The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 8, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1818
Page 4
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'.IN CHANCERY:: SM of Xeu - ytrk, u. , IN oursuacce of wi order of this I onourab tolrt made in he 'e ". be. ,old t public auction, ut llui.ff H' tel. In the village of Ncwbu.gli. on II sixleeutb day c.l Apui next, Hi tv elve o'clock at onw. under theiliiectiou oi the nlcr!Wr J All thai crrtnin Iract of land tit. " uale, lying and beiug at Little Britain, :n tbe t;.wu 01 New - VVindtor, county of Orange, and talc of New - YorU, and it bouuded ut lolniwt - - On tlie ea't b lands ol the beiis of Joliu Wel - Jin. ducesut.d, oa Oil! north by the lands of Ro - - beri K. Burnet, 0:1 the vvttt ) ' ' - "'d of gen. enl Jmuc Clinton, and c u ibt south by the land ol lot - heirs i Satuutl J - L. Nrrton, deceased, f outa.tiug three buwlrtd auJ lea acre ol lantr, bethe hiiie more or I'M, wwb the hereditaments aid api.uricw - nces to these nm helong - inr ur in a:tv wUe bppern - iiiiiig. Dated Febru - aiv '7 - ''" 'Uit - '1A3 BIMI ON, fecXU lawitpldt .Matte no t haiv - :ery. To the hou. ruble the judges and assistant lUrtitei i f tl ctf. - t ol rt inti' - ii ,kas iu uit! for ti.e coun . tyofOiai.g' Tbe petition olJolm Dner, of Ihctovtuof Go - iln ii. in li e county of Orijige - respeitfully aheweth . TH A I' your pctiliontr it saixed m fee simple, at tenant in common, together Kith II e several parties herein after nuni. - .l. of eight equal u (divided forty eighth part, Hie whole into forty tjight equal put to be divided, oi in and to all that certain let, trut I, pine or parcel ol land, situate, lying and being iu the filiate ol New burih, in the laid county of Orange ; bounded on the nortli by the street called the eight rod - ttreet, on the east by the Hudson river, on the moth by lands furmcily belonging to lliram Weiler and George Mont II, and on thi wett liy land! formerly belonging lo Thoniai Coldtn ; containing, at it supposed, two arret of land Ai d vour Petitioner lurthcr thrwetb. that John Jlu'heilurd, of the slate of New - Jersey, it alio seized at aforciaid, odour "tlier equal undivided forty eolith pattt of the tame. That ut.uiiiub U' liiiniHi, at present, as your petitioner it informed unit believes a re ti 'lent in that part of Ihe 'kingdom of Great Britain ca'led Eogl.tud, ii also ti.ii dat aforesaid, of four other equal undivided Inrly eitjhih parti of the ame. That Jobn elevens, ol die tlale of New - Jersey, it also ri ized at faforctaid, of two other equal undivided toity l irtlith parti of the tame. That Robert L. Livingttoii, ol (he county of Coluuit'ia, in this itate, and Slargnrel, bit wife, in the rijjhtol the laid .Margaret, aie alto itizeil at alorctaid, of oue other equal undivided forty eighth part thereof. . And Ilia I Kdward P. Ijivinzstnn. of the raid county ofCoiumhia, and Klirilx - lh, hit wife, in me nelitol tlie t;nl hiizuuein, are aim leized at at'ori taid, of, one ot.'n.T tijuul uudivided lorly tiKh'li l"rt thrre - jf. And that Cornelia I.lvinritoo, of the city of ! t i. t i - - ir - - ii .. i .tw - i urn, i cicr r :iu uiuil j.lviiixHin. at pio - lei.t, an your p titiviifriv infornieu and orlieet, n T - 'tuhm in fime pnil cf Hie kii.n1'"'!' of Cirenl Urit:im, and I'eter Kane, oflheilaleofMew - Jer try, by virtue of an net of the b - gisla uru oi the t..te. vesting in them, at truth - , (lie estate of l v r viiii bni);ii Liiviiigtinn, ieteatel, nroalso eiZ'.tl :.t aloiei.ini. ol lour other eoual undivuled toi v ci" !rj. intti thereof. Anil iu Aiexnnunr noocriton, oi ine cnv oi new - 1 o k, and r rniirci, ut wiir, m llie nlit ol thn laid r'nni o, ore alio n ized n aforesaid, of lh reiii'iimii tvveuly lourequul undivided forty eigbtiqi iri iTierxif. And ivour Petitioner further shewctli, that lie in desirous to liave Partition made Tall rnd finular the taid above described premises, among the said aevem'. owners or proprietors of the same, according to their several and respective riijlit.i of, in and to the same. Wherefore your pe l i . i - nr prayt dint thn laid premises may he divided uiiiouk ttie taid trveial owueis or proprietorn, aceordini; lo their tan) several and rrrpnctive riult, ty eoniiniiniionur. to he apuoinli a by tint honorable t ourt, in pur uum c ol th - direct ion of the ni t, entitled An act for the partition nt lnmlt " - - And your ptti timer, atiu duty bound, tball ever pray, iVe. John uukii. To John Rutherford, Sutannah Kol.iinof:, John blevens, Kohert Ii. liivnigton and Mari'aiet bit wile, til ward P. l.ivinHon ami Klizilxth till wile, Lornelm Liviii'tnii, l i ter Van Uiiriil Liiiig, - lon, Peter Kane, Alexander JloberUii and r raneet nit wile. You will be pleated In take notice Ihil a Pcti tion ol hicrj the prevrding h a copy, will he pre - ented to the honorable the Juitgn and Aiiant Justices ol the Court of Common nleat, in ami for the county of Orange, on the lat Monday ol Mav next, to beheld at the court bonne in tin. shen, in and for the tnid rounty of Orange, at I n o'cloi - .k in the firenoon of that day, or us soon thercal'er at counted can he heard, and an application will thereupon be made lor tl.e app - 'inl - melit of i:o.iiinitioiii r to umke Pattiti .n ! the rrtiuiset with the ;ppiirtenuiiret in thr laid Petition mentioned and deicrihed, according to toe prayer ol