The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 11, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1818
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m. toe immmmmmEiMNG - port.: NUMBER 4938 SATURDAY, APRIL II, 1810 NO 1,1 1MNF. - STHFKT en a S AI.F.. The fast fallinc tip SACHEM", jut 7 r tnlwm. burthen iO i :rd will carry about 2000 bbla. 4yearold, tow, ? W. 'V 'i ..Mri. to dce. ballast fSk to b well found in evry re.ji. - ct, nod ftrwiy hn,e MW,uW rf Lie,al 9 att side Contie - rlip. P0 - 8' DAVID C. GILLIES, - h3l 101 '6 Broad - Mrect. ' . . .... . . . . - Ajyl I.I. la Vttvin. K, cur f M., c. wv o - '. , 45 Mib prime old and new Richmond To - a baccn; . 18 do Feteriburg do I balos Upland Cotton - 35 It. nnd 20 bf. It. lUce ' : 150 bags St. Domingo and i 64 do green Havana Coffee 6 LignumrilaJ ... Port Claret a:id Madeira Wine, in Midi. '' and quarter casks Rorii ird tart Wine, in cater of 3 dozen FREIGHT FOR OPORTO. I4 A rood veisel bound to Oporto may wild. . . .umi i.... r.:i.i l SLHv aUOUI 1UW liusue. - dim, ) It. tilLLFSPlE. Api'ljr lo 112 Front - street. Itltl III CfLf Tont English iron, assorted, in flat jU and tquare bait, a part of which it eutitled to debenture. 100 tont round iron, aworted, 1 - 2 to I I t inch 100 tin Swedci' flat iroo, from 1 to 5 inchet ,'.0 do do tquare, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 3 inches SO do each flat and tquare Russia iron 50 do cou'utry iran assorted 0 do pi vjh tbare mould' 10 do asletree and crowbar moulds 10 do horse - shoe moulds 20 do brazicr'i rods, assorted, from 3 - 10 to 3 - 8 inch .10 da spike and nail rods, af sorted ' 10 di sheet nnd boiler plate iron 50 do English and American IJoepj 10 do English (L) blistered steel 10 do Swede alcel 10 do Crawley do 5 do German do - ' 5 do shear and cast steel 20 do Bristol aud Nova Scotia grind stone assorted ' 500 am hots, a - sorted, from 50 to 2OO0'.bs. 1 do alwut 900OII. CO rnllt theft lead, tM 3 to C h per foot 100 caski spikes, ass'd. Imin 4 to 9 incliet i.00 do rut nails, from 2d to 2t)d SO do wmugbt nails, aisorted 30 do tlate and horse nail 10 tont iron pots and bake pant, ast'd from 1 to 10 giJIoiit, entitled to debenture. .r tont Lnglitli spelter 20 do American hollow - ware, contiiting of Pott, kettle, bake pint, Skillett, tpiders, tea kcttlts, Andiron, &c. 10 caskt trace, ox and boat chains; Anvil, vices, and beak iront Forge, sledg! and hand hammer Mill, t rots i ut and pit saws Cart, Waggon and Chair Boxei Window Glai of different size Shovels, Spadei, Hots, ic. Together with a gi ntral attoitmuht of Hardware and Cutlery, I'ortHleon reatonnble ti!rni, ware aa BEKI, & DUNfCOMIJ. No. 3C3 Water it corner of Jaroet - tlip. nihW Im TTOUK Hundred tont first quality Jiovu bco - JV tia I'laaler for sale iu lott to suit purchas - 'ert Apply to WALTER NEXSOX, 174 Front - st. cornor of Hurlinj - Up, or to JOHN BTF.RS, foot of Ilarriren - tt. nidi 17 Noi h River. Ml, UO.Vil.SUUrrtt. laObiiRi.lortali - D at IOC Front ttre. - t n.h30 I ROKES DAV IDSON & CO. GOA T f K1N3. 8at Marin Goat Skim, landins from ihip Francet Meiinetta, lor tde hv GOOI )l I V i. Ai CO. up 6 .44 Snuth - strset. OLAcShS 1 ir cargo of the Kftch l XV I nn, from Havana, ronsiting ol S50 bhdt. and 13 litrcrt new crp Molaei, now on the nharl. pier Ho. 1 North River, and for talt by G.G. ti e. IJOvVLAND, ap 6 7 Wnshin;ton - treet. 1 nutation BKA.NUV and pure 61 IKI I S. 9 ipcs rood imitation brandy, high proof 3 hliJ pure tpintt - just received, tor sale hv ap7 Iw CORN'S. Dl'MOl?. ' JuliAK. I'.2 hnUs ;, Oil. rilis euar, l - .iodin tin May at Pine - street wharf, from rij Hope, for sale by GRISWOl.!5 4 - COATES, or RIPLEY, CENTEll A: CO. ' ap 7 6tl Sonth - t. QI'Ravv CAKt't.ll0. - laroi,ti)iit tiUfl kj yardt i.adii rtraw Carpetui:, very hand' tnw pattern, landitiz from hrig Reu'ien & fcli ta, f.'r tale by GRIaWOLD k COATES, ap 7 CS Eolith - street. 1 UCK fl.M. .KlNa 100 Ixiltt Kussiu MJ Huck, 500 real bkin, lamlins nnd for tale ap" 20 Sonth - itret. - IHIsH I.IKt.NS, D1APKUS, I.AWMii, ,c. Hb.tKY .M'VllKtKfcCO. have received by the late arriviila from DuMiii, nnd ly the ttcidc, from Liverpool, agentral atsortinent ol ana i.ifient 5 - 4 Ehi - eting; 7 - 8 L wp 3 - 4 fJiaper and Bjnad Diaber, asorted 1'aruask Table Cloth 3 - 4 browo nd blact Lawns, in half Die Mi ; which the j effer for tale on liberal terms, at mr3ll Tw .o 57 l ine - street CA. i (J. GU.U, MOi l Kr.St' CAiUiO J Cul'd and black .Nankin Crapet, first quali tv, aay'dpt. CoI'd and blk. fit'ired do. 10 j 'd piecet Do. tlo pin di. 19 do do Do. changeable bannets, high col'dSOd Blnrlc dt di Do eincliewt do Coloured Satint 13 do CoI'd Sewii.g Silks Also; a handsome atsortaent inserting trim ttiiijl. For tale by mil 30 ?wt A. C. ZABRISKlK. llOtTO.N RUM - 10 pmicheont an fnr i.tle h ap7 CA.MBRELE.r. k PB ARSON. NKW.ORI.KA.NS SUGAR. CO I