The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 10, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1818
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J i soflcC i .too young ladies of respectable connfeiioM, VT in Hrawiim mnd paintin: and wen quajiucu - . - - - . - . 1. j. , anil nHinllli'. em em - KoSry, and ii) .akintirlificiai flowers, a. i r'7lu,iiarT branch of education, we arc: of obtaining a situation ai assistants ir. . reitfectable boarding school, or would acc ept illations 10 reipeciauie sn b'.'" instruction in the above braocbes. Further information may be obtained Irom Ihe subscriber, who ia o' opinion that tbeir services in either oi the above - Situations woiau prove a bii .IOIw i 11 Maiden - Lane. fSOAKD WANTED. Hy a lady ill a private IS fmilv. the will furnish het bed room complete. None need apply, but persons of the first respectability, Enquire at 15 Mur ray - street. ap " J - .xtract from the laut relative to ttreett, ALL private cartways crossing the side wallu are to be paved with square or oblong flat stoues, hewn aad laid close together, or with bard brick, uuder a penalty of ten dollars for each No vault or citern can be built in any street, without permission from the common council, imnultv of two hundred dollars. No person can extend the Bide walk before hi lot beyond that of his neighbor, eiceptthe majority of the owners of property oo the same side ol the street, and between the two nearest corners, will agree to extend the side walks in front of their lots in like manner, except pruiuuu is giveo for that purpose, under a penalty ol ten dollars. No shed, porch, portico, platform, stoop or step, shall extend more loan one uuin pan oi the width oi any street, nor more man seven icei and not to exceed five leet in height; no area shall extend more than one fifteenth part ol the street, nor more than five feet; cellar Jours shall not extend more than one twelfth part of the street, nor more than five feet ; under the oeualtv of two huudred and fifty dollars. No iost shall be erected iu any street except at the corners, nor unless approved of by the . alderman and assistant ol the ward, or tbe street ' comuiis.iuutr, under a peualty ol five dollars No cart or other carriage shall be driven or backed upon any loot path or walk, opposite to aiy nous - e, siore or aru, lur uie purpose in luau - ing or unloading, or of any other purpo - e whatever, under the penalty of five dollars for every offence. No goods, ware or mercardixe shall be bung or rlactd at a greater distance than twelve men es Iron) any house or store, nor shall any person load, drive or ride any horse, or wheel, or drag an; wheel or baud barrow, or taw or lay any wuod, coal or other thiug, on nuy loot path cr tide walk, under the penalty ol five dollais. No person 'hall obstruct tho walks aid across the strieu, by placing or stopping hi' hoiw.curt or any other carriage, or by putting any olMrur - tiou thereon, uuJei a penalty of five dollars. No piroii thill lake up or rummc, or carry away any turl, ihikI or clay, or earth, from any street or highway, under Uie penalty oi twenty fire dollar?. No person shall enrumhrr or obstruct any Jtreot. wharf or pior with any thing whatsoever, under the penalty of like dollars. No person shall silt or srrei u any lime in any street, under a penalty of he dollars. No pernio shall remove any frame building into, along or across any street to the southward of Grand street, under a penalty of two hundred and fifty dollars. Posts to support' awnings may be erected in streets of 40 fret in width mid upwards, between the 1st April and 1st d ty of November, providid such posts be four inches 'qnare, and no more, with the comers planed off so as to form an octagon and the top rail to be four inches in width by three inches in thickness, !he post and rails to be planed smooth and painted wbiie, and to be seven feet in height above tbe curb stoue, in cluding the rail ou Die tp. J3 't he printers to the corporation are re queued ' publidi the above one week. 0 A LA W Relative to the Awnings in the streets. BE it ordained by the .Mayor, Aldermen, and Ccmmoually ol the city ol New - York, in Coiiimon council convened, That it shall be lawlul for any person or persons, between the first day of April and the first day of Novimber iu every year, to place aud fix awnings made ot doth, before his, her, or their houe or store iu any street iu the said city being forty feet or upwards in width, and to cause sue b awnings to be supported by pots, and a nil thereon, provided such posts and the rails thereon Iks made, painted, tod placed in the manlier hereinafter miut.ooe .l ; that is to say, such posts shall be four inches square, and uo more, with the corners planed off so as to (oral an octagon ; and the top rail shall