The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, December 30, 1913
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CAPTAIN M. A. BATSON. Ex-Army Officer Who May Try to Fly Aeroas Atlantio. SAVE GIRL FROM "SLAVERS" Fourtean-Year-OlcJ Roar.oke, Vs., Miw Found In Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Dei-. 00. -- I'uoHctty glvcu by the uowi-puiiers to the- :i.-a;- , peurance last Tuesday of iot:rtcc;i- year-oW Geneva ftluriul NYoo'Un, the ' pretty daughter of a photographer of Rcanoke. Va., aaveil her from Ui« clutches yf two men, thought ly de; tectives to b«s tsie agent-, of a whits ' slave syndicate, who met her in this ' city and wanted to lure her to licstou ! under promise of marriage. ) j The girl was foua-i in a hotel near ' Eleventh and Market streets by Wai- Chief Events of the Past Iwdve Months. SHORT DAILY RECORD. ;·(·-. lit-r o- rn» aeiHHicd preKtl*nt anil vie* lilt'llt of Mexico MiKleiO »!.! !SUU- \\t-n- u:ll«-.l In a iu»t'riui limn- w l i l l v uiiili-r «:'·. "-1 !y revolution- «. Alfuxio Dw Or«. Hi* pool Ttw mth tto Mrtfe * Rklwr4 ~ M. AMMMMt M ; ters and O'Connor, detectives. Slie was j ; History of the World ToM In 7883 A WRAP AND GOWN OF REAL DISTINCTION It is not easy to find a smart three- ! Overblouse Irocks offer charmlr.g quarter coat model this season, despite ways of brmgins about the much de- .i. ,. ,..,,,,,,, T^-, a i = -, TM ^ _ sired combination of tv.o or more- raa- forgiveness, started to her home in ; RcanoUe, a sorry gifl. j Geneva is attractive, ahc! seeing. ! photographs of actresses in her fatli- '· _. _ vCaO'C A R I T I I A B V PAH I er's studio she believed tnat the lifp i I fit ItAll O UDIIU/MVI RULl. ' on the stage was the one "she wanted j . ! to follow. She left home on Tuesday | I and went as far as Baltimore. ' j When her father discovered her ab- i ! sence he went to Baltimore. There he : displayed the photograph of the girt j to every newsboy he met and finally, through one of the lads, ha learned | that the girl had gone to Philadelphia. I She became hysterical when the detectives found her. THREW BABY IN IwiLSON FAMILY B6X ON BONRRE WILL KEEP QUIET Its extreme usefulness. Thig is a model with excellent lines and may be used for either afternoon or evening. A taupe plush, very much like the real mole skin, is used in the illustration. The round collar, lon^ revers and the cuffs are of roney skin. Manufacturers have v nearly reached perfection in these new fur fabrics, light, supple and beautifully dyed. Many of them are so soft that they are being used for gowns and suits This coat may be copied with 4*4 yards of 42 inch material for size 36. terials or colors. The underbodic-5 is usually of lace or chiffon; often a delicately colored figure of velvet lends a soft touch of contrast. Beige bror^cloth is used here with an underblouse of shadow lace. The trimming band on the front of the blouse is braided in a dull gold sou- tache. This dress may be copied in size 36 w i t h 8 yards of 36 inch material. Xo. 78S2--sizes 32 to 44. No. 7630--sizes 34 to 42. Each pattern 15 cents. To obtain either pattern illustrated fin out this coupon and enclose 15 cent= in stamps or coin Be sure to =tate number of pattern and sizp. measuring over the fullest part of the bust. Address Pattern Department, care of this pap«r. No Name .. Address Size R BOOTS $3.00 PAIR.... WHY PAY MORE? All sizes, new goods. MEAT MEAL, best guaranteed egg producer at $3.25 per 100 Ibs. Also good Oyster Shell and Scratch Feed. LET US HAVE Y O U R ORDER. H. W. T R O S T L E SON Arendtsville, Pa. Boys Rescue Infant When They won't Lift Embargo on Social Hear II Cry, Functions in South, Political Affairs, Sporting, Personal and Miscellaneous Items- Ijoss o* Lite »u Property by Accidents, Shipwrecks, Storms and Conflagrations--A Chronological Review. JANUARY. 