The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 9, 1944 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1944
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

18. Leroism by »' * ' C* llowa Nurse |ls Revealed il'l By KENNETH DKON (The Cpmbined U. S. Press) With Allied Invasion Forces r.jtjwjuth of Rome, Feb. 8.--(U.R)--If if the courage of American nurses fei ever is questioned, the story of ·jJ-fHelen Talboy of Des Moines, Iowa, _St#md her gang oE spunky girls on I W.the Anzlo beachhead will supply 1'jii'the answer. : ' One night a week ago a group · .,:r«- them left the nearby hospital If Htents lor the correspondents build- K jmg when falling flak shredded ··';the tent roofsUnd shells sci-eamed iitoverhead. .,!.*( Before that they had been ifibombed and shelled and bombed "id shelled again. .The tension was beginning to ri .-jll on them. Helen was one of tythe most jittery. But they all went 'Aback to their hospital tents and j'tvent on with their work. A The newsmen sat around talk- kng after they left, saying they taad about reached the breaking jTjwint--that this beachhead was no «jlace for women. M!__ A couple of days later. Jack Ifi'oisie of Stars and Stripes and I flftvere at the hospital hunting the f£;hief surgeon to get a story. ( i«^e!en, who was first lieutenant tefti charge of surgery, volunteered VjU find him. .A Instead for half .an hour she JVI.-andered indecisively out in the [ j.'uddle of the hospital area, talk' -; disconnectedly about fear and :ent. close calls. She was try! hard to rationalize her grow! fear--she .was not ashamed of nobody is ashamed of fear r /er here--she merely was trying tp^ keep it from getting control of ., As I left? I said, "Jack,,she's in t .'-bad shape. She has been through [;.tob much. She is about to go to · pieces." ,' "It looks like it," he said. "But ·she's trying hard. I wonder what HOT OFF THE WAX--Song Writer AI Dexter of Texas, of "Pistol Paekin' Mama" fame, takes the first copy of one of his new songs from the record pressing machine at the Columbia plant at Bridgeport, Conn. she would do in a sudden crisis?" Yesterday afternoon the crisis came. When German bombs hit the hospital, lulling 27 and wounding; more than 60--including 3 nurses killed and 3 wounded--Helen was on duty in the surgical section, which was punctured by hundreds of shrapnel holes. Without a moment's hesitation she took charge. She collected the surviving nurses, gave them bandages and first aid equipment ' ·--· ·-- r "^^ ~^^ r -^^ '^^^·^^·^^·^·^1 Black Arrow "SP" FRANKLIN COUNTY FURNACE COAL Brings You : HIGH HEAT UNIT RATING · REDUCED ASHES · EXCELLENT B U R N I N G QUALITIES 302 S.MONROE and started them caring for the wounded, lying crumpled and moaning over the bloody hospital area. She supervised the first aid and saw to it that the dead were covered as quickly as possible bringing some merciful semblance of order to the whole nightmarish scene. The same nurses who seemed so near breaking a week ago, were busy everywhere. Late Monday night they were still working. Nurses from other units came .up and volunteered to-help, but these tired, stone-eyed veterans insisted on caring for their own. Nearby, I saw some men weeping, standing in small shaken groups. Some of the nurses were crying- too, but soundlessly--the tears on their cheeks in the pale moonlight were the only sign. Eventually their grief would get the better of them, for these dead and dying were not strangers but their comrades of many months. And their fears would return. But hundreds o£ soldiers 'who lay wounded in those tents never will forget how Helen Talboy and her gang of spunky girls discarded their fears, postponed their grief, and did their jobs when the chips were down. Real Estate Transfers Thompson, Eda G., and hus, to Herman H. Beenken and wife, $3 400 (WD) SE qr of NE qr 4-96-19, about 40 acres. 