The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 10, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1818
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IJW POST. NUMBER 4937 FRIDAV, APRIL 10, 1818. NO. 12 nNK - STREKT,. : 0 ' The fast tailing uip SACHEM, jat r.ivmi from Antwerp. buruien zo ". u .twtnt 4nnn hbls. 4 years old. r fastened and coppered, to deep ballart LV She i well found m every respect, and has Drly a whole new suit of sail. Lie at .no. 9, east tide Ccpnties - slip. ..., Pr ' DAVID G. GILLIES, K si I ot 76 Bro3d - stret. II U W - LOl'lL COFFEE, c. - 400bbl. Virgin - TT'l.Ol'H - r ia Flour 45 hhd prime old and new Richmond To bacco, 18 do Petersburg do SI bales Upland Cotton 35 I. and 20 hf. t. Rice 15(1 bag 8t. Domingo and 64 do green Havana Coffee 5 ton Lignoravita . Port Claret and Madeira Wine, in hod. and quarter cak j, - Ron red fort Wine, in caei of 3 dozen eKk rnriRHT FOR OPORTO. A good vescl bound to Oporto may have Shout 1000 "omftfetaM - . 11. (IlilWrlti, Apply to li Front - treet. rli i'H I'.u.v, STEEL, AJftt UAtunY.tnc. f f Tons English iron, assorted, in flat OXJ and square bars, a part of which is entitled to uepeuiure. tnn'tM rnnnd iron, assorted, frem 1 - 2 to W ' 1 I t inch . . inn ,u Swli' flat iron, from 1 to 5 inclief 50 do do square, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 3 i'lehc 50 do each flat and iquare Russia iron 50 do country iron assorted 20 do plough share nioulN - 10 do axletreeand crov. .r moulds 10 do horse - fhoe mould 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 10 to 3 8 inch 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted 10 d 'heel ami boiler plate iron 50 do English and American Hdep 10 do English (L) blistered steel 10 do Swede tecl 10 Jo Crawley do 5 do German do 5 do shear and cast teel 20 do BrWol and Nova Scotia grind stone assorted 500 anchors, a sorted, from 50 to 200010s. 1 do about 90001b. CO mils sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 6 lbs per loot 100 casks spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inche ' 200 do cut nails, fmui 2d to 20d ' 50 do wrought nails, assorted SO do !a'e and norse nails 10 tons iron pots and baie pans, ass'd from 1 to 10 gallons, en'itlt - d to debenture. 5 toot English silter 20 do American Imilow - ware, consisting of Pot, kef h, - , hake - pans, Skillets, spiders, tea ketllt, Ai;diroui, &c. 10 casts trace, ox nnd boat chain Anvil, vices, a n - l l;nU irons itij,l','5 and hand hammers Mill, cross - tut and pit saw C'irt. Waggon and Chair Boxe W inrlow Glass ot different silt Shovels. Spades, Hne, tic. .... Together with a general assortment or Hardware uad Cutlery, tor sale on rrasnn able terms, b. ABEEL & DUNSCOMB, x . Mo. 563 Water st. corner of James - slip. Dili ?3 tin I710UK Hundred tow iimt quaUty Nova Aeo - ' tia blaster for sal in lots to soit purcha - m APWALTER NEX30V, Yti FVoiit - t. corner of Burlinj - slip, or to JOHN BYERS, foot of Harrisen - st. tochl7 Nor - h River. TlT. DOMLNGO Cor FEE. IsO Uigs, lor sale O at 106 Front - street mh 30 T ROK E?, D AVH3SON & CO. - niT m.1 vti nsno Madras Goat Skins, VJ landins from ship Frances Henrietta, for ale riy ap6 GOOIlHUKeiCO. 44 South - street. (, OLAaSES Ihe cargo ot tlie Ketch Ma JLVI ria, from Havana, consisting of 250 uhd auid 13 tierces new cr p (Violates, now on the vrharf. pier No. 7 North River, nnd for sale by G.G. K6. HOWLAND, an 6 77 Washington - street. nutation BRANDY and pure SHRI I S 9 Ja. pipes good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirit just received, for sale by p7 lw CORN'S. UUBUIS, tstOAR. 172 hhds !Sew Orleans Suear, O hnditig this day at Tine - street wharf, from brig Hope, for sale by - GRISWOLiUi & COATES, or Rl.'LEY, CENTER CO. ap7 68 Sonth - rt. STRAW CARPE'I lG. 15 rolls about llto yanls Cadiz Straw Carretins, Tery hanrt - mdw pattern, landing irnm nrig iveu'wn et r.u - ta, fir sale by G RISWOLD COATES, ap7 oo ioinn - sireei SEAL SKIiSd lltO bolts Russia J Duck. 500 Seal Skin, landing and for sale by JUfebl It usuiiK.i, ap7 " 211 South - street IH1HH LINKHS, DlArR6. LAWRg, K.C. HENRY M'VICKAKlc CO. have received by the late arrivals from Dublin, and by the Pacific, from Liverpool, a general assortment ot 4 - 4 nnd 7 - B linens 5 - 4 heelings; 7 - 8 Lawns 3 - 4 Diaper and Bjnad Diaber, assorted Damask Table Cloths 3 - 4 blown and blact Lawns, in half pie ce ; which they cfler for sale on liberal term, at mh JU zw no. 67 fine - street. c ANTON GOODS, HUNTRESS' CARGO Col'd and black Nankin Crapes, first quafi tr 22y'dps. Col'd and blk. figured do. 19 y'd piece Do. do Plain do. 19 do do Do. changeable Satinets, high col'd 30 do Black di do Do Sinchewe do Coloured Satins 18 do Col'd Sewing Silks Alio, a handsome assortment inserting trim' mines. r or saie oy mh 30 2wt A. C. ZABRISKIE BOSTON RUM 10 pnnclieons landing and tor tale by np7 CAMBRELENG fc PEARSON NEW ORLEANS SUGAR, COTTON. &c, TAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, has V for sale, landing from snip brergreen 105 hhds New - f Means sugar 43 bait do cotton, prime quality ALsooxiUfirn, Clean St. Petersburg! hemp, ia lot to suit purchaser 400 qr. ciuJcs Orange works' gon powder 120 boxes roll brimstone 100 boxes of German iteel ) entitled to draw 10 cases tumbler ) back One case Leghorn sir - an . XT Ca;h advanced on good isonsigned for sue. . april I CHEET1NG8 8 bales Flemish Sheetines, for ieoy JAMta v Unu ft cu. ni 54 No.61 Pine itreeL Trvu... ... U m I UCK.Y TOBACCO. 