The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 13, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1818
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' Vt. TtaVprlos exhibition of lh" toay f oolleTta & PbUc ou Monday the 18ih 1JS. Arti." requests! to send " " J.riiclet thT intend to offer for exhihi. l!Tofcri turday, 16ib May - after "TT,k can be received. y must. w ALEXK. ROBERTSON, sec'ry. P 13 tj&iawtl6May NOTICE. . - - HICKS, LAWRENCE k CO. will tell 1 Hrmw at 10 o'clock, in front their auction to'o'crate. well elected Earthen and - CUMT: : : - BTlg ' OnWednesUay, tfdmct wiiinetoid, rrv:ih briar PANTHER. STarri d from Canton. &aid brig was ouut a""" . - i .1.. ( xilk vnrlnuil. " WIUIU - - - , . ib. beat maimer, and of the best seasoned ma - . . ... : . r..n.H and was coppered in Urerpool with 30, 28 and 48 nx. copper, and Zeeed and fitted with a larg e armament, in u.e .ml .mole stvle Said vessel has r deRvered in rood order near COO tons of China . . L .'.! as Cut aaaur ves - EiYn h. UmtedStates. Her length on deck is . . ... .n O Inilici 1 1 ftlaet 9 lxU loei , urea1"". - - i - i ' inches hold, and 5 feet 6 inches between deck. ; andBBaiurt.430U)M For further particular, myk"J . wnr - a . ID A D TV ., '"..".' !i. ' 44 Central - wharf. .fn AnrilS. 1818. ap7 HW - 4UO bushels ' J. brigbicoerse, Turk Island Salt, foMate by ' '".nil' ' . r ' 2!) SouuVtreet. - r - T ME Jl'K'E. 2 hhd uarrmao iuie LJ Juicei jut MCfir") and for tale ny TUCKER MtrlIF.3, ' ap 13 M aoulb - rtret. ITALIJUs BOOKS H'AjVTED. Si WILEY & CO. No. 3 WalUtreet, j. five a fair price for any, or all, of the foi - jngbook - e Metattario1 work, Italian .i ' 6 Tano's ' do do 6 Ariosto'i . do 6 Goldooi' do . do , do do : 2 Alfieri' do ' ' 6 brrtti's dictionary do Abo, Neuman' Spantb dictionary and Fer. " aande Epanirh exercise. ' ' "x .. New copies of the above book would be preferred. Second hand books, howeve,' will an - - wer, provided they be not too much defaced. apt3 ' . ' . ; ' - L'AHPkTlAC - . 17 EC01i fe CO. 180 Hroadway, hare just M - J rece ved and are now opening a laree supply of Entrain Carpeting, Consiatinp of ' fine and sap. ihnecf Die newest pattern do ' common, all of which, toeetlier with their ' (tock on hand, will Ue diipoied of on the most . iavorble term. . tout hern and oOier order, likewise execnt d on the best of term. ap 13 3t CWJVTO.V ami FRENCH GOODS. PHIL BROOK U PETERS, 13) Broadway, hare for sale, ( 3 cases 5 - 4. G 4 and 9 - 4 Nankin crape shawl t do Nankin crapes, black and ass'd colon : I do figured do ; I doC'onciudo S do chow chow . t 1 do 7 4 black (ilk than Is. '1 do totit pongees, suitable for tailor ; t do col'd silk shawls, I do blk camblet' - I do - 4 - 4 lirlkt. with border . J do ri'h StM lustring and satin '' 1 do figur'd lerantinei. 1 do green do. ' "; . S rlr nlnrl r.iul hlaek fin - t 1 do double Florence; 1 do chenille cord t 't do fringed atin ribbon ' - 1 do tsffety doj 1 do. plaip black Aoi - L'itfS do eJefi'tjarniture doS - 1 ' . 1 tlo linen cambric and cambnij hdhft . ( . I da kidjl - jvev ldbevedO ' i,?. ' . 'i., ' 1 dolevantine aad daurnak siawl - :t ... jdo best hlnck I taliao crape . '(. j . ttoiant lacs and edgings, . With a (eueraJaMortiuaaief French and India Cools. , . , .. ap 13 Iw I'M AY UAG6. - im, ror sal by. f Ck.bRACCU - MI.NG, tp 13 16 rVnrl - Mrttt. - A - 1 . - . . - - ... POT tl ft. A tilt AaHLb, - b4 bba ftari Ashe, . W bbls l'ot Ashe, for tale by J. 0?BORX, ap 13 ( jii South - rtreet. HYSON ililK TLA. , - : HOFFMAN & GLASS, will ecll on Tnr day the 14th. at 11 oMwk, opoosite their Auction. Kooea too chest very superior Hyson Skin Tea, in lot to suit purcbasei. Terms at Idle (. 13 1 Ktail LhL.s, A - 4 bHLEllJNGa, LOG 1 LAW8, etc. 4 - 4 4nd 7 - 8 Linen 7 - 8 bal: bleached ditto 7 - 8 Lawns, ' - 8 Oowlal .' 7 - 8 I jneii, hi half pi - - c' ' 5 - 4 Shirtii ; 3 - 4 Dinper t 7 - 8 Grry nwiis; 3 - 4 Brown Linen, Received per I rest arrivals, and are offered fa sale oo reasonable tertes. by ' THOM AS BUFFERS, lp 13 1w No. 6 Uepeyster - street BRUW LIKS. 6 cases, landing Iron ship Fanny, from Greenock, for sale by DIVIE BKIliU.NEitCO. ap 13 W Coffee house slip. BRANDY Sl SPIH1TS. 4 pipes Imitatioo Brandy, and 6 hhd. Neutralized Spirit, from molasses, for sale by JAS. D'WOLF, ap 13 ' 67 Front - street. PJtENCH & (iKR.MAN GOODS. Black crapes, No. S6 Sattins for hat lining, Virginia silk cord Fancy ribbons, black lustered taffetie Ureen bordered do. red ti silk gloves Mens fc women silk hose, black galloons llrap de soie, common and upefine Tapes and bobbins, cologn wafer. For sale by DAVID SCI1ENK, P 13 lw 77 1 - 2 Fine street UMaoutt.i - a DAAv - rior weigmn',a assortment from 300 to 2000 lb. for sale by - tl . St. lllSll7H PlS 76 PearUstreet OLD MADLIUA WiXtL jiT JiUCT,Oj. 11 ILL be old on Friday the 17U current. v si o - ciock, by HU. ES k TOWN, in ." o "eir auction room, 10) pipe. 3 hhe M 1 or. cask choice London Particular Made. b wine, from 5 to 7 year old. wan anted pure "imported, having - never been out of tbe importers possession. De aler and private ind kl will have an opportunitv of supplying twmselves with genuine, high flavored Made line, nt tor immediate use. Samples may j een at the auction room two days previous 7 my oi saie. ap 13 Std t?UR DOLLARS REWARD. 