The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 13, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 13, 1818
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10 do S do 5 do '20 do HE NEWT&MK EYES r - - - ') - MONDAY, APRIL 13, 1818. NO. 42 PINE - STREET. J.N JIXMVUT ii LO lis:. " ' 'fdlt SALE, ' :. ll"! r" "Antwerp, burthen u - rV,. - iMK)bblj.4 veanokL I VTr 'lT! found in every rscpect, and uric f Lie at , 0 , 70 roau - sirei ...i, Vnrti - V ir.iliK) hbl. Virein - tl.Ul' l WW - 'i Ii fS? Mn,i . ur Richmond To - ' DoCCO, ft do Petersburg do f bale Upland Cotton 35 ts. and MO bf. U. Rice 150 hagi St. Domingo aud ' 64 do green Havana Coifee 5 tons Mgnamvuic . . . fort Claret and Madeira Wine, W hhd. and quarter cus . , . Rori red Port Wiuu, w case of 3 dozen eacn npnnm r nr.iciu r ' . i Knund tn Onorto tnav A K"" - i ( .have about 1000 busnelc)rn on freight. 1 12 Front - street sw"""""""""""""?' jiii a . . IJ ns t mnwi - - - - - (ItfX Tom English' Itod, assorted, to nat (J V and square ban, a part of which if , euuueu 10 aeoeuiu re. 100 ten round iroa, assorted, frtm 1 - 1' to ,1 l - 2urcn - .inn uifaW flat icon, from 1 to S inches SO do do sijuare, assorted, from 1 - S to 3 - (bene - j 50 do each flat and square Russia iron. 50 do country iroo assorted SO do plough share moulds '' 10 do atletree and crowbar moulds ia .1. - . ttMA.ihmi moulds IV uu - - . . 50 do bniEiw's rods, aswrted, from 3 - 1G to 3 - 8 inca 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted to do sheet and boiler plate iron 50 So - ISngluh d American Uoeps to do 'Bnrli'h (t) blistered eteel 10 do Swedes steel Crawley o Oeruiau do shear and cast steel Bristol and Mora Scotia rrind it ones ' ' - assorted 500 anchors, aortdl from 50 to tOOOlbs, ... . - . I - do abootSOOOiba, W lofs sfiffl toad, ars'd 3 to t iu pcriooi 100 casks eiiikes, ass'd. (fxo 4 to 9 inches SUO do cat noils, fromSd to 20d 4 SO do wroaght naik. assorted i2U do slate and horse nails 10 tons iroo pots and bake pans, ats'd from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture. 5 tons Loglisb sprlter . SO do American hollow - ware, consisting of Pots, kettles, buke - paos, . Skillets, spider, tea kettles, . Aanirons, - c, i .JO casks Uave, ox nod boat chains Anvil, vires, and beak irons Force, sledge and hand naraineri Mill, cross - rut and pit saw Cart, WatfKon and Chair Boies Window Glass of different siles Shovels. Spades, Hoes, He. Together with a general assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, for sale on rensonnble teois, by ABLtX ti l)UNHXMB, . No. 3C3 VVaUr - tt. corner of James - slip. , mhtS lm ' - - nriOUK HuuOrMl tuoa sVst quality Nova &o JJ tia Plaster for sale in lots to suit purchaser Apply to ' WALTER NEXSON, 174FrUst. ' ' earner of Burling - siip, or to - . JOHN BTERS, foot of Harriiwi - st. asch 17 Nonh River. ' OT. fXMlAUOCUr ffcE. luObaffslornJe IkJ at 1W Front street mh30 TROKEj, DAVIDSON tt CO. GOAT feKINS. 8500 Madras Goat Skios, landing from sliip Frances Henrietta, for aaJe hy GOODHUE CO. - aa 6 44 South - atreet. ' ( I OLASbtb. 1 be Argo ol the KrU h Ma - If I ria, from Havana, consisting el 250 idids. and 13 tierce new crp Molawes, novt on the wharf, pier So. 1 Worth River, and for sale by G. G. & d. HOWLAND, ap 6 ' 77 Washington - street. Imitation BRANDY and pure SHRI i'S. 9 pipes good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhd para spirits Jnrt received, for rale by ap7 Iw CO RN3. DUBOIS. SUGAR. 172 bbds New Orleans sugar, landing this day at rina - straet wharf, from ferigHope, for sal by GRISWOLOS COATES, or R1PLET, CENTER CO. p7 68 South - it. STRAW CARPETING. 15 rolls about liCO yard Cadi Straw Carreting, Tery - hann some pattern, landing from brig Reubea h Eli - &, for sale by GRIoWOLD f COATES, - ap 7 68 Soutb - treet. D UCK 4c SKAL SXINd. 100 bolu Rassia Duck, 500 Seal Skim, landing and fox tale by JOSEPH OSBORN, ap 7 28 South - street. irikb mr ana, Diaraiu, Lawns, A:c. TlENRYM'VJCi:.RiCO. hive received XX by the late arrivals from Dublin, and by the Pacific, from Livarpcut, a general assortment oi 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Liaem 6 - 4 Sheetiagsi 7 - 8 Lawn . 