The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 9, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 9, 1818
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IN CH ANCERY, ! Stale if ft tie - York, n. ' I IT pannuce 6f u fder pf thii honourable coart Bid in tbe above cause, will be told . uu - tiosv. at Hunt't Hotel. In the sdles; of Newbarrh. oa tbe sixteenth day ol April next, I twelt o'clock at nocc aider tbe dwtctioa ol Ik subscriber : All that certain tract of land situate, lying and being at Little Britain, in tbe town of New - Windsor, county of Orange, and state of New - York, ad is bounded as follows oa tbe east by the. lands of the beirs of John Welling, deceased. on the north by tbe lands of Ro bert H. Barnetl oa the west by the lands ofgen - era) Jasses Clintow, and on the soath by the lands of the heirs of Sasiuel J. U Norton, diseas ed, containing wree Hundred ana ten Km nad, betbesaiMBsoreor less, with the hereditament and appurtenances tp the same belong - ins; or in any wise apoertaining. u eh 28 lawtApldts - Master in Chancery. , .SyauUmrxty of the mala ofMw - Jtrtiy swuV . 1 . JVVw - rora. . THE MILFORl) OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY, for laciliUting the intercourse between tbe western parts of the State ol ne w - York and the City of Wew - Yprk, through the States of Pennsylvania and New - Jersey. SCHEME, ' I priae of 70,00tt DOLLARS 1 1 3s!U0 DOLLARS S 10,000 DOLLARS . 6.0C0 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30. 600 DOi.LA R3 140 , ' ' 100 DOLLARS 3jo . , 30 DOLLARS . 3386 Prites oot two Blanks to a Friie - iUIKIrt Tirkata . Partof U Prises will be determined as follows : - Pint 1000 Blank. Thirty Dollars each. Firstdrawn No. 1st day, will be entitled to - do do do dd do do do 00 ' do do do 'do do . 00 do do . do j no Mtt) 6 464 Triaes 10,530 Blanks id 3d 4th 5th 6th 7th 8 th 9th 10th 11th 13th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th fob 19th 20th do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do ICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY No. 6. ' 1 prise of 1 of 1 of 1 of 1 of J of 45 of bi ;S,360 of B C 11 C M K. 1 100,0 0 20,000 10,000 6,000 S,(KW 1,000 16,000 Ticket at f25 each, 16th day . 17tb duy 18th dsy 19th day 'Oi diy 9lst dsy tld day t31 day 14th day 5th day 601) 1000 500 6000 500 10000 600 1000 500 350U0 600 1000 600 70000 600 1000 600 1000 600 ' This Lottery will commence drawing at the city of Jersey, oa the first Tuesday ia May Beit, and will ha comuleted in twenty drawing. The sviaes will be mid at the Union Bank, fu the Cl y of New York, sixty days after the drawing - will oe Wusneo, suojeci io aueuucuuu m pci cent. - CHA9. KINSEY,) . t). STUART, Commissioners 'jiYO. LINN. j - Tickets 30 dollars each. Adventurers and Dealers can be supplied on 'application to. ISAAC O. OGDEN, JiuiSOendtf 48 Wall - street 100,000 60,000 30,000 10,000 5,01) 4,000 45,000 5,200 IOO.OuO 400,000 i.Jeis tbitn two Dlnnasto a pnxe. - Vill draw five hundred numbers each day an 111 rnint.l.'ted. Part of the above prizes to be determined as 0,rh,'snt drawn numbers from thefirit to the fifteeuth day inclusive shall be entitled to $1,000 oacn. IV firt drawn three thouiaml blanks to be en titled to fat each. rax riBiT ksawi svaisa os it $2,000 i.uuti . 1,000 1,000 50,000 1,000 . 1,000 1,000 . 8,000 100,00(1 1'he drawing to commence on the first Tues day in August next. Tickt - ta mr sale by tlie an.ui sn until the 18th Au'il - All the tickets their hand - Hid be sold at auction. according to law, at the I 'nion Hotel, in tbe city of rVew York, on the 27th April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. SAML. L. MITCIHLL, x 3 ISAAC DENN13TON, ft MOSS KENT a JEREMIAH JOHNSON lJ JOHN M'LEAN, )? nh19eodtin $y BOSWELLit LEMOINE (luccen - ors toniid recommended by William & Henry llax 'all) traniart vr - ndue and commission business, PetKnhurg, (Viruinia. . ' They occasiontdly make advanres upon ron - ignments committed to their charge. Reference in New - York to Messrs. CnmphellSt Laurerue, And Win. and Saml. Craig rnh30end6w TO I HE PUBLIC. ri HE subscribers are ready to contract to fur - X nish almost any quantity of Marble, from their anarrv at Kincsbridice. The marble is si - : milar in colour and superior in quality to that of which the front ol the City Mall conttrucied. . It can be sot oat to almost any size and diuief ion. tuitable for every part of building, and - would he delivered in the rough, or prepared for - the building, according to order, at a moderate rate and at a short notice. All orders may be lods - ed at I. & C. BOLTON'S office, No. 58 f Broadway, or at Mr. GIDEON TUCKER'S, ' No. 4 White - street, or at the quarry, with Mr GEkROE W. If ALL. mh I"? Stawtm (tr The co - partnerhip ln - retofore rxitmg between Caleb S. Brower and George f . Tho nas. under tbe firm of B ower V 1 liomas, is this day diiiolved by mutual consent. The concerns of the firm will be settled by Caleb. S. Brower. - C. S. BKOVYER, O. F. THOMAS. - Wuw - YorV, March 13th, 1818. N. B. Ttwi plnmtang