The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 9, 1944 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1944
Page 2
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2 Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1M MASON CITV GLOBE-GAZETT Service Vote Bill Sent to Committee ' Washington, (IP)--The dispute service vote question was sent t a senate-house conference com mittee Wednesday for thrashin out the federal-state ballot con troversy. As soon as this action was take by the house, Speaker Raybun named the following conferees: Chairman Worley (D. Tex.,) o the elections committee and thes committee members: Rankin (D Miss.), Bonner (D. N.'Car.), Le Compte (R. Iowa), and Ellswortl (R. Ore.) The. senate, after weeks of de bate, passed a bill late Tuesday providing a uniform federal bal lot for service men and women . and routed it over to the hous which last Friday had voted em phatically to leave the balloting machinery in the hands of th states. Rep. Rankin (D-Miss.), leade of the house battle against a fed eral baEot, described the senaU action as "unusual and ridiculous' and declared the house would never accept "a bob-tailed federal ballot." While Rankin recalled there had been times when the inability o house and senate to agree hac killed legislation outright, ther was considerable talk of compromise in the capitol corridors. The Green-Lucas bill was knocked into several different shapes by the senate. \As finally passed there, it provides that federal ballots go to military voters within the United States only if their home states fail to provide an/adequate absentee voting system by Aug. 1. Overseas service men and women could use the federal ballot i£ a state ballot was not delivered in time to be voted The senate- bill. would require the military services to make equal effort in delivering state and federal ballots overseas. .State'-AM , Chiefs Give Year's Goals Iowa Falls--Three officials of the state AAA attended the Hardin county sphppl of instruction for township committeemen in Iowa Falls-,Monday. Those who attended are George Meader, Otis Lutschwager, fieldman; and H. Dieterich. " ' · ·» , Walter E, Hauser, vice-chairman of the county organization discussed protein feeds and the ., farm machinery outlook. He reported that a total of 57,2oG ' Bushels of soybeans had been sealed in the county up io Feb. 5. H. R. Van Petter discussed 'dairy feed payments, and W-. C.: Gfair- zow- outlined, the 1944 production goals for'the county?'One" : of the most important changes in production is an increase of. approximately 36 per 'cent in soybeans; 40,000 acres'are to be planted in soybeans .this year E.'H. Lundy of Eldora, chairman of the county ration board discussed the tire situation. \ Retail Sales Tax Brings Record Amount Des, (£)--Iowa sales tax collections on retail business during the last quarter of 1943 already have brought in a record yield of 55,503,403 and state tax commission officials Wednesday predicted that the final total would reach 56,000,000 when the books were closed on the quarter March 31. ! The previous high was S5.31S- 186 collected during the period ended last Dec. 31. The 2 per cent tax is collected by the retailer from customers in one 3-month period and is remitted to the state in the next. · SHERIFF BKOWER FILES I,, 0 ?""