Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 12, 1934 · Page 22
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 22
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TWENTY'TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 12 · 198* .Bains Granted Bail : While Appeal Wait SPRINGFIELD, 111., April 12. UP ···--The supreme court today allowe » motion granting ball to John Bain Chicago southside banker, his tw flons, John H. and Robert, and h son-in-law, W. Merle Fisher, pem ing itg decision on their appeal fro conviction on charges growing 01 of the closing of a chain of banks C A S H FOR YOUR OLD CAR NO WAHtlXG--NO DELAY Lapiner Motor Co. FUEL PUMP and CARBURETOR SERVICE Central Battery Electric Company 'Tis easy now to hold a fire, Throughout the night when folks retire, Tour troubles and worry are over now, Just Phone 888 and well tell you how. FIRESIDE FUEL COMPANY 1011 SOOTH FEDERAL WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Back Pep .. .Vigor...Vitality Hedleil »attorfttes aeree that j-tmr kidneys contain 16 MILES of tiny tub«l or filters which help to purify the Wood and keep you health;. Ther should pour out thru the bladder S pints of fluid a da; isThlen contains i pounds of waste matter. .- ^ If you haye trouble with too frequent . Bladder passages with scanty amount eaus. ,. Ine burning and discomfort, the IS MILES Of kidney tubes need washing out. This danker sisnal day be the beginning* of nagging backache, lee pains, loss of pep tnd vitality. Betting up nights, lumbago, swollen feti " tod ankles, rheumatic pains and dlzzlnets. If kidneys don't empty S pints every day 11 sad get rid of 4 pounds of waste matter. t- Jonrbodjvm take up these poisons causing · * atrious trouble. It may knock you out and ^a lay you up for many months. Don't wait. ,'Ask your druggist for DOAN'S PILLS ,* , . · doctor's proscription . . . which has i' ·«« wed successfully by millions of kidney ;, iufferers for over 40 years. They sire quick ttlief and will Tiislp to'trash out the 16 WILES of kidney tubes. But don't take chances with gtromr drags " or laicallea "kidney cures" that claim to fix ·THia up In 15 minutes. Your common sense ' «U tell you that this is impossible. Treat. ·'tnenta of this nature may seriously injure ·*ad irritate delicate tissues. Insist on DOAN'S PILLS . . . the old reliable relief Hat contain no "dopo" or habit-forming ,oruga. Be sure yon get DOAN'S PILLS ,.»t your druggist. © 1934, .Voster-Milburn Co. Local Man Could Not Turn in Bed So Crippled With Rheumatism} ·' Pain and Suffering Almost Too Great to Bear -- GLY;: CAS Again Unfailing. . Even cases of rheumatism, neu- ·jritis, nervousness, stomach, kidney, jbowel and blood troubles that failed to yield to medical treatments or any medicine before have been con- ; quered by this new Gly-Cas and SIR. FRANK BOERJAN good and glorious health restored. For example read what Mr. Frank Boerjah, St. Ansgar, la., (just N. E. of here) said recently in talking With the Gly-Cas Man at Michael's Drug Co., 5 So. Federal Ave.: "Gly-Cas has absolutely freed me 'vt eight years suffering and intense pain from inflammatory rheumatism," said Mr. Boerjan. "Much of the time I was so crippled I could not even turn in bed, and what I went through with was almost too great to bear, I tried everything seemingly, medicines of all kinds and even medical authorities but With the same results -- and I thought I was doomed to suffer this Way indefinitely until I finally began Gly-Cas. I have just completed my third box of this new remedy and it has given me exactly the re- (Sults I have been wanting all this time. That awful rheumatism has entirely left me and I am more than glad to tell others about it for I know-it is a medicine upon which you can depend to do its work and do It well." ,' Gly-Cas is sold by Michael Drop Co., 5 South Federal Ave., Mason pity, Iowa, HAS PERFECT CAMERA FACE Go look in the mirror. Turn on the bright light. Examine your face. Examine it impersonally for once, without mental reservations. Is one eye higher in your head than the other? Not many people have eyes which exactly match. Jean Muir has two eyes which are exactly