The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 9, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1818
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SELECT BOARDWO SCHOOL. ' - "'Vf - .T - iva vacancies I in the a,B"l' . VaM POVVKLL'9 School (I, in r County JtuiipfOWE1! i. ft! to ename t Mu.""r for c a res.oneble i Kbl i.he number of Peril, li. S tre.troentof the most liberal km J "li ii h.hi nt uteful and DO Coleze ile time. liioitccl, ,l polite li - - TM louowiBj . fefaturearetauguijvi Greek, French, English Grammar, History, Composition, Writing,. Arithmetic, tni2!. - .A in.iiiuiiomof the Malhem&UCS, RC. kind . Jfcr greater advantages, whuthr they re, .. I in morn igard ana . , nr mmct and eentle man - JI Wtnicnt. Tlie Farfonaee in which the ' Ptmils re accommodated, it commodious, reti - fram ixtiM oieasauuv unu - u. New York ii about seventeen ruilei ; to : - - i ... . mnA iv cornn which corumunica' mere i wnojiiim". - - - . tioa. For further particulars application i.A - may pr mauo iu T S Plarbaon. Esq. Or. Wilton, Columbia College C D. Colden, F.tq. T. A. Emoiet, Esq. C M'Evers, Esq. Wm.Bayara.juo. A. Schcrmerhorn, D2m4w - ap 5 vra uii.F .. j flirt, that can J. do all kinds of hr.use - work and cook i uch ai ii Decenary lor a lamny, r ... public boaie. She understands cooking ol . k..r.i.k x - r and would he a valu ! (or a ovi aluahle acquisition to an public bouse , a prelerem fereoi would be given to any person keening me i 9 lame, I other na than the want of a matter, r or further particular!, inquire at the corner of Broadway ' "i t i MaihiI fiwinl. IV. B. She iold at ber own request. ap9 tf TaAD3 AVE ft FLOW EH PAltfJllsQ m ii ii ui a 1. 1., nimil rf the celebrated Geo Y Miller, of Dublin, Teacher of Landscape . ...... ii .. and Mower rainung, urawing irom nwurr, Characteristic, Foliage, ftc. ftc. For terms, apply at No. 44 Nassau - street ; where speti - JBfnsoi mi worainiar ucircu. . W. G. WALL hope, fromhii ttyle of painting, method of teaching, and a atrict attention (o the dutii't of bit prolcitn, to merit a contm ance of thoie favours he hat so amply received. , ap9Sw sfJjT The house in Hudson - square, lately occuuied bv John R Munav, Esq. It is spa cious and elegant, and possessed of every requisite convenience. Possession may be had immediately tor terms, appiv to MAJOR & GILLKSPIR, 79 (up stairs) Pii e - street. N. B. The above prop, rty ill be sold to any one desirous to purchase, and the payment made convenient. - p 9 TO LET, The spscious 4 torv fire proof store, at t e loot of Liberty street, lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray & Sons. Possession to be given on the first Mhv neit. For terms, apply to MAJOR k t.lLLEspiE, ap 9 79 (up stairs) Pine - street. GfaluobU properly for tale The building uiul lot comer of Front and Dover - st reels, late the property of Thomas Brown, deceased, containing in bredth on Front - strevt, 'J 4 feet, and on Dover - street, 8.5 feet. From the inpro ement of property in the neighborhood it may be considered a most , advantageous situation. The terms will be made easy, for which, apply to GEO W. BROWN, ap 9 lw No. 10 Roosevelt - st. PROPOSALS, . by BEHiAMi owrjr tiler. For pablif hiug by pit bsr.ription, a splendid edition of the srci.ARATioN or AMERICAN I S V E P E .N L E C E. COI'lEl) from the original in the Secretary of State's Odice, witli the t ac Similes ol (he iignatures of all thotr patriotic defenders of Liberty who signed it, 41 nt n time that tried inenV . souls," and mutually pledged to each other their i.iBtt, their Fortunes, and their sacred Honor in support it. It is a fact, which very few are aware of, thnt . there has never been a correct copy of this im - portant document published. In ttie original it is headed thu : "In July 4lh. 1176. The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen Unittd Stalrt of Jimertea." But in the Journuls of the old Congress (ns well as several other inaccuracies, omissions, tic. from which oar printed copies are taken) the preamble is thus printed A Dec - , larntion of the Kepresentatittt qf the Unittd mates of America in Congrest attemblti.n It must be obvious to every one, that an authentic copy should be published, as it is an important state paper, from which mare pub - ' Ik pood has emanated than any other evor composed by man. The object of the present pub - lkation is to present to the American people a correct and elegant copy of that instrument, which secured to their faUiers a deathless name, and to them extends liberty and havntrvu. Is it a concern unworthy the descendants cf those sages who declared us rait, ana ot U.ose v Iiroks who achieved our Independence, to make , the charter of their