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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, April 13, 1818
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' 4 u .d s ii f ! Hi :!?;, V I; 3 , .', 4 ft 4 1 , . V f - 7 11 i V I'r 3 - rr.i r , i XEW'l'OHlC I ENLYQ POST MONDAY, 4 PRU - 13 v ' Covarilf tend bridal attar. . On Saturday - last, between 5 and 0 o'clock,' ai Mr. Coleman, - the editor ot this paper, was walking op Murray - street, eitU corner of Church - street, mm - ' pent behind him, ud without (Wing any pre - ' - vious notice - t warning , track tain blow with mi weapon, oo the back put of tha bead, .wbkkbtrfcUodbiatettMgrooAd, uiw ' entirely ttonned bint, a to reoder Urn tterly , kelplest and motimileee. mil Mr. C. wu in . ' this conditio th blow win repealed, accom puled by kick! La the id from the assailant ' , Mr. C. at length recovered luficieatly to ne, but M much disordered at to be unable t de - , fend himself, la this cowlitioa h ttagrered to - ; wardt hit assailant and, m toon a he recover ad fait tight, perceived that the cowardly atnsstiD f wai th tame I!. B. Hagermaa who lately ditgra - '7 cad the cockade be wear by hi conduct at Eng - (too. The rufEaa bow repealed Ih blowt upoa bit , varatiiting vie - , sod when bit malice teemed to bare bee complete! glutted, retreated a few r,' tviept torn him. He turned round, however, and teeieg that Mr. C. was drcadAiIly wounded, .. that be wae covered with blood, and utterly ex hausted, tim cowardly eavage returned again to . th assault, and one mora repeated the blowt on th bead and (ace. Mr. C. wat now taken 7. into a neighboring grocery, and from thence to . bit own hodsein a carriage, accompanied by two , friends and a physician. - II wu immediately bled, bad bit weundt dresied, and put to bed. W ar well aware that the public bat alrca " dy pronounced thai tber cannot be any Jattifi tatioa (or conduct to bate, and, at the tame time, to dattardly but, In order that they may fully 'v,andentand what led to it, we thall republiih .Trhat bat appeared In thia paper againtt Hager man. , About the firtt ol tbit mouth, Mr. Myer, a retpectabl lawyer at Kingiton, (Etoput,) tent to Mr. Colemaa the following letter, with a writ ancloted, to take Hagermaa. Here follow! the - latter at publithad in th Evening Pott of April 3 - 1 ,,' " v We publith the following leU er at the re queet of a respectable correipondent, whose name is at the service or th implicated t but we hope, for the honor of manhood, the facts . may not be true. . - " Kingiton, (LUter re.) Xanh 27, 18 18. , u W. Coleman, Esq. . - . . ; - Sir 1 trust you will eicute the liberty I nave isxea to aircct utu letter with iu inclo - " aure to you. My motive is to communicate to you, for publication, it you thall think it pro - per, the ground of the suit Mrs. Badcliff, the pUintin. keeps a stare - bouse in this vilutre liagerman, together with gcruBteddiford, gen. Vn RllPMl vtiA Vapian mnA nlliM (im martial,) put up at her house tlirre weeks yes - terday, on their way to Delhi, (Delaware coun - ty () llagc man and gen. Steddiford slept in separate beds in uie same room t the beds . were as good as any gentleman would desire no obiection wu made to them. After thev had left .Vlrs. Badclift''s, she went up to the ' room, and found the glass of s framed p cture, reprraentinfr Uooaporte chained to a rock, sc bnke in pieces i and on takinc off the oed ' clotlirt, siie found that the contents of the chamber - pot had been carefully emptied in - the bed. Some of th members of the court - martial arrived in town from Delhi on Satttr - '; day night last i Mr. Usgerman and some others, . ' 1W mn airive till 8unJa, and he, after taking breakfast, went on his way, through a bad rain - . atornt. Ir. RtdclifT was suspicious be was the person that wu guilty, but being deter. muea to anow uie rutn and aave it known, ahe obtained two warrants from a justice on jHonciay evening, one against gen. Van Buren and the other sgaimt coL Varian. Uon the wiai oi me sun againt van Buren. gen. Sted - difo d wu called u a witness bv the nlaintiff. and he testified U at he knew not who had broke the picture, but that he saw Mi . Heerman empty Uie pot into the bed that he saw it too late to prevent it, or he would have prevented it these two men were alone in the room at the time. After th general's testimony; the . suits were both, withdrawn and I was dire t ed to proceed at I havu arainst IIhk erman." The signature it, for the pretent, kept in reaerve. From the day of the publication of the above letter to the pretent time, neither Ilagerman, or any friend for hi,ever called on Mr. Coleman to contradict the factt ttated in the letter, or to - cooi)!aiD 91' the poblicatioa : on the contrary, th facts were couflrmed as precisely stated, 1y a respectable witness. . The above facts, gathered partly from Mr, Coleman himself, and partly from other sources, are communicated for the information of hit nu - merout friendt and the public. A FRI END. Mr. Dana, of Connecticut, took his seal In the Senate of the U. S. lut Thursday. tfiAG4BaCl.AlMt. - The bill to provide for the . relief - f the sufferers on the Niagara frontier, In th late war, was negatived in the House of Rep - resentatir es last Wednesday, ayet 61, nayi 91 - . JVrs. trmeh,i toneerl u lo - morrow evening Th following it an extract of a letter received by th editor from