The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 11, 1939 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 11, 1939
Page 14
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14 SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Hog Undertone Steady With Top of $8JO RECEIPTS TOO LIGHT FOR TEST Prices Steady to 25 Lower as Compared With Previous Week' C H I C A G O , (IP)--Salable hog receipts were too light to test market conditions Saturday but the undertone was steady and the quotable top was $8.10, steady with Friday. There were no hogs available to command top prices. A small lot of 300 pound butchers brought $7.35. Receipts were 100 head. (TJ. S. Department o£ Agriculture)--Salable hogs 100; salable supply too small to test conditions; undertone steady; 300 Ib. butchers $7.35; quotable top $8.10; shippers took none; estimated holdover 500; compared week ago: Good and choice 180 to 250 Ib. averages 15-25c lower; heavy butchers off most; lighter weights steady to lOc lower; packing sows 25c lower. Salable cattle 100 salable calves more; compared Friday last week; few steers and yearlings 25 higher; good to near choice kinds 2540 up; yearlings scarce, good heavies predominating; top $13.75; best yearlings $12.50; feeder dealers competed at $10 down to $8; she stock crop also below trade requirements and heifers and cows 15-25 higher and as high or higher than any time this season; best heavy heifers $11, odd lots $11.75 best light heifers $10.75; S3.65; week's top $9; fed yearlings $7.23 7.60; good and choice slaughter ewes $3.75e4.75; good and choice feeding lambs 57.7568.75; load lots bred ewes 54.60 QS. HOGS: 1,200; all classes nominally steady; small lot around 260 Ib. butchers $7.20; quotable top choice light weights $7.50; average cost Friday 57.06, weight 262; compared with Friday last week: Barrows and gilts. 20SJ35 cents lower; EO;VS and stags mostly 25, SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (By The Associated Press) SOUTH ST. PAUL. WO-- IFederal-Stale Market News Service)--CATTLE: 150; compared Friday last week; slaughter steers and she- stock strong to 25 cento higher; bulls steady to 23 cents off; stockers and feeders strong to 25 cents higher; choice 1.290 fed steers $11.50; most good kinds 59.75 10.25; choice heifers, S9.50ftlO; low cutters and cutters largely 54.25S5.25; top sausage bulls yl; good to choice beef steers 50.50 3 9,23; calves. 50; vealers largely steady; strictly choice to prime 510.50S11. HOGS: 300 salable: total 800: steady with Friday's average: top $7.10 for good end choice 140-1B0 IDS.; sows $5,70(56.75; stags 56Q6.75; pigs quotable S7.153$B; compared with close last week: Barrows and gilts generally steady: spots 6 cents lower ivilh Instances 5@15 cents higher on 200-230 Ib. weights; sows steady to 5 cents lower. SHEEP: 100: compared Friday last week: Slaughter lambs steady to 10 cents or more higher; ewes strong to 15 cents higher; feeders steady: week's top of 59.10 on fat lambs; a new high for the year; Friday's bulk, good and choice slaughter lambs. 58,6568.85; good and choice ewes $4^4.75; native and Dakota feeding lambs ?7CJS. WHEAT PRICES HOLD STEADY Move Within Range of Quarter Cent Most of Time in Chicago CHICAGO, (/P)--Wheat prices held steady Saturday, moving within a range of V-i cent most of the time. Values sagged fractionally to near Friday's close after opening as much as % up. Export business was slow and a report that the government planned to buy whole wheat flour for relief distribution attracted only passing attention. Wheat closed unchanged to % higher, May 68-88V'8, July 6'A- 3t 's; corn unchanged to Vi lower, May 48%-%, July 50y s -y 4 ; oats Va up, May 28%; soy beans 1-1% up, May 87 J /2; rye unchanged to % up, May 44Vi; lard unchanged to 5 cents down. bulk S8.50-9.75. Cutter cows closed at HVESTOGK FOEECAST CHICAGO. IIP)-- Unofficial estimated livestock receipts for Monday: Hogs. 15.000; cattle, 11,000: sheep, 14,000; hogs for all next week, 70,000. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS Department Store Sales in January of 1939 and 1938 Compared , 1938=100 By F.di/jl Rt»n« District weighty low cutters to ?5.35; bulls steady to strong, heavy bulls weakening late light vealers 5075 lower at $9.50-10.25; selected heavies steady at $11-11.50. Salable sheep 1,500; late Friday; fat lambs 15-25 lower; top $9; bulk $8.50-8.90; 100-110 pound averages $8.50-8.85; heavy offerings $8.75 down; sheep steady to weak, fed western ewes $4.75-5. Compared Friday last week: Fat lambs 15-25 lower; yearlings sharing decline; sheep weak; week's lambs top 9.35; paid early; closing top 9; bulb for week $8.509.25;"closing bulk $8.50-8.90; native lambs upward to $9-9.25; fall shorn lambs $8.25-8.50; good to choice 91-96 pound recently shorn offerings $7.50 at mid-week; yearlings $7.35-7.75, best $8; fed western slaughter ewes 54.75-5; natives $4.25-4.75; feeding lambs scarce. Livestock prices at midwest markets Saturday: AUSTIN. Minn.