TO.N. fcc TAME D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, has V for nle, land ji; Irom ship tlvergrecn 10j hhds Nw - 'lcaiit sugar 43 bales do cotton, prime quality 4 n v u j - Clean St. Petersburg! hemp, in lott to tuit purcnasert 400 qr. casks Oran works' gun powder 1'II hnt. r'l 100 boxes of German tteel ) enti!led to draw - 111 cases tumMert back Or.e cae Leghorn straws .ILr Cash advanced on roods 'onii?nrd for april 1 CHEETLNGS - 8 halee F. tnih Sheetings, tor mh2 No. 61 Tine ttrert. IrivTi,. .... . t - MUlM rUBAt.:CO. 3:1 tihds. verv Kentucky Twlocro, landis fmii t ijiano, inn ew - ilrlean, (or sale ry LA1DLAW. GIRAI LT i CO Pl 101 i" Coffee - Hwuse ill? DRY GOODS. FANCY plate Cali - coet Superfine calicoes jrd chintiei 4 4, 9 - B, 6 4 carabnc mutlint - Cambric jaconett Plain tambor'd lc tew - ed mull Plain and tambor'd hook muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and ti 4 cam - brie )ringhamt Black auj col'd cam - hriit Velveti and cordi, beaver glovet Fancy eravati, twilled and plain Madrais hdkft, pin Hair cord caiubnct, cotton balls White lc col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton clove i Silk hose, tilk floren - - tinct Black bombazeent Florence tilk, ribbons, galloon Florence, plain and figured Virginia satint, plaid lustringi Frms'd hlack silk hkft Velvet hindingi, tapei, bnbbint Furniture calicoes, nnd chintzet 4 - 4, 9 8, G - 4, 7 - 4 nnd 8 4 printed cambric shawls 7 4 & 8 - 4 imitation do. ti 4 casifuere d:t. Bandanno, lnn;ee atid tistermv hdkft. Pocket hdkft white nnd printed Hair cord mid cambric dimitii't Jeani, cMon caf imeie Marseilles - Quiltingt, royal ribb White aud printed tat - eini Cotton brown hollandt Swamdown, toilaotttt, tilk itripet Cotton and wonted ho tiery Irish linens A - sheetings Buttont, bed ticks Fine and superfine cat - i tiineret Yorkshire Cne and tu - perliue rJoths London do do Superfine ladies rlctht Boiuoazcti, ralinettt Imperial cords, vigo - nia caiiimere Stockinettt, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baize Ferrettt, wonted bind - int Shirt buttont, cotton lace Paris nctts nnd touflle gatite Black and white thulle lace Lena tnawls, F.topil - lat Sewing tillc, am.Tted C'.lort Linen cambric Talili cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 & 8 - 4 Diaper Furniture I uuities Fancy l.eno, Jk tiguitd Muslim Cambnr. Trimming, 1 Flounce SrtrtU" kr Ginghams Romall ildkfs. i lit Check Ginghunit S: 3 col'd Caiubnc IIKimcntt Oil Cloths Brown Linen Merino Shawls Cotton haiidannoes 9U col'd ttrip'd inco - rettt fctnpcd r iorcntiia t Uiatk .1 - 1 MndapoHum ni.d steam too.,1 sMirting India iniislins, Ac. Sic Keceived by the latearrivalt and for !e by HAGGERTY l AUSTEN, mh54dic5m 167 I'earl - streef. WK; L. p. leueriUa siuie, (Pately brand.) in pipe;, hhds. andqr. caks. im ported July and .September 1816 and July 181 i. Carp, 1 enenlle wine, in Pipes, entitled loue - bentore. Capo Madeira wine, in aorted casks, slurped at the Cape of Good Hope in 1813. Oi l Lisbon wine, fa for lamily use. For?ale by . I). DL'FF, mh 2fl lin 09 Wa - hingtmi - street. JlsJv Qr. rasrt colmenar wine 130 qr cvks and 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do tweet Malaga 1 j0 xxt Florence oil, 'i bntllrs each 40 halet U ilian writing paper, F'oolsr np and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhds Euglirh f!a ware, com'uliojol wines and tuiuDlf rs ns - orted 100 boxe anchovies and AO donlivet . 1 box French kid glove 1 do otrlch feathers, very rich 1 do engraving 9 rases felt hats, 1 dor hip do . 40 bales Italian rags, 500 inarbU mortar ' S3 cases marhle slabs, veined and itatuary, assorted sizet 5 boxes Naplet shriving soap 1 do watch glnwti 3 rues manna fn flakes " 100 bales Calcutta goods, ronIsting of Baftns, putkah and rallipatly osahs Chadpore, clmm j oily Johanna, luckipore and songapore Farmah.", jullapore and mow Checks, white, red and blue gillahs Madras pattern do Sootee and froctsov romal!, for tale hy CIMS. L. OC.DF), aud ABRM.OGDF.N, nich 8 Wahinfon - st. ' Aik 41I7HW. f.vF Dozeu Scythes, Watrr' stamp, for sale by JAVESD'WOLK.Jr. mr h 30 57 I ror.i - 'tref. 'I MUKr. - . iiVll.'i.N 61 CO. oiler lur talc JL at liKJ Front - treet. 3 rate Irish Linen 2 do shaw It " 8 tin coarse Book Mu'lint and ladiel hdki 10 cask Glassware, nsiortcd 50 irates Eartbenwbi, do 4 casr low (triced Fowling Pieces 5 pines old Madeira Wine mh!?0 FRkH DIIY tiOdlJfl. T ti C. NICHOLS, No 132 Pearl - street, have it . received and are now opening t cases bei' French Crape. 