The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1937 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1937
Page 7
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 27 · 1937 SEVEN .Legal Notice NOTICK OK INCOUI'ORATION To W h o m it May Concern NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned have associated themselves together under and by virtue o£ Chapter 384 and Chapter 3S5-C 1 Tille 19 of tlie J935 Code of Jovva and laws amendatory thereto, as a corporation, and have adopted Articles of Incorporation which provide as follows, to-wit: (1) The name or the corporation is '·The Mason City Motor Coach Company" and its principal place, o£ business is Mason City, Town. .[2| Tile general nature of the business to be transacted by such corporation is owning and operating motor busses', nio- lor vehicles and automobiles for hire lor the purpose ol transporting passenger^ - a n d Ihe public generally over and through Ihe streets of Mason Cily, Iowa and to furnish individuals and parlies conveyances for business, pleasure or trips in, through and about said city, and from city to other nearby towns and cities, and to ntiy and all places where an individual, person, party or group of parties and the public desire to go a«rf to .bo transported and to carry and transport mail, papers and packages. To purchase, own or lease motor busses and motor coaches, automobiles and motor vehicles with power to sell, exchange or dispose o£ the same arid to purchase or lease snow plows · operate tlie same in connection with the atoresaid business and to purchase, own, lease or otherwise acquire nil necessary cnulpmtitU and personal p-opcrty incident to the aforesaid business. To purchase, own, improve, lease. icJl, exchange, convey or transfer real tstate. ' To purchase, erect, or construct I garage or garages. To "lease or own garages and to purchase, least or otherwise acquire oil stations, bulk stations and filling stations. To borrow monej and ID mortgage or otherwise lien or pledge any or all of the company's property; to acquire from the State of Iowa or from any town or municipality froTi any corporation or individual any concessions, grants, rights or franchises powers and privileges within the State of Iowa which may seem to ihe com* pany capable of being turned into count in carrying out its bur.ines^, . lo exercise the same, and with power to sell nr dispose of the same. To borrow money and contract indebted ncs~, witliout limit as to amount for ani of the purposes of the corporation. To riraw or make, accept, endorse, discount execute, issue, s^ll or otherwise disposi n£ promissory notes, drafts and hills o exchange, warrants, bonds. debentures and negotiable or non-ncgoltabic instruments and lo secure the payment there- ol with interest thereon by mui'tyajic pledge, conveyance or assignment of th whole 01- any part of the property t the corporation at the time owned, o I hereafter acquired. To purchase, hold sell and transfer the shares of its cap ital stock. To give and to execute eithc as principal 01 surely, surely, indemnity or liability bonds in connection with th operation of the aforesaid business anc to purchase and acquire such surety indemnity and liability bonds and purchase, acquire and contract for In sura nee policies and indemnity politic insuring against any or all hazard connected with the aforesaid business To enter into and make and p erf on contracts of every kind for any law f u l purpose w i t h any person, firm, as s nciatioii or corporation, town, citj county, body politic, state or Unite S tales G ovcmmen t, To ha ve a n i; more office and lo conduct any or _ f)i ils ojjwatipns and business aiul pro mote its business within Hie Stntc Iowa, To buy, hold, sell and convo personal property and such real prop crly ns may be necessary and conven icnt foi- tht: proper conduct of the nf fairs of the corporation, (3) The authorized number ot shart of capital stock n£ this corporation at Three Hundred F i f t y (3nO) shares, i which Two Hundred Fifty [2nUl shar are common Mock without pnr vain and one hundred shares 1 lOltl am p r _ furred- slock, of the par value of On Hundred Dollars (SIUU.UOI per