--Hogs steady; 140 to 150 Ibs. 58.0066.30; 130 to 160 Ibs. $6.45 @6.75; 160 to 170 Ibs. $5.8067.10; 170 to 180 Ibs. 57.10S7.40; 180 to 220 Ibs. 57.30 gl.Efl; 220 to 230 Ibs. S7.20S7.50; 250 to 270 Ibs. $7.05® 7.35; 270 to 230 Ibs. S6.85 ®7.15; 290 to 323 Ib3. S6.70ffl7.00; 325 to 3oO Ibs. $6.55££6.8j; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. $6.3566-65; 350 to 425 Ibs. S6.25 86.5s; 425 to 550 Ibs. 56.1536.15; 550 Ibs. and up 56.15^5.45. ALBERT LEA. Minn.--Hogs steady; 140 to 130 Ibs. 56.2566.40; 150 to 160 Ibs. J6.60@6.75; 160 to 170 Ibs. 57.00^7.15; 170 to ISO Ibs. S7.30S7.45; 180 to 220 Ibs. 57.40 S7.55; 220 to 250 Ibs. 57.25 7.40; 250 to 270 Ibs. S7.10©7.25; 270 to 250 Ibs. S6.90 (57.05; 290 to 325 Ibs. JS.75e6.90; 325 to 350 Ibs. 56.60g6.75; 350 to 400 Ibs. ?6.458 6.60: sows 275 to 350 Ibs. 56.45^6.60; 350 to 423 Ibs. SG.30G6.45; 425 to 500 Ibs. $6.15 g6.30; 500 to 530 Ibs. S6.0fl®6.1o; 500 to 600 Ibs. J5.85«?6.00. WATERLOO, (.Fj--Hogs steady. Cattle: Tone steady. Prices unchanged. CEDAR RAPID S, (j?)--Hogs and cattle unchanged. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Sturdiy Market) CHICAGO, (S)--Cash wheat, No. 3 red, . . Corn, No. 3 mixed, 48; No. 2 yellow, 48} \. Oats, No. 2 white. 3232!'«; sample grade white. 25?ifi29Vi. Barley, Illinois malting. 48360 nom.: feed, 33Q42 nom.; soy beans, No- 2 yellow, 83y«e89','=; timothy seed. S2.8oS 3.15 nom.: red clover seed, S13S16 nonL; red top S9.25S9.75 nom. Lard, tierces $6.80; loose 56.25, · Bellies $9.75. Mason City Grain Local Livestock MASON CITY--Tor Saturday. HOGS Steady. Good light lights 140-150 S6.15-B.25 - - - 350-160 $0.65-6.75 57.15-7.25 $7.50-7.60 57.50-7.60 57.50-7.60 $7.40-7.50 S7.2o-7.35 57.10-7.20 MASON CITY-- For Saturday No. 3 white oats No. 2 yellow corn ....... . . 34'/:c New ear corn .............. 30c No. 2 soybeans .............. 70c Barley ................... 25-35c SATURDAY G R A I N CLOSE CHICAGO, COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MOINZS, IFi-- (U. S. department of agriculture)--Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 10 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 3 a. m. Saturday were 19.300, compared with 18,100 a week ago and 12,200 a year ago. Mostly steady, spots weak; loading little changed from 20,000 a week ago. Barrows and gilts: 160-180 Ibs.. good and choice, S7.10S7.65; 180-200 Ibs., $7.i5 ©7.75; 200-220 Ibs., 47.35@7.75; 220-250 Ibs., $7.20S7.65; 250-250 Ibs.. J6.SOB7.45; 230-350 Ibs., S6.70S7.15. Packing sows. 275-350 IDE., good, $6.40(J6.BO: 350-423 Ibs., $6.25 g 6.65; 425-550 Ibs., $6.10 8 6.55. WHEAT-Mar. 5 May July Sep CORN-Mar May July Sep OATS-May July Sep SOY BEANS-May July Oct RYE-May July Sep LAUD-Mar. May July Sep. High Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS (By Tie Associated FrtiO Saturday Final Quotations Air Beduct 53 Al Ch Dye 182 Allied Stores ItHi Am Can 95H Am For POW 3-fa Am Loco 27 Am Had St 17 Am Roll Mill 18'n Am £m fc Eef 43 Am Sti Fdrs 34*1 Am Hug Ref 20U Am Tel T 169^ Am Tob B 87 Am Wat Wks 13 il 55 50 !i KVt 1BU 28 STOCKS DROP NEAR CLOSE Selling Flurry in Steels and Motors Brings Declines N E W Y O R K , (IP) -- Leading stocks shifted over a slightly irregular route in Saturday's brief market until a last minute selling flurry in steels and motors SAFETY COUNCIL PLANS AWARDS Cantor and Gallup to Speak for Program in Washington, April 13 brought declines point or more climbers. A handful of running to a among recent favorites edged CHICAGO--Eddie Cantor Dr. George Gallup will be and the Anaconda Armour III At T Is S P All Helm Bait Ohio Barnsdall Bendlx Aviat Beth Steel Boeing Airpl Borden Borg-Warn 29' \ 38 '.i 22'A .501. .51 .28V. .44'i -45'.i .44'.'. .45'. .46 VI .CO .47 '» .481 i .50!i .51 .28" i .271 i .26=4 fi.lo 6.82 6.95 7.10 = P Good light lights ... Good light light! ... Good light lights ... Good light butchers Good light -butchers Good me. wt. butchers 220-250 Good me. wt. butchers 250-270 Good me. wt. butchers 270-290 160-170 170-180 180-200 200-220 Business Notes Good me. vr«. butchers 290-325 S6.95-7.05 Good me. vrt. butchers 325-350 S6.BO-6.90 Good heavy butchers .. 330-400 S6.65-6.75 Good packing sows ... 275-350 $6.55-6.65 Good sows 330-423 S6.45-6.55 Good sows 423-500 S6.35-6.45 Good sows 500-550 $6.33-6.45 (The above is a 10:30 truck bog market lor good and choice hogs.) CATTtE Choice to prime steers, heavy S10.00-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy S 8.50- 930 Medium to good steers 5 7.50- 8.50 Fair to medium steers ...... $ 6.50- 7.50 Plain to fair steers S 4.00- 6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .... S 9.00- 9.50 Good to choice yearlings ... S 8.00- 9.00 Ivicdium to good yearlings ... S 6.50- T.50 Good to choice heifers ...... $ 8.00- 9.00 Medium to good heifers ..... S 7.00- 8.00 Fair to medium heifers S 6.00- 7.00 Plain to fair heifers S 4.00- 6.00 Good to choice cows, heavy .. S 5.75- 6.25 Medium to good cows S 5.2^-5.75 Fair to medium cows ........ S 4.75-5.25 Cutters S 4.00- 4.75 Canners S 3.00- 4.00 Good to choice heavy bulls .. 