The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 13, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1818
Page 4
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- .... ' ' J mmuc( an - orO of this honourable r it,Vtl.dftlnUi will be o.d ' i tmUie MoUoe, Hunt' Hotel, in th village of..wiMirBh. r - ;'uu dr ApBeH. at twelve oVIock at noon. under the diractton of lb. subscriber i All tliat certain tract of land sit sate, lying and being at Littu Britain, In tlr town of New Windwr, county of Orange, and .mem - War - York, and it boundi A as follow .k. ..., iK land, of the be in ef John Wl - '. line. dfeased, on north by tbe,lands of Ro - , pert R. Hornet, wu west oy u iwiw .1 !... runirm. mad ua the1 south hy the .'Jasd ftUMPo4 8aiBiiJJ.UKwt,le - - j ; (L hundred and ten acri; Pf ' 7. V i ... .Ar - at Ihl' with itrt ttrt ' d,UenHanuppurwmnCe. W&'Hn i. i. ..... anta - rtaininr. Dated FcDrtt, SVT". VHOMA3 BOLTON,. I fb 3 lawtApldhf; - MasteMnlTiancery. 1" MrwicofdcretHir.iefil'lloora4 iUi J'c - tiueCofi ii, v ' l Wiio. "'"I' ', oft) matierlof ihu rfruit,or Jbundaf. w - Sreutt ird day April Mtt at twelve o'cloe whicbaa W i.t.r f.r i.,ortage, exfcuted by ' J. B Oar ta Kobert Kearnny, tirmf dit m lh twenfieth day of January, Jaroie t ...i - i.i hnnAntd ami leveotecn. are ot - 'icritMNt, intu wonll fotlowiuci to wit : all that cerUio pieea or puree! of land, wiiU tbe appur - traanefct therttuto belongins, tite, lybig aiio l.:.. .ia ti( cnuut aloretaid. lit - . ' . m . i" i, . Unii ir noruieaii turner ui mw JlatUua Cooke, joining the eait lUt of tl rod liadina fr.m - Hackintack to the coert houae, .I - .i. ih tend oi tud Matthiae Cx.t. ....ik 4.mI Ava itwtHi aait. lwelf Cnaint eiity eiubt lioka, to tfe northeaat cornet of tlw irflaol of toolte, where tooe ia placed in the earth, on which ii en;raven the Biture fi.or ; . thMitun .oinithe land of thu laid Luther arid John U. Gay i thence airing thtir land north M 4 4...! . a - nt. chaini aiiteen link i k.n4 Tlnn Ihfirlund aorth lortT IIX degreU wt, five iliuioi thirty tit link, to a ratal! neap ' of ana wenco aions ukh wi decreet - wert, one chain tiity two links, to the outDei corner w uwmiw w ik.n. - . .innir Om land ol said Retaui north eurn 4 - i .. iJ.4.m mt tela chains siltT nl - linkCto he east aide of the road aforesaid and lueiice aJnog the east side of the aforesaid road, "south ebfeo drees fifteen nioatrs east, len ' . couUiiiinf aixieeo acres and three. perche of land. Also, an waiceriain rci, - eel of land, situate,' lying mid ing in the town of foaghkeepstmano is e panoi uw m ""' : teloainito Junaoaisaiwaciwouii - uBMcu.B. - nu.i: at a large stone on the old FJlkiotown toad, ! midfuns from theoce .along the laud ol tne afore, aid John B. sj, north twelve degrees fifteen , minutes east, ten chains seventy two links, to a wiiite - oak stump j thence north Sii de;reeest, twethaiiissiiijfone links, to swamp white. akfllingl thence north twenty Are decreet east, all iTiains teteety sit links 5 thence north twenty three degrees sod ten minutes east, sit th'.ins; thtoce north Oility one d'eraes forty fit ninates east, four tliains j thence north forty one nVrees forty fle niimitits east, one chain and aioety links thux.e ast one chain nod eighty one links t thence eortb thirty five dearees aod tfit - on uioutei east, sit chains eiehl links; . thence n - irt'i eiglity two degrees west, im Chains to ' r,,"1 eummonly railed Henry Bo neve's road t thence along said road south thirty thirty ft - Jf degrees Wrty minutes, west three chains thirty eight links t thence eouth ten de ...... .4.t. fen rhnins seveotv links t thence soutii sixty eight decrees weit, two chains Kvetity four Hns j thence south thirty sii d - grtee west, two chains t thence south lofty two degree west, lourcnajiit j inence souin eiumeou A,,rv west, five chains i thenre south tit de grees and thirty minutes wett, three chains twen ty seven lints tnencesooui iweniy oeereei ur - ty luinutet east, four chains thirty four links i fhmrn muth twentv df rees west, two chains ; . then on a direct line to the place of beginning ; coutMiiiiig twenty three acre ana thirteen perches Also, all that certain tract, piece or v parcel of land, situate, lying and neing in roogn - keepsie to vn abremid, and bounded and detrri - ed as follows t rWinoing at a e.ooe set in Uie ground marked I. 0. at (lie east aide of the road leading from the const bouse to HVkmtack, - mJ at Ibn northeast corner of the farm of Aaron Law. and is the southwest corner of the premi ses hereby granted ; then along the east side oil toe aloresaitl TOM norm nineteen Decrees sua ni - 1 teen aiinntM east, four chains aad fifty links ; then along the land of Barnabas Swartntiut north twent seven degrees east, two chains ; then a - loag tlie land of Jacob Vamlerbornh south sixty nine degrees and fifteen minutes east, seven chains ;then along the land ol the said Jacob Vaaderhurgh, Matthias Cooke, and toe heirs of Duct. Samuel Cooke, north tilteeo di - greet and forty Ave minutes east, ten chains and ninety three links theo along the land of4he aforesaid heir of Samuel Cooke, deceased, north twelve degree east, three chains and eighty eight links , thrn again along the land last aforesaid north f r - ty five degrees ai.d fiftee