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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Friday, April 10, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. t AUUt ofJfete - York, m, 15 nmuci of at order of this honosjrable court mad ia the above caste, wiW told t nnlilie Ktioa. at Hani's Hotel. In Ike tillage ' r kcwbanh. oa the HsUeolh day of April mil, ? At (welve o'clock t oooo. nderlbedirectkw W the tuMcnoer ; nu um certain tract m wmi uate, lying ana oeing u uwe oman, w ' - "town or New - Windsor, county of Ortuxt. and ttateol iew - 1 ora, aiKl u nounnea aa rotiowa oaUieeattby tbe laodacrt Uie beirioi John "ei - lio. deceased, oa Uie north by the land of Ro - . ben k.. Burnet, oo ui weal fcj we laaoi ot gru - 'cral James Clinton, aod on (he sooth by tbe . laiul of the liein of SafnuelJ.L. Norton, deceaa ed, cootaioiug three hundred and ten acrea of. land, be the same more or let, wiin iw" . ditament and appirrttiancei totiieaaa of0 ine or in any wine appertaininx. Dated Febr tfy sola, uiu.'ino t tehSS lawtApWU Matter in Chancery. At a Court of Chancery, held for tbe state of New - York, at Ilia cnanceiKwa " ". . Jloue, in the city of A Inaay. oa h tmtP , . third day of March, in the. year of oar Lord one thousand eight minimi ' B"r - - ... f resent - Tae Uon. Jame. Kent, fcaqoire, Cnaa , cetlor. . . . . Fhflip Schuyler, Philip Jeremiah Scbuy - v . ,l. L - Knoup. gteDhen Vital 1 fUostelaer, Jr. JTuiip Church, Peter Cra - J - mr and cauiefinen:i wife, sma .r - v - , - . . Kodoipb Bower and hi. wife, . Richard Church, aa inient by the iwd ITji hp Cbafchhiiaeit frieod. fciirabrth Ham illoo, Alexander Hamilton Mortoo, Hiilij Schayler Morton, Cornelia L. Morton, fc Reciaa Mary Morton, infanli by the laid - Thtlip Jertou'ab Schuyler their Belt fnend .aiidCalharioe Van Heoaselaer MaJcome. "... r. ' . John R Bleecker, Eiizalttth Brincker hoT, Morria 8. Miller, and Maria hit wife, , Charle K. Dudley aod Blaudina hi wife, Mariba. Braibtreet, . Samuel liraditreet, . tu.u Mnrrii. Thomaa Bwdle. Jobo Whartoa and William Male and ivatnenne i . Van Rentstlaer Schuylei bii wife. THE complainants above aimed having filed their bill in tlie above mentioned came W the partition of the following parol of land, that it to ay a parallelogram ia the eouatie of Oneida and Herkimer, ia thu atate,on tbe outb tide of a patent granted on the aecood day of January, 1784. toJosepb Worrell and otheri, commonly called Coiby'i Manor, lying along and upon . the south boundary of the laid patent a iti bate, . being 26 chaim and 69 linki more or Icm in breadtl), and the whole extent of the south line or boundary of the laid pntent, i. e. 4U3 chain more or leu in length, nod Philip Schuyler, one f thecomplainanti. having made an affidavit an nexed to the tnid Dili w the trum oi me am gallon therein contained reipectiog the unknown owner of tbe aid parallelogram. It ia thereupon, on motjoo of Mr. J. V. Ilury. ofcountel for tbe coniplainaiil't ordered that all partie interetted in the htd parallelogram f land apfiear anil an - wer tne compminani' out uieo. in ine anovr. can, by tbe eleventh day ol July next, to the end that in cae of default, theconiplainHot' hill jaay be decreed to be taken pro couleato agnint JI iucb anknown partie at (ball not appear and anrwerby the laidday. And let a copy of tin order be publithcd for three culendar month, oce at leuit in every week, ina newap&per printed in tbe city of New - York uadin the city i Albaoy. A copy. MOSSKSNT, ReSi(er. Bih301aw3uri NOTICE it hereby uiven to the Stockho'd .rt of tbe Seneca Turnpike Road Comp i - mm that iIia.v r.niif.l mu.l im. hiiII hm hnMcn f(ir the election of Director, on the first Mnndsy in May next, nt three o'clock in the afternoon, at the limise of Mote Hogg, itt the village of I tica, ia the County of Oneida. . J. KIRKLAND, tfec'y. mh 30 law4w , To the honorable the judge and ait ant ; juiiict of the court of common plea in and for the county nIOrnnee THE petition of Caoige D. Wickhm of the town ol tiorhen. in the county of Oranee. te.peclfully shewetli That your - etitioii r is aeiietl in lee simple as tenant in common ol one equal undivided moiety or half part of all that certain trad, piece or parrel of land, situate, lying and being in tin - town of Warwick, in the county of Orange, kpown and distinguished as lot auiniier iwo, in ine unaiviiion oi great mnun tain lot number iborteen. in the patent ol Cheese cocks, containing two hundred ai d sixteen acre or land, or thereabout. And your petitioner lur - thur tliewelh, that he is seized as aforesaid of one equ.d undivided moiety or half part of all that certain other lot, tract, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the said town of Warwick, and knowo and distinguished a lot number time, in foe said tuixlmnon of great mountain lot aainber lutirteen, in the (aid patent of Cbcese - cocks, containing two hundred and thirty acre oi lami or inereanouu. And your petitioner fur ther (beweth, that some person or person, to your petitioner unknown, is or are teited afore said, of th remaining euual undivided moiety or nan pan oi eacooi uie unove - menuoud and de acriiicd lots, piece or