5 5.7a- 6.50 iight bulk S4.75-5.2i Calves, good to choice 130-150 $ 7.00- 8.00 Calves, rncd. to good 130-190 S 6.50- 7.00 Calves, infer, to m-d. 130-190 i 2.50 d'wn SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, good to choice 70-50 $ 7.50-8.00 Spring lambs, good to choice 70-90 5 6.00- 6.50 Spring lambs, medium to good 70-90 I 5.00- 550 Spring lambs, common. - S 4.00- 5.00 Kative ewes, good to choice $ 1.50- 2.23 Cull ewes 50c to Sl.OO Old bucks SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) SIOUX Crry. W--(U. S. department of agriculture)--CATTLE: Salable receipts 150; calves none: for the week: Slaughter steers and yearlings largely steady find strong: some, grades and choice yearlings and light steers 15325 cents higher; fat she slock largely firm: stockers and feeders strong: load lots choice long yearlings up to $11.25; several loads good grades 510.25 11: bulk medium to good S8.75Q10; car lots good heifers. £00 Ibs. down. $8.756 3.15; bulk common to good beef cows S5.75@7: choice S7.25e?7.50; majority cutter grades $4.5065: limited sales choice light stock steers $969.50: several small lots medium srade light weights S7.50eS.30. HOGS: Salable receipts 200; hardly enough offered to test market; scattered sales good and choice 230-250 Ib. butchers 57.2567.40; other weights nominal; few cood cows $6.50. SHEEP: Salable receipts none: Saturday's trade nominal; for the week. Fat Iambs about steady; slaughter ewes little changed: week's early fat lamb top $9; late high $8.60: closing sales good and choice fed wooled $8.35SB.60: rcccntly shorn lambs C7-89 Ibs.. $7.5036: first of the season; few good yearlings $7.50; choice yearlings and 2 year olds, mixed. $7.60; load lots choice fed western ewes S4.50W4.7i: car lots 70-84 Ib. feeding and shearing lambs £3.608-5; small lots bred ewes $4.5055.50. Department store sales in the week ended March 4 advanced 7 per cent from a year earlier, marking Uic best comparison with 1938 reported to date, the federal reserve hoard's statistical report disclosed Friday night. This was the widest year-to-year gains since the week ended Dec. 24. Aided by the inclusion of one more business day than the 137 period, that week registered an increase of 13 per cent. In the week ended Feb. 5 sales were5 per cent below 1338. tight of the 12 reserve districts shared in the gain last week, while one was unchanged and three showed declines. Gains were shown as follows: Boston. 17 per cent: New York. 5 per cent; Cleveland, 14 per cent; Richmond, 9 per cent; Atlanta, 3 per cent; Chicago, 5 per cent, St. Louis, 3 per cent, and San Francisco, 17 per cent. Decreases were shown by tlie Kansas City, Pallas and Philadelphia districts with declines of 8.7 and 1 per cent, respectively. The Minneapolis district was unchanged. The City of Chicago recorded a gain of 0.4 per cent. Detroit had a gain of 5.4 per cent, Indianapolis 10.9 per cent and Milwaukee 32.1 per cent. For the four weeks ended March 4. sales on a national basis were 1 per cent above 1938. The Chicago district showed a decline of 0.8 per cent for the four- week period and the city ol Chicago a decrease of 4.0 per cent. U. S. STEEL SHIPMENTS TjP Shipments of finished steel products of United States Steel corporation In February advanced over a year earlier, but declined from January of this year, the company's monthly report disclosed Friday. February shipments totaled 677.994 tons. This was a decrease of 111,311 tons from 789,205 for January and a gain of 203,271 from 474,723 tons a year earlier. With the exception of 1937. this was the largest February total' since 1931. Shipments totaled 1.133.724 tons in February of 1937 and 762.522 in the 1931 month. The February gain extended to the favorable year-to-year trend to four months, shipments having started in November to show gains over a year earlier. The monthly figures registered Increases over the preceding month from July oE 1938 until last month. For the first two months of the year shipments amounted to 1,467,299 tons, an increase of 474,254 from 993,045 for the first two months oE 1938. ATJTO PRODUCTION SHOWS GAIN" Present indications points to a gain ol OMAHA GRAIN* (Saturday MirkEt) OMAHA. (iP)--Wheat, dark hard No. 5, G9c; hard No. 1. 69$ic; No. 2. 671ic: No. 3. 64W667',bc; No. 4. 63«,e'67c; No. 5. 61©681'c; northern spring No. 1, 74c; No. 3. 66c; mixed 71«c. Com, white No. 2. 45c. Oats, xvhite No. 3. 