The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 9, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1818
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MVEM'NG POST. ALIA JL N :JJJ4 NUMBER 4930 'THURSDAY, APRIL 9, IBIS. NO. 42 PINE - STREET; nrnon JL JLJL nw SAT.F.. rfT Th fast sailing saip SACHEM, just VJiivriv from ..Antwerp, burthen 265 jzj Id will carrv about 2000 bbb. 4 years old, )Lr fastened and coppered, to deep ballast Irk. . She i well found in every respect, and ton nearly a whole new init of sails. Lie at Dierno. 9, east tide Cumlies lip. p DAVID G. G.I IJES, mh3l 10t ?6 Broad - street. TnToua, CO FEE, 4iU - 400bbH. Virgin - P ia Flour , 45 bhd. prime old and new Richmond Tobacco, 10 do Febjrthurg do SI bale Upland Cotton - ' 35 ti. aud 10 hf. ti. Rice " 150 bag St. Domingo and , 64 do green Havana Coffee 5 torn Lignumvita. . . . Fort Claret aud Madeira Wine, in nodi. and quarter cask , . , Roria red Fort Wine, in cae of 3 dozen - ' eaC rnnr.UT mi! OPORTO. a .Mf1 hfitnul tn Onorto may lhave about 1000 busbel corn freight. W . II l'rn,i treet. mi: - .ri, - - aft. EL, AXV HAHOiYAkE. Hi" ; 250 Tom English iron, assorted, iu uai aud sau are bars, a part of which if niillaJ to debenture. 100 tone rouud iron, assorted, frem 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch inn ,u siilcn' flit iron, from 1 to 5 inches fiO do do square, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 3 incites 50 do each flat and square Russia iron SO do country iron asortd SO do plough share moulds 10 do axleiree and crowbar moulds 10 do borse - eboe moulds 20 do brazier's rod, assorted, from 3 - 10 to 3 8 iock 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted 10 do theet aud boiler plate iron . 60 do English and American Hoepf 10 do Ijiglutm - JDiistcreusieei 10 do 10 do 5 do 5 do Ui) do Swedes steel Crawley do German' do shear and cast steel Bristol aud Nova Scotia grind slonea assorted 500. anchors, a sorted, from 50 to 200011m. 1 do about SOOOlbs. 60 rolls sheet lead, ass'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inches kOO do t ut bails, ifuiu 2d to 2Ud 50 do wrought nails, assorted SO do sla'fc and horse nails .' 10 tons iron pots and bake pans, ass'd from 1 to 10 ga!lous, entitled to debtuture. ' 5 tons English spelter 0 do Ameriran hollow ware, consisting of Pots, ketiles, bake pans, Skillets, tiudvrt, tea kettles. Andirons, Lc. 10 casks truce, ox and boat chains Anvil, vires, and beik irons Forge, sledge and hand liaiuinera Mill, cross i ut ami pit taws Cart, Waggou and Chair Boies Window Glass ol dilTereut siie Shovels, Spades, Hors, tic. Together ith agmernl assoituient of Hardware and Cutlery, lor sale on reasonable truis, br AbEr:L & DUNsCOMB, No. 263 Water tt. corner of James - slip. ' n,h23 Iw IJIOtlK Hundred tons lirt quality .Nova ioo - tia Flatter for tale in lots to suit puichas - n Apply to . WALTER NEXaON, 174 Front - rt. coiner of Burling slip, or to JOHN BY EttS, foot of llurruon - st. Bch 17 vtfh River. CJT. DOMKNGO COt FEE. I oO bags, lor sale D at 106 Front street . mh3Q I HOKRs, DAV1 DSO.V & CO. GOAT SKINS 8500 Madras Goat Skins, landing from ship Frances Henrietta, lor tale by GOODHUE Si CO. ep 6 44 South - street. . GLASSES. The cargo of the Keb li Ms XVI ria, froni Havana, consisting ol 250 hhds. and 13 tierci - s new crop Mnla' - tts, hon tm the wbarf, pier No. 7 North River, and for sale by , G. G. & p. HOWLA.N 1.1, lp6 77 Washingtnn - strtet. Iuitatiou ItlUiVOY and pure ?I'1M l is. 9 iiipes good imitation braudy, high proof 3 hhds pure spirits just received, for ale by p7 Iw t'ORN'S. DUBOIS. Uli VU. - 112 hhds New Ox b ans sug - .tr, landing this day at Fine - street wharf, from brig Hope, for sale by GRISWOLitS it COATES, or RIFLKY, CENTER 4 CO. ap 7 6H Sy.uth - st. STRAW CAKFM llNG. - toroiisatHiut U0o yurds Cadis traw Carretinc, verv bana - oniu patterns, landing from ling Reai - n K a. for tale by GK13WOLD V COATFS, Bai7 68 oiith - stnet. I UCK ic SKAL SKl3. 100 bolts Russia JLI Duck, 500 teal Skins, lamliiiK and for sale v JOSEr - H OsByRN, a pT 88 Snul'.i - sl reet, IRISH I.INFKS. niAPKRS. I.AWNK. r. pEVRYM'VICKARAitO i..We reived JLL by tlie late arrivals from Uut.lin, and by tlie Ficific, from Liverpool, a general assortment ol , - ann v - tt unens . i - 4 heelings; 7 - 8 La w - ns - - ' - 3 - 4 Piaper and Bjond Diaher, assorted Damask Tahle Cloths 3 - 4 brown slid blacfc Lawns, in half Die. ' cei s which they - offer frr sale on li! eral terms, at Biift 3v w Wo. 57 fine street. JOHN ABH.Vl. W1LLINK ti Co oder tor sale, at their store, No. 73 Washington - street : 314 tierces Rice, now landing from ship oi nail do v. Corsair. 