the taitl Petiti - n, and the directioiia ol an net of the l.egitlnture of the Stale ol New - York, entitled " an net for (he partition of Un it." Uated January 10, HUH. JOHN DUKR Alexander Doer, attorney for petitioner. Feb It lawtltn May HUNTING TON'S HRITIM ACADEMY, HO 145 rtTl.TOS - STMuET. II I K. HUNTING ON will receive anew 1 1 I class of writers this week, which it the last .that he will teach, hit engagement al engraving being tuch at to require bit whole attention, from the lit of May. Those Uieielore, who may be desirout ol his instructions in the nrl of writing, will please to coimmuce in the course ol tint week, it being the last opportunity they will have. ap 0 3t CORN MEAL. THE suhcrilois will c ontinue tolmve on band a constant supply of kiln dried Indian Coin Meal, in hogsheads and b; rr Is, from a mill of the very ftrt reputation, near this city. Tbey hold themselves ready to contract lor the delivciv oi such ouintiliet of .Meal as may t required, which may he sent ahng'i''1 of vessels at tlie wharf. Ireih liom the mill. Ap ply to TUCKER K LVUIUES, ap6 V9 South ttreet. For t'ale, tir xc!iur;e for praptrty in Hit City. A F4RM containing 60 acres, pleasantly situated on the Hudson river, and adjoining tlie Tillage nt cu'bu:gh Ihe land is nt an exci Hint quality, and with the exception of a few acres, has been teeded with tirmitliv and clover for mowing ; it ia well watered by a small brook that never fails , the place abounds with I run ol the choicest kind and in groat va riety ; the buildings are a home, bam and o - ther neccssarv out lious t in point of pleasant ev of situation and extensive prospect, it is not exceeded hy any placcon the Hudson riv r. The rapid growth of the village of newnurgn - a generally known, the village is iui wmiim - a uy wit urni on tlie north, and the first extension not M (whicb will pn.bublv Uke place in tlie coiir.e of a few veart) brings it immediately on to the farm ;" the advantage of such an event speak f ,r themselves. AImj, within 2 miles of .the fat m, 50 acres of wood land ; the wood is about 'M years gTowih and the land is well lovcrcd with it this is a variable acquisition to the farm on i the river. Alto, a firm in Conner - tic ut, in the town el ! GuilfjrJ, at iarhemshead harhyr, lonUinm.. Utween 60 nnd 70 acres. The land is t ao excel!uit q - ialitv, and the greatest part i., iu tj - moihv ?ra. It m Uim.l..i n ik . .. i . . s tea, wlii h r.ff..rds ample wun - cs of manure, aad fives mith fencing. There ii nit Ihe phi e abouwi, hjra aud out - buildiu;;", sullicieut lor al! - .nrpo'fc.of ihe firm. For terms of the Nwbuif;Ii property, apply to Me. - rs. J. AIT fowel, at that idare; ami ior im Urin, la Mr. John Cddwell, at Ou llunl ; or fitr evtn, to the subscriber in New - iork. nt No. 181 Broadway. HARflY CALDWELL, cjche DCaw',wCUw4w . .COLUilBlAN riCTURE CALLERT,. ; . ' 146 rci.ios - STBtir, . . (Rom's jUuddmsi, near Broadway.) . . To conuouteurt andamateors of the Fine Arts, and to the eulighttned publicofNew - Vork - 'PHE propn.tor of anexteniv collection of L piclurei, the aorks of Hie luoit eminent painters, bavinpjntt arrived from Lurope, where he bat purchased Irom In cal ioets ol Rome, Naiilet, Kioituce, Paris, Amtlerdam and Lundon, at a very coiuiderable ex pence, propo - iettotxhihilthemto the ladies and genlienaea of this city nud ittvkinily. 'J be exhibition w ill begin on Thursday, 16th of April. It will b far superior to any as yet offered in tlie U. Stales, the pictures lw inp iifulouhtedly originals consitt - ng ol upwards ol 200 pictures, by tlie best masters. Admiitiin 50 cents each, or one dollar per moniti. Honrs from 10 in the morning to seven it. the evening. Catulcuel may be bad at the u.illery, Tt TO LET, liul The store 61 Fulton - strcet. Enquire on tl. fieoiuei ap 4 lw TO I.LT, very low. A genteel 2 - ttory brick house, with a muz garden, haviuga stable in the rear, situat ed in the mott pleasant part of Broadway, nboul 1Q minutes walk from the City - Hall j rent Jl.'AJ orr anuum. t or particulars, ap( ly 17 Cedar trrrt. ap4 Zw 'IMBLt MA'lls. - 3afS. lor tale lv mb 18 Cl'.UKA H CUMING, LIMK BURNERS. 11) I'earl ttreet. YJT ANTED three or four experienced lime f T burners, who can be well recommende d, To tui h cooiiaut eoiiiloy aud liberal wages will oe given Aiply to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Bcavcr - tt. mch 25 DiCtf GRi AT CllA.vCE FOR KEAOERb. r 'HE tuli rider Inving delermined to give up 1 the retailing Hoolt - te ling rliitim tt on tlie fi"l of May, offers for tale, at trilucrd prutt, his took ol Hooks and rilatiooary on hand. I hit 04 k comprise! a very valuable nttoitmenlnl standard workt in luoit hraix net nt science and literature, ane agt whiib are, Biblet, Tetta iiiei.n, Prayc - r Boolit, Ptaluit and Hymns, iu very rleganl bilidiugli abo, Ii lew copiel of Seolt't ' amny iiioir, in unaniPtijii) lunuiiigi unu it worthy the attention of dealers or ccntumcrs. Alto, an elegant aitortmcnt of stationary, fuchnt pa per, quilli, wnlcrt, wax, teals, land boxes mi'l folders. A eral vsnely of pen and pocket ktiivet, pocket noons and wallets, port loliot, ruleis, lead lioni ilt, crayons,' hruthes, Rei ift and other culoiirt, in every variety of lorm.draw - ine pair, ink tlandt, vinting nnd other cardt, India ink, do. lul.lx - r, portahle detkt, tteel nent, .lutes, l.ui.ter't scnlet, inalheniHticbl inttru - mi'iilt, p'tt kol tedgeri aud memorauduiii book, blank account IjooLi, ic. Ac. JOHM L. TIFFAiW, 114 D road nay, opositc City Hotel, ap 2dJic S.iwDw TEN COLLARS REWARD. mrK a : . - .l . m L' I vjL.r..i last evening, irom ine enirvoi me O Iioimc No. 12 John ttreet, a new hlueeuni - r fine Surtout Coat, nnd n Hat nearly new The above reward will be paid on the annrehenHoti of the thief. no fi f'RL'll', FUiiK&P I KKKj, ai . ?f?J n - RFM IIMIV PlllVfl.' 