business will still be car ried on by the suhfriVier, at the old etahlitfted atand No. 31 Wntcr - ntreet. where all orders in . bit line will be attended to with punctuality and ditnatch. An apprentice wanted to the above huiiiw. t CALEB S. BROWER. mh 16 eoil3w TX TO S.1LE, iau! A yery profitable FARM, ofHO acrt, two thirds under cultivation, the residue woodland, situate on the sea shore, a quarter of a mile below Ui narrows, no the Etateo Island side and short ride from the tem boat ferry funding. It cive a very extensive view of tht h nH ,. - tirons of New - York, within the Narrows, and of Daoov nooB ana in ore in f of prospect is qosllel by none. The title is unaneitionnhU Two thirds of the purchase money may remain eacared opc a the lead. Apply to A. V. D. Foun - ulnae ine prrmixis, mi W A. SEELY, 143 Greenwich - street. TO LET, conveniet t new S story house. adjoining the abo - ve, with garden and about an acre ot land. I or terms apply as above, mh 3 eoxttf - - KENTUCKY TOBACCO. 31 hhds. very prime Kent ky Tobacco, landiog from rg Mary l And. tmm ew - Orl"n, for sale by . LAIDLAW, GIR ULT t - CO. p I lfX - k 87 Co8cs - Hob slip . 3.1 13L CHANCERY . ': " ; , rf" .1, y '.A.. ' lM Or W - 0T, . , rlutumn f xiar - ratttl ante? of liUS bonOTa - I bfe court, bearing date tbe surteeatb day of October lasLwiU be sold at poouc ssruw, Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, aoder the direction of the subscriber, as one of the . - r .l . Tts m tluBMenia ytfJ unary it at twelvecWkrat noon, Uwnts, Prayer Books, Psalm, and Hymns, in e - ai?t7 hoards and bindlnc is ted in II county of Delaware, in U state of New - York, and in trans' falent, ana anownoy great lot thirty four, and bounded as fol lews : be - Kinniag at a stake and beap of stones near a beech tree, marked No. 34 and 37 i being the northeast corner of lot thirty seven ( thence along the north bound thereof south eighty nine .degrees, West one hundred and twenty eight chains and ninety sis links to a beech tree marked No. 33. and 34 ; being the southeast comer of lot (No. 33,) oun - ber thirty three ; thence along the east bounds thereof; north three degrees, east eighty one chains and twenty links to a beech tree marked No. 3 1 and 34 ; thence along thesouUi bounds of lot (No. 31) nuaaler thirty one, north eighty nine decrees, east tbe distance of one hundred and four chains, too stake and beap of stones; thence oulta thirty five chains and twenty four links to beech tree marked No. 6 ; tiienre north eighty aioe degrees, east twenty chains to tbe west bound of lot thirty five : thence along the same south forty four chains and ninety sis links to tbe place of beginning ; containing nine hundred and tortv nine acres and three fourths of an acre of land, with the appurtenances. And also, all that certain other lot, tract, or parcel of land, situa ted in tlie county of Delaware, in the stale of New - York, in Evans ratent, and known by Ereat lot thirty seven, and is bounded as fol - iws : Beginning at a hemlock tree mark ed No. 37 and 40, being the oortheast cor ner of lot No. (40) number forty ; thence along tbe north bounds thereof, south, eigii tv nine decrees, west one hundred and thirty four chuins and ten links to a beech sapling marked No. 30 li 37 I thence north three de grees, east seventy eight chains to a Beech tree with stones round it ; thence on the south bounds of lot thirty four north eighty nibe degrees, east one hundred and thirty chains to a Birch tree marked thirty seven aud thirty - eight ; thence on the west bounds of lot thirty - eilit, south seventy - eight chains to the plat e of hi'giuoiiig, containing one thousand and twenty - lour ucres and one lourui oi an acre oi isua wiui me appuricuumt:. Dated. December z, iun. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 lawt&dts Matter in Chancery. ft7 - Tbe sale of the above property is Kitiw oedTo the eighteenth 0y of Kebruary next at the same hour and place, uatedjan. 7, n. iii. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 Sawts Master in Chancery The sale of the above property is potponed In the I Jib day ol may neit, at tbe same nour and place. . Dated fen. in, loits. JAML9 A. 11 MIL, J UN, feb 18 law'ds Master in Chnncery COOi - Ea'.S SERMONS. PRACTICAL, Familiar and Doctrinal Sermons l designed farpftrocbinl and domestic instruction I by the Rev Edward Cooper. Rec tor of liamstal), Kidware, and of Vnxall. in the ounty of Stafford, and late fellow of Allsouls Colli gc, Oxford; in two volumes. (For a review ol these excellent sermons look in the Christian Ohtervr r.) Just received, and for sale In sub - cribers and others, price $4, nt til Pearl street, mh tStnwiw Traniportatwn le tilttburnh, through the ttatt pfJeufUrk. THE subscriber, who lus been engaged for several years in forwanlinir meixlandize to diflerent parts of the United States, oflers his services to the merchants and traders of the western states and territories, as agent to transport property ot every uecription tiom Uie cry ot ew - YorK to fiUsburgli, in the state of reunsyivanu