3 - 4 Diaper aad Bjoad Diaber, assorted Damask Table Cloths 3 - 4 brown and blact Lawns, in half pie eel ; which tbey offer for tale on liberal terms, at tnb30 2w No. 67 fine - street. CANTO. GOODiHUMTREbS' CARGO Col'd aad black Nankin Crapes first quality, tty'dps. Col'd and blk. figured do. 19 y'd pieces Do. do Plain - do. 19 do do Do. changeable Sarwts, high col'd 30 do ' Black do do Do Smrhews do - Coloured Satins 18 do Col'd Sewine; Silks Also, a bandsooHt assortment inserting trim - nines. For sale by snb 30 wt A. C. ZABRISKIE. BOSTON RUM - 10 puncheon laading and or sale by p7 CAMBRELCNO h PEARSON. NEW - ORLEANS SUGAR, COTTON, be. JAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, ha for rule, landing from ship Evergreen 105 hhd New - Orlean sugar 42 bait do cotton, prima quality. JtLSO OJUUAD, . Clean St. Petersburg), hemp, in lot to suit purchaser 400 qr. cask Orang works gun powder 120 botes roll brimstone 100 boxes of German steel entitled to draw - 10 cans tumblers back - One case Leghorn straw XT Cash advanced on good consigned for k - april 1 ' CHEEl ING3 - 8 bale Flerm - h Wrings, for bt4 No. 61 Pine street TTE'NTUCKr TOBACCO. - 33 bhds. very i i"1? Kwtucky Tobacco, landing . fro " Marylaad, fro ev - - Orle7rs toreal by 1 - AIDLAW, GIR4ULT& CO P' 101 87 Coffte - tlousaUp DAY GOOD3. FASCY plate Calicoes . Superfine calicoes and cbinlies 4 4, - , 6 4 aambno tiMulirnv Cambriu jaconeti Plain tunbor'd k saw - ed bhjU . PWia and tambor'd book muslins - 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cans hric gingliurns Black and col'd cara - brirs . .. Velvets and cords, Lea - br gloves Fancy cravats, twilled ami plain Madras! bilkr;,' pins Hair cord - cambrics, ' cotton balls Whit & tolM threads Silk, kid, and cottou gloves Silk bote, silk floren - - tinea Clark bosnhazeent Florence silk, ribbons, alloons Florences, plain and fi - - Rured Virginia satins, plaid lustrines Fnng'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes', and chintaes 4 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambfic shawls 7 - 4 k 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 - 4 casimerw do. Bandaono, loogee and sistersoy hdkls. Pocket bdkrs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cassimcre Stried Florentine! Black do Madapollum and steam - looui slurtmgs Marseilles Quiltings, royal ribbs White and printed sateen Cotton brown holland Swausdnwn, toilanetts, stripes Cotton and wonted bo aiury Irish linens A sheetings Buttoas, bed ticks Fine and superfine cm - siraeres . Yorkshire fine and superfine cloths) - London do do .Superfine ladies cloths Uoiaittiettj, ralinetts Imperial cords, vigo - nia cassimercs Stockinetts, plain and ribb'd Fliuincls, baiaes Ferretts, worsted bind - Shirt buttons, cotton lac Paris netts and souffle ganie Black and white tbulle Uce Leno snawls, Estopil - las Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths. 6 - 4, 7 - 4 t 8 - 4 Diaper Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, k figured Muslins 1 Cambric. Trimmings, k Flounces Seersucker Ginghams Romall Hdkls. Silk Check Ginghams is 3 col'd Cambric garment Oil Cloth Brown Linen x Meiino Shawl Cotton bandannoes 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco aeita India muslin, - ic. Sc. Received by the late arrivals and for sale by HAGGERTY AliTEN, BihS4d4c?m 167 Pearl - street. VlLNbS L. P. TeuenlTa wine, (Pawly T T - brand. ) in piies, bhds. and qr. casks, itn - por&iJ July and September 1816 and July 1817. Cargo Teuerifle wine, in pipes, entitled to de benture. Cap Madeira wine, in aMoried casks, shipped attha Cape of uood Hope in I8U. Ol J Lubou wine, ni lor family use. For sale by A. D. DUFF, mh 26 lm 69 Washington - street. RJvF Qr. casas colmeaar wine 130 or caaks aud 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottle? emh - 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do letter 14 bhds English glaw ware, consisting of wines and tumblers assorted 100'bnxri anchovies and 10 doolire .1 box French kid gloves . 1 do ostrivh feathers, very rich . I do engravings , 9 case felt hats, 1 do chip do 40 bales Italian Wg, 600 marble mortars 23 cases marble slab, veined and statuary, assorted site S boxes Naples shaving toap ' I do watch glasses 3 catas manna in flake 100 bale Calcutta good, consisting of Baftas, putkah and rallipatty cossahs Chadpore, cnnmotoUy Johanna, luckipor and (oogapor Sannahs, jullapore and mow Checks, white, red and blue gfllahs Madras pattern do Bootee and froctsoy rotnals, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDEN, sad ABRM. OGDEN, atrh 6 Waihington - st. fKvf Doten Scythes, Waters' rtamp, for sale by JA.MES D'WOLF. Jr. mch 30 57 Front - stret. TtKUKK.S, DAV IDbON at CO. orJrlorsie X at 106 Front - street. 