parcel ot land. And your Eeuiioner mruier anewein, mm ne l desiroua to ave partition made of Uie aforesaid land tenements and hereditament, bctweeo your petitioner and the laid person or person unknown as a - foresaid, accordion to the several and respective riijlits of tbe several purtie aforesaid, of, in, and to theiame. Wherefore yniir petitioner prays, that all and lingular, the said land, tenement and hereditaments, together with the rights, njes.belT, privileccs and annurtenancea thereun to belonging or in any wise appertaining, may be divided by coinnna - iooeri, (o be appointed by this honorable court, in pursuance of the provision of the act entitled an act for the partition pf lands. - And ynur petitioner shall ever pray, &c. Dated thi lixth day ol February, one thousand eiirtit hundred and eighteen G01U1F. D. W1CKHAM. John and Aiex'r T)uer. Att'ici. Be pleased to take notice that a petition, of which tne a novo i a copy, win ne presented to the indues and ttsiistuot justice of t he - court ot common plea in and lor the county of Oranee. at the court hf - ue in Uoihen, on the last Vtonday of May next, at ten o'clock, in the forenoon of thnt day, or as soon there - alter a counsel can be heard. And an ap - ilicatioo will thereuHfi be made to the (aid court or the appointment oi commissioner, to make partition ol the lamis, tenements and hereditament above described, with the appurtenances, according to the prayer of the said petition, and in pursuance of the act entitled an act for the partition oi laoni. fated bin febroary, 1U18. we are, tie. J SO. & ALEX. DUER, Att'ir for the above named petitioner. To the person or persons unknown, interested in the above described lands, or whomsoever else it may concern. feb 14law tiM in My At acoertoffhaocery held for the ttai of New - York, at the city of Albany, on the sixteenth day of March, in the .tear oi our Liord one thoutaod eigni nundrea aaa eighteen, ratsiST. The honorable Jamei Kent, Esquire, nanrruor. Thomas listen r. Joseph Annahle and Jolin Bii sell. IT apreaiin; hy tlie affidavit of Samuel S. Gardiner, which is filed, that process of ubpona. to appear and answer in the ahnve cause, hath been rerularlv IwumI - nirt lh i dtteudant, Jol:n nnsell. but thnt t!i said John bissell resides at LiUhfield. in the itnl nri nn. nerticut, out of the iurisriirtion of thi court Ou motion of S. W. Jonee, Esquire, solicitor tot the cmplainunt. it is ordered that the txiA l,.hr. iseu do cause iu to be eutered and his answer to be filed in this cause, wwhin tour mne,lhs from the date of thi order, or in default therrof (bit the complainant's bill of complaint Ik taken pro - cen'etso ngin't lam. And it is further ordered, tht a copy of this order le pulw lished, williin iwenty days from the dte hereof, ia one or more of th pu'iiic newspaper printed in lh - 4 state, fortt.e space of eight weeks successively, once at least in every week. - A Cry ISAAC j. KIP, mk.'vj UwSw . Ajuitaat Register. or to In t ry 'I hi If! the fnr of nu oi n ' IK CHAJfCEET. , Joka B. Murray, . ' " v. S 8tat oKetr - Tork, M IN mrrarene of a decretal order of tUi i b - ouraale eoort, miadtia the above aaaae, ir.Uae old at puklie aoelioa, at Ike loouao ww - r Hooae. fa th. eity of J1" reciio of the aobaeTiber. a awe ef the rnarter otlhi. eoort, oa Toeed.y the aeooad day oep - teBberaait. at twelve o'aloek at aoo, all that traet of bad ioiaing on tbe tow. ef ""'' lying la tbe aVnty of Uijh J'?.. iM. being part of great lot No. 4 of Maaoajk p?..mpSS all tbe lot. ka Certain pUa or map made by IHrd B"?., B. White, ia th. year I lot, fra ! Stto 3 Include. Ui.i.g '"Jf of land, withtho .pprt.noaeretO(belor iagor any appenauung. ' ' (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON", Jr91 ladtd. barter in Chaneery. The ale of the above property it postponed to the ant day of way neat, at uwwiw nlace. Dated Jan xi, 1818. place. , .?!,' a MAVil.TfiN Jang41awtMyl Matter in Chancery. W the onderautned give notu e umi we nave Ihiidav been appointed by Alexander Sheldon Ew. flrt judge of Montgomer), truMee for Ibe creditor of JSichotat Berdine, late of the town of Charleitown an abaeonding debtor : And we reooire all nerann indebted to the laid ab sconding debtor, by the fint of May next, to pay all debt which they owe to fuch abtcondine dnbtor, and to deliver all property of the laid debtor whiri they have, over to u the said tru - tee. And we denre all creditor of the aid debtor, by the liritdny of July next, to deliver to o or one of a their respective necount agaioit Uie laid debtor. Dated March 19, 181B. DA.MKL HUHBS, JACOB Dr. LAMAIjTER. THOMAS MJKFBURY. Marco T.Reynold, Attorney for atfacliine creditor. rah 10 1aw5w Hvat Htiun in Mr. tHKIiK.Ne board inc Bchool. at Newark. N. J. will termi nate on the lait of April, aod theexrrri of the ichool will be resumed oo the Crit of May next. There are now a lew vacancie and thote parent guardian who may have it in contemplation place their daughter or ward under her charge are requeated to make enrly application. tin chool are taueht the Knelisli and French lancunge, (and latin, if required) writing and arithmetic, geography and antronnmy, plain and fancy needle - work, mutic. dancing, iic. The VMem DT wnicn JVlrt. nbedi en learlie tin reach language i quite new in thi country, and merit notice, at it facilitate! in a uririiine de gree the acquirement of the accent. Term may Mceri&iueu ty app lication to Mr. btlED - newarK, f?