ' i n ) \ . i t l i i u a n hour. T i e d f ; o Hors \\^re a;i':r\ \\he;i t h e i r r t t o u t i i . n called to the C;;C! t h a t .Ian. 1 i.-. a holiday. TO HEAD NAVAL ACADEMY li Is Rumored Captain Fullam Will Succeed Captain Gibbons. Annapolis, M'!., Dec. 31.--That then \-ill be a ^fuiornl shake-up among tilt administration oificials of the United States u a \ a l u udemy some time in the near t u t u r e i~. the iin'ormation con tnined in u n o f l n i a l reports receivec' here irom Washington. The authorities of the institution admit t h a t 1'ie changes are in content plation. C a p t a i n .fobn H. Gibbons, su licrintendPiit, :\ptain George W. I-o gan, c o m m a n d a n t ol midshipmen, am) Lieutenant Commander Adolphus An drews. aido to the superintendent, arc all slated lor sen assignments. It is KO-icr.'.llj \mde«"stood that Cap tain William [·". l^ullam, one time hoar ot the doi'firinx-nt (f ordnance ant. Knnnery at t h e academy, is to be the new superintendent. Captain Gibbons it is reported, is to be given comman*. ot one of the battleships of the Allan tic lleei. MAY ARREST MBS ii LEADERS Court Orders Grand Jury to Probe Attack on Jai! and Indict the Leaders of the Mob. Chestertown, ?»td., Dec. 31--Arrangements to railroad the trials of Norman Mabel and James Faraway, the uegro youths who bare confessed to the murder of James B. Coleman, a well- to-do farmer, of Melitola, near here, last Tuesday, have been made. The grand jury returned indictments against Paraway and Mabel. The presentments did not include JarvU Hyason, another negro, who is strongly suspected of implication in the murder, lie is being held with two other negroes as witnesses. Meanwhile Chestertown is in a state of great excitement over the avoweJ intention of the court to seek out the leaders ot the mob that stormed the jail on Saturday night ami Sunday morning in an attempt to lynch the five negro suspects who were confined there. " j Judge Constable, in charging the j grand jury i n ' t h e cases of the IIP-j grces, not only said that it was bis j intention to see that the prisoners re-1 eened a tair trial, but informed ino, jurors that it was their duty to s i f t ] to the bottom the attack on the jail j and rerun, indictments against all who ! could be implicated, regardless ot their ' standing in tbe community. These remarks came as a grcit stir- j prise to tbe throng which filie:! the j courtroom. Men gazed from one to another, but not a sound was male, as every word was grasped as it left the lip- oi the jurist. State's Attorney Harrison W. Vickers has declared that ^ die mob was composed of a bunch cf j hoodlums, but citizens who witnessed j the storming of the jail can name the , sons of some of the most prominent j men of the county. "Tho majesty of tbe law must be upheld," said Judge Constable in his chsrse, "and it is the duty, and most] earnest obligation oi you jnen to j out v.ho participated in the breoi.ins into the jail last Sunday morning and to,indict every one, regardless ol who they are." The assault upon W. A. Dad-Is, a grocer, by three negroes arou el the eio\vi!s arum lo a wild spirit of indiif-, nation, although one negro is locked safely in jail and warrants have beeu issue'l ior the other two. | Da-Ids was in his store, when Gsorge Deems and his two sons, George and William Deems, entered and started an argument. ' The negro passed the ugly word and Dadds demanded an apology. Suddenly. t'ie three negroes attacked Dadds. A r - , t-'c'es were thrown through bis w i n ( row.