27HST27',ic; sample white 2CVic: mixed No. 4, 26c. Barley. No. 4, 341ic. Rye, none. MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN (Saturday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, .Wj-- Wheat receipts Saturday 124 cars: 35 a year ago. Quotations unchanged. Cash: No. 1 heavy dark northern 76@77c: dark northern No, I. 74'5-76c; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein 7BQ79c: No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 72Si74c; hard amber durum No. 1, 64^i@79Tkc; Bridgpt Br Budd M/e Can D G Ale Can Pacific Case Cater Tract Ches Ohio C N W C G W C HI St P Chrysler Coca-Cola l: Col G 4: E Coml Solv- Cmwlth Sou Con Edison : Con Oil Con Can Con Oil Del Com Prod Curt-Wright Deere Co TJouElas Air duPont 1 Eastman 1 El Pow i Lt Firestone Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mills Gen Motors Gillelte Goodrich Goodyear Gt Nor By ft Homestake Hudson Hupp Motors 111 Cent Int Harvest Int Kick Can Int Tel is T Johns-Many Kennecott 21 -TOS 14 6V, 19 Kresge Lambert Lib O F Gl Loews Maytag Midcont Pet Mont Ward Nash-Kelv Nat! Else Nail Cash Beg 24 Nat Dairy Pr 16 Nat Dislill 27!i Nat Lead 25', Nat Pow L 9ii N Y Cent 191. No Amer Avi 17 Nor Amer 25 5 ,^ Nor Pacific 12?i Oliver Farm 2714 Otis Elevator 22','a Otis Sicel 12',-i Owens 111 Gl 68 Packard 4ii Param Pic I !!'/« Penlck i Fo 54 Penney 87 1 /". Penn Ry 2.1'A Phillips Pet 41'A Proct Gam 57 into new high territory for the past year at the start, but most failed to hold. Dealings picked up at the last and transfers approximated 650,000 shares for the two hours. Brokerage optimism broadened with the latest step of the S. E. C. in liberalizing short-selling rules arousing thoughts of much livelier markets in the future. Further modifications of speculative regulations were looked for in the wake of Monday's meeting at Washington of representatives of 1G stock exchanges snd the securities and exchange authorities. Business prospects were still a bolstering influence, it was said. At the same time another look was taken at the foreign scene as German intervention in the Slovak independence row was seen as a possibility, communist resistance to peace in Spain continued and Bolshevik Leader Stalin heaped censure on the heads of the democracies. American Telephone was an isolated gainer, getting up about 3 points at the best to another 1U38- 39 peak. . Moderately resistant were Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward, International Harvester, Anaconda, Kennecottr General Electric, du- headliners when the National Safety council gives its annual award dinner this year. The dinner, which climaxes the year-long National Traffic Safety contest conducted by the council in 1,163 cities and 47 states, will be held in the grand ballroom o£ the Mayflower hotel in Washington, D. C., Thursday, April 13. . Cantor, long known for his interest in safety and other humanitarian projects, will broadcast a safety message--dedicated to the children of the nation--from Hollywood at 10:45 p. m., eastern standard time over the coast-to- coast network of the Columbia Broadcasting system. "Will Make Awards Dr. Gallup, director of the 3f.!i 10 E IS'.i 38'i 77 14 28 !i 50 No. 1 red durum 6IV B c. Corn, No. 3 yellow i tions *,'* cent higher to Oats, No. 3 white 261ia28T'BC. Barley 30g65c. 50"i 7!', 221 i Fullman Pure Oil Radio Rem Band Repub Steel Rey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pacific Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stew Warn 1U« Studebaker £'.« Swift !c Co 19". Tex Carp 44% Tex Gulf Sul 301i Tim Roll Bear 49-i Transamerica 6^i Un Carbide 8C*i Union Facif 102 Unit Air Li 12*i 3T.'. Pont and Union Carbide. Drooping were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler, General Motors, U. S. Rubber. United Aircraft, Santa Fe, N. Y. Central, Philip Morris and U. S. Gypsum. Bonds were selectively higher, with South American loans once more popular. Commodities were mixed. Electric Bond and Share and Lockheed dipped fractionally in the curb. As much ahead were Pennroad, Niagara Hudson Power and American Cynamid "B." American Institute of Public Opinion, will be the speaker of the evening at the dinner and then, from the CBS studios in Washington, will participate with Cantor in the nation-wide broadcast. His subject will be "What the People Think About Safety." Awards will be made by the National Safety council at the dinner to four states and six cities which finish first in the various divisions of the contest. Of these, one state and one city will be given national grand awards for the best safety records nationally in 1938. Attending the dinner will be governors of the winning states, mayors of the winning cities, United States senators and representatives, ambassadors, public officials, safety leaders, newspaper publishers and business and professional leaders. Have Judged Contest Judges of the contest are Thomas H. MacDonald, chief of the U. S. Bureau of Public Roads; Paul G. Hoffman, president of the Automotive Safety foundation and of the Studebaker corporation, and D. D. Fennel!, president of the National Safety council. At the d i n n e r last year Memphis, Tenn., was presented the National Grand award for cities enrolled in the 1937 contest, \yhile Massachusetts won the national state award. Danube River Boat Trip to Be Reviewed on KGLO Book Pilot "The Danube Flows Through Fascism" will be the book reviewed over the KGLO Book Pilot broadcast Monday afternoon at 'i o'clock by Betty Braheny, Muson City library staff. The book was selected because of