Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1937 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1937
Page 12
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TWELVE aJ*Jg^^)^S3ftk^;iHMUSaM^^.M^^ \ ^- ' · ^ ' . " - - ' * 3- I '· , " . " MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 27 Hj 1937 ·M ' V BASIC MATERIAL OF WALL FINISH NEEDS PLANNING Careful Consideration fo Room Designing Needed in New Homes. In selecting the wall material- for the new house, the room finishes desired should be given careful consideration. So, star with the inside finish that is ti be used and work outward, fo some materials work better with one finish and other materials with another. . For instance, if the walls are '!,, be papered, the material on which the paper is to be applied should ·be smooth. If smooth paint is to be the finish, the same applies. If a rougn or textured paint finish is desired, then the field of wall materials is considerably broadened For a textured-paint base, wallboards may be used with the joints filled and taped. If no other insulation is to be placed in the walls, an insulating .wallboard or an insulating lath is desirable. If insulation is to be placed between the studs or is provided in the sheathing, then other lath may be used. ' M a n y of the insulating wall- boards'are made with a finish thai can be used .without any othei decoration. They are made in tiles and sheets of various sizes anc Electric Motor Repairing By Experienced Men New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ' ELECTRIC CO. ' 306 Zud S. W. . Phone 977 with a variation of surface texture and shade that makes a very pleasing wall for some types o room, and the joints between tin boards are cleverly Concealed, Plywood is another possibility that is coming more and more into prominence for the dry wall, ant it is made with various types o hardwood finish as well as with the less expensive soft wood.,The federal housing administration has approved many types of wail covering f o r . houses upon which i will insure mortgage loans. Pupils Make Modern Gity in Miniature Compete in Model Home Contest for Show Displays. EES MOINES -- Pupils of the public and parochial , schools o Des Moines will compete in a miniature-house contest. The models will be assembled in a "Tinj Town" display at the Nationa Home show to be. held under the sponsorship of the Des Moines members of the Iowa Retail Lumbermen's association and the in- dorsement of the Federal Housing administration: ^ The contest, under. the supervision of J. "C. Woolman, directo of industrial education in the cit; schools, will be divided into threi classes. Prizes totaling $300 have been .offered by private sources Pupils in the first to sixth grades comprise class 1, the seventh eighth and ninth grades will come under class 2, and class 3 will be comprised of students from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. Makes Fourth Visit. DECORAH--Scarlet fever vic- ims sold b!ood (o Dr. Paul Stephen of_ the state board of lealth for Sa a person. This is the "ourth visit Dr. Stephen has made o Decorah in the .past three months. He was scheduled to be here last Monday, but the bliz- ard of the week-end prevented ils appearance, SHEPHERD'S PAINT A WALLPAPER IS .FIRST STREET Neiv Fairbanks-Morse W A S H E R S New type agitator moves one.- fouilH more, water per minute. Washes fastsr. Washes better. Yet saves wear on clothes. Over, size porcelain tub, large heavy duly wringer. Operates ao quietly you'd say U wasn't running. See this marvelous new washer today. · · · · ' . CHAPIN-O'NEIL INCORPORATED 302 s. MONROE PHONE isoe : KELVINATOR Complete . Air-ConditioninfT STOODARD APPLIANCE CO. 7 South Dcla%vare ' Phone 511 S E E U S F O R P R I C E S STAR WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. Opposite the Postofflce Serenity Demanded in Bedrooms Bedroom furnished in modern design whjch lias achieved "new serenity.' Harmonious effects attained in bedroom furnished in new modern manner. ' Modern Bedroom Given Serenity in Designing Simplicity Gives Effect of Harmony, Restfullness Attractive Built-in Features Add Space and Convenience in Your Home 1 with New Built-in Features . . . CUPBOARDS, CLOSETS, DRAWERS, BOOKSHELVES MASON CITY MlLLWORK CO. Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHING OF WOOD" Phone 1 55 Corner 4th and Monroe S. W. LET US ESTIMATE . . . . Any Plumbing, Heating, or Sheet Metal Improvements You Plan On. Kelroy Fuel 8 Furnace Co. 137 fourth Street S. W. Phone 441 A Perfect Setting . . . for Your Windows! How line your Curtains and Drapes will look when we have skillfully Dry Cleaned them. House cleaning- cares vanish when you let us fake charge of them. LYONS LYONS PHONE 600 CLEANERS -- LAUNDERERS -- FURRIERS to Sleeping Room. By LILIAN CAJIPBELL The modernistic style in furniture--especially the new modernistic--is very, well adapted to the bedroom. The simplicity of its lines and quiet tones of its color schemes, when intelligently handled, make for harmony of effect designers at home and abroad have been · experimenting with these modernistic trends for some years. The results have, in many cases, been a hopeless confusion . of -styles. Classic tradition, however, seems to be "well established in the best modern furniture of today. The confusion of styles has ended, and the bizarre effects have passed. The dominating lines of the new and restfulness. Decorators and Henry E.Tagesen BUILDING CONTRACTOR "Tagesen Built Homes Are Carefully Constructed" Ph. 2788-W, Moson City ZORIC Pry Cleaning Leaves NO Odor! ZORIC Ideal American Laundry AND Zoric Dry Cleaners IT'S PHONE 22 furniture show a return to the sound classic traditions of the last century. They are simple and dignified, free from extravagances. Show New Vogue. The bedrooms illustrated show this new vogue in modern furniture. There is a "new serenity" achieved by simplicity in the outlines of the beds, and harmonious effects are produced by a careful study of every detail ot the room, bed coverings, wall papers, hangings and complementary furniture. These particular rooms are on exhibit at the spring fair in Leipzig, Germany, which opens March 1. In the United States the modern furniture for the 1937 season, as shown at the reecnt market in Chicago, is "the people's choice," although it still has a serious rival in the classic period pieces. It has provided a tonic for the older stylings, however, and lias gained a new place in public favor for "modernized" eighteenth century and early American designs. Quality Risinf. "Quality" funiture is in the ascendancy, say dealers. No more "boxy" lines. A more pronounced air of grace and refinement is seen in home furnishings. There is move individuality in hardware and decoration, and an emphasis is placed on color and design in fabrics. A great deal of attention also is paid to mirrors as an integral part of design, not merely as a necessary adjunct to dressers, dressing tables and vanities. Walnut is the.favorite wood for modern furniture, but many other woods are used for decoration and trim, and mahogany, formerly associated solely with traditional design, has invaded the modern field.. Plants Colorful on Book Shelves When windows are flanked by bookshelves, the shelves may be partitioned off on one side for plants. White flower pots look well next to. the bright colors of book bindings. Book shelves of this type may be planned when building a home under the terms of the insured mortgage system of the federal housing administration. ' Opens Barber Shop. COULTER -- M. A. Pendergast of Forest City has leased the building formerly occupied by the Coulter Savings bank and has made some necessary improvements and opened an up to date barber shop. His family will join him here later. ' THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd S. \\. Mason City. la. HAVE YOU GOT SOME . TALL EXPLAINING TO no? Say It With Flowers Kemble's Greenhouse Main Office: 1205 S. Federal Ave. Phone 55 Downtown Shop: 7 West State St. Phone 410 Ground Slope Allows for Surf ace Drainage * Location of House on Lot Important for Dry Cellar. TYING OF ROOF IS IMPORTANT Pressure From Pitched Roof Will Spread It Unless Checked at Rafters. Too frequently in the construction of houses the matter of tying the roof together is ignored or neglected. A pitched roof exerts a pressure downward and outward. Unless these tendencies are checked the roof will spread, causing the outer walls to bulge and damaging the interior finish. The best place to tie the sides together is at or near the lower ends of the rafters. If this is not possible, then the two sides of the roof should be tied together at the "knees" by collar beams. The closer these beams can be placed to the bottom of the rafters, the better the tie will 6e and the less likelihood there will be of 'the roof's spreading. DESIGN CHARTS FOR CUSTOMERS Interior Decorators Know People Need Help to Visualize Rooms. Interior decorators with an understanding of people have discovered that it is difficult for prospective customers to visualize the appearance of a room for which decoration is contemplated. As 85 per cent of the human impressions come through the eyes it has 'been found a simple and satisfactory method to m a k e drawings in colors oE the completed rooms. The sketches offer something tangible, approximating finished results in coloring and plan to the customer. This reduces the strain.on:the imagination,.prevents disappointment, and saves time. The Federal Housing administration insures mortgages for the construction of homes. Accent Call to Gary. IOWA FALLS--The Rev. and Mrs. James Masterson of the C h u r c h of the Nazarent announced they had received a call to another church. They plan to leave Iowa Falls March 1, for their new charge at Gary, Ind. During the 18 months of their service here a new tabernacle was built at the corner of North and College streets. PHONE 989 For Dependable Plumbing and Heating Service J. C. Put h Company 202!TM North Federal Avc. Effects « RUGS e DRAPES © CURTAINS · FURNITURE Can Be Carefully Cleaned and Color Restored.' SEND YOURS NOW PHONE 788 MR. HOME OWNER WE SELL Asbestos Siding Shingles FREE ESTIMATES We specialize in RE-ROOFING and RE-SIDING residential buildings.