12 to 14000 bushels fine Liverpool salt - A few bales Casliawrs and shalloon shawls Several casks smalts, lately received from iioiianu 4 casks hardware ap 3 lw AM OX GoijUS,ilt.N l KE3' CARGO Col'd and black Nankin Crapes, lirst quali ty,22'dps. . . Cor J and oik. figured do. 19 y'd pieces, Do. do Fluin do. 19 do do - - : f)e. diaagvable barbie ts, high col'd 30 ilo i. Black do " .' do . Do qltkIicwi i ; do ! , Cnloored Satins , 18 do ; Col'd Sewing SUki , - . . Also, a handsome assortment ioserlirjij trim king for tale by . ml. 30 ?wt .A. C. Z.sBRrSiCTE IJOTON HUM 10 pnncbeons landtag and m ior saw ry P7 CAMRRELENG h FEARON. F.V.OlL.A N's rl'C. H. Cil'I'IOV. A - i T VMEi U'WOuF, jr. 57 VronUtrcet," bat " w rue, lauom ;it,na vnp bkergrren 10a Idid New - srittaiis sugr 48 bale k ccttoo, prime quality. 4 t.ft ft V IT J ll Clean St. Petersburg!! hemp, m lots to suit I'un mvrs so? v Casi" ' ne wo't, tV" podr 120 boxes roil brimstone 100 botes of Germtn steel ) nlitled lo draw 10 cast tumblers C back Ou case li tn. . . .. ILr C'h t.l.w.l .. : i r y HVV' - t VH IWil I.VD. - ICJICU HK 22 1 iwx. uuuua. FANCY plate Cali - coes ' Superfine calicoes and cbintiea 4 4, 9 - a, 6 4 cambnc muslins Cambric jaconeU Plain tandior'd k sw - ed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 1, 4 4 aud 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black uad col'd cambrics . Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain Madras hdkfs, pin Hair cord cambric, cotton bails White it col'd thread Silk, kid, and cotton gloves Silk hose, silk floren - tioei BUtu bomhazeent Florence silk, ribbons, ;a!loons Florence, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings Knng'd black silk hkfs Velvet landings, tjpe, bohhiu Furniture ca'icoe;, aud chintzes 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 4 printed cambric shawls 7 - 4 ic 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 - 4 cavsiiuere do. Eandanno, lougce and siktersoy hdkis. Pocket hdkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cascimere striped Florentines Clark do Madapolltmi and steam Marseille Quilting!, royal ribh White and printed lateen Cotton brown Holland Swansdown, toilauetl, (ilk stripes Cotton and wonted ho siery Irish linens & sheetings Buttons, bed tick Fine and superfine cas - nmere Yorkshire fine and tu - erune clothBf London do do Suptrfine ladle cloths Bombaietta, 'ratinetts Imperial cords, vigo - nia cassimeres Storkiuetts, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baize Fe.rretts, worsted binding Shirt buttons, cotton . laro Pari oetts and souffle gauze Slack aud white thulle lace Leno maw Is, Estopil - las Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambric Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 A: 8 - 4 Diaper ' Furniture Dimities Funcy Leno, ic figured Muslins Caaibnc Trimmings, k Flounce Seersucker Ginghams Homall Hdkfs. Silk Check Ginghams 2 & 3 col'd Cambric garments OilCloth Brown Linen Merino Shawl Cotton handannr 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jaco net t loom imrtiuxs I liirln muslins, Vc &c. Kcceived by the late arrivals and for sale by IrAGGERTY AUSTEN, rah 2 1 d.vc2in . 167 Fearl - strfet. WINKS L. F. Teueriue wine, (Pascly brand,) in pipes, hhds. and qr. caks, imported July and September 1816 aud July 1817. Largo 1 euenlle wine, m pipes, eauuecuoue - benture. Capo MaJcira wine, in assorted cask shipped at tlie Cape of Good Hope iu 1813. til J Lisbon wine, hi lor family use. For sale by . A. D. DUFF, mh 26 lui 69 Waahinytoii - street. ItJU Qr. canks rolmenar wine HO qr ca. - ks and 200 half du dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 boltlns each 40 bales Italian writing paper, Foolicap and 50 do printing do letter 14 hhd English glassware, coutislingoj Wioes aud luruolert assorted 100 boxes anchovies aud 50 do olives 1 box French kid gloves 1 do ostrich leathers, very rich 1 do cngracliig , J 9 cases felt hats, Wo chip do . 40 bales Italian rags, 500 marble mortar 23 cases marble slabs, veined aud statuary, assorted sizes 5 boxes Naples shaviug soap 1 do watch glasses 3 cas manna in flake 100 bales Calcutta goods, consisting of Baftas, putkah and callipatty cossahs Chnclpore,chomo'olly,johuuna, luckipore and too:.ore Sanuab. vi' and mow CbTks. white, red and blue gillahs Madra. - . ptltern do Sootee aud Iroctsoy romals, for sale by C IUS. L. OG DEN, aud ABRM. OGDEN, nsrh 6 Washington - st. 10 . SCYTHES. Dozen, Scythes, Waters' stamp, for sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. men 3U ar root - strei. riMlOKKS, OAVIObON Si CO. offer for sale I i,t I0A Front - street. 3 cases Irish Linen 2 ilo shawl 8 do coarse Book Muslins and ladies hdkls 10 casks ilasware, assorted 50 crates Earthenware, do 4 cases low priced Fowling Piece 5 pines old Madeira Wine. mh 30 O ALEXANDRIA FLOUR. 