one of th most respectable and intelligent men in Baltimore. He intended to ha? accompanied it with some observation! in compliance of the request it contain but at jt ishs fiuJ that impostible. . My situation itiuch as to admit of my writing you but a few lines, which I know will not be necessary to interest you in favor of thJ most worthy and excellent woman, Mrs. French 1 understand you have alieady done more for her than any other penon in your city. I beseech you continue those exertion., until the object io whose favor they are so worthUy made, is amply rewarded for her virtuw." j FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT WASHINGTON, April U. This morning, a motion was made in coo - greet, for a committee to enquire into the mi - conduct of Vsa Nest and the lost of the money of in conn u Ibis in judge ofGeoreia was add ed, on sugseftion of tntonperonoe then the jud of the northern dutrict of New - York wt added, oa suggestion of bit not doiog the duties of the court from the ttale of his health. Thus it past ed without oppotilioa." Confrta.On Friday last, in the hon of representatives, Mr. Spencer, from the judiciary committee, tot aad stated that b wai instruct. i by that cnauaitie to luimit tb following W wlntioot " ' . Resolved, Tbht a commit! b appointed t Monin into I ha official COoduot of William ". Vaa Kess, as judge or tne sotoistb w lw.Vn - k. - with bower to Sena lor persww - auu neDerti that th said coasmittM shall continue during th present congress, and may report at th present or ansuiog sesame, vj rwiuuw - otherwise. ... . . Mr. 8. observed, that It would d recouecieo a Mtolaiioa had oassed tb bouse early m the present session, directing th judiciary commit - j Ue to enquire iuto the dUposilion of la funds of the dutrict court oi the southern district 01 Kew - Tork. ' . Th committee bad performed that duty, and bad reported that th funds ." had been nrferiouily purloined. In the court of th investigation, tb conduct of the Judge of the dis trict bad been somewhat implicated, but the committee considered themselves restricted by the resolution to tb conduct of th clerk only. Tb committee, therefore, deemed it due te the character of the Judge, as well at to the dignity of this house, that th enquiry should proceed, and that an opportunity should be given to the Judre to vindicate himself. Mr. H. Nelson, of Va. moved to insert the name or William Stephen, judge of the dis met coun of tieoreia 1 which wu carried. ' Mr. rorsyth moved to insert the name of Mathiu B. Tallmadire, judire of the northern district of New - York. Mr. 8pencer cheerfully usented to the a - mendment, and stated as a reason for not ori - a . - . finelly introducmir Uie name of Judire Tall madge. that the resolution submitted by him teemed to be a necessary consequence of the resolution originally directing the enquiries of the judiciary committee 1 that judge 1H - tnadire wu anxious an euauirv should be made. anu the mtroduction ol liu name would be . . . . : 1: . . . . gratifying to him. A motion was made by Mr. Forryth, to give me committee power to sit during the recess t on wnicn a discussion arose, ui whK - lt Mr. torsyth, Mr. Holmes, of Mass. Mr. Williams, of N. C. and Mr. Mercer supported the motion ; and Mr, Strother opposed it 1 and it wu finally lost. The resolution, as amended, wu then agreed to, without a divition, and a committee of five appoioted. The remainder of the day wu taken up on the navigation bill without any question being luen. Extract of a letter from a respectable house in Manchester to their correspondents in Philadelphia, dated lath Feb. 1818. " In consequence of the great advance in Cottons, tilings appear very awkward to - day people wanting an advance and not knowing what to uk : fine goods will be higher. The cambrics sent to you would now bring here reaauy ss. a piece - more than your cost) checks are also higher" From Ms Ballimor Federal Oatelle. The editor is indebted to the friendly attention of a respectable gentleman of this city for Ihs following interesting extracts, which are from a source on which lull reliance may be placed. LA UUAYKA, 20th Feb, 1818. I write a few lines under the most awful feel ing! and apprehensions. Morillo is destroyed or proved coward or trailer. The province 11 lost ! The patriots fait advancing on Caraccat. and no men to defend it. The greatest seen of distress and coofuijon imaginable prevails, all orders Imt, ahd thousands of people crowding on the shore and wharf to embark with whatever of most value they can take with them Yesterday the scene of confuiion commenced, and continues at this tune with increased alarm the wharf and thore covered with eoods of all descrintioni. anu no postiotiiiy ol pelting them off. An em - . 1 - 0 . . r bargo nu been on lor a week cast, and no ves sel permitted to sail. At this moment nothine can be done, every one it latins thtir own livei. and every thine elie they can. There are seve ral foreigners here, none of whom will remain, and they all have more or lest property that will be lost, u it is the opinion of us all that no prop erty iouou will be respected, and they do not consider even their lives safe. To add to the dismay, last nieht a severe ihock of an earthquake wu bit. The heart sickens With the scene of distress in every shape. A very high sea renders it dangerous for a imall boat to pass, and the king't officers have all cauocs eugaged embark - ins stores anu people. 