share. A stock is to be paid hi on date of issu without condition. Said, Preferred SIOL shall ^entitle, the holders thereof to .r ceivo Six ' ISG.OO) Dollars per share pi annum from the surplus or net profi v of the corporation payable at such tiin . ns the Board of Directors may dete mine," before any dividends shall be s apart for or paid on the Common Stoc and the Preferred Stock shall not pa licipatc in nor retrcive ally addition earnings, profits or dividends. The said dividends on the Prefcrrc Stock shalE be cumulative, so that · f u l l dividends at the aforesaid .rale fc ;uiy past dividend period shall not ha been set apart for or paid on said Pr f erred Stock, the deficiency shall fully paid or provided for before vi d end is declared or paid on Ihe ommon Stock, Th« holders of Preferred Stock shall case of liquidation or dissolution of c company be entitled, to be paid in ,1) out of ihe assets of the corporation, eluding Its capital, the a m o u n t of their referred Stock at 1 One Hundred ($100.00) ollars per .share and an amount equal I ho sum of all dividends unpaid therc- n, antl in lieu of such dividends, before rty amount shall be paid to the holders common 'stock, and ' the remaining iscls shall then be distributed among ic holders of common stock exclu- vely, in proportion to their holdings. Said Preferred Stock shall be subject : redemption in whole or in part, at ne Hundred ($100.00) Dollars per share, nd an amount equal to the sum of nil vidend s unpaid thereon, and in lieu : such dividends, at such time and in ucli manner as the Board os Directors mil determine, after two years from the sue thereof. That each stockholder, either preferred r common, shall be entitled to one vote ir each share held by him or her. at 1 stockholders 1 meetings. That the authorized capital stotk at lis corporation or any part thereof may a issued from lime to time for such consideration, and upon such terms and tjUons as may be fixed by resoln- on passed by the stockholders of this orporation, at any annual meeting hereof, or at any special meeting there- f called for that purpose, or by the Board of Directors acting under author- y of such stockholders given in like manner. The capital stock authorized lay be increased by a majority vole f the voting sloirk issued and outstand- ng. by the adoption of an amendment o Oies2 Articles, which increased capi- al shares may be created wild or with- iut par value and may be cither common ir preferred, with such privileges as nay be determined at such meeting. Vhen the outstanding capital is in- reased, the additional shares shall first e offered to existing stockholders pro- lortionately to their holdings. (4) The business and corporate period if this corporation shall begin on the date the Secretary of State issues cer- ificate of incorporation, and continue or twenty 11101 years unices sooner dis- olved. with the right of renewal. ^^t The a f f a i r s of this corporation shall ie managed by a Board of Directors of lot less than three, nor more than five d tree tors, who shall elect a president, ice-president, secretary and treasurer, anc! such other officers, including an executive committee as they may see it. or ns may be provided by the by- I aws of this corporation. The annual election shall be held on the second- Tuesday of January of each year. Until | :hc first dec!ton, ivtiiu-Ii slial) Ue held on January, 11, 1938, tlie following named i sons' shall be directors: James E. Dsbu rnc. Ma son C i ty. lo w.i: Flosc Os- jornc ( . Mason City. Iowa, and Dec 0.4- jurn, of Albert Lea. Minnesota. And .he folio .viivg named persons shall he officers: President, James E. Osbornc; Vice-P resident. Dee Osburn; Sccrciary and Treasurer, Rose Osborne. All officers .if this corporation slipII hold office for otic year or until their successors are elected and qualified. Every director shall be a stockholder. The Board of Directors may fill all vacancies occurring its membership between annual elections by appointment of qualified persons, who will hold office tor the remainder o£ the term. Spoeial meetings of the stockholders may be called at any lime by the President giving ten U0 days notice, in person or in writing lo he stockholders, and shall be called by him atjuiy time upon request of stockholders representing -3^-r of the oul- standmg slock. And in case of his neglect or refusal lo call such meeting- the parties owning stock to the amount of " f outstanding may join in a call of the stockholders, which meet ing shall be the same as if called by Ihc President. At all meetings of the stockholders each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for each share of stock held by him, which vote may be east in person or by proxy. 