The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 27, 1937 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1937
Page 5
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 27 · 1937 FIVE All-American Honor Ralinf, N. S. P. A., International First I'ljce Award, Quill,Scroll, lu34-'35-'3(i. Hob r a r r i s h -- P r e s i d e n t ol Fred 0. Cum C h a p t e r of Quill. Scroll. STAFF E d i l o r - i n - C h l e r , . Ida Learner M a n a g i n g Editor Samuel F. George Associate E d i t o r s . . -Virginia KarmakTs, . tileen _.rayne. Veda Klmrey, Victoria N l c k a l o u H u m i f i e s * M a n a g e r John M o n g e r Sports E d i t o r . . : Don Smith Senior Secretaries.;.Frances Emmerl, Glen B u c h a n a n · Typists . M a r g a r e t Gharst, Calla Badker, R o b e r t Larson, Beatrice Chamberlain, Enid Anderson, Kalhryn Mason, · - N a o m i Stevens Adviser. Mils Elizabeth H. Grave's, president of Iowa Ass'n. ot J o u r n a l Ism directors Vol. VIII Feb. 27 No. XX1I1 Respect-Pillar of Democracy Respect! A mere seven letter \vord. Well, the seven should be ·significant. It does seem to be a famous number. There are seven days in a week, the seven pillars of wisdom and the seven wonders of the world. But that two syllable word "respect" surely lives up to Its distinguished associations. According to Webster, respect means "to consider worthy of. esteem; hence, to refrain from obtruding upon." Most assui-ed.'y, this little word connotes a virtue a large share of which all of us should genuinely desire. Consideration for both public and private property, for authority and the law; respect for our superiors, our parents, our fellow classmates, and for the rights ot all others; and last but not least, respect for ourselves: These constitute the foundations of good citizenship. And, after all, good . citizens make a true, workable democracy.--S. F. G. Miss Odella McGowan left Friday, Feb. 26, for Iowa Cily to attend the council meeting of the State Physical Education association. And Then Go to RAY SENEY 19 EAST STATE For Watches Diamonds Save the Difference Support M.C.H.S at Clear Lake March 4-5-6 ^CUDOAZtTTE Minstrel Show Roosevelt School March 4-5 FOUNDED 1929 DEVOTED TO MASON CITY SCHOOLS PUBLISHED BY M. C. H. S. MINSTREL SHOW TO BE GIVEN BY GRADE SCHOOLS Roosevelt, Jackson Pupils to Stage Program on Thursday, Friday. Parents and_friends of the Mothers · Chorus 'of Roosevelt-Jackson P. T, A. will have a good laugh in the third annual minstrel show to be given at Roosevelt auditorium both Thursday and Friday, March 4 and 5, at 7:45. According to Mrs. Chester Billings, executive chairman, and Mrs. Leon H. Woodward, director and pianist, black faced women will portray Gardenia White, Mandy Lee, Pansy Black and Liza Brown. . Black faced men will portray Bones, Snowball, Tambo and 8- Ball. Character roles such as Pork Mush Mouth, Stripped Gear, Hy-Pockets, Hastus and Soot will add color to performance along with musical selections by various groups. Several numbers will be presented by Beth Carter's tap dancers. Walter Needham will be the interlocutor.--S. F. G. GONE WITH THE' WIND- Leads Are Announced in Friml's "Vagabond King' Dixie Willson Works on Assignment for Ladies' Home Journal Dixie Willsan, well-known writer and former Mason Cityan, states in a letter to Virginia Farmakis that she is now working on a Hollywood assignment for the Ladies' Home Journal. The editor named one star (Myrna Loy) in the role of giving a dinner party and asked Miss Willson to record every detail in her article in such a way as lo interest the American woman in Hollywood social life. Another article by Miss Willson is that of a week-end spent nn the 1,000 acre ranch of Joel Mc- Crca. She is also completing a book entitled "Mrs. Williams Murders a Gentleman Friend." Miss Willson will visit Mason City during the summer and spend a month in her cottage at Clear Lake--V.