1. Parcel Post: Parcel post service began. Sporting: Al PaUer was d e f l a t e ' eighteenth round In a contest white heavyweight belt \\uli McCarty at Los Angeles. Cal. 2. Obituary: Gen. E. M. Lee. veteran and ex-governor of territory; aged 77. S. Storm: Violent wind and rain storm worked destruction In sections of the United States. Obituary: James R. Keene, noted financier and turfman, in New York: aged 75 Jeff Davis, United States senator from Arkansas and former eovernor. at Little Rock; ased 5L 6 Obituary: Lewis Swift, noted astronomer, at Marathon. N. ?.: aged S3. 7. Shipwreck: The steamer in the { toi tha i Luther ; I civil war j Wyo.nmK i New York, Dec. 30.--Three young- Pass Christian, Miss., Der. 30.--The , . , i - i T - i r 1 -. * C*-^^ V / i i i x.^iJ.aii-1} i»iifc.3-» A ^ V - - . w ^ . sters playing near the Hudson Boule- 8Oir . lmposed emb argo upon social fanc- vard and Tenth street, V. est New i ... . , t h wilson York, picked up a small pasteboard j box. I One of tiic-ra was on the point of [ opening U, V'T-I another who had j started a, e\claimc'l: "Chuck; it on tho firj; let's see it burn." I the box " r l i u c k c I" it on the fire and one end began to blaze merrily. "Hey! ' yr'lc.l one of the youngsters suddenly, "'-i.jten'. Something's in the box." They all li. t~r. 1, and a smothered wail could te h c a r l distinctly above the cra,!'lp of tho flames. One o* t'.ic boys mado a d i » e for the burning box and hauled it cut of the fire. Putting out the (lames, the boys biialchcd off-t^io 1*4 of tho box, and there w a ; di-c'osed to the youngsters' astonisliP'l -a,.e a two-weeks-oid baby boy, alive and kicking. The la'1.3 ran with their find to a grocery :-tpr= on the corner and the grocer telephoned to the North Hudson hospital. An ambulance took the baby to the hospital, and there the doctors r a i l that the ""baby stood a good chanre ol living. It was not touched by the flames. lions will net be lifted by the Wilson family during the mid-winter sojourn on the gulf coast. This was made very clear to Representative "Pat" Harrison, of the Sixth Mississippi district, -when he called at "Beaulieu" to suggest to Mrs. Wilson and the daughters of the president that several of the social leaders of the region, while 'appreciating the president's desire and necessity for relaxation, felt that perhaps the feminine members of the White House family would enjoy such quiet entertainments as might be tendered to them. yir. Harrison left "Beaulieu" in a state ol dignified dejection at the pros- pert of hating to explain to some of the ambitions profferers of hospitality that their calling lists would not be White House PUBLIC SALE On THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1914 The undersigned intending to quit farming and move to Hanover, will sell at public sale in Straban township on road leading from the Pine Grovo road to Bender's Church road, 2% miles east of Table Rock on Stone Jug the following: 1 brood mare rising 10 years old with foal to March's Jack, good all round worker; 1 colt coming one year old with good style and action, 2 cows, one a milk cow, will be fresh in January. 1 heifer will be fresh in April. Farming implements: 1-one horse wagon, iron axies; Oliver Chilled plow, spring tooth harrow, horse rake, 2 corn forks, 1 iron frame; 3 shovels, 1 five shovel fork, 1 iron beam shovel plow .and 3 shovels, as good as new, 1 surrey in good order, falling top buggy, good runabout, wheelbarrow, boys "hand wagon, sleigh and bells, dung sled, 3 hand sleds, breast, cow and log chains, 2 pair butt traces, 1 pair work gears, suitable for onr horse, 3 sets buggy harness, " harness bridles, 2 sets buggy lines, plow lines, 2 harness collars, choke and hitching Straps 2 work bridles, 2 riding bridles, 1 sadd'le 2 breast straps, 2 lead reins, fly nets, yoke strap, and all kinds of straps, 2 cow bells, tie rope, dung and pitch forks, hoes, shovels, mattocn, and picks, single and double trees, jocky sticks, 7 middle rings, 4 halters and chains, corn chopper, axes, main , and wedges, digging iron, lot of hay, i corn fodder by the bundle, good shepherd dog, a splendid house dog; chickens by the pound, 3 guineas, pair of ducks, some boards, 3 ladders, some 'wood, 5 trestles, boxes, harness cupboard, rain an 1 * cider barrels, cross cut saw, wood saw and buck, 2 scythes and sneads good as new, lot of cotton baps artd sacks," bushel basket, % bushel measure, hen d u n g and ashes. Household ; goods; 4 bedsteads and Springs, 1 t!able,. 