be four inches ill width by three incites in thitkaess ; and the pott and rads .shall he pla ird smooth and painted white; and th said post shall be plsceiloext to and aloug the inside i f ue euro - stone, and shall be seven leet in height above the side walk, hn lu.'ing the rail on the too. And be it further ordained. That no such pots shall be erected he - tore the fir - t day of April in say year, and shall be removed trom the stree so or before the first day of November in every Jtar ; and the holes in wfeich such posts may be placed, shall, after the removal of said posts, tm rdiately be filled up, aud the side - walks repaired, by the peron who caused the said posts to be erected, under the penalty ol ten dollars tor any neglect of filling up or repairing as aforesaid. And be it furthr ordained, That if any awning jKxl be erected or coot inuej in the street cou - trarv to the provisions of this ordinance, it shall be the duty of the street commissioner to order the same to be removed, in the m.uiner directed in and by the fifteenth xectioo of the law, entitled a uvr tor uie appointment of a street com - nissioner, to regulate the paving and keeping n repair, and to prevent obstructions in the streets of the city of New - York " and the fike penalties shall be incurred for rtfusal or teglect to obey any such order as are pre - i . ii .i ? , i - vrwcu in uiu vj uie saiu ordinance. ap 10 lw unci! ciiATrmu!! A SHORT time since, we bad the pleasure of announcing to our customers that they W drawn the Capital Prizes of f 100,000 anil v,vwt we ai uie same time, and instantly, fwethem Uie Cash for their Tickets, in a days we confidently anticipate the pleas - "tof announcing to some of our customer. Jst they havedrawn the Capital Prizes in the - iLr'OKll K OWEliO ROVD LOTTERY, "ko commences drawing 5tli May. SCtlkMK. 70,000 Dollars , 2 of 5,000 Dollars 35,000 Dollars ; 10 of 1,000 Dollars 5 of 10,000 Dollais ! 30 of 500 Dollars Several of 100 Dollars. c tickets and Shares, in a variety of numbers, "7 oe had at AUJiNS' TRULY LUCKY OFFICE, 122 Broadway, opposite the City - Hotel. Foreign Bank Notes taken at par cash paid fcf Prises sold at their offices. So. 122 Broadway, N. York. . 2 South - 1 hird - st. Philadelphia. Ul Murket - st lUltiraore. ap 10 2t TVVTMEGS. 10 casks utruegs, just re - J - ' etiveH, and for sale by. ,B0 GOODHUE ti CO. il 44 Southtri - et cjP.lOUU BOLTING CLOTHSA gen. BoltrCiMOrtment orilollaBd - warranted. "Kl - '1o price, by vi uic ni - KE filial u ai nnriim j a JNO. M'CR.VCKAV, 82 1 - 2 Pearl stxet. f t . At Cbach'i many rich and nureroai gifts qrt in atore, - . Soliciting fortune favorites to adventure once more. 1LFORD AND OWEGO ROAD LOT - TERY. 835,000 . 10,000 ' 5,000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 $70,000 10,000 5,000 1000 . 1000 1000 1000 1000 SO of 500 and 140 of 100 dolls. The first number will be drawn on the 5th of next month, at which time the fucinating goddess will again reward one or more of her faithful votaries with the capital prize of 5000 dollurs. Tickets and Shares now selling at 146,Ex'oadwaj: Whole Ticket $32 I Quarters $8 Half 16 I Eighths 4 Sixteenths 42 Call as above, for lucky numbers apply, The fair goddess will surely you wants supply. ap 10 OLD LOMION PAUTIUL'LAlt 'i'ENE - RIFFE WINE. 5 quarter casks nearly equal to Madeira 2 do dry Lisbon, with a ce v al assortment uf first quality Teas and Groceries Very oh: Jamaica spirits, Insh Whiskey Old l'eacl), Cognac Brandy, and Holland Gn Fish Sauces, Dutch Herring. English Uacon and Split Peas Iluublc Gloucester ami Cheshire Cheese Very superior American ami I'ine Apple do London Hrown Stout and American I'orter Hams, Shoulders and Smoked llccf Cordial, A'toiigliton Bitters, Deniijohns Larire Buttles and Bristol Ware. Vtotightons Bitters, in kegs and bottles Hogs Iard, in furkins and tubs AUo, a small assortment of earthen and lrlass ware. For. sale cheap for cash, by EDVV. BLACKFORD, 137 Green wii h - sircet A few quarter boxes of good Spanish Si - gars. ap 7 b L i'Etll IEA"?, SVV EE t OIL 4:c. 6 chests L eai.h 20 21b cai isteu Cunpowdcr Tea 3 do St 31b do do do 3 do 20 3lh do liuperiid do 3 do i.'0 21b do llyon do All of very superior c.uality, Voung Hysou I'ea of superior quality in 20 i any noxes Hyson, Hyson Skin and Young Hyson inchests 5u ball chests souchong lea 100 baskets 1, - ish Sweet Oil, large bottles 25 b xes FniK'h White Wat candles, line quality IMOOO suix rliue Velvet Corks, in has of 1000 Forsaleby A BIMNGER it SON, 1 2 Maiden Lane. ALSO, 30 superior Double Cluster Cheeses. I I EMI' ami V All.Nc. fct. I'tler.linruo Clean 11 .e Hemp, and Kei,lm k Yarns, in lots to suit iiunhattrs. For sale on accouiuiodatiii terms, t I UCKElt H OARTKR, P 8 1w 69 Sou!h strut t, 368 SUUsi Ji. Bags bright yellow and good graii lle of