11? uJ " cmuroay aueinoon, trom Bo. .iWVer ,reet in,o Front - street and was at - 'iy to the hips, bad on a leather collar with a far. .' 5 , ? " "" nnoever win re fj ,'w fto. 177 Water - street or 165 Wk.V.u receiT we above reward and ofthe owner. ap 13 lw BAX.JE! DOLLARS REWARD. ohek v AY 00 the ni2h' r 1 nl - a a Woman. J c . 1 1 . . . , lcu tauy oi soiu statue child, shall rt"' aid ctary chari .t? boTe rcwr1 " - inr nm t '""All nrraAni km fnr.A si arnieT W) pepaity of We law. - v s aaai was rvj pi3it . . brah McMillan. 'wvenW..' "loVer naturally siow in her M . u ' ,l,rfe s,,, on one of her ra - It , ,n fre Sc,r "ccioOf d by a Man. w h was eniie'd by a black . 8 Broadway. - H HOUSfi TO fE LET, 515.11 Situated abont 8 3 - 4 aides from the City Hall, on the old post - road, ftod adjoining the houses of G. K. vvaius. I he bouse ia a neatly finished one, and fit for a small family ; has a kitchen and cellar, 2 parlors, 3 bed - room, nd 2 good ceiled garrets. I here u a tmall garden, and a liable tit for a bone and fig.. , inquire nest door to the premise, or at 54 Maiden - lane. ap 13 HHH1I MILL MAKSIOil BOfSft. 10 LET, iti From tbe fint of May next, the house knuwo by the name of the " Mansion House of M urray Hill," about three and an half mile Irons the city ; bouuded on the Harlaem Road. The house i conveoieot and roomy, and would answer for a gentleman's luniiner residence, a boarding acheol or public house. There area bout 4 acre of ground belonging to the premises. divided into a garden, orchard and Iiwuj There itabo ou the premise a ttabie and coach - houe, out - houaei, &ic. and a well of' (rood water. The building i handtoAjely (ituaterl, commanding a beautiiul preipect and convenient to Uie public road.' An indostnoui - gardener woold lie more than able to pay the rent from the fruita and Teetablei which he could raite. The property will be rented very reaionable to a good tenant. For further particular, enquire on the premitei, or at jno. 7 matdcn - laiie. aplSeodtf . - . ' ' (0DTQERS DISTRICT Of KKW - T0RK, SS. BE It reruemhered. .That - on the second day of April, id tbe forty second year of tln fnde peodence of the United States of America, . William Johnson, of the said du'rirt. hath deto$ited in tin office the title of a book, the richt whereof he claim a author, in the words aud figure following, to wit : . . . v - " Report of cae adjudged in the court of Chancery of iN'ew. - York i by William Johnson, Counsellor at Law, vol.1 II ; cootaiiiing thetinse from January, ISi 6, te! September, 1017, inclusive.".. .; t . . . ' In conformity to the act of the congress of the United Stales, entitled M An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and hooks, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned j" and also to an act, entitled, "An act. supplemeatary to an act, entitled, nn act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts and hook, to the authors and proprietors of su.'h copies, during the times therein snentioned, end extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designinr - engravingy and etching historical and other priiits." - . : , - JAMES DILL. - Clerk of the southern district of New - York. aplS 4w.. :' V., SITUATION WANTED for two Lads, oue thirteen tfie other fifteen years of age Enquire of Samuel Loyns, No. 48 Courtlandt, corner of (ireenwich - street. . p W 2t .....i. ( EOH SAMC. AFIH5T rate fast trotting Horse, and a fash knablr Gig, but little used. ,' Also, a light neat one horas waggon. Ap. plyto THO.vlAS H. THOMAS, ap IS , ', . ,10 Williaro - street. TO LET, To a small genteel family, part of the 'hi te - itory brick hoare, So. 343 Green ivicb - st. comer of Provost - street, with a separate kitchen and cellar. Enquire on the - premises. P 13' , ' ' T 1HE Resources of tlie United State of A - commercial, manufacturiMs,' fliancial, political, literary, moral and retigiori charity and character of the American 'pepVlej by John Bristed, pric3dolls. . ', 'a r.izr (air.iuar lectures on aitrpoomy, inienuea as an introduction tn,lhe scieuce tor the use of young perwnv ao4 otiiei not conversant with the luattbsmatic. accompanied hy plate, oo rout diagrams v.nd a copioui index, by Wm. Phillip, price 1 iii jurt re ived and 0r sale by yvm. . s.Tiu,r.. ap is , v'i Droauway, i'05T COAC H LINK son PHILADELPHIA , bv. wax or rowi.El - nooK IMroRTART TO rASICNQKRS. No co3e.:tion with live oosi chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLV ED, ASD OPPO - ANEVV Line of Post Coaches with every convenience for nassenzers and baiteace. on Springs THROUGH IS ONE DAY. 