The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, December 30, 1913
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PHE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published O*il» Bxowt S'"Kia Tines and News Publishing Company W. LAVERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, | President.; MURCERS BAFFLE NEW YORK POLICE PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg f or 25 cents per month. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. RATES v Single cppies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. ^\ ^ - ; t, -* r . f __ ,, _ - · ·-- ·--·*- r % ou'wieeiv* TIKE TIMES by mail you can find the dal* up to.which you.are .,,i on t£7 tflSk iddress label on your paper. The date will be changed within ^ten days after yxrar money is received at The Umes umce. ntired Aucust 15, 190"4, at Gettysburg, Pa., as second-class matter, under Congress March 3, 1879. BELL PHONE UNITED PHONE . 3ce in Northwest corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. "HIS i'APEfi REPhtSLMLJ TOR ADVERTISING BY THE. OENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO i- -N A i - "«·-- 'K.ii. ;^A, -~ tfant ads One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed first pa** position. Resolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cent oer word. TO OUR READERS ntt Gettyaborg Time* takes absolutely no part in politic*, beins aeotral OB aH dimattera. Anything that appears in our general news columns, concerning ,~TM* VurtiMuSVoUtwc, is fufnished us by The American Press AssocuitioB, a ;Ven which*TM*it£ same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition or Socialist paper* and which is strictly non-partisan. Oer advertism* columns are opes to all candidate* of ail parti**- The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg ON^ FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizen-? Trust Company mailed their handsome Christmas Checks amounting to over §15 000. to the 597 Patmns of tbeir CHRISTMAS SAVIN 7 G FUND. This vast sum of money was saved during the year by the people of our town depositing in 'the'Trust Company from one to five cents on share every Saturday during the yeai\ iCCAU-l-i 3I4-OB-L C5 »^»ti*jr V^L^UM*. «».*-j ^ v ^ , . -- - J - , -- ./ ,;";.- This, enterprise of, the CITIZENS TRUST COMPAJSTY has proved so beneficial to al recip- ·^iens that the series for 1914 is now open and those who deposit their pennies will have tho same courteous treatment as tbe well to do or the rich. *·- We are determined to do our part to better the condition of the rising generation of oxir community and ask ail good citizens lo help us. HARRY L. SNYDER, Treasurer. Eggs Are Going Up The demand for clean, fresh eggs is heavier ROW than when prices were down. Toinsure heavy egg laying use Poultry Regulator It tones the system, perfects digestion and assimilation, and greatly increases egg production. When the hens are in close cuartera on dry feed, it's a necessity. Pkgs. 25c, SOc, fl.OO; 25 Ib pail .?.'.50. Roup will not start if you use Roup Remedy Remedies DiMfrctMt lUkr S«t H or Powder) £5c. 50c, and $1 00, This is the easiest way to prevent and cure this dangerous contagious disease It also prevents colds and all kindred ills. Refuse substitutes; insist on Pratts. SatUfaction Guaranteed or Money Back. 76 Ctt Pratt* ISO Pane Illustrated Poultry Book. 407.1. FOR SALE DY C. M. Wolf, Gettysburg. People's-, Drug Store, Gettysburg. Man and Woman ra Slain in a TeiKinsni. ,, MEXICAN SOLDIERS. Federals In Torreon In Street Skirmish With Viila'e Men. (PUTED BODY ill TRUNK Two Are Held «n Suspicion In Double Kiiiing, But Slayer of Trunk Victim Is at Large. New York, Dec. 3'X -- Two murder Hosieries, one oi' t'.u-in a double tra- £e3y, confront the police of this city ;or solution. T'/e first of the murders was dis- overed when a deteetUe WCL-S notified 'hat a man and woman had been murdered in a tenement house. A few hours later polico headquarters officials were informed that the body of a man, badly mutilated, had been found in a trunlc. Although two arrests have been aiade in the double mur^o.r on suspicion, the slayer of the trunk victim is at large, and there is no clue to his identity. In a top floor room of the house in j the rear of 14'J Avenue A, Catherine