France sugar, landing from Francis lien riet'a, and 2 19 l 'f double boiled Calcutta sugar, entitled to debenture, lor sale hy CA.MHIlfc.LENO & PEARSON, an 9 67 Soutu - st. nORN MEAL. C4 bhds. uud89 barrels be .J yellov Kiln ilrit - d com Meal of ToiijIiusou's brand, landing, ird l r sale hy TUCKER 4: LAUIUES, ap9 ' j'J South street. KL 1 11 Al.lZi - .l I at'lKI 1 KHO.vl MCf L 3 - LS. 6 lihd. just received of superior quality and lutli proof. AI?o, 4 uiiies iiiiit.ilioo ol Boid - aux Brandy, forsaleby JAMES D'TVOLF, Junr. an 7 67 Front street. RICE c l')HACA).i0 Uirc.s prime new Rice and 24 h'ids prime Georgia Tobacco, lor sale by Stl'L ALLKY, an 8 98 1'ioe - rtre.e. yjUl' ER FIN E SPO.N ti Eri. A few hales poo - O ges, of superior quality, and laie size, foi sale very loiv, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, Hi 12 Pearl - treet. an H 3t 'AtlilO.NABLh BUI TO.Na. 2c ums Fash ionable, plain Utittons, fur sale low, by J.M. iVi'UtlAlsKA, ap8 3t III 1 - IVarl - strctt. I UCK loo bolts brit quality Russia Duck, XJ just received, and lot sale hy PE 1 ER RE.MSEN it CO. 2f South - street. ap 7 FM.U i't:.1S, kc IT'LOYDi: BARNEY, offer for sale at their store, No. 184 Front - street, sli packages of Tea, a, con owdtr. I I skin, f - J sistmg of gunpow untress's hyson, young hysou, hvson and souchong, in chests, half J chests, city boxes and canisters. J cargo. puncheons Jamaii a spirits 10 do. West India, 4 do. new rum 3 pipes of French brandy Alaileria, Cisily Madeiia. Teneriffe Sherry and Malaga Wines, in pipes and qr casks. Together with a general assortment o' Gio eries, wholesale and retail ap7 6t IAl'IGO. bi ises Inoigo. ol suinor quality, entitled to dchentuie, for sale hy PETER REMSEA k CO. n;i 7 Mouth - street. CHOI fAa U.AMA.As J cases Company's choppus and bandannas, just received and for sale by up 7 PETER REM?EN & CO. I S'I)lGO 6 cases Bengal lniiiso, lor sale at s reduced price, to clow a - conigoment by ' 75 v ull street. G IG. For sale cheap for ensh, a very supe rior London built Ui, ol tbe latest lashisn very neat, l ailt ol the best malerials and on tbe lightest coiistructiiiu to be seen on application at No. 1 Murray - street. Bp 6 lw DOMESTIC OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep omstrnt'y on hand extensive assortment of Uie lollowing goods, vis : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, tancy and common Do lor Blacksmiths Hall ano Entry Mutt Pails and Tutis Whrl - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, balciog and ball Twine Fisn Lines Shoe it radlers Thread Dearborn' Balances, Lc. Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do hoe hi Scrubhii.g do Paint Brashes and dash Tools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row , Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Whrch they will sell w holesale cr retnil on liberal terras. CEBRA CUMING, ap4 7 Fearl - strett, ''rr. rV FAElGIlf or CUARTEk, vM The British ship HALIFAX PACK V - y.p.T.rpt. J Clark i expected oft Sandy hook in jo or 15 days about 8500 bbls. will laie a Charter from New.York or Boston, to a port in tbe Irish Channel, if agreed for before the 10th inkt Apply to A. C. BUCHANAN, ap8 2t 21 Broad - street. for &aiet t'ragfti or Charlrr, The brig HAZARD, Littltfield, master, 150 tons burthen, single deck, and well calculated for carrying stock or lumber. For terms, apply on board, at reek - slip, or to JOSEPH OtBORN, ap 7 28 South - street tirtg fAJSlHLU. On Wednesday, 15th inst. will be sold, without reserve, the brig PANTHEtl, ; she arrived from Canton. Sriid brig was built in Medford, in 1815, by the fir - t rate workmen, in the best manner, and of the best seasoned materials j is copper fastened, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 21! and 36 oz. copper, and rigged and fitted wilh a large armament in the most complete and ample style Said vessel lias delivered in good order near 600 tons of China goods, and it is presumed sails as fast as any ves - cel in the UuiteJ Mates. Her length on der k it I'JOfeet; breadth, 29 feet 9 inches; 11 feet 9 inches bold, and 5 feet 6 inches between decks ; and measures 430 tons. For further particulars, apply to ROPES & WARP, 41 Cenlral - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1813. 