3 cases Irish Linea S do shawls 8 do coarse Book Uuilint and ladies hdkft 10 casks Glassware, assorted 60 crate Earthenware, do 4 case low priced Fowling Pieces 5 pine old Madeira Wine. mh 30 FRESH DRY GOODS. J ft C. NICHOLS, No. 132 Pearl - ttreet, have . received and are aow opening f rate best French Crape 1 do Mack Canton do 2 do black and c'oth colored Sewing Silk 1 do black Sinrhew 1 do black Parsnet t do black Canton Fringed Hdkf 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen, very low 2 do brown Linen, I do Irish Sheeting 2 do cotton Platiilas t do Steam Loom Shirting 2 do white and printed Jean 2 do Marseille Quilting, assorted 2 do furniture and common Dimities 2 do Madras Handkerchief S do fine Book and Cambric Muslin 2 do Millioett, 2 do Carlisle Gingham 2 do Cotton Cassimeret 1 do Pins in boxet 2 do Ladie Kid and Silk Glove 4 trnakt fine Plate Calicoes 3 do superfine Cbints 2 bales superfine Broad Cloths 2 do Casfiaere 2 do Rhodes' Booibasrt. All purcnased at auction, r equally a low of the importer, which tney offer lor sale ai a man advance. rah 30 lot BRANDY, POT ASHES, BUTTER, fc 6 pipe imitation 4th proof brandy, laid to be equal to any in this city. 21 barrel Pot Ashe, (good bills) j good retailing Batter S bale first quality Upland Cotton 25 bhds. Pans While 30 roll Sheet ledt assorted size 270 ba; Janiper Berria, good quality . iuu Keg best quality gmunn e;niyr For sale lr rah3nw CUK. ELIUS DUBOIS, 26 Kront - 1reet. A' PL SUGAR ti HAMS. T.J Barrels Muscovado Sugar, laading from ship Plato, at Dover - t. wharf 18 New Orleans pickled hams, landing from ship Evergreen, from New - Orleans, at Burlmg - slip. For sale by . N. & V. TALCOTT, ap 1 64 South - rt. Q cy VIRQ IMA TO HA CCO FLOUR. O f hhds oi l Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do C6 bbl Ana flour . 15 do middling do. For sal by VASQUEA - , M El' RON fe CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Waingtat - t. HOLLAND DL'CK. f - r le by CHS UOODCN.and ABR. OGDEN, apt Vfathingtoi - ttreet. O' Lit I.ONUOV PAJIT1CULAR TENE - RIFPE' W!Ei 5 quarter cask nearly cqnal to Madeira 2 do dry Lisbon, with a general afcsortment of first quality Tel and Groceries Very old Jamaica Spirit, Irish Whiskey Old Peach, Cognac Brandy, and Holland Gin Fish Sauces, Dutch Herring, English Bacon and Split Pea Dnuble Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese ' Very superior American and Pine Apple do London Brown Stout and American Porter Hams, Shoulders and Smoked Beef Cordial, Sloughton Uitterv, Demijohns Large Bottles and Bristol Ware. &'tuug)iton Bitters, in keg and bottles Hops Lard, in furkins and tubs ' AUo,a small assortment of earthen and glass ware. for sale cueap tor cash, by EDW: BLACKFORD, H7 Greenwich - street. A few quarter boxes of good Spanish Began. ap 7 o RICE Si TOBACCO. 20 tierca prime new Rice and 24 bbds prime Georgia Tobacco, for 'ale by ap 8 98 Pine street. URKAT CHANCE FOR HEADERS. rrHE lubtcriber bavins determined to siveun X the retailing Book - seHing Business on tfie - hrstot .Tlav, offer lor (alH, at rtduetd prtet, hi stook of Book and Stutiouarv on baind.t This dock comprise a very valuable assortment of tandard worn sin most nrainnes ot science and literature, aroonest which aa, - Bibles, Teita menu, Prayer Book, Psalms and Hymns, in very elegant bindings ; aho, a lew copies of Scott's r uujiiy fjiuir, in uiraru, .ini iimuiu , ouu i wvr - tliy the attention of dealers or consumers. Also, an elegMit assortment of Stationary, such a paper, uuills, waters, wax, (ealt, saud boxes end folders. A great variety of pen and pocket Knives, poc set nooa and watiets, port loiios, rulers, lead pencils, crayons, brushes. Reeve' and other colours, in every variety of form, draw - inc paiwr, ink - stands, visiting and other cards, India ink, do. rubber, portable desks, steel nens, slates, Gunter1 scales, mathematical instruments, pocket ledgers and memorandum bpoks, blank account books, &.C. ac. JOHN L. TIFFANY, 111 Brondway, opposite City Hotel, bp 2 die 2awJw . Gt'.XTKKL 1IOARDIM1. riP.ANKLIN HOUE. This new, pa5ioiiH I and splendid lliniding, situated in Broad way, the great and fasliionabte irfreet dividing the centre of the city, at tflef corner nf4Jev Ht. will' be opened by the ubct iher on the 1st of May next, ir the reception or Boarders. - ' It Is fitted, and will be fumivhed i i a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and ele gance, by any private dwelling irllie Citv. It occupies tlie most eligible situation, being central, in view oftli. Pui - and City - Hull ; the upper apartments overlooking the wliule town, commanding a view of the adjacent country for a circiinifLM - ei.ce of 50 miles, including tin Hook, the Narrows, and the Harbuitr ; and it is believed that tio House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit - uation i and no expense having been spar - eel by the owner to maxe it complete tor the purpose, in every respect, it will otter to ladies and gentlemen, and faniiliesvisiimg the city, uiemust genteel, pleasant ana retired a - partment. The choicest of Wmeand Liquor will be turnisbed, and no trouble or expense will be spared 40 maketl.e entertainment plea, sunt, rare xnd excellent. This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Hoarding . . AIRS. HKiVUKHsON. - feb?4 