-s end Dadds was knocked to the ground. ' During the fray one of the negroes I bit a deep gash in Dadds' ear, while I another struck him in the head with ! i brick. The negroes xuaUe their or, ; rape, but later the older man was arrested. Tho srene of the assault was at j Santiago, a noTMro settlement west "f . Chestertown There are few white j persons v.ho l i v e in that vicinity, but i the indignation oi these few was scon j manifested. Vi-en news of the a-,- sault reaeluid Chestertown the ire of many other whites was aroused. No effort was made to get the negro, how- aver, because of the heavy guard of Baltimore polite-nun at the jail. Intervention in Mexico was advo -·Ued by Senator Catron, of New Mex tuo, ,WPO lias just returned from an : nvL-:,t;gatiori of conditions across the border, during which he personally inter 1 , iewed Francisco Villa, leader o! ti.e rebels. "Our government does not want to intervene, but suc-b practices make intervention probable," the senator told Villa. BB!DEANDS25,OQO AND NERVE PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs of News Tellioi of Hie Happenings in aad itart To«a. People Visiting Here *A Tlnse So j turning Elsewhere. Mrs. E. S. Faber, of Chambersburjf ;treet, is spending some iime^in tt*^?7 risburg. : ' * f -^ Mrs. C. Mantz Doll Has returned ; to Frederick after visiting for a week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wilson on East Middle street. Dr. and Mrs. Weaver have returned lo Philadelphia, after a visit of sev- ral days with Mr. and Mrs. George J. Weaver, on Baltimore street. Mrs. J. J. Martin, Miss Lizzie Martin and Miss May Martin, are spending some time in Harrisburg. Arthur Taughinbaugh, of York street, has returned home after visiting friends in York for the past week. Mrs. J. S. SVackhouse, of Easton, left this morning after spending a week with her parents and sisters, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Scott and daughters, m East Middle street. Mr. and Mrs. Stackhouse will spend New Year's lay with his mother and family at rlulmeville, Bucks County. -Mr. and Mrs. Edward Toddes and son, LeRoy, spent several days recently with Mrs. Toddes' parents, Mr. ind Mrs. L. M. Fanus. The following visited L. M. Fanus ind family on Sunday, Ernest Bream and sister, Miss Mabel Bream, Mr. ind Mrs. Clayton Schaffer, Mr. and Vfrs. William Delp and sons, Elmer, rlarry and Robert. Boy "Really King" is Off on Hone/moon, Nc',v York, Dee. 31.--With sliowers o r rice, to atart them on their Xevf Year honeymoon, -Mr. and Mrs. Julian £3. White sailed for Florida on the liner Lenape. Their marriage at Isiip, the home ol the bride, v.ho was Miss Lucille Smith ciarked tr'e climax of a courtship that included the objections of fond par ·ants aTl j. "turn "at quick fortune inak ins by the prospective bridegroom. Si; months ago Mr. White started lor riori la to make his fortune, with ?.!. ',' i:i his i ockcl. He had looked the field c \ c r and decided that Florida va the bo£t place. So he went into the real estate business at West Palm Beac'i v.'ith liis meager capital, auu to a.--: r , a"coi\!:ns to his friends, he has am;,.;^e'l thn not inconsiderable sure ol '"'-·","il'i and v.-on the ?irl o r bis choice. U \vm n R co c 5ary for Mr. White to do s-o'iictl'ins in a hurr'v if lie wanted M i , Smith, b' 1 'av.ftC Preston Smith, h e r l a t h e r , objected to th^ match on ilio «roi'iul f i a t the joiiiif; man had I't.t" las man: in i'se \vorld and c"'ild n t r r o \ i . l e lifi- vith a good ( k ( ( · · * . "· i" yor: ·_' .*r. W'-ito got b"py, 1 r: .'.'xl ?i".o frori a fricn 1 and ttart- cO .,ort"\var.l. !t is sai.l that he had ',1 ly .*!(,' I ' l l v'.ipn ))^ soUl his first Id' ; j t i'a': ' S'cacii. I l f 'i.'is knov.n Miss .·:-lit i : n '" ( b i b i l i p o d . The most '.-' M'.oi" n'.io.' tions o! the parent-- ·· re m' ''.'-U by the bank book dis- ".')