The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 9, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1944
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

4 Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1844 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE PLUGGING LEAKS IN RATIONING OF GAS, STATE JOB Crackdowns to Come After Feb. 15, .Officers Announce Extensive groundwork to plug the leaks in gasoline rationing has been completed in the Des Moines district of the office of price administration as part of a nationwide campaign, it was announced /Wednesday by R. E. Walters, director. Until Feb. 15, the drive will be primarily educational b u t thereafter there will be a general crackdown on misuse o£ gasoline coupons, he declared. "Many of the violations have been unintentional or careless ones,-' Walters stated, "and for the past 2 weeks we have been pointing out to consumers as well as distributors and retailers just what regulations they must observe." "Obviously, strict enforcement consists to a great extent of prevention of illegal retail sales to consumers but first we had to explain our plan of operations to the distributors and their agents. That has been virtually completed and the period of leniency will end Feb. 15 when a strict enforcement program carrying penalties will be inaugurated." · · Audit ot licensed distributor gasoline bank accounts has revealed an accumulation of improperly endorsed, expired, not- yet valid and even counterfeit coupons, the distributors and re- taiiers have been informed. Hereafter, all such coupons will be charged against the distributor receiving them and he in turn will recover from the retailer who submitted them. At the same time, such couponswill serve as the basis for investigations. The 4 most common violations of coupon regulations were listed as follows by Donald D. Holdoegel district enforcement attorney: 1. Non-endorsement of gas rationing coupons. All such coupons should be endorsed on the face with the holder's state and car license number written in ink, indelible pencil, typewriter or rubber stamp. 2. Presentation of old coupons whose expiration date has been passed. I 3. Presentation of c o u p o n s which have not become valid. 4. Presentation of loose coupons, the source of which is dubious. Some of these may be legitimate; others are not. Failure to conform to any one ol these regulations aids the black market and makes it more difficult for rationing enforcement officials to catch and punish counterfeiters of coupons, Holdoegel said. . Distributors attending area conferences with district OPA representatives have pledged their support to the enforcement program and are now instructing their retail outlets on full compliance with the gasoline rationing regulations, the enforcement attorney said. Distributors unable to attend the conferences and all licensed retailers have received definite information on the black market war plans by mail, he stated. DOWN 13 MORE NIPPON PLANES 111 Destroyed This Month Over Rabaul Allied Headquarters In The Southwest Pacific, (IP)--Allied airmen have shot down 13 more Japanese planes over Rabaul, New Britain, making it 111 enemy aircraft reported destroyed there so far this month and putting this Nipponese south pacific bastion high on the list of suicide assignments for the mikado's pilots. Gen. Douglas MacArthur's com- munique Wednesday said Mitchell medium bombers and liberator heavies, with -fighter cover--more than 150 planes--struck Lakunai airdrome at midday Sunday with 124 tons of bombs. The planes \vere from Adm. William F. Halsey's bases in the Solomon islands. It was the 7th raid on Rabaul since Feb. 1 and the 5th on Laku- nai field. Airdrome repair shops and revetments were blown up or set afire, and aside from the 13 enemy planes positively accounted for, the attackers chalked up lO.prob- ables. Damage to allied craft was minor, the communique said. The 111 Japanese aircraft reported destroyed at Rabaul in February communiques included 19 wrecked on the ground. There also were 36 probables. The allied loss for the period was 36 planes. MARSHAL'S COAT STOLEN' Philadelphia, (If)--U. S. Deputy Marshal Harry Cox is really convinced now that thieves have no proper respect for the law. His own overcoat, he says, was stolen from an unlocked cell in the marshal's cellroom. Quitting Business RamseysSc to *1 Store 1408 North Federal: BARGAIN BUSTERS FOR THURS., FRI. AND SAT. TOILET TISSUE BS" 5e Volue Limit of Three. SforlQi 4-HOUR A " - Whi | e They ,; asr POLISHING Genuine Aerowax Qualify. No Rubbing. 