D&Otf ; hOH S.II.K. A farm in the village ol West Bloom field, m tssex county, state of ew - Jertey, withiu 13 miles of the city ol New - York, containing about thirty acres ol land, about six at re of which is woodland, of a young and thrifty gioath, und well timlwred ; the residue consists ol good rata - dow, with young orchard, iu apiotitalile bearing condition, irom which cider o' the first Quality can be made, the iruit boin a a choice collection. There is ou tlie premises a new Irame modern btilt house, of tlie best materials and well finish ed, two stories high, 46 feet in length and 32 leet in depth, containing five large room with fire places in each, beside a kitchen and apartments in the garret. Also, a garden, an excellent barn, cow bouse, etc. - The above described property will l (old below it value, the subscriber beiii. desirous of settling with his family in someone of the western stiles. The situation of it is very healthy and desirable, being on the turnpike road. which win snortiy ie in continuation oi.uie great Western Turnpike leading from the city o: Jersey to Lake Erie, and is a good stand either f"r a store or tavern. The surrounding country is delightful, and is exceeded by none in rxtnt of prospect, a it commands a full view of the city of New - York, bay, river and the Atlantic Ocean. There is a variety of fruit In the season in great profusion; and - large never failing streams of water run contiguous to (be village, whereon are erected large cotton and woolen lac tones to iuu operation. The whole or a part of the land will be sold with the bouse, as may suit the purchaser, and military bounty lands will be taken in pan pays meat. For terms, apply to Josiah Hedilen, Esq. in the city of New - York, or to the subscriber on the premises, who will give an indisputable title. apIO 2w KPtlKAIM P. S PILES. TO LET. The rxmse in Hudson - square, lately occupied by John H Murray, Esq. It is pa cinus and elegant, and possessed of every re quisite convenience. Possession may be bad immediately For terms, apply to X1AJU11 Si t.lLL.KSt'lri, 79 (up stairs) Pine - street. N. B. The above prop, rtya ill be sold to any one desirous to purchase, and the payment made convenient. . ap 9 imjDc and falunble property for tale Hie building and lot corner of Front uover - si reels, late toe property nt l nomas Brown, deceased, containing in. bredth otj Front - atrert, 24 feet, and on Dover - street, 85 feet From the improvement of property in the neighborhood it may be considered a most advantageou situation. The terms will be made easy, for which, tpply to GEO rV BROWN, ap 9 lw No. 10 Roosevelt - st. tJf. iULLV, VuiP From the first of May next, the Hoase No 152 Green - street, near Broadway. Enquire at the printers. ap8 3w" VALUABLE LOlSi 0Yb RO.iDH'A Y. f Two Lots lying between Houston) aud oieciier iirrci, usin me wvicnj u'le ui Broadway, being each thirty three feet in front i . . i i c .1 : . i. k. Mercer - strerft. There is a small Tenement with irnnAtn - .t . Vil in f r.r nl f V. r ji . a.t,ifh . - jk t . l : . l , i mxr rmiu tor tinj rnvains; jut a ire wikw enmplrtery enclosed with a aew fence, and will be sold oa accommodating term, only a part ol Iks. nnA. V lu.1n - MhimiI A r.r.1 tt. 1 mtu rcmou ap8tf 14 Wall - street. S.,,, 3 The spsriou 4 story bre proof store. at ti.e Toot of Ltbertv - street lately occupied by Messrs. i. Murray k Son. Poea.on to be riven on the first May next Pur terms. apply to MAJOR Jit GILLF. - P1R, sp i ( y iTp suits ri!rr - ircn. 271 TIN P LATH tt CORKS. Boxes tin plate. 13 X I87S groca velvet buttle corto, 1st ejaality 04 roams sugar - loaf paper. For sale by . Rt)GERS & POST, p8 61 Souta - st. Q - iOLKTAT ULOOMIXU OA LK, 1'be bouse aad ground belonging to the caute of Jolm Shaw, situated on theeiahlh avenue. On the premises are aa excellent double hou, tlablc, coach and ica house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft is pruxutned any other description i unnecessary, as thoM inclined to reot will view the place. Aho, Uw large fire proof store in the rear of hoasea 1 1 and 13 Peart - street where there is for sal Mitaeold Madera Wise, by the Demijohn. For further particular, apply to ANN M. SHAW, Jao 29 II Pearl - street. QtOH HALE OR W LEASJl, Lot in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Ward ; many ol wiucb are on regulated and paved street No money will be required under ten yean, if told, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story home, on which a great wart of the money remain on mortgage. - LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. , COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of land, aad a sever failing stream, upon which lit) mills may be erected, with a sullicienty of waU:r for each. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich street. jaa U tf " jT - n VALUABLE PROPERTY. tijp.J Tbe subscriber offers for sale a valuable farm, 73. mile from New - York, lying 7 mile south of Poughkeepsie, on the post - road, within 1 - 4 of a mile of the mills on the talis ol wappin - gerVCreek, and in the neighborhood of several landoin from which sloops sail weekly. It con tain 1 10 acres of, lc veLfertile land, v itb a young orchard of grafted fruit, wood lulncifnt for fuel, and all in good tence. The bouse contains set'' ral rooms, Iuu a good bars, aud all m excellent repair. Its situation being on an elevated plain, reuders the place not only healthy, but presents from the dwelling a dchghtlul inland prospect, Also, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to tn above, and bounded southerly by the falls of Waipioger' - Creek. 1 lie land is lortile, in ex ccllent . fence, aud of eary cultivation. What render this property valuable, is, that It maybe made a place ot eclebnty. 1 here is already e reeled on the falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a carding - mill, vVhich enjoys the cutom of the neighborhood, beside several other srite for factories, unoccupied. 1 he whole force ol the creek can be diverted with a little expenceso ru to drive a range of mills on a level plot of ground just below the falls, and accessible by an eafy navigation; where factories ol every description, with every lacilily of power and transportation can be constructed. Also, a flour - mill, of the first class. The mill - house is large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculaltd for 6, with new maihincry lor manufacturing wheat. &c. with an elevator for raising grain from vinels into the upper loft of the mill. Connected with, the mill is a large store house for stormg wheat and Hour. With the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on wbich is situated five dwelling houses, a large barn, hay house, carriage bouse, corn cnb, hovels, 4c. a cooper' shop calculated fot 20 band. Two Of the house ar new and well calculated for geotewl ftmilie i They command a view of ths river, with a beautiful intervale Ian Jscaps formed by the meandering of the creek usa - 'cdulelv in Iroul. r m There are few placet which associate to many actrmnmodating qualifications for the merchant. mechanic or farmer. . If not sold at private tale before Tuesday the 2ist April, it will on that day ea offered at aac - tioo. For terms, kc. apply to PETER MESIER, So. 25 Heaver - street. Feb 20 AMRAHAM VF.SIER. AttC A.I.., ' The property at Brooklyn, belonging to the estate ofCary Ludlow, deceased, consist ing ol a new three story brick bouse and lot of ground, a store bouse, formerly occupied as a distillery, a small frame huihiing and lot of ground, ana two vacant lot admitting tne above premise. This property i cd within a few rod of the stenm - hnat ferry, on the road to Pierpoot' Distillery, and extends from the hi( to the river. " . Also to let, from the first of May next, tlie house and lands on the hill, in the rear of the a - hove described premises. The house it well a - ditpted for a private lamily nr for a public house. I be situation, irons its elevated position, command a very extensive and beaotitul view ot the ity, the East River and Bay of New - York. Tlie grounds surrounding the house (about five acres ol laoo) are in a btgh stats of cultivation. For terms, apply to . GEO. W. MORTON, run 21 tf No. 60 William t MOUNT VERNON HOI EL. UfjII THE subscriber takes this method to in firm the public that he has tiken for the en - u ing season that well known stand formerly occo - pied by Dyde, about five miles from the City Hall, on the Boston road, and intends to open it as a public house for the reception of company, on tlie tint ot May next, when getlemeu and la. lies will be accommodated with every comfort and elegance to he expected at such a bouse, on the most reasonable terms. The! best of liquor of every tort will be al wayt kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook, ap 2 1m r OR SALLoft TO LEArE. On accommodating terms, a number of water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire ol SAMUEL EVANS, ian 22 tf Kronklyn TC l.kT. The small 3 story brick house No. ft1 I'ean - strect, (unable lor a person carrying on a trade in the house, having a light garret and a midilling sited store. Possession given immediately. Enquire of DAVID STILLWAGGON, mh 31 tf Stone - street, near Broad - street. 