1-25-44. Finnegan, E. P., to David E. Smith and Anne D. as joint tenants, $1. (WD) W 61 ft o£ lot 12, blk 4 in Grand View, an Add to M. C. 1-23-44. Mier Wolf, Inc., to The Mpls. St. Ixjuis RR Co., $1. (WD) Lot 2 in F. A. Kirschman's Add to MC. 1-29-44. Tamblyn, Madelene, to Richard R. Tamblyn, $1. (QCD) Lot 8, blk 3, Fail-view Add to MC. The W half of lot 2 in Keny'on, Sandry and Freeman's Replat of blk 26, Shaw PI and Lozier PI in CL. Camp Meeting Assn. Grounds. 1-7-44. Fischer, Charles H., to Bankers Life Co., 51. (QCD) NW qr of SE qr and the NE qr of SW qr and S half of NW qr and NW qr of SW qr of 35-97-22. 1-28-44. Richer, Madelynne J., and husband, to Elwin Valley and Loula as joint tenants, $1. (WD) Lots 30 and 31 in blk 24 in sub of a part of CL Camp Meeting Assn grounds in SE qr of SW qr of 1296-22. 1-21-44. Hines, Henry C., and wife, to Arthur L. Severson and Gladys as joint tenants, $1. (WD) Lot 19 blk 7 in East Park PI Add to MC 1-31-44. / Severson, Arthur L., and wife to Henry J. Johnson and Helen as joint tenants, $1. (WD) Lot 19 blk 7 in East Park PI, an Add to MC. 1-31-44. Kenyon, D. E. wife et al to Red Star Oil Co. of lo $1. (WD' Lot 7 except the So 40 Ft in Blk ! in Home Park Add to MC 1-11-44 Martin, Rosa A. to Charles Harvey Kunzman Anna M. as join tenants $1 (WD) Lot 13B in Hoyt's First Add to MC. 1-17-4.4. CL Federal Savings Loan Assn to Tilford H. Stall Huth G. as joint tenants §500 (WD) Lo 8 Blk 4 of CL Camp Meeting Asso Grounds located on a part o Government Lot 1 in 13-96-22 122-24. Mason, M. L., Referee (o W. H Nicholas Wife as joint tenants $28,430 (Ref. D) The S'/ 2 of 2296-19 containing 320 A 1-6-44. Stirling, Laura M., to A. H. Link and Nina Floy as joint tenants, SI (WD) Lot .7, blk 17 in R. S Young's Subd of lots 3, 6, 9, 10 and all that part of lots 1 and lying W and S of the center of Lime Creek in the Subd of NW or of 11-96-20. 1-14-44. Kunz, E. N-., and wife, to Marian N. Page, et al, 51. (WD) Lot 5 blk 4 in the Highlands, an Add to M. C.'1-20-44. Quackenbush, Sylvia, et al to Bertha M. Pollock, et al, $1. (WD) Their undivided \'. int in and to the NE qr of Sec 16 and the NE qr of SE qr 9-94-22. 9-24-43. Soener, R. J., and wife, to Kai\ A. Fischer and Dora as joint tenants, $1. (WD) Lot 233 and lot 234 WHflt Wilt I GET SYNTHETIC TIRES ? 1 POLY* Facts M ihe rubber situation by Phillips Petroleum Company, operating · +r r TM TMo -- -- - j -- -- --7--·»·» r~mf*mvm imuraivirc innm for an annual production of rubber equivalent to 11,000,000 tires . continue to save miles and rubber, and recap in time to keep rolling. As a major producer of butadiene (the chief ingredient in synthetic rubber) and 100 octane aviation gasoline, the Phillips Petroleum Company presents these facts as a contribution to general understanding of the'present transportation problem. With us, as with every American motorist, the needs of war come first. But when victory is won, car owners will begin enjoying the benefits and product-improvements flowing from Phillips gigantic chemical plants, devoted to producing new and better things from pitmltum gases as well as petroleum. PHILLIPS PETROLEUM Co., Banlesviiu, Oklahoma RACE FOR RUBBER is right now entering - the homestretch. Swiftly and surely, the nation's synthetic rubber plants are approaching peak annual production of 850,000 tons. Despite this record-breaking achievement, the next stx months are the time of crisis, because the full righting power of rubber is needed for war: Tires for planes, and combat trucks and cars... rubber for life rafts and landing boats . . . rubber for bullet- sealing tanks and electrical insulation... rubber for a thousand and one victory needs. This is why only the most essential civilian drivers can be supplied with new tires of synthetic rubber, at least until late in the year. The