1 - Vw& Co have for Fide at their Snr - f - Krf Flushing Landing, (I,. I.) ZTi&?ZsU near."ew i ora, llieir utnaiai.d fijfij fxtensivo variety of Knrnpean iHli nnd Amciican Pt uit und Oinn - mrntal I reel. Also, a large collection of valuable hrutu and l'laiitt ; Hit y have fcveral thou - 0gtHiZu tul inoculated leach tree!, vAiwn art in the most healthy ttate and tree from mv diBteuiiKT, great attention hat hern paid to - .. r . II .... : i i J preserve lliem irom iiib yenows, wiih ii oat oe - tt roved so many trees of Hint kind throughout Ihf United Slates. Catalogues of which may he h oi of Mi t.rt HULL . KOWNK, No. 140 l'i arl - street. New York, r ut their Nursery. Ordert :rd"rt toeitlier place will be mime diately utti tided to. mid the Ireit, ,r. carefully and securely pii'ktd, to n to be si nt lo any tnrt ol Ine United Males, with the greatest tafe - ty, and delivered at Crane wharf, New - York, hy water free of Ir.'ubl. Also, for s.i k at above, 10"f heauliful Balm of Gilea.l cr Silver Fir frees, liny are almott sure In live when Ir n'lilanted. yj - As the great lots ol t'each J rees ny His - eitte. have dei rto many irom piaiiung nine, direclions wiilhe given li those who piirehai - e llirnu whii Ii if attended to, will enable them to ureterve their trees in a healthy state, and to have 1 laches iu at gieat plenty at in former y - art. .1. u. reacn irres inni - umira un . - tnii'iHi "i Plum st - .n kt. it no preventative again't the dis ease which the IVnntylvivnia Agricultural Society, cnll th) yellnvys an 6 DVCIw I lOARD WANTED triH ! May, lor a gen - I J tli iiiao and lady in a plain iiiivate lautily . Addr's L. M. ut tint office, with teuuti'i'il i l.e e of leiidence. ap 6 JHf sKl.KCI' IIOARDINU &( HOOI. 'I'HF.RK. are at present five vai Miieies in the I Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S .N liool, in Philipshurgb, Yonkcrs, West - Chester County. Hit system of education i tuch as lo enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or tlie Counting Mouse within a reasonable time. His school istelett, the liuinli. r ol I U1 - limited, nnd tlie Ireatment of the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful mid polite li terature are taught, ru lireek, I .at in, French, Knglisli Ciraramar, tteogniphy. History, Compoiition, Writing, Arithmetic, Matta matict, &c. It i' presumed that few Institutions of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and religu us principles, or in correct and genti rran - ly deportment. The Pimnnage in which the Pupils are .lccnmuicdated, it commodious, reti red and iiloasaiitly situated. It distance from New Yrk is iiiioiit seventeen miles ; to whirl, tin rep always a direct and eay communication. For further particulars application may he mane to Kiste p llohart Dr. V ilsnn, Columbia College C. 1). I .'olden, Esq. T. A. l.miut t, Lsq, ap 2 T. S. Clnrkson, Esq. C M'F.v rs, Kt(. Win. Buy ard, inn. Fsq, A. bchermcrhom, l!iq. DJinaw U - M II.SO.N, 'i John - street, (J doors Irom Ntusaii - slrcct) he. s leave lo inform ihe public that he iws l.u'ief s (lot cash) at the loiiowinc reduc ed priee, vix : buperline Blue or Black t. oat, Otherciilo'irs, SJ Blue Frock or Surlout, 2:: 50 Olliercnjoiirt, VC Kersi ynu re or cloth trowters, II 5ti 'I oil.melte Vest, 4 MertriPs do 3 75 And to thole who prefer finding their own mate rials. Making a Purlont or Frock Coat, $" 7 do t.lote liodicd do 7 - ci do 'I'rowters S do Ve - t S Army and Navy Uniforms, Children's ClMhc s and every oilier article proiiorlioiiBijly cheap. At. Ii. All articles cut in the most lauiionanle dyle, und the ivorkm.tiisbip equal to any in h city. irTT" w. vv . takes tins opportunity io return ins suicere thank! totnoso gentlemen who have ti nen d hnu with their i oniinands. nd to assure tliem ami the public at large that nothing shall ut WHting on hit r.ait to give satitlaction. aplwt lo lh'lfiftrs, SMirrs aiuf SatUr$ of the Hero Zu'ifisry ltar. 'Ill F. Officers and sold iers of the Revnluticm L ly Army, and t' e t tffi. - ers and S. - .ilorsof Ih. Vvvy of thr t'niud - stat. ., who served .in the Involution. cin have tin i: naiu - s pi ,ced r n tl. I etisinn list of tde United - States, acceding totle s.;t of Coii - ri..s, ,,.wh M.m h ia, mHi ,pr v vi.ic ior person engaged in tje I u.d and iva! e.rviceol t.ieUmS d Si nt - s miring I'te Revo'o tion try v ar, by applv'113 'oth - r.ti. - rii)er vojc SA.ME5 CUt' KM Ail L, 031. Sir 6UNaja - itrtet FRENCH LANOfJAGE. AK)UG Man, a native of SwiUerUnd, who can be well recommended, would undertake the teaching cf tlie 1'reccb language, in an academy, or would take charge of a gentleman's family, and to the French language would add that of writing, arithmetic, geography, tic - Ac. Hit terms would be moderate, aud would do all in hit power to render himself useful Please ad - drets a line for A. ut No. 163 Broadway, which will lie rrinectfullv attended to. H. U. The