4 o'clock I'. M. The dUtress increases 1 all alarm and confusion s thousands of men, women ind chilOrea on the wharf and beach, endeavor - iul to yet on the tea immeniely hich. and many bnati overset and lost in the surf, and women and children Immoried iu the waves. Nothing positive Is known where Jtforillo is, or now near the patriots are; but the cry 11 iu all mouths, " they are coming !" Caraccas is nearly deterted, m this place will soon be. No goodi, except some of tho most valuable, can be em barked, and they much iujured. The earthquake last nieht hai had a viiible effect on the sea ; it is very hih. I lryt time will be allowed to get u.i lutfvi v ma unset ituiu uinauwun", uj wuom the ihori lined lay with thousands. Two Americans, one Englishman and myself, (who all have property here, and find it impossi ble to embark it) nave concluded on remaining and waiting the issue. Tile greatest danger is apprehended from the blacks, who, so toon ai the town will have been deterted, it is feared, will commence a general and indiscriminate robbery anu piunurr anu pernaps worse. We shall occupy one houe, and raise the A msrkan flag as some protection I have little hopes of saving any proiierty. 5 o'clock, P. M. The embarkation continue! with increased terror and confuiion 1 200 to 300 dollars are offered to a boat for one trip with passengers, and the governmrut have just stove and thrown into the sea a quantity ol gunpowder that they were unable to embark. At present there are four of the fleet in the hart - or, and a large number ol merchant vessels, happily for tne people, who are crowdiag their decks. Half past 6 o'clock, P. M. Glorious news for the Spaniards An express has just arrived. by which we hare news of a terrible action being lougbt, in which Morillo was victorious. The newt has converted the scene of dismay to joy, andaa!uteis now firing; all are overjoyed; particulars not yet known : to - morrow we will have them, and I will ndviie. Suffice it to say, it is lucn as 10 completely restore tranquility LA Gl'AYRA, Feb. 26. 1818 Referring to my several letters herewith, I havetoadiise thU the embargo probably will be raised to - morrow,' (which has been on lixteen days.) This accounts for all my lettersacwming by one opportunity. Toe sudden aud great alarm we have been under hai, in some measure, lubiuled, and en bles me to advise so far ai that we are permitted to know, the result of the late actions. Gen. Morillo with the principal parto'his army wu posted in Calabosa, about 45 leagues from Caraccas. The patriot chiefs Bolivar and Tias formed a unction near St. KernauJo, beyond Calabosa, and marched to attack Morillo, who abandoned Calnton, with a vie w of falling back on and iho - le - tin: Caraccat. In his retreat he was attack ed by the patriots, and in two days and nights, seTen different action ensued ; Morillo always on uis defensive and falling back. In the last en gagement the Spaniards claim a decisive victory, nsvin; Ue - troye.1 the cre. - ter part of their opponent. Rut ne details are yet made known : the on omn Kies, no doubt severe. 4mce the action Mrrill.. has occupied Villade Cura, this s.drJClabo.a : DJ the patriots are said to bae occupied th latter. After which no accounts were had from the contending armies for lour days, md until the Courier fennnitm .! ahoro stated, tlie decided virtonr oMimnl h. the rpyalirtt. ' From tUTkiUtthh Guttle, .1pH ! - ' - - Dwour Ta consideration of the distinguished services 0 this accomplUied aad gallant hero, aad in testimony of their personal respect, a turn 01 money wu raneu in uu vn by tb frieodi aad associates of bit youth, for the purpose of presenting him a service of plate. The committee who were appointed U perform MM IKftUW MS I. . J and now have the pleuur to submit tb follow mg : - . .... a d M1V Philadelphia, let. 11, low. Com. 8. Decatur. Drv sir A number of voor townsmen, most of whom hav known you from your y?ulh, and the beartt or all or whom have followed you in your career of peril, honor and usefulness, - with alternate anxiety and exultation, hav appointed the under signed a committee to present you a service of plate, in testimony of their high sense of your brilliant service to your country, and for th glory wiich your deeds have reflected on ner name. In executing this clearing duty, we beg you to be assured, that although the tribute which we now offer ss intrinsically 01 no great value, it it accompanied by thai, which to tne hero and patriot, h) " a pearl without price" tb lov and gratitude of your countrymen. On behalf of our constituents, and ourselves. we beg you, dear sir, to accept our united and sincere wishes for your health, happiness, and future usefulness to your beloved country. With the highest consideration and esteem, w ar. dear tir, yours. Sc. Robert Wharton, "1 Daniel Smith. Robert Smith, V Committee. Jonathan Smith, Samuel Relf, ANSWER. Waihineton. Am 'd 2, 1818 Gentlemen I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter, with the elegant ser vice of plate presented to me by a number of my fellow - citiscos of I'luladclpbia, which came tale to hand yesterday. Any language that I could use would fall very far short ol doing justice to the grateful feelings and recollections with which your communica tiou bu filled me. It hat added another to' the many proofs I bad