'I"he Post Coach will start from the Coach of fice, old No. I Courthind - street, N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at half vast five o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, rrioceton, irenton and unsioi, and arrive at Philadelphia the same afternoou. at & o'clock. United states Mail Goatli, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage on springs. The U. S. mail coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Cmirtlandt - itrt - et, New torn, every day at X o'clock, I . in. nnd arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Oi.l 6 passengers admitted. For seats in tho above named Lines, apply ti THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat oftce, at tlie ohl rio. 1 i,ourtlHnrit - sliet. the second otia - e imm Broadway, New - York 5 or to A. T. GOOD RICH & CO. Nn. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce dar - street. New - York. COAII goods and rmggage at the risk of the owner. jusbfrl LTU.i, fu.'3 lu. N. B Expresses sent to any Part of the Con tinent,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. ap ij $70,000 HIGHEST PRIZE. FOR SALE AT VTILrORD and OWEGO TICKETS the 1 v L ntxt lottery to be drawn which rom - mencesonthe 5th of next month and the first drawn num r will e entitled to mkw dollars OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. 10,000 tickets only SCHEME. $70,000 35,000 10,000 ' 10,000 3,000 5,000 1000 1000 , 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 tooo 30 of 500 and 140 of 100 doll. Part oft1 e pjirts will be determined as follows: First looo clanks to tie entitled to 30 dollars each ; first drawn number 1st day 5ooo dollars ; I'd, 5 o; 3d, lboo ; 4th, 5oo; 6th, 5'Kio ; 6'h, 5o';7th, lo,ooo;8ih, 5o: 9th, looot loth,5oo; 11tli,; ISlh, &m ; 13th, tooo J ldth,5oo ; 15th, 7o,ooo? 16lh,5oo; 17th, looo; lUtb, Soo; jy.h, looo ; zuth, 5oo. - Ti'.kets and shares for sale in a variety of num bers Whole Tickets 3 dolls - Halve 16 Quar ters 6 Eishths 4 Six:eotbs 2 dollars. For ale in a variety cf noinhers. Orders from a distance promptly executed, and all Lottery information given gratis. Every days drawing produces a Capital Stationary Prix., and all average , of frons 8 to 10 capital ffo&tins prues. There certainty has not hero a greater inducement to adventure ia any prTioo Lottery for a sain her of year. Only 10,000 tickets, and many Taxable prise, all to be determined wilhio a few weeks. Cash paid for Medical Science Prises. ap t - DaNk KOTF.S OF the fcllowing Banks discounted on reason - Me terms, or received at par for ticket, by ftUOll Al 1 jun Newborgb, Utica, Ontario, Jefferson, ' Niagara, Geneva, ' Plattsburgh. Uatixiii, . Hudson, Middle District, Orange, . , Auburn, GRAND ROAD LOTTERY' Commences drawing the 6lh of aext saoutb, and will be completed in twenty drawing. SCHEME. 1 Prise ol 7n,ooo Dollars 1 of Hollars . t . of 1 0,000 Dollars .9 bf S,ooo Hollars ' 1o ef l,ooo Dollais 3o of 5 oo Dollars - 14o of loo Dollar ' ' 32oo : of 3o Dollars Only 10.000 Tickets. i - li i. Present price of i ket and Shares l Whole Tickets $3.2 1 Quartets $i Halves 10 Eighths . 4 Sixteenths Tho Dollars. But will advance before the day of drawing - For sale by ' Who recently sold the following prise being more than has beeo sold tv r.nv other "Ujce in this city, in tbe short period rf si months, vis No, 1644U $ln,ooo No. 4,647 ' $1,000 15x8 10312 4464 .701 3,ooi l,ooo l,ooo 1,0'M) 17.265. 7,280 7,305 1J,(l 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,IKK) And several of 500, ItX), &c. c. ap 13 3t NEW GOOto, aud CHr.AP. 1 AMES SUYIMM Jvaa. No. 07 William J street, offers for sale by the riEca or at re tail, a general assortment of fresh imported dry goods, ail of which he will dispose of iheup lor cash : they consist of . . , Heal iv an km Grapes, black and elegant colors, canton crapes, do do , Ziyas Nankin and Cauton Crane 8 - 4 Shawls ! 