1 .sink, 1 stand, 1 good Montana chunk stove and pipe, 1 small ten plate stove, churn, lounga, bench, 1 washing machine, many other articles not mentioned. Sale to begin at 12 o'clock sharp. A credit of 6 months will be given on all sums of $5 and upward with approved security. Terms by MRS. C. L. TOPPER. G. K. Walker, Auctioneer. P. A. T. Bowers, Clerk. WALTERS THEATRE ONE NIGHT ONLY WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1913 MR. PAUL GILMORE, himself, in CAPTAIN ALVAREZ, featuring MISS MABEL SCOTT Prices 50, 75, $1.00 and $1.50. Seats on sale at Peoples' Drug Store.] ACTOR KILLSJA/IFE AND CHILD Cincinnati Coroner Believes Robert Maroney is insane. Cincinnati, Deo. 00.--"I killed her because I fcaw the devil in her eyes. The bab- also had the levil tn her eyes, so I Killed her, too." This v,as the explanation which Coroner Foprtmeyer said was given him by Robert Monroe Maroney, an actor, two;:l.y-si\ years old, of San Antonio, Tex , lor the murder of his one- year-old I'.E.'- r -ter, Prances, and his wile, who w a - , known oil the stage as "Othello ViiiarJ." The m o t h e r and rhild were shot to death as they slept in a room in tho Hotel Walton. Maroney, half clad, ran from H I P hotel, flourishing a revolver He v-as pursue dand captured, volver. He was pursued and captured, derer is insane. Rosecrans was^ wrecked on Peacock Spit. Ore.; 31 seamen drowned. 8. Sporting: Alfredo De Oro. champion , pocket billiard player of tlic world, i saved his titl* hy defeating James Ma- j turo in New York. | 12. Fire: Loss of JiOOO.000 by burning ot a cold storage plant at Calgary. Alberta, i 17 Political; The British house of com- , mons passed the Irish home rule bill , by a majority of 110 Raymond Pom- care. prime minister «f France, «as elected president of the republicObituary: Dr. Thaddeus 8. C. Lowe, aeronaut and inventor, ut Pasadena. Cal.; aged 81. E Prentiss Bailey, editor, connected with the Utlca Observei for 60 years, at Utica; aged 79 18. Obituary: Mrs. Julia C. R. Dorr, poet and author, at Rutland, Vt : aged 87 Shipwreck: 43 lives Jost In the wrecking of the passenger liner Veronese off | Portugal- ! L Personal: Helen Gould, the philanthropist, married to Finley J. Shepard In , New York. I Naval: The Brazilian super-Dreadnought, , largest and most powerful battles!.ip j p-float, was launched at Newcastle=tnr Tyne, England. c!i.ill'ujj«-r lor i lie w u i lil'sj vh.i ship. by..u ttcbrt) »f 2U to Ii7 g. Kim: T!u) UurnirtK of III* Uvwey not«M G:naha. nau"vri a h*ivy loss of Itfu MARCH. L Shipwreck. Uriuxh stea:M«r Caltarto* fuuiid'ered In lh*r *wa ol M a r n t u t a , 2U' Uvev lo.fl Fire; I«ot« of JCOO.OW al ArperijUl. Kan. by the b u r n i n g of On- «iulf Compress- company's plant 4. Disaster at Sea: (German torpedo Onat ; - A-'Htru.-wer si'lls sunn 1:1 «olil»ion vfl Political: Woudiou Wilson Inaugurated us the 2th president of the United Stale*. I Historical: The ship Niagara, whlcB Commodore Perrv used in hi* victo nous b a t t l e on«i Krie m IMS, was- raised from the ouitom of the lake near Erie. Pa Balkan War: The Gieeks captuied Ja nlna from the Tuiks, kftcurlng 32.001 prisoners. Political: The senate confirmed Presi dent Wilson's cabinet nominations as follow*: Suite. William J Uryan ot Nebraska, treasury, W i l l i a m Ulbb* McAdoo of N«-w Y o r k ; war. Llndle* M u r r a y Garrison of New Jersey, al torney genera). .lames Clark M u R e j n olds of Tpnnesi.t-*'. pcwtmastei Bfinerai Albert Sidney Liuileson of Texas: nav Josephus IJaniels of North Carolina Interior. F i a n U l m Knight l-ane of Cal Ifornia: n g i l c u l t n r e . f»vtl KYanklh Houston of Missouri; commerce, Wll llam Cox Redrteld of New i'orU; labor William Baucliop Wilson of Pcnnsyl ran la Bportuig: McDonald scored a new world 1 * record by hurling the 24 pound shot 3'. feet and 