Jaainska, twenty-eight years old, and Albert Rogowski, a chair caner, aged twenty-eight years, of Brooklyn, were found murdered. The woman had a bullet wound in her left temple. The man was shot in the right side of the he 3.d and in the chest. Between the' woman's feet was louiid the pistol, with fire exploded shells. Joseph "W. Marshall, twenty-two v-ears old, who said he was a collector and boarded with the woman arid his partner, Janes Demattio, were detain- ju on suspicion. The victims had been dead several nours when Demattio told Detective ilarvey of the tragedy. The neighborhood is tenanted largely by and Poles. On the sidewalk the tive found Marshall and took him into the room. Harvey looked for signs of suicide, but as there were no powder burns he concluded "that it was a case of murder and so he took Marshall and Demattio to the station house for qnes- GRAND J FAILSJO INDICT Ttis GkBSterlovn, feld,, Police Fear Lynclisrs, GERMANS REFUSE PERSONAL NOTES U, S, CONCESSION AND BRIEF ITEMS THEY PfiEPABE JOB Judge Urges Speedy Trial'-if th* Colored Men Charged Wtih Murder of Farmer. Photo by American Press Association. IT IS SAID HOEBTA WILL RESIGN Washington Places No Credence in ROM, Lues to town, Md., Dec. 30. -- The j grand jury which met to take up the case of the two colored men chr.rgcd with the kililng of James Coleman, a well-to-do and popular farmer adjourned without returning an indictment, As a. result the irieuds of the murdered man are in an angry moo:!, and the Chestertown authorities fear au outbreak. Sheriif Brown will keep all the police and detectives in the jail and will make no attempt to have them patrol the town as they did on Sunday night. A number ot the deputies sworn in when the trouble started also have been notified to be on hand. Eight witnesses were examined and eight remain to be examined. The temper of the crowd was strain- ^ ed by a report that an attempt would j be made to have the prisoners removed to another county lor trial, although this statement" was emphatically denied by the state's attorney. Many of those among the throng were prebcnt on Saturday when an at- Follows tim of Secret Treaty With Graai Britain. MAY HARM OUR COMMERCE , Unofficial Announcement Says Pact With England Is Designed to Pre vent Expansion of American Trade. Washington, Dec. 30.-- Unolfkial advices received here indicate that the German government is endeavoring to use her former grievance regarding the American duty ou wood pulp as a lever to force the United States to give concessions regarding the new tariff law of this'eountry. According to cable advices the German government has reiused the request of the United State's that the discriminating duty imposed on American steel and rubber bhoes he removed. In justification for its refusal, it is asserted, the German government mentioned certain features of the new tariff law which it contended were antagonistic to Germany and intimated that if these were removed or modified the discriminatory duties might be removed. This demand on the part of the Germans has occasioned much surprise, and it was not thought that they would care to resort to such pressure to gain their point. The United States in making its re Paragraphs 01 News TeMiii ol the Happenutgs in aid ab**t Tom. People Visitwi Here art Time Snifiiirajfi Elsewhere. i , \" m\ "t i 'j/j ( * *^**«i Mr. and Mrs. bra»n; McGuigan, of Wilmington, pfciaw"*, are :vi|bUng at Mr. HfcGuigri's honje on'jCfatmbers- burg strfeet. "}{' -*Miss Alice Longsdorf, of Biglerville.. was a visitor in town to-day. Miss Reba Miller and Edgar Miller, of York street, have returned from a visit with friends in Cumberland. J. I. Mumper, of Baltimore street, is spending the day in Biglerville. J. Bailey Kendlehart has returned to his home in Harrisburg, after spending several days with his aunts, the Misses Kendlehart, on West Middle street. tempt was made by Sheriff Brown to I sl ' for the removal of the discrimi- The bodj- of a man, the arms and legs bound with ropes, was found in a tr-jsk in front of 47 Pitt street. Residents of the neighborhood told the authorities that the trunk had been dumped from a cart by two boys who had been seen hauling the cart along Pitt street. \Vhen the trunk was opened and the grewsome contents were