1 do l - l.ii k Canton do 2 d black and c.'otli colored Sewing Silk 1 do black binchewt I do black " - arnrt a do hlack Canton Fringed Ildkfi 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen, vert low '2 - do brown Linen. I do Irish Sheeting 2 no cotton I' 2 do Steam Loom Shirting 2 do white and printed Jean do MarscilU - s Quilting, assorted 2 do furniture and common Dnuititl 2 do Madrass Handkerchiclt 2 do Cne Book and Cambric Mnlin 2 do MiPineits, 2 do Carlisle Ginghamt 2 do Cotton Cptsiiiierci 1 do Pin in boxes 2 do Ladies Kid and Silk Glove 4 trunks line Plate Calicoes 3 do superfine Chints 2 bales siijx iline Broad Clotht 2 do Cairtiere 2 do Rhodes' Bornhazett. All purrnated at auctii n, or equally ns low of the importer, which they offer lor ale at a small advance. . mh 30 lot KA.NDV. POP ASHES, BUTTER, fcc 6 ie imitation 4th proof brandy, laid to be equal lo anv in this 1 itr St barrel Pot Ashes, (good hills) 'l hid.""' P0 flailing Butter 3 ha!e first miality Upland Cotton , bhdt. Pari White fl roll fhe,.t Lead, assorted tir? i'O bat Juiiier Berri., go - ct quality HVI kegt bet quality ground si'ijor. For.alehy COR.NF.LlUS DUBOIS. mhS'tJw .16 r ro.t itrecf. IrL SLGJK ti IU MS. 3 Barrel Muscovado Sugar, landing Irom hip Plato, at Dover - st. wharf 18 hh lt New Orleans pi kle.l hams, larxllng from ship Evergreen, from New - Orleaiu, at Burlmg - tiip. For sale bv N. Sl I). TAI'XOTT, ap 1 64 ruth - st. O 1 VR(i I.YM TOR A CCO at FLOUR. O hhils old Virginia toliacce) 55 do new crop do do CG bids fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUES, MF.l'ROU & CLF.F.MAN, r ct 7 tn. No. 72 vsungton - u HOLLAND DUCK. ( rtale by CH S I .OC.)EN,nr.d A BR. OGD: N, ap 2 iVaituiistoa itrett. GREAT CHA.NCE FOR READERS THE sunrrriber having determined to give up the retailing Book - te.line Butim - m. un the first of May, otl'ert tor tale, at rtdueat pricer, Im ttook of books and Slatiotiary oo Ixuid. This stock comprises a very valuable assortnent of tandara worm in most ol science ana hieratuie, amongst which are, Bibles, Testa - . mentt, Prayer Hooks, Pialmt and Hy nine, in very elegant hindingi ; nlo, a few rbpiet of Scott's ramily Bible, in hoard and hindinjr; and i worthy the attention of dealers or consuoiert. Also,, an elegant assortment ol Stationary, such n pa per, quills, waters, wax, seals, taud Dote ana lolder. A (treat variety of pen and pocket knives, pocket book nnd wallets, port folios, ruler, lead pencils, crayons, brushes. Reecl aud other colours, in every variety of form, draw - ing paper, Ink - itandi, visiting and other cards, India ink, do. rubber, portable desks, steel nent, slate, Gunter't scales, mathematical instru ments, KX'ket ledgers and memorandum books, h.auk account books, &c. Ac. , JOHN L. TIFFANY, 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel, ap ? d lie 2aw3w FRUIT, FOREST TREES, .c. 07" BENJAMIN .w - iVjS t.o have for tale at their Nur - fS7?,f! tery, Fiuihing Landing, (I. I.) f vJu 'ry extenuve variety of Eurojuun dfrfji nnd Amciiian Fruit and Orna - ti ifnf.'.l !..'. Atfco ft larie col lection of valuable Shrubs and i i iuiii , iney nave eeiui iiiou - T.I. . . . .1. . I I .1..... gUES'&?" mw mated t'errfi trees, wiochnrein (In most lit a II liy tlate and iree IVoiii any distemper, great attention hat been paid to nr. - u.rvi. iheru IVoiii the vellnwt, which ha de stroyed to many trees of that kind throughout ii. it..;,.. - ls.l.... Catalogues i.f which rnav I I 7, iiiiii. i iinwM.' v.ijfi IllIU ' I ' I S w - , w - - - " - ' - " I l'i - prl - trcet, New York, or at ti.eir iurery Uiders forwarded to either place will be in.nie diately attended to, and the tree", &c. carefully and seciin ly packed, so at to be tent to any pnM ol ltie lilineo oiniei., mm uir s" - a.v. rn... - ty, and dr'ivered nt Crnne wharf, New - York, liyivatur iree i i"iK"i. Also, lorsale at ahov, HH'O lieautitul Palm of Gilead or Silver Y ir I rei. they uie almost sure lolnewhentrr.nsplanted. (JT - As the great loss ol l'each 1 res Dy nis - ease, have dn. - ren many irom unoui in,:ni, directions will lie given lo those who purchase thriii, which if attended lo, will enable mem to preserve their trees in n healthy ttate, and to have l eaches in as greut plenty as in lormcr years. - . i . . i i . .v. c. I eacn irces inot ui,in:w vn nmi'diu ,.i P:nm stocks. i no preventative ogain't th dis ease which the l'rniij!vania A;:ricn:tural So:ie - ty, rail the yellows. ap B PftCI w ITIItANKLIN IIOU" - !'