3fO Lb.T. For one or more years, a two story brick front House, No. 8 Canal streetlour door trots Broadway, to tlie front House is attartied one in the rear which serve a a guinea to eaco story. It will be pet iu le.nantable repair on ti e first day of May oeit, rent reasons bl. Enquire or jun.t m. rir.ui.r. i, ap 7 2w 90 Nassau stmet. JO LET. mJsjj The tores and cellar room of those three story houses No. 10 and 12 Brond - ttreel. Also, a good bouse at Greenwich, and one at liarisrni, wnn two ana a nai mrm near Manbaitanvill. Apply at 65 Bmdwy. or to . - CiJAS. OAKLEY, ap2tf 141 Frout - strei t. OTo Lei for r mrt years, Tlie following house, - how Broadway, two doors above Watlungtoo Hill, with a coach housa in the rear if requrrd - Also, a thre story brick bouse No. 415, ws - id street Also, a new and genteel two story lnck nous, comer of LMpenTird and Chun I. 'reetS the tersas mmfente. For further particular, apply at 415 Broadway. ' h2 U Q STORE TO LET, The fire proof store in Governeur - laue, between Water and Front - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER k LAURIES, mb 31. 29 South - street. TO LET, The GIJDBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa - ter - strect. The situation of this house, and its accommodations, justly render it aa object well worm us attention of any person desirous afkeep - ing a lucrative pablic bow. It will be let, fur - niihad or unfurnished, and Immediate frtsissirn given. Apply ato 17 Water - street, mh 17 tf FOR SALE, axAL rnorxavv in tbb citi ot ntw - oax. Pk A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II HuJ! Bowe - STABLE in the rear together w,tb the I5T, 44 feet front, feet rear? aad 125 feet oa each side, HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vsaey - ttreet : and House and Lot No. 39 Veaty - ttreeL A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollsx. do and do for 750 do do and do foe 460 do On valuable property in the city of New - York. The interest has always been ponctuilly paid. For particular Inquire M the office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dec 10 tf No. 27 Wall - street TO LET OR LEASE, From the 1st May next, on reasonable terms, a large convenient dwellinc bouse, oooo. site Love Lane, near the two mile stone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrain) well calculated for two families, having two kitchens, with B rooms, pantiie and vault, a (table and coach house, a well of eood water and two cis tern. It ha a very large garden, well stocked with shrub and Iruit trees j possession, of which can be bad on Use 1st April next. Also to rent a geutcel 3 story brick house No. 49i Greenwich - street, whh or without a liable in the rear. Apply at No 496 Greenwich - it. or to 11ALSEY Si GOS.MAN, mh 21 tf 34 Old - slip. stT1! ttmWKAVt. at OREKUiltU. liouJ To he let, the hotise apd ground fronting on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate ol the late eamuei in iigim, and at present occu pied by Mr. David Ely. lumber uieri liaiit, foot ol'N. Moore - stret,er of 1 . t nt - .MjLt, iu Uie Uank olew - iork. febSStf ' I ALL A RLE PhOI'ERTl, For sal - the Dover Iron Manulaclurinx bsialilithment, in the county ol Aiorris, and stall of New - Jersey t coosistins oi a roiling aud tlit - tinc Mill, in good repair, which works two pair of rollers and cuttcit, shears, tVc. all at tlie snn.e time ; a valuable forge Willi two ures and one huuiuier in good repair ; a stork of coal and ore on hand, sulliciei.t to make fifty Ions of iron i a good saw mill i a cut anil fartr ry in good icpair, sutficitnt to truploy thirty men, and may he extended to employ one hurjiirid tnore t a brad cut - line antrliiie and a steel furnace in eood repair: convenient to the work I a store aud a numlx r ol houses for the accommodation ot lainihes, sad excellent ttablina for team that may br necst - i tdry to keep (or Um use ol the establishment I also, orchards, pasture and meadow lot, immediately adjoining the works, with timber lead iu any quantity, not t acceding two thousand five hundred acres, witbin three miles of said work. 1 be treat vein ol iron ore. commencinc at the ooted mickasunny mine, runt more than 2 mile through tint tract, and three mine are now open. Irom which the lorget are tupphed with ore, and mors may oe opened ana or raised to tuppiv worm to any extent in mines are within two mile of said work, and good roads, o that Die ore can be raised and delivered at the forge at two ana a oaiiaoiiar per ion. i ne aoove cesennea wont are situated en Roctaway River, about eight miles from Mor - ntlnwn, twenty five mile from Elisabeth Town, aad abou' tb same distance from Newark, with good turnpike roads leading front tuid works to each place, in a pleasant health situation: and in a good oeithborhooo, there being two i'rtsby - lenan vouii oes wiunn luur suwii ana a menus meeting bouse willuu I wo miles of said place. This stand for collecting bar