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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, April 10, 1818
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xKir - roRX.i:rExufa post. FRID1T, APRIL tO. ..JJvmUen't WeWe awa vaonrad. Mma) UtUn durbg tha'past year, from distant parti of iht United BtAtas, making enquiriet respect - iof thata of Hamilton, which, .iwat laid, wet soe after bit death la 1804, committed to the baod of a reverend gentleman of thit tow, who had aadcrUkeo to writ it, at tin request of the family of tbe deceased. It jrat then undtr - Mood by tha public, that although a consider able time would probably elapse before tba work coald appear, yet it woul I be commenced without delay. The following letter oa thit subject from an old aod Intimate friend of Geo. Hamil ton', ir given just at I received it, GENEVA, Ootario cnaoty, ) 2J February, 1818. J My Dear Sir It hai Jong been rejwrUd that the eiecu ton of general Hamilton 't will, soon after his death, made arrangements for obtaining the hUory of his Vie from the pea of a diitin - rui - hed author: aad several of the genenl'i frieadi, believing the report to be trae, have lately called en me, with moch solicitude, to bonw if f could tell them when it Is probable the public may expect to be gratified with a perusal ' of the work. My alter inability to answer the enquiry has cut me to the very quick. Taking it for printed, that you are well informed on this Interesting subject, I beg leave to request the fa ver of your giving mT applicants, through the medium of your useful paper, the information to "lie fnnnd in vour pomeasion. The interest we feel in pnWic events, nato rally dimmish as our distance from them in' areas : and, withnut a lively interest in event', their impressions on the mind and heart, by being comparatively weak, are less liable to be last In. ' After a lapse of more than thirteen years since the general's body was followed, by his mourn " Ing fpllow - citiieot, to the silent grave, the worlJ is left to deplore the want of his instructive bio graphy 11 blush in stating the fact because it justly exposes our country to the mortifyinj? rat. pities, if not to the hateful charge, of ingratitude to lbs memory of one of its most illustrious bene' factors. How fervently do I with that my fee ble pen bad the power to elevate itself to a theme so lofty I With a pen, thus powerful, I .'Would cheerfully hasten to begin, and would 1 cealonsly persevere in completing, a faithful re cord of the life of faettZon. Such a record is due to the present age to posterity to the fe deral party and to that large circle of private - friends, who, while reason maintains its sway, and the heart continues to palpitate, will never cene to admire the many virtues which adorned his character. ' i ' Trotting to your ardent attachment to the go neral't fame, and to tha acknowled impartiality of your press, I have (be fullest confidence that jou will readily comply with my request i to perfect regard", with which, "lam, my dear sir, Your humble servant, ROBERT TROUP. William Coleman, Esq. . V ' ' ANSWER. I () it to be my duty tc publish this letter, that if any one is possessed of the information tanglit for, he may communicate it lomngh the .medium of tiiis paper : form;)"! havetocoo - few, that it is no more in my power than In that of aty correspondent, to give any latiffattory intelligence respecting the object of his eoauiiy It is now more than thirteen yars, as the writer observes, since the drcea - e of Hamilton, shortly after which, papers anJ documents, tome of them too, posthumous, at I bare understood, were delivered to a reverend divine of this city, who pledged himself o be - in the biography without delay but from all I can learn, there is too much re - nnii to fear, the subject hat grown stale npou hit IiuoJj and be hat not written one line. The pledge renaint at this time not only unredeemed, ' bat no evidence hat yet appeared to induce the - belief that I he leatt effort has ever been made toward redeeming ii. In the language of my cor respondent, u such a record it due to the present age, 'to posterity, to the federal party, to that large circle of private friends," and mora espe cially to hit family aud their connections, ' who, whilt reason maintains its sway and the heart continuet to palpitate, will ntver cease to ad mire tha many virtues which adorned the cha racter of Hamilton." When a full and faithful biography of Hamilton shall hereafter appear, then, and uol till then, will the people of this country be made acquainted with the extent of tha obligation they have been under to him with out knowing it. I little did they imagine, when they were justly extolling to the skies certain state papers at containing the perfection of hu man wisdom, those papers would ene day he found to have issued from the pen of Alexander Hamilton. It is from' that impartial posterity, which knows no distinction of persons, is neither