.. This new, spaciona P and xplcndid Building', situated in Broad - way, the ffreai and lasluonanie mreci iimaing the rent; c of the citv. at the comer of l)ev st. will be upeneil by the mbcrii)c. on ine m oi Slav next, for the reception ot Hoarders. It is fitted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any p' ivate dwelling in the city. It iicciipie.. the most eiipme siitiaiimi, oeuig cetitial, in view ol'th. Park and City - Hall ; the upper apa' - lmcnts overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjacent country fur a ot 50 miles, including Hie Hook, the Nanows, mid the Harbour ; and it m believed that no House in the country ex - cell it, either for elegance of structure or situation and iw expense having been spar ed, hv the owner to - iswke tt complete tor the purpose, in every respect, it will ofler to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleas. - .n - and retired a - . im i. . . riv: t ...... pariiiicir.s. i nv i;n,iu t i tit i hi ..11.1 will he furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spaced, to Make the entertainment plea - nt, rare and excellent J hit t stablishmeiil is intended exclusively for ticntcel l!iiarriing MR?. HK.NUr.ltSU.M. fehS4D&Ctf 271 Box nxettin plate, 13 X 1875 groce velvet bottle rnrk, 1st quality 84 reams sugar - loaf paper. For sale by Rt GERS & POST, up 6 51 Vonihst. VOUNU A I lit B" ACAOLiiY. (JAMAICA, (Im I ) TH E Ladies' Ac dem, in the village ofJa l mnica. after the 1st daV of May en - uing will be removed to the upper part of the village, to the p - iri"tn and commodious house belonging to Maj. Al'Niel. This seminary, in which all the branches of a polite and - tell rinislied leniate dn - caticmare taiuht. hv Mr. BARI LKTTEand her uster xli a.i - t. d ly oiner coinpttent teioale teai hen, it under the t are nnd patronage 1 1 the lrutcel ol union nan Acaoe my. One nf the Revd. Clcrisy of the town nt teiidt the school twice in rvery wei k, to assist the ladies in leaching the niore solid brain hes, and the pupil nre at stated times examined by thctiutees. lerrusol hoard and tuition are mod, rate, and parent and guardians are assured that the stiictest mti ntion will he paid to the of the pupils. For further particulars, reference may be made toPocP.r D M Hitthcotk, Mr. John Apin - wall, Vestrs. Lei rs and Woodhull, New - York ; oriolhcRcvd. Jacob Sdioonmaker, president of the I oard of trustees. JamMea. . N. B. The vacatirn will expire nnd the irhonl be opened for tl.e reception .of Boarder on I be 25th ol .Mnv. np 8 I w iV I M ' ''"arding bttHHtl lor young la - LlM. dies. New. Brunswick, New - Jersey, will be re - opened, alter the spring vacation, on Monday the 4lh of slay, when there will be va cancies for several young ladies. Muic, Drawing and Dancing by approved intruCort. ap 0 2aw3w .Vre onrf ' ur to Let. The Store and t ellar .o. 67 Pine street to Let low, apply on the preiuitet. ap I aw . o"X 'l t LET. very low, I5ll A genteel 2 - ttorv briclc house, wi - .h a snug garden, hat ing a stable in (he rear, situat ed in the mod pleasant part of Broadway, about 20 minutes walk from the City - Hall; rent $4 j0 per annum. For particulars, apply 17 Cedar - treet. ap 4 2w TO HE LET, A doul le Counting Room fronting the asi Kiver. t.nqmre alts South - ireet. ap 7 Iw 7T) LET, Tmrn tho 1st nf Mv nrll. li lower . - - - j - , - - ruuuung room of No .".1 South street. AbHl, The upper counting room. No. 71 South - tC Appy to JAM Kb D'WOLF, Jr. iet I J 3 r ronl - sire.ei - 7t Lr.T, 4ilkt I" Eurrawi - ttreel, in the villaire ol (remwiih, lattly occupied by Mr. Ainasa V oodwoiin, a convenient two ttory house, with a two tt ry . k building adjoining In the hoa are imrcoovenM - nt room with tire placet, two bed - rooms, nnd also two cellar kitchens uo - dei lin - houe. Tin r are alto on the premite a ccnveoiem and spacious work shop, twenty feet ! in front and six y iret rVep, Willi a c.h.v. nient yanl ndjouung, u;lab!c lot anj ot mecnan - ir. 1 1 l.i.vv and si,op m ill be let toselher or separate, as may ectt suit Ihe leases. Apply to J.WI.M HOLDRON, ap71w Adjoimnf the prtiniiet. fTTX 70 LETATIlLOOXIXaiMLF.. M;D The house and Kroiindt heloneini: In Ute etlate of John .Shaw, situated on ave nue. On the premise are an excellent double home, stable, coach and ice house, with - ever thing else riquisite for such an establishment, fl it ptetiimed any other description it unnecetta - ry, at those inclined to rent will view the place. Also, the larce fire uroof store in the rearol hontet 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street ; where there it lor tale tome old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. r or lunner particular, apply to nr. SHAW. . Jn W II Pearl - street. tOli Z.U.K oft O.MJt, Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards; many M which are on regulated and paved treeu. No money will be required under ten rears, if told, luterett excepted. ;. ituust.s. Several two and three story houtet, on which grout part of the money remain on mortgage. An excellent stand tor business, with ten arrs.s of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse i n J barn. COl "TON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of lard, nnd a never failing si ream, upon which i!tl iniilsinny be erected, with a lulucjency ol ivnterinreacn. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich street, jan 13 tf ; V Al.llAHI.e: I'HOPKKI t. J'S The suUcribc rollers for sale a valuable fa rai, 73 miles from New - loik, l)ing7niilo mulh of Poiiehkcrpeie. on the iiot - rod, Within t 4 of a mile ol the mills on (he (all' of Wnppin acr'ii - Crrek, and its the neighborhood of several landinzs Irotn which sloops tail weekly. Kcon - taint 110 acre? of level, lertile lani I, with a voudi .ji r. . .i - ... i r.. r....i orV .v: ' ' "!"'" " ' land all in good fence. I he house contains scve . ral rooms, has a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Its situation reimroti an cievaieu piam, renders the place not only healthy, but presetits frosu the dwelling a ilehghlful inland pros't. AUo, another lot of 40acre,ccsntiguoustothe ahve. and hounded southerly by the falls of Wappinrer' - Crerk. J he land is lertile, in ex cclhnt fener, and of easy culuvatton. What reader II111 property valuable, i, that it may be nmde a place of celebrity. 1 horo it already e - rented on the falls a saw - mil! of great rapacity, a carduig - inill, which ei.jnvs the ruMooi ol the neighborhood, PeMilcs several othtr tules lor factories, unoccupied. The whol Ibire of the creek can be diverted wilh a little expem ero at to drive a range of mills ou a level plot of ground just below the fall, and accessible bv nn eay navigation J where far toriesof every description, with every wemty of power and traaiporlation can be coustructcil. Alro, a flniir - mill, of the first clas. The mill - house is large, with 4 rein nf Burr tonri, and calculated lor C, with new machinerv for manulncturinir wheat, ftr. with nu elevator for raidiisr grain from vesel in'o the upper loft of the mill. Connected wilh the mill is a huge tore house for storm;: wheat and flour. Wilh the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on whi' h is itnatril live dwelling hou - es, large barn, hay houfc, carnage hou?e, com crib', hovels, ir. n cooper's simp calculated lo 'iQ bands. Two of the houses are new and will calculated for genleel families : They command a view of the river, wi'.h a beautiful intmale landscape formed by the meandering 01' the creek immediately in front. t There arc few plncrs which associate, jo many accommodating' qualifications for the raciuhant. mechanic or larrocr. ' If tiotsnW at private sale before Tuesday the 21st April, It will 011 that day be offered at nc lion. - For term,' &r. apply lo PF.TER MF.SIF.R, No. 25 Btaver - slreet. Frh?0 ABtMHAV MFSIFR. t uH A.i l.t. The proiierlyat Brooklyn, beloncinglo the estate ol Cury Ludlow, iler ensed, c.uisH - ii.i; f I a m iv three dory brick tmuai and lot of ground, a alwe linue, formerly occupied as a liMillerv. n small frame l. - uiliiinir and lot ot ground, and two vnrnnt lots adjoining (he above pierniet. I hi" prqierty I situated within a lew roils of the wt mil - boat ferrv, on the road to Pierpont' Distillery, and extendi from the hill to the rivpr. AUo to let, from the Grit of May rext. the house and land" on thp hill, in the rear of the a - bove described premises. The houfe is well - daptrri lor n private fninily or for a pu'ibchoiiRp. The situation, irom it ehvated position, cnin - inands a very extensive nnd hoaiitilul iewnltlie city, ti e Knt River and Bay or New - York. Thegroundi surrounding the houn ( ihotit live arret of land) are in a high date of cultivation. For leriut, apply to CEO. W. MORTO.V. mh?ltf No. 59 William t. (TTJl iltUN P VEKMsft HOI FL. iaijl THE tul)?criher takes thr method to in. lurui the public that he has liken for the ensuing reason that well known stand formerly occupied by Dvde, about five miles from Ihe City Hall, on Ihe Hoston road, nn! intends In open it at a public hoiie for the reception of rompanv, on the first of May next, wh n gi tb - men and ladies will be accommodated with every comfort and elegance to be rxpertn! at su h a house, on the mini reasonable terms. The bet of liquoit of every tort will be al - wavt kept ready. FZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook. P 2 Im J.iiA. ' - ' .ilLlv i o l.l..t. - K, ja3 On accommodating terms, a number el w.ner and budding lots, near and adjoining the navy - vard, at Brooklyn, r or particulars, en quire of 6AMCEL EVANS, (in 22 tf Brooklyn. '.1 i l rr 'ii '.il The linn II 3 story hru k house No. ir eu ,rl - .fr. t a,,,, KIm fn, u rw.ra. w . u re if o. fir. fk t in the bouse, havine a li"hl earrel and a niia imig sneii store, i ossession given iiuine diately. Enquire, of IMVTD STILLWAGGON, ruh "1 tf ntone - street, near HMae) street. jfJK; MUHK IO LKI, fiS The fire proof store in Govei neurs lane, between W - ter anl Front - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER & LAURIE.V, mh 31 29 Soiilli - sti eet. lu Lt.'i: ..iii lor one or more years, a two dory tirn k front I Iocs. - , No, BCanal strtet. lonrdooi Irom Broadway, lo the Iront Mouse is att.u lied one in the rear which rve a a kilt hen to each story. It will be put in tenantablv repair nntne first day of May mat, rent reason ih. Knquire or JU1I.X it. llr.ULr.l, ap7 2w 90 .Nassau .treet C to Lt.T, Uu,' The store tnd cellar room o those tiree itorv hou No. 10 and 12 Broad - street Alio, a good house at Greenwich, and one at llarinu. with two and a hall acres of ground. near Mauhatlaovillc. Apply at 55 Broadway, orto C11AS. OAKLEY, ap2tf 141 Frol - street. BT Let fur esse or more .years, The following houses - house No. 294 br,.i.. tarns, two .loorsslKlve Washing!) Hall, srith aroah hotise i the rear if require d - Also. a thr. e story brick house o. 415, intaid street. tlts anw.anil genleel two ttory brirk house, corner of Lispeoard awl Chun h tfrreti, Ihe irnas rood, rale. For fnrt'nr particulars, apply it 4 IS Broadway. mh25 tf Kr.AL Ks l A I L FOU S iLK L Two ii - ttory brick bouse and lot, tit ua - ted Mo. 