minutes weit, five efauae and thirty links, to a heap of stunes, five links north or an elm tree, marked on two side. formerly in nostett inn of John Bailey, esuutre, and lands of Christian Newcomn, south seventy - four degrees eatt. thirty - two chains and ninety links ; thence soutn Oileen degree eatt, sixteen chains and eighty links, to a neap of stone 1 tliencc south forty degrees weft, one chain and nuy - two uoks to a neap or stones, which is tne norui - easi corner 01 the lands ol diaries Ro gers t thence along the north side of the lands latl mentioned, north sweaty - five degrts and fn . c... . : 1 . ,1. . . luiij .i, m, tnirij une cumins ana fifty link to the north - writ rortwr ol th land nl jmi tvogets ; thence along the west side of the , 1 . a - Uiirtv - two ili - ereet HithfO (lobart Dr. Wihon, Columbia College C. D. Colden, K.q. T. A. Emmet, Ksq, .WHCE. .1 4 XintlDVi lfomaid Aao,Lw, 1tj?j - " jr VNtKlVXi JS"' noO'tlilrtynuIfc. wtt, Oilta eat - Perk, .V ting ; .niamaHg,4 - : Toad, 0 Y&i . the road one, hundred and eeveotyjright wm, two rood and twenty r'f hi'tha mail eadinc w j3aeaii - - - .. . Y'.FZ 7i;;h Vnderbiiesri. Mat tt&KZ rfffi. We p - gftK - , a; - , .nd thi sloretaid Jonan - .K" ir'; K.;. h otwv land oftl ancwirvvii ..... ..... . - j - - i.i .. R.iU. etuuire. nd land ol 'T.T.t Cn - lh hiLi - ni otiedieaet bv the had J in said Cnniliu Aewcorub, CharUss fcoeers and Aaron Law nforeed J and aonih by ,73 r .ft.maaid Aaroa Law. the partutflar fiture and deicriinJoB of which may be seen by a jah anneld to the aforesaid kaac Ualdinc's detd of the above descrihed prtmiKt And also m otwr M, piece cr fnneel ol IiukI, situate, Wing and beiug in the lown and county alore JLi. hnriomax at a hetpof stones on Halmou' aad fnbtn's line, which is the north - enat eornrr of e tot of wood Uodw 'orme.rly sold by 4uJp Livwgston uuto Villiam Terry t tbeace along the line of taul lot, north siitv - nx degrees wet', twenty chains and. el lily links to . stone M irbi( - l flnmtnU line i thenca a ont said Coop er's fine, north four degrees, tatt seven chains aad forty linUt to a moi.aoiein ( inence sowui m - ventyscven degree and thirty minutes, eatt to aaluton'e ana eanin - s une to a siooe i urenvc running all thtir line, south nineteen degree I in tl nlare of besinnine: containimc twi - B' tyawas, two rood and thirty - five perches of land And MSQ au mat certain if - , nyi eirctl of land, situate, lying and being in roug - eeptiS lown aforesaid, and bounded aad described na follows, t wit : beKioning at a (take nH f nnea standina: in tne aneie wrre me oorui line of the Dutchess tornpikis road intellects tlie went line orthe farm now in pnuittian. 01 jorw B.XJmt aforesaid; and from theoc mns i on a course northerly in the west hoe of said tays farm sixtv - seven nocsio uie souin iiaiu Filkintown load ; then aerth sevenly - eight de r... . . K i. n . .hI fhiilw.twA Ifnki llien norm ngniy - seven oegre w " Chains, or so fur as to intersect tlie eforetaid nnrth lin ofthe Ilutr iens tumoiue roaa t incn in the north line of said turnpike to the place of beeiuninz i containing nan an acre 01 iuuu, the same more or less i together with the here filament! and anourtenance thereunto belong' ire - or in nnv wis appertaining. Dated Marcl 3d, 1818. JOHN TOWT, mh4 lawtd Master In Chancery r.i i - C'l' RdAKIilNfi 6LHOVU. I 'I'HLHE are at present five vacancies in the I Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, ia Phiiipsburgli, fonkers, West - CbtsterCoiiiity. Hi. mbaor Mutation is such as to enable him to qualify ynung gentlemen for College orthe Counting ll. - dte within n reasonable ltuie. His school is select, the aumbe r of luiil hidited. and the treatment ol the most nnerai nmu. The following branches of useful and polite u terature are laugnt, vis : Greek, l - atm, ... ' Krench,' Ki.g!ih Grammar, ucigrapiiy, Historr. Cotiipotilion, Writing, Arithmetic. ' Mathematics, fee. It i. nreaumed that few Institutions of the kind ranoflergreater advautngf s, wbetlier they regard inifruction in general literature, in moral ami religious principles, or in correct and genth wan ly deportment - I ne rarronnge in wintn nc Punils are accommodated, is cominndious, reti red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles to - which there i always n direct and easy communica tion. For further particular application may he made to T. S. Clarlson, Esq. O M'r.vera. I.tq. - Wn. Bayurd, Jun. Eq. A. Schermerhorn, Esq. I)2m4w Lt id hi a i is THE time of a smart Black Girl, that can do all kinds of hnue - - nrk and conking, tii(hasisBerestar) for laraily, ersuiiajiwrra public knusR. - "h iinderttantw rooking nf oys trrs, Niai.te.kt, tie. and, would be a valuaWe arqidiiitiun to aoy puhliic buum , a prelerew e would be Kivea to any perioa keewmc " "o'. thstrrsidein the country. Sold fr no other reason than the want of a matter. Knr further particular, inquire at trie corner o( Broadway and (trund - street, Mount Social. N. B. feh tssold at her own request. ap9 tf . MSf08.jrK U VLUH'KH P.i I.VT1.SQ. Ut (i. WAI.I., papUofthecekb'adriro. Miiler, of Luilin, Teschernf L ndcnt and Flower Painting, Drawiug from Nature, Characteristic, Foliage, &c. ax. For terms, apply at No. 44 Nanau - street ; where sprxt mensof hit worku