25e Value. . REG. 29c VALUE FLIT K '" s Moth * Mosquitoes, *·**» Flies, Rooches, Ants, Etc. DUSTING CLOTH, Reg. »0c Volue FRICTION TAPE, For Taping, Repair Work $1.00 Volue HAMMERS . 69c 10c Quality BUTTONS, Per Cord. . MAIL BOXES, Now Only. . . . 19c SCHOOL SUPPLIES.. 0 OV 1 '/2-ounce YARNS, Now Only PRIME CLEANER Removes All Dirt Clfcans. Woodwork, Walls Furniture, Floors, Window Shades, Refrigerators etc S. 5?c Qts., now. . . 33c Reg. $1 '/ 2 Gol., now 59e 65c Rayon *·%*. PANTIES, ot only. . 45C ANKLETS Reg. 15c Values Hundreds la Choose From Assorted Colors Sizes 6 to 10!-. PAIR Limit 6 P«. DUST PANS · NOVELTIES 27c ( COSMETICS AND TOILETRIES. Tho U sonds of «,,, different Hems to choose from 5C LADIES' QUALITY HANDKERCHIEFS Aborted patterns. Reg. 2 for »5c quolity. 5c GAMES AND PUZZLES PRICE All Kindt, All Sixes, All in Per- « / feet Condition, From lOc to ~/«a $1.25 Values, now going ot-- / 2 GAA ENGINEER IS HERE TO DISCUSS AIRPORT LIGHTS Equipment Includes Revolving Beacon for Night Landings Paul V. Roberts, Kansas City civil aeronautics administrator airport engineer, was in Mason City -Wednesday to discuss with City Manager Herbert T. Barclay and Karl Waggoner, architect, the layout of the administration area at the Mason City municipal airport. Connections with utilities and location of the CAA electrical transformer station were his particular concern, he said, in connection with installation of the airport lighting system this spring. Most of the lighting equipment, valued at more than $40,000, already is stored in Mason City having been shipped here by the army air forces. Cost of its installation will be approximately $30,000. Mr. Roberts estimated. The equipment includes a brce revolving beacon luht which operates throuchout every night, the eofineer explained, to show fly. ers that the airport is available tor night landings. The port also will have a radio control tower with which all planes with radios will be in contact and receive instructions for landing. Planes without radios will be signaled whether they may land or not by the use of a gun which is aimed at the plane and shows a red or green light. When night landings are made the flight strip which is to be used is the only one lighted. The landing strips are outlined with recessed lights which are not damaged when aircraft roll over them. Control towers are in charge of and operated by CAA personnel, Mr. Roberts said. He said it was Jogicat to believe that such control would continue in order to provide unformity oE procedure across the country.' Questioned about the possibility (A a 3rd runway--a northeast- southwest landing strip--being constructed on the local airport, the CAA engineer said that he thought it would not be necessary for a number o£ years. The large planes now have tricycle landing gear, he explained, and are able to land against a 30 degree crosswind. Xhe 2 rumvays noiv being- built by CAA consequently are considered adequate for the use of the larger planes which require a paved area on which to land, he continued. Smaller, less heavy planes ordinarily do not land on the flight strips because the sodded area is smooth and somewhat yielding and remits in less wear and tear on the-plane, he added. .. Mr. Roberts discussed the lay- but of tne administration *- r area with Mr. Waggoner, particularly the landscaping as it affected the location of eventual buildings. The former Nicholas house is to e moved by the city to a point 75 feet south of the central paved apron near the middle of the airport and will be remodeled for jse as administration building, CAA communications station and waiting room. Truck Line Extensions Need ODT OK The office o£ defense transportation Monday announced the issuance of an order, effective Feb. 1, prescribing the procedure which motor truck operators must follow in applying for ODT approval of proposals to extend present operations or to institute new services. The ODT emphasized that under regulations effective Oct. 25, 1943, any expansion of trucking operations must have the prior approval of the office of defense transportation. Under the order (administrative order ODT 15), a motor Iruck operator seeking to expand his operations must apply to the manager of the ODT motor transport district offlte in which his operating headquarters are located. If the application is denied in whole or in part by the district manager, the applicant may appeal to the regional director, and if he is not satisfied with the regional director's decision he may appeal to the director of the Office of Defense Transportation. The truck operator must pro- 'ide the following information in applying 'lor ODT approval of expansion of his operations: Name, address, principal place ol business