'ap7 1w for .lMsTr.Hli.i.V, The line fast sailing brigKE.NTUC - KY - ltFJ.LE, Deshon, ma - ter : now loading, and having 2 - 3ds of her Cargo ready to go on board, will be dispatched without delay. For fi l ight or passage, apply oa board, in front of the subscribers store, or to G. G. fc S. HOWLAND, ap 8 77 WaMiinRton - street. V. tor Freight or Charter, - The m hr 1'ALA FINE, BoyenU - u, will Ijj&tnke a freight or charter for au ea. - leru ia - southern port, it application is made inimcdi - itily to I k UALLAGIIEll, ap3 66 . South - street, . tor jAKYUvJV, (To sail iHiliielv on the 12th.) jLajglThe MINERVA - SMYTH, capl. Allen, wnl uuiuieiice loadinsr on Monday 1500 bbls tlour or 200 I 'ales ot rotten ian be taken ou freight, and a fe w more passengers can be accommodated, if application is made to cart. Allen on 'loanl, at Piuc - strect wharf, or to .4RCH : GRACIE & SONS. Who have for sale, 27 cases sheathing copper, 24, 26, 28 and 30 ounce 100 ak llil.bert's potter . ap 3 tor tht KAST A rood SHIP bound to the East In It' indies, will take 2300 bairtls flour, or an tonal bulk of grain, to Madeira 0' Tene. rill'e, if application is made immediately, at 67 touth - street, to ap 3 CA V'BRELE.VG Si PEAR.SON. ,1 Uxundi ia, Gturgetoten & H'utiungton trfej Tl - e sloop Vlt.TORY, .?. Somers, ifaiiV master, now redy to receive f. eight :uid will be dispatched iinmcdiatcly For which or passage, apply to the master on board, east side li ck - ftlip, or to C11K KETHUNE Si Co. ap 2 92 Coffee - house - flip. tr far H.1HW. The packet ship RUBICON, Hoi - JgsSattdredgc, master, is now loading at Jones' iiai i, Mud wdl sail about the 15th instant. For freight or pa. - 'SEjje, apply ou board, or to PUTT U. M'KINNK, ap 1 5ft South - st. toil L(KVltO.Y, lo sail positively on the 12th inst. Tho ship iiMAbKVA SMYTH, capt. J.mies W. .Vlleo. For passage only, apply on noard at l mo - street wharf, or to ap ARCH. GKAf;IE 1 - SONn. tor MUhlLKand HLAKKLV, The last tailing regular packet schr. SANUL'i - KY. Capt. Week", 120 tons. I, living considerable fre gut already engaged, win meei wnn ucspaxen. ror urn leinniuaer or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board west side Mid - slip, or to rt.l l.Ub .V IILRKICK, ap 1 49 Coeni - s - slip. For 11.1 1' HK, The fine coppeicd - hip MA III 4 - THE RESA, Skiddy, master; having the principal part ol her cargo engaged, will meet immediate dispatch. For freight of 1 00 bales cotton, or passage, having good aciommodalious, ipply to U. U. Si S. HOWLAND, ap 1 77 Wadiington - st. CJCY l'HES 33dor. for sale hy U JAMES D'WOLF, Junr, sp7 57 Fr uit itrett. 1 OLASSKS, f UGAR, COFFEE, He 1L 1 - 45 blub. 13 tierces and C bbls. good re t.ul.lig Molasses 75 hl.d. and 3 bbls.. Muscovado Sugar . 21 Isuxes wiiiteand l do. Iirow n do 12 hols and 35 bags prime Green Cotfee, Landing at pier No. t, E. R. from brig Factor, irotn Matanrrs lor sale by ap tK'ODHI'E oi UO 44 South - st. NEW GOODS, and CliKA P. AMES hUYDAM Jci. No 97 William - street, oilers for sale b the rites; or at rnc - .1 taii - a general assoiunenl ol in - h imported dry sikhIs, ail of which he will dispose oi cheap lor .ash : they consist ol Real Nankin Crapes, black and elegant colors, Canton Crapes, do do 22 yds. Nankin and Canton Crape (1 - 4 Shawls 8 - 4 Merino Shawls, blac k, white, lemon, scar - Merino 4 - 4 Hilkls. white and colors let, &c. Mens and women's best Cotton and Silk Hose Do do heaver and kid Gloves, Irish Linens, Sheetings, Bird Eye Diapers Long Lawns, Diaper and Damask Table Cloths and N - p - kins, oi all sins, superior fabric and warranted Meacli Sonnet Cambric, Jaconet, Mull, and Cambric Muslins Fine large Cravats; do with colored borders Figur. d Mulls, Whipnrts, and fine Book Muslins Patent aud steam loom Cotton Shirtings Marseiihs Quilts and fine friuged Cradle Covins Counterpanes, plain and fringed, of all sires New Ginghams and rich Fu'niture Chintzes .Fine Furniture and Balloon Dimities 6 4 su;ier Cambric Dimity and Co, del Cambrics Best Italian black, and Double Florence Silks Plaids and pinin coh rs ol do. Satins, levantincsj Florentines F.i' - gaiit Ribbons, Pins, Tapes, Threads lie. VVnn almost every article ol Ihe trade. ap7 lw I hON & STEEL. 200 tons Russia Oid Sable 1 Iron, Pol. 50 du do do r.ixed PSIGAD. andCCND. 25 bundles Swedish Steel, lor sale hy . IIURD&SF.WALL, ap6 C5 Soutli - slrnt. AScAt t - L 1 IDA. 3 cases veiy superior As - salosliria, h - .ndir.g and in' sale by tp 7 JOSEPH UUUKN, ZiJ Soutn - st. V.USKET. FOW LING PIECES, tic. FOUR - lHOUiA.VD MUSKETS, and two boxes iowhug pieces, entitkd to deben ture. 4 boxes will assorted glawvare 3 ceroons fiotant Indigo, and A few pi - cts superniMt t;loii, for sale by 'r . .It'll u ' ,c. i i.i r.njii.i, P?1 72 Wsjhipgtoo - street. E AL il ADRASS liDKFS fee.4! J 3 (ranks real Madrais Hilkls. J 3 3 bales One Cossas 4 cases Komalls ' Canton Cranes 4 - 4 blk. and crossbarr'd lldkfs. Mnrhews, iatUiis Sarsntts - v Lt dye andrluth rotor sewings, .9 super inuia nun .nulla 7 casts Cotton Hosiery, for sale by ISAAC 13. HONE, 4? Fulton - street ap9 St HANDKERCHIEFS. 