revealed, thousands of exrited persons gathered on the soene and police reserves were caleld out. According to all Indications the Tic- tim had been tortured to death. Thei? were more than a dozen stab wounds in.the chest, abdomen and legs. Theman was smooth shaven and about lorty years old. The first clue obtained by" the po lice was the name ot the maker of a c-oat which was stuffed under the body. It bore the label of Bulsky Brother, Vicksburg, Mit=s. A woman's waist and a shirt were stuffed beneath the dead man's head. The police learned that the two boys who had been trundling the push cart were accompanied by two men. They further learned that the men had offered to pay a boy for watching the trunk after it had been dumped Ironi the cart to the sidewalk. "\Ve must imd out who this dead man is end where 1'e came from before we begin to discuss motives,," said Commissioner Dougherty. "The facts would indicate that he was killed for re'.cnge." TI'P t r u n k was bound with rope, but was not locked. Morris Fcinstein, a storekeeper, told the police he had »!ir-nol t !l o t r u n k , believing he could £;ot some clue to its owner. Washington, Dec. CO.--State department representatives in Mexico in- iormed the department that the rumor was current in Mexico City that President Huerta intends to resign from the presidency and take the field at the head of the Federal iorces to subdue the revolution. Huerta intends to let the presidency devolve upon Enrique Gerostieta, according to the reports, by mailing the latter minister of foreign affairs before resigning. Upon Huerta's vaca lion of the office of provisional presi (tent Gerostieta would automatical^ succeed, if he held the foreign minis try portfolio. ---The report is not given, serious ere rtence in Washington. There is no ex pcctPtion that Huerta will resign hit present post in favor of anybody or that he will leave the provisional pres ident's chair until forced out. It \vos pointed out that probably the only reason Hueita is now alive i? that he has succe'eded in retaining hi^ seat and holding in check those about him. Were he to p step down from his position it is not believed he would long survive. Representatives of the Constitution alists rejected ths report as one not to be believed. They renewed their spirit the colored men. from the jail and take them, to Baltimore. The men j openly express the belief that in spite of denials another attempt will he made by the authorities to get the prisoners out ot Chestertown. Men drove into Chestertown from di natory duties called Germany's attention to the fact that the original cause of thc imposition of the discriminator} duties had been removed. There was every expectation that the request would promptly be complied with. Offirials of the state department Bernard Partridge has returned from a trip of several days to Stroudsburg where he visited friends. Born to Dr. and Mrs. George C. Cc- bean, of Chambersburg street, a son. Miss Zita Ramer, of Baltimore street, left to-day on a trip to Harrisburg, Lancaster and Philadelphia. Miss Rutha Gertrude Plank accompanied her sister, Mrs. John E. Shirey, on her return to Reading for a visit of ten days. There will be a special meeting of ;he W. C. T. U. Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Harvey Bream, East Middle street, at 2:30 o'clock. The engagement of Miss Fannie Diehl, of Harrisburg, and William S. rlaub, of Lancaster, has been an- lounced. Miss Diehl has many friends lere. distances of thirty miles, with the ex- j fca{d they had not reeeive ,i any officia' peetation that the men would be tried. noLice o " t - Germany's refusal to grani They are remaining in town, and their , tbJ Amer j can request, but there if presence haa made the authorities anx- overy reasO n to believe-that the unoffi 1OUS. Chief Judge Constable, of the coun- ' ty circuit court, at the opening of the proceedings charged the jury to take careful but quick action, and not to allow themselves to be swayed by the cial advices received are correct. The features of the new tariff lav- to which objection is now brought are those concerning the administration oi the la\v. Germany's refusal comes on thc oners in the jail. "I want you to treat this like an ordinary case," he said, "but at the ;ame lime