8 - 4 Merino Shawls, black, white, lemon, rear - Merino 4 - 4 llilkls. white and colors let, ac. , Mens and women's best Cotton and bilk, Ho Do do beaver and kid Gloves Irish Linens, Sheetings, Bird Eye Diapers ' 1 - Long Lawns, Diaper and I lamask Table Cloth and Nap. kins, oi all sixes,. superior fabric and war - ranted bleach Jsarinet Cambric, Jaconet, Mull, and Cambric Amnios Fine large Cravat ; do with colored borders Figured Mulls, Whipnets, and floe Boob Mui. . bus Patent aud steam loom Cotton Shirtinus . Marseilles Quilts nud fine fringed Cradle Co vers t , Counterpanes, plain and friond, of all sires New Giuflhaius and rich Furdituiv Chintzes Fine. Furniture and Halloon Dimities 6 4 sur Cambric Dimity and Corded Cam' ,,. enrs Rest Italian black, nnd Double Florence Silks rlaids and plain colors ol do. Satins, Levantine, Florentine Elegant Ribbons, Pins, Tapes, Thread Ice. With almost every drticle ol the trade. ' ap7, lw SCYTilLS 33doz. lor sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr, ap 7 67 Front street. C? I EVES - 100 dozen extra flue, fine and i om M com Wire and Hair Sieves, and Riddles, for it air Sieves, and Kiddle CEBRA & CUMING. sale by apll 70 Pearl - street. PRESS' D HAY. . - C A bundles, in excellent order, for sale by XLV BARBARIN, STANTON' at CO. . ap 10 lw . 17 Fulton - slip MUSKETS.' FOWLING PIECES. Sic. FOUR - THOUSAND MUSKETS am) two boxes fowliua pieces, entitled to deben ture - 4 boxes well assorted glanware ' . 3 cerooo fiotant IndigO and A few pieces superfine t.ioth,rr sale by J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap7lm 7 VVa - hington - tree. TAKER SKIM?, Ac 0 bales sheared Deer XJ sains 6 hales Deer skins, in the hair 34 Bear skins 17 Otter do ' " . 100 Heaver Fur, jst receivel per brig Orleans Irom rtew - uiieaus, lor sale at vn ioiiee nouse slip, by LAIDLW GIRAULT V CO - Who hart in. lore, 33 hhds very prituR Kentucky Tobacco 30 hags green St. Domingo coffee 6 bale Bomhnxets . I cane Frem h cambric ... 1 bale I.Lu'k cloth 1 case Kreiii'h bout top ap 10 lOt V .. - i t'AS. tie C'LOYDfc BARNEY, offer for sale at their A store, No. 184 Front - street, A Oi a packages of Tea, con I tmtXf sibling of gunpowdi r. I . Huntress's hyson, young hyson, hyson . skin, and souchoiisr, in chest, half! V cargo. chestsreatty boxes and canisters. J 4 puncheons Jamatt a spirits 10 do.. West India, 4 do. new rum 3 pipes of French brandy M.ideria. Cisily Madcria. Tenerifle Sherry and Malaga Wines, in pipes and .. qr casks. Together with a general assortment oi Gro rei'ies. whole Hale and retail. ap7 ot UEsH I KA. SV EE'I OIL &c 6 chests ea b 20 21b canisters Gunpowder Tea 3 do 40 31b do do do 3 do 80 31b do Imperial do 3 do SO 21b do Hyson do All of very superior Quality. Young Hjson Tea of superior quality in 20 ratty botes II j son, Hyson Skin and Young Hyson in chests Ml hall i hests souchong I ea 100 basket fresh Sweet Oil. laree bottles 25 b xes French White Wax candles, fine quality 80000 superfine Velvet Corks, in bag of 1000 t or sale by A ui.MiXULH sun, 12 Maiden Lane. ALSO, 30 superior Double Gloster Cheese, ap 8 lw IfEMPand YARNS. St. Petcrsbnrgh Clean LJ. New Hemp, and Kuntuckt Yarn, in lots to suit purchasers. For sale on accommodating terms, by TUCKLR il CARTKR, ap81w 69 South - street, INDIA POINT GIN. 4 CONSTANT supply of the above article Z. for sale by EARBARIN, STANTON & CO. ap 10 lw . 17 Fulton - slip. COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY, 146 VCl - TOK - STRSET, CRoss's BuiMuicf. near Broadway.) To counoisseurs and amateurs of the Fine Arts, and to tbe enlightened ptiWic o! ."New - 1 era. riHE proprietor of an extensive collection of J pictures, the works of Uie most eaiiceot painters, having just arrived from Europe, where he has purchased them from the cabinets ol Rome, Naples, Florence. Paris, Amsterdam and London, at a very considerable ex pence, proposes to exhibit them to the ladies anil gentlemen of this city and its vicinity. TI exhibition will begin on Thursday, 16th of April. It will be far superior to any as yet offered in tlie U. Slate, tlie picture being anriouMedly original consist ing ol upward oi jsj pictures, oj uie dch sn AdruU'i'on 50 cer.t each, or cne dollar per month. Hoar from limine mornia' in seven in the evening. Catalog may be bad at tbe Gallery. - v J 7D LET, iXUi The store 6 1 Faltoo - slreeL Enquire on tbe premise. op mow fX The ship LORENZO, Savage, - Will iiSXhave immediate disnatch. bavinir the principal part of her cargo engaged and going wu uuaru. ror ircigni t tne remainaer or paaaage, having good accommodations, apply on buard, at Governeur's wharf, pier no 13, or to" . CLABK,' MOORE & CO. P 11 4t ' 41 Souih - Ktreet. . forWtKRf., , The fine coppered khip MARIA TIIKKESA, Skiddy. master i will sail early next week, having; nearly Completed her loading. For freight if 100 b .les cotton, or