'ARTICLE VIHJ ffi) Tlie private property of (he sfnck- holdci'.s shall be exempt from the debts of said corporation. This Article shall not be changed except by the unanimous consent of nil stockholders In interest. (71 Tlie corporation may: make and alter by-Jaws and may , authorize the Board of Directors to do so. (8) Amendments to these Articles, except Article VIII, may be made at any annual meeting of the stockholders, or at a snecia 1 meeting called for that purpose, two-thirds of all stock En interest voting for such amendments. Dated this 24th day of February, 1937. 1NCORPORATORS ADDRESS Jnnius E. Osborne. Mason City, Iowa. Dee Osburn, Albert Lea, Minnesota. Rose' Orborue, Mason City, Iowa. Mayor Issues Proclamation' on Safety Council's Drive Headquarters Set Up in County Membership Campaign. With a proclamation issued by Mayor W. S. Wilcox and reports continuing to come into headquarters, the membership campaign of the Cerro Gordo county safety council continued to gain momentum Saturday. F. W. Vorhies, chairman of the committee in charge of the drive, stated there was increasing evidence that representatives o£ various clubs, societies and commer- Ho Money PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, the accident and death toll on our highways has constantly increased. WHEREAS, Cerro Gordo county was responsible for fourteen (14) automobile deaths in 1936. WHEREAS, several -hundred other citizens were injured by automobiles during the year. WHEREAS, the Cerro Gordo Safety Council, is attempting to reduce materially these accidents. ' WHEREAS, the Cerro ' Gordo Safety Council, is making an organized drive for membership. WHEREAS, alt organizations of Mason City are co-operating in this unselfish program. By virtue of my office, as mayor, 1, hereby declare the week of March 1 as Safety Week in Mason City. W. S.- WILCOX, mayor. Mason City. Iowa County of Cerro Gordo February 27, 1937. cial institutions who attended t setup meeting at the Hotel Han ford Thursday evening, wer reaching their organizations wit] appeals to join tlie county coun cil. Headquarters Are Established. The membership fee is 50 cents only 10 cents of which goes to th state program. Mr. Vorhies has OS tablished headquarters in the Firs National bank building, using In offices of which can King Vandcrwicke: be reached by tele Clear Lake Calendar nnclay--Music Hour, s c h o o l house, 3 p. in. . londay--Boy Scouts, s c h o o l house. Odd Fellows lodge, I. O. O. F. hall, 8 p. m. Wa-Tan-Ye club, schoolhouse, 0:30 p. m. Clear Lake provement Frank, all day. . Progress club, Mrs. C. A. Knutson, North Third street. Luther League, Zion Lutheran church, 7:30-p. m. D. U. V., Legion clubrooms, 7:30 Clear Lake Globe-Gazette OFFICE PHONE 239 LUCIA A. O'NEIL, News Editor LEE DEWIGGINS, Circulation and Advertising Residence Phone 296-J Residence Phone 67 Poultry Improve- association, Park 1). m. Tuesday--P. E. O., Mrs. Cecil Martin,'North Fourth street. Townsend club, city hall, 7:30 p. m. Civic League, church, 1 p. m. Congregational Townsend club, Fred Conwell, 201 South Oak street, 7:30 p. m. iVcdnesday--Lions club, clubrooms, 12:15 p. in. Legion Intramural games, high school gym, 7 p. m. Group No. 6, Congregational aid, Mrs. C. .P. McVicker, South Third street. C. L. C. club, Mrs. George Newman. 