already received of the partiality of my townsmen and the friends of my youth. I beg your committee, composed ol' names, with which my earliest and most agreeable ideu.we associated, to accept my warmest thanks for the very flattering sentiments you have expressed towards me, and my best withes lor a continuation of your prosperity, With sentiments of sincere regard and esteem, I have the honor, gentlemen, to be your obedient servant. STEPHEN DECATUR. ' To Robert Wharton, kc. committee. We understand that the above service of plate was executed by the first workmen in this city, and m a style of superior elegance. The pruv cipal pieces bore the following inscription : " tiycititeni of Philadelphia, to their towns man commodore Decatur, esteemed for bit ytr tue, honored for hit valor." F rom the Albany Daily Advertuer of Saturdmt. , Imnarfcatt Proceedirt.U will be creolleeted that some time in February, a bill passed the Senate, and was sent to the House for concurrence, making an appropriation for the repairs of the court room, in the Capitol. A few davs subsequently, a bill was alio sent from the Senate to the Assembly, for raising money by tax, for building a goal in the county of Madison When the first bill was taken up in the house. General Root objected to its passage, on the ground that it was a money bill, and that it is Uie exclusive privuege of the Assembly to originate all bills of this description. The bill was referred to a select com mittee, an Mr. tlackley, the Chairman, some time since made a report, concluding with a re solution In conformity with the opinions advanced bv Uenerol Koni. and sunnorted br some other gentlemeu. The other bill was disposed of iu a similar way. On Thursday, the resolution and report were taken up by the Assembly, and after an able dis cussion, agreed to, and the bills were sent back in llie Senate, with the resolution informing then of the determination of the House. Messrs. Meck - !ry. Root and others, advocated the resolution; ami Messrs. Duer. Oaklrv and Edwards opposed. The resolution of the House wu referred to a select committee of the Senate, and Mr. Van Buren, the chairman, yesterday made a report whirli he concluded by offering three resolutions, asserting in strong and positive terms, an equal rich! on the part of the Senate, to originate all bills whatsoever. The third resolution declares in effect, that the Senate will not act upon any mo ney lull, or a bill for the appropriation or money, until the house recede from their position, or un - till the difference be adjusted. The debate in the Senate was able and ingenious. No gentleman opposed the resolutions directly ; but Mr. Skin ner contended that there was a distinction between lulls for raisins; revenue, and those for appropriate ing it. The former he thought it the privilege of the House to originate. Messrs. Van VecFiten, Van Buren, Young, Skinner nnd Ogden took parts in uie uicion. ine two brsi resolutions pass - ed unanimously, ami the third with but one dis senting vole. Cimrt of Errori. The House of Assembly non - concurred with Ihe Senate, in their amendments of Tuesday, to the bill authorizing a special session of Ihe Court of Errors in September next ; and iheSi nnte have agreed to the original amendment of the House, directing the Court to bold their sessiou at the Capitol in Albany. From the AUxmy Argvt of Friday. The three first sections of the bill to abolish 1m prisonmcnt for debt, reported by Mr. Van Beuren nave passed the Senate ; ihe first clause, which tlccnlHl ihe principle of the bill, was carried urntui mouslv. A bill was reported in Senate on Wednetdav, authorising and regulating private hanking associations ; and a bill farther n amendment of the insolvent law. A resolution patted the house of Assembly on Wednesday', for an adjournment on the 21st iost. 1 he Semite will probably concur The Militia Bill has passed the House of Assemble ; as has alto ihe bid relative lo common schools Both of these bills are very kigthv, and go to re - 1 11 r I .1 - jicmi ui lurmcr taws upon uie sunjecis. LEGISLATURE OF JfEW.YORK. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY - April 7. Tlic committee of Ihe whole wai discharged from the further consideration of the petition of samuet vv ruling, and leave wu given to withdraw the petition. Petition of Jacob Hayes and others, constables of the city of New York, praying an increase of their feet. Referred to the members from New - York. Mr. Oakli v. from the eommitte. tr. hrnnahl in a hill entitled " an art to prohibit the ttle f lottery tickets in siiaret :" read twice and com - mitttd. Wednesday April 8. Mr. Ulshoeff. r brought io a bill entitled " an art to revive and continue in forte an act entit led aa act relative to the pilots of the port of XI . . t an . ... iHw iuiK," read twice ana commuiea. WiLSMneToir, (N.C.)ApriM. Lou of the Dumbarton Cattle. The galliot Dumbarton Castle, (of Antigua) Martin Follin, master, tailed from Fort Johnson, N. C. on the 24th March, at 7 A M. and at 8 discharged the pilot, blowing a fresh gale from 3. N. W. through the day the pile increased, and the vessel made a quantity of water kept one pump constantly going ; at 6, had 3 feel m ater in the liold ; at B, had 4 feet, and at meridian, in spite of every exertion that could be made by the officer! and crew, she bad made 6 f - t. At 1, H. M. hove to, and cleared am - sv