«.! b; '·' c 1 youiiK man. My STANLEY STEAMER w31 be ran to the Biglerville Poultry Show, Biglenrille Will leave tho Square daily at ^."i) ami l. D j. m. Charges moderate. (YniilortaMi- ·(;t- tor twlve. Make arrangements by phone or in person with M C. A. Stoner 42 West High Street Gettysburg, Pa iOS'lXXI'iXXXX*'TM'-'^'- - I'»'~'I'"*I y I'""I'I"~OC*"*~'I'«'-«*I i C'lX X Naval Musician Dies of Smallpox. Washington, Hoc. :'.!. -- Roue! K ["loirmg, a n a \ y, who oo;i ! rael"d s.nallii-ix on tlif b a t t l f s l r ; Oliio w l i i l o rctuniMu- from the Mflitor r . ' i i r r n ( r u i ^ o , iio,l on Sunday at Ih (Iiuur.p'imfi i?o.;tMon cnmp. Hf f".;ni from Siilliv;n. I n d . T' nial-os tw ^r-at'vi on tl'.'' Ol'io trnv.i r,raa!h),iv '1'iH' ;liip i*. now 1 pin." ni!ai;;a!M ol BIBLE OIL HUNTER' GUIDE Study of Exodus Results In Three New Wells In Egypt. "\Vooster, O-, Dec. :u.--A story of j how a verse in the Bc-oK of I-Xolm aided John D. Rockefeller to increase bis fortune \va; related litre by Charles WhitshoU, gecligiht and oil and gas expert · the Standard Oil '·ompar.y, who Ua- just returned from Esypt. "The verse in question tells of the use of pitch in maUing the era it in ',\mcb the babe Moses was set ; irilt," said Mr. Whitshott, "and Chin Oo!o -1st Alphant, of the Standard, reason cd that where there was pitch t 1 "^ \vn« oil. I was sent out to i n v r - t i - 'leio, and three w-Ms now in op'-rn- lion, \vith more b i l n 1 ; developed, are the result." GGn?,AS FOR HIGH POST Bandits Kob K e n t u c k y Dank. l."instr,n, Ky., Hoc- "1. i!', ;l;-,vay mtn held up the clerks in a bank a 1'YoiUmia, Ky., dynarsitcd t h e r-n!c am escaped w i t h between $70on and STX Ono. The roMerd cut all the tolophon' wires as they fled, ami the town is on' off from communication with the t'ut 'ii'ie world except by messengers. Shamokin Thieves Get $4000 Silks. Shamokin, Pa., Dec. 3].--One of thf most daring robberies here in man yc-ars was committed when thieves en tcred the department store of J. R Moser Co. and stole silks worth $4000. Tin; b'irsUars worked with sucl skill that it is bolieved that they were professionals, and may be the same ganR that perpetrated similar robber Jes in Run bury and Mount Carmel re cently. Falls From Eighteenth Floor. New York, Dec. 31.--William Butch er, a foreman rigger, was instantlj killed by a fall from the eighteenth story to the s'ih-c«llar of the building undor construction at 14 De.y street Butcher nccidontal'y lost his balance. Fire In Montreal Again. Montreal, Can., 1). · 31.---The second serious fire v / ' V i twenty-four Hours occurred in M .r.tronl, which is w i t h o u t an adequate water supply, when two blocks in St. Lawrence Boulevard were b u r i n . The io-^s i^ Sl'oO.uOO. The fironu;i - ere ba'lly handicapped by the \ v a U r fan\ine and could only obtnic a slight supply from the hydrants ,: . .' Montreal Water and Power co7iipany. Th^ water fain- ire is duo to a break ,Jn the intake pipe, and t h o city has puftered from it for several days. l t oint: ir.y, ror' r'laj dent \ViIson May Name Sanitary Exocri of Canal Zone. ' 'Mil'."on, Dec. 31.--William C. ;,,, v.ho made thr 1-anama cunal ur.U'.'iblo lor white men, is be proirinc-ntly mentioned for op i'.o surgeon jrenera.1 of the to suci-pf-cl Hri^adi'T General ·e I I . Tornr-y, who diod on Sat Yho nppCiinUr.ont lies ejitirely Pro i |f-:it \ViKon. MRS. THOMAS MYERS Mrs. Thomas Myers died at her lome, near Bart's meeting house, Jnion township, Sunday, at 3 p. m., ."rom a complication of diseases, aged S6 years, 10 months and 10 days. She is survived by her husband; "our daughters. Mrs. Emory sell, Mrs. Urvin Myers, Mrs. Oscar Lemon, re- .icling near Bart's meeting r house; vlrs. Granville Warner, HanoYer; and AVO sons, Claudius Myers, of near 'r*iney_ .Creek, Carroll county; and Thomas Myers, Jr., of near King-s- lale. Also by two siscers, Mrs- Amos Cling, Hanover, and Mrs. Andrew tfousel, of Baltimore; six