alike. Look at your nose. Doesn't it swerve, ever so slightly, to the right or to the left? Haven't you more face on one side of it than on the other? Jean Muir's nose divides her face exactly in the middle. Look at your mouth. Does it have a Barthelmess twist on one end? ts the curve of the lower lip even all the way across? Chances are it isn't. But Jean Muir's is! Look at your chin. Is the middle of your chin directly below the end of your nose and right in line with the middle of your mouth? Probably not Most chins waggle a bit to one side or another. Jean Muir's chin is perfectly matched with both nose and mouth. Look at your cheeks. Isn't one cheek bone higher than the other? Cer- :alnly. It's like that with almost everybody--almost everybody except Jean Muir--who has a perfect "camera face." Now turn half way around. Look at your profile. Uneven, isn't it? Jfot much continuity of line. Now turn quickly and look at the other side. Like two different persons, isn't it? Be honest with yourself. Be honest with both halves. Even John Barrymore says one side of his face looks ike a sweet potato. Jean Muir Nearly Starves Before Leaping to Fame Leading Lady in "As the Earth Turns'' Now on Her Way to Movie Stardom; Has Perfect Camera Face. Just about the same time President Roosevelt was inaugurating his olitical New Deal last April, Destiny was doing much the same kind of job for Jean Muir. At the same time Jean Muir was a 22 year old stage actress, out of rork in New York City in the dullest theatrical season Gotham had ·mown in years. For several months she had been living on only $6 a ·eek, of which sum $4 represented room rent. She lived on one meal a ay during most of that trying period. Now, some months later, Jean Muir is considered by critical Hollywood to be one of its future greats. She is under contract to Warner rothers for a comfortable salary,* le has played leading rolea opposite ' Van-en William, Paul Muni and Joe Brown, and at present is the entral figure pf one of Hollywood's lost pretentious films, "As The arth Turns," which opens Satur- ay at the Cecil theater. ented' the nadir of Jean's rofessional career. She had Her success story is a triumph f fortitude, bolstered by talented aining and rare intelligence. That $6 a. week period repre- brief done airly well on the Manhattan stage, ad played parts in five Broadway ays, and had been understudy for ix principals in "Dinner At Eight." he quit the later safe haven to uest for prominence in the play, Saint Wench." She had the second ad to Helen Menken in it. The ay, for which a good run had ee'n predicted, was a dismal fail- re. It ran only a week, and Jean mnd herself jobless. Seen By Agent. This play, however, was the in- rect road to her Hollywood ca- er. A theatrical agent saw it, asked her if she would like to act movies. She told him that she ad taken several tests for one of he major companies, but had not een offered a contract. She added hat she was not anxious to go to ollywood, but told him to go ahead and see what he could do. This agent showed her test to Earner Brothers and Miss Muir signed to a contract immedi- tely. "I think you are making a mls- ake," said thia extraordinarily ank girl to the executive in the ew York office, who arranged the tntract. "I don't think I'll ever do lything as a movie actress." She took a slow boat trip through the Panama canal in order to build p her constitution, which had been ndermined by her months of a arvation diet, and after 17 pleaB- rnt and healthful days' voyage ar- ved in Hollywood. Had Perfect Face. Studio cameramen were the first sound her praises. They immedi- ,ely discovered that Jean Muir had n absolutely perfect camera face, ven the greatest beauties among the screen stars have facial flaws hich cameramen are paid hand- me salaries to hide. They found that this tall, blond, ue-eyed girl looked somewhat like nn Harding, but had a rarely graceful personality. Her face is so ensitive that it is a perfect mirror r the emotions her talent as an ctress enables her to simulate. After that, Jean's Hollywood ca- ;er was just one triumphal march, he was introduced to the cameras small role in "Female," Ruth