- It will pay you to get OUR PRICES before letting your Roofing or Siding job. Phone 3830. Shermast Rooting 8 siding Co. 3 South Louisiana Avenue Mason City, lown · In building a house it is very important to locate it on the lot so that Ihe ground around it will slope away from the house. This slope may be hardly perceptible, so long as it is sufficient to drain surface water away from the house instead of toward it. On a flat lot this is a matter of seeing that the foundation is dug to the proper depth. Before excavation is started, therefore, the level of the proposed first floor should be established with respect to the existing grade. This should be done with a surveyor's level, and when the correct height is determined it should be marked by driving a spike into a nearby tree or scoring a rock or by some other similar method! Driving in a stake is dangerous, for stakes may be knocked down or driven in deeper and then the mark is lost. Of course, on a sloping lot the problem is not so simple. In this case the ground on the up side of the hill must be arranged in a ridge with a V-shaped gully that will divert the water which runs down the hill to either side of the house. Another thing to be careful of is to see that no dry wells or other drainage units are placed so near the house that the water seeping from them will run against the foundation walls. If the Federal Housing administration is to insure a mortgage for the construction of your home, proper drainage will be required before the commitment to insure will be issued. Light Touch Needed for.Attic Bed Rooms In decorating a top-floor bedroom with sloping walls and dormer windows, care must be taken to avoid the feeling of stuffiness. A small all-over-patterned paper is suitable with such a room, and the woodwork may be painted the same shade as-the leading color, in the paper. Ruffled curtains without draperies are a good treatment for dormer windows. When building a home under the insured mortgage system of the Federal Housing administration, arrangements may be made to finish a top-floor bedroom at a later dale. For New Home OR REMODELING CALL, 319t R.T. HANSEN GENERAL CONTKACTOR Financial arrangements can be made for responsible parties. BUILDING PAPER PLAYS BIG PART IN NEW HOMES v . \. One of Cheapest and Most Important Materials in Dwellings. Building paper, although one of the cheapest, is one of the most important materials used in tha consiruction oE homes. The function of building paper is to seal all the joints, cracks, and crevices and to protect the lumber and flooring which have bexi used. It should be applied over the sheathing boards, under the roofing, under the floors, and for flashing around windows unless copper is used for this last purpose. By preventing wind, drafts, moisture, and dust from entering the dwelling, a home is' more easily heated and' kept clean. A sufficiently strong building paper will not require the use of battens to hold it in place against damage by the wind, and this is a distinct advantage in the performance of the paper. Building paper is built in permanently and is practically impossible to repair. Care should be taken t h a t the proper type is used in the first place, making repairs unnecessary. .When the federal housing administration insures a mortgage for the construction of a ''new home, the dwelling is inspected three times during construction to assure adherence to the minimum property standards of, the housing administration. WHEN YOU Use · BUILD · REPAIR REMODEL 'NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement 1 · For Beauty ' · Permanence · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices, 6th Floor First National Bank Bid?. lfou.t HOME an OVERCOAT, tool Keep out U/intst'$ @oldwlth tha *~f*l · / "l/l yj · I hick f* f G'tmttent r'totection Z O N O L I T E Dress your home warmly if you wish (o spend Hip balance (if this winter, and the winters to cnme, In comfort. Install ZONOLITE Insulation in your attic, and keep Hie heat In, Hie cold out. ZONOLITE will not only maltc your iiorae warm and comfortable In the ivlnler, cool and r e s t f u l In the hottest summer weather, but will actually pay for itself In fuel savings! Insulating your attic with Zonollle is not an expensive process, for you can do U yourself! Spend a few hours of your spare time pleasantly and profitably, pourlnff this lightweight, safe-to-handlc material between your attic joists. Start ZONOLITING your home now, then you'll be ready for all winter weather. FULLERTON LUMBER Co. FRANK MELIUS, Manager 13 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 3838 ALL-MINERAL, · F I R E P R O O F · .VER MiNPR O O P · R O T P R O O F

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