(. J.) Her relerenre are, h smuKnion. new - lurk: Kevd. L. f. Bayard and Col. Jame Hcddtn. Newark. ap i w N. H M I i II DAVIE S. Wholesale and retail Cbymiral Perfumer, PIO. 131 BROADWAY. "JF.G3 leave to inform his friends and custom - Uers.thal he ha. on hand an extensive assort ment or perfumery and fhnry articles, vix : sha ving loap and hepjid ; washing oap in enke und hall antique oil ; cnld cream ; charcoal and liyniical dentifric ; rouge and pearl powder ; plain and scented hair powder : almond piwdi - r ana parte ; millc ni rote ; hard and soft poma turn tooth, cloth, (having, hair, nai: and comb oruii.e, ol tupenor quidity rnior ; ''iMors pen aud pocket knivei ; (having and dre sin; ca(e ; pocket hooks and manr other Arti cles, too numerous to mention, for (ale wliol'iaie and retail. ap G HATS. uqiaii III - V form hit frirods and tbe public, that he has removed his hat warehouse to 160 'Irondway, between Maiden Ian and Liberty - street, for (ha better aicoinmod.diou of bii retail custom en: where he has constant! v on hand, an extcn alve supply, from his manufactory, of Ladies' Reaver Hats, comprimng every lahion and de scription of color, quality, and variety of pat ternthe workmanship excellent, and adapted to this or any other market. He keep on hand (which he receives regularly, once a week, Irom hi' factory) a countant auppiy oi ine first quality of Gentlemen American Beaver Hat, manu factured under hi own inspection, of durable and excellent material, finished in the neatest and mott fashionable style. J. W. alto has for rale at his warehouse, a large and regularly repleniihed assortment of gentlemen's fathioaable London Beaver Hats, irlorted with great care, a to workmanship and quality. Likewise, American manufactured hats, of eve description aud kind, iiiitahle to thi or any other market mch 30 Sawtf PROSPECTUS for rfBMsnuo av uascRirTiorr A MAPOF MEXICO AM) LOUISIANA. 'HE pubhration of tin Map hn been under - 1 taken with tbe impression, that it will ex bit information, highly interesting at this eventful crisis, and the valuable Maps which the au thor ha procured, durini hi several tours through - ' Mt - .,nm inns 1DI0 ieico, ill tne yeun louu, iuvi, iui, iif.. 15. 1810. and 1817. induce him to beh ivethat Map, with even all its imperiecuons, win ne much the most peneci wuicn nas apiwarea uc - the Dunlin. ' Thi Man will contain ine iaiet ana oei information from the ditcoverie and - possession the American, Spamth, Ruuian, bntifh nnd French traveller and navigator and repreien tine the claim of their respective rovcrouieut the Northwitcrn coat of America. The Map will include that portion of Worth America, which he between the Isthmus of Da - rien, and the4llth d gree ot North Latitude, and from the Mississippi Haver westwardly to the Pnrifii' Ocean. In sire the Map will be about iix by five feet, and will he protected on a scale of 40 mile to the inch, to be delivered to the lubscribers at fif teen dnllars sach. Notches, March", IRIS. ap7tAul COOTKIt'S SERMONS. C1RACT1CAL, Familiar and Doctrinal Ser IT mnn i designed lor parochial and domestic imtrurtion i bvthe Rev i'dvenrri l.'noner. Rec tor of Hamstall, Ridware, nnd of Voxnll, in the county of Stafford, nnd late fellow of Alliouli I. ol ee, UXlorn ; in two volume, tror a review these excellent sermon look in the Christian Observer.) Just received, and for sale to sub - acriiiers aud others, price 4, at22 I'earl street, by KUtih. HI SrULKMUT. mh SSSawSw Trantporlation I Pittthurgh, through the ttale nfjew - iork. rTIIE subscriber, who In been engaged f M. several year in forwarding merclundiz to different part, of the United State, oft'ers hi services to the merchant and traders of the western state and territories, as agent to transport property of every decriplion from the cly of New - York to Pittsburgh, in the state of i I i. : i x - . reiinsjivania. uoua aiiiupcn at cw - iorii, . ..... onboard "tmx wisnaN im oi sioops tor Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as abort a time, a by any other route yet discovered ; the price of transportation for the whole distance never exceeding ait dollars per cwt Proper care ha been taken to elect gentlemen of respectability as agent on the several route communicating with the Allegany river; and where extraordinary exertions are required, a confidential person thoroughly acquainted with the country, will accompany the goods. All communication on Una subject, post paid, will receive the earliest attention vof the subscriber, who for approved security will give a credit of six months on a sarge proportion of the account. CHARLES SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York, 2d February, 1818. Reference to Messrs SaUei leesfc Co. and Messrs. L liver, and 1L Rankin, NcVork. fej7 2w IfOTICE. ALfpensew kvUbted to th. atUteof R HuUbard, aaqoiiw, late aheriff of the city and county of New