advertiser hat no objection to go lo any part ol the united - ctaics. mb25 Sw INDlUEbl'ION. oh fclMJR bTOMACH, IS acknowledged by ueilical writers to be a X complaint ol slulioom kind, and ai an iiiiiet very diftit ult of cure. I his is sulticientiy mus traled iu liieditau;iointmeulof those who unlor Innately suffer under it, as they, for the most pari, fiad that after havinif tried manv things to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to use (lor perhaps the remainder oi ine; sum aniciet at i an ut best but palliate the diteate. Under tuch circuiiifctancei, any medictue capable of removing the complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all th - ite who are alllicled with it ; such a combination i to be met with in DR. MEAD'S ANTl - DYfEP - TIC or STOMACH PILLSthe success of which has never yet been equalled, forlhe cure of dyspepsia ia its most complicated form, tuch at lots of appetite, naua, ntaii ourn, naiuitii - cy, knawing paiu in Ihe stomach, pain in the tide, great cottiventts, paieneti in ou cifuiuc - nanre, languor, lowuess of spirit!, pain iu the head, virtigo or giddinets, and ditturbed sleep. Whoever ai()liet these pillt in the above ditease, a cording to the directions, will never be ditBp - Miinted, us they have never been once known to (ail in producing a rauicai aim permuiicui mm. The use of a tingle box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will nmit effectually remove ollsourneis of tlie stomach, not merely hy neutralixing trie acid, but by correcting that morbid state ol theiecretions which gives rise to it, and at Ihe same time will restore to the dehililaled organs of digestion, that toue and vigour which it absolutely neccitary to Ihe well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar lier box. For sale by JOHN C. MORRISON, Dru - gitt, No. IKBGreenwicb - itreet. Where mar be bad. wholeiale and retail, a large and central assortment of genuine Urngk and Medicines : Surctont Instruments; A pol he nry's Glass Ware ; English and American 1 a - tent Medicinet. Also, Dyer's and Fuller's niti del, Medicine Cheiti, iic. On liberal terms. mh V4 Urn MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW. FORBEi, No. 90 Broadway, one door . above Wall - street, respectfully informs his friends and the public that he continues to manufacture silver tea aud table setts, church plate, spoons, fork?, ladles, waiter.', urns, siphons, fbh knives, kc. lie. of the latent aud most elegant patterns, of the first quality of tilvrr and mpe - riar workmanship, nt tlie lowest prices tor TL - h. All orders executed in a masterly manner, aud warranted in all cases ut least equal to any ar ticles of tilver manufactured or sold in this city. lu addition to hit own manufactures, lie has on baud an assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, which he will dispose of very low, con sisting' of candle:! it ks, cake baskets, castors, bottle castor, tnulfcrs and trays, plated on teel, a vrry superior article; elegant pen, purkct andiporttmau's knives, with a variety of articles not enumerated. ' men 3(1 lui A COLOURED BOY the lime limited bylaw a smart, sober and induttrious lad tindurttandt ull kinds house - work, nnd taking care of horses : alto ivoikini: on a farm or in u garden He. is nineteen years of age and of a good disposition. Any person that wants a lad posckiiig inose quaiilitauur.1, will get inlorma lion t No Zb Boweiv. . mil 86 if F.LIJUl WARD. PLAfi 'LR OF PAULS MANUFACTORY, At the toot of Ilarrison - Mn - el, North - River, 1 AJ IILUE maniiiuLtuied Platter, (orcorni VV and othtr pu' Hses, mav be had, war rauteil of the lift Cualt(y, ut one dollar and twenty Jiit cent) ptr bushel, I he nominal tory is conducted by Mr. John l ocker, who has served a regular apprentice thip to the maton business, ml, 21 JOHN BYF.RS. iMORRIS AC'ADEMY. "fllE directors having engaged Mr. JAMES I. D JOHNSON, a graduate of Yale College, (n preside over this institution fir the term of fifteen years, inform the public, that it will open 111 dt 1 his enrr, on tlie first Monthly in May next Mr. Johnson it an experienced teiic her, of correct moials, vvi II tjuiililifd to instruct aud govt n thoe committed to his charge. The youtli sent to tint institution wiilhe fitted for any college, lor the counting room, or, if tic - sired, will he instructed in the brandies generally taught in our coll. get, as far astheycan he attended to, Willi. .ut expensive apparatus. Tli - knowti lieallliiin ts of the village, and its facility ol intercourse with New - York, present Mriig inducements to parents to educate their 1 hildicn here Good hoard, in respectable fanii - li"s, can he obtained I ir f'l 60 cts. and $i per week, including washing, mending, tVc . ic. Antl patents at aditlanee, who may find it inconvenient lo ot company their children, may hoassu - retl that everv useful attention trill be shewn thrm in providing hoard, lolbiug, hooki, tVc. by addressing a hue to either of the following sen - tlemen, Revd. Wnliatii A. M'Dowell. Gen. John Doughty, Major Daniel I'litrnix. Doctor Andrew limit, Doctor S. J.Lewis, or Doctor Lewit Coinlil. ly order, antl in behalf if the directors, WILLIAM A. M'DOWELL. Pretident. Mnrrittnwn, N. J. March 14, lUIU. np 'i lu turr and Cellar lu Let. 4?: Tie Store and Cellar o. 67 Pine - street to I .t t low, apply 011 the premises. ap I 3w