* 1 -- Hancock county Sheriff L. M. Brower has taken out nomination papers for re-nomination on the republican ticket for the office of sheriff ?r,?ri AD 'Vrf 5 ^ IT ? ER BEACH -B°dies of-dead Japanese soldiers litter the beach on Namur island following the terrific bombardment which preceded the landing of U. S. troops on the enemy base in the Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall islands invasion. Smoke (background) is from fires started by the heavy pounding. MARINE DIGS FOXHOLE IN FRONT OF SH \TTERED JAP DEFENSES-A-United States marine digs a foxhole on JS-amur island when U. S. forces seized the Jap base in 'harge State Center flan With Manslaughter i Fatal Accident Des Moines, (/Pi--Leo E. Kieliy, 1, implement dealer at State enter, whom police described as he driver of the car which struck nd fatally injured Harold An- erso'n, 32. Des Moincs, early last ew Year's morning, pleaded in- nocent to a manslaughter charge and was released on $5,000 bond Police Inspector D. W. Rayburn said Kielly admitted his car struck Anderson but asserted that he was driving about 30 miles an hour and attempted to avoid the accident. Police also quoted Kielly as saying he stopped after the accident and backed up, leaving the scene later when a man in an army uniform motioned him to drive on because he was blocfcin- traffic. ° Kielly was detained for ques- the Kwajalein atoll during the successful invasion of the Marshall islands. Burned out mechanized equipment and shattered blockhouse are in the background. honing Monday after a policeman noted that Kielly's car, which was parked here, was of. the same type as the one police had been seeking after finding a chromium strip in Anderson's leg. Kielly reportedly told police that he, his wife and another couple had observed New Year's Eve at a Des Moines night club a short time before the accident. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. ^^^^^^H^^^l^HH NOW You Can BLAST OUT Clogged, Dirly Drains Carter Water Pressure Drain with In Kitchen Sink Cleaner . « ra,TM S / *»; corro,,oa from omit li.a »,,,, prejlvjte w i l , For Lavatories OTcrSow Tent aod appl, hot w«cr pressure, slowlr .1 Srit PftMure ofwstcr will Su,h S i ' V I """ " *"""· lltlcr - '""' " rd For Bathtubs h,'rnf ll " c i" ble " bolh "'· "= Carter Cleaner InrV rl **i" P'" 5 "" ""I ""Acs i t d 0 ,i, e " ' *""" ""· ""' ( " 5O 2/2 ft. six* MAWY SIZE, WITH 7A FT. HO* $3.95 CURRIE-VAN NESS CO. 22 E. STATE PHONE 17 Willkie Says Clarify U. S. Foreign Relations With New Leadership Twin F a l l s , Idaho, (/P)--The United States' relations with other countries, Wendell L. VVill- fcie believes, "would be strength- end and clarified through new leadership" in executive positions. He told a public meeting Tuesday night that "a change of administration would be- less disturbing in war time than during the period of reconstruction" and asserted that Americas welfare "is involved in t h e republican party^ winning the presidency in \Villkie carried his tour of the Pacific northwest to Idaho's capital city Wednesday, conferring with republican leaders at Boise. He planned to go on by train Wednesday night to Tacoma, Wash., where he will make a public address Friday. SAYS LOSS NOT SEVERE Des Moines, (if) -- E v e r e t t Speaker, superintendent of the state, fisheries department told the slate conservation commission Tuesday that loss of fish and game life during a recent lowering of water levels in back of Mississippi dams, probably was not severe. H O «E1» N C T W U K H IMnKII«e;eln WEDNESDAY EVENING fi:45 Kallenborn 10:15 News 7:00 ^lr.. Mrs. North 10:45 Mem. Mvislc 7:30 Feat thc Band 11:00 News- Mustc 3:00 Time to Smile 11:30 News B:30 Disl. Atty. 11:« Music: Kcws 9:00 Kay Kyscr 11:00 Swine Shift 10:00 Vic. Tunes THUSDAY S:30 Jerry Smith 5:« A l t V Mary Lee 6:00 Heaven. Home 6:13 Ken. Slim 6:30 Farm News 6:45 Jerry. Zclda i:00 Drcier 7:1. Time loShine 7:30 News 7:45 Uncle Stan R:00 