brothers, Charles Bechtel, of Dover; Abdii Bechtel, of Lancaster; William, Hen- ·y and Howard Bechtel, of near St. Bartholomew's church; and Daniel 3echtel, of near Littlestown. Funeral Wednesday, December 31, jei'vices at 'the house at 9 a. m., Rev. J. Luther Hoffman officiating. Inter- nent in the Silver Run cemetery. CAPTAIN ALVAREZ Paul Gilmore and Associate Players, in Their Great New York Success. The management of Walter's The- itre in which Paul Gilmore is to pre- ient "Captain Alvarez", H. S.Sheldon's jreat new romantic drama on Decem- er 31 j^ives a positive guarantee that .his is one of the best attractions that las ever appeared here. This guaran- ;ee was made after having read the newspaper clippings from other cities .vhere this company has appeared, all ,estifying to the merit of the production, though an acquaintance with Mr Gilmorc's work in former years and a 'irm con"iction of the worth of all his "ormer productions, should in itself ?arry weight sufficient to justify a ruarantee of this attraction.--adver- Jsement f-a".r, x ed lii Front of Train; Killed. »w ',ork, P f f . :51.--Mi-s Mildred /.IriisM, -lausiiter of Gust.iv Zim m°! m.'f.ii, f i i c p a famou-5 rifle sliot, lainl'-! o'i tbe f. I«c of a subway plat I c r m , U il ;iio" tlio t r a c k in front ot i\ f-\pr-; , train anil was Uillc.l., FOR RRNT: modern bouse on Tar- lisle street. Apply G. T. Bushman.-advertisement Ask your grocer for White Lily FLOUR It's the Best Servia Prepares For War. Belgrade, Servia, Dec. 31.--Servia i- preparing for a tresh conttict in the Balkans. It became known that the lovf'rnmcnf has placed heavy order? v;5th the Krupp firm in Germany for artillery. Servian troops have invaded Northern Albania despite the ~arning of Austria. WANTED: married man to work in and around mill. State wnjres expected. Address T,. E. Myers. Bifflerville, with reference, etc.--advertisemcr.'t WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United States weather bureaus taken at 8 p. m. yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Albany 32 Clear. Atlantic City «- Clear. Boston 3« Clear. Buffalo W Cloudy. Chicago 2«'. Cloudy. NewOrV-ans 4(i Clear. New York 35 Clear. ( Philadelphia 36 Clear. St. l.ouis 32 Cloudy. Washington 3- Clear. Th» W«ath«r. Pair today; cloudy tomorrow; light variable winds. STILL NO SEALER County Commissioners Still Deadlocked over Selection of Sealer. The county commissioners took three more ballots on Tuescray for tlio office of sealer of weights and measures but came no nearer a selection than before, each of the three candidates polling one vote on every ballo'c. DECEMBER 29, 1913. We, the undersigned merchants of Gettysburg, do hereby agree to close our places of business as 6 o'clock p. m. each evening during the week except Monday and Saturday, from January 5th to March 18th, Gettysburg Department Store, A. S.' Mills, S. E. Trimmer, P. A. Miller, W F. Gill-land, G. S. Diller, I. M. Reynolds, N. L. Minter, Adams County Hardware Co., O. J. Boston, Mgr., Wm. J. Eden.--advertisement FOR RENT: brick dwelling house on North Stratton street, No. 154, containing 7 rooms. C, L. Reed, 34 Franklin street, Gettysburg, Pa.--advertisement STARTING on New Year's D»y fo- week the cyclorama will be open to 'the school children of Gettysburg. Admission i cents. To the general pub iic, admissioa 10 cents.--advertise-' ment Do You Know Thl«T The middle verse or tho Bible to eighth verse of the 118th pwrtm- twenty-first Terse of the seventh ter of K*ra contains all tfce letters or the alphabet except the letter "J." The longest verse Is the ninth Terse of tbe eighth chapter of Bother. The shortest Terse Is the ninth Terse of the eleventh cb»»t«w of Bt, J0ka. '·SFAFERI iWSPAPfc.RI

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