'E hundred bbl Alexandria Flour, of ex - celleut quality lor sale by mi'i l - nifrunvr r. rn ap 6 92 Wal' - street. FREsH DRY GOODS. & C. NICHOLS, No. 132 Pearl - street, have . received and awaow npenuig 2 case iwtt French Crape 1 do 2 do 1 do. 1 do 2 do 3 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 2 do 1 do 2 do black SarsneU do Irish Sheeting 4 trunk tine Plate Calicoes 3 do superfine i'hintx 2 bales superfine Broad Cloth 2 do Cassimere 2 do Rhodes' Bombazetf. All purchased at tuition, ..r equally as low of the importers, which tLty offer for ale at a small advance. mh 30 lot B UANDY. POT .ASHES, tUTTER, ic 6 pipes imitation 4th proof brandy, said to be equal to any in this city 21 bum Is Pol Ashes, (good bills) " bid'"' """i" Butter . 3 hale first quality Upland Cottoa 25 Lhds. P.iri W hile ' a) rolls Sheet L'ad, assorted size 91 (i hs.rfl Jitnirw fttimja. trtrA fiunlifT 1 100 kr best quality ground ForMl - sby CORNELIUS DUBOIS, 36 Frool - trret. 15 tLG. - tK ti. H.i MS. Barrels "it u.rvn ailn Sii 'nr. laaJip? Iron snip i iaio, ai uover - su wnan 18 hhd Ntw Orleans pickled hams, landing from ship Evergreen, from New - Orleans, at LurUnj - slip. Forsalehv N. & D. 1 ALCOTT, ap 1 a 64 Soutkt - st. 3 n riRGIM.1 TOBACCO Si FLOUR. hhds old Vir'inii tobacco 65 do trcw crcp do da 66 bills flue flo'ir t5 do middliug do. For sale by VASQUEi: 3JEURON & CLEEMAS, Teb7 tf Not 72 Wasluroa t. FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. LOST, oo the eveuing of the 6th Inst, from the yard in the rear of the House No. 125 Ful ton - street, a ladies - dark blue cassimere coat, witn a row or irog buttons in iront, bound with ribbon of a lighter colour, for tlie return of which tlie above reward will be given. ap 7 3t rn HE vacation in Mr. SHEDDEN'S Board X ine School, at Newark. N. J. wilt termi nate on the last of April, and the exercises of the school will be resumed on the first of May nest. There are now a lew vacancies and Uiose parents or guardiaos who may have it in contemplation in place tlicir daughters or wards under tier charge are to make earlv annlication. In this school are taught the English and French languages, (and latia, if required) writing and arithmetic, geography and astronomy, plain and fancy needle - work, music, dancing, tic. Tbe system by which Mrs. Shedilea teaches the French language is quite new in this count rv, and merit notice,, a it facilitates in a surprising degree the acquirement of the accent. Term may (e ascertained by application to Mrs. SHU; - DEN. Newark. (N. J.I Her references are. Juines Stoughlnn, Esq. New - York; Revd. L. P. Bayard and col. James tleddeti, Kewark. ap7 2wj N. SMITH DAVIE S. Wholesale and retail Cbymiral Perfumer, No. 151 BROADWAY, BEGS leave to inform his iriends and customers, that he ha on baud an extensive assortment of perfumery and fancy articles, viz : shaving soap and liquid ; washing soap in cakes and ball ; antique oil ; .cold cream ; charcoal and chymical deutilric ; rouge and pearl powder ; plain and scented hair powder ; almond powder and paste ; milk of roes ; bard add soft pomatum ; tooth, cloth, shaving, hair, nail and comb brushe s, of superior quality : razors ; scissor ; pui and pocket knives; shaving and dres sing cases ; pocket book and many other arti cles, too numerous to mention, for sale wholesale and retail. - ap 6 "TWENTY FIVE CT8 Rr.WARD R ANA WAY from the subscriber on the 27th ult. an apprentice named THOMAS FOX - ALL : be is about live icct high, 'slender built, light eyesk light bair, and lair complexion ; had on, and has taken with him, a fur bat, a black silk neck handkerchief, white and colored cotton ditto ; a green Ion: coat, a yellow striped under jacket, a darn and white do. a nlue Jacket, und grey do. a pair ol blue stockinet pantaloons, aud a light drab cassimere do. with other clothes not recollected. The above reward will he given to any person who will deliver him to the sobscri her, hut no charges paid but such as trie suoicri ocruiay think proper. SAMl'sON REED, Basket - Maker. Staten - Islaad Richuioud County, t stateof New - York. S N. B. All persons are forbid harbouring or employing lliesnui runaway, as also, owners and captain of vessels are warned neither to employ or take hiiu on board their vessels, as they will be proceeded egiust according to law. hp 7 lit H'ittK OF Tilt MUG GL.S'ER.i L M.i - RIO V. ON Thursday next, the Oth instant, at one o'clock, will be sold at auction at tlie house of general Bedell, c.immisMoiicr of wrecks, Christiau Hook, South Heuiptead, the brig general Mnrion, as the lies etraiidcd oo South He nip - stead Beach, together with sundry articles, of sails, nggiug, cargo, Lc. saved Irom the wreck. I be vessel is copper ktstened and was sheathed with heavy copper, about six mouths since. ap6 4t ONE CENT KfcVVARD. TI ANA WAY, on Saturday last, a coloured I V Girl about 14 years of age, answering to the name of Anne, bad on a blue and white striped gown