mav be seen. W. U. nopet, iMmnis syie 01 painT - inr. mihod of tem hine. and a strii - t atentic to the dulifa olhis rrelciiinn. to wx it a rontin uanre of those favours be ha so tect'ived. p 9 2w J t WATK. N American or r'.ngli. - ii Woman, in a email famV.r. one who uuuerataiida pUm co - .k ing, washing ahd ironing. I o save trouble, none need apply, who annnt Ur ng - u. excep - t Kimble reconimtmUtKin innii her laat place, for honesty, sobrieiv and cleanliness, huch a at the north side of (small slough t thence north I person may hear of a good place, by applying twodegreesand thirty minute tut, along uieuttliis oltice. ap IU St land last mentmned aloresaid and land in posses lion of James Simon fifteen chains and twenty eight bilk to a flat rock at the north side of tlie Iliainiowa nan, ana if uie auuiwaa cmnsi ol FOR SALE. A VERY fine KIDIMU HOKrEis off. - red for n s itile, lr no lault as a (addle mohsb, (he I 1 1 1 .. .1 .... , 1. JL. . . . I .... . , 1 : I.. I t:rwnl.l . tln - I "im'iv. iu, 111c urn 01 a laiuiiy,! riu - V . "1 unusuallv well, and is a area! traveller under . - - .I. - ! 1 t. n I. . I...b4 In H - - . ... .!..... MU, V 1t.ll VIU I. TT t. f'."". LT". mude. .hewj hor was hrd intbe Missouri A,,raam and foH. - bo. minute east, three chain : ".. !" great aruviiy, ana i vsrjr n - M4nrm.rth tarent - fiedesret east.tix chain J Ku!(5r - I fort v fin liuka, to a white oak tapline, lup - fed and marked ; thence north twenty - three degree east, six chains, to a walnut tree, marked ; tb - wc north Ibiny - one degrees and tort) - five minate east, four chaias ; thence n"rth fortv - One degree and fnrty - five minute east, uue ckain aad fif(y - lor links ; thence eatt one chain and eirhtv tieht links to talaek oak tree mark ed ; thence north thirty five degrees and fifteen minutiaeart. seven chains and forty seven links; , thrnLO north forty - five degree eatt, two rhnins ' and forty link thence tturth sixty - two degrees and thirty minutes east, one chain and ninety link 1 thence north thirty - eight and thirt minute east, two chain and lor tv three links, to a atone set in the ground marked I B, and ia the nortb - eatt corner of the land in rms Mfiion of the aforesaid Johannes Swartwout ti.B aplOSt Apply at 141 Front - street bOAhD k LODUI.U I.N THE COUNTRY 1 El.VtlLE gentleman wants either I or ii room in a small urivate tnmilv. situated or mre mile from thei ity; He would takehis meais separate or witn Uie laaniy, at may ne m ist atrrrea ,w. and rite a liiirrM remitneraiion lot uli - aaant situntioii: a moderate distance of which will he ni ohject. Apply by note for B.B lelt at tlie nit e ol the X.veolng Yon. ap hijij. ''WOyourur. ladi ol resi'ectable connexion L ai d well ouuhnVd to cite imtrw tioo on the l lano rru in nr.iwiug ana painuog, em broidery, and in making arlilic mi (lowers, ai we as in the elcnicntary branches ol educ ation, at Th4 . l.i un m.ntini,jl t rmraia urnre dftirout of obtainine a iUHtiou af.tauti in aall mham tkam alflsl liAa ivf la.n4l fBHlaflatH hv In I a respeclahle hoarding school, nr would accept hannes Swart wout aforesaid - thenre along other fituations in; private families to give inntrtHlioa in tne anove prune net. r urtner in1 ibrmatinn may he obtained trom Ihe sub rilier. who is of opinion that their services in either ol the above situations would frove a great scqui titiim. i. bl.l.l.r.h, ait 10 Iw 12 Maiden YOUNG i.ADD.S' ACADEMY f JAMAICA. fl I T'HE Ladies' Ac d my, in the village of Ja - J. maica, after the 1st day of May emutng will be removed to tlie upper part of the village, to the t pari" ut and rnmmodiouf house beloogiar. 4. iitv. - i tl:. . H.k;rk .1 il.. 1 u Dllli 1.1 iivi. a iuv aciuinoij, SB .11 Mrr I ft ml nf anirl II rwn p. . M. n L . . j I I . r1 .. ... . VTJ Z:, ' . 4 . . 1 "nu branches of a polite and well nnianeu lemme ou - tllirty minutes Went. fiitT - trorrhin. ...H rrt...l . . ' 1 . n . u r. l - pit a ihu. li - b. ... 4i ,f 1 . """J . 1 cation nie taugnt, nr ran. Bnnii.ciii.nuu SafilriiM ,1,'f M" avARNUM, atir - ted hy other or the aforesaid Charlet Rogers 1 thence alone I r 1 - . k .. .. .eventy - oo. BaaVto the iiid oi aYT.. - . "ne 'hf.Rf'd, Clergy of the town ar thwice alnnr lh . IK. T i" lrna."Pe Knv' ln ,TerT ween, to aui - . b the ladiet in teaching Ihe more olid wanches, ,tik?ne T'".' e nd lh Wils are at stated time examined by links to a wulriBt tnM 1 .... 4 r n . . . . . Ten chains and seventeen renteen trlr.l n. IA .i.l,. ...1 I M IfriUlM nMKI IM tUI'KTnair 41, - .1 .' . ,".w" P?" c modmte, and t - arentt and rvardians arc astu - ti;i Te": T.M - l 'tncte.. attention will be paid to the Bole et, six chains ( ttience !so aloe - said I J ... 4 - I . S " improvatiient of Ihe rmnila , 44. w . uiny - on oesrees wesi, two t0 loct .r D M V'" "' aninj - uor imas to a iiorn - ieam sap - 1 wall Slrm. RMr. a tAik.ii v. vrt tins marked, stand.n o ih. ...1 k. - w - r a - .. 1 . 1 l?.'