iron lor the slit ting mill is very commanding, there beiug nearly one hundred forge tires iu the county most ol them are oa the stream above Dover, and the iron, is goiog to New - York market, can cvpve - niently past those work. At this mill Ireouently lour tons ol bat iron have been (lit and bundled into nail and spike rods in a day. and upward of one unnareu ton ot sail nave oeea niau in a year. A large amount oi good may be told at this place in exchange for bar iron, procuring tup plies, iiofce. Theie are valuable sciUs Uitba hove at below on this tract,on which mors workt may ne erected. AL.BU, That valuable well known farm. Ivinr in (lie townsjiiii of Randolph, about two miles irom Do ver, bdu six mi let irom tviornttown, ana wiunn oi.e quarter cf a miltol the Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, called the Distillery Farm, containing about linee hundred acres, shout one lourth part oi which is excellent meadow, one fou'th part plough and pasture land, and fh re - maind r timber. A considerable part ofttie timber i - if the original growth, and is suitable In sawing, the other pari i thrifty young timber. Irom liltf - en to twenty yearsgrowtb. (here ar on taxi farm upwards ol six hundred apple trees, in one order, eight to sixteen years old, the most ol them ol graded fruit, and more than hall ot them Harison applrs. so famous lorcidtr. The meadows are flat and free from (tone, through which runs two lively streams ol water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of these streams is sufficient lor a grist - mill or other works ; there are saw luills, a grist - mill, a ful ling mill and oil mill, oa the same stream. Oa said farm are two valuable scites for water works, a convenient cbanp place to erect a short dam, and raise a considerable pond, with twelve or filteen feet bead. Below this tlie water caa be t ikto into a race, and iu let than twenty chains, on good firm ground, is more (ban twenty leetiau. in inis way me water can ne woraru twice over with the exense of only one dam. I tie re is on laid larm an extensive Cider mill with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to bold twelve hundred barrels of eider. Connected to the t ider works is the still - house, so conveniently situnled that the whole opt ration is corni Med without pumping, 'The water for condensing the spirit is supplied from a never In i ling spring, within sit rods of the still house, and has turlirient head to run into the cisterns. I he iiuii:ins consist oi two small frame dwellings, one good fiame barn, 54 leet long by 2t leet wide, under a part oi which is a eood cellar : there are also hay Dome, cow siieds, He. AL.SU, Valuable property al logwood, in the town - thiDof JebVrion. six miles Irons Dover, o Ine nam branch of Rockawaf P - iver, coiisislmg l a very valuable forge, with two fires and one hammer ; abundance oi water the whole yer, a brge tjd, and a very warm situation, end lor fifteen years past has maile at much iron as any two ures 10 the county. I he ore is w itiiin for miles, tad . nrt oi the rosd tummked. I ii several trv;ls ronneCte l with tins eatuhlishmeiit moaut allo - .ih,r in ahout feurteea hundred acre, the area! - , r part timber, to make a durable tupply ot coal Mr the foree. Immedintrly adjourn the forxe it very valuable plow nud meadow lain! turScient to' time I'armt of onebuadred acrvt eacli, with houw - s. orchard and haras, beside several eood dwellings for tlie familie that sasy be employed ia work mg tlie lorge. - . TU whole or any part of this verv valuable property will he sold at such pticet and credit at will make it worthy the attention of any person wishing to purchase. Tot further iuforuiatioa enquire Of JACOB 1.0aET. at Dove. ISHAF.t, CAN FIELD, at Morristown. KLACtCWELL k M'l ARLAN, at N.. York. leb DCU . ; Q - T . . to Feb 14 TO LET. ' The new brick Store no. tt Stone - sU. T. & J. SWORDS. QtOH SAM, The two - tory brick front Hoots and Lot No. 33 Cherry - street For Urma. Iuu atrolv at 76 Parlitrt. mar 3 TO LET, A Tavern and Store in Flushioc at or. mui occHPiea oy trir. vtb enaw. rtpjwy te tab 6 ll I T. GIJ TO LEI, SONS. LJl From th firit of May next a three. tory brickhoute in Greenwich - street, between. Liberty and Courtlandt - ttreets. . Inquire at 137 Greenwicn - sureet . . mh8 tf LAH BVILUlfiUS. Two office in Law Buildinc No. 3, to be rented. Apply on the premise, to JAMES. A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at No. 69 Broadway. eoxjotr Q TO LET, ,' . From Hie first of May next a front count ing room oa the second floor, together with tbs - upper loA. Enquire No. 167 Pca,l - tret . - jaa x tt 1 u LET, At a low rent a three story brick dwcUing ia Norfulk - at Erxiu'ireof ED i N. COX, , . nih 