goods or equal bulk, or passage, having good acsommodationa. apply on board, at the lower idVAllany basi.i, N.'R. or to G. G. U S. IIOWUSD, np .10 - 37 tVahiugton - (t. . i tor .UHvrEHUAM, ' The fine fast uilinir briv - KF.V. TUtKY - UF.UJi. Deshon. master": lav. ing half her cariro cniraired. will meet with aispatcn. ror freight ol remainder, or passage, paving excellent accommodations, apply W U. G. i . IWALAAU, . ap 10 77 'Washington - street. Fur LiFUiPoojr ; : (To sail potilivtlyonthiL Hk imt.S The fast sbilhig brig HOfE - Arnold master i can arcommodate several passnge.s, naving namisome accommoiiations. it sppliCi tion is made immediately, on board at Pine - et. wuari, or to . t GRISWQLTIS & COATES, j ari JO . '. 63 South street i tor bale, rrttehl or t Marter. 'The brig HAZARD, LiltUfieUl master1. ISO Km burtlien, single deck, anil well alcuulcd for earning stock iTlum ber. For tjniu, apply on board, at Ceck - olip, or to . JUSKTU 0! - BtJK., ap7 ' - rw 28 South - strect For AMSTERDAM, The fine fist sailitur briir KF..VTLC KY - tlF.LLF.. Deshqn, niatei - j now and having 2 - 3d of her cargo ready to iro on board, will be ilitpitched without de. lay. For freight or Tnage, apply on board, in front of the subscribers (.lore, or to ,; - G. G. fc S. HOWLAND, np 6 ' : . 77 Washington - street. ror Frtwlii or Charter,. 1'heschr PALATINE, Boyeaton, will lak a freight or charter foe an eastern or soulberu port, if npnlication is made immedi alclyto WLMisz GALLAGHER, ap3 ' 66 Souih - rtrcet. rbr the EAST IjsDiES, A good HIP bound to the Fjest In dies, will take 2500 bairels flour, or an equal bulk of grain, to Madeira or Tenr. nil e, if application is made immediately, at 67 South - street, to - ' ap 3 CAATMRELENG & PEAILS'ON. Atexatuirio, Gtorgttown k Wtulunton ' Villi. ' The sloop VICTORY, J. Somers, master, now ready to receive freijtht ami will be dispatched immediately For which or passage, apply to the master on board, east side Peck - slip, oi to ' D1V IK BETHUNK V Co. np 2 . 92 ConV.houe - slip. For iU t RE. The packet ship RUBICON. Hoi dredge, master, is now loading at Jones, wbart, and will sail about the 1 5th instant. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to rUTT fi M'KINNE, ap S 66 South - sL .' FOR LOJVDO.Y, To sail Docitivelv on the 12th Inst. The ship. MINERVA SMYTH, cant. ames W. 41lcn. For passage only, aunly on ooara at rine - nreet wnari, or to p ARCH. GRACIE V RONS. For MuiilLEmnd tilAKKJLV, The fast sailing regular packet schr. SANDUSKY. Cant. Weeks. 120 ions. r.ann considerable ire ghl already engaged, will meet with despatch. For the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, ap - try on uoaru west iie uid - siip, or to PETERS to HER KICK, apl 9 Coenties - slip. For HAVRE, I he fine coppered ship M AKIA - THK - RLSA, Skiddy, master; having the priucipal part of her cargo engaged, will meet immediate dispatch. For freight of 100 bales cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to G. G. S S. HOWLAND, ap 1 77 Washington - st. TEAS AT AUCTION, IN noSTorr, on weduksday, 15thibitabt, I AT II O'CLOCK. 900 chesU fresh Hyson Skin Tea ;200 half chests do do 800 chests superioi Souchong Tea, ia whole and three quarter chests. ALSO, 40.000 pieces short yellow Nankins. I he above leas were imported mine smnaut - folk. and are now landing and stored at No. 62 Central Wharf, where samples may be seen, by applying to JAlt9M illU.TIASll. ruiina, ap 9 4t Boston, TALLOW si HIDES 4 FEW thousand pound New - Yoik Tallow, X and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. DID 1 1 II TVTEW t ELEGANT FRENCH EMBROI JN DERY, consisting of, Spencers, Pelerines, Canesou Moucboirs a la Vierge, Collerettes, Garnitures, Bands, Sleeves, Frocks, Robes, Ice. just opened; and for sale hy VANDERVOORT& FLAN DIN. Ill Broadway, ALSO. A small case of superior while chip Mats, with bands, at wholesale or retail. ap IU l w I CANTON HLKb. Case black sarsnets, 1st chop 1 do do sinchews . I do 1st chop changeable do 1 do check'd sir!oet, 1 do figured do 2 do dama.k crape shawls, 6 - k 7 - 4 3 do colored nankin crapes 1 do black do jurl received and for sale at 26 South - street, by apll PETr R RF.MSF.N& CO. f AiNDING trom oo board ol the sloop iStw - 1 J York, at Crane wharf, and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, 65 Pine - street. 21 bales Horse Hides 9 pipes Gin, from the Cranston Distillery, remarkably fine flavor Dealers are requested to examine thequality, which will be found equal to any manuiaciurea in uns country. ALSO, 1ST STORK. 