The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 29, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1913
Page 3
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ELECTION NOTICE Annuttl Meeting of tliu »twi;khol«lers of 11 w National Huuk of Areudtsville, will U lield in their banking boti u be- l\v«*i 10 H. in. Hi.d 12. on TUESDAY, J A N U A R Y i:i. UiH, for Hie inupoi** of electing seven directors for the ensuing year. L. H. lilCE Cashier. Medical Advertising Words From Home Statements That May Be Investigated. Testimony of Gettysburg Citizens. When a Gettysburg citizen comes to the front, telling his friends and neighbors of his experience, you can rely on his sincereYy. The statements of people residing in far away places do not command your confidence. Home endorsement is the kind that backs Doan's Kidney Pills. Such testimony is convincing. Investigation proves it true. Below is a statement of a Gettysburg resident. No stronger proof of merit can be had. Mrs. J. Menchey, 46 Breckenridge St., Gettysburg, Pa., says: "Since I used and publicly endorsed Doan's Kidney Pills some years ago I have had no further need of a kidney medi- WILSON DODGES CHURCimOWD Attends *Merning;$ertics fitiilpori, Miss, SWEDEN'S PRINCESS. Wif* of Princ* William, Who May Divore* Him. and Child. SURPRISED THE CONGREGATION Edifice at Pass Christian Was Jammed to the Doora and All Were Disappointed. Gulfport, Miss., Dec. ?!. -- President tVllson surprised the congregation of the First Presbyterian church of Gulfport by dropping in for the morning service just a moment before tlic little melodion struck up the voluntary. When the president and party, which Included only the President and Mrs. Wilson and Dr. Cary T. Gnu son, 7976 7899 AN EFFECTIVELY KNOTTED VELVET GIRDLE nau no xuriner neea 01 a Kianey meai- arrivea mere was a scant score auu cine. I never enjoyed very good health! a half of worshippers assembled in tht and when kidney complaint came on, I tlny edifice. But there are many tele- it caused me much distress. I had pi . cnes i n the Immediate neighborhood pains in my back and frequently had dizzy spells and chills. When a friend told me to try Doan's Kidney Pills, 1 got a box at 'che People's Drug Store. This remedy acted promptly and before long, I" was in good health." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, NeV York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name--Doan's--and take no other. out and several without All the quaintiiess of the Jloyon Age is displayed in the bodice of 7076. while the s-kirt shows the softer lines of a. later day. We are not hampered by periods in dress designs, but may pick combine the good points of committing a breach of taste. Crepe meteor in a dull shade of preen effectively relieved by braided bands of dull gold is used for 7976. The girdle is of velvet in the same soft green with the ends fringed in gold. This gcwn may be copied in size 36 with 4% yards of 42 inch material. Few of the children's garments today show a waist-line. .Lines are easy [ and graceful, and plenty of room is al! lowed. Soft, light wools are used almost exclusively, with now and then a soft little frock of crepe de Chine or China silk for "dressup" occasions. 789» is a'new little dress closing diagonally in front, fashioned of dark blue serge with collar, cuffs and stitched belt of Koman striped silk. It may be copied in size 8 with 2% yards of 36 inch material. Xo. 7976--sizes 34 to 42. No. 7899--sizes 4 to 10. Each pattern 15 cents. To obtain either pattern Illustrated till out this coupon and pnclore 15 c^nts in Stamps or coin. K': =ure to strte number of psttern and size-, me'jsi.ring over the fullest part of t'-" bu^t Address Tattern Department, of this paper. No Name .. Address Size You will want to visit tne big B A Z A A R January 10th to 17th To be held by the Arendtsville Band, Refreshments ot every kind will be served. Music by visiting bands each night. Be Pretty! Turn Gray Hair Dark Try Grandmother's old Favorite Recipe cf Sage Tea and Sulphur Almost everyone knows that Sage Tea and Sulphur, properly compounded,brings back 'the natural color and lustre to the hair when faded, streaked or gray; also ends dandruff, itching scalp and stops falling hair. Years ago the only way to get this mixture was to make it at home, which is mussy and troublesome. Nowadays, by asking at any