8 cases Ro - mall hdk&; 2 do Bandannas, of superior quality, just received and lor sale hy JOS. OSUORN, ap 9 28 outh st. 32 fipes L. P. Madeira wiue, entitled to debenture, for sale by CAMBKELENO & rE ARSON, ap 9 G7 South - it. TEAS AT ALC'liO.S, N HOsTOW, ON, liTM INSTANT, AT I I O'CLOCK. MHJ chesUlresli Hyson Skin Tea 'ilKJ halfchests do do U00 cheits superior Souchong Tea, in whole and three quarter chests. ALbO. 40,000 pieces short yellow Nankins. The hIkivb Teas were iuiortrd in the ship Suffolk, and are now landing and stored at No. b'2 Central Wharf, wbtre samples may bn seen, by apply inr; to JAMES it THOMAS II. TERKIXS, np 9 4tf Boston. PAPER MILL KACo.J - l bulis lineu Rags, fi.T sale luw, by JNO. JvPCRACKAN, ap 9 3t Ui 12 Pexrl - streit. Du L j s 3 lutes tupenor Assalorlida, 4 cat sts ilorsx 6 cases Gum Copal 3 do Salamomac 2 do Gum Beninniiii 2 do do Tnigaiunth, just Inndnl and for sale by j.UirutjK?i, ap'9 gflSuiilh - street. LANDI.NG irons on board ol" the sloi.p N w York. at Crane wl.nrl, and lor sale by GEO. W. TALliO I', 65 l ine - staet, 21 bales Horse Hides 9 pipes Gia, from the Cranston Distillery, remarkably (n.e flavor HchIitj are r quested to examine tlienuaiilv. which will he found equal to any uianutaclured in this country. ' ALSO. IN KTOHK. 143 i bests Hi son Skin tea, of the London Traders cargo 50 do Sourhonz do Nam y'scarro 10 whole. 15 half I'nil - M qr. chests Bohea t - a ol lhn Triimhuli's cargo 2t 5cally boxes Gunpowder 1 i 5 do "il lo, penal, Miintrtis' cargo (it) boxes old (HStile Soap 160 do Sweet Oil 2 casts Sistirjoyi "Z baleiMirsaKife Carpets t rase blue, 1 do company yellow Nankins 5 "4 fine Seal skii s 70 d s. Nutin skins CO hhds v'opperns np 7 EAKBORNs PROPOK'I'lONAL HAL - U ANCES (or weighing Irmn JIHiti. 2't0( lbs nith apparatus ( niiiplcte, .just rcieived Irom the Patentee and for sale on his ti nn, hv CKbRA CUMING, ap 7 7fi I'earl slrert. ( i UM lilNOIN. HURAX etc. 2cases Gum JI Binzoin, 5 do Borax I do Gum Copal 6 bales Senna. Leaf, ut received, and for sale by IIURIJ A SLW ALL, ap 7 o1! aouin - si eei. Hr.MDKKUt TAl.lMW .V lllUKS FEW thousand pounds New - Yolk fallow, C. an l 2000 Slaughtered Hides, tor sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly Market. Bin II ti JLOUNCES 4c ap 1 ETTS for snle - O) MARCH & LOW, 210 Broadway. f poilACCO. 5 btuls. Uichmond Tobacco, JL superior quaiiiy, for sule by ap 7 HUltD & SEYVALL. e ELECT BOARDI.NG SCHOOL T 'HERE are at present five vacancies in the llevd. WILLIAM I'OWKLL'S School, m I'hilipsliurgh, Yonknrs, esl - Chtster Uounty. His system of education is such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting Ilou.m within a reasonable time. His school is select, I hr numlur of Pupils limited, and the treatment ol the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful aud polite li terature are taught, vis Greek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, latin, French, E'iglish Grammar, urography, Mutfieuiutics, Sic. It is presumed that few Institutions of the kind can oiler greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and religious principles, or in correct and gentlemanly deportment. The ParsonHge in which the Pupils are accommodated, is commodious, retired and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ; to which there p al ways a direct and easy communira - tin.i. Fnrlurther particulars application may he made to Bishop llobort I )r. Vvilson, C ilumbia College C. D. ( olden, Fsq. T. A. Eiuinet, Esq, ap9 T. S. Clarkson, Esq. C M'Evers. Esq. Wm. Bayard, jun. Esq. A. Schermerhorn, Esq. D2ro4w FOR SALE, ri ill E time of a smart Black Girl, thnt can X do all kinds of house - work and cooking, such as is nrcessarj for a family, or suitable lor a public house. She understands cooking of oys ters, heafstcaks, &c. and would be a valuable acquisition to any public house , a preference would he given to any person keening the same, that resides in the country. Sold for no other reason than the want or a waster. For further particulars, inquire at the corner ol Broadway and Grand - street, Mount Social. N. B. She is sold at her own request. ap9 tf L.1XIJSCAH. tl FLOWr.H PAMTlhQ. U ii. WALL, nupil of the celebrated Geo. Miller, of Dublin, Teacher of L indscapr and Flower Paintine. Drawine from Nature. Characteristic, Foliage, tc. tic. For terms, apply at No. 44 Nassau - street; where specimens uf his works may be seen. W. G. WALL hopes, from bis style of painting, method of teaching, and a strict attention to the dutirs of bis profession, to merit a contin unnce nf those favours he has so amply received. r.p92wj TO Lr.T, Tbe house in Hudson - square, lately occupied by John K. Murray, Esq. It is spacious and elegant, and possessed of every requisite convenience. Possession may be had immediately ror terms, apply to MAJOR L GILLESPIE, 79 (up stairs) Piue - street. N. B. The above property will be sold to any one desirous to purchase, and the pay ment made convenient. ap 9 TO LET, joyji I lie spacious i siory lire prooi siore, at t ie loot or Liberty - street, lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray V Sons. Possession to be given on the first May next For terms, apply to MAJOR tl GILLESPIE, ap 9 79 (up stairs) Pine - street tf','"i fatunble vropertu for tale 5gJJ The building and lot comer of Front and Uover - atreeta, late the property of Tlsomss Brown, deceased, containing m oream on t'.nij.i .i 91 fel. and on Dovcr - streer. 