- F. ·- ... ·: SUEDE JACKETS FOR ALL SPORTS AND OUT-OF-DOOR W E A R . A L L LATEST STYLES. SPORT BACKS IN " B Y 1 SWING" . a n d "SUN-j BURST." I DECKER BROS. "Everything far Sport" IZORICI Ideal American Laundry AND ZORIC DRY CLEANERS IT'S PHONE 22 Manufacturers and Jobbers of --and-- Carbonated Beverages in Bottles MASON CITY BOTTL'ING CO. Phone 85 701 S. Fed. Ave. Wanted: A photographer! Seniors will probably think me a trifle "nutty" asking for a photographer when they have many such ready to snap seniors. Nevertheless, the fact remains that a. photographer is wanted. A certain county superintendent serving in one of the 99 counties of Iowa wrote that she would gladly send the "Cub" her photograph to publicize the teachers' convention but unfortunately the county seat, where she lives does not boast of a single photographer. Perhaps, you seniors could loan them one. Having been visited by Pierrot and Pierrette this week, my thoughts turn to the coming production of M. C. H. S. We seem to have a full schedule ahead of us. First, we meet the "Square Crooks," then we travel on for a week or so and encounter the "Vagabond King." Perhaps, I should say, we travel backwards for about three or four centuries. Can you visualize the costumes for the operetta? If not, don't strain your imagination, just begin to save your pennies and nickels. You won't regret it. Yours, Wind-O-Pane Exhibits of Dress Design on Display in School Corridor Exhibits of dress design, lettering and landscape made under the supervision of Mrs. Harriett B. Crabb and Miss Elsie Broers have been placed weekly in the second floor corridor for the benefit of the M. C. H. S. students and faculty. The exhibits are mounted on large sections of plaster board six feet by nine feel. The dress design and landscape scenes were done in transparent water colors by the two classes of second year art students, while the two first year classes printed the letters of the alphabet and then painted them in tempera- colors. The best of these will be chosen and exhibited for the convention of North Central Division of the Iowa State Teachers association, which will be held in Mason City March 18-20. Posters are now being made by the second and some of the third year students for advertising the operetta, "Vagabond King" to be presented to conventioners. Other third year students are working on murals.--B. C.-E. G. The six weeks period ends five days. Is your work complete? Photographs Live Forever R U S S E L L PHOTO STUDIO Nest J. C. Penney Co. Ph. 2272. Dougall and Rampton Given Katherine and Villon Roles. Ruth Dougall and Bob Ramplon, seniors, are cast as Lady Katherine and Francois Villon, king o£ he vagabonds, in the M. C. H. S. o p e r e t t a , Friml's "Vagabond King," to be presented Tuesday and Friday, March 16 and 19. Ruth, soprano winner in the ocal vocal contest held Feb. 13 ind member o£ both the winning girls' sextet and mixed group in hat contest leading up to the sub- district at Britt, is also soloist for he mixed chorus and president o£ the Girls' Glee club. Bob, placed second in the bari- one-bass section of the local eon- est and is a member of the winning boys' qutirtet. He is president of the M. C. H. S. Radio club, soloist lor the mixed chorus and member of the Boys' Glee club. He had a leading role in the operetta, "Prince o£ Pilscn," in his unior year. Besides being active n the vocal department Bob is also a member of the Commercial, American, and Hi-Y clubs. Both Ruth and Bob have merited M's in the vocal department md have had a part in all the operettas during their four years in high school Faythe