and operating headquarters; description of proposed service and method and manner in which it is to rTe performed, including number of vehicles to be employed, schedules, etc.; name o£ any motor, rail or water carrier presently performing a similar service; authority granted by the interstate commerce commission or appropriate slate regulatory body, where such authorization is required; justification of the service as necessary to the war effort or to the maintenance of essential civilian economy; serial numbers o£ Certificates o£ War Necessity involved in the proposed service. Approval of an extension or inauguration of trucking services, the ODT explained, will be given by the ODT district manager only under the following conditions: (1) When such service is necessary to' the war effort or the maintenance of essential civilian economy; (2) when it cannot be performed by existing means o£ transportation or when existing service is not as convenient or expeditious as the proposed service and a positive need directly related to the war effort is shown for greater convenience or expedition, or when it will conserve CHINESE FORCES SCORE ADVANCE But Japs Continue Drive North of Akyab New Delhi, (iP)--Chinese forces iiave scored further gains against the Japanese in the Hukawng valley in northern Burma but on the Arafcan Iront north of Akyab :he Japanese still arc on the offensive against allied hill positions, a communique from Admiral Lord Louis Mountbalten's southeast Asia headquarters said Wednesday. The Chinese have wiped out pockets of enemy resistance anci cleared the west bank of the Tanai river west or Taipha Ga where the Chinese are seeking to push out the enemy to allow completion o£ the new Ledo road ihrough the area. RAF and U. S. bombers o[ the :actical air force were active over !he entire north Burma area, at- :acking Japanese communications, transport, barracks and warehouses. Third Youth Center Dance Held at Y. M. The third in the scries of programs of the Youth Recreation Center sponsored by the Hi-Y club was held at the Y. M. C. A. banquet room Tuesday evening with 400 young people present. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Newell Hugi, who volunteered their time as chaperons. Y. M. C, A. representatives for the center included Mr. nnd airs. Glemvood Buchanan and Mr. and Mrs. John H. Calhoun as chaperons. The evening's dancing was from 7:30 to 10'30. The next meeting ot the center will be held at the Y this coming Saturday night. Profit p£ the refreshment sales will go into the purchaing ol new records according to the Hi-Y committee. The Hi-Y club also has made arrangements for table tennis games for the Saturday night meciins. Ch»pin--Cpl. Glen Parks, wife and baby of California are spending a 10-day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Parks. existing transportation facilities to a degree outweighing in importance the added use of the new facilities; (3) when the proposed service will contribute directly and in important degree to the war effort or is needed to sustain the health and welfare of civilians; or when the new service can be furnished without additional demands on critical materials or manpower outweighing any public benefit from the new service. Civil Service Interviewer to Ee Here James McWilliams, civil service man representing the west coast navy shipyards will be at the United States employment office 19 3rd N. E., Thursday, Friday and Saturday to interview workers skilled in mechanics, who might be interested in serving as civilian employes in the navy yards, announced T. C. Hutchinson of the local navy recruiting office Tuesday. Persons who are blacksmiths, boilermakerc, drillers, electricians, m a c h i n e operators, sheetmetal workers, welders or in similar occupations would be qualified applicants, and might receive direct appointments to Mare Island, Cal. Puget Sound, Wash., or Hunter's Point, Cal. There is also a need of workmen in the naval ammunition depot at Hawthorne, Nev., and the naval ammunition depot at Hastings, Nebr. Their need is [or the most part, laborers, states the recruiting office. Joice --L. L. Skuttle, retired rural mail carrier, was admitted to Mercy hospital at Mason City Friday for treatment. He underwent a major operation some weeks ago. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly he- cause it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid: nature to soothe and heal raw, tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a nottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you, are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis deserves That coal merchant of yours .. . it's high rime he was cited for service! About everything has happened to him these past two years. He's lost yard and delivery men... and others are hard to find. Repairs and new equipmentare a headache... not to mention war-restrictions on his truck mileage, gas and tires. Even his coal supply has been unpredictable . . . what with labor trouble at the mines and with the war taking 40% more coal for power, steel and endless other tasks. Still he has had just as many (often more) customers to serve and he has gone about it patiently doing his level best, always! Such service on the home front deserves our citation and jours.' Nothing else is more vital lo wintertime health and comfort in America's homes or more nee- essary to backing up the war effort in every neighborhood. To the men who are working quietly and faithfully--courageously too--in their job of keeping fuel in the nation's homes, we say warmly: "Congratulations and more power to you." PEABODY COAL COMPANY Miiwn, refiners and shippers of high quality coals Established 1SS3 Officcc Chicago Springfield St. Louis Omaha Minneapolis Cincinnati' N«w York BOY SCOUTS TO START ON BOND GLEANING WORK Meeting at Monroe Junior High School on Thursday Night Boy Scouts from Mason City and surrounding communities in Cerro Gordo county will be commissioned special messengers of the United States treasury at the district court of honor, which will be held in the Monroe junior high school auditorium Thursday night. The boys will receive their commission from a representative of the 4th war loan drive and during the remainder of the week, they will join thousands of Scouts all over the United States, at the request of Secretary Morganthau of the United States treasury, in conducting the "gleaners after the reapers" campaign. Mr. Morganthau has asked that the Boy' Scout go from bouse to house, making certain that no one has been misted in connection with the purchase of bonds in the 4th war loan drive. Other features on the court of honor program, in addition to entertainment numbers will include the presentation of a Sea Scout Eagle Award, the awarding of the advancements of r a n k s , the awarding of the Walter Erickson advancement trophy and the court o£ honor attendance trophy and a surprise event. The court of honor is being held in connection with the celebration of Scouting's 34th anniversary in America. The court of honor, which will Bradford--Mrs. L. J. Rank anl 2 little daughters of Spirit Laki are visiting her parents. Mr. anl Mrs. A. T. Hamilton. start at 8 p. m., is opened to th public. Parents and friends Scouts have been invited to at] tend. ALWAY! SCORE! doubly welcome hit when yo are suffering from iniffly, «ne ene» of head cold. Try just tw,, ,,. Penefro Nose Dropam each noetril. -TM ·cnptioa tj-pemetlicationTrithrealephedJ nne they (1) open up your cold-cloMeof ?5 8e ~ you . br f aUl 6 freer almost in»t«nU» $%E*!** s «*V*-"**£ c . c . i m a . M m u PENETRO JUST ARRIVED--ODD LOT Shipment of FURNITURE 1 at our USED STORE on 4th St. N. E. TWO-PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITE Large, roomy two-piece living room suite. Hardwood construction throughout. Carved Walnut finish jegs and fronts Full web construction. Deep filled arms,-cushions and back.^Choice or colors and patterns / CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS 59,5 STUDIO COUCH Opens to make a full size ' $00.95 bed LO PILLOW BACK Model at $19.95 CHEST OF DRAWERS Walnut finish hardwood chest. 5 large hardu ood d r a w e r s . Fiber ?1095 casters . . . . . . . 1J KITCHEN \ TABLE White enameled bard- wood base with ma- s o n i t e top. Large utensil Sj.35 drawer ^ 3 piece Waterfall Bedroom Suite A smart modern suite of quality and style. Matching oriental wood veneers, on walnut veneered base. Bed, chest and vanity. CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS $6995 Desk Chairs $6.95 End Tables $3.95 and up HIGH CHAIR Hardwood, s t u r d i l y constructed to prevent tipping. Safety 5/J.45 strap O These ODD PIECES from Bedroom Sets · BEDS---$18.45 and $19.95 · VANITIES Walnut finish $30.95 and $33.95 · DRESSER Walnut finish $33.00 · Also two 3-piece limed oak BEDROOM SUITES Your choice $114.50 Hassocks $3.95 - $6.98 Baby Cribs $12.95 ALL ITEMS ARE HEW and MODERN in DESIGN A few articles, slightly damaged In transit, at REDUCED PRICES. As we are now repairing and redecorating onr main store, all of the above merchandise will be sold at our WAREHOUSE and USED STORE located at 10 4th Street N. E just off Federal avenue. PHONE 1053 10--4th Street Northeast USED STORE PHONE 1053 10--4th Street Northeast

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