Uumia nhippeil at New - York, onboard "thb wiathhn iiiik" of kloopn p,r Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it i believed, in aa short a' time, as by any other route yet uiscovered ; tlie price nt trannporta tio.i for the whole distance never exceeding six dollars per rwt 1'ruper care has been taken to select gentlemen of respectability as agents on the several routes communicating with the Allegany river; and where extraordinary cx ertions are required, a confidential person thoroughly acquainted with the country, will ccompai y the goods. All communications on this tiubject. post paid, will receive the earliest attention of the, subscriber, who for approved security will give a credit of six months on a large proportion of the recount. CI1VHI.KS SMYTH. Albany, state of New - York, 2d February, S18. Reference to Messrs Satterlees k Co. and Messrs. I. flyer, and H. Kankin, ew - York. feb 7 2aw NO I ICE. ALL persons indebted to the estate of Rugglrt Hubbard, erquire, late therilf of the city and county of New - York, at ifienff, are re. quested to make payment to Jmtt L. Bell, enquire, prrtcnt sheriff ol the city and cotintv of Now - York, on or brfore the first day of May next or after that period the bills remaining uu - paid will be put in tnt. CATHERINE HUBBARD, Feb 11 SawtlVlay Adminitratrix. n T HATS. JOSIAH WILSON in. form? b'lf fricndi and the public, that he has removed his bat warehouse to 160 Broadway, between Maiden lane and Liberty - street, fc lha better acconiiiiod.ttmn of hn retail custom ers; where he has constantly on hand, an extensive supply, from his manufactory, of Ladies' Beaver Hats, comoriring every faithion and de scription of color, quality, and variety of pattern the workmaniip excellrut, and adapted to this or any other market. He keeps on hand (which be receives regularly, once a week, trom hi, factory) a constant supply of the firtt quality of Gentlemen's American Beaver Hats, manufactured under his own inspection, of durable and excellent materials, fiuiihed in the neatest and mort fashionable style. J. V. also has for sal at his warehouse, a large and regularly replenished assortment of gentlemen's fahinnahle London Beaver Hats, selected with great rare, ai to workmanship and quality. Likewise, American manufactured halt, of every description and kind, suilahle to this or any other market. mch 30 2awtf PROSPECTUS for rvai.isniNo at svRgcRirrtois A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. A11E publication of this Map has been under taken with me impression, that it will ex hibit information, highly intc retting at this event - lul crisis, and Uie valuable Maps which the au thor has procured, durin hisscveral tours th roust) Mexico, in uie years itwo, inuv, mis, iota. 1815. 1816. and 1817. induce him to beh - ive that the Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most perfect which has appeared before the public. This Md will contain we latest and nest in formation from the discoveries and possessions of tbe American, Spanish, Rnsoinn, British and rrench travellers and navigators and representing the cluinii of their rrsiwctive governments on the Northwestern coast of America. Tbe Map will include that portion of Aorth America, which lies between the Isthmus of l)a - rien, and ihe4UUj degree ol North Latitude, and from the Mississippi Kiver vtestwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In site the Map will he about six by five feet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to tbe inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fifteen dollars ach. Nutcbs, March 7, 1R18. ap7 tAul ST. CROLX RUM, SUGAR, Sic. 'pHE, cargo of tne brig ll.uard. Littleffeld, M. master, from St. Croix, ronsiMing of Rum, Sugar, and Rio de la Hatch Nicaragua Wood, now landing and for sVe in front of the subscriber's store, at Peck slip, ap 3 lw BESJ. D FOREST & CO. GREAT CHANCE 'fOR? READERS. THE subscriber having determined to giveap lb retailing Book - seihog Business on the first of May, offers lor sale, at reduced prica, his stovk of Books and Stationary on hand. This stock comprises a very valuable assortment o standard works in most branches of science and literature, amongst which are, Bibles, Jesta - raiuiiv Bible, in : and wor thv the attention of dealers or consumers. Also, an elegant assortment of btatiouary, ucu as pa cer, auills. wafers, wax, seals, sand boxes and folders. A great variety of pen and pocket knives, pocket booas and wallets, port imios, rulers, lead pencils, crayons, brurhei. Reeves1 and other colours, in every variety of form, draw ing paper, ink - stands, visiting and other cards, India ink, do. rubber, portable desks, tteelnens, lates. u miter's scales, mathematical initru menu, pocket ledgers and memorandum books, blank account dooks. vc. c. JOHN L. TIFFANY, 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel, ap f dfcc Saw3w FRUIT, FOREST TREES, c a 0i7 - BEiUJAMIN PRINCE Co. have for sale at their Nur - ur. I'luthinir Landine. ( L. I.) near New - York, their usual and iSA extensive variety of European jjif"iV and Ameiican r run ana urna - " M mental Trees. Also, a lareecol - Plauts ; they have several thou sand inoculated reach trees, HlWfc. . . I I. L. - . . 