The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1913
Page 4
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V GETTYSBURG, PA. GETTYSBURG. PA. G W. Weaver Son G. W. Weaver Son; The Leaders. · Special Price Concession Between Christmas and New Year. Adiitional 10 20 Per Ct. SPECIAL PRICE CUT O.i Ladies 9 Coats, Suits, Dresses, Furs Also on all CHILDRENS COATS This special; additional PRICE CUT is on the low- ried pikes which we have iven on much of this stock for tl e past several weeks. 20 Per Cent. Price Cut on Christmas Novelties or Fancy Goods. i \ Stiir-a splendid choice of useful fancy articles to in- vc^t youi Christmas Present money in STOCK CLEAN-UPS OF ODDS AND ENDS AT BARGAIN PRICES These Special Price Cuts are given to enable us to btill more increase the greatest sales we have ever had. Medical Advertising Nostrils And Head Stopped Up From Colds? Try My Catarrh Balm Instantly Clean Air Paaufcc; You Breathe Freely; Dull Headache Goes; Nasty Catarrh*! Dtacharge Stop*. Try "Ely's Cr*»m Balm." G«t a small bottle anyway, just to try it--Apply,* little ia the -nostrils and instantly -your «lojrged 11094, and stopped-up air passage* of the, head Ml open; yau will breathe freely; dullness and Headache disappear. By morning! the catarrh, cold-Vn-head of catarrhal sore throat will be gone. End such misery now! Get the small bottle of "Ely's Cream Balm" at any drag s^ore. This sweet, fragrant balm dissolves by the heat of the .nostrils; penetrate* and heals the inflamed, swollen membrane which lines the nose, head and throat; clears the air passages; stops nasty discharges and a feeling of cleansing, soothing relief comes immediately.;-.; , . ' Don't lay awake to-night smuggling; for breath, with head staffed; nostrjff closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh * * · "il^ · · W i l l E ffJ* ^. ^ J-* zV^Jh^ or a cold, with mucous droppiu raw dryness is needless. Put your faith--just once--in "Ely'« Cream Balm" and your cold or catarrh will surely disappear. FOR SALE Five pure bred S. C. Brown Leghorn's. Will sell reasonably. H. T. L a w v e r 1, Orrtanna. Medical Advertising BaOAD ST.PHILADELPHlA.ftl Child ren's SAMPLE FRffi' Try it for nasal and dry catarrh, sneezing, cold in the head, ftay fever or any complication resuming from Chronic c a t a r r h . Keep* tbe breathing- passage* open, thus civmz sound. restful »leen ana mosnonnf. Soothes and heals tb« inflamed membranes. Fine for nose bleed. Get Kondon's. the original and genuine Catarrb- al Jelly, at druggists or direct, in sanitary tubes. 2Sc or 50c. Sample free. Write FOR SALE by The People's Drug Store G. JVEAY Keep It Clean and Free from Dis ease by Using Parisian Sage. If you want your children to up with strong, beautiful and vigorous hair, teach them to use Parisian Sage, which can be had at any drug or toilet counter. It is one of the best, most pleasant and invigorating hair tonics on the 1 market. :leanses the hair a.nJ, scalp from- dust and excessive oils. iff, stop's itcli,- mg:acaip And (falling hair. Hair thai is;,thinning out, , ,fa(fed, matted or stringy almost immfidisitely becomes flinty, luxuriant ~ari(J radfant with life. Get a large 50'cent bottle from People's Drug Store. He will refund your money if "you are not satisfied. Paris ian Sage is equally good for "grownups" and children. Every one needs it. I will be in my room on the Square over "Stallsmith's Store" on second floor, every Wednesday afternoon from 1230 to 8 o'clock, where I will do fitting, or I will call on you in your home, at your convenience, on any Thursday, upon receipt of post card. Please call and see the Spirella corsets and corset accessories. ANNA C. MYERS, New Oxford, Pa. Pplrella Corsetierre. GETTYSBURG MARKETS .