33 Wxls. very jJV prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing from .'iwjiniia, from ,ew - lrieat ror tale tty . LAlDLAW.GIRa'LTCO 4 3 P 1 lOt 87 CoUee - Houte (Up 1ANCY plate Oali - Marseilles Quilting, royal rihhs White and printed sateens Cotton brown hollnndt Swaotdown, toilanetU, ilk (tripe Cotton and woisted bo iery fruh linens! sheeting Buttons, bed ticks Fine and superfine cas - ti meres Yorkshire fine add superfine rk)the London do do Superfine ladie cloth Bombaiett. ratinett C coe Superfine calkoe and cbintie 4, 9 - 8, 4 canrtne muslin v Cambric jacostet Plain tambor'd It sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslin - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric gingham Black and col'd cambric Velvet and cords, beaver g lores Fancy cravat, twilled ana plain Madras lirlkft, pin Hair cord cambric, cotton ball White k col'd thread Silk, kid, and cotton cloves Silk hose, silk floren - tine Dlack bomhazrH - ns Florence silk, ribbons, tallnons Florence, plain and 6 - gured Virginia satins, plaid lustring Fring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbin Furniture calicoes, and rhinlze 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric shawl 7 4 81 imitation do. 8 - 4 caslinere . do. Bandanno, longee and sistenoy hdUfs. Pocket hdkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cassimere Striped Florentine Bla.k do Madapolluin and steam Imperial cords, vigo - nia cassimeres Stockinetts, plaits and ribb'd Flannels, baize FeTrett, wonted bind - rnR Shirt button, cotton lace Paris netti and louflle gauze Black and white thulle lace Leno tnawli, Estopil - las i Sewing silk, assorted C'lors Linen enmhric Table cloth, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 tl 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, k figured Muslins Cambric. Trimmings, V Flounces Seersucker Gingham Knmall Hdkfs. Silk Check Gingham 2K 3 col'd Cambric garment Oil Cloth Brown Linen Merino Shawls Cotton bandannnes 9 - 8 col'd itrip'd jaco - nett loom shirtings India muilini, ttc &c Received by the late arrivals anrl for sale by HAGGERTY : AUSTEN, Dih24dic2m . 167 Pearl - street, WI.ML? L. V. l enenne wine, (l'asely brand,) in pipes, hbds. and qr. casks, im ported July and September 1816 and July 1817. Cargo 1 enenne wme, in pines, entitled to de benture. Cape Madeira wine, in assorted casks, shipped at the Cape of Good Hope in 1813. OU Lisbon wine, fil lor family usr. For sale by A. 1). DUFF, mh 20 1m 69 Watiihtpton - ftreet. 1 en w ijvk, oil,, pa run, c. J.J vf Qr. casks colracaar wine 130 qr casks aud 200 half do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malnga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottle each 40 bales Itylitn writing paper, Foolscap nnd 50 da printing do letter 14 hhds English glassware, consisting ot wines and tumblers assorted 100 boxes anchovies and 50 do olives 1 box French kid glove 1 do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engravings 9 case felt hats, 1 do chip do ' 40 bales Italian rags, 600 marble mortar 23 cases marble slabs, veined aud statuary, snorted size 5 botes Naples shaving soap ' 1 do watch glasses 3 canes manna in flakes 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of Raftas, putkah and callipatty rossahs Chadpore,chomocolly,johanna, luckipore andsoogapore Sannahs, jullapore and mow Chocks, white, red and blue gillahs Madras pattern do Sootee and froctsoy romals, for sale by CM AS. L. OGDEN, aud ABRM. OGDEN, 'mch 6 Washinetnn - st. 40 Dozen Scylhns, Water?' stamp, for sale by JAMES D'WOLF. Jr. S HUir.t - :S, DAVIDbON 4i CO. offer lor tale J. at 10 Fiont - atreet. 3 cases Irish I jnen 2 do shawl 8 do coarse Book Muslins and ladies hdkf 10 casks Glassware, assorted 50 crates Earthenware, do 4 cases low priced Fowling Fieces 5 pipe old Madeira Wine. mh 30 O ALEXANDRIA FLOUR. NE hundred bbl Alexandria Flour, of ex cellent quality (or a1e h iivir. ubiauiiii - ap 6 92 Wal' - strcet. FRESH DRY GOODS. T & C. NICHOLS, No 13 Pearl - street, have tl . received and are now opening 2 cas het r rench Crape 1 dd black Canton do 2 do black and c'oth colored Sewing Silk 1 do black Sinchewt'. 