85 fret. From the improvement of property in the neighborhood it may be considered most advantageous situation. The terms wsu uc made easy, for which, apply to .r. - . djii"" p 9 lw No - 1 Booscvelt - st. R . oscTtis os fnM tltMPSTEAi; AC s DEMI. Tbe Rev. TistoTHt clow is, 4. m. Principal. oooOo HAVING purchased that large and con mo '.diuus building io the village of Hesapstead, Sneers County, lately occupied by Mr. Gorge owel, the subscriber proposes to open an Academy therein, on Monday, the 17 Ih instant, tor boaiding young gentlemen and instructing theifi in any of t;.Ore blanches of science and liteia - ture usually comprebendud iu an academical course. That every srholarmay he under the constant and immediate supennlendance of the Principal, none will beadmittLd into this academy as stu - aenis out those who are also hoarders. Avery u - w stuuents Irons the village, or its immediate vicinity, will bt the only exception to tins rule. 11, however, the unrulier ol students should ex 'd t,ft menus of accommod.iliou in the acade my, board may be procured iu private families iu me nrignnournood. Should the public patronage be extended to tins institution sufliciently to warrant the mea sure, additional teachers will he procured. I he year will he divided into two terms of miiinn. I be summer term will commence the tat Monday in April, ami will continue twenty - three weeks. The winter term will commence the last Monday in OctnU r, aud will likewise contiuim twenty three weeks. This arrangement will leave a sai atioa of about three weeks niter each trim. The price of boarding, tuition, candles and fuel, both in school and rcoms, will be 100 dollars each term. Books, wusnms. mending, and any necessary art icleol clothing, will he furnished hy il,e sufisriiber nt the must reduced prices. A cot, uiatlras or bed, and bedding, to be furnished by each studt nt. Tbe patrons ol this institution may be assured that its system ol discipline will he mild, yet exact. The rules ol the academy must be sliictly con. plied with, bv every scholar. 07 FOREIGNERS, dcirru of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of the English language, will be admitted as boarders into (lie 1 lempstead .scanemy. 1 nvMe Rpuriuirnis and separate tu hies will bo lurmslird on the most reasonable irrnis. Him every Im inty will lie .Ml.irded to u spiedy and tlioioiih acipiaintaiice with the lun KiinKc. For Ihe information of strangers it may besta - led.that lleiiiMle:id is apleaaut tillage and post town, mniirkalile li r its lieiitlhiness, onlv twen - Iv one miles eakt of the itv ol New - York : that it enjoys the advantage ol public worship i:i llw I'resliyterian, Kpiscopal, l.nd Mi - (hcdit loin.s , and that a singe rims lrim the city three times a uec K, on one vl Vie hesl ronds 111 America. I'areuls (lesiroi ol pi u n,g their clnMren at school, or loreigners wiibing to he inetrui (id in the English languuge, uru rc.ptctlully requested 111 vish me sunscriLer, 01 Hempstead, where they will receive fuller iiiforiiinlii n respecting the proposeu insiuuuon. TIMOTHY CLOWES. Hempstead, April 3. Uf lit. ft - The subscriber hcrchv declares hfl un qualified approbation of (hi. - estahlisliineiit cru. - j - ed b the llevd. Mr. Clowe C01 v ince.l us he is ol Mr. Clowes' ample nuahlications. bulb of tbe head ai d (lie heart, for sine riiiteiidinir such an Hisiituiinn, he does not hesitate to recommend him to public confidence, and his nriith my to puuiii pnironage. nr. ill 11 - III I, Kei lor olfct. (mo. Church, Hempstead. Hempdoad, 3d April, lliltt. ftr - 'Ihe ahme prospectus meets wilh mv hcaity concurrini e. CHARLES WF.BSTEK. Pastor of the Presbyterian Chinch, Hcinpstead. A bag lettered " Hemttend Acndemv" will be li lt at G. C. Lancdoii's lt.uid Stiain - Boat Hotel, for comniiiiiicntions with anv iiersun at Itched to the ii ititutn n. ap7 PJawCiawtf PROIOSALH, B t BKRJMVIIN OWSON lll.KR. For publishing hy suIim ription, a splendid edi tion Ot the DKCI.AR ATIOH OP AMERICAN I Ml K P E .N D E N C E. s.OITKIl Irom theoriainul in th Secretary ol State's Office, with the Fau Similes ol tbe signatuies ol all those patriotic delenders or Lit: crty who signed it, " at n time that tried men's niils " ana mutually pledged to each other their Livet, their Fortutut, and their sacrod llmorio tupiort it. Ii is a fact, which very few are aware of, (hut mere has never lieen a correct copy or this nn portant dorument published. In