'JS c39 Veey - treit. AIo, a house and lot io. II l.owerv, near Chatham - square, 44 feet Inmt ly 12a deep. All on accommodating term. For particular ap ply at Jo. 33i t.reenwirh - st. jan 15 tf TO LK'i , The G I .OBE TA VK.RN, No. 143 W. tei - iret. The situation of ibis houe, and its ccpoimodtiMis, jn - tly render it artnbfiTt well worth the attention of any person desirous f keep, ing n lucrative public house. ' It will be let, fur - ni'bedor unfurnihed, and immediate tsesiin given. Apply at No 137 Water - street; i mh 17 tf , - k - : lOK hALt KrAL rRnrv.RTv m rn cit of kkw - xoak k A It KICK HOUSF. and l ot No. II Rnu'..rv4TA III ';. . .1 - w v ......... i,,r. luceill - er wilh the LO T, 44 leel front, 42 feci rear, and 12., feet on enrh side. HOUSE and lAl T No. 3? A'etvl .i n.i Honsennd Lot No 39 Vr. y - streel. A UONU and MORTGAGE lor l - JIM) dollart oo and , do for 760 do do and do for .I'.O !.. On valuable property in the rity ol New York The inierett has alwi.ys leen punctually paid. For particular inuuie nt the office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, deelOtf No. 27 Wnll - slreM. 'JJ Lt.T OH LK.iHt., r rem the IstMav next, on reasonable ii - iiiix, n large convenient dwelling houe, opposite Love Lnne, nen r the two milestone, Bowery, at present t hv l'r"li ;sor Admin : well caiculaleil fortwn inmilirt, having tuo kiliiieio, with B rooiiis, psntnes nnd vault, a stable nnd coach house, a well of good water anil two cistern. It ha a very large garden, well stocked with s!irub and Inul trret ; iKirtcition of winch can be hud on the 1st April next. Also to rent, n genteel 3 slorv brick house No. 492 Groenwich - sireet, wiihor without n table iu the rear. Apply at io 4Vo reenwich - st. orto HALSKY A - COSMA.X, mhgl tf 34 Old - dip. sin)! To he let, the honsennd grounds lioiitins on tiiecnwich Lane, belonging to the estate l tin Lite Miiii' I Miihgun, iuiU at resent occu pieil by Mr. David Ely. For particnlan enquire of JOHN M'KF.F, lumber ni reliant, fool ot N. MiKirc - 'treetji'r of I'. I UI.(.LK, in the Bunk ol iNciv - York. lehSlltf Li.UU', VinJ For sale, Ihe Dover Iron Manulacturing Ks.Mdithmeni, in the comity ol Morris, anil state of iVw - .lertey ; consisting of n rnllirg nnd slitting Mill, in good repair, which worKt two pair of i - iltift nnd ciitleis, ll.eais, Aic. all at the taii.e time ; HWluable lorgu with two fires and one l.ninuicr in t:ood ii piHj a stoi k ol cool nnd oie n bund, suilicieiit lo mnue (.iiv tout of iron ; u good m n.ill ; ii cut nail lacti.ry in good tpair, ullicient lo ( nspiov thirtv men, and limy be ix - teuih d locmplijV one l.uiidixl lucre; a brad cut - ling lino line and a steel lurimre int;'.el ri p.iir; cniiv eiiieut to the a oiks it a store ar.d a iiuinini l Ih.i.scs for the a. ( ommodDtion o ininihts, nnd excellent stabling lor tram ibnl may he uecet - sary to M i i lor tin use nl tlieeslahlistmient ; also, orcltuids, pustiire and meadow Ms, iiuine - iiat ly Aiijoining the works, with timber land in any qtniiiiily, not exceeding two thuiiinnri I've hundred u res, wiiliin three unlet of said workt, I hu great vein ol i. iii ore, commencing at the noted cot kasunny none, rum more than - i miles through Ibis iriici.aml three ininct uie now open, Irom whit h the luiget are mpplied withote, and more muy bo nrxrned and ore raised to supply work to any extent I Ilie mine ate within two miles oi said works, and gixNl roads, to thai the ore can be railed and delivered at tho forge al two und A hall dollart per ton. I be a ore detcrioed work nre situated on RorKnway Kiver, about eight miles fmni Mor - liitowii, twenty live miles lium l.liral III I'own, uiidubuu' Ihe sniiicilistuni c Irom Newark, with good turnpike rinds leading from laid work t each place, in a pleasant healthy - situation,' imd in a go(.diiei;hhoihiain, lliele being two I leshy - teiian Chuicues within (our miles, and a f rit nils' meeting house within two miles ol smcl place. I bit stand lor collecting bar iron lor Hie stil ling imil it veiy commanding, there being Heart)' one hundred lolge lue in Hie county ; most ol tla in are ou Ihe streams iibdve Dover, and Ihe