The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 11, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1818
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.' CANTON SILKS. Case Uack sanoets, lj choP - 1 1 . - ,1 s s do lt chop changeable do . do check'd 'f la damask crape shawls, g - i 4c 7 - 4 do colored nankm crapes 7 M - H do iut received and for 1 tpU " . KUJzffcGlNGER. 52D Hbd W Proof new rUBa , v... iflbS lt quality rce 5?" - Je b? 40 JACKSON & WOOLLEV, 75 Wall - it. .nil - .. , .j, nne. line and com - ale K 76 Pearl - street. 76 Pearl - street. IP 11 r ARBADOfcS bUUAn. i - - . - B quSity Barbadoef Muicovado Sugar, Ian - 4 and for .ale & L AURIE3, lt g9 South itreet VoST, on evenins Ja.1, bcljtu J.J Lispenard - .treet, and Broa 3m 7 adv ' Hair Bracelet, with old clasp. re',w" ,ece.vethe thinksthe Feall - it ward, by leaving tbe same at No. 16 1 rearl - st. At) 1 1 l " i i i i . - i it 'in I r'intfi nf T AeriTa or a view of the Agricultural, CooJerrial, Financial, P ollUcal, L.U raryf Mo - BOARDING A FEW gentlemen can be arcommodated with Board, ina private family, in a pleat - ant part of the city of Jersey. Enquire at thu office" aplllm 'I I N ttiM.I.AH Kh.WARl). - iTfif.F.N. lait evenina: from the Entry of O House No. 309 Greenwich - street, a dark olive Great Coat, with four cape anJ lined throughout, with black raltinet ; alio two Hats, om nearly new. Pawnbroker and other are requeued to stop (aid article if offered for tale. aollSt MODERN RELIGION, on natural princi - . pie., for al at VALENTINE'S, 104 Broadway, price 50 cent. aplMtj STEAM - BOAT FIRE - FLT. Thu boat will com - ny.nce running between New York and Newburgb, on I'uesday, the 14th April. She will lst xw - York every Tueiday, Thur. day and S.itutday, at 9 A. M. and Newburgh on Monday, Wedneiday nod Friday, at 8 A. M ap II SUNDAY SCHOOL ADDRLSd. THIS day i publnhed and fur .ale by T. & J. SWORDS, No. ICO Pearl - ttreet, price 31 1 - 4 cents, The benefit of Sunday School considered t in an addre, delivered at the anniversary meeting of the Sunday School), in union with the New - fork Protectant F.piicopal Sunday School Societv, in St. Paul' Chapel, on Wednesday, the Slit day of December, 18'7, by John Henry Hobart, D. D. BUhop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the t.ite of Neiv - York, and Rector of Trinity Church. To whick it annexed the tint annual report of the board of naoager of the New York Proteitant Epiicopal Canday Society." apll eFOrS.lLE,OR m LEI, A large two itorv, Houe ai d about 10 acres nf land, between the 6 a d 7 mile ttone. BlwounedaJe Road. For particular enquiie of NICKS. DePEVSTEK, aplllm Near the Premise.. TO LET, The handiome S.tory brick house and So, 310 Broadway. For term, enquire at A. DU OS.F Intelligence office, $9 Chamber - street. sptl 2w TWO DOLuAHS IMTILIj purchase a sixteeoU) ihare of the f r mammolli prize of 70,000 DOLLARS. An eighth of a ticket $4 A quarter 8 Haifa ticket 10 Whole ticket 32 Two dollar may draw $4,379 ; four dollar ay draw $8,730: eicht dollarr may dnw 17,600 1 .ixteco dollar' mav dr.xw 35,000 ; thirty - two dollar may draw 70,000 Sixty four dollar may draw $105,000, in the Milfird and Owen Grand Road Lottery, which positively coram - Mie drawing 6th of nxt month, for licurt andihare invm dinte'y apply at Lottery Office, a i Alaulen - lane Where have been told and paid, one prize of (0,000 dollar, one of 40,K, one of 35,000, four of 30.000, three of 2o,00l, leu of 20 000, tn o of 15,000, ie of l,0tl0, Kveoteeaof 10,000, thirty of 5000, and other prixe amounting in all to U leaftthree Bullion oi dollar. apl!3t MILFORD and OWEGO ROAD LOT I E - RY, authorised by the tate of N. Yorfc and .Xew - Jeney, will commence drawing the 6th of Mar, 1818, SCHLMF.. 