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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, December 29, 1913
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PHE GETTYSBURG TIMES PubliahMl Daily Excel* Sunday Ti«MM a»d N«w« Publishing Company W. LA VERB HAFER, Secretory »nd Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, President.. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. ARMED MEN HOLD BACKWWJHERS Save Negro diaried With Murder a! Ghesierlawn, Ml IF yottf«Mtv«,'UIR/UME by mail you can find the date up to which you arc paid ontfct pink address label on your paper. The date will be changed within 1 ten daya. after your money is received at The Times Office. En#r*l AilfUs't 15, 1 l4/aTGettysburg, Pa., as second-class matter, under Congress March 3, 1879. BELL PHONE UNITED PHONE _ Office in Northwest corner of Centre So.uare, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. HIS PAPER REPRtSCNIED FOP ADVERTISING BY THE GENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICA3C BRANCH?.", -N A, ·fein.4 . ( - A , Want ads. One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed first page position. Resolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cent cer word. TO OUR READERS .. Oie Gettyabui* Time* taken absolutely no part in politic*, ____ aiotral o» ·£ «ucb saatt«ra. Anything that appears m our general news columns, concerning itwc, is furnished us by The American Press Associate*, « or national politwc, cf rs which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, 01 Socialist paperi and which is strictlv non-p«rti«*n On? advertiftinc columns are opea to all caadidates of all partiM. P U B L I C SALE at the Creamery at Guernsey on Wednesday, December 31st Consisting of a lot of shoats ranging in weight from 25 to 50 Ibs. 1 Chester White Sow with ten pigs by her *;cle. One O I. C. sow will hive pigs by day of sale, Berkshire Boar, 200 Ibs, sow will have pigs latter part of March ;2 FcLShogs, will weight about 300 pounds, also one Bay Ma,ra, lO years old, fearless of all road objects, and other articles too numerous to mention. Svle can 013:103 at 1:30, waea t^rons will be made known by A.W. Slaybaugh :r i . --auct. · JUt !»»· The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizens Trust Company mailed their handsome Christmas Checks amounting to over $15,000. to the 597 Patrons of their CHRISTMAS SAVING FUND. This vast sum of money vras saved during 'the year by the people of our town depositing in the Trust Company from one to five cents on each share every Saturday during the year. This enterprise of the CITIZENS TRUST COMPANY has proved so beneficial to al recip- tiens that the series for 1914 is now open and those who deposit their pennies will have the same courteous treatment as the well to do or the rich. We are determined to do our part to better the condition of the rising generation of our community and ask ail good citizens to help us. HARRY L SNYDER, Treasurer. SAVE FOR CHRISTMAS Ask us to tell you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s making saving easy Pl a n Ticket- N-u«' ! |)..pri-ilor W i t h o u t (. . - t \ --mall i l r i i r ^ i t and you'll h a \ c a nice .imouiii for (.'! ri'-tnia'- Shopping. \\rvlJy START NOW EVERYBODY WELCOME Biglerville National Bank CARDINAL RAMPOLLA. Hit Will Box Found Empty; Content* Probably Stolen. . . . '·ftoa Hundred,j^eputy 3jh«f| ; ««Guard Jxtbonfcssed-vSJayer of FMner From " Attack. Chestertown, Mil.. Dec. 29.--Efforts oi a mob to lynch Norman ilabol, a negro, who is said to have confessed to murdering James R. Coleman, a Melitola farmer, last Tuesday night, uere frustrated bj Kent county jail officials, who prevented irate citizens ircm entering the building. Fi v e negroes were arrested in connection with the murder, but the mob is seeking only the life of Mabel, because of the alleged confession of the colored man. About 350 angry citizens, flourishing revolvers, clubs and knives, were around the jail, but fully 200 deputies, taken from the ranks of the more peaceably inclined citizens, opposed them--Tills guard of SW-pwve4-a-inply- able to discourage any attack upon the doors, such as was said to be in contemplation. The jail officials said they believed the negro would be saved from the vengeance or" the mob. They said the Itself, contrary to general belief elsewhere, is a strong