1 do black Sarsnete - J 2 do black Canton Fringed Hdkfs 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen, very low 2 do brown Linen, I do frith Sheering 2 do cotton Platiilas 2 do Steam Loom Shirting 2 do white and printed Jeans 1 do Marseilles Quilting, assorted 2 do furniture and common Dimitiel 2 do Madras Handkerehiel 2 do fine Bonk and Cambric Muslin 2 do Millinetts, 2 do Carlisle Gingham 2 do Cotton Cassimeres 1 do Pins in boxes 2 do Ladie Kid and Silk Gloves 4 trunks fine Plate Calicoes 3 d' superfine Chintz 2 bales superfine Broad Cloth 2 do Cassimeres 2 do lthodet' Bnmbazets. All nnrrnnaed at nut tinn. oreoually as low of the importers, which they oner lor saieaia trnnn r.vance. run ju iu BRANDY. POP ASHES, BUTTER, Ate 6 pines 'nutation 4th proof brandy, aid lo be equal to any in thi city 21 barrels Pot Ashes, (rock! bill) 'l br,1,"'' j 6 re,a,,in8 Po,,cr 3 hales fir.t quality Upland Cotton 2 hhds. Pans While 20 roll Sheet l.wad, assorted i 270 bans Juniier Berries, gonl quality 100 kegs best quality ground eim - r. Forsilehy CORNELIUS DUBOIS, mh 30 tw 36 Front - street. 45 SUGAR ti HAMS. Barrels Muscovado Sugar, landing from shin I'lstn. at Dover - st. whnrf 13 bhds New Orleans pickled hams, landing from ship Evergreen, from New - Orleans, at Bnrhng - slip. For sale fy H.SiD. TALCOTT, ap 1 64 South - st. O t - f riRG VfiA. TOBA CCO li FLOUR O C hhdt old Virginia tobacco Sh do new crop do do 66 bbls fine Sour 15 An mtdilKn Fn aala hy I? VASQUE4, MEL' RON & CLEEMAS, . m - . z u i u Zio. iz w ajniugwH - wi, TM PLATE U CORKS. Boxes tin plate. 13 X 1875, grace velvet boUle corks, 1st qaahtjr 84 reams sugar - loaf paper. For rale by ROGERS & POST, ap 6 61 Sooth - st. YOUNG LADltb' ACADEMY. fiAMAICA. IL. t. nIIE Ladies' Ac ulemy, m the village of Ja JL maica, after tlie 1st day of May ensuing, will be removed to the upwr part of the village, to the spacious and commodious house betoncinx to Maj. M'Niel. This semintiry. in which ell th nrambes or a EM'lite aud h ell finished femnle edu cation are taught, by Mrs. BAR TLETTE nnd her sister Miss tSAKNUM, assisttd by other eninpetent female teachers, is under the care and patronage of the trustees of Union Hull Academy. One of the Revd. Clergy uf the town attends the school twice in very week, to assist the ladies in teaching the more solid branches, and the pupils are at stated times examined by the trustees. Tvrmt of board and tuition nie moderate, and parent and guardians are assured that tlie strictest attention will be paid to the improvement of the pimils. For further particulars, reference may be made to Doctor D M Hitchcock, Mr. John A spin - wall, Messrs.. Beers and Woodhull, New - York; or to the Revd. Jacob Sclinonmaker, president of the board of trustees, Jamaica. ap 8 lw ' ' GRr.A I' CHANCE HMt HEADERS 'T'HE suhicriber having determined to give up X the retailing Uook - selling Business on the first of May, otters lor s.ile, at reduced prieer, his stook of Books nnd Stationary on hand. This stock comprises a very valuable assortment of standard works in most Inanities of science and literature, amongst which are, Bibles, Testaments, Prayer Books. I' - ahni and Hymns, in ve - ?' elegant hjndings; a!o, a few copies of Scott's amily Bible, in boards aud liinding; and is worthy the attention of dealers or ccneuniers. Als's an elegant assortment of Stationary, such na paper, quills, waters, wax, seals, sand boxes nnd folders. A treat variety of pen and pocket knives, pocket books and wallets, port folios,, lead pencils, crayons, hrushea. Reeves' aud other colours, in every variety of lorm.draw - inspnier, iuk - stauds, visiting and other cauls, India ink, do, iuhtr, portable desks, steel nens, slates, Gunter's scales, mathenialical instruments, pocket ledgers aud memorandum books, blank account books, c. Ac. JOHN L. TIFFANY, 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel, np 2dfcc2.iw3w .FRUIT, FOREST TREES, &c. f? ftr BENJAMIN PRINCE m - WP - f kau. ,U ill tliA.r IViip. have sery, r ieilnng Landing, (I.. near New - York, their usual and usieiiiiYC variety 01 unicnii and Ameiiren f ruit and Ornamental Trees. Also, a lar.e col lection of valuable Shrubs and Plants ; they have several thou sand inoculated reach trees. which are in the most healthy state and free from any distemper, great attention has been paid to nrrve them Irom the vtllows, which has de stroyed so innnv trees of that kind throughout tlie United States. Catalogues of which may he hadofMrssrs HULL ti. BOWNE, No. 146 Pearl - street, New - York, or at their Nursery. Onlert forwarded to either place will be imme diately attend) .1 to, and tlie trees, tic. carefully and tecurely par kcl, to at to be tent to any part of tlie United States, with the greatest safety, and