VJx ""'c sPaci","t ! story fire proof store, at t e loot of Liberty - street, lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray i Sons. Possess 011 to be given on the fint May next. For term, apply to M AJOR & G!Ll.rPIE, mh 31 "9 (op stairs) Pme - street. XX TO LKT, Jlul The dwelling part of the !oue No. 1 14 Kioadway. It would mako two gootl oflit es Enquire 011 tbe premises. np 2 1 w PTVrfi MOL'N T VERNON HOTEL. V - iS '"UK submiher takes this method to in form the public thai he has taken fur the ensu ing season that wrllkimwn stand formerly occupied by Dvdr, about five miles Irom lh City 1 1. ill, on Ihe boston road, ard intends to open it is a public hou - e for tbe reception of companv. on the Erst of May next, whi n getlemen aud l:t - diet will 1 e accommodated with every comfort and rleganre to he expected at such a hou c, on he most reasonable terms. The best of liquors of every tort will be always kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. F. Wanted a good woman cook, ap ? 1m SELECT !UMRDIG SCHOOL FOR VOY Nt! LADIES. 1 RS. BOWKIUNG, now Mrs. Brown, has l I removed her well known Establishment from New - York to F.liza'ieth Town. Vw Jet - ey, ni t a quarter of a mile from th? public turnpike road. The situation ol the place possesses every aovati'ae lor a Seminary ; nnd vrrll enable In rto reduce the prit e of board much low vt than can be afforded in New - York. The brushes tauglil, are, Oithography, English uraninwr, rveaning, vv ruing, 4ntriaietic, tco - jrp!;y, wi'h the use of ipapt and globes, Atro iiomy, Hist iry, Blair .rture, Compotitionv Music, Fiench, Botany, Chemitlry. Drawing in crayons. Painting in oil, on velvet, and in water - ol'Mirs. Plain Sewing, Nridirwork on matlig, ''mbroidery on silk - .n. wonted, Fillegree, tiuatlnile, fr,,tt0 an 1 Wa - Work, Giiding and Japae.i.itig, with a variety of othtr lancy worki. woiim NxwBtmcH andc.TAAlCBA.aA6. . TBRKX TIMli A WICIK. I EA V l - b WewDorgn ere - sf4 U ry Sunday, I uesnay, and Tliursday mornings, ai three o'clock, rons through Montgormry, Bloomingborgh, Moniireiio, oy While Lake, Coshecton, Mount Pleaiant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, lthica, and Oe - neva, tnCanandaigua. Returning leave Canandaigua every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in lime to take the Steam - boats which arrive in New - York. the following morn'iiur. fj It may be txpulei that al alt tunn when the ittam bnatt alter Ihnr dayt of running, that thu line will a'ler 10 at to tnett thrm. The u Imle route Will be Derfomed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and trom tne nrsi 01 until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four dav and from the 15tli Ihcember, until the fifleentli of March tbe same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four day. Passenger travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara - or Buffalo, can leave N - York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a diatancr of three hundred mibs. Tbe line is well furnished itb irood. new carriages t good, horses, and careful und experienced driver Every atten - t on will be paid to render tlie passage 01 111c traveller safe, easy and expeditiou ; and it is believed that the accommodations on this line arc equal to any line in the state. rrr FAKE from Wewuul - gu 10 iananuaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A btanch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line run from Owcgo Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, He. owner. l tl. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the David Godfrey. Bloominghurgh, I' :. SL John. Mount Pleasant. L. & R. Manning. Chenango, j - Propric - Luther Gere, lthica, tors. Samuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lancing, mh 14 dGin LATISJ, tHENCH AND II A I.I A. T I.AM.UACKS. i R. CAsA 1 1, lormerly president ol the iVl Albeiieusol'Trevnio. nnd rjc - ria - tual secre tary of the Academy of Belles Letlres, at Ve nice, Xc. oilers Ins services a leather 01 tne i.a tin. I'alian and t renrh languazei, in academics. boarding schools, or private Iciaom. He would have no objection to take ooard in a respecta hie private lamily with pupils, in order 10 per - It - rtihein it' Ae languagei. Sullicieut references will lie given. Any coiumandt addrettedtobim (to tlie care of Messrs. Bernrd 4 Mondon, No. 80 Maidcii - Laue) will meet with immediate at tention, inn at) 1 IN VALUABLE RIML EsTA l'E FOR BALE, IN TIIE CITY OP NEW - YORK. FMVE lolsol ground on the vvett sideofGreen - wich - street, between Vestry und Desbros - ses - strcet. 25 by 80. ronr 1I0 iu the rear ol the above, Ironting on the cast sideol Washington - street, 2S hy ku. Light do in the block below, between Vv asb - ngtou Wld West - streets. In Moulg"incry County. 0000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near East Canada Creek, on the north side of the Mohawk. In r ranklin C ounty. 15,163 arret of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Essex County. 7)132 arret of Land in the town of Barry more. In the County of Lew it. 1250 acres ol land in Casterland, Chassanit PurtliMc. In Saratoga County. 