mtterton's picture. Then she had prominent part in Paul Muni's cture, "The World Changes." Next was leading woman to Joe E. rown in "Son of a Gob." Next Warn William put his stamp of ap- roval on her as his heroine in Bedside." And now she has the role the Maine farmer's daughter in e filmlzation of Gladys Hasty Car- roll's best seller, "As the Earth Turns." Is Well Educated. Jean was well educated at 'the Dwight school, Englewood, New Jersey, her parents making no little struggle to send her to this select young women's finishing school. After graduation, ahe went to Paris for a visit and study. She came back to America on the same boat with John Drinkwater and his Engliah stage company of "Bird in Hand." She played a season of stock in Columbus, Ohio, Lyle Talbot, now in pictures, was the leading man of the same company. That was two seasons ago. This was followed by appearances on the New York stage in "The Truth Game," "Melo," "Peter Ibbetson" and "Life Begins." Other players in the cast of "As The Earth Turns," an epic of American life, include Donald Woods, Russell Hardie, Emily Lowry, Arthur Hohl, Dorothy Peterson, David Landau, Clara Blandlck, William for Mealtime Happiness- MACARONI PRODUCT EXPLORERS TELL OF SNOW QUAKES Southern Party of Byrd's Expedition Returns to Little America. LITTLE AMERICA, Antarctica, March 31. (Delayed) tfP)-- (Via MacKay Radio)--Back from a month of struggling- in blizzards and snow quakes, the main southern party of the second Byrd Antarctic expedition came rocketing down the slope to Little America today. Behind three nine dog husky teams they had ridden their canvas-topped sledges across the rolling ice barrier, 260 miles out and back, marking a trail with orange flags and putting down food depots so that next spring a trek can be made to the Edsel Ford and Queen Maude ranges. Coldest In Annals. Captain Alan Inness Taylor, formerly of the Royal Flying corps, in command of the expedition, described it as probably the coldest March journey in Antarctic annals On the return trip they kept a daily minimum temperature log: March 16, 30 below; March 17, 54 below; March 18, 45 below; March 19, 36 below; March 20, 14 below; March 21, 28 below; March 22, 52 below; March 2S, 60 below; March 24, SO below; March 25, 48 below; March 26, 24 below; March 27, 43 below; March 28, 34 below; March 29, 61 below; March 30, 15 below. One Terrible Day. "We had one terrible day, the 27th," Taylor said. "We broke camp early with the hope of making 75 miles by night. A 31 mile wind made it cruel at 43 below. The snow was like sand. Ronne (Flnne Ronne, eki Janney and Dorothy Appleby. Alfred E. Green directed the picture from the screen play by Ernest Pascal. No More Piles Doctor's Prescription Guaranteed Thousands of Pile suffsrers do not know that the cause of Piles is nternal--bad circulation of blood n the lower bowel. This is the scientific truth about Piles--the real reason why salves and suppositories do not give lasting relief, why cutting does not remove the cause. Your itching, bleeding or protruding Piles will only go when you actually remove the cause. External treatments can't do this--an internal medicine should be used. HEM- IOID, the prescription of Dr. J. S. Leonhardt, sold by good druggists everywhere, succeeds because it stimulates the criculation, drives out congested blood, heals and restores the affected parts. So why waste time on external remedies or worry about an operation when Michael Drug Co. invites every Pile sufferer to try HEM- ID with guarantee of money- jack if not joyfully satisfied with .he help one bottle gives. FLOWER SPECIAL ROSES SWEET PEAS, bunch 49c NOVELTY PLANTS . 