-. THEtiMES :. For a Theatre Party -TO SEE- Successor to J. Geo. Bolt's Sons Co. __ Per Eu. New Dry Wheat ................ 88 New Ear Corn .................. 65 65 Bye Oats RETAIL PRICES 45 PAUL GILMORE AND ASSOCIATE PLAYERS IN THEIR GREAT ROMANTIC COMEDY DRAMA CAPTAIN ALVAREZ' ^ V® Magnificent Production--Electrical Effects. Drink-Plenty of Water. Perhaps nb means of lessening fa- [ tigue Is of more importance than, a I proper supply of drinking water. "The products of waste, carbon dioxide and lactic acjd, are taken up by thfe fluids of ,$,$ body an4 .carried to the lungs and .kidney s lor elimination., The accumulation, ot, waste products'Is often (frofe i to Insufficient «se of drinking wa- -t«r. 11 It"has been noticed in the army that the man' woo falls from heat strbke is idd one whose canteen is empty. ,, Would Bar the Speeches. A member of parliament enlivened a political club luncheon by telling the story of a certain famous politician who attended a banquet at which It was expected important speeches would be made. A dish of whitebait was set before him and, after looking at the fish and then at the other guests he remarked: "Gentlemen, let us follow the example of these little fish--drink a good deal, and say nothing!" Per 100 Badger Dairy Feed . , ......... $1.35 Coarse Spring Bran ............ 1.35 Hand Packed Bran ............ 1.40 Corn and Oats Chop ........... 1.40 Shoemaker Stock Food ......... 1.55 White Middlings .............. 1.60 Red Middlings ................ 1.50 Timothy Hay .......... : ...... 100 Rye Chop ..................... 1.70 Baled Straw ................... G5 Piaster ............... $7.50 per ton Cement .............. $1.40 per bbJ. Cotton Seed Meal per ton ---- $34.00 " " per hundred ....... 1.75 · , Per bbl Flour ........................ $4.80 Western Flour ................ 6.00 Per Bu. Wheat ...................... $1 00 Shelled Corn .................. 90 New Ear Corn ................. 70 New Oats ...................... 55 Western Oats .................. 55 The Times has bought ten $1.50 seats at Walter's Theatre for the performance of "Captain Alvarez", OP Wednesday night, December 31st, and will give one seat absolutely free with each of the first ten new yearly subscriptions between this and the 31st of December: Cut out the coupon below and either bring or send it to this office. Your ticket will be returned to you together with a receipt for the subscription. Do not delay in sending for ten seats will not be enough to fill the demand. 1 \Ve have had sent to us the criticism of "Captain Alvarez", from different c't'es MI which it has appeared all speaking in the highest terms of C orrr .- ,trul Play, and this convinces us that we are going to give our - a : What He Would Say. A Scotch minister took pity upon an Irish laborer toiling in the ditch on a hot summer's day, and, fetching the bottle and a glass, refreshed Pat with a glass of whisky Pat was exuberant m his expressions of thanks, "feegorra sir," he said, "it's good; it's just to me like mother's milk to ah i n f a n t " "But what would the priest saj,' said the minister, "if he knew that I was giving you this drink'" Begorra, sor," said Pat. "What would he say now, but just this--'Give him another'" THE MONTHLY FASHION LIM illustrating the celebrated PICTORIAL REVlfcW rATitRNS will be mailed F R E E for 12 months on request. Simply send us ia cents to cover postage. If your dress is made from a Pictorial Review Pattern, it looks right, fits nrht, and isright-up-to- the-minute in S-T-Y-lTE. TO OUR PATRONS We wish to thank you for your much appreciated trade during the year 1913 and the holiday season just closed. We hope you will continue to find what you want at our store, and that we can fill your wants in the future as in the past. O. FL LESTZ Cor. Square and Carlisle St. Gettysburg, Pa. jt| _ /.THE PLACE FOR.