143 t bests Hysoa Skin tea, of the London traders cargo 50 do Souchoor do Nancy's cargo 10 whole, 15 half and 20 qr. chests Bobea tea of the Trumbull's cargo 23 5 catty boxes Gunpowder 12 5 do do Imperial, Huntress' cargo 60 boxes old Castile Soap 150 do SwettOil 2 cases Sistersoys 2 bales Mirrapore Carpet 1 rase blue, 1 do company yellow Nankins 64 fine Seal skir.s 70 diz. Notra skins 20 hhds Copperas "P 7 SoAlOiTlDA. acsm - svery superior As - XlL salnslida, landing arxi icr saw ny an 7 JOSEPH OSBORN, tKSouth - St N DIGO. case Bcngil Indigo, oi supenor ouaJitr. entilltd o debenture, for ale by mnl 26 Sontl( - strcet. loading, ed I 1 LtrX WSVRAftCttc QTThe UNION INSURANCE COMPAfTT. iooorporatsd by - Uia Ligulalurt of the Slate of Aeie - JTert, with a cnarur ol uubuited dnratwu, for making LIFE INSURANCES and granting A.vaunits, will commence business on the first day of Afay next, at no. 56 Wall - street. The more prominent objects embraced by this company, (although they are prepared to suiter on uvorabie term into an contracts in any hape coouected with the views ol their tasWU tion.) are as follows": - - : iotht luhortim clou of the tonunumhi, to Me chanics, to L'lerkt in pUik uni private nffiert, to Clergymen, to Frofetion in CoUrget, to JVtlttary men, and all others possessed ol fixed incomes. wnicn win terminate with trhir own lives, tbey oiler a secure means of providing for their fami nes, by setting apart a small portion of their annual saving to that puriose. , t ' . 16 lamlalull. th atTur tha mni investment b certain improvement of their surplus income Ao the benefit of their descendants. jl o sasurifd eien. tbey offer a provision to their srsrfincs, by an aipropri ulion to that purpose of mill annual sums, during tbe continuance of the 'uarrisge, and ou the same priuciple they offer to the otsizneetof bankrupt ulaltt, and the pur - chasers of property, subject to the right of stosrer, a mode of extinguishing that claim, by giving au equivalent for the surrender of the rights of 'be Wife, e .. ; - To partntt, they present a mode ef endowing their mfant children, affnrdiug to them, If they reach a certain a;e, a mur h larger sum compared will) the original premium, than can be ac - nutred by any mode of accumulation at interest. To sinWe utrtvns, who may have no heir. lliey ofl'cr the lueaus of greatly increasing tbeir aQiiual income through the purchase of life an - uuities. . .To youne people, of active employment, whose exertions and earnings must diminish with their increasing years, tbey offer ft support for the de. cline of life, by payments of comparatively small amount, while llioir season ol uduslry shall coo tinue. .v') , The Company has provided Tables calcu lalcd upon true principles from the mot correct data, which at the same time combiue the safety oi me oince, anu tne interest oi tne customer ui ine resuns ol these I anles some specimens are subjoined, from which the advantage to the holders ol Contracts with them may be estimated, A ktalihjf pcrtvn, of the age of twenty - seven years, by an annual payment ol 'J wo 97 - 100 dollars during his life, mny secure to his heirs the sum of One Hundred Dollar i, or a larger amount ry a proportionate premium. A Husband, aged thirty, whose wife's age is iweriiy - nve, may, r.y the annual paymcut ol 7u.30 - 100 UnlUirt, while lolh live, securo to his widow the turn of tint Hundred Dalian, which the company will exchange for an equivalent annuity, if required. At Hit age of Mly an annuity for the remain der of the life may be bought for about Itn nnd a quarter year'e pvrcliate, prat the rate pi nine r.nd 3 - 4 per rent on Iho sum invented. A fallur may, by the paymont of one hun dred dollari at the birth of a child, secure to thai cbil.l, when it shall reach the age of tweoty - onr years, the sum ol tut hundred and forty - one del - tart. . from the aee of hrrnly - one,' an annual pay ment of Eleven 18 - 100 Dollar till the age of 'tfly, will secure to the party an annuity of One Hundred Dollars lot the residue of his or her life. If a vereon lioldinn a Pulicv of Life lnnutmte for any period beyond oue year should feel desi rous to relinquish it, the company wm be ready at all times to treat for a re - purchase. Anadequaleporlumof the Capital of thit Com pany it sel apart by charter, and may be inereated, if occanon rtqwrt, for tin purpme of lAft In luronct and Annutlui, and secured upon real Estate within the stalt ef Aeu - Vork, of the talut of at least fifty per cent above the amount loaned. The Capital thus set apart and sreurtd, legelher mm the accumulation of premium, can be modi liable fin no other tones of the Institution than those arising from Us Life Policies and annuities. thus affording to the Cutlmer tlie most substantial security. Written applications