I urse that you, because of declarations that they would fight it out in .Mexico until Huerta has been driven from the presidency of thc country- demonstration made against the pris- j j ieels of jv^e unofficial announcement of the Anglo-German treaty to pre venf the extension ommerican trade The two powers, according to infor maiion received in Washington, an tiio condition of affairs, and the leel- operating under an agreement that if Ing shown, to act quickly." j ( i eg j gne ,-i to check the growth o! A condition resembling martial law i American commerce in every market holds the tov,-n. The authorities prohibited the rec cipt of liquor in Chestertown while tee trial is in progress. MAY BE READING WOMAN American Missionary Drowned Ir. China With Two Children. Reading, Fa., Dec. 30.--Through the foreign mission board of the Reformed church, Philadelphia, Rev. Dr. C. C. Bartholomew, secretary, a cable gram was received irom Yochow, China, confainin;-' the iniormation thai a Miss Gieiner has been drowned, with two Children." It is genorally believed in Reading that the woman is JlibS S. Emma Zie mer, of Reading, who left lor the foreign missionary field ten years ago. Miss Ziemer v as the teacher of a children's scKoo' and might have been slrowiied w h i l e (rosing a small lake v,hlch separates the t\vo missions, anrl v.'likh, it is said, she was accustomed to cross each da. . TUNNELJNTO BANK Cracksmen Dig 150 Feet to Vault and Get $3700. Ran Francisco, D r t . :M.--Cracksmen l.inueloil "!"'» leet a-id i-ierced tli" eon crete walls oi the First X . U i o n a l bank, ol Oro\i!lo, \ a u l t some time between closing tune K:Uurila.\ and Monday morning. They obtained ?r,7iiO in siH er, bill v ere u n a b l e to blow thc steel coin t . i f o , w l m !i lield a much Uirgi r a m o u n t ol' Ko'il and currency. The n o v . b was telt plioue-1 b\ W. \V ('· ingles. Hit- cashier. The ro'ih-T worked Irom tho cellar cl a b u i l d i n g oc'iipied only wlidi lodge mcctini;: w e r e lit. Id at night. HAD ONE HOSEJO FIGHT FIRE Water Famine Placed Montreal In j Peril of Conflagration. j Montreal, Can., Dec. 30.--A mile of hose, stretched in a bingle line to the St. Lawrence river, saved Montreal from a serious confia.gration. On account of a break in the water works intake pipe, which has caused a water f a m i n e in the city ior several .iajs, the fire hydrants were practically U'el ess. The fire destroyed a block of stores and houses at St. Hubert and Ontario streets, twenty buildings in all, and caused $500,000 damage. With onlr, one weu.k stream of water at its disposal, the fire department was oblige.! to depend upon chemical extinguisher,. Dynamite was sent for, BREMMER GREETS TUMULTY President Wilson's Secretary Chats With R a d i u m Patient. Baltimore, l p 3o. -- Congressmai Holiort G. P.renner, of New Jersey, who is taUim; t 1 '" radium treatment ai t h e Kelly S a n i t a r i u m for Cancer, was visited by .)o. pph I\ Tumulty, becre tary to Pres-id'-iu Wilson, and several newspaper (01 v^pendents of Wash infcton. Mr. T u m u l t is a personal friend of .Mr. Bremru-r .nid they chatted for (i\iitf; awhile. Mr. T u m u l t y brought a n.essa^e f r o m t i . f prrsi'lent, and this- seemed to plcvv the congressman and cheered him up mightily. Dr. Kelly would not t a l k a b o u t his patient othei to sa that hib condition was sat hut belore it arrived the hose, coupled into a mile r A r - f h , brought pltnfy of Ori0 w a t e r from ti.u liver and the etplosive was not used. In half ai IK .r the fire had swept through a bio. k. U the apparatus iu the city was · :.r,monel and ovary "hnmical exliu«iii;r.her available was placed in the hands of the firemen. From the block where it started the arc leaped across the street to a lM:'g rj automobile garage, whore a series of gasoline explosions threw jets of flanic in all directions. At this pt,i;u Ohio! Tremblay held a consultation w i t h his lieutenants and s^nt for dynamite. in which it competes with German and British interests. It is understood that this srovern i nient has instituted an inquiry througl diplomatic channels to determinp jus how far reaching is the scope Lad pur pose of this Anglo-fierman alliance. Two recent developments bearing or American trade are said to point con clusively