1 f r.n . ul i. ar, in ine moiincmuiv matv iuu ucci.uw any distemper, great attention has been paid to preserve uiem irum u, ""i r"." , , stroyed so many trees of that kind throughout the United States. Catalogues of which may he Ptarl - ntreet, New York, or at tlieir Nursery. Orders forwarded to either place will be iinme diately attended to, and the trees, &c. carefully and securely parked, so as to be sent to anv part of tlie United States, with tlie greatest safety, and delivered at Crane wharf, New - Y ork, by water free of freisht. ..,,, Also, forsale as above, 1000 lieautiful Balm ofOilead or Silver Fir Trees, they are almost sure to live transplanted. fr7 - As the great loss of Peach 1 ress by dis - eait, have delered many from planting them, directions will be given to those who punhane them, which if attended to, will enable them to preserve their trees in a healthy state, and to have Peaches in as great plenty as in former '".n'.'b. Peach trees inoculated on Almond or Plum torlit. is no preventative against the dis ease which tlie Pennsylvania Agricultural Society, call the yellows. bp 6 PA'Clw LI ilE BURNERS. WANTED three or four experienced lime burner", who ran be well recommended. To such coustaut employ and liberal wages will be given Apply to r.ZIH L.LUL.UVV, a Bcaver - sr. mch 25 DiCtf ; IMi(iErjllO, or SlU'R STOMACH, IS acknowledged by medical writers to lira complaint ol stubborn kind, and at all times very difli. ult of cure. This is suflu itiiMy illustrated in tnedisapiiointnient of those who unfor tunately suffer under it, as the), for tbe most part, find that alter having tried many things to littli. or no purpose, they arc at last ohiigid to use t lor perhbis the remainder of lift ) socb articles as cau at best but palliulv theditcnse. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of remo ving the. complaint, must surely be an article ighly deserving the attention ol all time who are uiQicted with it ; such a combination is in lie met with in DR. MEAD'S ANTl - DYsEI' - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the success ol which has never vet been eiiuallrd, for the cure of dysiepsi in its most complicated form, such as lost ol npi'e.Ule, nauiea, lieurt burn, flatulen cy, knavvini: nam in tlie stomach, iiaiu in the side, great costiveurss, pali.aess lu the mir,u - nauce, languor, icwneis ot sniriu, nam in tlie head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applit these pills iff the above disease, according to the directions, will never be disap pointed, as tliev have never betn once knowa to fail in producing a radical and permanent cure The use of a single box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove an sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralizing Ine acid, but by cor reeling that morbid state ol the secretions which gives rise to it, and at the same time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. Forsaleby - JOHN C. MORRISON, Druggist, No. 188 Greenwich - street. Where may he had, wholesale and retail, a large and gent.ral assortment of genuine Drugs and Medicines ; Surgeons Instruments; Apothe cary's Glass Ware ; English and American Patent Medicines. Also, Dyer's and Fuller's articles, Medicine Cheits, &c On liberal terms. 1 nh5 Sin Ail EATON'S II CM OINTMENT. HMIE long and successful use of this ointment J. is a sufficient recommendation, as it has teen found to be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all its sta 5rs. It is for sale in the city of New - York, by . A. U W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street I. & I Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; H. H. SchiefT' lin il Co. No. 19'J Pearl - street r Law - i cute U Ktese, No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hall Jt Howne, 1 16 Pearl street ; R. & L. Murray, 313 1'eail stn et t J. M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl - street ; John Pcnl'ord, No. 4 Fletcher - street ; Duryee Si Pee, in Pearl - street; J hn C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich street; John P. Fisher, 106 Broad way ; Wlter& Seaman, corner of Chamber - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; ami in short it may he procured at most of the Drug Stores in this ci'y Also in Philadelphia, of S. Withered I Sons ; George Hariell , North Si Rogers, and almost ad the druggists in the principal towns iu the United States. U HEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may he had at tlie above places. janSifim t OH S.iLIL. V COLOURED BOY - tbe time limited by law a smart, sober and industrious lad understands all kinds house - work, and taking care of horses ; also working on alarm or in a garden He is nineteen years of nge and of a ijood disposition. Any person that wants a lad possessing those qualifications, will get information at No 25 Bowery, rah 86 If ELIJAH WARD. ' PIANO FORTES. RMEF.TZ. 