2000 ncretin Palmers purchase. Enquire at tlie office ol'llic subscriber, 34 Cc - dai ttrett. DEV. ROBINSON. mhi7tf ATI KA TON'S ITCH OI.V'TMENT. '1MIE long and successful use of this ointment J. is a sufficient recommendation, ns it has neen found lo be a pleasant, sale and certain re ini ily for that disagreeable disease in all its sta - 5 et. It it for sale in tbe city of New - York, by . A. U W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street ; I. ii T Clark, No. fc5 Maiden - Lane ; 11. H SchicflV lin Ac Co. No. 193 Ttarl street; Lnvv - leuce & Keete, No. I'Ji Pearl - itreet ; flail I Boivne, 140 pearl street ; R. H L. Murray, 3IJ Peitrl - street ; J M. Bratlhurtt, 314 Pearl - it reel ; J"hn Peiilind, No. 4 1'lett ber - tlrett ; Duryee A. Poe, in Pearl - street; Jrbn C. Morrison, 11111 (iiei oivii h street ; John P. Either, 106 Broad way ; Walter A: Seaman, cornel ol Chauiher - st. and Broadway, and also iii Chatham - street i and 111 short it may be procured at most of the Drug Mores in this city - Also in Philadelphia, of S. Withtrell ii Sons ; George Hariell , North Si Ro gers, and almost a 'I the druggitts in the principal towns in the United States. i.iaivwiae, W H EATON'S J A UN DICE BITTER? may lie had nt the above places. jan 23 Gm A LADY well qualified 10 give lessons on e I'uno l - oite, informs the public, that ihe will pive lesson three times a week, at tiie moderate price of Ten Dollars per qua' - tcr. Application to be made to Jobn Read, No. 36 Courllatull - strcct, or Alexander M Muir, No. 321 Pearl - treet. mb 84 2w CU.WhHT. J HEWITT, respectfully acquaints bis . friends and the public, that bis Benefit Concert, will be on Thursday, April 10th, at the Assembly Room City Hotel, Rroadway. Particulars, of which will be announced in future advertisements. mh 27 14t l.F.FSS ITCH Ul.VTMEAT, T.KIUIS TED an infallible remedy at out T T application, may be used wilh perfect safety on infant a week old, net coutaimng a particle ol mercury ,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not atcompanird with that olfen tive smell which attends L'te application of olhei remedies. The above medicines are prepared antl sold at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 40 Maiden - Lane. and sold hy S. CARLE, coruei of Fulton aud Watrr - . - treets. Druggists and country store - keepers supplied on liiieral terms. Jau xJ "llflLi lM HOOKER, No. .'t)J ate, - t f T cornpr of Fulton street, New - York, having received a large snpplv of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day Ai Martin, 97 High llol - born, London, offer" tbe same, in wholesale or (or exportation, or home consumption, on term tbe most liberal and advantageous lo purchaser. This inestimable composition, with hslf the u - ual labor, produces a irnt bri'.li - vnt jet bl?rk. fully rq - .ial to the h:hest japan varnish; affnrd - peculiar nonrishmrnt to the leather; it will not soil the fior. - t linen ; is perfectly free from anv unplea'ant smell ; and will retain its virtues in any climate. As an incontrovertible proof of the superior excellence of this l.lsckir.;, it ha stood the tc?l and comtwni'ed the most ex'emive sale in all quarters of the globe, fcr upward! of half a ren tury. Ftb 16 ' POST COACII UXE o PHILADELPHIA 1 stistaniBK pit l,c know how to cJUlic.,; , 4 HI wax Oy ruWLB - Hoo 1 tweea ti!.ngs that differ. IMPORTABT TO PAbSKBOERS. No cornection with Ihe pott chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPOSITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Pott Coaches with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on Springs TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Pott Coach will start from ti e Conch office, old No. 1 Courtland - slreet, N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at si o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Bmnswick, Princeton, Trenton nnd Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same evening. United Slate Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passeugers and baggage, on springs. TheJU. S. mail coach will start from Ihe coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - treet, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia nt xt morning at 6 o'clock. Only 8 nasseneers admitted. For teats in tin above named Lines, npply to TII05. WIIU MKIjD, al the old tstanliilied Coach, Stage aud Steam Boat oiiice, at the old No. 1 Courtlalidt - sliee', the second office Irom Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH At CO. N'o. 124 Broadway, corner ol Cedar - street. New - York. fr - Ail goods and baf.gage at the ritk of the owner. JOSM'M IjIU., su.xs k N. h Expresses sent to any part of the Con' , THOMAS WHITFIELD, mh 28 da fi'UHTU Hit LH ITK.1M UOjfVS. The Chancellor Livingston will leave New - York on Saturday. thesJUth iott. at 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tuesday, Tliursday and Saturday, ot 5 P. M. and Albuuy on same day 1 at a A. 31. until lurihvr notice, mh 35 TH t. aOUA'U eTKJlM HO.i T - LLXH I he proprietor, with a view of accommodating the public, hy extending the line to Norwich, intend making the experiment with the Fulton, (.'apt. Law, and this route (if found pructicabU ) wf be continued during Ihe seaton. Tbe hue will in future he from New Yoik to Norwich, ns follows: The Connecticut, t i - .pt. Bunker, will leave New - ork every Monday, Wednttday nnd Friday, ut H o'clock, in the morning, ior New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt Law, will leuve Abru - irA at 6 o'clock in the morning ol the same days, tourh at JVt w - London and depart Irom thence for .Yew - Harm at 8 o'clock. Tbe boati will meet nt .Wir Haien, and depart from thence every .Monday, H'tdnri - rfnyaiid Friday,tx1 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut lor.Vcic 1' uric, and tbe Fulton lor Keir - Lnndon and Jfontieh. 