and coloured cotton shuwl. Whoever will return or give information where she may lie found will receive the above reward, and any pecson harbouring or employing said girl, will be prosecuted as live law directs. THOS. HAYNES, Pin Manufactory, 157 Spring - street, ap 7 3t U.JfTEtL BOjiRIHSG. PRANKLIV IIOU"E. This new, spacious and splendid lltiilding, situated in Broadway, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the cornc of Dcv ut. will be opened by the subscribe; on the 1st of May next, lor the reception ol Hoarders. It ia fitted, and will be furnished in a manner not surpassed, for convenience aud elegance, by any private dwelling in the cjtv. It occnpic Die most eligible situation, being central, in view ofth Park and City - Hall ; the upper apartment overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of tlie adjacent country for a of 50 miles, including the Hook, tlie Narrows, and the it arbour ; . and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit nation ; and no expanse havincr been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiting the city, the most genteel, pleas:,n and retired a partment The choicest of Wine and Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to make the entertainment Plea sunt, rare md excellent. This i ntablishment is intended exclusively for Genteel - Boarding MRS. HE. - vUKitSON. feh24D&Ctf 1 CONCLR1. l . HEWITT, respectfully arquaintsbis friends and the public, that his Benefit Concert will be on Thursday, April 17th, at tlie City Hotel, Broadway; particulars or winch will be an oounced in future advertisements. Tickets, jtl each, to be bad at Dubois' music store ; Good rich's book store Broadway ; Wilsoa's and l.e.b's music stores, maiden - lxne ; and I. Hew itt's musical Repository, 156 1 - 2 Williaro - st. ap ti tf .Si.rr nni l llnr In l.l nit The Store ft ml I tllar ,No. 67 Pine - street to I. ei low, apply on the premises. ap 1 uw I II l.V'.T vr inur. - - - - - j - - , A renteel 2 - tm brirk hniino. with - Ti - T ' ' " iiii E - ardeo. havinira stahle in lh rnr. itnat. n r ' 1 ! iii the most tileasant nsrt of tin, ail wv. ahnul ltl, ;,,,. tpttllr fiv !.. f.i rr .11 it auuuui. rw l'i miliars, aupij 11 yiruar - . L - . .m - . , sirpei. an 4 zw X JO LKT, siJilj The store No. 20 WBll - strpet. Posses - nun may be had immediately Apply at No. 18. up i ii VX TOUf.l.l - T. ijtij A double Counting Room fronting th . m f a . . i . . jais. niver. cnquiru am J ooum - sireeu ap 7 Iw r?5X JV LET, iiiil From the 1st of Mav next, the lower couuung room ol AO 51 biHith - atreet. A I AO. The upper counting rtoui, No. 71 Sooth - st. App'y to JA.YJKS O'WULt, Jr. leh 13 57 Front - street 711 . T ti In liurrows - street. in 'lie viHaae ol Ureeowich, laWiy occupied by Ivfr. Aoiasa VVoodn rtn, a corrvrnieni two slory bouse, wiui a two story" back building adjoining. Intl. hou are sour convenient moms with hre - plan , two bed - rooms, aud also two ce'lar kitrtrens under tbe house. 'Thsre are aiso on the pfeunts a cenrenient ard spacious work s!ifp, tuity feet to frootand six y fi - tt deep, wild a coi vtnleni yard adjoiniug, suitable for any kind of (iieciiau - ic. T' - e boti - e and shop will be let tcgeiber or separate, a may best suit the least. Ai - p.'y to JPH.V HOLDRON, ap 7 lir . Alining tij prciaiit. J TH I "T At Ut 1 1S M ; ATI.' ! H Thil hnuu inil rmi.n.t flnnjlmt f.. SK estate of John Shaw, situated on the eighth ave nue. - unine premise are an excelieni dounie pwuir, coacn ana ice, noutt, who every thing else requisite (or such establinliment. ft imtu but iiujrr acH.siiiyu i uiuiccvsvn - Tt. I, IhfUM tlu'liiuul ln.l.l ....II I ,. b f.u nlni - u iminKu .u i.ui will lirn mo iihv. l!so. tlie lanre fife nrtinf mt(ir& in tt reariil house 1 1 and Id Pearl - street i where there is foi sale omeoiu mauera wine, oy Uj uunijuim. further particular, apply to For AUfS IU. CMAVV, Jan 29 II fearl - slreet. F tOK S.1LE UHTOLh.iat., Iini9 Lots in the 5. 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many ol winch are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. Several two and three story house, on which a great part of the money remain oo mortgage. L.i.Uli0 AT KbU IIUUll. An excellent stand tor business, with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COT TON aiui WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. iNear ISew - liaven, witn 40 acres ol land, mid a never failing stream, upon which 20 nulls may be erected, wiln a sulucieocy ol h aler ior eacn. Apply av - iiu. uricuiviiii sueei. J an 13 tf VALUABLE PHOl'EKTl The subscriber oUer (or sale a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - York, lying 7 mi!e south of Poughkeepsie, on the iot - road, within 1 - 4 ol a mile ol tlie mills on tne laus oi wappiu - irer's - Creek, and iu the neighborhood of several landings from which sloops sail weekly. It contains 1 10 acres of level, fertile land, with a young orchard of grafted fruit, wood sulficieut for fuel, and all in good fence. 