one, and that the 200 heavily armed deputies will be able to hold the prisoner against any possible attack, e^en though outnum- "·ered by the mob. Officials said they lid not belie ve the mob would go to fie length ot precipitating a bloody battle, which would be the only way to get at the man. Goernor Goldsborough, of Maryland, sent the following telegram to State's Attorney Vickers. "Please wire situation attempted lynching case. Am satisfied that you and Sheriff Brown will exert every local agency at your command to uphold the majesty of the law. But U that be ineffective then call up the state, through me, for additional aid. "P. L. GOLDSBOROUGH, "Governor." State's Attorney Vickefs stated in reply to .Governor Goldsborough's telegram, that he would not ask for help NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION Korice is hereby ftivcn that the Truit and Produce Business? heretofore' conducted by George W. Buohl ami John Shnltf., m co-partner?, has this day he-en ditnolved by mutual consent. All dobt- owingnid partnership are rcceuahlo hy Mid George W. Iiuohl, and all claim- and demand? against the pame arc to presented t*» him for payment. 27th 101?. OF/). V JOHN CALUMET BURIES PANIC VICTIMS About 15,000 Persons Marched in Funeral Procession. KILLS CAPTAIN AND MATE The mysterious ebcny box which «as said to nave contained t^e will ot 'lie late Cardinal Hampolla and a large sum ol money, has been iountt. It is =mpty. The will and the money pre- ^uma'bly were stolen. The police are making a secret investigation of ths attair with the tacit consent o£ the -Vatican. - -Ph4s, taken in--conjunction with the fact that the pope- instructed Mgr. de Bi^ognio, treasurer of the basilica ot St. Peter's, to Ube the notary's seal on the apartments occupied by the late cardinal in the Vatican, 2-.VQS rise to the beliet that litigation cannot be avoided. WOMEN FAINT WHEN XMAS TREE BURNS SERVICES IN SIX MIRHES All Factions United In paying.Final Tribute to Christmas Eve Panic Victims. at present Fearing mob violence as the result of Mabel's alleged confession that he Killed Coleman and robbed the body of $jO, the authorities made preparations to remove to Baltimore for safekeeping Mabel and the other four ne- groes who are under arrest for alleged complicity in the murder. They were prevented from carrying out their plans, however, by a mob of between 500 and 1000 men, who surrounded the jail, forced the chauffeur of an automobile waiting for the negroes to drive away from the jail and blocked surrounding roads. GSiurcli Sarviees BrGkenUpWtian Pastor Notices Flames, Philadelphia, Dec. 29.--Fire caused by crossed wires illuminating a huge Christmas tree standing in the nave of the Protetant Episcopal Church of the Advent, Forty-seventh street and Springfield avenue, broke up the Cervices in the church while Rev. Charles W. Shriener was preaching, caused several women to faint and nearly caused a panic. ' The flataes were extinguished by BABY KISSEDJJURNING GIRL Child of 3, Locked In Kitchen, Consumed by U n k n o w n Fire. Camclen, N. J., Dec. 20--The charred and almost unrecognizable body of Delia Joseph, the thrce-and-one-half- \ ear old daughter of Antonio and Delia Joseph, of 20f Senate street, was found lyirg on the Kitchen floor by neiahbors. l!e.,He the body lay the laughing iijiotoon-mnnth-ol(l brother, Tenny, v, ho W O P unharmed o\c pnt that his lips VMTO " l i K h d y burned because he bad 1 i u i ed hi 1 * ( ' ^ i n i ? bihtor. The body of the hi lie girl was so "ii'lh bnrnod that there was nothing lelt on tiie child except her shoes, and ^vou tlicr-p wore scorched. How Hie baby escaped burning to loath IH a mv-,tory, at the boy is too yoime to t o l l oi the horrible scene that must have- been enacted in the K'ti-1 on ot the home while the daugh tor \\as cremated. That tho hoii^c did not catch fire is almost ai uroat a mystery. The mother, v.ho lias been s-pparated Irom her h u s b a n d lor some time, has been in the n a b i t ot loaMnix tno children with a neighbor e a c h mornniq v.lien she left lor her \\ork. The neighbor was not up and t h e woman locked the girl anil boy in the kitchen. members- of the congregation before the arrival of the firemen, who responded to two alarms', one turned in by a member of the congregation and another bv a passerby. The accident occurred while the pastor was in the