NolterieUe is also cast as Lady Katherine and Stan Hivedal as Francois Villon. Winifred Storer, senior, and Barbara Scott are .0 play.the roles of Huguette Du Hamel, while Ruth Anderson and race Ann Chenowcth play Margot. The part Lady Mary is taken by Beatrice Wigdahl and Renee Fat- liuid. Other character roles are: Marwood Spencer Rene De Montigny James Ford Casin Cholet Ed Duke Rogati Veda Kimrey Isabeau Phyllis Neelings . . . . Jchanncton Lester Boyce Guy Tabarie Ed Hunter . .. Tristan L'Hermite Bill Parker Louis XI Tom Rye '. . . Thibaut D'Aussigny Clark Sweelser Captain of the Scotch Archers Walter Sweet An Astrologer Art Fischbeck ., Oliver Le Dain Clinton Diercks Toison D'Or, Burgundian Herald The dancing girls in the first act are Ruth Jones, Jeanne Peterson, Geraldine Cathcart, Jean Baumgartner, M u r i e l Griffin, Jane Satter, .Sophie Negomir, Dorothy Mickey and Peggy Hencman. The 38 girls in the chorus oC the first act are Helen Stpecker, Veda Kimrey, Phyllis Ncelings, Dorothy Campbell, Helen Harris, Ina Mac Ivin, Nancy Longley, Patricia Farrcr, Norma Rice, Audrey Baker, Carol Moore, Eileen Payne, Virginia Lee, Tressa McFarlin, Bonita Olson, Helen Eveland, Nancy Halsor, Ruth Whllson, Sara Stevens, Alice Hood, Ruth Wigdahl, Sara Coe, Doris Read, Virginia Stonkcs, ' Arlcne Martin, Frances Stinchart, Jane Schmilz, Betty Baumgartner, Paulino Dahl, Ruth Clapper, Laura Heidenty, Marion Krcmholz, Elsie Schmidt, Marjorie MacArthur, Betty Sweet and Betty Clausen. The 18 boys are Harold Johnson, Henry Dihlman, Howard 152 STUDENTS IN H. S, PAY TUITION OF $9 A MONTH 74 Boys and 78 Girls From Outside District Attend Local School. The Mason Cily high school has 152 students from other districts, who arc given the «dvj\ntyge.s offered by the institution upon the payment of tuition. The tuition of §9 a month on each .student is paid by the home district. The 7-1 boys and 7S girls from other districts arc: RUTH DOUGALL Clifford Adams Oliver Adams irarln Alitz Reynold Anderson. co Askclsnn barlcs Bailey on Bergman lien Hillings ussell IHsinna on Bracken ack Brown oh Bra\vn ti Brown iitc Bryant Bryant Dick Cslhoim Ills Cue ;aroirt C u r r i e r diaries CurrHii Clinton Dicrciis obei I tJtniti r l e n n KUwards Eltirulge Elrtriclge Crist ElloEf Joyd Fairbanks UcUard Fairbanks )on Furrier A r t h u r Fickcn ohn Foster helby Freeman Cecil Jlamonti Iltchcll Harding Sd\vnrrl Hnrtmnnn BOB freeman, Don Wass, Clark Swect- ser, Bob Olson, Lewis Cummings, Warren Brown, Harold Ashley, Ian Ebert, Bill Armstrong, Slanley Haynes, Billy Thompson, John Donnelly, Clarence Van Meter, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ed Duke and Jim Barclay. The vocal department of M. C. H. S. is renting the stage sets, the costumes, the orchestra score'and the book and lyrics, published bj Post and Hooker, from the University ot Minnesota. Miss Mary Sherman, instructor in history, is directing lines while Evelyn Thomas, senior, is directing the dances. Odette Stoddard, senior, is the piano accompanisi for both performances. Frames Made for "Hall of Fame" at' Local High Schoo Junior Law, class of '38, has made one dozen frames for groui and individual photographs tha are to be hung in the "hall o fame" ot the Cub laboratory before the journalism conference March 19, 20. Such service is ap predated. M I L K 7 Days Every Week Seven days a weelt and three i times a day rflillt drinking } will give your children and family that extra nutrition needed during these cold winter months. For richer, j purer palatable milk you can find no better than Schermer- hcirn Farms Milk delivered dailj when and as you want it- Schermerhom Farms "*"' E'hune ·JRK Deliver? MOTHERS CHORUS OF ROOSEVELT-JACKSON P. T. A. Presents Third Annual Minstrel Show Roosevelt