111I1 17 STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. 0 - For sale, a well fiiiish - hed Steam Boat, ol small mzo, wilh t cabins, and cal - ajTTg 1 ulaled to carry convenient - Iv auont sixty oattencers - Her bull is of Ihe best timber, and the it copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to he put into a line ol running immediately. She chaws but thirty - two tin he nil wafer, anJ from the advantageous construction of her machinery, can be workedat one haif Hit daily expense ol steam - boats in general. rrie win lie sniu a great iiareaui, 11 nppncuior shortly. mh iOtf r - uciuire al !o. 4ii tvall - ttieel, ol ISAAC G. OGDI - .N AJ CO. SVWF T &ULE MAIL COACHES, FOR PHILADELPHIA, tw!f:a tiT Leave New - York eveiy inoniing (Sunday'tex - ; - Cf,V3ff cepted)al Un'clock, and ar rive in 1 inlaueipiiia next y to iliniier. The puhlick bouse t are good, and reasonable in their charges. The drivers, horses and coaches are not interior to any others now running between these two cities. The beautiful country, and the excellence of the roads 00 this rout, connected with tlietnft'ty, comfort, and reasonable exKiices, are heleived lobe strong inducements to travellers in giving this line a decided prefer ence. 'The strictest nttenlion will be observed bv the proprietor in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unles insured and receipted for by the clerk of said office. Stage lare only $, w ith a generous allowance of baggage. Parlies wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively lo themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seats apply at No. 5 Courtlantll - tlrcet, New - York. LYON, SONS, A - CO. ap 2 Proprietors. LA'OA" Ll.Vh. 1 .. . 1 L A 1) E L P II 1 A . Twcnty - fiie miles land carriage, via Ncw - Bruufwick and Trenton. In new post coaches $! Do. giMtd stages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck passengers 3 50 Connected by thesiram boatsOLlVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The steam - boat Olive Kranch will leave New - York every day, Sun days excepted, from tbe north side of the Batte ry, at II o'clock A. yi. rassengers will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - boat Philadelphia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to lake tlie Upion Line Baltimore steam - boats. This line hat a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as al. - o those of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This ii a speedy and certainly tbe most con venient rout, as the passengers will leave New - Yoik after the bank open, and arrive in Phila delphia hefors the hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land carriage being much leu than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - kctfield - street, north tide of the Battery, be tween Greenwich Ac Wnshinzton - streeti, or to Ihe CAPTAIN on board. (Qr All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. np 4 1U3T published by WM. Dl'BOIS - at bit I pianoforte and music store, No. 120 Broad vay, Brnharr - 's celebrated Pol.icca, arranged as a Rondo, by Stcibelt Favorite Venetiin Air, arranged as a rondo, v Latour Paddy O'Car.oll, with variations for the piano oirle, by f. K. Aloran. SONGS. O soflly sleep my Baby Boy 'The Lat Token, orreniembpr me, Also, nil Mr. hove. Philipps' Songs TO FARvlERS. to be had a a feh 17 rflIIE subscriber can furnish the farmers of L the adjacent country with ground Plaster of Paris in any quantity, on tne shortest notice, in barrels or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb 23 tf Foot of Ilarrison - st. N. R WANTED. MAN and hiswife, without children, fo take i v rbarge of? ganlenam! d'viry, about twelve miles from the city. Applu - at ion to be uncle at liltA.V 1 I iiOrlliL ll.Nr, ap2 1w 21 Nassau - street f EAD 30 rolls Shet s ad, for sale by o3I 65 Soath - strevt. DOCTOR.,,, ,.,'rof u f u ,i;t u,:, J aitrl sursery ijjere, deems it Lde. A iV V to flt some orisc rvRtioi 1 . Si - f j" '"""minatts, and (in - i J.. .u o,e inereoi, T6S ien porluc. tive of infinite .ni - i,;. r 1 s. laiitlA UI'H lllinil - .Uv irn., . " . 0. rr.. J "''i"li OUl frf tvj, ince. The uieease we have in view owes it. V. ai rwi.111 cbiefjy to tautource. What 1 1 nat a young man, the hope of hi coontrv aJ U.e darling ol hi parent., hou!d be tutctil 1 . navfnm nil 11, .,.mi.. .i ; '"H - way from all the and protpect. enjoyment, of h. hy the consequence of one nnraarded and by a disease not in it own nature falaLctJ which only prove o from neglect or winron treatment." m8k A rail 0min .t. I ,1. Utjnt) now perfectly hearty and well, had bee. under physicians of geneij practice, ,ix via!? and re,h'ated!y sahvab d ; when recommended u Dr. 11. (by a gtvet'eman of this city) ruTbooi. were ttrious, and hi fleth dropping from them. uit tnt:uut:eciared lie could not possibly surv - e." t wo month, longer. Thousand! experimtDbVii! know with w hat ease and iWety Dr. H rTd cates the severest cases, and confirms the'coiT.i!" tution. The Doc tor'. Plan (advertising) Tl cetsary to guard the public against the aoutei