3% inches m -N'ew York Kiviat made a new woild's record bj r u n n i n g l.OUO yards in 2 minutes 15 4-t seconds in New York. Explosion: About 30 men killed and K injured by explosion of d namlte in t i a n s i t on the steamship A l u m Chine In Baltimore harbor Fire: At Yokohama: loss of 17.500.000. Obituary: Dr J S Billings. Federal war veteran, a u t h o r and librarian, in New York city, aged 74 Storm: Electrical tomaclo s«ept ovei the lower southern and southwestern states: 100 deaths. Fire: Plant of the Elmlra Telegram destroyed: loss KJOOO. Btorm: A blizzard raged from Illinois to the Dakotas. Greece: King George assassinated at Salonikl . Storm: Blizzard and. cyclonic storm ravaged the central and southwestern states, destroying over 100 lives ana properly valued at several million dollars. Greece: King Constantino ascended th« throne. Obituary: Frank S. Black, ex-governot of New York and noted lawyer. In Troy; aged W) Storm: Cyclone killed 15 outright at Terre Haute and Injured over 200. many mortally. Over - :CO killed in Omaha where 1.200 houses were burned 01 wrecked M a n y Nebraska towns smit ten Obituary: Plold Marshal Viscount Gai net Joseph Wolsoley. famous Britis-r Eol«llnr. a(. Me-nnni*. Frnnri'. H^PI! Ml . Cai. Sporting: J*rom* D. t metropolitan *imt«ur la K»w York. 7. fi. IL 15. IS. 22. I 2.T decorated with any names. The mid-winter ball Of the Gulfport and Bilosi assemblies -was held last night, and it was primarily to this j function that Mr. Harrison was most j anxious that the ladies should come. President Wilson's golf is* improving- so also is his general physical condition. 80. KODAKS, films, overythinp in Kodak lin« always fresh. Hiiher's Drup Store,--advertisement 1 Effective November 16, 1913. THE WESTERN MARYLAND RAIL! AT 8:56 A. M. Daily Except Sunday for Baltimore, Hanover, York anc Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersburg Hancock, Cumberland, Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elking, * W. Va, 12:25 P. M. for Highfield and interne diate stations. 2:55 P. M. for York, Baltimore Intermediate Points. 5:36 P. M. Daily except Sunday fo B. and H. Division Point* t« Highfild, also Hagerstown Waynesboro, Chambcraburg Shippensburp. .13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, and intermediate stations. and E. M, GROUT INDICTED Man Long P r o m i n e n t In New York P u b l i c Life Accused of Perjury. New Yor\, Dec. MO. -- Edward M. rout, former city controlelr, once president 01! tho borough of Brooklyn, and a forir-er law partner of the late Mavor Gaynor, was indicted upon a hargc of perjury. Tie is act used of having made a false report to the superintendent of janks o. the resources of the Union 3anl: of Brooklyn, of which he was president for two years. TO DISCUSS SEGREGATION Colored People to Debate Conditions In Government Office*. New York, Dec. 30.--"'Segregation" will he the general subject before the National Association for the Advancement of the Colored People at Us annual meeting here on Jan. S. lany ot the addresses, it was announced, w i l l deal with the recent investigation of charges that coloreJ eumployes are discriminated against in the government departments at Washington. Mrs. Robert LaFollette, wife oC tho senator Irom Wisconsin, will speak on thib subject. Segregation of colorad persons on southern farms, a new development of the situation, will be discussed by Dr. W. E. B. Dubois. About 2000 persons from all parts o! the country are expected to attend the meeting. Actress K i l l e d by Fall. Chicago, rpn. 30.--Mrs. Georpp So- eorrt, thin, years old, an actress, foil or jumno'l from a fifth story window in a hotel lion: and was killed. No one saw the fall. Mrs. Secorri's husband is an actor. HP lelt Chicago Saturday to join his company. WEAT'HER EVERYWHERE. Observations o£ United States weather bur«*aus tak«n at. 8 p, m. yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Albany Atlantic C i t y . . . Boston Buffalo New Orleans... Now York Philadelphia... St Louis Washington... 31 32 32 32 4G 30 32 Clear. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Cloudy. P. Cloudy. Clear. P. Cloudy. Cloudy. Clear. Partly morrow: The Weather. cloudy today; \ p r i a b l o v.i/ids. fair to- Arrest Boy$ on Burglary Charge. Mahanoy City, Pa., Dec. 30.--With their pockets stuffed with watches, jewelry and other loot from a half dozen recent burglaries, the police say, John Stinconsin and George Ba lonis, both less than fifteen years o!,!, were arrested here after several days ot trailing. The boys confessed the burglaries and were sent to jail. Hospital Patient K i l l s Himself. Pittsburgh, Pa., Pec. 30. -- Daniel Munshoer, ot" Indiana, Pa., a patient in St. Francis hospital, shot and killed himself while his nurse was out o! the room. 24. Political: Nazim Pasha, commander ot the Turkish army, killed in. a pol.ticJ \ uprising which overthrew the govern menu « Balkan War: Turkish batteries da- fending Constantinople opened fire upon the Bulgarians. Shipwreck: The German bark I'anganl sunk in a collision in the English channel and 28 of her crew drowned Political: The British house of loids rejected the Irish home rule bill bj a vote of 326 to 09. F E B R U A R Y . Obituary: Dr. Theodor von Hollebon. noted German diplomat. In B e i l i n : , aged 74. Balkan War: The Bulgarian artillery resumed bombardment of Adrianople on expiration of the peace truce. '. Constitutional Amendment: The H'.th amendment to the United States con- situtlon, authorizing an income tax was approved by Delaware, Wyoming nnd New Mexico: thre.e-lourths of the mates having Indorsed It, the amendment became law. k Sporting: Willie Hoppe retained his IS 2 balk line billiard championship by defeating George S u t l o n in a t i t l e match in New York: final count 500 to 301 Balkan War: Bulgarians attacked ' l u r k - ish forts ot Gallipoli, on the Dardanelles. t. Sporting: Hannes Kolehmalnen made a new world's Indoor record by running 6 miles in 24 minutes 48 seconds In New York. ». Obituary: John George Brown, noted painter of street boys, died In New Y o i k city: aged 81. t. Mexico: Revolution In Mexico, beaded uy Col, Felix Dlnz. besieged President Jiuflero In his palace. The revolutionist leader Gen Bemardo Reyes KlUst! In battle, 10. South Pole: News of the disaster to Ciipt R F Scott's nntarctic expprti- tion was cabled from New Zealand: the south pole was reached March -S. 1112, and subsequently Scott and f o u r of his companions perished In a blii- 7,0. i d. Mexioo: A truce reigned between Ma- dcro's government and the Mexican revolutionists. Strike Riot: In a coal strike riot neat M u c k l o w , W. .Va.. 12 strikers nnd 4 m i n e police were killed and ffl peito'is GENERAL MARKETS U. 12. -- FI.OUR steady; ·winter clear, $3.7ofo'4; city mills, fancy, $4.00fi5.10. RYTC FLOUR firm, at $ 3 5 0 ® 3 6 0 ner barrel. \ V 1 1 K A T steady; No. 2 red, new, 93 . ^ CO11N steady; No. 2 yellow, 7u@ . OATS q u i d ; No. 2 white, 40r.; lower grades, 44r. POTATOES steady, at TOPS.'ir. prr POU'l/TRY: Live steady; hons, TS'o) 17r.; oid roosters, 12(?'i:lp.; t u r k e y . , 2 i t f f ^ 2 ( Pressed firm; choice (owls. 18M:''-: «ld roosters. I'M:; t u r k e y s , 2 ( (ci' **fo WITTER firm: fnn"y r.roamerv, 40r. KCC2S pt'-ady Kelerto-l, 4:W4jc.; nearby, 4 u - . , western, 41c. IS . lluxico: The Mexican revolutionists aid Kovcrnment forces bombarded cri'-h other's positions w i t h hpnvy a r t i l l e r j . Spoiling: Hannes Kolehmalnen. fie Finnish runner, made a new \ \ o r l d a 6 mile record by ROlnK the distance In Z4 m i n u t e s 201-5 seconds in New York Mexico: Mexican forces continued artillery firing In the streets of the City of Mpxioo. Tho revolution gained a d h e r e n t s Obituary. Charles Major, author ol m a n y popular novels of old English life. Including "When Knighthood Was In Flower." at Shelbyville.lnd ; aged 57. Inspiration. "At iMt," cried the miulelan, '1 have fame within my grasp." "How ·o?" a«ked hla wife, who had heard the same thins before. "You know MendeiesGit::-; '**-«-;«« March, and Live Stock Prices. C I U C A O O - l l O G S strong: bulk ot sales, $7.S:PS.ori; l i g h t , $7.65^.8; mixed, $7.7SftS.1»; hoavy, $7 70«S.1,; rough, $7.70$; 7.80; pigs *fl.75fi 7 . CATTI.10 steady; bepvos, ?