the lone - boat, the vessel thrn having 7 1 - 2 feet water in her hold Fortunately, when about leaving the vessel, the sch Rufus King - , of Newbe n, hove in sight, and on making signal of distress, she bore down and took Uie crew of the rolli - ot on board, tearing 8 1 - 2 feet water in the hold. Tue Dumbarton Castle wu from this port bound to Antirua. Capt. Follin arrived I LSrrt nfl T h 1 1 ruA a v . fnrin CrtvKe w s MttMstr I ! VIM , n, V4 11 Late f oreign Aari. Tb brig Toin - Haaard arrived below thia morning in 39 days from Li verpool. By her w have reeivd Lloyd's Listt to the Z7th Feb. London paper to tb 1st, and Liverpool to the Sd of March, all inclusive. They ar barren of newt. Th birth day of the queen of England wu celebrated on the S0:b of Feb. at her drawing - roomt in great splendor. Among the foreign ministers and other persons of distinction, that were present at the celebration, were Mr. P. Rmh, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary from the United Mates, and his lady, who wu presented to the queen by viscount Cutlereagh. Mr. Rush wu accom panied by Mr. A. Smith, secretary of legation of the United States, and Mr. Taylor, attached to the legation, who were also presented to her ma jeity. - . ' Sir Richard Croft, the celebrated acconcher of the Princett Charlotte, put a period to his distance on the 13th Feb. by shooting him elf. An attempt hat been made in Pari to sssas - tinate the Duke of Wellington. On the night of the 10th of Feb. u he wu returning to his Hotel, a pistol thot wat fired which - neither touched him northe carriage - Search had been made in rain for the utusin. 1'he Duke bad received the congratulations of all the Foreign Minister and French nobility. The London Globe of Feb. 19th, tayt a Hamburgh mail to Feb. 14, bu jutt arrived, bringing intelligence of the death of the King of Sweden, Charlet the 13th. He died 00 the 5th of Feb. at Stockholm. ' ' American stock at London, March 1. New six per cents, 104 It; tevent 110 1 2a III. Bank shares, X34, nominal no demand. Prices current, Liverpool, March 2. Cotton, Sea Llandi, Ji 10a3G; Uplands, new, St a 1 1 3 - 4d. Flour, 67 a 50s ; tour 45 a 46. Rice, 4:i 6 a 43s. LLOYD'S LIST, Feb. 13. Off Cane Clear, Feb. 7, the Amiable, from Philadelphia. At Deal, Feb. 12, the Emily, Gardner, from Baltimore. At Bordeaux, Feb. 3d, the Lucy - Ann, Arnold, New - York. Februarv 17. At Gravesend, Feb. 13, the Solon, Stoddard, from rew - tork. sailed, thcisancy, Laing, for Baltimore. Off Plymouth, Feb. 14, the Margaret and Sarah, Uianeston. t'almaith, Feb. 13th. Sailed, the Francis - Free - ling Packet, with mails for New - York. At Liverpool, Feb. 11 to 15th, the Justine, Tombi, Savannah ; Archimedes, Kemble ; anil Tontine, Crocker, New - York ; Mohawk, Cray, New - Orleans. ' At the Clyde, Feb. 11, the Margaret - Bosk, Ross, Charleston. At Ihe Cove of Cork, Feb. 9. the John Dickin - son, Philadelphia Amiable, Erickson, do.; and Hazard,. Crabtree, Virginia, At Havre, reb. 8, the Uomet, tenter, n. York. At Permits, the Orion, from New - Orleans. At Leghorn, the Independence, from Boston. feAmary 20. The American brig Elita, Davis, with sugar, tobacco, fkc. bound to Luhec, upset in the Baltic. the 12th of January, and was abandoned by the crew. The mate and 3 men arrived at Keil. At Gravesend, Feb. lath, the Criterion, Avery, New York. At Rams?nte. Feh.lS.the Marv - Ann. Cox. from London to Charleston ; and brig Cuuuon, Delano, irons tiaraoro, tor lew sora. At Liverpool, Feb 18, the John L Edward, Webb, Savannah. At Deal, Feb. 19, the Iris, Smith, from New - York, with loss of an anchor end cable. Arrived from the River, the Roimhis, Peters, for Virginia. At Terschelllng, Feb. II, the Vaterlansliebir, Hacewinkel, Philadelphia. At Bordeaux. Feb. II, the Orion, New Orleans. At Malaga, the Dash, Griffiths, N. York. February 24. The Ann, Mintnn, from Boston to Banff, w totally lost car TheMer, roast of Jutland, on the 23d ult. Crew saved. The Sarah, Hopkins, from Liverpool to Boston, wu lost on Arklow Banks the 15th iust. Crew saved. The Amelia, Armstrong, from New - Orleans to Liverpool, was towed into Waterford on the I7th inst. with loss of rudder and leaky, baring struck on Patrick's Bridge, near the Sn Iters. The Waterloo, arrived at Plymouth, spoke, Dec. 23d, bit. 24, 4, S. long. 2,27, fc. the ship Ame rican Hero, of Boston, 6z days from Batavia, for Holland. At Gravesend, Feb. 22, the Electra, Todd, Philadelphia and St.Maloet; Leda, Smith, Nan tucket. At Ramsgate, Feb. 21, the barque Gideon, Coffin, from London for New - York, At Liverpool, Feb. 17ih, the Mount - Vernon, Rawson, from New - York; 21st, the Carolina - Ann, Reeves, New - York ; Ganges, Brown, do.; Ceres, Webber, Charleston ; 22d, Georgia, Lowe, Savannah ; Hibemia, Brown, New - Orleans, and William, Penniugton, Wilmington. At the Clyde, Feb. 18, the Eliza - Ann, Little, Savannah ; 20th, Science, Currie, do. IntheTexel, Feb. 17 and 18, the Montesquieu, Levm, Charleston ; America, Lawson, Philadelphia. In Havre Roads, Feb. 19, the Debby and Eliza, Rogers, New - York. At Havre, Feb. Hand IG, the William - Henry, Stnrkpole, New - Yoik ; Minerva, Dayton, Savannah ; on the 13th and lath, the Manchester Packet, Burke, Charleston ; Margaret and Sarah, do. ; Governor Brookes, Allen, Ncw - Orleans ; Joseph, Berry, Boston ; Georgia, Wert, Savannah ; and Wanderer, Kempton, New - Orleans. AtRochelle, Ihe Catherine, WIndon, Boston. At Bordeaux, Feb. 11 and I!, the Jamei Murdoch, Philadelphia ; Amiable - Matilda, Myers, New - Y'ork. At Lisbon, Feb. 10, the Angelica, Shepherd, N. York. At Marseille!, Feb. 10, the Leo, Store, N. York. At Leghorn, the Pall.11, Heath, Baltimore. 