York, . thenff, are re - unoiad to make Myanent to Jama i lieu,' ctquira, pretaot therin'of the city and county of aw - 1 or a, on ar oaiora in omuay ot mmj next or after that period tba bill reaiaininj on - paid will be put ia iuit. - - . - CATHERISE HUBBARD, Feb II SawtlMay. Adminiitratrix. INDIGLSI ION, oa SOUK STOMACH, IS acknowledged by medical writer to be a i complaiot ofitubborn kind, and at all time very difficult of cure. Tbi i tufficiently illui - trated in tiiediapiointment of those who unfortunate! suffer under it, a thei , for the moat part, find that after having tried many thing to little or no purpooe, they ore nt lait oSliged to nae (for nerhaii Uie remainder of life) tutb articles a can at bet but palliate the diaeaae. Under tucb circumiiaace, any medicine capable ol removing the complaint, mutt lurtly be an article highly deserving the attention ol all ttrwe who are afflicted with it ; such a combination is to he met with in UK. MKAD'b Aft! I - UYafcr - TIC or STOMACH flLLS the succei ol which ha never yet beeu equalled, for the cure of dyipeniia in it uioit complicated form, such a 104 oi appetite, nauea, heart hurn, flatulen cy, knawing pain in the stomach, pain, in the tide, great coiUvenett, paleness in Uie countenance, languor, lowrien of spirit, pain in .the head, virtigo or giddine, and diiturbed deep. wnot Ter applies these pills in the above disease, according to the directions, will q - ver be disappointed, a they have never beea once known to inn in producing a radical and permanent cure The uie of a tingle box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacv. Thev will most effectually remove alt rourneis of the stomach, not merely by neutralizing the acid, but bv cor n - rung wmi inoruia siaie oi ine tecrenooi wnn n gives rite to it. nd at the tame time will restore to thedebilituted nrgana of digestion, that tone and viguur which is absolutely necessary to the well iieing ot the animal economy, rrice one dollar per box. For sale by JOHN C. MORK1SON, Druggist, No.. ItiB Green wit h - street. Where may be bad, wholesale and retail, a large and gentral assortment of genuine I 'rug and medicines t curgeons Inslruments; Apothe i arj's Class Ware ; Enclish and Americun Pa terit Medicines. Also, Dyer's and Fuller1 arti cles, itledicioe lhetts, Kc. vo liocral terms, mh 35 2rn WHEAlOiN'S ITCH OINTMENT. r'l'sHE long and successful use of this ointment J. is a sufficient recommendation, as it hot ,een found to he a pleasant, safe and certain re medy tor that disagreeable disease in ail its ia e. It i for ale in the city or JNew - Yurk, by . A.& W. R. Post, No. 41 Williani - stre. ; I. U 1. ClK:k, Ao. 85 Maiden - I.nne : II. H Schieffilin k. Co. No. 193 Pearl street; Law rence Ai Keese. No. 196 Pearl - street : Hall A Bowne, 146 Pearl street ; K. ai L. Miirrny, 313 I'ean - iirert : J. ni. tiradhurst, 314 I'enrl - stretl John Penford, No. 4 Fletcher - street ; Durree k Poe, in Pearl - slreet ; Jhn C. Morrison, 18U Greenwich - street; John P. Fiaher, 106 Broad wav : WalterAc Semnnn. rnrnpi and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured a - most of Ihe Drug Mores in this city Also In f'luladelphia, ol & Wilhcrell 1 Sons : Georse Harrell . North &. Rn ten, aud almost a lithe druggists in the principal iuwiii iu uie uuiieu oinic. MKKVVIIC, WHF.ATO.N'S JAUNDICE BITTER? mav oe had at the above places. .m Ti 6m t OH S.iLtL, COLOURED BOY the time limited by A. law a smart, sober and imlustrious lad undrntands all kind house work, and lakine care ol horse ; also working on n (arm or in a garden He i nineteen years of age and of n good disposition. Any person that wants a lad possessing those qualifications, will get information ut No 25 ilowery. . . e r7fa ivranv - x mn xo ii r.iUsu ihij. To tint t officer; SnlHiert and Sailors uf llie Hero - lulivnnni War. THE Officers and oldi - r of Ihe Revolutionary Ann, and the and Sailor of th Navy of the United - States, who served In the Revolution, can have their name placed on the Pension list of the United - State, according to the act of Congress, pasted March 18, IfllU. to p'o vine for persons ensaeed in the land and .""aval service of the United States during the Revolutionary War, byapplvingtothe suTiscriher. JA.Ylt.3 tti'iftviAs i r.r, mh 31 Sw 91 Nassau - street TO FARMERS. HE suliscriber can fumi'h the firmer of the adjacent country with ground Plaster of Paris iu any quantity, on the shortest notice. in barrel or otherwise. JOHN T1YF.H?, Feb23 tf Foot of ITarrison - st. . it B1 LUU'iHKLI) & FRASER'a wlmhu - alt aud retail copper, pewter, tin, and sheet - iron kitchen furniture WARE - HOUiE, No. 311 Maiden - lane, New - York: where may be had Plain ami planmrhrd block tin conce pots Do. do. biggen sind Glterer Do. do. tea and cnfTee urns Do. dd. newest pattern dish cover Do. do. cheeie plates and toaster Do. do. tauce and stew pans Do. do. tea and cl ocolate pots j with every other article in the copper, pewter, block - tin. and sheet - iron line, as manufactured and sold, on the moat reasonable terms, at their factory, no. 71 Fulton - street, between I iicmeu's - hall and Gold - street. N. B. Wholesale order executed in the best