untauitel by a " ghastly, green - eyed jealousy," or a rankling enry, but is governed solely by a stern and inflexible regard for truth, 'that the memory of Hamilton can expect complete jus tice. We have received for publication a communi cation on the subject of ecclesiastical discipline, Which we most beg leave to decline. We have ever been of opinion that a newspaper it not the proper place for a ditcnstion of this kind, and in the present esse we can see no good that can result from it. - The authority which enacted the ecclesiastical law which it considered in the " communication of our correspondent, can aloiie alter, a . end, or annul it, and to it we conceive all representations on the subject should at a pro per tune be made. As to the general priacipU oa which be animadverts, a great deal possibly may be said for and against them"; but we de precate a discussion foreign to the derign of our paper, and whih might, perhaps, occupy our columns fcr a cpasderaMi period. lily ed l tot of ol Frem jffOoMy Daily Aimtuer, Afrit C, NTha Senate were yesterday again engaged ft some time upon the billdareeunge season of the Court of Errors, to be held in September next It will be recollected that this bill baa pasted several timet front one house to the other the Senate insisting upon going to New - Yoik.end the House pertistwg m their amendment, directing the court to be held at the Canitol in tbie ity. The bill yet - terdey pasatd toe Senate, wim an ... which leavea it to the eonrt alone to decide at what place the extra aeeewn snail ne new. A hill l.u been resorted in the Senate, and was under eotikkJeration a few minutes y ester - day, for altering the time oi electing memucr. of Congress. Members of Congrett in tins state are now elected about twenty months be - their duties commence, except in extra - ordinary cases i but we believe no instance hat ever occurred whersoar representatives in the national legislature have not been elected more than a year before their services have been re quired. Should the present bill pass, no election of repreeenlativea to Congress will take place until Agril 1819; and congressional elections will take place regularly every two rtart thereafter. It may be objected that un der this regulation we shall be destitute of representatives from the liHirth of March following each congressional term, until the last of April. But we believe Virginia, and some other of the southern states elect tbeir mem' bert at nearly the tame time. The House of Assembly have resolved to hold two sessions each day until the - close of the term. . From Hie Albany Daily Advertiser, April 9 The Senate yesterday returned in committee of the whole, the consideration pi the bill " loabo - litb imprisonment for debt and to prevent frauds against creditors," when the tint section abo - tithing imprisonment on execution, in all catet except actions for torts, passed with but one ne (alive vote, Mr. Bates. We understand that Mr. Van fiuren took a view of the lite and huto ry of the tyttem ; but as we were not present, we are unable to ai ve an v sketch of his art unient, Upon the second section there was an animated debate, in winch "lessrt. Miinuer, Hots ana Young took an active part, but it finally patted 18 to o. The third section wat also passed wild a trilling amendment when the committee rote. and reported, 't he House of Assembly were occupied til whole of yesterday upon the Militia Bill, as reported bi the military committee to whom it had been recommitted. I he project ot an annual encampment or the omcera, non - com missioned officers and musicians, was aban doned. The better organization of the militia, has been a standing' subject with the Legislature for years, While on the one hand all nave united in the opinion that the existing law, with all iti amendments and modifications, is extremely imperfect, yet on the other the opinions of gentlemen have been so dissimilar, Dial u has been found next to impossible lor the legislature to agree upon anv system that hat hitherto been devised. It affords us pleasure, however, now to state, that there is a fair prospect of a tyttem being adopted which will remedy most of the evils which have justly occasioned to many complaints, ami which, from the little knowledge we have of tactics, we are! persuaded will be permanent and give general satisfaction. When upon that section of (lie bill which fix es the aulaiies of (he officers, an attempt was maile by General Hoot to reduce the salary ol the Adjutant General to 1000. Among other eutleuien who opposed this preposition, was Doctor Sargent We mention this circumstance fur the purpose of bellowing a compliment upon the Lloctor, which he certainly hut not deterred before, during (he present session. Hit conduct upon thii occatinn was highly cred - JV - T in wlinui he tnokr ol the ervicei, the sutlermp, aud me merits of the gallant officer who holdt the station of Adcnl.iut ueoeiai, were noerai, honorable and patriotic LEOISLiTURE OF JfElV - YORK. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY April 6. Mr. tuboefler brou'ht in a bill entitled " an act to kmcnd an act entitled an act to reduce several laws rclHtins particularly to the city of New - York into one act," read twico and com' nitted. Mr. Mtlgi brought in a bill, entitled " an act relative to the members el the senate and lcm of this state," read twice and committed. Mr. btaplei, front the committee to whom wni referred the petition of sundry inhabitant! of the town ot Hurley, in the county ol Ulster, con cerniuz abride over the Ksopui creek, report unfavorably thereon, and leave wat giveu to wilhiiraw the petition. The bill concerning lotteries was received from the senate, read a third time and passed. On motion of Mr. Oakley, Resolved, That a committee be appointed to examine into the expediency of prohibiting by iw the sale ol lottery tickets in tb' - irei. Ordered, that Mesjrs. Oaklrr, Smith and L I tboeffer be the said committee. Jin act to revive the act entitled an act to it corporate the society of teachers in tho city ol New - iork, for benevolent and literary purro ; and an act to incorporate the I .yceum of Natural Hutnry in the city of IS ew - York; wat riaj a third time aud pasted. From tit National Intelligencer, Ayril 0. We find that several papers aontinue to incul catethe opinion that war with Siaiu is a rroba ble event ; deriving his imprcssiou from the re mark which fell from lr. Forsyth in the discus sion on the neutrality bill. '1 hat remark, as we observed at the time, we were certaiu did not look to a proposition for war; and we ran now itate, with the same confidence, that circumstances hare rendored it very probable that no proposition will be made by Mr. Forsyth, during the present session, our relations with Spam. He had intended, we uiidcretaud, when ne signified nis purpose to prove the response bility ol the s - puoish government, to introduce into the bi use thro' the committee on foreign re latious, of which he is chairman, a motion 'o authorise the executive to take possession of the .Spanish territory of East Florida ; but, on sub mitting tho proposition to the committee of fo reign relations, ha wat overruled by a majority that body, and, findiug trom the suWejueol declarations uf Mr. Clay that ne should oppose such a measure, and other indications of hostility to tuch a motion in the house, Mr F. became convinced that the attempt would be fruitless at this session, and has accordingly abandoned hit purpose 01 bringing it forward. CONGRESS. IN SEN ATE Saturday, .Jpril 4. Mr Storer, from the select committee to whom wat referred an enquiry into the etpe - dieniy of setting apart and appropriating the dividends on the government stock in the United States bank, to the manufacture of arms and e quipmrnls for arming and equipping the militia the Umled States, reported that it is inexpe dient at tins time to make such aa appropri ation. The resolution, submitted yesterday by Mr. King, was taken up, amended, and agreed to as ioiiows : Resolved. That therecretarv of tha treasurv do report to the senate the sua of the funded debt of the United stales, bearing aa interest of seven, nx, and three per cent ; dutingaiihing the amount oi eacn thM bat been paid by the sub - - iiiti WWinil IM CI.M ,1 Al th, hunt Ih, United Elates; dutinguisliing also the snms of u respective species cl the funded debt, paid on account of the several iiuratnni t ik. m fcmk - ;uiuig the sum and species of the fuoded debt told by the bank, how much thereof was I a purchased or redeemed by the tToi(e4 Btatea. od how much bat been tola without tht L'mted State s aod bow much is now held by me o Monday, April 8. IW xLn el Mr. Fromentin. tba salary the Chief justice of tb United States, wat fixes! at 000 dollars, by yeaa aod aay yeas 25, The blanks were then filled so as to make the salaries of the other judges of tht supreme court 4500 dollars. A motion by Mr. Williams, of Miss, to fix Uie salary of the jtulge of the district of Louisiana, at 3600 dollars (it being now 3U0Uj was mga - tived by yeas and nays yeas S, nays STi. The comnensationt of tha iudrea of the dis tricts of Massachusetts, of Ihe two dbrtricis of New - York, the two districts of Pennsylvania, the district of Maryland, of Vinriuia, of North Carolina, of South Carolina, of ueorgia, ct Keotuckv. and of Tennessee, wat fixed at SUUU a year s and that of the judges of the dUtricts of Maine, of New - Hampshire, of Rhode Island, of Connecticut, of Vermont, of New Jertey, of unaware, ol Ohio, ol inuiaaa. oi nnsnwippi, and the territorial judges, at 1500 dollars each all to commence in July next ; in which shape the bill was ordered to be engrossed lor a unru rtadiug. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Monday, 4pril 6. The report of the naval committee on the en quiry into the propriety ol cnanring Hie uitci - pliue of the navy (whico shall be given m our next; was taken up, and, alter (locate agrcea to, On motion of Mr. ronvUi. it was Resolved. That the committee of wayi and means be Instructed to enquire into the expe diency of limiting the allowance of drawback of duties upon merchandize, to mercnanuise im ported into states, and exported tnereirom in American veuels. I he Question was then stated to concur with the committee of the whole on the amendment to fill the blank in the said bill attached to the fol lowing item: " tor furnishing the preiident't houte" with the sum of 40,?i;9 dollars, and was decided negatively. Yeas 52, nayes 90. The said blank was then filled witn W,wv dollars. The question was then ttated on concurring with the committee of the whole in filling the blank " for offices to the presidcnt'i house" with 9.8C7 dollars; and decided in the negative. Mr. Taylor then moved to fill Ihe blame witn 9.00C dollars, which wat rejected. Mr. Ilassett moved 9,400, which was rejected. Mr. Holmes, of Massachusetts, mevtd 8,000, rejected. vi r. Uatsett moved to strike out wis item al together rejected. On motion ot iVir. Colston, tne blank was wen filled with 7,000 dollars.. Mr. Hitchrork moved to amend the bill by striking out this item: " For procuring materials laying the foundation and other preparations for the centre building of the Capitol 100,000 dolls." .c;ativet, ayes 44. A motion wat made by Mr. Wm. P. Maclay, to amend the bill by inserting, after the appro priation for fiuishiuer the representative chamber the worJs " or so much of tho said sum at he (Ihe speaker) may deem necessary;" which motion was negatived. And the bill was then ordered to be engrossed tor a third reading. As ordered to be engrossed Ihe bill embraces the following appropriations : r or the completion of the wings of the capi - tol, in addition to the sum of 200,000 dollars, already appropriated, the further sum of 80,000 dollars. For procuring materials, laying the founda tion, and other preparations for the centre building of the rapitol, 100,000 dollars. tor finishing the president's house, 15,214 dollars. For offices to the president's house, 7000 lollarr. For the wall north of the president's house. witn gates and railing the width of the house. 3,510 dollars. For contingencies, 437 dollars. For graduating and improving the president's square, iu,uuuuouars. t or erecting a temporary building for commit tee rooms near the Capitol. 3.634 dollars For furnishing the representative chamber and committee rooms, 30,000 dollars. r or lurnishing the senate chamber and committee rooms, &),000 dollars. For furnishing the president's house, 30,000 dollars. And, before taking up the other bill, reported from the committee of the whole, respecting the building additionul public office, The bouse adjourned. The following are copies of letters from Don I'edroGutd aud Grueral Aury, to Commodore Henley and Colonel Bankhcad, on the former leaving the I - land uf Amelia. " l emandina, January II, 1318. " Gentlemen Being on the point of leaving this place for South America, I avail mytclf ol this opportunity, to return to you my thanks for your perton al kindness to me aud my fellow citi - tetis, since your troops look possession of this island. On the misfortune which they have been compelled to endure, it has certainly been of great relief, that the execution of the order of your government was conGded to so worthy characters at you; the remembraure of your humane persooal deportment shall be forever mi i Tested on our uiindi. 1 must confess to you, I leave with regret, the United States of America, for whose prosperity have conslaully made my tnntt ardent vows to heaven a nation like yours, whose political institution! are calculated to redeem mankind from bondage and servile tutiniistion, cannot be too well appreciated ; whatever may be the policy of your administration in regard to us, or tht situation of our respective countries in the time to come, I shall be alwayt proud to see in the same hemisphere where I am born, a virtuous people of brethren, happy, free, and independent. As to yourselves, gentlemen, it will give me particular pleasure to attend to your commands or be useful at any time to you and your friends. I remain, with grett respect and esteem, our most obedient, PETER GAL'L, To J. I). Henley, esquire, tc. &.c. ic. James Dankhead, esquire, (kc. tic. tc." " fernatidtna, March 1, 1818. Colonel Allow we, before leaving Fcrnandi - na, to manifest to you, my - incere acknowledge - mentt of gratitude for the manner in which you have acted towards me, since you took the command at Amelia ; it will remain engraved on my mind. Should events ever take yon to any part of S. America, where I iltould be, where I could be of any utility to yon or your friends, I bag you will freely dispose of me ; it will be gratifying to me to have an opportunity of proving the esteem with which I have the honor to remain. Your obedient servant, AURY. - To col. James Baokhead, Femandiua." Here follows a copy of the above