1 At Genoa, the Patriot, Eryer, Salem ; Wm. and Charles, SUrphard, do. Ariiry 27. The Spartan, Coffin, from Liverpool to Savannah, put back on the 2 ttb inst. with lost of mainmast and bulwarks sbe had been out since the 291 h ult Gravesend, Feb. 24 sailed, the Hope, Bang, Boston ; and 00 the Soth, the Avcrick, Manlove, Virginia. Off Dover, Feb. 24, the American Hero, Lombard, from Batavia, for Amsterdam. At Portsmouth, Feb. 24, the Naury, Laing.from London for Baltimore, with loss of jib - boom, be. Cowes, Feb. 23. Put back, the Hermina, Zeba, from Amsterdam for Charleston. At Liverpool, Feb. 11, the Reaper, York, Philadelphia; Gen". Gardtden, Fowler, N. Orleans; Kensington, Silliman, Savannah. In the Clvde, - Feb. 22H and Sod the Cherub, Stevenson, Charleston ; Kentish, Ilea, New York. At Diode - Bay, the Venus, Walker, New Orleans, in distress, bound to Liverpool. Deal, Feb. 24th, put back, the Tontine, Turley, for Philadelphia. At Oporto, Feb. 7, the Sally, Depeyster, New - York. At Lisbon, the Vermont, Menroo, New York. Lirtnonl, Frb. 20. Ar. John It Edward. Giles. Savannah ; Archimides, Bunker, New - York ; Ann, 'r.wl.rU . IU ..I - L ju rt - l ... . ... . , ..... , . vn.K n LlCWUllCHIf .ytll sis, Norton, Wilmington ; Maria, Duplex, New - lom; soncorma, savannah; Juslina, tombs, do. teo. xs. Ar. jca. Uadars,towlrr, IV Orleans, Acorn, Shearer. do. : Hibemia. Brown, do. : Fal con, Lei, boston; Despatch, Trumbull, Port - Glasgow; Ganges, Brown, N. York; Georgia, Low, Savannah ; William, Purrioglosi, Wilmington; Reaper, Yorke, Philadelphia; keningtoa, awinran, caiannan ; Amelia, AlDf, natiltx. March 2. Ar. Amitv. Stanton. New - York : Nancy, Brav, Savannah ; Edwio - Bolton, do. cirarea, tee it I ncnusnip, rarkcr, nuiad. ; Adrian, Donaldson, d. 7 Merenrr, Rae,' New - York. sath.Jane, hancroit, ruuao.; mho, Hr - nnn. Roatou. 28lfw Frit mU Lanson, N. Orkane The Active.'from Philadelphia, for Limerick, wu stranded BearJiofc'W - JJay , and is likely to. go to pieces. The Vennt, Walker,froril Hcw - Orlcans, at TJln - vlp. in riiatrell. The North Star, Muir, from Liverpool for Wilmington, at Miltord. . Spoken, Jan. tuth, ship "Henry, 30 day from Boston, by the Salisbury, at muraiiBr. - The Kentish, Ilea, froui fe - York, at Clyde Camilla. M' Arthur, from Savannah,' at di' ;? ! Spoken, Feb. B, lat. 45, 22, loug. 27, 30. Amer. ship Iris, 19 days from New - York, tor London. I leared at Liverpool, teo. - ai, raraer ec sont Norhurv. New Orleans : Jane, Drammond, Savan nah. 21st, Lady Gallatin, Swain New - York ttli, I renuslnp, rarker, rc - misyivama ; Aunana Donaldson, do. ;. - . - The Spartan,Coffin, from Liverpool for Satan nali, put back 24th Feb. with loss of mainmast boat si bulwarks. The Amelia, Armstrong from N Orleans, for Liverpool, at Waterford, with loss ol rudder and other damage. LONDON, Feb. 85. A morning paper stales, that the intended mar riage of the duke of Clarence with the priuress of Denmark, will not take place, and that his royal highness will be married to Mist Wykeham. This union, we understand, has the sanction of the prince regent, mid wat arranged be lore hit royal bighnest wat apprised of tho death of his son, captain Henry I ilclarence, to whom he wu most tenderly attached, and by whose lose be it deeply affected. LONDON, February 23. The indemnity bill wat read a tccoDd time lut night in the liouje of lords. The repot t of the tecret committee was presented in the boure of commons. It slates, that " the deluders of Uie unwary have seen and repented their er rors." We are thence to presume, that these wretches are become harmless, and may be with safely let loose upon the public. LONDON February S7. : The ports are now open for the imxrtation of loreigo wheat, barley, ana oats, lor rtx weeks, from all the ports between Jutland, and fpain; and lor three months I rom all other ports. The state dress in which Joseph Bonaparte appeared u sovereign of Spain, at hit first levee, i. ai this time exposed for sale in the window ot an old clolhct shop at the weft end of the town. The coat it of the finest blue cloth, most superb. ly embroidered in gold, down all the team", cuff?, collar and pockets, with oak leave) and acorns, and it it said originally te have cost between two and three hundred pounds. . LONDON, March t. Paris pa pen to the 24th ult. arrived yester day. On the former day a conference wu held at the hotel otthe English ambassador, at whirl the duke of Wellington, the ambassadors of Hut - sir, Prussia, Spain, Naples, and several other ministers of foreigu powers, were present. The object of the meeting is not mentioned. An article from Berlin states positively, that the Prussian court will not conclude the loan that wa about to be negotiated for it in London, on the rondibooi proposed by Messrs. Rothscbud S Co The prospectus published in London, not long since, by these gentlemen, it declared to have been altogether without the authority of the ca binet of Berlin. The fire per cents, on the r4lh, wereatijjl. 96c. Bank action!, 1,5671. 