manner, and at the lowest prices. ' apS 3tawv.w CAIiKIAGE ti IIAKMr.SS FUKbALE. A LIGHT travelling carriage nearly new,for Xi. sale, with or without Harness, tnipnre at tins olUce. apH m ' IMIE owner ol the French boarding House, X No, 66 i"Iourtlnnd - treet, having concluded to decline oo the 25lh of this montl,ofrr( for sale oo accommodating term, Ihe household furniture of hit establishment, which he will disfiose ot, either in whole or in part, r or further mlor - mntion, inquire a above. ap 8 2w$ i ALVABLK BOOKS. JUST received and for sale by ELI AS VA LENTINE, 104 Broadway, 3d door beki Pine - street : Wilkinson's Memoirs, 3 vols 8 vo ; Rob Roy, second Philadelphia edition, with a glossary ol the Scottish words and phrases ; A great variety of new and interesting: books for children, Ilimo. Alio, just received by the Mary Klixa, from London, and lor sale a above, a valuable assortment ol tbeoloeical and miscellaneous works, ve ry scarce. Kngraving and copper - plate printing exet uted with neatness and despatch. ap8 OTOl.EN on or about Thursdav last, from IO on board the brig Arethia, lying in this port, three pott notes of one hundred dollars each, on Hie Bank of the United States, the numbers not lecollt - cted 1 at the same time, one superfine French blue cloth coat and pantaloons, the pantaloons worked with French cord. Brokers, sailor landlords, and others, will be goodenoiigh to stop such a may appear suspicious as the thief may perhapa be (bund, bv the nature of bis purchases or in wishing to dispose of the sloths 1 should the whole or any part thereof be found, the finder will be rewarded by calling on Messrs. Mape ti OA - ley, corner of Wall L William - street. ipt It JAS. KcGOWAN. ! K'kwttatca and cAWAVBAicrAM xa itAsc . mil Tiaim - a a wkx - AVt5 Newourgn eve - . a f - a)v.,J. 4nMl 1rK.M ninrninn. mi. three o'clock, ran through SU gIUIUII - j - Monhronunr. Bloomioebureh. MonticeUo, by White Lake, Coshecton - Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Itluca, and Ue - neva, IrCanandaigua. Beturninp leave. Canandaiirua evfiry Mon day, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at Newburgh, the third day in lime to take the Steam - boat which arrive in New - Yoi k the followine morntnir. 03 w.V be expected that at all hmttwhtn the $te.atn - boaii alter their day, of running, tliat thi$ line vill alter so at to meet them. The whole route will be perfomed in three day, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first or November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four daysand from the 15lh December, un til the fifteenth of March the fame line will be continued to the city of New - York and nm from thence to Caiiandaiirua in four day. lasenger. travelling from New - York to Canandsiinia. Niagara or llutlalo, can leave IV York in the evening ateam - boaU, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred mile. The line is well furouhed with, good, new carriage i good horse, and careful and experienced driver Every attention will be paid to render the passage of the traveller sale, eajy ana expeuuiou ; anu it is believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the itate. dj - FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS N. B. A bi anch of the ame line run. three time a week from Ithaca to Aubum. Also, a line run from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Palmed Post, to Bath, . BAGGACE, as usual, at the risk of the owner. David Godfrey. Blonminsburgh,' E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, L. ti R Manning, Chenango, Luther Gere, Itluca, Hainiiel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelp, Laniiog, uih 14 d6in K Proprie - VAL.UAI1LK RrStl. K&TAi E FOR SALE, IU TflE CIT OF NW - yORK. ipiVE lot ot ground nu the west tide of Green 1 i h - street, between Vestry and Deabros - ses streets, 25 by 80. tour do ui the rear ot the above, irnnting on the east side ol Wathma ton - street, 25 by BO. Kielitdo in the block below, between Wash ington and V est strerts. in .71 01111? merv uountv. 6000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase. near r.ast Canada creek, on the north side oi the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,162 acres of Land, in the town of Mount morn and uayion. In Essex County. 7832 acres of Land lit the f own of B&rrymore Iu the County of Lewis. 1350 acre of land in C"terland, Chacsani Turchaae. In Saratoga County. 2C00 acre in Palmers purchase. Enquire at the office of the subscriber. 34 Ce - dur - itreet. BEV. ROBISSON. mb 7tf bELEC't' HOAKDl.Mi MJllOOL FOK VOVftG LADII. ; RS. BOW EKING, now .Mrs. Brown, has ; v I removed her well known Establishment from New - York to Elizabeth Town, New - Jet sey, not a qua rter ol a mile Irom the public turnpike road. The situation of the place possesses every advantage for n Semiuary ; and wll ena Me her (o reduce the price uf hoard much low er than can be afforded in Mew - York. I he hrnnwhei taught, are. Orthography, English Grammar, Heading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geo graphy, with the use of mai.a and glohea, Astro nouiy, History, Bluir's Let turpi, Composition, Music, French, Botany. Chr mistry. Drawing in ci ijon. Painting in oil, on velvet, and in watc.r - colotirs. Plain Sewing, Needlework on muslin, t - . f , ,. 