The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 29, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1913
Page 4
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". V A JUMPS EXPERIENCE _ :========= Whit Came of a MiM Flirtation at the Seaside. ill -V* IB-j| f - -- -- ria r * i'certa'ln pornpoa- am a'bachelor ver charged toward the other Ity position waa thus when the courts w*r» dosed for th* summer season of year and I irturued to my ,irt on «'«· «»'.i!-lior«. not .'nU«- » H* quite con- ttattBt 'when I s.-.j H few days ift«r my arrival a woman appeared wB caught my attention. She was il at; "Mr.."' Jind it was un- th«t her liiihli.'iid would ap- njkBT later. i*hv wi* li:iiul*.'me. welt farWfd. reaued in --ill mil ward re- « Ind.v. 1 «liil i»'i ».ive speech ·h*r. tmt I ai'.uiltted to myself ,-. f«»r my dbniitj .and position I hare n t t f i n i i i f d what Is legally w -,., ait n mllil rtirtatlon rfldwever. 1 lenrnwl Inter on seven or eight YooniH were robbed inside of a "w*pk. Th«- rc.lilx-rU"* occurred by day a'n0 jwufmll.* at mealtimes, and the 04»nd4r VJJH money nnd Jewelry. After the Urn i-omplalut h:id been inirde tb* landlord set n watch, hut in tfc*,fJK* «f Ihnt three more rooms W*re plundered, and « -«ntiding guest who'kept several bundled dollars \n ' Hi* ironk inston'! «f tli«-. hotel safe found-It, muwinw one day after lunch- Then two detet-thes were em- d i»li the :no suests felt nnrtrr mpionnjw. if not sus- luit I How c»uld land- il. detei-tU ·* "f any ""e else suspect »*«· Integrity of Judge Coke? -The robbfcrie* ceased as suddenly as tH£y-h«d Itejrun. init for reasons known t* Ibfinwh-*^ the detectives decided to ii*»rcli thr "Imtfiaijre of certain guests. one of whom wjis the handsome Mrs. Blank. I liwird nothing of thi«* at the titnfc bill a* 1 left my room on the day iif the search 1 encountered the lady with a amiill package in her hand, and ·ft* frankly «aM t«» me: *Mud«* t'like. I Inive not had the honor of .-in Introduction, but I wish to ivor of you. As the clerks nre MT fl n/1 asv t he- porter :«, IJUIJLK.JO IK- trusted. jtonu4(jguiiA.'M£t ve under raauy obliga- tMa**y takiusr tbia package to the ex- It is directed to my hus- L aeev and contains -papers t h, njtist have toon. I am aorry to ImpOM upon your good nature, GETTYSBURG, PA. GETTYSBURG. PA. C W. Wcawt ,Son L W. Weaver Son: The Leaden. : ^^B^y" | Special Price Concession Between Christmis and New Year. Additional 10 20 Per Ct SPECIAL PRICE CUT On Ladies' Coats, Suits, Dresses, Furs Also on all CHILDREN? COATS This special; additional PRICE CUT is on the lowered prices -which we have given on much of this -stock ^ for the past several weeks. 20 Per Cent. Price Cut on Christmas Novelties or Fancy Goods. * , » . - , J.-V ·*"·--» - . 1 * * 4.,.«.-J»4 « -W ·»*.* Still a splendid choice of useful "fancy" articles to invest your Christmas Present money in STOCK CLEAN-UPS OF ODDS AND ENDS AT BARGAIN PRICES These Special Price Cuts are given to enable us to still more increase the greatest sales we have ever had. s V G. W. WEAVER . ' r ^ *! A I tysbui , no more, madam." I Interrupted , ok tfi*. package from her. "I ·^·V k»jfOlr too bsppy to be of service t»t«a." 71 f^y bar* smiled as I lifted my hat *nd bowed, but I contend that I lost none of my dignity, and of course I did · an dense for any.extend- . on t,he street * full block ei »P"« i«ny Tpton*- but,as *he,r orer the receipt I merely fc»t "gain and spo^e of the Re the guesttof Rw search was made quietly and wity the consent of the guests, but it proved futile ft»e nett three days passed without excttemert. and I took it Into my head to brilcr a carriage and be driven out. I waa twtng bowled along the boule- rnrd ^·onn«** t!ng my resort with one Or* milw *wa.v. with my driver fully cnnitclooa of my dignity and importance, when a parasol was waved at me from the sidewalk, nnd 1 made out M Indy at the end of it- More than that I made out Mrs. Blank, who said tii me aa my carriage halted at the curb: ·/Judge Coke, were you going to drire of»r to Surf City?" . "I am ou my way there, madam," I replied as my bat came off at the proper angle- . ( "Then--then"-"What is it madamT' "I URT* « friend over there who Is ill, n'nd there is no train for two hours I know it Is presumption on my part, bttt"-- "Not at n i l madam Txt me assist yon Hi. t will h a v e you tbere in three- qdtrters of :in hour, and the obligation will be mine." There were no lanpuisliins smiles. ne googoo eves on my pnrt. Indeed I think that most of our conversation djirlngt the drive referred to the law directly or Indiiectlv. 