1 prize of 70,000 LOLLARS 1 35.000 DOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS 2 6,0)0 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 600 DOLLARS 140 100 DOLLARS 3500 30 DOLLARS Only 10,000 ticket ; all to he drawn in SO day ; NotS blank toa prize. m STATIONARY PRIZES. Flnt drawn No. lit day, will be entitled to $5,000 da do do do da do do do do do do do do do do do do do td 3d 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th l?th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 500 1000 600 000 500 10000 500 1000 600 35000 500 1000 600 70000 500 1000 500 1000 do '2010 VS Prim, . i do 600 wv.i . arm mare. WW ticket J32 I Quarter. Uutps i I r..t.i.. $3 w will advaore before t .Vi day of drawing. roR SALE AT. lfeJleIed Locky ' - tlery Offices, No. 122 Philadel,ia ; No. 151 Market , treet, W7.W,her' 'll"f gnitort LL J! arsrt eTfr drawa in America, &rn f0llw ,h " .par f 3 Teari 19)6, lfm 120'000 - . M279, 10,000 3o,ooo 3(.oto 2017, 1 0,000 121 i9 19.45; 8610, 179?, 5781, Plltf 151)71, 2100, 5747, 23471, 2r943, 40611, 10601, 21474, 5,ooo 5.000 5,ooo 6.0OO U.o:o 2S,ooo 2o,ooo lo,ooo 1 0,000 l,oo 5,ooo j 5,ooo 6,000 5,ooo j 15,000 DOLLARS WANTED AB. wiihe to ell fifteen tistxuaoQ dulkr bond, .ecu red by mortgage, upon valuable and mot i id pro vine farm, litiiate in a rich and flourishing part of .Vew - Vork, io poueiaion of 30 r - .pcthiil farmer. Tlie eitatc. are worth .i .1 . . 1. . 1 J - l. : t. wreo lime ineaiouuiu ui iue iuuuf, winciiHre oavable in three eaual annually pavmenU, with uterett upon the whole, payatlu yearly. Any peron dupoted to mane a purciiaae can realise 14 per cent, per annum fur bis mow v, and may send a person (at the expence of A. B. to view the land, aod satisfy himself as to the security. A note addressed to A. B. and kit at the fott - Office will be promptly attended to. ap 1 1 xii G ONE ASTRAY, a large PARROT, Uie plumage a pea green, the neck a bright fel low, and under the win; a deep red aod purple. Whoever return said Parrot to No. 5 William - street, will be handsomely rewarded, with many thank, by CUARLL3 READE. OTO LET, From 1t May next, the .tore No. 5 Wil - ham - ttreet, with or without apartments, and tbe dwelliiig houte thereon, together or aeperate. r or term appiy io CHARLES READE, apll lw On the pre mite. HANDKERCHIEFS. 2 case Luogee Ro - mall bdkfa ; 2 do Bandannas, of superior quality, just received and for sale by JOS. OSBORN, ap 9 38 Snuth - st. Jtt.iUt.lHA MlMC. J d Pipes L. P. Madeira wine, entitled to debenture, for tale by CAMbRELENG li PEARSON, ap 9 67 Sooth - st. TEAS AT AUCTION, IN BOSTON, OS WEDSEiOAT, 15TH INSTANT, 1 AT 11 O'CLOCK. 900 chests fresh Hyson Skin Tea 200 half cheat do do tiOO chet toperioi Snuchonj Tea, in whole and ibree quarter cnests. ALSO, 40,000 piece short yellow Naoklni. The above Tea were imported in the ship Suf folk, and ure now - landing and itored at No. 52 Central V hart, where samples may be Men, by applying to JAMES h THOMAS II. PERKINS, ap 9 lt Boston. LANDING I rem on board of the .loop New - York,at Crane wharf, and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, 55 Pine - strcet, 21 bales Hone Hide. 9 tiie. Gin. from thu Cranston Distillery. remarkably fine flavor Dealer, are requested to examine the quality, which will be found equal io any mauumciumi io uus couinrj. ALSO. IN BTORK. 143 chest. Hyson Skin tea, of the London Trader cargo 0 do Souchonedo Nancv'icarro 10 whole, 15 half and 10 qr. chtsts Bohea tea olthe Trumhulr. cargo S3 5 catty boxes Gunpowder li 5 do do Imperial, Huntress' cargo 60 lioxe. old Castile Soap 150 do Sweet Oil 1 cmes Sisterioys 2 bales Minapore Carpets 1 case blue, 1 do company yellow Nankin. 554 fine Seal skins 70 doi. Nutraskin. 20 hhds Copperas ap 7 DEARBORNS PROPORTIONAL HAL - ANCES lor weighing from JOti to 2000 lbs Patentee, and for sale on his terms, hv CEBRA ti CUMING, ap7 76 Pearl street. GUM BINOLV, BORAX he 2cases Gum Binzoin, 6 do Borax I do Gum Copal 6 bales Senna Leaf, lust received, nnd for sale by HURD It SKWALL, ap 7 65 eouth - Mreet. khjyoehv.u tallow a hiuks. FEW thousand pound New - York Tallow, L. and 2000 oiauchtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. mh li tf FHt.SH THAU, ke "CLOYD& BARNEY, offer for sale attheir jl siorv, no. ih rroni - .xreei, O h packages of Tec, con - cisting of gunpowder. Huntresb's hyson, young hyson, hyson skin, and souchong, in chestn, half cargo. chests, Citty boxes and canisters J 4 puncheon. Jamaica spirits 10 do. West India, 4 do. new mm 3 pipe of French brandy Materia, Cisily Maderia, Tenerifle Sherry and Malaga Wines, in pipes ami qr casks. Together with a general assortment ot Gro cenes. wholesale and. retail. p7 bt L'UEbH TEAS, SkV EET OIL ale 6 chests A each 20 tin caniiters uunpowder lea 3 do 20 31b do ' do do 3 do 20 31b do Imperial do 3 do 20 21b do Hyson do All of verv superior aualitv. Young Hyson Tea of superior quality in 20 cat'y hoxe Hv'on, Hyson Skin and Young Hyson inchests oit nan cnesi s souonong I ea 100 baskets fiesh Sweet Oil, large bottles 25 b. xrs French White