the international thought stimulated in Mason City by the recent Institute of International Understanding lectures and the international forum being conducted by the local library. The volume is not entirely political but the author, William Van Til, assistant professor of social studies at Ohio State university, is concerned with political trends and the opinion of the people regarding their rulers. He indicates a sense of fear and repression in Europe in the book. Miss Braheny will describe the journey down the Danube river by the Van Tils in an 18 foot boat made of rubber and sticks. She also will explain how the European problems gradually injected their shadows into the trip. SET LETTINGS FOR ROAD WORK Grading and Graveling Is Scheduled for Cerro Gordo County Dates for four secondary road lettings in North Iowa were announced Friday. The letting for Cerro Gordo county is scheduled for March 23 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at Mason City. The work involves 19.5 miles of grading and approximately 29.5 of new graveling throughout the county. At Emmetsburg the letting will be held March 21 at 10:30 in the morning for 41.75 miles of gravel surfacing on secondary roads in Palo Alto county. The letting for Chickasaw county will be held in New Hampton March 17 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Bids will be accepted on a 1,970 lineal feet of culvert pipe 15 to 48 inches in size. In the Kossuth county letting bids will be accepted until March 24 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at Algona for bridge and culvert material. 3V* Air Cor Unit Corp "Unit Drug "U S Gypsum 106 U S Ind Alco 25',i U S Rubber 50 U S Steel esil Warner Plct 6',« West Un Tel 23 '.i West El M 117 Wilson t Co 4'i Woolworth 497i Wrigley Jr 73»i Yel Tr t C 19Vi Yngst Sh T 50 Bond Market NEW YORK, slight tinge o£ ir- quota- cent lower. KANSAS CITY GRAIN Saturday Market) XANSAS CITY, ^TV-Wheat. 62 cars, unchanged to \\ cent higher; No. 2 dark hard nom., esVifi'flaV'*; No. 3, 80; No. 2 hard, ffTSCTtt; No. 3, GBft; No. 2 red nom.. 67ffi6a*i; No. 3 nom-, 65 l ,4'S'S7 l ,i. Corn: i-t cars, unchanged. No, 2 wliitc nom.. W.itJAT 1 /*: No. 3 nom.. ·15 I ,'*ft4S 1 ^: No. 2 yellow nom., 4CVHi W'.'«: No. 3 nom.. 45V*S46',i: No. 2 mixed nom., 46!i S47'.V; No. 3 nom., 45 1 /«M t .3. OaLs: 3 cars; Unchanged \o *,* cent higher; No. 2 while nom., SQVVSSO'/*; No. 3 nom.. 28 ; i i g29 : i. Milo maize nom.. 74QSO. Kafir, nom., 7319. Rye. nom.. 44^ft45 t ,3, Barley, nom., 34~41. Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by JLAMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Bcck Building. Telephone No. 7 DOW JONES AVERAGES Inds. Bails liti'.s. Close 151.77 33.07 26.24 Total Sales 330,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Cord Corp 3V« Walgreen Co IB'i NEW YOEK CURB Am Gas 4= El 40? i Lockheed 30 Am Cyan B 25? Niag Hud Pow 9 Am Su Po\v a « Pennroad Cp 2 Ark_Nat Gas A 2~.t St Oil Ky regularity was evident in the bond market Saturday, but the trend was higher with interest again centered in loans of South American countries. U, S. governments, following a weeklong rise to record levels of a year or longer, rested at d eclines of extrem Ely small fracUons^and some of the recently buoyant low-priced rails £e3t the effects of week-end profit taking and adjustments. Speculative enthusiasm for the Xatin- American obligations, whetted to an unusual degree by the government announcement of a working debt service and trade agreement with the southern republic on Thursday night, carried nu- m erous issu es to new highs. 'Inclu ded were Brazil 6'As. and four separate loans of Chile. Securities of some of the municipalities, as well as privately operated companies, likewise were in good demand. Corporate domestic bonds showing moderate improvement included American Sc Foreign Power 5s. American Telephone 3V«5, Missouri-Kansas-Texas 5$, and Anaconda 4aS. Inclined to step back as the session approached its end were Delaware and Hudson Refunding 4s. Bethlehem Steel s. Allegheny 5s, Studebaker 6s, and St. Paul 5s. Professor of Iowa University Leader at Coe Conference IOWA CITY--Prof. Paul- Sayre of the University of Iowa, president of the National Conference on Family Relations, will be one of the leaders in sessions on the subject at Coe college in Cedar Rapids March 16 and 17, The university man, who also is editor of the organization's magazine, "Living," will speak on "Cultural Values in Marriage." When the national group held its first meeting in New York last September, Prol. Sayre was chosen for the dual position. He is assisting with the organization of conferences in various sections of the nation. As G El A El Ed Sh ll'i Ford of Eng 4',a NEW YORK STOCKS Un Gas Co 2"i Un Li flc Pow 2 3 ,i Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City 31 32 64 65 71 OMAHA, OMAHA trVESTOCK (Saturday Market) S. department of ag- , . . riculture!