1 was a bit surprised tbiit she should nsV to be set down on the p u b l i c squire instead of st her friend » hius- im dignity forbade me even t» riis mv eyebrows She bowed and relumed thanks. 1 raised my hat nnd murmured. "Don't mention it" and we parted "My position demanded that 1 should forget her as soon us possible or until I met her st breakfast next morning. and I had fairly succeeded when I rent to the hotel two hours later, i she rushed b a k into my memory find. Tuc landlord :ind the dei were looklns for her It hnd known t h a t she was an nrt- is who*« photoprnpn ndorned in"ons 1 fogiiW gallery and who i "'don*' tfme" for theft It ah« who bad cleaned out the and given me the plunder to away, and It wss she who lObbotf the hotel safe of about fOOO at the uoon hour as the clerk (·ft for a moment. I had driven her «wr to Suf City that she might take train and thus elude Ui« flotec- r 1 ! MH nm rHETJ For a Theatre Party -TO SKE- PAUL GILMORE AND ASSOCIATE PLAYERS IN THEIR GREAT ROMANTIC COMEDY DRAMA AREZ' Magnificent Production--Electrical Effect?. The Times has bought ten $1.50 seats at Walter's Theatre for the performance of "Captain Alvarez", on Wednesday, night, December 31st, and will give one seat absolutely free with each of the first ten new yearly subscriptions between this and the 31st of December. Cut out the coupon below and either bring or send it to this office. Your ticket will be returned to you together with a receipt for the subscription. Do not delay in sending for ten seats will not be enough to fill' the demand. We have had sent to us the criticism of "Captain Alvarez", from different cities in which it has appeared all speaking in the highest terms of Company and Play, and this convinces us that we are going to give our readers a treat. i umn: i § W V S Name Street or Route Coupon B Town ixx^^ BEET PULP AS A DAIRY The feeding of a suwll herd 'of d«lrjr cow* without a silo from a llmn*d amount of runout UHaee laud presents quite a problem -that in, if a profit IB inude. write* a New Uamiwhlre farm- «r in the Kurul_,N,ew J'orker. While ' i J * M«w^uo oi iu«|j^oa sUjout tn« i-ulue t of .furmera h U» bc«t iilage ia dried commenced feeding soon after it was put on the market . Previous to using the pulp we red Ifoe nr.uus. -iumonly considered best ""or I'airy io\v^~vlz. corumeal. bran. t ousced uiesil. gluten feed, hominy, etc -in various combinations, depending on the cost of each and kind of roughage available. But we had more ur lesa trouble from target, caked ud- iler. cows off feed, and they would generally shrink In milk much sooner than we thought they^should. The beet pulp did not |erbaps cause the cows to jrive a greatly increased flow of milk, but there were much less variation and ithtinkage. and the troubles above mentioned disappeared. We have fed TO OUR PATRONS We wish to thank you for your much appreciated trade during the year 1913 and the holiday season just closed. We hope you will continue to find what you want at our store, and that we can till your wants in the future as in the past. * i t O. H. LESTZ Cor. Square and Carlisle St. Gettysburg, Pa. /.THE PLACE FOR/. SHELL ^ O Y S T E R S · -.-. By the Peck or Measure 5Oc. and 6Oc. per quart EVANS' 0 R E S T A U R A N T U N I T E D T E L E P H O N E The miserable specimen of » cow her* pictured is typical of the many useless animals maintained in this country. Instead of being a source of profit such animals do not pay for their keep and are Justly denominated "robber cows." Testing for milk production and butter fat is the best means of eliminating this unworthy type. The dairyman ·who Keeps a herd of such scrubs is merely cumbering his fields and working for nothing. the pulp both wet and dry and can see uo particular difference iu results. If red dry cows hhould have access to water at least twice daily. Tb6 mle we follow tjuite closely, but «itn some variation "lor' amount' of gi-Ain ptir cow, is one'iiound of grain for each three pounds b'f^milk. The_ maximum grain feed Is 'continued until uiillt Ktv- is very small, when we reduce to from four to six pounds per cow and (?he that amount until within one week of her time to freshen. Each cow's grain is weighed, and we are exact about this to the ounce. By experimenting we found that to commence reducing the cow's grain ration ii her milk flow diminished would calise her to shrink more rapidly, whereas if same amount was continued right along she would be encouraged 'to keep up as near us possible to Tier full flow of milk.' We of course watch tlie cows closely aud.'lf any unfavorable symptom* appehr.' immediately reduce the rrtttarf.'but this verj rarely happens By feeding In this way in the cow's milk flow diminishes she commences to put u more flesh, and flip unborn calf also gets needed nourishment WORK THE STALLIONS. Another Christmas Club AT .. The · . 