Wax caudles, fine quality 80000 superfine Velvet Cork, in bag of 1000 For tale by A BIN1NGER I SON, IX iviaiaen i.ane. ALSO, 30 superior Double Gloiter Cheeses, ap 8 lw rLKR SKINS, Ac 20 bales sheared Deer j Skin. 6 bale. Deer .kins, in tbe hair 39 Bearskin 17 Otter do 100 Heaver Fur, jutt received pr brig Orleans irons new - urienni, lor tale ai bi conee nouie - slip, by LAlDLAVt, GlriAUL 1 A CU Who Ktirein Store, 33 h'.ds. very prime Kentucky Tobacco 'M bns green St. Domingo coffee 5 bales Hombazets 1 case French cambric 1 bile black cloth 1 case French I wit top ap 10 lOt 150 Bp 10 AWEUKS IHOSf. Tons, handsomely aisorted, for sale by I E I EH REM - EW S to. LLUUK 200 bhl. of Hoard - trtet fialli V more superfine Floor, and a few hbls. ot Ry Floor, for sale by GEO. M. WILSON, ap 10 130 WMcr - trert. IVT I - W At ELEGANT FRENCH EMilROI DERY, consiHins of, Spencers, Pelen,a, Canreon Aiouchoirs a la Vierre, Collrrettet, Garnitares, Band, sleeve, Frock, Robe, lie. jnt npened, end lor sale by VANDERVOORT at FLA S DIN. Ill BroadHkV ALSO. A mail caae of inperior white chip r inrs, wnn cum, at wholesale or retai 1. ap 10 lw PRESS'l) HAY. 150 boodles, in excellent order, for sale by BARBARJN. STANTON fc CO. ap 10 lw 17 Fulton - slip I VI H a W si : r tf - i : A CONSTANT .upply oi U above article llliri H VUl V'lil iQf sale or BARBARIN, STANTON fc CO. ap 10 lw 17 Folton - slip riOL'ft. riimi.SANIl Mriri'TS uutlwa M. box. Lwlin pieces. M(iUd to deben ture 4 boxes well asswtcJ Flimrs 3 ceroons flotant Indigo, and A few pieces superCne ( loth, for sale by J. C. ZIMMERM'N, ap71m 72 Waihipgti - treet. G1G. F or sale cheap foi cash, a very supe' rior Loodiia built Oir. o' th latest fashie. very neat, built of tbe best msterial and c tbe iigbtest coostractMHi to be seen ca application ai ao. 1 miuray - iireet. ap 0 1 w FotUAVRE, The fine connered shiir MARIA Ai THERESA, f kiddy, master ( will sail early next Week, having nearly completed her loading. For freight of 100 bales cotton,' or goods of equal bulk, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, at the lower side Albany basin, N. R. or to G. G &S. HOWL.1ND, ap 10 77 Wathmgton - t. tor AMSTERDAM, The fine - fust sailing brig KENTUCKY - BELLE. Deshon. master : hav. rug half her cargo engaeed, will meet with dispatch. For freight of remainder, or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to G. G. & 5. HOW LAND, ap 10 77 Washington - street. I" I I VU ij Unit! JkV (T U potilittlg onlht 12 A .) The fast sailing brig HOPE, Arnold master 1 can accommodate several passengers, having handsome accommodations, if application is made immediately, on board at Pnie - st wnart, or to GRISWOLDS & COATES, ap 10 68 ioutti street f or t HEIGHT or VHARTKR, The British .hip HALIFAX PACK ET, Capt.J Clark 1 expected oll'Sandy Hook in 10 or 13 days, about 3500 bbls. will take a Charter from New - York or Boston, to a port in the Irish Channel, if agreed for before the 10th inst. Apply to A. C. BUCHANAN, ap8 2t 21 Broad - street. For oe, Freight or Charter, JM$ The brig HAZARD, Littlclield, Jlimaiite:', ISO tons burthen, single deck, and well calculated for carrying stock; or lum ber, tor terms, apply on board, at Peck - slip, or to JUSEt'll UUOKN. ap 7 28 South - street. Urta tAA'JHEH. On Wednesday, 15th inst. will he sold, without reserve, the brig PANTHER, as the arri ttd from Canton. 6;iid brig was built in Medfoid, iu 1815, by the first rate workmen, in the best manner, and of the bett seasoued ma terials: is copper fasleued, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 23 and 26 oz. copper, and rigged and fitted with a large armament in thn most complete and ample style Said vessel has delivered in good order near 600 tons of China goods, and it is presumed sails as fast as any vessel iu the United States. Her leuth on deck is 120 feet; breadth, 29 feet 0 inches; 11 feet 9 inches hold, and 6 feet 6 iuches between decks ; and measures 430 tons, r or furlher particula 1, apply to ROPES & W A UP, 44 Central - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1818. ap7 tw tor AMSTEtthAM, The fine fast sailing brig KKNTUC Deshon, master 1 now losding, and having 2 - 3ds of her cargo ready to go on board, will be dispatched without delay. For freight or passage, apply on board, in ironi ei ine suoscrioers aiore, or to G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, ap6 77 Wanhiogton - street. for