freedom t decoration fnr the parlour or an ornament for the drawing room i As such the publisher designs it, that every American who duly appreciates the va - '' lue of liberty and indrpenJetict can point his children to it, and say "there .hangs the pledge which secured your Uberly and rescued you from the jaws of tyranny." The publisher, in order to chre it its Droocr construction and emphasis, has been particular to copy every capital as in the original; observing the same punctuation, ana execatea the emphati - cai woras in a great variety ot ornamental bands, and is not onlv a correct conv. hut an elegant specimen of penmanship, and engraving designed and executed by the publisher, (a native American,) in the most beautiful manner after liiestyleof bis Eulogy to the me mory of ttie illustrious Wisiu koto n, and en graved by Peter Maverick, esq. of New - York, acelebrated engraver, (also a native American) in whose hands it has been several mouths ; the whole being truly American, and worth v the patronage'of every friend of liberty and the - Rie - hts of Man." The foilowinu certificate of the hon. Richard . Kusb, at that time acting secretary of state, (written by him,) with the seal of the secreta ' ry of state's office attaclied to it, will be en - paved on the plate in a fac simile of Mr.Rush's asnd writing, as a testimony of its authenti - V"J - . . . Department of State,) v. - . ... kept. 10. 1317. I - The foregoing copy of the Declaration of In - ' dependence has been collated with the original . instrument and found Correct. I have myself waminea tne signatures to each. Those exe - - tuted bv Mr. Tvler. are curiously exact imita twns, so much 'so, that it would be difficult, f not impossible, fur the closest aerutinv to oVmiptsh them, wre it not for the hand of ""e, from the originals. - RICHARD RUSH. "".' COHBITIOSS. TVs erand natvo - .al publication is now en Paring on aiplale 24 by 30 iiKhes, the same 'e is the original, and Jnery to subscribers in will be ready tor de - April next, at five dot per copy pay .ble on delivery. A few eonir, wAl h ntnntct nit lufrhmmf u A, l I - r , i ZiA ' "ose 'no prefer them will please to uie i - ord parchment tn tneir names. 7 H athmrlon. Feb. 12. . Subscriptions received by Mr. CRANE, Lk np Glass Store, Broadway where .mg u to dc seen. P9 St TIIE Aaalectle Mafailut for April, jud re ceived by ' W. B.GILLE7, 93BroaJway. Also, Cuvier's The 7 of the Earth, to which ii added (be Geology " North America, by pro fessor 6am'l. Ih WlU Jipnce 3 .w, Cappe's iermons, to which is prefixed the life of the author, I vol. ovo. price $2. Tales of Wonder, of Humor and of Sentiment, 2 vols, price Rob Roy, fiue copy, ft, coarse, $1 75. Maimers, $2; Alandeville, f la. ap9 PLENUIU LOTTERY. MILFORL AND OWF.CO ROAD LOT TERY. WILL commence drawing io the short period of one mnntii, nnd will be completed in 20 drawings. 1 oe nrst arawa number will be entitled to $5,000 This is the best Lottery in America : it contains only 10,000 tickets, and the followiug brilliant priies 1 i rue 01 o,ooo uonars 1 S 1o 3o 14o of 35,ooo Dollars ' of Io,ooo Dollars of 5.000 Dollars of of of l,ooo Dollars Sr.i Dollars loo Dollars 32oo of 3o Dollars 0 - TICKETS and SHARES for sale by 136JBroaiivay. who sold more prizes in the last Lottery than . At - .IT I, I . et tuiy uuirr "im e m nronuivHy. apzi O ROADCl.OTHS Ai KERSEYMEKES. - 4 I J bales assorted Broadcloths 1 do do Kerseymeres, for sale very low by J. M'CRACKAN, ap7 3t 82 i - t Pearl street. LANDING Iruiu 011 hoard of the sioop Ntw York. at Crane wharf, nnd lor sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, 55 Pine - street. 21 bales Horse Hides 9 pipes Gin, from thfCranstnn Distillery, reirmrtarily one navor Dealer are reu'ieitea to examine the quality, which will be found equal to any innnufacturrd in thif country. ALSO; IN STORE. 143 rhests Hjim Skin tea, of the London I raders car;o 50 do Souihor.e do Nanr.y's cargo 10 wh( le, 15 h ilf and i0 qr. chests Bohea tea ol the Truuiliull's caigo 2H 5 cntty boxes Guniiowder 14 5 da do Imperial, Huntress' cargo fiO irnxn old t':t?tile boap ' 150 do Sweet Oil 2 chpi'S Sistertoys 2 bales Mirzupnre Carpets 1 case blue, 1 do company yellow Nankins 5i4 tiiio Seaskii.s 70 doz. NutraiUins 20 bhfls C opperas up 7 NEW GOODS, and CHE P. AMES SDYDAM Junr. Ao. U7 U'illiara - 1 stri tt, otl'ers for sale by the fieck nr at re tail, a gencrMl assortuK - ut ol iresh imported dry toods, all of whkh he will dispose of chiup lor cash : ihy consist 01 Keal Aanain crapes, tilack and elegant colors, Canton Crapes, do d 22 yds. Nankin and Canton Crupe 8 - 4 Shawls 8 - 4 Merino Shawls, black, white, Irmon, rcar - Mt riuot - 4 Ildkfs. white and colors let, tic. Mens and