1 he house coutaius seve nil rooms, has a good burn, and all in excellent repair. Its situation being on an elevated plain, reuder the place not only healthy, but presents from th dwelhrier a dehirlitlul iplaud prospect, Also, another lot of 40 acres, contiguous to tne above, and bounded southerly by the falls ol WanDinsrer's - Creek. 1 lie land is lertile, sit ex cellent fence, and of . easy cultivation. What render this property valuable, it, that it may be made a place of celebrity. There is already e - reeled ou the falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a cardins - mill, which enjoys the custom of the neighborhood, besides several other sciles for factories, unoccupied. 1 he whole force of tbe creek can be diverted with a little expeitreso at lo drive a range of mills ou a level plot of ground just below the falls, aud accessible by an easy navigation; where factories of every description, with every facility of power aud tiausHrtauon can be constructed Also, a flour - mill, of tbe first class. The mill - bousa is large, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated lor 6, with new machinery for manufacturin; wheat, &c. with an elevator lor raiting grain from vessels into the upper loft of the mUl. lonueciru Wiui tne nun is a large store bouse lor storing wheat and flour.. With the mill will be sold 53 acres of excellent land, on which is situated five dwelling bouses, a large barn, bay house, carriago house, com crib, hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated loi 20 hands. Two of the houses are new and well calculated for ceuteel families : They command a view of tha river, with a beautiful intervale landscape formed by the meandering of the creek immediately in trout. There are few places which associate so many accommodating qualifications for the merchant. mechanic or farmer, ' If not sold at private sale before Tuesday the a.. . . :, T ft 11 ,l.nt .1 L.. - IT 1 . .. 7181 April, IV WH uu ujui uaj uc uueivu ai mmw tion. For terms, tic. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 35 KoaveiMlreet. Feb 20 ABRAHAM MESIER The properly at Brooklyn, belonging lo the estate of Gary Ludlow, deceased. c.iusit - ine of a new three storv brick house and lot of ground, a storo bouse, lonueriy occupied as a distillery, a small frame building and lot ol ground, and two vacant lot adiotning the above premises. I hi property is situated wnnin a lew rods of the strain - boat lerry, on the road to rierivont's Distillery, aod extends iroin the lull to toe river. Alto to let, from tlie first of May next, the house and lands on tbe hill, in the rear of the a - hove described premises. I lie house is well a lapltd tpr a private lamity or lor a pu our rouse I'be situation, from its elevated position, com. Bands a very extensive and beautilul view ol the city, the fcasi silver anu uay oi new lora. The grounds surrounliog tne nouse i annul nve acre of land) are in a high state of cultivation. For terras, apply to Mr.KJ. w. rauniu.t, mh 21 tf No. 59 William tt. .MOUNT VEKNON HOTEL. THE subscriber takes' this method to in (ui to the public that ha ha taken for the ensu ing season that well known stand formerly occu pied by Dyde, about five miles from the City Hall, on the Boston road, and intends to open it as a public bouse for th reception of company, on the first of May next, when getlemeo and la dies will be accommodated with every comfort and elegance lo be expected at such a house, pn the most reasonable terms. The best of liquors of every tort will be al way kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. B. Wanted a good woman cook, ap 2 1m "TvL FOR SALE OKI O L KA f E. 22 On accommodating terms, a number el water and building lots, near and adjoiuiug tne navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, en quire of SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. TO LET. Tbe small 3 story brick house No. 81 I'eari - stieet. suitable for a DeTton carrying on a trade in tl house, having a light garret and a middling sized store Possession given imme diately. Loquira or DAVID STILLVTACGON, mh 31 tf Stone - stres - t, near Broarf - street STORE TO LEI', The fire proof tore in Govern eurs - lane, between Water and Front - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCK EE b IAUBIE.S, mh31 29 South - street. JXi LKT. ti bni kiront House, No, SCanal street, four doors irom Broadway, urine iront I louse it aitainea one. in tlie rear which serve a a kitchen to each slory. It will be put in lenantanle repair on 1'ir til st day of May next, rent reasonabl:. Enquire ap7 2w 90 Nassau street. .. . ro LkT. H?Mj Th store awl