letter, addressed by commodore Aury to com. J. D. Henley, of the U. S. ihip John Adams. VIVAY, (Indiana) March 17. Horrid dkxd ! On Saturday, Ihe 14th tost. Mits Jane Romeril, aa amiable young lady, was shot through the body, while, as is presumed, sitting by the fire, in the house of her brother, Philip Romeril, with whom the lived. Oa tl morning of that day. she wat leil tlone, her brother having come to to va to transact some husi - aees, who did not return until about half an boar in the night, when, shocking to relale, instead of ending hu supper ready to appease tbe cravings of nature, a good fire to warm himxlf, aad the cheering welcome Lome of aa afiectionate titter, a. be anticipated, to bit ate" hnnnd his once hamry habitation ransackeu. and bis dear sister a lilelets nod cold corpie, ly : Dm. n.l h.hMl in the fore. IAS oa ujv uw,, ' . . .I - The - next morning an inquest was held over the bodyef the deceased, and tbe jury returned a indict of Wilful Murder, by Slsootiog ; and the iury else gave it as tbeir opinion, that from cir - ; - .tnr. tliere ras good reason to suspect committed by a cer tain John Long, or some of his accomplices, who expected to una raoej in mc uu.c, - - have for tome time past, been skulking throush the country, and avoiding being taken by the civil officers, who bad warrants to npprchend them for pasting couuterieit money, anu mi ""iliti Romeril, with (wo of her brothers, end i - a rnnnirv. (rom the island of Jersey in Europe, last fall was a year ; they purchased acomiderable tract of land, aud were improyinc for the reception of tlieir fa fist brothers and sitters, who were lUvtlll '" - , expected to come from Jersey in the course ol the next summer, am i"c " - i - - .a .h ihm ,inrnrnnie rirtim and her brothers siieak of them in termt the most favorable, and all lament, that beauty and virtue ihould thut have fallen a sacrifice to the barbarous avarice of lawless vagabondi, and hope that the perpetrators of the abomnible act may be detected and brought to condign punishment here below, ere they 'appear at the bar of an avenging God above, whote vigilance they cannot bailie. FAYETTEVILLE, (K. C.) April 8. Th. f.Vnvention of the Frotestant Episcopal Church is holden in this town to - day. We are sorry to learn, that Bishop Moore, of Virginia, it I urevented irom aucnuiug mo tequeace of tevere indisposition. The following article is recommended to the special notice of our members of Congress. C0WMVS1C1T1OI. Important to Lilrrature. - We regret, extreme lv. to see that a proposition has been introduc ed into the House of Representatives for lay. inir a duty of 13 1 - 2 cents per lb. on Drawinjr, Writing and Printing Paper imported into the United States. This will have the i fleet of a total prohibi tion, and direct tendency to advance the price ot this essential article 5U to 100 per cent. The public already pay the Manufacturers f Paper in this Country a bounty of 50 to 60 per cent, in the present hicrh duties and exntn sea attending its importation, which, however, does not satisfy them. In our opinion, the great and important cause ol relocation and the diltumon of tutor. mat ion, would be essentially promoted, by al lowing the importation of both Paper and Dorks of all kinds free of duties ; when many mure of our youth, would receive the benefit of the School Funds, provided by the wisdom ot our state Legislatures. This noble liberality will be much circum scribed, by increasing the price of School Books, should Congress act to contrary to the nest and true interest of our country, as to in' crease the present high duties. Foreign pA pert can be, and are imported and told in the United states tor one third, and tome kinds for one half the price of American paper they have the advantage also, of being much more durable, and of course much better adapted lur school Books. Lorn. .lav. F rom Laguira. A gentleman writes from La' guira, under data 26th Feb. last, that there had been great alarm in that city, by reports of the approach ol tne enemy, but the alarm had subsided, and the best results expected from a battle between the contending parties, which would be immediately fought aad would be decisive. FROM OUR CORRFSPOXDENT. Office of the Freeman's Journal,) Philadelphia. April 9. I . Capt. Hazard, arrived here yesterday, lioni Campsachy, informs that he sailed 15th lilt, ou which day, brig Day, Gale, arrived in 1 1 days from NYork, and brig Rebecca, Dunlap, from Havana. The brig 1'ippno, Saib, of N Orleans, on the 16tb r tb. foundered at anchor, and capt supercargo and 15 men drowned. The Spanish frigate Iphegema had put in from La Vera Cruz, with two millions of dollars, which had been landed, and the frigate condemned as uuseawor - Ihy. olie had 9 Americans on board, who had been taken prisoners from tbe patriots and were on their way to the fortress of C'euta, in Africa ; they were in close confinement when capt. Hazard railed, and denied all communication with their