Auditorium 7:45, Thursday, Friday, March 4, 5 PERSONNEL "EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN---Mrs, Chester BMLhifl* DIRECTOn A N D PIANIST--Mrs. Leon H. Woodward INTERLOCUTOR--Walter Nccdham BLACK FACED WOMEN: Mrs. Lee Frnsl--Gardenin White. Mrs, Vcrn Shinn -Mandy Lee. Mrs. Douglas C. Fields--Pansy Black. Mrs. Paul G u a t a f s a n -- Liza Brown. WHITE FACED MOTHERS' CHORUS--Mrs. Waller Nccdham, Mrs. H, E. Wood, Mrs, H. P. Quenrild, Mrs. J. C. Johnson, Mrs. A. D- Anderson. Mrs. L. H. L u n d a h l , Mrs. E. C. Sullivan. Mrs. B. F. Ferguson, Mrs. Roy J. Everts, Mrs. E. Wessels, Mrs. Victor J. Polansky. Mrs, Dale Harrison, Mrs. J. Humphrey, Mrs. J. E. Vcs- terby, Mrs. Chester Billings. BLACK FACED END MEN: Boll Burton--Bones. Glen Stubbs--Snowball. Harley Wood--Tnmbo. Al Church--8 Ball. CHARACTER ROLES: Leslie Valentine--Porlc. A. P. Monahan-- Mush Mouili, Ralph Gccr--Slrippcd Gear. Paul Gustafson--Hy-Pockets. Earnest Flnrup-- Rastus. William Mahlstadt--Soot. MIXED QUARTET? Mrs. L, H. LunduhE--Soprano. Mrs. A. D. Anderson--Alto. AI Church--Tenor. Leslie Vnlcnline--Bass. MEN'S QUARTET: Al Church--First Tenor. Earnest Flarup--Second Tenor, Ralph Gcer--B:\rlloiic, Paul Guslafson--Bass. INSTRUMENTALISTS: William M a h l s t a d t -- V i o l i n . Ralph Gcer--Guilar. Marley Wood--Accordion. Earnest Flarup--Bazooka. "· COMMITTEES: Costumes--Mr*. John Veslcrhy. M a k e u p -- M r s . W. A. Carlcr. Stngc--Mrs. E u g e n e Sullivan. Tickets--Mrs, H. L, Bnolhroyrt, Publicity-Mrs. HarJcy Wood. ICE CREAM MOLDS . . . FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS Children's Parties Clown, Etcplianl, Rabbit, Dog, Cat, Frog, Horse, Buck, Monkey, Lion, Chicken,-.Turtle, Turkey, Football Player, Football, Airplane, Auto, Man on Bicycle. HUTCHIN5 Teslctl and Approved by Good Ilnusekepcine PASTEURIZED MILK Is Always the Safest For Children Growing children should drinl? a quart ol pasteurized milk a day to insure the perfect formation of the limbs and a strong, robust body. No diet is complele without milk and no milk is so rich in vitamins and minerals as that if ... HERMANSON'S Phone 646 Mnrjoiiic A H V r Henrietta Anderson R u t h A very Marjorie Bartlctt AInxinc Bednar Dorothy Bi strove Katharine Disc rove Juan BLUcrmati Dorothy Bracken Ena Drocrs Crystal Brooking Mary LEIH Cahnlan Vii'Hinia Catkins Wnncia Cawlcy Ailccn Ctiildcrs CntLicriiic CuvrJcr Marian 15i chin son Helen Dvorak Rose Dvorak Jtlaric Dyer Ruby Dyer Alice Eiclimeier Roberta E t i o f t Prances Etntntrt Doris Fairbanks Betty Faupcl DorJs J'aupel Helen Ferricr R u t h Ferricr Kathleen Foster Elvy Goinley Alary Gourlcy Elizabeth Graham HasaimpouLos Amy Lou H nip lit Hill Varrcn H o f f m a n oc L. Jenkins Haynioncj ML 11 rat ti Clifford McCloud ohn Mensch Varrcti Millard lob Uostc Hchnbuck Motia Marjnrie Huckcnson Harriet Hodge I .orr.ii n e 1 to! I nv,*a.v Mnrjoric HoiTiUiuin Mildred Hunt rijpritRomery Gloria Jenkins .11111 Moo i icy Comietri Moore -avcrnc Moms Ehvin P c d u l t y laiolcl PctlcUy jloyd Peters Iclwiii Platli elm id Poppcti 3ob Runyan )cnald Soiblc Datiicl Slinrp ton o van Slmcs loUert Sjostrnncl Sprail l o h n Steinberg Alfred Stlnehart Francis StoHcnbcire Lois Pippcrt Waller StoHcnberg D o r o t h y Rucrkcr A l f r e d Syvcrson Doris Sanders Richard Thompson Ellen Shaffer William Tiedt'inan Constance Simcs Mil ford Torkelsoti Albert H y f t c Merrill Wajjncr EJtucr Weeks Jack Whnram Raymond \VlieeIer Roger Whltt Mildred Johnscn Arlcne K e n n e d y Violet Kennedy Mary Ann Kiscr lv;i Lois Lcn/, Lo Itcc Lcnx Violet Mcllralli Hutti M c M u r r n y Ann Mncisscn Irene Miller Pearl Mnmlnhl M a r l o n N n g c n L Lillian OGlberg Clara Olson M a r i a n Peters Doris Peterson Alice Sivwrlght Jean Sjnstratul E h i l t i e