iron, in going In New - York market, can conveniently pas those work. At lliismiii dementi) lour tons ol bai iron have been slit imd bundled into nail and spike rod in a day, aud upward of one hundred tout ol pell have leeii nmde in year. A large amount hi good may Iw told nt this place in exchange lor oar iron,pr(iCiiiiiig tup plu s, tic. k.r. Tlicie are valu.ihie scili both a novu 1 be - low on tint trad, on which nj' re wolks may be erected. ALSO, That valuable will known farm. Irinrr in the lowuship ol Randolph, n I Mint two miles Irom Do vcr, and six milrs iioiii MorristuH p, and witbin ore quarler ola miltot the Union turnpike road, ntur Pleasant valley, calli d tiiu Distillery Fnrsti, containing about three hundred acres, alxiul one loiirth pail o hMiIii exieilent meadow, one lonrili pait plough nnd pasture land, ami Urn re - muiiider timber. A considerable part ol tl timber i of the original growth, and it suitable loi sawms. 1 1 c - oilier part i thrifty young timber, from hlU n lo twenty yeaisgronth. I here are on taid farm upwarrl id ix hundred apple trees, in (me older, eight to sixteen yeart old, the most ol them ol piadcd iruil, and more than hull t them Harison nppirs, u famous lor cider. The liieadow nre Cut i.nd free irom stoiie, thrriugb uhich run two livclv dream ol wuler, nnd nearly the whole may be watered. One of these stream i lunVieut lor a gust - mill or other work ; there are saw mills, a grul - uiill, a lul ling mill and nil will, nn the same Hreaie. On said larm are two valuable scite for waterworks, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam. and raise a coniiderahle (mud, wilh twelve or ulleeu leet head Below ihit the water can be taken into a rare, and in lest than twenty chums, on good Grin ground, is more than twenty leet (all. in tins wuy Ihe wnter ran be w4 kea twice over wilh the expense of only one d.nii 4 lierr is fir, sail, inriu rxicnive cinur mill with four presses and cisterns, housed aud well hooped with iron. tuOiciei.t to hold twelve hun dred barrels ol uder. Connected to the rider workt i the still - house, so conveniently situated iliat ihe Whom ope ration it inniplei. d Hilleiut pumping, I tie Hater hirritudrnsiiig thp spirit is supplied inun a never inumg spring, wiimn six rod of the still hmie, and has sarlicient head lo inn into the cistern. T1i hud lings enn - ist ol two small frame dwellings, a1 iramebarn, 54 tret long oy 2ti feel wide, under a pari nl which i a good cellar i there are aiso hay house, COW the Us, .c, ALSO, Valuable property at lenngwond, in (he township ot Jcllersoii. t! mile irom Dover, "n Ine mam brail) h ol K'a jr.. Hu, eoni.ting l a very valuable mrge. mih Iw.i lire ai d n: ham - ier ; abund jnce ol water Ihe whole yr, a Inrge; pond, ami a very warm situation, and l.r lillreii years past Ml made as much ironasdti) t (ires in the comity. The ore it tiilhin f'.ur miles, and iwrt ol the road lumcuke - l. The several tract HnneClrCJ Willi inn e'i.n - M to about letirtee - q hendi . r part limli, loumke a dun lor lb' - loijce. luilliedia'.eljf I connected wills this es'ab!ihnrnt amount altn - lrei ac ies, uie great - arable supply or rtsnJ t:e. luiineiiia'.eiy aiiioioioe the lore it very valuable plow and mc id - .w land iwflicienl is tnree farms ol one hondicd aire each, with iKsiise. orch.irland harns, heside stvi ral eihm! dwellings for tlie families that may be employed in worams the lorge.. he whole of any rart of thii very vslnshle properly will be sold nt such pine ami credit as win mane ii wonnv iim niiention ol anv rttnnn wishing to nsichase. For further iniormation enquire oi JACOB LO'EY. at Dover. ISRAEL CAM FlF.LD, at Morri'tnwn. BLvCKWl.LL k hi t ARLAN, at N. ToiV ftb 2 D&ttf 'It) I.I. I . i, 1 ue new uric. More no. 62 Stonr - st. Apply to T. & J. SWOhDS. Feb 14 4 A OK b.Hl.h.. fhe two - story brirk front Home and Lot No, J3 flurry - street Kor trnns. 4Vr. arplt at 7fi Irarl - 'lre. t. mar 3 tjirTf. 'Ji i.r.V, liiij a I avrrn nno More it. I lusl.n i:. at nfe - stm - eii led by Air. V m. rhaw. Appl) to. mil I) I . llHi:ti.W. . iSs' From the first of May next, a throe tiny brirk hoiifte in Greet wicli - ktreet, between l.i hi rty and I ourtlundt street, inquire at 137 trce - nwicli - i.treet. mh 8 tf UifiiJ Two offices in Li. w Building No. 3, to be Kilted. Ai'lilynnthe premises, lo JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq. or tit No. 59 liroady. tenv.xtti 8? i.;,ssl it y.ti, Uiiii from tl i first of Ma next. Iron! count - room ou the second tloor, ti;. witb Uisi upper lout. Knquire Ho. bl rea.l stiett. , jan 54 it I 1.1.1, ii ii iow rem, a ii.vee sionr uricK U tiling in Noifolk - st. Knquireof '... . El: N. COX,; ndi g6 . 