countrymen. Mr. W. D. Kobiuson, of 1'hilailelphia, wai one of them. The ship John Dickinson, Brush, hence for Dublin, put into Cork 101b Feb. dismasted ; also ship Hazard, from Norfolk, after having been on her beam ends, and part of her cargo hove overboard. Two vessels had been wrecked near Cork, in the gales of January, names or colours, not known. (7 - The Eastern Mail had not arrived when this paper went to press. MAKItlKD, Yesterday at Friend's Meeting, Libert v - gt Itobert White, of the house of Willis & White, to Hamuli l.ibns, both ot this city. blr.ll. Yettcrday morning, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with resignation, Captain Pnul Jappie, in the 65th year of bis age. His friends and acquaintances are requested To attend his funeral on Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from hit late residence, corner of Spring and vmra - iireeis. Yesterday morning in the 85th year of his age, Mr. Henry Leinlhuser (formerly Teacher of the German Lutheran School, in this citvl The friends and acquaintances of the Family are re queued 10 nnenu nis mnerai on Sunday next, at half past 4 o'clock, from hit late residence cornet of Bayard and Chryslie - (formerly first) ttreet. On the 7th inst. full of years, and happy in the love and respect of all who knew her, Khzaheth Trerlwsll, aged 75, wile of Dr. Benjamin Tred - well, of North Hempitead, daughter of the late rievd. Samuel teahury, formerly Keclor of tne Church at Hempstead, and lister to the late Rt Revd. Dr. Srabury, Bishop of Connecticut and ivnone isiana. On the 15th ult. the Rev. Francis Pringle, Jr, pastor of the Associate Church, in Xenia, Ohio r.r,VJVT. POUT M.1RI.VE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Minerva - Smyth, Allen, London Archd. Gracie tc Soni Schr. Si Iney, Bram, Union. Mertereau, S'oop Jane, Taylor, Thi'Oihs, Howard, Sloop Hanger, Hatch, Experiment, Hcdden, Hetta, Wilcox, Scourge, De Groot, Edcnton, N. C, Norfolk New Brunswick Wareham Rochester Nantucket Stonington Philadelphia P Grim ARRIVED THIS FOREJVOlrt. Sloop Aurora, Hall, tl hours from Providence with dry goods, silks and lime, to P Remsen tl Co. and Cambrelen; B Tearsoa. Off Stonington, taw a brig with 'a signal flying for a pilot ; wok ner to oe tne Hunter, Irom Havana. Sloop Eagle, Shaw, from R. Island, with gin and lime, bound to Albany. Savaxmsb, March 31. Cleared, thipt Con - 4 gTes, lung - , Liverpool bmulous, fjnase, do ; sch Milo, Hartford, N York. CHARLESTON, Aprili Arrived, BritUh brig Emperor Alexander, Watt. Liverpool. 70 days, aod 55 from Waterford, (Ireland,) where sne put in on account ol head winds. March 7. lat 31 ,40, loo 50 a schr came under our lee, and fired a shot across our bows ; be neither board ed ns nor ihewsd bit colors, bat detained ns for an hour and then made sail to tha eastward. Tha Emperor Alexander has experienced a mo ceaaoa of galet daring tie paaage, but ra - ceivedoo iujury.'y She bat been becalmed op - wards of three weeks. . - . Schr Ann, Clark, NOrieans, 15 days, and 12 from the liahze. Passed at the Balize, lying at anchor, the Buenos Ayrcan ship Union, 4 18 guns, with a Spanish uuiueam"", company. On the 23d ulU off the Moro, spoke in run brur. tunportd to be a Mexican r;rui Mrfct sur C101 - C, scarce; coffee ft Ii cuts, nlentv. Schr Olive Branch, Langdon, Kennebeck, Me, t . il.VL ' he iloop Margaret, Hu;hes, of N York, from Imund to NYork, with a cargo cf coffee, was straoded on Heaoaga Beach, on the 1st ult. The crew nnl all the cargo was saved ; a part of the latter was shipped to Nas lau N P in a wrecking vessel. Mr. Penny, su percargo of the Margaret, arrived here ycitcr dnv in tbe bri? Arrow. Philadelphia. April 9 Arrived tiiip De borah. Hazard, Campeachy 13 days. Sloop Superior, Storer, NYor'c 3 days. Below, ship Lancaster, West, Liverpool briir Marseilles Packet, Hockius, N Orleans. Passengers in the ship Lancaster, from Li verpool Wm Moult, Walton 'mitli, C Arrott. John Picrsoii, and 12 in the steerage. Capt. Mosser, from Washington, jv. u. re ports that on Monday, - Vai cli 3JlJi S leagues f: oin Cane Hattcrns, fell in with the wreck of th" sch Essex, of New - York, both masts fone, bowsprit, standing nails and rigging laying a. bout deck ; appeared to bv; tight and no water on l.'oai'd; blowing hard could not board her, went within a few yards of her, but did not .eeasoul onboard. THEATRE. Friday eveninr, April 10, will he presented, THi. TEMPEST, OR TIIE HJICHASTIiU ISLAND. Prospero, Mr. 1'ntchard FerdiPHiid, Robertson Stephano, Barnes Caliban, Hilton Miranda, Mrt. Croshon Dorinda, ' fJarnel Ariel. Miss Johnson After which, (for the 1st time) the ballet, called 1,1 1 1 LK Kr.U K.lUi:U mil ill, OR, A VISIT TO MT aRAKOMOTHEH. Lubin, (the Shepherd) Mr. f arker Little Red Riding Hood, Mrs. Parker To which will he added, the farce of THE SLEEP WALKER. Somno, . Mr. Hilton Performance to commence at seven o'clock. OFFICERS. Ct5 - Those officers who expect Commissions . rom the present council