the original it is headed thus : "In ( oneren JtiJv 4th. 1776. Tht Unnni mow Drchrution of the Thirtren Uniltd Stali$ nj jtmrnm. - ' liul in the Journals ol the old Congress fas well as several other inaccuracies. omissions, &c. from uhich our printed copies are taken) the preamble is thus printed" si Dec laration of the. Kinrrtniinlirti of the Uniltd atatei of .imcrva in Congrejs uuembled.n It must be obvious to every one, that an au thentic copy should be published, as it is an important state paper, from which mere pub lic good has emanated than any other ever com posed by man. The object of the present publication is to present to the American people a correct and elegant copy of that instrument, which secured to their fathers a deathless name, and to tlum extends liberty tndhapjrin ii. Is it a concern unworthy the descendants cf I those sages who declared us rase, and of those kboks who achieved our hideienicnce, to make the charter of their freedom $ decoration fr the parlour or an ornament for the drawing - room i As such the publisher deigns it, that every American who duly appreciates the va lue of liberty and indrprndrnce can point his children to it, and say ' then - hangs tbe pledge which secured your Uhnli and rescued you trom the jaws of tyranny." The publish er, in order to give it its proper construction and emphasis, has been particular to copy eve ry capital as in the original observing' the same punctuation, and executed the empliati cat words in a great variety of ornamental hands, and is not only a correct copy, but an elegant specimen of penmanship, aud engraving' designed snd executed by the publisher, (a native American,) in the most beautiful manner after theslyle uf his Eulogy to the memory of the illustrious Wsshi solos, and en graved hy Peter Maverick, esq. of New - York, a celebrated engraver, (also a native American) in whose bands it has been several months the whole being truly American, and worthy the patronage of every friend of liberty and the ' Biirhts of Man." The following certificate of the lion. Richard, at that time acting seen tary of state, (written by him,) with the seal of the secreta ry ol state s ofhee attached to it, will be en graved on the plate in a fac simile of Mr.Ktish's hand writing, as a testimony of its authenti city. Department or Mate, Sept. 10, 1SI7. The toreirnintr copy of the Declaration of In dependence has been collated with the original! instrument aim lousia correct, s nc ij"' examined the signatures to each. Those exe cuted by Mr. Tvler, are curiously exact imita - t ions, so much so, that it wouiu oe ujoh - uh. if not impossible, fur the closest scmwnv io distinguish them, were it not for Uie Dana or time, from Uie originals. .... RICHARD RUSH COWDtTIOKS. 1 his grand national publication is now en - graving on a pla.e S4 by 50 inches, the same size as the original and will be ready for delivery to subscribers in April next, at five dollars per copy, payable on delivery. A few copies wdl be printed on parchment, .1 9.7. those who nreier mem win piease to add the word parchment to their name. dim al H athtneton, ten. iz. ' - uihrrintMina received bv Mr. CRANK. at his Looking Glass Store, Broadway where an engraving is to be seen. ap9 St - - - ' . WANTS a situation in ss genteel family, a woman that wishes to take the course of children and do Use plain sewing Lao give good ntcoinnsendsuon. lor particulars enquire at Utis office. ap8 lw. s . l . . ? 4 ..i k ' t 1 ' ' - A CArtO.' ' ft MADAM DEL AG milliner from ri risTfiO Keed - streei, kas the honor of informing the iadies of Udscity, and particularly her custotv en, that she has rreived and )ii - t openet e'e - gnnt assortmeot of Spring Hats, Chip Flats, Legs horns, Flowers, kc. apSlwj - 05" JOa. o MAKRIsON k CO. removed k8 3t to 07 Vm Pine - strn t. REMOVAL. Is - N. SMITH UAVIES has removed hi chemical psrfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north ot Liberty - street, on tbe west side of Broadway. neb 27 NOTICE. fjr All persons rating cemands against tbe estate of Doctor Archibald Braca, dec eased, are requested lo send their accounts to the office of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau - stiert. PETLR JAY MUNRO, Mh 37 1m Administrator. L - ' 1 wo shares in th New - i oi k Library so ciety, FOR SALE, price f 26 each. Enquire at no. 124 Broadwav. mh 23 NOIiCi - .. fJT The subn nbers bavins received a rens - raf assignment ol all the estate of J oho Murray 1 Sons, for Use benefit of creditors as expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Lud low to liquidate Ihe unsettled accounts and to receive pajuieut of all debts due fj the said firm, or to the partners who will attend to the same at hts clhce, No. Ill Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAYARD, fcbM tf