514 North Third street, 1:30 p. m. Do Your Bit club, Mrs. Henry Bruchncr, all day. Bethlehem Lutheran aid, Mrs. Nels Jucobson, Reed street. Home Improvement club. Miss Esther Tesene, Caroline street. American Legion Auxiliary, Legion clubrooms, 7:30 p. m. Friendship Chain club. Mrs. Raymond street. Anderson, Clausen Methodist Ladies aid, Methodist church, 2:30 p. m. Thursday--Rotary club, I. O. O. F. hall, 12:15 p. m. Sectional basketball tournament, high school gym, 7 p. m. Lake View club,. Mrs. John Perkins, North Fourth street. St. Margaret's guild, Mrs. Wai- 2, a AND YOU CAN HAVE A 60 DAY FREE TRIAL TO PROVE THAT NATURAL GAS WATER HEATING I S CHEAPER T H A N YOUR FURNACE C O I L There has never been a doubt in your mind that aulomatic cas hot water service was immeasurably superior to your furnace coil. Now . . . if yon have thought that the furnace coil costs less for fuel, get tlie up-to-date facts, for natural gras is actually cheaper. Get all facts at our store. Low-cost perfect hot water service isyeady for you now. PEOPLE'S GAS ·e shovel of evefiw to heat you*water STOP PAYING THIS EXCLUSIVE COST FOR INFERIOR HOT WATER SERVICE. SWITCH TO NATURAL GAS phoning number 043. Those wishing to join the coun cil may make use of the followin application blank: APPLICATION FOU MEMBERSHIP Cerro Gordo County Safety Council. (Chartered by Iowa Slate Safety Council) Tn making this application for membership in the Cerro' Gordo County Safety Council I understand that I will be binding myself to the following solemn pledge: 1. To drive carefully and at reasonable speed. 2. To observe all traffic signals and stop signs. 3 To refrain from passing on hills. 4 To take curves cautiously and on the light side. 5 To signal my jjilenlions before turning or stopping. G. To take nothing for granted with regard to the other driver. 7. To give strict attention lo my driving and to drive only when physically and me til ally i it. 8. To have my car inspected at lens I twice n year for brakes, lights ,-nid ol her sa f ety f calm cs. tl To guard Ihc safety of a l l children .is J would that of my own. 10 To look upon the safely of my passengers as my personal trust and responsibility, , I. TO be as courteous in my car as I ntn in my home. 12. To obey all rules of safety in my home and at my \voi~k and a s ~ a pedestrian on (he streets. ·A HUMAN LIFE IS M.ORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FEW SECONDS 1 MIGHT SAVE BY HURRYING 1 ' lace Drew, 317 South Second street, 2 p. m. Rural W. C. T. U. instilule, Mrs. W. N. Hill Junior Federation club, Miss Anila Chizck, North Sixtli street. Royal club. Sorosis club. Mrs. Joe Palmer, 108 South Oak slrcet, 2:30 p. m. Twentieth Century club, Mrs. CLUB OFFICERS ARE ELECTED Eden Farm Group Chooses Mrs. S. Stanfield President. CLEAR LAKE --Mrs. Shirley Stanfield was re-elected president of the Eden Farm club at a meeting held at the city hall Friday evening. Other officers are J. A. Medlin, vice president, and Mrs. Tom Spillman, secretary-treasurer. A short program was given with Alice and Norma Jean SpiU- man giving recitations and Miss Helen Nealis reacting "A School Program." Harry O'Brien, who recently returned from a Vacation trip to Florida told the club ot his experiences. The annual oyster supper was served to about GO persons attending. The next meeting will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Trego March 2B. · * * =» AID CIRCLE HOLDS WASHINGTON PUOGUAM Circle No. 4 of the Methodist aict met at the home of Mrs. J. A. Johnson,-East Main street, Friday afternoon with 18 members and nine guests present. Incidents in the life of Washington proved very interesting as response to roll call and the afternoon was spent in a scries ot guessing games and contests. Refreshments were served wilh Mrs. A. C. Sater and Mrs. Fred Fnnkell assisting. The March meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Oscar Peterson, North Elm street. * * ^ ENTERTAIN Sl'EClAL GROUP OF GUESTS Circle No. 1 of the Methodist aid entertained as special guests at the church Friday afternoon, Mrs. B. W. Riner, Mrs. Earl Brose, Mrs. Paul Miller, Mrs. Howard Kanscn, Mrs. Eli Mack, Mrs. Charles Ranson and Mrs. A. 1-1. Runcie who assisted in serving the Father-Son banquet recently. A pot-luck dinner was served and the afternoon spent socially. Mrs. Sectional Tournament to Dominate Week's Events Opportunity to View Class'" A, B Clashes Given Basketball Fans. CLEAR L A K E -- S e v e r a l big events are on the calendar for the