women's best Cotton and bilk Hose Do do heaver and kid Glovs Irish Linens, Sheetings, Bird Eye Diapers Long Lawns, Diaper and Damack Table Cloths and Nap - . kins, ol all sizes, suierior fabric and warranted bleach Sarsnet Cambric, Jaconet, Mull, and Cambric Muslins Fine large Cravats; do with colored borders Figured Mulls, Whincts, and One Book Mui - lins Patent aud steam - loom Cotton Shil lings Marseilles Quilts and fine fringed Cradle Covers Counterpanes, plain anil fringed, of all sires New Ginghams and rich Furniture Chintzes Fiue Furniture and Balloon Dimities 6 4 super Cambric Dimity and Corded Cambrics Best Italian black, and Double Florence Silks Plaids and plain colors of do. Satins, Levantines. Florentines Elegant Rihbons, Pins, Tape". Threads 4c. With almost every article of the trade. ap7 lw DEARBORNS PROPORTIONAL BALANCES for weighing from 300tn200U lbs with apparatus complete, just received from the Patentee, and for sale on his terms, by CEBRA at t UMI.U, ap 7 76 1'earl street. Cl Ul blNZOIM, riOKAA kc 2 cases Gum J Binsoin, 5 do Borax 1 do Gum Copal 6 bales Senna Leaf, Just received, and for sale by 11URD k SEWALL, ap 7 gouin - sireei. OLIt LONDON PARTICULAR TENE RIFFE WINE. 5 quarter casks nearly equal to Madeira 2 do dry Lisbon, with a general assortment of first quality Teas and Groceries very old Jamaica spirits, Irish Whiskey Old Peach, Cognac Brandy, and Holland Gin Fish Sauces, Dutch Herring, English Bacon and Split Peas Double Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese Very superior American and Pine Apple do London Brown Stout and American Porter Hams, Sliou.ders and Smoked Beef Cordial, Stoughton Bitters, Demijohns Larsre Bottles and Bristol Ware. Abo, a small assortment of earthen and glass ware. For sale cheap tor cash, bv EDW. BLACKFORD, 157 Greenwich - street. A few quarter boxes of good Spanish Segara. p7 6 OCY TilES 33doi. lor sale by O JAMES D'WOLF, Junr, ap7 57 Front street. M OLASSES, SUGAR, COFFEE, tic 145 hnrtf. 13 tierces and t buis. gooa re tailing Molasses 75 hhds. and 32 bbls. Muscovado Sugar 21 boxes white and 21 do. brown do 12 bMs and 35 bags prime Green Coffee, i.nnuina; 11 jurriio. iz, r.. rv. iruui ungrw.iur, Iroru Alatanzes lor sale by ap6 GOODHUE ii CO. 44 South - st. plTCK, He. 410 pieces 1st quality Russia Af ijuck, part u a mark. 1389 sides sole Leather 6 cses Flags and Bandannas 1 do real Madras Hdkfs 3 bales Badai 14 bottles Oil of Roses, landing and for sale Dy GOODHUr. a ap 8 44 South - street RUV1. SHEETINGS and CANDLES. 5J noxes Mould Candles CO li'li Ruiitia Sliptinri 10 hhds. N. E. Rum, landing at Coenties - nip, and lor te y ap 6 JOSEPH OSBOR.V, 28 South - st L'LUUNCE COLEit ET l a for sale oj C MARCH It LOW, ap 1 210 Broadway, rilOHACCO. 5 hhds. Richmond iobacco, A superior quality, fir sale by ap 7 HURD tt SEW ALL. . I USKE i's. 49 cases Frearh Muskets, 01 .V I superior Quality, with brass pans, selected with particular care, just ree'd per Sachem from Antwerp, ana lor sale by HURD SEWALL, p 3 65 Sooth - street. SEINE TWINE ft COD EINES. SO bales London Seine Twine 30 bates Loctloo Cod Lines, just received by the shin M ioerva Smyth, and for tale by BOOKMAN ft JOHNSTON, sp J 57 South - street Fr CHARLESTON, The staunch Cist tailing tchr LOUISA, W. Napier, master, will sail on Friday next. For pareage only, having good accommodations, apply uo board at Pine - st. wharf, or to BAUL, npfl , 9S Pine - sl. For FHFAUH Tt CH 4HT&R, ' The British ship HALIFAX PACK. ET, Capt. J Clark ;expected off Sandy Hook in 19 or 15 days, about 3500 bbls. win take a Charter from Aew - York orBosto.i, to a port in the Irish Channel, if agreed for before tne tutu 111st. Apply to A. C. BUCHANAN, ap 8 2t 21 Broad - street. For bale. Freight or Charter, The brig HAZARD, Littlefield, master, 150 tons burthen, single deck and well calculated for earn ing stock or lorn ber. For terms, apply 011 board, at Peck - slip, or to JOSEPH O - BORN. ap 7 23 South - street. For Liyt.liPOUh, The f ist sailing brig HOPE, Arnold, master, being under an engagement to sail on Sunday next, can accommodate, se veral passengers, having handsome accommodations. Apply on board at Pine - st. wharf, or 10 GitloWOLOa & COATES, ap 7 '68 South street On Wedntday, 1 5th ins t. will be sold, without reserve, the bns PANTHER, as sue arrived from Canton. AaiJ brig was built in JVjcQJoru, in 1815, by tlie first rate workmen, In the best manner, and of the best seasoned ma terials ; it copper fasteucd, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 28 and 26 oz. copper, and rigged and fitted with a large armament in the most complete and ample style Said vessel has ueiivncu iu ;uiu uiuci ut'di uou ium ui uiiic .l - l: 1 : .1 t , - . ?aa . - 1 ri,: - . goods, and it is presumed sails as fast as any vejfj tel in tne unueu otatei. 