drug store for "Wye'ih's Sa^e and Sulphur Hair Remedy," you will get a large bottle of this famous old. recipe for about 50 cents. --Don't" stay, gray! Try it! No one can possibly tell that you darkened your hair, as it does it so natur?H\ and evenly. You dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this .hrough your hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morning the gray lair disappears, and after another application or two, your hair become? jeautif ully dark, thick and glossy. Western Maryland Lines TRY THE SHORT ROUTE TO Pittsburgh Chicago Leave Gettysburg 10.28 A. M., connecting with Chicago Limited at Highfield. Arrive at Pittsburgh 8:05 P. M., and Chicago morning. 8:10 o'clock next Modern train of through sleepers, observation and club cars and coaches ttached. WALTERS THEATRE ONE NIGHT ONLY WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1913 MR. PAUL GILMORE, himself, in CAPTAIN ALVAREZ, featuring MISS MABEL SCOTT Prices 50, 75, $1.00 and $1.50. Seats on sale at Peoples' Drug Store.| Medical Advertising Don't Neglect Your Stomach Use Mi-o-na--The First Dose Brings Sure, Safe and Effective Kclief. If you are not able to digest your food, if you lack an appetite, if your stomach is sour, gassy, upset, your tongue coated, if your head aches 2nd you are dizzy, if you have heartbi rn and pains in your colon or bowels, vthy suffer needlessly Buy now--to-day from Peopl Drug Store a fifty cent box of Mi-o- na Stomach Tablets. There is no mere effective remedy for stomach ills, ft i- o-na is a digestive giving quick relii f, also strengthens and builds up surely and safely the digestive orgar e, soothes the irritated membrane and i i- creases the flow of the digestive juice 5, Your whole system is benefited ai i\ you become well and strong. FOR SALE Five pure bred S. C. Brown Leghorn's. Will sell reasonably. H. T. L a w v e r . 1 Orrtanna. PUBLIC SALE On THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1911 The undersigned Intending to qui 1 farming and move to Hanover, wil sell at public sale in Straban townshif on road leading from the Pine Grov-. road to Bender's Church road, 2V-: miles east of Table Rock on Stone Ju^ the following: 1 brood mare rising 10 years olc with foal to March's Jack, good all round worker; 1 colt coming one .year old with g-ood style and action, 2 cov/?. one a milk cow, will be fresh ir January. 1 heifer will be fresh ir, April. Fanning implements: 1-one horse wagon, iron axles; Oliver Chilled plow, spring tooth harrow, horse rake 2 corn forks, 1 iron frame; 3 shovels. 1 five shovel fork, 1 iron beam shovel plow and 0 shovels, as good as new, 1 surrey in good order, falling top buggy, good runabout, wheelbarrow, boys hand wagon, sleigh and bells dung sled, 3 hand sleds, beast, cow and log chains, 2 pair butt traces, 3 pair work gears, suitable for one horse, 3 sets buggy harness, 3 harness bridles, 2 sets bug-gy lines, plow lines 2 harness collars, choke and hitching straps, 2 work bridles, 2 riding bridles 1 saddle 2 breast straps. 2 lead rein? y nets, yoke strap, and all kinds of traps. 2 cow bells, tie rope, dung and itch forks, hoes ; shovels, mattocn., nd picks, single and double trees, ocky sticks, 7 middle rings, 4 halters nd chains, corn chopper, axes, maul nd wedges, digging iron, lot of hay, orn fodder by the bundle, good shep- icrd dog, a splendid house dog; chick- ns by the pound, 3 guineas, pair of ^ucks, some boards, 3 ladders, some ivood, 5 trestles, boxes, harness cup- ioard, rain and cider barrels, cross ul saw, wood saw and buck, 2 scythes ind sneads good as new, lot of cotton Dags and sacks, bushel basket, Vz ushel measure, hen dung and ashes, lousehold goods: 4 bedsteads and prings, 1 table, 1 sink, 1 stand, 1 ood Montana chunk stove and pipe, 1 small ten plate stove, churn, lounge, bench, 1 washing machine, many other articles not mentioned. Sale to begin at 12 o'clock sharp. A credit of 6 months will be given on all sums of .