midst of his sermon. The church was crowded ·when Rev. Dr. Shreiner Irom his position in the pulpit saw flames spurting from the top of the big Christmas tree at the far end of the nave. Without altering the tones of hist voice he told the congregation that the tree was on fire and asked some one to turn in an alarm, stating at the same time that there was no danger if all would remain quietly in their seats. The announcement and the lieln of a number of men sitting near the ex its averted a panic, although a number of women who \\ere nearest the bla/- ing tree ron to the Iront ol the church and several l a i n t « d . Other m^iniior-, of the congregation ran into the ^c^tr^ and unrolled tho fire hoso t n o t f , bringing it into the nave and Limi is; the stream on tlK- tree. Several men, arming themselve', with e x t i u « u i - K r K , risked severe burns by ru'-hi'ie almost under the big trre, w h k h !· t h i s tirno was a pi'Iar of fire, and tn-ninc; the chemical streams into t i i ' - heart pi the blu/.e When thp fi-ein i arrived the tree was reduced to i\ Mnokins mass and the damage to tno ' iii.-ch was slight. POISONS DOLLY'S MAMMA Little Girl Tries to FOR SALE House and store property on Chambersburg street opp ositc the Pit/er House For Rent one house in thcrox/ on West Middle street. Possession April i, H) 1 1. breaks Tlvough Ice; Saved by Sister. S u n b u r \ , l'a . Doc. -'.»--\Vhcn Ooorge M o \ f r , t \ v o n ( \ t\\o \oars old, who can not swii'i, t r y i n g to loar nto bkate on i u \ \ l y lormod n o on the Shamokin ( rcc-1 , ncir hn home at Plum Creek it ;·;" o \ \ a \ under him and he foil in His tries brought his sistor, Miss Mar\ Mover, of Pittsburgh, a trained nurse, \\ho is a t h l e t i c aud swims well. She plunged in and pulled him out after 1 c had gone uown t\vicc. Heal Grief of He? Sister. Pittsburgh, IV., Dec. 20. -- Plain« aortor, three \ i ar-old Margaret Shcp panl ga\e l . r r two-year-old sister. Mona Virgin',', -{rythnine pills to stop tho youngor t uld grie\ing over tho accidental b r o n , \ n t r ot a doll l e f t by Santa Glaus, 'i h. small patient died in less t h a n two i ours. The bain ,u identallj broke tho head of her'iv-vv doll and grieved all night. \Vhilo in bod she wept, and the older c h i l d g a \ - hor strychnine pills Irom a bottle- -i the mantel. When tho ba v to»k ( onvulsions tho mother was miiimonprl, and later a physician, but the child was beyond herp. Ten years ago a. baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. i ! \V. Shcpparcl died as a result ot b u r n ^ sustained in a Christmas tree fire tho day previous. Calumet, Mich., Deo. 2!'.--Inexpressibly rac'-Jened, Calumet jestcrday buried filty-niue ol the forms of tots, children, men and women, who on Chrifctmas eve found death in the panic ridden Italian Hall building during the progress of a Christmas tree entertainment lor the little ones. The people of the entire copper country and many from outside, points paid tribute to the dead. All factions were united for the time being by the common sorrow and bereavement, and the liteless forms were laid at rest as they gathersd about the long rows of yawning gra\es as the caskets were lowered into the earth. Funeral services were held in six churches and were followed by a funeral procession made up of the smaller processions from each of the churches It was more than an hour and a half before the end of the sao. cortege reached the cemetery gates. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 persons marched. Tho interments were in Lakeview cemetery. Here the dead were buried, most ot them in trenches, twenty-five on the Catholic side and the remainder on the Protestant. Following tho interment and the briei serxices at the gravesides,, conducted by the priests and ministers of churches, a public service of eulogy was conducted at a stand near the entrance to the ceme- tei y. All momins long the gruesome death \vascris carried the caskets containing the bodies from the homes o* the bereaved families to the churches. At some of tr --se homes the parents of the child victims attempted to keep their clead with them a little longer. In one home a young mother, crazed with grief over the loss of three litt'C ones, threw herself across tJie casket of her little daughter and' fought to .prevent tho child being' taten from the house. The funeral