to the existence of an agree tnent between Great Britain and Ger many to resist to the utmost the en tieavor of this country to broaden ant extend its forpiEjn market. Tho first was the refusal of Grea' Britain and Germany to participate ir the o:position to be held in San Fraa t-isco i'i 1!15. The second was th abandonment by the National Citj Company of New York of its plan t: p=tal !ish a bipf branch in the Argen ttue PvPpubMr. Pespitp the denial made 'T Pro". d f n t Vandcrlip, of the National C:t "lanlc, the statement is made in Wash CAPTAIN ALVAREZ Paul Gilmore and Associate Players, in Their Great New York Success. The management of Walter's The- itre in which Paul Gilmore is to present "Captain Alvarez", H. S.Sheldon's ^reat new romantic drama on Decent- er 31 gives a positive guarantee that, his is one of the best attractions that las ever appeared here. This guaran- ee was made after having reed the icwspaper clippings from ,o(lher^ti^s ,vhere this company has appeared, all ^stifying to the merit of the prodttc- .ion, though an acquaintance with Mr jilmore's work in former years and a irm conviction of the worth of all his cormer productions, should in itself :arry weight sufficient t o j Justify a guarantee of this attraction.--advertisement Training Down Daddy. Ethel--I declare, Elsie, how well vour father lookn. He belongs to that downtown business men's gymnasium, doesn't he? Elsie--Not daddy. Dad's mpre up to date than that Mother and we girls .alked him into Joining Miss Martin's tango classes, and the improvement bas beer, simply wonderful.--St. Louis Republic. irr-'ton that this institution was threat by German and British interest and thrit acc-orciinsly it abandoned temporalily st least, its purpose to es (nbli-jh a branch in the Art;entini Republic 1oi- the benefit of ft, \^.^f^ ''^te%$3F' ^r^r^jkv *-^- s '^·$'^%/^^,. -** '--·?; /*.-?· './-·-, , ! / W V if · v I My STANLEY STEAMER will be run to the Biglerville Poultry Show, Biglerville Will le»ve tin- Square la:!y n; ^.:.o ;vn) l . i x i p. m. t liarpos mOMvrate. (Vnnlo-'alilc M-at» for t\\i-!\. Make arrangements by phone or in person with I C. A. Stoner Child Surneu as Mother 'Phoned. liftlilchcm, Pa., Dec. no. -- \VInlc Mrs. Kallie (T. Slommen, of Hi:t/.tov/n ' as t a l k i n g over the- telephone lo tun iiut-barid in H e t l i l e h c m , her thr"^ your old d j i i m h t i - j , MJnr.ui, rr.J) rc-roa:ni:u into I h o rom. h«r dothiii!- b u r n i n F itjcicf-iy.' P.Mnj-e t h o m o t h e r c o u l d - p u l i , ' i t t l i e Hii'mes t h e c h i l d W P S '.o b.irtlj B u r n e d tlia}. cli-JHlh f o l l o w « · 1. It ha., no 1 'been loatnert how hor clothing c u n g h i l i r e Take B u l l e t FroTi IVoyer's Body. Chicago, Dec. ."M. T.i« b n l l i i inil'ed ded near the spiw of Churles I! .Mder, president of ti.e Western !·'"('. (·ration of Miners-,, wa-, remove] at Rt 1-nUe'K hospital. Dr. George V. H f l l o i s-aid t h e operation wa=; succe.-^ful am that in n short time Moyer would li able to leave his bvd. Louisville Man Shot Dead. Charleston, K C., Dec. 30. -- E. J Meelian, of I . n u s v i l l o , Ky., was shot ,lnd killed h o t " by I. M. Acosta, ol Memphis. \ - n - t , i declares that he fired In seU-deiVn-e v. lien Meeluin demand r;l money u n d i - r threat of deatn. Aged Man K i l l e d by Train. Xorristown, I'o., Dee. 30. -- Daniel nutill. o i n l i t . v ,evr-n old, was ) illed bv a I ' c i i i n y i v i i n l a railroad train ·\t a prrvde jr^ ing. He was deaf and walked in Ironi oi' tlio train. HENS HELP_iiJTLAW BAND Laying Eggs For Desperadoes Besieged In Kentucky Mine. Pineville. Ky., TP: Oft. -- A d'l/.cn hens may delay ir.'lofinitHv t i - o ap Uiro of "Happy .lock" I t e m i z e Vi-on an-1 his outlaw RanK of nioimtuir.o rs who liarrir-aded thri. -Ivc:-, in on a 1 ' i'i- dono' 1 i~.ine near he:' 1 , follov,iu" thc · i h n n t i n K of three d · i t y r l i ' M i . T ; . It w:»s loarno.l l l i - t tin; ncsirrr'ri mori have twelve hr-;i ,, HS v,c!l rs : -.mail (ir.anlity of oil.: - provisions, :i?d if thR fowls have ; t "layins streak' tho posso may havr- 'o v.ait some time lor the desperadoc:. · surrender. To Test Mothers' Prr-cion Payment Harrisburg, Pa., D-c. 30.