rest of us must DEFEAT NAZIS NEAR GAGKO Jugo Slav Partisans Broadcast Victory London, (/P) -- Jugoslav partisans have inflicted a "devastat- ng defeat" on axis troops near :he town of Gacko, 45 miles south of Sarajevo, a broadcast commu- nique of the Jugoslav army of liberation said Wednesday. No further details of this engagement were given by the com- munique, which said that units of Gen. Draja Mihailovie's chetniks \ brigaded with the axis forces. Marshal Josip Broz (Tito) also disclosed that a battle has been raging for the past 20 days between partisan forces and a German-Bulgarian army in the Zlatibor area of western Serbia. More than 200 axis troops have been slain, the Jugoslav bulletin added. Other clashes were reported from widely separated parts of the irregular front, the commu- nique said, adding that a German ammunition ship recently had been sunk by a British warship in an unspecified locality off the -oast. Iff CONTEST--Martha Gresham (above) is competing in a Florida state "beautiful legs" contest at Miami Beach. in Forest Park, platted in the . -W qr of 3-96-20. 1-22-44. Snell, Sarah, to L. M. Snell, et al SI. (QCD) Lot 7, blk 21 in C. L 1-11-43. Leitterman, Lena, To L, E. Ashland et al ?1 (VVD) Lots 15 16 in F Frost's Add to CL. 1-21-44. Urbatch, George Wfe to Edwin A. Ackerman Veda E., as joint tenants $1 (WD) Lots 9, 10 Blk 20 in Sub of CL Camp Meeting Assn Grounds CL. 1-24-44. Behfeldt, Julia Augusta el al to W. D. Thrams SI (WD) The East 230 ft of Lots 38 ill George Vermilya's Sub of Lot 26 in Sub of SE'A of 10-96-20. 1-20-44. Kee, James F. Wfe to Rober L. Blank et al $1 (QCD) Lot 5 Blk 7 in A. T. Parker PI an Add to MC. 4-24-43. Bevington, Erna Hansen- and hus. to James P. Hansen Jr. $1 (WD) the undivided interest in SW',4 of 16-97-22 1-31-44. Dankbar, Frank : wf. to Helen S. Irons $1 (WD) The easterly 35 ft. of Lot 2 in the Auditor's sub. o] lots 4 and 5 in auditor's sub. of Lot 13 in auditor's sub. o£ NE'A oC 13-96-22 Clear Lake 1-26-44. Patrick, Mabel M. and hus. to the Mpls. St. Louis R. R. Co $1 (WD) Lot 3 in F. A. Kirschman's Add. to M. C. 1-6-44. Chappel, and wife, to Fred Hill $1. (WD) oLt 1 in George Carlton's Sub of the W 4.14 A of lot 2 in SW half of SW qr 7-96-21 1-24-44. Mabb, D. S., and wife, to Mary H. Miller, $1. (WD) L o t s 7 and 8, blk 21, Knapp's Add to town of Thornton.2-1-44. Lowe, Clifford, and wife, to Louise N. Fusion, 51. (WD) Lot 24, Midland Heights, M. C. 2-1-44. Hathaway, Cora G., to J. H. O'Brien and wife, S600. (WD) Lot 4 in Sub of lot 4 in Sub of NE qr of 3-96-20. 2-1-44. Patton, Charles H.,.and wife, to Roger C. Palton.'.Sl. (WD) lot 4 blk 1 of H. A. Dyer's Arid to M. C 1-18-41. Zook, Clarence, and wife, et al, to John Zoofc, $1 (QCD). N half of lot 13 in Sirrine's Sub of 1396-22. 2-19-36. Isaksen, J. P. wife to J. B. Osnes $1 (WD) S% of Lots 1 2 Blk 11 Railroad Add to CL. 112-43. The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the IT. S. to Lawrence Ballhagen wife as joint tenants $13,400 (DEED) E^A of SW% except 2 rods off the north end 3198-19 beginning at the NW corner o£ 5-97-10 in Ccrro Gordo county containing 73.21 Acres. 111-44. Sherman. E. E. wife to Claude Lvicas SI (WD) E',i or NW'/'i the oCNEVi in 13-96-19. 1-22-44. Manley, Bernard E. to Catherine Urbatch hus. as joint tenants $1 (WD)" Lot 3 and West 15.4 Ft. of Lot 2 in Blk 20 in Sub of part of Plat of CL, Camp Meeting Assn. Grounds. 1-24-44. Streveler, Clara et al to R. J Carr Edith as joint tenants' $1 (WD) The S'A of OTW 4 the NIA of SWy of 10-94-21. Lots 7 8 in Blk 2 Swaledale 1-6-44. Home Securities Incorporated to John LaGasse Wife $1 (WD) Lot 14 Blk 3 in East Park PI an Add to MC. 1-31-44. Mason City Brick Tile Co. to Harry P. Hansen 520,000 (WD) The 'N 120 Ft. ot E 25 Ft of Lot 7 in Blk 17 in Paul Felt's Plat of MC. 1-31-44. Lewis, Andrew wife et al to Ludd Sturgcs SI (WD) Lot 6 W 1/3 of Lot 7 Blk 4 in the Vil- age of Kirtland a part of the :own of Rockwell. 