Smith Alt;i Spoils Ma rcclc Stevens Mildred Thompson Ralph Willlcr Hoyd AVoodwnrd Harvey Wyborny Icniiello Adams Bonnie AHlv. Lo Rcc Atitz Dorothy Wcyrnnch Morgaret 1 a Wl 13ram Marjorie Whitney M a x i n c W o l k c --I.. L G. A. A. cabinet iuccling Moil day, March 1. !Best Creative Work" in High School Gift to Fred Cram Chapter Edward Nell, executive secve- ary of Quill and Stroll sent a opy of the "National High School Best Creative Work" as a gift to he Fred D. Cram chapter of Quill and Scroll. Alter, Parrish and Armentrout lave worn off the newness of the look and have rated it as "the est yet"--such as will give the esl of hints for entrants to Drake :rea1ive awards for 1937. Comments ot the judges, the winning 'Oregon Trail Essays," "Atlan- ic Monthly Essays," "Scvibner's Short Stories," "Boy Life Es- ;ays," and "American Girl Literary Essays," are instructive and entertaining. Then top, the book includes lational winner poems, book rc- 'ie\vs, magazine article -reviews editorials, news stories, cartoons, nterviews, sports stories, columns ind features. Students of the high school have civ urged to examine the book which, represents, according lo rfarrison M. Sayre, managing crU- :or of the American Education Press and director of Nationa High School Awards, approxi- nately one-fifth of the school population in the United States. Prizes went (o every state ii he union in almost every one o :he contests and the 18 sections of ihe book represent nearly every field of literary effort, including history, science, art and crafts-, manship as well as belles leltrcs There's a laugh in store for you if you read the book. The United Slates commissionei of education, the editors of the leading magazines of the nation and a number of outstanding journalists served as the jury on awards.--V. F. Miss Alta Freeman of Teachers College Dies of Pneumonia The sudden death of Miss All Freeman, instructor of music a Iowa State Teachers college shocked students of the vocal de partment of M. C. H. S. this week Miss Freeman was here Feb. 1 and judged piano contestants i their local contest leading up * sub-district meet. She died ( pneumonia! 22 STUDENTS IN UNIOR COLLEGE ROLL OF HONOR ohn Robertson, Sophomore, Leads Group With 3.83 Average. The honor roll lor the lii-sl sc- ic.stcr o£ work in the Mason Cily iinior Lollegc, those meriting ii\ onoi- point average of 3.1 or over, onsisls of 22 students, 15 fresh- ion and 7 .sophomores. Of the rcshmeu all but four are graclu- tes of M. C. H. S. Of that lorn; lirce are graduates of the St. oseph high school and one o£ Voden. John Mark Robertson, sopho- nore, leads the honor roll with n honor point average of 3.83. Robertson's average for his first emester's work was higher than is average last year and also for lie first quarter of this year. The sophomore girls on the hon- · roll iire Mrs. Marjovy E. John- oil, with an average of 3.73, and idiss Avice "L. McArthur, with an werage. of 3:52. The sophomore joys are John Robertson, 3.83; Jale Snell, 3.6G; Delker Dunn, 1.73; Jeanne Geer, 3.20, and Ed- viirtl Pa I ton, 3.13. The freshmen girls arc the Misses Cathryn Holland, with nn average of 3.80; Domini Havocs, MB; Yvonne Riley, 3.45; Viola ·'armakis. 3.43: Helen Aucknr, 3.43: Phyllis Cain, 3.40; Mary Ag- ios Conner. 3:25: Allegra Swingcn, 3:21, and Jean De Voe, 3.21. The freshmen boys arc Edward Banken, with an average of 3.44; Lawrence Majewski, 3.43; Wayne Johnson and William Buter, 3.30; Otis Jnmcs King, 3.19, ami Ban on B. Boyd, 3.10. Mrs. Johnson lias had one year of college work at Fullerlon, Cal. Miss McArlhur is not continuing college work the second semester is she is now secretary to Earl Dean,- slate senator of Iowa..