1 ier lengtn on ucck is 120 feet: breitdlh, 29 feet 9 inches; 11 feet 9 inches hold, and 5 feet 6 inches between decks ; and measures 4U0 toui1. For further partiuulars, apply to HOPES WARM, ' 41 Central - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1C. 1 8. ap7 1w The tine f:mt saihne bnir KKN I UC - yiXL KV.IIKI I K. )o.linll. m:iviri : now lo;uliriir. und havinir 2.;1U of her curi'o reailv ,j , - - - - - - - - . 1 . - to ini on board, will be dispatched w.thoui do - lav. For ti eight or pasag. - , apply om hoard, in iroiit me hUDScrmei s sioi e, or 10 G. G. to 8. HOL LAND, ap 6 77 Wa5hine;tiiii - tre:t. Fur Frtixjii or Cliarttr, A4 Thesrhr PALATINE, beyrnion, will gi!wltak a freiit or i harti - r lor au eai - tf i or MHJihera port, ii application ii inada inmiedi - attly to WL5ll ti G AI. I. AG ID. it, ap3 61 Si,inh - stret. For IA.'I A, (To sail positively n thf 12th.) The MINERV A - . - .Vl VTH. capt. Allen, Wilt t oiumrnre loading on Monday 1500 bbls (lour or 200 bale ol cotton ran he taken ob freight, aim' a few more p;ix rnor can he aixoin - motlated, ifappl'rntion i made to capt. Allen on board, at Pine - stn - . I wh:nf, or to KCU : GRACIE 4r SONS. Vi.) hi - c tor kale, 27 ca?et t'talhii. copper, 24, 2G, 28 aud 30 ounce 100 ml' HiMwrt' poi trr ap 3 . tt., .. ST I 41H V - . Ili4 A good irllU' hound to the East In - JZilcdies. will take 2300 barrels floui. or an equal bu'.k of grain, tn MafWira Ai Toe - rifle, if application is made immediately, at 67 fcouth - sti eel. to . ap 3 CA vIBRELENG & PEARSON. Alexandria, Georgetown ic Washington 1 ilv. The sloop Vlt 'lORV, J. Somers, master, now re. dy to receive fi eiurht and willbcuispatcheu immediately horwlncli or paKaage, upply to the master on board, east side Peck - slip, or to DIV1K Kl'.THU r. tc Co. ap 2 92 Coirce - house - slip. For tl.iHiE. The packet ship KUKICON, llol - dredirc, matter, is now loadinir at Jones' wharl, and will sail about the 15th instant. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to POTT ft M'KINNE, np 2 56 Houth - st. for A . OliLt.ASD, yilf The good ship LAGU1RA, to sail on iLjlSiinday next Four more passengers, and a lew tons freight, will betaken, if immedi ate application is made to Si. Li. ii G. lilUS WUL.U, ap 2 r.6 inuih - it. For MU , ILE and bL.iKE.LV, The fast tailine regular packet tchr SANDUbKY, Capt. Weeks, 120 tons, having considerable freight already engaged, will meet with despatch, - or the remainderor passage, having handsome accommodations, ap ply on 00a r a west siae ma - sup, or to : rtL.ll.tx9K II r.riKICK, ' wpl 29 Coenties - slip. . For H.tVRF.. '4i The fine coppered Jiip MARIA - THF. - 5?lRr.SA. Skidd t. master! havinv th pnocqial part of her Cargo engaged, will meet immediate Qupaicn. ror ireignt or iuu raies cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, ap 1 .77 Warhington - st. DOMESTIC ft OTHER WARES. "HE subscribers keep constantly on hand an L extensive assortment of the following goods, vis : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads . Crumb Brushes Brooms ' Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ft Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Pools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 rosy Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmith! Hall ann Entry Mats rails and 1 uis Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whins of every de srription Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baleing and ball J wine Fish Lines Shoe Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan ces, Le, wrought and cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. ccuka iu.tii.u, ap 4 79 Pearl - street Mllsk't'TM FOWLING I'l LCI'S. JSi . F lure k na a av srv sv. I r t ' rifo a uun - lliuuoAAU .Tnj. - n.t - 1 o, ana two boxes fowling pieces, enutltd to ueben' A boxes well assorted rlanware 3 ceroons flotant lndigo( and . A few pieces superfine Cloth, for tale hr J. C. ZIMMERMAN, ap 7 I as 72 W ashington - st rC IVORY, BEESWAX, ftc 12,6tX lb. Bees WAV 1000 do Ivory, and a few dried liidee, just received ana ior saie uv SMITH, ULANCHARD ft CO. an 3 1 So. 35 Burling - slip. HESDEMD TALLOW li HIDES. a FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, . and 2000 SlaugWred Hides, for sale. - Applyto T. GIBBONS, Fly - Mailut ttalltf G OODIIUE s CO. 44 SouUi - ttreet, cftr tor fMle, 100 bales Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting of Aiiabad and luckipore baft as Fouahnd und kyrahad choodacaries Aiiabad, kyrabsd and lowberpore eniertiet) Beerboom gnrraht Aliabai. foixabad, aodjoicingpore tnsmoodies Chaaally, fortabaj, mowdaher and snuCKa Mow saunas, seersuckers saw us Mull mull muslin commuze Madrass pattern and lolrhee bdkfs. 