coming week but probably the one which will attract the most attention is the sectional basketball tournament which begins at the high school gym Thursday evening and continues on botli Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings. Both class A and B schools will participate in the events. Clear Lake Lions meet Mason City in the first round at D p. m. Thursday. The Boy Scouts will hold the usual meeting at the schoolhouse and Odd Fellows will hold lodge at I. O. O. F. hall Monday eve- Sign Address Driver's license number Forde Lee, Marion Park drive. Friday--Christian Leaders' institute ,Methodist church 9:15 a.m. Sectional basketball tournament, high school gym. 2 p. m. U. Y. B. club, Mrs. A. C. Sater, 215 Holt street. Christian Workers, Mrs. T. L. Sears, 408 Clara street. D. A. R., Mrs. A. A. Joslyn, East Main street. W. R. C., I. O. O. F. hall. Circle No. 3, Methodist aid, Mrs. A. C. Rorvig, East Main street. Saturday -- Sectional basketball tournament, high school gym, 2 p. m. liiner led devotions and plans for the future were made at the business session. 9 i « W. L. A. !\I. HOUS AJ,I. DAY MUETING W. L. A. M. club met at the home of Mrs. H. R. Peitzke Thursday afternoon with 10 members and two g u e s t s , Mrs. George Gardner and Mrs. Thompson, present. Dinner was prepared at the home as usual and a good meeting held. Mrs. Ed Hetland demonstrated the follow-up les- sion. The club meets March 25 at the home of Mrs. M. L. Nutty. mng. Wa-Tan-Ye club meets Monday evening in the home economics rooms of the high school for a G:30 dinner and business session with new officers in charge. Clear Lake Poultry Improvement association will hold a day meeting at the home ot Mr, and Mrs. Park Frank Monday. Robert Furleigh and Harve Hayes arc in charge of the program and a picnic dinner will be served. Mrs. C. A. Knulson will entertain the Progress club Monday afternoon and Mrs. C. F. Crane will lead the lesson. TCI Hold Luncheon. Luther league will meet Monday evening at the Zion Lutheran church for a postponed meeting. D. U. V. will meet at the Legion clubrooms Monday evening. Members have been asked to bring sandwiches and a covered dish for the pot-luck supper. There will be a business session and program of course. Mrs. Charles Sitzer will read a play for the program of the Civic league which mcols at the Congregational church Tuesday at 1 p. m. for a luncheon. This is the annual open meeting to which all women of the town arc welcome. Group No. (i will serve the lunch- con. ney will be in charge of the "Federation Day" program. Come For Institute. Christian Leaders' institute will convene at the Methodist church at 3:15 a. m. Friday. Local and guest speakers will combine in a strong program. U. Y. B. club will meet at the home of Mrs. A. C. Sater, 215 Holt street Friday evening for cards. Christian Workers will hold a devotional meeting at the home of Mrs. T. L. Sears Friday afternoon. D. A. R. will meet at the home of MLS. A. A. Joslyn Friday evening with Mrs. L. E. Ashland leading the lesson. W. R. C. will meet Friday afternoon at the I. O. O. F. hall for the regular monthly meeting. Circle No. 3 of the Methodist aid will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. C. Rorvig, East ·Main street. WINNERS NAMED IN DECLAMATORY Marguerite Winnie, Sunne Hein, Bill Kennedy Take Firsts. CLEAR LAKE -- Clear Luke Indents were awarded three first places in the preliminary declam- Uory contest held at the high school Friday evening. Bill Ken- ledy read "We Call Them Radicals" by Gregory, Sunnc Hem ·Homecoming" by Turner and Marguerite Winnie "Tipping O££ Teacher" by Black. Frances Sanders of Plymouth was awarded second place in oratorical. She read "Lincoln, a Man Called of God." Jeanne Kutzner Clear Lake Briefs of Ventura won second in dramatic division reading the 'The John Holub Rites v Held at B e t h e l Church at Manly MANLY--Funeral services for John Holub, 77, who had been .1 tailor in Manly for the past 25 years, were held Wednesday afternoon from the Bethel Evangelical church, ,,with the Rev. F. R. Blakely in charge. Mr. Holub was born June 21, 1859, at Cheznovitz, Bohemia. He came to America in 1882, arriving in