1 L' II r.rnurniurrT tin aui ii winru, r ine.., er, Quadrille. "Grotto and Wax - Work, Gildins and Japanning, with a variety of other fancy work. mh iu im .KK' ITCH OMXVEAT, nr.iRRAM'ED an infallible remedy atone application, may be used with perfect ulety on inlacis a week old, not Coutuimng a iini tic: o, u.rrcury,or any dangeroua ingredient whatever, a id not accompanied with UiatoiTcn - si e smell w hichrattend the application of other lilcJiet. The ahove medicines are prepared ami sold at LF - K'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, I jii'hI by S. CARLE, cornel of Fulton and Wnter - slreet. Pruy'ists and country atore - keepers auoplird on bliorsl term). Jan 29 ... i.,'Oi .u; n. .u. corner of Fulton - itreet, New - York, hav ing received a large tupply of the refl JAPAN HI,A(JK.U, ot Uay U Martin, VI inch flol - born, Loudon, offer the same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on terms the most liberal aod advantageous to purchasers. This inestimable composition, with half the u - sual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varnish ; affords peculiar nourishment to tne leather; it will not toil the finrtt linen ; ia perfectly free from any unpleasant smell; and will retain its virtues in any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it haa stood the test and commanded the most extensive aale in all quarters of the globe, for upwards of balf a cen tury. Fb 16 MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW. FORBEa, No. 90 Broadway, one door . above Wall - trect, respectfully informs his ii tends and tbe public that he continue! to mnnu lacture silver tea and table telts, church plate, poons, forks, ladles, waiters, urns, siphons, fish knives, &r. &c. of the vilest and most elegant patterns ol tne nrst quality ol ailver and supc - ir - r workiuanrhip, at the lowest price for cash. All orders executed in a masterly manner, and warranted in all cases at least equal to any ar ticles of silver manulacturcd or fold in this city. iu addition to hia own manufactures he ha on hand an aswtmeot of rich plated and fancy hard ware, wliicn na will dispose of vry low, rem - tistiiig of caudlrsticks, rake baskets, castors, bottle castors aunuVrs and trays, plated on teel, a very nperior article; elegant pen. pocket and sportsman's kuivea, with a variety ofj articles not enumerated. mch 30 Irti PLASTEROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the fot of Harrison - street, North - River, I A HLKt manufactured PUter, lorcoini - v V tea and other p - irpoet, r.nv I had. war ranted of the first qna'ity, at one dollar and iren - IjJirt etrUt jer bushel. The raiiiuidCtory is conducted ty Mr. John iscKcr, wno nas served a regular apprentice hir to the mason basinet, mh tl JOHN BYERS. STT, - .t - . Ti J r.Asi:tv - ajuf ",vm ?3ritfl vv fOST CHA'SE. A POST CHAISE will leave New - York every day (Sunday excepted) at half paaf 5 in the moraine by way of Newark, only x passengers admitted, and arrive in Philadelphia the ame evening. Fare through, 8 Tbe new Steam Bout Line Experiment, will leave New - Tork every day fSunday excepted) at ball paat 2 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalan - ta, and arrive at Philadelphia the next day at 4 o'clock, by the Steam Boat AH'NA from Bristol. Fare through S dollar 50 cent. For S!at in the above line, apply at the Pot Chaise Stage and Steam Boat Office, 1 18 Broad - wav. opposite tbe Citv Hotel. 7 - All goods and baggage .at the risque of Ihe owner. JOHN N. CUMM1NG, Newark. JOHN GUL1CK te SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON it HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. tlipretM gent to ant part of the Union. ap8 iOSt COACH LliNE oh PHILADELPHIA BT WAT OT roWLBS - HOOSl IMPORTANT TO rAISENCESS. No connection with the port chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Pott CoacLe with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on Spring TH ROUG H IN ONE DAY. Th Post Coach will start from the Coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, (Sundaya excepted) at aix o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Bruuawick, Pricce - ou, Trenton aud Hrialol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same evening. - United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for paanenger and baggage, on springs. The U. S. mail coach tviil Mart from the coach vflice, bid No. 1 Courtlandt - atreet, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock - Only 6 passengers admitted. For aeataintht ahove named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - stieet, the second office from Uroadwav, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar street, New - York. ftVAll good and bagsage at the riik of the owner. JOSEPH LYON. SONS & CO. N. B Expreaie lent to any part of the Ci.n THOMAS WHITFIELD, mh 28 AOUTU Hlr LH 6 2'AVf.V BO.iT. 1'he Chancellor Living - icon will leave New - York foil Saturday, the 28th inat. lint 6 P. M. There wili be a boat leave ew York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6 