-S. F. G. Four Mohawk wrestlers--Orando Caiicchia, Orin Thompson, Bill Leewrighl and Tom Rumeliole --left Friday, Feb. 26", to compete in the state tournament at Fort Dodge. Uave Your Eyes Thoroughly Examined by Dr. Keith V. Mace OPTOMETRIST SMITH OPTICAL 21 East State L Y O N S A Complete Service Laundercrs Dry Cleaners Furriers PHONE 600 Are you glad lo know that your friends are back'? With a "Welcome Home" Basket or a polled planl-- you can-"Say It With Flowers" Kemble's Greenhouse Main O f f i c e I2l:i S. Fcfl. Pliune fij llu'viiluivn ' Shop 1 W. S l a t e St. E'lnme 4 Hi SAVE ON SHOES At Our Clearance SALE LADIES' and MEN'S SHOES at Big Reductions. Let Us Show You. SHOE BOX, Inc. MOTHERS CHORUS OF ROOSEVELT-JACKSON Pi T. A. Presents Third Annual Minstrel Show Roosevelt Auditorium 1:45, Thursday, Friday, March 4, 5 PROGRAM JELLICO COAL There's Nothing Better Crystal Lake ICE and FUEL CO. 20 First St. S. E. Phone 213 ....... ------- MoltjcrV Chcirus Men's Chnrns T.imtjn, R a s t u i , stripped Gear PLANTATION SEVEN-ELEVEN ... ................ . GUESS W H A T . . . O H i S U S A N N A LITTLE BROWN .TUG BUCK AND WING .. ....................... Mtisll Month (ill golden slippers) MIXED QUARTET NUMBERS LASSIE O' MINE OUT O' THE DUSK ALEXANDER ....... ............................................ Gardenia White INSTRUMENTAL QUARTET KENTUCKY HOME * SWANEE RIVER COMING H O U N D THE MOUNTAIN BETH CARTER'S TAP DANCERS MY DADDY ......................................... Shirley Anil Vcsterfcv TAP DANCE ............................................... Betty Scllmidt WALTZ TAP FEATURE ..... Belly .Nine Jolmson. Mary Lou Everts. J o n n Polansky, Beverly Ann Jones, Shirley Wuhartl MEET ME TONIGHT IN D R E A M L A N D ........................ Glen Stllbhs ONE, TWO. BUTTON MY SHOE ......................... Sliirlcy Ann Vcslerby SAX O 1 PHU.V .......... .............. ................. ....... Slrippcd Gear K I N G OF THE DEEP ........................................... jty Pockcls R A I Z E N THE RUCKUS TONIGHT ................... ........ Bones and 0 Ball DE PROCNASTICATING BtiUDDER ............................ Men's Quartet MONEY AND YOU ................................................... M n n d v Lee PEGGY O'NEII, ...................................................... Enscmhle SING. SING. SING .......................... A r l c n c Worn! i d i n r n s assislinci GOODNIGHT CHORUS ............ ........................ Ensemble 50 DOUBLE SHEETS 50 E N V E L O P E S Printed With Your Name and Address Pastel Shades, Green, Blue, Orchid, Ivory, KLIPTO LOOSE LEAF CO. Mason City, !n\va Be Smart . . . Hove your school clothes cleaned and pressed regularly. Use Our Complete Laundry Service Phone 788 and 789 for the privilege of paying weekly N O C A R R Y I N G ' C H A R G E when you use Penney's convenient LAYAWAY PLAN! You pay as you're paid, weekly, but you don't pay one cent extra for the privilege. Here's how it works. You choose what you want' IN ADVANCE, make a small down payment, and pay the balance weekly. Later,' when you actually need what you've chosen, it's ALL YOURS, no strings attached, no money duel ffi^l|^^w7ffiBL'J«.K^^HrT^P^»E^fci Subscriptions We want your magazine a n d paper subscriptions. We match a l l o f f e r s and guarantee service. Yelland Hanes 11 EAST STATE PHONE100 F R E E HAIRCUTS * MARCELS FINGERWAVES La' James College of Beauty Culture H-H Fir.I SI. N. W. V i l a r n l n "D" Brcaci hap n i l (he clinjmc- 'Ome-more (lavoi of « home ei u a I t t " bread. ^, - a - ** ,/ '*· \0 n ·«''· b o n e s '? £'* £ i Plus the Vitamin "D" lhat a 1 1 children help strong and teeth. IS BETTER BREAD Y O U ' V E . . . Tried the Rest-Now Try the VERY-BEST QR.PHONE 940 -WE. DELIVER F A R M PRODUCTS CO. WE D E L I V E R

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