t'rtiiilU ur Charter, Theschr PALATINE, Boyeaton, will take a freight or charter for an eastern or southern port, if application is made immedi ately to W.4L&H Si GALLAGHER, ap 3 66 South - street. tor LOJWuJV, (To sail iMisitirtilv on the 12th. The MINERVA - SMYTH, cant. Allen, will commence loading on Monday 1500 bbls flour or 200 bate of cotton can be taken on freight, and a few more passengers can be accdm - mouatsa, 11 application it made to capl. Allen on board, at Pine - stmt wharf; ortn JRCHi GKACIE fc SONS. Who have ior tale. 27 cases sheathing copper, 24, 26, 28 and 30 ounce 100 casks Hihbert's porter ap 3 For the EAUT INDIES, vHi A good 81! IP bound to the East In Y - ff will take 2400 barrels flour, or an equal bulk of grain, to Madeira or Tene. riffe, if application ii made immediately, at 67 South - street, to ap 3 CAMBRELENG 8c PEARSON. Alexandria, Georgetown k Watkmglon 2fv The sloop VICTORY, J. Somers, jLUii roaster, now ready to receive freight and wdi be dispatched immediately. For which or passage, apply to the master on board, east .ide l'eck - alip, or to DIVTE BETHUNE k Co. ap 2 82 Conee - bmse - ilip. ir HAtHE. The packet ship RUBICON, Hol - dredgc, master, is now loadin? at Jones' whart, and will sail about the 15th instant. For freight or passage, apply ou board, or to POTT Si M'KINNE, ap 2 56 8oulh - st. . tVH LUJYDO.V, v4&i To sail positively on the 12th inst. j&dXThc ship MINERVA &MYTH, cant James W. Ilea. For passage only, apply ou ooaru at rine - street wnart, or to ap 9 ARCH. GRACIE k SONS. tor MOhlLEand BLAKELY, The fast sailing regular packet ichr. JiM&SANDUSKY, Cnpt. Weeks, 120 torn. having considerable freight already engaged, will meet with despatch. For the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, ap ply on board west side Old - slip, or to PETERS fc DERRICK, apl 29 Coenties - slip. For HA FRF. The fin coppered thip AI ARIA - THERESA. SkidJv. miilrr: hlilnr th principal part of her cargo engaged, will meet immeuiaie uispatcn. r or ireignt 01 100 Dales cotton, or passage, having good accommodation?, appiy 10 G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, ap 1 77 Washington - it, SCYTHES 33 doz. for sale hy JAMES D'WOLF, Junr, ap7 57 Front street. ,,f OLASSES, tUGAR, COFFEE, fcc lVl 145 bhd. 13 tierces and 6 bbls. good re tailing Molasse 75 Mid., and 32 bbls. Muscovado Sugar 21 boxe wl.ib" and 2 1 do. brown do 12 bbls and 35 bags prime Green Coffee. Landing at pier No. 12, E. R. from brig Factor, from Matauret for ale by ap6 GOODHUE fcCO. 44 Soolh - st. DUCK 100 bolts first qu thty Russia Duck, joft received, and lor sate ty I E 1 ER REMbEN k CO. ap7 2o South - stn - et. JsfJQ HUG AH. OUO Bags bright yllow and gnoi grij Lie of France sugar, laudiug from Francis Hen rietta, and 249 bags dooble boiled Calcutta sy.r, ti.Utltd to debenture, lor sale by CAMBRELENG Si TEARON, ap 9 67 South 4. lORN MEaI.. 44lihd o - il. lisi:et"bTt KJ yellow Kiln Crii rim Meal of Tooilinsoa' brand, lanUlug, ar.d irale by TUCKER ft I A'JRIEP, ap 89 loutb - stretL HEMP aad YARNS. L Petcreonrgb Clean New Hemp, and Kentucky lams, in lot toseit purchasers. For sal on accomu terus, bT TUCKER fc CARTER apSlw 63 Soath - street. NEUTRALIZED SPIRITS FROM M0 LASSES. 6 hhds. iuit received, of supe rior quality and high proof. Also. 4 Dines imitation 01 Bordeaux Brandr. forsaloby JAMES D'tVOLF, Juur. ai7 67 PMnt street. R U.V1, SHfcETlMiiMuiU CANDLES 50 boxes Mould Candles 60 p's Rutiia Sheetings 10 hhds. N. E. Rum.landinc at Coentiet - f Tip, and lor sale by ap 6 JUStfH OSBORN, 8 Soulh - nt. OLD LONDON PARTICULAR TENE - RIFFE WINE. 5 quarter casks nearly equal to Madeira 2 do dry Lisbon, with a general assortment of first quality Tea and Groceries cry old Jamaica Spirits, Ir.ili Whiskey Old Peach, Cognac Brandy, and Holland Gin Fish Sauces, Dutch Herring, English Hucon nd Split Peas Double Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese Very superior American and Pine Apple do 1otidon Brown Stout and American Porter Hams, Shoiiiders and Smoked Beef Cordial, AtougliUm Bitters, Demijuhnt Large Bottle and Bristol Ware. Sioughtous Bitters, in kegs and bottles Hoe - Lard, in furkins ami tubs A Uo, small assortment of earthen and glass ware. For sale cheap tor casu, by EDW. BLACKFORD, 1.57 Greenwii h - sireet. A few quarter boxes of good Spanish Segars. ap 7 0 I'inlllUM M'I'UAWH 1 rfti mm' H - li I A VVIiilM i,il ittt llliu - k