4(10 pieces flag hkfs. uu no oannannat do 80 do lunees do 120 do real madras do 425 bales East India cotton 1000 bags gii ger 1020 do sugar 500 do salt - petre 1(1 do do icfined J - entitled lo drawback. 3000 patna goat tkins ; BMW Madras da do 6tl bags niutard teed ; 3HUU tunny nags 700 pieces Rusiin duck, part u X 50 boxes bwedinh window glass 10 hah s jalap ; 6 casks senna 125 boxes twiet oil 1 1 rases Italian It tter paper 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - London particular Madeira back 10 casks Turkey red Wine 7 cases French Braver Hats Russia Feathers, Spelter Block Tin, Copper bolts 14 hottlet real Turkey oil of Roses each bottle entitled to drawback, separately 145 blnls Molasses 75 hhds. ? ,. j c... 3f bbls i "'utu augai 21 21 boxes white J Sugar do brown baK. I Pri"e Green Coffee ap 8 5t lKESH TEAS, SWEET OIL &c 8 chests V each 20 21b canisters Gunpowder 1 ea 3 do 20 3ll do do do 3 do 20 31b do Imperial do 3 do 20 21b do Hyson do All nf forw mnpn'rir fiimlitv. Yonn - r Hi son Tea of superior quality in 20 rutty hones Hyson, Hyson Skin and Young Hyton inchests Hi lliill ilicsis ijouf nnng in KM) hatki't fifth Sweet Oil. larer bottles 25 b xes French White Wax candles, fine quality 80000 siiiH - iune Velvet Corks, in bags of 1000 Forsaleby A 12ININGER it SON, 12 Maiden Lane. ALSO, 30 superior Double Glostcr Cheeses, ap li I v I K'i: TOHACCO. 20 tierces piimeuuw II RiccHnd 24 htuls prime Georjiia Tol nrco, for sale by npft 98 Hine street. I A K K.. 17 hints (Quercitron Bark, of prune I J quality, forn.l hy Gi!isw)LnstcovrF.s, an t 08 Smi'I: ln et. 1 i. II.XGKE I.UV.AI.LS - 2'(0 pncit, jut re J reived, .nd lor ul ly ap8 HURD &: SEWALL. 6: So.i ti - '. I I a , on' K' iiH.l - e, ai;dig Ii on; fhy CLJ nerta - ?unth, at Pine - ctreel, for by klH AHCIID GHACIF. ft ."ONB. f (r B 1 jtt: 'r i jfiiii.W ll lt.. - J J a V " miHidics aud Gurrabs ju?t ree'd. and for sale by r. 11 x - a nimi.Avn. ap 8 77 Wahini?ton - st. jf ARBLE TILES. 1700 13 - iii'h quare IT J. marble tiles, will be sold low from the rharf, by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, ap 8 77 Washington - street. Ql ERCI I KON HARK 30 bbds. of very - MU!li,fer1Hr7Wf.Arin. ap 8 "7 Washington street cariNDOW GLASS 100 hoses Window V V Glass, 6 by 8 to IO hy 14, of sop quality, lor sale oy nunuiorinanii, an H 65 South street II EMP and YARNS St. Pelersbnrgh Clean 11 New Hemp, and Kentucky Yarns, in lots to suit purchasers. For tale on accommodating terms, hy TUCKER ft CARTER. np 8 1 w 69 Soutii - ttreet. oui'fcttr Lr. ni.Mifcs. - a l'w naies . - pon - O vet, of tiiperior quality, and large size, for tale very low, ny ii 'n.AC - r.rt.i, p8 3t 82 12 Penrl - ntrect. b' ASHION ABLE BUTTONS. 2'Bset Fashionable, plain Buttons, for sale low, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, BpOtlt 8i 1 - 2 PertH - strvet. I I ARDWARE ft CUTl.l - K V A lew casks I I nfntlv nMnrlH hiriuinehum and hhfffield goods, for sale on the lowest lei ins by jnu, lYi - ctiAcn - An, ap 7 3t 82 12 Peail street. I " UCK 100 holts first quality Russia Duck, J jutt received, nnd lor tale hy PE l'EK REMSENk CO. ap 7 26 r'nu'h sire - et. FIlr&H IFAH,.&c I7LOYD ft HAR VEY, offer for sale at their M. store, No. 184 Front - street. 1 Ol I PKCRIgM f Tea, con t IMU sisting of gunpowder, hyson, young hyson, hyson skin, and souchong, in chest, half chests, c - tty Coxes and canisters.. Huntress's cargo. 4 puncheons Jamaii a spirits 10 do. West India, 4 do. new rum 3 pipes of Frencli brandy Maderia, Cisilv Maderia, Teneriffe Sherry and Malaga Wines, in pipes and qr. casks. Together with a general assortment o! Gro. cenes. wholesale ana retail. ap 7 ot .VDlGO. b c.ises Bengal Inuigo, ol superior quality, entitled to debenture, lor sale by PETER REM ti EN 1 - CO. ap 7 26 South - street. NDIGU 5 cases Bengal Indigo, lor sale at a reduced pi ice, to close a consignment oy JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, to 7 75 Wall street, 1 1G. For tale cleao for cash, a very suiiv J rior Loudon built Giy, of the latest fathisn, very neat, built ol the best roaterm'i and on the lightest construction to be seen on application at No. 1 Murray street. upo iw 1)171 Tl.Y PLA TE ft VQliKi. l 4 JL Boies tin plate, 13 X 1875 groca velvet bottle corks, 1st qnality 84 reams sugar - loaf paper. or tale by ROGERS ft I'ObT, ap 6 51 South - st Vl EUTRALIZED SI IRIT8 FROM Mu - Ll LASSES. 