HENRY. BARCLAY. NOTICE. (KrThe subscribers have formed a connection for the purpose of transacting Commission Business, under the firm ol S. and T. WH1TTE MORE, and will for the present do business at No. CO South and 129 Pearl streets ; and will constantly keep for sale a general assortment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of the manufacture of the late New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, per schr. Sandusky, Irom Mobile, and for sale, , 13 bales Deer Skins ) it sac ks Snake Root of prime qual. uv licvswna, j SAML. VVHITTEMORE, 'HMO. WUITTEMORE. np 9 1 m (JJ - Mrs. GALLOP having taken the house No 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, oilers from the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies. Tho pleusaiiliicssoflhe situation need no comment. mJi24tf Vv EsTEiiN CA.NAi. COMPANY. 03" A dividend of five and a half percent, on the Cariilul fctoi kof said Company, will be paid to the Stockholders on the 1st of April. Apply lo Bnient Bleecker, Esq. Albany, or 220 Wif - liaiii - strcet. By order of the directors. THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer, mhjfl 1m . )$r On Sunday next, the 12th instant, after seivico at three o'clock, P. M. a collection will he made at the .Moravian Church, in Fulton street, as usunlevery half year, lor the support of Ihe missions ol the United Brethren among tho iiKATiisxsj ; when ihu lutest interesting accounts, r. spec I lug the present state and blessed course of said nits'hms will be iniiiouniealcd. Tka u'lixtiuii c ol bristiuns of nil denominations, to aid hi this iinpoitant work, is most tesneclfullv solicih d. N. B. Should the wealher hf bnfavorahle. h - collection will he ioslponed till Ihe following Sunday. ap9 2t' (Cr M RS FRENCH, bus to inlorm hef friends and the Public, that she must unavoidably postpone iter looceu unui i ueiduy evening, 14'h mst. ap 9 3t A MEETLNG ol the New - York lii - h Emi - grant Association, will be held on Monday evening, 13th inst. at 7 o'clock, at Harmooy nan. j. w.jiULLlUAn,bec'ry. ap 9 4t , Mll.fUhl) k. olfM.'O LUTTtHY, WILL commence drawing next month, and will complete drawing in twenty days. Only 10 000 tickets. Pn sent price of tickets aim snares, Whole Ticket 432 Halves $16 Eighths 4 PRIZES. 1 of $ 35.000 - 2 5,000 30 500 Qua. ters 8 CA PITAI 1 of 2 ' 10,000 10 1.000 110 of 100 dollars. Tickets and shares in a variety of number fiir s .le at the Buok - storeand Lotlcrv OIKce of No. 19 Peck - slip, corner of Water - sL Prizes in former lotteries, and eastern, sou. them and northern batik notes, taken in payment for tickets. . " A correct check bonk will be kept fur the es animation of all tickets gratis. ap7 toi.kv. From the first of May next, the House No 152 Green - street, near Broadway. Enauire at the printeis ap 8 3w FAi.lJ.1hLt. LOIS OMlillOAUtVAY. C - l Two Lots lying between Houston and hI Bleecker street, upon the westerly side of Broadway, being each thirty three leet in front hy two hundred feet deep, running through to Mercer - street. There is a smalt Tenement with a wooden Stable iu the rear ol Uie lots, which . are rented for the ensuing year The whole is completely enclosed with a new fence and will lie sold on accoiumodaiing leruss. only a pari ol the money Dtuig required, a i.piy Apply to GARIUT STORM, 14 Wall street. ap8tf SPLENDID LOTTERY. M1LF0RD AND OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. WILL commence drawing in Ihe short peri' od of one month, and will be completed in 30 drawings. The tiist drawn cumber will lw entitled to $5,000 ' This is the best lottery in America ; it contains only 10,000 tickets, and Uie following brilliant priies I I'rue or 70,000 uonars j 1 of I lobars of 1 0,000 Dollars t t lo 3o 140 or 5, 000 iioiiars of l,ooo D - 'liars of 5oo Dollars of 1"0 Dollars of 3o Dollars 3?oo fj - TICKETS and SHAKES for sale by 336 JJroadvay; who sold more prises in the last Lottery than any other ofln e in Broadway. ap 9 St PHlLLll'o' ASTHONOMY. FLIGHT familiar Lectures oo Astronomy, ia Eld tended as an introduction to the Scsem e. lor Uie use of young persons with plates and diagrams, by Willis m Phillips, author of Ou times of Mineralogy and Geology, Vc. for sale at No 3 Wall - sL by C. WILEY CO. up 9 AN Elegant Bay HORSE, gentle in harness, and superior under the Saddle, six year old Uns sumoier, for sale. Apply at the Stable of EVAN JONES, ap 9 fit No. 80 JNew - street. tuls SALE, . . , neat, light, and sepenor coisoea l Rostoa fashion CHAISE, at tbe cost. Ap ril at 11 1 Id I T S. Stable. ap 9 3t New - street. WA.NTS a sitaatiosi re P I, a Vomsa, that wishes to take chgs) of children and to do the plaui Z the best ofrecooimerKJt.. further partlCTH lors eanire at - No. 94 Chei ry - st ret. ap9 lw

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