Huts, for suTf low to close a consignment, H npplicu lor iinrutuiaieiy A llli. For sale 100 boxe. German .tee), entitled to drawback. . J AS. U'WUL, , Junr. ap 10 ' 67 Front - street TJOAKD WANTED. By a lady in a private A3 familv.. she will lurmsll her bed room complete. None need apply, but persons of the first respectability. Enquire at 15 Mur ray - street, ap 10 PHILLIPS' ASTRONOMY. TIGIIT familiar Lecture oa Astronomy, in Hi tended as an introduction to the Science, for the use of vounsr persous with plBles and diagram, by William Phillip, author of Outline of Mineraloey and uuoiogy, ic. lorsair hi ivo 111. II.. li 1 Wll LV Itf'O O tVilU - ll. VJ V. 1. JUfc. a M w ap!) A N Elecunt Bar HORSE, gentle iu harness, XJL and superior under the Saddle, six yenrs old Ibis summer, lor sa;e. Appiy ai ine aiauiv. Of KVAiM JUIM.S, ap 9 6t No. 60 New - street, r OR SALK, 4 NEW, neat, light, and superior fini'lmd r.V Huston luslnonUiiAinr., nt me con. Ap ply at C. ELLIOTTS, Stable, ap 9 3i j Ne w - slrett. tl.r,Cf BOARDING SCHOOL. THERE arc at present Ave vnciincies in the Revd. WILLIAM POW ELL'S School, in Philipthiirsh, Vonkers, West - Clu ster County. His system of education is such 01 to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House within a reasonable time. His school is select, the number of Pnrils limited, and the treatment of the most liberal kind. The fnllowinz tranche of uspful and polite li terature ate taught, viz : Greek, History, i.atin, French, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geography, Mathematics, fcc. It is presumed that few Institutions of the kind can oiler greater advantage, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and religious principle, or in correct and gentlemanly deportment. The Parsonage in which the Pupil are accommodated, i commodious, reti red and nleaiontlv situated. It distance from New - York is about suveuteen mile 1 to which thereis always direct and easy cotsttnuniCA - tsoA. ror further particular, application may lie1 made to Bishop Hobart T. S. ('lurk son, Esq C M'Ever. Esq. Ur. Wilson, Columbia Colleee Wm. Bayard, jun. Esq. C. D Coldcn, Esq. A. scbermtrhorn, ,sq. T. A Emmet, Esq. ap9 I)2ml u ill I L' rTMIE time of n smart Black Gill, thnt enn X no till kinds of house - work and cooking, such as is necessarj foralamily, ormilnhle lor a public house, the understands cooking 01 oys ters, bealsteaks, fcc. nnd would be a vuluuble acquisition to any public house , a preference would be eiien to any person kcepinc the saine. that reside in the country. Sold for 110 other reason than the want of a master. For further particular, inquire at the corner of Broadway aoa crann - streei, mount Dociai. H. B. She is sold at ber owe request. ap9 tf LANDSCAPE fc FLOWER PAlNTIfiiQ AI G. WALL, pupil of the celebrated Geo VV Miller, of Dublin, Teacher of Landscape and Flower Psintinr. Drawina from Nature. Characteristic, Foliage, fcc. fcc. For term, apply at No. 44 Nassau - ttreet ; where speci mens 01 hi worn may be teen. W. G. WALL hopes, from hi tyle of paint inc. method of teaching, and a itrict attention to tbe duties of bis profession, to merit a contin uance of those favour he has so amply received ap 9 2w$ TO LET. The house in Hudson - aquare, lately occupied by Jobn It. Murray, Esq. It is spacious and elegant, and possessed of every re quisite convenience. Possession may be had immediately for terms, apply to MAJOR fc GILLESPIE, 79 (up stairs) Pine - street N. B. The above property will be sold to any one desirous to purchase, and the pay ment made convenient. ap y f t Faluable oroverhi for tale lJj The building and lot comer of Front and Dover - streets, late the property of Thomas Brown, deceased, containing in bredth on Front - street, 24 feet, and on Dover - street, 85 feet. From the improvement of property in the neighborhood it may be considered a most advantageous situation. The term, will be made easy, fur which, apply to GEO W. BROWN, ap 9 lw No. 10 Kootevelt - st. At Gbacik's many rich and nurerous gifts are in .tore, Soliciting fortune, favorite to adventure once more. MILFORD AND OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. $70,000 535,000 10,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1CO0 1UO0 1000 1000 1000 1000 30 of 500 and 140 of 100 dolls. The first number will be drawn on the 5ti of next month, at which time the focinating eoddes will again reward one