6 hhds. just received of supe rinr nulirv anii hivh nronf. Also, 4 pipes imitation of Bordeaux Brandy, lorsaie oy jAints u nvw, jum. ap7 57 Front street 4 feba:THJA. 3 iae vciy tuptrior As i paitctiai. lunuing nnu ior nic i'j p 7 JOSEPH ObBORN, 28 South - st. FRENCH GOODd, ftc. i Cases cambric and uuubric bdkb 1 caie drois de soi 1 do silk hJUft, assorted 20 dozen Burgundy wine Forsaleby ISAAC G. OGDEN ft CO. 48 Wall - tt Also. 50.000 first quality 22 inch cypress thin rles, inspected. apllw I RON 3 1 EEL. J tons Ruura Oid Sable L Iron, Pil. ,.,.r, 60 do do do mixed PSIGAD. andCCND. 25 bendles Swedith Me - I, for sale by IllRD ft SEWALL, ,p6 65 South - street CHOPPAS& BANDANNAS. 3cases Company's chopps and baodannar, j t receiy - FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN on or about Thursday li st, from on board the brig Aretha - ., King in this port, three post notes of one hundred doll. each, on the Bank of the United States, the numbers not recollect ed ; at tlie same time, one superfine French blue cloth coat and pantaloons, the pantaloons worked with French cord. Brokers, sailor landlords, and others, will be goodenough to stop such as may appear suspicious, as the thief may perhaps be found, by the nature of his purchases or in wishing to dispose of the cloths 1 should the whole or any part thereof be found, tl.e finder will be re warded by calling 011 .Messrs Mapes ii uaK - Icy, coiner of Wall ti William - streets. ap8 lw JA - . IMcCOVVAN. YOUNti LA DIES'. ACADEMY. (JAMAICA, (I,. I ) PHE Ladies' Ac demt. in the villaee ofJa L roan a. utter the 1st day of May enauinc. win oe n moved to the upper part 01 tne village, to the snnt i"us and cnmuiodious house beliMicine to Maj. M'Niel. This seminary, in which all the k. ........... . c - j t ..A.. 10 a111.111. - a ui a Huie ana wen univiifa irmntr t;uii - caiionsre taught, by Mrs. BARI'LETTEnnd her sister Mix BARNUM, asittrd hy other competent lenmle teat hers, is under the care and patronage ol the trustees or Union Mall Academy. Cue olthe. Revd. Clergy of the town at tends the school twice in every wetk, to assist the ladies in teaching the more solid branches, and the pupils are at stated tiim s examined by ine iru'itei. 1 t rnit 01 hoard and tuition are moderate, and parent! and guurdiant are aitu - red that the strictest attention w ill be paid to the improvement of the pnpils. For further particulars, reference may be made to Doctor D M Hitchcock, Mr. John Atnin - wall, Mesrs. Beers and Woodhutl, New - York; or tothe llcvd. Jacob ik'honnmaker, president 01 ire ioara 01 trustees, Jamaica. np 0 iw POIITIVKLT THE LAST MUHF ON THURSDAY, 9th 'APRIL, 1818 1111, BTANISLA9, impressed with a sense . v I of uriititndt lor the libera' ciirouraermenl and unbounded apiilaue heftoivt d on him during his residence in this 1 it v. has selected for this uight a compendium of all Hint experience has taught him to he the uiott pl. - atii.g iutlit - hidden seen tt of LEGERDEMAIN. Among theimm - her rulciilbied to surprize and ai - t in i the' mol Pi netrating, will helhe KNC1I AN l l - .U I.AUY, lieins the lirst att' nipl of the kind in this city. Mr. I". Hill, nv lii mi.'ii'iHitvTic Convey anv Iu. dy presi nt into a box piactd on one of his tablet, ami transform hrr dru at command. For the pitrticulari of uhjt li he refen to the hills of the day; and sevc hi other deceptions lbs ciiiiagenieiitt In thn south will not permit nm to leo'iheu his tav iu this city, and in ton - ycqu' or. tn. night will positively he the last ii tl 2t PROHI - ECI V OK THE . il EM P. VI LA I.' ACADEMY. The Rev. UMotuv ct.nwkS, a.m. Principal. - oooOioo - NAVlMa purchased that large and commo - . i!i us building iu the village of Henu st ad. Queens C'onnij, lately occupied l Mr. George Howi - I, the subscriber prop.mes toop,n an Aca demy theiein, 011 Monday, the 27 ill, lor hoardina young Kenllemeii and intlrm tiii them in any ol thoe liranches ol n - ien e and litera ture utuully couipicheuded iu au acudeuiical course. That every tcholarmny be under the ontnnt and inunediute suei iutendanc of (he Prin itiul, none will be admitted into this academy nt si u - ' dents but those who ure also boarders A VTy few students iroru the village, nr its immediate vicinity, will be the only exception to this rule. II. however, the nuiulitr 01 students should ex ceed the means of accnramonattciu in the ucane my. board may be procured in private families in the iitoehhourlionil. Bhould the niihhr ptlrnnasn h extended to tin m'tiiution miiicK uiiy to warrant trie roea' ture, additional teacher will lie procured. I he ysar will be divided into two terms ol tuition. The summer term will commence the lutl Monday in April, and will continue twenty uiree wrm. 1 ne wiuier u riu wm ( onimencc - tlie ltst Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. I his arraiure men! will leave a vacation 01 anout three weekt after each term. The price of boarding, tuition, candles nnd fuel, bolhlinrst