cellar room of those thi e story house No. 10 and 12 Brod - treel. Alto, a good bouse at Greenwich, and one at Hr: - ui, witn two and a half ncres of gmurxi, near aianhattaaville. A pp'y at 55 Br.d ny. or to GHA3. OAKLEY, 0p2tf 141 rrniMlirn. Zrwi Tn I .1 lor m or mirt inn r. ilSft The lollowing b uset - wu' - e No. 294 Bf'mdtrr.J, two d.Mirs " iT. with a eoa. h house in ibe rearifrequired - AlJo, . j. - .... . - - .. i, K.... a 415. in said street. Also, a new and g'.ntefl t story bnek no - se. comer of l.ispei. - .r.i r - nt' i - nuiui - iur, um uum ra.Kltrale. For further psulKnlaio, apply ..... .... ikI. AT if at 4l5roaaw3y.' : . v .VI HEAL ES I A I K FOR SALt. HlkV Fwo 2 - story brick bouse aud lot, situa ted No. 37 k 30 Vesey - strcot. . Also, a bouse and lot No. 11 Bowery, uear Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating term. For particular apply at No. 332 Greeuwich - st. jan 15 tf TO LET, Th GLOBE TAVERN, No. 143 Wa ter - street. Tbe situation of this house, aud its accommodations,, justly reuder it an object well worm the alteutiou of any persou demou si keeping a lucrative public house. It will be let. fur nished or unfurnished, and Immediate possession given. Apply al Ho 137 Water street. mh 17 tf I - UK SAI.K. rxai. rRortaTv m tmr citx 07 nitw - voRK. r A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Mtsvl Bowery STABLE iu the rear toeelh - er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet tear, and lr, lei.f .... ... K ..A HOUSE anil LOP No. 37 Vetev.stroel . nu.l House and Lot No 39 Vcsey - ttreet. A uu.y and MORTGAGE for 1300 dollar. do and do for 750 do do and do for 450 do On valuable property in the city of New - York im lutcresi iin aiwtiys irceii punctually paiu. For particulars inquiie at the office of 0 1 trlitis Y. LAMOINE, dee 10 tf No. 27 Wnlbttreet. TO LET OH LEASE. From the 1st Mav next, on reasonable teiuit, a lurge convenient dwelling house, oppo site Love Lane, near the two milestone, Bowery, at present occupiid by Professor Adrain; wi ll calculated for two 'amities, having two kitehens. witti u rooms, pantries and vault, a table and coach house, a well of good water and two cistern. It tins a very larire garden, well stocked with shrubs and Irilit trees ; possession of which can be bad on lite 1st April next. Also to rent, a eenteel 3 story brick house 7o 492 Greenwich - street, with or without a stable in the rear. Apply at No. 41)6 Greeuwich - st orto HALSEY H GOSMAN, mh 21 tf 34 Old - slip. HEMIiEACE at O HEE.l (HUH. To he let, the house nnd grounds frontinc on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate at the late Annuel JVIilligun, aud at present occu pied by Mr. Duvid My. For particulars ewiuire of JOHN M'KEE, lumber im reliant, font if . Moore - street, vr of T. flti.M.Lh, in tbe bank ol.eiv - xork. f, btfSIf t.iLLAULE J'JiO'EHTr. Fur sale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing Establishment, in the county ol Morris, nnd stale ol New - Jersey ; i ontisting ol'a rolling and slitting Mill, iu good repair, which works two pair of rolleis and cutters, shears, Lc. all at the same time ; a valuable forge with Iwo fires and one hammer in eood repair ; a stock ol coal and ore tin bund, tiilucient lo make lilly tuns of iron ; u good saw mill ; a cul nail factory in good repair, sutlicient totihploy thirty men, and muy be extended toetuph y one hundmt mere ; a brad rutting oiacliine and u steel furnace ingood repair; convenient to the works is a store nnd a number if houses for the - acconuuodation ol lamibes, bud excellent stabling tor tenuis that may be neces sary to keep lor tlie use ol the establishment t also, orchards, pasture and meadow lots, imme diately ail.ioiuiiig the works, with timber land in anv uuantitv. not exceeding two inousaiid nve hundred acres, within three miles of said work. The gruat vein ol iron ore, couimeiic.inic at tbe noted buckatunny mine,' runs moie thun 4 miles through this tract, and three mines ara now open, from which the forges are supplied with ore, and more may p opened and ore raised to supply works to any extint 1 the mines are within twu mile 01 said works, und good roads, so that the ore can bu raised and delivered at the forge ut two and a hall dollars per ton. The above described works are situated on Rock away River, about eight miles from Mor rial own, twenty live mile from Elizabeth Town, and about the same distance from Newark, with good turnpike roads leading fr in said work to eacn place, in a pleasant besltby situation, ami in good neiicliborliood, mere lieinir two I'rtsby - terian Churches within four miles, and a friends' meeting house within two miles of said place. This staud lor collecting bar iion lor the slitting mill is very commanding, (here being ueurly oie hundred foige fire in tlie county ; most bl tlieiu