delivered tit Crane wharf, New - York, by water nee i ireinm. Alto, for tale a above, 1000 beautiful Balm of Gilead or Silver I ir Treei, they are almost sure tolive whenlronsplA - ftf As She gteai lots oi reacn i rrct uj mm - eavT have deleted many from planting them, direction will be civen 16 those who purchase them, whi h if attended to, will enable them to preserve their trees in a iieann siaie, aim i have Peaches in a great plenty a in former year , i . i . i nn ri n. ti. is. reacn ireet iniH uwru u nmiuim Plum tocks, is no preventative against the dis - ... . . i .. - :....!... I u... eae wiucn tne rensijiYuiiinoi,u n - ty, call the yellows. ap 6 Dt.'lw OrjrTkKl. HoAHDIMi. FRANKLIN IIOU - !!. Thi new, spacious and splendid Building, situated in Broad way, the great ana rasnionauir ircci mi.khi. the centre of the city, at the comer of De t. will be opened by the Mibscriner on me is i May next, for the reception ot woarners. It it fitted, and will be furnished in a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and ele gance, by any pi ivate dwelling in the citv. It occupies' the most eligible situation, being - central, in view onn. rars: ana iiy - nuu i uir upper apa'tmenU overlooking the whole town, commanding a view m me aujaceni country for a circiimfererce of 50 mile, including the Hook, the Nanows, and the Harbour i and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or it - uation i and no expense having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will oiler to ladie and gentlemen, and families visiting tlie city, the most genteel, pleas . nt anil retired a - partments. The choicest of Wjne and Liqui r will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be make the entertainment plea sant. rare and excellent. Thi. establishment i intended exclusively for Centeel Hoarding MRS. IIKMIBKSUN. fehf4 DSOtf M1S6 tl A V ' Boarding School for young ladies, New - Brunswick, New - Jersey, will be re - opened, after the spring vacation, on Monday the 4th of May, when there will be va cancies for several young ladies. Music, Drawing and Dancing by approved instructors. ap H 2aw3w Aturf. and Cellar lo Let. The Store and C ellar No. 67 Pine street to low, apply on the premises. ap 1 3v ni I U LEI , very low, linial A genteel 2 - story brick house, with i S11112 earden, having a stable in the rear, tit u at ed in the oao - t pleasant part of Hi oad way, about 20 minutes walk from the City - Hall ; rent $ 4 0 per annum, ror particular!, apply 17 Cedar treet. ap 4 2w llslll The ttore No. 21) Wall - tlreet. Posses sion may be had immediately Apply at No. 18. ap I ti fl TO BE LKT, kijii A double Counting Room fronting the Kmsi River, enquire at i9 aouui - aireci. ap7 tw 2D LET, From the 1st of May next, the lower counting room of No. 54 South - street. ALcll, The upper counting room, No. 71 Sooth - sL Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. leO 13 Oi I roui - tireev rt 7V LKT, . mc1l In Burrows - street, in the village of Greenwich, lately occupied by Mr. Amasa Wood worth, a convenient tw4 story h'Hite, with a two ttory back building adjoining. . In the houte are fourcoevrnieot rooms with fire - placet, two bed - rooms, and lto two cellar kitchen under tbe house. There are alio on (he premise a cenveoiest and (pacing work - shop, twenty seet in front and six'y lee I deep, with a convralent yard adjoining, suitable for any kind of mechanic The house and (hop will be let together or tcps rate, a may best oust the lease. Apply to iiiuu uni nonv IIVUUIWI', 271 r a p71w Adjoining the premise. HJ Tbe bouse and ground belonging to the estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth e - nue. On the premises are an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment, ft it presumed any other description is unnecessary, at those inclined to rent will view the place. Also, the 1 Arte fiie proof ttore in tlie rear of houses 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street ; where there is for sale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijuhn. ut iwruier pmrucuiars, appij ' ANN M. SHAW, Jan 29 II Pearl - street. Q OtiSjtLK OH'W LtiSt,, Lot in the 5, 6, 11, nnd 10 Wards; many ol which art en regulated and paved streets. No money will he required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three tory houses, on which a great part of the money re main on morlguge. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for bunness, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store - ho"se and barn. COTTON end WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40arresof land, and a uever failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sulhciency ol wnter for each. Appiyai ' no. s ureenwicn street, jan 13 tf VALUABLE PROl'ERll. The subcriberotfers for sale a valuable t'aini, 73 miles from New - York, lyiug 7 miles south of Poughkeepsie. on tlie post - road, within I 4 ola mile ol the mills on the tails PI wappin ger's - Croek, and in the neighborhood of several landings from which sloop tail weekly. It con tains I IU acres of level, lertile land, witn a younj orchard of grafted fruit, wood suttVicnt for fuel, and all in good fence. The house contains several rooms, bat a good barn, and all in excellent repair. Its situation lcing on an elevated ptain, renders the place not only healthy, but presents from the dwelling a delightful mland prospect, Also, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to the above, and bounded southerly by the falls of Wappmger' - Crerk. I lie land is fertile, in ex cellent fence, and of easy cultivation. What render this property vnl liable, is, that it may be made a place of celebrity. There it already c reeled on the falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a carding mill, whirh enjoys the custom of the neighborhood, besidn everal other wiles for factories, unoccupied. he whole force ol tlie creek can be diverted with a little expeni eso as to drive a range of mills on a level plot of ground just below the thlk, and accr;iihlp by an ray navigation; where far lories of every description, Willi every facility of power and truutjiorUlinii can be constructed. Also, a flnnr - mill, of tlie first rlnss. Thr mill - honse i; large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated for 6, with new machinery lor manufacturing wheat, Kr. with an elevator for raiting grain front vessels into the upper lofl of the mill. Connected with the mill is a lanre store house for storing wheal and flour. - With the mill will be sold 53 acres of excelleui land, on which is situated fne dwelling bouts, a large barn, hay houe, carriage houi - e. corn crib', hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated ioi 20 hands. Two of the are new nnd well calculated for genteel families : Tbey command view of the river, with a lieautilul iutervi.le landscape formed by the meandering of the treck immediately in front. There are few placet which asioeiate so many accommodating qualifications for the merchant, mechanic IV"" - ' - - ; - , - II not sola at private sale oeiore i uetuay me 21tt April, it will on that day be oflorcd at auc tion. '. t. . Fee lerm, fcc. apply to PETER MES1F.R, No. 25 Beaver - street. FehW ABRAHAM METIER. tOli H.,J.r., The property nt Brooklyn, belonging lo the estate ol Cult Ludlow, deceased, c.inst - in oi a nrw three story brick house and iot of ground, a store house, formerly occupied a a distillery, a small frame building and lot ol ground, and two vacant lots adioimns; the above premises. I his property is situated wiitnn a lew rods of the (team - boat lerry, on the road fo l ierpont' Distillery, and extend from the (nil to the river. Also lo let, from the first or May next, the house and lands on the hill, in Ihe rear of the a - hove described premises. The house is well a - laptrd lor a private lamiiy or tor a putiicnoue. The situation, trom its elevated iiosilion, com mands a very extensive nnd beautilul view ol the city, tlie East River mid Bay of New York. I he grounds siirroiinimg tne nouse lanoui nve acres of land) are in a high state of cultivation. For terms, apply to UCU, W. JYIUIVIUiV, mh!l tf No 59 William st. MOUNT VERNON HO I'LL. THE suhicriber takes this method to in form the public that he hat taken for the ensu ing season that well known stand formerly occu pied by Dyde. about nve miles from the' City Hall, on ihe Hoston remit, nrd intend to open it as a public house for the reception of company, ou the erst of May next, when getleinen and la dies will be accommodated with every comfort and elegance to be expected at such a house, on the most reasonable terms. The best of liquors of every tort will be al way kept ready. KZHA CALOVVtbl. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook, an 2 1m tOK SAl.LOKToLEAsE, On accommodating terms, a number of water and building lots, near and adjoiuing the navy - yard, at Brooklyn, tor particulars, en. quire of jan 22 tf Brooklyn. TO LKT, The small 3 tory brick house No. f' I'earl - street. suitable for a person carrymc on a trade in the house, having a light garret and a middling sired store, t'ussettion given imroe diately. Enquire of J'A V IU b I lliljW AliUU.l, mh 31 tf Stone - street, near Brovl - street. t - 'PORE IO LET, MiSi The fire proof tnre in Governeur lane, between Water and Front - etreet, from 1st May next Apply to TUCKER & LAURIE.?, mh 31 29 South - aireet 'JO Lt.T. For one or more year, a two atory brn.k front House, No, 8 Canal street, lour door trom Broadway, to the front House is attached one in the rear whM h ten et nt a kiicnen to each ttorv. It will