or more of her t'.'ithlul votaries with the capital prize of 5000 dollars, 'fit lets and Share now selling at Whole Ticket $3 J Half 16 Quarter $3 4 Siitre.iths Call ii abov, f - r lucky number apply, 1 be fair gudJo will eurely you wanu uppiy. ap 10 NEW GOODS, and CHEAP. JAMES SUYDAM Junk. No. 97 WifliaJaV street, offers for sale by tbe nxcz or at mm - 1 tail, a reneral assortment ol fresh imported arr goons, ail of which he will dispose of cheap for cash : they consist of Ileal Aankin Ciapes. black ana elegant colors, Canton Crapes, do do 22 yds. Nankin and Canton Crape 8 - 4 Shawls tl - 4 Merino Shawls, black, white, lemon, tenr - Merino4 - 4 Hdkls. white and color, let, fee. Mens and women's best Cotton and Silk Hose Do do beaver ami kid Glove IritbLinenr, Sheetings, Bud Eye Diaper Lonj Lawr.s, Diaper ami Damask Table Cloth and Napkins, 01 uli sizes, superior fabric and warranted bleach Sartnet Cauilinc, Jaconet, Mull, and Cambric Muslin Fine large Cravat ; do with colored border Figured Mulls, Wbipneti, and fine Book Muslins Patent aud "t' tim loom Cotton Shirtings Marseilles Quill and Cue hinged Cradle Cover Counterpane, plain and fringed, of all lire New Ginghams and rich Furniture Chintze Fine Furniture and Balloon lliinitie 6 4 super Cuiubric Dimity aod Corded Cambrics 1 Best Italian black, nnd Double Florence Silks Plaid and plain colors 01 do. Satins, I ,ev notifies, Florentines Elegant Kihboiit, Pins, Topes. Threads Ice. With almost every article of the trade. ep7 lw I HON k STF.EL. - xOO tuns Russia Old Suble 1 Iron, Pal. 50 do do do mixed l'SIGAl). andCCND. 25 buudles Swedish Steel, lor sale hy HURD fc SEW ALL, ap6 66 houth - street. A SSAFtETIDA. - 3 cases very superior A X. snlcel Ih, binding and lor sale l.y Hp 7 JOSEPH OSBORN, 2KSouth - st. DICEfc TOBACCO 20 tierce piiiiicucw It R ice and 24 hhds prime Georgia Tobacco, for '.tie by DAUI, ALUr.l, ap ft 'JiS Pine siren "jaATU'l'MEtiS. 10 casks .Mutiiicgs, just re - XI ctiveu, , and for siitu Ly GtNiDllllF. fc CO. 44 Siiuth - dtrt et. np9 O UrEHIOUK ItOLTlM. CLOTIIS.A gen O ei - ul assortment of Holland, warranted Bolting Cloths, of the first quality, at utiom monl) low pricts, by JNO. M'CR VCKAN, ap 9 3t 82 1 - 2 Pcurl strct M)IGO. bciHS Uen'.d imiio, of superior quality, rutin lied to difbenhirr, for sale by PETER REMSEN A CO. ap 7 26 Soulh - strcst. IHOPPASfc BANDANNAS. Jciiti' Cone V pnny nnu baiidannas, just recti v cd and lor sale ny ap7 PETER REMSEN fc CO 1NTTgo 6 cases Bengal Indigo, for sale at reduced price, to close a cnnsiKiiinenl hy JACKSON fc HOOI.LEV, an 7 75 U nll - street. s HKFFIELD and BIRMINGHAM GOODS. 6 casks neatly assorted table knives and 1 do do do small cutlery forks 4 do d" do table knive. k forks, with small cutlery 1 do do do saw 1 do do do file 1 do do do ede tool 1 do do Britannia Ten Poll A few caks candle stick, butt hinges, wood .crews, commode knob., and 1 caae button. For sale very low hy JNO. M'CRACKAN, ap lOSt B2 1 - 2 Pearl - street. LLOUNCES at COLERETTft for tale by f MARCH fc LOW, ap 1 210 Broadway. UAPEK MILL RAGS. 34 bale liuea Rags, sv ior aie low, oy ap 9 3t JNO, M'CRACKAN, 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. f A NTS a situation in a genteel family, a V V woman thnt wisht to take the charge of children and do the plain sewing Can give good recommendation, for particular enquire at this office. ap H I w WANTED. AN American or English Woman, in .small family, one who understand plain cook ing, wajliinir and ironing. To save trouble, none need apply, who cannot bring unexceptionable recommendation, from her last place, for honesty sobriety and cleanliness. Such a person may hear of a good place, by applying at this office. ap 10 3t FOR SALE. AVERY fine RIDING HORSE 1 offered for sale, for no fault a. a Iappi.c horse, (he being too spirited for the use oft family,) rides unusually well, and is a great traveller under addle or in harness, enly 6 year old, I a well made, she wy horse, wa bred in tbe Missouri country, possesses great activity, and is very ea sy Raited. Appiy at 141 r root - street ap 10 3t BOARD k LODGING IN THE COUNTRY. A SINGLE genllemaa want, either 1 or 2 rooms in a small private family, situate 2 or more miles from the city. He would take his meals separate or with the family, a. may be most agreeable, and rive a liberal remuneration for a pleasant situation ; a moderate distance of which will be no object. Apply