-- -The payment of money ti» lor the appro priatior. for m c t - . i r , ' pensions has ARTIST SLAINJN_ HER STUDiC New Ycrk \Vcman Stabbed Through Heart With Paper Cutter. Now York, lc. 30.--Thc body o' Miss Mary R. Cliatficld, an Fn.i"t, wa- f o u n d in h o r studio on West Twenty third strr?t. \ sharp pointed steel paper cutter which had been plunged through tin woman's heart, was found beside th( body. Across UT- woman's breast, anc hi -lined with blood, lay a siiglf sheet of paper, on v,hirh was v. ritU-n: "Mrs. Howard is to blame for this.' A « - n r c h is being made for n "Mrs llovar.l" among the list of the UcaiJ womanV, ,-"qi:aintanocs. A Precocious Ringer. "Shocking case of swindling in our leighborhood. The women are so exited over it that all the men are tak- ng their meals out and sleeping down- own." "Gracious! What's the trouble?" "Why, it has just been discovered hat Mrs. Pluff got the first prize at the jaby show on a professional baby that die rented from a side-show barker!" A Tragic Cook. Guest (who has been invited to sup- 3cr by an actress)--Our hostess pre- wired this little feast with her own lands, so she tells me. What do you say to that? The Other Guest (shrugging his ^boulders)--That she is a tragedienne m the art of cookery also. Just thc Thing. are you reading so care- tin Tele been made to Allegheny county Connecticut Bank Closed. P u t n a m . Conn , Dor. 30.--The Put nam Savings wns closed by or dor of the stato banking commission ers. 42 West High Street Gettysburg, Pa. "v"v" ^"" /'V"^*"W"T£ f ^ "ThU naw murderer is a roxy one." I "How so?" "Declares he's perfectly sane. Now, of course, everybody will have to go to work to prove he's la- Bane." Ask your grocer for White Lily FLOUR It's the Best hoard and thc t-' "f Uio law probably will follow it. Ti.. .money paid is $.",nO for administrative purposes, and it iH unrlcrsfoad that injnnrtion procerdinfxs will ho hcqun so t h n t the opinion of the supremo court rday »e obtained. Vedrine* Arrives Safely. Cairo, K(?ypt, Dec. 30.--Jules Ve- drine«, the French aviator, who was reported missing on his flight from Jaffa, Asia Minor, to this city, arrived at llPliopolls, five miles northeast ol here. Cairo Is 25 miles from Jatfa Civor. ?,?,000,OCO Mortgage. T ' o t t s v - u ' e , Ta., Dec. P.O.--A mortgage for two inilion dollars, covering property cf thc Consolidated phone Company of Pennsylvania, wa- recorded by Recorder Bailey as give; by that company to the Unite-1 State' Mortgage and Trust company, of Nov. York city. Too mortgage bears r pc" cent interest and is given to cover an issue of bondh, tho receipts for whicl will be used for improvement to the "What fully?" "A patent office report." "You seem deeply interested." "Yes; I was just thinking what a fine libretto It would make for a comic opera." service. M i n e Blows Up; Three Dead. Bic-knell. Incl., Doc. »(».--Threo men were killed and four injured a t tho Indian Creek mine, four milc smith of here, when a gas explosion occur red. The dead are Emory Williams, Robert Cotton and an unidentified man. The four injured are buried In the mine. The explosion occurrel as Realism. "It's shocking the way the members of the chorus are hugging and kissing each other while the principals are trying to carry out flie plot of tne piece." "Tut, tut, man. The scenes ot this operetta are laid In Parts. What you see is merly 'local color.'" Automatic Polfther*. "Your balustrades are beautifully polished." · .-·'. "Pine, aren't they?" « "Must be a good deal of wnrk for the aervantB." "Not at all. The children Keep th*m that way, sliding downstairs." Queer TMtee. "Why is our guest wandering on the lawn?" "He's an odd chap. Wants to listen to the nightingale, and here I hare Can Tell All About It. On* ot th« peculiar things In lean life !· tliat tho«e who nav« n« flnanc«« »lw»y« know the mo«t about finance--Philadelphia Ledger. UM . ______ ... was leaving some lovely new ragtime reconw ior tho n i ^ h t shift of lt) men was leaving! ·»«""- .«.-.j ^ the mine. Litttle damage was done tc! the graphopbdn*. me mine. STARTING on New Year's Day for one week the cycloratna will be open to 'the school children of Getty*«; 10 Advertising Pays. "Does advertising pay? I lost a fK bill on the street." "Well?" likr 1 lie, admission ment ·IWSPAPERi

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