be put in tenantable repair on the first day of May next, rent reasonable. Enquire of JOH.y R. Hk.UL.E.1, up 7 2w 90 Nassau street m JO LKT. uJH Tbe store and cellar room of those three storv house No. 10 and 12 Broad - street Also, a good house at Greenwich, and one at Harlsrm, with iwo and a nan acres in gronno, nearMannattaoville. Apply at 55 BronHwny. or to CHAS. OAKLEY, apttf 141 Front - street. To Let for ont or mor ytnrt. ia The lollowing boasts - Ikw - nZTTTi - f A.rm VVatlilllZIoa nniH with a c - i. h hoete in the a if reqaired - Atoo, a three story brick hoae No. 416, wsiid street. Also, a new and genteel two ttory brick boute. corner of Li.peaar.1 and Chur. h streets, the Urnta moderate, f or luruier bmhw - t - i - k - j liars, Efib5 tf U at 415 roadway. fit, RKAL. KSI A It OR SALE. . uTw 2 - story brick house and lota, situated Not. 3f ft 39 Veaey - street. Also, a house and HI No. 1 1 Bowery, sear Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. Ail on accommodating term. For particular apply at No. 331 Green wich - st. jan 15 tf TO LET, The Gl.OBETAVERN, No. 143 Wa - ter - treet. The situation of this house, and its accommodations, justly render it an object well onn tne attention of any person dcsirou, of keep ing a lucrative puhlic house. It will be let, fur - nihed or unfurnirhed, and immediate postetsiou given. Apply at No 137 Water - street. mh 17 tf rOH bALK, Ms. At. rnoriitTT m the tin or ktew - vouk Qh A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II U Bowery STABLE in the rnr together with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and 125 feet on each side. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - street : and House and Lot No. 39 Vesey - street. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollar, do and do for 750 do , do and do for 4.'0 do On valuable property in the city of New - York. The interest has always here punctually paid. For particular inquire at the office of bl trllKlN r. LAMOINE. dec 10 tf No. 27 Wall - street. TV Lt.l OH LEstSt., From tbe 1st May neat, on reasonable terui,a large convenient dwelling bouse, oppo - tifu I III'. I Ql,. MB, II, n t n . i lnn U.. w at present occupied hy Professor Adrain; well calculated lortwo famihet. having two kitchens. wmi u rooms, pnnttie and vault, a tiabiv end coach house, u well of eood water and two ri. tern. It ha a very larce Harden, well storked with thruht and Irmt trees ; o,action of which can nc lian on the 1st April next. ' Alto to rent, n genteel 3 story brick house No. 492 Greenwich - sireet, with or without a stable in the rear. Apply at No. 496 Grrcnwirh - tt. or to HALsEY hi GOSMAN, mh 21 tf - 34 tfld - slip. HtSJltt.JVCt. at UH&KAH HJH. To le let, the house and .rounds frontline on (ireenwich Lane, helonsing to the estate oi int. late Samuel Milligan, and at present occu pied hi Mr. David Ely. For particulars enquire of JOHN M'KEE, lumber nierrhnnt, fm.t of N. Moore - street, tr of T. i'KiitL,r., in the Vang ol iew - iork. fell VII tf ,i LLJtHLK PUUrt.h.ii. For tale, the Dover Iron Manufacturinf Enidhlisliinent, in the county of Morris, and date of New - Jersey ; i onsisting of a rolling nnd flitting Mill, in good repair, which works two pair of rollers and cutlers, shears, &c. all at the sami lime ; a valuable forge with two fires and one hummer in pood repair ; a stock of coal and ore on hand, sufficient to make fifty (on of iron ; a good saw null ; a cut nail factory in good repair, iifiicieut fo employ thirty men, and may be extended to employ one hundred more ; a hradciil - ling machine nnd a tteel furnace inrood repair : convenient to the workt it a ttore nnd a nuuibr i ol houses for the accommodation of families, and 1 e xcellent stabling for teams that may be necessary to keep for the use of the establishment t al so, orchards, pasture and meadow lots, immediately adjoining tlie works, with timber land in any (iimnlits, not exceeding: two thousand rive hundied acres, within three miles of said workt. I he great vein ol iron ore, commencing al the noted suckasuniiy mine, runs moie than 2 mile through thi tract, and three mines are now open, from which thefortfe ar - . T,,,!" wii meaiid mine may wupenVd and ore raised to supply works to anv extent i (he mines are within two miles ot stid works, aed good roads, so that the ore can be raised and delivered at tbe forge kt two aiid a haH dollars per ton. I he above described works are situated on RoCkawsy River, about eieht miies from Mor list own, twenty five mile Iron) Elitalieth Town, nnd ahnu' the tame distance from Newark, with good turnpike fnndt leading from laid workt fo each place, in a pleasant nealiny situation, and in a good neighborhood, there being Iwo I'reihy - teriau Churchet within lour mi lei, end a friends' meeting houte within Iwo miles of tuid place. 