!'" B1 V00,'ao" Nw - York aid a - vl thirty miBirtet w"al twenty ight degaret eight chaini to ttnne r or runner particular, reference may he maoe N. B. The r ' " liitrhcork, Mr. John Aapui - ErhooeiB'ker, presulebt 'ret. jam Ai, a. vacation will expire nnd the U I I. - - r ..... .;raieaiktto"i,iiL .i lt.cepuoo.01 boaraer. - L. as. , ... . . I VU III - UUI UI AXlaaV. gaUMt laeoo t - mu liLCiof tbea - l rnil vacation to sir, hiluwwi y v - r I ... u - 1,1 . N.wark. SI. J. Will tsnl - ie - Mr'the last of April, and Uieeiercijs oftt school will be resemea on uie ors - 7 There are now a tow vacancies and tboee Prfsu or guardians who may have it ia coiiteil6rtion .Anrm itu - ir daai. - t.ters er svarrls - nw tier charge are rwjttestcdto snake eany tpww In this sclmol are laeghl tt f.oslih aad unch ! latiu. if rvnirrdV rrritine and kriltin - tlif , geograpuy aau uuhuiu j, r - fancy needle - work,. non , docmg, IW IV item by WlilCB. inrt. iiiiraiica French language it quite new in this country, and merits notice, as it lacililatesin a surpeitlng de - k. 4.i,iir.niDtnf tlie accent. Term msv n atcenainco uj niij - m au - rn w ...... DEN, Newark, (N. J.) Her references are, James Slougnion, r.tq. news urn, iu. Bayard and CM. James iieuoen, iiewsrs. - j and rctatl. . I) A M. M l T it DAVID 14.,. Wholesale and retail Chymical Perfumer, , to. lil ntOABWAT, r ms leave to inform his friends and custom If n. that he bas on hand an extensive assort ment o: perfumery and fancy articles, vit '. sia - Tins; soap pnu niu w.wwa - - f - - balls t antique oil cold cream i charcoal and rh.nirtii' 4tH..(ifri - . smaTe and oearl powder ; plain and Kented hair powder j almond powder ' ii r L..J ...I .nfl tw.m. and pasta ; run; oi rote nru auu i r turn tooth, clnth, shaving, hair, nail and tomb brushes, of tuperior quality rasors ; scissors i n.r mnA iwx krt knives i shavinc and drs - Ln. I.. , nnrkei - honks and maiiv other arti les,to numerous to mention, for sale wholesale .linr;KHTiuN. oi bOUR BTOMACiJ,' 18 acknowledged by medical writer to be I complaint ol stubborn una, ana at an unio very difficult of cure. '4lieis suuicieony imu diunoointnient of those who unlur Innately suffer under it, as tliey, for the most part, aA iUi aftrr haAlnv tried manv thine to little or aoMrpose, thet are at last obliged to use (for rierhaiiS tlie remaSider of hfe) such articles as ... .IMthut oiiliate the ditcase. UmKf such circumstances, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely he an article hivtilv Uvrvins the attention of ail tliiee who are afflicted with it t such a combination Is to he met with In DR. MEAD'S ANT1 - I)VEP - TIC or STOMACH rILLB tlie success oi which has never yet beeu equalled, for the cure of dyspepsia in its roost cn plicated form, such as Ions of appetite, nauiea, heart burn, : flatulency,. knawtng pain in the stomach, pain in tlie ulr. irrrAtcoiti'venets. nalcnets in the counte nance, languor, lowness of spirits, pain in tlie, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pills in the I hove disease, arc online to the directions, will never be disap pointed, as they bate never been once known to hiil in producing a radical nnd permanent cure. The uk of a single box will convince the most unbelieving of iheir eflksary. They will most effectually remove all toumet ol the ttoinacn, fv b aeutralisinr the acid, but'bvcor lecting thbt morbid state ol thcfecretions whir b &ives rise to it, and at uie same ume win reure lliedehilitnted orsans of dieetion, tlml tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to Uie well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. rorsale by JOHX C. MORRISON, Druggitt, No. 188 Greenwich - street. Whera mil be had. wholesale and retail. large and central assortment of genuine Drugs Ufa.;. Tin 4 Knnr4win. fnalrumntfl 5 Anotlie - rarj'si;ius Ware ; English and American Pa tail Medicines. Also, Dyer's and 'uller's aiti cles, Medicine Cbeits, fee. On liberal terms. mhSS tm PKOSPECTOS for rsBusnmo bt stascBirrion A MAP or" MEXICO AJiD LOtlslANA. ' 1 1 tl E publication ol this M ap has bn under - I taken with Die imprestioa. that it wiH ex hitiit ininrmntinn, highly interesting at this eventful crisis , and the valualite Maps which the au - " thor has procured, durins - hisseveral lours thmuxh Mexico, ii. the years 1K), 1807, 1812, I8t3. 1815, 1810, and 181. indm e him to beleive that the Map, with even nil its impatrfcetion, will b mat h the most perrect which na appeared b - fore ttie public. ' ' . ' is Map will contain the latest and best in formation from the dicoveries and pcmmwi of the 6ianish, Kisatiaa, tlritith ami s'roach traUer aad navigalors and represi n ting the claims ol Useir respective goveramtntJ ou the iV'rtfiwem rn coati 01 Aiornca. The Mao will include that portioo of rtortn Amvrira. which lies between Hie hlbmus of Da rten. and lhe4Uth drgree f Moith Latitode, nnd no the Mississippi River westwardly to ine v iDf Uccan. In sise the Mas will he ahont ux by five feet, and wdl tie protected oa a scale or 4U miles to the iik K to be delivered to tbe suoscitners at ni - leee drdiar a b., March 7. 1818. ap7 tAul COLOURED UOY - the time limited hy ri law a smart sober and industnous lad - underatands all kinds house work, and taking are ol borset : also working on a (arm or in a e atdMi Me ia iiinvteen tears of ace and Ot uod ditpiitio. Any person that wants a lad Iiosm sting Ibnt qualilicauoiut, will get miuruia - U t o. S Buwery. u.hlfjif F.LIJH wahii. tin I'Jjictrt, ioldirrt and taihri of the Rtto hUtonarv rVar. Til E Officers and soloVrs of the Revolutionn - iu. and 11 a tilBrers and Sailors of tbi Navy of the United - States, who served in the ir ni in .r n 1111 in!ir unuic i'i' . IVntion list of the I'nited - fetates, according to tlie act of Congress passed March 18, 81. to pro - . . .nvuEiMl in th and and ava service of the United States ilunrg the Revolutionary War, by applying to th, Wnher. mh31 2w I1 jAjiLa io 4.m TO FARMERS. ia barrels or otherwise. 