10 Maiden - lane, has just ree'd per ship Washington, from London, an assortment of piano - fortes, from the manufactory of Attor among which are very elegant cabinet pianos, with harp pedals, of superior workman rtip, well worthy the attention of those who wish to supply themselves with a good instrument. Also for sale, piano - fortes, of Tompkinson's and Uruadwood's make London, and F. rani's Paris, together with harps, and an assortment of the newest music. mh IS dlw&eod3w to Iht Vfficrri, Htldtert and Saiivrt of the Jirvo - luttonarg War. THE Officers and soldiers of the Revnlutiona - . J .1 i .J' i c: r . l - A. i j niuiT, biiu im viucer uu vaiioraui tlie Navy of the United - States, who served in the Revolution, can have their names placed on the Pension list of the United - States, according to tlie act of Congress, passed March 18, 1818, to provide for persons engaged in tlie land aud Naval service ol the United States dunng the Revolu tionary war, by applying to the subscriber. mit 31 3 JAftU F.3 BUCKMASTER, 91 Nassau - street TO FARMERS. FT, HE subscriber can furnish the farmen of JL the adjacent country with ground Plaster of Pens in any quantity, on the shortest notice, m barrels or otAarwue. JOH.f BTERS. Fab S3 tf Foot of Harruoo - st. N. R. k sak by JAMES G. KING & CO. Ho. 61 Piue strret, 5nrtrcii andcjiABAietAifAti ita - t .. TiJsai w. . ' . l EAVfcS ftewDurgneve - Ll ry Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings, ai three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, aionuceiio, uj White Lake. Coshecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Ge - nam. lounnanouiifua. Returning leaves Canandaigua every mon - Wednesday and Fil Jay mornings at three o'clock, ana arrives at newDurgn, iiicmiiu day In lime to take the Steani - boais wnicn arrive in Kew - York the following moniinK (XT' mo be expected Unit at all tmitvhen the ttuim boatt alter their dayt of running, Hull thit luu trill idler so ml to meet Hum. The whole route will be perfumed in three rlava. from the first of Mav. until the first of November and from the first of November until tlie fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four davs and from tlie 15th !) cembcr, un til the lificenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. 1irnperB travelling from New - York to Cahandaiirua.Nbirsraor Buffalo, can leave N York in the evenintr steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line is well furnithed with good, new carriages ; good horses, and careful and experienced drivers fcvery atten tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it i - believed that the accommodations on this line are enual to anv line in the state. fXj - FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua POURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a lint runs from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and'Paimed Post, to Bath, &c. owners. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the David Godfrey, Rloomingburh, K. C St. John. Mount P easaut. L. Si R. Manning, Chenango, iProprie - Luther Gere, Ithica, tors. Samuel Greenliff, Genera, Oliver Phelps, Laming, mh 14 d6in VALUABLE REttL ESTATE FOR SALE, 15 THE CIT1 Or KW - YORK. FIVE lots ol ground on the west side of Greenwich - street, between Vestry and Desbros - tes - streets, 25 by 80. Four do iu the rear of the above, fronting on the east side of Washington - street, 25 by 80. l4ght do in the block below, between Wash ington and Wctt - streetr. in Montgomery tjounty. 6OC0 acres ol Land in Lawrence's purchase, near East t'unada Creek, on tlie north side cl the Mohawk. . In Franklin County. 15.1C2 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. in r.siex lruiuy. 783. acres of Land in the town of Burrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1250 acres ol land in Casterland, Chassanir Purchase. Io Saratoga County. 2800 acres in Palmer's purchase. Enuuire at the office of the subscriber. 34 Ce dar street. DEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 If SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOYNG LADIES. MRS. DOWERING, now Mrs. Brown, has removed her well known Establishment from New - Y ork to Town, New - Jei - sey, not a quarter of a uulc Irom the public turn pike road. 1 he sanation ol the place possesses every adranta.e lor u Seminary ; and will ena bit her to reduce the price of board lunch low er thnncan be afforded in New - York. The branches taught, are. Orthography, English Grammar, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, with tlie use ol maps and globes. Astro nflwy, History, Blair's Lectures, Composition, music, rreiRh, tiotaoy, inu - isiry, Drawing in crayons, Painting in oil, on velvet, and in water - coiours, flam eewing. xvreaieworic on niusiia. Embroidery on silk and worsted, Fillegree, quadrille, urotto and wax - work, uilding and Japanning, with a variety oi ower lancy works, mh 19 Im 3 - - ' ii - - - LEPS ITCH UJXTMEsYT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy at out application, may be used with perfect safety on infants a week old, not coutainn; a particle ol mercury,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that offensive smell which attends the application of other remedies. The above medicines are prepared and sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, and sold by S. CARLE, cotnei of Fulton and Water - streets. Druggists and country store - keepers supplied on liberal term.'