$5 and upward with approved security. Terms by MRS. C. L. TOPPER. K. Walker, Auctioneer. P. A. .T. Bowers, Clerk. and betore the second Psalm ha 1 bsen reached every seat was tilled and there were more persons enroutc-. There was, however, a tragedy in the affair. Down in the little hamlet of Pass Christian, nine miles away, there was a similar place of worship, jammed to the doors. There was a young minister of the go?pel, who had devoted many sleepless hours to preparing the supreme effort ot his life, a sermon which would live firever, who stood there waiting, waiting for minutes, until finally broken hearted he had to begin his sermon to the regular members of his flock and to one pew in which every seat was empty. From miles around prominent Mis- sispippians had driven or motored to Pass Christian to see the first president that had ever journeyed to the Riviera _of America, and all were disappointed. 'Later it vas explained that the president's real reason was the desire on the part of his guardians to keep him out of crowds and insist that the advance promises that his privacy would be respected were observed. The sermon, which Mr. Wilson listened to was from the lips of Rev. Herbert Albert Jones, a noted evangel' ist, more than seventy-five years of age, who since his retirement from active platform preaching has filled numerous pulpits in quiet communities where the Presbyterian cult was struggling for a foothold. After leaving the church tho president and his party motored along the gulf coast toward Biloxi for a li;t!o air. Enroute his motor car passe 1 a little group of four veterans of fie "lost cause," garbed in their uniforms of gray. As they passed the old m°n. who had stopped ankle deep in the mud alonfside of the shell road, the president, taking off his white fe'lora, bowed and said: "Good afternoon, sea- tlemen." There was a courteous response, *iut not one of the four realized who had crrected them until informed by the newspaper men in the car following. Late in the afternoon the president and Dr. Grayson went for a walk through the streets of Pass Christian. A seven-year-old girl stopped them near the lower end of the town an-1 gave the president a bouquet of fiow 1 - ers she had picked herselt, with · the wish that he have "man\ happy returns of the day." The president shook her hand warmly and smiled a smile that was far more human than had been observed, from his lips in many days. Returning home the president and his n a \ a l aide were caught in the rain and were vory wet when taey reached the winter White House. FARMERS EXCITED OVEh RADIUM STORY Many Are Conducting Examinations o! Strata. Tarnaqua, Pa., Dec. 29. -- The announcement that radium bearing deposits have been found near Muuch Chunk has created great excitement in that section of the state. Farmers and others owning kind between Tamaqua and Mauch Chunk are busy conducting almost feverish examinations of the strata. That there will be no sales of farm land in the vicinity for a long time e-^jept ?.t fabulous prices goes without .say ins. The alleged carnotite or radium bearing deposits were founxl along the right ot way of the Eastern Pennsylvania railroad, owned by the l.ehigh Coal and Navigation company. Mining men say that if ^arnotitf exists in the section it exists all over the south ern anthracite region, as tho formation is Identical. When he was asked to give an opinion on the disco\erv, Captain Baird Ilalberstadt, the emigcnt goologlit, recognized the world over as an authority on the anthracite formation, said: "Tne formation he'~e is dik'erent from that in which carnutHe has ever been found. Carnotite is found in gneiss and granite rocks. The rocks nore are of aqueous origin, and if car- uotite is found it will be in o -anti- ties so inftnitesimally small that U would not he profitable to get it out." Origin of "Thugs." A real thug was a member" of an organized society of fanatical murderers India, who considered their Vicin tims to be sacrifices to their gods. Their method was by strangulation. The English tried to suppress them about 1810, tut did not succeed till about 1830. Luminou* Fir* Boxes. To enable New Yorkers to flrid flra alarm boxes at night, the superintend' ent of the fire alarm department Is painting them with luminous paint. It IB of white zinc, and In some parts o( the city, where there is a littl« light, one of these boxes can b« « tor · toBf 4l*t*M» Woman a Slick Footpad. "Wilmington. Bel., Pec. ir.--X^than iel J. Davis, sixty-seven yetirs ol I, wa;- approaching his home when a wonur accosted him and ashed for a match As he extended a hand tmva-1 lir- she caught him by the sho-tUe". drajr peel him into an alley and hcfoT Du Us realized what was hp.rrc'n'.;; ; sh had stolen his por'I-ctbook, \\UMi con taine.l several dollar.