1 hit stund for collecting bar iron for the slit - tlntc mill is very commanding, there being nearly one hundred forge fires in Ihe county most of them are on the st reams above Dover, ana the iron, in going lo New - York market, ran conveniently pas those works. Al this mill frequently four ions oi nar iron nave neen sin ana bundled into nail and spike rods in a day, and upward o; one hundred Ion ot nail have been made in a year. A large amount of good may lie told at tint place in exchange lor bar iron, procuring sup I diet, iic. tic. There are valuable scites - hoih u icve. Ic below on tins tracl,no which more works may be erected. ALSO. That valuable will known farm. Wins in die township of Randolph, about two miles Irons Do vcr, nnd six miles liom Morristown, und within one quarter ol a mile of the Union turnpike road, near riensanl valley, called tne oistitiery r arm, containing about three hundred acres, about one fourth part ol w hich is excellent meadow, one louith part plough and pasture land, and tlm re mainder timber.' A considerable part oflhe tim ber is of Ihe original growth, and it suitable foi sawing, the other part i thrifty young limber. from liiieen to twenty vetrterowtn. l tiere are on (aid farm upward of six hundred apple trees, in fine order, eight to sixteen yean old, the roott ot;tliem of graded fruit, and more than half sf them Haiison apples, to famout lor cider. The meadows are flu I and free Irom atone, through winch run two lively stream of water, and near ly the whole may be watered. One of these streams is sufficient for a grist - mill nr other works ; there are saw mills, a grist - mill, a fulling mill and oil mill, on the same stream. On said farm are two valuable scites for water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam. and raise a considerable pond, with twelve or filieen feet head Below this the water can he taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on enod firm rround. is more than twenty n et tall, in una way Hie water can he woraed twice over with tlie expenae of only one dam There it on taid farm an extensive cider mill with four prettct and ritterni, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the rider works i the still - house, so conveniently situated that Ihe whole operation i completed without pumping. The water for condensing the spirit is supplied from a never failing spring, wilhui til roil of the (till houte. and hat lulhcient bead to run into the citternt. The buildings comisl of two small Irame dwellings, one rood frame barn. 54 feet long by 26 feet wide, onder a part of which is a good cellar there are also bay bouse. cow sheds, tic: ALSO, Vahmhle nrnnertvat lxirwood. In Ihe Iowa ship of Jefleron, six mile irom Dover, on Ihe mam hraiK h of Rockaway River, coiwiting of a very valuable forge, with iwo uret ana - nier ; abundance ol water the whole year, a Urge pond, and a very warm situation, and for fifteen year paal hat made at much Iron as any I wo bre in the county. The ore it within loer mile, and a part of the road tHrnoiked. Theeveral tract connected with thi etlablishmerit nmooot alio - ..,iv, tn Ko ut ibarteeahandred'acret, the great er part tiralier, lo mnke a durable tupply ol coal i. ih inn. Immediately advoiniiur the forae i very valuable plow and meadow Jaiid Mifficieeit iar three farm one hundred acre each, witn luwri. orchard and barns, betide several rood dwellmcs for Ihe families that may be employed in workmen torse. The whole or any pari of thi very valuable property will ha told at such price and credit a will mane n worrnv in atieauoaj of aav person wishine to purchase. Tor further iotomatiow enquire of , JACOB 1X)?EY, M Dover. ISRAEL CAN FIELD, al Morriitown. BLACK WELL H Mt ARLAN, at S. York. TO LET. Tbe new brick Store no. 62 Stone - tt, Apply to T. & J. SWORDS. Feb 14 The two - ttorv brick front Hnnte'and It No. 33 Cherry - street For terms. L . anul at 76 I'earlotreH. rosr 3 'it, i i ft 4iiD A Tavern and Store in Hushirr. at ore sent occupied by Mr. Wo. Sbaw. Apply to tl . I UIBUUH3. USill From the first of May next, a three tory brick house in Green wich - atreet, between Liberty and CourtUndt - ttreet. Inqnre at 137 (irnwicie4treet. mh a tr LAH HlliUJlfiiih. Two office in Law Buildings No. 3, to beiented. Apply on the premises, lo JAMES A. HAMILTON, Esq. or at No. 69 Broadway. fch25dtf ' fTt JO LET, ttj From IU first vf May next, a front count - mg room no tlie tecond floor, tog mer who uur upper loftt. Enquire No. 167 Peail ttrett. - janMU - . Ti ' Lr. f, At a low rent, a three ttorv brick dw tiling in Norfolk - l. P.nmiice of Rl : N. COX, "ih 26 , 96 Wiill - itreet. HH& I'RuOV HTVHIC. To kt and possession firai of May next. the lour story fireproof store, No. 34 South - tt. between Coentiet and Old thrt. Enquire of the tubs riher, No. 1 Murray.or 45 Chsmberstrett. feh9tf S. I) CHAKi. a . 