Hev. R'd'p. 8:15 Jim Day MO».NJNG 8:30 News 8;43 Allen Roth 3:00 I.ora. Lawton 9;15 ?fe«-i 9:30 Help Mite 9:4.' Star Pr.vh's?. 10:00 Road of Life 10:15 Vic. Sadc 10:30 Brave T"m'\v 10:tr David Hjrum 11:00 Judy. Jane DUBUOUE PLANE CRASH KILLS 5 4 Engine Bomber Falls on Hill and Burns Dubuque, {If)--Five' array airmen from Chanute Field, Hantoul, 111., were killed when their B-17 4-engine bomber crashed into a hill and burned after exploding in the air 5 miles west- of here Tuesday afternoon. Col. A. B. Ogden of Chanute Field, in charge of a group of 4 which tiew here to investigate the crash, said the 5 officers .and enlisted men comprised the entire crew. J. N. Seifker, farmer, witnessed the accident. He said the plane, apparently in trouble, was flying upside down when it sheared off a tree top, exploded, and plowed into a hillside after narrowly missing the- roof of his farm residence. Had Been on 50 Combat Missions Chanufe Field, 111., (/P)--Second Lt. Roljcrt J. Breitbach, .23, a veteran of the'African invasion with 50 combat .missions and the air medal with 9 clusters to his credit, was identified Wednesday as one of the flyers killed Tuesday in the crash of a B-17 flying fortress near his home in Dubuque, Iowa The Chanute field public rela- :ions office said Lt. Breitbach was jilot of the ship on a combat raining flight originating here. 3e was the son of Mrs. Susan Breitbach, Dubuque. He was overseas from February to October 1943. Another victim identified was Cpl. WillianvC. Akers, 25, engineer, son of Mrs. Hazel C. Akers Denver, Colo. Identification of the other 3 vic- ims awaited further verification ly investigating officers. MANGLED BODY FOUND Davenport, (/P)--The mangled lody of Earl W. Owens, 33, a fac- ory worker, was found on the ·ailroad tracks near Nahant Tuesday evening by a section crew. It s believed he was struck by a rain while walking on the tracks. DIES IN TEXAS Dumont--Funeral services will e held Friday afternoon for Peter faab. 80, of Plainfield, Tex., at he Vogel funeral home. He was a I ormer .resident · of Franklin ounty. Burial will be in the Haran cemetery. F. R. Leaves Fourth Term Door Ajar By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL Washinetou, ( ^ -- P r e s i d e n t Roosevelt left the political door sufficiently ajar Wednesday lor a 4th term draft to blow through The opening, was left in his answer to a straight-to-the,point question at his regular Tuesday afternoon news conference as to whether he would "accept a 4th term nomination." He faid h e - h a d no 'news on that at the time/ · It was a stock reply which the president has used repeatedly In fact, he called it an old killer of stones. . *But politicians, already fairly well agreed that the chief executive will ruu awin, noted that it did not rule out such a posai- Mr. Roosevelt, who awarded c ? , "iff to · ^porters .who asked 3rd term questions in 1940 displayed a willingness to receive political questions Tuesday He even said he loved:to have them asked.- But he summed up the whole discussion at 1' point -by opining that everyone present was confused. N e w s m e n , mentioning that Henry Wallace had said at San irancisco Monday that he did not know whether he would' be .a candidate for vice president again but that he had no doubt' Mr Roosevelt would run once more raised the issue in this manner- 'Mr. President, in view of the fact that Mr, Wallace has been touring around,the country making what some people regard as political speeches, there is quite IGREAT MOMENTS IN MUSIC* The Octanes t Hour presents Songs of Great Britain J«an T«nnys«n soprano J«n P««r» leiar tofetrt W««f* barilont