for insurance and annu ities stating the name, age nnd place of birth and resideuce of the party will be received and answers given preparatory to openiog policies oo the d .y above named. . cA.VIIjr.L A. LAWKKNfJK, President. JAMES REN WICK, Actuary, p II D&Clm BOARDING. A FEW gentlemen ran be accommodated with Bnnrd, in a private family, in a pleas ant part of the city of Jersey. Enquire at this office ap II Im TEN DOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN, last evening Irom the Entry of J House Nn. 309 Greenwich - street, dark ol ive Great Goat, with four capes and lined throughout, with black rattinet ; also two Hats, one nearly new. Pawnbrokers and others are requested to stop, (aid articles if offered for sale. ap 1 1 zt ODERN RELIGION, on naturnl prim i - iVJ pies, for sale at VALENTINE'S. 104 Broadway, price 50 cents, ap 1 1 41$ STEAM - BOAT FIRE - FLY. 0 - This boat will commence running between New York and New burgh, on t Tuesday, the 14th April. he will leave New - York every Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday, at 9 A. M. and Newlmrrh on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 A. Al. ap It SUNDAY SCHOOL ADDRESS. qHIS day is published and for sale by T. & L J. SWORDS, No. 160 Pearl - street, price 31 1 - 4 cents, "The benefit of Sunday Schools considered t in an addrtst, delivered at tlie anniversary meeting ol the Sunday Schools, in union with the New - York Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Society, in St. Pael's Chapel, on Wednesday, the 3lst day of December, 1817, by John Henry Hobart, D. D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the sta'e of New - York, 8ul Rector of Trinity Cherch. To which is annexed the first annual report of the board of managers of the New York Protestant Episcopal Sunday Society." ap II eFOR SALE, OR TO LET, A large two story, House ai d about 10 acies of land, between the 6 and 7 mile stones. Bloomingdaie Road. For particulars enquire of NICKS. Del Li a I KK, apll 1m Near the Premises, T(t J. F T. The handsome 3 story brick house and stable No. 310 Broadway. For terms enquire ai A. HUTSON'S HUT Intelligence office, 69 Chamber - street 2w ap li W ANTS a situation in a geuuei lamny, ik.. in lake the charce of w sw WUUIMI isssa wrs - sr. - - " " a children and do the plain sewing - Can pve good recommendation. For particulars enquire at this office. "P ? l w MEETLNG of the New - York Irish Emigrant Association, will be held on Monday or. 13th inst. at7oVfock. at Harmooy - event Hall p9 4t I IAK0ADO fcS BL'UAK. I tien superior I J quality Barbados Muscovado Sugar, lan - ding aad for sale b TUCKER k LAURIES, 29 SHith street. apll CHOPPASk BANDANNAS. 3 cases Company's choppas and baadanaas, just receiv and for sale by sp7 PETER REMSEN s CO. NDIGO 5 case Bengal Iodigo, tor sale at a reduced price, to oiose a cwtgament by p 7 75 Wall sUecL lf3a - ,isrjag of A TH E proprietors of tbe southern marble qui ries, near King - Bridge, give notice, that they have on band, and are recarriag, at the h'vxg'e - Bridge Marble and Lime. lard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble tor building, of the following de scriptions. ut. ' ' ''' ' ' ' Ashlar Coring - ' v Foundation "tone Cbimney - Piace Facing . . Column . i Waterlabla' Steps , . Platforms Sills, LiuUli Arches ' Also Lime of the oest quali'.y. rr A constant suntdv of the above materials may be calculated upon j and those den rout of purchasing, or making enrolments, will apply to ., , EZRA LUDLOW, Feb II . i - AtlheYard. CONCERT. TJ MRS. FRENCH, grateful for (he libe ral patronage she has received from her friend and the public, has again the pleasure to an nounce, that ber second CONCERT of voet.1 and instrumental music will take - place on TUES DAY next, 14A Inst, at the City - HnieV'where will be performed the following piece : leaaer ot me orcncsirn, inr. vjcqui; . p Piano - forte, Mr. Etrienne. ',, t ?at i. . ', ,, Overture Paer j., Song - Sweet Passion of Love, Dr. A roe . Miuuetto Haydn Song Roy's wife of Aldit alloch, (Scotch Air) Vanations, flute and piano - forte, by Mr. KiiH sella and Mr. Ettienne , Song Fragrant Cbaplets, Cimarosa. . Finale Haydn. . , PaetS. Sinfonia Krommer Song, Love among tbe roses (by particular d sire) Bishop , , Concerto Flute by Mr.Tsvlor , . . Song Robin Adair Irish Air ; ' ' . t . Andaute Haydn. Song The celebrated Echo Song', Bishop , ' finale Krommer. ftjr Periorrnance to commence precisely at half past 7 o'clock. V Tu kets to be had at Mr. Gcib's Maiden lime ; Mr. Dubois's Music Store, Broadway ) Messrs. Goodrich & Co's Bookstore, Broadway, ant: at the Bar of Uie City Hotel. t ap 10 3t