15c and up --IN STOCK-JOHNSTON'S FLOWERS Across From Fe^fc We Telegraph Flowers Phone 323 10 First Street N. W. FOB!? DIFFERENT KINDS OF CACTUS PLANTS FOR ROCK GARDENS COLD STORE Your FURS It's Nature's method of keeping them in perfect condition during the heated season. Our fur rooms are carried at correct temperatures and humidity to insure best results. We Have An Arrangement With the BEN BENOWITZ FUR SHOP to clean and repair furs Intrusted to us. if such service is needed. They also store their furs exclusively with us. Our storage rate for the season is 3% of your declared valuation, called for and delivered, with a minimum charge of ?3.00, insurance included. E. B. HI6LEY CO. PHONE 115 409 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. expert) froze hla waist harnessing the dogs, and later both cheeks. (Paine (Stuart B. Paine, navigator) had a frostbitten cheek and I froze a finger. But it was tougher on the dogs. The wind picks up drift from the surface and the dogs get the full slash of it. They shut their eyes and keep crawling, sometimes belly deep, in tho loose snow." Founder In Harness. Taylor described how dogs foundered in harness and died. The merciful thing was to shoot them. The dog teams each hauled a load of 950 pounds stowed in canvas tanks lashed on hickory sledges. There were 13 days of buzzards, and on March 16, a snow quake. "The air shook with a sound like the roar of a thousand locomotives," Taylor said, "for miles the barrier surface trembled and with a loud report settled three or four inches. We heard many such quakes, but this was the loudest of all. It stopped us in our tracks." Attend Rlt«* In Dlxoii. BRISTOW--Everett Hewitt «nd Lester Rogers accompanied by Vernard Rogers of Popejoy and Vet Bunker of Waterloo, went to Dlxon, m., to attend the funeral sen-ices of Henry Bunker. Infant Son Burled. CLARKSVILLE -- I r v i n g H, Schmidt was born March 24 and died at the home of his parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Charlca Schmidt. Funeral sen-- ices by the Lutheran pastor were held at the homo Tuesday afternoon. KROPMAN GROCERY 19 Ninth St N. E. Wo Deliver HOME-OWNED STORE OF QUALITY FOODS Specials for Friday and Saturday FELS NAPTHA SOAP, 10 bars 49c STARTER MASH, 100 Ib. bag .._. - $2.15 SHELLS, 100 Ib. bag . - 95c HEINZ CATSUP, large bottle 19c BUTTER (Kenyon's) Ib 25c SLICED BACON, lean, 2 Ibs _-25c MR. FARMER: We are paying 15c in trade for Eggs Go north on Federal Ave. until you come to Ninth Street, then turn Vt block east, you will be at Kropman's Store. PALMOL1YE SOAP 3 BARS 14c SUPER SUDS 2 LGE.PKGS.19c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP CHIPS 2 LGE.PKGS. 19c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP . . 6 GIANT BARS 25c Move From Canton, RI0GEWAY--Mr. and Mrs. Leo Zeimet and baby have moved here POUR milk or cream pn a bowlful of Kellogg's Rice Krispies. Then listen as they snap and crackle their story of delicious crispness. You've never tasted anything so good. Serve for breakfast or lunch. An ideal food for children. Light and easy to digest. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Listen! -- STOP SHOP Phone 2727 FOOD MARKET Quality Foods-- MEANS LOWEST AVERAGE PRICE-- Pleasing Service Real Values I.G. A Your Independent Grocer Real Merchandise FRIDAY and SATURDAY BUTTER 2 Pkgs. 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Mr. Zeimet Is the new manager of the garage on No. 9. CutRateGrocery SAVES YOU MONEY PRICES BELOW GOOD AT BOTH STOKES FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY 30 E. St»tc St.--Phone 113-113 508 1st. St. S. W.--Phone 114 Fancy LONGHORN CHEESE, Ib 15c PURE HONEY, 2 full cakes 25c NOBA SPRINGS BUTTER (None Better) per Ib 231c Milk, * large 25o Brooms 39c, 49C, 59o Vanilla Flavor, 8 oz. bottle 19c Pumpkin, quart cans.... lOc lOc Sal Soda, per pkg.... 7c lOc Baking Soda, per pkg. 7c Raisins, per pkg lOc Pure Sorghum, J/J gal.... 25c Mackerel, tall can lOc lOc Kidney Beans, 4 cans 25c SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Extra large (sure good) 5 for Gelatine Powder, jailI jlavors) 6 pkc«... 25c PUKE CRISCO, 2 pounds 35c VEGETABLES Radishes, 3 large bunches lOc Carrots, large bunches 5o Fancy Onions, per Ib 5c Corn, 8 cans 25c Corn, 2 cans 25c Peas, can lOc Peas, No. 2 size, per can.. 15c Lima Beans, 6 cons..... 25o Luna Beans, large can... lOo Kidney Beans, 2 cam.... 13o Rutabagas, S Ibs lOc Head Lettnce, solid, 5c, lOo Celery, large stalks, lOc, 15c 15e Spinach, 2 cans 25c Tomatoes, large cans.... lOc 15o Green String Beans.. lOc 15c Wax String Beans... lOo Beets, pec can Iflo lOe Carrots, Z *ns..... 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