(.(0@ 9 CO: Texas steer«, $*!.!)()7.00: stocU- ers- p n d feeders, $5(S7.4.'; oows and heifers. $n.50(Si8.60; ' a'ves. $7®11. SHMEP strong; native, $.4.7,@6.1; . $5.85@7.10; lambs, native. the murTeloflf t«t.wt* It brought him?" §«i«l tbe muaiclan. "Ye«, but what of It?" -Well, I'm goin« to write *. divorce march."--Life. H. Mexico: Fighting continued In tho City i f. of Mexico. Government troops revolted Madcro agreed to resign the- presidency. Obituary: Gen. Stewart I... Woodforrt. soldier and diplomat. In New York city: aged 77. 16 Sporting: A. R. Klvlat made a new mile r u n n i n g record In New Tork; t!rne minutes IS 1-5 seconds, It Balkan War: Fierce ottack of Montenegrin troops on tho Turks at Scutari was successful, with loss to the assailants of 2.500. 17. Obituary: Joaqutn Miller, th "poet ot the Sierras." In tbe Piedmont hills. California; aged 72. ft Obituary: Gen. George Washington Custis Lee. eldest son of the lat« Gen. Robort B. L««, ct Ravtnaworth. Va.; need 80. Mexico: President Madero r»Blgnefl hl» oB.-« after arrest by Gen. Blanquet, on* of his officers. Qen. Vlotorlano Hucrta, commnn3«r of the national army. aMu'med the presidency. P*tlt1oal: Ravmond Polnc»r» waa t»- ·nmirated pr«sti!ent of Franc*. 1* Mralco: O«wttT« Maflero. brothw ot tn* ,d«po«»4 Mexican president, WM . killed by th» revoluOonKts. Fire: Over 3.000 building* were burned In Tokyo; loss«.01H ft O M l u a r j : Ve Ho Na l-«. U t u U r *m- |»r",i d,iwaKT of China. «t 1 ' i K i n X Flood, \ \ a t e r j re.ic'"l ttielr Height in Ohio; 4uO live- ..i:=t. arid estimated prop erty lots above S3l».f'00.(X» ,- j 2J. B a l k a n Wsir: Turks surrendered Adrl- aiioplo to Uio Bulgarians and Servian* with 51.000 prisoneii. Allied troops at tacked the Turkish lines at the Chatal Ja defenses of Constantinople SL O b i t u a r y : John Pierpont Morgan, capitalist, In Rome: aieil Tu. APRIL. L Personal: Ex-President W H. Tafi took up his duties as professor at Yale u.-iiverslty. 8. Convention: I n t e r n a t l o n n l congress ol historical studies convened in London Suffragettes: Emmellne P a n k h u r s t ten- tenced to 3 jeais' imprisonment In London for suffragette outrages S. Political: President Wilson re;id a mes satfe befoio oonBf'*' 5 ^ In Joint session reviving a custom abandoned In 1S01 V 10. Sporling- M a j o r naf.efull leagueis open ed tlie .seiiMin of 1U1S 12. O b i t u a r y . J o h n B Henderson, formt-t Unltod suites senator and author ol t h e n t h a m e n d m e it t o t h u ooniUtutlon In \A'a*.lilnt;on. ni;ed Stj in. Railroad Accident: 7 K i l l e d In a colll plon on t h e Vermont C e n t i u l near St Lrxmbert. C a n n d n 14 Strike. 200000 Belclnn w o r k m e n weni on a «tril(e for equal .sufTriise Pirsonal: Illness of Tope l-'lus chungeu ^ for tlic woise. O b i t u a r y : C u r l Hagenbeck, noted a n l m a i collector u u d b h o w m a n , neui l l i i n . b u r s G e r m a n y : ase'l G9 C o n v e n t i o n . Congress nf the Daughters of the American R e v o l u t i o n opened In Washington. 1C. Personal: Funeral of John Pierpom Morgan held Ip. New York c i t y Convention: Natk-nal Council of Women met In Washington. 17^ Aviation Disaster: The French mill tary balloon Zodiac burst at a nelghi of (SO feet at NoHy-le-Gnml, Prance 4 olUcers and a pilot Killed Personal: Crisis in tho Illness of Pope Plus: dviilh Kfemod I m m i n e n t 18. Personal: Mrs. William C u m m i n s Sto ry elect I'd president general ol thf Daughters of the American K p v c i u l i o n 22. Balkan War: The Turkish fortress ol Scutari cnpttiml b A l o n t e n e g i ins. K.; Disasu-i : 1-0 coal miners- Mllcrt bv explosion In t l i e C i n c i n n a t i mine a' Com t n e j . P«. Dickens R e m l n r t f r M r s M a r y A n n Coop er. o r i g i n a l of IHI-.VKM:. ' L i t t l e I or rlt." died m Lonrlon in lier l u ^ t h j «'tir 28, S t r i k e : The I n i l u s l r i . t l s i n U e in Bel glum for e q u a l iiiffriiKi pnileri. us^ caused by the M i t k o fsum.