conductor T O N I G H T KGLO- 9 PM Celanest Ccrttrttim af Aminca ·»- U.S.PK.OS. a lot of interest in w h a t you think about the democratic 'can-i didale for president." Well; these people--Mr. Roosevelt said, adding that he thourht the only thins to'do w*uM be tor MM to *o out and make a speech. Of course, all this criticism about Henry H'allace-r-. Read the Sermon on the Mount, he sutiecte*. Now you can take a vote on that is that political or not? Some people say yes. A search of that famed bit of scripture for something possibly pertinent to the 4th term issu£ others: Blessed are the peacemakers for they' shall be called the children of God. Also: Ask and it shall be given unto you: seek and ye shall find. Mr. Roosevelt dismissed as hoary with age a report that there might be a democratic-republican, ticket this year with a republi-J can for vice president and that Mr. Hoosevelt would resign at the end of the war. Buy War Savings Bonds and I Stamps fron« your Globe-Gazette I carrier boy. ' TONIGHT! * * c/ FRANK SINATRA THE VOICE all America loves" IN HIS OWN HALF-HOUR »u BERT WHEELER ^ A.- VIMWS VOCMBTSandOKHBTM 4iuf: W. C. FIELDS SINATRA singing the songs you tike best VIMMS KGLO--8:00 P. M TX7. C. FIELDS will dust off his derby hat T and take down his walking cane Wednesday on KGLO-CBS at. 8 p. m., and pay o call to the Frank Sinatra show The acid- fongued comedian is out to -- -- nvestigate for himself the jheriomenon of "The Voice." Frank's pint-sized Bert Wheeler, will undoubtedly _ind it necessary to protect Sinatra's interest when the iey' takes place. Fields is us't off the movie- set of Three Cheers for the Boys" vherein he demonstrates the ; amous Fields pooiroom tecrv- itque. Just how the great FIELDS Julbous-nosed comedian will cope with "The Voice" will be one for the radio records. . * * * AMIABLE JACK CARSON plays host to a fam- «· ous Hollywood star Wednesday at 8:30 p. m., during KGLO-CBS' "Jack Carson Show." Arthur Treachrr as Carson's uncle, Agnes loorehead as Mrs. Freddie Martin, Eddie (Front ·age Fink) Man- as "Heckler Number One," and Nephew Tux well as "Heckler Number Two," make ife a merry mixture for Jack * * * JOSEPH SZIGETI, distinguished violinist, tl is soloist with the Columbia Symphony orchestra, Bernard Hemnann conducting, on "Invitation to Music" Wednesday over KGLO-CBS at 10:30 p. m. Szigeti plays .the "Poeme" for violin and orchestra by Ernest Chausson, French composer who. was one of Cesar Franck's most ;iftecl pupils. The Hungarian-born Szigeti made 3 appearances on "Invitation to Music" last season and also presented a series of Mozart ·iolin and piano sonatas with Andor Folcles on KGLO-CBS network. * * * KEAT MOMENTS IN- MUSIC" pays' J a fighting ally when it de- votes its program to the music of Great Britain on KGLO-CBS at 9 p. m. Jean Tennyson's. soprano, solos are "An-1 me Laurie"; by Lady Scott 'and "t Dreamt-1 Dwelt hi Marble.Halls" by-Balfe. Tenor Jan Peerce sings "Pale Hands I Loved" by Amy Woodford-Finden and the traditional "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes." Baritone Robert Weede offers the old folksong "Loch Lomond.' The chorus sings two traditional I airs--"Men of Harlech" and "Coming I Through the Rye." ' TEAN HERSHOLT IS FEATURED IN A SPECIAI LOAN PRESENTATION ON T3ALPH J. WILSON, radio representative for Sail AN. Juan-Marne post of the Veterans of Foreign «!?:,." ' speak on tnc KGLO Forum Thursdav at 6:30 p. m. He will give another in the VFW sponsored scries "Speak Up for Democracy." * * * JIMMY GLEASON, the veteran screen O comic, will guest on the Monty Woolley- Sarnrny Kaye program, Wednesday over KGLO-CBS