50c DOVER, Feb. 24. Arrived off this port the American ship Hero, Lombard, from Batavia, in 125 days. LIVERPOOL, Feb. 24. Put back the Spartan, of New York, that sailed the 29th ult, for Savannah, with loss of mainmast, boats and bulwark. DIED, On Saturday evening, after a lingering illness. Mrs. Alice Low, wife of Nicholas Low. The relations and friends of the family are re quested to attend the funeral from 109 Pearl - street, Hanover - square, this afternoon, at half past 4 o clock. Lut evening, at the house of her late father, Hendrick Suydam, at Hallet't Cove, Lattice, the wife of Peter Manifold, in the 48th year of her age Iler friends and the friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. EVENING POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Schr Ranger, Lake, Norfolk Sloop Jane, Taylor, New - Brunswick BELOW, Brig Tom - IIaxard, Holdridge, 39 days from Liverpool, to Bogert & Kneelaod. Sailed March 4 in co with ship Mercury, Rue, for N. York - Ship James Monroe, lor N. York, laded day be fore. .Ship Woodbine, 60 days from Havre, to Jonci and Megrath. Ship Cotton Plant, 12 dayt rrom savannah, to H K Toler. Sch Dash, 53 dayt from Malaga, to Steven and Mac tier. Brig Harriet, from New - Orleans, to P Havens. Brig Woodman, from Jamaica ; and many other vessels the pilots say SO sail. ARRIVED SINCE OUR LAST, Ship Erin, Hussey, from London, 65 days from the Downs, with dry roods, be. to Fish &i Grin - nell, owners, J. B. Lalonta, jr. T.ii J. Swords, Sammer k. Suydam, Rev. Mr. Soule, A. D. Duff, A. nook, Kramlams, leinpleman & Wo. Marx&i Linsley, H. Si G. Barclay, S. R. Fisher, Goodrich Ai Kellogg, Wiley ti Co.'R. Halliday, J.W. Sampson, A. Robertson, Stewart h Falconer, H. Bre - voort, jr. 3 1. 1 obiai Si Co. U. Bethune it Vo. 11 Bach, Tucker it Carter, G. W. Mancius k. Co. Crarvs Babcock, F. Sheldon, T. Dixon, A. Lan - feu, J A. At W. Post, John Thomson ti Son, Kirk At Men - fin, J. M'Call, J. Griscom, W. Osborn, J. I.evi, Mr. Barclay, the captain, nnd to order - Passengers, Dr. H. Clarke, aud 30 hi the steerage. Feb. 6, on" Start Point, passed a ship supposed to be the Solon, from New York, lor London. spoke, March X), lat. 4i, lb, long. 63, brig Hannah, from New York for Ireland. 25th. lat. 42. IG, long. 69, brig Pedlar, 11 days from Boston, for Hamlmrg. April 1, lat. 41, 17, long. 65, brig Hun ter, Davis, 54 days from Antwerp, for Norfolk. 4th, off Montaug, brigOlitus, from Havana, for Warren, R. I. March 23, lat. 42, 16, long. 51, 30, passed near to a very large Island of ice. Ship Loan, Fosdick, 62 davs from Liverpool, with salt, to Jacob Barker. Feb. 15, lat 60, 30, long. 15, spoke schr. Amelia, from Halifax, for Liverpool. March 27, lat. 40, 30, long. 63, 30, spoke ship Woodbine, oil days Iroin Havre, lor IS York. Ship Henry, Edgar, 55 days from Amsterdam, with gin, diy goods, Ate. to R. BulWIcy, F. Gehhard,. u. A. ciarkson, r . A miter, f . fare! Ai Son, J Sprinter, J. A. Wiilink, J. B Graves, H Ai W. Do lafield, Le Roy, Bayard it Co. Karthaus, Heinickr Al Lo. J. L. Zimmerman, K. tfnwne, H. Van Uag - renen, and F.&i A. Brunei. Passenrer, Capt. H L. Dekoven. Sailed io co. with ship Mandarin, and brig stapletnn, beth tor Baltimore; and ship Dumfries, for St. L'bes. Left, Feb. 14, ships Mar - niton, for New - Orleans, repairing; Commerce, for Alexandria, in lOdavs; Potomac, for Batavia unc. ; Wm. Ai Jane, for Canton, do. ; brigs Texel, for Boston, 1st March ; Ohio, tor XV. York, unc. : sch Independence, for do. do. ; ship Medford, from Baltimore, do. ; and an Am. eastern brig f rom Vir ginia, snip jansen, rucks, lor batavia, and brig Perseverance, Bacon, tor St. L'bes, both sailed 25th Jan. March 29, lat 41, 50, long. 50, passed be islands mi ice. Brig Roland, Rislev, 25 davs from Turks - Isl and, with salt, bound tn HaJHord, C. Left brig Prospect, for Washington, N. C. in days. April 7, spoke ship Rnlla, Morrison, 24 hours from rw - iork lor Oporto. March ZD, lat. 31, long. 71, CO, spoke Dr. ship Edwnrd, Downs, 10 days from N. Orleans for Liverpool. Passenrer. Cant. Wm. Harwrn, late of schr. Two Brothers, of Rath, from Guadaloupe, cast away on I'oiuter Reef, near t ne oranu Key, on the morning ot the 8th March vessel and carro totalis lost. - The schr. Price, Dunhein, from New - York for the Spanish Maine, passed T. I. I3tb ult. Schr. Beaver, Pike, from Boston, with platter, IO U. DHMSOID. Sloop Agent, Willard, 1 day from Warren, R. I. with rum end moluset, to Bailey fc Rutiel. FROM OUR CCRRESPONht J A i OQcevftb.Pm,ri0V Arrived, sch. Samuel Smith7&l. J u i.otn tnpe nenry, Hani. Lef, .."J uft. achi - EarfeMltthrti 10 dayt, Ampbion. Mills, JlaliimZ;Ilct1 Margaret. Wilson, Philadl lor Jj thivK4lwnin lO - dajaAdvo,, land, of Salem. rW . .1,, eli,. '1.!' Worth Carolina'. jUrt ar j Jane, Fkl, B waitine; Cargo 's Br. brig, d 4 S slirpt, most of them waiting carew If 15 very scarce. , In It .32 46, Ion. spoke ech Whsliinirton. fmm t.l Jg - 74 Plymouth, N C. 0 i Br'ur Franklin. Juno. "J)Ar.r . Off Havana, taw a large ship on fire" small l esselsnear hei, gupposid r - ... &ch General 1L,n,ilnn w..r. - 'fi t Jairo. Left bri lk ... " n.'8 VH FROM OUR CORRESPOND EJfr Freeman's Journal, Philadelphl , ' Arrived, sloop Eagle, Tomnkins '!' ' J from Btwlon ; sloop Caleb i'troo, gi,! 10 days from Bottou j trb PocahomU 8 data from New - York . .1 v, days from Providence : bri? Mir. um , M 19 days Irom St Croix. " " ' Vna m - .... ) - ' - s 'Ui ; 1 NORMII.k. Ann IftArri.l s..: ,. 