P.M. and Albany on tame daya at 9 A.M. until further notice, mh 25 TUP. oOUJVU BOjiTLLVH. jl3iJ .The propri A I view of nccon ft jti'maf ; VW republic, byext TTin in r'" Norwich, i The proprietors, with a accommodating the tending the line intend making ihe experiment with the Fulton, Capt. Law.m.d this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the teasnn. Ihe lino will in future he from New - York to Norwich, as follow : The Counecticut, Capt. Hunker, will leave New - York every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in ihe morning, lor New - Haven. Tbe Fulton, Capt Law, will leave Aorunh at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tame day, touch nlJVew - London and depart from throe for JVrtc Haven at II o'clock. The boats u ill meet at Vrte Haren, and depart from tnence every Monday, Wednesday nnd Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening Ihe Connecticut iot SVew Work, and the Fulton for Jfew - Lnndon and JYoiuieh. mh17 S i'EAM BOAT FOR fALE. fjrt" For talc, a well finiih - heiT Steam Boat, of small cue, vt ith x ahius, and calculated to carry convenient ly about aixf) pasaengtra - Uer bull ia of the best timber, and she is copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to be put into a line 01 runninc immediately. She draws but thirtv - two imhesof water, and from the advantageous con struction 01 her machinery, cau he worked at one hail the daily expense 01 steam - boats in general lie will be acid a great bargain, if applied foi shortly Euquire 1 No. 48 Wall - street, of i.ihlf ISAAC G. OGDKN K CO. SVVIFI &U11K MAIL COACHES, FOR rHILADf.l.FHIA, ft7" Leave New - York ' etc J HluMlllif, unun , mx: rive in Philadelphia next puhlick house s are good, and reasonable in their charges. The driven, horses aodcoech - ea are not inferior to any others now running between these two cities. Tbe beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads on thimut, connected wltb the (afety, comfort, and reasonable xpencet, are beleived to be ttronz inducements o traveller in giving thit line a decided prefer ence. I he itnrtest attention will re observed hv the proprietori in giving general satisfaction All bagitaee and packages will to at the risk ol the owner unless insured and receipted for by the clerk of laid office. Staee fare only 25, with a eenerou allowance nfhaggnge. Partie wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage tne coach on reasonaotr terms exclusively to themselvea, by applying one day previous to atarting. l - J . - . e r.,,i..ji New - York. LYON, SONS, CO. ap 2 Proprietor. CJYOV LIAi.. . . rl. I' ii I Ii A D K L f 11 I A . Twenty - five mile land carriage, via New Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coaches 5 Do. good stages, 4 SO Do. forecastle or deck passenger 3 60 Connected hy the steam boats OL1 V E B R A N C H and PHILADELPHIA. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Sunday excepted, from the north aide of the Batte ry, at 11 o'clock A. M. Passengers will lodge at I rcnton, and take the steam - boat Philadcl phia, o a to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock tbo next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore ileam - hoatt. This line has a connection with the best, boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as also those of tbe North River and Souud ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly tbe most con venient rout, as the passengers will have New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Philadelphia before tha hours of business, without fa tigue in travelling or want of sleep, tbe land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two cities. For teat in tbe ahove line apply !o WILLIAM B J AQUE3. At the Union Line Steam Bo - vt Office, in Mar ket field - street, north tide of the Battery, be tween Greenwich U Washinglnn - atreets, or to The CAPTAIN on board. All good and baggage at the risk of the qwuer. ap 4 HOLLAND DUCK, lor aale by , CH aS. L. OG DEN, and A Bit. OGDEN, pS Washington - street WJ&w 3a?MhM!Iiniier. Ihe A 1iMriU tew to AWiaS r - twewiriiatdllfr nrvpAtj m.. beoflheViTSv,!: 'and .urgery - there, deem. jt f tr to reat some owrirrationt?: tbe abuse of MERCERY. 1 rtuh, iadicriminate, and xxn' M aae thereof, ba.'beta prI live nt inftnJ .I..L - . rLTUUC sail da are re annually mercuric r, a"!1. . rtM - ence. The disease we have To tie w ni ltU UI resulU ciiiefly to ttirce wTt IV,' that a young man, the hopes of hit tomtit. r the darlmg of hi. parents, ould I be Sdt way from al the prospecU and enjoytS,: - hy the consequence, of one BngaarbS.' and by a diase not in iu own nature fetM svhichonly prove, w from neglect or iW,4 IreatmenL". A gesitlemar. (late D, "ifSlI tienl) now perfectly bear'y and well hi lp underphyjicU. of 'geneiuf practice and rqieatedly .alivat. d when recomme5!2?: Dr. H. (by a gentleman of thi. city) hiihonl! were canou, and hi fleth droppin from rEr" bi friend, declared he cBW not pot. brf ? two month, longer. Thou.and.PexSS know with what ease and safety Dr. U ei'' cate Uie everest case, and conlirm the co.i!" tution. Tlie Doctor', plan (advertitK? ce.iary