91 Nasau - street rsrsHF anbtcriber can furiuth the larmers 01 JL the adjacent rountry with ground Platter of Pans in any quantity, on th shortest notice, JOHN BY LrlS, Feb 23 If Foot of llamton - st. N. R, 'I'lIK owner of tlie French Boarding House, 1 No. 06 Courtlnnd - Mreet, having ima - luded to decline on the S - Vli ol this montli,odVrf"rsale on accommodating terms, the bnuw - hokl furniture ol his eUabli.hment, which he will dispose ol, either in whole or in part, r or further inlor mation, inquire as abote. npBIwt fAUUAM.t. BOOKS. UST received and for sal by ELI A3 VA - LF.N IT. E, 104 Broadway,' 3d door below 1'ina - rtreet t WllkiiiKon't Memoirs, 3 vols 8 vo ; Rob Roy, ecouil Philadelphia edition, with n glossary of the Scotlith wordi and phrarM ( A great variety of new and inierettin: hooks tor children, IBmos Also, lutt received by the .viart l.lita. imtn London, arid for sale as anove, valuable assort ment of theolngiciil and mitcelanpous works, ve ry scarce. I ngraving and copper - plate printing executed with neauiesand detptlch. P8 FIFTY DOU - 1RS RfM'.IRD. OTOI.E,I on or about Thurnlav last, from 3 on board Uie brig Aretlni - a, lying in this nort. three not notes ot one htinareti oouar ear.h. nn the Hank of the United Stale, the numbers not 1 ecollccted 1 at the ame time, one superfine French blue cloth'coat and pantaloons, the pantaloons worked with French rnnl Broker, ilor landlords, nd othervwil. oe mmitrnnllirb to all TJ auch AS maV aPPCSr SVIS - r u. .u.'c...J Sv. nic.oiis. as uie unci mat pcriwi" . - v the nature ot lu iHirctiascs or in wimuhB w dispose Of the eloOis 1 sliould the whole or any part thereof be f nnd, the finder will be re - ' ... ... .. a. d - Wanted by calling on vessr wape & vaa, - lev. comer of Will Si WiUiam - treets. ' . ...... ,,1 4V ap 8 1W JA?. ..Cl.V - A. - a a'V AI.V'.X M)rllA FU)t'rt. WNE hundred bhl Alexandria JTour, of ex cellent quality l"t tale hy " . , P1VIE BKTUUNr. tt CO. ap 92 WaiUsireet, TBftEB T1MM ..' ; w ' ' ' S3 j r fiundav. Tuesday, - A I kuradav uuir&UJ. t Uiree o'clock, runs through na a a. AJt S .yAll TIT Moia - goiwry, Bioomingourgn, "'""'"""t White LakeVCoahectoo, Mount Meaaant. Oreat Bend.Chuiingo Point, Owega, ItUca, nnd Ct - . . 4.v a0 twi n - 4n. it' UB . uc. v v; . V l.: m Mm. Krtninrng leaves uiu.54. - - day, Wednesday and Friday moroiu&s at three o'clock, ana arnves ai awimiji., lav in time to take the uteam - Doau wui. arrive in wew - ior.,uic iviui " $j llmajbt txpeelti that at mil tinui when As iitam - toalt eutr ineir pa - j y i',i r. . . mm am ta an! tUm. 144M " - , . . . - , . ti,4 ahnUHtiita will be Dertomcu m J... from the first of AUv. until tlie first or 1 J - .L. t. 4 1LAV4fllhllr November ana rrom uv nm - " untU the flfteenlh of December, and from the cai. ..fMirrh until the firet of May, in ..... .t4n,t fwmi tlie 15ih December, tin - ' til Uie fifteenth of March tlie tame line will b continued to the city ofew - iort. nu n. , r,.,f o tn Canai.daimia in four doys. t Passenger travelling anandiRua, Niagara or JUiftilo, can leaye jm, tn - ,h - vnini iteain - bnaU. andatrue m :....r.'.,i ;r,"it,i m dava a diatance oflliree livndred miU'Tbe luw m well urniBhed ;th e - aud" - iW carriage I Ifood hbrse; and carcltl and experienced drivers . Every atten tion will be paid to render me puwBi, traveller sfe, easy and expeditious i and t I. believed tliat Uie accomniodations on tin line are equal to any line in the state. fjC" rAllB irom ttewouJB" vw v"4."6 - 4. UOIXAHS. ' N. B. A branch of the sme line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line run from Owego Tioga Point thence tlirougli lSewtown and Painied rosi, to aui; BAGGAGE, a usual, at tne risn oi me owner. . . . . ' David Gojirrey, Blonmingborgii, v c at IM.n. Mniinl l'luasant. L! fcR. Manning, Cbtoaiigo, iPrpprie - I.,nhu r Cere! Ithica. I tot. Samuel tireenliff, Geneva, . . Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh 14 d6m VAL.UAHLE REHL KsTA'I'K FOR SALE, ur tub city or bew - york. 1IVF inia ni rrouod on the west sideofGreen' 1? wirh - ttreet. between Vettry nnd Desbres - ses - streets, S5 by UO. . .." Four do in the rear of th above, fronting o the eatt side of Watlungton - ttreet, zoby wi. Light do in the block below, between VVash - ington and West - streets. . . In Montgome7 County. ' 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's percliBte, near Eatt Canada Creek, on the north aide ol the Mohawk. . ' In Franklin County. 15,165 acre of Land, in IU tuwni or Mount Morris and Dayton. ( n Essex County. 7832 acres ofLand in th town of Barrymore. In th County of Lewi. ' 1350 acres of land in Catterland, Chastanit Funhatc. In Saratoga County. StOO acres hi Palmer's purchase. Enquire at the office of the suoscriber, 34 Ce - d - arttrett. ... BfcV. IWlilflSU.t. mh '7tf " bELECT UOARDlXUtCHOUL FOR VOVNti I.AUIKrf. 