10 l - .l M OS lr.r..r Hi '(TI .lT lik V? .V1'1! unvim. irom aiiTusm KrwvL. .. - s tv eft. S da 1 from PbiiadelnhV k... - . . . - ' 1 , wwJ 10 1J, hi HiiiDDton Konds. bound to Rirlmni tifh brig Brocks, 66 davt front TiLl!' Boston. Anril 9. Vo arrivrdV '' ' ' An ived in Naniasket Roadt, hrirMiL - l9nnimr' fnavf O!! A:vm fW.m 1 Iiinn.d to I ortKmniitli .list, lat tt u. J? br ir Commerce. Little. S davs (Win. kv.j. r ' C . . - . U. , Q St. Croix experienced heavy gales front th ruasxwaia wnica oonirea ner to make k.. oour.xa mat lost overboard and drotntd. )(. Thotiiat Floyd, aged 20, of the M. . ... ' uritim di ir Irene, 1 iu marsh, sailed from Marseilles I61I1 Feb. fur Halifax. ....a at CibralUr the B6th. &heleft.t If . 1 - . . - MJ,CI1C brip Levant, Wil.iams, from ralem, juit oat of qtiaiantinej and brif Ann, Quincyt fro Havana. lie bijij .vui;w, irom SSalaVia Uf Gibraltar, had notarrved. . .. , , THEATRE. Monday evening. April 15, will be presented, The favorite comedy of THE POOR GEMTLEMAV. Lieut Wortliinston. ' - Mr. Priixhant Corporal Foss, - Robertisi sir ftobert Bramble, ' Bamet Jiiapoo, Cmily V, Hihoa orthington, ' Mn: Darley To which will be added (for the td time ia Aim - rica) the new m.lo drama of Uie FALLS OF CLYDE. Kenmure, Mr. Pritchtrd Farmer Knueld, 1 RoberftM Edward Enfield, ' Hilton Ellen Enfield, Mrs. Barnei ' Performance to commence at a Quarter nut seven o'clock. NOTICE. '.' n - u T - 1 : r . . - ... . 1 - icij ior insiruciing uae Lfeai SN Dumb meet this afternoon, at the Mayor's o&a at 4 o'clock. fJ r (XlnfJKHT and HALL.. - J . HEW) IT, respectfully acquaints his friendt and the public, that hit Concert will take place on Thursday next, April 16th, at the City Ho tel. iLeauer 01 we orcnesira, tvir. iicwitu PART 1st. Overture Lodoitka - Kreutxer Snag, (No, 110, no, through the wood I cannot stray; Mist lonrad Variations no the piano fnrte (Hope told a flat - , teriog tale) miss Hewitt, accompanied on tat flute, by Mr. Kinaeia. Song, (soltly tkep my baby) Mist Hewitt.; Favorite Andante f the tuprixe) Haydn. Song, (Hertmihng eyet) Mr Keens J composed expressly for him by Mr. Moraa. Concerto Clarionet, by Mr. Pbillpot, from Ue King't Theatre, Loddon t hit firtt appearaace here. . Echo Duet Mist Hewitt and Mr. Kerne, f. Glee, (Where shall the lover rest) - Mitt Htw ill, Bit. wuton ana an amaieer. Concerto piano forte (Cramer) Mitt Hewitt Gruid Double Concerto for 3 piano fortes Mist Hewitt and Mr. Schorer, lately from tutopt, hrst nerlormance. Sons, (when steraonDresaionl Mitt Conrad. . rt . ... .. " . 1 . : .1. Hungarian waits, wiui vanauuas oa um Mr. Meline. Song, (The young ton of chivalry) Mn.Meliot. rot rourn. ior a lull orcnettra. composeo nj . Hewitt, in which will be introduced the (eve - rite air of Robin Adair, on Uie kent bugle.! Song, (Young Cupid ttale where Flora) Mini Hewitt. Glee, (Here in cool erot) Mise Hewitt, Messn. wnson, 11 0110 way, ana Amateur. Minuetto Plevel. Song, fThe cabin boy) Mr. Keene. Haydn't celebrated farewell overture, io which the orchestra take their leave or the audience. After which will be a ball. Tickets, 1 dollar each. nti liwt At Diihoi' music store itrOC rich's book store Broadway ; Witooa'i and Geib't music stores, Maiden - lane t J. Hewitt's Muiicai Repository, l&o l - Y winiam - sui tun Riley's muiic ttore, Chatham street . . ap 13 Engineer Department J Rh larll IRlfl.l O - I Ppftmuftli tt - ill Ka twu..VM it thll Dt J ..WWC.. . - WW . V. . " 7 , partment, until first August next, to furnish ty coniraci , , From one to tix millions of brick V From one to two millions of cubic feet of wui ding stone . , A IUUI ICU UlUHIIUIII tutl II UIUUIW.U ' - stone lime. ' To be delivered in good order at Mobile, - xe C..i.l,.. - i. D Lake Ba - viiiwliai 11 uiii .iii,,wppit p . . ratarta the time when the firtt delivery c "T made, and Ihe quantity which can be delivered in each month succeeding the first delivery, ' be slated with the terms. ' Proposals will alto be received for from ny to one hundred carpenter! ; lor frrm one hooorsa to one hundred and fifty masons; and from two hundred to three hundred laborers, to proceed w Mobile and Louisiana, te cotutruct buildings ot various descriptioni at the before mentioned p r . I, apmilfl hi nrliwa hi in htt the matooit carpenteri, and laborew furnihedan4 acoropan led by mailer workmen. ArraDSPineDii w. k ...iXAtA.s.nlnw 4kn rsnMrtna aMisTtrf - rl tO tflC i'C uimrtsc lis liLsiirw tw arsci swse , . ' a - sxv . 1. aw f KA4VS cute tne wora, irom uiy tu isovemoer. positinni embractd in llie oeiore meninM - - v ces. which bcrd. r upon the Gulf of Mexico - t.o;agementt would not De maoe ior period than eight months. Satiifactory ec"n'J ' would be reauired toruie raitniui periormr. - any contract that may be made. The termt p - , trkirh rrL mnn.i.ln an.1 labor would be per formed, mutt be stated in Uie proposals. J. C. SWIFT, Brigadier General and Chic! r - ngioen. . TH.. - ..'.I... nt tlw. Hafptle. D. M. I the Ceotinel and Patriot, Boston the .t - "DS 1UC uuiiKi. vi ir . ... . . - Post aud trie Columbian, New - York ; "ft m.mwealth, Pittsburgh, Penn.s the RfP0"?'' , . . ir . .7i ttu. r.wtt. New - f r - leans v ill p)e:ise to insert forcgoiBg for ent I month ana lorwaru ir.eir acceua - s t ',,,' . . neer Department apu Below, a bng from Belfast, name unlreo - . aivimiiiii anr:i i.. """"notm. nali, Raudal, Porlsmouth. M. ,

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