. Jan 29 li. .i ' - .M rtwOtv.r u, Ao. o. ..,v . - i. comer of Fulton - street, New - York, hav ing received a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day Si Martin, 97 High Hol - born, London, offers the same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or horn consumption, on terms the most liberal and advantageous to purchasers. This inestimable composition, with half the n - sual labor, produces a most brilliant jet black, fully equal to the highest japan varnish ; afford; pecdliar nourishment to the leather ; it will not soil the finest linen ; is perfectly free from anv unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtues in any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this blacking, it has stood the test and commanded the most extensive sale in all quarters of lb globe, for upwards of half a century. Feb 16 MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW. FOKBEd, No. 90 Broadway, one door . above Wall - street, respectfully informs hi? friends and the public that be continues to manufacture silver tea and tablu setts, church plate, ? - ooo, to:ks, ladles, waiters, urns, siphon, fish knives. Sic. Sic. of Uie htett and mot elegant pilten., if the first quality of silver and superior workmanthip, at the lowest prices for cash. All orders executed in a mteterly manner, and warranted in all cases at least equal to any articles of silver manufactured or sold in this city. In addition to his own manufactures, he has on hand an assortment of rich plated and fancy bard ware, which he will dispose of very low, consisting of candlesticks, cake baskets, castors, bottle castors, snuffers and trays, plated on steel, a very superior article; elegant pen. pocket and sportsman's knives, with a variety of articles not enumerated. mch 30 lm PLASTER OF PARIS MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harrison - itreeL North - River. JU ERE manufactured Plaster, forcorni - V V is sua ower purposes, may be hart, war ranted of the first quality, h ant dollar and tietn - ty fire rents per buthel. I be mauuiartorr is conducted by Mr. John QJHEET1NGS 8 hales Flemish Sheetings, for Tucker, who has served a regular apprentice ship to the inasoo business. tut) Zl JOHN 8YER3. f POST CHAISE. - sVmss A . . . A POST CHAISE will leave .ew lorn every day (Sunday excepted) at ball past 5 in the morning by way of Nf wark, only six passengers admitted, and arrive in Philadelphia the same, evening. Fare tluough. J8 i' The new Steam Boat Line Experiment, win leave New - York every day fSunday excepted) .i h,.ir..i..i 9 r.i, ,u i in the SIpboi Boat Atalan - arnwe at Fl iUdt - luhia the m - xt llaV at 4 o'clock, by the Steam Boat iETNA from Bristol Puhi i!i,nui,li r. Hntlar Ji rnl,. . o.v - 1 . " r, w - Vw For Seals in the nhove lines, a Chaise Stage and steam Bout Oluce (p - All goods and baggage at the risque of JOHN N. GUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK ti SONS, Priuceton. C'lYi'ITOM Ir Unill l I,lu'i,l,in jy. B. Kxprettei tent to any pari of the - Union. up O BY WAT OF roWLEB - HOOsl at the Post O D .1 r, 1 19 uiuau POST C'ACH LINK sum I'lJlLADhLP iilA iMroaranY to pAbBKwcEna. Nocoeaection with the port chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. A NEW Linnoi Post Coaches with every con l venience for paswigers and baggage, on Springs 11IKUUOI1 l.i Ittb OAs. The Post Coach w ill start from the Coach of lice, old No. 1 Court kind - street, N. York, even morning, (Sundays excepted) at six o'clock, by wny of Newark, New - Uruiistvick, Prince - Ion, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia thesmne evenim;. United States Mail Conch, with a guard, with every convenience lor passengers and huggagc, on springs. I lie V. S. niiil conch will starl trout the couch ofixe, old No. I Courtlamlt - strret, Neu York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock Only 6 naeSL - ngers admitted. For seats in the above namtd Lines, apply to i ritis, win rr ifcCD, m the old estaoiisnea Coach, btaze and Steam Boat office, at the eld No. 1 Courtlandt - stiret, the second office from Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. UOlJO RICH & CO. No. 1.4 Broadway, corner cl Ce dar street, New - York. ftT - AII goods and baggage at the ntk or the voir. JOSEPH LYON, SONS A' CO. ow N. B Expresses sent to any part ol the C on THOMAS VHITFIELD. mh 2S JVOtl JII Ktr EH sTEsiJSl liOA YS. The Chancellor Living ston will leave New - York run Saturday, the 28th inst. lat 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 r. m. ana Albany on tunic days at 9 A. M. until further notice, mh 25 'Ul r. aUUJWJ S TEAM bU.i T - LIJVE The proprietors, with f .......... i it a TtIW - if public, by extending the line I," .orwicn, lining making (he expeinueut with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and this route (if fnuud practicable) will lie continued during the season. The line will in future he from New Yoik to Norwich, as follows: I he Connecticut, (apt Hunker, will leave New - 1 ork every Monday, IVciinttdufi and Friday, ot 8 o'clock, in the morning, tor New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt Law, will leave Jforwxch at 6 o'clock in the morning ol' the same days, touch nt A'ew London mi,l depart irom thence lor jYeio tlaten at B o'clock. The boats will meet at Atse Uaren, and depart from thence every Monday, Wednesday anil t'riday,all o'clock in Uie evening the Connecticut tut Sf eta YorK, aud the Fulton I'm New - London and JS'uiuuh. Dili 17 S'i EAM BOAT FOR SALE. Jir For ale. a well finish - ieT Steam Boat, of stualt swt,i Kill vuii V bsuio llAi SWlFl SUIU; MAIL COACHES, roa rmLADixmiA, da iv to dinner. mt, t , , w rue, with t cabins, and ca) 4v'7'7 1 1 1 n tori n o sptr nnt'onianl aKBBfav gssi s - 14 t vsM e 1 VfUiii.jiwii - ly about sixty passengers - Her hull is of the lies I tinilier, and she is copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to be put into a hoe oi ruoning immediately. She draws but thirty - two inches of water, and from the advantageous construction other machinery, can be worked at one half the dnily expense of steam - boats in general She will be sold a great bargain, if applied for shortly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of inh20t! ISAAC G. OGDKN K CO. ttrr Leave New - York I evey morning (Sunday's cx rcepted) at 8 o'clock, and ar - 'rive in thiladeiphia next The pthlick house are good, and reasonable in their charges. The drivers, horses and Coaches are not inferior to any others now running between these two cities. Tbe beautiful country, and the excellence of tlie roads on this rout, connected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable xpences, are heleived to be strong inducements ia travellers in giving this line a decided prefer ence. I he strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unless insured and receipted for by the clerk ol said orace. Stage tare only 35, with a gei.erous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the ioacn on reasonauie terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting r or seals apply at o. a uourtiandt - irreet, New - York. LYON, SONS, 4: CO. ap 8 Proprietors. C.V70JY LLE. i o. i it 1 L A D E L P H I A . Twenty - five miles land carriage, via .New Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coaches $5 , Do. good stages, . 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck pasen;cr 3 50 ' Connected by the steam boats OLIVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Sundays excepted, from the north side of the Hatla. ry, at.ll o'clock A. M. Pr sscngcrs will lodge at 1 renton, and take the steam - boat Philadel phia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore steam - boats. This line has a connection with (he best bouts on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as also those of the North River and Sound; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This it speedy and certainly the most convenient rout, as tne parsengers will leave New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Phila delphia be lor the hours of business, without fa. tigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriare being much les than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in the above line npply to WILLIAM B JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar. . ketCeWl - street, north side of tlie Battery, be twern Greenwich li Wahington - streets. or to The CAPTAIN oo board. CO - All goods and bnggage at the risk of tbe owner. ap 4 HOLLAND DUCK, for sale by OHS L.OUOE.N,uod ADR. OGDEN, ap ? Washingloa - i'.rect. A iikiniii P - bnelOMiir how tocUik. , tween things that !.ir, "as OCTOR.HORNE.foruieV', ofth - city f tZioil . : j " - js u auiU Jy to repeat soa,eoo.ratwu th abuse of MERCUavTv J S - Ota Uve of infiuits. mischief hiuuiw iuiscnier i iwi sands are annually mercurialised out ofext!" eote. rhe disease we have in ,'Xjl tal results chiefly to this source. What a nit 1 "" u'an, U liopei or his COBatr. - , iuuiu ue Ullrl., . wav from all Jhe oroanerla r,,l . - by the consequence, of one ungVaVdo and hv a disease unt in it n - .mctl which only proves so from neglect or im7, treatment.". A gwnt!emap(late tietit) now perfectly hearr and well, S li under physicians of geueij practice, aiiw!? ami repeatedly salivaW d ;. wUn recouJSt Dr. U. (by a gentleman pf tl.i, cityTbt weie carious, and his flesh dropping from ti bis friends declared be could not possiblvur! t wo mouths longer. Thouaands exper.Wnh - l! kimw with what ease and safety Dr. H it I1 cates tlie severest cases, and cocfirms the'conl" lution. Tbe Doctor's plan (advertising) T , , i y .wiw tliaf BfflttM, .1 n.ercury, aud other fatal delusions, held forth Prrsona, therefore, having