'JO t.t.'I, And possestjon given on the first of May next, the tpnriou ami well known (land, the Union Hotel, No. 611 William - street. For particulars enquire of Mr. V onderlult, No. 67, op - poaito. ml. 16 J - Uti bALE, A two story house situated in PearL street, BriHiklvn. Possrusion may be had on the fii st of May next. For particular, apply to the subscriber, on the premises. , mh 25 tf JAMES GILL. 'tt. . i. it ti A counting hoaae on the lower floor. No. 29 bou1htreel. A lurge new fire proof store in GoverneuriV lace, neit door to Water - street. Apply lo ,, TUCKER ft L ALKIES, . . mh 11 29 Soulh - ttreet. JO Lt.T, Thotetwo fire proof dwelline Ifoutet. N6T74 and 76 Mntl ttreet. about ten minute walk from Ihe Coffee House. They will l trnt in complete repair end well calculated forget feel fnn.illes. Apply at No. 137 Water - street. . h 11 tf i . . I L v 1,1 A very convenient house. 'with about hail an acre of ground, about mile from Ike - city, adjoining the home occuiiied by Mr. More - wood, betwixt Greenwich and the Broadway road. Apply to JOUN R. MURRAY, - mh 25 tf Iludaou - tqaare. H tnut, liiiUot, Gortlen, tic. at GrccnuKA, . TM TO LET 4m2 The uljoriher will let or , . r , fc trvmr. ' vairrKWIVU. lIUpTeil - aniiy aiiuui'n on uie oanas oi ine neason, aoa calculated to accouiuiodate a large family. For lerm, apply to - JJ1V1E BETHUNE, J an 3ll til Wall street. J O i.t. T, From the fust of May next, the three atory brick houte, No. SH I ey - treft . Apply to LEONARD HI.EECKEK, mh 27 2w .17 N alt street. for Ibalr or lo I. el. The house and ground oi the tnhacribrr at Klocmincdale, near the 5 mil ilone, situated on Ihe hanks of the North River. I he Houte it modern buill, 50 fenl front with term ed li. in and cenvrnient out houses, all recently painted, and incomplete order. The ground ere tnlilv cultivated, the garden extensive and good and there are on the pince a great vane ty of thruh, fruit and forest trees, and a pump of excellent wafer, t or term, winch will he reasonable. apply to S. A. LA WHENCE, up l im l7 I we - ttreet. . r - 'IO LET, US Those spacious HOUSES, No. 41 i 4 J Wall - atreet, lately known a the MtrchsnU' Hotel. 1 hey will be let either together or parately. Tbe house No. 41' ha a building hi the rear o(il, containing twenty bed rooms wila, Are - places, which maker it one of Ihe most de sirmble situations in the city for aboaidiog house, especially s the lower room may be let with advantage eithrr for iusuraoce or broker1 cfli ce. For term, apply to ' GEORGE BUCHANAN, mh27 14t 4 Moat - lane. JX I.ET, The House No. "BBroud slreet, withtho H:e, store - houre, and slatile cootieiiou, and appettmniiig thereto. For a term of years, io lot or parcel. Ibat part of Rose Hilfsituate on Ihe 2d, 3d, and 4thj avenues, on the 1 sa, Z4m, stn, setli, I7tli, Ilith, and 29ih streets, which belongs to Mr. Am Ro gcr. For particular. aply lo jAmr.s . ii a til i. ro. - v, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Birik inf s. ' TO LET, The following House, viz: 1 l.e house No. 95 Johu - ttreet The houte No. 97 do The house and ttore No 305 Pearl - street The house and store No, IJI Cherry - street JAM LB W. SHAW, fb21 . Ne. 6 Bowery. 70 LET, A neat (wo ttory house, pleaiaplly sif - uaied in wourtianai - iireei. npj" uu tiuw. ap I tf m. COLUA1BIAM I'lCIUKE GALLERY, 146 rci.Toa Tarr, (Ross's Buildings, near Broadway.) To fonnoitaeert and amateur oflhe Fine Art. and to the enlightened puhlic of New - York. 'lHE pmpri. tor of an exlensiva colkrctiosi af I ntctures, (he works of Use most emineat painters, having juet arrived from Europe, when he has purchased then irosa the cad itvet of Rome, Naples, t lore nee, Pari. Amderdam aad London, at a very considerable expence. nrrnxw tet to exhibit then lo the ladle aad centkntr. of thu city and its vicinity. Tbe exhibition will begin on TUrtday. 16th of April, it will be far superior foany a yet offered in tbe U. State,' Uie picture being undoubtedly otiginala corstitt - ing of upward ol 200 picture, by tb bett naa - Ur. ' Admiasioa 60 ceeU each, or one dollar per month. Hour from lOiathe toruie tosvem in the eveoinj. Catalogue may be bad t the . Gallery. - i.l CH.I TO LET, The (tore II Faltop - ttrreL Require aav raite. - ap 4 lw the premitre. a t O J.EA d h, ft m term of teora, Thebotiteand lot No. 20 Ctdar - ettret, eoniainiag lix ,oom with fir pfaret, hesidt) Km kitchen, pantiles, vault. Ac. and a well of good water. . - - For sale, the unexpired term, e lev en year. tr. the lot Mo. 69 Murray - street, ia tbe ocpto of William PaHert - m, on leate from (be tpitco pal Ckurcb da SC jprit. '', , J. W. V. C. MULLIGAN, febtSdtf No. 44 Ploe - etrect.

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