by note for B.B left at the office of the Evening Post, ap 10 3t yi sjir.e ' A farm io the village of West Bloomfield. in tjex county, stale of New - Jersey, within 13 miles 01 the citv of New - York, containinsr about thirty acre ollnnd, about tic acre, of which i woodland, of a young and thrifty growth, and well timbered ; lite residue consists of eood mea dow, with young orchard, in a profitable bearing condition, from which cider of tlie first quality can be made, the fruit beincof a choice collection. There it 00 the premises a new frame modern built houte, of 0 best material and well finished, two stories high, 46 feet in length and 32 fret in depth, containing fire large room with fireplace in each, besides a kitchen and apartments in the garret. Also, a garden, an excellent bam cow house, etc. 1 be above described property will be sold below in value, tbe subscriber being desirous of Milling with hi family io some one of tlie western state. Tbe (iluationof it is verv healthy and de.iirabltf, being on the turnpike road, winch will shortly be in continuation 01 tlie great Western Turnpike leading from tlie city ol Jer sey to Lake Erie, and is a good stand tithrr fr a store or tavern. The aurroundinr country 1 delightful, and it exceeded by none in point of prospect, a it command a full view of the city of New - York, ha), river and the Atlantic Ocean. There is a variety of fruit in the see son in great profusion ; anil large never fniiin; streams of water run contignous to tbe village, whereon are erected large cotton and woolen factories in full operation. Tim whole or a part of the land will be o!d with the house, us may suit the pur, baser, and military bounty lands will be takcu in psrt pay For terms, apply to J'"h Hedden, Esq. in the city of New - York, or to the subicri'ier 00 the premises, who will give an irnli - pulablc title. ap 10 2w t.rilKAisi 1. oiii.iv:. NOTICE. 'f'WOyoung ladie of respeelible connexions, L aiid well qualified to give ir.striM lion en II e Piano Forte, in drawing and painting, embroidery, and in making artificial Bowers, - a e! as io the elementary branches of eduratiuti, arc desiroe of ubtaiiii:.g a si nation as assistant in a respectable boarding cboul, or would accept situation in respectable private (amilit, U. 141 ve instruction in tlie above brunches. Further information may be obtained from the ub,'ribr, who i of opiuioa that their service in either ot the above dilutions would prove a rrt4. acquisition J., ap 10 lw 12 Maiden - Lane. . JUARELE FOR BttLDtXtJ. if. THE proprietor of tfi southern marbl qua rie, near KinrVBridre, rive notice, thai lhy hav on haod, and are receiving, at the Amgt - Iinigt Marble and .sme - 1 f, loot 01 Beach - strest, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the IbUcrwiuff da K.npuou, tis : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Piece Facing Column Watertable Steps Platform Sills, Liutels Arches Alto Lime of the best quality. (XT' A constant supply of the above materials mav be calculated upon : and those desirous rf purchasing, or makiDg engagements, will apply cvu a r tint - ,,1 Feb 11 At the Yard. CONCERT. 17 - MRS. FRENCH, rrateful for the libe ral patronage she hat received frin her friend and the public, has anin the pleasure to an nounce, that her second CONCERT of vocal and lUlrumcntal music wdltake plare on ll l.b - DAY next, 14th inst. at th City - Hotel, where will be performed the following pieces : leader of tbe orchestra, Mr. UenUI : Piano - forte, Mr. l Uienne. Past 1. Overture Par Song Sweet Passion of Lore, Dr. Ame Minuet to Haydn Song Roy' wile of Altlivalloch, f Sw tch Air) Variations, little and piano - forte, by Mr. Kin sella and Mr. Fttienne Song Fragrant Chaplelr, Cimarota. Fioule Haydn. Part 2. Sinfonia - Krnmmer bong, Love among the rosei(by particular desire) Bishop Concerto Flute by Mr. Taylor Song Roi'in Adair Irish Air Andante II y do Song The celebrated Echo Bong, Bishop Finale Kromuirr. (tr Perfr.rman' - t' to commence precisely at half past 7 o'clock. Ti. lets lo be had at Mr. Gcih' Maiden - i:iii - ; Mr. Dubois's Music Stcre, Bniailwav t Mrssr. Goodrich fc Co'. Bookstore, Broadway, and at the Bar ol the City Hotel. pp 10 3t I CONCERT. l .' II b'.WITT, respi r.lfully arqnaints hit friend ind the public, that hi Benefit CQncert will be on Thursday, April 17th, at the City Hotel, Broadway ; particulars of which will be