to guard tlie public against the abuse Tt mercury, and other fatal delusion, held forth Persona, therefore, having contracted T vale disorder, or wspecUng latent poison, . admonnhednot to tamper with their conJiii. tion, or conceal the diorder, t;I pa,t ry 5 othrhaviug the lemain of an old leV or other impurities of the blood, a well as 011 er complaint of a delicate nature, in gUh' .ex. should remember poterity, and do S! to their consciences, by makine annii,,,' to Dr. H. at hi. old and re.cflEfe ,.i! liahmeLt, No. 64 Watcr - .treet, foarboul of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt anitUnrT. lone calculated ft prevent disclosure. AndheM let me claim your serious attention Rernernh a uperticial cure i no cure at all ; unlet the bal tinea i. radically done, you will certainly ha the duorder break out again with redoubled mt hgnity. at ome future p;riod ; perhap then be too late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia the trect miserable, mutilated being. withoS even a bit of note on their face ? Take warnioT I heeech you. Dr. H'. character for skill and tubloni int. gn!y bemgumverally known in thi city. inc I804,guarantee to patient that delicacy iod ti! crery hitherto unknown, and having confined Im practice for year past, exclusively to tlie core of disease of the blood system.. they may safely ct l. culate on the most decider advantages into, suiting Dr. H. Gleet eradicated in tw or three week Stricture removed without bougie or any other instrument ; and all debilitiet ; likewite all old ulcerations, fistula' tZc, A plurality of office are prorrded, and so .it. uted tbat patients are not exposed toeach other' observation. Open till half past 9 in the eveoimr All persons concerned are invited to be free in 1 ailing, and wieaking with Dr. H. which is tree of cott. And here the Doctor cannot avoid th expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendation., aod for the derided preference (it is nresumed with iuttcitutei lon rin Ln, t. judmou puhhe. iv. jo. Aii leiien must De postpaid. ' Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1 JftlTUEU ILHLH t.HM MOK iMfO&l - 7OJV. DiR. EVANS' .uperior method of curing a certain 'Disease, ianow universally acknowledged in this city : hi mode of treatment is Derfectl mild. us. ft.. ix.iiiticut. and hi cbargit reasonable. In every it - stance he iramwil a - nr jiand will return tlie pay ifh - - edoes not perform agreeable to contract. 1 ne biuucs, wc ivi.j aiway ooservea. nltr trt ninnvtpriftnB n Ihia - if anJ - I - I - - - .m.w MUU . V. cinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, or king evil, fistulas, thaeases of the urethra - bladder nnd kidnies, old complicated comptkmta of a certain nature, bilioua and other obstruc tions, rheumatism, Ac. which they consider incurable, they can certainly be cured fin uenera1 by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9, Peck - slip, having practised in extdisiv hospital in Europe 12 yean, under tome of the first Snrgeon and Physicians in the world, and made those obtticale disease hi coattont tud - for 30 year,s. Oi l 12 tr The subscriber barinu recently returned from England with an imnnrlnnt imnrovement na tbe artificial spring LE(, he take thi mtthod 01 iniorming ins menus and tne public, inat ail those who are e unfortunate a to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - atreet, New - York. Jan zz WM. I'UKVIB. , frr WHEATON It DA VIS, T S, Fancy Chair Manufae turers. No. 153 Fulton - atreef, opposite St. Paul Clmrcb offer for tale, .wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold h bronw, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Ball, Rocking, Sewing, and Cos re nation Chair. Sofas. Settees, Lounger, Music Stool, kc. Order from any nart of th continent eirrited with neatness and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented mh9 JVIf DnESSWQ ROOM. , FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - street.Jualf - L. turned from Italy, bat the honour to ialorm the gentlemen, tbat he cut and dresses bsir ia the latest style, and in a mat ner so as to d it to the phiiiognomy. He ba for ale a J0"?" tyof KAZUIIS of the Drst quality, 11 "kj " not please on trial, tbe purchaser are at liberty to return them, and receive tbe money. Hi'baj likewise procured a very fine hone, 8n0' enf to restore raxors to a very keen edge sad hm"1 they not cut be will receive no recompence. I hose gentlemen who may please to - aorwr - with their patronage, may depend on tl n""1 particular and respectful attendance. N. R. Gentlemen who subscribe bytbeqsar - ter will have their razors, Ac. kept excluuve.y for themselves. . P. S. A good journeyman wanted. ITJ as above. mh 6tl tVR SJtLE, THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 r'" Ion - street, near Broadway, conaiating 01 " extensive and choic collection of hiaton, ra - vels, voyages, biography, romances, noven, tal, playt, reviews, iuaaruea,ic. Catalogues may be examined at the library, which is open for subscriber, at ntual. mh4 tt NEW - YORK t PRINTED AND PUBLlSStD MICHAEL BvlvmAM h CO : .Nr. 42 PiiMtitM' ' 1!

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