Mason City on Christmas day. On March 9, 1885, he was married to Katherinc Hart. They moved to Motley, Minn., where he tailored u n t i l 1906. At Manly Since. At that time Mr. Holub returned to Mason City with his family and worked for Leo Ur- danger and Will Patton. He also tailored at Austin, Minn., for a while. He came to Manly in 1911 and established his tailor shop where he lived u n t i l his death. Mr. Holub was preceded in death by his wife and daughter. Surviving him are three sons, John, Jr., of Los Angeles, Cal., Joseph of Rockford, Frank of Mason Cily and two daughters, Mrs. Arl Shook and Mrs. Herman Kafcr of Mason City and two brothers, Joseph Holub. Sr., ot Mason City, and Mathcw Holub of Mot!ey ; Minn., and .four sisters, Mrs. F, Hazuka, Mrs. Leo Yesek of Motley, Mrs. S. H. McKee of Mason City and Mrs. Anton Slavik o. Plymouth. Two Great Grandchildren. Nine grandchildren and t' great grandchildren, all of Mason City, also survive. A quartet composed of Mr. anc Mrs. Bob Harnock, Mrs. F. R Blakcley and Carl Gcrkin sang MEETINGS HELD BY PUBLISHERS Plan -War on Pending and Prospective Laws to Restrict Ads. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Iowa daily and weekly newspaper publishers arc girding their loins for a battle against pending and prospective legislation before the Iowa general assembly, regarded as inimical to the interests of the public and the newspapers. Publishers from eight eastern Iowa counties were invited lo a conference at Clinton Saturday afternoon and similar group meetings were held in Rockwell City, Albia, Ames, Vinton, New Hampton, Algona and Atlantic. Targets u~ Publishers. Particular targets for the pub- ishers' guns are measures which, ike the biJI reslricling dentists' idvertising, passed by the last jcneral assembly, proposed to cn- ict "professional ethics" into aw. They included the pending )ills to place optometrists, em- jalmers and cosmetologists under iimilar. advertising restrictions. In each instance, it is held by :he publishers, the proposed laws not only would affect the adver- ising volume of Iowa newspapers would place the public at the mercy of legalized monopoly, pro- ected from publicity on compara- ive prices and quality of service. Danper Is Foreseen. The publishers foresee danger :hat the public will be subjected ^o extortionate charges for serv- ccs by the less scrupulous in the protected professions and businesses. They hold, also, that Ihc proposed bills arc creation of a minority group in eacli of the affected avocations. Today's meetings arc being sponsored by the Iowa Daily Press association and Ihc Iowa Press association. LINGER LONGEKS HOLD PROGRAM Mrs. Carl Bilker entertained members of the Linger Longer club at her home on Clara street, Friday afternoon. A Washington program was given and the afternoon spent socially. Mrs. Bilker was assisted in serving by her daughter, Mrs. John Nadcl. MRS. T. L. K I N G ENTERTAINS AID CIRCLE Mrs. T. L. King, East Main street, entertained circle No. G of the Methodist aid at her home Friday afternoon. A general meeting was held with devotions led by Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Grace Fiske and Mrs. Grace Stevens were the committee to assist Mrs: King in serving. The next meeting is planned to be held at the church March 26. P. E. O. w i l l meet at tlie home ot Mrs. Cecil Martin Tuesday evening for a buffet supper. Townsend club will meet Tuesday evening at the home of Fred Conwell, 201 South Oak street. Light refreshments will be served. Plan Program. Methodist Ladies' aid will meet in the church parlors Wednesday afternoon with circle No. G, headed by Mrs. J. C. Davenport, in charge of a program. Mrs. W. R. Kime will lead devotions, and there will be instrumental and vocal duels and readings by the Misses Sunnn Hein and Marguerite Winnie. A delicatessen booth will be in charge of Mrs. C. L. Peterson, tMrs. Kimo and Mrs. J. C. Oelert and a candy boolh in charge of Mrs. S. O. Bacon and Mrs. L. W. Sherman. These will open at 1 o'clock. Tea w i l l be served d u r i n g the afternoon. On Wednesday the Lions will meet at the Legion clubrooms for luncheon. Intramural games are scheduled at the