ol appointment, are re quested to meet at Harmony Hall, corner of Dunne and William - street, THIS EVENING, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of considering the propriety of taking up the said commissioni, one - rated witn tne present oam. ap 10 It AN OFFICER CONCERT, rnr MRS. FRENCH, grateful for the libe ral patronage the has received frwm her friends and the public, has again Ihe pleasure to announce, that her second CONCERT of vocid and instrumental music will take place ou TUESDAY next, 14th inst. at the City - Hotel, where will be perlormed the lol lowing pieces : Leader of the orchestra, Mr. Geulil: Piano - forte, Mr. Ettienne. Part 1. Overture Paer Song Sweet Passion of Love, Dr. Arne Miniietto llayilu Song Roy's wile of Aldivalloch, (Scotch Air) Variations, flule and piano - forte, by Mr. Tay lor ami Mr. f.ttienne Song Fragrant Chnplets, Cimaroia. Finale Haydn. Part 2. Sinfnnia Krommer Song, Love among the roses (by particular de - llie) uisiiop Concerto Flute by Mr. Taylor Song Robin Aduir Irish Air Andante Haydn. Song The celebrated Echo Song, Bishop Finale Krommer. Qjr Performance to commence precisely at ball past 7 o'clock. Tickets to be had at Mr. Geib's Maideo lane ; Mr. Dubois's Mutic Store. Broadway Messrs. Goodrich Hi Co's. Bookstore, Broadway and at the Bar of tbe City Hotel. ap tu 3t COM; t RT. . HEWITT, retpoctfnlly acouaintsbii friends ana inc public, mat bit benefit concert win ne n I hursday, April 17th, at the Uity Hotel, Broadway ; particulars of which will be announced in future advertisements. Tickets, $ each, to be had at Dubois' music store ; Goodrich's book store Broadway ; Wilsoa's and tie b't music stores, Maiden - lane ; and J. Hew ttt's Musical Repository, 150 1 - i Williain - sl. ap 10 tf ForlU VRl , The fine coppered ship MARIA THERESA, Skiddy. master ; will sail early next week, having nearly completed her loading. For freight of 100 bales cotton, or goods of equal bulk, or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, at the lower side Albany busm, N . K. or to G. G & S. HOWLtfND, ap 10 77 Washington - st. For .iJU6TF.RDJM, The fine fast tailing brig KEN TUCKY - BELLE, Dcshon. master ( hav ing half her cargo engaeed. will meet with dispatch, tor freight of remainder, or pas sage, having excellent accommodations, apply to u. u. n a. iiuvvi..ini), ap 10 77 Wash ington - street. For LIVERPOOL, (To sail positively on the 2th intt.) The fast sailing brig HOPE, Arnold master; can accommodate several passengers, having handsome accommodations, if applica nt is niauc nnmcuiaieiv, on ooaru at I ine - st, wharf, or to GRIS WOLDS & COATE9, ap 10 68 South - street.' SHEFFIELD and BIRMINGHAM GOODS. 6 catkt neatly asiorte.d (able knivei and 1 do do do imall cutlery forks 4 do do do table knivet & lorks, with small cutlery 1 do do do laws 1 do do do tilti 1 do do do edge toolt 1 do do Britannia Tea Pott A few casks candle sticki, butt hinges, wood screws, commode koohs, and 1 case buttons. For sale very low by JNO. M'CRACKAN, P103I 8J 1 - a Pearl - street. DEERSKINS, ac - iO bales sheared Deer Skins 6 bah Deer skins, in the hair 39 Bearskins 17 Otter do 100 Beaver Fur, just received per brig Orleans from New - Of leant, for sale at 87 Coffee House - slip, by LAIULAVV, GIRAULTACO - Who hare in Store, 33 bhds. very prime Kentucky Tobacco 30 ba;i green St. Domingo coffee 5 balei Bombaxets 1 case French cambrics 1 bale black cloth 1 case French lior.t topi ap 10 104 LEGHORN STRAWS. - 1 case contV 24 White and 162 Black Hats, for sale low to close a consignment, if applied tor immediately. AltO, For tale. 100 boxes German iteel. entitled to drawback. JAS. D'WOLF, Jonr. ap 10 57 Front ttreet. FLOUR. 200 bhlt.of Howard - street Baltimore luperiioe Flour, aod a few bbls. ol Rye hour, for talc by GEO. M. WILSON. P10 . 130 Water - street. J TEWa ELEGANT FRENCH j J - v UtRir consuUng of. ""rr" ' wowou m ALSO. A small case of mSaSS? Flute, with bands, at wboletalioTre UU Bp 10 1W 1 l.hd. and 1 barrel Tallnw 9 casks Wlieat, 175bbls. Turpentine. x ui uic it J ap it) R. Si C. W. DAVENPORT fc r'n I tirtiUES 1HOH. , y Ton3' ha" jH),nely assorted, for u u P 10 PETER REMSEN ft rn 400 VtMlJUH.Ys v. Oval demijohns, of an r.ti. iiiy, for sale by qua. G. G. & S. HOWLAXD an 10 140 tont Russia old Sable Iron, P cn CCND mixed ' ",,ut 50 do do do do do 25 bundle Swedish Steel 11) tout Mieet Lead 49 caiet Muskets, entitled te Obenturs. Id catks Brass cabinet Wares - 4 do assorted hardware, Files, Sadlm t 5 cases jewellery, suited to the jVortt. WS trade e" - 4 do English Letter Paper H do London Hats of tbe bert quality 10 do do Plated Hats, men's and hoy, 5 do do Japanned Leather do 1 do extra superfine London clotht 1 do 4 - 4 Irii - h Linens 2 do 4 - 4 undressed Ginghams 1 do domestic Bed Ticks 350 pieces blue Nankeens in hoxes all I it ebon 100 do Russia sheetiugi hall bleached - 80 do heavy Kaveni Duck 400 do Luntee Komalli 15 bales Beerboom Gurrahs 8 do blue and red Gilla hdkfs UK) bags Mustard teed , 5 catks Crude Borax 4 hags Gum rJenjuin, 1 do Gum CopsJ 6 bales Senna Leaf 5 hlids prime Richmond Tobacco 10 casei Swedish picture glass, 17 hv 90 26lv27 71 1000 hulfhoxet windov et windov; glass. 