1 Gettysburg National Bank You will need money next Christmas, so why not join our club and until the next Holiday Season you will have saved a snug little lump that has not caused you the least inconvenience to accumulate? Small weekly payments that you will never miss, at the end of the year will constitute a fund that will render your Christmas shopping easy. Or 300 Christmas Checks were distributed thisyear to the members and they amounted to $8,000. The 1914 club promise to be bigger tan ever. ' * Call at the bank and t we will be glad t o explain to you our-plan. ' ·-'\ Ifdoes-ftet eost-yqu Sfcentjajoin and there are several classes of,payments, v so. tnat' you m4y; select the one" th|tW»t|sMtB your purse. * * * THE SAVINGS FUND OPENS ON DECEMBER 29TH HUNDREDS WERE MADE HAPPY IN 1913 Why not be one of the happy- ones when next Christmas rollV around? ' · .*. MAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS A MERRY ONE. t * . The . . Gettysburg National Bank 1 ' Gettysburg, Pa. Plentiful Exerciw Conduces to Health and Vigor. Tliere s no scallion so jro"^ tliiit lie -.ill not be a lot better If he N worked l.r.lx in t'u harness nml madf to take iK t u r n in all the h i r d labor of ilie ':irni. \ is there about ii stallion bat he Miould be roudemned either to i life of luxurious ease or neglect more r les«« t o f « I V IV« stallions kept for s t .rvit-e in tli« f o u n t i v got proper csire -lii«lo*d fi-tt -f them net any sort of ·sre rt;t all isinn« tlie winter season. J«nu»ral!y t'ic% ;ire nialntnlned on a itnrvntion I'.ict and allowed to grow h:ilr sc\(ml i i u l i f s lomr In which all nitmnVr f Mth anil \ e r i u i n mn colloct at w i l l Skills ur* seldom donned o-it. nml i- f-r diMiiin? up t!i( fi-'-cisiPg jard. '.hat '«. MI-MT tlionifbt of should so iiuiuy stallions b- kclt in tins obnoxious war? T a k c n . n oii» of tbp fjinn hoispn and sij'mnt it to tbe same treatment and it wmilrt xo wroiiR in a short time \Vhv t'len i-X- pect n stallion to wtthstiuui such ill trp.-itmont s n n p l v beciuse he is a t-tal lion'- v o t n u t f i - \ \ h a t the horse cost, break liiiii anil put him to wor'h. His siant tlH-\\ s mil sinews. If be is n drnfter M i l l lie a tower of strength in the gang pl»\\ and the manure spread or ITe \M!! li.uil loss out of the tiui iior with i l ii"e If properly handled he is the pifiisnntpst worker iroaffin.tiile. becnnsr be is nlwiivs unafraid and gen ernllr more intelligent than geldings or ma res I t Is all in the man who handles the stallion Then In addition to keeping the horse In a much more hea'thy condition rontinm (1 labor in the, harness wN! make and keen, hinj,,jjppile , much more ----- *-- -"-* **·-- " GETTYSBURG MARKETS Prices at the Gettysburg warehouse corrected daily by C. Milton Wolf, Jr., Successor to J. Geo. Wolf's Sons Co^ New Dry Wheat ................ 88 New Ear Corn .................. *" Rye .......................... -g Oats .......................... 4S RETAIL PRICES Per 100 Badger Dairy Feed ?l-3|j Coarse Spring Bran 1-^ Hanu Packed Bran J- 1 * 1 ' Corn and Oats Chop J-2» Shoemaker Stock Food *·£» White Middlings j*" Red Middlings ^-^V: Timothy Hay |-«" Rye Chop 1 -'I' PlaSer 811 "^ ··:::::.·:.· $7-56 per ton C e m e n t - : : : . . . . . - . ... ?1-40 per ; bH. Co'tton Seed Meal per ton ? 3 ?