hool and rooms, will be 100 did Ian each term. Books, washing, mending, and ai;y necesiary article 01 cieuiiiic, will lie luruisli - ed by ihe subscriber at the most reduced prices A cot, matlrass ur bed, and heddine, to be fur nithed hy eac h student. Ihe patrons ol this institution may be assured that its tyttoni of discipline will be mild, yet ex act. The rules ol the academy must be ttrictly complied with, by every tcholur. (7 FOREIGNERS, desirous of acquiring a grammatical knowledge of the English IttiiKuae, will he admitted as boarders into the MempaiKHd Academy, rrivuie apartments and separate tn hies will he furnished on the moil rentonahle t mil, and every facility will be afforded to a tpeedy and thorough acquaintance with the language or thi information of straneers it may hesta - tedTTIiafHempsteadisapleasaiitiillage and pott town, remarkable lor ill healthintts, only twenty one miles cast of the city ct New - York : that it enjoys int! advantage 01 punuc wortnip in tne rrpso)ierian, K.piscopni, anu meuinuiti lorius : and that a stage runs from the city three times a weea, on one 01 me urn roaos in America. Parents detirout ol placine their children at school, or foreigners wishing to be instructed in the English language, are mpectfully requested to visit the 'uoscrioer, at nemptlead, where they will receive fuller inlbiruati' n respecting the proitosed institution. 1IIIUIIII VL.UVVI.S. II mpitead, April 3, 1818. ft7" 'I he subscriber hereby declarei his un (lualilied approbation of the estahlithuient pnuo sen nv the rievu. ivir. uiowe tyonvinceu as he is of Mr. Clowes' ample qualifications, both ol the head ai d the heart, for siqieriiiteuding such an institution, he does not hesitate to recommend him to public confidence, and his academy to public patronage. cr. Ill 11 All I, Rei toroiSt. Geo. Church, Hempstead, ilemprtead, 3d April, 1818. 07 I he above prospectus meets with my heaity concurrence. CHARLES WEBSTER, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hempstead A has Mtered " Hempstead Acadeiny" will be left at G. C. Langdon's Long - Island Steaia - Boat Hotel, for communications with any person at' tached to the institution. ap7 PJawC2awtf 1 1 fTfT ANTS a situation In a genteel family, a V V woman that wishes to take the charge of children and do the plain sewing Can give goefl recommendation. For particulars enquire at iniscsire. sps i BuOOM FIELD ft PHASER'S wholesale and retail copper, pewter, tio, and sheet - kitcUn furniture WARE - HOUSE, So. 38 Maiden - lane, Nw - York where may tie had Plain and plannishsd block tin coffee pots Do. do. birr ens and filurers l)o. do. tea and CofJe urns Do.' do. newett pattern dish covers Uo. do. cbeese plates and toasters Uo. do. sauce and stew pans Do. do. tea and chocolate pots : with every other article in the copper, pewter, block - tin, and neet - iroa line, as inanuiactnrtd and sold, on the most reasonable terms, at their factory, no. 71 Fulton - street, between l'ta emenVhall and Gold - street. N. B. Wholesale orders executed in the best manner, and at the lowest p ricei. ap 8 3iaww f A CARD.'' fcr MADAM DEL At. E," milliner from Pa - risToO Reed - st reef, hat the honor of iuli rmirf, tne ladies of this citt, and partn u nrlv hm rtt'oin - ers, that she has received awljjtopw.fc ' an elegant assortment of Spring Uau, Chip Flat Leg uorn, t lowers, ate. an o ft - JOS. S HARRISON to f , Pine - itre, t. litO. removed er Literary and PUilcfph ier.. ',n' ' A ttated lunih y mu i, oi 'I s Llf n ry Hint Pbilonphical Society ' Voir will be held iu the Society room at loa - n - iorlC Institution, on Thursday evening the 9th iest at 7 o'cloc k. JAMES STOI'GIITO., apM 2t Reconling Ser'ry. REMOVAL. N. SMITH DAV1F.3 has removed his chemical perfume m - ouuctory and warehouse) from No. 136 Broadway, one dior north of Liberty - street, on the west side of Broadway. mcli27 - NOTICE. All persons baviog demands against the estate of Doctor Archibald Brurs.dw eased, are requested to send tlieir arcouuts to tlie office of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau - stiet. fITLK JAY MUiKt, Mh 27 Iro Administrator. . (Tf Two sharet in the New - York Library so - - ciety, FOR SA LE, price $25 each. Enquire) at no. 124 Broadway. mh 28 - NOTICE. fC7 The subscribers havine received a gene ral assignment ol all the estate of John Murray Ic Sons, for the benefit of creditors as expressed in me as:gnmeut, have nnlhorited Peter Ludlow to liquidate the uusettled accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the said Aim, or to the individual partners who will attend to the same at his office, No. Ill Pearl - street - WILLIAM BAYARD, fchMtf HENRY BARCLAY. NOTICE. 