at 7 p. m. Gleason is a man of no mean wit, himself, and may well prove to be Woolley's toughest match to date. An old trooper f r o m vaudeville days, Jimmy be- ill longs to the family of show people "born in a wardrobe trunk." In addition to appearing with innumerable rood shows, the comedian once wrote and produced his i*uv»su;\ own play. Gleason is best known in the films for his characterizations of the caustic gentleman of few words. · KGLO-CBS DAILY PROGRAM SCHEDULES · Wednesday P. M. 4:00 Fun With Dunn, CBS 4:30 Sirig Along. CBS 4:4.5 American TVomen. WrijJey Cum, CBS , .:iW t)ninr r Howe and the New*, CBS :13 T* Y»ur flood Health, Sqnibb Company. CBS :30 Sports Camera 3:43 The World Today. General E l e c t r i c CBS ri:.V» Meininr of the News, B. F. Goodrich Camp any. CBS News of the Xalion. P. G. A E. (Patterson* Harry Jtmcs and His Music Makers, Cheilerttelds. CBS ; l Friendly Time. Grain Bell Beer Menlr Weellej. O)d Golds. CBS . 7:39 Dr. Christian. Chesebronjb CBS * Grain Belt News Frank Sinatra Shoir. Vimtm. CBS Jack Carson Show, Camphel) Soups, CBS 9:W Great Moments In Muilc. C clan eye. 9:30 Soldiers of thc Press 3:45 Treasury Star Parade »;W Evenlnv * New» Roundup, V a. n c e Mv»fc G». (Fattenon) 0:20 Song (or Today 0:30 Invitation to Mustc. CBS 1:0« New*. CBS 1:03 Gibson. O'Neill antf Petrillo CBS 1:30 American Hotc] Association 4lh War Bond Program, CBS News. CBS 2:05 Sfgn Ott Thursday A. M. fi:«X Musical Roundup 6:13 .Mernlnr Xewi X«uni!tip, Tfita Feeds (Harcer) ' T:00 Hebrew Chri»(faitt Hour, Dr. Mtch- eUon 7:30 Ktep Time with Damoni *:I5 tforld .News. M»»on Clly .Merchants (Harvey) 8:30 Today in O»ie ·J--OH Clear Ijkt on the Air !*:!· Tips and Tones. Tidy Houie Trod- utts S:i1 Musical Hils DJ-'O Open Poor. Standard Brands. CBS a:lr. R«cbclDr*K Children. Wonder Bread CHS 111:110 Nc»» nicnl. Jacob E. D e c k e r and Sons rilarve}- 10:rr, Iliblc llroideasl. Radio thaptl 10:30 Soup for Today 10:15 Waltz Time 10:1.» Home Ton-n .V e w s, Globe-Gazette ( H a r v e y ) Ham Kate S m i I tl Sprain. General Fonds. ens 11:1.1 Mystery Mtlodr Came 1I:SI Romance of Helen Trent, American Home Proifticls. CBS 11:15 Oar Gal Sunday, American Home Froduct*. CBS 12;00 Job Notes 12:05 Today's Markets 1S:I.T Cartill Feeds Protr»m l'!;30 Front Pate News (rat(erson) I2:4S .Meet the Band l i m v o n n i t Dr. .Milont, t;eneril Koods. PBS I: '"' ix" ''" r ''" n - M - "- Oereral Koodj, I:W We love and I.earn, General Foon, IMS What's Cookin' 2:00 Mary Martin. Standard Brands. .CBS 2rlX Xorton Downey. Coca-Cola 2:30 School o! the Air. CBS tf.-W) Broadway Mafinee, Owen Glass. CBS n:W Bill Coslello and tne News:. CBS .1:31) Mailbair RKiHcst Program ·1:00 Fun With Dunn. CBS .men, Wrifley Com. 4:3t) Sing Along. CBS 4:l-- Ameriean Wnmei CBS S:(X) Jimmy Hilliard's Orchestra. CBS ·:15 Job Notc-s 5:30 Sports Camera S:M The World Todar. General Electric, CBS S.-.Vl Meaning of the Xews. B. T. Goodrich Company. CBS · 6:00 .Veiri nf Ihe Lilian, p. G. * E. (Patterson) fi:!5 Harry James and His Music Makers Chesterfields, CBS . 6:30 KGI.O Forum 6:40 Hours Ahead 6:*o Treasury' Star Parade 7:00 Melodic Mocds 7:13 Red Cross Program 1:30 Friendly Time, Grain Belt »eee 8:w 3f«j«r Bowes Amatenes, Chrysler Corporation, CBS J : S 2 Io * h sl10 ". B'fdstye FO«*. CBS 3:00 First tine, Wrlflej- G«m. CBS 9:30 Here's to Romance. Evening !· Taris, CBS 10:00 Evening News Konndop. First Xi- llonal Bank Pa(ersin) 10:20 Song for Today 10:30 Viva America, CBS 11:00 News. CBS 11:03 Tlic Clevclmdaircn ll:3n Fourth Vi'ar Loan Program CBS " l-J:IM Nen-,. CBS 12:0o Si E n Oft.

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