announced 111 future advertisements Tickets, f 1 each, to be had at Dubois' music store ; Goodrich's book store Broadway 1 Wilts' and Gnu's music stores, Maiden - In ne ; and I. Hew - . ill's Musical Repository, 166 1 - 2 W ilii.un - st. ap 10 tf HEVIOVAL. ajr - N. SMITH DAVIFS has removed hi. chemical pet fume manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of Li berty - street, ou the wont tide of Broadway. m h 'H NO I ICE. ft7 - All iHtrtnn having demand atrainst the estate ol Doctor Archibald Brure, det eased, are requested to send their account, to the otnee ol the iuhtvriher, No. 6 Nassau - stnet. l tlf.ll JAX IUIUU, Mh 27 ' 1m Administrator. It - ' 'I wo shares in the New - lork Libiary so ciety, KOR SALE, price each. Enquire at no. 124 Broadway. mh vB NOTICE. ft7 - The subscriber havim received a ccne - ral assignment ol all the est ate of John Murray k Sens, for the benefit of creditors 0 es pressed in uie assignment, nave auivtiui rswr luii - low to liquidate tbe unsettled account and te receive payment of all debt due to the rdd firm, or to the individual partners who will attend to tbe tame at hi uAice, No. 1 1 1 Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAYARD, feb 24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. MJT1CE. . 0T" The subscribers hove formed a Conner liou for the puriMite of transacting t'ommiMinn Business, under the firm ol S. and T WHITTE MORE, and will for the present do busiue. at No. 60 South and 129 Peail streets ; and will tonstunllv keep for snle a enneral assortment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of the manufacture of the late New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, per tcbr. Sandusky. Irom Mo bile, and for tale, 1 j bale werr euins 1 22 sacks Snake Root of prime qua. 2 do Beeiwax, SAMIi. WHITTEMORE, ap 2 lm T1MO. WkllTTEMORE. it T Mr. GALLOP having taken the house No. 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oners from the lt of May next. a residence to gentlemen ana ladies. 1 he pleasantness of the siiuationneed. no comment. mh 24 tr WESTERN CANAL COMPANY. rVr - A dividend of live and a half percent, en theCapital Stock of .aid Company, will be paid to the Stockholder, on the 1st of April. Apply to Bareot fileecker, Esq. Albnny, or 220 William - street. By order of the directors. TIIOaias EUUi, treasurer. mh 10 1m ft - T - MRS. FRENCH, ha 10 inform her friend aod tbe public, that she must unavoidably postpone her Concert until Tueiday evening, I4tn inst. ap v a' A MEETING ofthe New - York Iri - h Emigrant Association, will be held on Monday evening, ljuilnsi. at 7 o'clock, at Harmony - 1 tail. j. vv.niL'LibiuAiv,Bec'ry. ap 9 4t. Q20 LET, From the first of May next, tbe House No 152 Green - ttreet, near Broadway. Enquire at the printer.. ap B 3w VALUABLE LOTS OA' BROADWAY. QTwo Lots lying batween Houston and Bleecker street, upon the westerly side of Broadway, being each thirty tfirre letl in rct by two hundred feet deep, running through to Mercer - street. There is a (mall Tenement with a wooden Stable in the rear of Urn lots, which are rented for the ensuing year. The whole is completely enclosed with a new fence, and wi.l lie sold on accommodating term, only a prt vi the money being JT0U api5t 14 Wall itreet. TO LET, SlUf1 The paciou 4 story fire proof store, at ine loot ot uiocri i - t - " l, Messrs. J. Munsy oon.. rwns uq m he rriven on tlie first fay next For terra., apply to M AJOR fc GILLESPIE, ap 9 19 ("P tairt) PinetreeC raisxa! obxaT raisaa!! ASUOUr time smee, we had tne pleasure; of s.nruuricine to our eulomer that they had ilrawu the Capital Plixe of Jlu3,000 ami V.JO.000 w e at the situ time, mv4 instantly. guve thetn the Cash for their Tickcta in a few d.iya we confidenMy anticipate the pleasure of announcing to some of our customers they havedrsH - n meuaf - iwi rrirs in uie MIUORD fc OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY, which eon,mcuce. drawing 5ih May. SCIHt. 70,000 Dollar. 2 of 5.000 Dollar 35.WW Dollar j 10 of 1.000 Dollars 4 2 of 1(J,J0 Jkllar t 30 r f oOO Dollars Several of ICO Dollars, Ac - Tickets and ShareViri a variety cf number, rn;iy be hail at No 1 .iif. the cltr - Uotej. Forcm Bar.k Notts tAcn at psr - csdl paJ for Prizes sold at thiir offices. No - 122 Bwadwsy, N - T"r - . 2 South - 1 hird - sL Piiilsdelyai. 151 Market s Bsltimore. ap 10 Z

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