mercury, and other fatal deluiion, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted a bt? vale disorder, or .utpectiug latent pouon admonished not to tamper with tl.Jr conltrto tion, or conceal tlie disorder, till past recov." ry ; others having tlie remains of an old caiT or other impuritie. of tbe Wood, a. well as oth er complaint of a dclicat nature, in thi, tex. should remember posterity, and do juttic. to their consciences, by making amiicat,',,, to Dr. II. at bis old and respectable wtaL. lishment, No. 64 Wattr - treet, four house vreii of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt a.isfancea lone calculated to prevent disclosure. And beri let me claim your serious attiLliou Remembtt a tuperlicial cure m no cure al all ; unlets tie hutment is radically done, you will certainly Imvi Ihe disorder break out again Willi redoubled ma lignity, at some future period ; perhaps then will he too late for remedy. Don't you often meet it the .treets miserable, mutilated beings, without even a bit of nose 011 their face Take waruine I best - trb you. Dr. It's, character for skill and stubborn ir.'t - gri'y being univervally known in this city, siin IB04, guarantee lo patient that delicacy andi. crtcy hitherto unknown, and having confined la. practice foryears pact, exclusively to thccureol ili".eases of the blood jyetem, they may saiely caj - cnlale on the moet decided advantages in coi. tulln.j; Dr. II. Cleets t radicated in twa or three weeki. b'lrirtures r. moved without bougie or any oth - er instruiiii nt ; and all debilities ; likewise all old ulcerations, fistula' &c. A plurality of office are provided, and so tit. nttd that patients are not exposed toeachoiht r' observation. Open till half past y in the evenin. All persons concerned are invited to be free Va t ailing, and Hiieaking with Dr. 11. which is Ire 01 cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid th 4xprestion of gsatilutle for innumerable reroin - nit ndations, and forlhe dec ided preference fit it presumed wilh just cause) long given him by lutlic ious pulilic. N. Li. All letters must be pott paid. ' Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Iv aku'hkh iv A Atf.ot iJUFUsi - fBi! J V EVAN'S1 sunerinf 'method ofcurimr a cer rut tain Ditease. itnow umver - .ally acknowledged in thit city ; hit mode ol treatment is perfectly mild, sale, ej. I'etiiiious, ami ins ctiargi reaaonatpfu. In every ii - stance lie warrants a cun, and will rvturii the pay if h doc not perform agreeabl 10 contract. 'I lie tirit lest secrecv alwars nhtervnl. There are many persons in this c ity and itt vicinity, laboring under various chronic disease, such a cancel, old inveterate ulcers, scrofuit or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of fht urelhra, bladder nnd kidnies, old complicated rempaisf of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rheumatism, Ac. which they contider incurable, they eni certainly be cured (in genera') by npplyinr atDr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, Is, recK - siui, itdviii. pintiiK - ti iu exicniiv ititnitalt in Europe 12 years, under tome nf tha first Surgeons and Physicians in the world, ana made those obstinate diseases his constant study for flO vears. Oct U in3 The subfcriber having recently returned from England wilh an important improvement on the artificial spring LEG, he takes this method of inform 111 g hit friends and the public, that all those who arc se uolortunate as to be in want M a leg, or arm, they cau be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVIS. F (& - WHEATON ic DA VIS, Fancy Chair Manufacturers, No. 153 Folton - street, opiiosite St. Pauls Church offer for sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant at - sortment o? Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed in gold h bronre, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, nnd Conversation Chair. Sofas. Settees,. Loungees, Music Stools, be. Orders from any part of the continent executed with neatness and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented, mh 9 NEW Dh ESSHS'O ROOM. A F RUM EN TO, No. 1 Wnll - street, JntP rj - . turned from Italv. bat tbe honour to iotorf the gentlemen, that be cut and dresses hair is the latest tyle, and in a mai ner o a to dor it to tbe pbitiognomy. He has for ale a qaanti - ty of RAZORS of the first quality, if the? do not please on trial, tne purcnaeer aie at " to n turn them, and receive the money. He M likewise procured a very fine hone, andengng to restore razors to a very keen edge and ihouio they not cut he will receive no recompeoce. Thote eeutlemen who may please to honor tot with their patronage, may depend on the mo1 particular und respectful attendance. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe bytheq'Hr - ter will have their raxors, Ic. kept exclunveiy for themselves. , P. S. A good journeyman wanted. ApP'J as above. h6" FOH, . 'PIIE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 138 Ftjl - .L ton - street, near Broadway, con - istrngotaa extensive and choice collection of history, travels, voyages, biography, romances, noveit, tales, plrty, reviews, magarines, Aie. be examined at the library, whic h is open for ubcriler, as usual. mh4 tr NE W.YORK: rmn PRLYTr.D JXD PUBLISHED MICHAEL HcliMHAM k CO. N'. 42 PinBJ!T - tt:T -

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