contracted a vato disorder, or suipectini latent poison. udinnniahftdnot to tnninr ifl, kr .."r tion, or conceal the disorder, tilt part reco. ry ; others having tlie remains of an old cL j" or other impurities of the blood, as well u ntk! er complaints of a delicate nature, in to their consciences, by making annli - Tr to Dr. II. at bis ol'd and wffct3S? Iislunent, No. 64 Wattr - .treet, fourhoii i ol Old - slip, to obtaintiiat prompt assistaiMa lone ca'xulatcd to prevent disclosure. And bt let n.e claim your serious attention RemcBih, a sujierficial cure is no cute at all; unless then, sihtssis radically done, you will tertuiDlv hava 'he disorder break out again with redoahfed ma lijnity, at some lulure period ; perhaps then will r iwuHt ivi itiiucuji, tsiju i yuu oiien meet it . .... - j j uiien meei is Uie streets miserable, mutilated beinga, witkni I beseech you. j VA It fill Cll jil K HV ll 7OA. ! warning, 1 1 r I Ps. rlinrnrfpp for abill mA i 7 :. : ""wn lnw - " J being - uiiiversally known in this city, hoc ItHMjguaranlee to patients that delicacy and a recj hitherto unknown, aud having couuned hit ir:w .ice forjears past, exclusively to thecureol h'it ascs ol tlie blood eysNai. tliey mayaaftlycal - i uiate on the most decided advantages in tea. ulting Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in tw or three weeks. Strictures removed without bougies tv any oilier instniiiient ; and all debilities j likewise ail old ulcerations, fistula's fci, A plurality oi" offices are prorided, and so sifs - uted that patients are not exposed toeach otner's hserv&tion. Ope n till half past 9 in the eveuing. pciainie ,.uin trucu aic luviua V Qe Irfct II ailing, and speaking with Dr. H. which is ires i A cost. And here the Doctor citnoot avoid Um kXpreision ol gratitu.!e for innumeruble lecoui - uii.ndations, and forlhc decided preference fit is picsumed Willi jutlcaust) long given him byi .ulit'.ious public. . N. B. Ail letters must be postpaid. Dr. Buchaoan. Aug 27 1 DR. EVANS' ...owioi .method of curium a certain Didease, isnowunivo sally acknowledged in this city ; his mode of treatment u perfectly mild, sale, ei peditious, and his chargii reusouable. la every ii "iire he warrants a can, and will return uie pay UU does not pcrforn agretiol to contract. There are many persons in this city and its vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrota or sings evil, ueiuias, disease or uie reuirs, bladder and kidnies, old complicated compamui of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rheumatism, tec. which they consider ine a. rable, they can certainly he cured fin general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Mo, 9, Peck - slip, having practised in extensive hospitals in Europe it years, under tome of th first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, aa made those obstinate diseases his constant stad for 30 year. Oct It ITT3 The subscriber bavins recently returned from England with an important improvement oa the artificial spring LEG, he takes this method of informing his friends and the public, that all those who are so unfortunate as to be in want f a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. i Jan ?1 Wll. PURVIS. pr WHEATON k DA VIS, Fancy Cbair Alaaufac Jurers, No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St. Tauls Church offer for sale, wholesale sd retail, a large and elegant ss - sortment of Corld Msple, plain painted and ornasMal - ed in gold St bronre, Bsssboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Recking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas, SeUses. Louugees, Music Stools, Sic, ' : Orders from any part of the continent execttts with neatness and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornameatea. mh 9 JfEW nHESSWtt ROOM.' , AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - street jastrs - . turned from Italy, has the honour to rater" tlie gentlemen, tliat he cuts and dresses It the Ulest sty le, and in a manner so as t adopt it to the phisiognomy. He has for sale a 1BMJ" ty of RAZORS ofthe first quality, if they W not please on trial, the purchasers aie at ot'2 to return them, and receive the money. He w likewise procured a very fine cone, aao nit, to estore raxors to a very keen e' they not cut he wiB , receive no Tho genliemen who may please to boa"'J with their patronage, may deendoo.the paKicular and respectful attendance. - N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by the qosr - ter will have thoir r4Torsc. kept ticlusiUij for themselves. 1 ' " . ' ; P. 8. A c'jod jWrcytttan wanted. W as above. - ' - "'mhtL EOR SALE, tf i rpilE CIRCULATING UBRARY, 133 F - X ton - street, neir Jsroadway, consisting extensive and choicu collection or bistort, vels, voyages," biography, rmtiaBces, svovei tales, plays, reviews, magafines.fcc. - Catahigue may be examined at - the whfeb is open for subscribers, as oseal. NEW - YORK : - ' ' . PRINTED JIXD PCBLIS1IED ' X1CHJ1F.L PURXUAXk CO - No. 4 Piirg - STRit".

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