«t-c1 al JJO. ocoooo MAY. 2. ShlpwrtrK: The stenmer C'inrortlla collided w i t h n hi iilh't- pI'T .it t n e m o u t h of Ten^.n river. Lii . rirr.uiiiiix ^ P^o pl\ China: Prosiilcnt Wilson icropnlyed the Chmese l e p u h l l c 4. S p o r t i n g \ \ i l l l e K o l i - l i m a l i n - n won the profc-'siotiul lo mile race In Nfiv. \ 01 k time I h o u r :!0 rumma* U -.e, ,,r,.is f«nonal: PrlnetM Victoria PruMla and Prlne* EanMM ot Cumberland m»rrliA tit Bm m, Ship Dlsuur: «0 p«rMa* killed by 1M dMtruction of tb.» MeknMr Htmim »/ Turkish talna* lo.thf.gigIf of Bmrftt. · Obituary: Uen. Jam** Heato* B«i*r. civil war (oldler. editor and btetorHM. *t Mankato, Minn.; *«·}· If · . · n. Convention: United Coar^taril* V«t- tran« met a.t Chattanooca. | ' . ,- tL Personal: Bennett R. Tounf «l*CXfd commander In chief of th* trnturt CMk- fed«rate Veterans. Obituary: Lord Avebury »r. bock), distinguished British i author. In London;, aged "St. kX Balkan War: Treaty of peace tMC«c««l Turkey and the Balkan alllM sl(D«l at London. " '· To the Maine Heroes: National monument to commemorate th* roertyrtora of tbe crew of the battleship Main* unveiled In New York. CL Sporting: Whisk Broom H, "on t*e Metropolitan at Belmont Park. N.'Y- where racing was resumed after ttart* years' suspension. JUNE. t Obituary: F. A. Ober. ornltholoctct Slid author, at Hackensack. N. J.; »g*d *Alfred Austin, poet laureate of Vac- land, at Ashford. England; aged ?». [ Pedestrlanlsm: E. P. Weston jMtfltA from New York city on a walking match to Minneapolis, expecting to cover 1.44S miles tn 60 days. , 1 Sporting: Aboyer won tn*. ISncHfcn Derby. (. Railroad Accident: killed, many jb* jured In a railway collision at Blasa* ford. Conn. . .' Sporting: Rockvlew won tbe Brooklyn Derby. Obituary: C. H. Cranjp, noted sh«pboHa- er. in Philadelphia; aged 8i . 7. Sporting: Jerome D. Travers won p» New Jersey golf championship. defeat- Ing- Oswald Kirkby 3 up and 2 to pl»y. 1 Obituary: Dr. C. A. Brlgga. noted «»·«- logian once tried for heresy, tn New York city; aged 12. Dr. L. fOrUe* Wlnslow. noted English alirtJtat;' In London: aged 09. Fire: Fire In a business block .'In Sprlngneld. Mo., caused a loss Of over iToo.ooa Sporting: Americans won tfie flrst game of the international polo Coato* pionship match at Meadowbrook. t^. *., by 5 1 /.' goals to 3 for the English tearo. Aviation: Count Zeppelin's dirigible oj^f- loon flew from Baden-Baden to Vienna, 430 miles, about. In 8 hours, beating express train time, which is 16H hour»,ty over 8 hours. Political: The British house of commaris passed to a second reading the: horn* rule for Ireland bill In the f«*» .«f flery opposition. _^ M Turkey: Schefket Pasha, grand Ttffer of Turkey, assassinated In th* streets of Constantinople. UL Philippines: 6 American soldier and 12 wounded In a battle troops and Al010=3 .1 1L fa'poitins Ariel ican tenm n-on the, deciding game In International^ OflO tflW"^-- t. 10. U. a! Maadowbrook. N. T., drf team by to '44 18. 24. . ld tiiifc J.: agld Fire; I.ONH or Sl.OOOOOO In t h e i i l a n t ol t h u A m e i l c a n K e r t i l l x n c i i m i m n y at B u f f a l o Convention Congress or A m e r i c a n stir geons and p h j s i c m n a In W a s h i n g t o n I. C o n v e n t i o n : Connies of t h e Salvation A r m v met In P h i l H d e l p h t a ». Convcnilo:) N a t i o n a l Association Foi the Stud nnd Proven.Ion ot I'ubercu losls met m Washington T»olltical- Tl-.e Un.'.i'i wood t n r i f T tull pn«» e3 the house of representatives by a vote Of 2M to 130 U. Storm: 14 K i l l e d nnd 30 Injured by « tornado H I Oivuila. Obltnarv: "P.illv" A r l l n g t n n . the olf time r.egro m i n s t r e l , died nt Los An gelcs; aged 7(4. ?». M i n i n g D.saster- Firedamp explosion killed 15 ndnei» « t H.