86 96 Wll - treet. f 'i . ' IRE tkoOV TokL. HaJI To let and possession first of May next, the lour story fir proof (tore. No. 34 ttaruW. between Cot ntiet and Old slips. Enuuir of lbs subscriber, No. 1 Murray.or 45 Clauber - treet tebOtf g. li.CKAIG. Q 70 LET, Aud possession fives oa toe first of Ma next, tin spacious and well kaowo stand, the. Union Hotel, No. 68 William - street. For par - , ticulars enquire ol Mr. Vaodeibift, No. 67, opposite, nb 16 fur isale, A two story house situated in Petri - street, Brooklyn. Possession may be had oo. the first of May next. For particular, spplyt to the subicriber, on the premises, mh 25 tf JAMES GILU JO LET, A countioe house on the lower flocr. No. south tret. A larce new fira proof stote in Governeartf - s lan, next door to Wat r treet. Apply to - TUCKER k LAI hlES, mh 11 , 29 South - street '40 Lf.T, Those two fire proof dwelling House. ,W74 and 76 Molt street about lea minutes walk from the Coffee House, 'ibrv will be put In complete repair, and well calculated forgevs - teel familie. Apply at No. 137 Water - street. tub II tf 'J O LET, A verv convenient house, with about hail an acre of ground, about a kill irom L city, adjoining the house occupied by JV,r, Mors - wtnit, irp.wi.i uivrHwieu usiu ins (sroadwaw road. Apply to JOHN B. MURRAT, ' , mh 25 tf Hudson - squara. Huiue, buUU, Giutsi, .c, ai OrtMtwtih, OlO LET ' The tubactibrr will let or lease, for m. term ofyear,Jvi hvuts at Greenwich. It i pleasantly situated on the hank ptllif Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a IjfVt fhadly. l ot irm,arilyto D1VIE BETHUNE, Jn3u - . W WaTrtreet. . UO L T - From the fint of May next tht Uiree sto. j krkk house,. No. Sit Dev - ttrceL Aopis to LEONARD BLEECKEK, , mh 27 2w v 37 VlUtreet' CL t or iMadrtUi. Ltv J The bouse end grpund ol the subscriber at Bloomingdule. near the 5 mile ftoac, silualeit on the banks of the North Jtiver. The House it modera built, 60 leet front with terraced nis and conienient out houses, all recently painted, and in complete order. The grounds ars birlilv cultivated, the garden extensive and good - and there are oo the flat a great variety of shrub, fruit and forest trees; end a pump of excellent water. For terms, which will be reatoaabk. trplyto B. A. LAWRENCE, ap s ins oi rine - sireet. , , lO LET, Tb House No. 78 Broad - street, with Uv ice, luire - aoute, ana ttacies con tie nous, ana appsltaiiiing thereto. For a term of years, in lott or parcel, that part of Rote Hill situate on the 2d, 3d, sad 4th. avenue, on the 23d, 24th, 25th. t6tb. 27th. tUtiu nd X9th street, wdicb belcng to Mrs. A an Roger. For particular, apply to JSIIIM A. MAWII.U.TI, . mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Built ing. rr?i To LET, Ct12 The following Uosses, vix 1l house No. 95 Jolio - trt The bouse No. 97 do , The house snd store No. 395 Pearl - street The house and (tors No. UI Cheery - street JAMr.Q W. SHAW, - No. 6 Bowery. V 'IO LET. US Tb ttore No. 20 Wall - ttreet. - Potei ioa may be bad immediately Apply at No. 18. ap i it Oi O LEASE, Jut lensi gtars. The house snd lot No. 20 Cedar treet. routainingiis rooms with fire place, beside the kilcbea, paauies, viuiu. ic. sna a well or goca water. For tale, the anrxpirsd term, eleven years, or the lot No. 69 Munay - treel, in tlie occapaiioo. of William Pattertm, oa lease from the Episcopal Cburcbdu Si. Esprit Inquire of J. W. A W. C. MULLIGAN, feb 25 dtf No. 44 Ptae - strewf. T Start and C ellar 10 Let. Zl The Store nd t ellar No. 67 i iss - strsst; toLet low, apply oa tb premise. sp I 8w i LE I , very tow, A eeaUrJ J - slorf brick hou, with t .T?r.rHo. bavin a ttabl in tha rr. tituai - . ..i the aso - t pltasaiit part of Broadtfay. about' 20 minutes walk from the City - Hall j ut f45Q ner annum. For particular,, apply 17 Codar - street ap 4 xw Q JO Relet, A doul 1 Counting Roost frooting tb East River. Euquiro at 69 South - street ap7 Iw . TO MET, . . i . . . . i , ii rum ine ist ot mi v next, tuc lows counting room af No. 64 Soatk aUeel AlHJ, Theaeptr coaaUng room, No. TI 8otb - t Apply to JAMEs D'WOLF, Jr. sen 13 i mai - tr - alO LET, In Barrows - street In the viliags of Greenwich, lately occupied by Mr. Amass, W oodworth, a convenient two tory fc's, wim . a two story back building adjoining . la tha bouts are fourcoavtmeat room with fors - ftace, two bed - rooms, and also two cellar kitchen aa - dr tlie bouse. There Te alto on th preraise J r.n..m.fii slut siriM - inns vMirk - sbio. twvaty lecv inlrontaod six'y feel deep, with a coavtalea vard m! joining, emtaKle for e kind ol asecbaa - t tc 'llihoeieadsl - n'i" t toRetber . .parau, a. msy txM fc"' apllw . pn mint r !' t .Vti 1 ti r. v ' - if ! -

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