precession, heartcl by fourteen hoarscs, three death wr.grns antl one automobile truck, t'ie Litter carrying ttrcc casl ets, and each of the other vehicles me, inarched to the strains of a dirge plaje-1 by a. baud of Finnish miners fron. Mohawk. !JP- i mediately behind the hearses n.aicii'j'l the striking miners, bearing the caskets of all b'.it three or four of the children. The miners rarrjing the cas- kot?, formed in t w o Ion? lines, four men to each body. As the children were lowered into the lone; trenches manv of the usuallv quiet Finnish women burst into wild wailing. Placed on the top of each cas ket was a sprig of tamarack and there was a great profusion of flowers. Sheriff .lames Cruse reports that ho has boon unable to solve to his satis- fat tion the sudden leaving of the d i s - j tri't by C. II. Mover, president of tho i \Vestoru Federation of Miners. ThTM. , sheriff is not convinced that Mover ', v, as loTdl to leave, and says it was j not known t l - t ' t ho had leit the Scott hotel or w l i t i o he had gone until the riot siren oui' led. lie does not know who ordered tho riot call, but i sifting the matter j thorough^. T'i--e no trouble whaUcr at t'*c .Vott hotel, ho says The sheriff lr r ted that he refused | protection to Mo; or, and declared that j Cor the past thro.^ \vopks he had ac- eordod him every protection. There have been no requests as yet by t h e Miners' Feeler.;!i-m lor the ar- rr st of those persons alh -;pd to have taken part-in the kidnaping of the labor leaders. Dispute O*r Wag«« Ends Iti Murder on Barqe. Philadelphia D«c. :;». -- A dispute oer the payment ot wages resulted In . the murder of Captain Elmer V. Lyons I and Mate Joseph McLoughlin, of tho barge Independence, by Andreas Piew- ka, a sailor, who gave himself up to the police. . Piewka made a full confession of the double murder, according to tho police. The barge was lying in tho Delaware river about seven miles be low Trenton, N. J. Alter the shooting Plawko disap pe'areij: He walked up to Policeman Sontag, at Second and Walnut streets, and gave himsell up. He was removed to,the city hall police station, ivheie lite confessed that he had shot the captain, and when the mate had interfered ha-1 Killed him also, the pUico said. Soon after Piewka was lodged ^iii the city hall station three neniVssre of the crew of the Independence ap peared at the Girard and Montgomery avenues police station and icnorteu the slaving. They were taken to the city hall and identified Piewka. The captain's body, which fell overboard after the shooting, h;is not ye! been recovered. Tho police boat Ash bridge's crew is grappling for it. Tlr body of the mate wss found on thr bargeS Owing to the fact that the shooiir.' occurred on the river the case wil' interest the authorities of two states, New Jersej and Pennsylvania. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Parafrapks tff Mews Tdfaf ·! (tie Cf M^A^S^A^Bt -_ ·· ^L^u*A Tjk ^^ MppCBM|S · MB MM* t9mm. Fettle Visiti«| Mere mi These SojourwMj Elsewhere. Phila- il on a officer. id Miss me tima SEEKER AFTER GANGER CURE HIMSELF VICTIM Even Radium Fails in Case of Hoted Specialist, Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 29.--After year. of endeavor to discover a cure for can cer, Dr. Frederick C- Busch, assistan chiel of the Gratwick Cancer Labora tory, is himself dying of cancer. A malignant growth in his bladde: which manitested itself about sevei Yveeks agj, has withstood even the el fects of radium, upon which expert' pin their greatest hope of a cure. Dr. Busch himself has been wort {jig on the radium theory for tw jears with Dr, Harvey S. Gaylorrt claef of the Gratwick Laboratory, an- seven, weeks ago went to Baltimore t' pursue tha: imestigatjon at the insti -tution run by Biv Howard Kelly, : noted exponent of the radium care. It was then that an irritation, !· Pr. Bu«-cVs bladder became 3ertou_ and an oeration ifcselosaOl the 'cance- The radium treatment was given, th mineral 'jein«? left in the bladder fn twenty-four hours after the removn of t:.c ?ro\vth. Tb-m Dr.