1 1 R9. BOW EKING, now Mrs. Brown. Bat iX removed her well known Ertahli.luoent from New - York to Eliialietb Town, Iew - Jr - sry, not a quarter of a mile from the public turn - oike road. The situatioo of the place nossesskS vr mlvanlns - e for a beminarv 1 and Mill eoa We her to reduce tne price 01 ooam w.a ,"w er than can be afforded in New - York. The braiwhe taught, are. Orthography, enKiisn Grammar, Reading, VVriting, Arithmetic, Geography, with the use of maps and globe, Astro nomy, History, uiair - s teviurra, v , Uiulr. rrnrh. fiolanv. Chemtsiry, Drawing lb crayons. Painting in oil, 00 velvet, and in water - olours. Plain Sewing. Needlework on muslin, Embroidery oa silk ana worstea, rniegrcB, Oaarfhlb.. Grbtto and Wax - Work, Gilding and Japanning, with a variety of other lancy works. nth iu im i.vetx nx:tl ulXTMEXT. riD n iNTrn an infallioie remeuy ui one Tf applicaUon, may be used with perfect aafety on infante a wt old, not couiaiu ng r. w.m il&iii..viiia Ino - iVfiianl particl ol mercury, or J "t - " .i.,i.,.. .nd nnt accomuaniad with that ona - Mvesmell'whlch attends th application of other remedies. ... ..... The above medicine r preparea anu soiuai I rr Medicroe Store. WO. o niaiuea - iau.. - , and sold by 6. CARLE, cornet of Fultoo ami Water - streets. Druggiits nod country store - keepers upyhed oolibr. - altrm. ' Jan 19 . , i'UKi - i, . corner of Fulton - street, New - Y01 k, hay ing received n large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day k Martin, 97 High Ilol - born, LonJoo, offers the same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or no me ceotumpuoo, oa terms the most liberal and advantageous to pur chasers. Thiimeitimaole compwilioo, with naif the n - ual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varnish ; auonl. peculiar nounvitneni to me teainer; 11 wui nui .nil th fiiiest linen t is perfectly free from any mnlratsjit smell : and wdl retain its virtues in any climate. y ciimaic. excellent of this blacking, it ha siooa tne te. mil commsnded the most extensive tale in all qoartertofthe globe, forupwardsot nan t tury. T MiNiirAnTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW. FORBEA, No - 90 Broadway. on door . above W all - street, respectfully inforeni hi? fr,.l. .nd tha Dublic that he conbnues to msnu - artii ies aot niimrraieo. m':n ju in Pl.ASTKROF PARIS M ANUFACTORY. a, th. innt nf Harrison - street. Norih - Kiter, fXTHERE manufactured Plater, forcomi - 3 WaII VV w - d other pu'poses. nit be had. war - 1 p9 Il ranted of the ntt quality, at on swior ana (uvn Iw Ara 4Mia ivr kmtheL llut mano - .M - torv is rondocted by Mr. Joha Tucker, who ha fryed a regular apprentice ship tnth mates butines. ... nh Si JOHN BYERS. . .V, 3 03T CUAIEE. t - r ; AP031 CllAlst. win , r ln day (Sunday excepted) Mi I ptttS in 11. 4.. ,,.m.i.i uuh the Fulton. Caot. Law.aid this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. - 'I he line will in future be from INew - York to Norwich, a follows : 'I he Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Morulas, Wednesday nnd Friday, at 8 o'clock, in Ihe morning, lor New - Hateo. The Fulton, Cant Law, will leave VorwrA at 6 o'clock in the morning oftheamedays touch at JV ne - lMndan and depart from thence for Jfew - Hmttn at 8 o'clock. - The boats will meet at Jftw - Uaten, and depart from thence every Monday, Wcdntt - day and Friday, at 7 clock m tne everang we C01 Jfttf - Loudon and Jfontieh STEAM BOAT FOR HALE. i fr - y - for kale, a well nniin - hed Steam Boat, of 'small site, with t cabins, and calculated to carry convenient - ttiiout sixty passengers Her tiuu is 01 me best limber, and she is copper bottomed up . . . . 1 . 1 . . i;.. - ..1 1 in their charge, . inesnnn, .re.. - - .M - es are not inferior to any other now running be - 1 1.... ih,.a. twaeitiea. t The beautiful country, and Ihe excellence of the roadton this rout, con - nM - tod with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences, are heleived to tie troni; induceuient to travellers in giving this linen decided preier j ra. I ha atndett attention will be observed by the proprietor in giving general satisfaction. ail t..i.... .nrf narTiam arill CO at th risk of A sfiKsmltfg ptilic ktow how U' ditibf ,. , f , l,l.l. - lls'mi?iiist - JwiSL - sultins Dr. H. DOCTOR Hf3ttKRVa - H, ofahdeity cflJl OK isoer oi u faculty of pfayua aud surgery there, deems it hMdV. ry to repeat some oosertatioas a U.e abuse of .MERCURY i a rash, mdircriniinate, and nnqoah. 6cd use thrcof, t - as been prM. live of infinite miachipf. tk.. - t&nvs ore aiinuaily merenritdized out of exwu .era ndmltted, and arrive iu Philadelphiia U,st a young tn'n, tlie hope. 0f bis cowrrOT me evening. are uiro - isii, . the tmriing oi l,is ;iarei.U, should be an itched Fare Uirongh, t$ " im Bout lane .xpenmeai, , r,n, al ti. i - rn,,ri. rA "J ?..r leave New - York every da, fSundav exct pUd) 'm .4 ..ii - avirwb i. tlrf hteara Boat uuin - i . . . .. ., - ta, and amv VIWB, " 4 , - - r:rr a u. 4.. - - a j nature uul ana Rid,,. U..jf.V. V . Ilfg Bristol. ,r.,.l ZZtu h. ii,. Slnm liaat jETjXA rem iirciect or imnM. k.h S da lara 50 cents. ni ' ,:., .,.W r,,r4.wi.,i,.arf ..j ii V VP1, For Beats in the above linej, apply .nJer pnysicians of gen. pracHce, sxre? Chaise Stag and Steam Boat Otfke, 1 18 Eroad - nfrmtt61y d , wha recoimedt. way,' opposite tne iry noiet. . . .1 jr. l. hj a giwUeman of this city) hit boa (T - Aiigooaa ana oaggagc " - i "" were carious, and his Uetb dropping from theai" the owner. 