HLVUVAL. T f N. SMITH DAVIFS bas removed hi chemical perfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 138 Broadway, one door norm oi Liberty - street, on the west side of Broadway. men 27 ! NOTICE. ' , IV? - All person having demands against the estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to send their account to the office of the subscriber, no. b nassau - siiret. IMUUAI mwiviiu, Mh 27 1m Administrator. fir" 'I wo shares in the N sw - York Library so ciety, FOR SALE, price $25 each. Enquire at uo. 124 Broadway. , mh i.'0 NO J ICE. ft"y The euhsrribcrs bavins received a gene - rsdast'gntntnt of all the estate of John Murray k Sons, for the benefit of creditors as expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Lad - low to liquidate the unsettled accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the said firm, or to the Individual partners who will attend to tho same at hi office, No. lit Pearl - street. . WILLIAM BAYARD, - febl4 tf HENRY BARCLAY. niitu:e. (r The subscribers have formed a connection for the purpose of transacting Commission Business, under tlie firm ol 8. and T. WHITTE MORE, and will forth present do business at No. 60 SouOi and 129 Pearl - streets and will constantly keep for sale a geoeral assortment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of Uie manufacture ef the late New - York. MMssctrrna G'onrpwir. " Just received, per schr. Banslusky, Irom Mobile, and for sale, - .. 13 bales Deer Skins ) 22 sack Snake Root of prime anal. 2d.Ji..w. - .MivmrrFM0REt no 2 Ira TIMO. WUITTEMORE. rr V Mrs. GALLOP having taken the house No 21 Broadway, now in tlie occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, offers from the M of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. The pleasantness of the situation needs no comment. mh zt tr WESTERN CANAL COM FAN V. rV A dividend of Ave and a half Per cent, on the Capital Block of said Company, will be paid to the Stockholders on Uie 1st of April. Apply to Barent Bleecker, Esq. Albany, or S20 Wil liam - street. By order of the directors. THOMAS EDUx, Treasurer, mh 16 1m it j - "The Orphan Assylum Society" will hold their annual meeting on Wednesday next, at 12o'clock,atthe City Hotel, when the report of the last year will be read, and 123 orphans, now onder tbe care of the society, pre sented to their patrons. Tbe annual subscriptions become due at this time It is hoped subscribers wUI recollect the inconvenience and expense of employing a collector, and wiUj their usual promptness, assemble, oo this occasion f II persons interested in ttiis institution, and the public generally, are respectfully solicited to attend. By order oT the board, I. vr ,, occ - ry. Should the weather be unfavorable, the meeting will be postponed until the first fine day. - Pll A CARD. - Mr. WHALE respectfully makes known to tlie ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that in consequence of Mrs. French tsking ber eon - cert on Tuesday evening, the 140j inst. Mr. W's public will take place Mondsy evening, the 13th. ap II 2t , try Copartnership The subscribers have entered into Copartnership in the grocery bu. siness, under the firm of A.k S. Smith, at No. 168 Front - street. ,.,. ABRAHAM SMITH, ap 11 lw STEPHEN SMITH. ROCKA WA T TUKNPIKE. ftfr Nolire is hereby given to tlie StorH llol - derVTinth. Kock.war I urnpike fWh nn election for tbe choice of Directors, will bo held at fcmilh Hicks'. Tavern. Jamaica, on Sat - urdsy the 2d day of May, at 12 o'ctocJl. Bj or - y. yJOlM A. KING, EecVy. 15,000 DOLLARS WANTED! 4 B. wishes to sell fifteen thoasaud dollars F bonds, secured by mortgages, upon valua - hl ..nd mtst imorovlix farms, situate ia a rich. and flnunshine nsrt of Mew - York, ia possession 30 respectable farmers. Tl.s estates are worth three times tlie amount of the bonds, which are payable in three equal aooually payments, with interest upon the whole, payable yeaily. Any person disposed In make a purchase can realise - 14 per cent per annum for his money, aad may send a person (at tbe ex pence of A. B. to vie.y the laud and satisfy himself as to tlie security. not addressed u i. c. ana kii su lue i osir Office will be promptly attended to. apuzt - GONE ASTRAY, a large PARROT, tl plumage a pea - green, tbe neck a bright ycl, street, will be badsooely rewarded, with triaoT thanks, by C1IAKI.L3 JIEADE. V MUC.C II LUI III ( IU A , II UI w w - - - "! - O , TO LCT, From 1st May next, tbe store N.5 WU - liaau - slrett, with or without anarUnenta, aad IM dwelli ig bouse thereon, tcgnttf or seperaui. - e Fortennsayto J tn11 It Ob tt DrtOaiiet. wr mm . - r S

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