*. SHELL » OYSTERS 1 S By the Peck or 5Oc. and 6Oc. Measure per quart EVANS' 0 R E S T A U R A N T U N I T E D T E L E P H O N E Before Buying a range let us show you this one-and get our pnces. H. T. Maring Rear of old Reading freight =tation in building formerly occupied by Straw stacker Company. There is Comfort in knowing that you can obtain orte tried and proved remedy thoroughly well ad^^to A-OUC needs, te^^^f 1 ? who is doubled witF^healacKe; backadi^ *4iagttj»?; extreme nervousness And depression of spirits ought to try ^ and learn what a difference they *will rnakeT fir ^purifying the system they insure better digestion, sounder sleep, quieter nerves, and bestow the charm of sparkling eyes, a spotless rosy complexion and vivacious spirits. Thousands upon thousands of women have learned, happily, that Beecham's Pills are reliable and The Unfailing Home Remedy So)d«T«Tw)*r*. Inbszs*. lOc.,25*. The dtrectioiw with nr«y tbx «r« vfery T«lo«M« -- *·»« OMfits Domestic Gas Engines, Spraying May Tag Electric or Power Washing Machines Reading Standard Motorcycles are some of the mechanical device* for \\h1ch I hold the agency. I shall be glad to demonstrate any one ol th"T to prospective purchasers. I am prepared to do any manner of Repair Work at my Cabinet and Macl.ine Shop, or all kinds of New Work made to order. W. M. C O N O V E R United Telephone Cor. Middle and Stratton Streets Jlouto ................................................ a R. H- Bushman Cleaner ·nd Presser Ayer's Hair Visor Then you will nave a clran and healthy teal p. No more hair low. No more rough, tcraggly hair. Does not color. Ash V*«r Doctor. {* True Heroine. Our Idea of a true heroine !· · woman who could talk back, bat (ocm't--Chicago News. To Make a Hat Fit. "Follow my advice, and your derby will stand any Woolworth or Flatiroo goats," said a Broadway business mau to his companion, as the latter brushed his recreant lid with his coat sleeve. "When I buy a new hat 1 always heat the band over a gas let, put It on my bead and let It cool there. Result--perfect At. Try lt»* --New York Trlb«e. , Not One of Those "Distinguished." A Kansas man who was on his first visit to Washington recently -went to the capitol accompanied by a friend, to see congress in session From the visitors' gallery the Kansan looked over the assembled statesmen seeking in \am tor the member from his district ' Maybe he's down there, but I can't distinguish him," said the Kansan "Ot course not." replied his Washington friend "He can't even distinguish himself." Rifling a Barrel. j The grooves in a rifle' barrel are ,made with special machinery, and unless one has thia he could not do tha work properly, no matter how skilled be was. When the grooves of a rifle barrel are filled witb lead It is usually necessary to hare an expert gunsmith clean them out. I 1 She Doe*. "What does this nation needt" shouted the impassioned orator. "What does this nation -equlre. if «Ue steps proudly across the Pacific, It she stride, boldly across the mighty ocean in her march of trade and freedom? I icpeat, wbat doea she ne«d? "Rubber bo-nt," svggeated the growiy materialistic person In * rear Visit Our Booth at the Poultry Show We have a present for you A coupon will be given each caller worth 33 1-3 per cent, on the price of any article mentioned below at our store MEN'S BOYS Suits, Overcoats, Cord pants, »hfr^ M?n Blue Flannel Sweaters LADIES' MISSES Coats, Caps, Outing ^ »nd Wwl'tkirft, l^'"\(lfJ* "" (_ T( ' U p ·,. ' ' , ^ ' « 4." - ' ' * - · n"jq ^PreseYrt'the coupon at the time of your purchase and receive one T r t / O " T ' l K i ft [1 r *». T * l M- third reduction or* .the regular price. G. HTKNOUSE Biglerville, Pa. SF4PFR1

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