are on tne streams above Uoyer, and the iron, iu going to New York market, can conve niently pass those work. At this mill frequently lour tons 01 oar iron nave been sin ana bundled into nail and spike rods in a day, and upward of one iiunureu ions 01 nans iisivc ueen uiniie tn m year. A large amount of good may be sold at this place in exchange ior bar irou, procuring supplies, &c. kc. There are valuable sciles boi h a hove it below on this f ruct.oo which more work may be erected., That valuable will known farm, lyine in tbe township of Randolph, about twu miles Irom Do vtr, and six miles liom Morrisiown, and within one quarter of a mile of the Union turnpike road, near Pleasant vrdlty, called tlie Distillery Farm, containing about tlire hundred acres, about oue lourtli part ol winch 1 excellent meadow, one fourth pait plough und pasture Und, and the remainder timber. A considerable part of the timber is of (he original growth, and is suitable lor sawing, the other part is thrifty young limber, from filleen to twenty yearsgrowlli. There are on said farm upwards ol six hundred apple trees. 10 hue order, eight to sixteen year old, tbe most oijtbein ui graKed fruit, and ruote than half H Ihtuj Harisou apples, so famous lor cider. The meadows are flat and free from stone, through w Inch runs two lively streams ol water, aod nearly the whole may be watered. Onu of these streams is sufficient lor a grist - mill or other work ; there are saw mills, a grist - mill, a fulling trull and oil mill, on tlie tame ,stream. On said farm are two valuable Kite for water works, a convenient t heap place to erect a short dam, and raise a considerable pond, with twelve or filleen feet head Below this tlie water can lie takeu into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on good firm grouud, is more than twenty feet fall. Iu this way tbe water can be worked twice over with the expense of only oue dam .... . .. .r f I I, I nere is ou tain lariu an ciieusive ciuer nun with four presses and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sutucient to hold twelve bun dred barrels of cider. Connected to tlie cider works is the still - bouse, to conveniently situated, that tlie whole operation is .completed without pumping, The water forcoudeoMiig the spirits 1 supplied from a never failing spring, witluu six rod of the ctill house, and lias sufficient bead tn run into the cisterns. The buildings' consist of two small frame dwellings, one good frame nam, 54 feet long by 88 feet wide, under a imri ui which is a good cellar ; there are also hay house, cow sheds, ittc. ALSO. Valuabla property at logwood, in the town - ip of Jeflerson, six mile irom Dover, 00 to shin 1 maia brfinch of Rockaway River, consisting ol a very valuable forge, with iwo ores ana one n - mer ; abundance oi water tlie whule year, a lare iMHid, and a very warm tilualion, and for bfte - - li years past lias made as m h iron at any two bres ui tlie county. Tbe on - is within four mil, , ami a imrt olllie road lumpiked. J be several tracts ronaected with this establishment amount alto - la about fourteen hui.dred' acres, the areut - , r part timber, toaiae adurable supply o( coat for Ute lorge. Imnif lUately adjoimiig forge i very valuable plow and mesdow land u!Ta lent (or tiirte farms r l one hundred a re each, with nouses, rr. bnr'l and barihs Inside severnl cood dwellings for the families that may be employed in working tiie iorge. The whoUj or any part of thi rerr valutb't pr;ierty will be sold at such price aod credit as win maac 11 wormy u aiieuuon 01 aa peiton wishing to purcha'te. For further iuioruiaiiou ecauirenf JACOB 1X)EY, at Dover. la PA EL GARFIELD, at Morrittown. BLACK WELL &s M'l AiCLAN, at . York. W2D;CiX I O LL I . The new brick Store no. 62 Stone - t. . Apply to ' T. & J. SWOllDS. Feb 14 ifSZk EOH SALE. juijThe two - ttory brick lioul Hour and Lot No. 33 Cherry - street For tcims. &. . apply at' 7i I tarl - street. mnt 3 VlilJ A Tavern and fctnre in ! lushing, al pre sent occupied by Mr. Win. rhaw Apply to mti o ii . oi BHONS. TO LEI. From the first of May next, a three story brick bouse in Grc&.wicli - stfcet, between Lilnrty and Coiirilandl stceeU. Inquire at 137 l.rernwich - sticet. mh 3 tr l - HH bUUtLWS. Tu n rtlli. t v I atsi l - I tiiLl.nt' IV fi l ffn bv rtfOteJ. A ply on the prOiiM - v lo' a. uA.viiiiui f.wq.or at u. uniauMBj a.. 1 1 (. - las' JO LET, From the first of May next, a front cosnt - iii room on the second floor, together with tlie, upper lolls. Enquire 'No. 167 I'ta.l street. , janX4tl sjJ At a low rent, a three story brick dwelling in Norfolk - st. Enquire of t.l 1 N. COX, mh 2G C6 WalUtieet. ' ElliE HHi.OF 'IRt.. To let and possession first ol May next. Ui lour slory lite pnol store, No. 34 could - su between Coenlies and Old slips. 