56 T,l.t.eet. To let nud nosvession first of May next. the tour tlory riie priioi ttore, Nn. 34 tenth - si. between Ci nties nud Old slips. - Emtmre ol the subtcrilier, No. 1 .Munaj,oi 45 C'bhiuher - stretl. lehUif S. DthAlli. to i.r.J, - And postesiion (siven on the firf of May next, the ( ucioui and well known tni.d. the Union Hotel, Nn. tirl i iiuiii - trtet. For r - tii ulari enquire ol Mr. Vandeibilt, No. U7, opposite, mh lr VlDi,! & two '"ry buae hituated in Pearl - s'.m l, BriK.l. lui. ' rowtesiion may he Imd on the fiiat of Alay next. Fur pnrtkulis, apply tu the sulcribci, on the pi emise. mh 2J tf .... JAMES CIIJ.. jo i t '; A counting house on the lower fiV r. No. 'J South street. A larue new fire proof store In GovernrvtfsV lane, litxl door to V ah r - trei t. Apply to ' - 1 UCKi.ll A LA LKI 1,8, mh 11 29 b"iith - trert. Tho two lire prir dwelling fTouf, No. 4 and 76 Moil strnet, about ten - ndnulc walk Iroiu tlir Coffee Hoese.. 'J ey will put in eriiiplete lepnir, uno well fir nia'ed lor genteel families. Apply at No. 1J7 Water stieet, mh 1 1 tl . in i i ' taffi A very convenient boute, wilh aboil ban an acre of ground, hhotit a mile from the it y, adjoiiiing the house rccupied by Mr. More - wcod, betwixt Grttuwicb aud t)t JJixadwuy road. Apply' 'to - . - ( . JOHN R. MURRAY, , i.'h 2i If Iluihoo - s.jiiare. liutut, slo6t, it ui art i, tie. al 0 'frthmcf JJi3 The iiibsrrilr will let nr lene, for a teim ofycai, hi bouse at biseawirb. It i plea - suntly spuald on the hanks l Ihe - liudssm, luid rnlculiiti d to n cdUiim dule n large tasnily. k ut erms,i.pp'.y to DIME HETHUNH, Jan3i P2 Wa I street. it Li.i, ' . f , . From the fust of Mey next, the Uiree ioi Brick Iioiikc, No. iJ8 Dej - Ureot. Apply to LEONARD RLKEUKER, mii2r2vv i I street. or tittle vr to Let, XiJ 1 he house and giuunrls ol the tul tcriber al Hlof rningdale, nesrile.'V nn.'e I'une, sifunful vn Hie bunks t.f tin - North Itiyer. I he House j modern bin)!, 50 leel Iront with terraced piftzris, and convei.ieiil out houses, all recently painted, and in ci mid'i le r. 'I he grouunt are hiarhly cultivated, the giirrii n extenuve nd goo.1 - no! there nre u I tie a gisnt vanity oi shrubs, friiit and (crest trers, ai d a ) utnp of excellent wuier. tor lei in , vvi.n n win t reasonable.' a - plyto b. A. LAWRENCE, up l im i til tine - sirerr. TO 1.1.1, Those srvioiis HOUSES, Not. 41 and 4 Wall - street, lt1y known as the Mercliauts Hold. 1 hey v. ill lie let either together or se - parataly. The house No. 41 hut a liuddng in Ihe rear of it, rntitaimnir twenty Led rooms with lire - places, tvhuh makes it one of Ihe most desirable situations in Ihe city lor a boat ding house. eperially a the lower rooms may be Jet wi'h advaut - .ge either for inmrance of btoker's nffi. cel. For terms, apply t GEORGE EL'CIIANAN, m!i27 14t 4MoaMans. Jo t.t.T, The House No. 73 Bruad - itnet. with the oiui e, store - house, and ttabltl tuutiguous, lost appetiauiing merein. TO LEASE, ' ' '."' For a terrnofjears, in kits or pnrcr!4, that pari of Hose Hill siiaate on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, on tbefr.M, 24lh, 25Ui,x6ih, 27th, 2Kth, and 2'Jtri sUeels, which l.elr.i.g to Mr. Ann Ho - ten. For particular, apply to , - JAMEh A. HAMILTON, n.h 13 If No. 3 Law Buihinf. JO LEI.' Tlie fallowing Houses vig: ' liieiejute io. u joau - stritt . The r)oue No. "7 do . ', The hone and store No 09 Tearl - dreel The house aud dure No. HI Cherry - 'tireet JAMES W. til AW. fb?l ' No. 5 Bnsserr. ju l.r.'J, n , . . ..r i.i . ii . . s i ne store do. .i, en - iiTei, s ossns - skmi may be had immediately Apply a! No. 18. bp I II ' colLxli - s.n i itiLhi. uali.EuY, , jr, rri.rosr Tarr.rf fRoss't HuiMii.'g, near Broadway To connoisseur and nma's ur el lb Fine , Arts, mid in the enngiitrnrri public o' New - York. 'IMIL propm lur of an cxteDtiv rollertioa of L pKtore., the work of list taost eminent pmnlers, In vingjn! arnyetl from Loropt, wherw Iw has I'tinhastd thcru from Ihe Cul ioela of Rome, Nnple., Flo - uio, Pri. Amsterdasu and London, at a sery considerable exoence. dtodo - s, sin exhibit tliemlo Ihe ladies mhI genileoie - n ol ll.isciiv and Us ti Snity. The exbibilion will isegm on i hMr.dav, 16th of April. It will be far superior to any t yet r.fTer.d in lM I), blates, lliepirtiiret being undoubtedly originals tonai st un oi upwarusoi tvu pictures, by lb beat waiters Admiisinn 50 cent each, or one dollar rer month. Hours from Hi in the mornin; to (even in the eyeuiec. Catelosne may be had t ih.. Gallery: 7T LET, The dore Ct Fulloo - dreet. Enutre on llae ii"nii.s an 4 Iw S3 IU LE.1SE, fitrmtrrm if prurr. The hois, ai d .. No. 20 Cd'r treef. rnnluimog six rootn with fire plares, beside - Ire kitchen, paolnt - s, vault. Ac. ar.d a aell of good Water. Forsale, the unexpired term, eleven yeers, f theh.l Mo. bfi Merray - streei. ss, Ih occupation c, Wilhant 1'vtters.D. n seise from the I - sH paJChunbduSt. tsprt - Uiqmre of J. W. C. MULLIGAN, fVbfj dtl No. 44 Pto - Uti

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