0y The suhscribera have formed a connection for the purixise of transaction CommitMoo. Business under the flril s. and T WH11TE MOKE, and will for the present do nuiinass at o. tiO South and 129 Pearl streets ; and will constantly keep for sale a general assortment of Cotton nnd Woolen Cards, of the manufacture of the tale New - Yoik Manufacturing Company. . 4 un rcceivcu, pur tenr. sanuutay, iron) Mobile, nnd for tale, . 1.1 ha let Dor Skins 1 St tnckt Snake Root of prime qual. 2 do Beetwax. SAME. WH1TTF.MORE, ap21m TlMO. WHIPTEMORE. lj' Mrs. tiALLOP having taken tlie houto No 21 Broadway, now in the occupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, olliei s from the 1st of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladie. Thsi plrasanli.ri.aof the situationnteds no comment n.h 24 tf . . vESlERN CANAL COMPANY. 07" A divdt - ml of five and a half percent, on tdc Capital Stock of taid Cnmpany, will be paid toiiie riocunomiTi on sue mi 01 April. At to Barrnt Bleixker, Esq. Albany, or 22(1 ' Hum strict tit oroer in ine mm tors. THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh IM 1m Mit fu i) ft on' mo 0.1'. W It.Lroiiinietice drawing next month, and will romplcle drawing iu twenty ilnvs. Only 10 000 tickets. Present price of tickets and shares, Whole Ticket $32 I Halves (18 Quarters 8 Eighths 4, CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 of g70,00) I 1 of $35,000 2 10,000 1 2 5,000 10 1,0'Mi I 30 600 ' 140 of 100 dollars. - Ticket and Hiai cs iu a variety of numbers for sate at the Book - store and Lottery Office of VI No. 19 Peck - slip, corner of Water - st. Vr'uts In former lotteries, and eastern, southern and northern bank notes, taken in payment for tickets. A correct check book will be kept for the examination of all tickets gratis. ap 7 I PKiE 01 70.0110 DOLLARS. 1 do 35.000 do CHANCES lor the above highest and the o. ther Capital Prizes, named at foot, of the Owego RoikI Lottery, are lo be obtained at ' iiHACir.s', , 146 Broadway. Whole Tickets, $3 J I Qu irtert, $9 ' Halves, 10 I Eighths, 4 ' Two Dollars for a Sixteenth Share. 2 pruet of tn.tKM) DOLLARS. 2 do 5,0tM) do 10 do 1,000 do 30 do 600. do For the numbers, make immediate application at GRAClr 0', where No. 6747 which arew tw in tne xojiieuicai science Lottery, wr.s sold Iu thnrrs, tn a lads and two Iteu'lemen of New Bruntwick, bring the higbeK riontirii: prise t' Id ny them In America. a 7 CAKRIAGb ft HARNESS rOai SALE. ALIGHT travelling carriajie fitarly new, for sale, with or without Harness. Enquire at this odice. ap83t JHE owner of the French Boarding Home. No. 06 C'ourthiud - ttieet, haunt cow hided to decline on the 25Hi o' this u.onli,offi nl( rsale on accommodatiiig ternis, (lie household furniture 01 bit eilabliihtueut, which be will dispose' ol, either in whole or in part, t or further infor mation, inquirt as above. apBw ISS HAY'S Boarding rxbool forvoui.g la - diss, Ncw - Bruntwirk, Nsw - Jeney, will be re - opened, aflf r the sprirg vacation, on Vionday the 4th ol May, when there will be vacancies fortevtrul young ladies. Music, Drawing and Dancing hy approved instructors. ap 8 2w.1w Y ALUAHLE JVOOAi. JUST received and for tale by ELI AS VALENTINE, 104 Broadwty, 3ddoorbkW Pine - street ! Wilkinson's Memoirs, 3 voli 8 ro J Rob Roy, second Philadelphia edition, with agiostarr of the Scottish words and phrases ; A great yur.ety of new and interesting books for children, I8mas. Also, just received by the Mart Eliia, from London, and for sale as aive, a v.lual.le assort - went ol theological and ii.istel aneiKit works, ye - ry srarre. f iirravin and copper plate printing exec uled with neatness and dripatcn. p8 2i LET, from the first of May next, tbe Hos) No 52ireen - strer,near uroaoway. enquire at the prlatei. ap 8 3w 'Valuable loth 1hh roadway. ' OTwo Lots lying between Houston and Bleecktr street, epoo the westerly side of Brcadway. beinceacb thirty tbiee feet in front hy two huodred te deep, running through to Mercer - street. There is a small Tenement with a wooden stable in the rear of toe Lots, which' are rented for the ensuinr year The whole is completely enclosed with a new fence, and will ne tuio on acrommoua ing term. 0111 j a pan a the money being required. Apply to unnn.1 1 d i ape if 14 Wall street ILFORD ft OWEGO LOTI EUY, which is to commence draw ing 5lh May. carrraL rtitss 70,000 Dollar , J of J 000 Do Ure 35.00J Dollars 1 .10 cf 1.000 Dollars 2 cf 10.000 DulUs 30 of 500 D - liare And a number of 100 Dollars, ftc. Not two blanks to a pnxeI0,0o0 1 icketa, and 20 dy drawinjr oily. Tickets and share of and even numbers, for alej t ALLEXS TRULY LLCKY OFFICE, No. 122 Broadwsy, opposite the CUy - UoteJ. ap S

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