-°.r « " per hundred l-'« 1 Per bbl F l o u r . . . . . $4.fO Western Flour PUBLIC SALE On TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1914. The undersigned will sell at public sale at his residence in Mt. Pleasant Township, Adams County, on the road leading from the Baltimore pike to the Bonneauville Road, 3% miles south of Gettysburg, the following personal property:-- . . One pair of black mules coming 4 years old, one a good leader; 29 head of cattle consisting of 7 milk cows 3 heifers, 3 of them fresh by time of sale and others close springers; 1^ bulls from 1 to 2 years, 8 of them fit for service, Durham and Holstem stock, hard to beat; 4 sows will farrow in February Poland China stock. Also about 50 chickens mostly Leghorns. Sale to commence at 12 o clock sharp, when terms will be made known by ^^ JEFFCQAT . G. R- Thompson, Auctioneer. Reuben Schwartz, Clerk. of them fresh by time of sale, IU Wheat Shelled Corn New Ear Corn New Oats Western Oats Medical Advertising ·awkiBg of Alexander H St«pnena IkltlMM. *·!*»*· it waa neTer better eb*r*0t«rlMtf thM by the man In W««kt»ct*n who said that «h«n he »a* staadli( on tie ttep* of the rs.pi- 1*1 aa ·*·*? "aek drore up and Alex- Mf«r U. *tt»k9bt got out. PEOPLE SHOULD GUARD ' AGAINST APPENDICITIS Gettysburg people who have stomach and bowel trouble should guard against appendicitis by taking simplt buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., at compounded in Adier-i-ka, the German remedy which became famoul by curing appendicitis. JUST ONE DOSE relieves sour stomach, gas on the stomacl. and constipation INSTANTLY because this simple mix- t m e d i a w s off such a surprising amount of old foul matter from the body. H C. Landau, druggist. bad i» a hone, no^at.tec^j^njt.bc cost,. ROOMS for rent 117 Carlisle street --adv*rtis«;nent 1 Grc«l*y a Busy Man. After a Are that destroyed Bar* num's museum, the proprietor consulted his friends as to his wisest course. He told them he had a fortune, and, could easily retl.a from active bual-i ne«i. Among hit friends waa Hor-. ace Oreeley. "What shall I do?" art-1 ed Barnum "If I were y*i," replied; Oreeley, "I would to Ratine. 1« be*n I trying for 1* years to go taking, and | have never been abl* to «o It'.' Warts en the Udd«r. Wnrts on the udder of « cow nr readily remo\ed by rubbing in be«t castor oil or fresh goose grease on-p or twice dail. Any wnrt thnt has n neck nmy be removed nt once scissors: then lightly Innnr csusttc To take a cor* -- th«re is neither a eortecrew nor a knlf* at band, Mick two safety plna together diagonally through th» opposite to each other. By pulling Effective November 16, 1913. THE WESTERN MARYLAND RilLWAI 8:56 A. M. Daily Except Sunday foi Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 0:28 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersburg, Hancock, Cumberland, Pittsburgh and 'Chicago also Elkina, W. Va, 12:25 P. M. for Highljeld and intermediate stations. 2:55 P. M. for York, Baltimore and. Intermediate Point* | J 5:36 P. M. Daily except" Sunday for B. and H. Division Points to Highfield, alio Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersburg and Shippensburg. C.13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, and intermediate stations. Sneezing? ^^^^^^^^·····^gMgMBg^gflMlgflgflflHlK"**^" there's no need of U. Sniff a little Kondon's, the original and genuine Catarrhal Jelly, up the nostrils. Its soothing, healing properties quickly re- Jiev e j ou Best thing for hay fever.colds. catarrh, sore throat, catarrhal headache, nose bleed, deafness, etc. Relieves the condition which causes snoring Sold only in 25c and 50c sanitary tubes by druggists or direct. Sample tree W r i t e Kondon Mij CONDON'S JCm. C A I A f i l i l I A l - I I I 1 . ^ ^ the upper part of tn, iwo ««· »cj th« cork ewrily. ELECTION NOTICE Notice H hereby given that an cection os fx-wn ,iiHVtor«i of Biglcrville NaUonal Bunk will N heW «t ihr banking hou-» at Biglemlle «n T«««*V, Jfaw^fT i3«»f lt!4, hrtm^n the lionr* of ono MM two ·,.|o,-k !· K Cashier. For ·*!· People's Drag Store Getty«bar», Pa. PUBLIC SALE 'i *^On TUESDAY/ DECEMBER 3*«I913. The undersigned, adminfstra^te of the estat*_jpf J. Edward Shrivetv late «f,thepd*ough of Gettysburg, **«*?- «d, ^rtl^adl at public sal* at hia.late residence on York street, the following personal property, to wit:-- ' Day driving horse, buggy and harness, sleigh, 2 bedroom *uit«, 1 doz. cane seated chairs, 3 carpets, 1 couch, 2 buffets, 2 stands, 1 «**n« "*t?l (B ' double heater, stair carpet, ^'"K chairs. 2 old ^shioned bedsteads iron kettle, organ, 1 s«t dishes, 20 yards matting, range, 1 table, *nd many other articles too numerous to men- U °A credit of six months will be given on all purchaset of 15.00 and over. Sale t o b a i l o o c k M . sharp. J. II. KCKERT, Admini*trat«rs. nFWSPAPFRI

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