'J ' . ' I his friends declared he could aot pouibUaur.;.. JOHW H.CUMMWu. . ttton - onths longer. Thoutsioids exr - erutjui; JOHN GULICK ft bONb, Pnncetno. UwithwhiS ease and safety UV. D HTnrKTOfi b. HOWELL. Philado'tihia.l ... ....l ,,. j t4dj - 4 - tww - - : , t m uie ett'i - s vunva auu vuuuiiui mf rnriei. Jf.B. Hifrmti tent to swty part of IM untun. tBtieni The Doctor' clan (advertisiDr) . ap8 "XTOHTU kli ER STK,i.V MOATS. - 4 TS dTT!!! J J. )aBJSSS - - - ' StTHveTSoT I he unanceiior iiy ok - ston will leave .'New - York c,.i4l4f h 9I.lh niat.l cewary to guard the public ag tiot the ar&M tw mercury, auu uurci laioi VQiuaiuua,. oeia fOTtb. - Person, . therefore, .having contracted pti. vale dirorder, or sutpecting latent poiton, u auroonmieunui i tuuiucr wiui meir coristit. 1. 1. - ruu ciuimwt, 1 .,, . .... Sat 5 P. M. There will be a Ucn, or conceal uie oisoruer, nil PMt reco,. ...i g.ii.. .1 6 P. M. and A banr cn stone or oiner impunue. oi u oiooa, as well u oth. dayfat 9 AM..n.d further notice. ... ZiiA tOUJTU XOJVUM. l0Dr. H. at his old and respX wtibl 0 .The uroprictors, with a ii, - .p, Nn. 64 Water - strttL fourKm . view of accommodating the 0'Qi, - ,Gry to obtain that prompt assistaace a. public, by exteudiog the line ole ajaU - ulated fh prevent disclosure. And her to Norwich, intend making ut M cajm yo0r erioos attention Reoiemhtr a tupernciai tare asuLiiiuaii rut - s met. smeisis raaicaiiy aooe, yon wui certainly hlva the disorder break out airain with redouMed au linity, at tome future period perhaps then will be too late for remedy. Don't yon often meet is the streets miserable, mutilated being, without kTeo a hit of nose on their face? Take warainr, I beseech you. Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn int. gri!y being universally known in this city, tine 1804, guarantee to patients that delicacy audit, crecy hitherto unknown, ami having confined hit practice for years put, exclusively to the cures) diteases 01 uie diooo tystam. uiey may saieiyctl - nnecticut forYtt - Fr, and the on ' ,or J Cu)ate oa the most decided advantages incoa. sraiss a Gleets eradicated in tw or three wtk. - Stricture removed witliout bougie or. any otter instrument t.and all debilities! likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's tu . A plurality ef oftces are prorided, and so situated that patients are not exposed toeacb othw' observation! Open till half past 9 in the evening. All persons concerneu are invitea 10 o ires 11 10 toe oenns, preparea w wr. - Vl .naakimr with ftr.H. hirh i. II running immeuiaieiy. one oraw uui uuuj - i - . - 1 r - - 1 , 1" 7 , , inches of water, and from tlie advaotageoits con - of cost. And here ffie Doctor cannot .avoid tb ' T - - - , I ..n,4.aiaa AfvHlitiirta MF t.iiiimAMMA a.iHn - itiuctiono bcrmac rinery, can oe wnraeaai "u" .,... - - . - half the daily expense ol steam - boat. n general, mendatiofls, and for the decided preference fit Is utti msv P'w . a .,r Bi' jt . Hau.Bsaw.nt1 aih liaa jaiukk Innsv cnvswti im lr e. but will besoiuacreat narcaintii ppiieawrnv':"w - y - j - i - v .r lit si 4. a I iiirlirmlll IMrilllf ' ,91 1 shortly mhSOtf Knouire al o. in vran - sireet, i IJ , i. 1.;; . . 1. ISAAC G. OGDEN : CO. N. B. All tetter mist be post puL Dr. Buchanan. , SWIFT SURE MAIL COACH 1, , Aus7 1 , : - : , VOH rHILABKtrBIA, , frT Late new - iora ere y morning (Sunday'sex - ceptcd) at B o'clock, and ar rive in rnuaaeipuia ucn 'I he puMick hotme s are good, and reasonable . at, t ' l.,v44ka o rruair - h. TfJlV. . ; DiR. EVANS' superior method of caring a Certain Disease, is now aaiyer. ally ackaowledged in this city his mode of treatment is perfectly mild, safe, ei psoitiou. and lit cnargii rensoBAbie. in every u stance he warrant a curs, nnd will return the pay If bt tloe not perform agrcexbl rt.o .ft.;. !..! aMNirv alarlti Ahaarvrtl. There are many persons in this city and its vi the owner nnles insure and receipted far by the cinity laboring tmder variou chronic de.t, "1 "r ' :j . ..hV cancers, old inveterate ulcer, scroisla V.K IJ. wi Hmvwu. .. I . . - . 1 J: - r 4L - ' .. Stage (are only g5, withn generous ww.r w Singl evii, ustuia un ya reinr, of btrase. ParticIT wishing to travel at their bladder and kidnies, ofd compticatrjd cotnplainU " - r&"6v - .. , ..... k nn reasonable J .rt.i ai.lawa. faliwat aaui mtkmr itnt terms'exc'iusiveuto themselves, by applying one tiMlt rheamatisnHic. whk h they consider iot - Arrn. nHiwnnt tn atitrtinef p or itnu bddiy m im. New - York. LYON, SONS, CO. Hoy . . . 1 ir..... IjniJtXntVmy aWsnTstW 4 - 1 t I'ilLAUturnia, Twenty - five mile land carriage, Via New - Brunswick and Trenton. In new pott coaches . . ' $5 Do. good stages, 4 60 V " . . 