1 - Jiqinre ul Ibe subscriber, No. I Murray,or 45 Cbaiuber - strvct. leh 9 if S. I I'b Alt,. liiil And possession given ou the first of May neat, the spacious ami well koowu Hand, the' Uniuii Hotel, No. 68 Wiiliam - slreet. For particulars enquire of Mr. Vumlerbilt, No. 67, op - N pjsite. mh 16 FOU . - ALL, 1 ... I, n i wo miry iioiisc sniiaicci in t eari - siiect, BriKiLUii. Possession may be hsd oa. the hi st ol May next. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, on the premise." mh 25 tf JAMF - S GILL. 154 . 10 ' r' .I A rountimr house on the lower floor. No. . 29 couth Street. A large new (Ire proof store in Govcroeurt' - lane, next door to Wafer - street. Ai ply to TUCKER Y LALKIKS, mh It 29 b..nth str.f f. Those two fire proof dwelling IbiO'es, No. 74 and 76 Molt street, about ten minulea walk from the Cnll'ee lb use. They will be iut 111 complete repair, unl west calculated for genteel luiiiiiiet. Apply alNo. 137 Wuter - ttieet. mhl It) jrtj, . J O LET, sJ!j vurv convenient house, with about had an aero of ground, about a mile from U10 city, ailjoniMig the house ficcu pied by Air. Viore - wuod, betwixt Greenwich aud the Broadway At.ul. Apply Ut JUlin lv. MUKIIAY, mh 25 tf Hudson - square. iouie, iiluOle, Gufdrri, Jtc. at Orttnutch, IJ t.r4t 1'he subscriber will let or leas, fn) n teiui ol years, his bouse al Gretnwich. It it plea - sanity tiluiitd oh the hanks of tbe Hudson, and canuiDieu vu BtuuutulvuiMr inrKe ian,ny. for erms, apply to D1V1E BETUU.F Jan 30 92 V a triet. 'JO Li T, from tbe fiist of May next, the three sloiy brick house, ,o. 38 De - street. Apply' to LEONARD BLEECKEK, mh 27 2w 37 U all strect. 04 or W or to J. n. The house and irrounilt ol the subscriber at Bloomiiigdusr, near the 5 utile ilxne, situated! on the banks of Hit: North River. 'I be Home is modern built. 50 lent I'roal with (errai tdpc ii.i and convenient out houses, all recently painted, and 111 complete ordi r. The grounds are highly cultivated, the gardru extensive aud good - aud there are on the plat u a great variety ol shrubs, libit and torest I net, and a pump of excellent water. For terms, which will Im reasonable, apply to 8. A. LA WHENCE, ap im oJi'ine - streeT. TO LET, Those spacious HOUSES, No. 41 and 43 vv all - street, lately known as the Merchant' Hotel. They will be let either together or se parately. The house No. 41 has a building in the rear - jf it, conlaiuiug tweuly bed rooms with, fire - places, whirb makes it one of the mo - t de sirable situations iu the city for a boarding house, esier - iajly at the lower rooms may be let witli. advantage either for insurance or broker' oiLv - cs. tor trm, apply to GEORGE BUCHANAN, mh 27 14t 4 Aloat - lane. ' 'JO LET, The House No. 78 Broad street, with the e, store - house, aod stable contiguous, and npieitaning thereto. I U i.E.ASr.1 For a term of years, in lots nr parcels, that part of Rose Hilfsituile on the 2d, 3d, and 4lh avenue, oa the 23d, 24th, 25tli, 26th, 27Ui, 28U, and 2Ulh streets, which belong lo Mr. Aim Roger. For particular, apply to JA.ME.B A. IIA31II.IU.V, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Built ing. ttr4 Tl LET, tiilj Tlie following lloaset, vut: I henouse o. V, Johu - tlrett The bouse No. 07 do The houte aod store No 395 Fearl - ttrret The house and tore No. 111 Cherry - ttreet JAMES W. slUW, frh2l No. 5 Howe ry. VO JA. T. ffitl A n.l Im storv house, pleataolly it - uaied in CourtJandl - itreel. Af.pty at tin office.. ap I tf. "COLUMbMN riClURE GALLERY, 146 M'Lrotl STaXET, - ( Host's Buildings, nrar Broadway.) To connoisseur and amateur of It Fine Art, and to the enlightened public of New - York. ''HE pmpritforof aaexfentive collection of L pictures, the works of tbe most eminent psinttirs, having just arrived from Europe, wterti it ha purchased, lliem from tlie cal met ol Rome, Naples, Florence, Pairs, Amsterdam and. . London, at a very coutlderat - f exp net. iirouo - ses torxhiliil tfiemto the taoesaml eenlLinea of this city aud its vii inity. 1 he exbilntiou will negin ou I tiursdsy, 1Mb of April, it will t lar superior to any at yi t clLred in tlie II. States, tin. n tore 1 in uiHl'Mibtedly originals cofisist - mg 01 apwaraj 01 uu pictures, r y Uie best matter. Ai'init'ion 50 ci - nts vb. or one dolUr per ntontii. Ilnurt finn lOiuthe iniroia: to seven in tire evening. CaUik'cs may be had at tbe, Ovlers. A 70 LET, i - ili The store 61 Fultoo - tret. Eojut' on UK prenme ap Iw 'J O J.lcr. trrm of rrt, Tbe LoH' a..d ! ! No. 2iJ Cedr t rwt, ro,.inima - ix rHsouiSwrtliiJe ... kitchen, peul'ivs, vaalts. Ac. ad a well of good ""for sale, the unexpired term, eleven year, of tbe lot No. t9 Muna. - itrctu in the uccupatioa of Uil.ians PaVers ft srii irom the Eptx - C. ual Church du i!. Lprd In.pisre t - f febdtf c;44 J'iie Itre'tj .

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