-lle V»IU-y. C) ti. 19. Aviation: Domingo Rosillo, Cuban aviator, Ccw from Key VV'est to Havana. « I n n i n g n 110000 prize Panama Cannl: Tho waters of the Pacific oocan were admitted to She c.inal by explosion In a retaining dik»- n r i r Mini (I ores poiiticwl: Governor Illram Johnson signed the California nllen land bill. O b i t u a r y : H. M Fl-iRler, capitalist and rallwM.v m ignute. at Wcat Palm Beach Flu ; nr«'d M uii.i ien M.irlo (· Menoeal wn« Ina t . ^ u i r t l e d pn.-nld.-nt of the Cubun re- pi. Dl.« in^ the goals. 16. Anniversary: 25th anniversary 'of th* reign of Krnreror W i l l l n m of Germany celebrated by «.ei ei:ium = ui Qgrlln. , Obituary: Delia l"o\. popu'ar light opera actress, in .New York; aged" tt. 16. Convention: A m e r i c a n MeiMcal aSSOCt- nt'on met In M i n n e ' i p ^ l n '^ 17. Sporting: New world's record for ..i four mile relay race mail** hv the t"a|n of the Boston Athletic assot'laUOii Ct Easton; time 17 minutes al i-4 second]*. 18. Obituary: Thomas A. Janvier, journu- 1st and author. In New i'ork . dty; aged 61 r Sporting: Gilllwlnkle won the Ascot D**» by at Ascot Heath. England . ' w Railroad Accident: 13 Killed, 30 Injure^ In a head-on collision of electrlc trklis at Vallejo, Cal. ^^ 2L Sporting: Syracuse won the varfltjr eight oared race, defeating''GSlrViait,: time 19 minutua 23 3-5 second*. \VhljfW Broom 11. won the Crooklyn Handicap Har\'ard won the deciding game In tlT championship baseball gerles with Y in Brooklyn: score 6 to 5. *. Explosion: 20 killed and many ItiJurfB by explosion of mill dust In the Hustttt Milling plant, Buffalo. 26. Cold Wave: Snow in Obituary: George Thatcher, old minstrel, at East Cuarige. N. Balkan War: Bulgarian troop* defeat** in battle with Servians at ZletoV*. Macedonia. IS. Sporting: Whisk Broom II. WOO th* S u b u r b a n Handicap, beating a » yeir world's record Jay running a mil* andffc quarter In 2 minutes flat. -^ Accident: 10 person* drowned by tM binklng of a raft ferry near LeecB- burg. Pa. so. Accident: U persons drowned by the collapse of a bathhouse gangway 6« Merrlmao river at Lawrence. Mass. ^ Hot Wave: Record breaking heat dajr In Chicago; thermometer 102 on strwt level; 46 deaths. JULY. L Veteran Reunion: Opening of the Bib* and Gray reunion at Gettysburg to c41- ebrate the 60th anniversary of th* battle. Obituary: Henri Rochefort, noted Frencfc politician and duelist, in Paris: aged |3L 2. Gettysburg Anniversary: Military djiy at the Gettysburg reunion; anniversary ot the battle of Little Round Top. 1 Gettysburg Anniversary: Annlvertaj^T ot Pickett's charge, the climax of tn* battle of Gettysburg, celebrated on the field. 4. GettysburgAnnlversary: PresldentWfl- son addressed the veterans at Gettysburg; close of the 50th anniversary reunion. 5. Convention: National KUucaUonal association met at Salt Lake City. I Convention: International Institute of Agriculture opened in Home. , Perry Memorial: Special church iWrvlrfrs and other ceremonies at Erin. Pa.. t« commemorate P e i i y t t n.nui v i c t o r y afn Lake Erie in 1813. J. Obituary: Gen. E. Burd Grubb. war veteran and diplomat, at Kearn.f, N. J.: aged 71. financial: First-Second National bank of Pittsburgh closed Its doors. tyt* up about 130.000,000 In deposits, t. Balkan War: Ti 'key tont an ultlrM* turn to Bulgaria to evacuate TurklMi territory. v ,^ Convention: National Dental assoclatMp met at Kansas City. . 10. Obituary: Dr. Horace Jayn*w note* D** ologlst. at Wfllllngford, Pa.; a*)«M M- MeTtco: United Stales Ambassador «J 'Mexico Henry Lane Wilson sui»mOrt«« from his poet to Washington. 11. Balkan War: Roumanian tro«p* !·· vacletl Bulgarian territory following · declaration of war by K i n g Charle* Of Rounidiila. II Fire: Fire In the plant of the nasK*» Basker Car company at MlohifM City, Ind.. caused a loss of II.OOO.WO. Aviation: Loon I.etort, French avlato*. flew from Paris to Berlin, 500 mile* Air line. In 9 hours without stop. ^_ Accident: l» pemona klHnd and *~ 13. ^^ Mftf Jnred In a collision of electric trslnj at Loa Angelet. Cal. 15. Obituary: Daniel Dowllng. survivor »f the famous charge of the 1.IR!" trl*-ad* In 1S54, «t l!tic». N. y . HH*d »L (Continued in to-morrow's paper) INF^VSPAPERf

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