high school Wednesday evening. Brager-Fistler, Palmeter- City eab, day or nilc. Ph. 200. Lake schools. Dr. anil iMrs. F. L. Knulson re- Roger Davis, turned Friday from Los Angeles, Mrs. Harold Cal., where they spent about two months while Dr. Knulson ' took post graduate work in the Los Angeles College of Optometry They report a very fine trip. For Itent: First floor apt., 201 East Main street, Clear Lake. HIrs. Sever Nelson, Mrs. J. F. Charlesworth and Miss Cynthia Taylur who were charter members of Dorothy Dix tent of D. U. V. at Mason City, attended the tenth anniversary celebration the Y. W. C. A. there Friday evening. Others from Clear Lake to attend were Mrs. A. M. Olinger, Mrs. Eugene Grimm, Mrs. P. D. Leith and Mrs. S. S. Hudson, dcparlmerit chaplain, Mrs. Ivor Hochicfichl, -100 East Main street, returned Friday from Minneapolis where she has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. M. Olson, and oilier relatives. Mrs. Hodnefield stopped off at Albert Lea on her return trip and spent a day with Mrs. B. F. Muldown and daughter Hazel. She reports that Miss Muldown has so far recovered from her recent operation I hat she has returned lo work but is not very strong. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Brunei and family and Mrs. Burns of Gar- Shadow Child" by Black and Hilda Dorow, also of Ventura, look second in humorous, reading "Tipping Off Teacher." Judges for the contest were R. E. Nyeiuist and tlie Misses Beuhih Sanders and Tommy Priest, Mason City. Miss Dorothy Hanlon is the dramatic coach in the Clear accompanied by Hushaw, played "Long, Long Ago" as a clarinet solo and the girls' sextet, accompanied by Miss Jeanne Bcckncr, sang "In the Time of Roses" and "As 1 Pass by Your Window" between sections of the contest. The high school theater orchestra, led y Miss Naomi Pine, closed the program with a group of orchestra lieces. A fair-sized crowd attended the ontest. Winners of first places are :ntitled to enter the sub-district :ontesl to be held soon. "In the Garden," "There N i g l i t There," and "Through Valley." They were nccompanicc by Mrs. Louise McKcrchcor a tile piano. Pallbearers were Ray Calkins Wallace Drew Begins to Remodel CLIiAR LAKE -- Chris Ksler- 0'H'd, contractor, began work Saturday morning to remodel the garage at the Wallace Drew home, 317 South Second .street, into a strictly modern five-room apartment to be finished about April 1. An extension will be buili to the north and west and all the latest appliances installed. The apartment will face west on South Second street. Comstock teams wil and play. Bacon-Whitney ner and Mr. and Brager, Ventura, Mrs. came Willard Fridaj Mrs. Halvorsnn Hostess. DOWS--The Liberty club met Friday afternoon at the home, of Mrs. N C. Halvorson, with Mrs. Elwuod Bauge, assistant hostess. Mrs. G. E. Schnug had the program and reviewed "My Life and My Work," by Adolph Lorenz. Miss Mildred Reed gave two numbers of tap dancing with Mrs. V.,. S. Reed at the piano. COUPLES GRANTED MARRIAGE LICENSES THOMPSON--Marriage licenses were issued to Lawrence M. Johnson, 22, Dows, and Arloene R. Hansen, ' 19, Coulter; Clarence Steenhard, 20, Hampton, and Jennie Weimann, '20, Thornton; Walter Warren Wilson, 23, Alexander, and Dorothy Arlccn Harris, 21, Latimer; George M. Fox, legal, and Maude E. Fredericks, legal, Hampton: R. Lloyd Corporan, Arcdale, and Marie E. Abbas, 2(i, Sheffield. ·--o-- Home Frnm Junior WH1TTEMORE--Marvin and Pauline Weyder and Mary Bouman, students at the Cherokee Junior college, Cherokee, arrived home Friday evening to spend the week-end at the homes of then respective parents. Lester Quinn o£ Whittemore drove to Cherokee after them Friday afternoon. Aid Group Meets. Group No. 6 o[ the Congregational aid will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. P. McVicker, South Third street, with Mrs. Fred Davis assisting hostess. C. L. C. club will meet on Wednesday this week for a 1:30 luncheon at the home of Mrs. George Newman. Do Your Bit club will hold a postponed meeting al the home of Mrs. Henry Bruchncr Wednesday. Mrs. NcLs Jncobstm w i l l cnter- ain Ihc Bethlehem Lutheran ;iict it her home on Reed street, ·Vcdnc.sday