The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 8, 1944 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1944
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

?o M a s o n ' C i t y G I o b e - G a z e t t e Iowa hen$f SWAT THE AXIS WITH MORE EGGS! 60,000.000.000 EGGS! 4,000,000,000 pounds 6t chicken meat! Can our barnyard flocks produce these tremendous totals THIS YEAR for our fighting men and their Allies? We must, and we CAN if every Iowa Hock is kept in TOP production from now on. If you are a Hock owner, here is WKat YOU Can Do... 1 CULL, FLOCKS NOW. Sell old birds, or separate them from pullets. Cull hens with small bodies, pale combs and wattles. Provide 4 square feet housing space per bird. v 2 CLEAN, DISINFECT. Scrub and disinfect floors, walls, roosts, nests, dropping boards. Clean and disinfect drinking fountains often. Watch for .signs of disease; get immediate diagnosis if sickness appears. 3 PEED FOR EGGS. Give your hens good, ration-balancing mixed feeds containing needed blends of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Grains alone will not build high egg production. Consult your feed dealer and he will gladly suggest a good balancing ration feed. Provide, plenty of oyster shell and grit. BALANCE Home Grown Grains with MOR-GAIN j MASH MAKER A Complete toying Mash Concentrate Provides a balance of Vitamins, Proteins, and Minerals to make a low cost laying jnash when mixed with homegrown grains. MOR-GAIN ^ / SEE YOUR MOR-GAIN DEALER NORTHWESTERN DISTRIBUTING CO., INC. MASON CITY, IOWA Says Eggs to Remain at This Level 'Cerro Gordo county farm flock owners will be interested in the opinion of Ralph Baker, Iowa Slate college extension poultry marketing specialist, th'at the egg price support program announced on'Jan: 25 shauld-result in Iowa farm egg prices staying' at or near present levels until early in March. The support price for U S. procurement grade II is. 37'.ic a dozen in new cases at "fJes Moines, until Feb. 12. Fr.6m Feb. 13 to March 4 the procurement II price is 36. Ic a dozen at Des Moines. These prices should result in a country paying price o£ 30 to 32 cents for this grade of egg.. Baker states that most Iowa eggs are of high enough quality to gra'de procurement II during the early spring months. Small eggs and dirty eg'gs will have to be discounted. Although support prices for any period following March 4, have not been announced, they cannot be'plac'e'd jjt much lower levels if they are to be.supported at 90 per cent "o£ parity. It is the announced intention of the war food administration - to support egg prices on that basis. FARM BUREAU OFFICERS President Ed Mall,re Mason Citv Vice Pros. Meivin B. HawkeShSffliw SecrotaryiWillard FulgluirnT Ma?on cttv Treasurer . . virajhe Wolford, Ventura HOME PROJECT OFFICERS Home-Project Chairman ' · · · · · - ' . . . . . . , ' Mrs. Leo 6s%vald Girls' 4-H Club Chairman . Mrs. William Eiio Boys' 4-H Club Chairman ·· · WHIard FulBlinm TOWNSHIP DIKF.CTOKS James P. Hansen. Jr. · · . - Ernest Katz Russell Bistline .....Clem Gorkowski ..... Willfam Amend .:...Robert P. Findson --Meivin Evans .:.. .Wade Files ···'·. De«ey Howcll . :..:.:Harold Allernan . .. Joe Caliill -- Richard Thompson ... ..Richard James · i Carrol Rice llelvin Hawke Tony Larson Grant .: Lincoln Lime Creek ..;. Falls :.... Clear Lake ..... Lake Mason Portland . ~ ~ ~ " ~ Union .... " Mount Vcrnon Bath Owen , ... Grlm« Pleasant Valley Geneseo Dougherty County Extension Director ........ · · · : · ..... - - Marion E. Olson Cminly Home Economist . . . . . . . · -.;.: ---- · - . . - · ' ---- · · Lucille. Buchanan uttice Assistant .'. .Gcnevteve M. Smith TOWNSHIP HOME PROJECT · . C1IAIKMF.N p. rilnt . ............ Mrs. Rollin Luscomb Lincoln .......... Mrs. Edwin Doescher Ume Creek ....... Mrs. Russell Bislllne £? , i ···"· ......... Mrs - J - H - McNitl Clear Lake ........ Mrs . , Qm SplUman Jf ke ................. Miss Alma Toklc o ,'?" .;"-' ......... Mns - Meivin Evans Portland ...... ....Mrs. MUton Ferrier Union ............. Mrs. Deivey HSwell Mount Vernon ------- Mrs. Al Carstcns g avh ............... Mrs. Kay Harris g v V e " ...... ........ Mrs. Ben Hilzhus«n Grimes . . . . .......... Mrs. R. E. James Pleasant Valley ...... Mrs, Bill Ames Geneseo ...: ......... .Mrs. Jrank Kirk . Dougherty . Mrs. R. V. Cast Take Good Care of Those Tires Whether you have I ires to carry you through the summer may depend on how far you stretch the rubber in the-tires you now have. With big demand tor rubber tor military, operations, it is noLpossible" to depend too much o'n new ones. : Iowa .State .college extension agricultural engineers state that incorrect air pressure is one-of the main enemies of rubber tires, a the tire is allowed \o drop below the pressure which the manufacturer recommends, ' the sideivalls may buckle and eventually break the cord. Or Ihe car is driven over a rock and the rubber is cut or the tire receives a bad bruise. Too much pressure, on the other hand, causes the tires to slip and wear excessively. In time, overinflated tires - check and crack, and tread pulls loose from sidewalls. . As the pressure of the tires is checked, look tor stones, glass, or metal that may have worked into them. And, wipe off. any grease or oil. Dents in the rim should be straightened out. No tire should bo allowed to wear through the fabric. It can be recapped if the carcass has not been injured, · Lay the Golden Egg l a m Busy Biddy, the hen. tast year my skiers and I produced more than 50 billion eggs '. . 460 eses for every man and woman, babe and child in all America.JThis y'ear~\ve expect to do better. 1 am most modern of the farmstead mothers I .waste no weary weeks auatlin? the birth ol my young; instead I. leave that maternal function to mass production in mammoth incubators. Nor do I bother to be a nursemaid to my brood; that duty I deleeate to oil and electricity .while I keep on with my egg business. With the aid of electric light I work 14 hours a day all winter. Nobody about the farm gets a diet- with, so jnuch variety, such good balance, such complete preparation, and so well supplied with vitamins. - ' . Whether we hens produce our big quota in 19i4 depends a good deal on farm machines. That's because it takes time to look after us. Mr and Mrs. Farmer can't be in the field and in the hen-house at the same time. Machinery that saves an hour a day m -the field enables them to take care of an extra hundred hens, produce perhaps 10,000 extra Promoting poultry production is one of the best ivays for a bank (o assist in the food program. Loans for buying baby chicks, feeds, poultry house improvements and equipment will serve country and clientele. Likewise Ihe financing of farm machinery purchases will help produce greatly needed food with a minimum of labor. U NITED IlOME HOME BA NK Menttr Sflttl TRUST CO. Memktr federal Discvi Iitsvranec OWNED AND OPERATED BY YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS

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