6 by 8 a 10 hy 14 ut Nails, 3d a 20d ;,n in S!lO casks C VV old - Vi' UP' 16'''r, W,ue8JMti 2 pilics inperiorLiibon Wine I 1 - 2 doFayal do 4 ten gallon tugs Malaga do and 4 tea Ml. Ion kegs Paioret Wine, 14 years old, (nt ,ale bv G.G.&SHOWLANB, aplO 77 VVnshigtcii treet. GO CO n OA. Bates prime upland cotton, in store, for sale by ap 10 R. &C. W. DAVENPORT b CO. I 1 KOADCLOTHsif KERStYMERLS.4 I) bales assorted Broadcloths 1 do do Kersey uleres for sale very low by J. M'CRACKAN, ap 10 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. 1 ANTON SILKS. 10 cases nlaid Saruuls. J Green Sarsnets, and Crape Shawls, landing and for sale at 67 South - street, hy .... ul l'i II U) L'l I. ' l. nr - nnM up iv un.iipnbur.liu oc rLA PRESS' D HAY. 1KH bundles, in excellent order, for sale by 1 JU BARBARIN, STANTON at CO. ap 10 lw 17 Fulton - slip. INDIA POINT GIN. 4 CONSTANT sunnlv at Ihe ahov srtirU Xx. lot sale by BARBARIN, STANTON Sz CO. aplO lw 17 Fulton - slip.' TRAPS. flHE new invented Box Trap, fust received - a. irom tne paieniee, ana lor sale hy GKO. M. WILSON. 1 ap 10 130 Water - street WOODoTOCK GLOVtti. VFEW cases of Woodstock and Beaver Gloves, both drawn aad round seams, for sale by GEO. M. WILSON,' ap III I JU water - street. , CONEY WOOL. IU3T received. liOolbs first quality Coney ,1 Wool, lor sale in lots to suit purchateri,lat a very reduced price. 1000 German Hare skins 1000 Smyrna do do 300 lbs. Canada Beaver 3000 Red Fox akms, Musk Rat, Racoon, tc. lor tale by WM. DILWORTH, aplUeodZw 10O water - street, " OA PER. An extensive assortment of Prin - k ting, writing and Wrapping Paper, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by U. U. tl a IIUWL,AHL, ap 10 77 Washington - street WANTED. AN American or English Woman, in a snail family, one who understands plain cook ing, washin? and ironing. To save trouble. none need apply, who cannot bring unexceptionable recommendations from her last place, tor honesty, sobriety and cleunluiess. sucl a person may hear of a good place, by applying at this office. ap 10 3t FOR SALE. AVERY fine RIDING HORSE it offered far tale, for no fault as a Iaddlx bobjb, (be being too spirited for the use of a family.) rides unusually well, and is a great traveller under saddle or in harness, only 6 years old, it a well made, thewy bone, wat bred in the Missouri sy gauea. Apply at 141 1 root - street. ap 10 M BOARD k LODGING IN THE COUNTRY. A SINGLE gentleman want! either 1 or 2 rooms in a small private familv. tituate t or more milet from thecity. He would take hit meali separate or with the family, at may be most agreeable, and give a liberal remuneration forapleaaant lituation; a moderate distance of which will be no obiect. AodIv bv uote for B.B. left at the ofltce of the Evening Post fin 111 xit I I (fffli FOR S.1LE, sjSIsI A farm in the villazeof West Bloomfield, in LsseX county, state of New - Jersey, ithio 13 miles oi tlie city of New - York, containing about llvirlw c.rf.C4 nf lnnH. Dhnnt aiv arMnf wfiirh it woodland, of a young and thrifty growth, and well timbered ; tbe residue contists of good mea dow, with young orchard, in a profitable bearing condition, from which cider of (lie first quality caa be made, the fruit being of a choice collection, - There ia on the nremiscs a new frame modem ' huilt house, of the belt materials and well finish - ed, two stories higb, 46 feet in length and 32 feet in depth, containing five large rooms with fir placet 10 eacn, beside a Kitchen and apanmea in the garret Also, a garden, an excellent bam, nw twiiia - V r HThm hnv rlixtf - rilta - jt nmrjeftY will tie sold below its value, the subscriber bring desirous of settling with his family in tome one of the wetti ro states. The situation of it is very healthy and desirable, bein, on the turnpike road. wnicn win thorny te in continuation 01 tne ijr Western Turnnike leading; from the city ol Jer sey to Lake Erie, and is a good stand, cither for a store or tavern. The surrounding 'country w delightful, and it exceeded by none in point of prospect, at it command! a full view of the city of New - York, bays, riven and the Atlantic Ocean. There it a variety of fruit in the seawo n great profusion ; and large never failing I resins of urnfer rnn f ontironus to the village, whereon arc erected large cotton and woolen lac tones in lull operation. . TU nknlj. r.r nsp nf Ska Unit Bill D SOlu . with the house, at may suit the purchaser, and military bounty lands will be takea ia part pay ment. , For terms, apply to Josiah Heddea, Esq. the city of New - York, or to tha tubcn1er on tbe premises, who will give an indSspntable title. nioucnoirs a la Vieree. l.iu.. r Garnitures, Baadt, Sleeves, Frock's aplO s;w iniKAiii r. o 1

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