-- CATTLE: 400; compared with Friday last wecX: Fed. steers and yearlings stronr 1o 25 cents hlsher. extremes up more; she stock strong to 25 cents up; bulls weak to 25 cents lower; vealcrs steady to strong: stock ers and feeders 25 cents higher; bulks for week: Fed steers and yearlings $9^11.75: choice yearlings J.073 Ibs.. S12; 1.157 Ib. weights $12.25; ·weighty steers 1.421 Ibs., S12.W; medium to good heifers SSfilO: beef cows S6S7.75: cutter grades S4.504J5.75: bulls S6.2S457.35: practical top vealers 310; stocker and feeder steers, S8.25Q10; yearlings 574 Ibs. S10.50. SHEEP: SO; compared with Friday last week: Fat lambs 10$?25 cents lower; other killing classes strong; feeding lambs JOSI5 cents higher; closing bulks: Fed avoolcd Iambs $8.2538.60; closing top 80 per cent in second quarter automobile production over the similar 1938 period. Ward's Automotive Reports said Saturday. Taking an optimistic viewpoint for the spring season. Ward's reported that sales in key sections of the country are indicating advancing deliveries coincident with improvement of the weather. Ward's estimated this week's production at 84.095 units. This compared with 57,433 assemblies a year ago and 7S.7C5 last week. All three of the "biff three" shared In the gains over the preceding and year earlier periods. Output of General Motors corporation was placed at 3S.I5 units, against 34,493 a week ago and 24.483 a year ago. Chrysler corporation's production was reported as 20.423 units against 19.535 last week and 13,275 a year ago. Ford Motor Car company had 16.200 units this week against 15,400 last week and 12,- Bid and Asked Saturday Cent St El 6 pet p£ (S25 par) 7! Cent St El 7 pet pf (S25 par) 3V Cent St P dt L 7 pet pf Continental Gas El pf Creamery Package com ...... Hearst Cons A George A Hormel A pf George A Hormel common Interstate Power 6 pet pt ... Interstate Power 7 pet pf ... Iowa Electric Co fivi pet pf Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pf la Elec Lt Ac Power E pet pf la Elec Lt Power 6l^i pet pf la Elec Lt Power 7 pet pf la Power £: Light 6 pet pf 102 la Power Light 7 pet pf 104 la Public Sen-ice 6 pet pf 99 la Public Sen-ice 6Vi pet pf 100 la Public Service 7 pet pE 102 la South Util 6 pet pf ... 27 13 South Util ',? pet pf ... 28 Ta South Util 7 pet pf ... 32 Minnesota P L 6 pet pf .. 82 Minnesota P Sc L 7 pet pf ..89 Northern St Power 6 pet pf 60 Northern St Power 7 pet pf 70 N W Portland Cement com 2-1 Rath Packing S pet pf ..... 102 Sioux City Gas El 7 pet pf 91 United Lt Power Class A 2' United Lt : Power Class B United Lt Power pf United Lt Rys 6 pet pf United Lt Rys 6.36 pet pf United Lt Rys 7 pet pf Western Grocer p£ Western Grocer com i?« 5»i 89 Vi 31 19 20 5=1 6'.". 104 107 24»i li'A 4=i 6 Am Cry Sug Am C : Fy 2311 Am Pow 3c Li D'.i As Dry Goods 10 Baldwin Loco 15 3 ,i Brisgs Mig Cer de Pasco Ches Ohio Chi Gt West CHStPiP pi Congoleum Curt-Wr A Dist Cor Sea Elec Auto LI yi'.'a Erie R H Co Foster-Whecl 23V: Freeport Tex Gen Am Tr Glidden Co Gohel 3'. Hou Oil (new) 7-% Inspiration Ij 1 .* Indust Rayon 26'.i Kroger 24 2d-t 1 27 1 ,* 20 23=i 58 'A 22= i 060 last year. Nash-clvinator corporation reported that retail sales of new Nash cars in the last 10 days of February continued the sharp upward trend earlier in the month, totaling 1.371 unite. This was a gain of 102.5 per cent from 677 deliveries in the 1938 period and 8.3 per cent over 1.265 for the final 10 days of January. Sales for the month of February totaled 3.503 units against 2.232 a year earlier, a gain of 53.5 per cent- January sales totaled 3.608. 2V» 35 83 U 84 91 78 4 33 34 63 67 75 104 105 101 102 104 29 30 34 84 91 67 72 25 104 $6 3 37 So'.i 86 93 83 6 Leh Port Ce 24',2 Mack Tr 28!i Motor Prod 17 1 /* Ohio Oil BTi Packard Motor 4!i Jark Utah Cop 11', Pub Scr N J 377i Pullman 3R 1 -'* Purity Baker B K O IRco Motors St Jos Lead Simmons Co 3Ui So Cal Edison 26^* Sperry Cor 43"S* St G t E Wt Tid Wa As O 14 aVnadium 21 3 ,i Union Oil Cal 19i'i Un Gas ft Im 13 Warren Bros GV» Worth Pump 21 GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK, (i?)--U. S. government bonds closed Saturday: Treasury 3?is. 40-43, June, 104.23. Treasury 3i«s, 43-47. 111.5. Treasury Wa. 47-32. 120.17. Treasury 3s. 51-53, 109.13. Federal Farm Mtg. 3s. 42-47. 106.22. Federal Farm Mtg. 3s. 49. 103.9. Home Owners Loan 2^3, 49. 102.6. Produce 2V. Hi 44'a Hides (lactations Furnished bj Walt Brot, Inc. 308 rUth Street Soolhwcrt HOKSEHIDES Horcclildes ·GREEN BEEF HIDES From 15 Ibs^ up From 15 Ibs^ down Bull hides MASON CITY--For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts ..13c ..12c $1.73 4c c 3c HOSTESS TO CIRCLE MANLY--Mrs. S. S. Westly was hostess to the Sunnyside circle of the English Lutheran church Friday afternoon. Faculty Party Is Conducted at Dows D9WS--Supt, and Mrs. H. S. Logan and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Smith entertained the rest ol the school faculty and wives at a bridge party last Wednesday evening. There were five tables o£ bridge. Prizes were won by Miss Lavon Buchanan, Miss Vivian Goodsell and O. J. Armstrong. A | bridge lunch was served. BOSTON WOOL (Saturday Market) BOSTON, lift-- (U. S. department of az- riculture)--Business was very slow Saturday in the Boston wool market. Scattered purchases on a few grades for immediate requirements were made at irregular prices. Graded one-half, three- eighths and one-quarter blood territory wools were quite resistant to pressure for lower prices but fine territory wools and fleeces were inclined to ease. Bright fleece wools were quoted In Boston at 28^30 cents'. In the grease, for fine de- laine. 