-Busch wa brought to the Gratwick I.aboratc'-y i 1 Buffalo. Three days ago Br. Rofjwell Par! and Dr. H. K. N. Russell, of Buffalc again scraped away the clead tissue They lound the radium aDparently ha little ettert. Dr. Bus=ch has beconv steadily worse, until nyw.little hope i- entcrtainefl for him. HYMN STOPS FIRE PANIC ROBBER T WOMAN Escapes Then Ransacks tiouse and With $100. Norristown, Pa., l^ec. - Mis. Karl H. Reiif was attacked bv a Tiuin wh boat her until she was i-.i-cnsiblc, the- i ransacked the house and took no.ivK Sunday School Entertainment End? With Gasoline Explosion. Lane H-. tor, Pa., Dec. 20.--A nr.- hor ror ".!-.' n a r r o w l y avf rt"d at a Sunda 1 s-hool'ont in thp Unite K v u n c p ' r n l h u r . l i . at Creswell, te- miles l i f . n th;r, city. Tho casoliie lights in the buil'lin- o\p!o led, an 1 the hundre Is in tin c "rare h at t'io lime na !e a rush for tin It ".n" in t h " midst of the services- in rhnr-jc 1 of I f o v . Haa c :ner, that ther v;i-, n iluitor of light, a-i'l it explodei w i t h n. cni'jh, the fire fiyin^ in ever: direction. In m instant tlicro v.-as a panic o v p r b o U - rush--I for the do^rs an I.ov. !!aa-rier rul'o,- 1 , *n the pulpit, ant · - i i h a leu 1 n.'lm')i)iiion t' there wa- no danger st.irte'1 to (· ing. Ti.o or-'anist c a u g h t tho tefrain anr 1 the ( h r ' r i'ok u,i the hymn, and a- tho 'o')tli'; n; a'.r, "/rsv.s, I.over of M^ Pt ,il," watted over Uio rrowd the ex i t i ri"nt ·«ab ,idod :irr! all moved; oul w i t h u sor.ib'.nnce ol or It r. i', Horace Stewart has delphia, froni^ where he merchant steamer "as a f Mr» an^ilrB. Efu-1 Lo'itie Culp are spendir in York. · Harold Spangler has returned home after spending several days with friends in Lancaster. William McSherry has returned from a visit with friends and relatives in Littlestown. John D. Lippy and family are spending some time in Philadelphia. Mrs. William S. Seibert, of New Bloomfield, Mrs. Fastnacht, of Dover, are visiting a'c the home of Dr. Kuhlman. Miss Nelle Bream has returned Eo Philadelphia after spending Christmas with her father, J. F. Bream, on East Middle street. The following guests spent the holidays with MrT and Mrs. F. N. Frommyer, Eugene Frommeyer, of Sacramento, California;John Rooney, and Maurice Shea, of Massachusetts; Frank Rooney, of Washington, D. C. Misses Emma and Estelle Frommeyer have returned home for the holidays. President Granville went to Harrisburg this morning. The mlc^-winter meeting of the Board of Thustees will be held in Zion Lutheran church, tha^ city, to-morrow. The. executive committee meets this evening. Mrs. Jerome Hemler returned home Sunday after spending several weeks with friends in Wilmington. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bankert and daughter, Evelyn, of Hanover, visited at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Jacob Mundorff. Mrs. Guy Mundorff, and daughter, of Pasadena, California, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mundorff, on South Washington street. Mrs. Rebecca Geiman ka* rVtarned .to. her home in Hanover.aft«r-jspend~ ing-several days at the home of her mother^ Mrs. Mary Menchey, on South Washington street. Mrs. William Eutzy, of Harrisburg, spent the day with relatives in town. Misses Addie Baughman and Anna Bowman have returned to their homes in Lancaster, after spending several days at the home of Mrs. Free Pitteh- turf, on Carlisle street. William Martin has returned from a visit of several days to Shippensburg. Prof. H. Milton Roth has gone to Pittsburgh to attend the sessions of the State Educational Association. Prof. Franklin Manges and family, of York, are visiting "relatives in town for several days. Mr. and, Mrs. Earl Keyser haVe returned to their home in Canandaigua after spending a few days with Mr. Keyser's mother, Mrs. Geofge Wheeler, on Breckenridge street. Bill PURE SEED Designed to Protect soon in Effect. Farmers The, woman wa* she mild not suiipn Hoi IT lound his w i n from a visit to Pii; sides just outside '·! badly ln;rt Ont 'i ,i^-si l tanep. Mr. .-.'ion h" r^t'irn :\ ·· lelplun f i e re T-Torristown. Home Rows Due to Drink. Chicago, Doc. L!'.- Dr uiKonne.-;s ro,poui,il)ln , for It. jv-r t cut of in the lust .-i ' tho i our* of d o m o s l K u-latiou^ the ivr iiMordinj; to the annual re- J. A. Tawney, Rattle Sets Baby Afire. New York, Dec. 20. -- Joseph Pas- qui-lli, a two and a-half-ypar-old foundling from the- New York Foundling A s v l - i m , was probably fatally burned when ..« shook a cpllnloid Christmas rattle near the vitchen range. Most t-atai Explosion. The most fatal explosion ever known was at Urt.velir.ea in 1664. Three thousand people \\ere killed. Czarevitch A g a i n Causes Anxiety. London, D o t ] 29.