aClermnm. Members of the Home Improve- nent club will be guests ol Miss Esther Tcscne, Caroline street, Wednesday afternoon. Friendship Chain cJub will meet it the home of Mrs. Raymond An- lerson Wednesday afternoon. ThPs y the third time the club has been scheduled at this place. The regular monthly meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary be held at the Lesion clubrooms Wednesday evening. To Hold Institute. Rotary club will meet Thursday for luncheon at T. O. O. F. hall. Mrs. John Perkins will entertain the Lake View club at her home. North Fourth street, Thursday. This is a postponed meeting. Mrs. Wallace Drew, 317 South night to visit their parents, Mr and Mrs. Oliver Brager, East Division street, as a surprise to help the older Mrs. Brager celebrate her birthday. Birthday cake anc other refreshments were servec during the evening. Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Piltman North Elm street, plan In move Sunday to Algona where Mr. Pittman has leased Ihe Corycll bull p l a n t and oil station. He has a franchise for three counties. The culKlitiiill of E. J. Sclicrf Civil war veteran, is reported at about the same. Mr. Schcrf is up part ot the time. Mrs. Ira, Jones, 500 North Thirt street, is gaining slowly since he recent illness. She sils up some of thfi time now. Mr. and-Mrs. Chris Chrislinson Zongo Club Plans to Hold Debate at Meet CLEAR LAKE--Congo club meeting at the church Sunday eve- ling will feature a debate on the subject' "Resolved that Lincoln lad a more u p l i f t i n g influence as i Christian statesman than Washington." News reports of the week w i l l bo given, seasonal items recited, and refreshments-served. New Shop Opens. MANLY--The opening of -the new implement shop of Fred Logemaii was held Saturday. A complete machinery display, hot lunch at the hotel at noon and sound movies in the afternoon were part of the plans for the day. and family move Monday from the farm southeast of Clear Lake, where they have been living, to a farm near Cylinder. Mrs. Bolsingcr, who resides with her daughter, Mrs. Grace Stevens, Clara street, is reported to be cjuile ill. Thr Welfare committee if the Civic league reports that reservations for the luncheon at the Congregational church Tuesday are comity; in very well. The meeting is open lo all women ot Clear Lake and reservations will be taken up u n t i l Monday noon. Mrs. John Nadel, who is vlslllnj; her mother, Mrs. Carl Bilker, Clara street, went Friday- evening to Northwood to spend a few days at the home of her brother, John. Elmer Benscn, Percy Loomis, Otto Lichlemslern, Charlie Knapp and Olio Wald, all of Manly. Burial was at (he Mnnly cemetery. The Pcshak funeral home was in charge. Buys Gall Confcslioncry. GALT--Charles D. Knott Waverly purchased the Gait confectionery and beer business of which C. D, Denger was proprietor. , Mr. Knolt look possession Feb. 18 and also has mnvert Ihe business lo Ihe Stcenblock building. BIODEKN TREATMENT METHODS Rive you nntliin? ti fear. My mclhflil "f treating piles docs away with all Ihc fear «l" :m operation. No anesthetic, no pain, mi huspitul c o n f i n e m e n t , nn loss of time. Consultation ami e x a m i n a t i o n free. Private Disea.sos of Men nnl Women Successfully Treated OFFICE l l ' i E. STATE--OVEK YELI-AND AND HANKS St. af- .Sccund street, will e n t e r t a i n Margaret's guild Wednesday tcrnoon. Rural W. C. T. U. inslilutc w i l l convene at the home of Mrs. W. N. Hill on Wednesday for an all clay mcGfijig. Junior Federation club will meet at the home of Miss Anita Chizck, North Sixth street, Thursday evening. "Political Changes" will be the subject for study by the Sorosis club which meets at the home of Mrs. Joe Palmer Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Frank Daker and Mrs. S. C. Schumacher will lead the lesson. Twentieth Century club will meet for luncheon Thursday at the home of Mrs. Forde Lee, Marion Park drive, Mcsdames A. A. Joslyn. Tom Hayes, F. P. Walker, T. E. Soiulrril, Harold Hushaw. Homer I' 1 ; Blough and Lee are the luncheon c o m m i t t e e and Mrs. J. W. Paltie and Mrs. Rob Roy Ccr- your eyes now

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