29«31 for half blood, and 31 for three-eighths and quarter blood. Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs ....... lOc Light hens, under 4 Ibs ..... 8c Springs, heavy breeds ........ lie Spring Leghorns ............ Be Cocks, heavy ................ 8c Cocks, Leghorns ............ 7c Capons ................... 18-24c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less. merchants Quotations · Eggs, in trade .......... 12-14C" Eggs, cash ................ 12-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand ..... 29c Butter, Corn Country ........ 27c Butter, Plymouth ........... 29c Butter, Very Best ........... 27c Butter, Clear Lake .......... 27c Butter, Brookfield ........... 27c Russet Potatoes, peck ........ 34c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck . .32c ·EDITOR'S NOTE-- These rsp- j resentative quotations were ob- Two Groups Guests at Cresco Meeting of Clio Organization CRESCO--Tomorrow's Club o£ Elma and Friends in Council of Cresco were guests of the Cresco Clio club Tuesday evening in a mixed program at the Congregational church. Members of Tomorrow's c l u b from Elma presented a one act play "Our Cousin From Sweden," and the Friend in Council of Cresco read a play "Our Town," four members each reading a different part. Musical numbers were also given by guests and talks by women of the clubs. The affair was presided over by Miss Marion Todd, president of the Clio club. Following the program, refreshments were served in the church dining room, to about fifty Mrs. Farnsworth Is Given Farewell by Cresco Association CRESCO -- At the monthly meeting of the New Oregon Cemetery association Wednesday afternoon, March 8, at the home of Mrs. Bertha Vagts, Cresco, a special farewell was given to Mrs. Fannie Farnsworth who, with her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Etta Farnsworth, left Thursday for their new home in Compton, Cal. Mrs. Farnsworth, Sr., has been a resident of Howard county in and near Cresco from early pioneer days, and has served for many years as treasurer of the ^ew Oregon cemetery association. Mrs. A. H. Rucker, president of the association, presided, and it was voted to increase the salary of Mrs. Lena Halweg, the caretaker. INFLUENZA NOT SERIOUS HERE Dr. Franchere Says -Disease on Increase, but in Light Form A marked upturn in the number of cases of influenza was noted at the beginning of the month, according to the monthly health report submitted to City Manager Herbert T. Barclay by Dr. C. M. Franchere, city health director. The cases have not been severe, according to Dr. Franchere. Of 18 deaths in February, only one was due to influenza. The Isolation hospital, being practically empty, was given a general house-cleaning. Urges More Milk "Through a survey conducted in connection with various problems coupled with our millc ordinance," wrote Dr. Franchere, "I find the consumption of milk in our city has increased from 13 ounces per capita in 1937 to 17 ounces in 1938. This is not as much as it should be, as a minimum amount consumed should be approximately 25 ounces per day, which is slightly less than a quart. "Of course there are some localities that are 'milk-minded' and consume larger amounts of milk, but in an agricultural section such as our own we should strike an average higher than southern states and higher than congested city districts that exist at a lower economical level. It is my hope that we can increase the milk consumption in our community the coming year." Forty births and 18 deaths were reported during the month. Reports Made Miss Mabel E. Sucher, Bacteriologist, reported 224 milk analyses, 24 water analyses, 2 diphtheria, 3 Vincent's Angina, 8 G. C. smears, 62 blood counts and 18 urinalyses. Sanitary Inspector Claude Pfow reported that many garbage cans do not have proper covers. The cans become filled with snow and ice, which makes regular pick ups impossible. During the month 66 samples of milk were collected lor bacterial counts and 40 samples for Methylene tests; 40 sediment tests were made; 18 samples of water were collected for testing; 20 farm inspections were made; 25 plant inspections made; 20 gallons o£ milk turned back, and three milk cans condemned. Inspections were also made at three grocery stores, 10 restaurants, 8 beer parlors, 12 public toilets and 20 complaints were answered. Three cases of scarlet fever were taken care of and four cases of chicken pox were placarded. Paul Nelson to Hold Public Sale Tuesday Paul C.