4. r rt llo. lorccartl or dec pasiensr j w tie or uec pasteng.r. Irable. IMJ tllOWUluuil ucvaiw .M; byapplying atDr. EVAVS'S Medical Store, No. 9, Peck - slip, - baring practised in exUhsits first Surgeon and Physicians to the world, sn made tliose obstinate diseases his constant study for 30 year. ' Oct U IS Ma - a fX7 The subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement on - - - - . - - - ... .l . , I mum that all and rtm - AUturiiiA. i n r: "T" ; onfortuDa M - to be want of ryf at 1 1 o'clock A. M. Pang.r. wdl lodg. plyuig Jt No. 77 BarcUy - .treet, at Trenton, and tak the steam boat Philndel - Jan WM. PURVIS. phia, so as to arrirsm Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in tim to tak the Union Line Baltimore steam - boats. This line has a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; s also those of th North River and Sound ; aad their several arrivals ar calculated to cause little, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the most convenient rout, as th passengers will leave New - 'nrk altar Ihm hank onen. and arrive ill Phila - .Iflnhin hafnra lha hours of basinets, without fa tigue in travelling or want of sleep, tho land carriage being much less than by any other rout between the two cities. For seat in the hov line apply , WILLIAM B JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, , in Mar - ketfleld street, north sine 01 tne oaiiery, uo - tween Greenwich At Washington - street, or to Tne tar I Al - 1 ou poara. (ty All good and baggage at the risk of the nnal. P 4 owner. .... I ges. It is I As an incontrovertiM proof of the superior I a. At Vf It is tVHCATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. rv - iHE lone; and successful use oi tru otntmeni J. is a suOicieat recommendation, a it has - een found to be a pleasant, safe and certah re medy for that tin ssreeaDie aisease m an n sut a. I : 1L4 - .la IU. V Aatlr K for ale in the city of New - York, hv R. Fott, No. 41 William - street; 1. A: T Clark, No. 05 Maiden - Lane ; M. H faitnr silver tea and law setts, cnurcn piaw, , thorf it mm, .tnns. forks, ladles waitera, urns, siplions, n,r Slnl., : ,hj, c: fj - T WHEATON A DA VIST Fancy Chair Manurao turer. No. 153 FuIton - treet, opposite St. Paul Charch offer for ale, wholetal ad retaU, a large and elegant assortment of Cnrld Msple, plain painted and ornament ed in gold h bronte. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls. Rock ing, Sewing, aad Conversation Chair. Boms, Settees, Loungees, Music Stools, &c. . Orders from any part of the continent execute with neatness and aisnalch. ' , , Old Chair repaired, painted nnd ornamsBtei. rob Srhif (Tflin S. Co. No. 193 Pearl - street; Law - 1 4 - , n .. rccrvn enn tf - ' ' . . . .. . I rm n . WW Jn.UtHI U 4.W - W. . . tence At Reese, No. 195 fear' - strect ; tuii priimFTO. No. 1 Wall - treet,Justr - Bowne, US Pe.rl - ; R. & L. Murray, 313 A rKWI 11 I"0b,,;ooor iofon - Pearl - street ; J.. M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl - street ; j - cuts aiSl drre. bw - Jdhn Penforrl, No 4 Fletcher - street ; Duryee & CJLt!. .ill i. a marker n a to dop Poe. in Pearl - street; "hnC. Morrison, l r...L.lhli:Zm H. ha for tale q Greenwich - street; Joim P. Fisher, 108 Broad - " TK7orb ;7th. fit ouabtr. if they - 1 iw ni oi ine ur. . ... . .4t 1 . . . . ay ; wi wb Seaman,.corne o. v.. o, tria,. the purchasers are '2 and uroaiiw ay, ana aiso in iiauiam - .vrcci , - . - . the m0Oey. knives. 4:c. ic. of the latest and most elrgant Witherell it Sons ; George ns 1 Geonre he procured ai most 01 tne Lrrug 7 , " . hone, aadenrp :ity - Alsoin Philadelphia, of S. 'I"" retired ery iSi. Hanell . North & Ro to restore raxors to a Uteris of the firtt of silver ,nd .upr - Lers, and - druggist, ia the principal en who may ple.Mi W hf Le .orkmauihip. at the lowest price, for cash, towns in th United States. iVV,r, natronaee. may depend on th BX All orders executed in a masterly manner, and warranted in all cases at least equal to ny ar lirlaa of silver manufactured or sold in uns ritv. ? ..... . 4 . r 1 1. n addition u nis own manuiaciurea, oa on ou hand ail assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, which he wdl dnpos of very low, coo sitting of candlesticks, cake - batkels, caitnr, bottle Castor,' snuffers and trays, plated on teel. a verr superior article; elrjast peiw pocket andsportsmao's knives, with a variety of LIKKWI3:. VHEAT0NS JAUNDICE BITTERS may he had at the above places. tan 22 cm BOARD WANTED. By a lady in a private family. he will furnish her bed room complete. None need apply, but person of the firt respectability. fcnquir at ii iur - ray - street. ' P 10 PHILLIPS ASTRONOMY. rIGHT fatuiliar Lecture 00 Astronomy, in - 1? tended a an introduction to the Science. for the use nf tnim pf - rsons with plate and diagram. hy.U'illiam Phillips, author of Outlines or Mineralogy ana ueoiogy, sc. ior ir ai - tt. by u. ilb.i oi tvu. . A N Elegant Bay HORSE, gentle in haraess.1 aCjl and superior under Uie Saddle, eia years old this somsner. for sale. At ply at the Stable! of F VAN JONEdr p9 6t ' No - 60 .w - treL particular and respectful d.a"e. - ik. - il - N. B. tientlemen who by ItaqM ter will have their raxors, Ac kept eiciw for themselves. P. S. A good journeyman a above. ...!. Apply wMl THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 1 UH, - .treet,.near Broadway, .,iiiu ami f laxen COhCV in. - . 1. - m - iance. oot - " teles, plays review, "'M,'' ijUrnry. - Catalogoes may be examined M tne 11 rhich is ope lor euoeenoer, . mh4U NEW - YCRK: n M1XTED ASD PUBL1SHZD MICHAEL BURJfBAMk CO - .10. 4X nr - T - - -

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