1-20-44. Parker, Carl A., and witc, to Luella Dolter, SI. (WD) Lot 3. blk 10 in Parker's 6th Add'to M C 2-4-44. ' ' Perrett, Harriet A., to Tommy 'errett, ct al, $1 (QCD) undivided alf int in SW qr of 23-97-19 containing 160 acres. 6-10-32. Perrett, Harriet A., to Thomas C. Perrett, et al, $L (QCD) Undivided half interest in SW qr o£ 23-97-19 containing 160 acres 610-32. Perrett, Harriett, to Tommy C Perett, et al, $1. (QCD) Undivided half int in W half of NE qr and he E half of NW qr of 27-97-19.--10-*32. Perrett, Harriet, to Tommy C 'errett, et al. (QCD) Undivided lalf int in Sub N half of SE qr 16 Sec. lot 7 in Twp 97-19. 6-10-32* ifa a ffl'?fr-*y.'^'jaaia3:aaaaaja Mrs. Adam Berte Dies; Hold Funeral Tuesday Algoiia--Funeral services for Mrs. Adam Berte were held Tuesday morning ' a t St. Cecelia's Catholic church, with the Rev. Fathers Mallinger, Sweeney and Theobald of St. Joe in charge. Burial was at St. Joe. Mrs. Berte was bom in Belgium April 15. 1875, and emigrated to the United States when 11 years old. She was married to Adam Berte in St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 31, 1893. They were the parents of one daughter who died in infancy. In March. 1919, Ml-, and Mrs. Berte moved from a farm in the St. Joe neighborhood to Algona where they since lived. Survivors are the husband, one sister, Jlrs. Susan Snitker, a stepsister, Mrs. Josephine Hamick, both of St. Paul and one brother, Jake Welbjg, of Dell Rapids, S. Dak. Tiie first veterans' hospital library on record in the U S was established just after the Civil war in the Soldiers' home at Togus, Maine. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Church Sends Candy, Cookies to Men at War Kiester, Minn.--The ' servicemen's committee, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Ellis of Immanuel Lutheran church, packed 20 boxes of homemade candy averaging more than 2 pounds each and mailed it to members of the church who are in the armed forces. , Since their organization they Wednesday, Feb. 9, 191* · MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE have set more than 3,000 homemade cookies to the boys. They remember their birthdays with a greeting or letter and .correspond with nearly every boy from the congregation. Iminanuel's flag has 29 stars. Many of the boys are overseas. The Rev. Frisbie Young is the pastor. Remarkable Treament FOR STOMACH DISTRESS From Too Much Acid Stomach Are y o u tortured with tho,, burning misery a£ too much · fr cft "tonftach add* ·I Use of the famous } VON TABLETS la ?· bringing comfortlne · relief to hundreds of such cases. Sin. cerely grateful people tell of what they call the ''wonders" Von's Tablets have done for them. This gentle formula aims to counteract surplus irritating stomach acid and to bring relief from such conditions. If you luf/er from indigestion, gas, heartburn, belching, bloat- Ing, sour stomach and other symptoms- due to excess stomach add--you, too should try Von'a for prompt relief right at home , . . without rigid liquid diet. Get 51.25 trial size. Also available $2.00. $3,50 sizes. AT YOUR DRUGGIST. If he does not have Von's h« can e«t them for you from his joboer. QUALITY! STYLE! LOW PRICE! BUY NOW AND SAVE! QUALITY FURS THESE FINE FURS... FOR ONLY Northern Seal (Dyed RqbbiJ) Mendoza Seal (Dyed Rabbit) Striped Coney Dyed Opossum 12 MONTHS TO PAY OTHERS AT $129 A Ereat big TMlue at a very tiny price! Don't judge hy the price, however . . . these are all high quality In 1 ' 5 ' r a f ?," fr01 V reeular stock - ltnv Priced for clearance. It its style, beauty, durability you wont plus a budget price, don't miss these values'. Buy Now While the Federal Tax Is Only 10% Back the Attack BUY WAR BONDS

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