-Nelson will hold a public sale on the Ed Snopek farm located one mile north of the Manly public school and IVt miles" east, on Tuesday, March 14, commencing at 1:30 o'clock. Seven head of work horses and colts, 24 head of cattle, 50 brood sows and feeder pigs, 6 sheep, farm machinery, grain and feed will be sold by the auctioneer, Ora Bayless. Monthly Meeting of Dumont Aid Is Held DUMONT--The Ladies Aid o£ the United Brethren church met Thursday afternoon at the E. O. Wickham farm home for their monthly meeting. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Oliver Stubbe, Mrs. Herman Overturf and Mrs. John Wagner. Mrs. Robert Alfson was presented a post-nuptial gift of a lace table cloth from the society. Methodist Ladies at Mclntire in Session McINTIRE--The Ladies of the Methodist church held their social aid in the dining room of the church Thursday afternoon. This was Mrs. Eastland's division of the aid. A supper was served. HEARING MONDAY Hearing for William Huckins, 209 Monroe avenue northwest, arrested on a charge of intoxication, was set for Monday by Police Judge Morris Laird. Huckins was arrested at 213 South Federal avenue at 8:55 o'clock Friday night. He was released upon posting a bond of $10. tained by calling several grocery stores. PRODUCE FUTURES CHICAGO. ,JP--Butter futures, storage standards: Close, Nov.. 22*«; Mar., 22. Egg futures, refrigerator standards: Oct. 19H. Storage packed firsts: Mar., IS: April. 18. Potato futures, Idaho KusscU, April, Meeting of Triple F 4-H Club Is Held · ROCK FALLS--The Triple F 4- H met at the home of Irma Sie- wertsen Saturday a f t e r n o o n , March 4. The afternoon was spent in studying pictures, good posture and rooms. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 and lunch was served by Mrs, Siewcrtsen. Lamson Brothers Marker Letter MARKET REVIEW CHICAGO--Wheat--To vary the mo- natony, Liverpool closed highcr, shout the only news being that some short coverin g was present. O ur pri ccs remained almost at a standstill during most of the session. There was some Rood rain in the southwest over night. The moisture which is occurring over the soulh- west is bound to be more or less beneficial to the ·wheat, and for that reason there is very moderate buying of wheat futures by outside interests. Corn--Com prices held more or less steady Saturday. Broomhall said that there was some reports of pressure of American afloat parcels also commented that Danutrian corn sold in England at a price equivalent to 65\'z cif or about the same price as No. 2 American yellow corn and 3 cents cheaper than old Argentine corn offers. The commodity corporation announced that through March tenth corn loans aggregated $298,000,000 on 172=4 million bushels com, an Increase of 6,600.000 bushels for the week. Regular Meeting of W. C. T. U. Is Held NORA SPRINGS--The regular meeting of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union \vas held Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Selby Russell. _ INVESTMENT TRUSTS (Bj- The Associated Press) Bid and AsVcd Satarday Corpoialc Trusts Sh 2.54 WILt, SERVE DINNER McINTIRE--The girls in the domestic class in the Mclntire school are serving a dinner at the gymnasium Tuesday. Corp Tr Sh A A Mod Corp Tr Sh Ace Scr Con Tr Sh Ace Mod ... Dividend Shares Maryland Fund Mass Invest Tr Nationwide Sec Nationwide Sec. votinff New England Fund ....... reew England Fund ...... . Nor Am Tr Shares 1953 .. Nor Am Tr Shares. 1855 .. Quarterly Income Shares .. Selected Am Sh Inc ....... 9.70 Super of Am Tr A ....... . 3.77 2.93 2.43 2.03 . 1.37 5.90 . 22.28 . J.B3 1.41 13.73 . 13.73 . 2.37 . 2.85 11.45 6.S2 23.90 1.56 14.79 14.79 12.5 10.5 . 5.76 Trustee Std Oil Shares A Trustee Std OH Shares B U S Elec Lt Pow A 1S.875 U S Elec LI i: Pow B ... U S Elec Lt Pow vtc 2.40 LOG PUBLIC SALE I will hold a pufclic auction on the Ed Snopek farm located one mile north of the Manly public school and 1'4 miles east, on Tuesday, March 14 Starting at 1:30 p. m. 7 -- HEAD OF HORSES -- 7 1 black gelding 11 years old, wt. 1700; 1 bay mare in foal 7 years old, wt. 1700; two bay mare colts coming 3 years old, wt. 1100 each; 1 bay mare colt coming: 2 years old, wt. 900; one brown mare colt cominff 1 year old, wt. 700; one grey gelding colt coming 3 years old, wt. 1100. 24 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 24 Nine milk cows, all milking and youns. Three 2 year old heifers, bred to freshen soon. Seven 1 year old calves. 5 winter calves. 50 -- HEAD OF HOGS -- 50 4 brood sows to farrow about April 1st. 46 feeder pigs. ONE BUCK SHEEP. 5 BRED EWES. MACHINERY--One 2-row cultivator; 1 cornsheller. wagon box; 1 hand FEED AND GRAIN--About 50 tons of ensilage; 3 ions of hay in barn; some stra.w in barn; about 400 bushels of good corn. TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with your banker. PAUL C. NELSON Ora Bayless, Auctioneer Northwest Savings Bank of Mason City, Clerk

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