--The Daily Mail prints a dispatdi from its correspondent at St. I V t t r s b u r g to the effect that it is learur 1 from a trustworthy source that the health of the czare- vitch, who has been suffering from a skin disease for more than a year, Is again causing anxiety to the czar and czarina. Gives $25,000 Job to Son. Sunbury, Pa., Dec. 29.--Judges Mo- i^r and Cumminga by joint order directed that Edwnrd V. Nicely, recorder of deeds, appoint a man to do the re- indexing of the records In his office, a 52. r ,,000 job. He chose Woods M. j Nicely, his son. The police are s";i' hing for Hirry H o f f m a n , who had l "n featcd as :i niesiil'er o£ the fai ':H for about two months. Ask your grocer for I White Lily FLOUR I It's the Best Chinese Eggs In Market. Seattle, Wash., Hoo. 29.---Imported Chinese oggs are competing successfully with storaeo c ^ p ^ on the Seattle market. The Chinoso eggs arc of dark shell, even si^.i, \-oH packed and are slightly smaller than, Ktaudard ,^anch pggs, but larger than p.iillet oge;s. Tbcy are poachablo, in this ^rospcct-.b.elnft buperior to storage, eggs. , * ·"" "" """·· ^ l " n i m ^ ( Bushel of 91 Bills. New Brunswick, N. .!., Dec. 29.--At the Christmas etercises of the First Presbyterian church at Cranbury, near here, a bushel basket of dollar bills was given to Rev. .1. K. C'irry, the pastor. When he counted them he found $200. WANTED: a seven or eicrht room house fis soon ns possible. S. C. Mnr- tin, Times office.--advertisement TWINS HOLD_POSSE AT BAY Coaldr-le Police Ficjht Hours to Cap '..·ire Them and One May Die[ · o t t s . i H f , 1'a., Doc. :!'». -- ANillian a n d M l r r i M i i r t i n , t i v ; n brotncrs, a?e t l i i r t y thre" joar-., held the Coaldah poli'o Ton o at bay for ,ovcral hours when C b i f l Gallagher ami a posse oi cislit ino?i tried to apt'ir-- them at the home ol their brother-in law, Williarr Ilanoock, at Seok, who had been put out of tho house bv the brothers. One of the attacking force lost his thumb in the fusillade of shots, and both brothers were shot through the chest. \Yllliarn is expected to die. Dead Mule's Kick Serious. l.aurel, Va., Dec. 20.--Edward Oardner, a farmer near here, had ar old mule which died a fo.w days ago, and he set out to haul it to the bone yard. He had it loaded on a sled, and to make it stay on its legs had to be' pressed down between the standards. The hired man was driving the team hauling the corpse and Gardner wa» walking behind. The sled struck A stone in the road with such force that one of the mule's legs was dislodged, The new pure seed act, intended to protect farmers, becomes effective next Thursday. It provides tha't no seeds may contain the seeds of dodder or Canadian thistle in a proportion greater than one in 3,000 and fixes .he following standards of purity by weight: Medium red clover, mammoth red clover, crimson clover, alfalfa, tim- o'thy grass seed, barley, spelt, wheat, tmckwheat, oats and rye--97 per cent. White clover--90 per cent. Redtop grass, solid or hulled--85 per cent. Canadian blue grass, orchard grasp, Kentucky blue grass and redtop grass, unhulled--75 per cent. The secretary of agriculture'? agents have full power to enter any premises in order to 'take samples, but the act does not apply to seeds marX ed "not clean" which are being sent to i dealer to be cleaned and graded be · fore being marketed. Any person may send a sample of seed to the Depart- nent of Agriculture to be tested, a fee of 25 cents being charged for this service by the State. Fines of from ?!lO to $100 are provided for violating the law. . ' CAR DERAILED Western Delayed by striking Gardner on one leg breaking it below the knee. .and Derailment of tfti« Car. The derailment of a freight car one mile west of Maria Furnace Saturday afternoon, affected the passenger traffic through Gettysburg »" the svening. Tho 5:36 and 6:13 transferred their passengers at the seen* of the wreck. The former train then waited at Fairfield until a special from York came up to take down th* passengers. { The track was cleared as soon as possible and normal traffic resumed. STARTING on New Year's Day fo* one week the cyclorama will be open lo Vhe school children of Gettysburg Admission 5 rents. To the general pub lie. admission ment

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