-., ana fled. MILITAMTS^JOLL HEAVY $2,550,750 Estimated Value of Property They Destroyed In 1913. London, Deo. 29. -- Militant suTra gettes are chuckling over the figures just published relating to the damage done ia property by followers of Mrs, Emmeline Pankhurst during 1013. The value of the property destroyed is put at $2,55f),7s30. It is probable that some portion of this, though attributed to militants, should properly be credited to incendiaries, who have covered their trac-ks by scattering suffragette literature in tne neighborhood of fires. Army Surgeon General Dc^'l. Washington, Dec. CO.--George ' lonrv Torney, surgeon general of ti e I ' n i t e i , Ftates ar'ny, dio:l at his honr; h^re i bronchial pne".monii. He wa b . i n in Baltimore Jun- 1, IS.'O. Couldn't Pool Him. The farmer had bought a pair of enoes in the city shop. "Now, can't I sell you a pair of shoe trees!" suggested the cleric. "Don't git fresh with me, sonny!" replied the farmer, bristling up; "I don't believe shoes kin be raised on trees any mor'n I believe rubbers grow on rubber trees or oysters on oyster plants, b'gosh!" Industrious Firemen. Firemen in Amsterdam have littl* idle time. Many of them are skilled workmen. Every station has its own workshop, w here all repairs are made, and where, automobiles are built, except as to tho chassis. Amsterdam was one of the first cities to put motor apparatus into use in ths fire department. Feud Enemies Burn Houses of Rivals. Springfield, Mo., Dec. 21).--Kilteen masked men, said to have been fend enemies of the Collins family of Old llorton, an isolated village in Howell county, rodo into the village and burned four houses belonging to the Collins". Several members of the family were beaten and warned to leave on pain of death. The band then rede uway. Frightened Colt Hangs Self. Hac;erstown. Md., Dec. 19.--A valuable black colt, owned by John T. ClarUson, a Tlagerstown liveryman, hanged itsMf in a tree on t h e ICmory Younkins farm, in the Pin? Hill;:. Tho horso, scared b the report of a gun fired by a hunter, ran down a steep hill and lodged between two trees three fee! from the ground. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Albany Atlantic City ---- 32 Observations of United States* weather bureaus taken at 8 p. m yesterday follow: Temp. Weather. Clear. Cloudy. Clear. Cloud \. Cloudy. Rain. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. I J - Cio.uly. Boston ......... 2S Buffalo ......... Chicago ........ New Orleans. ... New York ...... Philadelphia ---St. Louis ........ 34 Washington ..... ^ The Weather. Cloudy, followed by rain, tonight r tomorrow, variable v,iads. All persona are warned not to trtffdM oa th* ifrfied with dog, gun or trap for the purpoM of tal |Mr for fishing,or in any way injuring or 4«*i*«yinft toting the laws of the commonwealth wHh retard the undersigner will be dealt with under the proviaion* o P905. William Allison, Sam'l. Walter* farm, Hamiltonban ·John D. Riley, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Townanfp. Mrs. J. E. Hughes,' Cumberland Township. D. 8. Wineman, Cumberland Townsaip. Frank Mumper, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C. J. Deardorff, Orrtanna, Pa. Charles Wagaman (Dr. W. H. O'Neal Farm) HifHtrad F. L. Kime, Butler Township, Biglerrille, Pa. · C. B. Shank, Straban Township, R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. J. H. Kuhn (J. F. Kuhn Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. lit Joj Jacob Frommeyer, Straban Township. George E. Harman, E. 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer, Straban Township. Mrs. Mary J. Weikert, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Rex, Box 'M, R. 2, Biglerville. Mrs. Matilda L. Codori, Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L. Toot, Straban Township. D. L. Jacobs, R. 1, Biglerville, Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Edward A. Scott, R. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. ; J. D. Brown, Highland Township. R. F. Biddle, Mt. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettysburg. D. J Reile, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommeyer, Mt. Pleasant Township. Martin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert K. Major, Straban Township. John W. Mcllhenny Farm R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eldon, Bendersville, Pa. George D. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike, -Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg'. Joseph A. Albert, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. William Coshun, Straban Township. Jeremiah Weaver, R. 8, Gettysburg, Pa. D. C. March, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. Elias Wolford, Mt. Pleasant Township. E. L. Smith, Butler Township, BigJerville. J. Edward Lawver, Butler Townsh'/, R. R. No. 2,-Biglerville. S. J. Havers-lick, M. M. Sponseller farm, Straban Twp., R. 8, Gbg. M. E. Freed, Mrs. G. W. Biesecker farm, Franklin Twp., Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott, Cumberland Township. John H. Sponseller, (McPherson Farm), Cumberland Township. Robert S. Shull (J. A. Shull Farm) Franklin Township. H. C. Hartzell (J. A. Shull Farm) Franklin Township. Jacob E. Hoke, Straban Township, Gettysburg, R. 7. H. M. Sneeringer, R. 9, Gettysburg, near Bonneauville, Pa. J. D. Moose, Biglerville, Pa. G. F. Basehoar, Gettysburg, Cumberland and Germany Townsraps. Louis Mizell, Straban Township, Gettysburg, R. 7. N. J. Shank, Biglerville Route 1. T. F. Roth, Butler Township, Gettysburg Route 6. C. S. Griest's Sons (C. Arthur Griest, Mgr.) Guernsey. C. A. Heiges and Mrs. H. F. Heiges, Franklin Township H. C. Warren, Menallen Township. t C. H. Rummell on C. L. Osborne farm, Menallen Township. Wm. M. Bigham's Sons, Freedom Township. Wm. M. Bigham's Sons, Liberty Township. Jacob F. Peters Tyrone Township, R. 3, Biglervillc, Pa. Charles Essie! and sisters, Butler Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. J. C. Coulson, Butler Township. A. S. Whisler, Mt. Pleasant Township, P.. 10. .. ·· Mrs. Clestia A. Black, R. 1, Bigleryillt, Pa. TTorringj Highland Township. tt. Lady Hope Plans Bowery Clubs. New York, lire. 29.--I.ady Hope, t'.ie English philnnthivn ir.t, in a sermon tit Old John rlr'-et M. E. r h u r t h , spoVra ol estab!i?li : ng a eliai'i of lul/s for inebriates on the Dowery. PrkMnt-Dny Hum*. Taken all In all (be humor of It* present day t» remarkable for two qualities, one IS Us cl«»nness, Remedy For Horss Itch. Horses ecm M i m e i i m e s in lie ili'eci ed w i t h n si-iioiiN i t H u i ' X of t i n - t-Kii 1 sit the roots of I lie mane a n d 1'iAev, !M ( h e roots of the b.iir :il»u! the tai which c:»init be a i l i ibiited (· lice Tin reinedj w h'eh K siiic'jrested t o r :m hi feetion of t h i s Kind is to thorough!} wash the part affected wiMi so.ip anl water and a f t e r dryiissr apply :ui iodine ointment, nibbing it iti -:irefnlly. The iodine o i n t m e n t may be made by taU intr oiii'lulf d r a m of iodide of potash and one ounce of lanl. I..IN.stive food and n four ounce «lose of s.nts u n t i l the bowels are movim: \vei! w i l l be n benefit to the hordes in this condition. Intestinal worms, ami especially pin worms, orensionalh cati'-e more or less rubbing of the t::!!. Watering tho Horse, Always water the l'ors. a"t'»r bo hns onten his buy at nialil. O "t go to bed leaving him thirsty all night. W. F. Herbst, Orrtanna R. 1- ,, O. B. Sharretts, Cumberland Township, R. 2, Gettysburg, Fa. G. E. Stallsmith, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg, Ptt.' John Dick, Hoffacker Farm, Straban Township. Gilbert Rudisill, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg Route 1. J. E. Jacobs, Eugene S. Kelly farm, Cumberland Township. J. Clayton Rider, Mt. Joy Township, Gettysburg R. 1, Charles Fidler, (W. E. Golden farm), R. 1, BiglerviUe, Butler Twfr. H. S. Mertz, Hamilton Township, (Campbell and Mover Farm.) James L. Bigham, Freedom Tpwnshin, Gettysburg, Pa. Levi Crum, Menallen Township. Mrs. Andrew Brough, R. 1, Aspers, Menallen Township. L- H. Meals, Cumberland Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. C. \V. Black, (J. Carna Smith Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg, Mt. Joy Twp. Wm. H. Johns, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. George W. Wolf, R. 3, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township-. Edmund Little, (John Blocher Farm), Cumberland TowftSMp. h- Harris Cook, Menallen Township. · * ' ^ , _· Walter C. Snyder, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Twp., Bayly Farm, Vincent Redding, R. 8, Gettysburg, Straban Township. - ^ Edward Redding, R. 9, Gettysburg, Straban Township, A. J. Smith ffcnn II. E. Boyd, Guldens, Pa., Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships. Harry S. Trestle, Straban Township. Edward A. Trestle, Straban Township. , John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm, Straban Township, Gog, KottM 9. Mervin I. Weikert, Highland Township, R. 1, Fsirfield. D. F. Batterman, Butler Township. '. ft Shultz Bros. D. B. Snyder Farm, Straban Township, Gettysburg, P. O. McDannel Bros., Arendtsville and Franklin Township, Biglerville, R. 1. S. B. Bream (F. M. Bream's farm) Butler Township. · Otis'waiter"^Conrad" Walter Farm) R. 1, Tillie, Franklin Tolrnshtp. F. B. Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. E. F. Strausbaugh, Orrtanna, R. 1. Albert Hollinger, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. 6. Deardorff Brothers, Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P. Garrcttson, Butler Township. John and Frank Garrettson, Menallen Township. R. H. Black, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. Mrs. Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, Route 6. D. S. Reynolds, Straban Township, GetU-sburg Route 9. W. A. Bigham, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. 3. John Groscost, R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Gai field Jacobs, R. 13, Gettysburg near Barlow. Dorsey Deardorfr, Highland Township, (Mrs. H. 3. MOyef Farm). Emanuel Plank, Highland Township, Gettysburg Route 4. E. D. Heiges, Biglervilie Borough. John H. Kckert, Straban Township, Gettysburg, R. 8. W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Straban Township, Gbg. K. 8. Mervin Black, Biglerville, Menallen Township. Mrs. Martha Reed, near Arendtsville. Wavbright Rice, Biglerville, Pa. H. S. Cromer, Mt. Joy Township, R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. John S. Wolf, Straban Township, R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. Clarence Hoffman, R. R. 2, Biglerville, Pa. J. C. Walter, Butler Township, R. 2, Biglerville, Pa. Robert Witherow, Cumberland Township, R. 13, Gettysburg, Pa. Frank Herrreumberlaml Township, R. 13, Gettysburg, Fa^ . Frank Eicholtz, Freed Farm, Straban Township, R. 12, Gettyaturg, F». D. W. Stoops, Highland Township, R. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. J. Martin Bream, Tyrone Township, R. 3, Biglerville, Pa. H. II. Hart, R. G, Gettysburg, Pa., Butler Township. Samuel Schwartz, Mt. Joy Township, Gettysburg, Route 1. J. A. We'tzel, (Mary A. Snyder farm) Franklin Township. :J. M. Bushman, (Mary A. Snyder Farm) Franklin Township. J. W. Tate, Tyrone Township, R. 4, New Oxford. J. W. Cook, MeriaVen Township, Flora Dale, Pa. A. I. Osborne, R. 2, Biglerville. j HOUSE for rent on Hnnnver street tte Apply Howard Ridinger, Hanover - jstrecl.--advertisement John B. Eiker, Cumberland Township, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. W, J Beamer, Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships, Gettysburg, K. ». J. Blaine Bushey, Franklin Township, R. 1, BiKlerville, Pa. Jacob Groscost, Tyrone Township, R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. W. T. Howard, Straban Township. C. E. Tawney, Mt. Pleasant Township, Gettysburg, R. 8. C. W Toner, (E. A. Grouse Farm) Menallen Township, R. R. loaville, Fa Curtin McGlaughlin (John P. Butt Farm) Franklin Township. Jam-^s Sanders, (N. H. Musselman Farm) HamilWnbart ToWnsmp. Howard Bream, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa, Allen Redding (Robt. S. Bream Farm) Cumberland Township. . William J. Eckenrodc, Cumberland Township. G. G. Griffin, Straban Township, Route 9, Gettysburg. Ilenton Hoff ( R u f u s Lawver Farm) Butler Township. JacoV^Boyd. Mt"Joy Township, R. 13, Gbg. (William Crotfef S. F. Bushman, Fn-nklin Township. R. 6, Gettysburg. D. M. Hoffman, Uiglerville, Route 2. E. N. Hoffman, Biglerville, Route 2. J. I. Hereter, Highland Township, R, 4, Gettysb*t Ernest Manahan,(Mrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9, Gettysburg, P* David G. Lott, Straban Township, Gettysburg, Route 7. W. C. Storrick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. M. Shindledecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, K. I. H. M. Trostle, Highland Township, Tillie Post Office. , 11 A ITankey (Mrs, Jen-mian Bender's farm) Cumberland Twp., R. m, ft. C. March, Rutler Township, R. 6, Gettjsburg Robert M. Klilon. Aspers Mary Baldwin, Bendersville, Pa. NEWSPAPER!

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